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A. The Apollo II landing site lies just beyond Tranquility Base.
B. Hover above the Base and get a bird's eye view of the mining facility.
C. Achieve lunar orbit and observe landmarks from high above the Moon's surface. Then...
D. Drop down to an altitude of 19 meters and fly over Tranquility Base.
E. Locate lunar ore canisters, load them, and return...before you run out of fuel.
Lunar Explorer is a real-time simulation of lunar flight from orbit to Moon landing from the pilot's point of view. Fast reflexes, split second timing, and a thorough knowledge of the laws of gravity and motion are all that stand between your fragile craft and the hazardous lunar terrain. Explore the Moon; investigate rilles and craters. Marvel at constellations and the Earth rising above the Moon's horizon.
Join the Space Colonization Project and become part of the future.

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