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You command Force 7, a crack Special Forces unit. You've been sent to the Planet Karis on a perilous mercy mission: Rescue the Earth survivors...if any!
The situation: All communications from Karis were silenced months ago. The last report said the colonists were overrun by invaders. If any Earthlings were still alive, they were holed up in the energy fabrication plant!
The enemy: A race of rugged, powerful, and relentless beasts that enjoy the finer things, like humans!
The dilemma: Because of an accident on your ship, all but one Life-Support Suit has been damaged. This means that, though your arsenal includes flame throwers, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, and hydro guns, only one commando can transport to Karis at a time to use these weapons.
You must choose carefully which soldier will confront the aliens and when. Each member of the Force fights alone, facing fatigue, hunger, strange environs, and a deadly and numberless enemy.
- Action-strategy game
- Six alien-infested levels
- Molecular personnel transporters
- Strategic use of Force members

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