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Save the East Coast of the U.S. from nuclear attack! As long as a single city is intact, you are still in the game - but the enemy will throw more and more missiles at you as time passes. And more of them will be MIRVs - missiles that throw off nuclear warheads in flight to hit cities far away from their targets.

You must destroy the enemy missiles in flight with your ABM's (anti-ballistic missiles) fired from the bases between you cities. Two bases - one between New York and Philadelphia, and another between Baltimore and Washington - fire the new 5-kiloton Ajax missile. The other three still fire the old 1-kiloton Sprint missile. Your bases are "hardened" and can repair themselves to some extent after a nuclear strike - but your cities are not.

Aim the missiles by using the target marker - the + sign. The game paddles move the marker, and the buttons fire the missiles. One button fire a 1-kiloton and the other fires a 5-kiloton missile. When a missile hits the exploding fireball of another missile it will be destroyed (and may also explode).

When all the cities have been destroyed, you will be scored. Knock out as many enemy missiles with as few ABM's as possible to get the highest score.

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