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ALIEN is a game where you are put in command of a starship with a stowaway alien of unknown powers. It is up to you to capture, or if that's too dangerous, to slay the alien. The alien can be detected on your sensor screens, but many of the lab animals also escaped in the initial confusion, and your sensors cannot tell the difference between the life form readings. Under your command are the crew, with their special capabilities and skills. The alien is a deadly foe, and will metamorphose to more and more deadly forms as times goes on, so it is imperative to subdue it as soon as possible. As a final act of desperation, it is possible to self destruct the ship and escape in the shuttles.

In ALIEN, victory depends on careful planning and thought. Each crew member moves and acts separately, and only if you can learn to use your crew and their talents cleverly can you hope to defeat or capture the alien. While you attempt to capture lab animals, arm your crew, build weapons and search the ship, the alien will be stalking your crew and gaining strength. Good luck! (you will need it)

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