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The challenge of inner space -- the fury of an enemy that seemingly will not die. This is SEA DRAGON -- a battle to the death under the high seas! Slide into the Captain's chair, take the controls and prepare yourself for the most incredible non-stop action this side of Davy Jones' locker. SEA DRAGON puts you in control of a nuclear sub that's armed from stern to stern with enough firepower to take on King Neptune himself -- and you'll need every missile, every torpedo, and every scrap of skill you can muster to survive!
The object of SEA DRAGON is to successfully navigate your sub through an underwater course past mountains and through labyrinthine passageways while avoiding clusters of explosive mines that rise from the seabottom. But the danger doesn't stop there -- overhead, surface destroyers lace the water with depth charges; below, deadly attack bases and arcing lasers cut a killing swath that could reduce your sub to bubbling slag. But even these potentially lethal perils are dwarfed by the awesome menace that awaits you at the course's end. (It may not be suicide but it comes mighty close!)
SEA DRAGON -- every possible "extra" is here to ensure your playing pleasure: one or two player option, exciting sounds, disk high score save, machine language graphics and an eye-popping scrolling seascape that extends the equivalent of over two dozen screens placed end-to-end, providing a diverse and unique challenge that will not diminish after repeated playings.
Nothing you've ever seen on your micro could possibly prepare you for this! You are ready now, ready for the ultimate in undersea action with a pace that is absolutely relentless. SEA DRAGON -- the arcade has finally come home!

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