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All you wanted to do was leap back in time to the Mesozoic Era and see what prehistoric life was like. But, unfortunately, you also brought along a case of 21st Century measles and contaminated all the dinosaurs.
Has your blunder doomed the dinos? Not if you can dig up enough dino eggs and carry them safely back to your time warp.
But this monumental task becomes even more difficult when you encounter the dino's natural enemies. Squirming proto-snakes, crawling protopedes, falling proto-spiders.
To avoid them, you must climb, leap, jump and run all over the cliffs where the dino eggs are buried.
Each cliff challenges you with a different set of deadly creatures. And you can progress through nine skill levels. The higher you go, the more often the crawly, squirmy creatures rush at you.
One more small problem. If you fail to gather wood and kindle a fire, the lady who laid the eggs may step in. And when Dino Mom puts her foot down, Dino Mom really puts her foot down.
Are you quick enough to sidestep Dino Mom's 10-ton stomp? Agile enough to dodge the radioactive snakes and spiders? Can you save the dinosaurs from extinction?
Climb into the Dino Eggs time warp and find out if you can hack it in the good old days.
9 skill levels, a different deadly challenge on each level.
All with high resolution color graphics.

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