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In your grandfather's ancient, turreted mansion, halfway up a rusting, spiral staircase, you discover a hidden passage leading into a covert room.
A weathered journal tells of your grandfather's journey to the Alterworld, a land of magic and myths, where Good and Evil once fought to the ultimate finish. And Good won!
...Or did it?
There's only one entrance from Earth to Alterworld, the solitary Cheval mirror which now stands before you. After reading of your grandfather's adventures, you decide to venture through the looking-glass door to Alterworld. There you will challenge the monstrous Nequam, a jackal-hearted Warlord whose enchanted amulet makes him nearly invincible.
But be wary. Not only is Nequam hard to kill, he also has a nasty habit of not staying dead! You must search for the ancient, lead-lined skull, the one weapon that can defeat Nequam's power.
- Interactive gameplay
- Animated graphics
- Original music
- Mini-adventure tutorial
- Self-running demo

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