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"Why me?" I thought as I staggered to the deck. My P.T. Boat was being tossed about the ocean by 30-foot waves. The sky was filled with a squadron of enemy bombers and Kamikaze fighters. They were backed by helicopters with blazing machine guns. I raced to the gun and started blasting. I was scoring some impressive hits and beginning to feel in control when I noticed that the sea around me was loaded with mines. "Oh, great!" And what was that screaming toward me on the horizon? An Exocet missile! My heart was pounding as I tried to decide how to get out of this fix. I had to act quickly! Immediately I jerked the joystick to the starboard while keeping my hand on the fire button. "Ah ha! You missed me!"
"Phew, that was close!" I took a deep breath, wiped my brow and thought to myself, "Wow, sometimes it's hard to believe Wavy Navy is just a video game."

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