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by Sour

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Guide and Walkthrough by Sour

Updated: 08/12/2014

'Hey! Stop right there! If you find this guide/FAQ helpful or if you'd like some more patterns for deployment, or firing - click the recommend button and say so in the comment!'

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|  _    ||   _   ||       ||       ||   |    |       |
| |_|   ||  |_|  ||_     _||_     _||   |    |    ___|
|       ||       |  |   |    |   |  |   |    |   |___
|  _   | |       |  |   |    |   |  |   |___ |    ___|
| |_|   ||   _   |  |   |    |   |  |       ||   |___
|_______||__| |__|  |___|    |___|  |_______||_______|
           _______  _______  _______
          |       ||       ||   _   |
          |  _____||    ___||  |_|  |
          | |_____ |   |___ |       |
          |_____  ||    ___||       |
           _____| ||   |___ |   _   |
          |_______||_______||__| |__|


  • Game: BattleSea
  • System: Android
  • Author: Richard 'Sour' Hull
  • Date submitted: 8.12.2014



I. Introduction

II. How to Play

III. Single Player

IV. Multiplayer

V. Frequently Asked Questions

VI. Game Credits

VII. Copyright and Legal Info


Welcome to BattleSea! This is a great mock of the original game 'Battleship'. It is actually exactly the same, with the exception of different / more ships that you have at your whim. Great for single player, and multiplayer if you have locals playing, this game can offer massive amounts of replay value.

Keep in mind, when you play single player, it is the AI you are playing against. Computers are hard to beat, but in this game it seems like they shoot randomly unless they hit your boat, then they zero in on it. Often times they will shoot boats back to back and you think they're cheating...well let this document help you figure out how to place your boats properly, and how to destroy their ships before they can yours.

Good Luck!

How to Play

In the game of Battleship, you have to deploy your fleet and sink the enemies. Each player gets four different types of ships, totalling ten ships. To deply your ships, tap and drag them onto the board.Tap the ship once to rotate it. The ship will not rotate, or it will go back to the Shipyard if you try to rotate it too closely to another ship, or the edge. If you don't want to deploy your ships, tap the Dice on the screen and they will be randomly placed.

Each player will get one shot each, and can go again if they hit a ship on their shot. In order to take a shot, tap the square on the grid once for most devices. If you have a trackball,scroll to the desired square to aim and then take your shot.

The game only ends if one players fleet is completely destroyed. You cannot pause, or save your game in this version. Most games take 5-20 minutes depending on how epic the battle is for your singles (you'll see what I mean later on). Once the game is won on either side, simply click 'ok' on the prompt to be directed to the main screen.

Single Player

Playing against the computer can take some skill. As they shoot randomly, you have to anticipate a shot anywhere, at any time. When you play against a friend they usually have a patter to follow so you can predict a shot, or their placement. All AI related games are done randomly, as there is no difficulty setting. Their ship placement, as well as firing has no pattern so do not look for one. There are few exceptions to this statement which will be noted. The exceptions are more-so things to look for, rather than see them do consecutively.


  • 1 four-field ships
  • 2 three-field ships
  • 3 two-field ships
  • 4 one-field ships

Tip: One-field ships are the best ships available due to their size, but also the hardest to hit.

Tip: Never put a ship in the corner. This is an instant giveaway and they will usually shoot at the corner(s) in the firs ten shots.

Tip: Ships cannot be placed near or on each other. There will always be a empty row between them. Remember this when firing upon the enemy.

Deployment Tips

  • When you deploy your ships, if you drop it in a red area it will go back to your "Shipyard".

  • As mentioned before, do not place any ships in the corners. Maybe one of the larger ones to throw them off or use up that 'corner' shot that they always take. As a recommended precaution, do not put any short boats in the corners.

  • Put one or two one-field boats on the outside lines, preferably on seperate walls. The AI has a less chance at firing on wall shots than on shots further in on the map. This will help your endgame when all the larger ships are destroyed.

  • Avoid set all thes ships facing in one direction (horizontal / verticle) as this is will eliminate the map and cause you to be exposed. They often shoot near their previous shots.

  • Avoid setting your ships in the same area or bunched up. If the AI misses it could cause them to get close, and cause a follow up show to hit your other ships.

  • Leave some gaps, or a larger open area on the map. This allows for them to shoot an area for later when it is towards the end and all the one-field ships are left.

Firing Tips

  • Always assume the AI is hitting the random button when placing their ships. They are not using any patterns or strategies. This gives us the advantage.

  • Often times the computer will put at least one boat in, or around a corner.

  • When taking your shots, start off by shooting one square diagonally in from a corner piece. Repeate this three times to complete a square. This helps for future firing if you plan to do patterns, which help for the endgame.

  • Create a pattern with your shots. This is easier for when you end up hitting and sinking a ship. Once it's sunk you can see the outline and know what shots you can avoid taking.

  • Remember that once a ship is sunk, all immediate squares are unavailable for a future shot. The AI does not take this into consideration. +1 for us

  • If you are looking for a good pattern, take your shots as 'every other' square for two hits, and then move to a new area. This just helps eliminate a single area quicker.


The idea with Multiplayer is that you play with friends around you. You would type in the name of the server you want to create, and they can find it on the server list and join it. Only two people can play a game at a time. It may take several minutes for your server to appear on your friends listing depending on how far apart you two are. There is no shown limit on this, although it's most likely about the size of your house of the power of the Wi-Fi connection you are established with.

When you start up Multiplayer you have a few options available to you.

  • Host Game - You type in the name of the server you want your friends to find and click 'Host'.
  • Show servers' list - Shows all open servers that are open in your local area.

When you join a game, simply tap 'Show Servers' to see the available LAN server in your area. Once you tap on the game shown in the list, it will instantly direct you to the game. Challenger will always go first.

Frequently Asked Questions

I was playing multiplayer and its showing he hasn't moved? - You guys moved too far away and the game lost connection. It is not able to continue, so you will have to restart.

How do I turn off the sound or vibrations? - Find these settings under the Options tab.

How do I view their ship placement? - You can swap the board view temporarily during your turn by clicking the red refresh button or taping your board, and sliding over to theirs (or vise versa).

Game Credits


  • Roman Prominski
  • Arthur Kulik
  • Emilian Szyburski


  • telecapoland.blogspot.com

Copyright and Legal info

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web-site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Do not copy or alter this guide, and do not present it as your own. The creation of this guide took a lot of time, and we would appreciate it greatly if you'd respect that. Below is a list of sites that are allowed to host this document and/or adaptations of it. The latest update of this text file can always be found at GameFAQs.com.

Allowed Sites: www.GameFAQs.com

If you would like to host this FAQ on your site, please contact me personally at GameFAQsContributor(a)gmail.com. Thanks also to GameFAQs Admins SBAllen and Devin Morgan for hosting this document.

  • Richard Hull (c) 2014
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If you find this guide/FAQ helpful..remember to scroll back up and click the Recommend button after reading! If you have any questions or comments about thisFAQ, feel free to contact me via PM, or e-mail. Contact information canbe found at the end of this document.