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Game Script by tenshinoakuma

Version: 1.8 | Updated: 11/15/2011
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The World Ends With You (DS)
Game Script
posted by tenshinoakuma
main days compiled by twewygamescript (on Livejournal)
another day and optional script compiled by tenshinoakuma
Email: ihatespring@hotmail.com
Version 1.8


Hello~ This guide contains game script of The World Ends With You, and would
not have happened without the awesome work of twewygamescript (on 
Livejournal), who compiled the vast majority of the main game's script. The
script has been posted here with their permission, and I hope you all find
this useful. In the main script, there will be some sections which will be
indented as follows:

        | text when you ask your partner for help

        > Additional Optional text. If it requires you to click on a speech
        > bubble over another character, the character you need to talk to 
        > will be written <in here>. For thoughts you scan for, the title of
        > the bubble will be {in here}

Particularly long pieces of optional text will appear like so:

        > [search code here]

Also, text written (like this) are thoughts.

Of course, given the nature of this guide, there are going to be SPOILERS.



15/11/11 - Other optional script added

01/10/11 - Some script reformatting + most main game optional script added

23/06/09 - Minor edits to the script + script when talking to your partner 
           some other optional script

13/03/09 - A missing bit of the AD script added

15/01/09 - Secret Ending script added + missing AD script

09/12/08 - Full Another Day script added

26/08/08 - Some corrections made to the script thanks to Harold Tessman III 

03/06/08 - Added Week 3, Day 5

26/06/08 - First version of guide!


Notes: The Extra Script contains the scanned thought bubbles that appear for
that day, as well as the optional wall-reaper text.

Week 1 - Shiki Week
        Day 1 [w1d1]
        Day 2 [w1d2]
        Day 3 [w1d3]
        Day 4 [w1d4]
        Day 5 [w1d5]
        Day 6 [w1d6]
        Day 7 [w1d7]
Week 2 - Joshua Week
        Day 1 [w2d1]
        Day 2 [w2d2]
        Day 3 [w2d3]
        Day 4 [w2d4]
        Day 5 [w2d5]
        Day 6 [w2d6]
        Day 7 [w2d7]
Week 3 - Beat Week
        Day 1 [w3d1]
        Day 2 [w3d2]
        Day 3 [w3d3]
        Day 4 [w3d4]
        Day 5 [w3d5]
        Day 6 [w3d6]
        Day 7 [w3d7]

Another Day [AD00]
        Tin Pin Storyline        [AD01]
        Pork City Storyline      [AD02]
        Extra Another Day Optional Script
                Before going to Molco   [AD03]
                After going to Molco    [AD04]

Other Scripts       [OS00]
        Running Away    [OSRA]

        | Long pieces of Extra Script           |
        |       Week 1, Day 3   [ew1d3-1]       |
        |                       [ew1d3-2]       |
        |                       [ew1d3-3]       |
        |                       [ew1d3-4]       |
        |               Day 4   [ew1d4-1]       |
        |               Day 5   [ew1d5-1]       |
        |                       [ew1d5-2]       |
        |                       [ew1d5-3]       |
        |                       [ew1d5-4]       |
        |                       [ew1d5-5]       |
        |                       [ew1d5-6]       |
        |               Day 6   [ew1d6-1]       |
        |                       [ew1d6-2]       |
        |                       [ew1d6-3]       |
        |                       [ew1d6-4]       |
        |               Day 7   [ew1d7-1]       |
        |       Week 2, Day 2   [ew2d2-1]       |
        |                       [ew2d2-2]       |
        |               Day 3   [ew2d3-1]       |
        |                       [ew2d3-2]       |
        |                       [ew2d3-3]       |
        |               Day 4   [ew2d4-1]       |
        |                       [ew2d4-2]       |
        |                       [ew2d4-3]       |
        |                       [ew2d4-4]       |
        |                       [ew2d4-5]       |
        |               Day 5   [ew2d5-1]       |
        |       Week 3, Day 3   [ew3d3-1]       |
        |                       [ew3d3-2]       |

       Week 1, Day 1 [w1d1]


[Neku is walking through Shibuya. The pedestrian lights turn green, and Neku
crosses the Scramble Crossing with other people]

Neku: Outta my face. You're blocking my view.

[Neku passes by AMX, where loud music is being played]

Neku: Shut up!!! Stop talking. Just go the hell away!

[Neku stops at Udagawa]

Neku: All the world needs is me. I got my values... so you can keep yours, 

[Neku puts on his headphones]

Neku: I don't get people. Never have. Never will.

[Neku wakes up lying on the ground in the Scramble Crossing. He sees a Player
Pin in his hand]

Neku: ?

[Neku flips the Player pin in the air. When he catches it, he suddenly hears
voices in his head]


Neku: !? What the... I can hear voices in my head! (What just happened?)

[Neku looks at the Player Pin on his right hand]

Neku: (And where'd this pin come from?) Hmm... (Wonder if there's a

        | Neku: (This pin... Why do I have it?)

[Neku scans the area]

Neku: (Voices! Definitely voices! But why?) ! (Am I hearing people's 
      What the hell IS this pin?)

[A beep from Neku's cellphone]

Neku: ! Huh? Whose phone? Mine? "Reach 104. You have 60 minutes. Fail, and 
      erasure. --The Reapers." Oh, that's cute. See ya, spam. Deleted.

[Another beep]

Neku: Huh? Still there... It's like junk mail from hell.

[Neku flinches]

Neku: Oww! My hand... Huh?


[Neku looks down at his hand to see a timer couting down from 59:49. He looks
around and sees Noise symbols]

Neku: !? What?


[frog Noise come from the Noise symbols]

Neku: ! F...frogs!?

[Neku flinches]

Neku: Oww! What the... They attacked me! What do they want with me? D-down

[Neku battles with the frogs before running. The frog Noise are still

Neku: ...Ungh! What the hell is going on!? Somebody! Help!

[People are continuing on as if they don't see him]

Neku: Hey... Everybody stop ignoring me! What is this place...

[Neku flinches]

Neku: Crap! I gotta run!


[TWEWY intro movie/credits. Neku runs through Shibuya, passing Shiki, Beat 
Joshua. Uzuki and Kariya watch from on a roof. There is an explosion and 
falls off the roof of a building. Beat saves her by catching her and landing
on his skateboard. Shiki spots Neku as they try to fight off the Noise. Neku
keeps running]


[POV switches to two shadowy Reapers on a rooftop]

Kariya: Man, here we go again...

Uzuki: Stop whining. We haven't had work in, like, forever.

Kariya: Exactly. It feels like the Monday after vacation.

Uzuki: You'd prefer a permanent vacation? Day 1 has the most Players. Now's 
       chance to rack up some points! How else you gonna make up for last

Kariya: Aight, aight... One week won't kill me. Probably. Hey, while we're at
        it... How 'bout we play a little game?

Uzuki: A gaaame?

Kariya: Yeah, so it doesn't feel so much like work. C'mon, you love it.

Uzuki: Oh, yeah. You know me. Sigh... All right. What's the game?

Kariya: How 'bout Reaper Sport 3, a Player hunt? Let's see who bags the most
        Players during today's mission.

Uzuki: Are you joking? That's no fun at all!

Kariya: You don't like it?

Uzuki: But I'm gonna crush you! There's no contest.

Kariya: Ohh, zing! Now I have to actually try. You know the drill. Loser buys
        winner a hot bowl of ramen.

[POV returns to Neku near the Statue of Hachiko]

Neku: Huff, huff... Should be...safe...here...

[Neku is attacked by another frog Noise]

Neku: Rrgh... Freakin' frogs! Just leave me alone! I didn't do anything to 


[Other Players scream as they are erased by Noise]


Neku: !? They vanished! Why are people disappearing!? What's happening... Why
      am I even here? What the hell!

[Neku is attacked by frog Noise]

Neku: They're gonna get me...

Shiki (off screen): Found one!

Neku: Huh?

Shiki: You! Forge a pact with me!

Neku: Uhh... I've kinda got my hands full...

Shiki: Listen! If we forge a pact, we can beat the Noise!

Neku: Who cares about a little noise?

Shiki: You wanna be erased? Hurry up! There's no time! Make a pact with me!

Neku: A-all right! I accept.


[fusion sequence with glowy lights]


Neku: What's with the lights show?

Shiki: Here!

[Shiki hands Neku a Pyrokinesis pin]

Shiki: Use this pin!

Neku: But...the funny lights...

Shiki: I'll explain later! Right now we have to stop the Noise!

Neku: Uhh...OK?

Shiki: Get ready!

[Fight with the frogs]

Neku: That fire... I did that!?

Shiki: Whoa! You can use the pin? You must be really good at psychs. Guess I
       found the right partner, huh?

Neku: That's what you call those flames? A psych?

Shiki: Yup. And now that we've made a pact, the Noise won't come after us!

Neku: In other words, we're safe.

Shiki: Right. See? All gone.

Neku: All gone. So...What are Noise?

Shiki: They're the monsters we just fought. Duh.

Neku: (Monsters? Uh, sure... And "psychs"?)

[Neku looks at the Pyrokinesis pin]

Neku: (Is that what this pin is for?)

Shiki: Anyway, where are my manners? My name's Shiki Misaki. Call me Shiki.

Neku: (I call this wack.)

Shiki: We've got a long week ahead of us!

Neku: A week? Week of what?

Shiki: The Reapers' Game is seven days long, right?

Neku: (Reapers? Excuse me? Who is this flake?)

Shiki: So what's your name?

Neku: (Forget her... Where am I? How did I get here?)

Shiki: C'mon, tell me your name.

Neku: (The sign says "Shibuya Station"... Why am I in Shibuya?)

Shiki: Something wrong?

Neku: (Wait... The intersection. I just need to retrace my steps.)

[Neku leaves]

Shiki: ! Hey, whoa... Wait for me!!!

[Scramble Crossing]
Neku: Why are you following me!?

Shiki: Why are you making yourself so hard to follow?

Neku: Screw you. I go where I want.

Shiki: Go where? We're trapped in here!

Neku: What? Don't be stupid.

Shiki: You're the one being stupid. We made a pact. We're supposed to stick
       together! You can't beat Noise alone. You can't survive!

Neku: Survive what?

Shiki: The Game! Don't you wanna win?

Neku: Pfft. Play games on your own time.

Shiki: Hey! That's not funny! They'll erase us if we don't win! You saw what
       happened to those people! You wanna join them? Besides, we're 
       Partners work together.

Neku: No way! Don't make me a part of this.

Shiki: You're already a part of this. You're a Player, just like me.

Neku: A what? I'm not playing anything.

Shiki: Oh yeah? Then why do you have a Player Pin?

[Shiki indicates the Player Pin]

Shiki: Don't you have a timer on your hand? I do...

[Neku looks at his hand. The timer says 20:05]

Neku: What. The. Hell.

Shiki: See, you're part of the Reapers' Game, too.

Neku: ......

Shiki: ! We don't have time for this! The clock's ticking! We've only got 20
       minutes! Let's hurry to Ten-Four!

Neku: "Ten-Four"? What's that?

Shiki: Ten-Four! 104? You got the mail, right? "Reach 104 or face erasure."

Neku: (That junk mail...Please. What kind of nut would believe that? Then
      again... This day has been pretty weird. And she's gonna follow me
      anyway.) ...... (May as well go along and try to figure this out.) All
      right, you win. Lead the way.

Shiki: Good. Now, for the last time... Tell me your name.

Neku: ...... Neku. Neku Sakuraba.

Shiki: Neku, huh? Cute name.

Neku: (Shut up.)

Shiki: All right, Neku. Let's go over to 104!

        | Shiki: Hey, Neku!
        | Neku: ......
        | Shiki: We have to get over to 104. There's no time!
        | Neku: ......
        | [Neku leaves]
        | Shiki: Hey- wait up!!! Neku...

        > [Trying to go to Center St. or the Shibu Dept. Store]
        > Shiki: I told you! We can't leave!
        > Neku: Oh, please.
        > [Neku moves to walk forward and hits a wall]
        > Neku: Durff! You gotta be kidding me!
        > Shiki: Next time, try listening.
        > Neku: So this is all part of that "Reapers' Game"?
        > Shiki: That's right.
        > Neku: (This is nuts. She's actually telling the truth? Then that
        >       means the mail I got--
        > Shiki: Neku! Move! We have to get to Ten-Four!

[Neku runs into an invisible wall just in front of 104]

Neku: Oww! It's blocked! There's no way past!

Shiki: We can't get through!? But this is the way to Ten-Four!

Neku: ...... (Why do I feel like I'm being watched? That guy over there. 
      he staring at?)

Reaper: Pact confirmed.

Shiki: What are we gonna do about this wall? [walks past Neku] Huh? Neku! 

Neku: ? What's up with that?

Shiki: No idea. A lucky break, I guess! C'mon, we gotta keep moving.

Neku: (Something about that guy in red...) ! (Huh? Where'd he go? Weird.)

Shiki: Made it!

[Neku looks down at his right hand]

Neku: The timer vanished!

Shiki: Whew! Mission complete.

Uzuki (off screen): Pfft. Big Deal.

Shiki & Neku: !?

Neku: What!?

Uzuki: Only an idiot would screw up on Day 1.

Neku: Who's there!?

Shiki: Oh, no... A Reaper?

Neku: Reaper...

Uzuki: You two are gonna get erased sooner or later. So come on. Help a girl
       out and earn me a few extra points, 'K?

[Uzuki summons more frog Noise]

Neku: Those monsters again...

Shiki: Neku, you know how to fight now, right? This time focus your thoughts 

Neku: What? Fight your own battles!

Shiki: Please! To stop the Noise!

Neku: ...Fine. Come on!

[Neku and Shiki fight the frog Noise]

Shiki: Good! Now we can fight together! We can beat the Noise faster as a 
       Let's do this!

[Neku and Shiki fight the frog Noise]

Neku: Is it over?

Shiki: Not yet, Neku! Over there!

[a large Noise symbol appears]

Neku: (Whew... This one looks though. ...Like I've got a choice.) Hey! 

Shiki: I'm not a stalker!

Neku: Whatever. Just... Don't mess this up!

Shiki: I...I won't!

[Neku and Shiki fight the bear Noise]

Shiki: Whew... We did it... But you heard her... Day 1 is nothing. What if 
       missions only get harder? We've got six more days... Are we gonna make
       it? I...I don't want to be erased...

Neku: (I can't believe this... Why am I stuck here? What if I'm erased!? What
      the hell kind of game is this? This can't be right. Gaaah! I'm really
      stuck here? In Shibuya!?)

[The 1st Day: Reapers' Game. Chapter Closed]

       Week 1, Day 2 [w1d2]

Neku: Nngh... ! Where am I now?

Shiki: ...I hope this works out.

Neku: Hey!

Shiki: Aaack! Don't scare me like that!

Neku: (Grow up. You're obnoxious...)

Shiki: Umm...Is something wrong?

Neku: Where are we?

Shiki: Isn't this the underpass by the station? I can hear the trains.

Neku: (That's weird. How'd we get here?)

[A beep from their mobiles]

Shiki: There's the mission!

[Shiki looks at her mobile]

Shiki: "Set the cursed sculpture free. You have 60 minutes. Fail, and face
       erasure. --The Reapers"

[Neku and Shiki flinch]

Shiki: Oww!

[Neku looks down at his right palm. It says 59:45]

Neku: Timer's back. What's it for?

Shiki: The mission. ...You really don't know? If we don't clear the mission
       before the timer hits zero, we'll both be erased!

Neku: (Sounds crazy to me. But...maybe not that crazy. I saw it happen to 
      people by the station. And met a Reaper. ...I can't believe I'm even
      entertaining that thought. But I know what I heard.) ! (...Wait.)

[Neku looks at his phone]

Neku: Why'd the date change on my phone?

Shiki: A day must have gone by.

Neku: What!?

Shiki: I think we fell asleep after the mission. But that's OK. We need to
       focus on today!

Neku: (Have you lost your MIND? It's anything but OK! We were in the middle 
      a street, in broad daylight! Why would we fall asleep!?)

Shiki: So...this "cursed sculpture"-- it's gotta be talking about the statue 

Neku: (Maybe we passed out. And then...woke up here? Everything between is a

Shiki: But then what's the curse? ...Neku?

Neku: (Did somebody drag us here? Or--)

Shiki: C'mon, Neku, pay attention!

Neku: ......

Shiki: Hey! What, now you're ignoring me? If we don't work together, we'll 
       the mission!

Neku: ......

Shiki: You don't have to be like this. Sigh... What am I doing wrong? ......
       All right! No point in standing here. Let's go find Hachiko.

        | Shiki: The "cursed sculpture" must be Hachiko. It's the most famous
        |        statue here!
        | Neku: ......

        > <Reaper>
        > Reaper: ......
        > Neku: Where have I seen this guy before...
        > Shiki: Neku! Hachiko is this way!
        > Neku: (......)
        > Shiki: Come ON!
        > Neku: (Ugh... Go yourself.)

[Neku and Shiki move to the exit, but Neku hits an invisible wall]

Neku: Oww!

Shiki: What? Another wall!?

Neku: (So now we're trapped in here.)

Shiki: No... We'll never finish the mission now.

Neku: (All she ever does is whine...) ...Why not?

Shiki: Because this is the way to Hachiko.

Neku: (Then we have to get through. We got past the wall yesterday. Is there
      some kind of rule?)

Shiki: What should we do?

Neku: ......

Shiki: Don't just stand there. Think of something!

Neku: (I AM thinking. Maybe if for just one minute you could stop your bi--

Shiki: Neku, what is it?

Reaper: ......

Neku: (That guy in the red hoodie. I've seen him before.)

Shiki: Neku. What are you looking at? That guy... You know him?

Neku: (I remember... He was at the crossing yesterday, by the wall. Who is 
      I'm gonna try reading his mind.)

        | Neku: Something about that guy in red... I'm gonna scan him and see
        |       what his deal is.

Neku: [tries to scan the Reaper] ? Hmph.

Shiki: What is it?

Neku: I can't read him.

Shiki: What!? You can't scan him?

Neku: (I had no trouble scanning people yesterday. Maybe the rules changed?)

[Neku looks at the Player pin]

NekU: (Or maybe the pin is broken.)

Shiki: Can we finish the mission without being able to scan?

Neku: (Hmm... What if it's just him? Maybe he's special.)

Shiki: Neku!

Neku: (Ugh...) What now!?

Shiki: That guy is coming right towards us!

Reaper: You. Scan and erase all the Noise in this area.

Shiki: Huh? What are you talking about?

Neku: (Are those the conditions to move on?)

Shiki: I don't see any Noise!

Reaper: The world is more than just what you see. [he walks off]

Shiki: He left. What a creepy guy.

Neku: (I don't know what his deal is... But he's part of the Game, that's for
      sure. Which can only mean one thing. Interesting... His kind can't be
      scanned?) ......

[Neku looks at the Player Pin]

Neku: ("The world is more than just what you see." So to find the Noise...)
      Hey. Let's get rid of the Noise.

Shiki: How? They're not here!

Neku: Yes they are. We have to scan for them.

Shiki: You think? All right! Let's try it. But first... I meant to ask you.

[Shiki indicates the Pyrokinesis pin]

Shiki: Shouldn't you try some other pins? You've got more, right?

Neku: Pins?

Shiki: Yeah! They should've given you a whole bunch.

[Neku searches his pockets, and finds a Pyrokinesis, Thunderbolt,
Psychokinesis, Force Rounds and Shockwave pin and two Player pins]

Neku: (You're right... In my pocket.)

Shiki: Why not test them out?

Neku: How?

Shiki: Remember the flame pin yesterday?

Neku: This one?

[Neku holds up the Pyrokinesis pin]

Shiki: Well, I wasn't able to use it. So maybe--

Neku: I get it. Certain pins only work for certain people. I've got to try 
      all and see. (...Talk about a hassle. All right, let's see what I can

        | Neku: (We need to defeat some Noise to proceed. I can see 'em with 
        |       scan, right?
        | Shiki: Hey, why don't you try those new pins out? If anybody can 
        |        them, it's you!

[Neku and Shiki fight some Noise]

Shiki: You were right. We have to scan to see the Noise.

Neku: (That takes care of them all.)

Reaper: Objective met.

Shiki: But what about the wall? It's still-- Huh!? It's gone! Why?

Neku: Because we took out the Noise.

Shiki: So that's the trick to getting past the walls. But...that's odd.

Neku: What's odd?

Shiki: I heard you can only beat the Noise in pairs. But I fought them alone.

Neku: Hmm, me too...

Shiki: I couldn't see you while I was fighting.

Reaper (off screen): That's because he was in the other zone.

Neku & Shiki: !?

Shiki: Huh?

Reaper: The Noise exist simultaneously in two zones. And the only way to 
        them is by purging them from both.

Shiki: Wait, but-- What is with that guy?

Neku: (He knows too much... He must be one of them.)

Shiki: Well, anyway...You did great.

Neku: What?

Shiki: You were able to use all the pins!

[Neku looks at all his pins]

Neku: So?

Shiki: You're like some sort of psych genius!

Neku: (Come on. Using a couple of pins doesn't make anyone a genius. Don't be
      naïve. The bigger question... is where these came from.)

Shiki: Huh? Neku. You have two Player Pins.

Neku: So?

Shiki: So why two? You only need one.

Neku: (How should I know? Why do I have any of them? I need them for psychs, 
      I can stop the Noise from killing me. But how'd I get 'em?)

Shiki: Well, umm... Two is better than one! So, like, don't feel bad!

Neku: (You're the one who said I only need one...)

Shiki: Think how lucky I am! My partner's a psych whiz. A genius! You're a
       genius, Neku! I'd never make it without you!

Neku: (If you're going to flatter someone... you could try to sound a little

Shiki: Neku, you listening?

Neku: ......

Shiki: Stop that. I'm just trying to be nice.

Neku: I'm listening.

Shiki: Well, how am I supposed to tell when you just stand there? You should
       take off those headphones. It's rude.

Neku: Would you shut the hell up! I just met you. I don't like you. And I 
      give a rat's ass if you think I'm rude!

Shiki: You don't have to yell... What am I going to do? ......

Neku: (Now she's playing with her phone? Forget this.)

[Neku leaves]

Shiki: Hey! Wait up!

[West Exit Bus Terminal]
Shiki (off screen): Neku...Stop! Wait for me!

[Shiki catches up]

Shiki: Where are you going? I'm your partner!

Beat (off screen): ...Gotchu punks now.

Shiki: ! Wha-- Who's there!?

Beat: You got us good yesterday, but today I'ma crush you, yo!

Shiki: Um... What? You've got the wrong person. Neku, you know this guy?

Neku: Don't insult me.

Beat: Need a hint? Go ask your friends.

Shiki: "Friends"? What are you talking about?

Beat: Shut up, yo! You ain't foolin' me! I can't scan you. You gotta be 
      You can't outsmart me, yo.

Shiki: Wait! Just--

Rhyme (off screen): Beat! Stop it! They're not Reapers! They're Players, just
      like us.

Beat: What?

[Rhyme indicates the Player pins]

Rhyme: See? They've got Player Pins. Players must not be able to scan each
       other. Remember? You couldn't scan me either.

Beat: ...... Oh. Yo, sorry I jumped to conclusions...

Shiki: No worries. You just gave us a start.

Beat: Yesterday this pink-haired chick cornered us before we could get to 
      Then pinky sicked a buncha Noise on us... Messed us up bad, yo.

Shiki: So that's why you were out for payback.

Beat: Yup. ...Hey, hold up. We should do introductions. The name's Beat. And
      this is my... my partner, Rhyme.

Rhyme: Hello!

Shiki: Hi! I'm Shiki. That over there's Neku. He's my partner.

Neku: ......

Beat: Wha's with the phones? He still mad?

Shiki: No...he's just Neku. Don't feel bad.

Beat: ...Hey, I know! Lemme give you a tip to make up for jumpin' yas. You
      figure out how to use your phones yet?

Shiki: You mean our cell phones? Well...we don't get any calls... Sending
       messages doesn't work either. All we do is check the mission mail. 
       Do they do anything else?

Rhyme: We played around a bit and found some things--

Beat: Whoa, you mean you ain't usin' yours? You two gonna get owned down the
      road, yo!

Shiki: Umm... I guess...

Beat: It's cool! You two got questions, ask us. Gotta put our heads together,
      you feel me?

Got any questions for Rhyme and Beat?

> Using the phone

Shiki: So about the phone...

Beat: Yeah. You can use it to pick out your pins.

Shiki: Pick them out? How?

Rhyme: Well...

[Rhyme shows a Cure Drink]

Rhyme: Why don't you take this pin? Then you can try it out!

Shiki: We can keep it?

Rhyme: Sure. We had extras.

Shiki: Wow! Thanks!

> The pink-haired chick

Shiki: So who's the girl with the pink hair?

Beat: Heh, that cow?

Rhyme: She attacked us in the scramble crossing. Those black wings...She's
       prob'ly a Reaper.

Beat: Yeah, we couldn't scan her.

Shiki: So, it doesn't work on Reapers...

Rhyme: Or on other Players, apparently.

Shiki: Guess we found that out the hard way.

Beat: Sorry...

Shiki: So if she's a Reaper, does that mean she gives out the missions?

Beat: Who knows... Yo, that reminds me-- 'sup with today's mission? It don't
      make sense.
Rhyme: Yeah, about that...

> The Reaper's Game

Shiki: Do you know anything about the Reaper's Game?

Rhyme: Just that you have to stay alive for seven days.

Beat(?): And somethin' about a new mission every day.

Shiki: The Reapers send them?

Beat: Gotta be. It's their Game, right?

Shiki: And if we fail the mission, they erase us.

Rhyme: ...Maybe not.

Shiki: ! Really!?

Rhyme: Beat and I never made it to 104. But here we are.

Beat: So like... we don't gotta play? Sweet!

Rhyme: It's too early to say. We should carry out the missions. I don't want 
       find out what happens if these timers hit zero. Do you? Thankfully, 
       vanished yesterday before time ran out.

Shiki: Hmm... Ours went away when we got to 104.

Rhyme: Hey, you think you and Neku finishing the mission might've got
               Beat and I off the hook?

> Today's mission

Shiki: What's your take on the mission?

Beat: The cursed sculpture or whatever?

Rhyme: It's gotta be Hachiko.

Shiki: Yeah! That's just what I said! But what's the curse?

Rhyme: Hmm... You got me.

Shiki: We should probably start by heading that way.

Beat: Can't. There's a wall, yo.

Shiki: Again? What's up with that? We keep hitting these invisible walls...

Beat: I think we trapped in here, or somethin'. I tried breakin' the walls, 
      they don't break.
Rhyme: But some you can get through.

Shiki: Hmm...

Rhyme: We noticed guys in red by the walls we were able to pass.

> No more questions!

Shiki: Thanks for all the info! 'Specially about the phone! That's gonna be a
       huge help.

Rhyme: Heh heh. Good! Always happy to help.

Shiki: I feel ready to take on anything!

Beat: Yeah, well-- you might not wanna say that. Rhyme's thinkin' things is
      gonna get tough. Yo, we should all work together!

Rhyme: They say two heads are better than one. And four has to be better than

Shiki: Great idea! I am so in! It'll be more fun that way. Right, Neku?

Neku: ...Do what you want. I work alone.

Shiki: What!? Neku, you can't mean that!

Neku: Forget it. I can't take one more minute of your nagging. I don't need a
      bunch of strangers bringing me down.

Shiki: Neku! How can you say that?

Neku: (Don't ask me. Maybe I'm just angry.)

Shiki: We're on your si--

Neku: I can't scan you. You could be Players... or you could be Reapers. I 
      no way of knowing.

Shiki: But the Player Pins!

Neku: That's not enough.

Beat: Yo, Phones! What the hell's your problem!? We just lookin' out for you,
      and you treat us like this?

Rhyme: Don't get angry, Beat... I can see where Neku's coming from. I 
       have opened my big mouth...

Beat: Aw, Rhyme... Rrgh... You piece a' DIRT! Screw you! We don't want your
      help! Le's bounce, Rhyme.

[Beat and Rhyme leave]

Shiki: Wait, no! We're sorry! ...They left. Nice going, Neku! We should all
       stick together, and you know it!

Neku: Then why don't you go with them?

Shiki: Listen to yourself... We're partners, Neku. But I don't understand 
       Let me in! Tell me what you're thinking!

Neku: Let yourself in. You can scan me.

Shiki: You know that's impossible! Besides, we're right here. Let's just talk
       to each other--

Neku: And say what? I'm not opening up to anyone. Ever. Other people just 
      me back. I can do things my own way.

[Neku leaves]

Shiki: N-Neku! Sigh... Tell me what I'm supposed to do...

        | Shiki: So Neku, have you got the hang of wearing pins? You can't
        |        fight the Noise unless you have some on.
        | Neku: ......

        > <the man in front of the Moyai statue>
        > Man (off screen): ...C'mon. ...You can tell me. ...Something on 
        >     mind?
        > Neku: (That guy... Who is he talking to?)
        > Man: ...Tell me what's ailing you. ...We're not all made of stone.
        > Neku: ......
        > Shiki: Neku. Give the man some space...
        > Neku: ......

        > [At the West Exit Bus Terminal. Scan the guy in front of the Moyai 
        > statue] {Poor thing}
        > Oh, poor Mr. Moyai... You're feeling stuck between a rock and a 
        > place, I can tell. People put you up on a pedestal, birds poop on
        > you... What a life.

[Neku and Shiki approach the Bus Terminal Exit]

Reaper: ......

Neku: (Another guy in red. We must be headed towards a--)

[Shiki moves past Neku to hit a wall]

Shiki: Ouch! A wall.

Neku: (I knew it.)

Shiki: So... We just have to defeat some Noise, right?

Neku: (She is so SLOW! Do I have to do everything?)

[Neku walks past Shiki]

Shiki: Neku! Where are you--

Neku: I know what you are.

Reaper: My terms: Lift the statue's curse.

Neku: You're a Reaper.

Reaper: I don't get paid to chitchat. Play the Game.

[Reaper leaves]

Neku: (Hmph. That was a waste of time. Lift the statue's curse, huh? That
      sounds just like the mission. But Hachiko is PAST the wall...) ! (Wait-

Shiki (off screen): Neku...

[Shiki catches up]

Shiki: Please, STOP walking off without me!

Neku: Hey.

Shiki: Arrgh! My name is Shiki. Can you say "Shiki"?

Neku: Hey, I see another statue.

Shiki: Oh yeah! The Moyai!

Neku: Like Easter Island? What's a Moai doing here?

Shiki: "Moyai"! With a Y! Never thought about where it came from...

Neku: Think it's cursed?

Shiki: I don't know. It looks pretty normal to me.

Neku: Let's find out.

        | Neku: So we need to lift the statue's curse. Which means that Moai-
        | Shiki: Mo-YAI.
        | Neku: (Whatever. Let's check it out.)

[Neku and Shiki scan and see Noise around the Moyai statue]

Shiki: Noise!?

Neku: That must be the curse. Maybe if we erase all that Noise, we can lift 

        | Shiki: Neku!
        | Neku: I know, I'll take care of it. The Noise buzzing around the 
        |       Moyai, right?

[Neku and Shiki scan and battle the Noise symbols around the statue]

Reaper: Objective met.

[The wall is removed]

Shiki: So the Moyai was possessed by Noise... and we had to scan to find it.

Neku: (The guy in red... Yup. He's gone. But we can probably get through 

Shiki: We freed the cursed sculpture. Does that mean we cleared the mission?

Neku: No, that was just to cross the wall. See? My clock's still ticking.

[Neku shows his right palm. It says 32:15]

Shiki: Yeah...mine too. Well, at least the wall's gone.

Neku: Let's go find this "Hachiko"...Our real target.

Shiki: Neku... You talk like you've never heard of it.

Neku: Nope. What's Hachiko?

Shiki: WHAT!? How can you live in this country and not know Hachiko?

Neku: ......

Shiki: Remember where we met yesterday? There's a statue of a dog in the 
       That's Hachiko. Now, I have a question. How'd you figure out how to 
       past the wall?

Neku: ......

Shiki: Not again...

Neku: ......

Shiki: ...... All Right! Fine. Let's just head for Hachiko.

        | Shiki: C'mon, Neku. Let's head over to Hachiko!

        > <the man in front of the Moyai statue>
        > Man: ...Oh. ...You're all better now! ...I'm so glad.
        > Neku: (He can tell!? In a way, that's pretty impressive.)
        > Man: ...Hey. ...Hachiko seems down lately. ...Don't you think?
        > Neku: (Hachiko is feeling down? Does that mean it's cursed, too?)

        > [At the West Exit Bus Terminal. Scan the man in front of the Moyai
        > statue] {All better}
        > That's the spirit, Mr. Moyai! Things are looking up for you, I can
        > tell. Remember, you can always lean on me.

[Neku and Shiki exit the West Exit Bus Terminal]

[POV switches to an unknown area]

Higashizawa: ...... That young lady... She has just the ingredient I need.

[POV switches to Neku and Shiki. Statue of Hachiko]

Shiki: We made it! And with plenty of time left!

Neku: (This is where we met yesterday... So the two places are connected.)

Shiki: OK! Let's lift Hachiko's curse!

Neku: And how do you propose we do that?

Shiki: Well...umm... Maybe we could erase the Noise around it, or...yeah.

Neku: (She's clueless. This is why I can't count on other people. ...They're
      all clueless.)

        | Shiki: Hey, I bet Hachiko's possessed by Noise, too. Scan the 
        | Neku: (But doesn't that seem too... easy?)

[Neku scans for Noise around the statue of Hachiko]

Neku: No Noise around the statue...

Shiki: You tried scanning? Then Hachiko must not be cursed?

Neku: (Could we have the wrong statue?)

Shiki: Huh? Hey, look, Neku!

Neku: (Crap...We don't have time to hunt for another statue...)


Neku: What!

Shiki: Something's wrong with Hachiko.

Neku: Like what?

Shiki: Hmm...I'm not sure. But it looks different from when I saw it at Hachi

Neku: Then let's take a closer look.

        | Shiki: Hmm... Something about him seems different.
        | Neku: (Let's get a closer look.)

[Neku and Shiki examine Hachiko]

Shiki: Hmm...Something is definitely off. When I saw him at Hachi Fest, 
       wasn't like this at all.

So...this dog statue is Hachiko?

    > Take a closer look

        Neku: (I should get a closer look...)

        Shiki: Hmm...Hachiko seems less...lovable?

    > Hachi Fest?

        Neku: What's Hachi Fest?

        Shiki: Oh, it's a blast! It's this festival where you touch Hachiko 
               good luck! If you touch the right place in the right way, your
               wishes come true!

        Neku: Wow. Charming.

        Shiki: They hold it every year. And each time, the place you have to
               touch changes. But if you get it wrong...

        Neku: ...You explode?

        Shiki: You get cursed!

        Neku: Hmm... Sound pretty extreme.

    > Scout for more info

Neku: So this cure... 

Shiki: Umm... I know something's off...

Neku: (Well, you just take your time. Cause, you know, we've got so much of 
      Meanwhile, I'm going to do some recon.)

        | Neku: So, Hachiko's curse...
        | Shiki: Why don't we start scanning around? Somebody else may know
        |        what to do.

[West Exit Bust Terminal. Neku scans the guy standing near the Moyai statue]
Hachiko seemed troubled, too. Were I only able to polish away the stains on 
weary heart! Forgive me, Hachi...

Guy: ...Hey. ...Hachiko seems down lately. ...Don't you think?

Neku: (What is it with this guy and statues?)

Guy: ...He must be like you. ...Drifting in a sea of woes... ...If only I 
     polish all his pain away... ...Then he'd feel better. ...His heart would
     shine again!

Neku: Polish away Hachiko's pain? That's...idiotic.

Shiki: Hey... Neku, we should try that!

Neku: Try WHAT?

Shiki: Polishing! Hachiko did look a little dirty. And I saw this weird 
       on him. What if it was some kind of hex?

Neku: (Or what if someone just went crazy with a magic marker? Well, if 
      the only lead we've got...) All right. Let's try it.

Shiki: Yeah!

        | Shiki: Yes! Now we can free Hachiko from the curse. Let's hurry 
        |        to Hachiko!
        | Neku: (...Do you ever shut up?)

[Statue of Hachiko. Neku and Shiki examine the statue]

Shiki: What should we do, Neku?

    > Scout for more info

        Neku: (I might be missing something... I should gather more info.)

    > Polish Hachiko

Shiki: OK, Neku! Let's polish like we mean it!

Neku: Isn't that gonna...you know...create a scene?

Shiki: Don't worry! No one's watching. And so what if they see us?

Neku: (See us petting a piece of ROCK?) All right. Whatever...

Shiki: OK, Neku, let's polish like we mean it!

[Neku and Shiki polish the statue]

Hachiko: Grr...

Shiki: You say something, Neku?

Neku: Nope.

Shiki: You know... It seems the more we polish... the less this looks like

Hachiko: GRRRRR....

Shiki: Stop growling and polish!

Neku: I'm not growling...

[A wolf Noise appears]

Shiki: Neku, something came out of the statue!

[Neku and Shiki battle the wolf Noise]

Shiki: Neku, we did it! The timer's gone! So there was Noise possessing both
       the Moyai AND Hachiko.

Neku: And our mission was to get rid of both.

Shiki: Hey, Neku...

Neku: Yeah?

Shiki: You said before you don't need any friends.

Neku: Yeah. Your point?

Shiki: Well, you couldn't have solved Hachiko's riddle without me.

Neku: What? Get real.

Shiki: If I hadn't noticed the pattern, we might not have cleared the 

Neku: Listen, Stalker. I don't need you to solved one stupid riddle.

Shiki: Riiight. Well, if you ask me--

Uzuki (off screen): Arrrgh! This is soooooo infuriating! What... You two 

Neku & Shiki: !?

Shiki: Huh!?

Neku: That voice... You were at 104 yesterday!

Shiki: You're that Reaper!

Uzuki: Well, excuuuse me for doing my job.

Shiki: Then it's true?

Neku: (A Reaper... She gives out the missions?)

Uzuki: You know, you owe me a bowl of ramen. For not disappearing like you're
       s'posed to.

Neku: (This...girl is a Reaper?)

Uzuki: What's wrong? Too spooked to answer? Well, this should bring you 

[battle with a porcupine Noise and two wolf Noises]

Shiki: Huff...huff...

Neku: (Nngh... These Noise are tougher than the others...)

Uzuki: Wow. You're, like, stronger than I thought. But I'm not done playing
       yet. This next Noise will be a killer.

[Uzuki summons more Noise]

Neku: (No... I can't keep this up... I've got one chance.)

Uzuki: Hmm?

Neku: (I have to take her out!)

Uzuki: Please tell me you're not planning on fighting me? Ha ha ha ha! How
       stupid can you get? You'll never win against a Reaper! But all right.
       I'm game. I was getting bored anyway.

[Uzuki erases the Noise]

Neku: (What!? She erased her own Noise?)

Uzuki: You seem surprised.

Neku: Aren't the Noise on your side?

Uzuki: Eww, gross! Don't group us together. The Noise are nothing but tools.
       Pawns. Just like you Players. Ha ha!

Neku: (Rrgh...I can't let this brat win! But can I stop her? I have no idea 
      strong she is... Doesn't matter. I have to try!)

Shiki: Don't, Neku! You don't want to take her on! She can erase you in a
       second! Ohh...

Neku: Hmph.

Uzuki: Aww, what? You're giving up? Booo-ring. Don't get my hopes up like 
       Killjoy. Now that I'm in the mood... maybe I should finish the job.

Neku: Huh!?

Uzuki: But...I can't do that.

Neku: (Huh?)

Uzuki: Well, this is a pickle... Hmm... I know! Let's try something fun! A
       special bonus challenge for you! If you pull it off, I'll let you out 
       the Reapers' Game!

Neku: You...you will?

Uzuki: You betcha! Sweet deal, huh? So, like, what do you say?

Neku: (A ticket out...)

Shiki: Neku, don't! Don't listen!

Uzuki: You back there. Shut up! Now, are you in, or are you out?

Neku: ...I'm in.

Shiki: Neku!

Uzuki: Whee! 'Atta boy! Now, let's get started. Oh, I forgot to mention. If 
       fail... I erase you.

Neku: What!?

Uzuki: Thankfully the rules are veeery simple. You have one minute...to erase
       that girl.

Neku: What? Erase her?

Uzuki: Yup. Poof! Kaput! Easy, right? Just pretend you're erasing the Noise.
       Whew, this one's already in the bag. All right. Ready? Start!

Neku: (W-wait! Dammit... She's asking me to kill someone. There's no way I 
      do that. But if I don't...)

Shiki: Neku...

Uzuki: 30 seconds! Still on the fence? Then let me give you an incentive. 
       girl? She's been spying for the Reapers.

Neku: What? She's a spy?

Shiki: Hey! What are you saying!

Uzuki: Thanks for checking in so often. We couldn't have done it without you.

Shiki: Shut up! Don't lie! Neku...She's making all of this--

Neku: Your phone. Why did you keep playing with your phone?

Shiki: Huh!? Oh... I was...just...

Uzuki: Just SPYING. She's not very good at covering it up.

Shiki: I didn't spy! I swear!

Uzuki: G'bye. And thanks for playing. 10 seconds... You're the star, kiddo.
       Just do things your way.

Neku: ......

Uzuki: What are you waiting for? Do what comes naturally. Save yourself. 
       everybody else, right?

Shiki: Don't, Neku. Don't kill me...

Neku: I have to.


Shiki: Please...don't kill me.

Neku: I have to

[Shiki backs away from Neku. Neku lifts her by the throat using 

[The 2nd Day: Don't Kill me. Chapter Closed]

       Week 1, Day 3 [w1d3]

Neku: Nngh... ! What is this place? It's dark... Is it nighttime? No, I'm
      indoors. ! Wait! The girl! ...... ...... She's gone. (Because of me...)

[Cutscene flashback]

[Shiki backs away. Neku lifts her by the throat using Psychokinesis]

[/Cutscene flashback]

Neku: ...... I need to get out of here. Where's the exit?

[Neku looks at his Pyrokinesis pin]

Neku: If I use this pin for a light... ? Huh? It doesn't work. So I can't use
      pins. (Oh, well. I'll just have to feel my way around.)

        > [At the Concert Stage. Scan the guy at the back] {Out of whack}
        > This is crazy. I can't figure out what the hell is out of whack.

[Neku moves towards the exit]

Neku: ! (Footsteps? Somebody's coming this way...)

Shiki (off screen): Ooh... So dark...Where am I?

Neku: Show yourself!

Shiki: Ahhh!

Neku: You?

Shiki: Neku!? You scared the crap out of me! Don't do that.

Neku: I scared YOU? Where the hell have you been?

Shiki: It was dark. I was looking for a way out! I must've tripped a half a
       dozen times.

[Neku takes out the Pyrokinesis pin]

Neku: (Hmm, time to try this again.)

Shiki: Neku, pins only work when we fight Noise.

Neku: Really?

Shiki: Well...with a few exceptions.

Neku: (Like psychokinesis...) W-well...It's dark. You should be more careful.

Shiki: You kidding? I already found the exit!

Neku: Then why didn't you lea--

Shiki: I'm not going anywhere without you.

Neku: ......

Shiki: C'mon, I'm not that useless, am I?

Neku: ...... Don't do anything dumb like wander off.

Shiki: Excuse me? Which one of us has been acting dumb?

Neku: .......


Uzuki: What are you waiting for? Do what comes naturally. Save yourself. 
       everybody else, right?

Shiki: Don't, Neku. Don't kill me...

Neku: I have to.

[Neku lifts Shiki by the throat with Psychokinesis]

Uzuki: Now let's see some results!

Mr. Hanekoma (off screen): Hey! That's enuffa that.

Uzuki: ! Who are you?

Mr. H: Ah-ah-ah, sister. You gotta play by the rules. Making "erase your
       partner" the mission is a clear violation.

Neku: It is!?

Uzuki: I know that. I was just having a little postgame fun.

Neku: What!?

Mr. H: One mission per day. That's the rule. And only the Game Master can 
       the missions.

Uzuki: I know that, too! But I'm not the Game Master. Which MEANS this wasn't 
       mission, which MEANS I didn't break any rules!

Mr. H: Then start walkin', sister. Your work's done for the day.

Uzuki: ...Hmph. For a Player... you know a lot about our rules.

Neku: You...you tricked me! All that about letting me out of the Game-- that
      was all a lie!

Uzuki: Like, that is so rude! I do not lie. If I erased you, that's still
       letting you out of the Game! Ugh, you totally ruined all my fun. Time 
       call it a day. We can play some more another time.

[Uzuki leaves]

Shiki: Thank you so much. We owe you our lives, Mister...um...

Mr. H: Hanekoma. Sanae Hanekoma. Think of me as a sort of...guardian. I watch
       the Game, to make sure shady types don't start bendin' the rules.

Neku: That Reaper tricked us.

Mr. H: You mean she tricked YOU.

Neku: ......

Mr. H: You ignored the young lady, fell into a trap, and very nearly snuffed
       her for good.

Neku: ......

Mr. H: If you think you can do everything yourself, you're in for some hard
       lessons. Now! Apologize to the young lady.

Neku: 'Scuse me?

Mr. H: Hard feelings don't make for good teamwork. You wanna survive or not? 

Shiki: ......

Neku: ...... ...Sorry.

Shiki: Neku... I, um... F-forget it. I'm over it. I mean, you didn't... She
       made you do it, right? And I should've stood up for myself better. So
       let's just put it behind us.

Mr. H: There! Problem solved! Now listen up, you two. There's only one way to
       stay alive in this Shibuya. Trust your partner! Especially you, 

Neku: "Phones"?

Mr. H: You know what trust is, right? Partnership is essential to surviving 
       Game. Alone, you face limitations. But partner up, and you can smash
       right through them. Same goes for when you fight the Noise. You may
       think you're alone, but you're not. Your partner is in the other zone,
       sharing your energy. So you gotta sync up and send that energy back 

Neku: ......

Mr. H: You won't sync up unless you OPEN up. Talk to her! Tell her how you're
       feeling. Lay it on her! That's the fastest way to get something 

Shiki: He's right, Neku! Look...I know I hold you back. I'm not that good at
       psychs... But still! I want to win at this Game. And I want us to do 
       together! So tell me what you're thinking! I just want to understand

Neku: ......

Shiki: Neku?

Neku: I want to understand me, too... But I don't.

Shiki: What...

Neku: I can't remember anything but my name. I woke up in the intersection 
      no clue how I got there, no clue why I'm part of this stupid Game. I
      don't know anything. Because I can't remember...anything.

Shiki: But... That means...what? You have amnesia?

Neku: ......

Mr. H: Sorry to hear it, boss...That's rough.


Shiki: I can't believe you've lost your memory... You could've told me 

Neku: I didn't know.

Shiki: It did strike me as kind of strange that you knew nothing about 
       or the Game.

Neku: What, like you do?

Shiki: Well, I don't know EVERYTHING, but... Anyway. We got lucky. Thanks to
       Mr. Hanekoma and his advice. I feel like you and I can finally talk. 
       he gave us that awesome pin!

[Beep from their cellphones]

Shiki: Ahhh! That almost gave me a heart attack!

Neku: Hey, you dropped your phone--

Shiki: Ahh! Don't touch it! I got it!!!

[Neku looks at the wallpaper of Shiki's cellphone]

Neku: (Nice photo.)

Shiki: ...You looked?

Neku: The screen was face up...

Shiki: That's my friend. She was in my class.

Neku: So all those times--

Shiki: Yeah. I was looking at this.

Neku: And you yell at me for keeping secrets! It's just a photo. You don't 

Shiki: Look, Neku! The mission mail!

Neku: (...Huh? She's covering? What else does she have to hide?)

Shiki: "Defeat the master of A-East. You have 360 minutes. Fail, and face
       erasure. --The Reapers"

[Neku and Shiki flinch]

Shiki: Oww!

Neku: The timer. Guess we'd better get started.

Shiki: OK! Today's mission has something to do with A-East.

Neku: ? A-East?

Shiki: It's the name of a concert space. I've been there a bunch of times.

Neku: You seem to know Shibuya pretty well.

Shiki: Of course! I hang out here all the time. Follow me! I'll take you to
       A-East. The exit's right over there.

        | Shiki: First things first.
        | Neku: (The exit.)

[Neku and Shiki exit the Concert Stage into A-East]

Shiki: !? Wait a sec...

Neku: What now?

Shiki: Umm... We're here, heh heh...

Neku: You mean we were inside A-East the whole time? You know--

Shiki: How was I supposed to tell? They had all the lights off!

Neku: ......

Shiki: We're ahead of schedule, so no griping. Now let's go defeat that 
       Umm...once we, um, find it.

Neku: It was too dark to see anything inside.

Shiki: Then we better take care of the lights. Otherwise we're more likely to
       trip over it than defeat it.

Neku: How do we restore power? (Somebody around here must know...)

        | Neku: We won't get anywhere without light.
        | Shiki: Let's do some recon. I bet somebody around here can point us
        | in the right direction.

777: Tsk, the hell is he? We gotta rehearse.

Neku: (What's that guy grumbling about?)

777: Hey, perfect! You two.

Neku: ! Huh?

Shiki: Can we help you?

Neku: H-h-hey! Wait a sec--

777: Think you could do a guy a favor?

Shiki: Sure, if we can be of any help.

Neku: Shh! What're you--

Shiki: Let's hear him out. Sometimes all people need is a good listener. We
       might even be able to solve his problem. If not, don't worry. I 
       I'll say no.

Neku: (You sap... Look at the bigger picture!)

777: My band's supposed to play here in a few hours, but the tech's been gone
     all day. Could you go look for him? I gotta stay here and hold down the
     fort. Man, where the hell'd that slacker go?

The tech is missing...

    > Tech?

        Shiki: So this tech's part of the concert crew?

        777: That's right. He's in a black tee. Got a lanyard 'round his 
             Without him, we're screwed.

    > Why can't you go?

        Shiki: Why can't you go find him?

        777: 'Cause I got a concert. I can't go wondering off. The name's 777
             ("Triple Seven").

        Shiki: 777...

    > 777

        Shiki: 777... ! No way! Like 777, "Def Märch" vocalist and rising
               superstar 777!?

        777: Oh, you've heard of us? Rock on. We're still totally indie. But
             one day, we're gonna start a rock revolution, just wait an--
             Nngh... CAWFF! CAWFF!

        Shiki: Whoa, are you all right?

        777: Yeah, my throat's just sore. I had to shout a lot during load-
             It's hard to get anything set up without the tech.

        Shiki: Oh, you poor thing..

Neku: (No tech, no show, huh? So if we find the guy...) You can rehearse if 
      find your man?

777: Of course! It's that, or call off the show. So how 'bout it? Will you 
     if you can find him?

Shiki: We want to help, but... We don't really have time...do we?

Neku: ......

Help him find the tech?

        > [If you choose > Find him yourself]
        > Neku: Sorry, but we've got stuff to do.
        > 777: It's cool. I'm sure you're busy. Just, if you see him? Tell 
        > to haul it back to A-East.
        > Shiki: All right. We will.
        > 777: Thanks!
        > Neku: (...Is that her idea of saying no?)

> You got it!

    Neku: Sure, we'll do it.

    Shiki: What? We will!?

    Neku: Yup.

    777: Thanks, man! You rock! If you see him, tell him to haul it back to
         A-East. I'll be here waiting.

    Neku: OK.

    Shiki: Hee hee!

    Neku: Ugh, stop laughing.

    Shiki: Sorry, I've just never seen you act so...nice.

    Neku: (...She still doesn't get it.) If the tech comes back, he can turn 
          the lights.

    Shiki: Oh... Duh! Neku, that's brilliant!

    Neku: Plus, that 777 guy? He's a--

    Shiki: Now we can help 777 AND finish the mission!

    Neku: (Sigh...)

        | Shiki: A black tee and lanyard... I don't see anyone like that 
        | here. Let's check elsewhere.

        > <777>
        > 777: I'll be here waiting. Thanks again!

        > [At the Concert Stage. Scan the guy at the back.] {Where is he?}
        > He shoulda been here ages ago. Is it really that hard to find?
        > Unbelievable.

[Neku and Shiki move to exit A-East via the south entrance]

Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then here. Defeat the Noise!

Shiki: Another wall.

Neku: No big deal. We know how to handle it now.

Shiki: ! Hey! Why don't we try that pin?

[Neku looks at the Fusion pin]

NekU: Oh, the one Mr. Hanekoma gave us?


Mr. H: OK, Phones! In honor of your growth as a human being, and a friendship
       saved from the rocks, I'm gonna give you a little advice, and a little
       gift. Make sure you remember it all.

Neku: (OK, but... First, could YOU remember my name?) Um, Mr. Hanekoma. It's
      Neku. Not "Phones".

Mr. H: ! Oh, right! Sorry, Neku. My bad. I got it now.

Neku: (I wonder.)

Mr. H: So let's start with some Q & A. You got questions? I got answers.

Want to ask about anything?

> The Reapers' Game

Mr. H: To win the "Reapers' Game"... you must complete seven missions, one 

Shiki: So...is it true that if we don't, we'll be erased?

Mr. H: Well, only if you fail, to be precise.

Shiki: Huh?

Mr. H: You two aren't the only Players. If any one Player completes the
       mission, you all do.

Shiki: Then we don't have to play.

Mr. H: Ah, but if you all think like that and ignore the missions--

Neku: Then we all wind up erased.

Mr. H: Furthermore, the Reapers grade the Players.

Neku: Grade us?

Mr. H: Naturally, you get points for finishing a mission.

Shiki: But...what are the grades for?

Mr. H: On the seventh day, you'll know. Just clear the missions. You'll be 
       you did.

> Reapers

Neku: What are Reapers?

Mr. H: Their main job are running the Game, and testing the Players. So like
       that sister who gave you trouble before, they'll get in the Players' 
       from time to time.

Shiki: She was such a creep...

Neku: So they're like some kind of group?

Mr. H: Yes! Very sharp, Phones. You've seen the guys in red, by the walls?
       They're Reapers, too.

Neku: (I knew it.)

Shiki: Whoa, really? But the guys by the walls never attacked us.

Mr. H: Not all Reapers are cut from the same cloth. Some are Harriers; others
       are just Support. The wall Reapers are Support. They won't attack you.
       All they do is issue conditions to pass the walls.

Shiki: So they don't fight.

Mr. H: The Harriers, on the other hand, hunt Players for a living. It's not
       just their job, either. If they don't dispatch Noise, erase Players, 
       score points... THEY get erased.

Neku: So we're their lunch.

Mr. H: Everybody's gotta eat, kiddo...

> Hanekoma

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma...Who are you?

Mr. H: What, me? Pfft... ...... All right. I'll tell you a little. The name's
       Sanae Hanekoma. Born March 3, blood type A. I'm a Pisces and one hip
       café barista, mista.

Neku: I didn't ask for your personal ad.

Mr. H: I'm a big gambler. My favorite word: "windfall." "Natto" gets my tummy

Neku: Like I said--

Mr. H: As for my physical dimensions,

Neku: Stop. Please.

Shiki: So you run a café? I thought you said you were a guardian.

Mr. H: The café's like a hobby. Totally hip, right?

Shiki: Yeah! I think it's cool.

Neku: (Uhh...what?)

Mr. H: Drop by my place if you get the chance. I'll give you the best cuppa 
       you ever had-- in exchange for cash money, of course.

Neku: (What kind of invite is that!?)

> Shibuya

Shiki: This...IS Shibuya, right?

Mr. H: You bet. But not your Shibuya. It's an alternate Shibuya we call the

Shiki: "UG"?

Mr. H: As in "Underground." The UG is one big chessboard for the Reapers' 

Neku: You expect us to believe that?

Mr. H: The Shibuya you came from is called the RG. The "Realground."

Shiki: So we're in another world?

Mr. H: No... The RG and UG exist in the same space. What you see is the RG--
       the real deal.

Neku: ......

Mr. H: The UG is run by the Composer.

Neku: Who's that?

Mr. H: Shibuya's supervisor.

Neku: Shibuya has a supervisor? Right.

Mr. H: I can't say anything more on that subject. It's classified, you dig?

> No more questions!

Mr. H: Now, for that gift I promised...

[Mr. H gives Neku and Shiki the blank Fusion pin]

Mr. H: In honor of you two making up!

Shiki: What is this pin? It's blank. What it's psych?

Mr. H: This one's a little different. It takes two people to use. It only 
       against the Noise, when you two are in complete sync. The more you get
       in sync, the more you Fuse your energy, the stronger the psych this
       puppy will unleash. You've got talent, Phones. You can use a much 
       range of psychs than the others. Learn to cooperate, and you might be
       able to use this one, too.

Shiki: Yeah! You're great at psychs. Way better than me.

Neku: You think?

Mr. H: There, see? You take good care of that.

Shiki: Let's try and get to work, Neku!

Neku: ...... (But...I can't use it by myself. I'm supposed to sync up with 
      Not happening. What good's a powerful pin if I can't use it?)

Mr. H: Just to be clear... You need more than talent to use that. It takes
       somebody with style... if you catch my drift.

Neku: I'll use it. And please... My name is Neku. Not "Phones."

Mr. H: ! Oh, right! Sorry 'bout that. I got it now, Phones!


Shiki: He was quite a character, huh?

Neku: (And really bad with names.)

Shiki: What a nice guy, giving us that pin. And fun to talk to.

Neku: I'll give you that. (Something about him just...pulls you in. Not sure
      why, but... I kind of want to talk to him some more.)

[Shiki indicates the Fusion pin]

Shiki: Neku! Let's try the pin!

Neku: ...... (So I have to sync up with her? Pfft, right.)

Shiki: What's wrong? Oh, I know. You forgot how it works, right? You're

Neku: ......

Shiki: Let's see... First, we have to fight in sync.

Neku: (And that's where this all goes to hell.)

Shiki: Then, once we've got a groove going, this pin will activate, and you 
       use it!

Neku: (Great explanation.)

Shiki: Ready to give it a shot?

Ready to fight?

        > [> Hang on just a sec]
        > Shiki: What? You're not going to fight?
        > Neku: I'm not ready.
        > Shiki: All right. No rush.
        > [Approach the wall to be prompted again]

> All set! 

Shiki: OK! Here goes nothing!

Neku: ...... Come on.

[Neku and Shiki fight some Noise]

Shiki: So, did you get the hang of it? Or do you want to practice some more?

> That's enough

Shiki: If we work together... we should get a ton of use out of this!

Neku: ......

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[enter any store]

Shopkeeper: Welcome.

Neku: ! Huh!? I thought no one could see us!

Shiki: What, did you forget, Neku? It's like Mr. Hanekoma said.

[Shiki indicates the Reaper decal]

Shiki: Inside places with that decal, we become visible so we can do some

Neku: Oh yeah...


        | Shiki: I don't see anyone with a black tee and lanyard.
        | Neku: He might be indoors.

        >[At Dogenzaka. Scan the girl outside Cosmic Corner] {Scratchy}
        > Oww... My throat's all scratchy. I must've caught a cold or
        > something. Just great... Now how am I going to regale people with 
        > totally angelic voice?


[Ramen Don]

Techie: Man, screw the concert. Can't they hire another tech?

Shiki: ! Psst! Neku, did you hear that?

Neku: Yup. Looks like we found our man. Guess he's on strike. (He picked the
      right noodle bar to hide in. Empty in the middle of lunch hour?)

Techie: I'm tellin' ya, I've got stage presence! I'm not the behind-the-
        type, OK?

Ken Doi: Well, just remember, son. The future is a clean slate, and you're 

[Tech leaves while Ken is turned around]

Ken: Now have a hot bowl of ramen and cheer... ...up? Hey, where'd he go?
     Sigh...I can't win. Young people just won't eat old-fashioned noodles...

Shiki: Neku! The tech just took off!

Neku: What? Dammit! I don't care if I have to DRAG him back to A-East!

[Outside Ramen Don, Dogenzaka]
Techie: Whew...I just can't deal anymore. Wish I could curl up and forget all

Shiki: Wow. Talk about your negative vibes. He'll never come back with us 

Neku: Yes, he will. He has to.

Shiki: He seems so down. I wonder what's on his mind...

        | Neku: Dammit, what is he DOING? We need to restore the power.
        | Shiki. Maybe something happened. Let's check on him.

<Futoshi (The Techie)>
Neku: !? Hey! He's surrounded by Noise!

Shiki: You're right! It's like he's possessed!

Techie: Man, now I feel all out of whack. It just gets worse and worse.

Shiki: We should erase the Noise around him.

        > [Scan the Techie] { }
        > Why do I have to be their gopher? I belong center stage, not
        > backstage. That punk doesn't appreciate me one bit! Ugh... I don't
        > wanna go back...

[Neku and Shiki battle the Noise surrounding the Techie]

Techie: Huh? What am I doing here? ! Oh, crap! Look at the time! I gotta get
        back to A-East!

Shiki: Good. Now he'll head back.

Neku: And once he does, we'll have power.

Shiki: Pretty weird, though, the way he snapped right out of it.

Neku: Yeah... You think the Noise are out to hijack people's minds?

Shiki: But then what about last time? Remember? They erased the people they

Neku: (Maybe they're like the Reapers--not all cut from the same cloth. Or

Shiki: Well, either way, they're not good for you! If we see anyone else
       possessed, let's get rid of the Noise for them.

Neku: (OK, Captain Sappy. Roger that.)

Shiki: C'mon, let's drop by A-East. The tech should be back by now.

        | Shiki: Now we can get some light. Back to A-East!

[At A-East]
<777 and Futoshi (the Techie)>
777: The hell you been? Go get us ready for rehearsal!

Techie: I'm sorry, 777... But...the stage lighting's busted.

777: It's what? How're we gonna rehearse--no, how're we gonna PLAY THE SHOW!?

Techie: I got a repairman working on it. That's why I was out--to pick up the
        part he needs.

777: Great! Then we're ready to rock.

Techie: Huh?

777: You got the part, right?

Techie: Umm... Define "got"...

777: You nimrod! Go get the part. Move it.

Techie: Right away!

[Techie leaves]

Shiki: Uh-oh... More trouble?

777: Hey! Domo arigato for findin' the tech!

Shiki: You're welcome, but... Something wrong?

777: Yeah, sounds like our lightings on the fritz. The guy just went hunting
     for a replacement part. Nngh... I've been shouting all day long. My
     throat's killing me.

[777 leaves]

Shiki: Guess we're gonna be in the dark a while longer.

Neku: Think the tech's got it covered?

Shiki: ...Maybe we should check on him.

        | Shiki: Think the tech's got it handled?
        | Neku: He went north when he took off...
        | Shiki: Maybe we should check up on him.

        > <777>
        > Ugh, man. I've been shouting all day long...

<The Reaper in front of the north A-East exit>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then beat two of these-- where I can see

        | Neku: Noise symbols are those things we see when we scan, right?
        | Shiki: And we need to erase the kind in his picture.
        | Neku: OK... Let's get cracking.

[After defeating the Noise]

        | Neku: OK! I think we took out the right Noise.
        | Shiki: Me too. Let's hurry up and open the wall!

<The Reaper in front of the north A-East exit>
Reaper: ...... Objective met. Wall clear! [Wall is lowered]

[Shibukyu Main Store]
Shiki: ! Hey, look! It's Beat and Rhyme. Let's go say hi!

Neku: ...... (Why? We're not at a party. What a pain in the rrgh...)

        | Shiki: Look, see? Beat and Rhyme are right over there. Heeey!
        | Neku: Ugh...

<Beat & Rhyme>
Shiki: Beat! Rhyme!

Beat: Heh. Talk about crap for luck, yo. Here comes Phones.

Rhyme: Gathered any intel for the mission?

Shiki: No, not at all. But I know we'll get through it! We just have to take
       out the master of A-East, right?

Rhyme: But then what's this meme for?

Shiki: "Meme"? What's a "meme"?

Beat: ......

Rhyme: I think Shiki could use our help. We can tell her, right?

Beat: Well...aight. But only 'cause it's Shiki.

Got any questions for Rhyme and Beat?

> Memes

Shiki: So what's a "meme"?

Rhyme: Memes are words or ideas related to the missions. Whenever we see or
       hear one, it gets sent to our phones. My phone has the word blackout.

Shiki: Blackout? ! Huh? I just got mail... You're right. It showed up on my
       phone. But what do memes do?

Rhyme: They're for imprinting.

> Today's mission

Shiki: What's your take on today's mission?

Rhyme: You mean, "defeat the master of A-East"?

Shiki: We were there. It's pitch black. You can't see a thing.

Rhyme: Pitch black? Hmm... That might explain the meme...

> Imprinting

Shiki: So memes are for imprinting.

Neku: Meaning...what?

Rhyme: Oh. Imprinting's one of the Player Pin's powers. You can use it to 
       words into other people's heads.

Neku: (This pin can do that? )

[Questions end here]

Rhyme: Oh yeah! When you imprint--

Beat: Yo, forget it, Rhyme. Don't bother. Phones don't trust us anyway.

Rhyme: Beat, don't be like that. A problem shared is a problem halved, right?
       If we don't help each other out, we'll all... We might...

Shiki: Ahh! No, no! There's nothing to worry about.

Beat: C'mon, Rhyme. Le's bounce.

[Beat and Rhyme leave]

Shiki: Hmm... Beat's still mad... I wish we could patch things up.

Neku: (Why? Just leave him alone. Quit worrying about everybody else.)

Shiki: Well, at least we know how to imprint memes now. That was nice of 
       to tell us.

Neku: But what's the point?

Shiki: Well, umm...

Business Man: Ahh... What should I do?

Neku: !

Business Man: Considering the circumstances... But...no...that won't do.

Neku: What's tearing that guy up?

Shiki: It looks like he can't make up his mind. ! Hey! Neku, why don't we try
       imprinting on him? Then we'll know what it does.

Neku: OK... Why not? Let's give it a shot.

        | Neku: ...So. Want to try imprinting on that guy?
        | Shiki: Yeah. We need to find out what it does!
        | You can imprint memes directly into people's minds during 
        | sequences. When the Player Pin appears over a person's heart, 
        | your chance! Touch the pin. A scanning field will open and you will
        | start reading the person's thoughts. Touch the Player Pin again 
        | it glows red to select a meme. What does it do? You'll have to
        | victimiz-- er, experiment on that guy to find out!

<Business Man>
Business Man: Ahh...What should I do? Considering the circumstances... But...
              no...that won't do.

        > [Don't imprint]
        > Business Man: ...Hmm! Bah. It's no use. Why pretend I have the
        > answer? I don't. Sigh... I wish an idea would just pop into my 

[Touch the Player Pin]
Business Man: (Ahh...)

        > [Don't imprint]
        > Business Man: (No matter what I do, it never seems to work out. 
        > should I do? What, I say? Hmm... It's no use. I can't make my mind
        > up.)

[Imprint Blackout]
Business Man: ! ...Blackout? A blackout... That's right! First... I need to,
              uh... power down. I think. Yeah. First... I gotta...power 
              and then, uh... What next? Aww, hell.

Neku: Is that guy gonna be OK?

Shiki: Well, we know how it works now. We'll work on finesse next time.

Neku: (Is this really gonna help?)

Techie: Man... What do I do? What was that part I need a replacement for? I
        can't go back and ask now...

Shiki: Hey, isn't that the tech?

Neku: Yup. Full of fail, as usual.

Shiki: Neku!

Neku: I know. I'll try imprinting.

        | Shiki: Neku! Let's try imprinting on the tech! It might jog his
        |        memory!

Techie: Man... This sucks. What was that part I need a replacement for? I 
        go back and ask now...

        > [Don't imprint]
        > Techie: Sigh... I am so gonna get yelled at.

[Touch the Player Pin]
Techie: (Arrgh... I can't remember.)

        > [Don't imprint]
        > Techie: (The guy would know, But I can't wander back now... What 
        >         it?

[Imprint Blackout]
Techie: ! (Blackout...?) Oh yeah! I gotta fix the lighting. And to do that... 
        need something... And I was heading to Dogenzaka to pick it up. 
        Something... WHAT something? Sigh... The guy would know. Maybe I 
        head back. But... 777 stands between me and him. If I go back without
        the part, I'm dead. Dammit. I wish someone could ask for me.

Neku: The guy? Was there somebody by the stage?

        | Neku: Who's this guy the tech mentioned?
        | Shiki: Was there someone fumbling around inside A-East?
        | Neku: If so, let's hope he has a better memory than the tech.
        | Shiki: How are we gonna find anybody in the dark?
        | Neku: We don't need light to scan.
        | Shiki: Hey... Good point! What are we waiting for?

        > [ew1d3-2]

[At the Concert Stage. Scan the guy at the back] {Where is he?}
Guy: I can't believe he's not back yet! How long could it possibly take to
     track down one little fuse?

Neku: ...A fuse? Is that what the tech's after?

        | Shiki: That has to be the part he needs. What do you say we give 
        |        a little hint?

Techie: Man... This sucks. What was that part I need a replacement for? I 
        go back and ask now...

[Touch the Player Pin]
Techie: (Arrgh... I can't remember.)

        > [ew1d3-3]

[Imprint Fuse]
Techie: (! ...Fuse?) The fuse! I have to fix the lights. And I need a new 
        to do it! Whew, what a relief. ...... Crap! I gotta book it!

Techie: I have to hurry!

Neku: And away he goes.

Shiki: Maybe he'll buy the part now. Or maybe he won't... We'd better follow

Shiki: Look! He just went inside.

Neku: Let's move.

[Cosmic Corner]
Techie: Thank you! You saved my life! I'll never forget this!

[Techie leaves]

Shiki: Whew! He finally bought what he needs.

Neku: Now maybe we can get some light.

Shiki: We should head back, too.

        | Shiki: Maybe, finally, we'll get some light! C'mon, back to A-East!

<777 & Techie>
777: Quit playing around!

Techie: Wait, wait-- I got the part!

777: Damn right you do! Now fix the lights!

        > [If you have the cough drops] [ew1d3-4]

Techie: Eep!

Shiki: That should do it!

Neku: Finally we can see inside.

Shiki: Yeah. C'mon!

        | Shiki: Now we can face A-East's master! But, um... who or what is 
        | Neku: Once we face it, we'll know. Just don't let your guard down.
        | Shiki: I...I won't!

[Concert Stage]

        | Shiki: Huh? Still no power...
        | Neku: What's busted now?
        | Shiki: If the repairman's still in the back, he would know.

Techie: What's the story?

Repairman: This should about do it...

Techie: All fixed?

Repairman: Yup! Try flipping the breaker.

Techie: OK! Here goes!

Repairman: Hmm? No good...The power blew again.

Techie: What!? Why? I thought you fixed it!

Neku: What's wrong now?

Shiki: I dunno... Maybe the fuse wasn't the problem.

Neku: !? Wait! Something's in here!

Shiki: Huh!?

Neku: It's coming! Get ready!

[Boss battle]

Shiki: Geez! Talk about a heart attack! But...that was the master, right?

[Neku looks at his hand. Timer reads 00:26]

Neku: Nope! Clock's still ticking!

Shiki: You're kidding! Then...where's the master!?

[Neku's timer reads 00:13]

Neku: No! We're out of time!

Beat: Don't drop the ball now, yo! Here's your "master"!


[Beat and Rhyme defeat a golden bat]


Shiki: Beat! Rhyme!

Beat: Yo, looks like we made it.

[Rhyme looks at her right hand. There'd no timer]

Rhyme: Yup! The timer's gone now. Mission complete.

Shiki: But...I'm so confused...

Repairman: Huh? It's fixed!

Techie: You sure?

Repairman: Uh-huh. The lights should work now.

Techie: OK, I'm gonna go tell the others!

Neku: Looks like they're in business.

Rhyme: This place is gonna fill right up. We should step outside for now.

Shiki: Oh, so taking out the giant bat wasn't enough! Whoops. Good thing you
       two came along. We owe you!

Beat: Man... You two shoulda gathered more info, yo. I'm talkin' to you,

Rhyme: Hee hee...

Beat: What, Rhyme?

Rhyme: Stop trying to act tough, Beat. We didn't have all the info, either! 
       wouldn't have found the little golden bat if it wasn't for them. Know

Neku: Let me guess. We had to beat the big golden bat first.

Beat: Bwaaah! Yeah... You act like you got the answers now, but you was
      freakin' out before!

Rhyme: So were you, Beat.

Beat: Bwaaah! Whose side you on, yo?

Shiki: Ha ha ha!

Rhyme: Hee hee.

Beat: Least I got the job done, aight?

Neku: ...Heh.

Beat: Hey, I heard that, yo! Who said YOU could laugh at me?

[Sounds of applause and cheering]

Shiki: Look. The concert's starting. Wait...

Beat: 'Sup now?

Shiki: How come we were able to talk to him? You know, 777.

Neku: 'Cause he's a Reaper.

Shiki: WHAT!?

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma explained all this. Did you forget?

Mr. H: Now listen up. This Shibuya ain't your Shibuya. It's the Composer's
       Shibuya, which the Reapers use to run the Game. No matter what 
       people won't see you, won't hear you-- and they definitely won't help
       you. Your partner's the only one who can keep you alive.

Shiki: So we're basically invisible?

Mr. H: Only those involved in the Game can see you.

Shiki: So...the Players, the Reapers, and...you?

Mr. H: Right.

Neku: Why am I even in this stupid game?

Mr. H: All Players come from the RG to the UG for a common reason. And each
       must forfeit the one thing they value most as an entry fee.

Neku: What we value most?

Shiki: Do we get it back?

Mr. H: If you win.

Neku: ...And if we don't?

Mr. H: You lose your entry fee forever. And-- well, your right to exist.


Shiki: That's right... He mentioned only Reapers and other Players can see 
       So we're on our own.

Neku: ......

Rhyme: You think... You think we'll make it?

Neku: We'll make it.

Rhyme: !

Neku: No matter what!

Beat: Heh. Think you can deliver, Phones?

Shiki: Hey, you know... we really do make a good team. Starting tomorrow, 
       do you say we work together? We only survived today because of 

Rhyme: I agree! And what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.

Beat: If Rhyme's down with it, then so am I.

Shiki: No objections, Neku?

Neku: (How can I object? I still don't know anything about the UG... Or about
      myself...or the Reapers... All I do know is that these guys aren't my

Shiki: Hey, Neku. Remember what Mr. Hanekoma said.

Neku: ("Trust your partner." I remember. And now I see why. What else can I
      trust? Especially in a backwards Shibuya like this.) Just don't drag me

Shiki: Yay! That settles it. Here's to teamwork!

[Dead God's Pad]
Konishi: Today six Players were erased, sir.

Megumi: Six? My, my...

Konishi: That puts us at the 50% erased mark, one full day earlier than

Megumi: Higashizawa's doing nicely, then.

Konishi: Yes, sir. That concludes today's report. We have our regular meeting
         tomorrow. Same time as always, sir.

Megumi: Right. Good work. Heh...

Konishi: Is something amiss, sir?

Megumi: No, no... It's just-- I have a feeling that tomorrow's Game will be
        very entertaining.

[The Third Day: Who 2 Trust. Chapter Closed]

       Week 1, Day 4 [w1d4]

[Dead God's Pad]
Konishi: Tick, tock, Minamoto. You're 9 minutes and 42 seconds late.

Minamimoto: Tick, tock, yourself, Konishi. Why are we even here? I can think 
            a decillion better ways to spend our time...than by having
            MEETINGS. Right, Megs?

Konishi: You will address him as "Mr. Kitaniji."

Megumi: It's fine. Are we all here?

Minamimoto: Hey, Megs-- Who's the bulldozer?

Megumi: Meet Higashizawa-- this session's Game Master. He'll be handling my
        affairs in my stead.

Higashizawa: You do me a great honor, sir. Watch! I will turn this week's
             fracas into a fricassee!

Minamimoto: You planning to erase them, or EAT them?

Megumi: Yes, crack your jokes. But his skill is proven.

Konishi: That's right. Higashizawa excels-- in tactics, intel, willpower,
         decisiveness, performance, his Player erasure rate... He surpasses 
         expectations on every count. A man of sound judgment like Mr. 
         would not choose him otherwise. And he knows how to cooperate unlike

Minamimoto: Cooperation is garbage. Anyway, I'm out. This is subtracting from 
            my arts and crafts time.

[Minamimoto leaves]

Konishi: Wait just a-- Mr. Kitaniji hasn't spoken yet!

Megumi: Let him do what he wants.

Konishi: Yes, sir...

Megumi: Now, then...Higashizawa. You're doing very well.

Higashizawa: Thank you, sir! Over half the Players have been erased. The 
             have been licked... Dessert is imminent.

Megumi: Excellent. I look forward to it. I spoke to the Composer about your
        promotion. We are in agreement.

Higashizawa: Thank you very much, sir.

Megumi: I feel you are ready...but, I have one condition.

Higashizawa: What, sir? Name it.

Megumi: I expect you, as my proxy in the Game, to leave no Player unerased.

Higashizawa: Fear not, sir. The proof is in the pudding. The pudding...of 

Neku: Yawwwn... Where am I now?

Shiki: Hey, you awake?

Neku: What are you doing?

Shiki: Just people-watching. I mean, look at them all... Shibuya's so 
       And everybody's got their own story.

Neku: (Shibuya sucks. Who needs a town with this many people? All they do is
      get in the way and screech at each other. They're the REAL Noise. Wish 
      had a giant Mute button.)

Beat: But yo, you ever try scanning 'em all? It's like havin' the radio on
      every channel at once.

Rhyme: Yeah... Like everybody's values are all trying to come in the loudest.
       No other town compares.

Shiki: Shibuya's a battlefield.

Neku: (Yeah...It is kinda like that. A clash of creeds.)

Beat: But man... All these people, and they can't even see us, yo.

Rhyme: Yeah... Makes you sad, huh?

Neku: (Sad!? I'm thankful. Nobody sees me. Nobody bothers me. And nobody
      expects anything of me. This is like a dream. Once I survive the seven
      days, does the dream end? ......) !

Beat: Mission time, yo!

Shiki: Nothing the four of us can't handle!

Rhyme: Yeah!

Beat: "Reach Towa Records. No time limit. Fail, and face erasure. --The

Shiki: Huh? No time limit? But...that's waaay simple!

Rhyme: Towa Records is a ten-minute walk. Why wouldn't they set a time limit?

Beat: So we're just walkin' a couple blocks? Man. I was pumped for a brawl, 

Neku: Guess we don't need to team up.

Rhyme: ......

Neku: (But this is too weird. Hundred yen says they've got something else up
      their sleeves.)

Beat: Yo, hold up! I jus' got a great idea!

[focus switches to Kariya & Uzuki on a rooftop]

Uzuki: Like, what gives, Kariya!? Who made today's mission for ages 3 and 

Kariya: Aight, easy, girl. Deep breaths. Stress is bad for your complexion.

Uzuki: Well, excuse me! Easy missions make me furious! Ugh. I need to go
       destroy some Players--

Kariya: Whoa, let's think about this. Put yourself in the Players' shoes.
        You've made it to Day 4, the mission's a breeze... What are you going
        to think?

Uzuki: Hmph... Point taken. Guess the boss thought it through.

Kariya: 'Sides... Days off are like love letters from the higher-ups. We 
        go full blast all week. We'd never make it.

Uzuki: Please. Since when does your dial even GO to full blast?

Kariya: Details. Anyway, we've got our own orders straight from the boss.

Uzuki: All right... You win. Let's see how this plays out.

[back to Neku & co. at 104]

        | Shiki: I wonder what Beat's great idea is.
        | Neku: Don't get your hopes up. (The real mystery is today's 
        |       mission...

        > [if you try to leave without talking to Beat & Rhyme]
        > Beat: ...Yooo! Where you goin'!?
        > Shiki: What's up?
        > Beat: Like I said, I got a great idea!
        > Shiki: Yeah?
        > [the rest continues as if you talked to Beat & Rhyme, sans the 
        > line from Shiki]

<Beat & Rhyme>
Shiki: So what's your great idea?

Beat: How 'bout you two race us two, and we see who gets to Towa Records 

Neku: Whaaat?

Beat: C'mon, Rhyme, le's book it!

Rhyme: Wha...huh!? Wait, Beat!

Shiki: Heh heh... Beat's got a lot of energy, huh?

Rhyme: Yeah. He keeps me on the ball. Sometimes he can get a little crazy,
       though. Beat's the one who asked me to be his partner.

Shiki: Wow, so you-- ! Omigosh. Rhyme, is that what I think it is?

Rhyme: Huh? What?

Shiki: That pendant! Where did you find one?

Rhyme: Oh, this? Yeah, I heard they sold out quick. How'd you know about it?

Shiki: I saw it in a magazine. I looove following the latest clothes and
       accessories. Lucky...I wanted one sooo bad.

Rhyme: I'm sorry I can't give you mine. But it was a present from my brother.

Shiki: You've got a brother?

Rhyme: Yeah. Older. He's really nice. Hope he's OK...

Shiki: Oh, I'm sure he's doing great. And you'll see him soon!

Rhyme: Yeah... I hope so. So you're into fashion?

Shiki: Totally! I want to be a designer. I love making clothes. But right now
       it's just a hobby.

Rhyme: I still think it's pretty cool. It must be nice to have a dream-- to 
       head over heels about something. I don't know what it's like. Not

Shiki: Why not? You don't have any dreams?

Rhyme: No... But when I look at Beat I think: keep moving forward. Because
       someday my dream will find me.

Shiki: Yeah.

Rhyme: Beat's really good at skateboarding. He says his dream is to be the
       world's greatest skater. If he can do it, then so can I. Right, Shik--

Beat: YO, RHYME! Whatchu doin'? Move it! We don't want Phones to win!

Rhyme: Just a minute, Beat! Patience is a virtue! Well, I'd better go. See 
       at Towa Records!

Shiki: Whoa! Beat's just a speck now. Rhyme must have a rough time keeping 

Neku: (I'll say.)

Shiki: So, um, shouldn't we hurry?

Neku: I never agreed to race. If he wants to run, good for him.

Shiki: Then we can slow down for a bit?

Neku: Sure, why not? There's no time limit, and those two have got a head

Shiki: So...we can take a little side trip?

Neku: Where are you going with this?

Shiki: Mind if we stop at Ten-Four?

Neku: ...I guess not.

Shiki: Really? Thanks!

        | Neku: So... Why do they call it "Ten-Four"?
        | Shiki: You mean 104? Isn't it obvious? Break it into two numbers, 
        |        you've got 10-4.
        | Neku: ...Who thought that was a good idea?

        > [If you try to enter the Scramble Crossing]
        > Shiki: Hey!!! Neku! I said I want to go to Ten-Four!

[enter 104 Building]
Neku: Ugh... It's a zoo in here. Are they having a sale or what?

Shiki: No, silly. Ten-Four's always like this. Ah! Omigosh! That outfit!

Neku: Is that the line--

Shiki: You don't know how badly me and Eri-- ...... Sorry... Me and my friend
       used to come here.

Neku: (...Friend? The girl on her phone?)

Random fangirls: IT'S HEEEEEEM!

Neku: !? Noise!?

Shiki: Hey...Over there!

Nao: The prince looks sooo hot!

Mina: I gotta snap a photo with my phone!

Neku: Oh. Not Noise... Just noisy. Who is that guy?

Shiki: Eiji Oji. The Prince of Ennui? He's the latest superstar. People love
       his don't-give-damn attitude. His blog "F everything," gets 100,000 
       a day!

Neku: "F Everything"? What kind of blog is that?

Prince: Hmm? You, young man!

Shiki: Huh?

Prince: What are you doing in Ten-Four if you can't even coordinate an 
        Have you no sense of Shibuya's trends?

Neku: (Who the... Sigh.) Trends?

Shiki: Yeah, you know. Like what brands are hot?

Peincw: Ah, the blessed voice of wisdom. At least one of you knows how to

Shiki: I have to! Shibuya is every girl's war zone.

Neku: Good thing I'm not a girl...

Prince: You should know a trendy outfit can turn a pigsty into the loveliest 
        gardens. But you, in that outfit? It's like wrapping the rose of 
        into a spicy tuna roll.

[The Prince leaves]

Neku: (Arrogant snob. I am not...a...a spicy tuna roll!)

Shiki: He's right, Neku. As long as we're here--

Neku: Oh, no. Count me out. I don't care about trends. I wear what I want to

Shiki: Ugh, no, you can't do that! They call it a fashion statement for a
       reason! How you dress sends a clear message.

Neku: (Then I wish I had more zippers...so I could tell you to ZIP IT.)

Shiki: Look, you've got potential. You could be sooo much cooler. And I KNOW
       fashion. C'mon, it's so easy to be trendy.


Shiki: Well, I'm not going to force you. But your clothes... They're, um...
       ...... Not, like, bad, but... ......

Neku: WHAT?

Shiki: Ahh! Nothing, nothing! Just forget I brought it up. ......

Neku: (Suddenly, I feel naked.)

What's she getting at?

> Trends

Neku: So what's so great about trends?

Shiki: Oh! Changed your mind?

Neku: 'Course not. I'm just asking.

Shiki: Well, Shibuya's kind of unique. Trends here change really quickly. And
       they change YOU, and the people around you. So it's better for you if
       you can stay in control of them.

Neku: Better how?

> I'm already cool

Neku: I don't need help being cool.

Shiki: I know what I'm doing, Neku. I've been studying fashion bit by bit, so 
       can be a designer one day.

Neku: No kidding.

Shiki: I've always liked to sew. I started with little things like stuffed

Neku: So the one you're always carting around-- you made that?

Shiki: Yup. The clothes I've got on, too.

Neku: Seriously!? Wow. They look like what you'd buy in a store.

Shiki: Heh, thanks. But the clothes, I just sewed them. Eri did the design.
       She's the amazing one.

Neku: (Eri? Oh. The girl from her phone.)

Shiki: I still have a lot to learn. But one day...

> Stuffed animal

Neku: So that stuffed animal is your creation.

Shiki: I...I made him a long time ago, so he's not very good.

Neku: Why do you still have it? Stuffed animals are for kids.

Shiki: Shut up! This is my psych! How else am I gonna fight off the Noise?

Neku: That...is your psych? ! You mean... you use that piggy as a weapon?

Shiki: He's not a pig! He's a cat! Mr. Mew the cat!

Neku: "Mr. Mew"? (How old is she? Three?)

Shiki: Look, I only know how to use tele...whatever.

Neku: Telekinesis? OK, but why a stuffed animal? Couldn't you pick something
      more powerful? Like a knife or a...a lead pipe or something?

Shiki: I tried. But Mr. Mew was the only thing that worked. Besides, I'm not
       really moving him. He just sort of does his own thing.

Neku: Umm... That's not telekinesis.

Shiki: Hmm... I guess not.

Neku: (The pig moves on its own? What if it's possessed-- waiting to pork-
      us in the back of the head?)

Shiki: I know he turned out awful, but... without him, I never would've 
       sewing for real.

> Future ambitions

Neku: So, a fashion designer, huh?

Shiki: Yup! I want to make clothes for a living. Nice clothes make people
       happy. And that makes me happy, too.

Neku: (Hmph. She's got her whole future planned out. Never woulda thought.) 
      that's why you're so picky about clothes.

Shiki: Heh heh, I try. But I still have a ways to go. There's so much to 

Neku: Cool. (I didn't give her enough credit. She's got a dream. That's more
      than I can say.)

> Do some shopping

Shiki: Pay attention to the trends from now on, Neku.

Neku: ......

Shiki: OK, let's head to Towa Records. Beat and Rhyme are probably waiting.

        | Shiki: Neku... Beat and Rhyme are waiting. Let's head over to Towa
        |        Records.
        | Neku: Why? He wanted to race. Let him wait.
        | Shiki: Umm... Don't you think that's a little unfair to Rhyme?
        | Neku: ......

[Scramble Crossing]

Shiki: Hey, Neku... Hold up.

Neku: What?

Shiki: When I scan, sometimes I see this weird green symbol. Wonder what it 

Neku: Green symbol? ...... Hey, you're right. Reminds me of a pig.

Shiki: Hmm... And the pig indicator on my phone is lit. Hey! Remember? The
       special Noise! The ones Mr. Hanekoma mentioned.

Neku: You mean the Pig Noise?

Shiki: He said Pig Noise always drop pins.

Neku: Uh-huh.

Shiki: So, like, shouldn't we go fight them? Free stuff!

Neku: Big deal.

Shiki: Plus the pins you're wearing will get stronger from fighting. It's a
       win-win situation. Right?

Neku: ...Right.

Shiki: Good, it's settled. Let's take those piggies out!

<Reaper by the exit to the Shibu Dept. Store>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Bring me two 1,000 Yen pins. Noise No. 
        got 'em.

        | Neku: We need those pins.
        | Shiki: Yeah. But there's no guarantee Noise will drop them.
        | Neku: Feeling lucky? We could try leveling down.
        | Shiki: Leveling... what?
        | Neku: Here-- I found this feature on my phone.

[when you have the pins]

        | Shiki: OK! We got the right pins. Let's have him open the wall.

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear! [Wall goes down]

[Shibu Dept. Store]

        > <Mina & Makoto> [ew1d4-1]

[walking towards the Cadoi City exit]

Shiki: Ahh, enough! Just looking at you makes me cringe!

Neku: What did I do!? (What's gotten into her?)

Shiki: It's coming loose.

Neku: Umm... (What, your grip on reality?)

Shiki: Neku... That button on your shorts.

Neku: Oh, yeah. What does it matt--

Shiki: It matters! I can't stand things like that!

Neku: Who care's? It's just a button.

Shiki: Off.

Neku: What?

Shiki: Your shorts. Take them off! I'll fix the button.

Neku: Are you high!? I'm not taking my pants off in front of you-- in the
      middle of the street!

Shiki: Oh, grow up. What, are you going commando? You're invisible! No one's

Neku: YOU'RE watching!

Shiki: Now! Pants! Off!

Neku: Doooooon't!!!

[quick fade to black]

Shiki: There. All done! Whew, I feel much better. Loose buttons drive me 

Neku: That was... fast... You always carry around a needle and thread?

Shiki: Of course. They come in handy. Plus I enjoy sewing. If you need 
       else mended, just say the word!

Neku: ...... (Will I have to strip again? ...... I'd better take care of my

<Reaper by the exit to Cadoi City>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Bring me five 500 Yen pins.

        | Shiki: He wants a lot of pins...
        | Neku: Let's try doing some mass Noise reduction.
        | Shiki: Um, how does that work?

[when you have the pins]

        | Shiki: Whew... That should be enough pins. Now he'll open the wall 
        | for us. Let's hurry to Towa Records. Beat and Rhyme are waiting.

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[Cadoi City]
Shiki: Oh, hey! There's Beat and Rhyme.

Beat: The hell you been, yo? This is a race! Ain't you even tryin'?

Neku: Nope. You're on your own there.

Beat: Ain't you angry you lost? Don't you wanna WIN?

Neku: Don't YOU? Why did you wait for us?

Beat: We... We was just...

Rhyme: Hee hee... Beat said we should let you catch up.

Beat: Bwaaah! Yo, Rhyme, can it!

Shiki: Aww, Beat's a big softy underneath!

Beat: Shh...Shiki! Not you, too! I...I just wanted to see Phones squirm, 
      all. Now le's get this mission over with. We got here first, so we win.
      Eat that, slowpokes.

Neku: Uh-huh. Consider it eaten.

Beat: Heh heh! C'mon, Rhyme. Le's bounce!

Rhyme: W-wait, Beat! You're going to trip if you don't slow down!

Shiki: She's so lucky to have her best friend as a partner.

Neku: Guess you should've teamed up with that friend in your picture. 
      saved me a lot of grief.)

Shiki: But... I couldn't... We're... ...... 

Neku: ?

Shiki: Come on. We should go.


[Towa Records. Beat is ahead, waving, as Rhyme runs to catch up. She notices 
Noise in the shape of jaws under Beat's feet: A trap. Rhyme pushes Beat out 
the way, and takes the hit from the shark Noise instead. Beat is left staring
at Rhyme's pendant after Rhyme has been erased]


Shiki: Wh-wh-what just happened!?

Kariya: Awww! There's goes my erase streak. He was supposed to be number 16.

Neku: Reapers?

Kariya: Bingo! I'm Koki Kariya. And this is Uzuki Yashiro. There. Now that
        we're all friends--

Beat: Hey! What did you do with Rhyme?

Uzuki: Um...hello? You just saw. She's gone. Erased. Noise food. Game over.

Kariya: Her soul's just another speck of Shibuya space dust.

Shiki: No...Rhyme's gone...for good?

Beat: You... You did this!?

Uzuki: Yeah. But, like, so what? That's our JOB. Boss said set a trap, so we

Beat: Your job? Screw your job! Murderers! You... You erased Rhyme!!! Give 
      back, yo, or you'll pay!

Kariya: Ooh, scary. Go on, Skulls. Be the star of your little soap opera. But
        Skulls, Jr. isn't gone because of us. She's gone because of you. You
        failed to protect your partner. So face reality. We hunt Players 
        You KNEW that.

Beat: I-I didn't--

Kariya: Well, Skulls, Jr. knew. That's why she protected you. Gave her life 

Beat: Rhyme is gone... because of me?

Uzuki: Awww... Boo hoo. But don't worry. You won't suffer for long, hee hee!

[Noise appears]

Beat: !? Noise!? You punks can make Noise?

Kariya: Bingo! All you need is some Soul and a pin to bind it to.

Uzuki: We'd looove to take you on ourselves, but attacking Players directly 
       against the rules. So we make Noise instead.

Kariya: So! Our work here is done... Time to call it a day.

Uzuki: Buh-bye. Nice knowing you.

[Uzuki leaves]

Kariya: Oh, yeah. One last thing, Skulls. You want payback? Then man up, huh? 
[Kariya leaves]

Beat: HEY!!! Get back here you son of a... Dontchu run from me! Dontchu run,
      yo... Don't...

Neku: Hey, we gotta get rid of this Noise.

Shiki: Yeah. Otherwise...

Neku: Start with the smaller Noise!

[Battle with some frog Noise]

Neku: There. That just leaves the big one.

Shiki: Right!

Beat: Dontchu touch it, yo.

Shiki: Huh?

Beat: This one's mine. This bastard took Rhyme from me. Get in my way and 
      knock you right outta here!

Mr. H: Don't be stupid!

Neku: Who- who's there?
Mr. H: You're down a partner. How you think you're gonna take on the Noise?

Beat: Like I care! Butt out, yo! I gotta avenge Rhyme!

Mr. H: You mean waste her sacrifice! You're powerless. Accept it! Rhyme left
       you a precious gift. Your life! A Player can only live for seven 
       after their partner is erased. Which leaves you with less than three.
       Thank about why she saved you.

Beat: Rrgh... My life's over anyway. You jus' said so.

Mr. H: There's a way to keep you alive. But you have to come with me. Now!

Beat: Why should I live when she can't, yo?

Shiki: Beat, go with him. Rhyme would want it that way.

Beat: But--

Neku: We'll handle this.

Shiki: She was our friend, too.

Beat: Ahhhhhh....

Mr. H: Listen. You may be alone. But there's still a role that only you can
       play. I'll tell you what that is, but you have to live!

Beat: Grrraaaaaah!!! ...Fine. But you better kill that bastard dead. Avenge

[Battle with the shark Noise and frog Noise]

Shiki: Well... We're alone again. Think Beat'll be OK?

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma's with him. He's fine.

Shiki: But...he only had three minutes to live.

Neku: So what were we supposed to do?

Shiki: I don't know... Why couldn't we save Rhyme?

Neku: Because we couldn't. That's how it was meant to be.

Shiki: How can you just write her off like that!? Don't you care? Aren't you
       SAD!? We could have done something!

Neku: Yeah? Like what? (Dammit...I feel like crap. This is just like that
      time... That time? What time? ...... I can't remember.) ...You see? See
      why teaming up is a dumb idea?

Shiki: How dare you! You think NOT teaming up would have saved her? How can 
       be so COLD? Beat and Rhyme were our friends! What happened to her...
       We're all responsible! It was our fault, too...

Neku: Then who needs 'em.

Shiki: Huh?

Neku: Who needs friends! They laugh and talk like idiots and pretend to agree
      with you-- so you end up caring about them...exposing 
      HURT... Screw it! We're better off without them! You want people in 
      way? Dragging you down? I don't! And I never said we were friends. You

Shiki: Neku! I am your friend. So is Rhyme--

Neku: Back off! No one's my friend. Least of all you. I just stay with you to

Shiki: Neku...How c-could you... You didn't feel anything when Rhyme was
       erased? Not even a little sad? That's inhuman... You're inhuman, Neku.
       No better than those Reapers!

[The 4th Day: Erased. Chapter Closed]

       Week 1, Day 5 [w1d5]

Neku: Unnh...Where am I?

Shiki: Hey. You awake? ...... The mission's not here yet. ...... Looks like 
       start at Tipsy Tose Hall today. So, um...sorry about yesterday. I
       crossed the line with what I said.

Neku: (That I was no better than a Reaper... Rhyme... ...... Well. Right
      now...) We need to focus on the mission.

Shiki: Yeah. You're right. For Beat.

[Their phones beep]

Shiki: It's here! The mission! "Free Spain Hill from the Noise. You have 200
       minutes. Fail, and face erasure. --The Reapers"

[They both flinch]

Shiki: Oww!

Neku: The timer. Free it? Then we have to erase some Noise.

Shiki: Spain Hill's right over there.

Neku: Then let's get going.

<Reaper guarding exit to Spain Hill>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then wipe out two of this area's largest
        Noise symbol.

        | Shiki: The way to Spain Hill is blocked.
        | Neku: Then let's give the guy what he wants.
        | Shiki: OK! The biggest Noise symbols, huh?

[After defeating the Noise]

        | Neku: OK... We did what he wanted.
        | Shiki: Let's have him clear the way to Spain Hill.

Reaper: ...... Objective met. Wall clear! [Wall is lowered]

[Spain Hill]

Shiki: So we just have to clear the Noise out of here, right?

Neku: Let's get started.

        | Shiki: So many Noise.
        | Neku: If that's our mission...
        | Shiki: I know, I know. Let's start picking them off!

        > [ew1d5-1]

[After 3 battles with Noise]

Shiki: Huff...huff... This isn't working...

Neku: We're not even making a dent. Why do more Noise keep showing up?

Shiki: You think something is drawing them here?

Neku: If so, we'll have to strike at the source. (...Wherever that is.)

Mina: C'mon, Ai. What's wrong?

Shiki: !! Neku. Look! Those two girls that just left the restaurant...

Mina: Ai, are you mad at me?

Ai: Don't be ridiculous.

Mina: You...you sure?

Ai: Yes! OK?

Neku: Whoa! Look at all the Noise! What's up with those two?

Shiki: Looks like they're having an argument-- and that's drawing all the

Neku: I think we found our source.

Shiki: OK. Let's try getting rid of the Noise around them!

        | Neku: We need to take out the Noise possessing those two.
        | Shiki: Right!
        | Neku: (They've gotta be the source of all those.)

        > [scan Ai] {Such a liar}
        > Mina is such a liar! That WAS her yesterday! Otherwise why would 
        > be hiding something from me now?

        > [scan Mina] {There she goes}
        > There she goes. Once Ai gests like this, it never ends. Hmm... I
        > wonder if she caught me with Makoto yesterday...

[After erasing the Noise around Mina and Ai]

Neku: That takes care of those Noise.

[more Noise appears]

Shiki: No... Look! Here come some more!

Neku: Crap. This will never work.

Shiki: Those two keep drawing more in. What's their story, I wonder?

Mina: Hey, Ai, are you free around this time next week?

Ai: ...... Probably. Why?

Mina: N-nothing. Forget it.

Ai: ......

Shiki: Whoa, feel all that negativity?

Neku: ! What if that's attracting the Noise?

Shiki: Huh?

Neku: Remember last time? The Noise hijacked the tech because he was jealous.

Shiki: Hey, you're right... But these two don't look possessed. They're 
       calling out to the Noise. ! Wait... Of course!

Neku: If we help them patch things up--

Shiki: The Noise will stop coming! Brilliant! Let's try it!

Neku: First we have to figure out what's wrong...

        | Shiki: So... How do we help them patch things up?
        | Neku: Sounds like a job for imprinting, if you ask me.
        | Shiki: Good idea! Let's start by hunting down some memes.

        >[AMX] [scan Makoto] {}
        > Ohh... It's no use. I'll never get my hands on a ticket. Man, I 
        > do anything right. Work...life in general...
        > [After erasing the orange Noise from Makoto]
        > Makoto: OK! Enough self-pity. I have a job to do, and I'm going to 
        > it! Persistence pays off! First, I need to find a ticket to the Tin
        > Pin slam-off.
        > Neku: (Uhh...first, you need to do your job.)
        > Makoto: I'd better hunker down and check the pavement!
        > Neku: ...Classy.

[Tipsy Tose Hall] <Business man>
Business man: Where is all this merchandise coming from? First "Reaper
              Creeper," and now these "Red Skull" pins. I'm not one to turn
              business away, but something about this mystery supplier... It
              smells risky... Hmm... What should I do? ! I know! I'll ask
              "Reaper Creeper"!

Neku: ? What's up with that guy?

Business man: Reaper... Creeper...

Neku: Is he having a stroke?

Shiki: Hmm...It looks like some kind of divination. See how he put that ten-
       coin on the paper? He's going to make a decision based on where it

Neku: You mean where HE moves it. It's not gonna move on its own.

Shiki: Unless we play a little trick. Think you could use your psychs to give
       the coin a little push?

[Play Reaper Creeper]

Business man: White! Go to White!

        > [ew1d5-2]

Business man: White! An answer, clear as day! Nothing beats Reaper Creeper 
              you need answers. All right, White means... Umm... What did I 
              again? ...... Reaper... Creeper... What was my last question?

Neku: ...Let's move on.

Shiki: Let's.

[Spain Hill]
Ai: Mina... You really didn't go to Shibu yesterday?

Mina: I...I didn't. I swear! Quit asking, Ai.

Ai: Sure, whatever.

        > [ew1d5-3]

[Imprint Reaper Creeper]

Ai: (She is so lying... ! ...Reaper Creeper? Of course! Why didn't I think of
    that sooner!) Say... Mina...

Mina: Hmm? What's up?

Ai: Ever heard of "Reaper Creeper"?

Mina: Reaper Creeper... Oh, yeah! That magic game people were talking about 
      school, right? The one that answers your questions!

Ai: Wanna try it?

Mina: Sure! Sounds like fun!

Shiki: They're going to use Reaper Creeper... Neku. Should we fake it?

Mess with their game of Reaper Creeper?

        > [If you choose [>Do I look like a Reaper?]
        > Shiki: Yeah... We may want to get our fact straight first.
        > <Ai & Mina>
        > Mina: Hey, Ai, you sure this isn't phony?
        > Ai: Very sure. I saw it move yesterday!
        > Mina: OK, then. Let's give it another try.

> Sounds like fun

Shiki: OK, let's move the coin and rig the answers. If we want them to patch
       things up--

Neku: Ai needs to know the truth.

Shiki: What!? But...that's really risky. Ai suspects Mina. She thinks Mina is
       after the boy she likes. If she finds out Mina has been lying, their
       friendship is sunk!

Neku: Exactly. That Mina girl is lying. And Ai is gonna find out eventually
      whether we cover it up or not. Better we clear things up now.

Shiki: Well... I don't know...

Neku: Lying isn't right.

Shiki: ......

Ai: OK, Reaper Creeper has a few rules.

Mina: Like what?

Ai: First, someone has to summon the Reaper.

Mina: Ooh, let me do it!

Ai: ...All right.

Mina: Reaper...Creeper... Before we get in much deeper... If you're here all
      right, go to White!

[Play Reaper Creeper]
Mina: Go to White!

        > [ew1d5-4]

Mina: White! Cool... The coin really moved! So, like... We said, "if you're
      here, go to White." And it went to White. Whoa... That means... ......
      The Reaper's here! Creepy! Can you believe it? Reapers really exist!

Ai: That's right. And they can see right through a lie.

Mina: Scary!

Ai: All right, Mina. Next question.

Mina: What are you gonna ask?

Ai: Hmm... Why don't I ask about you?

Mina: About m-me? Why?

Ai: (Because I'm onto you, you tramp. You and Makoto.) Reaper...Creeper...If
    Mina has a boy she likes, go to White!

[Play Reaper Creeper]

Ai: Mina has a crush on someone, doesn't she?

        > [ew1d5-5]

Ai: Aha! White!

Mina: Um, Ai--

Ai: (White means YES. She's got a crush. And I saw her with him yesterday. 
    and Makoto...together!) Next question!

Mina: Ai... This isn't like you.

Ai: REAPER. CREEPER. If Mina has secrets that should be brought to light...go
    to White!

[Play Reaper Creeper]
Ai: You're hiding something from me, aren't you!?

        > [ew1d5-6]

Ai: Aha! See! White!

Mina: Please...Ai!

Ai: I knew you were hiding something!

Mina: ...What?

Ai: This is it, Mina! Last question!

Mina: Ai, please stop...

Ai: REAPER. CREEPER. Yesterday Mina met with Makoto. And she LIED to me about
    it. If I'm right...GO TO WHITE!

Mina: ! What? Ai, you knew about that? Aww... You saw us?

Ai: Yes! I know all about you. You and Makoto and your little--

Mina: Here.

Ai: What... Two tickets? How could you, Mina... You knew I liked Makoto.

Mina: I'm sorry. I just wanted to help.

Ai: ...What?

Mina: Makoto wants to go to the Molco slam-off. But he couldn't get a ticket.
      He told me yesterday. So I started mailing my friends. I figured, you
      know, maybe if I scored two tickets...

Ai: Oh, Mina. You didn't...

Mina: You and Makoto go have a great time.

Ai: You got them for me?

Mina: Yup! Now you can put the moves on him, hee hee.

Ai: Mina... I'm so sorry... I totally got the wrong idea...

Mina: No worries. It's partly my fault for fibbing to you. We're friends.
      What's one little argument?

Ai: ...Yeah.

Shiki: Neku! The Noise are thinning out.

Neku: Good! Let's finish the job.

        | Neku: So, the Noise feed on negativity...
        | Shiki: Neku!
        | Neku: Let's finish the last of the Noise.
        | Shiki: Right!

[defeat the Noise hanging around Ai and Mina]
Neku: Timer's gone.

Shiki: Whew! Mission complete. Looks like Ai and Mina made up, too.

Ai: Hey, let me take you out to eat. It's the least I can do.

Mina: Really? Awesome! How about sundaes?

Ai: Sure! Let's hit that family restaurant up the street.

Mina: OK!

Shiki: Aww... See how nice it is to have friends?

Neku: (No.)

Shiki: Sure, you may butt heads now and then, but life is more fun that way.

Neku: (Fun? Right. Every time you argue, you end up meeting halfway and 
      nowhere. What's fun about letting other people hold you back?) I don't
      see the point of a relationship built on lies.

Shiki: ...... Neku...You don't lie to MAKE friends. I agree, that wouldn't be
       right. But sometimes, you need to tell a fib because you ARE friends.
       Not all secrets are bad secrets.

Neku: ...... (Her and that photo...)

Shiki: Hey, Neku? Yesterday you said we were better off without friends. You
       really think so?

Neku: ......

Shiki: Eri used to do everything for me. There was nothing she COULDN'T do. 
       had a ton of friends. Everybody at school loved her, because she was 
       outgoing. And the outfits she designed were so cute. Eri was the one 
       got me started making clothes.

Neku: I thought that pig of yours was the reason.

Shiki: He's a CAT! Ugh. Anyway... She saw me making Mr. Mew. And then she 
       "Wow, you're really good with a needle." So we got talking, and she 
       me help her make clothes. I owe her everything. She gave me purpose.

Neku: ......

Shiki: Meeting her, talking to her, getting to know her... Admiring her... It
       made me want to be something more.

Neku: ......

Shiki: Rhyme said she didn't know what dreams are like. And now she never
       will... Neku, it's not fair.

Neku: I know... I...I'm sad, too. We'll just have to live a little extra. For
      her sake.

Shiki: Yeah. If we get a second chance.

Neku: ! Second chance?

Higashizawa: Hello, young lady.

Shiki: ! Who's there?

Neku: A Reaper!

Higashizawa: Correct. But not just any Reaper. I am Yodai Higashizawa... Game
             Master by proxy.

Neku: Game Master... So you're in charge?

Higashizawa: Correct again.

Shiki: Then Rhyme is gone because of you!

Higashizawa: I detest leftovers. No Players were meant to escape yesterday's
             chowder of destruction. Do you know why you alone survived?

Shiki: ......

Higashizawa: Because you are strong. It's a dog-eat-dog world. A logical
             hierarchy much like the food chain. The strong reach the top and
             win the Game, while the weak are left behind, the heels of the
             proverbial loaf.

Shiki: How dare you! Rhyme protected Beat! You call that weak? Take it back!

Higashizawa: I admire your courage and loyalty, young lady. Delectable. This
             calls for a taste test! Let us see how you fare as fare for the

[Battle with Bear Noise]

Higashizawa: Heh heh... I see I've sunk my teeth into something good.

Shiki: We'll never lose to you! You'll pay for what you did the Rhyme!

Higashizawa: Sadly, I've had my fill for the day. I only came here to meet 
             young lady.

Shiki: Me? ...Why?

Higashizawa: To get a closer look, of course. At the charcoal-black envy
             beneath the barbecue of your heart.

Shiki: I...I don't understand.

Higashizawa: Oh, don't you, though? You can't fool me. You know the feelings
             are there, so you bury them. Your talk of loyalty, of dreams and
             friendship... They're no more than a lid on your stir-fry of

Shiki: !?

Higashizawa: Oh, how deeply you must hate yourself. You have EXACTLY what you
             always wanted...but it's not enough, is it?

Shiki: ......

Higashizawa: No one loves you. You can't love yourself. And so the jealousy
             consumes you.

Shiki: Stop it!

Higashizawa: That friendly sugar coating can't sweeten the selfishness inside
             you. You think you're more important than anyone else. And 
             where jealousy begins...

Shiki: No...I'm not--

Higashizawa: You are. And you know it. Why else would your entry fee be--

Shiki: Stop! Don't say it!

Higashizawa: Heh heh... That complex of yours is a bruise on the tomato of 

Shiki: No, I... I'm just...

Higashizawa: Nothing will change if you are restored to life. You'll just go 
             hating yourself and being jealous of everybody else.

Shiki: No... Please don't...

[Shiki leaves]

Neku: Restored to life? What the hell are you talking about!?

Higashizawa: You're dead. Didn't you know?

Neku: I'm... I'm dead?

Higashizawa: All the Players are. The Reapers' Game is an examination, to see
             who is worthy of a second chance at life.

Neku: ......

Higashizawa: Now, if I may be excused... See you on Day 7. Keep it fresh. 
             care, young lady.

[Higashizawa leaves]

Neku: I'm... I'm d-d-dead? How? When did I... I'm DEAD!?

[The 5th Day: Empty Urban Legends. Chapter Closed]

        Week 1, Day 6 [w1d6]

Neku: Where...? Back at the scramble... ! What's this? A new pin? (Where'd it
      come from? It looks kind of like the Player Pin. ...... It doesn't work
      for scanning...) Hmph. Weird pin. (...Where's Stalker?) ...... (Guess
      she's not awake yet. Hmm... Was the big guy serious? Am I really... 
      I don't remember dying. But then again, except for my name, I can't
      recall anything before waking up here on Day 1. ...What did Mr. 
      say again? )


Mr. H: Now listen up. This Shibuya ain't your Shibuya. It's the Composer's
       Shibuya, which the Reapers use to run the Game. No matter what 
       people won't see you, won't hear you-- and they definitely won't help
       you. Your partner's the only one who can keep you alive.

Neku: So we're basically invisible?

Mr. H: Only those involved in the Game can see you.

Shiki: So...the Players, The Reapers, and... you?

Mr. H: Right.

Neku: Why am I even in this stupid game?

Mr. H: All Players come from the RG to the UG for a common reason. And each
       must forfeit the thing they value most as an entry fee.

Neku: What we value most?

Shiki: Do we get it back?

Mr. H: If you win.

Neku: ...And if we don't?

Mr. H: You lose your entry fee forever. And-- well, your right to exist.


Neku: (A special Shibuya used to run the Game... And all the Players come 
      for a common reason. Death? So...I'm dead. Stalker's dead. And we're 
      part of some contest to come back to life? ...How did I die? What was 
      entry fee? ...... Dammit, I can't remember any of it.

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: ! The mission! "Dominate the scramble crossing view at 3: 00. You have
        180 minutes. Fail, and face erasure. --The Reapers" [flinch] Nggh!
        Right on cue... (Hmm... Strange mission. I'm standing in the scramble
        now-- but what's the "view"? ...Dammit. I don't know Shibuya well
        enough to make sense of this. When is she gonna wake up?) Hey! Rise 
        shine! The mission's here.

Shiki: ......

Neku: What do you make of this?

Shiki: "Dominate the view"? ...No idea.

Neku: (Wow. Thanks for giving it all that thought. What's gotten into her?)
      Well, wait... Look again. Maybe there's a hidden clue.

Shiki: The scramble crossing at three o'clock?

Neku: Is something scheduled to happen? Or do we make it happen? Let's start 
      figuring out what this mission means.

        | Neku: We need to make sense of this mission.
        | Shiki: ......
        | Neku: ...... (Um, right. I'll let you know how that goes...)

        > [ew1d6-1]

Makoto: Sigh... I'm done for.

Neku: (What's that guy mumbling about? I can feel time slipping through my
      fingers. Three more hours... Then I'm gonna get the ax. So long, 

Neku: Three more hours? ! (It's noon now...so in three hours... it'll be
      3: 00!) Hey! I think this guy might be the key!

Shiki: ......

Neku: (T-talk, dammit! Why is she so quiet today?)

Shiki: ......

Neku: So, um, yeah... Let's scan him. OK?

        | Neku: (Something about that guy... How 'bout we scan him?)

[scan Makoto] {Three hours?}
Makoto: (Waaaaaah... Has the boss lost his mind? Shelling out the money for Q
        Floor... The commercial will only last a few seconds. Not enough to
        catch the eye...

Neku: (Catch the eye... That's it!) Hey! This must be our mission!

Shiki: ...... Really?

Neku: ....... Think about it. The time matches up-- 3:00. And catching the
      eye... Eye? View? Same thing.

Shiki: ......

Neku: But what's "Q Floor"?

Shiki: ...... Neku. Up there...The big screen-- that's Q Floor.

Neku: The one playing commercials? ! This is all starting to make sense!

Shiki: So dominating the scramble crossing view means getting the crowd here 
       watch that guy's ad?

Neku: It sure seems that way.

Shiki: ...... That'll never happen. People look straight ahead when they 
       Or at their feet.

Neku: Then our mission is to get them to look UP. They have to see that ad.

Shiki: What do you think the ad's for?

Neku: (Like I know. ...Maybe he can answer that.)

Makoto: It's all over. I'm doomed... Trapped in the flaming wreckage of my 

Neku: Great. The Noise have a hold on him. You know what that means.

Shiki: ......

        | Neku: So, how do we get people to pay attention to that ad?
        | Shiki: ......
        | Neku: (And how do I get you to pay attention at all? Ugh... First
        |       things first: the Noise bugging that guy!

[after removing the Noise from Makoto]
Makoto: Chin up, Makoto! Snap out of it! True, these pins show no sign of
        becoming the next big thing. But it's my job to MAKE them the next 

Neku: That pin... It looks just like this one. This is what he's advertising?
      (So maybe this is for the mission?)

Shiki: It's just a regular old pin. No one's gonna watch an ad for it.

Neku: That's for sure. But the guy's a pro, right? I'm sure he's at least got 

Makoto: ...... ! OK! First, I'm going to hand free pins out and fill Shibuya
        with walking billboards! Hmm...and to get people's attention, I need
        some "hip" one-liners like that book suggested. Let's see...How 
        "Totally gnarly!" "Come and get some hot stuff!" "Unreal, bro!"
        Perfect! The slang of the moment! If I get everyone talking about the
        pins in time, they're sure to watch the commercial!

Neku: Uhh...no? They're going to think you're nuts.

Shiki: "Come get some hot stuff"? That sounds like a pickup line... And pins
       aren't exactly a hot topic to begin with. No one's going to take them.

Neku: We'd better intervene.

Shiki: ......

        | Neku: (That guy's a train wreck waiting to happen. ...I can't look
        |       away.)

<Nao and Makoto>
Makoto: Um...excuse me.

Nao: Hmm?

Makoto: I, umm...you, uhh...

Nao: Sota? Like, this guy. He's, like, talking to me?

Makoto: Wha--

Sota: 'Scuse me?

Makoto: Uh-oh...

Sota: Whadda you want, dawg? Got somethin' to say to my Nao?

Nao: Like, he said he thinks I'm cute... Right?

Makoto: Wr-wrong! I don't think that at all!

Nao: What? You don't?

Sota: 'Scuse me?

Makoto: Ahhh! No no no no, she's cute! But not...you know...ahhh!

        > [ew1d6-2]

Makoto: (Huh?)

[Imrpint Totally gnarly!]
Makoto: ! Totally gnarly!

Sota: 'Scuse me?

Makoto: I mean... umm... My...my grandpa! It's my grandpa. He's...he's all

Sota: Gnarly?

Makoto: F-from his arthritis! The poor man beats himself up because no one
        wears these pins. When I see his gnarly hands tremble with guilt, 
        I just... Ohh, Grandpa! ...... So, um... Would you do me a favor, and
        wear one of these pins for him?

Sota: ...Hells yeah.

Makoto: Whoa! Really?

Sota: What's your name?

Makoto: It's... Makoto Miki. Friends call me Mick.

Sota: Mick... You're a good man.

Nao: Yeah! Like, that was totally moving?

Sota: Handing out pins for your grandpa in the scramble... That's aces, dawg.

Nao: Like, I think I'm in love?

Sota: We'll wear your pins. It'd be an honor.

Makoto: Th-thanks!

Sota: Hang in there, Mick. We'll be rootin' for you.

Nao: Hope your granddaddy, like, cheers up?

Makoto: Who? Oh! M-me too... Wow, I'm on fire today! OK! Time to hand these 
        someplace else!

Neku: Looks like it worked.

Shiki: You really think a pin like this could take off?

Neku: It better. That's our mission.

Shiki: ...Yeah.

        | Neku: What a handful, huh?
        | Shiki: He headed down Center Street...
        | Neku: Then we should follow. The guy's a PR time bomb.

<red hoodie Reaper in the Scramble blocking Center St. exit>
Reaper: ...... Like a bolt from the blue, it's time for the Reaper Review. 
        away we go! Question 1! Which of the following shops is in the 104

[upon making your choice]
Reaper: Oh ho! Question 2! What's on the sign outside the Shibu Dept. Store?

[upon making your choice]
Reaper: ...I see, I see! Question 3! Bigbanfrog is No. 2 on the Noise Report.
        Most folks know it as the blue frog Noise. Which of the following
        attacks does it use?

[upon making your choice]
Reaper: Hmm, veeery interesting... OK... The results are in! Reaper Review,
        Lesson 1! Survey says...

[if you chose Edoga the Shop, High heels and Bubbles]
Reaper: You pass! So pass on through. [wall goes down] But! Though you make
        forget the Review-- rest assured, it remembers you. We'll see you
        again. Bye-bye for now!

        > [if you chose anything other than those 3 responses]
        > Reaper: Bzzzt! So sorry! I can't let you pass-- until you pass.
        > Them's the breaks here on the Reaper Review. Study up and try 
        > [If you talk to the Reaper again after failing the Review]
        > Reaper: ...... Did you do your homework, kids? Then away we go!
        > [and the Review continues starting from Question 1!]

[Center St. Entrance]
Makoto: OK! This seems like a good spot.

Neku: Here we go again...

Shiki: ......

        | Neku: I think he could use a little help.

Makoto: Ooh! That kid's sure to take one. Hey, there, slugger.

Shooter: WHOAAA!

Makoto: Huh?

Shooter: Lemme guess, bro. You want me to make you one of my Slammurai...

Makoto: Uh... I didn't--

Shooter: Don't be shy! It's cool! SLAM ON!!!

Makoto: No. I'm not here to--

Shooter: What's your favorite whammy?

Makoto: Buh--

Shooter: What are you ranked?

Makoto: I...I... I don't know!

        > [ew1d6-3]

Makoto: (Who...who is this kid!?)

[Imprint Unreal, bro!]
Makoto: ! Unreal, bro!

Shooter: WHOAAA!!!

Makoto: Huh?

Shooter: What's that pin?

Makoto: Oh, this?

Shooter: Yeah! Tell me where you got it!

Makoto: Well--

Shooter: What's it's Attack?

Makoto: Uhh... unreal, bro?

Shooter: Seriously? How about it's Defense?

Makoto: Unreal, bro!

Shooter: Whoa! BRO!!! You and me gotta battle. I want that pin!

Makoto: Huh?

Shooter: Ready? Slaaam... ON!

[The screen flashes as Shooter wins]

Shooter: Woo... hoooooo! I won, bro! Better practice up. Rely on pins 
         and you'll never be a true Slammurai! I'll be taking that pin. 

Makoto: Huh? But... OK... It worked!

        | Neku: And he does this for a living? C'mon. I saw him run up past
        |       Center Street.
        | Shiki: ...It doesn't matter anymore. Nothing does.
        | Neku: ......

<red hoodie Reaper>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Bring me three Rare Metal pins. Noise No.
        58's got 'em. Set your difficulty to Normal.

        | Neku: Three Rare Metals. 
        | Shiki: ......
        | Neku: (Wait-- the Noise Report! Quick, check your phone.)

[once you've got the Rare Metal pins.]

        | Neku: Got the pins we need... Now to clear the wall and find our 

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[Tipsy Tose Hall]

        | Neku: That guy... He's gone. (Where'd he run off to?)

[Spain Hill]
Makoto: OK! This seems like a good spot.

Neku: Here we go again...

Shiki: ......

<Futoshi (the techie) and Makoto>
Makoto: Pardon me. Hello? Excuse me! ...... Can't he hear me? What now?

        > [ew1d6-4]

Makoto: (Think, Mick!)

[imprint Come get some hot stuff!]
Makoto: ! Come get some hot stuff!

Techie: !

Makoto: No good? Hot stuff! Come get some!

Techie: !

Makoto: Huh? I think I got a reaction that time. One more time!

        > [touch the Player pin, but don't imprint]
        > Makoto: (Feel it, Makoto! You're so close! You saw him react! Now,
        > reel him in! Hot... Hot...)

[Imprint Come get some hot stuff!]
Makoto: ! Come get some hot stuff!

Techie: !

Makoto: Oh! Hot stuff!

[Techie moves closer to Makoto]

Makoto: Ooh! Hot!

[Techie moves even closer]

Makoto: Yeah, hot stuff!

[Techie moves right up to Makoto]

Makoto: Come get some!

Techie: ...I'll take one.

Makoto: Oh. Thank you! Finally! All done. Now these pins are sure to take 
        I should go see what people are saying back by Q Floor.

Neku: So far so good. Let's follow him back to the scramble.

Shiki: ......

[Scramble Crossing]
Makoto: Now, to witness a phenomenon in the making! I bet I'll have to BEAT
        back all the fans. Let me walk around and observe.

Neku: Oh, come on. Handing out a few pins isn't going to ignite Shibuya. We
      better go after him.

Shiki: ...... Just... give it up.

Neku: Huh?

Shiki: Even if we do clear the mission... I'll still... I'll never be...
[Shiki leaves]

Neku: !? Hey! What's gotten into you?

        | Neku: (What's gotten into her? That Reaper yesterday must have
        | touched a nerve. I guess... I better see if she's OK.)

        > [if you try to leave without talking to Shiki]
        > Neku: (I can't just leave her by herself...)

Neku: Hey, what gives?

Shiki: ......

Neku: You've been acting really weird today.

Shiki: ......

Neku: It's almost 3. We need to get moving, or we'll fail the mission.

Shiki: ...So what?

Neku: Huh?

Shiki: There's no point. You heard what that Reaper said. ...... Even if I
       finish the mission... win the Game... Even if I come back to life...
       I'll still just be me. What do I do...

Neku: What kind of question is that?

Shiki: ...... I thought I'd changed. But I'll never change. I'll just go on

Neku: Says who?

Shiki: ...... I was never pretty... or smart... There was nothing special 
       me at all. I hated myself. I wanted to change, to be somebody else.
       ...... To be Eri.

Neku: ......

Shiki: But it didn't work.

Neku: I don't-- !? WHOA! Over there! Is that... you?

Shiki: Ahh!

Eri: The other day, I found just the cutest outfit at Ten-Four!

Mina: Seriously? Hey, why don't we head over there? You've still go some 
      right, Eri?

Neku: Eri? What the...

Shiki: ...... [leaves]

Neku: Hey! Wait!

        | Neku: Two Stalkers? ...... (I better go see what's wrong...)

Shiki: So now you know.

Neku: Know what?

Shiki: ...... What my entry fee was.

Neku: Huh?

Shiki: My appearance. I gave up the way I really look.

Neku: Your appearance? Then--

Shiki: This is Eri's body. I don't really look like this.

Neku: Oh. Wow...

Shiki: When I got to the UG and I saw myself... I freaked.

Neku: Yeah. I would, too.

Shiki: But it was a happy kind of freaked.

Neku: Happy? Why?

Shiki: Because this is what I always dreamed of-- a new me. I hated who I 
       All I wanted was to like myself. To be cute, and smart, and perfect...
       like Eri.

Neku: ...... Then why would the Reapers take your appearance? Your entry fee 
      supposed to be what you value most. But you just said you hate 

Shiki: At first... I didn't get it either. I was so excited to be Eri that I
       even acted like her-- all bubbly and cute. But it was just an act.
       Inside, nothing changed. I'm still the same person I've always been.
       Then I realized. I'll never be Eri. Deep down, I never wanted to be. I
       was just jealous. The Reaper was right. What I value most is ME!

Neku: ......

Shiki: Eri has all the things I don't. Looks, brains, design sense. Lots of
       friends... I envied her. And now that I'm inside her body, it just 
       even more.

Neku: ...... (All this time... she's been as confused as me.)

Shiki: The truth is, I'm scared! I keep trying to sound brave, saying we need
       to win the Game, but... I'm scared of getting a second chance! What if
       it's like the Reaper said? I don't want to come back to life it means
       being jealous of Eri all the time. ...... I don't want to be that

Neku: Well... I like you the way you are.

Shiki: Huh?

Makoto: Noooooo!

Neku: What the--

Makoto: No one's wearing the pins! Why not!?

Neku: Looks like we can't relax yet. Listen. We're going to finish this
      mission. So promise you'll focus on that for now. OK?

Shiki: ...... All right.

        | Neku: You'd think he'd realize giving away a few freebies isn't 
        |       to rock Shibuya.
        | Shiki: Seriously.
        | Neku: But we can't give up now.
        | Shiki: ...Uh-huh.
        | Neku: Let's see what he does next.

        | [somewhere other than the Scramble]
        | Neku: That guy by the scramble is asking for trouble... We should
        |       check up on him.
        | Shiki: ...Uh-huh.

Makoto: Why isn't anyone talking about the pins? I worked so hard...

The Prince: Hey, Mick.

Makoto: Huh? Oh! Mr. Oji. Prince...

Prince: I saw you standing here. Why so glum?

Makoto: It's work. I'm going to lose my job. I was supposed to make these 
        a sensation. I gave away a whole bunch for free. But they just won't
        take off.

Prince: Aw, Mick, you can't be serious.

Makoto: What?

Prince: All right, listen. You've done good business for me, so I'll give it 
        you straight. Your pins wont' take off, because you're ignoring the
        trends. Handing out samples doesn't make something popular.

Makoto: Hmm. True... So then how do I change the trends?

Prince: Lots of ways. I mean, if you were a Prince like me, just walking the
        streets could start a revolution.

Makoto: If people saw you wearing the pin... Right...

Prince: OK. I've gotta run. Press date. Take care, Mick. You can do it.

Makoto: Thanks! I'll try! Hmm... Trends, eh? OK! If the Prince can do it, so
        can I! Time to put this pin on and start a revolution!

Neku: This guy is certifiable...

Shiki: ...But think about it. Neku, if you put the pin on and we fought some
       battles, we might be able to change the trends.

Neku: How do you figure?

Shiki: Rhyme and I got to talking. We noticed wearing pins in combat makes
       those brands more popular.

Neku: Even though the RG people can't see us?

Shiki: Yeah. Weird, huh?

Neku: All right... Let's give it a try.

        | Neku: So wearing the red pin into combat will make it popular?
        | Shiki: Uh-huh. But it may take a few battles.
        | Neku: All right. Here goes...

        | [somewhere other than the Scramble]
        | Neku: We have to make that red pin popular.
        | Shiki: Uh-huh.
        | Neku: Let's start in the scramble.

[after fighting some Noise with the red pin equipped]
Random Person1: Hey! Isn't that pin the coolest?

Random Person2: Huh? Where?

Random Person1: There. The one that guy's got on.

Random Person2: Oh yeah! Very nice. Wonder where they sell 'em.

Makoto: Whoa... People keep looking at me and smiling. Am I... I couldn't 
        trendy!? Wow. The Prince was right!

Neku: It worked.

Shiki: So the pins we wear in combat do change what's popular in the RG.

Neku: Uh-huh. But that guy seems to have his own theory.

Makoto: Get ready, 104! Your trend-god cometh!

Neku: ...... He's kind of a tool, huh?

        | Neku: Next stop: 104!

        > [scanning various standing still people in the Scramble]
        > {Oh, baby!}
        > A pin, on a business suit? Now that takes stones. I want stones. I
        > want that pin!
        > {That guy's pin}
        > The pin that guy was wearing had a pretty design... It was like,
        > skullicious. Or skeletacular. Or something.
        > {Check it out!}
        > That pin's pretty sweet. Where do they sell it?

[104 Building]
Makoto: OK! Time to look trendy!

Neku: Yeah, with a little help.

        | Neku: We need to reshape the trends here, too.
        | Shiki: Let's do some fighting, then.

[after fighting some Noise with the red pin equipped]
Random Person 1: Hey, check out that hot pin!

Random Person 2: Yeah. The one on that guy? People were wearing it back at 
                 scramble crossing.

Random Person 1: Seriously? It's gonna be huge, just wait and see.

Random Person 2: Wish I had one...

Makoto: Whoa... I get it. I really get it! The trends are mine to command! 
        that the word is out, I just need to wait for the ad to run. Back to
        the crossing!

Neku: Well, we did it.

Shiki: Did we?

Neku: Hey, we gave it our best shot. Let's just cross our fingers.

Shiki: ...... Neku... Umm... I'm sorry. If we fail, and it turns out to be my
       fault for slowing us down...

Neku: ...... No big deal. We all, umm...

Shiki: Hmm?

Neku: We all have our bad days.

Shiki: Neku... Thanks.

Neku: ! Hey, it's her.

Shiki: !? Ahh!

Mina: So, Eri. How come you haven't designed anything lately?

Eri: ...... Actually... I'm thinking about giving it up.

Mina: What! Why? You're so talented!

Shiki: She's giving it up? Eri, why... ......

Neku: If you want to know, scan her.

Shiki: What? I can't do that! She's my friend. I can't eavesdrop on her

Neku: Why not? You've scanned tons of people.

Shiki: ......

Mina: Eri, why would you give design up?

Shiki: ......

Eri: Well, there was this girl, Shiki--

Shiki: !? Neku... I have to go!

[Shiki leaves]

Neku: Hey! Just...wait!

        > [if you scan various standing still people at 104]
        > {Red pin}
        > Hey, that pin... I didn't get a really good look, but wasn't that a
        > CAT design?
        > {Tingle}
        > This...this tingle! I think I'm in love. That pin. It's fiery,
        > passionate red... It burns! Ohhh gimme gimme!
        > [scan Yammer] {What is that!?}
        > Why didn't anybody tell me there was a new pin!? I only got a quick
        > peek, but it looked buff! If I had one, I bet I'd crush
        > Shooter...maybe.

Shiki: I'm... I'm sorry. I didn't want to hear Eri talk about me. I was 

Neku: ......

Shiki: Eri told me something before I died. "You're not meant to be a
       designer," she said. I never had her talent... I guess she finally got
       fed up and--

Neku: Oh, would you cut the crap? Who ARE you?

Shiki: Huh?

Neku: You're you. You're not Eri. You'll never be Eri. You'll only ever be 

Shiki: But she's so much better--

Neku: Forget her! You need to live your own life. If she can do it, so can 
      All that matters is that you try.

Shiki: ...... Neku--

Neku: You're lucky you're jealous. It gives you something to shoot for. So...

Shiki: ...... You're right. Thanks, Neku.

Neku: It's time. The commercial's about to air.

Makoto: Sooo nervous... Will people watch?

Shiki: Neku...

Neku: Don't worry. They'll watch.

Random Person 1: Hey! Up there!

Random Person 2: That pin. Who designed it? It looks like--

Random Person 3: Hey, cool graphic.

Random Person 4: I never wear pins. But this one...

Random Person 5: Where can I buy it?

Shooter: Hey, man, look what I got.

Yammer: You HAVE one? Aw, lucky...

Eri: Oh, I know that pin!

Mina: Ha ha. You would, Eri. Wish I had one...

Shiki: Eri... ...... Neku, can I have a minute? I want to go stand by her.

Neku: Hey, you're off the clock.

Shiki: ...Thanks!

Mina: Eri, you shouldn't give up design.

Eri: I told you. This girl, Shiki-- I'm nothing without her.

Shiki: Huh?

Mina: Yeah, you said that. What, did you two have a fight?

Eri: A fight? I wish. Shiki died. In an accident the other day.

Mina: Oh... I'm so sorry.

Eri: No one else could ever make my outfits. Shiki gave them life. Made them

Mina: You must have trusted her a lot.

Eri: I did! She was an amazing person. She cared about people-- and always
     noticed the little things. If I missed something in my design, Shiki
     always picked up the slack. And her stuffed animals! I wouldn't know 
     to begin. She had a sharp eye, skilled hands. Motivation. All the things 
     don't have.

Mina: The way you talk about her, she must have been something.

Eri: ...... The day before her accident... I said something I'll always 

Mina: What?

Eri: She was upset 'cause she couldn't come up with a good design. I wanted 
     cheer her up... so I told her "You're not meant to be a designer." I 
     she had such a great future as a seamstress. But I think I really hurt 
     feelings. I planned to apologize the next day... but I never saw her
     again. ...... She's still my best friend. Even now. I want her back, so 
     can tell her I'm sorry... and so we can be a team again.

Shiki: ...... I had no idea. I never knew she felt that way about me.

Neku: Guess you two both need each other.

Shiki: Neku... You think I'm OK the way I am?

Neku: Hey, Shibuya's got room for all types. Who else is gonna make stuffed

Shiki: He's a cat! Heh heh... Neku... I want to see Eri again. So we can be a
       team. I'm ready for a second chance!

Neku: All right. Then whatever it takes... Let's win... Let's live. Just one
      more day!

[Dead God's Pad]
Megumi: We're on schedule.

Higashizawa: Yes, sir! Three Players remain. Tomorrow I shall ice them

Megumi: I look forward to it. See this week's Game through to its conclusion,
        and your promotion to Game Master is assured.

Higashizawa: As your proxy, sir, I promise you I will not fail.

Megumi: You know, enough with this "proxy" business. Too formal. I hereby 
        you full GM privileges. You've proven you can handle it.

Higashizawa: Sir! You are far too kind! I will check in again after 

[Wildkat Café]
Beat: Why? Why can't I use you? Yo, there's gotta be a way. ...... THEY know.
      They gotta know! Yo, I am done sittin' here collectin' dust!

[Scramble Crossing]
Mr. H: Well, time to get cracking. I just hope they can pull it off. ......
       Back to the café, I guess. Beat must be starving by now.

[The 6th Day: Superiority/Inferiority. Chapter Closed]

       Week 1, Day 7 [w1d7]

Shiki: This is it... Day 7.

Neku: Yup. Today we win this.

[Their phones beep]

Neku: ! There it is!

Shiki: The last mission.

Neku: "The Game Master awaits you on the freeway. Defeat him. You have 600
      minutes. Fail, and face erasure. --The Reapers"

[They both flinch]

Shiki: Oww! The Game Master is that big Reaper, right?

Neku: We need to pay him back for Rhyme.

Shiki: Yeah... C'mon. We've got a Game to win. For Beat... and for us!

Neku: ! Who could be calling us now?

Shiki: Think it's the Reapers?

Neku: Hello? Dead kid speaking.

Mr. H: Phones! That you?

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma?

Mr. H: Listen! Beat, he... he's gone!

Neku: Gone!? You don't mean...

Mr. H: No, no...Not erased. ...Not yet.

Neku: What's that supposed to mean?

Mr. H: Look, he musta left the café while I was out.

Neku: He left? Why!?

Mr. H: I dunno why. Look, enough questions. You gotta hurry! That kid ain't 
       a partner to fight with. He's Reaper-chow the second they spot him.
       'Sides... Today's Day 7. The GM can attack Players directly now! And 
       will. Believe me.

Neku: Son of a--

Mr. H: Hey, hey, have a little faith. You're almost there! Just put an end to
       the Game! You do that and Skater-Brain might just survive this.

Neku: Right, got it.

Shiki: Neku, what's going on? Is Beat in trouble?

Neku: Yeah... But we can save him if we end the Game in time.

Shiki: Then let's move it!

Neku: (That meathead! Has he lost his mind!? Why couldn't he just stay with 

Shiki: Neku! Let's got over to the freeway! It's not far from the station

        | Neku: Let's book it to the freeway.
        | Shiki: OK. It's past Hachiko!

        > [ew1d7-1]

[Statue of Hachiko]
<red hoodie Reaper>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then fight through a three-reduction 
        battle. I don't care what area you fight in, but if you don't chain
        three rounds, it won't count.

        | Neku: Three rounds, huh? Ready to chain some battles?
        | Shiki: Whenever you are!

[after completing a three-reduction chain battle]

        | Neku: There! That makes three.
        | Shiki: Let's clear the wall and head for the freeway!

Reaper: ...... Objective met. Wall clear! [wall goes down]

Neku: Clear!

Shiki: Go, go, go!

        | Shiki: The freeway's just ahead. Through the underpass!

<black hoodied Reaper>
Reaper: Six days you're still kickin'. I'm impressed.

Neku: A Reaper...

Shiki: Hey, clear the road! We're in a hurry!

Reaper: Oh, I'll clear the road-- of YOU, that is.

        > [if you try to run past the Reaper instead]
        > Reaper: Hey hey... Don't run off.
        > Shiki and Neku: !?
        > Reaper: Where's the love, guys?
        > Neku: A Reaper...
        > Shiki: Move! We're in a hurry!
        > Reaper: Six days you're still kickin'. I'm impressed.
        > Shiki: I said MOVE!
        > Reaper: Aww, sorry. No dice. It's a race to erase, and I aim to
        >         place. So long...

[After defeating the Reaper]
Neku: Dammit...That cost us time.

Shiki: I hope Beat's OK.

Neku: Worrying won't save him. C'mon. We're still in this.

Shiki: Right! Let's shut their Game down!

[POV switches to Kariya and Uzuki]
Uzuki: Bleh. Day 7 is such a yawn. Not enough Players left, you know?

Kariya: See? This is why I pace myself. Work too hard and you run out of 

Uzuki: Yeah... We did rack up a ton of points this week.

Kariya: And on the seventh day... we rest. The first day of many days off, I

Beat: Yo...

Uzuki: ! Who's there? ...You!?

Beat: ......

Uzuki: We toasted your partner-- you should be smoke by now!

Kariya: Make another pact?

Beat: ......

Uzuki: So, like, what? You thirsty for revenge?

Beat: No!

Uzuki: ...Huh? Then what do you want?

Beat: ...... Answers. Tell me what I need to know!

Uzuki: You do realize... you're in no position to make demands?

Beat: ......

Uzuki: I could erase you with my little finger.

Beat: ......

Kariya: Aight, Skulls... You ask. Maybe we'll answer.

Uzuki: Hey... Kariya!!!

Beat: What does it take? How do you Reapers do it!?

[back to Neku & Shiki]
[Station Underpass]
Neku: Game Master's just ahead...

Shiki: Finally...the end is in sight. It's been crazy, huh? Our time in the 
       But I learned something about myself-- how lucky I was. I took each 
       for granted. Woke up, went to school, talked to Eri. Came home, ate,
       watched TV. Then conked right out. It was so... NORMAL, I never 
       of it as living. But this week woke me up, made me feel more alive...
       than I ever did when I really was.
Neku: ...... The best is still ahead. Once we win, and come back to life.

Shiki: Yeah! Neku... Thanks for these last seven days. You're pretty good at
       this partner thing.

Neku: Pfft... Save it for when we win, OK? ...Ready for the big boss?

Shiki: You know it. Hey, if we make it through this... let's meet up in the 
       You, me, and Beat. You might not recognize me, so... I know! I'll 
       Mr. Mew with me. We can be a team again!

Neku: I'll...think it over.

Shiki: Heh heh. OK. Let's finish this!

Higashizawa: You're late. A shame I had to set the table before cooking the
             main dish.

Shiki: We're not on the menu. You are!

Higashizawa: Ah, hello there, young lady. I've been waiting for this day. !?
             What's this? The jealousy in your heart-- my secret spice! 
             It's... gone.

Shiki: Lost your appetite?

Higashizawa: But...you were green with envy! Begrudging to a light golden
             brown! So deliciously jealous...

Shiki: That's right. I was jealous. That's how lucky I am! It takes an 
       friend to make you jealous. So you can just get ready to lose!

Neku: You tell him!

Shiki: I swear I'm getting my life back! Eri's waiting in the RG, and you...
       are NOT gonna get in my way!

Higashizawa: ...... You're gone stale, young lady. But no matter. A true chef
             can whip up a toothsome meal even from the basest of 
             Mr. Kitaniji has given me a recipe... and I intend to cook it.
             Now... prepare to be spicy tuna rolled!!!

[Cutscene. Higashizawa transforms into his Noise form. After you defeat him.]
Higashizawa: ...... In...indigestible! I lost? Well done... young lady...
[Higashizawa disappears in a flash of light]

Neku: Game over.

Shiki: That's it?

Neku: We did it! We won!

Shiki: Woo-hoo! Now we'll come back to life!

[A flash of light]

Shiki: !? Wh-what's going on?

Neku: !? Shiki?

[A flash of light]

Shiki: Huh? I don't think this light is bad.

Neku: Yeah... Feels almost like a...pat on the back.

Shiki: A warm welcome back to the world of living! And you said "Shiki"!
       Neku... That's the first time you used my name.

Neku: Oh, really?

Shiki: Neku? See you on the other side. You know the meeting place. Hachiko!

Neku: Heh. It's a date.

[Scramble Crossing. The lights turn green and people are walking. Neku wakes 
to find himself lying on the ground again]

Neku: Why... Why, why, why...

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: ...... WHYYYYYY!

[The 7th Day: Wakeless Dream. Chapter Closed]

       Week 2, Day 1 [w2d1]

Neku: The scramble crossing... He expects me to just start over? (What the 
      were the last seven days for, then?) ...... (Fine. What's the mission?
      I'm not losing. Not now. Not a chance.) "Game I: x=30+74 "t=60 min.
      Incompletes will be destroyed."

[Neku flinches]

Neku: Nngh!

[The timer on Neku's right hand reads 59:45]

Neku: There's the timer... The mission format's different. X=30+74... They're
      giving out Algebra homework now? (Hmm, we did take down the GM last 
      Maybe this is the big guy's replacement. Better not count on the same
      tricks, then... I've got to stay focused-- and stay alive. Too much is 
      the line. First, I need a partner-- the toughest Player I can find!
      Hmm... Hachiko! I'm bound to find somebody useful there.)

[Neku exits the scramble to the Statue of Hachiko. POV goes to the Reapers]

Kariya: Ugh. It's like a sick joke. They expect us to work this week, too?

Uzuki: Oh, suck it up! Don't you want the extra points? Though it is a little
       weird to go two weeks in a row... Guess there's a first time for

Kariya: Not quite a first. Been a while, though. You prob'ly weren't here,
        spring chicken that you are.

Uzuki: Spring chicken? Been here two years, and I'm a spring chicken? Just 
       long have you been doing this?

Kariya: Meh. Details!

Uzuki: Uh-huh. Anyway. What do you suppose the GM is--

[Uzuki's phone rings]

Uzuki: !

Uzuki picks up]

Uzuki: Yashiro here. ...... What!? You want us to WHAT!? 

[Uzuki hangs up]

Uzuki: Graaah!

Kariya: Easy, girl! What's the deal?

Uzuki: Standby! We're just supposed to sit here! This is an insult!

Kariya: Take it down a notch before you pop a blood vessel. I don't see a
        problem. This is our week off, after all.

Uzuki: Ugh! This is why I hate the way he runs things!

Kariya: Really? I kinda like it.

Uzuki: What's to like!? It's one big, cryptic mess! It pisses me off!

Kariya: He can't help it. I'm sure he's worked out some crazy plan-- 
        way beyond the ken of mundane folks like you 'n' me. I mean, c'mon--
        he's the type of genius head case that makes stuff like THIS.

[back to Neku]

Neku: (Come on... There has to be someone! I need this... I have to win! 
      her sake, and mine. Now come on! I gotta find me a powerhouse!) !? Grr,
      Noise!? (Dammit! I can't do much on my own! Isn't there anybody--) Huh?
      What was that!?

[A pact is formed between Neku and Joshua]

Neku: A pact? With who!?

[battle with the Crab Noise. They defeat the Noise.]

Joshua: Howdy.

Neku: (Who the--)

Joshua: The name's Yoshiya Kiryu. But Mother and Father call me Joshua.

Neku: (Please don't tell me...)

Joshua: I guess you can call me Joshua, too-- seeing as how you're my dear,
        dear partner. Hee hee...

Neku: Your what!? (This pipsqueak is my new partner!?)

Joshua: You seem like such a pro at this, I just... helped myself.

Neku: A pro? How could you know that?

Joshua: I've been watching you, silly. Very impressive by the way.

Neku: (Huh? Was he a Player last time, too? But wait... No, there was nobody
      like him at the end. Who the hell IS this kid?)

Joshua: Today's the first day and all... Let's just take it easy, hmm? Why
        don't you start by giving the area a scan, partner?

Neku: F-fine. (Something about him just...grates.)

        > <Joshua>
        > Joshua: What's wrong? Don't tell me you've forgotten how to scan?
        >         Just touch your Player Pin. Simple, hmm? Hee hee...
        > Neku: Look, I... I know, OK? (Ugh! Smug little...)

        > [Attempt to leave]
        > Joshua: Going somewhere? Step one is to collect some info. Give the
        >         area a scan, would you? Or have you already forgotten how?
        > Neku: Uhhh, no? I know what I'm doing, all right?
        > Joshua: Hee hee... Then what's the holdup?
        > Neku: (Obnoxious little... Scan your damn self, if you're in such a
        >       hurry!)

[scan Joshua] {......}


[A view of Udagawa appears]


Neku: (Nngh! ...What? What did I just see? That place looked like... the
      Udagawa district?)

Joshua: Something wrong? Are we not feeling well?

Neku: (Wait, did I... did I just scan him? )

Joshua: Is this going to be a problem? I need you to pull it together. Unlike
        some people, I'm new at all this. I'm expecting a bang-up job from 
        Mr. Escort.

Neku: ...I'll be fine.

Joshua: Will you? Wonderful. Then can we go?

[Joshua leaves]

Neku: (Something's weird here... How was I able to scan him? He's a Player.)

[Joshua returns]

Joshua: Hmm? What's the holdup, Neku?

Neku: It's nothing.

Joshua: Don't tell me you're still stuck on the mission mail. Please. It's
        painfully obvious.

Neku: ......

Joshua: X marks the spot. 30+74, Neku. We're headed to 104. If you ever find
        yourself stumped, I'd be happy to help you along. Just say the word. 
        promise you my advice is spot-on. Lucky you, having me as your 

Neku: (I'm going to choke this kid.)

Joshua: Oh! I can't say I'm particularly interested, but... I'll go ahead and
        ask, for the sake of convenience. Do you have a name?

Neku: ...... Neku.

Joshua: Neku, hmm? Hee hee... Charming.

Neku: (Gaaah!)

Joshua: Well then, Neku. Shall we?

        | Joshua: Is there a problem, Neku? Forget where we're going already?
        | Neku: I remember! 104, geez.
        | Joshua: Hee hee. Then let's go, hmm?

[Scramble Crossing]
<red hoodie Reaper blocking the 104 exit>
Reaper: Want to clear this wall? Then take down these Noise!

Neku: Another wall...

Joshua: So we need to clear out a few Noise to get by. All right. What better
        time to go over my combat skills? Don't worry-- I think even you 
        be able to follow along.

Neku: (He has to be doing this on purpose...)

Joshua: Put simply, I play things high or low.

Neku: High or low?

Joshua: You should be able to pick it up on the fly. Ready for a little

Ready to fight?

        > [if you choose [> Hang on just a sec]
        > Joshua: All right. That's fine. We'll wait until you're ready to 
        >         Neku.

> All set!

Joshua: Then let's begin, hmm?

[battle some crab Noise]

Joshua: Well? Get the basic gist of it? Care to give it another go?

        > [if you choose [> One more time!]
        > Joshua: Hee hee... If you insist.
        > [battle the Noise again]

> That's enough

Joshua: We're in this together from now on. You watch my behind, I'll watch
        yours. Sound good, partner? Hee hee...

Neku: ......

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[104 Buidling]

Neku: Timer's gone... We're safe. That's one day down...

Joshua: ! Neku... What do you suppose that is?

Neku: What the hell? That junk heap wasn't here before!

Minamimoto: You're zetta slow!

Neku: What!? Who said that?

Joshua: Don't look at me. Look at your junk heap there.

Neku: There's somebody up there?

Minamimoto: I said, you're zetta slow! How long does it take to crack a Z-
            code, you factoring hectopascals!

Neku: Hecto-what?

[A flash light]

Neku: Nngh! My...head!

Minamimoto: Sho Minamimoto. Remember the name. I'm the new Game Master.

Neku: Then you're a Reaper.

Minamimoto: ! Wait. You... You're a Player this time around?

Neku: Nngh, who... me?

Minamimoto: Hmph. Now that's a happy miscalculation. This brings me one
            iteration closer to my desired solution!

Neku: Solution? ...Nngh! What are you talking about?

Joshua: Hee hee... Day 1, and the GM's already putting in an appearance? Not
        one for tradition, are you?

Minamimoto: Tradition? Tradition is garbage! CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap!
            This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless
            calculations... and beauty!

Joshua: I'd hear you were quite the eccentric...

Minamimoto: Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owner Approach. Now, time 
            a little quiz. How much weight will I let you Players carry in 

Joshua: Pray tell.

Minamimoto: One yoctogram!

Neku: Yoctogram?

Joshua: Nice. That puts us on the atomic level?

Minamimoto: Precisely! You 000s have no value here. So! Now that I have you
            rounded up... Attention, all yoctograms! (It's X 2) DIE!

[battle with the Rhino Noise]

Joshua: Whew... Well, so much for Day 1.

Neku: (That Reaper knew me... How?)

Joshua: Rather fascinating, wasn't he?

Neku: Uhh...

Joshua: At least we won't be too bored this week, hmm?

Neku: (This kid, too... There's something seriously not right about him.)

Joshua: I wonder what the little math fetishist will think up for tomorrow.
        Exciting times, huh, Neku?

Neku: (Hmph. He's shady... Still, "trust your partner," right? I need him if
      I'm gonna survive the UG-- if I'm gonna WIN. Better get use to it.)

Joshua: Well, the two of us should be able to cruise right through this week-
        between your psychs, my inspired brilliance, and our excellent
        teamwork. Hee hee...

Neku: (Ugh, I'll never get used to this! But I'll deal with the devil if 
      what it takes. ...This time's for keeps. Hang in there, Shiki.)

[The 1st Day: Rulez. Chapter Closed]

       Week 2, Day 2 [w2d2]

Reaper: Nope. No luck. This one's not opening either.

Kariya: Well, thanks anyway. You're dismissed. He's sealed off Route 1... 

Uzuki: Hey, Kariya!

Kariya: Any luck?

Uzuki: Routes 2, 5, and 6 are all sealed.

Kariya: Gotta hand it to him, the guy works fast.

Uzuki: He could have told us what areas are open. What the hell is he 
       Are we, like, completely insignificant? Rrgh! That man seriously 
       my cookies.

Kariya: Naw, it's nice to see the boss do the legwork. I say we kick back and
        enjoy the show.

Uzuki: Well I say this is a work week. It would be nice to actually work! The
       Players are right there! But nooo, he says hands off. I'll tell you 
       I'd like to put my hands around!

Kariya: I sure hope it's your mouth.

Uzuki: Hmm... Maybe I should just hop over to the RG. Use this baby to 
       a few new Players...

Kariya: Whoa there, cowgirl. Reapers whackin' folks in the RG is a no-no.

Uzuki: Don't be stupid. I'm joking! ...Mostly. I'm just saying we may be 
       to...if we want any points.

Kariya: You keep talking about work, work, work. It's-- ...... Impossible!

Uzuki: Exactly! We can't go on like this. I'm THIS close to a promotion, but
       nooo... Honestly, I don't even know why I try some--

Kariya: Uzuki! Look out!!!

[Scramble Crossing]

Neku: Nngh... Where...? (Back at the scramble crossing... Where's that other

Joshua: Are we still on track with the goods? What? You already got them in!?

Neku: (Oh, he's on the phone. ! Wait a minute... How did he place a call!? 
      who's he talking to?)

Joshua: The scramble... Which areas? ...Sealed? In that case... ...and the 
        limit at... And? Anything else?

Neku: (Wait, is he reporting in to the Reapers? Definitely shady... I can't
      tell what he's thinking. ...... Or can I? Maybe another scan will turn
      something up.

        | Neku: (You're not supposed to be able to scan other Players. But
        |       yesterday I saw... ...... I should try it again.

        > <Joshua>
        > Joshua: Right. I know, I know...
        > Neku: (Who is he talking to, and about what? ...... This calls for 
        >       scan.)

        > [if you try to leave the Scramble]
        > Neku: (As much as I'd love to ditch his ass, I can't clear the
        >       mission without him.)
        > Joshua: Right... Exactly, so...
        > Neku: (I need to trust him, but... Ugh, how? Something's not right
        >       about him. I know it. Maybe I can scan him.)

[scan Joshua] {......}

[Udagawa district. A Player Pin falls onto neku, who is lying on his back,
supposedly passed out.]


[A flash of light]

Neku: Huff...huff... That was... me? Why was I passed out in Udagawa? 
      was that in HIS head!? (Udagawa... I can't remember... ! Wait! Was I
      dead? Did I... did I die in Udagawa? That would mean... He saw me die. 
      was there! Or... Maybe he did more than just watch. ) ...... (One way 
      find out. But no... I can't just ask him. If that sparks some huge 
      I'm screwed. We need to work together to clear these missions. I can't
      afford to risk it. Still...he knows something.)

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: ! The mission!

Joshua: Hmm? Was that the mission, Neku?

Neku: What? Oh... Yeah. (For now, I can only watch and wait.) The mission 

Joshua: Say, Neku. I have a little proposal.

Neku: ...What?

Joshua: Let's play hooky today. Forget about the mission.

Neku: What!? Are you crazy? If we don't do this, we get erased!

Joshua: But there's someplace I reeeally want to go. Let the other Players 
        care of the mission. It's not as if we have to do everything.

Neku: Yes, we do! I can't afford to screw around on this! I'm not letting
      anything jeopardize this Game.

Joshua: Oh, don't get so wound up, Neku. It's only Day 2! Enjoy it while it's
        still easy.

Neku: I'm not just playing this for me anymore! Her life is on the line, too.


Neku: ...Where are we?

Shiki: It's too bright... I can't see a thing.

Beat: Yo...

Shiki: Beat! You're safe!

Beat: Yeah. You too, huh?

Neku: ......

Shiki: Why'd you run off on your own like that? You had us all so worried!

Beat: I...I jus' had to... Look, yo... my bad. I jus' had to take off.

Neku: ......

Shiki: So... Are we...alive again?

Megumi: I'm afraid not. Not yet, anyway.

Beat: Who's there!?

Megumi: Hello, and congratulations. You all are victors. How did you find our
        Game? Enjoyable?

Beat: You're...

Megumi: Megumi Kitaniji. Conductor of the Game, and loyal servant to the

Neku: (Conductor of... Then he's the head Reaper?)

Megumi: Now then, regarding your fates... As per the Composer's mandate, the
        number of Players to be given new life this round is... One.

Shiki: Huh!?

Neku: What did you say?

Shiki: But that's... that's cruel! I thought everyone got to come back!

Megumi: Any and all specifics are decided by the Composer. That is His
        exclusive and incontrovertible right.

Shiki: Why do you think we came this far!? To live again! Every last one of 
       wanted to--

Beat: Hold up! Not exactly...

Shiki: Not exactly what?

Beat: Not everybody... I... ...... I ain't goin' back.

Shiki: What!?

Beat: I... I wanna be a Reaper! So how 'bout it, yo? Make me part a' your 

Shiki: Wha... Beat!?

Megumi: ...... Very well. Your wish is within my authority to grant. The
        Reapers welcome you.

Beat: ......

Neku: Beat! Why!?

Beat: ......

Shiki: Hey, wait! BEAT!

[Beat leaves]

Shiki: Why would Beat want to join the Reapers?

Neku: ......

Megumi: The hour of reckoning draws near. Your points have been tallied, and
        the Player to be reborn decided. Congratulations... Shiki Misaki.

Shiki: !? M-me!? But... I can't... I'm not going back alone-- I can't! It's
       unfair! And why me!?

Megumi: We grade Players according to their performance during the missions.
        You scored the highest.

Shiki: But that can't be right! Neku is way better with psychs than me! And 
       riddles-- he solved most of those, too. He should be the one to go 

Neku: ...... If only one of us gets a second chance... what happens to the 
      left behind?

Megumi: If you still cling to life, you may reenter the Game. If you lean
        toward destruction, you may join your friend as a Reaper. Otherwise,
        should you welcome oblivion, erasure is also an option.

Neku: ...... Shiki... You go on ahead.

Shiki: No way!

Neku: Just go! Trust me.

Shiki: I'm not leaving without you, Neku! I'll enter the Game again. Let 

Megumi: Out of the question. As I mentioned a moment ago. This was decided by
        the Composer Himself. Your wishes don't mean a damn.

Shiki: No way...

Neku: Shiki... Don't worry about me.

Shiki: But Neku--

Neku: Didn't you swear you'd go back and see Eri again?

Shiki: ......

Neku: I still don't even know how I died. I don't know if I have anything to 
      back to. You do, Shiki.

Shiki: Neku...

Neku: You're not gonna start slipping back now, are you?

Shiki: Huh?

Neku: Back to the old Shiki.

Shiki: N-no... ...... I'm so sorry, Neku. Thank you. I'll go back-- back to 
       real me.

Neku: There you go.

Shiki: I'll be waiting for you-- every day, in front of Hachiko...till you 

Neku: I'll see you there soon. That's a promise.

Megumi: Finished your goodbyes, then?

[A flash of light]

Shiki: !? Neku!

[A flash of light]

Shiki: Once you see the real me, will we still be friends?

Neku: Count on it. You'll always be Shiki.


[Shiki walks away from Neku. She's enveloped in a while light, and starts to
float upwards. As she floats, she reaches a hand out to Neku, and Neku 
back. They both smile, and just as their hands are about to touch, Shiki


Neku: Shiki...

Megumi: And now it's your turn. You seem to have your mind made up.

Neku: Damn straight. I'll play your Game again.

Megumi: Excellent. No doubt you'll make it an exciting one. Then before the
        next Game begins... allow me to return your previous entry fee.

[A flash of light]

Neku: Nnnnnngh!!! Huff...huff... What... What the hell did you just do to 

Megumi: I simply returned to you what is yours. Fair is fair.

Neku: Nngh, I get it now... This explains a lot. My memory... was gone...
      because you took it!

Megumi: Indeed. Memories are the single greatest determinant of a person's
        identity. A worthy entry fee, wouldn't you say?

Neku: !? Hey... Wait just a... Where's the rest!?

Megumi: Beg pardon?

Neku: It's missing! How did I die!? I still can't remember anything about my
      own death! I was looking up at the tag mural in Udagawa... Then the 
      thing I remember is waking up in the scramble!

Megumi: Oh really? Most fascinating...

Neku: Cut the crap! You're the one who...

Megumi: HOWEVER. That has nothing to do with the Game.

Neku: What!?

Megumi: I returned your memory in its entirety. If you still can't recall
        something, well... you must never have had it in the first place.

Neku: I never...?

Megumi: What could I possibly stand to gain from depriving you of that 

Neku: (...He's right. So why is that the only hole in my memory?)

Megumi: Now then. As for your new entry fee--

Neku: You're taking my memory again!?

Megumi: A Player's entry fee is that which they hold most dear. That is the
        rule. I've already taken the liberty of collecting yours.

Neku: What!?

Megumi: This time, you're playing for... Shiki Misaki.

Neku: WHAT!? That's not... NOOOOO!


Neku: I...

Joshua: ......

Neku: I got her dragged back into this. But I'll be damned if I let it end 
      way. I'm winning this Game. And I'm not relying on other Players doing 
      for me.

Joshua: ...... Hmph.

Neku: ! "Hmph," what!? Weren't you listening?

Joshua: Uh-huh. And here's me playing the world's tiniest violin.

Neku: You little... I just--

Joshua: Did you think you were special? Every Player here put up something 
        loved. Everybody makes sacrifices.

Neku: Sacrifices? Are you... (No. Gotta calm down. Losing it here will only
      make things worse. Just take a deep breath and...) How about this? 
      we complete the mission. After that, we can do whatever you want.

Joshua: ...... Oh, I suppose. You'll just owe me one.

Neku: (Owe you one what!? You're a Player! Clearing the mission HELPS you!
      Ugh...) Fine.

Joshua: You have yourself a deal, Neku. So? What's the mission?

Neku: "Game II: Acquire the v3 Au pin. "t = 300 min. Incompletes will be

[Neku flinches]

Neku: Nngh... Clock's ticking. So what's up with this mission? It's 

Joshua: We know it has something to do with a pin. Any thoughts beyond that,

Neku: Au...The periodic symbol for gold? A pin made of gold, maybe?

Joshua: Hmm... Not a bad hypothesis. Let's go with that for now. What about 

Neku: v3... Well, the square root of 3 is 1.7320508. Some kind of entry code?

Joshua: Ooh, a tantalizing possibility, Neku! I'm so proud.

Neku: (...Bite me.)

Joshua: But I think it's referring to a street here in Shibuya.

Neku: A street?

Joshua: The Reapers use numbers to refer to each of Shibuya's streets. Route 
        Route 2 and so on...

Neku: (How does HE know that? And why go asking me-- to make me look stupid?)

Joshua: So let's check out Route 3.

Neku: Which is?

Joshua: The road leading from Cadoi City to Molco. Shall we?

[Joshua leaves]

Neku: (He knows too much. About the Reapers' Game and about my death... He's
      dangerous. ...And I know dangerously little about him.)

        | Neku: (...... He knows something.)
        | Joshua: ...Hmm? Keep staring and you'll make me blush. Route 3 runs
        |         between Cadoi City and Molco.
        | Neku: I heard you. Let's go.
        | [Neku leaves]
        | Joshua: Yes, sir!

[Shibu Dept. Store]

        > [scan Yammer] {What now?}
        > Yammer: I'm out of time. Even if I practice from now till the
        > slam-off, I'm still gonna get served...

        > [scan business man] {Makoto}
        > Business man: What did Makoto want? He said it was important. 
        >               Lately he's been like a different person.

<red hoodie Reaper>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Erase all the Noise possessing people in
        this area.

        | Neku: Eliminate the Noise possessing people here...
        | Joshua: Well, they usually target folks who are negative. ......
        | [Joshua inches closer to Neku. Neku backs away]
        | Neku: Wh-what!?
        | [Joshua returns to his normal distance]
        | Joshua: Oh, nothing. ...I just hate negative people, don't you?
        | Neku: (Yeah, and you're just a bundle of joy. Look, let's just kill
        | us some Noise.)

        > [scan Yammer] {}
        > Yammer: I thought I had Shooter this time... But he keeps getting
        >         stronger! I'll just have to mod my pins and hope no one
        >         catches me...

        > [scan Business man] {}
        > Business man: Dammit. He must have caught me filching his fried
        >               chicken. Or maybe it was the takoyaki... The pudding,
        >               perhaps?

[Eliminate the Noise from Business man]

        > [scan Business man] {Decisive action}
        > Business man: Gaaah! I can't let little things like this slow me
        > down. This is a job for Reaper Creeper!

[Eliminate the Noise from Yammer]

Yammer: Right... I can do this. If I'm gonna play, I'm going for gold! 
        this slam-off is the only way to get the Hero Pin. OK... Better get 
        Molco. The time's finally come to use my secret weapon!

Neku: Some kind of contest at Molco for Tin Pin Slammer? The grand prize is
      this "Hero Pin"...

Joshua: "Going for gold"?

Neku: Of course! This is it!

Joshua: Certainly seems that way. It's a safe guess that our mission is to 
        that pin.

Neku: All right, then we'd better get over to Molco.

        | Joshua: Well, no more negative people around here... Nope, not a 
        |         Just bright, cheery--
        | Neku: OK, OK. Let's go.
        | Joshua: Hee hee.

Reaper: ...... Objective met. Wall clear!

[exit to Cadoi City. POV goes to Kariya and Uzuki]

Uzuki: Huff...huff...

Kariya: Still alive over there?

Uzuki: Barely... What the heck was that thing?

Kariya: A Noise that targets Reapers.

Uzuki: Well, duh! But that's... It's impossible!

Kariya: Somebody must have cooked some up. A fresh, steamy batch of Taboo

Uzuki: What!? But that's a capital offense!

Kariya: Do I smell another game? First one to find out who's behind this--

Uzuki: Kariya! This is no time for your stupid games! I'm calling 

[back to Neku and Joshua. Cadoi City]

        | Joshua: Why the hurry, Neku? Molco's just a few blocks away. We've
        | got hours.
        | Neku: You never know what'll happen. Let's get this done.
        | [Neku leaves]
        | Joshua: OK, OK...

Neku: C'mon, already! Get a move on!

Joshua: Sigh... I don't do the whole sweating thing, Neku.

[Taboo Noise appear]

Joshua: !?

Neku: Wha-- Are those Noise!?

Joshua: Black Noise? They look different than the usual riffraff.

Neku: So what's the plan?

Joshua: I doubt we'd make it if we tried to run.

Neku: Then we take 'em out!

[battle with Taboo Noise]

Neku: What the hell were those? I've never seen black Noise.

Joshua: Likewise.

Neku: Bastards were tough, huh?

Joshua: Not only that... I couldn't really hurt them unless I had the light

Neku: Huh? ...Really? (Wow... Maybe this kid does have his uses--)

Joshua: Hmm? Don't tell me you didn't notice, Neku. That doesn't inspire much
        confidence, partner. Hee hee...

Neku: (--even if he is a snot.)

Joshua: In any case, why did it pick a fight?

Neku: Yeah... Our pact should prevent that.

Joshua: How bizarre...

        | Neku: We don't have time to screw around. Let's get to Molco and
        |       finish the job.
        | Joshua: Yes, sir!


        | Neku: This is it. They're holding the slam-off inside the store.
        | Random Person: Dude, it's a Tin Pin slam-off! Those always rock.
        | Joshua: Looks like a popular event.
        | Neku: (...And I've got to win it.) Let's go.

        > [ew2d2-1]

Neku: So this is Tin Pin Slammer... All I need to do is figure out some way 
      win this.

Joshua: Good luck with that. At least there's a Reaper decal here. You won't
        have any problems entering.

Neku: The decal makes us visible, right?

Joshua: Yup. Every shop licensed to sell to Players has one.

Neku: I'm not complaining, but... why let us shop at all? The Reapers want us
      erased, don't they? Why help us?

Joshua: Hmm... Does it really matter? Shopping is fun. The Game's better this

Neku: (Yeah, 'cause the Game's all about fun...)

Joshua: If you don't hurry, you'll miss registration, Neku.

Neku: OK, OK, I'm going. (Going...to do what? I've never played Tin Pin 
      in my life. I hope I'm a natural... That, or the luckiest guy on the
      planet. Shiki's counting on me... Well... Here goes!)

[Molco building]

Neku: (So... How do you even play this game?) Do you know how to play Tin Pin

Joshua: Who? Me? Don't be silly. I don't have a clue. Good thing I'm not
        entering, hmm?

Neku: What!?

Joshua: I thought you were going to clear this mission, Neku?

Neku: ...... (I shouldn't have bothered asking. So who DO I ask?) Gah! What

Shooter: SORRY! I wasn't watching where I was going! Hmm? Hey, you've got 
         pins, bro!

Neku: Um, yes?

Shooter: So you're entering the slam-off?

Joshua: That's right! Losing's not an option. ...For Neku.

Neku: (But you're cool with the idea!?)

Shooter: So, if you're not losing, then-- Wait, you're going for FIRST?
         WHAAAT!? With THOSE pins? Are you crazy?

Neku: Wh-what's wrong with my pins?

Shooter: Is this, like, your first time EVER or something? Forget about the
         slam-off, those pins won't win you a single round!

Neku: (The kid's sure blunt enough.)

Joshua: I take it you're playing today, uh...

Shooter: Shuto Dan. Call me Shooter! And yeah! I'm actually kinda famous 
         here-- the slickest Slammurai (dun dun DAAAH!!) in town! None of my
         buddies can touch me!

Joshua: Wow, Shooter. You must be a real expert. Are there any tips you could
        offer? ...To Neku.

Neku: (Thanks a lot, partner!)

Joshua: Come on, Neku, what do we say?

Neku: Rrgh. ...Please?

Shooter: Well, you do look pretty hopeless... OK, bro! Tin Pin's a battle
         between SOULS!

Neku: Between...souls.

Shooter: Yeah, bro! It's like your fiery passion slams into the other guy's,
         like WHAM!

Joshua: Hee hee. Sounds like a fun time.

Neku: ...... Think you could be a little more specific?

Shooter: Just a sec! I'll draw it out clear and easy for you!

[Shooter shows a very badly drawn picture]

Shooter: Here! THIS is Tin Pin Slammer!

Neku: ...... (It hurts to look...)

Joshua: My, my. Then there's quite a bit of depth to it.

Shooter: Right!? The timing right here is super important!

Joshua: This is practically a map to victory, huh, Neku?

Neku: ......

Joshua: Neku? Do you still not get it?

Shooter: What!? You need MORE explanation!? Aww, man! OK, fine... Let's SLAM!
         That's the quickest way to learn!

Neku: What, right now!?

[Play Tin Pin Slammer. If you lose to Shooter]

Shooter: Heh heh! You've got pretty good form, bro.

        > [if you won against Shooter]
        > Shooter: Whoa! Y-you're a fast learner.

Neku: (So I just need to knock the other guy's pins off...)

Shooter: All clear now? Wanna slam again?

Play again?

        > [if you chose [> One more time!]
        > Shooter: OK! On your mark... Get set... SLAM!!!

> That's enough

Shooter: NICE!!! You picked it up pretty good!

Neku: (I kinda, sorta get it...)

Shooter: Every pin's got its own stats, so try a buncha stuff out! Keep in
         mind, though, you can only play with the pins you've got on.

Neku: (The ones I'm wearing?) So I can't play if I'm not wearing any pins?

Shooter: NAW, BRO! That's totally cool, too! You can borrow special slamming
         pins to play with. You could play Tin Pin Slammer NAKED, man!

Neku: Thanks, but... no.

Shooter: WHOA! Look at the time! See ya! Good luck!

Announcer: Things are rrreally heating up, folks! It's time for ourrr next
           battle! In the blue corner, crowned with sound... First-timer Neku

Neku: (Bring it!)

Announcer: In the red corner, the comeback kid comes back! Slams down curry
           like it was a pin... Itaru Yokoyamada!

Yammer: Heh heh... I hand-design and build all my pin mods. It's Yammer Time!

Announcer: Players, on your marks... Get set...SLAM!!!

[play Tin Pin Slammer. If you win against Yammer]

Neku: Yes!

Shooter: WOW!!! Your first time playing, and you (dun dun DAAAH!) totally 

Joshua: Very impressive, Neku. Show those fifth graders who's boss.

Neku: (Thanks for killing my high, man.)

Shooter: Too bad next round, though.

Neku: Huh?

Shooter: You're facing the TOP SEED, man. You're history.

Neku: Top seed?

Shooter: That means crazy insane strong. Dumb luck won't get you through the
         next match.

        > [If you had lost against Yammer] [ew2d2-2]

Neku: (Dumb luck? I mean, sure, I'm not exactly a pro, but... Hmm, I should
      work on snapping my strokes... Gotta make sure I--)

Joshua: Hee hee. Well, I'll be waiting in the stands, Neku. Do your best,

Neku: (Damn right I will. This is important.)

Announcer: The air is electric here in the slam mall! Next up, the main 
           In the blue corner, Neku Sakuraba!

Neku: (Who wants some?)

Announcer: In the red corner, the top seed and Slammurai legend...

Neku: (I don't care who he is. I have to win.)

Announcer: Shuto Daaaan!

Neku: Him!?

Shooter: HEY, MAN! I'm impressed you got this far! Sorry, but I can't let you
         win this one. Because I'M gonna win it!

Neku: I'm up against this kid? Ugh... (Well, if this is what it takes...)

Shooter: Taste the rage of my Red Kaiser! Innn... PINCIBLE!

Neku: Gah! It...it's over. I lost?

Shooter: You seemed pretty tough, bro! I had to get serious!

Announcer: And just like that, the match is over! Shooter does it again! The
           top seed moves on to the finals!

Shooter: Watch out, Shibuya! When I'm on, I am ON!!! Woo! Time for the final
         match! Better luck next time, bro!

Neku: There is no next time! Shiki... I'm sorry, I--

Joshua: Aww, what a shame. Not that I'm shocked. You're a Tin Pin virgin. 
        could you do?

Neku: Don't you see what this means!? We failed! We screwed up the mission!

Joshua: You sure did. But relax...

Neku: Relax!? How can--

Announcer: Uh-oh! Looks like trouble for our champ!

Neku: What happened?

Joshua: What indeed? Sounds like an upset.

Neku: Let's check it out.

Shooter: My pin... It won't eject! No, Red Kaiser! NOOO!

Announcer: It looks like a freak malfunction has cost the top seed the
           slam-off! Victory goes to dark horse slammer Sota Honjo!

Joshua: Oh, my! Looks like Shooter lost.

Neku: ! Huh? The timer's gone. Wait... We cleared the mission?

Joshua: The guy who just won is a Player, too.

Neku: What?

Nao: So, like, where'd the timer go?

Sota: Mission accomplished! We did it, Nao!

Joshua: I thought you knew, Neku? It doesn't matter which Player clears the
        mission. So there's no reason for us to get all worked up over it.

Neku: Whew... We're safe.

Nao: So that's, like, another day down?

Sota: Hope tomorrow's this easy, too!

Shooter: Wait up, man! I want a... rematch... Huh? Where'd he go? You can't
         just win, then disappear! It's not fair!

Joshua: Let the other Players take care of the missions. We just need to do
        what it takes to stay alive. ...Whatever it takes.

Neku: And what if nobody clears the mission? If that kid's toy hadn't broken
      when it did... that would've been the end of us!

Joshua: Hee hee... Oh, I'm willing to make some minimal effort. You don't
        really think that was an accident, do you?

Neku: What!?

Joshua: I borrowed your opponents' pins and swapped in a few of my own. Of
        course mine had a few... adjustments made. Here, you can have the

Neku: Unbelievable...

Joshua: You didn't need to win. Shooter just had to lose.

Neku: You're... You're devious!

Joshua: Oh, come on. You wanted to win. Wasn't that the whole reason for

Neku: OK, fine. Then why didn't you tell me?

Joshua: Hee hee... Don't you think it's more fun with a little suspense?

Neku: No.

Joshua: Besides, you might've won anyway. I didn't want to hurt your 

Neku: You smug little... Is this fun for you? I'm not your toy!

Joshua: If you're done, it's my turn now.

Neku: For what!?

Joshua: I've got an errand to run, and you're coming along.

Neku: I just said I'm not your--

Joshua: You agreed to this, Neku. After the mission, we do what I want.

Neku: Rrgh! ...Fine.

Joshua: Good. Then let's head back to the scramble.

[exiting Molco]
Minamimoto: What, you're just going to ignore me? You half-blind 

Neku: !? Hecto...Ugh.

[A flash of light]

Neku: Nngh! Not again... My head's... pounding...

Joshua: Oh, look. It's a stray Reaper. You seem even grouchier than usual.

Minamimoto: Damn right! That game was zetta dull! Are you trying to bore me 
            death? How about a little flair!? Give it some edge! You brain-
            binomials are pathetic!

Joshua: Wow, you sat there watching the entire mission? Do GMs always have 
        much time on their hands?

Minamimoto: No comments from the peanut gallery. Your opinions are garbage!
            CRUNCH! I'll add them to the heap!

Joshua: Hee hee... I figured you weren't much for criticism. Otherwise, why
        keep making those senseless junk heaps?

Minamimoto: Heh. Even inch of my work is flawlessly calculated. Look at the
            perfectly understated silhouette. How can you not see the 
            ...Time for a little quiz. What's the probability of you Players
            surviving the week?

Joshua: Gee, I wonder.

Minamimoto: ZERO, same as your taste! Attention, all tasteless tetrahedra! If
            you want to live, show me the limit of U as I go to infinity! Not
            that there's anything any of you can do. You fractals have no
            future! QED. Class is dismissed!

[Minamimoto leaves]

Neku: (Finally... The pounding's stopped. What language is that guy 

Joshua: Think he's got a thing for you, Neku?

Neku: What!? How the hell do you figure that?

Joshua: Oh, please! The way he follows you around?

Neku: That's just because I'm a Player.

Joshua: I don't see him chasing after the other Players.

Neku: (He's right... So why me?)

Joshua: ...Or is it my fault?

Neku: (What? That's right... He might be tied in with the Reapers. If he is,
      that could explain why the GM is stalking us. ...Still. I'm just
      speculating. It's too soon to reach any definite conclusions. Except...
      maybe one. I'd have to be crazy to trust this kid! )


[Beat, now a Reaper, is on a rooftop, looking at a pin in his hand]


[Beat flashback]
[Dead God's Pad]

Megumi: ...Destroy the ones you called friends. Those are your orders.

Beat: I gotta follow orders?

Megumi: Of course. We require proof of your loyalty to the Reapers.

Beat: Aight, yo, don't get your panties in a twist. I'm a Reaper. I'll do it.

Megumi: I trust that you will.

[/Beat flashback]

Beat: I swear... ...... I'ma do this! I didn't join up for nothin'.

[The 2nd Day: Reapers. Chapter Closed]

        Week 2, Day 3 [w2d3]

Neku: Where...? (The scramble again? And Joshua? ...He's on the phone again.)

Joshua: Yup... I'll be there today. You'll have it all ready for me, won't 

Neku: (Who's he talking to? Same person as yesterday?) ...... (Well, 
      be long till the mission shows up.) ...... ...... ...... (OK... What's
      the deal? It never takes this long. Am I even getting reception?)

Joshua: Say, Neku.

Neku: (...That smile makes me nervous. What are you scheming now?) Yeees?

Joshua: You're coming with me today, right? There's someplace I'd like to go.

Neku: ......

Joshua: You never followed through on your promise yesterday. So today, 
        making it up to me. ...Right? We haven't got anything else to do yet.
        So let's go take care of my stuff first.

Neku: No way! I told you yesterday-- first, we do the mission. Then you can
      play around. Besides, the mission could show up any sec--

[Joshua's phone beeps]

Joshua: ! Whoa, you're right. There it is, Neku! Let's see... "Proceed to Cat
        Street. "Time limit: 15 minutes."

Neku: Fifteen minutes!? That's on the other side of Shibuya!

Joshua: We'd better hurry, then.

Neku: No joke! Shut up and start running! Come on!

Joshua: Yes, sir!

        | Neku: We've only got fifteen minutes! We better haul ass!
        | Joshua: Definitely. For Cat Street, we'd want Route 2. From here to
        |         Cadoi City, then on past Towa Records.

        > [If you go up Center St. to AMX]
        > Joshua: Say, Neku. Hate to bother you when you're in a hurry, but--
        > Neku: What do you want!? Just run!
        > Joshua: If we're going to Cat Street, it's a lot faster to go past
        > the Shibu Department store.
        > Neku: Wha-- Why didn't you say so before!?
        > Joshua: You seemed to know where you were going. I figured you had
        >         some brilliant plan. Hee hee...
        > Neku: (Like beating you senseless?) Ugh, fine. Let's just hurry!

[Cadoi City]
Reaper: ...

Neku: Ugh! Not one of THEM?

Joshua: Looks like there's a wall up ahead.

Neku: Dammit, we don't have time for this! (...There's only one way to Cat
      Street. And that's through here.) Quick, let's clear the wall!

        | Neku: Rrgh! His timing sucks!
        | Joshua: Hmm, sure does. Wonder what today's challenge will be.

Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then beat three of these-- where I can 

        | Neku: We can't waste time here!
        | Joshua: Three of the Noise symbols he showed us, right?
        | Neku: Right. Let's do it!

[clear the Noise]

        | Joshua: Whew...
        | Neku: Done! That should take care of the wall.

Reaper: ...... Objective met. Wall clear!

[Towa Records]

        | Neku: All right! Let's sprint from here!
        | [Neku leaves]
        | Joshua: Oh, dear... Feeling energetic today, isn't he?
        | Neku: You run, too!
        | Joshua: Coming, sir!

[Miyashita Park Underpass]
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then bring me one Pop Pendulum. It's a 
        Noise No. 56 has got 'em. Set your difficulty to Normal.

        | Neku: Rrgh, we need a specific pin!?
        | Joshua: This could be a good time to crank down our level. Taking 
        |         Noise in a chain battle may help, too.

[after getting the pin]

        | Joshua: Nice work, Neku. You got today's magic pin.
        | Neku: Right... Let's just get the wall cleared.

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[Cat Street]
Neku: Huff...huff... Made it! Did we clear the mission!? !? Huh? No timer...
      Wait! Was there ever a timer? I never stopped to notice before... But 
      phones got the... What? There's no mission mail...

Joshua: Whew! We finally made it. It's that café just over there, Neku.

Neku: Wait... Don't tell me... You lied to me!?

Joshua: Kinda, yeah. I'm surprised it worked this well.

Neku: You...UGH! I can't believe you!

Joshua: Oh, come on. No harm done. It's not like we have a real mission yet.
        Anyway, here we are-- so let me get this done.

Neku: ......

        | Neku: Augh! You must love jerking people around.
        | Joshua: There there, Neku. Just be grateful this wasn't a real
        |         mission. If it were you'd be erased. You took forever 
        |         here.
        | Neku: Hey, I... Why are you doing this!?
        | Joshua: I felt like coffee. Cat Street has a lovely café. Care to
        | join me?

Joshua: Mr. H? You in?

Mr. H: Heyyy! I was waiting for ya, Josh.

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma!?

Mr. H: Hmm? Oh, Phones! What, you're in the Game again?

Neku: Yeah... And because of that, Shiki's... She was my entry fee.

Mr. H: They took the young lady, huh... Well, buck up. Nothin' you can do 
       that right now. 'Sides, boss, I'm sure she understands.

Neku: ...Thanks.

Joshua: I see you two are acquainted.

Neku: Yeah. He saved our asses more than once last week.

Joshua: What a coincidence. He's been in the business of saving my ass for 

Neku: (The two seem to go way back. Is this where Joshua learned all about 

Joshua: I hate to seem impatient, but could we, you know?

Mr. H: Sure thing, J. Lemme see your phones.

Joshua: Yours too, Neku.

Neku: My phone? What do you need with it?

Joshua: Just doing a little upgrade.

Mr. H: More features the better, right? Gimme just a sec, guys.

Joshua: I told him we were coming, so it shouldn't take long.

Neku: Told him how? Wait, so you the person you were talking to on the phone

Joshua: Mr. H, of course.

Neku: (Man, now I feel like an idiot. Mr. Hanekoma's got his secrets, but 
      trust him over this kid. I guess... if Mr. H is OK with him, I don't 
      to worry quite so much.)

Mr. H: Sorry for the wait, guys. Here ya go.

Joshua: Thanks. Now we can finally go on a little hunt.

Neku: A hunt? For what?

Joshua: You'll see when we find it. Let's step out front and give the tracker 


Joshua: Hmm, no response around here.

Neku: ......(Just what is this tracker tracking? )

Joshua: Ready to go, Neku? We'll canvass Shibuya and look for signals.

Neku: (Should I really go along with this?)

Mr. H: What's up, Phones? You look like ya got something on your mind.

Got any questions for Mr. Hanekoma?

> The café

Neku: So this is your place?

Mr. H: Yup! I call it "WildKat." Pretty hip, right?

Neku: Yeah... (It's a nice enough looking place, but... nobody's here. How's 
      paying the rent?)

Mr. H: Always did love me some beans. I got to be such an addict, I started 
       my own café.

Neku: Because you love... beans. (Who gets into coffee because they like 
      That's just... No.)

Mr. H: Oh, hey! I said I'd fix you up with a cuppa last time, huh? Have one 
       the road, man. ...Only 520 yen.

Neku: (You're CHARGING?)

> Joshua

Neku: So how do you two know each other?

Mr. H: What, me and Josh? I've known him for a while now. He'd swing by when 
       was bored, and we'd talk. See, he's a little special...

Neku: "Special"?

Mr. H: Yeah. He sees things.

Neku: Things? Like what? "I see dead people," kind of sees things?

Mr. H: Pretty much. That's how he knew about the Game. He saw Players and
       Reapers and all when he was still alive.

Neku: Oh...

Mr. H: And when he wanted to talk about it, he came to me. There aren't many
       folks who'd listen, if you know what I mean. In a way, he's been alone
       all his life. He's pretty aloof, and can get prickly from time to 
       but he's not a bad kid. In any case, he's your partner. You're gonna
       have to make friendly.

Neku: ......

> The mission

Neku: The Reapers are supposed to give out one mission per day, right? We 
      haven't gotten one today.

Mr. H: That's what I hear. The Game Master's the one who handles all the
       missions, so I can't tell you what I don't know. But yeah, usually 
       one mission per day.

Neku: (The Game Master... This time, it's that whack-job junk collector. He's
      capable of anything... Doesn't matter, though. I'm not letting the Grim
      Heaper trash Shiki's life. I have to beat him, for her!)

Mr. H: The missions are guaranteed to show up on your phone. When one's 
       you'll know. So don't go losin' that phone, Phones.

> The phone

Neku: So what's this phone upgrade you gave us?

Mr. H: Oh, the tracker?

Neku: Whatever you call it. So...what, it picks up some kind of signal?

Mr. H: Pretty much. I set both your phones to locate energy spikes now. The
       tracker will point you towards the nearest spike.

Neku: What exactly is an energy spike?

Mr. H: You can ask Josh what you guys are looking for.

Neku: ...... (Not if I want a straight answer.)

Mr. H: There's one other feature in there now, too.

Neku: Another one? What's it do?

Mr. H: I told Josh how to use it. Ask him.

Neku: ...... (Not if I want a straight answer.)

> No more questions!

Mr. H: If you're bored, go take a walk with Joshua. You still don't have a
       mission, right? It'd be a waste to just sit around all day.

Neku: Yeah, but...

Mr. H: You don't look convinced. Did you forget already? If you wanna survive
       in this Shibuya, you gotta--

Neku: Trust my partner, I know. It's just...

Mr. H: You still got a long way to go, Phones. Knowing it in your head 
       mean much if you don't act on it.

Neku: ......

Mr. H: Enjoy every moment with all ya got.

Neku: ! What!? What did you just say?

Mr. H: Huh? I say something weird?

Neku: "Enjoy every moment with all you've got." That's the motto of the one
      person I respect. I've made it my mantra. It's the way I live.

Mr. H: You coulda fooled me.

Neku: Well, now's not really the time to be enjoying life.

Mr. H: Uh-huh... You really have got a long way to go. Listen up, Phones! The
       world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You
       gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.

Neku: Are you kidding? I'm stuck in the Reapers' Game. I can't even leave
      Shibuya. How an I supposed to expand my world?

Mr. H: That's for you to figure out.

Neku: (Expand my world...)

Mr. H: Now go on! Git!

        | Neku: ...So. What are we looking for with that thing?
        | Joshua: Hee hee... What, indeed? We'll know it when we see it, 
        | Neku: (Gee, thanks for confiding!)

[Neku and Joshua head back in the direction of the scramble. Towa Records,
exiting to Cadoi City]

Beat: Found ya!

Neku: Who's there!?

Beat: Get ready to hurt, Phones! You gonna bleed today, yo!

Neku: Beat... You're OK!

Beat: Better'n OK. See for yourself.

Neku: !? You've got...wings!

Beat: Pretty badass, huh? Proves I'm a Reaper, yo.

Neku: A Reaper... You really joined them?

Joshua: Neku, you have Reaper friends, too? My, my. You certainly do get

Beat: He ain't no friend a' mine. I only came here to erase you punks.

Neku: What? You don't really--

Beat: Yo, you hear what I said? Bring it!

[Fight with Beat]

Neku: He's...strong...

Beat: Pfft! That it? Your psychs is limp, yo! I was hopin' for a real fight,
      man. But your weak ass ain't worth beatin' down. Go on, get lost. An'
      consider yourself lucky.

Neku: Hey, wait!

[Beat leaves]

Joshua: Ugh, talk about your delinquent Reapers. A direct attack on Players
        three days in? Such egregious rule-breaking!

Neku: Then he's really my enemy now...

Joshua: If not, he could've fooled me. He wasn't pulling any punches, Neku.

Neku: (But why would he join the Reapers?)

Joshua: I should be careful, hanging out with you. If that was a friend, I'd
        hate to run into one of your enemies... Brr! Anyway, let's move on.

        | Neku: So how do you use that thing?
        | Joshua: Well, we just walk around with it. It'll tell us when it
        |         picks something up.

        > [ew2d3-1]

[Scramble Crossing]

Joshua: Hold it! Neku, we're getting a response!

Neku: A response?

Joshua: It means we're close. It's got to be around here.

Neku: Around here where?

Joshua: I don't know... I need to pinpoint this. Let's keep looking around.

        | Neku: Well?
        | Joshua: Hmm... It's coming through. Let's look for a stronger 

        > [ew2d3-2]

<red hoodie Reaper blocking 104 Building exit>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then turn Natural Puppy into the hottest
        thing around. Make it number one in the area. Watch what pins and
        threads you wear into battle, yeah?

[when Natural Puppy is number 1]

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!


Joshua: ? Hmm?

Neku: What, pick something up?

Joshua: Yeah... That.

Neku: What's up with the line?

Joshua: Let's go take a look.

Neku: H-hey! Wait up! What are we even looking for?

Ken Doi: Sigh...

        | Joshua: Well, Neku? That ramen shop seems to be the source. Let's
        |         start there, hmm?

        > [scan Ken Doi] {Why?}
        > I don't get why that place is so popular. The taste is nothing to
        > write home about.

[Shadow Ramen]
Neku: Is this a ramen shop?

Joshua: Looks pretty new. My phone says this is the place.

Neku: Here?

Makoto: Hey! No cutting! Boys, boys, boys... You need to wait in line, same 
        everybody else.

Neku: Uhh, guess we're waiting outside, then.

Joshua: That's no good...


Neku: ! Wait... We're invisible outside! We CAN'T wait in line!

Joshua: You're just realizing this now?

Neku: ......

Joshua: Ugh, and the line isn't getting any shorter. The signal's definitely
        coming from in there, though...

Neku: ...We've been tracking down ramen?

Joshua: Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Neku: ...... Look, just tell me. What are we after?

Joshua: ......

Neku: ...... !? Wait! Do you feel that!?

Ken: I don't get why that place is so popular. The taste is nothing to write
     home about...

Neku: Negativity. And it's coming from him.

Joshua: He's staring at the line.

Neku: You think something's up with this shop?

Joshua: That might explain the signal I picked up.

Neku: Let's start with the Noise on that guy.

        | Neku: What's that guy's beef with the new place?
        | Joshua: Who can say?
        | Neku: Hmm... Let's try getting rid of the Noise around him.

        > [Scan Ken Doi] {}
        > Ken: One taste! That's all it would take. If people just gave my
        > ramen a chance... Instead they line up next door like sheep to
        > the...to the noodle! Arrrgh!

        > [if you try to re-enter Shadow Ramen]
        > Random Person: Hey, c'mon! No buttin' in line, kid!
        > Joshua: We're not getting in any time soon. Let's try again later.

[Defeat the Noise]

Ken: Buh! What am I doing out here? I can't afford to sit around complaining!
     I've gotta come up with the next big thing in ramen!

Neku: He went inside.

Joshua: Let's drop by and talk to him. It's not like this line's going

Neku: Yeah... (No mission yet, either... Weird.)

        | Neku: He went back into his shop.
        | Joshua: Perfect. We can talk to him there.

[Ramen Don]

Ken: Irasshai!

Neku: !? (Ugh, what's that smell?)

Joshua: I don't see anybody else, but... sounds like he's open.

Ken: What'll you boys have today? We've got a new limited-time-only seasonal
     special in! "The Big Catch."

Neku: (What the heck kinda name is that? I'm afraid to ask what's in it. I'll
      play it safe, thanks.) Just give me a plain old shoyu ra--

Joshua: Exciting! Make mine the Big Catch!

Neku: (No way! He's either brave or stupid. )

Joshua: Him, too.

Neku: (WHAT!?)

Ken: You got it! Here ya go!

Neku: (What, it's already done!? Is this... food?)

Joshua: Mmm! ? Fantastic.

Neku: (Ugh, he's EATING it!)

Joshua: Mister, this is excellent!

Ken: Like it? Gah ha ha! Ya got good taste, son!

Joshua: What's wrong? Eat up while it's hot, Neku.

Neku: ...Right. ...... ...... Huh? It's... not terrible... It's actually 

Joshua: Using cheese as a hidden flavor really gives the soup body. The bold
        inclusion of a whole sea bream gives it flavor and presence, as well 
        a sense of austere majesty.

Ken: For a young kid, you know your noodles! Good to see there are still some
     folks left in Shibuya who get it.

Neku: (I'll admit, it's tasty. But...still. Who would order this?)

Makoto: Hmm? Closed again today?

Neku: ! (Another customer?)

Ken: We're OPEN. Can't you see these customers? I can't work with you around.
     Go away.

Makoto: Ahh, my mistake. The place was so empty, I just assumed. So... Give 
        offer any thought?

Neku: (It's the guy who bounced us from that other place. ...Why does he look
      so familiar?)

Ken: I've got nothing to talk about with you. Now get out.

Makoto: Come on, champ. I need an answer soon. Do yourself a favor and join 
        with us. I guarantee you your profits will explode.

Ken: ......

Makoto: What do the people of Shibuya want from a bowl of ramen? It's not
        flavor. It's adventure. Something different. Eating noodles in this
        town is an event... an experience! That experience beings the moment
        they get in line. What's important is the presentation. How you sell
        it. I'm sure half of them couldn't tell good ramen if it bit them.

Ken: !!

Makoto: Anyway, give it some thought. The offer's only open for a month.

Ken: Ha ha.... Sorry you boys had to see that...

Joshua: Are you in some kind of trouble?

Ken: Heh... Must be, if I got kids asking about it. So, what, you wanna hear
     the story?

Neku: (Hear it and do what? We can't help him...) ......


Neku: Shh! What're you--

Shiki: Let's hear him out. Sometimes all people need is a good listener. We
       might even be able to solve his problem. If not, don't worry. I 
       I'll say no.

Neku: ......


Neku: ...... We can listen. But don't expect any miracles.

Ken: Ha ha, hey, that's more than enough!

Neku: Then, uh... go for it.

Ken: As you can see, business is hardly booming. If I don't turn out some
     serious profits this month, I'll have to close the shop.

Joshua: But that ramen was so good! You're closing?

Ken: Well, if I let those guys buy me out, I can keep going...

Neku: But you don't want to?

Ken: The noodles they serve aren't bad, but... there's no love. They treat
     ramen as a way to make cash. Plus they hook customers with cheap tricks,
     not flavor. I say let our noodles do the talking!

Fangirls: Eeeeeek!

Neku: What the...

Ken: Ugh, the show begins... Go on out and see for yourselves.


Fangirls: Eeeeeek!

[The Prince walks past]

Fangirls: It's the Prince! He's sooo dreamy!

Neku: Wait, that's... (The guy I met at 104. Mr. Spicy Tuna Roll or 

Joshua: He went into that other ramen place. Let's go see.

        | Joshua: They're doing something at that ramen shop. Let's go take a
        |         look.
        | Neku: (...What exactly is a spicy tuna roll?)

[Shadow Ramen]

Prince: Exquisite! I can die in bliss. F this ramen! F...for FABULOUS!

Fangirl1: Omigosh, you hear that!? He F'd it!

Fangirl2: He only F's the stuff he really likes!

Fangirl1: I want to try what he got!

Neku: That's--

Joshua: Eiji Oji. The prince of Ennui. His blog "F Everything" sees 100,000
        hits a day.

Neku: (...So I've heard.)

Joshua: When the Prince mentions a place on his blog, this happens. People
        flock there.

Neku: Hmph. Well, the noodles do look pretty good...

Joshua: I'll say. They didn't cut any corners with the presentation.

Neku: Whoa, what? The staff dance as they cook!?

Joshua: I guess it's half food, half show.

Neku: This isn't a theme park...

Joshua: I see what he meant by "adventure."

Prince: The savory ramen, the eclectic venue-- I know my readers will love it
        here. You can bet I'll be back soon.

Makoto: Always a pleasure, sir! This month's our grand opening special! Every
        customer takes home a special gift! It's a doozy, too... We're giving
        out the hottest pin in town... This!

Fangirl1: Whoa! That's like, super-rare!

Fangirl2: We seriously all get one!?

Neku: That pin... Yeah. It's the one we promoted for a mission.

Joshua: You don't say...

Neku: Me and Shiki, we had to make that pin catch on. ! Wait a minute... 
      him! That guy in the suit is the promoter guy!

Joshua: Another friend of yours, Neku?

Neku: He looks totally different. I hardly recognize him!

Joshua: That's people for you: always quick to do a 180.

Neku: (Uh, 180? Try a 1260.)

Joshua: Still... Interesting. OK, Neku. Let's go.

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: Stick around, and we'll get yelled at again for cutting.

Makoto: ...AHEM.

Neku: Right... Out we go.


Joshua: My, my, Neku... I believe we have an incident on our hands.

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: A new ramen shop explodes onto the scene-- its owner, an overnight
        success story. And those red pins... This could be what my phone
        responded to.

Neku: You think the pins are the source of the energy spike?

Joshua: Oh! And don't forget the ramen that's not selling. Odd, don't you
        think, considering how good it is?

Neku: (Hellooo? You listening? )

Joshua: That settles it. We'll spend today getting to the bottom of this

Neku: "We"? I'm not about to ignore the mission when--

Joshua: What mission, Neku?

Neku: ......

Joshua: Now, let's start sniffing out the reason this place is such a big 

        | Joshua: The Dogenzaka Ramen Wars... Hee hee. This is quite a
        |         happening.
        | Neku: ......
        | Joshua: Let's investigate!


Makoto: Prince, baby. You're killing me.

Prince: Mick...

Makoto: Gotta obey that contract, hmm?

Prince: But--

Neku: ! Hey, it's those two.

Joshua: Sounds like trouble in paradise. Let's check it out.

        | Neku: Sounds like a fight... That promoter's chewing out Spicy Tuna
        |       Roll.
        | Joshua: ...Spicy what?
        | Neku: Oh, uh... never mind. Let's go see what's up.

<Makoto & the Prince>

Makoto: Why'd you change your blog entry?

Prince: I told you. It's my blog. I write it.

Makoto: I feel you, Prince. I really do. But this is business. Your 
        is the real deal. I respect that. But the text you wrote is... limp. 
        won't sell me any noodles. We decided this when you signed the
        contract. I provide the text.

Prince: But, Mick... Then it's not my blog anymore. Plus the ramen you serve
        there isn't that good. When I tasted the test batch it was great,
        but... Look, I don't want to lie-- in person, or on my blog. I can't 
        that when my fans--

Makoto: Eiji, Eiji, Eiji... Babe. Prince. It's fine! None of those people 
        how it tastes! Follow me? The whole game is about image. And whoever
        sells the most wins.

Prince: Mick...

Makoto: I'll send you next text and some pics by tonight. You'll have them up
        on your blog tomorrow, right? Fabulous. See ya!

[Makoto leaves]

Prince: ......

Neku: Aha.

Joshua: Exactly. Although it looks like the Prince is tired of playing 

Neku: ! Hey! The Noise have got him!

Joshua: Hmm... So they do.

        | Neku: It was all staged? Ugh!
        | Joshua: Easy, tiger. The Prince seems ready to turn over a new 
        |         so let's get rid of the Noise bugging him.

        > [Scan the Prince] {}
        > Prince: Ugh, that beefy ramen makes me broil! All I want is 
        > simple... like the ramen Sebastian used to make.

[Clear the Noise]

Prince: This isn't right. I can't lie to my public. I'll try talking to Mick
        one more time. I write my own blog. I list my own thoughts, my own
        feelings... The ramen I'd actually like to eat. Sigh... I miss the 
        stuff. Like the ramen Sebastian used to make... Just noodles and 
        Warm, simple ramen. I'd kill for a bowl of that right now...

Joshua: Even the Prince of Ennui has his woes. I guess we all do.

Neku: Dunno why he's so hung up on ramen.

Joshua: Hee hee. We all have our hang-ups.

Neku: Ugh, I don't get it.

Joshua: Of course you don't.

Neku: What?

Joshua: Everyone has their own little internal world-- a secret garden only
        they can enter. Each world follows its own internal logic--
        individuality. And the logic of one world means nothing in another.
        ...Understanding other people isn't hard, Neku. It's impossible.

Neku: Yeah. (Even if I could, I wouldn't want to see inside other people. 
      can keep their secret gardens, thanks.)


Makoto: Thank you all for coming out today. We appreciate your patience. As 
        apology for keeping you waiting, help yourselves to one of these.
        CAT-designed and hard to find! Today's your last chance to get these
        pins here, folks!

Joshua: ! Hmm? My phone's responding.

Neku: To those pins!? Is that what you're hunting? Rare pins?

Joshua: Not quite. What I'm looking for isn't a thing.

Neku: ...... So... CAT designed these pins?

Joshua: CAT's the big graphic designer, right?

Neku: Yes and no. They do artwork, clothes, even furniture. And that's just 
      start. Photo, music, video... CAT's an uber multi-talent. Shibuya's 
      of their billboard ads.

Joshua: Like the one at Towa Records?

Neku: Yup. CAT doesn't just make art. CAT IS art.

Joshua: You're awfully knowledgeable. Are you a fan?

Neku: Hell, yes! CAT's all about enjoying every moment, with all you've got. 
      what you want, how you want, when you want. How cool is that?

Joshua: Wow, you sound so devoted.

Neku: That's why this pisses me off. He's using CAT's work to trick people.

        > [ew2d3-3]

<Ken Doi>

Ken: I need to outsell that sorry excuse for a ramen shop... I need...
     something new. Something fresh.

[Touch the Player Pin]

Ken: (Hmm, what would the kids like?)

[Imprint Simple]
Ken: ! Yes! That's it!

[Ken leaves]

        | Neku: Whoa! Dude ran back into his shop in a hurry.
        | Joshua: Inspiration must have struck.
        | Neku: Let's see what he cooks up.

Ken: Irasshai! Hey! I've been waiting for you two. Take a taste! See what you

Joshua: This is...

Neku: Regular old ramen?

Joshua: Interesting... Well, here goes.

Prince: Hold it!

Joshua: !

Prince: Please... Let me try that.

Joshua: ...... Fine...

Prince: Thank you. Now, to dig in... ...... ...... Amazing! Is it OK for 
        to taste this good!? F this ramen! F it to high heaven!

Ken: Uhh... Is that a compliment?

Prince: Of course! F for FABULOUS! ...Still. This ramen is exceptional. Let 
        guess: a whole chicken in the soup? That, and a hint of pork bone,
        seaweed and sardines... It all blends together so perfectly! Truly, 
        handiwork of a ramen artisan! This is the ramen Sebastian made!

Ken: It's the same ramen I've always made. Haven't changed a thing. I just
     serve up the kind of ramen I'd want to eat.

Prince: Among the flavors, I... I can taste the love you've put in this. Your
        love of ramen... No. Your love for ramen-lovers! Are you... Is that
        you, Sebas--

Ken: Everybody hits rough patches in life. So next time you're down, drop on 
     and I'll fix you a bowl. Remember-- the future is a clean slate, and
     you're the chalk!

Prince: The future's a clean slate...

Makoto: Ha ha! Try a blank slate pops.

Prince: !?

Makoto: Considering this place is gone in a month.

Prince: What!?

Makoto: And you... Prince, baby. You're my walking billboard. Can't have you
        eating at the other guy's joint, can I?

Prince: ...... I've come to a decision, Mick. I won't work with you on this 

Makoto: Babe, babe... Calm down. You're talking crazy, Prince.

Prince: I knew after tasting Sebastian's ramen again. I refuse to be a part 
        this! Not if it requires me to keep lying. And you've got it 
        Mick. A store isn't good because people talk about it. It's the
        product. The taste! People talk about a store because it's good!
        There's love in Sebastian's soup-
        -love for the people eating it. That's the sort of ramen I want other
        people to know about!

Makoto: Ugh...Eiji.

Joshua: Shibuya today is inundated with "adventure." And when all anybody
        offers is "something different"...you get hungry for the familiar. 
        comforting. Love has always been the world's best secret ingredient.

Neku: Gotta fill more than just your belly.

Ken: Heh... Love, huh? Guess I forgot that somewhere along the way. I'd harp 
     about it left and right, but...those new experiments were all just me
     trying to get in on the show. I forgot the important part-- the smile on 
     satisfied customer when they're done eating. My job is making ramen that
     makes people happy. Popularity is no reason to change my soup. I've 
     all this time...

Prince: But you've still got your chalk.

Ken: Heh... Right. I can cook a lotta ramen in one month! I'm stickin' to my


Neku: Hopefully the guy's place will take off.

Joshua: I was thinking. "Something different"... Maybe everyone in Shibuya is
        here searching, struggling for a peek into their neighbor's worlds.
        When those neighbors change, they get scared, feel they have to 
        themselves-- even what makes them who they are.

Neku: Right. You don't want to change, but you don't want to be left behind

Joshua: Of course not. We can't go through life alone. We're part of a
        community. We have to live by its rules. And the move we connect with
        people, the trickier those rules get.

Neku: Yeah, and the more people hold you back. Screw living in a world choked
      by rules. I'm living free. Like CAT. It's just easier on my own. Nobody
      else's baggage. Nobody else tying me down. ...People aren't meant to
      figure each other out.

Joshua: My thoughts exactly. I'd rather just get rid of them.

Neku: What?

Joshua: Same as you, Neku. Those headphones you wear say it all.

Neku: (Yeah, so what? I don't like other people. I've got no use for the next
      world over... so don't come barging in on mine. My own world's all I
      need... Unless...)

Joshua: Will you look at the time!

Neku: And still no mission...

Joshua: It's probably too late now. Our little hunt will have to continue
        tomorrow, too.

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: The signal's disappearing.

Neku: But before it was reacting to these pins, right? It's still picking 
      up faintly.

Joshua: There was a whole bunch of them before. Maybe they added up to a
        stronger signal?

Neku: So why CAT's pin, anyway?

Joshua: It's not what I'm looking for. I know that...

Neku: OK... Then what ARE you looking for?

Joshua: Well, put simply...

Neku: ......

Joshua: I'm looking for what this tracker is tracking.

Neku: (What the... Oh, that's real helpful! What the hell is this kid after?)

[The 3rd Day: Roamin' the Streeeeets. Chapter Closed]

       Week 2, Day 4 [w2d4]

Neku: ......

Joshua: ......

Neku: Yesss! I win!

Joshua: This isn't fair, Neku. When did you suddenly become a Tin Pin expert?

Neku: And why should I answer that?

Joshua: How about because I'm asking you!? Have you been secretly training?

Neku: Maybe. Look, a win's a win. That means we wait another hour for the

Joshua: Ugh, Neku... Cut me a little slack.

Neku: Not happening. I won. Therefore, we wait.

Joshua: Ugh, fine... But this is a huge waste of time. ...... Hello?

Neku: (This is getting to him. Keep it up, and he's bound to crack.)

[Dead God's Pad]

Konishi: Today fourteen Players were erased, sir.

Megumi: Leave it to a genius. At this rate, the Game won't last the week.

Konishi: About that, sir... No missions have been issued in the last two 

Megumi: None?

Konishi: None, sir. Nevertheless, Players have been disappearing at a 

Megumi: And Minamimoto?

Konishi: AWOL. He broke off contact yesterday.

Megumi: Our Game Master's gone missing?

Konishi: His so-called "works of art" have been sighted around the UG-- thus, 
         suspect he is still in the area.

Megumi: ...Then let's leave him be for now.

Konishi: Meaning you won't require an inquiry into Minamimoto's activities?

Megumi: Correct. He's not a social animal. Give the man some space.

Konishi: ...Understood. As you wish, Mr. Kitaniji.

Megumi: Any other problems?

Konishi: Several Reapers were attacked on Route 5, sir. We suspect Taboo 

Megumi: Taboo Noise... How does this affect our manpower?

Konishi: The losses are within tolerances. I've already set about identifying
         and locating the perpetrator.

Megumi: Very good. So the Noise explain the dwindling Player count...

Konishi: Yes, sir. I'm looking into any correlation between the two incidents

Megumi: Perfect. I'd expect no less. I leave it to you, Konishi.

Konishi: Understood, sir.

[Megumi leaves]

Konishi: (Sho Minamimoto... A true genius. Youngest Reaper officer in 
         Tactics, intel, willpower, decisiveness, performance... His numbers
         are just short of Mr. Kitaniji's. Except for cooperation. A whopping
         zero... I'll admit he has talent, but his quirks are beyond control.
         What is he after? My analysis suggests--)

[back to Neku and Joshua. Scramble Crossing]

Joshua: How can you be busy, Mr. H? Your café is always empty. ...Fine, fine.
        Sorry. ...Later. Ugh...

Neku: (Fifteen minutes and counting... Any minute now, he'll--)

Joshua: Say, Neku. Could you do me one teensy favor?

Neku: (Bingo. Now, to beat him to the punch.) If this is about the wait, I'm
      not listening.

Joshua: Fine. How about a trade?

Neku: (Right on cue!) OK... Answer my question, and I'll go with you.

Joshua: You've twisted my arm. Go on, shoot.

Neku: ...What are you after?

Joshua: You're curious?

Neku: If you don't feel like talking, we can wait.

Joshua: Hee hee... It's nothing major. I'm going to jack Shibuya.

Neku: ...Right. How 'bout a real answer?

Joshua: That was a real answer.

Neku: ...... What? How do you jack a town?

Joshua: That's why I'm looking for the Shibuya River.

Neku: What Shibuya River?

Joshua: My turn to ask a question. Do you really want a second chance?

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: What's waiting for you in the RG? You're as alone there as here. 
        the difference?

Neku: ......

Joshua: Hee hee. You don't have to answer. I don't really care. Now let's get
        started. How's our signal today? Hmm... It's coming from out past
        Shibu-Q Heads. That puts it over near--

Neku: Udagawa!?

Joshua: Oh, right! You know the city well, Neku.

Neku: Shibuya born and raised.

Joshua: My, my!

Neku: It's coming from Udagawa, right? Let's go.

Joshua: ? Well, this is new... Someone's an eager beaver today.

Neku: (The Udagawa district... Same place I saw in your head. Along with me,
      lying dead on the ground. How'd I die? And who the hell are you? I 
      find my answers there.)

        | Neku: Signal's coming from Udagawa?
        | Joshua: Yup. Right up Center Street and past Tipsy Tose Hall.
        | Neku: (Udagawa... What happened to me there?)

[Center St. Entrance]

Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then bring me one Sexy +. It's a pin. 
        No. 59's got 'em. I'd set my difficulty to Easy.

        | Joshua: Another facile task. 
        | Neku: I wonder how they come up with them.
        | Joshua: The conditions? Probably just on a whim. Anyway, let's find
        |         the Noise with that pin.

[When you have the pin]

        | Joshua: We've got our pin. Let's get the wall cleared.

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!


Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then fight through a four-reduction chain
        battle. I don't care what area you fight in, but if you don't chain
        four rounds, it won't count.

        | Neku: A four-round chain battle...
        | Joshua: Nervous, Neku? You can always tone the difficulty down if
        |         it's too much for you.
        | Neku: ...Did I ask for advice?

[after defeating the Noise]

        | Joshua: Aww... see, Neku? That wasn't so hard. All you had to do is
        |         put your mind to it.
        | Neku: ......
        | Joshua: Hee hee. What, would you like a pat on the head?
        | Neku: (Rrgh...) How 'bout we just get the wall cleared?

Reaper: ...... Objective met. Wall clear!

[Tipsy Tose Hall]

Joshua: ? Hmm? Reaper alert.

Tenho: Let's just report it to the police.

777: Um, hello? We're metal. And Reapers! No way. We'd lose all our cred!

BJ: Like you have any after boning this up.

Joshua: Sounds like an argument.

Neku: Sounds like trouble we don't need. Let's ignore them.

        | Joshua: What could've happened to them?
        | Neku: I don't even want to know. Let's slip on by.

        | [anywhere other than the route to Udagawa]
        | Joshua: Are you lost, Neku? Udagawa is up past Tipsy Tose Hall.
        | Neku: I know where it is.

        > [ew2d4-1]

[try to go to Shibu-Q Heads]

777: Hey! Hold up, you two.

Neku: (Ugh... Busted.) ! Wait! You're that--

777: Hey, my man! I remember you. Perfect timing. You're not busy, right? 
     a brother out?

        > [if you talked to 777 instead] <777>
        > 777: Hey, my man! I remember you!
        > Neku: ! Wait! You're that--
        > 777: Perfect timing! You're not busy, right? Help a brother out?

Want to know what's on 777's mind?

> Sure

777: You'll hear me out? Rock!

Joshua: Ahem. We're booked. Right, Neku? Sorry, but we have somewhere to be.

Neku: Right... Udagawa.

777: What? Yo, Tenho!

        > [if you chose > Not now, we're busy.]
        > Neku: Look, we just need to get through here, and we're kind of in 
        >       hurry.
        > 777: Oh yeah? Yo, Tenho!

Tenho: On it.

[A wall goes up]

Neku: !? What? A wall!? Hey!

777: You wanna get through here? Help us out.

Neku: ......

Joshua: Thrusting your person problems on Players? How very professional.

        | Neku: Crap, they closed off the road to Udagawa.
        | Joshua: Then I suppose we're stuck. May as well hear them out.
        | Neku: Ugh, this is so not our problem...

Neku: So what's the deal?

777: Long story short? Our band's microphone has gone missing!

Neku: ......

777: Happened around 2:00 yesterday. We had a little gig at Molco, right? 
     unveiled a new track. Shoulda been no problem. But! The show ends, we
     split for the day-- I let our stuff outta my sight for one minute, tops-
     I get back and the mic's gone!

BJ: Yeah, says you. You prob'ly just left it someplace.

777: I'm tellin' you, BJ, it was stolen! That thing is Def March's heart 'n'
     soul! I wouldn't just lose it. Somebody TOOK it!

BJ: Who the hell would want a mic with wings?

777: ......

BJ: Wh-what?! Hey, YOU lost it!

777: Ugh... Fine. Let's just split up and look for it, OK?

Neku: (Why are WE looking for YOUR junk!?)

BJ: Screw that, man. You lost it. You find it. I'm outta here. ! Oh, Tenho...
    This your phone, bro?

Tenho: Oh, snap...

BJ: I found it lyin' around.

Tenho: Thanks, man. I was wigging out trying to find it. Where was it?

BJ: !? In the... uhh, I mean... S-Spain Hill!

Tenho: ......

BJ: I'm headin' back to A-East. Later.

Tenho: I'll go look around Molco again...

777: Thanks!

Neku: I still don't see how this is our problem...

777: Aww, c'mon. Look, I'll pay ya. Help us out.

Neku: No way! We're--

777: Here, lemme pay you before I forget!

Neku: (Ugh! Punk beat me to the draw...)

        | Joshua: Well then! Let's begin, hmm? We'll start by gathering
        |         testimony. Let's ask 777 for more info.
        | Neku: (He's enjoying this. The little weirdo is enjoying this. 
        |       the moment... I guess?)

        > [If you try to leave without talking to 777]
        > Joshua: Step one is gathering info, starting with the client.
        >         Honestly, Neku. This is basic stuff.
        > Neku: (Yoshiya Kiryu, private dick extraordinaire.)

777: Hey, boys! Get crackin'.

Neku: Can you give us a little more to go on?

777: Sure! Whaddaya need to know?

Got any questions for 777?

> The mic

Neku: Describe the stolen microphone.

777: It's a stand mic with black wings.

Neku: Black wings?

777: Yeah, it's the band's symbol.

Neku: Who'd want a bat-mic?

777: I can think of one guy...

Neku: Really!? Who?

777: Freakin' BJ.

Neku: BJ?

777: Guy in the black hoodie? He was just here. He's been whining about 
     to do vocals. We had it out over that yesterday. Said he wanted his 
     of the glory. The mic went missing right after that.

Neku: Wait, he stole it because... he wanted to be a vocalist? That makes no

> The theft

Neku: What happened when the mic was taken?

777: I actually didn't tell the other guys, but... just before it 
     I got a call.

Neku: A phone call?

777: Yeah. Thinking back now, it was pretty shady.

> The suspicious call

Neku: Why was the call shady?

777: They didn't give me their name... Just, "Meet me by Cadoi City." "We 
     to talk."

Neku: Any guesses?

777: Not really. Called ID said it was a public phone. Sounded like an 
     voice, too.

Neku: So... did you go?

777: Yeah, but nobody was there. When I got back to Molco, the mic was gone.

Neku: That IS shady.

Joshua: So someone called to lure you away. And you think the Reaper in black
        you were fighting with-- BJ, was it? You suspect him?

777: As much as I hate to consider it...

> No more questions!

777: Well, good luck, guys. I'll be right here.

Neku: (Ugh... What a pain.) So? What now?

Joshua: Well, it's obvious, isn't it? We investigate the crime scene and
        question the people involved.

Neku: What, have you done this before?

Joshua: So we've got Molco and the two bandmates. Let's get started.

        | Joshua: Next up, the bandmates. The one in black, BJ, went to A-
        |         The one in red, Tenho, is back by Molco.
        | Neku: Fine. Let's go talk to them.

        > [ew2d4-3]

[Spain Hill]
Joshua: ! Hmm? Isn't that...

Tenho: ......

Neku: Let's see what he has to say.

        | Joshua: We still have questioning to do. The one in black, BJ, is 
        |         A-East. The one in red, Tenho, is on Spain Hill. Let's 
        |         with Tenho.

Joshua: Any luck finding the mic?

Tenho: ......

Joshua: I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Tenho: ...Sure, whatever.

Got any questions for Tenho?

> The mic

Joshua: 777 said the mic was the band's soul. What makes it so special?

Tenho: It just is. Back when we were still busking on the streets, we all
       pooled our money to buy it. It's a symbol of our bond as a band. As
       friends. I stuck wings on it, to remind us of that. Got us through 
       rough times.

Joshua: I see...

Tenho: But lately 777 and BJ have been fighting over who gets to sing-- over
       who has rights to the mic. Talk about irony...

Joshua: You must be happy, then-- the object dividing them is out of the

Tenho: Yeah... ...B-but not that happy! I just... Hmph. Never mind.

> Got an alibi?

Joshua: Where were you yesterday at 2: 00?

Tenho: ! ...R-right here?

Neku: (Are you asking us or telling us?)

Joshua: Ah, yes. BJ said he found your phone on Spain Hill.

Tenho: Yeah... Must've dropped it here. Well, I don't see our mic here. I'm
       going back to wait with 777.

Joshua: You've been very helpful.

        | Joshua: That takes care of Tenho's testimony. Let's see what BJ has
        |         to say.
        | Neku: ......
        | Joshua: He should be back at A-East. Let's mosey on that way.


Neku: He said the mic went missing at Molco, right?

Joshua: Look. A phone booth.

Neku: Oh, right. 777 said the call came from a pay phone. Then let's--

Nao: Hey there! Aren't you, like, Players?

Joshua: And you two are... Ahh, yes! The winners of the slam-off.

Nao: You, like, remember us? Super yay!

Neku: You need something?

Nao: So, like, I'm always with the same guy, and I wanted to talk to somebody
     else for a change? And most folks can't, like, see us, so...

Sota: What're your names?

Joshua: I'm Joshua. This is Neku.

Sota: Nice meetin' ya, Neku, J-dawg. I'm Sota. The cute one's Nao.

Nao: Call me Nao-Nao for short, 'K?

Neku: Uhh... sure.

Sota: Hey, did you guys know? No missions yesterday or today, but Players are
      still gettin' wiped out.

Neku: Wiped out?

Nao: You should be careful, Nekky!

Neku: N-Nekky?

Nao: We saw some real scary Noise before? We ran like bunnies! You should,
     like, totally run if you see 'em!

Sota: Let's just all stay sharp and get through this together, huh?

Neku: Uh, yeah.

Joshua: Hmm? Didn't you know?

Neku: Hey, man, don't--

Joshua: Even if multiple Players survive... only so many get to come back to

Nao: What? Um, like, uncool?

Joshua: The other Players aren't your friends. They're your competition. That
        goes for partners, too.

Nao: No way... If, like, two people survive? And only one gets to go back? 
     happens to the other one?

Joshua: They play again, same as Nekky here.

Neku: ......

Nao: Whoa, like, this is your second time?

Neku: ...Yeah.

Nao: Then your partner made it back!

Neku: No... she didn't.

Nao: Huh? I don't get it.

Neku: She was taken as my entry fee.

Nao: No way! That's, like, super cruel!

Neku: I chose to play again, and she... It's my fault she didn't make it ba--

Sota: No worries, man.

Neku: Huh?

Sota: She was your entry fee, yeah? That means you really care about her. No
      reason to feel guilty for that.

Nao: Yeah! It's, like, totally not your fault! I'd gladly be Sota's entry fee
     if it gave him another chance.

Sota: And I'd play the Game a million times for Nao. Whatever it takes to get
      us back to the RG, dawg.

Neku: ...... You don't think I'm to blame?

Sota: Forget blame, man! Plus, I don't care if only one of us gets a second
      chance. I still ain't sniping other Players.

Nao: Yeah! Like, fighting so isn't the answer? We all want to be alive again.
     Nobody "deserves" it most, right? ...I want you to win, too, Nekky. So,
     like, this is for you?

Neku: A pin?

Nao: Yeah! We, like, won it at the slam-off? And now it's yours. Yay!

Neku: You sure?

Sota: We couldn't use it. Not that we're dumping our trash on you, but...
      Anyway, give it a try.

Neku: Thanks.

Sota: We should probably move on, yeah?

Nao: Be safe, Nekky! Bye, Josh-Josh! Like, see you later?

[Sota and Nao leave]

Joshua: They were charming.

Neku: Nobody deserves it most...

Joshua: Hmm?

Neku: (It's true... Everybody's got their own deal. Their own dreams. None of
      them outweighs the next...) Shibuya's full of all kinds of folks, huh?

Joshua: Hee hee... Talk about your non sequiturs.

Neku: Sorry... ...So how 'bout we check out that phone?

        | Joshua: Something went down in that phone booth.
        | Neku: Right. Let's have a look.

<Phone Booth. !!!>
Joshua: Hmm, no microphones here...

Neku: Thank you, Captain Obvious. 777 said the call came from a pay phone. Is
      this the one?

Joshua: This looks like a job for my phone!

Neku: ...Huh? What, the tracker?

Joshua: No, the other new feature.

Neku: What other new feature?

Joshua: The camera.

Neku: Don't most phones already have a camera?

Joshua: Hee hee... Watch and learn. I simply set the time to yesterday, 

[Joshua takes a photo of the booth at 1:45 PM]

Neku: What and learn what? It's a photo.

Joshua: Hmm... Let's try a different time.

[Joshua takes a photo of the booth at 1:55 PM]

Neku: ! Ahh! The mic!

Joshua: So it was right here at this time yesterday.

Neku: What the heck? How did your phone--

Joshua: Weren't you listening to Mr. H? He added a couple of new features.
        One's the tracker. The other one's this camera. It takes photos of 

Neku: Holy... (That's Mr. H's work? Who the hell IS he?) So, could you shift
      the time later to see who took it?

Joshua: Let's try.

[Joshua takes a photo of the booth at 2:02 PM]

Neku: That's... BJ, right? ! And the mic's gone!

Joshua: Hmm, very suspicious.

Neku: Let's take one more, just to be--

Joshua: Can't.

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: There's a three-shot-per-day limit.

Neku: What? Why!?

Joshua: How should I know!? Ask Mr. H!

Neku: (Suddenly, it's a lot less impressive...) Then we'll use mine. ? 

Joshua: Something wrong?

Neku: My phone has no camera.

Joshua: Hmm... He must have forgotten to do yours.

Neku: ......

        > [ew2d4-2]

[Scramble Crossing]

Joshua: !

Neku: Hmm?

Joshua: Isn't that...

BJ: Sigh... I thought for sure it'd work.

Neku: Let's see what he has to say.

        | Joshua: We still have questioning to do. We've already talked to
        |         Tenho. That leaves BJ at the scramble crossing. Let's hear
        |         what he has to say.

BJ: Sigh...

Joshua: AHEM.

BJ: !! Gah! Wh-what!?

Joshua: Weren't you headed back to A-East?

BJ: ...... ...I wanted to lose myself in the crowd for a bit. Y'know?

Neku: (Can't say that I do, actually.)

Joshua: We just had a few questions for you.

BJ: Look, what do you want?

Got any questions for BJ?

> The mic

Joshua: About the stolen mic--

BJ: Stolen? Please. 777's full of it. I'm sure he just left it someplace.
    Either way, he should've been watching our stuff.

Joshua: I hear that you wanted that mic for yourself.

BJ: So what if I did? Doesn't matter now. I don't need it anyway.

> Got an alibi?

Joshua: Where were you yesterday at 2:00?

BJ: ! Oh, uh... I was... You know, uhh ...Dogenzaka! Yeah! In line for the 
      ramen place! Why would I go to the phone booth by Molco? I don't even
      know it's there!

Joshua: Mm-hmm...

BJ: Wh-what? Just gimme some space, would ya? I want to spend some time 

Joshua: Of course. But first... take a look at this photo.

BJ: Wha-- How did--

Joshua: That's the phone booth near Molco. Aka the phone booth of love.

BJ: Gah!

Joshua: Isn't there some kind of urban legend? They say if you use this phone
        to confess your love, the other person will love you back.

BJ: Oh, um... really!?

Joshua: I don't know who you called. But you were there yesterday. That much 

BJ: But I--

Joshua: You weren't in Dogenzaka. You were chatting up some tramp near Molco.

BJ: She's NOT a tramp!

Neku: (Damn, Josh.... Remind me not to tick you off.)

BJ: You can't tell ANYONE about this! OK, so I was there yesterday! I made a
    call Are you happy now!?

Joshua: Quite. You've been very helpful, thanks.

BJ: Ugh... I'm headin' back to see 777. Hopefully he's found the stupid mic 
    now. Seriously, if you tell a soul, you're dead.

[BJ leaves]

Joshua: I don't think we're getting anything else out of him. Let's move on.

        | Neku: Well, we've heard from everybody.
        | Joshua: Yes, it would seem our profile is complete.
        | Neku: Uhh...what?
        | Joshua: Hee hee. You'll see. Let's head back to Tipsy Tose Hall.

        > [ew2d4-4]

[Tipsy Tose Hall]

777: Well, if we haven't found it by now... it's probably not turning up. 
     go report it to the po'.

Joshua: Not so fast...

777: Huh?

Joshua: I think I've identified your thief.

777: You serious!?

Neku: Wait, what?

Joshua: Hee hee. Let's recap, hmm? The theft occurred yesterday at 2:00. 777
        received a strange phone call.

BJ: What phone call?

Joshua: "Meet me by Cadoi City. We need to talk." The microphone was stolen
        while he was away.

Tenho: ......

Joshua: According to 777's caller ID, the call originated at a public phone.
        Care to know who placed it? We have conclusive proof.

BJ: ! What!? Y-you guys aren't gonna--

Joshua: This photo shows... Neku?

Neku: What, I'M telling them!? Uhh, this photo tells it all...

Which of these is the conclusive photo?

        > [ew2d4-5]

> 2:02 p.m.

777: Wait... BJ!?

BJ: I told you not to say anything!

777: So it WAS you who called me!

Joshua: Whoa there. When did you get that call? Precisely, that is.

777: Uhh, lemme check... 1:40.

Joshua: Take a closer look at the photo. See? It was taken at 2:02. BJ used 
        phone. That much is fact. But he wasn't calling you.

BJ: ......

Joshua: No, he was calling a lady friend, hmm? To whisper sweet nothings in

BJ: AHHHHH! ...... OK! OK! I admit-- I told a chick I like her! And she
    completely blew me off! Happy now!? Go ahead! Laugh!

Joshua: ...... Deep breath, Beej. That isn't the point of the photo. Look
        what's in BJ's left hand.

777: Hmm? Is that a cell phone?

Joshua: Certainly looks like it. But not BJ's.

777: I don't get it...

Joshua: Look at this photo. Would you do the honors, Neku?

Neku: ......

        > [> 1:45 p.m. or > 2:02 p.m]
        > Joshua: Neku, Neku, Neku... The OTHER photo.
        > Neku: ......

> 1:55

777: The one of the mic? What about it?

Joshua: Ignore the microphone. Look on top of the telephone.

777: It's that cell phone!

Joshua: Correct. It was there when BJ arrived. He saw it, and took it. Now, 
        would he do that?

BJ: Cause it belonged to... ! Waaait a minute!

Joshua: You knew the owner. So you picked it up and returned it.


BJ: Oh, Tenho... This your phone, bro?

Tenho: Oh, snap...

BJ: I found it lyin' around.

Tenho: Thanks, man. I was wigging out trying to find it. Where was it?

BJ: !? In the... uhh, I mean... S-Spain Hill!


777: Tenho!? But...but... BJ said he found the cell on Spain... ! Ohhhhhh.

Joshua: BJ didn't want anyone finding out he got blown off. So he lied about
        where he found it. ...Well? I'd say this makes for an airtight case.
        Tenho left his cell in the phone booth. The question is...why.

Tenho: ...... I'm sorry, guys. It was all me.

777: What? Why, man!?

Tenho: I thought it'd stop you two fighting. I don't want us to break up...
       So... I just...

777: ...... Sorry, bro. We put you through a lot, huh?

BJ: Yeah, my bad, Tenho. I was outta line about wantin' to do vocals...

777: ...... But that's all over now, right!? We good again?

BJ: Heh, I'm cool.

777: Good. Now let's have that mic, Tenho...

Tenho: It, uhh... It kinda got stolen.

777: WHAT!?


Tenho: I called 777 from that phone booth. Once he left, I grabbed the mic. I
       was on my way to go hide it... but 777, I saw you coming back. I 
       and hid in the phone booth. I was just gonna wait it out. Then you
       called me. "The mic's been stolen! Come meet me by Molco!" So, I 
       the mic in the phone booth. I musta left my phone in there, too. I
       checked in with you, but when I went back... !? The mic was gone!


777: Gone?

Tenho: Yeah. This was in there in its place...

777: A megaphone?

Tenho: With some freaky stuff recorded in it...

Minamimoto [in megaphone]: SINE! COSINE! TANGENT!

Tenho: ......

777: ......

BJ: ......

Tenho: I'm sorry, guys! I just wanted us to stay together! Now, because of

Neku: (That megaphone could only belong to one person.)

Joshua: Hee hee... Fascinating. It seems this mystery runs deeper! Care to
        enlighten them, Neku? Tell them who really took their mic.

Neku: No brainer. The guy who took the mic is...

Who is the culprit?

        > [> Tenho, BJ or 777]
        > Joshua: Hee hee. You can tell them the truth, Neku. Now let's have
        >         it. The true thief!

> None of these guys.

Neku: None of these guys.


1:40 p.m.
Tenho: Meet me by Cadoi City. We need to talk.

777 [on phone]: ...Huh? Hey! Who are you?

Tenho: ...... Now's my chance!

1:50 p.m.

Tenho: Oh, crap! 777! Gah! Gotta hide! ...... Whew...

[Tenho's phone beeps]

Tenho: Hmm? My phone?

777 [on phone]: Hello? It's me! 777! We're boned! The mic's been ganked, bro!
                Hurry on back to Molco!

Tenho: Ugh... Be right back, mic. Stay put.

1:57 p.m.

Minamimoto: ! Hmm? Why, hello! This mic is zetta sexy! Perfect for my opus!
            ...Here. We'll call it a trade.

2:00 p.m.

BJ: OK. OK. Let's do this. I'm gonna tell her. I'm gonna... ! Huh? That's
    Tenho's cell. What an airhead... Ah, well.

[shortly after]

BJ: ...Sniff. Phone booth of love my ass!

2:10 p.m.

Tenho: ! Now, to pick up the-- Gah! It's gone!? ...The hell is this 


777: Great story. Now where's our mic?

Joshua: Hmm... Knowing him? In that junk heap over there.

777: What!?

BJ: Our baby is in that pile of trash!?

777: Start digging, boys!

[777 and BJ leave]

Tenho: ...... Sorry to drag you guys into this. I cleared the wall. Go on.
       We'll manage from here.

Joshua: Best of luck.

[Tenho leaves]

Joshua: Now then! Shall we head to Udagawa, Neku?

Neku: That was the detour from hell...

        | Joshua: Well, the road is open. Let's leave them to their fishing
        |         through rubble. We have a date in Udagawa.
        | Neku: ...Right.

[Shibu Q Heads]

Beat: Gotchu punks.

Neku: !

Beat: Hope you brought your A-game today, yo.

Neku: Beat... Don't do this. I don't want to fight you.

Beat: Beggin' won't work, yo!

Neku: Look, I have to win! For Shiki, too! So would you please go away!?

Beat: Shut it! Le's jus' do this!

[battle with Beat]

Neku: (Nngh... That's about all I've got...)

Beat: Yo yo yo, you even tryin'? Hit harder! I barely felt that! Man, y'all 
      stale. Next time at leas' put up a fight.

Joshua: Whew... That was pretty close.

Neku: ......

Joshua: He's serious. He must really not like you.

Neku: ...... (I could see him hating me. ...But why erase Shiki, too? Is he
      really all Reaper now?)

Joshua: Hmm? What's this, Neku?

Neku: A pendant? ! (This was Rhyme's.) Beat must've dropped it.

Joshua: I guess so.

Neku: (He's no genius, but he must've had a reason to join them. This meant a
      lot to him... I should return it.)

        | Joshua: We can get through to Udagawa now. ...About time.
        | Neku: (About time is right. Now I can find out what that memory's 
        |       about.)


Joshua: Know Udagawa well, Neku?

Neku: Yeah. I used to come here after school.

Joshua: With your friends?

Neku: Please. I don't do groups. I never met anyone fun to be around.

Joshua: Hee hee. Me neither. We seem to have a lot in common. You know, 
        Shibuya's a lot like you. Cut off.

Neku: Where did that come from!?

Joshua: The UG is split into different areas. Shibuya's just one of them, 
        like it's only one part of the world at large. Each UG area has 
        rules. You can't travel between them.

Neku: Mr. H told you all that?

Joshua: ...Oh, so you know about our conversations.

Neku: ......

Joshua: As I was saying, every area has its own rules. They never meddle with
        each other. Sound familiar?

Neku: That could apply to anyone.

Joshua: Hee hee... Maybe so. As long as we all have our own worlds, people 
        never really understand each other.

Neku: Right? They're them, and I'm me. Talking to them gets me nothing. I
      thought I'd never respected anyone, until I saw CAT's mural and
      discovered a new philosophy.

Joshua: "Do what you want, how you want, when you want it," was it?

Neku: Yeah. It blew me away. CAT was living the life I always wanted to, but
      never thought I could. "Finally, someone who gets me," I thought.
      Enjoying the moment's about freedom. I just need to do my own thing 
      CAT. Forget about other people and just enjoy my life...

Joshua: Absolutely. Who needs other people's values? It's easier to just live
        by your own rules.

Neku: Yeah... (But... I don't feel that way anymore. Since coming to the UG,
      reading people's minds-- Shibuya's full of people with just as many
      viewpoints. Mr. H said the world ends with me. To expand my world, I 
      to learn to look farther-- not write off other people's values as
      inferior. ...Maybe I had it backwards. Maybe I need to open up to 

Joshua: Yoo-hoo? Neku?

Neku: ......

Joshua: Well, we may be stuck in Shibuya. But you can still see a fair ways.
        Why do you suppose that is, Neku? Why show us what we can never 

Neku: ......

Joshua: Hee hee. That mural you mentioned is up ahead, right? The signal's
        coming from that direction. Let's take a look.

        | Joshua: The signal's coming from further back. Shall we?
        | Neku: ......

[Approaching Minamimoto]

Minamimoto: 3 is the point of the 1.

Joshua: !

Minamimoto: 4 the 1-5-9 are 2.

Neku: ! Hey, it's...

Joshua: Shh! Let's see what he's up to.

Minamimoto: 6-5, 3-5! 8-9, 7-9! 32384 62643 38327! And... perfect. Soon... 
            I'll have my desired solution.

[Minamimoto leaves]

Neku: What was all that about?

Joshua: This is...

Neku: Vandalism? He drew it just now, right? More of his loony art?

Joshua: I wonder... My phone's responding to it.

Neku: To these scribbles? I thought you were looking for the Shibuya River.

Joshua: I am.

Neku: Uhh... I don't see any rivers.

Joshua: Thank you, Neku. ...What IS this? Considering the artist, it can't be
        anything good.

Neku: Well? Should we erase it?

Joshua: He'll know. Besides, it could be a trap. Let's leave it for now. 
        ...... ......

Neku: (Now's the best time. If I take him to where I was lying on the
      ground...) Hey--

Joshua: Say, Neku?

Neku: Wh-what?

Joshua: I'd like to check over by that mural. Do you mind?

Neku: Uh...sure. (The weasel beat me to it... What's he need over there?)


Uzuki: Ugh, finally!

Kariya: Deep breath, girl.

Uzuki: Don't give me that! Why'd those two brats have to show up? They're so 
       the way! Why can't Math Man just let me erase them!? Whew... Anyway.
       What the heck was the GM doing here? Other than thinking up missions 
       to give.

Kariya: Uzuki... Get on the horn with HQ. Now.

Uzuki: What? Why?

Kariya: That's a Taboo Noise refinery sigil.

Uzuki: That!? I never knew what they looked like... So the GM's gone 
       This is the source of the Taboo Noise?

Kariya: Not quite. This sigil still hasn't been used. There must be another
        source. Still, we saw him draw it. That's pretty strong evidence he's
        behind it all.

Uzuki: ...Do you smell that, Kariya? Promotions! Glory!

Kariya: I'll pass. Instead of buyin' me that bowl of ramen, you can just take
        care of the report for me, aight?

Uzuki: What, you're too lazy to even claim credit?

Kariya: Something like that. 'Sides... I may have another mystery to unravel.

[back to Neku & Joshua]

        | Neku: (What is he thinking? ......)

Joshua: Impressive graffiti.

Neku: It's CAT's. This is my favorite spot. (And the spot where I died in 
      head. ! ...Wait. I assumed I was looking at your memories... But 
      it just have easily been your imagination? What I saw doesn't prove
      anything. You could've had nothing to do with--)

Joshua: Still with me, Neku?

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: You spaced out.

Neku: Oh... Sorry.

Joshua: You've giving me déjà vu.

Neku: What!? (Déjà vu? From when? Did... did you really see me die!? Were 
      scans really of... Was that my death!? ...... I have to know for sure.
      ...One more scan.)

        | Neku: (...... I need to know. Gotta scan him...)

[scan Joshua] {......}
[Udagawa Back Streets. Neku is looking up at the mural with a smile, before
reaching out to touch it. Joshua suddenly runs in from around the corner,
carrying a gun. Neku is surprised, and there's the sound of a gunshot. 
gun is smoking, and Neku falls to the ground.]

Neku: (I... It was here.)

Joshua: Something wrong, Neku?

Neku: (He... He killed me!)

Joshua: Hello?

Neku: ...I'm here. Just a little dizzy. I'm fine.

Joshua: Good. Let's move on. Nothing else to see here. Ugh, this tracker's
        leading us in circles... Did Mr. H give me a dud?

Neku: (How can he act so normal around a guy he killed? He sought me out as a
      partner! ...Hell, why kill me at all? What did I do? Did he know me 
      I was alive? I didn't know him. Random homicidal impulse? Ugh, he must
      have had a motive... Too many questions! One thing's for sure, 
      I'm partnered to my killer.)

[The 4th Day: Pinned. Chapter Closed]

       Week 2, Day 5 [w2d5]

Joshua: Hello? Yeah, Mr. H? It's me. You gave me a bum tracker!

Neku: (He killed me... Why? What would he stand to gain? Fastest way is just 
      ask. ...Ugh, no. I still don't have enough proof. And besides... Three
      days... Three more days, and it's all over. )

Joshua: There's no mission today either. Yeah, we can get there. Something 
        is bothering me, too.

Neku: (Three more days with him. He's a loose cannon. I need to watch my 

Joshua: You better! OK, thanks. Later.

Neku: (This is for Shiki. I can last a few more days.)

Joshua: All set?

Neku: First, I have a question.

Joshua: Oh? What is it today, Neku?

Neku: What are you after?

Joshua: This again? I told you. I'm jacking Shibuya.

Neku: But what does that mean? You're looking for some river. Then what? Tell
      me now, or you're on your own.

Joshua: ...... Sigh... Fine. I'll keep this simple. Remember who's in charge 

Neku: The Composer.

Joshua: Very good. Right now HE'S got Shibuya jacked. Under his control. I 
        to change that.

Neku: Change it? ...Wait. You want to bust in on the Composer with guns

Joshua: Eventually. I have to find him first. He should be at the Shibuya
        River. Hence our search. Satisfied?

Neku: So it's the Composer... We've been running around Shibuya looking for

Joshua: With a busted tracker, yes.

Neku: ...... ! Wait, so the Grim Heaper's been after...

Joshua: Me, most likely. I guess he's onto me.

Neku: Ugh, just what I need. I'm in this to win! I can't afford any 

Joshua: Neither can I.

Neku: (Then why are you... Ugh, this kid is the devil!)

Joshua: Ready to go to Mr. H's?

Neku: What for?

Joshua: To get him to fix this glitchy tracker.

Neku: You're still going after the Composer?

Joshua: Of course. Now come on. You've asked your question.

Neku: ......

[POV switches to Kariya & Uzuki]

Uzuki: So, Kariya. What's this big mystery you mentioned yesterday?

Kariya: Oh, just Phones and the petit prince.

Uzuki: Those two? What about 'em?

Kariya: We're about to go find out.

Uzuki: Wait, find out how? It's hands off the Players. GM's orders, remember?

Kariya: So I'll use my head. Besides, we're just going to play a little game.

Uzuki: ...... And that's different how?

Kariya: Details.

Uzuki: Well, I'm stinkin' bored. Count me in!

[back to Neku & Joshua]

        | Neku: ......
        | Joshua: Well, Neku? Let's go see Mr. H. I hope you haven't 
        |         the way. Let me help you. His café is on Cat Street. 
        | Neku: Past Cadoi City and Towa Records.
        | Joshua: Very good, Neku! Oh, I'm so proud.
        | Neku: ......
        | Joshua: So get moving.

        > [West Exit Bus Terminal, the Moyai Statue]
        > <!!!>
        > Neku: There's the Moyai Statue again.
        > Joshua: Say, Neku... Do you know how the statue got here?
        > Neku: No clue.
        > Joshua: Well... It was a gift. The island of Niijima
        >         presented it in 1980 to commemorate a century under Tokyo
        >         administration. The name sounds like the Easter Island Moai
        >         statues it resembles-- but, as it happens, in the Niijima
        >         dialect, "moyai" also means "working together."
        > Neku: No kidding.
        > Joshua: Just like you and me, Neku. The very picture of "moyai."
        > Neku: ......

[exiting to Center St. Entrance or Shibu Dept. Store]

Kariya: Whoa there.

Neku: ! Huh?

Kariya: Hey, kids. How goes?

Neku: You're... What do you want?

Kariya: You up for a little game?

Neku: Excuse me?

Joshua: Look, we're busy here.

Kariya: Zing! Where's the love? Yo, Uzuki.

Uzuki: On it!

Neku: Huh?

Uzuki: Wall's up! Sowwy.

Neku: Hey!

Kariya: Now then... Game on? I think so!

Neku: Rrgh... Great.

        | Neku: Dammit, what did they want?
        | Joshua: My guess is they've set up walls along Route 2... all the 
        |         to Cat Street.
        | Neku: (There's no mission! Why screw us over?)
        | Joshua: Oh, well. We'll just have to play along.

        > <red hoodie Reaper blocking the Center St. exit>
        > Reaper: ...... Passage denied. Pick another route.

<red hoodie reaper blocking Shibu. Dept Store exit>
Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then turn D+B into the hottest thing
        around. Make it number one in the area. Watch what pins and threads 
        wear into battle, yeah?

        | Neku: Make it number one?
        | Joshua: You seem a little lost.
        | Neku: We just gotta wear D+B pins and items into combat.
        | Joshua: Wow, I'm... I'm a little surprised. I didn't think fashion
        |         was your area.
        | Neku: (Shiki taught me.)
        | Joshua: I see... Well, let's take care of this.

[After D+B is Number One]

        | Neku: OK. D+B's on top of the charts. ...... Uhh... What's with all
        |       the bleach-blond scenesters?
        | Joshua: Hee hee. Behold, the power of trends. Now, let's get that
        |         wall cleared, before the rankings change again.

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[Shibu Dept. Store]
Reaper: YAAAWN. ...I'm so over this whole wall thing. Today was supposed to 
        my day off. So hungry... Hmm, what to do... Ooh, I know! You want 
        this wall? Bring me some ramen. I wanna taste the sea, aight?

        | Neku: He wants ramen? Hmm... There was the guy's shop on Dogenzaka.
        |       What's the bit about the sea, though?
        | Joshua: Hee hee. Have you ever been to the beach, Neku?
        | Neku: ...Yes.
        | Joshua: If you got a mouthful of ocean, it would taste...
        | Neku: Uhh... salty? !
        | Joshua: Very good! So, which flavor of ramen is salty?
        | Neku: Ahh... Got it.


Neku: Dogenzaka... That guy's ramen shop was around here.

Joshua: Say, Neku... Do you know where Dogenzaka got its name?

Neku: Nope.

Joshua: And you call yourself a local.

Neku: ......

Joshua: There are two stories. One attributes the name to Owada Dogen, a
        bandit. He was descended from a Kamakura-period general.

Neku: You don't say.

Joshua: The other story claims the name comes from a temple. Dogenzaka also
        comes up a lot in Japanese literature. Ever read Edogawa Rampo's "The
        Fiend with Twenty Faces"?

Neku: Can't say that I have.

Joshua: You should. I mean, just think! You're walking through the pages of
        literature and history.

Neku: I feel so epic.

Joshua: ...... Sigh... Neku, is any of this sinking in?

Neku: Oh, yeah.

Joshua: You sure? ...... All right. Pop quiz. Name the bandit who gave
        Dogenzaka its name.

Who gave Dogenzaka its name?

        > [> Owata Dogen or > Odawa Dogen]
        > Joshua: No, Neku. Wrong. Someone forgot to put on his good listener
        >         ears, hmm?
        > Neku: ......

> Owada Dogen

Joshua: Very good! What an excellent listener.

Neku: Yup. That's me...

[Shibu Dept. Store]

Reaper: ! Ooh, you brought it! ...Ugh. Where'd you get it? It looks foul. 
        it man. Way to kill my appetite. Wall clear!

[Cadoi City]

        > <red hoodie Reaper blocking Molco>
        > Reaper: ...... Passage denied. Pick another route.

<Reaper blocking the Towa Records exit>
Reaper: ...... Miss me? Like a bolt from the blue, it's time for the Reaper
        Review. And away we go! Ready to use your noodle? Today we'll be
        talking ramen. Specifically Dogenzaka's own Ramen Don! Question 1!
        What's the name of Ramen Don's plucky owner?

[upon answering]
Reaper: If you say so... Question 2! What's the secret menu item he only 
        to friends?

[upon answering]
Reaper: I know, right? Question 3! How much will a bowl of shio ramen run you

[upon answering]
Reaper: Aha! I see what you did there. OK... The results are in! Reaper 
        Lesson 4! Survey says...

        > [If you answered incorrectly]
        > Reaper: Bzzzt! So sorry! I can't let you pass-- until you pass. 
        >         Them's the breaks here on the Reaper Review. Study up and 
        >         again!

        | Neku: Ugh, and we were just there! Remember... C'mon, remember!
        | Joshua: Hmm... Well, no sense beating your head against a wall. 
        |         just go back for another bowl of that... unique ramen.

        > [retaking the Review]
        > Reaper: ...... Did you do your homework, kids? Then away we go! 
        >         the Review continues from "Ready to use your noodle?"]

[If you answered Ken Doi, Insta-noodles and Y580]
Reaper: You pass! So pass on through. But! Though you may forget the Review--
        rest assured, it remembers you. We'll see you again. Bye-bye for now!

[heading towards Towa Records]

Uzuki: Ugh... And here I got my hopes up! THIS was your game? Booo-ring! So,
       spit it out. What's so interesting about that kid on his second round?

Kariya: Wrong kid.

Uzuki: What, you're eyeing the snobby one? What about him?

Kariya: Oh, you'll see...

[back to Neku & Joshua. Towa Records]

Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Heh heh heh. ...You. Orangeylocks.

Neku: Me?

Reaper: Yeah, you! Come back wearing all Mus Rattus threads. Do that, and 
        let you pass.

        | Neku: Mus Rattus, huh?
        | Joshua: That's the bargain brand that's branched out all over 
        |         Shibuya. Sounds like you'll have to deck yourself out in 
        |         Neku.
        | Neku: Me? Wear that? Ugh, I hate these walls...

[once Neku is wearing all Mus Rattus threads]

        | Neku: All right, I'm a walking ball of Rat. Can we get that wall
        |       cleared now?
        | Joshua: Pfft... Snrrk!
        | Neku: Can I help you?
        | Joshua: Oh, no. I'm just fine. Ready to go... Ratty McRatterson?

Neku: Happy now?

Reaper: Pfft! Aha ha... What a chintzy outfit, man! It suits you.

Neku: ...Excuse me!?

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[The Reaper leaves]

Joshua: Hee hee... He said it suits you, Neku.

Neku: I heard him!

[Miyashita Park Underpass]
Tenho: ...... Want past this wall? Play me at Tin Pin! You ready? Here we go!

> Ready when you are!

        > [ > Hang on just a sec]
        > Tenho: C'mon, hurry up!

        | Neku: He wants to play Tin Pin? That's his big demand?
        | Joshua: Aww, indulge the poor man. Let's see those moves from the
        |         slam-off.
        | Neku: ......

Tenho: Here we go!

[play Tin Pin. If you win]
Tenho: ...Crap. Is there NOBODY in this world I can actually beat!? Sigh...
       Look, just go. I...want to be alone.

        > [ > If you lost]
        > Tenho: Woo hoo! My first victory! Thanks for sucking so bad. Wall
        >        clear!

[Miyashita Park]

Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then here. Defeat these Noise! ...BUT. I
        pick your pins! Take a deep breath before diving into this one. Ready
        for a scream?

        > [ > Hang on just a sec]
        > Reaper: What's the holdup?

        | Neku: Take a deep breath? What's THAT supposed to mean?
        | Joshua: Hee hee... It means some pins react to curious things.

> Ready when you are!

Reaper: Then here we go!

[After the battle]

Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

Kariya: And you're done. Thanks for playin'.

Neku: ......

Kariya: Later!

[Kariya leaves]

Neku: ...... What was that about?

Joshua: Who knows. What a waste of time.

        | Neku: What the hell was all that about?
        | Joshua: Who knows. Anyway, the road's open. Let's go see Mr. H.

[head towards Cat street. POV switches to Uzuki and Kariya]

Uzuki: ...Well? Figure anything out?

Kariya: Maybe.

Uzuki: Can you be a little more specific?

[Uzuki's phone beeps]

Uzuki: Ugh, sorry... Yashiro here. ...... Taboo Noise? ...All right.
       Understood. I'll take care of it.

Kariya: Hmm?

Uzuki: Another Taboo Noise sighting.

Kariya: Lovely. Where at?

Uzuki: HQ lost sight of 'em on Dogenzaka. Well? Let's go!

Kariya: Go where?

Uzuki: What do you mean, where? After them!

Kariya: You said HQ lost sight of 'em. Are we supposed to wander around all

Uzuki: Got a better plan?

Kariya: Let those kids be the bait. Then we just tag along until the Taboo
        Noise bite. Might even learn a thing or two about the bait.

[back to Neku & Joshua. WildKat]

Mr. H: Oh, hey guys. Let's see that phone.

Joshua: Thanks. It's been responding to most of Shibuya.

Mr. H: I'll have it fixed in a jiffy. Sit tight.

Joshua: Ah! Neku's phone, too. The camera.

Mr. H: Right. Got it.

[Mr. H leaves]

Joshua: ......

Neku: ......

Joshua: ......

Neku: ...... (Why did he do it? Why would he want me dead? He's trying to 
      Shibuya... Do I play into that? ...... That's crazy. What could I do? I
      don't know how to jack a town! Then again... He made the pact with me.
      Did he kill me just so we could partner up? ...... If I want to ask,
      now's the time...) Hey. Why'd you make a pact with me?

Joshua: Hmm? What's this, now?

Neku: When we first met, you said you'd been watching me. What does that 

Joshua: ...... Ahh. So that's what this is all about.

Neku: (Rrgh...)

Joshua: I've always been able to see the UG.

Neku: (This is the freaky ability Hanekoma mentioned?) Even when you were

Joshua: That's right. Lucky me, right? I saw things others couldn't. I knew
        about the Game here in Shibuya. I saw the Players. Reapers, Noise...
        The whole works.

Neku: So you were watching me from the RG.

Joshua: The Game intrigued me. I was following it on my own when I met Mr. H.

Neku: When was that?

Joshua: Oh, years ago. So I became a regular at his shop, listening to his
        stories. The more he told me about the UG, the more I came to see its

Neku: What charm?

Joshua: People racing across the city in a life-or-death struggle? Find me
        another rush like that in Shibuya. Life for me was one giant bore. 
        the same thing, day after day... Now THAT felt like death.

Neku: So you... came here?

Joshua: Yeah. I decided I belonged in the UG.

Neku: ...... And you thought I did, too?

Joshua: ...Hmm?

Neku: You want to be here? Fine. But not me. You ki--

Mr. H: All done!

Joshua: Really? Let's have a look.

Neku: Dammit!

Mr. H: That do it before I head out?

Joshua: Oh? Where are you going?

Mr. H: Just a little errand. Shop's closed for today. Later, boys. 2-3, 2-
[Mr. H leaves]

Joshua: ...... Well, the tracker's fixed. Shall we? Oh, before we do... Neku?

Neku: What?

Joshua: My turn. I suffered through your questions, didn't I? Now I have one
        for you.

Neku: ...What?

Joshua: How'd you die, Neku?

Neku: What? You tell me, ass-- (No. ...Two more days. He wants me to play it
      that way? Fine.) ...I don't know.

Joshua: Don't know? Is that even possible?

Neku: My memory was the entry fee last Game. Most of it's back, but... there
      are still a few holes. What about you? How did you die?

Joshua: Hee hee... Not telling ?

Neku: What? (Ugh, nice.)

Joshua: I'm here because I want to be. End of story. Ready to go?

Neku: (The questions bounce right off him. I can't afford to get into a 

Joshua: ...Are you listening, Neku? The signal's coming from the scramble

Neku: ......

        | Neku: (Hmm... He won't break easily...)
        | Joshua: What's the holdup, Neku? We've got a signal to follow. It's
        |         coming from the scramble crossing.

[Miyashita Park Underpass]

Beat: Yo, Phones.

Neku: !! Beat...

Beat: You man up any yet? 'Cause I don't believe in hittin' women an' 

Neku: Why are you doing this?

Beat: You stupid? I'm a Reaper.

Joshua: Don't be silly. Reapers aren't allowed to--

Beat: "Reapers ain't allowed at, Mommy! Wah wah wah!" Shut it! This Reaper's
      here to erase ya! Now bring it, yo!

Uzuki: Are you daft!?

Neku: It's them!

Kariya: Hey, no touchy, Freshmeat. Rules are rules. Reapers can't attack
        Players until Day 7-- and only the Game Master.

Uzuki: Yeah, and we're all on standby. GM's orders. Leave the Players alone.
       You may be new, Freshmeat, but you can't just--

Beat: I'm special! I'm runnin' a special op for the Conductor, yo.

Uzuki: Special op!?

Kariya: My, my! A rising star, are we?

Beat: That's right, Lolly. Twinkle twinkle.

Uzuki: Ugh! Why'd he pick you? I have seniority!

Beat: Beats me. Now you senior citizens can hobble off, aight?

Uzuki: Aaargh! Cocky little punk!

Kariya: C'mon, girl, take it with dignity. Let's leave the kids in peace. 
        fun, Freshmeat.

Beat: Pfft, whatever. Aight, Phones, le's dance!

[Battle with Beat]

Beat: Urg... Now that's more like it.

Neku: Beat, stop! You dropped--

Beat: I'ma drop YOU, hard!

Neku: Will you STOP!? This pendant is yours.

Beat: !? That's... Hey! Low blow, man!

Neku: You dropped it the other day, Beat.

Beat: Yeah, sure. Now gimme it back! If you think you can use that to 
      think again, yo! I'll pry it outta your cold, dead hands!

Neku: No bargains! Here. It's yours.

Beat: ...... ...Why'd you gimme it? We enemies, yo.

Neku: It's important to you, isn't it?

Beat: ...... Hmph. Dontchu be expectin' any thanks.

[Beat leaves]

Neku: (...Bye, Beat.)

Joshua: Is the delinquent Reaper gone? Hmm... A special op...

Neku: What about it?

Joshua: Oh, nothing. Let's go.

        | Neku: (Beat...)
        | Joshua: Such a bother. Ah, well. Let's keep moving.

[Towa Records]

Neku: This is CAT's latest...

Joshua: Shibuya's full of his stuff, hmm? It must take a ton of time. I'm
        surprised he keeps that silly café open.

Neku: Huh? CAT opened a café? Where? In Shibuya?

Joshua: You feeling alright, Neku? How many times have you been there now?

Neku: What!? Where the heck is it?

Joshua: Cat street, silly.

Neku: Cat... ! No way!

Joshua: Yes, way. CAT is Mr. H.

Neku: NO WAY! Mr. Hanekoma!? Is CAT!? Whoa...whoa! OK, calm down.

Joshua: Hee hee. I'll try.

Neku: Mr. H? Seriously? I don't believe it!

Joshua: How did you not know this? I thought you were CAT's biggest fan.

Neku: He never does interviews in person. He's never released any photos,
      either. I never even knew he was a "he"! Man... Mr. Hanekoma... I can 
      it, though. From the first time I saw him, I knew he was special. Damn,
      I've talked to CAT! That is freaking RAD!

Joshua: Hee hee. I'm happy you're happy. Just don't tell him where you heard,

Neku: I won't. (So, if Hanekoma is CAT... That means he's... CAT's NOT the
      Composer! Joshua's looking for the Composer. Hanekoma's helping him. 
      Composer wouldn't be that dumb. Besides, Josh is too sharp not to 
      Guess I was over thinking things. CAT can't be the Composer.)

Joshua: I still don't get why he's so popular. It's just street art.

Neku: CAT's work all follow a single, consistent aesthetic. And he keeps the
      quality up. Most important (sic), his work speaks to people.

Joshua: I see.

Neku: That's tougher than it sounds.

Joshua: Is it? I bet you'd have little trouble.

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: Use your Player Pin.

Neku: What's this got to do with--

Joshua: If you know what people are thinking, it's easy to grab them.

Neku: It... it would be an advantage.

Joshua: Right. Why bother with talk? With sifting through the lies we all 
        You could talk till you're blue in the face and not hear the truth. 
        we all see things differently anyway.

Neku: It's true. We're not mean to see eye to eye. (But... I dunno, maybe 
      better that way. Sure, people don't think alike. We don't know what's
      going through the other guy's head. But we can TRY to find out, right?
      Expand our worlds through each other. Maybe that's a better way to go--
      the real way to enjoy each moment.)

Joshua: You OK, Neku?

Neku: Yeah, I could try to be CAT with this pin. But why? Where's the 
      in that? I'd rather broaden my world my own way.

Joshua: ...... Neku... Hee hee. Your face is priceless.

Neku: Huh? (Who asked you!?)

Joshua: Anyway, we really should make for the scramble. We may not be getting
        missions, but we still only have so much time.

Neku: (Him and his Composer hunt... He's really serious? Kid's crazy. He's on
      his own.)

        | Neku: (So Mr. H is CAT. What a relief...)
        | Joshua: ......
        | Neku: (What about this kid, though? Is he really planning a coup?
        | Count me out. It's too risky. I can't put Shiki on the line.)

        > [ew2d5-1]

[Scramble Crossing]

Joshua: Hold it. I'm getting a signal. It's coming from--

Neku: Wait a minute. You want to take on the Composer.

Joshua: Haven't we been over this?

Neku: Look, I'm done with it. I have to win this Game. I'm not taking on any
      more risks.

Joshua: ...... Fine. I won't ask you to get involved. At least let me 
        the River.

Neku: ...... OK, but that's it.

Joshua: Hee hee. You're so generous. The signal's coming from the station

        | Joshua: Umm, Neku? I thought we were going to the station 
        | Neku: We will.
        | Joshua: You don't have to worry. All we're doing is locating the
        |         Shibuya River.

[Statue of Hachiko]

        | Joshua: Good, the signal is coming in stronger. We're heading in 
        |         right direction.
        | Neku: ......

[Station Underpass]

        | Joshua: And here we are.
        | Neku: So the river is up ahead? This is where the Composer is?
        | Joshua: Hee hee. We shall see.

[approaching the entrance to the sewers]

Neku: ...Here?

Joshua: Looks like the tracker's working now. Welcome to the Shibuya River.

Neku: Since when is there a river here? That's news to me.

Joshua: The Composer's just ahead.

Neku: ......

Joshua: ! ......

Neku: ...What?

Joshua: We're blocked out.

Neku: This is the end of the line?

Joshua: Unless we get rid of that wall. Let's head back and gather more info.

Neku: (Gather it where? Who the hell'd know about this?)

        | Neku: (A way through that wall? How the heck does he plan on 
        |       THAT out?

[exiting the Underpass]

Neku: We found your river. Satisfied?

Joshua: For now.

[a Taboo Rhino Noise appears]

Neku: What the...

Joshua: Noise? The same kind as before!

Neku: Get ready!

[Battle against the Taboo Noise]

Neku: Did we kill it!?

Joshua: Apparently not... Looks like we're outmatched.

Neku: Rrgh! I can't give up now...

Joshua: ...... Oh, all right... I was hoping to avoid this.

[Joshua leaps towards the Taboo Noise and calls forth a beam of light, which
vaporises the Noise]

Neku: Holy... Since when can you do THAT!?

Joshua: I told you, I hate working up a sweat.

Kariya: Braaa-vo!

Neku: Who's there!?

Kariya: Afternoon, kids. ...Hey, pretty boy. You're ALIVE, ain't ya?

Neku: What!?

Kariya: That was one helluva blast. No way a Player could do that. You don't
        see juice like that in the UG. You know, living folks aren't allowed 
        the Game. That makes you a rule-breaker. I could erase you right now.

Neku: No!

Kariya: But... I won't.

Neku: Huh?

Kariya: Too much work. 'Sides, that Noise was givin' us hell, too. So let's
        just say I blinked. Not next time, though. You'll be erased before 
        know it. ...By Uzuki. Later!

Joshua: ...Whew. Lucky us, huh, Neku?

Neku: Joshua... Was that true? You're alive?

Joshua: ...... Cat's out of the bag. Yes, Neku. I'm playing the Game alive.

Neku: You're... But how can...

Joshua: There's a loophole to everything. Sneaking in means I don't have a
        Player Pin, but such is life.

Neku: So you just--

Joshua: Please, it's not a big deal. We formed a valid pact. We're just like
        any other pair, Neku.

Neku: ...No.

Joshua: Hmm? I didn't catch that.

Neku: No, we're not, you punk! How can you say you're the same as us? You're
      alive! You're here 'cause you want to be! Not us! I don't want to be
      here! I'm not playing the Game for kicks, dammit!

Joshua: No, you're playing because you want to live again. You still get
        something out of this.

Neku: You little bastard... Only what you TOOK from me! YOU killed me!

Joshua: Aww, Neku. You said you didn't remember! You sneaky little thing. So
        what if I did?

Neku: What!?

Joshua: What if I am the one who killed you? You're going to do something 

[The 5th Day: Turf. Chapter Closed]

       Week 2, Day 6 [w2d6]

Neku: Back at the scramble again... (One more day down. Hey, where's...)

Joshua: Yeah, we found it. We just can't get in.

Neku: (On the phone... Mr. H again? Why would he help this kid? Does he know
      Joshua killed me?)

Joshua: All right. I'll call you. Morning, sunshine.

Neku: Har har. You're killing me, Josh. Oh, wait...

Joshua: Again, say it was me. What are you going to do?

Neku: That's easy! I'll--

Joshua: Erase me?

Neku: Don't tempt me.

Joshua: Oh, please. We're partners, you and I. If I go, you're dead in the

Neku: Rrgh! (You smug little piece of snot! You knew that going into all 
      You knew you'd be safe if you made a pact with me! But why kill me in 
      first place? You could have picked anybody! Why me!? You don't care 
      the Game or the missions... Just pushing along your little agenda.)

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: ! Gah! Mail? A mission!? "Game VI: Beat the bosses of 2.2360679's 0+5.
      "t = 60 min. Incompletes will be destroyed." Nngh! There's the timer...

Joshua: The bosses of 0+5... Meaning two fights?

Neku: Is 2.23 whatever code for something?

Joshua: Let's leave that for now. First let's see where we have access to.

Neku: You're sure into this today. What do you care about missions?

Joshua: I care plenty, Neku. I am a Player.

Neku: You're alive.

Joshua: Maybe so, but I'm still a Player. If I'm erased here in the UG, the 
        me dies. My stakes are just as high as yours.

Neku: Then why put yourself in danger?

Joshua: Beats staying in the RG. Now let's go.

Neku: Wait. Don't think for a minute I've forgiven you. I'll put up with you 
      clear the mission. That's all.

Joshua: Hee hee. Yes, sir.

        | Joshua: The bosses of 2.2360679's 0 + 5... Even I'm at a bit of a
        |         loss today... Let's begin with a check of which areas are
        |         open.

[Entering Center st.]

Joshua: Neku, look out!

Neku: !? Wha--

[Battle with Taboo Noise]

Neku: Why'd that Noise attack?

Joshua: Just like yesterday. They attack without any provocation. Some new 
        of Noise?

[A kangaroo Taboo Noise appears]

Neku: !! Behind you!

Joshua: Hmm!?

[The Noise disappears in a flash of light]

Neku: Wh-what just happened?

Joshua: ...... It seems we owe someone for saving us.

Neku: Who? (...Beat?)

Joshua: Either way, we were lucky. I shouldn't have been so careless. Stay
        sharp today, Neku. The Noise are on the march. Now-- let's see what
        roads are open.

        | Joshua: Since when do Noise instigate fights?
        | Neku: Yeah, weird.
        | Joshua: Looks like today may be eventful. Let's watch our backs.

[Center St. Entrance]

Neku: What's up with the Noise today? They're acting so strange...

Joshua: There are generally two types of Noise. Strays that emerge from
        negative emotions in RG people, and the ones Reapers make to erase
        Players. Strays won't attack Players, so...

Neku: The Grim Heaper's out for blood?

Joshua: Most likely.

Neku: Ugh. (Well, he can bring it on.) Let's go!


Reaper: Gyaaah!

Neku: !! Look!

eaper: The hell is up with this Noise!?

Neku: A Reaper. He's being attacked by Noise!

Joshua: Well, Neku?

The Reaper in red is under attack!

> Help him

Neku: We've gotta help him!

Joshua: If you say so.

Neku: More!?

Joshua: These'll have to come first. He'll have to tough it out till then.

Neku: Rrgh! Hurry!

[Fight with Noise]

Neku: That Reaper! Where'd he...

Joshua: ......

Neku: ......

Joshua: Gone, I'm afraid.

Neku: We left him to die...

Joshua: We did what we had to, Neku.

Neku: ......

Joshua: Still... Why was that Noise attacking a Reaper?

Neku: Do Noise made by Reapers not attack them?

Joshua: That's what I'd heard, anyway... ......

Neku: What the hell are these, then?

        > [ > Keep moving]
        > Neku: Let's make a break for it.
        > Joshua: Wise choice.
        > [Upon leaving to enter Tipsy Tose Hall]
        > Reaper: Yeaaaugh!
        > Neku: ...... That Reaper... He's...
        > Joshua: That's not your concern, Neku. Let's move along.
        >       | Neku: ......
        >       |
        >       | Joshua: You shouldn't feel bad, Neku. You didn't know him.
        >       |         Plus, he was a Reaper.
        >       |
        >       | Neku: ......
        >       |
        >       | Joshua: Now let's get going.

        | Neku: We don't have any time to waste. Let's hurry.
        | Joshua: A wise choice.

        | [Away from AMX]
        | Neku: Man... What ARE those things?
        | Joshua: It looks like the Reapers are having a time of it, too.
        | Neku: (Whatever they are, they're not stopping me.)

[Tipsy Tose hall]

Neku: !! Look!

Sota: Nngh! More of 'em?

Nao: Sota, sorry... I can't...

Sota: Nao! Stay with me! We're finishing this thing together!

Nao: I'd... love to... but it... doesn't look like I can. Sorry... Sota...

Sota: Nao!

[Nao disappears in a flash of white light]

Sota: Nao! Dammit... DAMMIT!

Neku: No!

Joshua: Without a partner... he won't be far behind. Well, Neku? Do we help 

Neku: ......

Sota is under attack!

> Help him

Neku: You have to ask!? Let's go!

        > [> Keep moving]
        > Neku: We have to keep... Urg, no!!! I can't just leave him!

Sota: Nngh! Nao... Looks like I won't be far behind ya. !? Huh? Aren't you--

Neku: We'll handle this! C'mon, Joshua!

Joshua: I'm ready.

[fight with Noise]

Neku: You OK?

Sota: Yeah... You saved my ass. Heh, for now, anyway. I lost Nao... I don't
      have much longer. Nngh...

Neku: If... if we'd gotten here sooner--

Sota: Ain't your fault, dawg. I wasn't strong enough. End of story. Neku and
      Joshua, right?

Neku: Yeah.

Sota: You two survive. Get your old partner back. I hope all three of ya get
      back safe.

[Sota disappears in a flash of white light]

Neku: Augh!!! We were too late! They were right there, but... I couldn't do a

Joshua: We may be the last pair. Let's stay sharp.

Neku: Friggin' Reapers!

Joshua: Angry?

Neku: Hell yes, I'm angry!

Joshua: At least you're still in the Game.

Neku: Yeah? What about the people who aren't? Screw the Game! These are 
      not toys!

Joshua: Why the sudden interest? I didn't think you cared about other 

Neku: No...

Joshua: No what?

Neku: Sure, other Players are strangers. Not just Players. Everyone. I don't
      know who they are, where they're from, what they care about. But... 
      I came to the UG, I... I've talked with them a little. Got to know them 
      little. Felt them a little... Felt my world grow. Just a tiny, tiny 
      It's different now. They're not just some strangers. I can't shut them
      out like that.

Joshua: My, my. This isn't like you at all. Well, just don't get your hopes 
        You'll never really understand the people around you.

Neku: Enjoy the moment.

Joshua: Hmm?

Neku: Enjoying your world means making it bigger. I finally get that. The 
      as one person sees it is tiny. You've gotta... gotta reach out to other

Joshua: ...... Hee hee. Maybe so. Only by allowing strangers in can we find 
        ways to be ourselves. It's possible. Now, are you ready? It looks 
        this mission's up to us.

        | Neku: Let's go. It's up to us to clear today's mission.
        | Joshua: Hee hee. Certainly looks that way.
        | Neku: (For all the other Players... We have to win this!)

[Head towards Shibu-Q Heads]

Joshua: Looks like Route 5's the only one open.

Neku: Route 5?

Joshua: From the scramble crossing out to Udagawa.

Neku: So that 2.2 number...

Joshua: 2.2360679. It's the square root of 5.

Neku: Ugh, Pi-Face and his lame jokes. So what's the 0 + 5?

Joshua: Route 5 spans a total of six areas. The scramble, Center Street, AMX,
        Tipsy Tose Hall, Shibu-Q Heads, and Udagawa. Assuming the scramble is

Neku: Udagawa would be 5.

Joshua: Precisely. Problem solved. Our targets are the bosses of the scramble
        and Udagawa.

Neku: All right. Let's get this mission done. Next stop, Udagawa!

        | Joshua: All that remains is the boss of Udagawa.
        | Neku: Let's move. We're ending this now.

[Shibu-Q Heads]

Neku: !! Them, too!?

Uzuki: Huff...huff...

Kariya: Still with me?

Uzuki: Where the hell did these Taboo Noise come from?

Kariya: Game Master musta cooked 'em up.

Uzuki: And sent them out after us Reapers? What is he, crazy!?

Kariya: Incoming, Uzuki!

Joshua: They're having a rough time of it.

Neku: ......

Joshua: Well, Neku? Do we send in the cavalry?

The Reapers are under attack!

> Help them

Neku: Let's do it. They'll hate it.

Joshua: You're so vindictive.

[Fight the Taboo Noise]

Neku: You guys OK?

Uzuki: You two... Why'd you help us? Are you, like, stupid? We're your 
       Hello? Seriously. We can take care of ourselves!

Kariya: Whew! You guys saved our butts. We were eight kinds of boned.

Uzuki: What? Kariya!

Kariya: Enemy or not, if somebody helps you, you say thanks.

Uzuki: Ugh, whatever. I didn't ask for your help! Just thinking about it 
       me want to barf. A Reaper needing a Player to save them? Seriously, 
       We're leaving, Kariya!

[Uzuki leaves]

Kariya: Two simple words. Is it that hard?

[Kariya leaves]

Neku: She'd rather have been Noise food?

Joshua: Maybe "barf" is her version of "thank you." Let's get moving.

        > [> Keep Moving]
        > Neku: We can't risk it. Let's run
        > Joshua: Wise choice.
        > Uzuki: This is getting ugly... Kariya, we're pulling out!
        > Kariya: Yes, ma'am!


Neku: We're here. What's the time?

Joshua: Thirty minutes left.

Neku: Piece of cake. Let's wreck this thing!

[Fight with Taboo Noise]
[When the Noise is defeated, Nekulooks at his right palm. There's no timer]

Neku: Mission cleared. (Hang in there, Shiki. One more day...)

Minamimoto: Heh heh heh... Zetta fun times.

Neku: !? Zetta...

[A flash of light]

Neku: (Nrrgh! My head... again...)

Joshua: Hee hee. Why, hello there. Bored again? Or maybe just lonely.

Minamimoto: Can't have you 2 dying on me. My calculations'd go haywire. I'd
            lose all motivation to create. Glad you pulled through.

Neku: (Glad? Why would he be glad?)

Joshua: Ahh! So you were the mystery helper in the first fight. Thanks for

Minamimoto: Anyone too weak to beat a 000 like that is garbage. CRUNCH!

Neku: (He... helped us?)

Minamimoto: Remember what tomorrow is? Day 7! That magical day when I get to 
            hands-on. Time for a little quiz. How fast will I erase you?

Joshua: Not too fast, I hope.

Minamimoto: 299, 792, 458 m/s!

Neku: What?

Joshua: The speed of light?

Minamimoto: I'll correct the deviation that saved you last time we met here.
            This time, you're a dead man.

[Minamimoto leaves]

Neku: (The pain's fading... Are he and I connected or something?)

Joshua: Tomorrow won't be fun. I can only imagine what he'll try.

Neku: ("Last time"? What did he mean by that? Was he talking to Joshua? He 
      seem to be Pi-Face's target. So the two of them faced each other here
      before... When? I can't blame anybody for wanting to whack this kid...
      But he'll have to get in line. Once tomorrow's done...)

[Dead God's Pad]

Konishi: That concludes Yashiro's report.

Megumi: So the Taboo Noise were Minamimoto's doing.

Konishi: This is grave treason, sir. Allow me to handle Minamimoto.

Megumi: No need. I'll discuss his punishment with the Composer. Your input is
        not required.

Konishi: ...Understood. However, this is a matter of urgency. I hope you'll
         reach a conclusion swiftly. Next, the matter of the illegal Player.
         May I take action there? Or would you prefer to discuss--

Megumi: You may. The rules are very clear.

Konishi: Yes, sir. One closing remark-- A certain Player has exhibited great
         resilience. Neku Sakuraba. What do you make of him?

Megumi: ...Heh. Sakuraba, of course! Just when I thought I had Him figured 

[The 6th Day: Beast on the Prowl. Chapter Closed]

       Week 2, Day 7 [w2d7]

Neku: Day 7...

Joshua: Indeed. Kind of a shame. We never found a way into the Shibuya River.

Neku: ...... Joshua... Why'd you kill me?

Joshua: I killed who, now?

Neku: Drop it, Josh. You said it yourself.

Joshua: I just asked what you'd do if I had.

Neku: Look, did you or--

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: Rrgh... The mission. When we're through with this, you're telling me

Joshua: Hee hee. Whatever you say, Neku.

Neku: "Game 7: Erase the Game Master at Pork City. time = 600 minutes.
      Incompletes will be erased." Nngh... Well, this is it. Just us and the
      Grim Heaper.

Joshua: ......

Neku: What?

Joshua: This mission seems odd. Ah, well. No sense in worrying about it. 
        we head to Pork City?

Neku: That's past Dogenzaka. Let's go.

Joshua: After you.

        | Neku: Today we put the Grim Heaper to sleep.
        | Joshua: He's in Pork City, just past Dogenzaka. Hee hee... How very
        |         like him to hole up there.

        > [Attempt going in any direction other than 104 Building]
        > [Neku attempts to move forward. Flash of light from a wall]
        > Neku: Durff! A wall...
        > Joshua: Looks like it's Pork City or nowhere.

[104 Building]

[Beep from Neku's Phone]

Neku: ! Hmm? Another mail? "P.S. Have cow and mouse on hand." "P.S."? That's 

Joshua: ...... This entire mission seems odd.

Neku: Yeah... It is a bit different. No riddles. No weird numbers.

Joshua: ......

Neku: Now this all of a sudden... Think it's a trap?

Joshua: Who can say? Though I have my guesses. Hee hee. All we can do is play
        along. We can't win if we don't complete the mission.

Neku: Right.
Joshua: Hmm... Cow and mouse...

Neku: The heck does that mean?

        | Neku: Cow and mouse? What's that about?
        | Joshua: Hee hee. Neku, out of curiosity... do you know what D+B
        |         stands for? Dangerous Buffalo.
        | Neku: Pfft... Seriously?
        | Joshua: Another fun trivia tidbit-- Mus Rattus is Latin for rat.
        | Neku: So, D+B and Mus Rattus...

        > [Concert Stage]
        > 777: Hey! It's you guys! Perfect timing!
        > Neku: (Ugh, not more errands... I say we run for it.)
        > [attempt to leave]
        > Neku: Durff! Another wall!?
        > 777: Hey, c'mon! Don't bail. I wanted to give you this, for your
        >      help before. I dunno, maybe you'll find a use for it.
        > Neku: Uh, thanks. Did you find your microphone?
        > 777: ...... 'Fraid not.
        > Joshua: I'm sorry to hear that.
        > 777: But it's cool. We've got a new one! We're gonna bust outta the
        >      indie circuit with this baby. Blow a hole in the freakin' music
        >      scene! Anyhow, that's it from us. See ya! /leaves
        > Neku: They're gonna major with that megaphone?
        > Joshua: Hee hee. I'd like to see that concert.
        > Neku: No joke. What the heck kinda music are they making?

[Pork City, 1F]

Neku: This is where he's hiding?

Joshua: It's a good spot for it.

Neku: How's that?

Joshua: All the stray thoughts in Shibuya flow through here. They hit Pork 
        and rise up above the city... then come crashing back down again.
        Always building, never lessening...

Neku: And he's sitting on top of it all? Smug bastard.

Joshua: Attention seekers do tend to favor high places.

Neku: That's him all right. (I just need to take him out. Sit tight, Shiki.)

<The Reapers>

Black Reaper: ! Players? Here?

Neku: (Uhh, yeah?)

Joshua: That's the mission. Erase the Game Master here in Pork City.

Red Reaper: ...... You hear anything about this, man?

Black Reaper: Nope. Mr. Minamimoto told us to guard this spot. That was six
              boring days ago.

Red Reaper: ...... Well? What do you think?

Black Reaper: They're here on a mission, right? Why not do the usual?

Red Reaper: Makes sense... If they're here on a mission, that means
            Mr. Minamimoto wants 'em here. OK. Meet my terms and you can 
<Red Reaper>

Red Reaper: ...... Want to get upstairs? You'll have to wipe out all this
            floor's Noise!

<Black Reaper>

Black Reaper: This place is a little special, see? Erasing Noise here is
              tricky. If you want to burn through 'em... pick your brands

[After defeating all the Noise on the floor]

Red Reaper: ...... Objective met. Floor clear! [Wall goes down]

Neku: Hey... Does fighting here seem odd to you? Why do we wind up in that
      weird black and white space?

Joshua: I don't really know... It could be the imaginary number plane Mr. H
        told me about.

Neku: Imaginary what?

Joshua: A parallel plane a fraction away from the world Noise inhabit. We may
        be fighting there.

Neku: That Pi-Face's work?

Joshua: Probably. But even so... Pork City is kind of an exception to begin
        with. He may just be directing its natural energy.

Neku: Wonderful.

Joshua: Hee hee. This IS his base after all.

Neku: Not for long. Let's head upstairs and beat him down.

        | Joshua: Apparently, something about this building restricts the
        |         psychs we can use.
        | Neku: We'll be fine as long as we use the right brand's pins.

[Pork City, 2F]

<The Reapers>

Black Reaper: ! Players!?

Red Reaper: Why are they here?

Neku: (Again?)

Joshua: We're here for the mission, thanks.

Red Reaper: ...... What mission?

Black Reaper: I dunno. But the guys downstairs let 'em through.

Red Reaper: ...... OK. Meet my terms and you can go on up. But don't expect 
            to be easy.

<Red Reaper>

Red Reaper: ...... Want to get upstairs? Not until you de-Noise this floor!

<Black Reaper>

Black Reaper: OK, so you passed the first floor. That doesn't mean you'll get
              through here. If you wanna survive here... pick your brands

[Defeat the Noise]

Red Reaper: ...... Objective met. Floor clear!

[Approach the lift to the next floor]

Joshua: Neku, are all your pins in order? I suspect he's just ahead.

Neku: (I should put my A-list pins back on.)

        | Joshua: Looks like a clear shot up to the roof. The brand
        |         restrictions aren't likely to reach that far. I recommend 
        |         wear the pins you like best, Neku.

[Pork City, Roof]

Minamimoto: Nngh!? You two? How'd you find this place!?

Neku: Is that a joke?

Joshua: We got a mission mail. "Erase the Game Master at Pork City."

Minamimoto: What? An inverse matrix!? ...Doesn't matter. You just saved me 

Neku: (What's he going on about? Didn't that mission come from him?)

Minamimoto: I was hoping for a little reenactment. Same spot, same setup as
            last time...

Neku: (Last time? Nrrgh! Not now!)

Joshua: You OK, Neku?

Neku: Waaaugh!


[Udagawa with Neku by the mural, smiling up at it. He reaches a hand up, as 
to touch it. But suddenly Joshua rushes in from around the corner, carrying a
gun. Neku is surprised, before BANG! A gunshot.

But as Neku drops to the ground from shock, the camera pans to reveal
Minamimoto behind him, injured.]

Minamimoto: I blew it...

Neku: What!?

[Minamimoto suddenly raises his gun and fires before the screen goes black.]


Neku: It... it was you?

Joshua: Neku...

Neku: You killed me... You stole my life!

Minamimoto: Hmph. That's insignificant.

Neku: What!?

Minamimoto: I've had enough chatter. Come get derived. This time I'm
            eradicating you from my spatial coordinates! Drown in the sea of 
            imaginary numbers!


[Minamimoto's 6 wings enlarge, before they shatter, and his legs turn to 


[After you beat Minamimoto]

Minamimoto: Hahhh... You're zetta persistent...

Joshua: Aww, what's wrong? Weren't you going to erase us at the speed of 

Minamimoto: Heh heh heh...

Neku: ?

Minamimoto: Haaa ha ha ha haaa! 

Neku: What the hell?

Minamimoto: The world's made up of numbers! I've been reverse-engineering my
            desired solution all along! And here it is!

Joshua: Look out! That psych's a Lv.i Flare!

Minamimoto: I am victorious!

Neku: Nowhere to run!

Joshua: ......


[Joshua pushes Neku away]

Joshua: But Neku... I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on 
        and you give up on the world.

[Joshua disappears in a flash of white.]

[Neku wakes up in the Scramble Crossing]


Neku: Dammit... Why... WHY!?

[The 7th Day: Clash of Desires. Chapter Closed]

        Week 3, Day 1 [w3d1]

Neku: Here I go again... At least this time it really ends. ...... (Shiki's
      out. They made her my entry fee. Joshua, too. Took the bullet for me.
      Rhyme's gone. Noise got her. And Beat left to join the Reapers. One
      Player after another...gone. ...... I'm the only one of us left-- the
      only hope we have.

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: (The mission!) "Game 1. Reach 104. Time: 60 minutes Cost of failure:
      Expunction." Nggh... 104 again? They're not very creative... (I need a 
      partner-- otherwise this'll be a very short Game. Better check Hachiko.
      Somebody there must have what it takes. )

      > <Reaper>
      > Reaper: ......

[Leave the Scramble]
[At a different location]

Uzuki: Sigh...

Kariya: 'Sup with you, girl? You miss breakfast?

Uzuki: Naw, I just... don't feel like working.

Kariya: I hear that. Hey, how 'bout a game, then? Games make work fun! You 
        you lo--

Uzuki: Love it? Not really. I'm not too keen on games right about now. I 
       can you BELIEVE this week? We've never run a Game this way. Is it even

Kariya: Hmm... Just barely. Consider it a loophole. The grey area juuust 
        of black.

Uzuki: This is ridiculous! The Game Master is Ms. Konishi. How am I supposed 
       make a good impression?

Kariya: On the Iron Maiden? Heh. Well, you're right about the Game being
        borked. Three weeks in a row? That's a first, even for me. You gotta
        wonder what the Composer has goin'.

Uzuki: I just want my job to be... what's the word... Rewarding! That's it. I
       want my job to be rewarding.

Kariya: Then put your heart into it. You reap what you sow.

Uzuki: Very funny. And not all that convincing coming from you. ...But all
       right. I'll make this week the pinnacle of my Harrier career!

Kariya: 'Atta girl. Now let's just hope we get to the scene while there's 
        a Player to harry.


Neku: Hey! Somebody!!! Holler back if you haven't made a pact yet! Anybody!?
      Huh? Where are all the Players?

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: ! My phone? Another mail... "P.S. This Game only has one Player. Best 
      luck." What!? I'm the only one? Then I can't make a pact! I can't fight
      the Noise! ...... (Rrgh... How could I be so stupid? Shades played me. 
      said he already collected my entry fee. And it was THE OTHER PLAYERS!
      Dammit! But... I can't just give up. Think, think... I could try 
      for the next seven days. Wait, no... If just one mission says to take a
      Noise out...)

[Frog Noise appear]

Neku: !? Oh, just perfect. I'm gonna have to run!

[Neku runs]

Neku: Huff...huff... That bastard... This Game is rigged.

[More Noise appear]

Neku: Crap... I'm surrounded!

Uzuki: Yoo hoo!

Neku: !! Reapers!

Uzuki: You're still here! Well, aren't you the sweetest? Sticking around 
       for me! Now, how about a little countdown until the ball drops? 10!

Neku: It's all over.

Uzuki: 9! Kariya! You owe me ramen for this. 8!

Kariya: Yes, ma'am. Just pay attention. "This" isn't done yet.

Uzuki: 7! ...Ugh, fine. Zero!

Neku: Huh!?

Uzuki: Buh-bye! Muah.

Neku: (Shiki... Joshua... I'm sorry.)

Beat: Yo yo yo, not so fast, yo!

Uzuki: !? What are you doing here?

Neku: It's him!

Beat: The hell you doin'? Quit playin' dirty! You can't have a Game with jus'
      one Player! Maybe the Composer's down widdat, but I ain't him!

Uzuki: Who invited you, Freshmeat? ...You're not thinking of betraying us?

Beat: First you gimme some lame special op and make me snipe my friends, and
      now you gonna take down a defenseless Player? Ain't you Reapers got any
      honor? Now you got me all kinds a' pissed! Y'all goin' down, yo!

Kariya: Oh, to be young and foolish again! Try switching on your brain,
        Freshmeat. If you fight us, you die. Right now you're treadin' on 

Uzuki: Yeah. I mean, what kind of IDIOT chooses the Players over the Reapers?

Beat: Ha! You're the idiots, yo. I ain't treadin' on thin ice!

Uzuki: Huh?

Beat: Shibuya ain't cold enough for ice, stupid!

Uzuki: ......

Kariya: ......

Neku: ...... Um...

Beat: Yo, Phones!

Neku: Huh?

Beat: You an' me is gonna pact. Aight?

Neku: ...OK. Let's do it!


[Beat and Neku form a pact]


Beat: Aight, le's lay 'em flat, yo!

Neku: OK!

[Fight and defeat the Noise]

Beat: Heh, served! You got nothin' on us, yo!

Uzuki: Snotty little worm! The gloves are off! TAKE THIS!

[More Noise is summoned]

Beat: Hey, Phones!

Neku: Huh?

Beat: We gotta bounce, now! This way!

[Beat leaves]

Neku: !? Huh? Hey!!! Wait up!

[Neku runs after Beat]

Uzuki: !? You little... You dare run? Come BACK HEEERE!

Kariya: Whoooa, Uzuki! Stop, stop.

Uzuki: Why should I!?

Kariya: We gotta report to the brass. You know how this works.

Uzuki: But, but--

Kariya: You'll enjoy punishing them more if you take it slow.

Uzuki: ...... Yeah... Good point. Hey, this is Yashiro, Route 3. We have an
       emergency. A Reaper--

Kariya: Hoo boy... Now the real party starts.

[West Exit Bus Terminal]

Beat: Booyaka! We made it.

Neku: Huff...huff... So... for now...huff... we're safe?

Beat: Yo, enough wid the huff, man! Tha's weak! Don't you start blubberin' on
      me now.

Neku: ...Please. Who's blubbering? So... Why exactly did you make a pact with

Beat: 'Cause you was hung out to dry, man. I wasn't about to leave your sorry
      ass to die.

Neku: Right... My hero.

Beat: Tha's right! Wait, you're makin' fun a' me! Hey, look, yo-- I owed you.
      Tha's all.

Neku: For what?

Beat: Rhyme's pendant.

Neku: Big deal. It was yours, so I returned it. Wait... That's the only 
      you helped me? Geez, man! You're a Reaper! They'll kill you for 
      partnering with a Player.

Beat: Aww...quit bitchin'! Leas' you still alive.

Neku: ...... !? Hey, your wings are gone!

Beat: Huh? ...... Oh yeah. Guess they are.

Neku: You don't care?

Beat: About what? That Reaper crap was lame, yo. I was getting' sick a' how
      they ran things. The good guys suit me better. But forget me, man. Why
      you in the Game again? What happened to the prissy kid you was with?

Neku: ...... Well...


Neku: Unngh... Where...am I? !? The Game ended!? When? How? Joshua! Where's

Megumi: Shhh.

Neku: Who...

Megumi: Kudos. Victorious yet again.

Neku: I'm... the only one?

Megumi: You play the Game well. Let me take a moment to congratulate you-- 
        to thank you for your assistance.

Neku: Assist you? I don't think so.

Megumi: Ah, but did you not rid us of Sho Minamimoto, the rebel?

Neku: Rebel? He wasn't on your side? Then that last mission--

Megumi: Was issued by me.

Neku: You used us! What did you do to Joshua?

Megumi: Joshua is no more.

Neku: No...

Megumi: He took the brunt of Minamimoto's attack. Both boy and lion vanished.
        Nuked to oblivion, no doubt.

Neku: Then he died... protecting me? Why would he do that?

Megumi: He must have had some affection for you as a partner.

Neku: ......

Megumi: He was a fool, though. No partner merits that kind of sacrifice.

Neku: ...I did this. (I blamed him. He's gone because of me. I accused him of
      shooting me, but he was innocent! I made him feel like he owed me
      something. I didn't... I didn't trust him. My partner. I didn't even
      apologize. I'm the worst... I never told Joshua I'm sorry.)

Megumi: I can see you're taking this hard. But you needn't blame yourself.
        Technically, he never entered the Game. He didn't actually exist in 
        UG. How could he disappear...if he was never here in the first place?

Neku: That's not funny!

Megumi: And, we mustn't overlook his grave transgressions. Meddling with the 
        from the outside? Breaking into the Game? The living are not eligible
        to play. And now you, too, must be punished... for abetting him in 

Neku: P-punished!?

Megumi: With erasure.

Neku: What!?

Megumi: ...At least, were I to go strictly by the book.

Neku: Huh?

Megumi: But lucky for you, we repay our debts. The Composer has generously
        decided to enter you in one final Game with a penalty. You may not

Neku: Another Game? But what about Shiki? What happens to her!?

Megumi: Nothing. The last Game is null and void. Your entry fee will be 

Neku: That's... That's the penalty?

Megumi: No. Your penalty is disqualification from all Games beyond the next.
        You will not be allowed to play again...again.

Neku: This is my last shot?

Megumi: Now, I must collect your entry fee.

Neku: I... I already paid!

Megumi: For your last entry, yes. But one entry fee is required for each 
        Composer's rules. I'm afraid I can't bend them.

Neku: Dammit... What else can you possibly take from me?

Megumi: It's already been taken.

Neku: ...What?


Beat: That sucks, man. How can Shades be such a sneaky bastard? Takin' all 
      Players as an entry fee!

Neku: Doesn't matter. I was forced into this either way. Shiki's still 
      What choice do I have? Just one: win. Joshua bought me this chance. I'm 
      not gonna waste it. I have to stay alive.

Beat: Aight, then. Come on.

Neku: What?

Beat: You comin' with me, Phones.

Neku: Why?

Beat: 'Cause I got someplace to go.

Neku: Um, I said I have to clear these missio--

Beat: To the station underpass, yo! Book it!

[Beat leaves]

Neku: H-hey, wait! Listen to what I'm telling you!!!

        | Beat: Le's head for the underpass, Phones! Dontchu slow me down, 
        | [Beat leaves]
        | Neku: Hey... Hold up!

        > [Try to leave via the Hachiko exit]
        > Beat: Yo yo yo! I said the station underpass!
        > Neku: ......

[Attempt to enter Station Underpass]

[Beat attempts to enter, but is blocked by a wall]

Beat: !!

Neku: A wall. No red Reaper in sight, either. We can't go this way today.

Beat: Stupid @#!%(#^)^@^ WALL! I ain't got time for this! Get in my way, and
      I'ma BREAK you!

[The wall goes down]

Neku: He... he tore it down!? That's insane!

Beat: I pave my own roads, yo. Now le's haul it!

Neku: (The guy's a freakin' rhino. Doesn't he ever pace himself?)

[Station Underpass]

        | Beat: Aight! It's right through here. Move it, yo!
        | Neku: WHAT'S right through here?
        | [Beat leaves]
        | Neku: Hey!!! Listen when people are talking to you...

[Attempt to enter Shibuya River]

Neku: (This is the Shibuya River. Where Joshua wanted to go...)

Beat: ......

Neku: ! Hey! Another wa--

Beat: Stupid @#!%(#^)^@^ WALL!

[Beat charges forward, but is repelled by the wall]

Beat: Yeowwwch!

Neku: Hey, take it easy!

Beat: Yo, what the hell! I got the keypin right here! Why can't I break it?

Neku: Keypin?

Beat: Yeah, the Reapers got 'em to open each area.

Neku: They have keys?

Beat: How you think I opened that last wall?

Neku: "Open"? I think you mean "smash."

Beat: Openin' them takes too long! We got through, aight? Who cares how!

Neku: Certainly not you.

Beat: 'Sides, breakin' the walls feels better.

Neku: This is nuts, dude. Keep it up, and you won't last out the mission!

Beat: It don't matter, man. Arrrgh, what the hell! LET ME IN!

Neku: ...... Maybe you've got the wrong key.

Beat: ...... ...... ...... Dammit. I need another key?

Neku: Look, let's give this up for now. 104's back the other way. We gotta
      hurry. Time is running out.

Beat: Tsk, fine. Whatever!

Neku: Hey... Wait up!!!

        | Beat: Time's runnin' out! Haul it to 104!

[Leaving the underpass]
[Dead God's Pad]

Konishi: Conductor, sir. I've received word of another rebellion.

Megumi: ......

Konishi: A new Reaper under special orders from you, sir. Name: Daisukenojo
         Bito. He's been with us for eight days.

Megumi: ...Ah, yes. The boy.

Konishi: With your permission, sir, I'd like to handle him personally-- as 
         Master, of course.

Megumi: No, Konishi. You will remain on standby.

Konishi: To what end, sir?

Megumi: I need to discuss this with the Composer.

Konishi: Mr. Kitaniji, far be it from me to question you, but...the boy's 
         on duty for all of eight days. He hasn't earned a single point. Why
         trouble the Composer when he's doomed anyway?

Megumi: Ha ha! Konishi, talking back? Has hell frozen over? We mete out
        punishment based on the crime, not the criminal.

Konishi: I... understand, sir. I'll stay my hand until the Composer has 

[Megumi leaves]

Konishi: That little goon! Even a chimp knows better than to pick the losing
         side. This ruins my plans to wrap the Game up on Day 1! I'll need to
         work up a new strategy... Adjust for the longer term. Good thing I
         never make mistakes...

[Scramble Crossing]

Red Reaper: ...... Want past this wall? Then take down these Noise!

Neku: Damn, another wall...

Beat: Heh! Them Noise is getting' a beatdown! Ready, Phones? Hope you can 

Neku: Well, first you gotta tell me how you fight.

Beat: That's easy. I just... ...... You know. It's like...um... Poker! Yeah! 
      gotta get cards of the same suit.

Neku: OK, makes sense. Sort of.

Beat: You'll get it once we start fightin', yo! Le's do it!

Neku: Right now!?

Ready to fight?

        > [> Hang on just a sec]
        > Man, why you gotta drag your feet?

> All set!

Beat: Aight, le's mow 'em down!

[Beat the Noise]

Beat: Ha! How ya like dat? Two cards on the ground, pick one up in the air, 
      on the skull, and kablam! I'm there.

Neku: That's... confusing.

Beat: Well... un-fuse it! I can't figure it out, so you gotta!

Neku: What? But it's your technique!

Beat: I only know what I know 'cause... 'cause Rhyme explained it.

Neku: Rhyme...

Beat: ...... Wanna pound stuff again?

Want to try it again?

        > [> One more time!]
        > Beat: Heh heh! Aight, le's do it!

> That's enough

Beat: Aight. Now you know how it's done.

Red Reaper: Objective met. Wall clear!

[104 Building]

Beat: Booya, we made it!

Neku: Timer's gone. All clear.

Beat: One day down, six more to go!

Neku: First I have to ask you something.

Beat: Like what, yo? Le's just play the Game.

Neku: "Trust your partner." That's the key to survival here. So I gotta know:
      You said you helped me so you could repay a favor.

Beat: Yeah. So?

Neku: Is that the only reason? I can't afford any surprises in this Game. Why
      put yourself in jeopardy?

Beat: What's a "jeppardy"?

Neku: Huh?

Beat: Look, man. I dunno your big words. But I do got another reason.

Neku: OK. What?

Beat: I wanna set Shibuya up widda new Composer. Me!

[Dead God's Pad]

Megumi: I'm back, Konishi.

Konishi: Mr. Kitaniji. Have you made a decision?

Megumi: Yes. Strip the little rebel of his Reaperhood. Treat him as a Player
        going forward.

Konishi: Yes, sir.

Megumi: I needn't remind you, Konishi, of your obligation to erase both the
        Players? You are Game Master...

Konishi: I'll get the job done, sir.

Megumi: Good. But to be safe, I'm requiring all Reapers to wear their O-Pins.

Konishi: Outlet Pins? Sir, I know O-Pins enhance Reaper battle performance, 
         what about the side effects? All to punish one ignorant little boy?
         It's so risky...

Megumi: Nonetheless, the Composer wills it. I, for one, am grateful. Haven't 
        lost enough good men?

Konishi: Yes, sir.

Megumi: I'm also putting the UG on Emergency Call.

Konishi: ! Emergency Call!?

Megumi: Make the arrangements.

[Megumi leaves]

Konishi: ...Right away. Something's wrong. Why such alarm over one artless
         rebel? He's hiding something. I need to act, now. But not blindly.
         Every good plan starts with hard facts.

[7 Days left: Sensible, Senseless. Chapter Closed]

        Week 3, Day 2 [w3d2]

Neku: Ready for Day 2?

[Phone beeps]

Neku: Mission's here.

Beat: Hey! Ain't you down wid the plan?

Neku: Yeah. Like we talked about yesterday. Ignore the missions and make for
      the Shibuya River.

Beat: Once I'm Composer, this Game business is done! An' then... ...... Man,
      le's jus' go.

Konishi: Go where? You haven't even read the mission.

Beat and Neku: !

Beat: Who'zat?

Konishi: Greetings. I am this week's Game Master, Mitsuki Konishi.

Beat: Tsk... This is the Iron Maiden? Move, yo! I ain't got time for you!

Konishi: So primitive. You think I can't see what you're up to? You were 
         to ignore the mission and cause some kind of trouble.

Beat: So what, yo!? I'm a Reaper. I don't gotta do some stupid mission!

Konishi: ...As I thought. Well, I regret to inform you you were officially
         expelled from the Reapers yesterday. As of today, you are just a

Beat: Pfft. Whatever. You can't fire me, 'cause I quit, yo!

Konishi: Oh, don't act like a child.

Beat: You think I'm actin'!?

Konishi: ...No, I can see it comes quite naturally to you.

Beat: Heh heh. Damn right!

Neku: ...... Uh, dude... She's making fun of you.

Beat: WHAT!?

Konishi: Sigh... Since I can't reverse evolution and speak your language, 
         keep this brief. You may be a Player now, but you still broke Reaper
         rules. Which means you have a penalty coming. They explained to you
         that a Reaper's points determine his or her lifespan?

Beat: Yeah, so? Big deal, yo.

Konishi: You've earned 0 points. Not a very hard worker, I see.

Beat: You was gonna make me sic Noise on the Players! That ain't what I 
      up for.

Neku: ......

Konishi: Then I can't fathom why you did. One person's success is built on
         another's sacrifice. And besides... If I'm not mistaken, your only
         motive for becoming a Reaper is sitting perched on your shoulder. 
         little Noise? Talk about petty.

Beat: Shut up! What do YOU know?

Konishi: As you wish. 0 points. That leaves you with about five days to live,
         including today.

Beat: What!?

Neku: Five days?

Beat: Then I ain't gonna last the Game...

Konishi: The Reapers' wings are not license to do whatever you please. Ponder
         that during the time you have left. Now then, Player, in honor of 
         fall from grace, why don't I claim your entry fee?

[Konishi snatches the squirrel Noise from Beat]

Beat: !! What!? NO!

Konishi: I wonder what you hold dearest. Could it be... this Noise? It is,
         isn't it?

Beat: Give her back, you Iron Witch!

Konishi: Hmph. I have a better idea. Since this seems to be distracting 

Beat: NO! Don't you do it, yo!


[Konishi crushes the squirrel Noise in her hand, static bursting out]


[The squirrel Noise is turned into a pin]

Konishi: There. Much more manageable. Now you can focus on my mission.

Beat: Why you... Gimme that pin!!!

Konishi: First, your mission. How about... "Defeat me. You have 6 days."

Neku: DAYS?

Konishi: Or until you perish. Whichever comes first.

Beat: Yo, I don't need no six days-- I'm gonna finish this right here an' 

Konishi: A predictably hasty response. ...Let me finish. Keep jumping the gun
         and you're going to fail. Don't you care what becomes of this pin?

Beat: Dammit! That ain't fair...

Konishi: At this point, I am going to move to a certain place. I will stay in
         that place for the next six days. You need to find me.

Neku: So it's like hide-and-seek.

Beat: We just gotta find you? Tha's easy, yo.

Konishi: Correct. We call this Reaper Sport 2: "Hide-and-Seek." I picked
         something at your age level.

Beat: Whatchu jus' say!?

Konishi: Best of luck to you. Oh, and here. You'll need this.

Beat: A Player Pin...

Konishi: I'm looking forward to watching you squirm and choke-- powerless to 
         find me... powerless to stop death from finding you. Take care.

Beat: Yo, get back here, dammit! Nngh!

Neku: The timer.

Beat: Dammit! She got away.

Neku: That's the way to 104.

Beat: Yo, forget the Shibuya River. We gotta go after her, man. I need that
      pin! Otherwise bein' the Composer means nothin'.

Neku: Wait, why? That Noise that was with you. What wa--

Beat: That ain't no Noise, Phones!

Neku: Huh?

Beat: Le's bounce!

        | Beat: Yo, she ran that way, Phones.
        | Neku: Toward 104.
        | Beat: Don't let her get away, yo!

        > [Head towards Center St. or Shibu Dept. Store]
        > [Beat walks into a wall]
        > Beat: Damn, a wall... I'm gonna smash it, yo!
        > Neku: Whoa, whoa!
        > Beat: What, man?
        > Neku: Ever think about conserving your energy? We don't need to 
        >       it. She took off in the other direction!
        > Beat: Hey, that could be a trap, yo. You can't prove Ironface isn't
        >       through here!
        > Neku: Are you can't prove she is! Let's just start with the 
        >       OK? Then we can come back and smash things.
        > Beat: But we ain't got time for guessin'...
        > Neku: Look, I get how you feel. But you're not a Reaper anymore. 
        >       have to--
        > Beat: Aight, MOM! Damn...

[Heading towards 104 Building]
[Another location]

Kariya: Sooo... this is an O-Pin.

Uzuki: Reminds me of the design sweeping the town. You know... I think it's 
       same pin.

Kariya: Something about this stinks.

Uzuki: Better hold your nose, then. We have to wear 'em. GM's orders.

Kariya: You mean her Iron Mugliness? She's really gone and done it this time.

Uzuki: Oh, c'mon, live a little! Secret weapons? Unchained power? Sign me up!

Kariya: Uh-huh. Ever wonder why they keep the chains ON?

Uzuki: I guess... it must take a toll.

Kariya: Something must be spooking the higher-ups if they're breakin' these
        puppies out.

Uzuki: It does seem like overkill for one little freshmeat traitor.

Kariya: Maybe. Maybe not.

Uzuki: Huh? Please.

Kariya: Anyway, I see you've finally cheered up.

Uzuki: Well, yeah? Work is finally getting back to normal. Rewarding! Hee 

Kariya: 'Atta girl! Now how 'bout a day for bowl of--

Konishi: Working diligently, I see.

Uzuki: ! Oh! Y-yes, ma'am!

Kariya: Tsk...

[104 Building]

        | Beat: Come on out, Ironface! Where you at!?
        | Neku: Not here, that's for sure.
        | Beat: Dammit, she gonna pay!
        | Neku: Maybe she's somewhere up ahead. Let's keep looking.

[Attempt entering Dogenzaka]

Neku: Another wall... End of the road.

Beat: Naw, not this time, yo.

Neku: Whoa, don't do anything crazy!

Beat: Yo, quit bustin' my berries, man. I'm talkin' 'bout THIS. This wall 
      with my Lv. 1 keypin.

Neku: The one you used to "open" the wall yesterday?

Beat: Heh heh. She forgot to take it back. There. Open. Le's move!


Beat: Dammit... Where'd that Reaper tramp go?

Black Reaper: Got you now, traitor.

Beat: Who the hell are you?

Black Reaper: A Reaper.

Beat: Yeah, like we couldn't tell. Well, guess what. I'm a Player now. You
      ain't allowed to touch me.

Black Reaper: What, didn't you get the memo? The UG's on Emergency Call.

Beat: Pfft. What's the emergency?

Black Reaper: When the UG's continued existence is threatened, neutralization
              of the malignant factors takes priority.

Beat: Sorry, man, but I don't speak geek.

Black Reaper: It means the ban on attacking Players has been lifted. You're
              just a bounty to me now. I'll make officer if I erase you.

Beat: Heh, good for you, yo. Take your best shot. But I'm tougher than you

Black Reaper: Not when I've got an O-Pin!

Beat: "Oh pin"? Whassat?

Black Reaper: It makes me a dozen times more powerful than usual! Prepare to 
              die, Dasukeno--

Beat: Bwaaah! Oh no you didn't! Now you askin' for it!

[Defeat the Reaper]

Black Reaper: H-how!? The pin didn't work?

Beat: Heh. You all talk, man. It don't work 'cause you WEAK.

Black Reaper: I underestimated you, Daisukeno--

Beat: Bwaaah! Dontchu say it!

Neku: Die-sue-what?

Beat: Forget it, yo. We got us a bigger problem.

Neku: The Emergency Call... We're gonna have to fight off the Reapers now.

Beat: Rrgh, dammit! Why they gotta get up in our grills when we busiest? 
      it have to come to this, yo?

Neku: ...... Uh, because you betrayed them?

Beat: ...... ...... ...... Bwaaah! You sayin' it's my fault? Well... we still
      OK! We jus' gotta take out the Reapers if they try somethin'. Right?

Neku: Works for me.

Beat: Aight, le's go find the Iron Maiden.

Neku: (Hmm... That's weird, though. The GM could've just erased us. Why 
      she? What's the point of issuing some roundabout mission?)

Beat: Yo, le's move!

Neku: All right!

[Another location]

Konishi: can I count on you, Mr. Kariya? Yashiro?

Uzuki: Of course, ma'am! Special orders straight from the GM! We're honored.

Kariya: ......

Konishi: You're officer material, Yashiro. Where points are concerned, you
         rival the best of us. You could succeed. All you need is a little 

Uzuki: Yes, ma'am! Thank you for the advice.

Konishi: Show me some results, and I can guarantee a promotion. I'll speak to
         Mr. Kitaniji myself. Now do your best.

Uzuki: I won't let you down, ma'am!

Konishi: As for you, Mr. Kariya, you should already be--

Kariya: Picked a hiding place yet? Must be fun to run.

Konishi: "Run"? Oh, Mr. Kariya, you need to fix that erroneous assumption. I
         intend to ATTACK-- from the last place they'll ever suspect.


        > [Randomly, whenever you change areas]
        > Reaper: Hold it, renegade.
        > Neku: Dammit... Reaper!
        > Beat: Punk! Sow me whatchu got!
        > [Defeat the Reaper]
        > Beat: Man, where they all comin' from? Tsk... Let's go.

[Heading towards A-East]

[Konishi appears before disappearing]

Neku: Hey! You see that?

Beat: Wait up, Ironface!

[Beat runs into a wall]

Beat: Durff! Stupid wall! Keypin, keypin. Got it, yo!

[The wall goes down]

Beat: C'mon!

        | Beat: You ain't gettin' away, Ironface!
        | Neku: She ran toward A-East.
        | Beat: Aight, yo. Le's move it!


[Konishi appears and disappears]

Beat: Quit runnin', you coward!

Neku: That's A-East...

Beat: She's hidin' in the building, yo. This is our chance, Phones! Le's take
      her out now!

        | Beat: Heh heh! We got her now, man. Ironface gotta be somewhere in
        |       that building. JUS' YOU WAIT, IRONFACE!

[Approaching the Concert Stage] or <777>

777: Hey! You two! Perfect timing.

Neku: Huh? Oh. It's you.

Beat: Whatchu want, man? We're in a hurry!

Neku: Yeah, we don't have time for you right now.

777: Aw, that's too bad... for you.

Beat: Yo, Whatchu say?

777: ...I am sooo on fire today! The bounty just fell right into my lap!

Neku: Wait... You wouldn't!

Beat: Hmph. You know we gonna crush you, Porcupine.

777: Uhh... Don't count on it, bro. I've been on a lucky streak today. Tix to
     our show tonight? Sold out. That's a Def Märch first! Meteoric!

Beat: Yeah? Good for you, man. Go play wid your mic or somethin' and step off
      my grill, yo!

777: Sorry. Denied! Whatever you did to get a price put on your head, I 
     to collect. 'Sides, if you're threatenin' the UG, that ain't cool. I
     happen to like my UG/RG double life.

Beat: Like I'm the bad guy!

777: You are to me. Now, Daisukenojo Bito, prepare to be face-melted!

Beat: Bwaaah!

Neku: Die...bee... What? Is that some kind of hex?

Beat: Yo, don't you dare use that name!

Neku: Name!? You don't mean...

Beat: ...... ...Yeah.

Neku: Are you serious?

Beat: I know it's lame, man. Jus' call me Beat!

777: Let's rock, Daisukenojo!

Beat: Bwaaah! You'll pay for that, yo!

[Defeat 777]

777: Damn... You guys are tough.

Beat: Tha's right. Now call me Beat!

Neku: (Is that all that matters to him?)

Beat: That cost us time, yo. Le's keep movin'.

777: Hey, hold up. Finish what you started... End me.

Beat: End you? Yo, I didn't even wanna start you. And I ain't got nothin'
      'gainst the UG, either. You got a show to play, man.

Neku: Go rock out. You gonna let down your fans?

777: ...... Heh heh... Man, today IS my lucky day. Thanks, Phones. You, too,

Beat: Bwaaah! Yo, you askin' for mo' pain!

Neku: Hey! Calm down...

777: Dai-- I mean Beat. Here. Take this.

Beat: Whatchu givin' me, man?

777: My keypin.

Neku: Is that allowed?

777: Doesn't matter. I don't like owin' people.

Beat: Aight, then. Thanks, man. ...C'mon, Phones!

Neku: Yeah, she couldn't've left the building.

777: Who?

Beat: The Iron Maiden!

777: You mean Konishi?

Neku: We saw the Game Master go in.

777: What? Naw, you're mistaken. No one's inside the space. I would've seen 
     go in.

Neku: You didn't see her? (But she went right past him... Still, he doesn't
      look like he's lying.)

[777 enters the Concert Stage]

777: Hey, anybody in here? I said, HEEEY!!! See? Nobody-- Gwaargh!

Neku: ! What happened?

Beat: Quick, Phones!

[Concert Stage]

Neku: It's pitch black...

Beat: Hey! Porcupine! You aight?

Neku: ...... Let's have a look around.

        | Beat: Yo! Porcupine! You aight? What she do to you!?
        | Neku: ......
        | Beat: Man... What the hell's goin' on?


Neku: What's this?

Beat: Looks like a dog collar.

Neku: It's the choker 777 had on.

Beat: Huh? Then what's it doin' here?

Neku: ...She erased him.

Beat: What!? That lowdown, dirty... How could she do somethin' like that!?
      Where is she? I'm gonna hunt her down!

Neku: Hey, heads up! There's something in here!

Beat: Tsk... Noise?

Neku: We'll find her. But first, let's get rid of this!

Konishi: Hee hee hee...

[Defeat the Noise]

Konishi: Hee hee hee...

Beat: Show yourself, Ironface!

Neku: She's in here somewhere. Keep looking!

[6 Days left: Style. Chapter Closed]

        Week 3, Day 3 [w3d3]

Neku: ...Huh? !? The scramble!?

Beat: But we was just at A-East, yo! She dumped us back at the starting 
      C'mon, man. We gotta head back!

Neku: Wait!

Beat: What for!? We know where she's at!

Neku: We know where she WAS. But we couldn't find her.

Beat: Yeah, we did look pretty hard, but--

Neku: We don't really have any proof she was really there.

Beat: You heard her laughin' at us!

Neku: It's possible that was all just a setup. Let's check some other places
      today. We've got 777's keypin, right? We just have to be thorough.

Beat: Aight. Fine. But it's Day 3, yo. I don't got much more time. This 
      man... I am so boned! Why can't there be some easy way outta this?

Uzuki: Well, there is!

Beat: !? Yo, who'zat?

Uzuki: Like, take it down a notch, Freshmeat. Or should I call you 

Beat: Whatchu want, Pinky?

Uzuki: Hey, leave my hair out of this.

Neku: (......)

Beat: You here to take us out? If you gonna bring it, then bring it! We're in 
      hurry, yo.

Neku: ?

Uzuki: Oh yeah? You don't want THIS?

Beat: !? That pin!

Uzuki: The GM passed it on to me. She made me substitute GM for the day!

Beat: Yo, gimme that back!

Uzuki: Hooold on. This is your entry fee. You can't have it back unless you 
       the Game.

Beat: Bwaaah! Tha's right... Dammit!

Uzuki: But how about we have a little bonus round? If you finish my mission,
       I'll give you back the pin.

Beat: Yo, fo' real?

Uzuki: Like, totally. I'm subbing for the GM. It's my call.

Neku: And of course you'd never try to trick us.

Uzuki: What? Oh, come on. You think this is all a ruse? Fine, I'll just 
       the pin, then--

Beat: Wh-whoa! Don't!

Uzuki: Ahh, now you believe me. So! Here's your mission.

Beat: ......

Uzuki: We are going to play Reaper Sport 4:


Neku: (Huh? What'd she say?)

Uzuki: You have 60 minutes. Fail, and-- Well, I'm not an official proxy, so I
       can't erase you.

Beat: Then why you think we gonna listen to you?

Uzuki: I can't erase you... but I CAN erase this pin.

Beat: What! You sneaky--

Uzuki: Oh, get over it. Now... Ready, set... GO!

[Uzuki runs off]

Beat: Dammit! Get back here, Pinky!

Neku: Hey, this could be our lucky break. It beats hunting after the real GM.

Beat: Yeah... I guess. We don't need Ironface if we get the pin back. Yo, 
      chase after Pinky and clear this mission!

        | Beat: Time's a wastin', man. Le's finish this mission!
        | Neku: You said it.

[Moving away from the center of the Scramble]

Neku: Hey, so, um... what's the goal for today's mission?

Beat: Huh? Yo, weren't you listenin'?

Neku: ...... No. I couldn't hear 'cause you sneeze like a freakin' elephant.

Beat: Man... Get wid it. Today's mission is-- ......

Neku: ...... You don't know.

Beat: I-I got it, Phones! Just gimme a sec. Reaper Spurt 4, right?

Neku: Sport.

Beat: Right, Sport. Umm... Well RS 1 is "Russian Roulette." RS 2 is "Hide-
      Seek." so RS 4 must be, uhmmm--

Business Guy: Sigh... What should I do? Maybe it's time to break out Reaper

Beat: Oh yeah! "Reaper Creeper"! That's what RS 4 is!

Neku: ...... You just pulled that out of thin air.

Beat: Did not! Hey, I used to be a Reaper, yo! We cool.

Neku: OK, so... how does RS 4: Reaper Creeper work?

Beat: Well, you gotta act like the Reaper... and creep into people's heads 

Neku: ...Are you sure?

Beat: Hey, I used to be a Reaper, yo! We cool.

Neku: .......

Beat: Aight, Phones. Le's find us some peeps to Creep.

Neku: How 'bout the guy who just walked by?

        | Beat: This is perfect, man. Le's have that guy do the Reaper 
        |       thing!

        > [Attempt going somewhere else]
        > Beat: Phones! Where you goin'? We gotta Creep that guy over there.
        > Neku: ...... Is that really the mission?

<Business Guy>

Business Guy: Hmm... Ever since discovering Reaper Creeper, I've let it make
              decisions for me... Too many. Not that I can complain. I owe 
              of my success to it. But still...it doesn't feel right.

Beat: What? He ain't gonna do it?

Neku: Weird, for him.

Business Guy: Should I keep relying on this? ...... Of course! I'll just ask
              it! Wouldn't that be a fitting end! ......

Beat: Yeah, pops! 'Atta boy...

Neku: ......

Business Guy: Reaper... Creeperrraaargh! What am I doing? I have to quit cold

Beat: Aw, quit jerkin' us around, pops! Hurry up and Creep!

Neku: ...Are you SURE this is what we have to do?

Beat: Y-yeah! Reaper Spurt 4: "Reaper Creeper". I used to be a Reaper, yo!

Neku: ......

Beat: Trust me, Phones. Now let's get that guy to-- Huh? Where'd he go?

Business Guy: Sigh...

Beat: Oh, crap! We gonna lose him! Book it, Phones!

[Beat runs off]

Neku: (Must...trust...partner...)

        | Beat: Where'd that guy go, man? We need him to play Reaper Creeper.
        | Neku: ...... Well, for now, let's check the other areas.

        > [Randomly, whenever you enter a new area]
        > Reaper: Got you now, traitor.
        > Beat: Damn, again!?
        > Reaper: Your time is up.
        > [Defeat the Reaper]
        > Beat: Yo, they do't take a hint. How many asses we gotta kick, man?
        > Neku: Quit moaning about it. C'mon.

        > [ew3d3-1]

[Center st. Entrance]

Beat: Hey! There he is!

Business Guy: Sigh...

Uzuki: Tee hee!

Beat: Huh? You see Pinky jus' go by?

Neku: Yeah. She was giggling. What's up with that?

        | Beat: Yo, Phones! We gotta chase after that guy!
        | Neku: Right, but... (the Reaper. What the heck is she doing?)

        | [In a location not Center St. Entrance]
        | Beat: Yo, Phones! The Reaper Creeper guy went down... uhmmm... Mo'
        |       People Street. Le's go, man!
        | Neku: "Mo' People Street"? Is that Beat-speak for Center Street?


Beat: Dammit, where'd he go now?

Uzuki: Tee hee!

Neku: Hey. There goes the Reaper again.

Beat: What, Pinky?

Neku: Yeah. She just took off. You didn't see her?

Beat: Yo, are we lookin' for the guy or not?

Neku: ...... I dunno. I think she's acting weird. Like she's teasing us.

Beat: Whatever, man.

Neku: You sure today's mission is--


Neku: ......

Beat: Ahhh. Got the sniffles. Aight, le's go, Phones! We gotta track down 
      guy an' finish the mission!

Neku: ......

[Tipsy Tose hall]

Business Guy: Sigh...

Beat: Yo, Phones! There he is!

Makoto: Sigh...

Neku: Huh? What's he doing here?

Makoto: Sigh...

Business Guy: ! M...Makoto!

Makoto: Oh! Boss...

        | Beat: Yo, man. This could be our chance.
        | Neku: Yeah. Let's see what he's up to.

        | [Somewhere not Tipsy Tose Hall]
        | Beat: Phones! The guy was over by Tipsy Tose Hall. Le's get him to 
        |       the Reaper Creeper thing.

        > [Stride]
        > Oh, hey, kids.
        > Beat: Huh? Watchu all want?
        > Vice Wizard of Slam: You're just in time. We were about to play 
        > Tin Pin, but we're one short of a Grand Slam. Want in?
        > Pin Prof: If you win, we'll give you a rare pin.
        > Beat: Yo, whatchu wanna do? You playin'?
        > Play for a bit?
        >    > [> No time!]
        >    > VWoS: Really? That's too bad.
        >    >
        >    > [Come back]
        >    > VWoS: Here for Tin Pin?
        > [> Sure, for a little while.]
        > VWoS: All right! Let's play. But careful: we're good.
        >    > [Lose]
        >    > VWoS: Ha ha ha! You've got a ways to go.
        >    >
        >    > Pin Prof: Come back when you're ready.
        >    >
        >    > Neku: Hmph...
        > [Win]
        > VWoS: Hey, not bad!
        > Pin Prof: That was fun. Let's play again sometime!
<Business Guy and Makoto>
Makoto: Boss, how have you been?

Business Guy: Fit as a fiddle, thanks.

Makoto: Sorry you had to see me like this.

Business Guy: Is that new business not panning out?

Makoto: I just don't have the knack for it. I made this big show about 
        the company. I thought I was sooo smart. But you know, Boss-- I 
        know a damn thing. Shibuya ate me alive, heh heh...

Business Guy: ......

Makoto: Boss, tell me. What am I supposed to do now?

Business Guy: Oh, Makoto...

Makoto: Heh, I'm sorry. That's not a very fair question after what I did to

Business Guy: ! Now just hold on, Makoto. (Reaper Creeper always yields the
              right answer. Makoto needs solid advice, and with this...I can
              give it to him! )

Beat: Damn right, pops! He's gonna do it, Phones! Now's our turn to Creep, 

Neku: Hmm... (I dunno... This seems too important to leave up to some game.)

Beat: Do it, Phones!

Play the role of the Reaper

        > [ew3d3-2]

> I can't decide this for him

Neku: No. Not this time.

Beat: Huh? Watchu talkin' about, Phones?

Neku: He needs to find the words himself.

Beat: But Phones...

Business Guy: Gaaah! It's not moving! Please! Creep to me, Reaper!

Makoto: Hey, Boss, look... I gotta take off.

Business Guy: W-wait, Makoto!

Makoto: Huh?

Business Guy: Do you... remember when you first started with me? On your 
              day, you had this twinkle in your eye, and you said, "I want my
              customers to be happy!"

Makoto: Heh... We all start somewhere.

Business Guy: Makoto! Back then, you had your head stuck so far up in the
              clouds, you couldn't get anything done right.

Makoto: Heh... Sounds a lot like me now.

Business Guy: Not quite. The you I knew first? He didn't need fancy clothes 
              be cool. Marvelous! That's what you were.

Makoto: Boss... 

Business Guy: I think you need to search back and ask THAT person where you
              should go from here. So what if you mess up? Nothing we do in
              life is truly a waste.

Makoto: Wow... ...... All this time I've been rushing into things. Maybe I 
        to go back to the drawing board and figure out what I want. Thanks,

Business Guy: No, I should be thinking you.

Makoto: Huh? For what? 

Business Guy: Nothing, nothing.

Makoto: Hey, Boss. I gotta get going.

Business Guy: All right. SHow the world what you've got!

[Makoto leaves]
Business Guy: Heh heh. Who needs some piece of paper? My own answers beat the
              hell out of black and white. I've Reaper-Creeped for the last

Beat: Damn straight, pops. ...Hey, wait a minute. BWAAAH! Phones, you've 
      us, man! Who's gonna play Reaper Creeper now?

Neku: ...... About this "Reaper Creeper" business... I gotta ask you.

Beat: What, yo?

Neku: Is that REALLY today's mission?

Beat: Yo, I told you--

Neku: I don't think you remember.

Beat: I do! Like I said, I Reaper Spurt 4--

Neku: It's SPORT.

Beat: Hrrrm... ...... Sorry, Phones. It's been two days since I was a Reaper. 
      don't remember too much.

Neku: (Um...Two days isn't that long. ) Look, next time just be up-front 
      it. We'll never work the mission out by taking shots in the dark.

Beat: Man... Why I gotta be like this? I never change.

Neku: ......

Beat: You know Rhyme? She used to say the same stuff-- like a hundred times,


Rhyme: Beat... I don't trust that pink-haired lady. Why she said doesn't add
       up. Let's take it with a grain of salt, OK?

Beat: We ain't got time for salt!

Rhyme: We don't have time for mistakes, either. Slow and steady wins the 

[Another time]

Rhyme: I'm telling you, Beat. We need to find the golden bat.

Beat: We ain't got time for bats!

Rhyme: We don't have time for mistakes, either. Haste makes waste!


Beat: She always had some saying. And she knew to think ahead! But me... I
      never learn. Even now, when she needs me the most.

Neku: ......

Beat: I know I gotta think things through. I really do, man. But I freak out
      instead of findin' the answer. Some brother I make.

Neku: Brother? Wait, Rhyme's your sister?

Beat: What, didn't I mention? Yeah. We from the same family.

Neku: Whoa! (I had no idea.)

Beat: We came to the UG together, partnered up... and then I... I...

Neku: Hey, you didn't do anything!

Beat: It's like I killed her, man. You don't know the half of it.

Neku: Beat...

Beat: Why I gotta be so stupid? I thought I could bring Rhyme back by 
      a Reaper. That turned out great, huh?

Neku: ......

Beat: When Rhyme got erased, Hanekoma gathered up her soul and stored it in a
      pin. I made a pact with the pin to stay alive, but... I hated feelin'
      trapped, yo. 'Fore I knew it, I was at the Reapers' door asking 'em how
      to use the pin.

Neku: So that's why you took off. But wait! That means--

Beat: That Noise on my shoulder was Rhyme. Her Noise, which I called outta 

Neku: Whoa...

Beat: I was lookin' for a way to turn her back to normal, but I didn't find
      nothin', yo. But I figure if I become the Composer and rule Shibuya... 
      know? Whoever takes out the old Composer gets the job.

Neku: Is that how it works?

Beat: Yup. And once I'm in charge of Shibuya, I can fix Rhyme. I owe her a
      second chance, man!

Neku: ......

Beat: Listen up, Phones, 'cause I'm only gonna say this once.

Neku: What?

Beat: Help me... You gotta help me save her. I ain't that smart. I just crash
      my way through things. But that ain't enough to save Rhyme. I need 
      I need... I need YOUR help.

Neku: ...... Screw you.

Beat: What!?

Neku: Don't be an ass. She's my friend. And you act like I'd mind saving her.
      Besides, I'm just crashing my way through this, too. Even if I beat the
      GM and survive, they'll just get me on some technicality-- probably for
      making a pact with you. But I don't get any more chances. There's the
      Emergency Call, too. Let's face it. Shades wants me gone. If me and 
      are gonna make it back to the RG--

Beat: Don't sweat it, man! I'll bring you all back to life, soon as I'm in

Neku: All right.

Beat: Yo, uh... thanks, Phones.

Neku: Hey, not necessary. Like Mr. H said: "Trust your partner."

Beat: Heh heh! True dat.

Neku: So what's today's REAL mission?

Beat: ...... Well...first le's track Pinky down.

        | Neku: So that Noise was Rhyme...
        | Beat: Tha's right. So we gotta find that Reaper
        | Neku: an' get her back, yo.

[Leaving Tipsy Tose Hall]

Uzuki: Ugh, what's with you losers!?

Neku: !? Hey, is that--

Uzuki: Don't you want to win at ALL!? I oughta crush this pin! I swear, if 
       take one more side trip-- I mean, what's the point of tag if you don't
       chase me!

Beat: Huh? Tag? Wait, so Reaper Sport 4--

Uzuki: It's "Tag," you dolt! Didn't they teach you anything at all? That's 
       the most basic of basics! Some rising star you turned out to--

Neku: Tag.

Uzuki: Huh?

Neku: You're it.

Uzuki: What!?

Beat: Bwa ha ha! You see how stupid she is? She just walked right up to us
      an'...Bwa ha ha!

Uzuki: That...that last tag doesn't count! And did you just call me stupid?

Beat: Yo, you are! I ain't never seen no one suck so bad at tag.

Uzuki: Shut up shut up shut up! You have no right to call anyone stupid!

Beat: We cleared your mission, Pinky. Now hand over the pin!

Uzuki: I...I've got another mission for you! "Defeat the pissed off Reaper!"

Neku: Hey, play fair!

Uzuki: I have to win this Game. I don't care what it takes! Now bring it, you
       little turds!

[Defeat Uzuki]

Beat: Look out, yo! One more punch and you gone! Hand over the pin an' I 
      spare you.

Uzuki: AAAaaaAAAAAAaaaRRRRRRrrrRRRrrrGGGGgggGGH!!! Take your mercy and shove
       it! Next mission!

Neku: Hey! Enough is--

Uzuki: I WANT MY PROMOTION! I'm not shooting for any Miss Nice awards!

Kariya: Aw, now girl... 

Uzuki: !

Kariya: Face the facts. They got you whupped.

Uzuki: Oh, be quiet! You can underachieve all you want. But I want to move 

Kariya: Up, up, up, and then what?

Uzuki: Well... I-I-I--

Kariya: Don't know? Then don't bother. Shooting for nothing sounds crazy to 

Uzuki: Then what about you! Why'd you turn your promotion down?

Kariya: ......

Uzuki: Yeah, I know about it. They were gonna make you an officer. And you
       threw it in their faces. I mean, what is that!? You got a crush on me 
       something? Can't bear to leave me!? I don't want to be your ball and
       chain. It's not fair!

Kariya: ...... Being an officer sucks. Why join the brass and strut around
        doin' nothing? Sounds like a total bore. I like the field, simple as
        that. You can feel the pulse out here. People's ideas conflicting, 
        changing... I like bein' in the audience. I'm a stargazer.

Uzuki: ......

Kariya: 'Sides, if I join the officers, how am I gonna sucker you into buyin'
        me ramen?

Uzuki: ...Jerk. ...... Well... I guess I can stay in the audience a bit 

Kariya: Yeah, girl. Stop and smell those concrete roses. Now then. Sorry to
        drag on like that. Here. For your trouble.

Beat: A Lv. 3 keypin? Yo, you can keep this. Gimme Rhyme!

Kariya: No can do. I haven't had my fun yet.

Beat: Quit screwin' with us!

Kariya: Um, villain? Screwin' with you is my job. But you have my word. Beat 
        at my little game, and the pin's yours. No screws attached.

Neku: You swear this time?

Kariya: On my life. ...Wait, that doesn't work. Anyway, I won't be pulling 

Beat: Dammit, fine. What's your game?

Kariya: You'll love it, Freshmeat. All you have to do... is beat me.

[5 Days left: The Composer. Chapter Closed]

        Week 3, Day 4 [w3d4]

Neku: ...Where am I? (The underpass by Miyashita park... That's an unusual
      place to start. Huh? Where's Beat?)

Beat: ......

Neku: (What's he doing over there?)

        > [Attempt leaving]
        > [Neku runs into a wall]
        > Neku: Urrrf! A wall. (Beat's got the keypin...)

Beat: ......

Neku: Hey.

Beat: ! WAAAH! You up already?

Neku: So it seems. Weird place to start the day, huh?

Beat: ......

Neku: Right?

Beat: Huh? Oh, yeah, yeah.

Neku: (Speaking of weird... What's gotten into him?)


Neku: Whoa, what was that for?

Beat: Time to give Lollipop a lickin' and get Rhyme back, yo!

Neku: Yeah... You said it. From the way Lollipop-- wait, Kariya, was it? The
      way he was talking, we gotta beat him today.

Beat: Yeah, jus' be ready, Phones. Lollipop's one tough customer.

Neku: Oh, come on. He's just another Reaper. I've already beat two Game
      Masters, remember?

Beat: Naw, man, Kariya's skills put the brass to shame. He's only a small fry
      'cause he likes it that way.

Neku: Yeah, they were talking about that.

Beat: Trus' me, he ain't' gonna mess up like Pinky did, yo.

Neku: ...... Wait, are YOU worrying about ME?

Beat: Huh!?

Neku: Who are you and what have you done with Beat?

Beat: N-naw, man! I was jus' sayin' we gotta be vegetant! We after the
      Composer, not Kariya.

Neku: Vigilant. And is the Composer that strong?

Beat: He's gotta be, right? How else he gonna keep sly punks like Shades in
      line? All I'm sayin' is we ain't gonna get a better warm-up than 
      So let's take him down, rescue Rhyme, an' then book it to the Shibuya

Neku: It won't be that easy.

Beat: Well, you better man up, yo, cause we gotta find Lollipop. Le's start 
      the scramble.

Neku: ...... (If the GM was right, Beat's only got two more days after

        > [Heading towards Miyashita Park]
        > Beat: Yo yo yo! Wrong way, man! Scramble's back this way.

[Heading out of the Underpass towards Towa Records]

[Beat runs into a wall]

Beat: Oof! Oww, dammit! Freakin' wall... Now where's that keypin? Whaaa?
      It's... it's gone! The keypin's gone, man!

Neku: Gone!? Then we're trapped in here?

Beat: ...Tsk. Here, of all places...

Neku: What do you mean?

Beat: N-nothin', aight?

Neku: ...... Crap. This complicates things. How do we open the walls without 
      key? Think, think...

Beat: Yo, you know when I woke up, this was lyin' next to me.

Neku: ...... Well, thanks for mentioning. What is it? A box? What's inside?

Beat: I couldn't get it open, man. I tried smackin' the button on top, but--

Neku: Are you crazy? What if it was a trap?

Beat: ...... Yo, you show me a button, and I wanna push it. Aight?

Neku: I think they design traps like this with you in mind.

Beat: Sh-shut up, yo! Leas' we know the button don't work. Press it an' this
      weird voice comes out.

Neku: Oh yeah?

Box: WRONG! Layout reset.

Neku: Now what does that mean?

Beat: Hmm? We got mail, yo. "See you at Towa Records. Key's in the box." This

Neku: It's from Kariya. So the keypin is in this box?

Beat: That sneaky bastard. How we supposed to open it?

Neku: ...... If the box says "wrong" then there must be a "right." (We need a
      clue...) ! Hey! What's that piece of paper?

Beat: Yeah, they was lyin' all over the place.

Neku: Let's check it out.

Beat: I'll hang on to the box, yo. You tell me when to push the button, 


Neku: Huh?

Beat: ......

Neku: Flowers... Was there an accident here? (Hmm? Why isn't he talking?)

<Bottom left paper>

Beat: 'Sup with this piece a' paper, yo?

Neku: Are these markings supposed to be Noise?

Beat: This star symbol looks familiar, yo.

Neku: Yeah, 'cause it's on that box of yours.

Beat: Whoa! You're right.

Neku: Think there's a connection?

        > <Top right paper>
        > Beat: You see this piece a' paper, man?
        > Neku: Figure that mark is a Noise?
        > Beat: There's a picture of a moon, too.
        > Neku: What does it mean?

        > <Bottom right paper>
        > Beat: Yo, check this piece a' paper.
        > Neku: These markings look like Noise.
        > Beat: There's a picture of a sun, too.
        > Neku: What does it mean?

Beat: Ooh! Lemme guess! Is it...push time?

Neku: ......

Press the button?

        > [> Leave it alone]
        > Beat: Aww, no push?
        > Neku: I don't think we have the right answer yet.
        > Beat: You sure you aint just scared, man?
        > Neku: ...... (Talk about projection...)

> Press it

Beat: OK... Here goes, yo! Careful when you push it!

Neku: (...Me?)

[Neku pushes the button]

        > [If you didn't erase the correct Noise]
        > Box: WRONG! Layout reset.
        > Beat: Bwaaah! Whatchu playin' at, Phones!?
        > Neku: ......
        > Beat: Don't go pushin' the button widdout thinkin'. Be smart!
        > Neku: (That, coming from you?)

[If you erased the correct Noise]

Box: CORRECT! Box unlocked.

Beat: Booya! We did it, Phones!

Neku: (... "We"?) OK, box's unlocked.

Beat: I'll take it from here, yo!

Neku: ......

Beat: Sweet! A keypin!

Neku: OK! Let's hurry to Towa Records!

Beat: Dammit... Not yet, man. This is a Lv. 1 keypin. It won't open the way 
      the record store. But we could get into the Miyashita Park area.

Neku: Well, no point in staying here. Let's see what we can find over that 

Beat: Aight! Follow me, yo!

[Beat leaves]

Neku: Uh-huh. Lead the way...

        > [Heading towards Towa Records]
        > Beat: Yo, we don't have the keypin for this wall. Le's head for
        >       Miyashita Park!

[Heading towards Miyashita Park]

Beat: Aight, it opened! Le's move!

[Miyashita Park]

Beat: Where you at, Lollipop!? COME ON OUT!

Neku: H-hey, reel it in! He's already said he's over by the record store.

Beat: Whatever, yo. He can hear me. I shout loud! Rrgh... C'mon, I can't 
      sittin' around here!

Neku: I know! Settle down. (What's got him so upset today? Did something

Beat: ! Yo! Phones! I see somethin' over there!

Neku: OK. Let's check it out.

Neku: What have we here?

Beat: Anotha' box?

Neku: Again?

Beat: Yo, I call Box Holder! Jus' say when you wanna push the button.

Neku: (...Right.)

[Miyashita Park Underpass]
<Top right paper>
Beat: You see this piece a' paper, man?

Neku: This mark here must represent Noise.

Beat: There's a picture of a moon, too.

Neku: Just like our new box.

Beat: Ooh! You solve it?

Neku: ......

Press the button?

> Press it

Beat: Sure you got it right, man?

Neku: ...... (You tell me, genius. )

[Neku presses the button]

Box: CORRECT! Box unlocked.

Beat: Hey! Very imprecious, Phones!

Neku: (Rhyme must have had her hands full...) OK, box's unlocked. Let's open 

Beat: I got this, yo!

Neku: ......

Beat: Bwaaah!

Neku: What?

Beat: There's a box in the box! Man, I'm sick a' rackin' my brain...

Neku: (He's actually been... THINKING?)

Beat: Aight, your turn, Phones. I'll watch the box!

Neku: ......

[Miyashita Park Underpass]
<Bottom right paper>

Beat: Yo, check this piece a' paper.

Neku: These markings must be Noise.

Beat: There's a picture of a sun, too.

Neku: Just like our new box.

Beat: Ooh! You solve it?

Neku: ......

Beat: Sure you got it, man?

Neku: ...... (Help, if you're that worried!)

[Neku pushes the button]

Box: CORRECT! Box unlocked.

Beat: Wow, Phones. That was spesticular!

Neku: (Rhyme DID have her hands full... Very full.) OK, box's unlocked. Let's
      open it up.

Beat: I got this, yo!

Neku: ......

Beat: Booyaka! Another keypin! Now we can get to Towa Records!

Neku: All right. Let's hurry! But still... You have to wonder. Why would 
      go through all the trouble of trapping us here by the underpass? To buy

Beat: ......

[Leaving the underpass for Towa Records]

Neku: All right. Open it up. ...... Hey, you got the keyp-- Huh? Where...

Beat: ......

Neku: (What's he doing?)

Neku: Hey, man, what's wrong?

Beat: This is where...

Neku: Flowers... Was there an accident here? (An accident! ......)

Beat: ...... ......

Neku: !? Hey, whoa! Tears? Seriously... Who are you and what have you done 

Beat: This is where... where me an' Rhyme died.

Neku: Here?

Beat: That morning' me an' my folks had it out. Jus' like always, I took off.
      An' jus' like always, Rhyme came after me. But one thing was different.
      The car, yo. It came screamin' toward her, I...

Neku: ......

Beat: I jumped in front of her, but... I ain't strong enough to stop a car, 
      That was our ticket to the UG.

Neku: I'm...I'm really sorry, man.

Beat: I killed her. I stole her future... ya know? Rhyme wasn't a loser like 
      me. She had dreams. Things ahead of her. If I... If I hadn't run outta
      the house... Hadn't fought with my folks... If I'd pushed her outta the
      way a second sooner... ......

Neku: But c'mon, man. You know she didn't hold it against you.

Beat: I'll never know.

Neku: ...Huh? But you two got along great!

Beat: Yeah, she never blamed me.

Neku: See?

Beat: LISTEN! She... She didn't remember, yo.

Neku: Like, her memory was gone?

Beat: I dunno. But when we woke up in the UG, an' whatchu think she said to 
      "Nice to meet you." I mean, talk about your sick jokes, man. Rhyme 
      remember a thing about me.

Neku: So they took her memory... Like they did with me.

Beat: Prob'ly. But she didn't win the Game. So even if I become Composer an'
      make her right again... her memories a' me might be gone for good.

Neku: That's terrible...

Beat: It's what it is. But I don't care! I'm still gonna bring her back! 
      the leas' I can do for her!

Neku: I'm with you, man.

Beat: Thanks. ...... Sorry, I'm wastin' time. We...we gotta get over to Towa

[Heading out of the Underpass towards Towa Records]

Beat: Here goes. Aight, it's open. Le's go, Phones.

Neku: OK.

[Towa Records]

Beat: Where you at!? Come on out!

Neku: Is he even here?

Beat: Tsk... Fool's prob'ly hidin' somewhere. Yo, what if we scan for him?

Neku: You can't scan Reapers.

Beat: No, but we might find anotha' clue!

Neku: ...... All right.

        > [Attempt to leave]
        > Beat: Yo, Phones, hold up! Lollipop said he's here, right? Le's 
        >       lookin'.


Neku: That's odd...

Beat: Huh? Wassup?

Neku: I can't scan!

Beat: What? That's wack, man! Try again.

Neku: (......) I'm serious! It's not working.

Beat: No way! Why not!?

Neku: (Good question.)

Beat: So this means... what? Everybody's a Reaper?

Neku: C'mon, please. You see any wings? And if they were Reapers, they'd 

Beat: Aight... so then what, yo?

Neku: ! Hey, look! Red Skull pins.

Beat: Yeah, all the people's got 'em...

Neku: Wait! What if it's the pins? Maybe they block my scan, like the Player

Beat: Could be, yo. Rhyme said Players can't scan each other.

Neku: Or technically people carrying Player Pins. It's like the pin blocks 

Beat: So these people is all Players? I mean, if they got pins, yo...

Neku: No, we're the only two Players. I'm sure of it. These people are alive-
      in the RG. Maybe the Red Skull pins are like the Player Pins for the 

Beat: Naw, they can't play the Game if they alive. THINK, man!

Neku: We can't all be great thinkers like you.

Beat: So, yo, the Red Skull pins-- they a CAT design, right?

Neku: Wow, you know CAT?

Beat: Hells yeah, I ain't stupid. Everybody in Shibuya knows CAT! The two 
      sure look alike, huh?

Neku: They do.

Beat: It can't be a coincidence. The same guy musta made both, yo.

Neku: ......

Beat: So that means... he's also gotta be... uhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm ...meh.

Neku: Riiight. How 'bout we go get Rhyme?

Beat: Oh! Good call! Lollipop is waitin'!

Neku: ...... (...Naw, that's ridiculous. It can't be him...)

Kariya: Oh, here already?

Beat and Neku: !?

Kariya: That was fast.

Beat: Yo, shut up! You done sayin' your prayers?

Kariya: Still a ball of energy, I see. Fine. Make me do some work, why don't

Neku: Here he comes...

Beat: Phones, careful. He's--

Neku: What? Do I detect WORRY?

Beat: Huh!?

Neku: Who are you and what have--

Beat: I'm right here, man. Quit that! I'm jus' tellin' you not to screw up, 

Kariya: Tsk, tsk. Squabbling? You won't beat me like that. Come on. What are 
        you waiting for?

Beat: You heard him, Phones! It's time for a throw down!

Neku: I'm ready!

[Defeat Kariya]

Kariya: Ooh, very good.

Beat: Ha! Eat that! Betchu had enough!

Kariya: ...... What can I say? I know when I'm beat. You win. Here's your pin

Uzuki: What are you DOING?

Kariya: !

Uzuki: Ugh, Kariya! You lazy bum. Who said you could call it a day? Now look
       sharp before I put on my angry face!

Kariya: Uzuki! What are you doing here?

Uzuki: I came to see if you were goofing off. And it's a good thing. 
       I can't take my eyes off you.

Kariya: Oh, do you have to be such a drudge?

Uzuki: Hey, who told me to put my heart into my work? Now you're gonna have 
       let me help.

Beat: Tha's perfect, yo. We'll take both you and Lollipop at once! How many
      licks could it take!?

Kariya: Aight, Uzuki. One more fight. If I have to.

Uzuki: You have to. I'll buy you a bowl of ramen later.

[Defeat Kariya and Uzuki]

Kariya: Bravo! You got us. A big hand for the winners. As promised, your pin.

Beat: Yoink! Hang in there, Rhyme. I'll fix you right-- !? Hey... What are 
      tryin' to pull... Yo, punks! This ain't Rhyme!

Neku: Huh!?

Beat: This pin's a fake!

Neku: You dirty, lying cheaters!

Kariya: Damn! I KNEW I couldn't trust her. Hoodwinked again!

Uzuki: Kariya, what are you talking about?

Kariya: The Iron Maiden gave us a fake on purpose.

Uzuki: What!? Then where's the real pin?

Kariya: Where do you think?

Uzuki: She lied to us!? Then my promotion... All of it...

Kariya: Beat, I don't know what to say.

Beat: It's aight. Betchu ain't never even seen the real pin. How would you

Kariya: That's no excuse. I should've seen through the trick. Here. It won't 
        make up for today... but take it.

Beat: A Lv. 4 keypin? What's this for, man?

Kariya: For everything. Right now... the UG needs you two to have this.

Neku: (The UG needs us? Why?)

Beat: Aight, man. I know what to do.

Neku: (You... you do!?)

Beat: C'mon, Phones! Oh, yo, 'fore I forget.

Kariya: Hmm?

Beat: Watch your backs.

Kariya: And why would we need to do that?

Neku: The last Reaper to give us a keypin got erased. We think the GM was

Beat: Dontchu go bein' the next, aight?

Kariya: Aight. Thanks for the advice. We can take care of ourselves. Right,

Uzuki: Hmph. They can mind their own business. Go on, scram...before I get
       grumpy. And, um... sorry about yesterday.

Beat: Huh? Somethin' happened yesterday? I can't remember a thing! C'mon,
      Phones, le's bounce!

Neku: Right. We've got a Game Master to find.


Kariya: ...Face it, she just used us to stall for time. Kiss that promotion 
        yours goodbye.

Uzuki: Never.

Kariya: Huh?

Uzuki: I won't give up. Not now. Don't you see how messed up this all is? 
       treat us field Reapers like we're tools! I mean, this work environment
       is just...ugh!

Kariya: Ugh-ier than it was back in the day, I'll give you that.

Uzuki: Kariya... I love this town just as much as you. So I've decided. I 
       leave Shibuya like this. I have to change it. All Reapers deserve to
       enjoy their work. To feel rewarded!

Kariya: My, oh my. That certainly sounds epic. Well, you let me know how that

Uzuki: Ha ha. Nice try. You get to be my little helper.

Kariya: Bleh! Since when?

Uzuki: Together we can move up the ladder--really change things!

Kariya: A happier Shibuya for all Reapers. It does have a nice ring to it...

Uzuki: Anyway... I'm whipped for the day. Fat lot of good these O-Pins did 

Kariya: You mean these? They're toys. They don't do anything.

Uzuki: No way... Duds?

Kariya: Something, anyway. Now how 'bout that ramen? I'm ready to--

Uzuki: Those kids. They're fugitives. Enough to warrant an EC. Why'd you let
       them have the keypin? If the GM catches wind of it, she'll slash more
       than our salaries.

Kariya: ...... Uzuki, don't you feel it?

Uzuki: Feel what?

Kariya: Shibuya's breaking.

Uzuki: Breaking? Don't be so dramatic.

Kariya: The town's... homogenizing. Turning simple.

Uzuki: Hmm, now that you mention it... The usual cacophony of thoughts has
       quieted down...

Kariya: Yeah. Because they're changing, focusing-- all on a single point.

Uzuki: You think it's an omen?

Kariya: Dunno. I just hope that point isn't a period, The End.

Uzuki: Ungh... ahh...ahhhhhh...

Kariya: Uzuki?

Uzuki: Aaaaaaugh!!!

Kariya: Hey, Uzuki, what's wrong! Nnngh! My... my head...


Minamimoto: Hmm, that took a while. Longer than I assumed. Hmph! This body 
            zetta take some getting used to. But it's only a function of 
            Now... let's crunch some more numbers!

[4 Days left: Indelible Guilt. Chapter Closed]

        Week 3, Day 5 [w3d5]

Neku: !? This is... the scramble? Another day's gone by...

Beat: Bwaaah! Crap, man! Crap crap crap!

Neku: All right! Pipe down.

Beat: How'm I supposed to pipe down, yo? It's Day 5! Where the hell is 
      hidin', man!?

Neku: Relax. We've still got three days.

Beat: We ONLY got three days, yo! An' I got less than you, remember? We ain't
      gonna make it! I still gotta get Rhyme back, then we gotta bet the
      Composer... Plus that WALL is blockin' our way to the Shibuya River! 
      there might be more past it!

Neku: ...... Well, one thing at a time. First: calm down.

Beat: Aight! Fine.

Neku: That Lv. 4 keypin we got yesterday-- what does it open?

Beat: Kariya's key? Udagawa.

Neku: All right. Let's search there today.

Beat: Fine. The Iron Witch cost us two days. I ain't losin' anotha' one. No
      draggin' your ass. We gotta dash, man!

        | Beat: Time's a wastin', man! Le's book it to Udagawa!

        > [Randomly whenever changing areas]
        > Reaper: ......
        > Beat: What the--
        > Reaper: To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this 
        >         of true redemption, that this place may become as paradise.
        >         What a wonderful world such would be...
        > Neku: Here he comes!
        > [Defeat the Reaper]
        > Beat: You hearin' this, yo? What's all the babblin' about?
        > Neku: ......

        > [Center St. Entrance]
        > <Ai and Mina>
        > Mina: ...... To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine 
        >       light of true redemption,
        > Ai: that this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful world
        >     such would be...

[Tipsy Tose Hall]

Beat: Dammit! Where she at?

Neku: Take it easy! You're just gonna tire yourself out.

Beat: Like I care, yo! Shoutin' is the only thing keepin' me calm!

Neku: You always run on full blast, huh?

Beat: Not even close, man. Only since comin' to the UG.

Neku: Yeah?

Beat: When I was alive, I took everythin' at my own pace.

Neku: YOU?

Beat: Yeah. I wasn't crazy about nothin'. Tha's why my folks always bitched 
      me. "You gotta get into a good school! You gotta think about your
      future!" All they wanted was results, man. Like I really give a crap, 

Neku: Yeah... I think I do.

Beat: They kept expectin' stuff I ain't got, then made me feel like trash 
      I didn't give it. They'd say, "Why can't you be like your sister?" I
      hated it.

Neku: ......

Beat: So I quit tryin' altogether. Give up on myself, so my folks would, too.
      And the funny thing is, they did. Not Rhyme, though. Yo, I could rob a
      bank and she'd still be there for me. She always had the right words. 
      know you have a dream," she'd say. "You just haven't dreamed it yet."
      ...... But it got old-- bein' pitied by my lil' sister. So I started to
      push her away-- right up to the day we died.

Neku: ...... But you've GOT a dream. Rhyme said you wanted to be world's best

Beat: That was all jus' made-up, man.

Neku: Made-up? Why would you--

Beat: Rhyme was beatin' herself up. Said she had no dreams. "Why come back to
      life if I've got nothing to live for?" she said. Damn, yo! Tha's all
      backwards... She's the one who had a million reasons to live!

Neku: ......

Beat: I realized somethin' then. Rhyme's all I got left. So I said to myself, 
      gotta find the words, like she did for me. Tell her her dreams are
      coming, just like mine did... even if that's just a big lie. ...But all 
      did is fool her into thinkin' I'm worth dyin' for. I'm an idiot, man. I
      waited too long to realize what she meant to me. I'm nothin' but an

Neku: Beat... You're definitely an idiot. A huge idiot.

Beat: Whatchu say!?

Neku: Why would you let your 'rents push you down like that? That's not the
      Beat I know. Don't go the distance for other people. Do it for 

Beat: Huh?

Neku: Like you're doing right now. Just go as far as you can go. The 
      will come later. Right?

Beat: Phones...

Neku: I'm sorry about Rhyme. But what's done is done. Focus on the now. She
      wouldn't want you wasting energy on regret.

Beat: ......

Neku: Why do you think she stuck by you? She knew you could do anything you 
      your mind to. Anyway... I'm lucky. How many idiots have the stones to
      screw over the Reapers and help the underdog?

Beat: Neku...

Neku: You're an idiot, so start acting like one. Don't you turn into a deep
      thinker on me... yo.

Beat: ...... Pfft... Bwa ha ha! You said it, man! I ain't the sentimentious
      type! Aaaaaaight! I feel much better, yo! Jus' wait! I'm gonna send
      everybody home! Rhyme an' Shiki...an' that Joshua kid... an' of course
      YOU, man.

Neku: All right, then.

Beat: Hoooooo! I am so fulla fight! Time to win this Game and change the 
      ! Hey... Check it out. A Reaper!

Black Reaper: ......

Neku: Wait, why isn't he attacking?

Beat: Maybe he don't see us.

Neku: Hmm... It might be a trap. Watch yourself.

Beat: Aight!

        | Beat: Wha's his deal, yo?
        | Neku: That Reaper's acting weird. Be careful.
        | Beat: Aight.

        > <Business Guy>
        > Business Guy: ...... To right the countless wrongs of our day, we
        >               shine this light of true redemption, that this place
        >               may become as paradise. What a wonderful world such
        >               would be...

Beat: Yo!

Black Reaper: ......

Beat: Yo, outta the way!

Black Reaper: ......

Beat: You wanna fight, punk?

Black Reaper: ......

Beat: The hell, man! Is he deaf?

Neku: Something's definitely wrong.

Black Reaper: ...... Urrrg... To right the countless wrongs of our day, we
              shine this light of true redemption--

Neku: Huh?

Beat: Guy's trippin', yo.

Black Reaper: --that this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful 
              such would be...

Beat: Yo, who broke this guy's antenna?

Neku: Look out! He's coming for us!

[Defeat the Reaper]

Beat: Yo, wassup with him?

Neku: No idea. But I'm pretty sure he wasn't in control.

Beat: Neku, man, you notice somethin'? Town's awful quiet, yo.

Neku: ...... Yeah... Too quiet.

Beat: Le's try scannin'. See if we can figure somethin' out.

Neku: All right.

        | Neku: The whole town's acting weird... Let's try scanning.

        > [Attempt to exit]
        > Neku: (Something's wrong. I should try scanning.)

Neku: !?

Beat: What the--

Neku: They're all... they're all thinking the same thing!

Business Guy: To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light 
              true redemption, that this place may become as paradise. What a
              wonderful world such would be... ......

Neku: Even him!

Beat: No way, man. I mean, this is crazy, ain't it?

Neku: (What's happening to Shibuya?)

Beat: Neku, look! They still got on them pins!

Neku: ......

Beat: Huh? Wait, hold up... Bwaaah! Of course! Yo, man, I think I finally get

Neku: Get what?

Beat: The Composer! I know who he is! It's CAT, yo!

Neku: No, it's not.

Beat: Huh? Whatchu mean, "no"!? How can you be so sure? It's gotta be CAT, no
      matter how you slice it. The Player Pins... The Red Skull pins... They
      all the same design, yo. The same guy!

Neku: But CAT is Mr. Hanekoma. CAT saved your life!

Beat: Hanekoma... You mean King a' Coffee? No way, yo! He's CAT!? Then that
      makes him--

Neku: Stop! Mr. H can't be the composer, all right!?

Beat: A-aight, man. Sorry... So, umm... I'm getting kinda confused, yo. You
      sure Coffee Man's CAT? I mean, how would you know that?

Neku: Joshua told me. And I believe him.

Beat: The prissy kid you was with? Sure you can trust him?

Neku: He was my partner. I trust my partners.

Beat: Then I hate to tell you, man, but... Hanekoma's the--

Neku: Joshua was looking for the Composer. Same reason as you. And Mr. H was
      helping him.

Beat: So, like... he was helpin' out the kid who was tryin' to whack him? I 
      dunno, yo. I beat the H-Man was just playin' priss-kid.

Neku: But he told me! "Expand your horizons! Enjoy the moment!" The exact
      opposite of what's happening around us. This Shibuya isn't Shibuya at
      all... He'd never do this!

Beat: Hmm... Sounds like you're reachin' to me. ...... ARRRRGH! I suck at 
      analystical crap, yo. All I know is that Shibuya's messed up, and the
      Composer's the one doin' all the messin'. Whoever he is, I'm takin him

Neku: ......

Beat: Now le's haul ass while there's still time!

        | Neku: Mr. H can't be the Composer...
        | Beat: Yo, Neku! We ain't got time for boo-hoos, yo. Udagawa's
        |       waitin'!

[Shibu Q Heads]

Beat: Bwaaah! More of 'em? Think they've still got a full deck?

        | Neku: What's with them all?
        | Beat: Yo, this is creepy. Le's jus' sneak right past 'em, aight?

        > <Reapers>
        > Beat: Yo...
        > Reaper: ...... Urrrg... To right the countless wrongs of our day, 
        >         shine this light of true redemption, that this place may
        >         become as paradise. What a wonderful world such would be...
        >         ......
        > Neku: ...No response.

[heading towards Udagawa]

Neku: !

Black Reaper: ......

Beat: Y-yo... whatchu want, man?

Black Reaper: ......

Neku: We're surrounded!

Black Reaper2: To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light 
               true redemption...

Black Reaper: That this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful world
              such would be... ......

Beat: Dammit! We gotta fight, yo!

[Defeat the Reapers]

Beat: Huff...huff... Did we get 'em all?

Neku: Yeah...

Beat: What the hell they want, man? All that redumption garbage... I don't 
      it, yo.

Neku: ...... (It's not just the streets. The Reapers are acting weird, too.
      What's causing the UG and RG to change like this?) ...... (Is it really
      them? The pins?)

Beat: Yo, Neku! Snap out of it, yo! We gotta find Ironface!

Neku: All right...

        | Beat: What the hell, man...
        | Neku: The Reapers, Shibuya... Everybody's acting weird. (Man... I
        |       better be wrong about what's causing it...)

        > <Reaper>
        > Reaper: ...... Guys, what's gotten into you? ! You!
        > Beat: What, you wanna fight? Then bring it, yo!
        > Neku: Wait, Beat. He's not acting like the others. Hey, what
        >       happened to your friends?
        > Reaper: I...I dunno. Up until yesterday they were fine. Then, bam--
        >         they all started sayin' the same thing.
        > Beat: So how come you ain't?
        > Reaper: That's what I wanna know! ...Wait. What if they know I
        >         skipped the emergency meeting the other day? And now they're
        >         ignoring me? Oh, no!
        > Neku: ......
        > Reaper: Or what if these are our new orders? ...I better mimic the
        >         others!
        > Neku: ......
        > Reaper: Umm... "To write the countless thongs of..." Dammit! /leaves
        > Neku: (So the Reapers are acting funny 'cause of this emergency
        >       meeting?)

[Heading towards Udagawa]

Neku: What the hell?

Beat: Wall's busted up.

Neku: Like something came crashing through from the other side.

Beat: But this wall's Lv. 4, yo! Nobody could smash through this. Not even 
      top brass, man.

Neku: (Then what did?)

Beat: Whatever, le's move.

Neku: Hey! Hang on! It could be dangerous!

Beat: But what if Ironface is back there?

Neku: All right... But stay alert. It could be a trap.

        | Neku: This wall was broken from the inside...
        | Beat: Yo, a Lv. 4 wall?
        | Neku: I know. Whatever did this must be ridiculous.


        | Neku: (That wall was broken from the inside... Man... Whatever did
        |       that must be ridiculous.

Beat: The hell is this?

Neku: It looks like burn marks. (This place... This is where the Grim Heaper
      was messing around. )

Beat: No sign of Ironface. Le's just someplace else!

Neku: Hang on! We should check this out.

Beat: How, yo?

Neku: I'm gonna take a picture with my phone.

What do you want a photo of?

        > [> One day ago or > Two days ago]
        > Neku: This looks like the last time I saw it. Nothing out of the 
        >       ordinary. Hmm, let me try another picture...

> four days ago

Neku: No way!

Beat: What? Yo, lemme see it! Coffee Man!? That's him, ain't it?

Neku: Mr. H...

Beat: What was he doin' out here, man?

Neku: (Why...)

Beat: See, I told you he was fishy!

Neku: (Why would you come here? It doesn't make sense. This can't be you, Mr.
      H... ......) Let's pay his café a visit.

Beat: Huh? Whatchu talkin' about, man? We gotta find Ironface first!

Neku: Mr. H's place is on Cat Street. We haven't checked there yet.

Beat: I get it. Two stones wid one bird! Then le's get movin'!

[Beat leaves]

Neku: Mr. H... ......

        | Neku: (Mr. H... I can trust you, right?)
        | Beat: Neku! Le's hit Coffee Man's place, yo.

<Kariya and Uzuki>
Uzuki: ......

Beat: Yo, look.

Uzuki: ......

Beat: Huh? Wassup with you guys?

Neku: Stop! Don't get any closer! They're not themselves.

Kariya: ......

Uzuki: To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light of true

Kariya: that this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful world such
        would be...

Beat: Yo, snap out of it, fools!

Neku: Dammit! Not them, too...

Beat: What the hell is goin' ON!?

Neku: They're coming our way!

[Defeat Kariya and Uzuki]

Neku: Huff...huff... That should... stop them... Beat, let's finish this.

Beat: W-wait, man. Please. Cut 'em some slack!

Neku: Slack? They're just gonna attack us again!

Beat: I know! I know...but... They ain't bad. I can feel it, yo. They jus'
      screwy, like everybody else.

Neku: Well, they're definitely acting different from yesterday. But if you're

Beat: If they try to attack us again... I'll erase 'em myself, I swear.

Neku: ...... All right, it's a deal. ! Huh? Look there. Red Skull pins?

Beat: Yo, they the ones the RG folks all got on... How come Team Lolly's got

Neku: Yeah... They're Reapers.

Beat: I thought the Reapers was supposed to be wearin' them O-Pins. Hey, you
      think they the same thing?

Neku: I dunno... Anyway, let's make tracks before these two wake up.

Beat: Good call, man... Le's bounce.

[3 days left: Vanishing Point. Chapter Closed]

        Week 3, Day 6 [w3d6]

Neku: Hey... This is...

Beat: !?

Neku: The scramble!? Another day has passed?

Beat: Aww... HELL no! This can't be happenin', man! What day is it?

Neku: Hey, calm down!

Beat: It's Day 6! Nooo!

Neku: Calm down, I said! We've still got time.


Neku: Hey, we don't have time for nervous breakdowns!

Beat: Yo, I'm only human! If the Iron Maiden was tellin' the truth, today's 
      day I get ghost for real, man!

Neku: ...... We still have to try.

Beat: Yeah?

Neku: Let's go see Mr. Hanekoma.

Beat: Where-- Oh! Duh! Cat Street.

Neku: We haven't looked around there yet.

Beat: Aight, sweet! Ironface is gonna be there. I feel it, yo! I ain't goin'
      without a fight! C'mon!

Neku: (Mr. H... I need to get the whole story-- find out for sure he's not 
      Composer. But how do I ask him THAT?)

Beat: Move move move move move move move muh-WOOOVE!!!

Neku: All right, I'm moving!

        | Beat: Le's book it to Cat Street, man.
        | Neku: Right!

        > [Scan anywhere]
        > Beat: Whoa!
        > Neku: This can't be real...
        > Beat: Yo, this is creepy... Everybody's tuned into the same channel!
        > Neku: (Shibuya's... solidifying? But this town's supposed to be
        >       about conflict. I know that now. I was afraid to clash, afraid
        >       to change. I didn't want to hear it. But Mr. H woke me up...
        >       and this is not Shibuya!)
        > Beat: Yo! You aight?
        > Neku: Huh? ...Yeah.
        > Beat: We gotta move!

        > [Randomly whenever you change areas]
        > Reaper: ......
        > Beat: What the--
        > Reaper: To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this 
        >         of true redemption, that this place may become as paradise.
        >         What a wonderful world such would be...
        > Neku: Here he comes!
        > Beat: You hearin' this, yo? What's all the babblin' about?
        > Neku: ......

        > [Center St. Entrance]
        > <Ai and Mina>
        > [Tipsy Tose Hall]
        > <Business Guy>
        > [Shibu Dept. Store]
        > <Yammer and Shooter>
        > [104 Building]
        > <Prince>
        > [Dogenzaka]
        > <The Tech>
        > ...... To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this 
        > of true redemption, that this place may become as paradise. What a
        > wonderful world such would be...

        > [If you didn't play Reaper Creeper on Day 3]
        > [Shadow Ramen]
        > Makoto: Oh, hello... I'm sorry, we're not open yet. Oh! I know you.
        >         You ate here a while back.
        > Neku: Yeah... sort of? (He remembers me?)
        > Makoto: Circumstances forced me to close shop for a while. But 
        >         we reopen for business! Why not eat before you go?
        > Neku: (Whoa! This guy is a chameleon...)

[Heading towards Cat Street from Miyashita Park]

Neku: What?

Beat: Whoa, man. An' I thought the last one was busted up.

Neku: Whoever it was headed for Cat Street.

Beat: Then it musta been the H-Man. ...Returnin' to his lair!

Neku: Look, stop imagining things. It's pointless. Once we talk to him, this
      will all clear right up.

Beat: Aight, man. But le's hurry.

        | Neku: (We've come this far. We may as well just ask Mr. H.) Let's
        |       Let's head for WildKat!
        | Beat: Aight!


Neku: What the hell!?

Beat: Who redecorated? This place is trashed, yo. You think Coffee Man did

Neku: Why would he wreck his own shop? Maybe he was attacked.

Beat: Man, I don't get none a' this!

Neku: This place is deserted...

Beat: I'm so sick a' this! I mean, what's goin' on, yo?

Neku: The wall-breaker was after Mr. H.

Beat: Ironface? You think she smashed it up?

Neku: No. She said she would stay in one place all week. If she was here, she
      couldn't have smashed those other walls.

Beat: Who, then?

Neku: You got me. Somebody else.

Beat: Yo, we need to find a clue.

Neku: ...... Of course! The camera!

Beat: What, that thing you used yesterday? What is it?

Neku: It lets me take pictures of the past.

Beat: Whoa! Tha's badass, man!

Neku: ...... (Two days ago, the Miyashita Park wall was still up. Which means
      whatever happened here took place--)

Beat: Yo, lemme snap somethin'!

Neku: ! Huh? Hey-- Wait, don't-- STOP!

Beat: Huh? Yo, Neku. I think it's broken.

Neku: ...... The camera only works three times a day.

Beat: Huh? Wait, so that means--

Neku: Three pictures a day.

Beat: Bwaaah! Say somethin' sooner, man!

Neku: Yeah, 'cause I had all that time to react.

Beat: Maaan... I didn't get nothin'. What a waste of-- WHOA! Yo, Neku, check

Neku: Hey, that's... Mr. H.

Beat: What's he doin'? Hidin' somethin'?

Neku: Let's check over there.

Beat: Yo, it's a keypin!

Neku: A keypin? For what?

Beat: I ain't never seen this one before, man.

Neku: Well, we've already checked everywhere... except one place! The Shibuya

Beat: Tha's gotta be where the Iron Maiden is! She picked a wall we couldn't 
      break! I knew she was sneaky, yo!

Neku: ...... ! Hey, something's in the envelope. A letter... From Mr. H?
      "Staying alive in this Shibuya boils down to one simple trick: Enjoy 
      moment with all your might... whether it's gloomy, whether it's 
      ...Well, it's pretty damn gloomy right now. Mr. H....

Beat: Yo, he left us the letter an' keypin for a reason. He wants us to go to
      the River, huh?

Neku: ......

Beat: Aight, then! Hoooooo! What are we waitin' for? Le's find Ironface, 
      Rhyme, and knock the Composer flat!

Neku: (Go to the River? It's more than that. Why does Mr. H even have the 
      What does he want me to do with it? Is he sending me to the River... or
      calling me there? And for what purpose? Why, Mr. H?)

        | Beat: Aight, yo! We got us the keypin. This'll open the wall to the
        |       Shibuya River! Time to pound us some Composer!
        | Neku: (Mr. H...)

[Cadoi City]

Beat: !?

Neku: What's up?

Beat: The hell is that heap of garbage!?

Neku: Heap? ...No!

        | Beat: Yo, man, wha' that trash heap?
        | Neku: It looks like one of... No way!

Neku: What's this junk doing back--

Minamimoto: Miss me much? You hollow-skulled hectopascal!

        > [If you had walked past the junk heap]
        > Minamimoto: Hey, now, I hope you're not IGNORING me. You hollow
        > skulled hectopascal!

Neku: The Grim Heaper!

Beat: Hecto-whatcha-huh? What language is this guy speakin'?

Neku: You're ALIVE?

Minamimoto: Zetta duh! I've been calculating this from square one. That 
            I used to bake your partner, I used for a reason.

Neku: !? Your... your body!

Minamimoto: Hmph, this? This is my latest masterpiece. I call it: "Myself"!

Beat: Punk's turned himself Taboo, yo!

Minamimoto: The attack I used erased me, yes...

Neku: (But you're back...)

Minamimoto: But I was refactored, through the refinery sigil, into...this! 
            body, this power... all through the magic of Taboo psycho-

Neku: So YOU made those burn marks.

Minamimoto: And now, this number-cruncher is back... with power that rivals
            even the Composer's!

Beat: You gotta be jokin'! That's why you Tabooed yourself up? Have some 

Minamimoto: Sense is garbage! CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap! All that 
            is MY beauty. Being reborn from the sigil was part of my 
            This..."Tabooing myself up" was unexpected. ...But it works. I'll
            make an imposing new Composer!

Neku: Wait... You went to WildKat!
Minamimoto: Yeah. That set was empty, though. Rrgh... Where'd he run off to?
            You know, don't you! Tell me!

Neku: We have no idea!

Minamimoto: In that case... who needs you? Attention, 000s! It's time for you
            to die 4 a cause... Mine!

[Fight Minamimoto]

Beat: Nggh... The hell does this guy eat? He's so powerful!

Minamimoto: Heh heh... Slabs Of Ham, Celery And Horseradish, Tons Of 
            I'd say that's about enough calibration... This time, Composer...
            You fail!

[Minamimoto leaves]

Beat: Yo, where you goin'!? C'mon, man, we gotta go after him! What if he 
      us there?

Neku: Don't worry. He doesn't know where "there" is. Besides, we've got the 
      to the River. He's stuck either way.

Beat: Aight, then. But man... That punk was TOUGH.

Neku: Well, we better deal. He said his power rivals the Composer's. What 
      that tell you about the Composer?

Beat: Yo, that's nuts. ...You really think he's that tough? We better be able
      to win, yo.

Neku: You gonna give up if we can't?

Beat: Hells no! I'm goin'...I'M GOIN'! Hooooooooo!

[Beat leaves]

Neku: (The River... The Composer... Mr. H. I better be ready for what I 

[2 days left: Stride. Chapter Closed]

        Week 3, Day 6 [w3d6]

Neku: Hey... !? The scramble again!?

Beat: Dammit! We lost anotha' day, man!

Neku: So it's Day 7... ! Whoa! Dude, your hands!

Beat: ! N-naw, man... I'ma hold myself together! I can't fade away now! Rhyme
      needs me! I ain't goin' up in smoke till I save her! Yo! Neku... I, 
      I don't got much time.

Neku: I know. Let's hurry over to the Shibuya River!

Beat: Aight! Today we put an end to all a' this!

        | Beat: Yo, man, this is really it.
        | Neku: Right. Today we put an end to all this. Let's head for the
        |       Shibuya River!
        | Beat: Aight!

        > [WildKat]
        > Neku: (Where could Mr. H have gone? Will he be waiting at the 
        >       River?)

        > [Station Underpass]
        > <Reaper>
        > Beat: Yo...
        > Reaper: ...... Urrrg... To right the countless wrongs of our day, 
        > shine this light of true redemption, that this place may become as
        > paradise. What a wonderful world such would be... ......
        > Neku: ...No response.

[heading into Shibuya River]

Neku: !? The wall's busted!

Beat: No way, man... You sayin' that guy made a Tabooty call? Then he knows 
      Composer's here! This is bad, yo. He's gonna beat us there!

Neku: Calm down. First we have to find the GM. If we don't save Rhyme--

Beat: I know! Ironface... We gotta find Ironface!

Neku: (Not much of a river... Still, Joshua was bent on coming here. To see 
      Composer? To see Mr. H?)

Beat: Hey, le's pick up the pace!

Neku: Yeah.

        | Beat: C'mon, man! Le's get fired up!
        | Neku: OK. First, let's take out the GM and get Rhyme back. After
        |       that--
        | Beat: After that, we knock the Composer flat, yo!

[Trail of The Sinner]

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: ! What? Mail, now?

Beat: Huh?

Neku: "Konishi wields shadow and illusion. You'll find only lies with the 
      eye. During battle she always hides in the white darkness. Begin by
      casting Taboo Noise into the heart of chaos. Then, once you find where
      she truly lurks, your real battle will begin. P.S. Beware of shadows."
      What a weird mail.

Beat: Did Ironface send it?

Neku: What, to say, "Here's how to beat me"?

Beat: Right. Who, then?

Neku: I dunno.

Beat: Well, we better keep movin', man.

Neku: Yeah.


Minamimoto: Sooo zetta slow!

Neku: !? Y-you!

Minamimoto: What the factor took so long?

Beat: It's Tabooty!

Neku: Damn. We don't have time for this...

Beat: Move! You ain't what matters!

Minamimoto: FOIL! First, Outer, Inner, Last! And this is the last stop. Not
            even I can break the barrier ahead. Her Iron Frostiness put it 

Neku: She's here?

Beat: Dammit! I knew it! Tha's jus' like her, yo. Hidin' like a coward jus'
      outta reach!

Minamimoto: Stupid hectopascals! She's not through here.

Neku: Huh?

Beat: Then where, yo!?

Minamimoto: You zetta morons! You haven't noticed? She's been with you...

Konishi: ...The whooole time.

NekU: !?


Beat !?

[Beat's shadow elongates before Konishi appears out of Beat's shadow]


Neku: Behind you!

Beat: You you you you you you was hidin' in my shadow!?

Konishi: I didn't expect to have to reveal myself like this. By my forecasts,
         you two should have been erased yesterday. Speaking of anomalies...
         Mr. Minamimoto.

Minamimoto: Heh! I'm only here 'cause your barrier's blocking me out.

Konishi: Unforeseen circumstances aside... my plans are proceeding without a
         hitch. You've yielded far more data than even I projected.

Beat: Shut it, Ironface-- an' gimme back Rhyme, yo!

Konishi: an' gimme back Rhyme, yo!

Beat: !? Huh? Why you copyin' what I say!?

Konishi: Like I said, you've yielded so much data. See the power of 

Minamimoto: Hey, who gives a digit? Hurry up and open this barrier before I
            turn you into Shibuya River sludge.

Konishi: All right. I'll remove the barrier...under one condition.

Minamimoto: Yeah? What're you scheming this time?

Konishi: When you become Composer... I want you to make me your Conductor.
         Otherwise, the barrier stays.

Minamimoto: Heh! You're double-crossing Megs?

Konishi: Analysis shows that Shibuya is heading toward an untimely end. If
         revolution is upon us, then who has the highest probability of
         surviving the ensuing chaos? A free spirit. You.

Minamimoto: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally! I zetta dig your style! You and
            me think alike. Fear 'n' mercy are garbage! All right! You got
            yourself a deal.

Konishi: Then I'll take care of the barrier.

Minamimoto: Attention, binomials of the UG! Introducing your new Composer...
            His name...is ME!

Beat: Yo, where you think you goin'!?

Konishi: Ah ah ahhh. I'm afraid I can't let you take one step further.

Neku: You'd betray the Composer?

Konishi: Betray? I simply choose to align with the man in charge. It hardly
         matters who.

Neku: What?

Konishi: As far as I'm concerned, anyone could be the Composer. Suppose
         Minamimoto fails. By then, Kitaniji will have sustained serious
         injuries in the process of protecting the Composer-- at which point 
         could finish him in a heartbeat.

Beat: So everybody's jus' a pawn to you.

Konishi: NO matter how this ends, I will be Conductor.

Neku: Scheming witch...

Konishi: When the Composer started requiring O-Pins, I knew the UG revolution
         had already begun.

Neku: Then what's going IS his fault.

Konishi: I don't presume to know the Composer's true intentions. But I intend
         to outlive this chaos.

Neku: ! (She chucked the pin?)

Konishi: These "O-Pins"... They're fakes. Wear them, and you're finished.

Neku: (I knew it...)

Konishi: I have a better pin in my deck.

Neku: Rhyme!

Beat: Heh! Tha's what you think!

Konishi: Please. Spare yourself the embarrassment. My analyses are never 

Beat: Oh yeah? Then wha's wid the "unforeseen circumstances"? Sounds like you
      can't predict jack, yo. 'Sides you missin' something' hella crucial.

Konishi: I beg your pardon?

Beat: Next Composer gonna be ME, yo! And I ain't never makin' a punk like you
      one a' my men! So suck on that, yo!

Konishi: Me? Work for you? Hee hee... Ha ha ha ha! You vexatious monkey! 
         right. No analysis could ever plumb the depths of your fatuity.

Beat: Heh heh. Damn right!

Neku: Uh, dude... She's making fun of you.

Beat: WHAT!?

Konishi: It's YOUR fault I didn't pick up on Shibuya's changes sooner!

Beat: You so busy thinkin' wid your head, you forgot to pay attention wid 

Konishi: Arrrgh! Enough of your chimp-speak! I will obliterate any disruptive
         elements in my path!

Beat: Yo, Neku... I got her pissed at me now. While she comes at me, you snag
      Rhyme! I ain't a Reaper no more, so I can't free Rhyme from the pin. 
      you... ...... Anyway, if...if I don't make it, take care a'--

Neku: Screw you. I'm not bringing Rhyme back to life. That's your job! I'll
      snag her pin if I get the chance, but... the rest is you.

Beat: Heh. Aight, man, you said it. Then le's do this thing!


[Konishi takes off her glasses, wings elongate, and she transforms into her
Noise form]


[Defeat Konishi]

Konishi: How... An error in my analysis? Impossible...

Neku: Sucks for you.

Konishi: How could you have risen above my projections? You're not a Reaper!
         How did you summon that Noise!?

Neku: ...... Like I know! And she's not a Noise! She's our friend, Rhyme!

Konishi: Grrff... All of this... on account of that stupid chimp! If only I'd
         destroyed him!

Neku: I don't think any of us can predict what Beat will do. (I mean, look at

Beat: Rhyme... Rhyme, RHYME! I'm so sorry. This is all my fault... I'll never
      let you go again! Jus' you wait. I'm gonna give you that second chance, 

Konishi: Hee hee... What a touching reunion. But ponder this: would your 
         care as much about you in return? We took her love for you... It was
         your entry fee.

Beat: !? You what!?

Konishi: Your sister's memories of you: they were YOUR entry fee. Hers was
         something else. You must not have been very dear to her.

Beat: What...

Konishi: Hee hee... That look on your face. It's just...as I pre...dicted...

[Konishi vanishes]

Beat: Rhyme's memories of me was MY entry fee? Then what was hers, yo? ......
      Screw it, I ain't got time to think! We gotta push ahead!

Neku: Right.

[Neku's phone beeps]

Neku: Huh? Mail...

Beat: From who?

Neku: "See you in the Composer's chamber."

Beat: Yo... You think it's...

Neku: ...... (Mr. H?)

Beat: Yo, Neku! Le's move!

Neku: Right...

        | Beat: Hang on, Rhyme... I'm almost there...
        | Neku: ......
        | Beat: Neku! Keep movin'!
        | Neku: All right!

[Heading towards Trail of the Bygone]

Neku: The Composer must be ahead. Once we go on, I don't think we can come

Beat: Well, I ain't sittin' out here. You ready, man?

You get the strangest feeling this is your last chance to turn back...

        > [> Better hold off]
        > Beat: Well, aight. But don't take too long, yo.
        > [Approach the Trail of the Bygone again]
        > Beat: Good to go, man?

> Go on anyway

Beat: Aight! Full speed ahead!

[Halfway through the Trail of the Bygone]

Neku: ! Wait!

Beat: Wha's wrong, yo?

Neku: Behind us... Something's coming.

Shiki: Ohhh... What is this place? It's so dark...and spooky... And stinky.

Neku: Shiki... Shiki!!!

Shiki: Whoa! Neku? Beat!?

Neku: What are you doing here!?

Shiki: I woke up here all by myself.

Beat: Yo, does that mean we won the Game? Like, the Iron Maiden was the las'

Neku: (But if I won the Game, why hasn't Shiki come back to life? Did the
      Reapers trick me? Or--)

Shiki: So where are we? Are we all alive again?

Neku: No, not yet. This is the Shibuya River... in the UG.

Shiki: The UG? But why!? I'm supposed to be alive...

Neku: ...You can blame me. They made you my entry fee. I'm sorry...

Shiki: Huh? I was your entry fee? Then... ! Wh-whoa! So I'm your... I'm 
       Whaaat? Oh, NEKU... Talk about embarrassing... I mean, this isn't like
       you at all!

Neku: That's 'cause you haven't seen me in two weeks. You missed a lot. And I
      mean a lot, Shiki.

Shiki: Well... Look on the bright side. If we're together now, you must've
       won...right? Now we can both come back to life.

Neku: Not yet.

Shiki: What? Why not?

Neku: We beat the Game Master. But I haven't been taken to that white room.

Beat: Prob'ly 'cause we been breakin' rules left an' right.

Neku: I'm pretty sure the Game is null and void.

Shiki: Null and-- But what about our lives!?

Beat: There still might be a way, yo-- if I become the next Composer!

Shiki: How does that work?

Beat: I gotta take down the guy with the job now.

Shiki: Hmm... I see.

Neku: You don't seem surprised.

Shiki: Not really. You both look so serious.

Neku: ......

Shiki: So I guess that must be the only way.

Beat: Don't worry, yo! I'ma pull this thing off!

Shiki: I know, Beat. Let's not waste any time, then!

Neku: (If the Composer stands between me and life... then he has to go. I...I
      have to do it.)

Shiki: Neku, let's go!

Neku: Yeah, coming...

        | Shiki: The Composer's really strong, right?
        | Neku: Yeah. But we still have to do this.
        | Shiki: I know! Good thing we have each other.
        | Beat: You said it, yo. Together we gonna take back our lives.
        | Neku: C'mon!

[Approaching a junk heap]

Shiki: ! Look! There's something there.

Neku: One of Pi-Face's heaps?

Beat: Le's check it out.

        | Neku: That junk heap...
        | Shiki: Let's check it out.

        > [If you don't check the junkpile]
        > Beat: Yo, Neku! Le's check that garbage heap.

<Junk pile>
Shiki: Omigosh! There's a person under there!

Beat: Yo, look who it is!

Neku: The Grim Heaper got... crunched.

Beat: No way, man... This guy was tough as bricks! Who coulda done this to 
      You think...Shades!? Could he a' done this?

Neku: I dunno. But whoever it was must have been more powerful.

Beat: But, like... yo! We lucky, right?

Shiki: Don't be so morbid!

Beat: But we don't gotta beat him now!

Shiki: No. Just the other guy who's stronger.

Beat: Details, yo. I'm tellin' ya, we lucky!

Neku: ......

Beat: Now le's keep goin'!

Neku: What happened here?

        | Neku: (And Pi-Face was so strong...)
        | Shiki: We're close, I can feel it. You ready?
        | Beat: The Beat-wagon's always ready, yo!
        | Neku: (Talking about it won't get it done.) Let's go!

[heading towards the Dead God's Pad]

Shiki: Whew... This door just screams "endgame."

Beat: We almost there, Rhyme. Hang on jus' a little longer.

Neku: ......

Shiki: Neku, you all right? You look pale.

Neku: ....I'll be OK. Come on.

[Dead God's Pad]

Neku: Is this the Composer's pad?

Beat: Wait... I know this place....

        | Shiki: Wow...
        | Neku: What's a ritzy pad like this doing here?
        | Beat: Yo! We got company!

Megumi: Welcome, Players. 

Beat: !?

Megumi: Ex-Players, that is. Your Game has ended. Now you are simply Dead.

Shiki: It's him...

Beat: Whatchu doin' here, Shades!?

Neku: Where's the Composer?

Megumi: Oh, is that why you're here? And why would you kids want to meet the

Beat: Whatchu think, man? We gonna take him down!

Megumi: Not a chance. You're not even fit to look upon Him.

Beat: Whatchu say?

Megumi: The Composer's utmost concern is mankind's happiness. He exists to
        shepherd the human race toward the right future, and thus all His 
        are motivated by boundless love. You think egotists like yourselves 
        have the right to lay your eyes-- let alone a finger-- on a being so
        far above you? You're not even on the same plane!

Beat: Yo, I don't get a word you sayin', but you ain't stoppin' me! I'm gonna
      take his place, and bring everybody back to life.

Megumi: You see! That self-serving rubbish is the root of all pain!

Beat: What?

Megumi: Egotism-- disregard for others-- has caused Shibuya's downfall. And 
        the Composer must rebuild from scratch! None may stand in the way of
        that noble goal!

Shiki: Nngh...

Beat: !?

Shiki: Gahhh!

Neku: Shiki?

Shiki: ......

Neku: She's not answering...

Beat: You bastard! What did you do to Shiki?

[Defeat Megumi]

Neku: Got him!

Megumi: I see now why He picked you... Unnngh...

[Megumi disappears]

Beat: Aight, yo! Composer's next!

Neku: But Shiki--Nngh!

Beat: Wh-what the hell?

Shiki: ......

Beat: Shiki? Damn... She don't recognize us!

Neku: Why can't she-- (Wait. She has one on, too. If I break it...)

Beat: It's no good, man! Girl be tryin' to kills us! We outta options. 
      Forgive me!

Neku: Stop! Don't you touch her!

Beat: Stupid... Behind you!


[Shiki throws several Mr. Mews at Neku. Beat jumps in the way of her attack.
Meanwhile, Neku uses the opportunity to slice the Red Skull pin on Shiki in


Neku: Huff...huff... That should... stop Shiki... I was right. It was the 
      The Composer-- Mr. H's pin. Hey! Beat! Wake up! Damn... He took the 
      of Shiki's attack. They're both out cold. Shiki, the Reapers, even
      Shibuya... How could Mr. H use them!? Why... It doesn't make any sense-
      that I have to keep fighting like this! Dammit! ...... But I do have to
      ...Alone. Now...where's the Composer?

      | Neku: (Where's the Composer? The River ends here. There's no place 
      |       else to go... Better check this room over.)

[Halfway through the Trail of the Judged]

Neku: This graffiti... (I remember, Mr. H. Your art kept me going. Every 
      seemed to shout, "Enjoy life!" And outside my headphones, the rest of 
      world heard it, too. It was fun just standing here, looking... When I
      found out you were CAT, man, I just shook. I mean, I knew you were
      different the second I met you. The things you said... Somehow, they 
      clicked. I thought I finally met a guy I could respect. And now look...
      ......) But I won't falter anymore. You taught me better than that.

[Exiting Trail of the Judged]

Neku: (Shiki... Beat... Joshua... Rhyme... Everybody. They got me this far.
      Now...) it's my fight.

[Enter Room of Reckoning]

Neku: This place... Come on out, Composer! Fight me! You want me to defeat 
      right? Isn't that it!? Then show yourself! Show yourself and fight...
      Mr. H...

Meg: Who's Mr. H?

Neku: !? You again! But I just beat you!

Megumi: Ha ha ha ha! I'm amazed! Here you stand on the final stage-- and 
        don't know who's playing what!

Neku: What do you mean...

Megumi: All right. You want answers? First off, the Composer is not the man 
        envision. Second, the Composer is not here-- and hasn't been since
        before you came to the UG. So sorry you missed Him.

Neku: ......

Megumi: I have been in charge of the UG since his departure.

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma's... not the Composer? Then you're responsible...

Megumi: For many things, yes.

Neku: Why... Why would you do this to Shibuya?

Megumi: Oh, Neku... Don't you like music?

Neku: Huh?

Megumi: Music requires many things. Melody, performers, instruments... But 
        key element in the most divine music is a Conductor, to hold it all
        together. The world is very much the same. Under one Conductor, one
        ideal, the world of men marches toward bliss.

Neku: One ideal?

Megumi: Didn't you feel it in Shibuya? Rage. Hate. Misery. Envy. Fear.
        Self-deprecation. A cacophony of countless selfish wants. As that 
        swells, it turns into crime, warfare... All the world's ills can be
        traced to individuality!

Neku: "Ills"?

Megumi: By tearing down the differences between us, I can make the world a

Neku: By making everybody think alike? That's not even pos--

Megumi: It IS possible! With these pins.

Neku: The Red Skull pins. You're behind that, too!?

Megumi: I based them on the Composer's Player Pin. You see, the eyes of the
        world are on Shibuya. What starts on these streets will spread across
        the globe! I can save all of mankind from right here. Shibuya shall 
        my podium! I know you'll love what I do with it. Now, if you'll just
        remove that Player Pin...

Neku: Huh?

Megumi: It neutralizes the effects of the Red Skull pin, so my imprinting 
        reach you.

Neku: (This pin protects me? All this time, it was...)

Megumi: What have your dealings with other people brought you? Only hurt.

Neku: ......

Megumi: Join me. Help me build a new Shibuya.

        > [If you choose [>Works for me] ]
        > Neku: Not too long ago, I might have agreed. But not now. I've 
        >       changed!
        > [script continues as follows]

> Never!

Neku: I'll never help you! Maybe living in your Shibuya WOULD be easier. 
      Except one problem-- it wouldn't be Shibuya! I was never good with
      people. I covered my ears and blocked them out. But you know what? If I
      don't clash, I don't change. The world ends at my borders, and the best
      moments slip away. Shibuya's full of people waiting for those moments,
      when we clash together and find something new. Here in the UG, I 
      I changed. And now I know-- Shibuya should stay just as it is!

Megumi: Then let me ask you this...Do you like people?

> Yup

Megumi: ...I see. Hmph. Why you would is beyond me... I think you need to be

        > [If you had chosen [> Nup] instead]
        > Megumi: ...... I see... I think you need to be reformed.

Neku: Rrgh...

Megumi: Save your energy. An unpartnered Player has little to no power. You
        can't stop me.

Neku: I... I can't move!

Megumi: Remember that I'm saving you. This pin was standing between you and
        freedom from pain. Now, bask in the light of true redemption!

Neku: DON'T!!!

Megumi: Welcome to the new Shibuya.

Neku: ...... ...... Nothing happened!

Megumi: Wh-what!? But I destroyed your Player Pin! Why can't I imprint on 
        ! ...I'm a fool. Of course He wouldn't let me harm His pick.

Neku: Whose "pick"?

Megumi: I owe you no more explanations! Only destruction!

Beat: Yo yo yo, I don't think so! Ain't you forgettin' somebody? Here comes 

Neku: Huh? Beat! Shiki!

Beat: I told you, yo. Ain't no one gonna be the Composer but me!

Shiki: How could you go on without us, Neku? We're your partners! Now what 
       Mr. H say about partners?

Neku: Um... trust 'em?

Shiki: That's better!

Beat: Yo, forget this "partner" crap. You ain't my partner anymore, man. 
      my friend! So trus' that, yo!

Neku: Beat...

Shiki: C'mon, Neku. We've still got work to do!

Neku: Yeah... Mr. Ringleader here...

Beat: We jus' gotta take out Shades, right?

Neku: Right.

Shiki: The three of us can do it! Now let's take our lives back!

Neku: Right! Get him!

Megumi: I'm this close... Once I erase these three, Shibuya will be saved...
        Come to me, then! Come meet your end!


[Megumi's wings stretch and he transforms into a snake Noise]


[Defeat Megumi]

Megumi: No... I must keep fighting... My time is... almost up...

Joshua: I'm back, Megumi.

Neku: !? J-J-J...

Joshua: Your timer must be nearly ticked out.

Neku: Joshua!? You're alive! But why are you here?

Megumi: No, Sir! I'm not done, not yet! I WILL protect Shibuya!


[Megumi throws a Noise shuriken at Joshua, trapping him in a crucifix. He
absorbs both Joshua, Shiki and Beat and transforms into a giant dragon Noise]


[Defeat Megumi]

Joshua: Hee hee... It seems I've won.

Megumi: NOOOOOO!!! It can't end like this... Who else will protect Shibuya?

Neku: !? A timer!? Why does HE have a timer?

Megumi: Then... You'll do as You intended?


Megumi: End... Shibuya? But Composer...Sir! Why!?

Joshua: I've decided to wash my hands of it. It has no future value to me or
        anyone else. So, I'm shutting it down.

Megumi: Wait, Sir! Shibuya is still full of so many possibilities!

Joshua: Yes, and people too dull and clouded to see them. Shibuya's influence
        is too strong. I have to end it now... before the other grounds are
        poisoned and all is lost.

Megumi: Then...the problem is the people? If they changed to something more
        suitable, You'd stay Your hand?

Joshua: Yes, but that's clearly beyond them.

Megumi: Sir...give me a chance to prove You wrong. I swear I'll remake 
        in a way that will please You.

Joshua: ...... A Game, then.

Megumi: THE Game?

Joshua: That's right. The rules will be simple. If you manage to fix Shibuya,
        you win. Shibuya stays.

Megumi: ...And if I can't fix it?

Joshua: Then you lose, Megumi. You and Shibuya will be erased.

Megumi: ...That's all right. If I can risk my life to protect Shibuya, I 
        But what chance do I have of beating You?

Joshua: Relax, Megumi. I'll be sure to handicap myself. I'll retreat to the 
        And I won't challenge you directly. But I will pick a Player to
        represent me. Since you've piqued my interest with this talk of
        rebuilding, expect me to be watching from the sidelines.

Megumi: Very well, Sir. I'll enter Your Game.

Joshua: Then first I'll need to collect your entry fee. You have one month,
        Megumi. I wish you nothing but success.


Megumi: You're going to erase it... The streets I know and love, gone...

Joshua: You did well, Megumi. That was one of my more enjoyable Games.

Megumi: I gave it my all, Sir. I have no regrets.

Joshua: You know, I liked your idea. Shame it didn't work out.

Megumi: You gave me a wonderful opportunity. Thank You, Sir.

        > [If you're playing New Game Plus? I didn't see this on my clean 
        > Megumi: As for you... Well played, Player. I still can't fathom why
        >         my imprinting failed to affect you.
        > Neku: Me neither... Wait! That's right!
        > Megumi: Another Player Pin!? Why do you have two? I only gave you 
        >         one! ...Ha ha. Of course! Neku... It's up to you now.
        > [Continue on]

[Megumi vanishes]

Neku: Huh? Joshua? What's going on?

Joshua: All of this was a Game-- one set up by me.

Neku: What? Then that means you're--

Joshua: Let me make it obvious. Hmm... I suppose they'll serve.

Shiki: Wh-what's happening?

Beat: I can't... move...yo...

Neku: Shiki? Beat!?

Joshua: Hee hee... It was me, Neku. I'm Shibuya's Composer.

Neku: What? But that... can't be...

Joshua: I know that must unsettle you. Especially since we spent all that
        quality time together. Still, it's the truth, and I need you to face
        it. Megumi and I decided to play this Game to determine if Shibuya
        should exist or not.

Neku: Then everything I've one... All of it...

Joshua: Mm-hmm. You were playing for my team. Really, you did a bang-up job. 
        couldn't have won without you.

Neku: Then... What have I done!?

Joshua: I had one role in this Game: picking the Player who would play for 
        One boy... from the RG.

Neku: ...Me?

Joshua: Very sharp, Neku! Give yourself a hand. I knew I picked a winner.

Neku: But it was Pi-Face that killed me...

Joshua: His bullet was meant for me. For some time now he's been after my 
        Maybe he thought I could be killed in the RG-- a gross 
        The Composer, unlike the Reapers, can use some of his power in the
        living world. So, poor Minamimoto failed, and fled back to the UG. 
        I like keep him around. He knows how to heat up a Game! 
        he overheated this time, so I had to retire him early. Couldn't have
        him spoiling the climax!

Neku: Then you're the one who beat him?

Joshua: Why, yes! You're just sharp as a tack, Neku. Anyway, the pest 
        me everywhere-- even into the RG when I went to get you!

Neku: !!Into the RG? Wait... No!

Joshua: Hee hee. Why don't I return all the memories I've been holding on to?

Neku: Nyaaagh!!!


[Udagawa with Neku by the mural, smiling up at it. He reaches a hand up, as 
to touch it. But suddenly Joshua rushes in from around the corner, carrying a
gun. Neku is surprised, before BANG! A gunshot.

But as Neku drops to the ground from shock, the camera pans to reveal
Minamimoto behind him, injured.]

Minamimoto: I blew it...

Neku: What!?

[Minamimoto suddenly raises his gun and fires. The bullets shoot towards
Joshua... before they're stopped with a psychic force. Joshua raises his gun,
as if to shoot, and Minamimoto flees. After Minamimoto's gone, Joshua shoots
Neku in the head, grinning and pumping his fist, before dropping a Player Pin
onto Neku's chest.]


Neku: Huff...huff... It was you! ...... I thought... I thought I finally 
      a friend I could relate to... But it was YOU! You killed me!

Joshua: Hee hee. Now, Neku, why don't we play one last Game?

Neku: You tricked me...

Joshua: The winner gets to be the Composer, and do whatever he likes with
        Shibuya. If you win, you decide. If I win, I'll decide. ...Of course,
        I've already decided.

Neku: You're a monster...

Joshua: Neku? You'd better pick up that gun. I mean, this IS going to be a
        duel. I'll keep the rules extremely basic. I'm going to count down 
        ten. On zero, we shoot. See? Easy.

Neku: Don't screw with me, Joshua!

Joshua: I assure you, I'm not. Life's little crossroads are often as simple 
        the pull of a trigger.

Neku: ......

Joshua: Neku... Hee hee, your face is priceless. Don't you remember what Mr.
        Hanekoma told you?

Neku: I'm just...

Joshua: Oh, before I forget! I've collected your entry fee. Now... Let the 
        begin. 10...9...


[Neku looks torn before he suddenly raises his gun. Joshua keeps his gun
trained on Neku. But... Neku eventually lowers his gun. And is shot by 

[Joshua laughs. As Neku is dying again, he manages one last glance up... only
to see both Joshua and Mr. Hanekoma smiling down at him.]

[Scramble Crossing. The lights turn green and people cross the streets. Neku 

Neku: Why... WHAT THE HELL!?

[7 days later]

[Neku walks through Shibuya]

Neku: Same streets...Same crowds too. Yeah, Shibuya hasn't changed a bit. But
      still, I don't think I can forgive you yet. You don't see it, but...
      those few weeks were very hard for me. Learning to trust people; having
      that trust broken. Finding out the town I pegged as small, and 
      and empty... wasn't any of those things.


Shiki: Let me in! Tell me what you're thinking!

Joshua: Only by allowing strangers in can we find new ways to be ourselves.

Shiki: I'm scared! Scared of getting a second chance...

Beat: Listen up, Phones. Cuz I ain't askin' twice. Please, help me. You gotta
      help me save her!

Shiki: Neku, that's the first time you used my name.

Joshua: But Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on yourself,
        and you give up on the world.

Beat: You ain't my partner anymore, man; you're... my friend.

Shiki: Once you see the real me... will we still be friends?


Neku: I'm glad I met you guys. You made me... pick up on things, I probably
      would've just gone on ignoring. Trust your partner... and I do. I can't
      forgive you, but I trust you. You took care of things, right? 
      Shibuya would be gone and my world with it. Hey, did I mention? I've 
      friends now! We're meeting for the first time in a week. See you there?

Beat: Yo!

Rhyme: Over here!

[Credits roll]

------[ Secret Ending ]------

[Joshua in his Composer form and Mr. Hanekoma watch Neku and friends from the
roof of the 104 building.]

Mr. H: You know... This mess is gonna have repercussions upstairs. But hey,
       at least things are back to normal, right? What? You seem down! Hey,
       it's their world. They get to decide what to do with it. Just..

[Joshua leaves, disappearing into a ball of light and sparkles. Mr. Hanekoma
laughs, spreading his own angel wings.]

Mr. H: Some folks just don't take no for an answer.

[Mr. Hanekoma leaves, disappearing into a ball of light and following 

------[ / Secret Ending ]------

[Neku takes off his headphones and leaves them behind on the ground.]

        Another Day [AD00]

[Introduction to Another Day]
The tale you are about to experience depicts a world entirely separate from
that of the main story.

Neku: (Same station. Same crowds, too. Same noises. Same buildings zigzagging
      across the sky...) Man, life is sweet! Ahem... Dear Lord! Please let
      today be even sweeter than yesterday! Thanks, peace. ... There! Now 
      is totally gonna kick ass. (Or... Or is it? Oh, no... I feel my inner 
      stirring... Must... fight... emo... urges... Wait! I've got it! I just
      need to focus on the light of my life. My beacon of hope! Yes... 
      pull me right out of this funk! Why? Because that light is... (a trick 
      fate?) (a microcosm of my world?) (the meaning of life?)) It's my
      purpose! Tin Pin Slammer is my purpose! I will be the greatest slammer
      that ever lived! Quick! To Molco! I must hurry. They're holding a
      slam-off there this very day!

Another Day
This day ends with you!

        Tin Pin Storyline [AD01]

[Entering Molco (area) ]

Neku: Dang, lookit this crowd...

Higashizawa: Yoo-hoo ? Registration's right this waaay!

Neku: Wow, listen! They even hired a booth babe!

Higashizawa: Better hustle, though! The slam-off starts soon!

Neku: Yeek! (Holy crap, it's a dude! With... wings!?)

Higashizawa: C'mon, now. Dilly-dally, shilly-shally ?

Neku: (Dilly... what? What the heck does that mean? And more importantly, who
      thought that costume was OK? Guy's got a ram on his crotch. What is 
      Freak Fashion Friday? Tin Pin, yours is a mysterious world...)

Shooter: Move it! Comin' through! 

Neku: Hmm? Gah!

Shooter: HOLY OWW! Sorry, man! I'm in a hurry! 

Neku: (Geez, slow down, twerp.) This place is packed, kid. You shouldn't be

Shooter: I had to! I can't miss registration! I've been training for WEEKS 

Neku: Training, huh... (You mean wasting your time.)

Shooter: Are you gonna enter too?

Neku: Well, yeah.

Shooter: SWEET! Good luck! Stay in the game long enough and you might get to
         play me!

Neku: Wha- (Who does this kid think he is?)

Shooter: Oh, snap! The TIME! See ya, man!

Neku: (That half-pint talks a big game. ...Weird. Where have I seen him? )

[entering Molco for the slam-off]

Business Guy: Nice turnout... Having fun, kid?

Neku: Huh? Oh, uh, yeah. Surprised at all the people, though. Tin Pin really
      draws a diverse crowd.

Business Guy: Yeah, it's great! I knew they were the ones for the job.

Neku: (... They, who?)

Business Guy: You a player, too? What do you think? My company's sponsoring 

Neku: I'm impressed by how orderly it all is, considering the turnout.

Business Guy: Good, good. We hired a separate company to plan and run the
              event.  They're new in town, so I was a little wary... but I'd
              call it a success.

Neku: Guess the sponsor can't do it all, huh?

Business Guy: Goodness, no! The bigger the event, the more folks it takes to
         pull it together. That's business.

Neku: Wow. I guess pulling something like this off takes all kinds of 

Higashizawa: Well, hiya ? Here to register, kiddo? I can still squeeze you 

> Sign up

Neku: Sign me up.

Higashizawa: OK, let me just jot down your info. There we are ? Now, just
             listen for your name, 'K? 

Neku: Uh... 'K.

Higashizawa: Enjoooy ?

Announcer: Attention all players... Please report to your designated blocks.
           The two-round preliminaries are about to begin.

Neku: (First up, the prelims! This should be easy. Just focus on the game,
      Neku. Keep those emo urges at bay...)

[Battle 1]

        > [Lose]
        > Neku: No! I lost... It's... It's all over. I'm through.
        > Business Guy: Hey, emo kid!
        > Neku: H-huh?
        > Business Guy: Don't let one little loss get you down! Here, I'll 
        >               a few strings.
        > Neku: Pull a... Whoa, seriously? Is that cool?
        > Business Guy: Ha ha ha! I'm the sponsor. It's my party! Consider it
        > done!
        > Neku: (I dunno... Seems kinda unfair...)
        > Business Guy: Hey. This kid's back in. Set him up with a new
        >               registration.
        > Higashizawa: Right away, Boss ?
        > [You play again from the first round]


Neku: One down! Man, I love this game! OK, round two... Game on!

[Battle 2]


Neku: Yesss! (That should weed out most of the noobs... Everybody left has
      skills. But only I have my magic touch!)

Higashizawa: Wooo ? The time has finally come... for the Shibuya Tin Pin
             slam-off finals! Introducing our commentator, deputy editor of
             "Pinhead Weekly," Koki Kariya!

Kariya: Thank you, thank you. Shibuya's at the top of Japan's slamming 
        He who rules Shibuya's tables rules Japan. I can't WAIT to see who
        rules today.

Higashizawa: ... And I'm your MC, Yodai Higashizawa!

Kariya: All right, Yodai, let's hear about our finalists.

Higashizawa: Absolutely ? Entry #5... Megumi Kitaniji!

Kariya: Look at that poker face, Yodai. Clearly he's big on plaing mind 

Announcer (unsure if it's Higashizawa or Kariya): Next up... Entry #108
          Yoshiya Kiryu! With such a wide spectrum of tactics, this kid's the
          Roy G. Biv of Tin Pin strategy! When he sees a hole, he knows how 
          fill it. Next up... Our third finalist from the standard 
          pool, a dark horse among lesser foals... Entry #325... Neku 

Neku: (Wow... Everybody's staring. Damn right. 'Cause I'm gonna win!)

Announcer: Sakuraba's first slam-off, and he made it all the way to the 
           Can he hold his own against the pantheon of slammers? Our fourth 
           last finalist is a special guest-

Neku: (Special guest? What the hell?)

Announcer: The Sultan of Slam! Three-time champ and title holder... Shuto

Neku: What!? That was... He's... (I knew he looked familiar. I've seen his 
      in PW!)

Shooter: Hey, bro! You really made it! WOW!

Neku: (Don't sound so surprised. I'm gonna be the man to break you.)

Announcer: There you have it, folks! One of these four finalists will go home
           with the grand prize... The Golden Saint pin!

Neku: (Every slammer's dream pin. Gimme gimme!)

Higashizawa: Okey doke ? Now then... Cough up those pins, suckers.

Neku: Huh!?

Uzuki: Mwa ha ha! Nice work, boys!

Neku: Is this part of the program!? 

Uzuki(?): Do it, fellas!

Kariya and Higashizawa(?): Aye aye, ma'am! 

Neku: What the- Not my phones! HANDS OFF THE PHONES! 

Someone: HEY!

Someone: Get your-

Someone: Watch the hands!

Neku: Whew... Guess I kinda freaked there.

Someone: My pins! Somebody stole all my pins! 

Neku: What!? They were stolen!?

Someone: Mine, too!
Someone: Somebody grab 'em!

Megumi: Damn... I was careless.

Joshua: They got me, too.

Shooter: Give them BACK!

Uzuki: Thanks for the pins, people!

Kariya: We appreciate you bringing 'em all to one place.

Shooter: What are you talking about!?

Higashizawa: The fastest way to gather a vast number of pins is to have them
             gather for you. This entire slam-off was a sham-off!

Uzuki: Zip it, Yodai! Enough rhyming and unnecessary exposition.

Higashizawa: Sorry, ma'am!

Shooter: Give me back my pins, NOW! 

Uzuki: No can do, shorty. We're gathering them for a reason. We need them 
       than you do.

Shooter: Who are you!?

Higashizawa: The Black Skullers! We're Tin Pin cullers, bent on purifying-

Uzuki: Rhyming, Yodai. Exposition.

Higashizawa: Sorry, ma'am.

Uzuki: We're done here, boys!

Higashizawa(?): Exit... Stage right!

Neku: So they're pin thieves!? ... Wait a sec. (I still have all mine. Guess 
      wigging out made it too hard to grab them.) Whew!

Announcer: Please remain calm. Due to mass pin thievery, we regret to
           announce... this year's slam-off is hereby canceled.

Neku: (Guess they have no choice. Well, time to head home...)

Shooter: HEY, BRO! They took your pins too, right!? 

Neku: Uhh... Y-yeah... Darn them. (If folks knew my pins were spared, I might
      wind up a suspect.)

Shooter: There's only one thing left to do!

Neku: What?

Shooter: Join me in taking back our SOULS!

Neku: Our... what?

Shooter: Well, DUH. Our pins! Pins are every slammer's soul, bro.

Neku: (Oh. The pins.)

Shooter: Now, rise up and fight! The time is nigh to join hands and take back
         our souls!

Neku: Or to call the cops like a normal person...

Shooter: Meet us at the ramen shop in Dogenzaka!

Neku: We're getting ramen?

Shooter: That's our secret base!

Neku: You have a secret ramen base?

Shooter: Go tell Doc there what happened!

Neku: There's a ramen doctor at your secret ramen base?

Shooter: Yuh-huh! Dr. Pin! He's AWESOME. Thanks, bro!

Neku: Wait, why me!? 

Shooter: FEAR NOT! I'll be right behind you!

Neku: The kid is completely mental... (A secret ramen base? Dr. Pin? I should
      probably play along to avoid suspicion.) Sigh... (Well, I'm free for 
      afternoon anyway.)

[Dogenzaka, Ramen Don]

Neku: (This must be the place.)

Ken Doi: Irrasshai! What'll it be? We have a limited time special right now--
         Stardust Ramen!

Neku: (Stardust? What does that taste like...) I, um... I'm looking for Dr.

Ken: ... What? Where did you hear that name? 

Neku: Huh!?

Shooter: MISS ME?

Ken: Irrashai! Come on in.

Neku: (Coulda sworn this guy changed channels on me for a second...)

Ken: Oh! Back again, kid? 

Shooter: Hello, mister! Oh, hey, bro. Been waiting long?

Neku: Er, no... I just got here a few-

Shooter: So BRO! Guess who I found. Kindred Spirits in our fight against (dun
         dun DAAAAH!) the Black Skullers!

Neku: Kindred... what?

Shooter: Fall in, Spirits!

Joshua: Oh, so you're one of us? My, my. Those Black Skullers are in for it

Shiki: Wow... What a totally cool secret base! But I was expecting more 
       and levers. Nice job camouflaging the place!

Beat: Yo, is it true they sell curry here? A secret base ain't nothin' 
      curry, yo!

Ken: This is a ramen shop! Not a curry shop. And not a secret base!

Shooter: OK, everybody! Eyes on me! Divided we were no better than Pinpricks.
         But together, we can reach out Pinnacle! (GET IT?) Let's do
         introductions! Me first. I'm Shooter! The Red Spirit!

Neku: Red... Spirit? 

Beat: I'm Daisukeno- aw, screw it. Jus' call me Beat. Hey, Red, where's the
      curry you promised?

Neku: (What, are we all calling him "Red" now?

Shooter: Stop your tummy-rumbling, Yellow. We're still doing intro-ductions!

Neku: Yellow!?

Beat: Sorry, Red. I just love me some food!

Neku: (Yellow, Red... Are we reading off the crayon box?)

Shiki: My name's Shiki Misaki. I've never been a Spirit before, and I was a
       little skeptical when Red asked me to join, but--

Neku: (But here you are. A Crayon Warrior.)

Shiki: I can't stay out too late. I have a curfew. But this should be fun! 

Shooter: Yeah! Don't worry, we'll finish up in no time, Pink!

Joshua: No no no, I call Pink. The name is Yoshiya Kiryu. I should be Pink,
        because Pink is love, and a humanitarian like me loves people.

Neku: (Now they're fighting over colors! Who cares... This kid's the craziest
      of them all!)

Shiki: Well, I don't care which color you make me. I can make any hue look

Joshua: Then be Green.

Shiki: Green? WHy? 

Joshua: Hee hee... The color of your skirt.

Shiki: Oh! Duh... See? I'm already making my color look good.

Joshua: You know, actually... I should be Gold. The color of wisdom.

Neku: (First he steals her color, and now he complains? Where did Red... I
      mean, Shooter find these people?)

Shooter: Blue. You're up.

Neku: B-Blue? You don't mean-

Shooter: Yup! Blue is you!

Neku: You're joking.

Joshua: Hold on just a second. His shade of blue strikes me as more of a...
        Black 'n' Blue.

Shooter: Ooh, yeah! I like that!

Neku: What do I look like, a bruise!?

Shooter: OK, Black 'n' Blue. Introduce yourself!

Neku: Um... OK. I'm Neku-

Joshua: No, use your codename! 

Neku: But-

Shooter: Yeah, good call!

Neku: Quit ganging up on me!

Shooter: And now, last but not least- our powerful ally, Dr. Pin!

Sho: Silence! You wanna eat asphalt? Stupid hectopascal.

Neku: You're Dr. Pin?

Sho: Well, aint this sweet... Looking' at you zetta twerps makes me wanna--

Neku: (Ahhh! Bad man! Mustnt make eye contact... Ohh, please don't hurt me!)

Sho: --join in on the fun!

Neku: Huh? Join in the fun!

Sho: Attention, you ramen-raiding radians!

Neku: Gulp... 

Sho: I insist you make me a Spirit!

Neku: Why would you want to be a CRAYON?

Joshua: So you're Dr. Pin? I've heard all about you. It's an honor, sir.

Sho: Aww... Zetta shucks.

Neku: (Is he... blushing? It makes him scarier...)

Sho: So what bring you all here?

Shooter: Well, you see-

Sho: Wow... That zettabytes. 

Shooter: We want to get out pins back. What do you recommend?

Sho: Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owner Approach. Listen up, kid...
     Red. You've gotta use your head. The world's made up of numbers. Do the
     math and you'll find your desired solution.

Shooter: But, Doc... We don't even know where the Skullers are... How can we
         solve for that?

Sho: Lure them out.

Shooter: Lure them? With what?

Sho: ......

Joshua: He's eyeing you, Black 'n' Blue. 

Neku: Who, me? He's looking at me? (What'd I do?)

Shooter: What's up, Doc?

Sho: You zetta morons! You haven't noticed? He's had them the whooole time...

Shooter: Gasp! Had what?

Sho: Pins!

Shooter: What? Really!?

Joshua: Just as I'd suspected. You're a dastardly one, Brown 'n' Blue.

Neku: Now I'm BROWN!?

Beat: Yo, hook me up with some more curry!

Shooter: Black 'n' Blue... You lied to us? 

Neku: No! I just couldn't find the right moment to tell you!

Shooter: Oh, Black 'n' Blue. You're like a bruise on the tomato of my heart. 

Sho: Go easy on him, Red. He's the key variable in your victory equation.

Shooter: Our victory equation?

Sho: Black 'n' Blue is your bait!

Neku: Wait, what!? 

Sho: The Skullers are hunting for pins.

Joshua: Once they know you have some... They'll come to us.

Sho: Very good. A+ for you. Hit the streets, radians. Play Tin Pin like 
     Win like crazy. Make a big show of it.

Shooter: OK! Let's get to it!

Joshua: "Winning like crazy" may prove a challenge.

Sho: No worries. Just use this. It's one of my originals.

Shooter: A Dr. Pin pin!? Awesome! We're gonna clean up wth this!

Ken: That pin's a dud!

Sho: Whaaat?

Ken: It hits hard, but only once. Then... CRUNCH! Try it and see.

Shooter: Whoa! No joke...

Joshua: Scrapped on its second slam...

Sho(?): Th-that's not possible!

Ken: You never did make much of a pin fiddler. Give it up already.

Sho: ... Hectopascal. I'm so better than you... I'm the best pin fiddler 

Joshua: He sized up that pin with one glance... That ramen guy knows pins.

Ken: ......

Beat: This is hella tasty, pops! Hit me with another bowl a' curry ramen, yo.

Ken: Oh, sorry! We're fresh out. Go play with your friends. I'll whip up some

Beat: Bwaaah! No more curry? Aight, guess we be slammin', then.

Neku: (This is all so very weird...)

[Miyashita Park]
Shooter: HEY! Play me in Tin Pin! 

Rhyme: Um... Sorry. I can't play right now.

Beat: She hates Tin Pin, yo.

Shooter: Friend of yours, Yellow? 

Beat: Yeah... Sorta.

Rhyme: No, I love Tin Pin.

Beat: What? Since when? 

Rhyme: I'd play you, but somebody took my pins.

Joshua: Another victim of the great Molco slam-off heist?

Rhyme: Hmm? No, I guy with a lollipop just ran by and nabbed them all. My 
       collection... No use crying over spilled milk, I guess. 

Joshua: Oh, you poor thing..

Shooter: Don't be down! We'll fix everything! We're Kindred Spirits, fighting
         to reclaim out pins from the evil Black Skullers!

Rhyme: Wow. Can I help? I'm Rhyme, by the way.
Joshua: A new Spirit means a new color. 

Neku: (Here it comes...)

Joshua: Black 'n' Blue, you're demoted to just Blue.

Neku: (Whatever, I'd rather be normal Blue anywa-- Ugh. I'm turning into one 

Joshua: And you can be Black now.

Rhyme: Excuse me? 

Neku: Just ignore him.

Shooter: YEAH! Black joins the party!

[Miyashita Park Underpass]
Higashizawa: Freeze.

Neku + Shooter: !?

Higashizawa: Nice pins.

Neku(?): You're... One of the Black Skullers!

Higashizawa: You've sure got a bunch of 'em. Did you gather them all up just
             for us? 

Shooter(?): That's RIGHT!

Shiki(?): As bait to lure you rats out!

Beat(?): And you bit, fatty!

Rhyme: I want my pins back!

Joshua: Hee hee.

Neku: (You tell him, Giggles...)

Shooter: It's time to take back our SOULS!

        > [Lose]
        > Neku: He... he's good!
        > Higashizawa: Heh. You don't stand a chance. Now let's have those
        >              pins.
        > Neku: I can't let it end like this! A rematch! I demand a rematch!
        > Higashizawa: Heh, you're wasting your time...
        > [Approach for a rematch]
        > Neku: One more time! 
        > Higashizawa: Heh heh. As many as you like.


Higashizawa: Nngh... So, you can slam.

Kariya: Welcome to today's turning point, folks.

Higashizawa: Kariya...

Neku + Shooter: !?

Kariya: Looks like I made it.

Beat: Heh, just in time to get your ass whupped. We takin' the both a' you
      down, yo!

Kariya: Actually I'm not here for the whup thing. I'm here for a pickup.

Shooter: What!?

Rhyme: Sorry, Red. I'm just gonna borrow this.

Shooter: Wha-- Black!? Gimme back Red Kaiser! 

Rhyme: You can't slam without it, can you?

Shooter: N-NOOO!!! Black! HOW COULD YOU!? I thought we were friends! Kindred

Rhyme: Friends? I'm a Black Skuller.

Beat: Rhyme, you... No way.

Rhyme: Yup, I was a spy. Just trying to wear you down, you know?

Beat: Rhyme...

Joshua: Hee hee... I knew it.

Neku: You did?

Joshua: She said it was Lollipop that stole her pins, but she asked Steroids
        there for them back. How did she know they were together? 

Neku: (Is it true steroids can shrink your... Never mind.) Yeah... She wasn't
      at the slam-off.

Rhyme: That's right! Still waters run deep. I knew you were the sharp one,

Beat: Rhyme, why?

Neku: Uhh, more importantly... you could have told us this earlier.

Joshua: I really don't see how this is my fault. You're the one who refuses 
        call me Pink.

Neku: So it's MY fault!? 

Shooter: WAAAH! My... my poor Red Kaiser...

Rhyme(?): Well, my work here is done. Bye, everybody!

Beat: Wait, Rhyme! Why are you mixed up with those guys? 

Rhyme: You still don't get it, Beat.

Beat: Get what!?

Shooter: Red Kaiser...

Shiki: Pull it together, Red.

Shooter: What'll I do... How will I live? 

Neku: It's, uh... It's just a toy.

Joshua: It's too dangerous to wander around with out leader out of 
        Let's return to base and consult Dr. Pin.

Neku: You DO know you can still play without that thing, right? 

Beat: C'mon, yo, back to base. Curry's prob'ly ready now.

Neku: (Always the team player.)

[Dogenzaka, Ramen Don]

Ken: Irassha-- oh, it's you kids. How goes?

Shooter: Hey, mister... Is Dr. Pin here? 

Ken: What, you want Junior? Hey, why the long face? 

Shooter: Uh... this.

Ken: Holy smashed Kaisers! 

Shooter: I'm gonna get Dr. Pin to fix it! Then we're-

Ken: He can't.

Shooter: What!? 

Ken: This is beyond Junior's ability. ... It's even beyond mine. 

Joshua: All right, sir. It's about time you told us the truth.

Beat: You trippin', Pinky? Brotha ain't a liar. Brotha's a ramen man. A ramen
      man who can make curry! What more do you need!? Yo, I need more curry!

Joshua: He knows too much about Tin Pin. He can size up any pin at a 
        Sir, are you-

Ken: Yes! All right. You got me. I... I created Tin Pin.

Neku: You invented Tin Pin!? And now you invent weird ramen!?

Ken: Yes! And as the father of Tin Pin, I can't bear to see it used for evil.
     You must stop them! 

Shooter: Mister... I'll do it! I lost Red Kaiser, but... but not my love for
         Tin Pin!

Ken: Thanks, son. I knew I could count on you kids.

Shooter: ... I'll get by somehow. It's not like Red Kaiser really did 

Neku: Nothing!? 

Shooter: It was like a lucky jock... Bracing! 

Neku: Eww! 

Ken: Lucky charms do help give you confidence. So take mine. You need them 
     than me. 

Shooter: WHOA! These are... 

Ken: Color prototypes for the (new) Solid Slammers! They never hit shelves, 
     to budgets and personal heartbreak. I'm sure you kids will treat 'em

Neku: Kids, plural? You want me to wear that thing!? 

Joshua: Dibs on the rainbow. 

Ken: Of course. It was meant for you. 

Shooter: OK, Pink is now Rainbow! 

Joshua: Ahh! Just look at this handiwork! 

Shiki: Yeah, they're actually pretty hip. 

Beat: Whoa! Just havin' it on makes me feel badass, yo!

Joshua: These prototypes must have cost a fortune... I can see why they were

Shooter: Try yours on, Blue!

Neku: This isn't happening...

Joshua: Surely you wouldn't snub this man's generosity. Only a monster would 

Neku: (Freakin' Rainbow...) ...Fine. That still leaves the black one, though.

Beat: Rhyme... 

Joshua: Black was a spy. We'll leave it here.

Beat: No! I'll carry it. 

Shiki: Beat? 

Beat: Rhyme ain't... She ain't a bad person. They musta forced her, yo.

Joshua: ...... Whatever keeps you happy, Yellow. Blue already has the emo
        position filled.

Shooter: Thanks, mister! No... Dr. Pin, Sr.! I swear I'll get those pins 
         Me and (new) Red Kaiser here!

Ken: I'm sure you will, young man. Their hideout is Miyashita Park.

Neku: ...... ...... ...... (How do you hide out in a park?)

[Miyashita Park]

Shooter: The jig is up, Black Skullers! We're taking back our PINS! 

Higashizawa: Rrgh... How did you find us? 

Uzuki: Spicy little thing, aren't ya? Bad timing, though. We were just 
       down to eat. 

Beat: This smell... It's curry!

Rhyme: Mr. Higgy is our private chef. 

Beat: M... maybe just one bite... NO! Stay strong, Beat! 

Kariya: Nice Tin Pin launchers... I see you've got some connections. Gee, I
        wonder who. 

Beat: Snap out of it, Rhyme! It ain't never too late to come back, yo! 

Rhyme: ......

Beat: Wha-- Rhyme! 

Kariya: She's here because she wants to be, man. 

Beat: Dammit! The evil's already got a hold a' her!

Shooter: Alright, villains! Get ready for a SLAMMIN'!

Higashizawa: Such fire! I see now why he picked you... 

Shooter: That's RIGHT! We're the Kindred Spirits! 

Uzuki: Hmph... You talk big. Let's see if you can back it up. How 'bout we 
       this interesting? If we win, you give us all your pins. 

Shooter: And once we win, you give back the pins you stole! 

Uzuki: Deal.

Higashizawa: We'll play five matches. Anytime you're ready. HA HA HA! ... Ha.

<Tutorial Guy>

Joshua: Leave round one to Rainbow. Who am I up against?

Tutorial Guy: Me. Tutorial Guy.

Joshua: ... Excuse me? I'm up against an un-named character? What a waste.

Tutorial Guy: Like a bolt from the blue-

Joshua: What!?

Tutorial Guy: ... It's, uh, just an expression.

Joshua: Wait... Those glasses! What are you doing here?

        > [Lose]
        > Joshua: Nngh... I knew it.
        > Tutorial Guy: ......
        > Joshua: Again!
        > [rematch]
        > Tutorial Guy: Best of luck.


Tutorial Guy: I give. I give.

Joshua: ... You were holding back.

Tutorial Guy: Not at all. Pracice makes perfect. Keep at it.

Joshua: I didn't win this match... He threw it. 

Neku: (What's the deal?)

Joshua: Tin Pin, yours is truly a mysterious world. I can't believe HE'S

Neku: (What's he grumbling about? He won.)

Beat: I'm up. Who's gonna bring it?

Rhyme: Me, silly.

Beat: ... Why you doin' this, Rhyme? This ain't you!

Rhyme: All you ever do is play Tin Pin. I got tired of nagging you to 
       the routine.

Beat: ... That's wha this is about? Our stand-up routine?

Rhyme: I figured I'd just get rid of Tin Pin.

Beat: What do I gotta practice for, yo? People laugh at me anyway!

Rhyme: That's not what this is about, Beat. You don't get it.

Beat: Damn straight I don't! Le's settle this wid Tin Pin!

        > [Lose]
        > Beat: Rrgh... I ain't givin' up!
        > Rhyme: Beat... It's pointless to keep trying.
        > [rematch]
        > Beat: Rrgh... 


Beat: I won! Booyaka!

Rhyme: Great game, Beat. 

Beat: Right? Victory's my middle name, yo. So c'mon, let's get back together.

Rhyme: You want to pair up again? You're the one who called it off.

Neku: (Wait, Beat gave HER the boot?)

Beat: You got me all mad, yo... Stuff you said was seriously harsh, yo.

Rhyme: Face it, Beat. People don't laugh at your jokes. They laugh at you.

Beat: Who cares, so long as they laughin'? I know I'm an idiot... I can't 
      'a stuff to make folks laugh.

Rhyme: You can! You could make stand-up history! I know it. That's why I 
       pair up with you-- not until you realise your own potential.

Neku: (Well, they've got their issues, but Rhyme doesn't seem like a bad

Shiki: I'm next.

Higashizawa: The pleasure is mine, young lady.

Uzuki: Hold it!

Shiki: Wh-what!? 

Uzuki: Let me have her.

Higashizawa: But, boss... The boss is always supposed to go last. 

Uzuki: Quit your whining! I've got a score to settle with this one.

Shiki: Yeah. Let's finish this!

Higashizawa: Y-yes, ma'am... Show here who's in charge...

Neku: (These two know each other? What have they got against each other?)

Shiki: Nnnrrraaah!

Uzuki: Hrraaaaaah!

Neku: (Geez! They're wigging out! What the heck is their deal?)

Shiki: The real Prince fans are the-

Neku: What? 

Uzuki: The Black Diablos!

Shiki: Wrong! The White Angels! 

Uzuki: As top minion for the Black Diablos... I'm gonna pitchfork your face! 

Shiki: Well, as head seraph for the White Angels... I'M gonna bless your head

        > [Lose]
        > Uzuki: Ha ha ha! You thought you could win?
        > Shiki: Nngh... I can't let her clip my wings!
        > [rematch]
        > Shiki: This isn't over! Prepare to be blessed!
        > Uzuki: Hmph! Take your halo and shove it!


Shiki: Blessed!

Uzuki: This... isn't... happening! The top minion never loses! 

Shiki: Ex-top minion. As of today, there ARE no Black Diablos.

Uzuki: Hmph... Fine.

Shiki: Don't worry, we'll let your girls into the Angels.

Uzuki: ... Thanks.

Shiki: I mean, we're all Prince fans, right? You're welcome to join, too.

Uzuki: Pfft. The Prince is so yesterday. I'm into the indie scene now! I'll 
       off listening to bands you kids have never even heard of! And then...
       when they go major... I'll be there to complain about how they sold 

Shiki: Wait, indies!? Like who?

Uzuki: 777. 

Shiki: Ahh! I'm totally into him, too! 

Uzuki: WHAAAT!? You plan on getting in my way AGAIN!?

Shiki: I liked him first!

Uzuki: Hrraaaaaah!

Shiki: Nnnrrraaah!

Neku: (So much for that truce. With that much in common, you'd think they'd 


Kariya: So, you're taking me on?

Neku: ......

Kariya: You awake, kid?

Neku: I was just thinking... Why are we here, fighting like this?

Kariya: A deep question, Blue. But worryin' won't get you anywhere. Life
        happens like it's gonna happen, man.

Neku: Yeah, it sure feels that way. There's a force at play that I can't
      overcome. I've felt its pull, dragging me along all afternoon.

Kariya: Just go with the flow. Too much work tryin' to fight it.

Neku: Sometimes I just feel so... emo. There, I said it.

Kariya: How 'bout some ramen? Take your mind off things.

Neku: ... Wait. Are you trying to buy me off with noodles? 

Kariya: Busted, huh? Aight... If we have to do this the hard way...

        > [Lose]
        > Neku: (Nngh... He's good!)
        > Kariya: What, that all ya got?
        > [rematch]
        > Neku: One more round!
        > Kariya: Aight... Sock it to me.

Neku: Served! 

Kariya: Aww, look. I lost. Still feeling emo? 

Neku: Now that you mention it... no...

Kariya: Congrats, kid.

Neku: How come I feel better?

Kariya: Sure you don't already know the answer?

Neku: Hmm... (Maybe I was just looking for something to care about.)


Shooter: NOW! It's my turn! Let's go!

Higashizawa: Say your prayers, little boy.

Uzuki: Don't screw this up, Yodai... or else! 

Higashizawa: Oh, I'd never hand my precious pins over to them... or to you!

Uzuki: Wh-what!?

Higashizawa: They're all mine! 

Uzuki: Are you crazy!? We were going to sell those online! At a huge premium,
       I might add! How dare you betray us!?

Higashizawa: I was never with you Skullers to begin with. Your company was a
             necessary evil, wench.

Shooter: Oh, zing!

Uzuki: Who... who ARE you?

Higashizawa: The TRUE father of Tin Pin!

Joshua: Of course! There was a Y.H. on the original team!

Shooter: So he used to work with the ramen guy?

Higashizawa: The owner of the ramen shop was my supervisor. But my love for 
             Pin surpassed even his! I will purge it of all impurities!

Joshua: I heard he was obsessed, even from the onset... His love for the game
        ultimately drove him mad.

Neku: (So... basically he's just a big geek?)

Shooter: If you really loved Tin Pin... You'd never do this! 

Higashizawa: I love it more than you could ever know! The pins out today are
             all shoddy! Mass-produced fiascos. Generics... Anonymous and

Shooter: You're wrong! It's not the maker that fills a pin with love! It's 
         player! Every pin's full of their own unique love!

Higashizawa: Feh. Childish. I will show you the shallowness of your LOVE!

        > [Lose]
        > Shooter: No! NOOO!
        > Higashizawa: Pathetic.
        > Shooter: Rrgh...
        > [Rematch]
        > Shooter: I'm not through yet! Not until you see the truth!
        > Higashizawa: Truth? The truth is that you cannot win.

Shooter: Wuh-oh! (New) Red Kaiser can't take much more! 

Higashizawa: Bwa ha ha! Of course not. Why do you think the (new) Solid
             Slammers never hit store shelves?

Shooter: I... I dunno...

Higashizawa: They say it was budget cuts and personal heartbreak... What they
             leave out is that the prototypes didn't work!

Shooter: What!?

Higashizawa: My supervisor on the project-- he, too, was a victim of

Shooter: Dr. Pin, Sr.?

Higashizawa: His passion was commendable. The company never had much faith in
             our team, but under his leadership we poured our hearts into the
             original model and made it a huge success. That got the
             higher-ups' attention. When it came time to design the Solid
             Slammer's successor, the bigwigs meddled more and more, 
             away at the budget... Soon, the (new) Solid Slammers were worse
             than the originals. Rather than sacrifice quality, he canceled
             the project. That sent the company stock plummeting... so they
             forced him to redesign.

Neku: (Who knew the ramen guy had so much backstory? )

Shooter: Wow... He must have faced a lot of hard choices.

Neku: (Yeah... Not many fifth graders would get that.)

Shooter: Like... which color he should cancel first... or whether he should
         challenge his boss at the slam tables! 

Neku: (Not many fifth graders... including you, apparently.)

Higashizawa: Tin Pin lost its light that day. Money-hungry fools swarmed in,
             churning out horrible, loveless garbage. But I shall purify it!

Ken: Stop it, Higashizawa!

Higashizawa: Boss...

Ken: I'm happy with my ramen shop. I don't regret leaving Tin Pin. And the
     (new) Solid Slammers didn't fail because of the company. They failed
     because I couldn't finish them. So I... I decided to leave. I thought 
     Pin would be OK as long as it had you boys.

Higashizawa: And it will be! Once I finish purifying--

Minamimoto: That's zetta idiotic! Think you're some comic book hero? 
            is garbage! CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap! All that matters are
            MY brilliant creations!

Ken: Junior, why are you here? 

Shooter: Dr. Pin!? What happened to you? You look TERRIBLE!

Minamimoto: Sorry to keep you, Red! It took a while, but I've done it! The
            Solid Slammer... Omega! Kaiser Phoenix! 

Shooter: The Omega Slammer!? SWEET!

Neku: (What, did he get caught up in a lab explosion?)

Minamimoto: Attention, you Tin Pin-loving vectors! Pound that inverse idiot

Higashizawa: Heh... Absurd. You actually think that will help you?

Shoooter: YES! Now get ready to hand over all our pins!

        > [Lose]
        > Higashizawa: Ridiculous. Did you really believe you could stop me?
        > Shooter: YES! I... I mean... EVENTUALLY!
        > [rematch]
        > Higashizawa: Heh... Absurd. You actually think that will help you?
        > Shoooter: YES! Now get ready to hand over all our pins!

Shooter: I... I WON!

Higashizawa: Astounding... The Red Spirit, and the Solid Slammer Omega... You
             are... You are the future of Tin Pin.

Minamimoto: Not entirely. We sitll need you and Pop's help.

Higashizawa: But... I'm no longer worthy to slam...

Minamimoto: FOIL! First, Outer, Inner, Last! I just built off Pop's last

Ken: You put it together from that half-baked sketch? Here I thought you were
     still just a kid... When'd you grow up on me? 

Minamimoto: Hey, I love Tin Pin just as much as ram-crotch over here.

Higashizawa: ... Except along the way, my love turned to hate. Thank you for
             showing me the light. Here are all your pins back. 

Shooter: Thanks, mister! Let's slam again soon, OK? I've never seen such hard
         'n' heavy slamming! You'll have to teach me! 

Higashizawa: Red...

Uzuki: Ugh, honestly... You should've told us how you felt. 

Higashizawa: Sorry, boss... 

Uzuki: Ha ha, I'm nobody's boss anymore. Now I'm just another 777 stalker.
       First ghost for the Black Wraiths! 

Shiki: As if. 777 belongs to me and the White Maidens! 

Uzuki: Hrraaaaaah!

Shiki: Nnnrrraaah! 

Kariya: Anyway, I guess this is happily ever after. Now, how 'bout we 
        over ramen?

Beat: Ramen? Naw, yo. It takes curry flavor to curry my favor!

Rhyme: Ha ha ha! There, Beat, see? That was funny!

Beat: Rhyme... I... I think I understand.

Rhyme: Welcome to the world of intentional comedy. Hey, Mr. Higgy. Can you 
       Beat some of your curry? 

Beat: Did you say CURRY!? 

Rhyme: He cooks like a pro. Please, Mr. Higgy?

Beat: Rhyme... You really do love me... But yo, we need a kitchen.

Ken: You can use my place.

Higashizawa: Boss... You don't mind? 

Ken: Don't be silly.

Minamimoto: It's zetta cool. Use our shop. It's also a fine spot for Tin Pin
            development! Right, Pops?

Ken: Yeah, our secret base! Gya ha ha!

Neku: (Tin Pin Slammer's won over all these people... Who came up with such a
      great game? It's like some wily producer set this all up.)

Shooter: C'mon, Blue! Let's head back to Molco! 

Neku: Hmm? Oh, OK.

Tutorial Guy: Another town, another band of Kindred Spirits. That takes care 

Shooter: Wow, it's so empty here! 

Neku: Yeah, it was packed before.

Shiki: Another party's ended... It's kinda sad.

Joshua: But isn't that always the case? Endings are sudden, often cruel. You
        can't help but hope that there's still a little something left...
        Another little shred of fun.

Neku: (Today was incredibly weird... but I had a lot of fun.)

Shooter: Hey, Blue!

Neku: Hmm?

Shooter: Let's play Tin Pin! We never got to throw down at Molco, but I knew
         it'd be you and me at the end.

Joshua: Red and Blue, eternal rivals... It was unavoidable.

Neku: You really are all crazy. ... But I was looking for a chance to take 
      on, Red! 

Shooter: Ready, Red?

Neku: I'm ready.

Shooter: Then let's SLAM!

        > [Lose]
        > Neku: Rrgh!
        > Shooter: You were close! I'll meet you at Molco any time you wanna
        >          slam, Blue!
        > Neku: (It's weird... I lost, but I still feel good. Oh, Tin Pin. 
        >       your wonders never cease?)

Neku: ......

Shooter: ......

Neku: I won... I beat the Shibuya champ! 

Shooter: You know what that means, Blue... The title's yours!

Neku: Eh, this wasn't an official match. I'll see you at next year's slam-
      All I'll be ready for you!

Neku: (I feel so much better! Take that, emo urges! I didn't need anything
      special-- I just needed to go out and do something new. Today was 
      new day in the same old Shibuya. Same station. Same crowds, too. Same
      noises. Same buildings zigzagging across the sky... Yup... life is

<The Wizard of Slam>

Joshua: There you are. I've been looking for you.

The Wizard: And I, waiting for you. 

Neku: Who's he?

The Wizard: I'll give you a hint: "Like a bolt from the blue..."

Neku: Wait, seriously? Then you were with the Black Skullers! 

Joshua: Meet the architect of Tin Pin's success. Shinji Hashimoto... The

Neku: Him!? He's the Producer!?

The Wizard: Impressive as always, Joshua. I knew I couldn't fool you. 

Joshua: Why would you go along with those thieves? 

The Wizard: I was confident. Confident in the possibilities.

Joshua: That Dr. Pin would complete the Omega Slammer? 

The Wizard: A team works smoothest when it focuses on the goal at hand-- on
            their passion for achieving it. They forget about the little 
            and fall into their roles perfectly.

Joshua: So this was all just part of your grand scheme? 

The Wizard: There are no concidences in this world, Joshua. Only cause and

Neku: Including our meetng you here? 

The Wizard: Of course. Now, how about a game of Tin Pin? Let me see how far
            you've come, kids.

Shooter: Me! Me! Ohh, ME!

The Wizard: I'll select my own opponent. 

Shooter: What? How come!? 

The Wizard: Cause and effect. Blue. I choose you.

Neku: Me?

The Wizard: Now, let us begin. Face the Wizard of Slam's might!

        > [Lose]
        > Neku: Nngh! He's... he's not human! His technique is ridiculous!
        > The Wizard: Come, now. Surely you can do better.
        > [rematch]
        > Neku: One more... Let's play one more time!
        > The Wizard: As you wish.

Neku: YES!

The Wizard: Well done, Kindred Spirits! See how inseparable Tin Pin has made

Shooter: Inserparable... and inpincible!

The Wizard: Ha ha, indeed. My work here is done. I trust Shibuya will be in
            good hands.

Shooter: Wait, you're LEAVING? But we just got to meet you...

The Wizard: Someone has to spread Tin Pin to the masses. We all have our 
            guided by fate's hand.

Neku: He... He's gone.

Shooter: Wonder where he's going... I hope we see him again soon! 

Neku: Count on it! (Tin Pin, you are a trick of fate... A microcosm of my
      world... The meaning of life. ... Or something. Thank you, Lord! Today
      kicked ass. Please let tomorrow be even sweeter than today! Thanks...

        Pork City Storyline [AD02]

[Pork City]
Neku: Hmm?

Mr H.: ......

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma? ...... (Wonder what he's up to out here.) ...... (I think
      I'll follow him. This could be a chance to learn more about him... 

[1st floor]

Neku: (This place seems... familiar. Did he go upstairs?)

[2nd floor]

Neku: (I wonder what Mr. Hanekoma's doing here.) ...... (He's kind of a
      mystery. He's got his incognito life as CAT... Then there's that quirky
      café. I swear it's closed more than it's open. Actually, wow... I don't
      really know anything about him-- especially considering how long we've
      been acquainted.)

[5th floor]

Neku: (It's been a couple years now... I was looking at the Udagawa wall tag.
      Mr. H came up and talked to me... After that, I started going to his
      café. We'd talk about lots of stuff. Eventually, I found out he was 
      But... really, that's all I know. I wish the guy would open up a little

[8th Floor]

Neku: (It seems like he's been really busy lately. His shop's been closed a
      lot, too-- even more than usual. Wonder if he's got something else 
      on on top of his work as CAT. Like... something I could help with... if
      I've got what it takes. I just wish I could help lighten his load...)

[11th Floor]

Neku: (... Why am I going nuts chasing him down like this? I don't even 
      know. I just... I'm worried. Worried that if I don't, he'll disappear 
      me.) ...... (I couldn't handle that again. ... Thinking back on it now,
      it was him. He's the reason I met Mr. H. I wouldn't have found the 
      in Udagawa if he hadn't told me about it. He was my one real friend--
      the only guy in my class I could talk to as an equal. I was fine with
      that. Just him and me. Man, I miss him... Not that I have a right to...
      Not after I killed him.)

[13th Floor]

Neku: (I'll never forget that day... We were set to meet up at the usual 
      I asked him to come. I was waiting in front of the CAT mural... but he
      never came. Only later did I hear about the accident. I was so mad. 
      I felt awful... I shouldn't have asked him there. If not for me, he'd
      still be here...) ...... (It's like I killed him. Now I feel like it's
      going to happen again. Like I'm going to lose Mr. Hanekoma. I don't 
      I could take it. It almost broke me last time. If it happened again, 
      No. I need to keep him here. Do what I can to help him... so he won't 
      away. There's gotta be something...)


Neku: Mr. Hanekoma! What are you doing up here? 

Mr H.: Heyyy, Phones! 

Neku: Phones? What's that?

Mr H.: Oh, right. Sorry, wrong you.

Neku: Are you OK, Mr. Hanekoma? Ane what are you doing all the way up here?

Mr H.: Just a little errand. I'm here to pick somebody up, but I wanted to
       check something while I was here.

Neku: Check what?

Mr H.: ...... Hoo, boy... I knew it. Visible in this world, too... Clear as
       day. This calls for serious action. 

Neku: ...... Look, Mr. H... I want to help you! I want to pay you back for 
      you've done for me!

Mr H.: Well, gee, Phones... 

Neku: You just seem so busy lately! I mean, I know I probably can't do much,
      but... but let me do what I can! 

Mr H.: ...... Thanks. That's real decent of you to offer, Phones. I'll take 
       up on that. 

Neku: Really!? I'm happy to work the café, or clean up or whatever!

Mr H.: I've had my eye on you for a while now... But the other you's in the
       middle of the Game. 

Neku: ... 'Scuse me?

Mr H.: And even though you're right there in the UG... I can't exactly
       interfere... even if it's just to test you a bit.

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma, what's gotten into you? 

Mr H.: ... But this you is fair game. Let's have a look at what you can do. 

[Defeat Panthera Cantus]

Mr H.: Very nice, Phones. 

Neku: Mr. Hanekoma... Why are you attack--

Mr H.: You said you wanted to help me? Heh, that day may come sooner than
       either of us expect.

Neku: What? 

Mr H.: Later, kiddo. 

Neku: Wha-- Wait! Please, wait! What on earth... Was that really even him? 
      day I help Mr. Hanekoma? What does he want me to do?

        Extra (optional) script) [AD03]
            Before going to Molco for the SLam-off

[Scramble Crossing]
Neku: Hey, got time to play me in Tin Pin?

Shiki: Tin Pin? Sorry, not right now. I have to get over to Molco.

Neku: ... Oh.

Shiki: For the slam-off. Aren't you going? I thought all the boys were...

Neku: Oh, I'm going... I just figured I'd warm up first.

Shiki: Gotcha. Hmm... Oh, what the hey. One round. I can make time.

Neku: Sweet! Get ready...

        > [Lose]
        > Shiki: Woo hoo! Go me!
        > Neku: Ugh... How could I lose?
        > Shiki: Maybe I have a shot at becoming champion after all.
        > Neku: Why do you want to be champion?
        > Shiki: Oh, I have my reasons...
        > Neku: (... Like? Hmph, whatever.)

Shiki: Hey, no fair!

Neku: What's not fair?

Shiki: Since when are you so good?

Neku: ... Since when are you so BAD? 

Shiki: There go my dreams of becoming the champ...

Neku: The price of sucking, I'm afraid.

Shiki: I know! Why don't YOU become the champion?

Neku: Um... OK? I mean, that was the plan.

Shiki: Then, after he gives you the prize, shake my hand. Promise!

Neku: (... After WHO gives me the prize?)

[Station Underpass]
[Trying to go into Shibuya River]

Neku: (This is the Shibuya River. I can't think of any reason to go in there
      now. Better head back.)

[At 104]

Sota: Well, here there, tiger! 

Neku: Oh, hey, Mr. Sota!

Sota: Decided to grow out your mane? 

Neku: Oh, this? Naw. I need to get it cut. 

Sota: Rawr! Then tell ya what, sport. Drop by my place and we'll get your 

Neku: Well, I'd like to, but... See, right now... 

Sota: Wuh-oh. Lemme guess. The slam-off?

Neku: Yeah. You know about it? I thought you didn't play. 

Sota: I took it up! Better late than never. 

Neku: Really!? Then how 'bout a match? 

Sota: Sure, champ. Just go easy on me!

        > [Lose]
        > Sota: I... I won!?
        > Neku: Are you serious? (I lost to a beginner?)
        > Sota: Wow, that was a blast! Maybe I should enter the slam-off.
        > Neku: Couldn't hurt! (Just be ready for payback.)
        > Sota: Aight, dawg! Molco, here I come!
        > Neku: (...Did Mr. Sota just call me "dawg"? Where'd he pick THAT 

Sota: Well, dang! I've got a ways to go.

Neku: I think you did great for just starting out.

Sota: Thanks, tiger! I had a blast. Maybe I should enter the slam-off.

Neku: Couldn't hurt!

Sota: Good deal. So how 'bout that trim? You can be my haircut model! 

Neku: Um, OK?  ("Haircut model"? Is that a euphemism for "guinea pig"? My 

<Futoshi (the Techie)>

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Techie: Tin Pin? I'm kinda workin' right now. Got some errands.

Neku: Oh... OK, later.

Techie: Hey hey, hold up! You don't have to give in so easily! This is Japan.
        "No" means "yes."

Neku: Sigh... You won't forget to run your errands? 

Techie: No! Of course not.

Neku: ("No" meaning "yes"?)

        > [Lose]
        > Techie: Yeeeah! Take that! C'mon, one more match for good measure.
        > Neku: What about your errands?
        > Techie: Eh, work can wait. They're not the boss of me.
        > Neku: (... Um, aren't they?)
        > Techie: Oh, hold up. Today's that slam-off at Molco...
        > Neku: (Right... I'd better head over of I'll miss registration.)
        > Techie: ... Perfect! I'm gonna enter!
        > Neku: (... And your errands?)

Techie: Damn! I lost. C'mon, one more match! 

Neku: Don't you have errands to run?

Techie: Aw, crap! That's right. You better enter the slam-off at Molco!

Neku: I will.

Techie: Good! Be ready for vengeance!

NekU: (... And your errands?)

[Entering Shadow Ramen]

Neku: Uhh... Hello? ...... (Nobody's home. Guess I'll try back later.)

[Shibu Dept. Store]

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Ai: Tin Pin? Sure, for a little while. But then I have to go to Molco.

Neku: You're entering the slam-off?

Ai: Yup yup! But mostly to get my prints on the Prince.

Neku: (Get your... what?)

Ai: I've never actually played Tin Pin before. This'll be good practice!

        > [Lose]
        > Ai: Whoa! How did THAT happen!?
        > Neku: Stupid, Neku, stupid! (How could I lose to a beginner?)
        > Ai: Hmm... Could be I'm champion material.
        > Neku: (Ugh... I've created a monster.)
        > Ai: And if I win, the Prince will TOUCH ME when he hands me the
        >     prize! Omigosh omigosh omigosh!
        > Neku: (... That explains the sudden interest in Tin Pin. Well, 
        >       count on it. I'M winning the slam-off.)

Ai: Aww... I lost. Oh, well. It WAS my first time.

Neku: (Actually, that was still pretty sad...)

Ai: Good luck at the slam-off. Hope you win.

Neku: That's the plan.

Ai: Then the Prince himself will hand you the grand prize!

Neku: (... And that's why you're entering?)

[Cadoi City]

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Makoto: Tin Pin? Sorry. I'm looking for somebody right now.

Neku: Who?

Makoto: We're holding an event at Molco, but our special guest, the Prince, 
        a no-show. Where'd he run off to...

Neku: Oh, well. Maybe another time, then.

Makoto: Hey! Wait a sec! So you like Tin Pin? You should read our magazine,
        "Pinhead Weekly."

Neku: You work for PW? I buy every issue! The "Pinside Edition" feature is my
      fave. All those juicy industry secrets...

Makoto: Ha ha, yeah. That's our most popular column. You know... what the 
        Let's play a match until the Prince shows. After all, you're such a
        devoted reader!

        > [Lose]
        > Makoto: Eh... heh heh... Oops! I won. Sorry...
        > Neku: (Dang it! I had him... If only I'd--)
        > Makoto: Oh, now cheer up. You had a rough game, but I know talent
        >         when I see it.
        > Neku: At this rate, I'll never win the slam-off.
        > Makoto: Sure you will. Just keep reading Pinhead Weekly!
        > Neku: Yeah... I think I will! (Hey, wait... Was this all a sales
        >       pitch!?)

Makoto: Darn! I seem to have lost! You gave me quite a workout.

Neku: (Um... right.)

Makoto: So tell me... Where'd you learn to play like that?

Neku: Well... from Pinhead Weekly, I guess.

Makoto: You're KIDDING! ... Tell your friends!

Neku: (Did he just lose on purpose to push a few extra subscriptions? Geez...
      How long until adulthood robs ME of my dignity?)

[Towa Records]

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Megumi: Tin Pin? Heh heh... Take me on and it may be the last game you ever

Neku: What's that supposed to mean?

Megumi: Enter the Molco slam-off and you'll see... you'll see... you'll 

Neku: (Whoa! ... How'd he get his voice to echo like that?)

[Miyashita Park Underpass]
Sho: ......

Neku: (Whoa! Get a load of that thug! He looks ready to grab my wallet... or
      worse! Don't make eye contact...)

[Center St. Entrance]
Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Beat: Hells yeah! I love me some Tin Pin! Oh, but... you should just go to
      Molco, yo.

Neku: For the slam-off?

Beat: You know about it? Then whatchu hangin' around here for, man? You can
      play me at Molco.

Neku: I know. I just wanted to warm up.

Beat: Hmm... I was finna grab me some curry beforehand. Shame I have to call
      off lunch...

Neku: Nah, it's cool. I'll hit somebody else up.

Beat: Bwaaah! No no wait! I'll play ya!

Neku: (If you want to play, just come out and say it!)

Beat: Aight. Get ready!

        > [Lose]
        > Beat: Heh, I won. Eat it, yo!
        > Neku: (Dammit.)
        > Beat: Aight, man, curry's on you! Le's go.
        > Neku: (Nice of you to mention that NOW.) What about the slam-off,
        >       though?
        > Beat: Oh... right! Curry takes a rain check.
        > Neku: (Enough about the curry! The kid's obsessed...)

Beat: Damn! I lost... Yo, you good, man.

Neku: I'm all right, I guess.

Beat: Too bad... I was gonna treat ya to curry if I won.

Neku: (Funny you mention that after LOSING.)

Beat: Well, I gotta bounce. See ya at the slam-off, man.

Neku: Yup. (I hope so. If I face him, I'm bound to win.)

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Mina: Tin Pin? Hmm, I'm not very good.

Neku: That's OK.

Mina: There's a slam-off at Molco today. You'll probably find a beter 

Neku: I can go after I play you.

Mina: Heh, all right. You're on!

        > [Lose]
        > Mina: No way... I won!?
        > Neku: (Dang it...)
        > Mina: You think I could win the slam-off?
        > Neku: Hey, enter and see. (... But I'm gonna have to crush you.)
        > Mina: Ooh! Look at the time! I'd better go sign up!

Mina: See? I told you.

Neku: Naw, you did great. 

Mina: Really? Thanks! So you're playing in the slam-off? Good luck. I hope 

Neku: I'll win.

Mina: Ooh! Look at the time! You'd better get going. 

[Topsy Tose Hall]
<Business Guy>

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Business Guy: Tin Pin? Why not sign up for the slam-off at Molco?

Neku: I am. I just wanted to warm up first.

Business Guy: Oh, good for you! Actually, I'm the event's sponsor.

Neku: Oh, cool!

Business Guy: You should hurry along, though. You don't want to miss

Neku: Hey, that's right! (I'd better get over to Molco.)

[Shibu-Q Heads]
<Eiji Oji, aka the Prince>

Neku: Excuse me--

Prince: My autograph? Sure. 

Neku: Whoa, wha-- Why are you writing on my clothes!?

Prince: Huh?

Neku: This is permanent marker! It won't wash out!

Prince: You wanted my autograph...

Neku: No! No, I didn't. Why would I? You're a total stranger!

Prince: Don't you know who I am?

Neku: (Like I care.)

Prince: My name is Eiji Oji, but some call me... the Prince? TV personality?
        Internet darling? Superstud?

Neku: (Weirdo? Egomaniac? Vandal?)

Prince: I can't believe you've never heard of me. Don't you follow the 

Neku: Wh-who cares!? My parents say TV warps the mind.

Prince: Oh, you poor thing. You're like a bird in a cage. However do you 

Neku: That's easy. Tin Pin Slammer! 

Prince: Oh... Now you're talking! I've been playing up a storm. Care to take 

Neku: I thought you'd never ask.

        > [Lose]
        > Prince: I win.
        > Neku: He's good. Insanely good.
        > Prince: I suppose luck might have been a factor. Don't let it get 
        >         down.
        > Neku: I'm not down! 
        > Prince: Hey, why don't we take a picture? I'll post it to my blog
        > Neku: (Nooo thank you. You want everybody to know I lost?)
        > Prince: Come on, don't be shy. I'll put a bar over your eyes. No 
        >         will recognize you!
        > Neku: Sorry, but no!
        > Prince: Look at him run. So bashful!

Prince: Well, well. Not too shabby.

Neku: Well, duh. I live for this game.

Prince: Oh ho! Edgy! I like it.

Neku: I'm not edgy...

Prince: Hey! Why don't we take a pciture? I'll post it to my blog.

Neku: (Nooo thank you.)

Prince: Come on, don't be shy. I'll put a bar over your eyes. No one will
        recognize you!

Neku: Sorry, but no!

Prince: Look at him run. So bashful!

[Udagawa Back Streets]

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in--

Joshua: Say, did you know? We all perceive the world around us differently,
        filtered through the lens of our desired reality.

Neku: Huh!? (Is this kid high?)

Joshua: So if you're wondering why a certain young lady still looks like
        somebody else... it's because you refuse to perceive her as she 

Neku: Young lady?

Joshua: The only thing stopping you from seeing what she really looks like...
        is you. So you see, it's your fault.

Neku: I need to look harder?

Joshua: That's right. Let go of your preconceptions.

Neku: Um... you know... I was just gonna ask if you wanted to play Tin Pin,
      but, um--

Joshua: Hmm? Tin Pin? We already played.

Neku: What? We did not!

Joshua: Weren't you listening? Like I said, you only see what you want to 
        You didn't want to see yourself lose.

Neku: (How come I always pick the crazies to talk to...)

Joshua: When you're drowning in a sea of work with not enough time, why pour
        your soul into assets that get used all of... what, once? Really. 
        some compassion. Ta-ta.

Neku: Whew... (What was that all about? Kid plays too many video games.)

[Spain Hill]

Neku: Hey, wanna play me in Tin Pin?

Nao: Tin Pin? But, like, I need to go to Molco.

Neku: You're entering the slam-off?

Nao: Like, yeah? The Prince is gonna be there to present the grand prize? His
     prince will be ALL OVER IT!!!]

Neku: (The Prince's prints? Hmm... She means business. But is she good?) Hey,
      how 'bout we play a match to warm up?

Nao: Like, sure? But just one.

        > [Lose]
        > Nao: Super yay! I won!
        > Neku: (Not good...)
        > Nao: Now I, like, know I can win?
        > Neku: (Over my dead body.)
        > Nao: So, like, thanks? See you at Molco.
        > Neku: (Hmph. Next time you're goin' down.)

Nao: Ohh! I lost. You're, like, good at it?

Neku: I'm OK, I guess.

Nao: That was really good practice! Now I, like, really think I can win?

Neku: (Hmm... She's a tough nut to crack.)

Nao: So, like, thanks? See you at Molco.

        Extra (optional) script) [AD04]
            After going to Molco for the SLam-off
[104 Building]
Nao: Heeey, it's Shiki! You gonna, like, have the stuff ready? Only seven 
     till the Prince's Birthday Bash!

Shiki: I'm on it! Once he sees what we're all wearing, the Prince is going to
       be all over us White Angels! 

Neku: ("Stuff"? What the heck are they planning?)

Joshua: Say, Green. What are you making? 

Shiki: T-Shirts with letters stitched onto them. We're gonna, like, wear 'em 
       the front row? They spell out a message.

Neku: Dare I ask what?

Nao: Super Princely Birthday Love Magic? He's gonna, like, totally love it?

Neku: ......

Shiki: I hear he's really into Tin Pin these days.

Nao: Yeah, I read! So I, like, took it up, too?

Shiki: Hey, why don't we play? 

Nao: Like, sure?

        > [Lose]
        > Nao: Wow, I, like, totally won? 
        > Neku: Rrgh... 
        > Neo: I'll play you anytime you want? Just, like, let me know? 
        > [Rematch]
        > Nao: Wanna, like, play again?
        > Neku: Like, yeah? But this time I wanna win?
        > Nao: Ha ha, we'll see about that.

Shiki: Go, Black 'n' BLue! You're a genius!

Neku: (... Please stop with the codenames.)

Nao: Well, here's my pin. I'm so, like, jealous, Shiki? You've got your 
     fan gang, and now your Tin Pin gang...

Shiki: Oh, this? This kind of just happened...

Shooter: What are you saying, Green!? We kindred Spirits are bound by FATE! 
        meeting was foretold by the prophecies!

Neku: (Not only did he name us after crayons-- apparently he's been EATING
      them, too.)

Shiki: Don't worry about the shirts, Nao-Nao. They'll be ready.

Nao: Awesome!

[Entering Pork City]

Neku: (Pork City...)

Beat: Yo, wassup?

Neku: Oh, I was just thinking about going in here.

Beat: What? We busy, man! Go on your own time, yo.

Neku: ......

<The Prince>

Shooter: WHOA! It's Eiji Oji! The PRINCE!

Prince: In the flesh! Care for an autograph?

Shiki: Aaaaaah! It's the P-P-P- Puh Puh Puh Puh Puh Puh Puhhhhhh... 
       Omi- omi- omi- oho ho ho ho ohh! emm! gee!

Joshua: I think Green's having a stroke.

Prince: Hey, you three were finalists at the slam-off. Do you usually all 
        out like this?

Shooter: WOW! You know about us?

Prince: Tin Pin's my latest little addiction. I know everything there is to
        know about it. Say, why don't we play a round?

Shooter: Go for it, Green! You're a Prince fan, right?

Shiki: WHAT!? No way! nowaynowaynowaynowaynowaynoway!

Joshua: There she goes again. You'd think she'd be dying for quality time 
        her idol.

Shiki: It's too embarrassing!

Shooter: As opposed to wearing weird T-shirts at some party?

Shiki: HEY! We're going to look awesome!

Neku: (Whoops, now she's mad.)

Shiki: B-b-but yeah! I totally can't play the Prince! B-B-B-Blue! You do it!

Neku: ... Fine. 

Shiki: And don't you dare beat him.

Neku: (Whose side is she on?)

        > [Lose]
        > Prince: Looks like someone still has a few things to learn.
        > Neku: Rrgh... 
        > Prince: I'm always happy to teach.
        > [Rematch]
        > Prince: Another round of Tin Pin?
        > Neku: Better believe it.
        > Prince: All right, then. Whenever you're ready.

Prince: Dethroned! How... unfortunate. But I'd expect no less from a 
        Here, a gem from my pin treasury.

Shiki: I do not BELIEVE you, Black 'n' Blue! I TOLD you not to win!

Neku: ... Help!

Shiki: Y-Your Highness! I'm so sorry my brain-dead friend has no manners! 
       personally see that he's flogged later!

Prince: Don't be silly. I had fun. Let's play again soon.

Shiki: Y-yes, sir! If he pleases you, sir, he's yours to play with anytime!!!

Neku: (... I'm what?)

Shiki: Wow... He's gorgeous.

Neku: (... I'm WHAT?)

[Concert Stage]
<Pin Prof>
What you see above is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons or
organisations is purely coincidental.

Prof: Howdy, Neku.

Neku: Oh, hey, Pin Prof.

Shooter: Pin Prof!? Is he friends with Dr. Pin!?

Neku: I just call him that because he knows all about pins. He's not like 
      delusional mugger friend.

Shooter: Wow, you know all about pins?

Prof: A bit. See, first of all: you say pins? I say sharp design. All those
      tiny little graphics, framed in tiny little circles... There's a whole
      little world in there, and that's not even mentioning the symbolism! If
      you go back and look at the design process, you'll find a whole 
      trove of--

Neku: (NO! Stupid kid got him started! Now he won't shut up for at least 
      days!) H-hey, Prof! Show us your latest fave!

Shooter: Yeah, I'd love to see your best pin, Prof! 

Prof: Sure, guys. Hey, if you can beat me, Neku, I'll give you one. It's

Neku: Seriously!?

Shooter: You better win, Blue!

        > [Lose]
        > Prof: Ha ha! Tough luck, kiddo.
        > Neku: Drrgh.
        > Prof: Come on back after you up your game, Neku. I'll be here.
        > [Rematch]
        > Prof: You here to play, Neku? 
        > Neku: Yes, sir!
        > Prof: All righty! Let's get to it.

What you see above is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons or
organisations is purely coincidental.

Shooter: Yeah! You won!

Prof: Almost had you. Well, here you go, guys. 

Shooter: This is your top pin, Prof? I can see why! It's sparkling! 
Prof: I talk to 'em as I polish 'em every day. Pins are a guy's best friend.
      Gotta give 'em love, right? 

Shooter: Wow, Pin Prof! Such WISDOM!

Neku: (That's... That's actually kind of creepy.)

Shooter: I'll start talking to mind, too! Thanks for the hot tip!

Prof: Oh, and when you go to polish your pins... be careful what sort of 
      you use, OK? There's a world of nuance to polishing cloths... Some you
      really have to watch out for. I mean, there are rags, and there are
      CLOTHS. You want something that'll clear off grit without altering your
      pin's color. But don't rub too hard, or too fast. You'll scratch up 
      pin. I mean, you say pin grime, I say what kind? Black spot on a silver
      pin? Color-safe cloth. Green pins yellowing? Moisture/acid-free cloth.
      Got pins that don't see much use? Careful where and how you store 'em.
      Keep 'em well-covered and away from moisture. Then you've got your
      regular maintenance-- For tough stains, try a bit of toothpaste. Ahhh,
      toothpaste. A whole world of--

Neku: (NOOO! He's winding up! We're looking at five straight days!) Sorry,
      Prof! Real busy! Gotta bounce!

[Shibukyu Main Store]

Mina: Hiya, Shiki. You're going to the Prince's Birthday Bash, right? 

Shiki: Do you need to ask? It's, like, the most important day of the year. 
       fan could miss it? 

Mina: Great, that makes all of the White Angels!

Neku: White Angels?

Joshua: One of the Prince's fan gangs. They're at war.

Neku: (A fan gang war?)

Mina: Those Black Diablo posers are showing up, too. We've gotta be ready! 

Neku: (Angels and Diablos? That seems... kinda off.) ... Yeah, that's all
      great. Now will you play Tin Pin?

Mina: Oh, sorry! I was off in Prince Land.

Neku: (... Right.)

Shiki: Good luck, Blue!

        > [Lose]
        > Mina: Woo! I won! 
        > Neku: Rrgh...
        > Mina: We should do that again!
        > [Rematch]
        > Mina: Want to play some Tin Pin?
        > Neku: Yeah... This time I'm serious!
        > Mina: Heh heh, bring it!

Shiki: Yay! 

Mina: Aww... Here, this is yours.

Shooter: THANKS! We'll put your White Angel soul to good use!

Mina: Heh heh. See you at the Bash.

Shiki: Yup yup!

Mina: Have fun slamming and all, but don't forget to be ready for those

[Statue of Hachiko]

Ai: Oh, hey, Beat.

Beat: Yo, Ai! 

Shiki: Is this your girlfriend, Yellow?

Beat: Naw, she lives in my 'hood. We've been friends since forever.

Shiki: Aww, that's sweet.

Ai: Beat always shows me his material.

Neku: (Material? What, does his family sell fabric?)

Ai: Oh, that reminds me! Do that one from before again! 

Beat: Bwaaah! ... Shh! That one's still a secret!

Ai: HA HA HA! Your face is hilarious.

Shiki: Yellow, you look like you jumped out of a comic book!

Beat: Shut it, Green! 

Ai: His comedy routine is the bomb.

Neku: (Ohh. ... He does stand-up?)

Beat: A-anyway! C'mon, le's get some Tin Pin up in here. You game, Ai?

Ai: Sure! I had most of my pins ganked at the slam-off, but I have enough 
    to beat you!

        > [Lose]
        > Ai: Yaaay! You lose. 
        > Beat: Hey!
        > Ai: Ha ha, let's go again.
        > [Rematch]
        > Ai: Want to go again?
        > Beat: You gotta ask?
        > Ai: Ha ha, OK. Here we go!

Beat: Yeah! 

Ai: Boo! Fine, take this.

Beat: Thanks, Ai!

Shooter: Don't worry! We'll get the rest of you
r pins back for you!

Ai: If you say so... Sounds like you're on a mission. Good luck. 

Shooter: Leave it to us! 

Ai: You too, Beat. With Tin Pin... and with your act.

Beat: Bwaaah! ... Shh! That's a SECRET! 

Ai: HA HA HA! That face never gets old.

[West Exit Bus Terminal]
<Futoshi aka the Techie>
Tech: 'Sup, Beat?

Beat: Na' much, man.

Shiki: Hey, Futoshi. How's work at A-East?

Beat: You know the F-Bomb too, Green?

Shiki: F-Bomb? Ha ha, sort of. I'm at A-East, like, every week to see the
       Prince. I see Futoshi there a lot.

Beat: Oh, so you're there to watch.

Joshua: As opposed to what, Yellow?

Tech: Beat here opens with a stand-up act.

Beat: Bwaaah! I said to tell NO ONE!

Shooter: Why hide it? You should be advertising! 

Beat: Step off my grill, Red! 'Sides... We done. 

Tech: What, you two broke it off?

Beat: She didn't gimme no choice, yo.

Shiki: You don't have to tell us you don't want, but...

Joshua: ...... Let's play a little game. Blue here plays your F-Bomb. If he
        wins, you spill the beans. 

Tech: You down with that, Beat?

Beat: Bwaaah! How is THAT fair? 

Shooter(?): HA HA HA! You look like a comic book, Yellow! 

Neku: Sounds like I can't afford to lose this fight.

Tech: Whatever, kid. But just so you know... I can control two pins at the 

Neku: No way!

Tech: Way.

        > [Lose]
        > Tech: Wah waaah! My win.
        > Neku: Rrgh... 
        > Tech: I'll take you on anytime, kid. I'm not busy.
        > [Rematch]
        > Tech: Mmm? Tin Pin again?
        > Neku: C'mon, let's do this.
        > Tech: Sigh... Yeah. OK.

Neku: Done!

Shooter: OK, Yellow! Go on, get it out of your system!

Beat: ...... Me 'n Rhyme... My sister, yeah? We were doin' the comedy bit. 

Shiki: That's cute! I love stand-up. Tell us one of your jokes!

Beat: ... I got fired. She fired me.

Shiki: Ouch... 

Shooter: Aww, don't let it get to you. Show a little spirit! A little Kindred
         Spirit! Live for the Tin Pin!

Beat: I just might do that, yo! I have more fun slammin' anyway.

[Station Underpass]
[Entering Shibuya River]

Neku: This is...

Joshua: The Shibuya River. It stretches 2.6 km between the Miyamasu and
        Tengenji Bridges, but really, at this point, it's a river in name
        alone. It has no real source, and it's awfully shallow. It's been
        converted to a drainway now. A sewer.

Shiki: What!? A sewer?

Beat: An' you finna go in there?

Neku: There could be something inside.

Shiki: Sorry, but I'll pass. These boots were so not made for sewer-walking.

Beat: Yeah, this ain't my style either, yo.

Neku: I guess that's understandable. All right, I'll go check it out.

Joshua: Whoa there, Black 'n' Blue. I'm going with. 

Neku: You? You seem the LAST person who'd want to go in there. 

Joshua: I could never live with myself if I let you go alone. Let's spend 
        quality time. 

Beat: Whoa ho ho! You guys are... Like, you ain't...

Shiki: Blue and Pink!? Sure, they go.. but I didn't know they went LIKE THAT!

Neku: Now look what you've done!

Joshua: Hee hee... Shut up and walk, dear.

Shiki: ... I'm going, too. If something happens, I want to see... I mean stop

Beat: Whatever, I'll go, too.

Neku: (Sigh...)


Shiki: What... what IS this place?

Beat: Uh... it's a river.

Joshua: Like a channel dividing this world from the next...

Neku: The Styx of Shibuya? 

Shiki: Hey, c'mon. Don't make this creepier than it has to be.

Joshua: It's a common misconception that Charon ferried the dead across the
        Styx. That was actually the river Acheron. The Styx circled Hades, 
        realm of the dead, nine times, forming the boundary between Earth and
        the Underworld. Fascinating stuff. 

Neku: Thrilling.

Shiki: But, like... this ins't really the Styx, is it? 

Neku: Does this look like Greece to you? Just ignore him. 

[Dead God's Pad]

Beat: The hell is this place!?

Shiki: No joke! It's like Chez Sewer's Bar and Lounge down here!

Neku: Seriously...

Joshua: ......

[The Vice-Wizard of Slam (VW)]
What you see above is fictional. Any resemblance to real persons or
organisations is purely coincidental.

Shooter: Hey, bro! Let's play some Tin Pin!

VW: Sure, all right.

Joshua: Wait... 
You're one of the Tin Pin's creators. The Wizard?

VW: Close! But actually I'm second in line: The Vice Wizard of Slam.

Shooter: WHOA! So do you have secret tips for winning at Tin Pin?

VW: A couple, yeah.

Shooter: WHOA! Teach me? Woo! I'm totally gonna level up!

VW: That's if you win.

Shooter: Awright, you're ON!

VW: Just so you know, I'm wicked tough. I can control three pins at once. 

Shooter: Wha--

VW: Ready GO!

        > [Lose]
        > VW: Ooh, too bad! 
        > Shooter: He's good... Too good! 
        > VW: I'm sure you'll get me next time. Come back whenever you want 
        >     play.
        > [Rematch]
        > VW: More Tin Pin?
        > Shooter: Yes, please! Gimme gimme!
        > VW: Heh heh, sure. Grab your pins! 

Shooter: Yeah! I win!

VW: Augh... I blew it. One more time! 

Shooter: Wait, where's my secret tip? 

VW: Oh, my bad. Right. It's all about concentration. You've gotta focus every
    fiber of your body on your opponents' position.

Shooter: OK! 

VW: Then, picture yourself winning in your mind.

Shooter: Right!

VW: Then you'll always win! 

Shooter: Um... A little more specific? 

VW: It's also important to have a victory pose decided on before you play.

Shooter: Oh, c'mon. That advice stinks!

VW: Hey, don't bite the hand that feeds you, kid.

Shooter: Right, SORRY! Umm... I'll work on focusing and imagining!

Neku: (Poor kid can't see he's being messed with.)

[Trail of the Judged]

Neku: Whoa... This graffiti is--

Joshua: CAT's work.

Neku: It looks like the wall tag in Udagawa... (Then wait, was that last
      room... Was that his place?)

Shiki: You all right, Black 'n' Blue? C'mon.

Neku: OK... 

[Room of Reckoning]

Neku: This place is huge!

Shiki: I never knew Shibuya had a basement

Joshua: This is the Room of Reckoning. That throne seats the one who rules
        Shibuya. The very fabric of Shibuya is woven within these walls. 

Neku: What? 

Joshua: Say, Neku... What would you do if I asked you to play a game with me
        where the winner took Shibuya? 

Neku: I'd think you were crazy!

Shiki: Hey! There's somebody in here!

Neku: What!?

Joshua: Hello there, Neku.

Neku: Wh-wh-what the heck!? 

Joshua: I suppose I should say, nice to meet you... in this world.

Shiki: Pink has a t-twin!?

Beat: OK, yo, this ain't funny! Who led us into the hall a' mirrors!?

Joshua: I come from a world parallel to this one. Existence branched and our
        worlds took different paths. I just crossed over... and boy, are my
        arms tired.

Neku: A parallel world? 

Joshua: I ran into a spot of trouble there. Nothing major. Heh, about one
        yoctogram... This world seems refreshingly cozy. Very peaceful.

Beat: No wonder they keep this kid locked in the basement! 

Joshua: So your world isn't peaceful?

Joshua: At the moment? Not exactly. But I assume Neku is holding down the 

Neku: Me?

Joshua: The other Neku. From my world. Anyway, I'm expecting my ride home... 
        he ever decides to show up.

Neku: Your ride? 

Joshua: Say! Let's play a game to kill some time. I always wanted to duke it
        out with you, Neku.

Neku: Duke it out? 

Joshua: Yes, but my Neku is busy with the Game. Can't really bother him.

Neku: Wait, hold up. Why should I fight you? 

Joshua: I told you. I'm just looking to kill some time. But let's see... If 
        can beat me, I'll give you something fun. How about that? 

Neku: Well... Yeah, I guess. 

Joshua: Hee hee... Just tell me when you're ready. And be ready. I dont' 

Joshua: Ready?

        > [> Hang on just a sec]
        > Joshua: Hee hee... Whenever you're ready, Neku.

> All set!

Joshua: Then let's begin.

[Defeat Joshua's 11 chain boss fight]

Neku: Hah!

Joshua: Nice work, Neku. I knew I was right to pick you. ... Not that you're
        the Neku I picked. Well, that was a fun few mintues, hmm? Here's your
        reward. Just let me know if you want to go again. I may be stuck here
        for a little while longer.

Joshua: Hello again. Here to pass the time?

> All set!

[Defeat Joshua's 11 chain boss fight]

Joshua: Fabulous, Neku. You won again. Hee hee... You sure know how to show 
        a good time.

[Center St. Entrance]

Yammer: Hi, Shooter.

Shooter: Hey there, Yammer!

Neku: Yammer? Someone actually named their kid "Yammer"?

Shooter: Yeah, he's my BFF! He's the one who told me about Tin Pin! He knows
         all about it!

Yammer: Yeah, but all that knowledge doesn't help me actually win. Shooter's
        the opposite. He never has to worry about too much thinking getting 
        his way.

Shooter: Nice back-handed compliment, dude!

Yammer: Well, anyway, Shooter's good under pressure. If there was to get an
        average of the two of us, you'd have the perfect slammer.

Neku: (Or at least one freaky Tin Pin love-child...)

Shooter: C'mon, Yammer! Let's play! We need to gather up pins!

Yammer: I understand. I'm a victim, too. So I'll help... by destroying you 
        this re-re-re-tooled Yammer special! 

        > [Lose]
        > Yammer: Hah! I'm telling you, my pins pwn!
        > Shooter: MAN, I can't believe I lost to Yammer...
        > Yammer: I'll play you again anytime you want. I'll be here
        >         re-re-re-tooling them till then.
        > [Rematch]
        > Yammer: Ready to play a round?
        > Shooter:  Yeah!
        > Yammer: Heh. All right, then... Taste my re-re-re-tooled Yammer
        >         special!

Yammer: Fast as ever, Shooter... This is the only pin I've got. ...... 
        it with your life. 

Shooter: Thanks, Yammer! I'll take real good care of it!

Yammer: Oh! And some of the mods on it are really expensive, so be careful 

Shooter: OK! Will do!

Yammer: Oh! And if you lose to somebody, give them a different pin! Don't 
        mine away. For real. ... Ever!

Shooter: OK! Will do!

Yammer: Oh! And--

Neku: (I almost feel bad taking the kid's pin. Almost.)


Beat: Aw, no! Mrs. K!?

Konishi: Beat? My goodness. I trust my seeing you loitering about here means
         that you're done with all of your homework? ... Honestly. I thought
         pairing up with Rhyme would ground you a little.

Beat: It's my life. Who needs her!? As... as long as I got me Tin Pin an'

Joshua: Ugh. Who does Yellow think he's fooling? He's practically dripping

Beat: ......

Konishi: Listen carefully, Beat. We're going to play Tin Pin now. If I win...
         you have to get back together with Rhyme.

Beat: What!? How's that work out? 

Konishi: Come to me, Beat.

Beat: Rrgh... Aight. You leave me no choice... but to pit you against Blue
      here! ... Who is gonna beat you, or else I'ma kill him!

Neku: What!? Hey, don't drag me into this! (... Why do I bother resisting?)

Konishi: Hee hee... I don't care who plays me. Every little lamb is equal in
         slaughter. Prepare for the Mrs. K special: Divide and Conquer!

        > [Lose]
        > Konishi: My tactics are never wrong.
        > Neku: Rrgh...
        > Konishi: Frustrated? Then come back for another schooling.
        > [Rematch]
        > Konishi: Hmm? You wish to know defeat again? 
        > Neku: Yeah! ... I mean, no! Look, just play!
        > Konishi: Very well. Let's begin the lesson.

Neku: Oh... Whoops. I won.

Beat: You da man, B 'n' B!

Konishi: Yes, yes. Here's a pin for you. Oh, and Beat? Do be sure to patch
         things up with Rhyme.

Beat: I won, Mrs. K. I'ma live how I like.

Neku: Maybe I shoulda lost...

Joshua: Don't be silly, Black 'n' Blue. You merely played your part. What
        happens beyond that isn't your fault. Let the curry-head stew over 
        own problems.

Neku: Yeah, but... (Stop calling me Black 'n' Blue. Seriously.)

[Tipsy Tose Hall]
<Business guy>

Business guy: Hoo, boy...

Joshua: Mr. President! Awful shame about the slam-off.

Business guy: You call that a shame? Try a catastrophe.

Joshua: Any ideas about who's behind it?

Business guy: Not a clue. They used a fake company name.

Neku: But the commentator- they said he was deputy editor at PW, right?

Business guy: Another lie. How about you, Joshua? Any ideas? Could you ask 
              of your people what they know?

Neku: (He has people? Evil, talking bats I'd believe... but people?)

Joshua: I'll see what I can see.

Shooter: Hey, mister, let's SLAM!

Boss: Well... all right. Just be ready. This prez has got skillz!

        > [Lose]
        > Business guy: Ha ha, try again in a few decades. Age is a fine
        >               teacher, kiddo.
        > Shooter: Rrgh... He's good.
        > Business Guy: Wanna go another round? I could use the distraction.
        > [Rematch]
        > Business Guy: Hmm? Tin Pin?
        > Shooter: I feel a win coming on!
        > Business Guy: Ha ha! We'll see about that, kiddo.

Business Guy: Excellent technique... Here, take this.

Shooter: Woohoo!

Business Guy: You kids have got moxie. It does my heart good to see young 
              into Tin Pin.

Joshua: You mean it does your wallet good.

Business Guy: Can't it be both? Anyhow, I should move along.

Neku: (OK, so this kid's not just some lunatic. He's a sharp, well-connected

[Shibu-Q Heads]
Sota: Hey, tiger! Whoa, that mane is completely out of control.

Neku: It does kinda get in my eyes. I could use a cut.

Shooter: Friend of yours, Blue? 

Neku: Hey's my stylist.

Sota: Been whackin' this boy's hair fo ages now, ever since he was a little

Shooter: Nice! What was Blue like as a kid? 

Sota: Neku? He'd come in with clippings and say, "Do me like"--

Neku: OK! Enough with the talking!

Joshua: Hee hee... "Do me like this!" You were that guy.

Sota: And get this! The clippings were from--

Neku: MORE than enough with the talking!

Shooter: Hey, Blue! If you lose this round of Tin Pin, you've gotta tell us! 

Sota: Ooh, Tin Pin? That sounds like a fair deal.

Neku: Don't I get a veto?

        > [Lose]
        > Sota: Well, I'll be! I won!
        > Neku: Rrgh... 
        > Sota: That was fun. Let's play again!
        > [Rematch]
        > Sota: Up for some Tin Pin, tiger?
        > Neku: If it'll keep your mouth shut!
        > Sota: Then let's get slammin'!


Sota: Just wait till I get my scissors at you, champ.

Shooter: Aww, no fun! I wanted to hear Blue's big secret!

Shiki: Yeah, what's so embarrassing about bringing in clippings? I'll grab 
       of models with hair I like, too. Why the big secret?

Joshua: See, but you're clipping from fashion mags, not comic books.

Neku: Hey!!! How did you...

Joshua: No way. You seriously brought in comics? Hee hee.

Neku: (Stupid, Neku, stupid!)

Shooter: So you're really a big geek, Blue?

Neku: Look, are we done here!? Let's just move on, OK!?

[Udagawa Back Streets]
Megumi: Ahh, Joshua. A shame we couldn't cross pins at the slam-off. I was
        looking forward to it.

Neku: Who's this guy?

Joshua: He's the mayor.

Neku: Of Shibuya!? (How far up do this kid's connections go?)

Joshua: So, now that Tin Pin has a criminal element, will the city step in 
        shut it down?

Megumi: Over my cold, dead body. Tin Pin is still full of so many

Joshua: Hee hee... You're quite taken with it. I thought you considered it
        "the idle wasting of children."

Megumi: I did, once. But prejudice is an ugly thing. I should have given it a
        try first. Tin Pin's simplicity reflects society so clearly-- and 
        depth, humanity.

Shooter: That's great! Let's play now!

Megumi: Very well. If that is what you choose... my two-headed serpent slam

        > [Lose]
        > Megumi: Heh. You simply aren't ready.
        > Shooter: He's... he's not HUMAN!
        > Megumi: Return when you have what it takes.
        > [Rematch]
        > Megumi: Tin Pin again, is it?
        > Shooter: We play until I win!
        > Megumi: Or until I die of old age. Whichever comes first.

Shooter: Yes! I won!

Megumi: Wonderful... I see now why he picked you... Unnngh... I concede 
        Take this pin.

Shooter: Thanks, I will! YOINK!

Joshua: We're looking for the ones who took all the pins. Do you know 

Megumi: Alas, I do not. Though that large man seemed somehow familiar...

Joshua: ...... Thanks, we'll take it from here.

Neku: (Large man? Oh. Right. How could I forget the "booth babe"?)

Joshua: Well, well. Look who it is. Big surprise at the slam-off, hmm?

Makoto: Oh! Joshua! You topped the reader response survey again last week!

Shooter: Friend of yours, Pink?

Joshua: Indeed. I owe a lot to this gentleman.

Makoto: Nonsense. We at PW owe you far more! Joshua here writes a column for 

Neku: A column? About what?

Joshua: Hee hee. About things beyond your wildest fantasies.

Neku: Huh!? (What the hell does THAT mean?)

Shooter: Hey, mister! Play us at Tin Pin!

Makoto: Sorry, guys. I've got a prep meeting at the magazine. ... Oh, twist 
        arm. One match! 

Joshua: Beautiful. If we win, you extend my deadline.

Makoto: Wait, what? Oh, man, I hope I win this!

        > [Lose]
        > Makoto: Woo! I win! 
        > Neku: Rrgh... 
        > Makoto: Boy, I love Tin Pin. I can never play just one round.
        > [Rematch]
        > Makoto: Up for a quick game of Tin Pin?
        > Neku: I'm up for a quick win!
        > Makoto: Ha ha, we'll see about that.

Makoto: Sigh... Lost again. You're good! Joshua sure knows how to pick 'em. 
        me give you this.

Joshua: Thanks for that extension.

Makoto: No! You can't... I can't...

Shooter: So this deadline-- what's it for?

Makoto: His column, of course. He's the middle-school columnist for "Pinhead
        Weekly." He writes the "Pinside Edition" segment.

Shooter: WHOA! That's my favorite part of PW!

Shiki: Yeah! I picked up an issue-- mainly 'cause the Prince was on the 
       but the columns got me hooked! I buy it every week now.

Beat: It's the only thing I read, yo.

Neku: Wow, you guys. I always scrap it. (... In an acid-proof scrapbook

Joshua: What a shame. I'm sure you'd love it.

Neku: (I'll die before I talk.)

Shooter: So... if he doesn't make his deadline, 

Makoto: He doesn't make the magazine.

Shooter: WHAT!? I can't let that happen! 

Shiki: Seriously! Your publisher friend's practically in tears.

Beat: Dontchu make me pound it outta ya, Pink.

Neku: Just write the stupid column.

Makoto: Wow, guys... You really care about Pinhead Weekly. I... I'm gonna 
        to make it even better! I'll prove PW stands by its readers! 

Joshua: Ugh, fine. I'll have it to you on time. You have my word as a
        humanitarian. I couldn't disappoint my public.

[Cat Street, WildKat]
<Mr. H>
Shooter: Hey, mister! Let's play Tin Pin!

Mr. H: Energetic little thing, ain't ya? I'd love to play, kid... but I'm
       lookin' for something.

Neku: Like what, Mr. H? I could help you look.

Joshua: Hmm? A friend of yours? It's odd to see you so cooperative, Bruise.

Neku: ("Bruise"? I see we're jumping right to the point.) Mr. Hanekoma's the
      only person I respect.

Joshua: How charming.

Shooter: So? What are you looking for? 

Mr. H: Some reports I've written.

Neku: Reports?

Mr. H: Just some passing thoughts. Tying up loose ends, that sorta thing. I
       can't for the life of me remember where I put 'em.

Neku: But they're important?

Mr. H: Definitely. Ugh, this is a fine mess.

Neku: If we see them anywhere, we'll grab them.

Mr. H: Thanks, Neku. Just swear you'll never, ever read them. Ever. Forever.

Neku: Uhh... Sure. (OK... What the heck did he write in them?)

[After Rhyme joins the party]

[Towa records]

777: Hey, it's Beat 'n' Rhyme!

Beat: 'Sup, Sevens.

Shiki: Omigosh! You're 777! I'm such a huge fan!

777: Really? Domo arigato, babe.

Neku: I thought she was a Prince fan.

Joshua: Hmm? What's that, Black 'n' Blue? You say you're JEALOUS?

Neku: Wha- NO! And I thought SHE was Black now!

777: You two got any hot new jokes?

Rhyme: We're kind of on a break right now. Thought we might give Tin Pin a 
       Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

777: That's kind of a shame. I loved seeing you make Beat pull that face.

Beat: Yo, right? I'm a genius.

Rhyme: Or just dim.

Beat: R-Rhyme...

Neku: (Wow, she really cut him down. Wonder what happened...)

Shiki: Umm... Hey! Why don't we play a round of Tin Pin?

Shooter: YEAH! We're gathering pins! Because we're the Kindred Spirits!

777: That's... I don't get it. But all right. I'll play ya. Let's light it
     up... just you and me.

BJ: And us.

Tenho: Def Märch forëver, baby.

        > [Lose]
        > 777: Heh. Sorry, kid.
        > Shooter: Agh...
        > 777: I'll let ya try again, though. Any time ya feel up to it.
        > [Rematch]
        > 777: You up for Tin Pin?
        > Shooter: Better believe I am!
        > 777: Oh, I believe it. Let's go.

Shooter: I won!

777: You're pretty good, kid. Here ya go. And you two? Whatever your deal is, 
     hope to see you back on stage soon.

Beat: ......

        Other Scripts [OS00]

        Running Away [OSRA]

[Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (phone battery is 3)]
Shiki: Whew... We got away. That was pretty close, huh? If things look grim, 
       should run.

[Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (phone battery is 2)]
Shiki: Hey, um... Aren't we, you know... running a LOT lately? I mean, 
       beats losing, but if we keep doing it we'll never get strong enough to
       face tougher Noise.

Neku: ......

Shiki: Let's stand our ground when we can, OK?

Neku: ...... Fine.

Your sync rate just dropped a little.

[Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 (phone battery is 1)]
Shiki: Neku! Stop running all the time!

Neku: What's wrong with running?

Shiki: You're holding us back! What happens if we get a mission where we have
       to take on really powerful Noise? No. More. Running! I forbid it!

Neku: ......

Shiki: ...You hear me? Ugh! You are such a chicken. Buck buck buck buck buck
       buh-KAWWWK! Unbelievable!

[Day 6 (regardless of phone battery)]
Shiki: ...... ...... ......

Neku: (This is awkward...)

[phone battery is 3]
Joshua: Oh, we're running? You didn't seem the type.

Neku: ......

Joshua: Well, I suppose it's inevitable... sometimes. Hee hee...

Neku: (I suppose you're an ass. All the time.)

[phone battery is 2]
Joshua: Oh, Neku? We seem to be running away an awful lot.

Neku: Are not.

Joshua: Wait-- don't tell me you're struggling with combat! In your second
        Game? Honestly, Neku, it's a wonder you survived.

Neku: ......

Joshua: I know how capable you are, so I won't say another word. Hee hee...

Neku: (Rrgh! Must...not... strangle!)

[phone battery is 1]
Joshua: ......

Neku: What?

Joshua: ......

Neku: ...WHAT? Just say it!

Joshua: ...... ...... ...... Well, you're awfully...

Neku: What?

Joshua: ...... ...... Hmm.

Neku: (You know what? Bite me!)

[phone battery is 3]
Beat: Yo, whatchu runnin' for, man?

Neku: Why waste energy?

Beat: Hmph. Aight then. But next time we stay an' fight.

[phone battery is 2]
Beat: Yo, yo, what the hell!? Why you keep runnin'?

Neku: Strategy. That's what you call a tactical retreat.

Beat: Oh yeah? Well... He who stays an' fights away lives today another 

Neku: ...... Um. No... I don't think that's how it goes.

Beat: Whatever! As long as we on the offense! We gotta conquer us... some...
      some victories. Look... I flunked outta Japanese, aight?

[phone battery is 1]
Beat: Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo! NO! Men don't run! Men fight! Where your
      stones, man?

Neku: I told you, I'm being strategic.

Beat: You'll never survive like that, yo!

Neku: ...... I'm sorry-- that sounded like worry.

Beat: Wha-- N...no! I don't care 'bout you! Hells no!

Neku: ...... (Good.)

        Extra Script - Week 1, Day 3
[enter Cosmic Corner]
Neku: Talk about your sketchy stores...

Seller: Hey, kids? Um... Look around if you want, but... I ain't sellin'.

Neku: Huh?
Seller: The stuff in the case? It's special to me. So, like, if you want it?
        Tough. I ain't sellin'.

Neku: ...... Then take it out of the damn case.

Shiki: Neku. Let's just browse, OK?

Anything interest you?

> Fuse

Seller: That fuse? Sorry, ain't sellin'. That baby's custom-made. So, like...
        fanatics totally dig it. If you had a good reason, I might consider
        parting with it. But look at you. You totally don't.

> Aurora cough drops

Seller: The cough drops? Sorry, ain't sellin'. You can't buy those in just 
        store. They're, like... totally rare, you dig? How dare you ask me to
        sell you one? It's your first visit. Punks. Hey, like... if you had a
        good reason, I might consider parting with it. But look at you. You
        totally don't.

> Dandy hat

Seller: The dandy hat? Sorry, ain't sellin'. I mean, look at you. Aren't you
        like, Generation...What are they up to, Z? You are so not baby-boom
        enough to dig a treasure like this.

> "Love in a Heartbeat"

Seller: "Love in a Heartbeat"? Sorry, ain't sellin'. And for the record: it's
        just a name. Wearing this skirt will not actually help you fall in
        love. So, like...get that outta your heads. I wish folks would stop
        asking. You young people, heh. But it looks like you two lovebirds 
        all set.

Neku and Shiki: !

Seller: What? You're not together? You young people, heh.

> Leave the store

Neku: You heard the man.

Seller: I ain't sellin'.

Neku: Let's go.

[if you return to Cosmic Corner again]
Seller: I ain't sellin'.

Shiki: Easy, Neku. Let's just browse a bit.

[Dogenzaka. Scan the girl outside Cosmic Corner]
{Much better!}
Yay, I sound pretty again! When you've got a tickle in your throat, nothing
beats Aurora cough drops. Gripers across Japan, I'm ready for ya! ...This gal
was MADE for Customer support.

Shiki: Neku! Your phone!

Neku: A meme?

[Dogenzaka. Enter Ramen Don]
Ken Doi: Sigh... Another day with no sales... I know my ramen looks plain, 
         isn't the taste what counts?

Shiki: Neku! Your Phone!

Neku: A meme?

        > [Imprint Cough drops]
        > Techie: (! ...Cough drops?) Cough drops! Yeah! 777's always 
        >         And I do want the concert to go well... OK! It's a plan!

Techie: I have to hurry! [leaves]

Neku: And away he goes.

Shiki: Maybe he'll buy the part now. Or maybe he won't... We'd better follow

Shiki: Look! He just went inside.

Neku: Let's move.

[Cosmic Corner]
Techie: ...OK, cough drops: check. But...I get the feeling I'm forgetting
        something... [leaves]

Shiki: Neku, try another meme.

Neku: Like some kind of part for repairs?

Techie: It's no good. I keep thinking... and I keep drawing a blank.

        > [Don't Imprint]
        > Techie: I know I'm supposed to pick something up. What WAS it? I
        >         can't remember. Hmm... I could ask the guy by the stage...
        >         But I'd have to face 777's triple threat on the way...

[Touch the Player Pin]
Techie: (Until I left this morning,)

        > [Don't Imprint]
        > Techie: (I was setting up the stage, right? Mics were set. 
        >         too... Everything was going great-- except when I checked 
        >         lights, I heard a big GZZZZZZT. Then the whole place went
        >         dark. I called a repairman, and he said I needed ot buy
        >         something. Something...)

[Imprint Ramen]
Techie: (! ...Ramen?) Actually... I am kinda hungry. Yeah... I stopped for
        lunch and left before I could eat! I won't make that mistake again.
        Time to get my noodle on!

[Ramen Don]
Shiki: Neku! There he is! He's not buying the part! He's...he's... eating?

Ken Doi: There y'are! The Ramen Don special!

Techie: Wait...

Ken: Eat up before it gets cold!

Techie: Wait just a sec... ! Oh, crap! I'm supposed to be picking up that 

[Techie leaves]

Ken: Wait! Sir, your noodles! Sigh... I can't win. Young people just won't 
     old-fashioned noodles...

Shiki: Neku! After him!

Techie: It's no good. I keep thinking... and I keep drawing a blank.

[Touch the Player Pin]
Techie: (Until I left this morning,)

[Imprint Blackout]
Techie: (! ...Blackout?) Yeah! I need to fix the lighting. The guy told me to
        pick up that replacement part... ...... Wait-- I think I remember!
        ...No, no. It's gone.

Techie: It's no good. I keep thinking... and I keep drawing a blank.

[Touch the Player Pin]
Techie: (Until I left this morning,)

[Imprint Cough drops]
Techie: (! ...Cough drops?) I bought the cough drops. All set with those. 
        leaves... What? What did I come here to buy? Arrrgh.

Techie: It's no good. I keep thinking... and I keep drawing a blank.

[Touch the Player Pin]
Techie: (Until I left this morning,)

[Imprint Ramen]
Techie: (! ...Ramen?) No, no, no. Definitely not. Why do I keep thinking 
        ramen? Weird. Hey, maybe... Maybe I really like that place's food!
        ...No, no, no. Definitely not.

Techie: I-I-I will! But first--

777: What now?

Techie: [hands over the cough drops] I thought you could use these before the

777: Cough drops?

Techie: I've really been looking forward to your concert!

777: ...... [takes the cough drops] ...Go on, get outta here.

Techie: Right!

777: Hey!

Techie: Y-yeah?

777: Let's make rock history, man.

Techie: Y-you know it! [leaves]

Shiki: Good thing he picked those up, huh? And now we have light!

Neku: Finally we can see inside.

777: Hey! Thanks for everything. Here. For you. It's Def March band swag. One
     day it'll be worth millions!

Shiki: Ooh! Thanks!

777: I better see you at the show. Later!

Shiki: All right! Let's finish this mission.

Neku: Right!

        Extra Script - Week 1, Day 4

Mina: How's work going, Makoto?

Makoto: Bad. The boss wants me to promote some new pins. But how? I don't 
        anything about pins.

Mina: Sounds rough.

Makoto: Yeah. I've been trying to study up. Like, people use pins to play Tin
        Pin Slammer, right? So I'm thinking of hitting the slam-off at Molco
        next week. To pick up the lingo, you know? But tickets are completely
        sold out.

Mina: The Tin Pin slam-off, huh... If you had a ticket, you'd go?

Makoto: Uh-huh.

Mina: Hmm...

Ai: Huh? Isn't that... ......

        Extra Script - Week 1, Day 5

[Entering Mexican Dog]
Ai: Hey...Mina? Where were you yesterday?

Mina: Yesterday? Ahh...umm... Ten-Fou! Yeah... The Prince was there for a
      special event. You should've seen how hot he looked!

Ai: Oh... So you weren't over by, say... Shibu Department Store?

Mina: Huh? No! No... I don't think so. Why?

Ai: Nothing. Never mind.

<black hoodied Reaper blocking Spain Hill exit to Molco>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? Then buy me 
        CD. The one that... Oh, what's it called? Ugh, I forget. I'm just
        lookin' for some salvation, ya know? Hook me up with that track, and
        I'll let you through.

[if you have (CD) Track 1 aka "Underground"]

Reaper: ! Hey! You brought it! Yeaaah! This is the song! The melody's like a
        single ray of light piercing the languid darkness of the UG-- the
        beacon that'll lead me out of the labyrinth. You dig? The song really
        speaks to me. It's all, like, whisk-you-away-to-another-world, ya
        know? Man, I'm such a poet sometimes! ...OK, so I just ripped all 
        off the TIPS blurb. But you should read 'em too, man. A lot of TIPS
        contain useful info! Anyway, I should bounce. Song's pretty good
        though, huh? ...Wall clear!

<Yammer & Shooter>
Shooter: YEAH!!! I can't wait to play in the slam-off! C'mon, Yammer! You 
         up, too!

Yammer: The grand prize is a Hero Pin!? Dude! Those are sooo rare!

Shiki: Slam-off? What's that?

Neku: Check the poster.

Shiki: "Tin Pin Slammer Super Slam-off!!! Mighty warriorrs, slam forth!" Ohh.
       It's for Tin Pin Slammer. Seems like everybody's playing that these

Neku: Tin Pin Slammer, huh... (Just some stupid game.)

[if you touch the magnifying glass]
Shiki: Hmm... It's some kind of divination. I think you have to move the coin
       to get an answer.

[when you move the coin]
Business man: Whoa!

Business man: Nuh-uh!

Business man: It moved!

[if you don't move the coin/stop moving the coin]
Business man: ...Huh?

Business man: It's not moving.

Business man: ...Nothing.

Business man: Hellooo?

[if you move the coin too quickly]
Business man: So quick! So decisive! That's my Reaper! Marvelous! ? ...Huh?
              ...Wait a sec. Last time, I'm pretty sure it moved more slowly.
              You know, I was so busy watching, I probably just bumped it or
              something. Hmm... Let's give this one more shot!

[if you move the coin too quickly again]
Business man: So quick! So decisive! Thadda boy, Creepy! Marvelous! 
              ? ...Wait. No, no, this is still all wrong. I swear it moved 
              slowly. OK, just one more time...

Neku: This guy is pissing me off.

Shiki: Just try moving it more slowly, OK? Apparently that's more convincing.

[if you move to Black/White/the Gate]
Business man: Is it [Black/White/the Gate]!?

[if you move away Black/White/the Gate]
Business man: ...not [Black/White/the Gate].

[if you choose either Black or the Gate, the main script is the same, only 
White replaced by Black or the Gate.]


[don't imprint on Ai]
Mina: I'm serious! Ai, please...

Ai: Uh-huh. I believe you.

Mina: Arrgh. No you don't. Come on...

        > [don't imprint on Mina]
        > Ai: It's OK. I know.
        > Mina: What!?
        > Ai: ...How you feel.

        > [touch the Player Pin, but don't imprint]
        > Mina: (Shoot! She's so onto me! Now what? Do I just tell her?

        > [Imprint Tin Pin ticket]
        > Mina: (! ...The tickets. Hmm... Maybe I really should tell her. But
        >       I've been working so hard to keep it a secret. I want Ai to 
        >       surprised.)

        > [Imprint Reaper Creeper]
        > Mina: (! ...Reaper Creeper? That magic game people use to get
        >       answers? ...Why'd that pop into my head?)

[touch the Player Pin, but don't imprint]
Ai: (She is so lying. I saw her with him. I'll never forgive her... If only I
    could prove it!)

[Imprint Tin Pin ticket]
Ai: (! ...Tin Pin Slammer? Ticket? Why would I think of-- Wait. Didn't Makoto
    want to go? Like it matters. He'd never take me. He'd take Mina.)

[when you move the coin]
Mina: It moved!

Mina: Wow!

Mina: Cool...

[if you don't move the coin/stop moving the coin]
Mina: ...Hmm. No response.

Mina: Oh, Reaper?

Mina: Move, darn it!

[if you move the coin too quickly]
Mina: WHOA! Did you see that coin fly? Cool! ! But... Wait. Ai, did you move

Ai: N...no!

Mina: Heh heh, I'm kidding. We probably just shook the paper. Let's try one
      more time.

[if you move the coin too quickly again]
[same as earlier script + this]
Neku: Am I really moving it that fast?

Shiki: Try doing it more slooowly. We ladies require a delicate touch.

[if you move to Black/White/the Gate]
Mina: [Black/White/The Gate]?

[if you move away Black/White/the Gate]
Mina: Oh! Not [Black/White/the Gate]...

[if you move to Black]
Mina: Black! Cool... The coin really moved! So, like... We said, "if you're
      here, go to White." But it went to Black. Which means... the Reaper's 
      here? ...... Nah, we SAW the coin move. I think the Reaper's trying to
      pull a fast one. Can you believe it? Reapers really exist!

[Continue from the main script, beginning with Ai: That's right. And they can
see right through a lie.]

[if you move to the Gate]
Mina: The Gate! Cool... The coin really moved! So, like... We said, "if 
      here, go to White." But it went to the Gate. Which means... "Neither"?
      ...... Nah, we SAW the coin move. The Reaper just needs to make up his
      mind! Can you believe it? Reapers really exist!

[Continue from the main script, beginning with Ai: That's right. And they can
see right through a lie.]

[when you move the coin]
Ai: There it goes...

Ai: (It's gonna be White.)

Ai: (Just watch.)

[if you don't move the coin/stop moving the coin]
Ai: Nothing...

Ai: Come on, Reaper.

Ai: Answer the question!

[if you move the coin too quickly]
Ai: Waaah! Hey!!! Mina! Don't move the paper!

Mina: I... I didn't!

Ai: Yeah, right. You can't fool me!

Mina: Hey...Ai... What's gotten into you?


[if you move to White]
Ai: I knew it

[if you move to Black/the Gate]
Ai: ...What? [Black/The Gate]?

[if you move away Black/White/the Gate]
Ai: Oh! Not [Black/White/the Gate]...

[if you move to Black]
Ai: Black? WHAT!?

Mina: Um, Ai--

Ai: (Black means NO. But that can't be true. I saw her with him yesterday. 
    and Makoto... together!) Next question!

[Continue from the main script, beginning with Mina: Ai... This isn't like 

[if you move to the Gate]
Ai: The Gate? What is THAT!?

Mina: Um, Ai--

Ai: (The Gate means "neither." That makes zero sense! Whatever, I know she's
    lying. I saw her with him yesterday. Her and Makoto... together!) Next

[Continue from the main script, beginning with Mina: Ai... This isn't like 

[If you move the coin too quickly]
Ai: HEY!!! Mina! Stop moving the paper!

Mina: I... I didn't!

Ai: Stop interfering! This is IMPORTANT!

Mina: Ahh... Please, Ai... You're scaring me. Snap out of it...


[If you move to Black]
Ai: Why is it Black!?

Mina: Please... Ai!

Ai: The Reaper is lying! I saw you!

[Continue from the main script, beginning with Mina: ...What?]

[If you move to the Gate]
Ai: ...The Gate? That's ridiculous! Quit messing around, Reaper!!!

Mina: Please... Ai!

Ai: I know the truth. I saw you!

[Continue from the main script, beginning with Mina: ...What?]

        Extra Script - Week 1, Day 6
<black hoodie Reaper in Cadoi City blocking the Towa Records exit>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? Hmm... Then
        take out the Pig Noise in this area!

        > [if you already defeated the Pig Noise]
        > Reaper: ...Wait. You already did!? Uhh... Then I guess you can just
        >         go?

Reaper: You kids know about the pig indicator? If the icon's lit up, there's
        bacon in the neighborhood. That, and... Don't go tellin' folks, 
        When they show up during a scan, you can hear 'em. They're all... 
        It's actually kinda-- Nothin', never mind. L-look, just... take 'em
        out, OK?

[after defeating the pig Noise]
Reaper: ...... Oh, huh! Got 'em already? You're pretty good! ...... So...
        What'd you think? Cute, right? I mean-- Never mind. What! Don't gimme
        that look! Ugh, just scram. Wall clear!

<black hoodie Reaper in Molco blocking the Spain Hill exit>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? First, bring
        me one Murasame. It's a pin. Then we'll talk. I won't accept it 
        it's at least level 3.

[when you bring a level 3 Murasame]
Reaper: ...Hey, wow. I'm kind of impressed. You can pass.

[don't imprint]
Makoto: The...the book! In my book it said--

Sota: Stop mumbling, loser!

Makoto: Eep! I...I was just... Nothing! Never mind!

Neku: Ooh, we're off to a great start. (I should use imprinting and help him

[touch the Player Pin, but don't imprint]
Makoto: (Huh? Oh, no! What's my line? I totally forgot... Totally...

[Imprint Come get some hot stuff!]
Makoto: ! Come get some hot stuff!

Sota: What?

Makoto: You know. Hot? Stuff?

Sota: 'Scuse me?

Makoto: The...the book! In my book it said--

Sota: Stop mumbling, loser!

Makoto: Eep! I...I was just... Nothing! Never mind!

[Imprint Unreal, bro!]
Makoto: ! Unreal, bro!

Sota: Huh?

Makoto: Un...unreal?

[same as imprinting Come get some hot stuff, starting from Sota: 'Scuse me?]

[don't imprint]
Shooter: What's your name, bro?

Makoto: Me? I'm Makoto.

Shooter: Burnt Sienna!

Makoto: Huh?

Shooter: I dub thee the Burnt Sienna Slammurai!

Makoto: Huh? Umm...

Shooter: I'm Red!

Makoto: ...Sure.

Neku: Wow. That kid steamrolled him. I better step in.

[touch the Player Pin]
Makoto: (Who...who is this kid!? I can't get a word in! What should I say?
        Un... Un...

[imprint Totally gnarly!]
Makoto: ! Totally gnarly!

Shooter: WHOAAA!!!

Makoto: Huh?

Shooter: Bro! Where's your Solid Slammer?

Makoto: T-totally gnarly!

Shooter: What? What happened to it?

Makoto: It's totally gnarly!

Shooter: Bro, no! You can't let your Solid Slammer get bent outta shape! It's
         part of your body! Your SOUL! If you want to join my Slammurai, 
         you gotta get your gear fixed.

Makoto: Um...right.

[imprint Come get some hot stuff!]
Makoto: ! Come get some hot stuff!

Shooter: WHOAAA!!!

Makoto: Huh?

Shooter: Bro, did you watch Slammurai this week?

Makoto: H-hot stuff.

Shooter: REALLY!? Did they show any new pins!

Makoto: Hot stuff!

Shooter: Whoa! BRO!!!

Makoto: Um, yeah?

Shooter: If you loan me a Slammurai DVD, I'll let you join my forces of slam.

Makoto: Um...sure.

[don't imprint]
Makoto: Ahem... Who dropped all this MONEY? ...... Darn. There goes Plan B.

[touch the Player Pin, but don't imprint]
Makoto: (Think, Mick! You're so close. Which phrase haven't you used yet? 
        was it... Hot... Hot...)

[Imprint Totally gnarly!]
Makoto: ! Totally gnarly! Gnarly! Totally! Umm... Gnartotally? ...... Darn.

[Imprint Unreal, bro!]
Makoto: ! Unreal, bro! Unreal! Bro! Yo! ...... Darn. Nothing.

        Extra Script - Week 1, Day 7
<black hoodie Reaper at the Scramble guarding the exit to 104>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? First, bring
        me some funky shades. Then we'll talk.

[If you have the Funky Shades]
Reaper: ...Hey, wow, I'm kind of impressed. You can pass.

<black hoodie Reaper at the Scramble guarding the exit to Center St.>
Reaper: ...... Like a bolt from the blue, it's time for the Reaper Review.
        Today's Review has a theme. I'll be asking about KuraKura. You know,
        the shop in Shibukyu Stationside? Question 1! What's the lovely
        saleslady's name?

[upon making your choice]
Reaper: Hmm, you don't say... Question 2! They sell a pin there called Happy
        Beam. Say I want to use it in battle. Which touch command do I use?

[upon making your choice]
Reaper: Well, aren't you so smart? Question 3! OK, another item they stock...
        The slogan bandanas. Which brand makes it?

[upon making your choice]
Reaper: Hmm, you sure about that? OK... The results are in! Reaper Review,
        Lesson 2! Survey says...

[if you chose Yuu Narumi, Slash Neku, and Hip Snake]
Reaper: You pass! So pass on through. [wall goes down] But! Though you may
        forget the Review-- rest assured, it remembers you. We'll see you
        again. Bye-bye for now!

        > [if you chose something other than the 3 correct answers]
        > Reaper: Bzzzt! So sorry! I can't let you pass-- until you pass.
        > Them's the breaks here on the Reaper Review. Study up and try 
        > [If you talk to the Reaper again after failing the Review]
        > Reaper: ...... Did you do your homework, kids? Then away we go!
        > [and the Review continues starting from Today's Review has a 

<black hoodie Reaper at the Scramble blocking the Shibu Dept. Store exit>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? Then bring 
        one Natural Magnum. It's a pin. I don't care how you get it, but...
        watch what happens when you break in a Happy Beam. Trust me, you'll
        just DIE. ...Har! Reaper humor.

[if you have a Natural Magnum]
Reaper: Ooh! You got one? ...... Did you grow this yourself? Sure, a pin's 
        a pin, but use it long enough and you kinda get attached. Till death 
        you part? ...Har! Reaper humor. ...... Man, would it kill you to 

        Extra Script - Week 2, Day 2
<black hoodie Reaper blocking the exit to Spain Hill>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? First, bring
        me a Definitivo Chili Dog. Then we'll talk. You guys heard of those?
        Mexican Dog on Spain Hill sells 'em on the sly. Thanks, amigos!

[if you've got a Definitivo Chili Dog]

Reaper: ...Ooh! You got one? So this is the Definitivo... Mmm, finally! Wait,
        is that... Ugh, CHEESE!? Bleagh. I don't do cheese. Look, you can 
        it back. Just...go. Get it away from me.

[Scramble Crossing]
<black hoodie Reaper guarding 104 exit>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? Well, only 
        brave get past yours truly. Hey, pretty boy.

Joshua: ...You're speaking to me?

Reaper: That's right. Come back wearing head-to-toe Natural Puppy threads. Do
        that, and I might let you pass. Possibly maybe.

[if Joshua is fully equipped with Natural Puppy]

Joshua: Satisfied?

Reaper: Wow... You actually kinda work that. Pretty brave, kid. But-- I'm not
        lettin' you through. Can't. This wall's beyond my power. Besides, 
        you have a mission? Tickity-tock.

[Center St. Entrance. Prior to the Taboo Noise fight, it was blocked by a
reaper. Now the path to AMX is free. If you had talked to the Reaper when the
street was blocked...]

Neku: ! Huh? The wall's gone...

Joshua: I'm sure one of the other Players probably cleared it. You are aware
        we're not the only ones player, right, Neku?

Neku: Yes, I realized, thank you. (Kiss my ass, Josh.)

Joshua: Sigh... We could be letting them do the entire mission, but nooo...

Neku: ...... You done?


Neku: What? I... I lost?

Yammer: Heh heh! Did you really think you could win? Look at your pins, bro!
        They're all off-the-shelf models!

Joshua: Everyone knows you should mod your pins, Neku.

Neku: M-mod them?

Joshua: Although, if you get carried away...

Announcer: Due to prohibited alterations to the pins used in the last match,
           victory by default is awarded to the blue corner!

Yammer: What!?

Joshua: That's my Neku. You're one lucky dog.

Neku: ...I won. Whew, I'm safe.

Yammer: Rrgh! Can't believe I'm out on a DQ... Still, you're history next
        round, bro.

Neku: And why is that?

Yammer: You're facing the top seed. It's over.

Neku: The top seed, huh...

Joshua: Dumb luck will only get you so far.

        Extra Script - Week 2, Day 3
Business Man: Please! It's our hour of need here!

Neku: (What's his deal?)

Mr. H: How many hours of need does this make? You fed me the same line last

Business Man: But it's the truth!

Neku: A customer? That'd be a change.

Joshua: He's back again?

Neku: Sounds like serious business. We should probably come back later.

[Cadoi City]
<Yammer & Shooter>
Shooter: Where'd he disappear to after he beat me? I want a rematch...

Yammer: Sucks what happened yesterday. I thought you had it in the bag,

Shooter: Yeah... The bro in the headphones took off, too. What was the big
         rush? Hope he shows up at Stride so we can play.

Joshua: Hee hee... Sounds like you have a fan, Neku.

Neku: ......

<Two Reapers>
Reaper: Ugh... This sucks. Why should we have to do this?

Neku: !

Joshua: Those two are...

Neku: Reapers!?

Blackhoodie!Reaper: What's the GM thinkin' when he makes this stuff? I really
                    don't get modern art.

Redhoodie!Reaper: Don't ask me, man... Nobody can ever really tell what he's 
                  about. Still, we gotta get rid of this heap before he sees

Blackhoodie!Reaper: No joke. If he sees us hauling his baby off... our asses
                    are so grass. Same as if we ignore Ms. Konishi's orders.

Reaper: Getting stuck in the middle of those two bites.

Neku: ......

Joshua: Looks like they're carting off that trash heap. At the rate they're
        going, it'll take a while.

Neku: Well, let's leave them to it.

Joshua: The tracker's responding here, but... I don't think it's what we're
        looking for.

Neku: ......

[Spain Hill]
<Junk heap. !!!>
Neku: Another junk pile... The Grim Heaper strikes again?

Joshua: Know anyone else who'd put something like this together?

Neku: ? ...There's something written on it.

Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon.

Neku: ...... Uhh... what?

Joshua: I think he's saying he's better than gravity?

Neku: ...... Uh...huh.

Joshua: The tracker's responding here, but... I don't think it's what we're
        looking for.

Neku: ......

[Tipsy Tose Hall]
<Kariya & Uzuki>
Uzuki: AAAGH!

Kariya: That's Kariya six, Uzuki zerooo.

Uzuki: One more! I can still make a comeback!

Neku: What the...

Joshua: Reapers!?

Neku: Are they fighting?

Kariya: This Tin Pin thing's pretty deep. ...Maybe too deep for you?

Uzuki: Shut up and play! And, slaaam...

Neku: Tin Pin Slammer!?

Joshua: They must be bored.

Uzuki: Wait a... You again? Who plays the Game twice? Anyway, I'd love to 
       you right here, BUT it's hands off this time.

Neku: Hands off? What's that supposed to mean?

Kariya: Orders, straight from the top. Game Master says nobody touches the

Neku: But, wait. Why would he--

Uzuki: I wish I knew! [beep] ! ...Hmm? Ugh, phone. One sec. Yashiro here.

Person on the other end: I-I like...

Uzuki: What? Speak up! Is this a crank call? Ugh, who in the hell? OK, that 
       creepy... Anyway. Long story short, I can't play with you right now...
       so BYE.

Neku: Why call all the Reapers off? What's he thinking? ...I don't get it.

Joshua: Who knows? With his ego, he probably wants to play this Game solo.

Neku: Wouldn't surprise me.

Joshua: Anyway, the signal's weaker here. Let's try another spot.

Neku: ......

<black hoodied Reaper near the Udagawa exit>
Reaper: Like a bolt from the blue... It's time for a Tin Pin lesson, from me 

Got questions about Tin Pin slammer?

> Basic Rules

Reaper: Right. Every good lesson starts with the basics. [tutorial screen]

> What are whammies?

Reaper: Yeah, who doesn't love whammies? I do. [tutorial screen]

> Whammies in action

Reaper: Here's what whammies can do... for YOU. [tutorial screen]

> Pin tips

Reaper: So many pins! How do you decide which ones to slam with? [tutorial

> Nothing, thanks

Reaper: Now you're ready to slam with the best. Perhaps another day, you may
        even face... ME.

Neku: ...... (Who is this guy?)

Shooter: AHH! The bro in the headphones!

Neku: (You're... Oh, right, from yesterday.)

Joshua: Thanks for all your help.

Yammer: Huh? Shooter, do you know these guys?

Shooter: YEAH! I explained Tin Pin to 'em!

Yammer: Ouch... And they understood?

Joshua: You played Neku in the first round, right?

Shooter: And lost! Right, Yammer?

Yammer: I-I was having an off day! Today's a different story! I retooled my
        pins and everything. These new mods are unstoppable!

Shooter: I smell a REMATCH!

Yammer: Heh... You think you can take me? 'Cause I don't think you can take 

Joshua: Aww, you have fans, Neku. Why not indulge them?

Neku: ......

Play for a bit?

        > [>No time!]
        > Yammer: Aww, man... I just modded my pins, too...
        > [returning to Stride]
        > Joshua: Here to play a round with the boys?

> Sure, for a little while

Yammer: All right! Here I come!

        > [if you lose to Yammer]
        > Neku: Ugh...
        > Yammer: Heh heh. You can't beat a Yammer special, man. My pins pwn.
        > Neku: No freaking joke! What was with those?
        > Shooter: Yeah, but how much did you tweak those, Yammer?
        > Yammer: Wh-what? Don't give me that look! My mods are all legal! 
        >         I'll give you a rematch, OK, bro? Any time.

[if you win against Yammer]
Yammer: Rrgh! But my pins... That design should've been perfect! I tweaked 
        heck out of those!

Neku: (So basically, he was cheating...)

Shooter: You can't keep counting on mods, Yammer! They only get you so far!

Yammer: But I... No, you're right, Shooter. Here. You can have this pin. I 
        to get back to the basics!

Neku: Um...OK? Thanks.

[Center St. Entrance]
<Ai & Mina>
Mina: Ooh, so how was yesterday? You went to the slam-off, right?

Ai: Sort of... I mean, we went, but... Makoto says he's outgrown Tin Pin
    Slammer. We left halfway through.

Mina: What? That sucks!

Ai: He's like a totally different person lately. I..I wonder if it's 
    I said...

Mina: It's not your fault, Ai! Don't beat yourself up.

Ai: Thanks...

Mina: Hey! How about some ramen? A new place opened up on Dogenzaka! The 
      was raving about it on his blog. C'mon, let's check it out!

Ai: OK...sure. Thanks, Mina.

Neku: A new ramen place, huh?

Joshua: Mmm, ramen. I'm a shio guy, myself. Plain and simple. How about you,

What's your favourite kind of ramen?

[If you pick > Shoyu (soy sauce)]
Neku: Hmm... I dunno, shoyu?

Joshua: Hmm... Not very imaginative.

Neku: (Well, excuse me!)

[If you pick > Miso]
Neku: Eh, I'd say miso.

Joshua: Interesting... ......

Neku: ......

Joshua: ......

Neku: (...What!?)

[If you pick > Shio (salt)]
Neku: Yeah, probably shio.

Joshua: My, my. We're twins. It must be fate.

Neku: ...Ugh.

[If you pick > Tonkotsu (pork bone)]
Neku: I like tonkotsu.

Joshua: Hmm... Very hip.

Neku: (...I guess?)

<black hoodied Reaper guarding the Hachiko exit>
Reaper: ...... Guess who! Like a bolt from the blue, it's time for the Reaper
        Review. Ready to shake? Then away we go! Question 1! Cat Street's
        purrfect place for coffee: WildKat. Which of the following will you
        find on the menu?

[Upon answering]
Reaper: Really? Question 2! I left my heard in Shibuya's phone booth of love!
        Surely you've heard of it? They say if you use it to call the person
        you like, that special someone will love you right back! Pretty 
        huh? So where is it?

[upon answering]
Reaper: Is that your final answer? Question 3! Let's change up the flavor a
        bit, hmm? Try this on for size: He wrong the Musical Offering and 
        later became Air on the G String. He's famous. He's German. He's...

[upon answering]
Reaper: What!? Seriously? OK... The results are in! Reaper Review, Lesson 3!
        Survey says...

        > [if you answered incorrectly]
        > Reaper: Bzzzt! So sorry! I can't let you pass-- until you pass.
        > Them's the breaks here on the Reaper Review. Study up and try 
        > [retaking the Review]
        > Reaper: ...... Did you do your homework, kids? Then away we go!
        > [starts again from Question 1]

[if you answered Bouillabaisse, Near Molco, and Bach]
Reaper: You pass! So pass on through. [wall goes down] But! Though you may
        forget the Review-- rest assured, it remembers you. We'll see you
        again. Bye-bye for now!

[anywhere other than the 104 Building]
Joshua: Wait, Neku. The signal's getting weaker.

Neku: So we're going the wrong way?

Joshua: Let's try another spot.

        | Neku: Well?
        | Joshua: Hmm... The signal's pretty weak. Looks like we're headed 
        |         the wrong way. Let's go back to the scramble crossing.

<black hoodied Reaper>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? First, bring
        me a Supply Factor. It's a pin. Then we'll talk. Noise No. 30's got
        'em. Heh heh. This one's a little tricky. Look to Noise No. 29 for a

[if you have the Suppy Factor]
Reaper: ...Hey, wow. I'm kind of impressed. You can pass. ! Oh, and here. I
        already took a few bites, but you can finish this.

[Concert Stage]
<Futoshi (the Techie)>
Techie: Man, I'm starved... Ooh, what was that I saw on the Prince's blog?
        Spicy tuna rolls? Hmm, wonder how those are. Someplace around here
        must sell 'em. Maybe I'll sneak off and take a look.

Joshua: Ah, yes... The spicy tuna roll. It's a kind of sushi they serve 
        of Japan-- sort of like the California roll.

Neku: So what's in it?

Joshua: Tuna paired with a spicy sauce, then rolled up.

Neku: Crazy.

Joshua: Think sushi, with a kick.

Neku: Is it any good?

Joshua: I'm a fan.

[Shibukyu Main Store]
<Yammer & Shooter>
Shooter: Hey, Yammer! Did you catch yesterday's show?

Yammer: Of course!

Shooter: Man, "Slammurai" is the BEST!

Yammer: It's really heating up towards the end!

Shooter: I knew Dead was hiding something from his past.

Yammer: Totally! Why would Black show up there... unless he and Yellow are
        actually brothers! Whoa!

Shooter: I can't WAIT for next week! Plus the movie comes out in a month. I'm
         so psyched!

Neku: ...What?

Joshua: It's a kid's show, Tin Pin Slammurai. It's very popular.

Neku: Uh...huh.

Joshua: The leader, Dead, is locked in a duel with his rival, Black-- at 
        until next week.

Neku: (...My partner watches kiddie TV.)

[Dogenzaka. Shadow Ramen]
Mina: ! Hey, c'mon, wait your turn...

Joshua: I just have a few quick questions. Do you mind?

Neku: (Wow, he cuts right to the chase...)

Mina: Huh? About what? I'm here with a friend, so keep it short, OK?

Joshua: Why do you like the ramen here so much?

Mina: Why? Uh, 'cause it's the most popular spot in Shibuya?

Neku: (She likes it because it's popular?)

Mina: And it's fun, don't you think? Where else do they dance while making 

Neku: (And that has what to do with the ramen?)

Mina: Plus, they gave me this cool limited-edition pin. How could anyone NOT
      like this place?

Joshua: But it's pretty new, right? How did it get this big this fast?

Mina: The Prince wrote about it on his blog. I mean, he F'd it! How can I
      resist food this fabulous? The 5,000-yen price tag is a little painful,
      but... After this, I can tell all my friends I ate here! Ooh, I should
      snap a photo and mail them!

Joshua: I see...

Neku: So how's it taste? Good?

Mina: Totally! The Prince said it was great. For 5,000 yen, it must be. Just
      look at the photo!

Neku: (It's got a friggin' steak on it...)

Joshua: So where else do you go for ramen?

Mina: Huh? For ramen? Umm... I dunno, noodles aren't really my thing. I 
      ever eat ramen.

Neku: (Then what the hell are you doing here?)

Mina: Ooh! That said... It'd be awesome to see, like, a dessert ramen!

Neku: Dessert...ramen?

Mina: Yeah! Like, all fruity and sweet!

Joshua: A tantalizing possibility.

Neku: ......

Joshua: Well, thanks. That was informative.

Mina: OK. I'm gonna go eat, then.

Joshua: All right, then. Let's head out.

<Ken Doi>
Ken: I need to outsell that sorry excuse for a ramen shop... I need...
     something new. Something fresh.

        > [Don't imprint]
        > Ken: Ugh, it's no use... Nothing's coming to me. So close, but...
        >      nope.

[touch the Player Pin]
Ken: (Hmm, what would the kids like?)

        > [Don't imprint]
        > Ken: (What's hip? I need... something.

[Imprint Spicy tuna roll]
Ken: ! Yes! That's it! ...... Wait, no... That won't work.

[Imprint Dessert]
Ken: ! Yes! That's it! [leaves]

[Ramen Don]
Ken: Oh! Perfect timing, boys! I'm trying out a new idea. Have a taste! I 
     you... dessert ramen!

Neku: (Unreal...)

Joshua: ......

Neku: ......

Joshua: Mmm ? Very tasty!

Neku: Yeah... This is pretty good!

Joshua: Kudos, mister! Still... It's missing something.

Ken: Hrm... Yeah... I thought so, too. These silly experiments won't solve
     anything. Maybe that slicked-down kid is right. All people in Shibuya 
     about are trends. Nobody cares about the taste.

Joshua: Hey, now...

Neku: That's messed up. The ramen here is awesome, and nobody notices. But
      people line up outside for that other place, no matter how the food is.
      It's stupid.

Joshua: Welcome to capitalism, Neku.

Neku: But why are they all up on that place? They don't even like the food.

Joshua: It's a conversation piece. People are always scrounging for something
        to talk about. "I came, I waited... I slurped." They're after a 
        not a meal.

Neku: Ugh, they're sheep!

Joshua: Maybe all of Shibuya is.

Ken: Gah ha ha... Well, thanks anyway, boys. But I'm not giving up yet. I'll
     keep making ramen as long as I can. If you come up with any brilliant
     ideas, let me know.

[Imprint Yellow]
Ken: ! Yes! That's it!

[Ramen Don]
Ken: Oh! Perfect timing, boys! I'm trying out a new idea. Have a taste! I 
     you... curry ramen!

Neku: (Unreal...)

Joshua: ......

Neku: ......

Joshua: Mmm ? Dee-lish!

Neku: Yeah, this hits the spot.

Joshua: Kudos, mister! Still... it's missing something.

Ken: Hrm... Yeah... I thought so, too. But I'm not giving up yet. I'll keep
     making ramen as long as I can. If you come up with any brilliant ideas,
     let me know.

[if you imprint Dessert or Yellow again, same as Spicy Tuna Roll]

        Extra Script - Week 2, Day 4
[Statue of Hachiko]
<black hoodie Reaper>
Reaper: ...... ...Huh? 'Sup, Players. Want me to clear the wall? Hmm... Let's
        see, then... Clear this area of five-- no, six Noise symbols. No-- Oh
        ho ho. Make it ten! Beat ten of 'em! You do that, and we'll talk.

[once you erased the Noise]
Reaper: ...... Daaamn, man! Didn't think you'd actually do it. Wall clear. So

[Towa Records]
Neku: ! Look who.

Uzuki: We've been looking forever, and still nothing!

Kariya: Chill out, Uzuki. Slow and steady, girl.

Uzuki: Are you kidding!? This is a direct order from Ms. Konishi! Don't you
       blow my big chance to-- ! Ugh, you again?

Joshua: You actually look busy today.

Uzuki: Very busy, thank you. We certainly don't have any time to waste on 
       Kariya, we're leaving!

Kariya: Aight. Whatever...

Neku: (Hmm, wonder what they were looking for.)

Joshua: The signal's getting weak. Let's try someplace else.

Neku: ......

[Tipsy Tose Hall]
<Junk pile. !!!>
Neku: Another junk pile... The Grim Heaper strikes again?

Joshua: Know anyone else who'd put something like this together?

Neku: ? ...There's something written on it.

Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart!

Neku: ...... Uhh... what? First of all, sounds don't really shake anything...

Joshua: I think he's saying he's better than air.

Neku: ...... Uh...huh.

Joshua: The tracker's responding here, but... I don't think it's what we're
        looking for.

Neku: ......

Shooter: HEY, BRO! You slammin'?

Joshua: Here to play a round with Shooter?

Play for a bit?

        > [> No time!]
        > Shooter: Aww, but bro...

> Sure, for a little while

Shooter: AWRIGHT! Let's do this!

        > [Losing to Shooter]
        > Shooter: Heh! You've got a ways to go.
        > Neku: Rrgh...
        > Shooter: I'm up for a rematch! Any time you want!

[Winning against Shooter]
Shooter: WOW, bro! You're getting good!

Yammer: I can't believe you beat Shooter!

Shooter: I let him win. I thought it'd be mean to crush him!

Neku: (You little...)

Shooter: Still, bro, that was NICE! Take this.

<Phone Booth. !!!>
Joshua: Care to see those shots again?

Which photo would you like to check?

> 1:45 p.m.

Joshua: It's empty.

Neku: So the mic wasn't there yet.

> 1:55 p.m.

Joshua: That's their microphone.

Neku: ? Huh? What's that black thing on the phone?

Joshua: Looks like a cell.

Neku: Why bother with a pay phone if you've got a cell?

> 2:02 p.m.

Neku: That's BJ, right?

Joshua: It would seem so.

Neku: What was he doing here?

Joshua: He may tell us if we show him this picture.

        | [if you find BJ before finding Tenho]
        | Joshua: We still have questioning to do. The one in black, BJ, is 
        |         the scramble crossing. The one in red, Tenho, is back by
        |         Molco. Let's go for BJ next, hmm?

        | [if you find both Reapers without talking to them]
        | Joshua: We still have questioning to do. The one in black, BJ, is 
        |         the scramble crossing. The one in red, Tenho, is on Spain
        |         Hill. Now that we know where they are, let's go talk to 

[if you ask for BJ's alibi but haven't been to the Phone Booth yet]
Joshua: Where were you yesterday at 2:00?

BJ: ! Oh, uh... I was... You know, uhh ...Dogenzaka! Yeah! In line for the 
    ramen place! Why would I go to the phone booth by Molco? I don't even 
    it's there!

Neku: (Not the subtlest guy, huh?)

Joshua: Mm-hmm...

BJ: Wh-what? Just gimme some space, would ya? I want to spend some time 

[BJ leaves]

Joshua: Hee hee. Somehow, I doubt his story.

Neku: Yeah, he's hiding something. Still--

Joshua: It'll take hard evidence to get him to fess up. ...So let's go find

        | Joshua: Hmmm, BJ's still not talking. Looks like it'll take a bit
        |         more to make him crack.
        | Neku: He's definitely hiding something.
        | Joshua: All right. Let's go check out the scene.
        | Neku: What scene?
        | Joshua: The scene of the crime-- the one spot BJ swears he hasn't
        |         been.

[after getting the photos from the Phone Booth]

        | Joshua: Hee hee... BJ can clam up all he likes. This photo is bound
        | to make him crack. I can't hardly wait. Uwee hee...
        | Neku: ...... (Is it weird that I feel like the bad guy here?)

[After hearing BJ's story]

        | [if you got BJ's ablibi first, but didn't find Tenho]
        | Joshua: We've taken care of BJ.
        | Neku: Poor guy.
        | Joshua: That leaves Tenho.
        | Neku: I didn't see him back at Molco.
        | Joshua: He can't have gone too far. Let's check the adjoining 

        | [if you got BJ's ablibi first, and found Tenho]
        | Joshua: We've been to the scene and talked to BJ. That leaves...
        |         Tenho's side of things. He's on Spain Hill.

[Tipsy Tose Hall]
777: Well? Any luck?

Neku: Not yet...

777: Ugh... Guess it's time to call the cops.

Neku: (Some Reaper you are...)

[104 Building or Center St. Entrance]
Announcer on TV: Feeling pinned? Break down those boundaries. RED SKULL.

Neku: ! Hey, it's that commercial...

Random person: Ooh! Ooh! Look, it's playing!

Random person 2: That CAT pin is phat!

Random Person: You can't find that pin anywhere!

Neku: It's really taken off... Even folks who seem like they wouldn't be into
      CAT have 'em on. Bet they don't appreciate it at all.

Joshua: Like the guy handing them out at the ramen place. Looks like 
        has Red Skull fever.

Neku: Shiki and I were pretty thorough.

Joshua: ...... Looks an awful lot like the Player Pin, hmm?

Neku: ...... So who makes the Player Pins, anyway? The Reapers?

Joshua: Nope. That's Composer territory. He's responsible for creating and
        controlling them.

Neku: The Composer... The guy in charge of Shibuya?

Joshua: Correct. We're in the Composer's Game. The Reapers are just his
        enforcers. They execute his designs.

Neku: Some designer. His Game royally sucks.

Joshua: Hee hee... Doesn't it?

Neku: ...... Can he and his Reapers go to the RG?

Joshua: RG, UG-- it's all the same Shibuya. Just, people in the RG can't see 
        here. We're like air, Neku. Invisible, but very real. Players are 
        visible in shops with special decals, but Reapers can materialize at
        will. They're perfectly visible in the RG-- minus the wings, of 

Neku: So they have wings here, but not in the RG?

Joshua: Apparently a Reaper's wings house his power.

Neku: So they're basically just normal people in the RG... ...... (So the
      Player Pins only exist in the UG. The Composer makes them. And now the
      Red Skull pin... with a very similar design. Hell, it's freaking
      identical. Coincidence? Not likely. So, what? Are they both just... No.
      They're made by the same person? Then...that would make the Composer...
      ...... No way. Not CAT!?)

Joshua: Hmm? Something wrong, Neku?

Neku: No. I'm fine.

[> 1:45 p.m.]
777: ...... There's nothing there

Neku: Huh?

Joshua: Neku... Wrong photo.

BJ: You jerkin' us around?

Tenho: Proof my ass...

Joshua: Really, Neku. Stop fooling around.

Neku: Hrm...

[> 1:55 p.m]
777: That's our mic! It was in the phone booth by Molco? But I looked 

BJ: You jerkin' us around? That photo doesn't show anybody!

Joshua: Ahem... Neku? Wrong photo.
[continues as with 1:45 p.m., starting from Tenho]

        Extra Script - Week 2, Day 5
[Tipsy Tose Hall. Stride]
Shooter: HEY, BRO! You slammin'?

Joshua: Here to play a round with Shooter?

        > [ > No time!]
        > Shooter: Aww, but bro...
        > [Enter Stride again]
        > Shooter: HEY, BRO! You slammin'?
        > Joshua: Here to play a round with the boys?

> Take on Shooter

Shooter: AWRIGHT! Let's do this! [Play Tin Pin]

        > [Lose against Shooter]
        > Shooter: Heh! You've got a ways to go.
        > Neku: Rrgh...
        > Shooter: But I'll replay you any time!

[Win against Shooter]
Shooter: I... I lost? ...... You're getting good at this.

> Take on Yammer

Yammer: Heh heh... I hand-design and build all my pin mods. It's Yammer Time!

        > [Lose against Yammer]
        > Yammer: Heh heh. The Yammer special pwns!
        > Neku: Rrgh...

[Win against Yammer]
Yammer: Nooo! That design should've been perfect! I totally retooled my pins,

Neku: (He cheated AGAIN?)

        Extra Script - Week 3, Day 3

[Attempt to enter Shibu Dept. Store]
[Beat runs into a wall]

Beat: !

Neku: A wall, huh? Guess we're not going this way.

Beat: Dammit. I can't break this one. Le's try a different way, yo!

[Statue of Hachiko or 104 Building]
Beat: No sign of the pops. Yo, you think he came this way?

Uzuki: Tee hee!

Neku: Hey, wasn't that... What's she doing?

Beat: Hey! Phones! Focus, man. The guy ain't here. We gotta check someplace

        | Beat: The Reaper Creeper guy ain't down this way, man.
        | Neku: Let's head back and check someplace else.

[104 Building]
<Makoto and the Prince>
Makoto: Sigh... What am I gonna do?

Neku: Hey... I know him.

Makoto: Nothing I do ever works out. I give up...

Prince: Huh? Hey, Mick.

Makoto: Oh. Eiji... I-I mean, Mr. Oji.

Prince: What's wrong? You look down.

Makoto: ...... I'm a chronic failure. I left my job 'cause I thought I had 
        the answers. Man, was I wrong about that. Nothing's going the way I

Prince: What have you been doing with the ramen place?

Makoto: I closed it down for a while.

Prince: What? Why!? The place was packed.

Makoto: At first. Then sales started to tumble, and I had no idea how to keep
        people buying.

Prince: ...... Mick, we had this talk before. The trends can make and break 
        in Shibuya.

Makoto: Yeah, I remember. "Be more trendy." Is that it?

Prince: No, it's not that simple. You can't just throw on a popular outfit 
        expect to be cool. People see right through that. Clothes are a form 
        self-expression. You're not being trendy if you're not being you. 
        the trends. Wear what feels right. Don't let the trends work you.

Makoto: ...... OK. I think I get it...

Prince: Well, I gotta get to my next appointment. See you, Mick.

Makoto: Wear what feels right... DO what feels right... Aww... But what feels
        right for me?

[West Exit Bus Terminal]
Reaper: ...... Like a bolt from the blue... No, this time I mean it-- I'm 
        retiring! It's been a wild ride, kids. I loved peppering folks with
        trivia about Shibuya. But alas, that's a thing of the past. Please
        don't ask why. I know this won't fill the void, but why don't we play
        one last, SPECIAL edition of the imitable Reaper Review. Question 1!
        Psychedelifox is No. 42 on the Noise Report. It's a green fox. Seen 
        before? It likes to shape-shift and fool Players. So, which of the
        following can it turn into?

[After answering]

Reaper: Moving on... Question 2! Been mingling much? The pins you're wearing
        get PP for each person you encounter. You knew that, right? So here's
        the question! Whose picture do you see after you mingle?

[After answering]

Reaper: This is it! Question 3! Shibuya's got a fever, and the only
        prescription is more Tin Pin! Which of these appears before the 

[After answering]

Reaper: It's over! OK... The results are in! Reaper Review, our final lesson!
        Survey says...

        > [If you answered incorrectly]
        > Reaper: Bzzt! So sorry! I can't let you pass-- until you pass. 
        > the breaks here on the Reaper Review. Study up and try again!
        > <Reaper>
        > Reaper: ...... Did you do your homework, kids? Then away we go!
        > [He starts again from Question 1]

[If you answered A mushroom, Mr. Mew, and Inpincible]
Reaper: You pass! So pass on through. I'd say, "See you in the next life,"
        but... Well, you know. Good luck, tigers! ! Oh, and here. A little
        memento. Sorry it's half-eaten.

> Just this once

Neku: All right. Let's see where this takes us.

Business Guy: Reaper... Creeper...

Beat: Get ready to answer his question. An' remember: White is YES, black is

Business Guy: What should Makoto do with his future?

Neku: Huh!? That's not a yes-or-no question!

Business Guy: Please, Reaper! Show me the way!

Beat: Yo, just wing it, Phones!

Neku: ......

[Play Reaper Creeper]
Business Guy: What should Makoto do with his future.

        > [Tap the help button]
        > Beat: Yo, I dunno if White or Black matters, so just pick one and
        >       move the coin.

        > [Don't move the coin]
        > Business Guy: ...Huh? It's not moving. Hellooo? ...Nothing.

        > [Move the coin too quickly]
        > Business Guy: It moved! Gaaaaah! So quick! So decisive! That's my
        >               Reaper! Marvelous! ? ...Huh? ...Wait a sec. Last 
        >               I'm pretty sure it moved more slowly. You know, I was
        >               so busy watching, I probably just bumped it or
        >               something. Hmm... Let's give this one more shot!
        > [Move the coin too quickly again]
        > Business Guy: So quick! So decisive! Thadda boy, Creepy! Marvelous!
        >               MARVELOUS! ? ... Wait. No, no, this is still all 
        >               I swear it moved more slowly. OK, just one more 
        > Neku: This guy is pissing me off.
        > Beat: Yo, you suck at this, Phones... Move it slooowly.

        > [Moving the coin]
        > Business Guy: It moved! Whoa! Nuh-uh!

        > [Move the coin towards Black]
        > Business Guy: Is it Black?

        > [Move the coin away from Black]
        > Business Guy: ...Not Black.

        > [Move the coin towards the Gate]
        > Business Guy: The Gate!?

        > [Move the coin away from the Gate]
        > Business Guy: ...Not the Gate.

        > [Move the coin towards White]
        > Business Guy: Is it White!?

        > [Move the coin away from White]
        > Business Guy: ...Not White.

[Pick Black]
Business Guy: Black! An answer, clear as day! Nothing beats Reaper Creeper 
              you need answers. All right, Black means... Aha! That clears
              things right up.

        > [If you chose the Gate]
        > Business Guy: Red! An answer, clear as day! Nothing beats Reaper
        > Creeper when you need answers. All right, Red means... Aha! That
        > clears things right up.

        > [If you chose White]
        > Business Guy: White! An answer, clear as day! Nothing beats Reaper
        > Creeper when you need answers. All right, White means... Aha! That
        > clears things right up.

Neku: ...... It...it does!?

Business Guy: All right, Makoto. I think I have your answer.

Makoto: Um, Boss, who were you talking to?

Business Guy: I know you think your luck's dried up.

Makoto: Yeah... Nothing's going my way.

Business Guy: Well, that's because... you need more BLACK in your life!

        > [If you chose the Gate]
        > Business Guy: Well, that's because... you need more RED in your 

        > [If you chose White]
        > Business Guy: Well, that's because... you need more WHITE in your
        >               life!

Makoto: What?

Business Guy: You heard me. Black! More darkness! More mystery!

        > [If you chose the Gate]
        > Business Guy: You heard me. Red! More... moulin rouge!

        > [If you chose White]
        > Business Guy: You heard me. White! More pure-as-the-drive-

Makoto: Uh...uhmm...

Business Guy: And I have just the product for you.

Makoto: But... Boss, I--

Business Guy: I had to pull a few strings to get these, so--

Makoto: Boss, I... I have to run. Take care...

[Makoto leaves]

Business Guy: W-wait, Makoto!

[Business Guy chases after Makoto]

Business Guy: You forgot your BLACK!

        > [If you chose the Gate]
        > Business Guy: You forgot your RED!

        > [If you chose White]
        > Business Guy: You forgot your BLACK!
Neku: ......

Beat: You see that? Mission cleared, yo!

Neku: ......

Beat: Game over, Pinky! Come on out!

Neku: ......

Beat: What, ain't she here? Wait a minute... Yo, did she trick us? Or maybe 
      Creeped so good she's too ashamed to admit it!

Neku: ......

Legal Stuff

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Thanks to SquareEnix and Jupiter for creating such an awesome game!

Thanks to twewygamescript (on Livejournal), as the vast majority of this 
would not be possible.

Thanks to Harold Tessman II for picking up a couple of typos
Thanks to Larissa for picking up the naming mistakes in Week 1, Day6
Thanks to nevereden for some of the script in AD
Thanks to Ian for the location of extra AD script I missed
Thanks to Inyong Lee for picking up various errors through the script as well
as some Other Additional Scripts

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