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Guide and Walkthrough by Lady Ashe

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/29/2008

The World Ends With You Walkthrough/FAQ v1.0

--- Introduction --- [intro1] ---

The World Ends With You is an experimental new IP developed by Square Enix and 
Jupiter Corporation. With the concepts for both the story and art designed by 
Tetsuya Nomura, the game is highly stylized, and clearly heavily influenced by 
anime. Thankfully though, the game is rather lacking in belts and zippers.

Set in Japan's trendy Shibuya district, The World Ends With You has you play as
Neku Sakabura, an anti-social boy who wakes up in the middle of the street with
nothing but his cellphoen, a bunch of pins, and the clothes on his back. 
Without his memories, invisible to the world, and witht he ability to read 
minds, Neku finds himself trapped in a deadly game where the prize is his right
to exist, and that of the friends he will meet.

Being an aRPG with character designs similar to those of Kingdom Hearts, The 
World Ends With You had received a lot of criticism for being too similar to 
the highly successful Square Enix franchise. This comparison is rather unfair, 
as while the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts follows your typical aRPG formula, that
of The World Ends With You uses the unique Stride Cross battle system to have 
the combat take place on both of the DS's screens at once.

What The World Ends With You does have in common with Kingdom Hearts is high 
review scores and popularity. Averaging around a 90% from all major review 
sites and magazines, and having its board reach Pokemon Diamond's level before 
the game was even released, The World Ends With You looks to be a huge success 
in the making.

--- Table of Contents ---

Introduction [intro1]
Table of Contents
Version History [hist1]
Controls [ctrl1]
Concepts [cncpt1]
Walkthrough [wlkthr1]
Acknowledgements/Policy [polc1]

--- Version History --- [hist1]

1.0 - April 29, 2008 - Main walkthrough completed.

--- Controls --- [ctrl1]

- Exploration -

Movement - To move Neku, use the d-pad or the latter buttons. You may also use
the stylus. Touch a spot to have Neku move there or drag the stylus to have 
Neku follow it.

Menu - Touch the cellphone icon in the top right corner with the stylus or
press start to open the menu.

Scan - Touch the pin icon in the bottom right corner with the stylus to scan 
your surroundings.

Talk/Listen - When a speech bubble pops up near a characters head, touch it 
with the stylus in order to talk to them or listen in on their conversations.

Advance Text - Use the d-pad, letter buttons, or the stylus to advance text 
during conversations.

Fast Forward - Press L or R to fast forward through text in conversations. This
is only available after completing the game once.

Shop - To enter a shop, simply move Neku toward it.

Purchase - If the requirements to purchase an item are met, use the stylus to 
drag is to the box labelled 'buy'.

Identify Ability - If an item is identified by the shopkeeper who sells it, 
select it in the store when you're a good enough friend with the owner. If not,
the item will automatically be identifed when you enter the correct shopkeeper 
at a high enough store level.

- Combat -

Top Screen Attack - To attack with the top screen character, use the d-pad or 
the letter buttons.

Bottom Screen Attack - To attack with Neku, input the stylus commands as 
specified in the pin's description.

Toggle Pins - To allow the game to tell between two attacks with the same input
command, press L or R to activate pins you have assigned to them.

Fusion - To use a fusion attack, touch the fusion icon with the stylus when it 
appears on the bottom screen.

Pause/Flee - To pause, press start. When paused, you have the option of fleeing
from most battles by touching the flee option with the stylus.

--- Concepts --- [cncpt1]

Noise - Noise are the enemies in The World Ends With You. There are some 
enemies whol are not actually noise, but they are called such for the sake of 
simplicity. There are many types of noise.

Red Noise - These are generic noise, and if you touch them when scanning, an 
encounter will begin.

Black(Taboo) Noise - These are similar to the red noise, but they will attack 
you on their own during a scan. They also do not take much damage unless the 
attacker has the light puck.

Blue(Boss) Noise - These are similar to red noise, but they are in fixed 
locations and will always have the same boss appear in each location.

Orange Noise - These are noise who have been attracted by a person's 
negativity, and makes them even more negative. In terms of battle they are no 
different from red noise. Defeating them typically clears up the person's 
negativity and breaks the feedback loop.

Green(Pig) Noise - If a green noise is in any area, their symbol will appear in
the top right. Also, you will hear an "oink" when you scan. They run from 
battles quickly, but they give good rewards if you manage to defeat them before
they do. They are in fixed locations, and once they have been defeated, they 
are permanently gone.

Light Puck - The green orb that floats around the playable characters is called
the light puck. The character with the light puck does more damage than usual. 
The light puck switches between characters after the character with it finishes
a combo.

Scanning - Scanning allows you to see noise, as well as the thoughts of 

Store Levels - Buying things from a store increases your friendliness with the 
shopkeeper. As the friendliness goes up, they will sell more things and 
identify more items.

Ability Identifcation - All equippable items have special abilities that must 
be unlocked before they apply in battle. This is done by befriending 
shopkeepers and having them identify the abilities for you.

Quest Items - Some items cannot be bought with yen. For these, you will need to
trade in items to obtain them. Red quest items can only be obtained once, while
blue ones can be repeatedly obtained.

Bravery - Bravery is your capacity to wear equipment. Each equip has a bravery 
value that must be met. The maximum bravery is 999.

Level Adjusting - In the menu, you have the option to change your level to 
anything equal to or below the maximum level you have earned. Lowering your 
level will make fights more difficult, but drop rates increase as a result.

Difficulty Modes - The game has multiple difficulty modes that you can unlock 
as you progress through it. Defeating enemies on different difficulty modes 
yields different pin drops.

Brands - Each pin and piece of equipment has a brand. These brands determine 
the bonuses you receive in battle, and each brand has a pin that increases the 
attack of other pins of the same brand.

Trends - Each area has its own take on which brands are trendy and which are 
not. These brands receive bonuses in combat according to where they lie in the 

Trend changing - By using pins/equipment of a certain brand in combat, that 
brand becomes more trendy in the area you're fihgting in, and more effective as
a result.

Memes - Memes are words you'll hear throughout the game that are used for 

Imprinting - Imprinting is when you place a word in a person's mind, changing 
their actions asa  result. It is used to progress through certain story events.

Psyches - Psyches are the classes of the various pins. There are limits on how 
many pins of a certain psyche you may use at once.

Pins - Pins are a type of equipment only Neku can wear, and they determine the 
attacks/spells/abilities he uses in battle.

Pin levels - Equipped pins will gain PP when you do various things, and when 
they get enough, they will level, increasing their effectiveness.

Pin evolution - Some pins, when they get enough PP of a certain type, will 
evolve into stronger pins.

Battle PP - PP gained by wearing a pin in battle. The main type of PP.

Shutdown PP - PP gained by equipped pins after having the game shut down for a 
period of time.

Mingle PP - Mingle PP is gained by playing Tin Pin Slammer with other people 
who own The World Ends With You, or by having the game in Mingle mode.

--- Walkthrough --- [wlkthr1]

Search format - ["c""Chapter number""d""Day number"]

For example, day one is [c1d1].

- Shiki Day 1 - [c1d1]

When you first gain control, press the pin icon in the bottom right corner to 
scan. You'll find yourself in a battle. You can't fight right now, so press 
start and flee. Some plot will happen, and you will meet your partner, Shiki. 
When you regain control, pay attention to the instructions and fight the 
battles. You can't possibly lose these fights, so take your time getting used 
to the controls. After you've finished fighting the noise, head right, to the 
Scramble Crossing, and then go up to 10-4. Day one complete.

- Shiki Day 2 - [c1d2]

Attempt to head west, and you'll find your path blocked by an invisible wall. 
Head back to the hooded figure and talk to him. After doing so, scan the area 
and erase the noise by him. Now head left. Go to the upper exit, and talk to 
the reaper. Scan and erase the noise around the statue. The path is now clear, 
so head over to the next screen. When there, examine the statue. You're unable 
to purify it right now, so backtrack to the previous screen and scan near where
you erased the noise. Read the guy's mind, and you'll know what to do. Go back 
to Hachiko, examine the statue, and choose the option to polish it. Noise will 
pop up, so erase them. You'll now encounter a Mini-boss.

Mini-boss: Noise 37, Metal Corehog.
HP: 600

You'll want to use ranged attacks on this guy. If you get too close to it, it 
will attack you with his quills for a decent bit of damage. It also fires 
spikes into the air, and these will explode a bit after they land, so you'll 
want to move away from them if they drop near you.

- Shiki Day 3 - [c1d3]

A new day! Fun. Move to the next screen. The first store shows up now, so buy 
something if you want to. When you're done, talk to 777. Offer to help or 
don't, it doesn't really matter as you'll end up doing it anyway. Now head down
and talk to the reaper. He'll summon noise and you'll be taught about fusion 
attacks. Fun. Defeat the noise and move on to the next screen. 

Head right until you reach the Ramen Don, then enter. Buy some food if you feel
like it, and then talk to the techie. He is surrounded by orange noise, so scan
and defeat them. Head back to where you met 777, and listen in on his 
conversation with the techie. Now talk to the reaper at the top exit. He'll 
show you a red noise symbol and tell you to defeat two of that type, so scan 
and do exactly that. It won't count if you do it in another area, so make sure 
it's in A-East. Talk to the Reaper again and head up through the now open path.

You'll see Beat and Rhyme near the entrance of this area, so go and talk to 
them. After you've finished with that, you'll see a businessman walk by. Talk 
to him, and when the symbol appears over his heart, press it twice to be given 
the opportunity to imprint. You only have one meme right now, so imprint 
"Blackout" into his mind.

With that done, head back to the stage and scan the guy in the top right 
corner. Go back to the techie in the Shibukyu Main Store area, and imprint the 
word "fuse" into his mind. Head back down past A-East to Dogenzaka, and enter 
the Cosmic Corner. Go back to A-East and talk to 777 and the techie. Head in to
the stage, go to the back right corner, and listen in on the conversation 
between the techie and his co-worker. It's time for a boss fight.

Boss: Noise 88, Vespertilio Canor.
HP: 800

This boss is invulnerable whenever the area is dark. In order to light it up, 
Shiki must defeat a number of the red bats on the top screen. While you're 
doing this, simply have Neku concentrate on not taking damage. Once enough of 
the bats are dead, the area lightens up, the boss loses it's invulnerability, 
and the boss becomes stunned for a brief period of time. When this happens, 
have Neku beat down on it while Shiki goes on defense. The boss may not die 
before its invulnerability is restored, in which case you simply need to repeat
the process until it does die. It's not a particularly difficult fight, and you
should have it down in no time.

- Shiki Day 4 - [c1d4]

Once you gain control of Neku, talk to Beat and Rhyme. You'll be challenged to 
a race, and they'll run off. If you try to leave the area before entering 10-4,
Shiki will harass you, so humour her and get it over with. If you want to buy 
something, do so, and once you're done head down into the Scramble Crossing.

Talk to the reaper by the right exit of the Scramble, and he'll tell you to 
bring him two 1000 yen pins before he'll let you pass. Lower your level in the 
menu, scan for noise, and defeat Noise 2 (Bigbanfrog - HP 400) until you get 
them. Talk to him again, and move on to the next screen.

In here, you'll find another reaper. This one wants you to have five 500 yen 
pins before letting you pass. With your level still lowered, defeat Noise 12 
(Garage Wolf - HP 350) and Noise 15 (Mosh Grizzly - HP 600) to obtain them. 
Once you have them, talk to the reaper and move right another screen.

Talk to Beat and Rhyme again, then move on to Towa Records. Before you take on 
the main enemy, you'll have to fight a regular batch of noise. Do so, and then 
it's time for a mini-boss.

Mini-boss: Noise 61, Swing Shark.
HP: 1200

You'll want to start this battle off by taking care of the small fry. The shark
can wait until the lesser threats are gone. This mini-boss only has two real 
ways to damage you. Its first attack is just it swimming around, and its fin 
will deal some damage to you if it hits you. The second attack is the one to 
look out for. A puddle will form underneath Neku, and this signifies that it is
about to strike. When you see this, simply move out of the way and you'll be 
fine. If you fail to do so, the shark will bite you and you'll take a fair 
amount of damage. This mini-boss is another relatively painless fight, and 
you'll make short work of it.

- Shiki Day 5 - [c1d5]

Head left and talk to the businessman nearby. He is trying some sort of ritual 
to make decisions for him, and you're going to interfere with it for kicks. If 
you move the coin too quickly, it won't work and you'll have to restart, so 
make sure to do it slowly. Drag it to the white symbol, and leave it there.

Talk to the Reaper near the entrance, scan, and kill two of the noise 
represented by the red noise symbol the reaper showed you. Talk to him again, 
and head up to Spain Hill. Scan and defeat a few noise, and the source of the 
problem will reveal itself to you. Scan by the two girls, and destroy the 
orange noise surrounding them.

Imprint "Reaper Creeper" in the first girl. She'll suggest they try the ritual 
to solve their problem. Playing the role of the reaper, go to white all three 
times. They'll make up, and then you're up to scan and defeat the remaining 
orange noise. Miniboss time.

Mini-boss: Noise 16, Circle Pit Grizzly.
HP: 3500

This time up, the foe is a giant bear. Unlike the last few boss fights, the 
bear is never invulnerable to attacks. When it looks like it is about to grab 
the ground, it will jump forward and slam into it, dealing damage with a 
decently sized area of effect. He can also swipe forward with his claws, though
this doesn't do as much damage. These attacks are all close ranged, and it's 
also pretty slow, so just staying back and pounding on it with ranged spells 
should work just fine.

- Shiki Day 6 - [c1d6]

A bit to your right is a distraught individual named Makoto. Talk to him, then 
scan him, and then scan again to erase the noise surrounding him. It's your job
to help him with his job, so talk to him and Nao. When you get the chance, 
imprint "Totally gnarly!" into his mind. This is a success, so now follow him 
to the northeast exit of the Scramble. It's blocked by a reaper, so talk to him
and engage in the first session of the Reaper Review. The answers are "Edoga 
the Shop", "High Heels", and "Bubbles". Once you've answered the questions 
correctly, head on over to Center St. Entrance.

Here you'll come across Makoto again, this time trying to con Shooter into 
taking a pin. Talk to them, and imprint "Unreal, bro!" into Makoto's mind when 
the opportunity arises. Having been successful once again, talk to the reaper. 
He wants to see that you have three rare metals. Make sure your difficulty is 
on normal, lower your level, and kill Noise 58 (Decadraven - HP 490) to get 
them. Talk to the reaper again, and continue on your way.

Once you have reached Spain Hill, talk to Makoto and the Techie. Imprint "Come 
get some hot stuff" in Makoto's mind, then do it again when the opportunity 
presents itself. With the handing out of the pin finished, backtrack to the 
Scramble Crossing. Shiki is near where Makoto originally was at the start of 
the day, so talk to her. Now she has moved over a bit to the left, but talk to 
her again. Now talk to Makoto. Apparently just handing them out isn't good 
enough, so equip the Red Skull pin. It slows your movement and doesn't help you
in any way, but it's necessary to advance, so there isn't anything that can be 
done about it.

Scan the area and defeat some noise in order to make the pin trendy in this 
area. Once you're told that it has caught on, move up to 10-4 and do the same 
thing there. After it is popular there as well, head back to the Scramble and 
talk to Shiki one last time for the day.

- Shiki Day 7 - [c1d7]

Once the day starts, head left to Hachiko. Talk to the reaper in here. He wants
you to fight a three battle chain, so scan and do just that. Once you have done
so, save and move on to the next area. Talk to the Reaper in here, and you'll 
be forced into a boss fight.

Boss: Noise 90, Cornix Canor.
HP: 800

The battle starts off tamely enough. You'll fight a couple of regular bird 
noise. No big deal, just a standard fight. Once you destroy them, a bigger bird
comes along, and those smaller ones begin to spawn infinitely at a slow pace. 
For this fight, you'll mainly be battling the small ones, but every once in a 
while the big bird will take a dive and fly across the screen. It lets out a 
shriek before doing this, so it's easy to tell when the attack is coming. You 
can just move up or down to avoid its attack, so it's not at all difficult to 
dodge. The problem is that this is also your only chance to deal damage. Once 
you're out of the way, lay down some ranged fire at it. You won't do much to 
it, so you'll have to let it take multiple passes at you in order to win. It 
has one other attack for you to worry about dodging, but it isn't vulnerable 
during this one, so you don't have to risk getting hit in order to deal some 
extra damage. You'll see a large circular shadow below Neku, and this means the
bird has picked up a vehicle of some sort and is dropping it on you. You'll 
want to move out of the way before it lands. This boss doesn't really have 
difficult attacks to dodge, but it's a pain to hit, so it's really more of a 
test of endurance than anything else.

Keep on moving through the area and into the Station Underpass, and head right 
there. Time for another boss fight.

Boss: Noise 91, Ovis Cantus.
HP: 8000

Yay, a major boss. This guy doesn't have any real gimmick. He's vulnerable to 
attack almost all the time. The only time he isn't is when he uses his attack 
"Time for a taste test!" He won't attack during this invulnerability period, 
so not only does it not pose a threat to you in any way, but it also provides 
you with an opportunity to use recovery pins and let your attack pins reload. 
He won't be very aggressive at first, so just beat him up for a bit and you'll 
be fine. His other attack during this phase comes after he says "I'll char your
bones black! He'll fire a bunch of electric orbs out at you. They're slow, so 
just dodge them. Eventually, he'll say "Now we're boiling!" This indicates that
he has entered his second phase, and now he'll attack with some regularity, and
his moveset will expand a bit as well. Now the attack with the electric orbs 
will be followed up by lightning strikes that follow Neku, so keep moving in 
order to avoid them. He'll also start using "I'll pound you", where he'll punch
the ground once on Neku's screen. Just move out of the way to avoid it. He also
uses "I'll mince you!", which is where he swipes at Neku and knocks him across 
the screen. Once he is down to his green health bar, he'll go into his final 
stage. He becomes even more aggressive, and "I'll pound you" will now sometimes
have him punch the ground repeatedly. It's not all that difficult a fight, but 
it's harder than anything you've faced up to this point.

- Joshua Day 1 - [c2d1]

A new week has started, and you'll find yourself without a partner once again. 
Start by heading left to Hachiko, and you'll meet Joshua. He isn't as powerful 
as Shiki until near the end of the week, but he's still pretty decent, and his 
method of earning fusion stars is more straight-forward than Shiki's. Anyway, 
you'll be forced into an encounter, so beat up the noise. When you're done, 
scan the area, and read Joshua's mind.

This is basically a filler day, so you're doing pretty much the same thing you 
did on Shiki Day 1. Go back to the scramble and talk to the reaper. Defeat the 
noise he sends at you and head on up to 10-4.

Mini-boss: Noise 51, Dub Rhino.
HP: 800

This guy is stupidly easy. It won't take damage from you unless you're behind 
it, but that's literally all it has going for it. Just hit him until he drops. 
Day one over.

- Joshua Day 2 - [c2d2]

Open up the day by scanning Joshua again. When the scene is done, talk to the 
reaper if you want to, but it isn't necessary to move on. Now head right to the
Shibu Department Store. When you're there, talk to the reaper. He'll tell you 
to defeat the noise surrounding people in this area. Scan, and beat the two 
groups of noise. Talk to the reaper again and move on.

Head up to Molco. Here is your first encounter with Taboo Noise. They take very
little damage when the attacker doesn't have the light puck, so keep that in 
mind when using Neku's attacks. After you beat them, enter the Molco building. 
It doesn't matter if you win or lose, so just play the game as well as you can.
Once you're done, head down to Cadoi City.

- Joshua Day 3 - [c2d3]

Head right to Cadoi City. Talk to the reaper there. He'll tell you to beat 
three noise with a certain shaped symbol while staying in the area, so scan and
defeat them. Talk to him again and keep on moving. Talk to the next one, and he
will tell you to find a Pop Pendulum pin. Lower your level and kill Noise 56
(Carcinosamps - HP 520) on normal to find one. Talk to the reaper again, and 
keep going all the way to cat Street. Enter WildKat. When you're done there, 
backtrack to Cadoi City. On the way, you'll encounter a boss.

Boss: Noise 80, Reaper Beat.
HP: 5000

Beat moves around pretty quickly and is a pain in general. Thankfully, this is 
merely a fight to survive. You probably won't be able to deal enough damage to 
kill him before the battle automatically ends. Just don't die, and you'll be 

Head to the scramble, and talk to the top reaper. Equip as much Natural Puppy 
stuff as possible, and fight some noise until it becomes the most popular brand
in the area. Talk to the reaper again, and head to 10-4, and then to Dogenzaka.

Head left until you reach a new store called Shadow Ramen, and enter it. After 
you are kicked out, head back to the Ramen Don, scan, and erase the noise 
around Ken. Enter the store, and you'll talk to him. Now go to Shadow Ramen and
you'll see that there is trouble in paradise. Head left and up to A-East, and 
talk to Makoto and Prince. After their conversation, scan and erase the noise 
around Prince. Head back to the Ramen Don and talk to Ken. Imprint the meme 
"Simple" in his mind. Now just enter the Ramen Don to end the day.

- Joshua Day 4 - [c2d4]

Head northeast to Center St. Entrance. Talk to the Reaper there. He asks for 
the Sexy + pin. Noise 59 (Easterraven - HP 720) drops it on easy, so lower your
level and kill a few of them. Talk to the reaper again and move on. In the next
area, the reaper wants you to fight a four chain reduction battle, so scan and 
do so. Move on to Tipsy Tose Hall.

Once you're there, talk to the reapers. After the other two leave, talk to 777.
Now go to Spain Hill and speak with Tenho there. Now go to Molco and examine 
the phone booth there. Head down, then left back to the Scramble Crossing. Talk
to BJ there. Head back to Tipsy Tose Hall and talk to the reapers again. First,
pick 2:02, then 1:55, and "None of these guys" for the final choice. Head on to
Shibu-Q, and you'll have have to fight Beat again. It's the same thing as last 
time, so when it's over, move on to Udagawa. When you get to the mural at the 
end of the area, talk to Joshua, then scan him to end the day.

- Joshua Day 5 - [c2d5]

Head right after gaining control, and talk to the reaper. Equip a bunch of D+B 
pins/threads and fight some noise to make it the most popular brand in the 
area. Talk to the reaper again, and keep going. Talk to the next reaper. If you
don't have ramen, you'll have to go back to the Scramble, 10-4, then Dogenzaka 
in order to buy some. When you get it, head back to the reaper, talk to him, 
and move on. In the next area there is yet another reaper. This one is a Reaper
Review. The answers to the questions are "Ken Doi", "Insta-Noodles", and "580 
yen". In Towa Records, this reaper wants Neku to be equipped fully with Mus 
Rattus threads. If you don't have enough, there is a Mus Rattus store back in 
Cadoi City. The next reaper wants to play Tin Pin Slammer with you. It doesn't 
matter if you win or lose, so humour him. The (thankfully) last reaper will 
tell you to defeat the noise he sends at you, but the catch is that he gets to 
pick which pins you use. Just use the top screen, and you'll be fine.

Now that you have finally reached your destination, enter WildKat. When your 
business there is done, backtrack to the Scramble. You'll encounter Beat again,
and he is the same as always. Head to Hachiko, the bus terminal, and then the 
underpass. Head right for the scene, then try to exit the underpass. A taboo 
noise will get the jump on you, so beat it and you'll end the day.

- Joshua Day 6 - [c2d6]

Remember how when you first got Joshua, he was pretty weak at first, but became
broken later on? Yeah, you've just reached that point. Pressing up will let 
Joshua levitate, and his aerial combos are stupidly good. Excellent.

Anyway, head to Center St. Entrance. You'll be attacked by taboo noise, so beat
it and move on. You'll see a reaper being attacked. Help him if you want to. If
you don't, you won't need to fight the noise. Now move to the next screen. More
people are being attacked by noise. You'll end up fighting the noise either 
way, so pick whichever you feel like picking. Head to Shibu-Q, and you're given
yet another choice. It's the same as with the first reaper, so if you choose 
not to help, you won't be forced to. Move into Udagawa, and you'll be attacked 
by another noise. Defeat it and the day ends.

- Joshua Day 7 - [c2d7]

Go up to 10-4, then take the left exit to Dogenzaka. Head all the way left, and
enter Pork City. Talk to the reapers. You're only allowed one brand of pin on 
each floor in here, so check the chart and equip things accordingly. You're 
also allowed brandless pins, so you can heal until your heart is content. Beat 
the noise on this floor and then move on. You'll face the exact same thing on 
the second floor, just with a different brand. Once you've finished off the 
noise, equip your good pins again, because it's time for a boss fight.

Boss: Noise 85, Sho Minamimoto. Noise 92, Leo Cantus.
HP: 3141

The battle starts with him using an "Inverse Matrix" to summon taboo noise to 
fight for him. After you defeat enough of them, he'll join the battle himself. 
He switches screens when you defeat all of the taboo noise, and he'll summon 
more noise as well. When he says "Zetta Slow" as Leo Cantus, he'll take a quick
swipe at you. If he says "Infinity!", he'll dash through you, dealing some 
damage. He'll interrupt your combos with Joshua, so you'll want to use Neku to 
beat him, which means trying to minimize the time spent with Minamimoto only on
the top screen. Overall, it's not a particularly difficult fight.

- Beat Day 1 - [c3d1]

As always, start day one off by heading to Hachiko. You don't have a partner, 
so run away from the battle. You'll make a pact with Beat, so defeat the noise 
that show up. Go up and follow the path to the end of the Station Underpass. 
Now backtrack to the scramble and talk to the reaper. Defeat the noise, and go 
to 10-4.

- Beat Day 2 - [c3d2]

Head up to 10-4, and then try to go left, where the entrance to Dogenzaka would
normally be. Beat will take down the wall. Head to Dogenzaka, and you'll be 
attacked by reapers. From now on, reapers will sometimes attack you when you 
move from area to area. Anyway, defeat them, then head to A-East. Talk to 777, 
and defeat him. Enter the concert stage, and move forward a bit. Examine the 
ground, and it's time for another boss.

Boss: Noise 89, Pteropus Canor.
HP: 4000

This boss has a couple more tricks than last time, but it's ultimately just a 
stronger version of the previous bat boss. When it is light, just make sure to 
be behind it when attacking, so that you don't get hit and stunned. Other than 
that, it's the exact same thing as last time.

- Beat Day 3 - [c3d3]

Talk to the businessman. Head to Center St. Entrance, then to AMX, and finally 
to Tipsy Tose Hall. Talk to Makoto and the businessman. Pick the option to not 
act as the reaper. After the scene, try to leave the area.

Boss: Noise 81, Uzuki Yashiro.
HP: 5500

She's not really anything special. She teleports quickly, so she's a bit hard 
to damage at times. She'll fire a few projectiles with her gun, but they're 
easy to dodge. When she says "Going somewhere?", she'll fire a homing attack at
you, so you'll have to run around for a while in order to lose it. When she 
laughs with "Ahaha", she'll fire a bunch of petals which will spread out and 
rotate, then meet together before firing out again in a straight line. She also
has the ability to heal herself. The attacks are all pretty easy to dodge, so 
it's not a difficult fight.

- Beat Day 4 - [c3d4]

Talk to Beat, then try to exit left. Scan, and defeat the top left and the 
bottom right noise, then talk to Beat and press the button. Now head right to 
Miyashita Park. Examine the ground. Now scan and erase the four large noise in 
this area. Press the button. In the underpass, defeat the middle noise, and in 
the park, defeat the middle two. Press the button. Head left through the 
underpass, then talk to Beat. Now go to Towa Records. Scan, and now you'll face
a boss.

Boss: Noise 83, Koki Kariya.
HP: 6000

Kariya has more HP than Uzuki, but this is balanced by him not teleporting all 
over the place constantly. Instead he floats around at a reasonably fast pace. 
When he says "What a pity", he'll summon an orb of lightning that will float 
around him, damaging you on contact. He also has "See ya", which will have him 
fire five blue shuriken at you. "Hyah" is just a bunch of straight firing 
bullets, similar to Uzuki's gunshots. His attack "Ready to clock out" is a slow
moving attack that has a large blast radius once it hits the ground. As with 
Uzuki, the attacks are all easy to dodge, so you'll have this fight finished in
no time.

Boss: Noise 81, Uzuki Yashiro. Noise 83, Koki Kariya.
HP: 5500, 6000

They're both the same as their previous fights, except now they have a dark 
puck that follows them in the same way your light puck does. Use the same 
strategies as you did last time, except be careful about avoiding the enemy 
with the light puck. Not a tough fight.

- Beat Day 5 - [c3d5]

Head to Center St. Entrance, AMX, and then Tipsy Tose Hall. Talk to the reaper,
and defeat him when he attacks you. Scan. Go to Shibu-Q Heads, and try to go 
left. You'll be attacked by reapers. They'll keep spawning for a while. Defeat 
them all, then enter Udagawa. Examine the ground at the top of the stairs. When
given the option, choose "Four days ago". Talk to Kariya and Uzuki.

Boss: Noise 82, Uzuki Yashiro (Berserk). Noise 84, Koki Kariya (Berserk).
HP: 7000, 7000

They're pretty much the same as before except more powerful. The one key 
difference is that they now have a fusion of their own. There isn't any way to 
block it, so just try to kill them before they use it, or heal up after it. 
Not too different from the previous battle beside the lack of audio signals, so
you shouldn't have any trouble with them.

- Beat Day 6 - [c3d6]

Head to Shibu Deptartment Store, then Cadoi, Towa Records, the Underpass, 
Miyashita Park, Cat Street, and finally enter WildKat. Now backtrack to Cadoi, 
and examine the heap when you're there.

Boss: Noise 86, Sho Minamimoto (Taboo).
HP: 5926

This guy likes teleporting. A lot. He's very difficult to hit using the bottom 
screen, so expect Beat to be doing most of the work. Thankfully, like Beat's 
fights, you don't actually need to win this fight, as after enough time it will
end automatically.

- Beat Day 7 - [c3d7]

Head left to Hachiko, the Bus Terminal, and finally reach the Underpass. Head 
right to enter the Shibuya River. It's linear, so just keep moving right. Talk 
to Minamimoto.

Boss: Noise 93, Tigris Cantus.
HP: 4444

Her first stage is top screen only. Have Beat wail on her, and Neku will have 
to fight generic enemies down below. They'll be pulled toward the bottom left 
of the screen, and if they make it all the way, they'll be destroyed and will 
heal her. Her second stage is on both screens. You need to hit her on the top 
screen in order to make her vulnerable on the bottom. For her third stage, have
Beat attack, while having Neku stay in her shadow as much as possible. For her 
final form, you'll see some yellow stuff sparking on the bottom screen. Touch 
it with the stylus to summon the noise you just got to attack her, and she'll 
take a hit. Repeat this until she goes down. Her attack variety pretty much 
doesn't exist, so you shouldn't ever be in danger of dying.

Once you beat her, keep on moving right. Examine the heap. Head into the next 
area. Talk to Megs.

Boss: Noise 87, Megumi Kitaniji.
HP: 10000

On the top screen, Shiki attacks as she normally would, so just block her 
attacks when she sends Mr. Mew at you. Kitaniji's attacks have more variety, 
though they're still generally easy to dodge with the exception of one of them.
His first attack is "Stop it", where he'll attack left or right with a long 
arm. Another is "Time be still", where he freezes time, sets up attacks, and 
moves next to you for a "Stop it" One of them has a red line which indicates 
the path a laser he is about to fire will follow. His last couple of attacks 
are balls that he can create which will fire orbs in every direction slowly, 
and another where they will come at you quickly. He doesn't have any 
invulnerability gimmicks though, so the fight won't last too long if you just 
keep hitting him.

Once you've won, scan and touch the door. Now just follow the path the rest of 
the way.

Boss: Noise 94, Anguis Cantus.
HP: 10000

This boss is pretty much a joke. Just stay away from the head and you won't 
die. The body of the dragon takes damage as well, so you can completely ignore 
the head and still win. A terribly easy fight.

Boss: Noise 94, Anguis Cantus.
HP: 10000

The same thing as before, just with Beat instead of Shiki.

Boss: Noise 95, Draco Cantus.
HP: 25000

Unlike the previous fight, this one can actually kill you if you don't know 
what you're doing. First, stay away from the middle. The middle head can bite 
you, and it will do a lot of damage, and you'll have a hell of a time dodging 
the rest of the attacks as well. Go for one of the side heads, since you can 
easily dodge everything from them. Its attacks are "Ahhh!", which has one of 
the heads fire out a lot of bullets, "Let the light save you", where a sword is
shot into the ground and explodes with a large blast radius, and some buzzing 
noise, which indicates it will fire a decently large beam across the area. It 
can also fire a bubble which will trap you and drag you to the center. If you 
get caught by it, try to destroy it, or the middle head will bite you. Just 
spam as many attacks as you can on the boss, and after the first fusion scene 
shows up, start paying attention to your partners on the top screen. If one of 
them indicates a direction, press that direction with the d-pad or letter 
buttons to have them power up your light puck, increasing your damage for the 
fight. After you have taken away all of its HP, touch the pin to end the fight.

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