• Google Play Achievements

    This title has a total of 99 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Awesome 1Get an Awesome rating 50 times
    Awesome 2Get an Awesome rating 150 times
    Awesome 3Get an Awesome rating 300 times
    Big Mouth 1Brag to 5 friends
    Big Mouth 2Brag to 75 friends
    Big Mouth 3Brag to 150 friends
    Boosty 1Boost 100 times
    Boosty 2Boost 300 times
    Boosty 3Boost 750 times
    Boss Man 1Complete all Taxi Rank missions in Downtown
    Boss Man 2Complete all Taxi Rank missions in Beach
    Boss Man 3Complete all Taxi Rank missions in Uptown
    Close Call 1Perform 250 Crazy Throughs
    Close Call 2Perform 1000 Crazy Throughs
    Close Call 3Perform 2500 Crazy Throughs
    Collector 1Own 3 Cars
    Collector 2Own 8 Cars
    Collector 3Own 12 Cars
    Cone Goal 1Knock down 100 cones
    Cone Goal 2Knock down 250 cones
    Cone Goal 3Knock down 500 cones
    Connected 1Complete a social mission
    Connected 2Complete 75 social missions
    Connected 3Complete 300 social missions
    Crate Breaker 1Smash 111 boxes
    Crate Breaker 2Smash 555 boxes
    Crate Breaker 3Smash 1111 boxes
    Dedicated 1Fully upgrade Boost on one Taxi
    Dedicated 2Fully upgrade Acceleration on one Taxi
    Dedicated 3Fuly upgrade Tyres on one Taxi
    Dizzy 1Perform 50 U turns
    Dizzy 2Perform 150 U turns
    Dizzy 3Perform 300 U turns
    Dollar Frenzy 1Collect 1000 pick ups
    Dollar Frenzy 2Collect 5000 pick ups
    Dollar Frenzy 3Collect 10,000 pick ups
    Drift Crazy 1Perform 150 Crazy Drifts
    Drift Crazy 2Perform 650 Crazy Drifts
    Drift Crazy 3Perform 1500 Crazy Drifts
    Drop Off Demon 1Drop off 50 passengers
    Drop Off Demon 2Drop off 150 passengers
    Drop Off Demon 3Drop off 250 passengers
    Entrepreneur 1Complete Downtown HQ missions
    Entrepreneur 2Complete Beach HQ missions
    Entrepreneur 3Complete Uptown HQ missions
    Fender Bender 1Perform 150 Crazy Crashes
    Fender Bender 2Perform 500 Crazy Crashes
    Fender Bender 3Perform 1000 Crazy Crashes
    Fragile 1Crash into 50 ambulances
    Fragile 2Crash into 200 ambulances
    Fragile 3Crash into 550 ambulances
    Good Karma 1Send 15 Kickbacks
    Good Karma 2Send 80 Kickbacks
    Good Karma 3Send 250 Kickbacks
    High Flyer 1Jump over 1 vehicle
    High Flyer 2Jump over 55 vehicles
    High Flyer 3Jump over 155 vehicles
    High Roller 1Earn over $100,000
    High Roller 2Earn over $500,000
    High Roller 3Earn over $1,500,000
    It's a MysteryOpen the Mystery Trunk 70 times
    Jump Around 1Perform 50 Crazy Jumps
    Jump Around 2Perform 150 Crazy Jumps
    Jump Around 3Perform 350 Crazy Jumps
    King of the HillGet an Awesome rating in all Hills HQ missions
    Late Again 1Run out of time 10 times
    Late Again 2Run out of time 50 times
    Late Again 3Run out of time 100 times
    Level Headed 1Hit level 5
    Level Headed 2Hit level 20
    Level Headed 3Hit level 45
    Long Haul 1Fully upgrade a Downtown Taxi
    Long Haul 2Fully upgrade a Beach taxi
    Long Haul 3Fully upgrade an Uptown Taxi
    Money for Nothing 1Receive 10 Kickbacks
    Money for Nothing 2Receive 50 Kickbacks
    Money for Nothing 3Receive 150 Kickbacks
    Off Piste 1Jump off 10 car transporters
    Off Piste 2Jump off 50 car transporters
    Off Piste 3Jump off 150 car transporters
    Perfectionist 1Change your base paint color
    Perfectionist 2Equip a decal
    Perfectionist 3Buy a special decal
    Pimped 1Buy some wheels
    Pimped 2Buy a Trunk 'add on'
    Pimped 3Buy a Hood 'add on'
    Pushing It 1Cross the line after a time out
    Pushing It 2Cross the line after a time out 50 times
    Pushing It 3Cross the line after a time out 100 times
    Sidewalker 1Driver on the sidewalk 50 times
    Sidewalker 2Driver on the sidewalk 200 times
    Sidewalker 3Driver on the sidewalk 500 times
    Speedy 1Get a Speedy rating 25 times
    Speedy 2Get a Speedy rating 75 times
    Speedy 3Get a Speedy rating 150 times
    Taxi TycoonGain over 5,000 customers
    Track Attack 1Drive the Tank 10 times.
    Track Attack 2Drive the Tank 25 times
    Track Attack 3Drive the Tank 50 times

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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  • Unlockable Characters

    Meet the conditions to unlock new characters. They can be accessed on the main menu via Profile > Change Driver.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Angel LoveDriver Level 3
    Captain CrazyDriver Level 4
    Jake JohnsonDriver Level 4
    Jaques La MerDriver Level 13
    MandrewDriver Level 16
    Misty ChromeDriver Level 7
    O-DogDriver Level 23
    Rick R. MortisDriver Level 19

    Contributed By: Nerthing.

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