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Auralux is an abstract, essentialized, and simplified real-time strategy game.You command only one type of unit and have only one type of order to give those units. You and your opponents start the game with precisely equal resources. Quick reflexes will get you nowhere. The only path to victory is through clever strategy. Auralux features a slow, floating feel and vibrant minimalistic graphics. The entire game pulses to the rhythm of ambient music, and the player's actions evoke sounds that smoothly coalesce into melody. This game is designed to provide a relaxing, cerebral experience. Every choice matters, and only the best strategies will succeed. Features:-Includes every feature and more from the renowned PC game.-Free to try for as long as you like! Simply purchase additional levels for a very low price if you enjoy the game and want more challenges.-Gameplay optimized for touch screen devices.-Countless hours of gameplay-Two available game modes : Normal and Speed Mode, with a secret mode for hardcore players to unlock!-Relaxing, ambient soundtrack brings you into a rhythm and meditative state.Game by E McNeillPorted by War Drum Studioswww.wardrumstudios.com

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