Which units should i use in a team?

  1. Right, ok so ive seen so many team builds and my units are pretty terrible to be fair but I need to build a good team out of these.?

    Fire: Holy Flame Vargas(Lord), Homusubi(Breaker), Crimson Hood Ciara(Anima), Granados(Lord), Inferno Princess Dia(Guardian), Pyro Revolution Ruby(Anima), Flame-Tailed Lucia (Lord)

    Water: Twin Arms Rickel(Breaker), Ice warrior Karl(Lord), Tidal Dragoon Zephu(Oracle), Felneus(Lord), Sea King Mega(Anima)

    Grass: Earthly II and Mina(Breaker), Swift Shot Andaria(Anima), Fei and Fang(Anima)

    Light: Holy Knight WIll(Anima), Holy Blades Sefia(Anima), Deemo and the Girl 6*(Breaker), Heavenly lance Nadore(Anima), Snow Queen Eva(Anima), Cyber Wings Exgear(Lord)

    Dark: Evil God Kajah(Guardian), Demon Armor Reis(Breaker), Grahdens(Lord), Shadow Alloy Chrome(Oracle)

    I need to make a team as best I can but I'm finding it pretty hard with these units, Any help would be appreciated?

    Thank you in advance

    User Info: Faydea

    Faydea - 4 years ago

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