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  1. I have 10 max level units but i want to evolve at least two people but i don't know who to evolve first

    I have:
    Bow God Lario
    Hermit Wizard Oguro
    Cavalryman Sodis
    Mad Knight Narza
    Holy Treasure Yujeh
    Fire God Vargas
    Ryujin Mifune
    Dictator Lilly Matah

    I also have Smoldering King Alpha and Holy Thunder Eze but I don't need to evolve them just yet
    I looked up Narza and i dont think it's worth it to evolve him just yet even though his BB and SBB are quite useful in reducing damage.
    Also I use Lario and Mifune more often then the other so....
    I just need help

    User Info: Jexnex32

    Jexnex32 - 3 years ago


  1. Without knowing the rest of your roster or what level you are, it might be hard to recommend, but I would say Narza if you don't have another damage mitigator (Shera, Darvanshel, etc). Otherwise, Oguro and Lario would be my choices. Oguro has a great leader skill and infinite SBB, and Lario has the 40 hit SBB.

    User Info: Elsymir

    Elsymir (Expert) - 3 years ago 0   0

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