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  1. Tesla (6*) Breaker
    Altri (6*) Oracle
    Elimo(6*) Anima
    Douglas(6*) Breaker
    Galant (6*) Lord
    Mifune (6*) Anima
    Magress (6*) Guardian
    Kuhla (5*) Breaker
    Rowgen(5*) Breaker
    Shera(4*) Oracle
    Zelha(4*) Oracle
    Kira(5*) Breaker
    Elza(4*) Lord
    Ivris(5*) Guardian
    Kuda(4*) Breaker
    Feeva(5*) Anima
    Ardin(4*) Anima
    Colt (5*) Anima
    Semira (4*) Anima

    I know the majority of these are underleved but i want to know which ones i should level for Maxwell

    User Info: Solidfoxz

    Solidfoxz - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I am not completely familiar with your units that can be 7*, but I would try the following (assuming all units are max level and BB/SBB/UBB):

    Might be risky:
    Kira (lead) - (boost to crit damage and damage by Dark units against Light)
    Kuda (Crit/Attack boost)
    Magress (Def Boost and UBB can protect against Endless)
    Ivris (status removal & healing)
    Shera (damage reduction)
    Cardes (friend) - Damage reduction from Dark/Light units and reduced BB cost

    A more traditional team:
    Grah (lead)
    Ivris (status removal)
    Rowgen (single target SBB with refill)
    Shera (damage reduction)
    Kuhla (BB regen and Attack boost)
    Lilly (friend) - BB recovery when damaged

    You have some really good units, so should be able to take her down. You could check the forums as there are some really good players there that could probably help more.

    User Info: Elsymir

    Elsymir (Expert) - 3 years ago 0   0

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