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  1. I beat Grahdens yesterday and Karl like 3 days ago. The main reason I did the Trials was so I could get Maxwell. Before each trial I would go online and watch a guide so I could know when to guard and who I should take and stuff like that. Maxwell seems like it'll be a tricky fight so I want to know how I should go about fighting him I also heard I shouldn't fight him if I'm not over level 100 but I'm level 82 and I did the first two trials pretty easily. My units are
    Dia 6* level 100 SBB10 Lord
    Vargas 3* level 21 BB7 Breaker
    Luther 6* level 64 BB2 Guardian
    Ramna 2 level 1 BB1 Breaker
    Orwen level 9 BB1 Lord
    Karl 4* level 48 BB1 Lord
    Reeze 6* level 100 BB9 Guardian
    Raydn 4* level 1 BB1 Lord
    Phee 4* level 15 BB2 Breaker
    Ophelia 6* level 12 BB2 Anima
    Miku 4*level 19 BB2 Anima
    Rashil 5* level 64 BB2 Guardian
    Amy 5* level 63 BB1 Anima
    Ahvel 4* level 57 BB3 Breaker
    Sodis 5* level 80 BB1 Breaker
    Narza 5* level 1 BB1 Guardian
    Xenon&Estia 5* level 28 BB1 Anima
    Grahdens 5* level 62 BB1 Lord
    Lodaga 5* level 31 BB1 Lord
    Lunaris 5* level 1 BB1 Anima
    Eric 5* level 80 BB1 Breaker
    Zephyr 4* level 1 BB1 Guardian

    Thanks in advance

    User Info: SubjectZero_

    SubjectZero_ - 4 years ago

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  1. The Maxwell fight is very hard. The Abbadon fight can be a little tricky, too.

    There are 4 main things that you need:
    1. Damage mitigation unit (Darvanshel/Oulu/Narza when he gets his 6*)
    2. Ability to remove statuses or ignore them (Altri, Lunaris, etc.)
    3. Premium Healer
    4. BB fill/regen ability (Lily Matah, Lodin, etc.)

    Even when you have everything that you need, it can be rough. I fought her at least 10 times before I finally beat her and that was using a full 6* team with max SBBs.

    My best guess:
    Grahdens (leader) - Light/Dark damage resist and Light/Dark attacks added
    Darvanshel (friend) - Status ignore and damage mitigation
    Luther - damage
    Rashil - Healer
    Raydn - damage

    That leaves an extra slot, which should be filled by a BB regen character.

    You also might try asking in the forums as there are people smarter than me over there. Good luck!

    User Info: Elsymir

    Elsymir (Expert) - 4 years ago 1   0

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