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  1. So my summons are:

    4* (L) Cyborg Lilith

    4* (G) Blade Storm Sefia

    4* (A) Uda

    4* (L) White Lebra

    4* (A) Red Axe Michele

    4* (G) Homusubi

    4* (O) Hot Chef Lancia

    4* (L) Magic Riffs Eric

    4* (B) Magic Riffs Eric

    4* (L) Hail Bot Reeze

    4* (G) Snow Cub Signas

    4* (O) Azure Blade Lucina

    4* (B) Phee

    4* (O) Phee

    4* (G) Pugilist Dilma

    4* (B) Nalmika

    4* (B) King Behemoth

    4* (A) Shock Bow Lock

    4* (A) Sky Angel Kushra

    4* (A) Horseman Sodis

    4* (G) Light Blade Alyut

    4* (B) Goth Kikuri

    Here are the units before the summon frenzy I had.

    4* (B) Dark Charm Lunaris

    4* (G and A) Light Blade Alyut

    4* (A) Homisubi

    4* (G) Mech Arms Grybe

    4* (G) Great Falcon Ziz

    3* (L) Lorand

    3* (A) Knight Will

    3* (B) Gunner Douglas

    3* (L) Ice Selena

    I would appreciate it if you could tell me if theses summons were good or bad and which to not worry about upgrading.

    User Info: officialklutch

    officialklutch - 4 years ago


  1. People in the forums can probably help better than I can, but since nobody has responded, I will give my 2 cents:

    Uda (Leader)
    White Lebra
    Red Axe Michele
    Pugilist Dilma
    Gunner Douglas

    This is all based off of their 6* forms with SBBs and is a BB spam team. Uda is the only one that hasn't been released yet. Also, it is worth leveling Lancia so that you have a healer and Reeze/Kushra so that you have a leader that can ignore Status effects. Lilith is also great as a boss killer since her 6*'s SBB refills each turn.

    But, like I said, the forums might be a better place, since there are some more experienced players there and they know more about what is coming up.

    User Info: Elsymir

    Elsymir (Expert) - 4 years ago 0   0

  2. I would vote

    Sefia, strong light type with paralysis brave burst

    Lilith, another strong light type, super brave burst is awesome, single target only, but refills burst gauge every time, also at max evo as leader +65% atk with 5+ different unit types

    Signus, solid water type

    Grybe, solid thunder type

    Uda, another decent thunder type, he's great for arena, grybe is better overall tho

    There's a few on there I've never seen, so maybe do a little research, but in general, the newer the unit, the stronger they are

    User Info: grizzlord

    grizzlord - 4 years ago 0   0

  3. Any unit that has 7* potential should be your first priority...I'm not sure about some if the units you have cuz there's literally like a billion new ones since I started, but of those the notable ones you should focus on, in my opinion are:

    SELENA - Omni potential, has HoT ability with SBB and has excellent stats when you get her there...just note that first starting out it will take a while to get her where you want her to be or even bE able to afford her with your total team cost.

    KIKURI - Very high ATK and also raises BB gauge when attacked (SBB), which is a very important skill early on before you get good BB spam units.

    WILL - His 7*, like Selena, has Hot effect with SBB.

    LILITH - Has an unlimited single target SBB attack that is good for focusing single enemies where you want to do a lot of damage.

    MICHELE - Good ATK type unit, with decent 7* leader skill.

    REEZE - Good for status ailment cleansing and inflicting.

    ALYUT - Good for DEF and ATK, and BB gauge fI'll to an extent.

    SODIS - Spark buffer and good against dark units.

    Again, I'm not very familiar with these units that you listed as a whole, but I definitely use Selena often and she's very handy against DoT type damage and in lieu of a healer. You should definitely look to get a mitigator too, they are the most important units later in the game, so the faster you level one up the better off you'll be.

    Its all a question of how you want to build your team, and they have a Wiki app you can download that will show you all stagea of each characters development. Hope this helps.

    User Info: dsk8

    dsk8 - 2 years ago 0   0

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