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FAQ/Walkthrough by Sanctuary Remix

Version: Final | Updated: 05/17/07

Double Dragon (1987 - Arcade)
By: Alex "Joker" Hall
Started on - 7/2/03
Completed on -
E-Mail at SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com

- Short Story of My History with the original butt-kicker game -

- Back in 1987 the legacy of the Double Dragon would begin. I remember
  distinctly how big of an impact they had on the gamers back then, and
  how now thanks to the amount of quarters my gamer generation's used
  on the game, they've now become legends in their own rights. I
  wouldn't expect the much newer gamers to know about Double Dragon,
  but let me tell you newbie gamers something......Jimmy and Billy Lee
  also known as Hammer and Spike due to other developers helped to
  pave the way of video gaming as we know it.

- Now I did play the hell out of the game in the arcades, but sadly I
  can't find the game anywhere. It's now lost in the annals of gaming
  history. But fortunately I'm into the emulation scene and I've found
  it once again as a download. Now I play the hell out of the game once
  again in the comfort of my own home. This is how it's possible for me
  to give all of you this walkthrough for one of the gaming legends.
  For all gamers newbs and veterans alike.....I suggest that you find
  a MAME emulator and the game file itself and learn what helped to
  start video gaming phenomena today or relive those old thug butt
  kicking days. This game didn't have the Tornado Kick that was made
  popular by them and carried on by Ryu and Ken in the Street Fighter
  series. The Tornado Kick came later in the second game.

*** NEW EXTRAS FOUND!!!!!!! ***

- I was just playing the game a few minutes ago, and I noticed a few
  things in the game that all of you might like to know. I've added the
  new features I found in the Tips and Tricks Chapter.

*** Update (Who'd of known I would of done one???) ***

- After all these years I never thought I'd actually have to come back
  and update this walkthrough once more, but here I am.  The good people
  at Microsoft got Double Dragon up for the XBox 360 for download and I'm
  here to tell all of you on how to get all those Achievements in no time
  flat.  Seriously, I got them all done in like 2 days....mainly because
  I was too lazy to finish getting them all in like one sitting...but oh
  well.  Check out the new chapter for all that info!

Table of Contents
1) The Story
2) The Controls
3) The Thugs
4) Weapon Details
5) Tips and Tricks
6) The Stages
7) Xbox 360 Achievements
8) The Double Dragon Hall of Fame
9) Credits

1) The Story

- This is the story from what I could piece together from various
  sources all over the net.

- Billy and Jimmy Lee (aka Spike and Hammer thanks to the Taito
  license) run a successful dojo that teaches the style of martial arts
  that they've mastered known as Sou-Setsu-Ken. They both oppose crime
  and try to help out in the war on crime in their own way. The Shadow
  Warriors are the number one reigning gang in the city and don't
  appreciate The Double Dragon sticking their noses in their business.
  Now up until now The Double Dragon haven't really been doing too much
  to interfere with the Shadow Warriors and leaving the majority of the
  work to the police, but that made no difference to the Shadow
  Warriors. One day when Marion (Billy's girlfriend) went to visit him
  at their garage, the Shadow Warriors attack her and kidnap her to
  lure The Double Dragon into a trap. Knowing what they wanted but not
  really caring The Double Dragon set out to rescue Marion and put a
  stop to the Shadow Warriors once and for all. So now the battle

2) The Controls

- Can't take on whords of thugs without knowing every move you can do
  can you?

- Naturally it's a side scroller with 8 direction movement. Up, Down,
  Left, Right, Diagonals.

- The means of attacking is through the punch and kick buttons. These
  are your basic attacks right here. By repeatedly pressing the punch
  button you'll do a nice short head smashing combo. A one-two-uppercut
  combination. Your kicks a little stronger than your punches. The kick
  combo is one high kick to the jaw followed by a roundhouse kick
  knocking any and all thugs to the floor.

- Jumping is also apart of the game. There are points in the game where
  you'll need to jump up to higher ground to continue or escape a group
  of enemies. The only attack you can do in the air is a jump kick.
  While standing still press the punch button to do a kick to the front
  and the kick button to do a kick to the back. While moving forward
  and jumping you have to press either attack button just as you press
  the jump button to do the flying kick.

- Back Attacking is the best way to catch a person off guard and do
  damage. By pressing both the jump and kick buttons at the same time
  you'll do jumping back kick. By pressing both the punch and jump
  buttons at the same time you'll do the infamous Elbow Smash. This is
  the most used back attack in the game by veteran users due to it's
  great strength, quickness, and knock down power. Really every enemy
  in the game will try to attack you when your back is turned, so get
  use to using these attacks often.

- Grabbing opponents happens automatically by being close to an enemy
  that's bent over from either 2 punches or 1 kick. You must be close
  to them to grab them in this moment. When you grab the enemy you'll
  grab them by their hair and bend them down to about chest level.
  There you can either press the kick button to smash all their teeth
  out by way of constant knee smashes, or the punch button to hurl the
  enemy's dumbass a few feet behind you. You can get an enemy in a Full
  Nelson hold by walking up behind them. It'll automatically grab them
  and hold them in the hold slowly strangling the air out of them. This
  move is best used if you're in a 2 player game in that your partner
  can beat the crap out of the enemy while you hold them. Beware though
  some enemies can break the hold.

- When grabbed by an enemy there are 2 things you can do in this
  situation. The first by pressing the kick button to kick out in front
  of you so that no other enemy can take a few cheap shots on you. The
  other thing is by pressing the jump button to break the hold. Don't
  allow yourself to be held for too long. The hold is a Full Nelson and
  it slowly strangles the air out of you until you die.

- Well that's the basics of the Sou-Setsu-Ken style. Now get out there
  and rescue Marion already!!!!

3) The Thugs

- Williams is the guy with the mean face and full hair up. He's the
  first thug you meet. He posses the basic moves you have with the
  exception of back attacks and kicks. They (like every other character
  in the game) come in different clothes colors and race (between white
  and black races). They can use a wide assortment of weapons. These
  guys can be annoying at times, but they easily fall for the Elbow
  Smash, so use that to floor them then turn to them and give them a
  smackdown of a lifetime. ** I left out that they can't use the front
  grabs either.** Sometimes they like to carry knives or dynamite that
  you won't see until they throw it at you or you knock it out of them
  by force.

- Roper is lanky sleepy looking guy that has hair down across his face
  and wears a vest. He posses the same basic moves like you with the
  exception of the back attacks, kicks, and front grabs. These guys of
  course go through clothes and race changes throughout the game. They
  too can use a wide assortment of weapons as well. These guys are a 
  bit smarter than Williams so you're gonna have to use some strategy
  in attacking them. They do fall for the Elbow Smash, but they'll be
  somewhat cautious when attacking at you from either the front or
  back. Get them in a pinned situation and they start to attack
  violently so keep your guard up on that.

- Linda is the only female in the game that fights. She's a blonde that
  wears a light purple skin tight suit. She can use the basic moves
  with the exception of the front grab and back attacks. She never
  changes her clothes or race the whole game from what I can tell. She
  only uses the whip weapon which she'll walk in with most of the time.
  If you disarm her from the whip then she's basically defenseless
  despite the fact that she can punch and what not. She'll swing a
  few times to get her whip back if you take it, or she'll spend her
  time trying to get back at her whip if you separate her from it.
  She's an easy enemy to defeat so long as you keep her away from her

- Bolo and Abobo are the hulking giants you meet in the game. They look
  the same except Bolo is the one without the mohawk. Bolo's the first
  big guy you'll meet in the game when he crashes through a wall to
  get at you. Abobo is the first boss of the game. They both come in
  different color clothes and race as you progress through the game.
  (At one point you meet Bolo from space!!!!!! He gains green skin and
  red eyes.) These guys will punch the crap outta you if you don't
  watch out. They have a really big length to punch at you from so
  keep a really big distance from them if you want to deal with them
  one on one by getting rid of their back up. If you get in too close
  on them they'll grab you and throw you over them a great distance
  into the air and a few feet behind them, kinda like your throw only
  higher. These guys don't appear as often as the first three I've
  listed, but they appear more than enough. Consider them as minibosses
  and bosses. They go down just as easy as the rest of the thugs so
  don't go thinking you'll have to constantly hammer away at them to
  drop them. They do have more life than the thugs so a few more combos
  and Elbow Smashes will do them in.

- Jeff is the boss of the second stage and comes in again at a few
  various parts of the game, but mainly in the final battle. Jeff has
  every single move you do and is a whole hell of alot smarter than the
  normal thugs. He can dodge some kicks and punches and can break your
  hold on him if you grab him. Try the best you can to trick him with
  the Elbow Smash and then wait for him to stand to bring an unholy
  buttwhipping upon him. He doesn't change much in clothes colors or
  race, but if I remember correctly you meet him in the 3rd stage with
  tanned skin (maybe he's hispanic?) and in the final battle with
  blonde hair. He's not impossible to beat, but he does take alot of
  damage to finally put him to rest.

- Willy is the boss of the Shadow Warriors and the final boss of the
  game. He depends solely on his machine gun for attacking and it
  causes instant death. If you get close to him he'll try to smack you
  away with his gun. He doesn't have much of an attack style, but who
  needs one when you have a gun that causes instant death? The main
  thing to do with him is dodge and attack. Let him fire some and dodge
  the bullets as you see them coming, then while he's still flat footed
  shooting, try to get in close enough to attack. I suggest getting rid
  of any other enemies when you fight him so that way you have only him
  to worry about. Defeat him and you've put a stop the Shadow Warriors.

4) Weapon Details

- This game does have a wide assortment of weapons you can use to bring
  hurt to the Shadow Warriors.

- The Baseball Bat gives you excellent reach and knock down power. It
  is a powerful weapon to have, but doesn't show up as often as you'd
  like it to. This weapon is usually carried in by either Williams or
  Roper. Power Rating 4/5

- The Whip is an adequate weapon to have. It's not as powerful as the
  bat, but it does knock down the enemy. It's range isn't as great
  either. I suggest only using this weapon to even up odds when you get
  surrounded. This weapon is only carried in by Linda. Power Rating 3/5

- The Knife isn't used to stab at people with, but to throw. It goes
  from one side of the screen to the other. If it goes offscreen and
  there's no wall to come in contact with it's lost forever. It's power
  is extremely high and can usually kill a thug with one hit if he's
  been punched or kicked once or twice. It's an excellent weapon, but
  requires precision timing to hit an enemy, especially from a
  distance. It can only be used once so you'll have to find another one
  elsewhere. Usually it's carried in by Williams and Roper. You won't
  see them holding it, but you'll see it when they throw it at you.
  The best way to find one with them (and the safest!) is knock them
  down. The knife will go flying off of them. Power Rating 5/5

- Dynamite isn't really an effective weapon, but no matter who throws
  it anybody can get hurt in it's blast. It is powerful, but takes too
  long to explode. Like knives they can't be seen when a Williams or
  Roper carry it in. The only effective way to get someone in the blast
  is to stand near it and have the enemy get right over it. You can
  tell when it's about to explode because it will start to blink. The
  explosion is nothing big, but it's powerful to whoever gets caught in
  the blast. Power Rating 5/5

- Barrels, Boxes, and Boulders come in as the stage progresses on. No
  one carries them in, they're just laying on the ground for anyone to
  pick up. They all vary in power and can be used constantly. They
  don't go very far when thrown and most of the time the only time they
  actually hurt a person is right as they're thrown and not when they
  roll. The barrel has an extra incentive in that if you get next to it
  and press the kick button instead of the punch button you'll kick it
  forward to run over anybody in it's way. Power Range 2-4/5

5) Tips and Tricks

- Here's a few extras to help you out on the path to save Marion.....

- If you're fighting near ledges such as in the 2nd Stage and you
  knock and enemy down near the edge, you can make them bounce. When
  and enemy hits near a ledge he bounces off of it and to whatever's
  below. This is a useful trick in that if a hole or the river on
  Stage 3 is close enough to knock an enemy near the edge, they'll
  just bounce right on into the instant kill spot.

- If playing a 2 player game and the first player dies before the 2nd,
  whenever the 2nd player makes a successful throw with a barrel, box,
  or boulder the first player will gather points if he doesn't choose
  to continue.

- Sometimes on the start of the 3rd Stage if you send an enemy towards
  the bottom left side of the screen you can make them bounce off of
  the screen into instant kill land. I've no idea where the exact spot
  is to do this, but I have done it quite a few times by accident.

- The Elbow Smash is your friend!!!!!!! Use it like crazy!!!!!! It
  works wonders through out the entire game.

- If anybody finds new tips or comes up with a few new tricks in the
  game then please do send them in to share with others. You'll get the
  proper creds of course.

- ***NEW***
  If you're lacking the necessary lives to get the job done, then earn
  yourself 30,000 points to gain an extra life. It may seem tough to get
  but no one said it'd be easy either. Just gotta have those skills to
  pull this little trick off. I haven't earned any other extra lives
  after this one, but if I do I'll be sure to post it up for all to see.

- ***NEW***
  Ever wondered how to tell how much life your enemies have? Well look
  no further, cuz I figured it out. Ever notice that enemies take their
  time to stand up after you've knocked them down? Well in reality that
  is the way to tell how much life they've got. You'll notice that when
  a boss just enters the screen, and after you've knocked them down they
  stand up faster than all the other enemies. Well keep smashing their
  skulls in, and you notice they start to stand up slower. The slower
  it takes for any and all enemies to stand up, the closer they are to
  death. Don't believe me? Just watch yourself to prove my point. Billy
  and Jimmy stand up rather quickly after being first knocked down, but
  when their life gets down low they start to get up slower just like
  the enemies when they're almost through. It took some keen looking out
  to notice this, but I was really glad I did when I was playing. I hope
  that this helps out any and everybody when playing the game.

6) The Stages

- Now lets get down to what you'll have to travel through to meet the
  final boss.

- Stage 1 - The Streets -

- Here's a straight forward stage where Marion gets kidnapped. The
  first group of enemies you'll face will be in front of a wall showing
  wanted posters. Just beat the hell out of anybody that shows up here.
  Once the little hand comes on screen telling you to move on, you'll
  be in front of a building with a billboard sign on it. Here
  you'll also see a ladder to climb up and down on. There are two
  levels to fight on here, but the only one that'll climb up after you
  is the Williams that shows up with a bat. Linda will show up from a
  door there and Bolo will crash through a wall. Shortly after your
  fight with these 3 a Roper carrying knives will show up and then the
  boss. One or two other thugs should show up, but the one you have to
  worry about is Abobo. Defeat him and the other thugs will leave
  offscreen without a fight. A simple stage to deal with.

- Stage 2 - The Warehouse -

- Now here's a place where your jump button gets a good workout. When
  you enter the stage you'll see a Williams sitting at the top of a
  platform. Just move forward some and he should jump down to fight
  you. He'll soon be joined by a partner. Now one of them is carrying
  dynamite sticks so be on watch out for that. There's a hole just at
  the bottom of the screen that you can throw the enemies in, but
  be careful not to be thrown in yourself. After you defeat the first
  two enemies and jump up the ascending platforms, you'll be greeted by
  a group of three thugs. One of them is carrying a bat so keep an eye
  out for that one, you'll want to be the next homerun slugger once you
  take it from him. I have been able to get at least two thugs at a
  time to just jump down in the hole at the bottom by getting on the
  platform above the hole and standing at the ledge of the platform.
  (Be careful not to get too close and fall in the hole youself.) The
  thugs have to be on the platform above you for this to work. They'll
  get at the bottom of the above platform and move forward off into the
  pit below never to be seen again........makes your work easier. Also
  on this stage you'll notice the ladders and chainlink fences you can
  climb up on to make your ascending a little less hectic, but I prefer
  to jump to each platform. After you defeat the group of three you'll
  have to jump up the rest of the way til you make it to the final
  platform. Move forward til you see a door which at first a Linda,
  Williams, and Roper come out of. You'll notice a conveyer belt at the
  far right of the screen if you keep moving forward. Knock an enemy
  onto this and they'll be sent into the trash compactor and outta your
  hair. This is a cheap way to kill them, but hey if you're desperate
  (or alittle psychotic) then this is a good route to go. After you
  defeat the group of three, two Lindas will come out of the door. One
  will be unarmed, and if you left the whip that previous Linda left
  on the floor then she'll go running for it. After a few seconds
  you'll hear a whirring noise, and from the bottom of the screen Jeff
  the second stage boss will appear. Take out the the whip toting
  Lindas as fast as you can since you're going to have a tough enough
  fight with Jeff. Like I said before......you can knock enemies onto
  the conveyer belt for instant kills including Jeff if you're
  interested in taking the easy way out. Defeat Jeff and it's off to
  the woods we go.

- Stage 3 - The Woods -

- Alright.......first off let me tell you that on this stage the Shadow
  Warriors are tired of messing around with your dumb butt and are
  starting to get a little pissed off. The enemies are now a little bit
  tougher to kill, harder hitting than the previous 2 stages, and
  they've finally grown a brain to boot. The Elbow Smash still gets em
  everytime though so start using that. Once you've got off the
  elevator you'll be pleasantly greeted by a Roper and a bat swinging
  Williams. Awfully early to bring out heavy artillery don't you
  think? In anycase deal with these two and move forward just slightly
  to be greeted by another two thugs. If I'm not mistaken one of them
  is carrying dynamite so watch out. Also a barrel will come into play
  with these two that both of them will start playing Kill the Monkey
  in the Middle if you give them the chance to surround you and let one
  pick up the barrel. After you dispatch your would be dispatchers
  you'll come across a door much like the one from the final part of
  the second stage. Deja Vu maybe? No! Only one Linda comes out from
  the door so no worries. Moving on forward past this trifle of a
  thug and you come to a wall with posters on it resembling the wall
  from the first stage. Here you'll fight only one Roper so no worries
  really. If you're still carrying that bat from the beginning then I
  think that that's the only weapon you have to worry about them using.
  Just pass out the butt whippings and you're on your way through the
  woods. Now when you enter the woods you'll be first greeted by two
  Williams. Two jumps from the trees and the other from a hole in the
  ground. You can send these thugs down into the hole for an instant
  kill if you want to, or you can just kill them the old fashioned way
  and my personal fav way through simple asskicking. After you defeat
  the both of them and move on a little you'll see a bridge and a Bolo
  guarding the entrance to the bridge. You should still have that hole
  in your sights, or you could move to the bottom of the screen and
  nudge Bolo into the river for an instant kill as well. Regardless
  of how you kill him, just be well informed that his strength and
  life are higher now so you'll have one hell of a fight on your hands.
  Defeat him and move onto the bridge. You'll come to a gap in the
  bridge that you'll have to jump, and once you do a Roper (knife
  carrying maybe?) and another Bolo will be there to say hello to you
  once you've made it across the bridge. Again you can move to the
  bottom of the screen and knock them into the water from there, or
  if you still have the gap in view you can knock them into the river
  from there. Moving on down the road you'll come face to face with
  two more Williams again one from the trees the other from the hole
  in the ground. Deal with them accordingly. After these guys have been
  defeated you'll come to a new setting with a view and a cliff. You
  fight a Roper and a Williams here. If you move on forward after
  defeating these two you'll run into two Bolos. This is basically a
  miniboss type setting here. Also be careful not to hold the down
  button too long or you'll fall right off the screen. Yes there's a
  cliff here so watch it. Both Bolos will go after the boulders laying
  around and use you for target practice so start moving when you see
  them holding them. After you finally defeat the two of them your new
  mission is to infltrate the enemy base. The screen will move forward
  automatically to a long drop where you'll see a Jeff waiting on you.
  Yes you will just have to jump down there. Like I said before....all
  enemies are tired of your tail and want you gone, so they're not
  holding back, and Jeff's no exception. He's stronger and smarter now
  so you're gonna have one truely great fight from him. Try not to
  move forward at all so that way you'll have a one on one fight with
  Jeff. After you defeat him another Jeff will appear after moving
  forward some. So once again you deal with what you just defeated a
  minute ago. After defeating Jeff again you'll come to a dead end. If
  you wait a moment a Roper will drop from the sky to fight you. Defeat
  him and then move up to the cliff where the rocks look different than
  the rest. You can climb up here. Moving forward you should come in
  contact with a Williams and Roper. Fight them and when one's defeated
  a Jeff should appear. Once you've defeated all move forward some and
  a green Abobo will come out from the double doors in the background.
  Green you say? Yes green. This Abobo's been taking miracle drugs
  because not only is he stronger and smarter than before, but faster
  as well. Up until now you've fighting some pretty slow Bolos and
  Abobos, but this one doesn't understand that he's a hulking 7 foot
  behemoth that should not be able to move very fast, but he does. For
  some reason though, despite the upgrade in speed, his life is small.
  Not many knock down combos of yours is needed to put him away. The
  Jeff's before him took more to get rid of than this green bastard.
  Defeat him and it's on to the final showdown.

- Stage 4 - The Shadow Warrior's Hideout -

- Now you think you've made them mad in the 3rd Stage, wait til you
  start fighting them here. More importantly you have to watch out for
  major traps here. This stage is loaded with them. First off you'll
  want to watch the stone brick wall. It'll be the first trap you run
  into. The bricks shoot out of the wall constantly here. By getting
  at the very bottom of the screen (as far as you can go without
  falling off the stage into the pit) you'll lessen the amount of shots
  the wall can do. It'd be an easy trap to avoid, but the bricks wait
  til you're right dead in front of them to shoot out. Once you get
  past this trap you'll see a stone gargoyle hanging from the wall
  holding a spear. The gargoyle is alive and does what it can to stab
  at you whenever you get close. To get by this trap time it's stabs
  to pass by. When you're close it'll stab at you. Just as it's pulling
  back to stab again is the time you should take to get past it. After
  you get past this trap you'll notice a Williams and Roper in a
  corridor waiting to ambush you. The Williams will come out first, and
  if you don't push the screen forward any further you can deal with
  him one on one. Given the fact that the stage is now on a very
  narrow strip with limited up and down movement this is a very wise
  choice to do. Defeat Williams and then Roper and move forward to see
  two gargoyles waiting to stab at you from both directions. Just stand
  still for a moment so that a knife carrying Williams can catch up to
  you. Defeat him before moving onward past this trap. When you see the
  path lead you upward get ready for two Abobos to crash through the
  wall. The first will appear in front of you, and the second behind
  you. These guys will take some doing to defeat, but just keep at it
  and you'll defeat them. After that you'll move forward just a little
  bit before hearing lighting bolts and the main theme kicking up. This
  is it.......the final battle. The first wave of enemies you have to
  deal with is a Roper, bat carrying Williams, and Bolo. These guys
  will not be a push over as in all the previous fights. Pull out all
  your skills to defeat these three. When you enter this main hall
  you'll first notice Marion tied up and hanging from the ceiling. Keep
  on moving forward and up some and you'll see a door. The only person
  that will come through this door is Willy himself. Keep moving to the
  far right of this grand hall to see Willy watching you from above in
  a balcony. When you defeat Roper, Williams, or Bolo a Jeff will
  appear on the balcony and jump down to take the fallen fighter's
  place against you. So after you kill the first wave, the second wave
  consists of three Jeffs. Also once you've defeated the first wave
  Willy grabs that assault rifle hanging on the wall and in a few
  seconds joins the second wave of fighters on the floor. So basically
  the second wave consists of 4 fighters....3 Jeffs and Willy. This is
  not an easy fight. The Jeffs will do what they can to get your
  attention while Willy picks you off from a distance with his assault
  rifle. He'll still try to get in to slap you with his gun or kick you
  but mainly he'll stick to shooting. Get rid of the Jeffs if you can
  or just dead aim for Willy only to end the fight. Once Willy falls
  all fighters will leave without a fight. Defeat Willy and you'd of
  freed Marion..............but wait!!!!! If you're playing with a
  friend the battle isn't over yet.....the true final battle begins
  when you and your friend are pitted against each other to fight to
  the death for Marion's love. The winner of this fight not only is the
  true Double Dragon master, winner of the game, and owner of some very
  serious bragging rights, but he gets a kiss from Marion as well. You
  lucky bastard you. Congrats you've defeated the Shadow Warriors.

7) Xbox 360 Achievements

- Ok...time for me to tell you how to get those achievements and add a
  quick 200 Points to your Gamerscore.  These are in no particular
  order really, just in the way that I got them from first to last.
  Welp...you better have what it takes to earn these bad boys!  Oh,
  and in case you were wondering...yes you can put it on any
  difficulty and earn these achievements.

  Good Score (5G) = Get 20,000 Points.
  Ok...If you suck at this game, then you're gonna have probs.  But
  if you actually read this guide on what you should do (*cough*
  Look in the Tips and Tricks section *cough*) then you'll get this
  achievement first and without a prob.  All I did was use the Elbow
  attack until it showed up.  It should come up either in the Second
  or Third Stage depending on how good your score is and what you do
  to boost it up.

  All Tools (5G) = Pick up a whip, a bat, a knife, a drum, a carton,
                   a stick of dynamite, and a rock
  Seriously....how can you screw this one up?  They even tell you
  how to pick this stuff up in order of appearance!  First off just
  know that if you go after this achievement, then you won't be able
  to get the Bare Hands achievement.  So yes, you're going to have to
  play multiple games in order to get all achievements...but you knew
  that didn't you?  In any case, first off you don't have to hit an
  enemy with the weapon, you just have to pick it up.  The first one
  that you will run into is a whip from the Linda on the first stage.
  Just knock her down, pick it up, and let her hit you so you can drop
  it.  Yes you want this, trust me.  Once you've defeated her BARE
  HANDED you'll move on to see a Williams carrying a bat.  Hit him,
  take the bat, beat the crap outta him and Bolo and move on.  Now,
  once again, get the bat dropped by taking a punch and then go after
  one of the Ropers that show up in the final area of the first stage.
  One of them will drop a knife that you can pick up and throw at
  someone to of used that.  With that said, go after a drum that is
  in plain sight in this area and toss it.  With that done, complete
  the stage and move on to stage 2.  Here at the beginning either hit
  or wait on them to toss the dynamite from a Roper or Williams.  Pick
  it up, toss it and move on to kicking ass.  You should see a carton
  here as well.  Pick it up, toss at someone or off screen or in the
  hole...hell I don't care...just toss it and move on.  Now the final
  item is on stage 3.  Towards the end of the first part of stage 3
  where you have to fight the two Bolos you should see 2 rocks.  Just
  grab one and throw it.  You should get the notification that you
  earned the achievement if you did all that I said above.

  Untouchable (20G) = Complete mission 1 in a single player game
                      without being hit.
  Ok...this one is a bit tricky if you have no skill or finesse in
  this game.  I'm telling right now that you will have a headache
  doing this properly first off.  Now...with that said, I cleared the
  entire first stage with nothing but the Elbow attack.  They fall for
  it easily enough and you can keep them down with it if you know what
  you're doing with it.  If you want to relieve some stress, put it on
  Easy and use the Elbow Attack so that the enemies won't be so
  aggressive with you.  Just stick to using the Elbow and you should
  be ok.

  No Swimming (10G) = Pass the bridge in mission 3 without falling in
                      the water.
  Seems easy enough right?  Well guess what...it's easy to goof up,
  trust me.  But all you need to do is jump the gap in the bridge,
  be ready for the Bolo that you will run into once you've jumped the gap,
  and when he appears, quickly hit him with an Elbow Attack to knock
  him down get pass him.  With this done, get across the bridge and finish
  fighting Bolo and a Roper.  Soon once the screen starts to pan to the
  right, the notification should pop up telling you that you got the

  Demolition Man (15G) = Kill two enemies with a single stick of dynamite
                         in a single player game.
  This one will give everyone trouble to say the least.  There's only one
  good spot that I've seen that can accomodate this achievement and it's
  at the beginning of the second stage.  Both the Williams and the Roper
  that show up use dynamite.  Don't hit either one of them at first
  until you have them both on the same footing together as you.  Now get
  them together and not spread apart as well.  If you do this, Elbow
  Attack them together and one of them should drop a dynamite stick.
  Just try to lure them onto the dynamite together and that's how I got
  this achievement.  Easier said than done right?

  Third Base (20G) = Finish mission 3 holding a baseball bat.
  I can't believe they put this in.  It makes me laugh because this was
  an old game glych that still works, and they will give you points for
  using it!  First off there's only one bat in this stage.  (I really
  never liked using weapons period and had no use for this glych, just
  knew about it) The bat is located at the beginning of the stage,
  carried on by a Roper.  This is the bat that you have to use to get
  this achievement.  Defeat him and the Williams that show up, take the
  bat and keep it with you throughout the stage, never leaving it behind
  even if it's knocked out of your hands.  Now you don't have to beat
  everyone that shows up with it, but you do have to keep it with you.
  Once you've reached the area with the 2 rocks and 2 Bolos, you'll
  notice that if you keep going to the right til the screen stops you,
  you can go up a small little section at the very right of the screen.
  Defeat both Bolos, make sure your bat is in hand, be at the very top
  right corner of this screen just as the message and win music comes
  up and yes you will drop the bat as you move foward.  Now you will
  see the bat just right out of reach from you as the stage starts.
  Just line up with it WITHOUT JUMPING OFF OF THE CLIFF and pick it
  up.  With this done you can jump off the side and resume kicking
  ass all the way to the end of the stage with the Abobo from Space.
  Once you've defeated Abobo from Space, make sure that the bat is
  in your hands and you should see the notification for this
  achievement just as you're walking into the entrance of the Shadow
  Warriors lair.

  Sneaky (20G) = Avoid the wall traps in mission 4
  Ok....seems tough but it's not really.  I know I told everyone how
  to pass this up top in the walkthrough section, but I'll say it here
  as well.  First off if you want to take some stress off of you in this
  one, then put it on easy before getting here.  Now get all the way to
  the bottom of the screen and make a beeline for the end of this
  section without falling into the spike pit.  Just as you reach the
  first gargoyle the notification should come up.  I don't know if
  it was a glych or something that happened to me, but it came up after
  I made it pass the stone wall trap and not all the traps.  If this
  works for you as well, then let me know, but right now that's all that
  I can confirm is that you just have to make it pass the stone wall
  trap and it should come up.

  No Mercy (15G) = Take out all the enemies before the final boss in a
                   single player game.
  Some people (and I can see some dumbasses e-mailing me still asking me
  how to get this when I'm telling you as clear as day here) will find
  this one a bit confusing and may not get this everytime they clear
  the game.  This is because you didn't defeat all enemies on each stage.
  Mostly it's because of boss fights.  All enemies that appear before the
  boss are suppose to be there.  It's at boss fights that you can let an
  enemy slip by.  First off when you get to each boss area, concentrate
  on moving the stage all the way to the right til it doesn't let you move
  forward any further.  This should trigger any extra enemies that were
  hiding to show up, as in the case of the first stage boss fight.  Each
  boss always has a gang with him and it should be your first priority
  to clearing out the gang before defeating the boss so you can move on
  without worry.  The only stage boss that doesn't have any extras or any
  around him is the third stage boss.  With that said if you did search
  throughly on each boss fight and did defeat each enemy with your own
  bare hands or with a weapon used by you, then when you get to fight
  Willy with his gang with him, you'll have to focus on taking out all
  the enemies around him while dodging his gun fire.  If you did
  everything correctly, then when the last enemy falls leaving Willy
  left, the notification should show up and all that's left is to beat
  the bejeezus out of that gun toting bastard.

  Get the Girl (20G) = Beat the other player at the end of a co-op game.
  There's a few ways to go about this.  One way is to play an Xbox Live
  game with someone and pray that you're better than them at the end by
  winning.  Another is get a friend and play together on the same Xbox
  and once again, pray that you're better than him.  But the easiest way
  and quite possibly the cheesiest way is to do this....and yes I did
  do this to get this achievement...don't judge me.  Play your way
  throughout the game til you get to the final battle.  Now you'll want
  to clear out everyone and weaken Willy severely but don't kill him.
  With that said, if you have a spare controller, plug it in, log that
  controller in, and then hit start to bring up the second player.
  With that said, finish Willy off and the screen should now move to
  the Versus Battle.  Just defeat the defenseless second player and
  get your achievement.

  Bare Hands (20G) = Complete a single player game without using any
  Can be hard and then again not really.  It's all a matter of paying
  attention to your surroundings.  You'll want to stick to using the
  Elbow Attack throughout the game so you don't stick around in areas
  too long where the enemies can drop and move stuff around.  Just
  make sure that you stay clear of items on the ground and beat the
  game.  Again it's all a matter of you paying attention that you're
  not standing close to any item that you could pick it up.  If you
  do pick it up, regardless if you use it or not, the achievement is
  lost and you'll have to start over again.

  Hero (35G) = Complete a single player game without continues
  This can be so easy if you know what you're doing.  Simply put just
  abuse the Elbow Attack by using it throughout the game and just win
  without having to use a credit.  Now you can die and lose a life,
  that's fine.  It's just when you have to continue after all your
  lives are lost is when you lose this achievement.

  Invade the Base (15G) = Reach mission 4 in a co-op game without
  Make sure you have a good partner for this or that you can do all
  the work.  All you have to do is make it to the final stage without
  you or your partner having to use a continue.  Once you make it
  inside the Shadow Warriors Lair and the fourth missions starts,
  then the notification should show up.  Again, you can lose lives,
  just not all of them that requires you or your partner to hit start
  to get back in.  So if you see your friend on 0 lives....you better
  start babysitting him.

- That's it....simple right?  It's nothing really, and they are all
  easier than you think.  Unless you're a complete noob at this game
  then you should have them all in no time flat.  If anyone needs a
  partner for a game or two on Xbox 360, then my screen name there is
  Sanctuary Remix (big shock huh?).  Just hit me up and I'll be more
  than happy to go through a game with you.

8) The Double Dragon Hall of Fame

- Alrighty now, you've just defeated the Shadow Warriors and racked up
  a pretty decent high score, but no one really cares right? I mean you
  just saved the city from the evil Shadow Warriors gang and saved the
  girl all in one day, and dammit you deserve alittle credit! Now I
  know if you're in the arcades playing this game (if you can actually
  find this game somewhere!) or if you're playing this off of an
  emulated version like myself, then take a snapshot of your high score
  and send it in to me so that you shall be forever immortalized in
  this never-gonna-be-erased-ever Hall of Fame for all Double Dragon
  masters out there.

 *Hall of Fame*

1) Alex "Joker" Hall - 42340
2) Thomas Wood - 109750

9) Credits

- Once again I give creds to GameFAQs for giving me the ability to make
  FAQs. It's just something I gotta do!!!

- Secondly I give extreme thanks to Taito, the true and absolute owners
  of Double Dragon. They originally made this game and should of kept
  all the rights instead of letting other companies screw the name over
  with some terrible sequels and such. Very few Double Dragon titles
  could hold their own with this game. About the only title I think did
  better or on level with this game is the SNES version of Double
  Dragon called The Return of Double Dragon.

- Third I give thanks to me for making another guide. I hope I did very
  good for a Double Dragon guide, and keeping the legends themselves
  alive just a little longer through this guide.

- Fourth I give a shout out and some thanks to my friends for getting
  me off my writer's block and back to doing FAQs again. So they
  finally came in use.........who'd of figured?

- Fifth I give a huge shout out to the guys that remade the game into
  what it is on Xbox 360.  Seriously, it's great to see that you can
  kick some ass online with this game.  It sure as hell beats the old
  days of going all the way to an arcade and hoping that a friend or
  someone would join in a game with you.  A great and completely true
  to the original remake...if you haven't downloaded this yet, then
  seriously...I should beat your dumbass!

- Of course if I've made a mistake or left something out of this guide
  that you've found then by all means drop me an e-mail at
  SanctuaryRemix@AOL.com so that I can give you the credit you deserve
  for correcting my mess ups.

  Welp that's all for now
  Sees Yas

  Alex "Joker" Hall

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