• Cheat Codes

    These codes require you to connect a physical keyboard for your Android device in order for them to work.

    Many of these cheats are similar to the original releases of San Andreas, but some cheats were accidentally re-enabled and are new for the HD versions of the game developed by War Drum Studios. These cheats have been marked accordingly.

    For other ports, it is not necessarily known if these work and for others it would be impossible to activate them without modifying the game, so be warned if you choose to experiment.

    (New) A full invinicibility cheat (no damage from guns, fire, falls, explosions, drowning, etc.; any car you enter is permanently invulnerable too)GONPXWR
    (New) Debugging feature: "Show Mappings"KRRIHBT
    (New) Debugging feature: "Show Tap To Target"MIZYXHZ
    (New) Debugging feature: "Show Targeting"JQFUDUB
    (New) Instantly completes your current mission, if on one (does not work on all missions)BYIXZIY
    (New) Move time forward by four hoursYACKMWS
    (New) Obtain Weapon Set 4 (sex toy, minigun, thermal goggles; re-enter cheat to get night-vision goggles)BIEUHQY
    Gameplay Speed Cheats: Slow DownFNJFCZC
    Gameplay Speed Cheats: Speed UpEHWBWDS
    Gang Cheats: Gang wars everywhere (can be toggled)EAMLJNN
    Gang Cheats: No pedestrians aside from gang members having gunfightsHAPOHXR
    Gang Cheats: Recruit anyone, with a rocket launcherQAONHOH
    Gang Cheats: Recruit anyone, with an AK-47AWIOMPH
    Gang Cheats: Recruit anyone, with pistolsJEZRPI
    Misc. Cheats: Beach Theme (changes CJ's outfit, pedestrian apparel, and traffic)BWCMMTD
    Misc. Cheats: Carnival/Circus Theme (CJ is a clown, pedestrians are mostly fast-food workers and clowns, traffic is mostly fast food vehicles)HDLIWGB
    Misc. Cheats: Pimp Theme (CJ wears a gimp suit, pedestrians are mostly pimps and prostitutes with sex toys, prostitutes follow CJ)BNIZWSB
    Misc. Cheats: Rural Theme (CJ is a trucker, pedestrians become those mostly seen in rural areas)OAXCCRI
    Misc. Cheats: Triad Theme (CJ has a katana, pedestrians are mostly Triads, and most traffic is motorbikes)AAUSQP
    Pedestrian Cheats: Chaos & Mayhem (note: cheat is permanent and can make a late-game mission impossible to finish)AKOZBCH
    Pedestrian Cheats: Elvis is everywhereLNHVOAE
    Pedestrian Cheats: Pedestrian RiotNJXPCYE
    Pedestrian Cheats: Pedestrians Attack YouFARYJHZ
    Pedestrian Cheats: Pedestrians attack you with gunsERFBFNI
    Pedestrian Cheats: Pedestrians Have WeaponsGDNXHDK
    Player Cheats: AdrenalineSLSNRKK
    Player Cheats: CJ can jump really high (be wary of fall damage)BFMANNZP
    Player Cheats: Commit SuicideSLOTSFK
    Player Cheats: Full Weapon Aiming in VehcilesRYSMRM
    Player Cheats: Get full health and armor, and obtain $250,000PJYNQCQ
    Player Cheats: Hitman on All WeaponsSDWBWHE
    Player Cheats: Infinite AmmoNECUMZ
    Player Cheats: Infinite Lung Capacity (note: you this only makes your air not drain underwater; you still must boost your capacity for some missions)POOOJOX
    Player Cheats: Maximum Driving SkillEHWBWDS
    Player Cheats: Maximum FatAESHXWQI
    Player Cheats: Maximum MuscleSGVDSQW
    Player Cheats: Maximum RespectMTGIISR
    Player Cheats: Maximum Sex AppealAPGZLQR
    Player Cheats: Maximum StaminaAEZLCKXU
    Player Cheats: Never HungryKBTMUVH
    Player Cheats: Obtain a jetpackCDGUDEP
    Player Cheats: Obtain a parachuteGSUMLEG
    Player Cheats: Semi-invincibility (cannot be damaged by fire or guns, but still are hurt by explosions, falling, police helicopters, and drowning)BLOKKIK
    Player Cheats: Super Punch (CJ knocks people he punches very far away, instantly killing them)LRMYOJM
    Player Cheats: Zero Fat & MuscleAWXDCRJ
    Time Cheats: Time is stuck at dusk (21:00, i.e. 9 PM)KTGDLXY
    Time Cheats: Time is stuck at midnight (00:00)AWUJNBB
    Traffic Cheats: Aggressive DriversIOKXTFJ
    Traffic Cheats: All Green LightsENQCFMA
    Traffic Cheats: Black CarsGOYDVAO
    Traffic Cheats: Pink CarsGYKVYTR
    Traffic Cheats: Traffic is mostly rural vehiclesJTBCSN
    Traffic Cheats: Traffic is mostly sports carsFRIUBIL
    Traffic Cheats: Traffic very rarely spawns; parked cars still spawn howeverDEHDRX
    Vehicle Cheats: All cars have nitroWUSDOTO
    Vehicle Cheats: Bicycles take massive bunny hopsTDBKCEH
    Vehicle Cheats: Boats can flyPTHSEO
    Vehicle Cheats: Cars can flyDOTBSFK
    Vehicle Cheats: Cars you run into explode on contact; your car is invincible (but said invincibility sometimes randomly turns off)BXBTUBTI
    Vehicle Cheats: Colliding with other cars makes them float awayJBVIJXA
    Vehicle Cheats: Explode All CarsBKFONFE
    Vehicle Cheats: Invisible CarsSDWBWHE
    Vehicle Cheats: Perfect HandlingDLNNHZJ
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: CaddyDAHESZY
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: HearsePSPNATX
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: HydraAWPTMIIQ
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#1)BIGLWCDD
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#2)HPGPIJZ
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#3)BGJPSYC
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: Race Car (#4)BIEAVBAY
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: RhinoAYNVQVK
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: StretchIXSMWCQ
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: TrashmasterQPOLSVK
    Vehicle Spawn Cheats: VortexEHWBWDS
    Wanted Level Cheats: 6 Star Wanted LevelGWJZWC
    Wanted Level Cheats: Get rid of your Wanted LevelKDTZNHO
    Wanted Level Cheats: Raise Wanted Level by 2NCBXXDX
    Wanted Level Cheats: Wanted Level locks at its current stateBYKGOAB
    Weapon Cheats: Obtain Weapon Set 1BEFWKSBQ
    Weapon Cheats: Obtain Weapon Set 2SHHIHJG
    Weapon Cheats: Obtain Weapon Set 3GOIZSSX
    Weather Cheats: CloudyVBWEMQX
    Weather Cheats: Fast WeatherOWAKIJ
    Weather Cheats: FoggyEGCEBVM
    Weather Cheats: RainyTAVPIER
    Weather Cheats: SandstormJBWDWWO
    Weather Cheats: StormyEAKILHM
    Weather Cheats: SunnyAAEXPPQC
    Weather Cheats: Very SunnyHTRTTVJ

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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