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Low Level FAQ by Lufia_Maxim

Version: 0.3 | Updated: 05/07/08

                   *                                       *
                   *      - Final Fantasy VI Advance -     *
                   *     - Low Level Game Walkthrough -    *
                   *        - Perfect Stats Guide -        *
                   *              v0.3  5/7/08             *
                   *                                       *
                   *        Written by: Lufia_Maxim        *
                   *                                       *


1) Introduction                                                          [intr]

Welcome to my Final Fantasy VI Advance Low Level Game (LLG) Walkthrough.

I made this guide because to date (1/20/08), which is almost a year after this
game hit the US shores, there still isn't a LLG guide on the FFVIA GameFAQs
page. There is a LLNMG (Low Level Natural Magic Game) guide by sabinscabin, but
it's lacking in many areas (in my eyes at least). So I decided to write my own.

This guide can also be used to play a Perfect Stats Game. There are minor
differences between a Perfect Stats Game and a Low Level Game and I made sure
that this guide covers both.

2) Version History                                                       [vers]

v0.3 (5/7/08): (259 KB)
- Replayed entire LLG (except Kefka's Tower), made corrections along the way
- Added a note about how monsters show up on the Veldt, as I've seen this 
  question several times on the boards
- Added multiple (sometimes better) strategies for various bosses, credits to

v0.2 (1/29/08): (254 KB)
- Changed the name of this guide to include a Perfect Stats Game
- Completely re-done the Mine Cart sequence (a LOT less confusing now)
- Added many strategies provided by both genkaku666 and blusiryn
- Complete re-done the six battles before Ultros and the IAF
- Fixed tons of typos
- Re-played WoB and updated/improved many parts
- My plan is to do the same with WoR, but that's not in this update
- Fixed a misleading part of one boss in WoR (Thx to Rippler18)

v0.1 (1/20/08): (213 KB)
- Finished the first version of this guide.
- Includes the entire game (WoB, WoR) and Dragon's Den, the new bonus dungeon
  for the Advance version of this game.

3) Table of Contents                                                     [tofc]

Note: For easy navigation, I've added search tags for you to use. Simply open
      up the Find box (CTRL+F) and type in the code (including the [] brackets)
      and hit Enter to immediately jump to that section.

1) Introduction ........................................................ [intr]
2) Version History ..................................................... [vers]
3) Table of Contents ................................................... [tofc]
4) Conditions of this LLG & Tips ....................................... [cond]
5) LLG Walkthrough ..................................................... [walk]
 - 5.1  Narshe (Beginning of Game) ..................................... [5.01]
 - 5.2  Figaro Castle .................................................. [5.02]
 - 5.3  South Figaro Cave .............................................. [5.03]
 - 5.4  South Figaro ................................................... [5.04]
 - 5.5  Mt. Kolts ...................................................... [5.05]
 - 5.6  Returner Hideout ............................................... [5.06]
 - 5.7  Lethe River .................................................... [5.07]
 - 5.8  Terra/Banon/Edgar Scenario ..................................... [5.08]
 - 5.9  Locke Scenario ................................................. [5.09]
 - 5.10 Sabin Scenario ................................................. [5.10]
 - 5.11 Veldt 1 ........................................................ [5.11]
 - 5.12 Imperial Attack on Narshe ...................................... [5.12]
 - 5.13 Narshe ......................................................... [5.13]
 - 5.14 Zozo ........................................................... [5.14]
 - 5.15 Veldt 2 ........................................................ [5.15]
 - 5.16 Opera House .................................................... [5.16]
 - 5.17 Southern Continent ............................................. [5.17]
 - 5.18 Magitek Research Facility ...................................... [5.18]
 - 5.19 Cave to the Sealed Gate ........................................ [5.19]
 - 5.20 Vector / Imperial Banquet ...................................... [5.20]
 - 5.21 Thamasa ........................................................ [5.21]
 - 5.22 Esper Caves .................................................... [5.22]
 - 5.23 Imperial Air Force ............................................. [5.23]
 - 5.24 Floating Continent ............................................. [5.24]
 - 5.25 World of Ruin - Airship ........................................ [5.25]
 - 5.26 After getting Airship .......................................... [5.26]
 - 5.27 Cave on the Veldt .............................................. [5.27]
 - 5.28 Mt. Zozo ....................................................... [5.28]
 - 5.29 Coliseum ....................................................... [5.29]
 - 5.30 Phoenix Cave, Paladin's Shield, Storm Dragon ................... [5.30]
 - 5.31 Mog, Umaro, and Gogo ........................................... [5.31]
 - 5.32 Loose Ends ..................................................... [5.32]
 - 5.33 Kefka's Tower .................................................. [5.33]
 - 5.34 Final Boss ..................................................... [5.34]
 - 5.35 Dragon's Den ................................................... [5.35]
6) Frequently Asked Questions .......................................... [faqs]
7) Copyright ........................................................... [copy]
8) Conclusion .......................................................... [conc]

4) Conditions of this LLG & Tips                                         [cond]

- In this LLG, I did not use the Ultima Spell, the Soul of Thamasa relic, and I
  only used Quick in certain situations (such as replenishing your MP without
  wasting a turn).

- Also, I focused on getting everything possible (all Dances, or getting all
  treasure chests for example) within this guide. Completionists will be happy
  about this.

- There are a few places where you are forced to gain experience, these are:
  * The Mine Cart Ride at the end of the Magitek Research Facility
  * A few battles during the Imperial Banquet session
  * The six battles before Ultros and the Imperial Air Force
  * A few paintings in Owzer's Mansion

- You must run from every single random encounter. I will tell you when you come
  across a monster that you cannot run from. Smoke Bombs will help.

- I don't go into too much detail (compared to my walkthrough, that is) on how
  to play the game. I assume you've played this game before and know your way
  around certain areas without me telling you exactly where to go.

- If you don't like Gau, hit the back button. Gau is THE most important
  character in this kind of game. Learn to love him.

- I don't use any glitches in this guide.


* Everyone goes in the back row. Always.
* The Veldt doesn't give any experience points. This is where you'll spend a lot
  of your time learning magic.
* Just because I don't repeat the same strategy/situation over and over again
  doesn't mean you can't still use it. For example, while in the Dragon's Den,
  it's very helpful to use the "Save anywhere" trick. I only mention this a few
  times, but it's understood that you should use this throughout the entire
  dungeon. There's a reason one party is standing on the Save Point for most of
  the dungeon, after all.
* If you're having difficulty with a certain battle, you can try setting the
  Battle Speed in the Config menu to 6 (default is 3). This is extremely helpful
  when fighting the Sky Armor/Spitfires on your way to the Imperial Air Force.
  (Thx to genkaku666 for this)
* Most importantly, have fun! Don't get frustrated when something doesn't work
  out the first 5-10 times (i.e. Opera Rats, Mine Cart Ride). No one said a LLG
  was easy (even though it is for most of the game, IMO)
* If Locke or Gogo's level is 50 levels below that of the enemy (check the
  Bestiary FAQ), then you will never be able to steal their item. The success
  of your steal is based on Your Level + 50 - Enemy's level. This number gets
  doubled by the Thief's Bracer relic. You can use Strago's Dischord Lore to cut
  the enemy's level in half, though it won't work on enemies that are immune to
  Instant Death.
* Running from enemies still allows them to appear on the Veldt. This is how
  you can get a complete Rage list without gaining EXP from the monsters, since
  you don't gain EXP on the Veldt.

5) LLG Walkthrough                                                       [walk]

5.1 Narshe (Beginning of Game)                                           [5.01]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)

In your first fight, have Terra use Fire against herself. She needs to die
so she doesn't gain EXP. Now that Biggs and Wedge are the only ones alive (and
no one cares about them), you can fight all you want. Any elemental beam will
take care of all the monsters, and you can use Healing Force to heal yourself.

Advance on into the Narshe Mines. I suggest fighting here until you have a
decent amount of gold (I stopped at ~5000 Gil). This should help part of your
money problems you might face later on in the game.

Continue onward and fight Ymir. Simply attack the head (NOT the shell, since
you'll just have to swallow a Megavolt) with any of the elemental beams. When
the head retreats into the shell, heal both your characters. Rinse and repeat
until Ymir is dead.

100% BESTIARY: Make sure to encounter a Spritzer in the next room. You can find
them elsewhere, but it's easiest here and you can get it out of the way.

After waking up in Arvis' house, head on over to the clock and take the Elixir.
Speak with Arvis to escape out the back door. 

IMPORTANT: Move Terra to the BACK row.

Head on over to the caves. If you want, you can go ahead and get both chests.
I find the Phoenix Down and Sleeping Bag will be much more useful now than the
Guard Bracelet or Elixir will be once you get to WoR. Your choice.

Continue on until Terra is backed into her favorite corner and the ground
conveniently collapses.

Enter: Locke

Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)

Now the 3-party fight against the soldiers and Guard Leader. This part can be a
little tricky and may require a small amount of luck.

Before you do anything, take Mog's party and move it above Terra. Remove the
Mythril Spear and Mythril Shield from Mog to add it to your inventory. Just for

Mog: Level 9, 2184 EXP (792 EXP until next level)

Anyway, move the other Moogle party in front of Terra. This group will act as a
shield so the soldiers can't reach Terra (which means Game Over). You'll also
want to move all four Moogles into the Back row, so they take less damage in the
fights you'll probably have to fight in a minute. Now take Locke's party to the
lower left corner. Then walk up until you hit the wall.

Wait until the first soldier walks past you (make sure the soldier is one square
above you before you start walking, otherwise you'll engage in a battle), then
take the path that same soldier just took (since there's another soldier coming
from below you now). Since the rocks are kind of weird, here's the controls
you'll need to push: All the way right, all the way down, right, all the way
down, all the way right, all the way down, one square right, then down to face
Guard Leader.

If you don't do this perfectly, then the group in front of Terra will have to
fight soldiers (probably 4 of them in a row). They should be able to handle it
just fine, unless you're unlucky enough to see three or more Snowstorms by
Megalodoth (I saw two Snowstorms and barely survived).

NOTE: After each battle, the game will focus back on Locke's party. Assuming you
are right above the Guard Leader, keep holding down and you should advance two
steps or so. Do this again after the next battle, and you should reach Guard
Leader before your Moogle party has to fight four battles.

After the four fights, take your party down south up against Guard Leader.

NOTE: If your party fighting the four soldiers is having trouble, feel free to
use a Potion (or two). You'll be getting plenty of them later.

Guard Leader

Level: 8
HP: 420
Steal: Mythril Knife (Common)

Here, you'll want to steal Guard Leader's item. Your level 5 Locke has a 47%
chance of being able to steal, and a 87.5% chance of stealing the Mythril
Knife. Unless you're unlucky, it shouldn't take you more than two (MAYBE three)
tries to successfully steal the Knife. Afterwards, you can have Locke help out
defeat the two Silver Lobo (if they're still around) or maybe help weaken Guard
Leader a bit, since he does have 420 HP. Just be sure to kill Locke BEFORE you
kill Guard Leader, otherwise you'll have Locke gain some EXP (from the two
Silver Lobos).

After everything's said and done (Yeah, right, we're just getting started),
head into the Beginner's classroom, which is the building with the guy standing
in front of the door right above you.

Go to the far left room and grab the Potion from the chest. The middle room has
a Sleeping Bag for you. In the far right room, check the Pot for an Ether and
do NOT open the chest. You'll have to fight a Silver Lobo and you can NOT run
from that battle.

That's all for here. Except the awesome bucket in the "main lobby" that heals
your HP/MP completely.

IMPORTANT: Locke should be in the back row.

*OPTIONAL* (but recommended)
Now what I would suggest is to go onto the Overworld and have Locke steal
a bunch of Potions from all the enemies. Every enemy here has a Potion up for
grabs. If you get low on health, simply head to the healing bucket and regain
your lost HP. Once you feel you've got enough Potions (around 20 or more), you
can move on to Figaro Castle. Of course, you'll be running from the battles
after you steal the Potions, but you knew that already, right?

Additional Tip by blusiryn: After Locke has stolen from an enemy in a
multi-enemy encounter, you can have Terra kill off that monster in order to take
less damage while Locke tries to steal the other Potions.

In the desert you'll find Sand Ray (Steal: Antidote) and Alacran (Potion). Head
into Figaro Castle when you're ready.

5.2 Figaro Castle                                                        [5.02]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)
Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)

Once you're here, grab the Potion & Antidote in the eastern shop (the shop is
in the south-eastern corner of the room before the Throne room) and the Gold
Needle from the western shop. Don't go in the throne room; instead, head one
room above it to grab the Phoenix Down in the chest.

Now enter the throne room. Meet Edgar (Auto Crossbow has just somehow been added
to your inventory). Once you regain control of Terra, head to the eastern shop
once more (yeah, you could've done this earlier, my bad ;)) to buy a
Noiseblaster and Bioblaster (1250 Gil total) for Edgar.

Head outside, to the lower left entrance, downstairs, outside again, re-enter
to your left, go upstairs, and talk to the High Priestess. Go back to the
Throne room and speak to Edgar.

Watch as Kefka comes to Figaro Castle asking for "the girl" (Terra).

NOTE: If you can't talk to Kefka, it's because you haven't talked to the two
soldiers beside him yet. Talk to these fools, then Kefka will respond.

Edgar refuses, which makes Kefka a little frustrated. Speak to Locke up above
and Terra will come out. After a little conversation, follow Locke to the right
tower. After some more conversation, Edgar wakes up to find his castle on fire!
Damn. Talk to the soldier up above and watch the trio (Edgar, Terra, and Locke)
flee on some Chocobos, but not before sinking Figaro underground. That's
pretty hardcore if you ask me.

This triggers the "boss battle" against two Magitek Armors. This fight hands out
0 EXP, so you're safe to beat the crap out of each of the Armors (they each have
210 HP). Additionally, have Terra use Fire once to catch the funny scene
between Edgar and Locke. Using Edgar's Noiseblaster to confuse these Armors will
make this fight even easier.	

Afterwards, you'll be on the Overworld riding a Chocobo. Guide it to the South
Figaro Cave (south-east of Figaro Castle) and enter, after dismounting the

5.3 South Figaro Cave                                                    [5.03]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)
Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

IMPORTANT: Back row for Edgar, right?

First off, equipment: If you stole the Mythril Knife from Guard Leader, give it
to Locke. Give him the Mythril Shield (from Mog) as well. Edgar would love to
have the Mythril Spear. Give the Mythril Sword Edgar was carrying to Terra.

Head straight up and heal with the Recovery Spring. You can hang around here and
steal more Potions if you want (Urok has a rare Remedy as well).

100% BESTIARY: Make sure to encounter Foper, Hornet and Urok at least once
before leaving this cave. These guys will disappear forever pretty soon, and you
obviously don't want to miss them, right?

Make your way through the cave, ignoring all the chests.

Before doing anything on these new fields, head to South Figaro.

5.4 South Figaro                                                         [5.04]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)
Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

The items in this city (outdoors only) change once you get to WoR, but I still
recommend taking all of them now. The items are:
1. The top barrel west of the Chocobo Stable has a Potion.
2. The middle crate east of the Chocobo Stable has a Green Cherry.
3. The south-western corner of town has a crate with a Gold Needle.
4. East of the Gold Needle is an Antidote (barrel) and Eye Drops (top crate).
5. Enter the rich man's house (north-west house), exit out the right door, and
   grab the Phoenix Down in the bottom barrel.
6. Walk around behind the rich man's house and enter the hidden basement. Search
   the clock for an Elixir.
7. Go back into main room of rich man's house, upstairs, into left room, and
   down the stairs behind the bookshelf in the north-west corner. Descend two
   stairs, walk all the right, and all the way down. Go right to enter another
   secret basement. Here you'll find Hyper Wrist and Hermes Sandals.
8. Back upstairs, enter the far right room. The chests contain 500 Gil,
   1000 Gil, 1500 Gil, and nothing.
9. Leave rich man's house, and search the barrel between the weapon/armor shop
   to find a Potion.
10. Get on the wall by using the stairs to your right and walk all the way to
    the left (and down) until you reach three barrels. The one in the corner has
    a Teleport Stone.
11. Lastly, enter the old man's house (south-east house, or veterans of the game
    can just enter through the back door) and go downstairs. The bucket in the
    east corner has a Potion.

If you're feeling rich (meaning, you can spare 800 Gil), head to the weapon
shop and buy a Great Sword. Give this to Terra, then give Locke the Mythril
Sword Terra was wearing.

I do suggest buying 2x Heavy Shield, Cotton Robe and a Kenpo Gi. Equip the
two shields on Terra & Edgar and give Terra the Cotton Robe while giving Locke
the Kenpo Gi.

NOTE: If you're having trouble coming up with the money, you can either sell off
your old equipment (which won't get you very much money), or you could head to
the Overworld and try to steal Mythril Claws from Belmodar (Rare) or more
Bucklers from Unseelie (also Rare). You may want to confuse all enemies with
Noiseblaster while you focus on stealing, though you'll have to be careful since
you won't want the enemies to kill themselves (at least not all of them in one

Next is the Item Shop. Buy 1-2 Eye Drops and 1-2 Gold Needles (more if you want
to be safe).

Lastly, the Relic Shop. Just buy one Star Pendant and head upstairs. Exit the
Inn through the south-east door and talk to Shadow at the counter.

That's all for this town. Leave and head north to Sabin's cabin. Check the
bucket next to the oven for a Potion. You can also use the bed to restore your

Out on the Overworld you can re-stock on Potions (Belmodar and Unseelie) or even
steal a few Antidotes from Mu. However, Antidotes are no longer necessary since
you bought the Star Pendant relic, and I'll explain later why. I do suggest
staying here until you steal at least one pair of Mythril Claws from Belmodar.

When you're ready, head to Mt. Kolts, which is north-east of South Figaro.

5.5 Mt. Kolts                                                            [5.05]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)
Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

The first thing you should do is find 2x Zaghrem and steal 2 (or more) Bandanas.
This may take a while since they're a rare steal, but the extra boost in defense
(and magic defense) will help out. Confusing them with Edgar's Noiseblaster may
help you take less damage.

If you need to, head back to Sabin's house to heal. Equip a Bandana on Terra
and Locke and move on. Once you leave and re-enter the caves, walk down below
the block in front of you and go outside to collect the Main Gauche. Give this
to Locke.

HINT: Gorgias' attacks hurt. A lot. If you're fast enough, have Edgar use his
Noiseblaster to confuse them and then run.

Head back inside, and before getting on the bridge, take the passage to the
right (you know, the one that's hidden?) and grab the Gigas Glove. Back to the
bridge and head outside.

If you encounter Cirpius here, beware that they may Petrify you with !Beak. Use
a Gold Needle if this happens.

Trilliums can also Poison you with !Poison Touch. If you get poisoned, equip the
Star Pendant relic on that character and then remove it again if you want. This
will get rid of the Poison status. In the long run, this method will save you
some money because you don't have to buy Antidotes.

Once you loop around, enter the first cave and go through to collect the Tent
outside. Move on through Mt. Kolts and save when you get to the Save Point.

Head on outside and make your way down the slopes to face Vargas. You may want
to equip all the relics you have (besides Star Pendant). I gave Edgar the Hyper
Wrist and Gigas Glove to increase his damage for Auto Crossbow. Locke's wearing
the Hermes Sandals to give him more chances to steal. It's up to you, obviously.

Vargas, Ipooh x2

HP: 360 x2 (Ipooh x2)

You have a 45% chance of stealing a Hi-Potion from each Ipooh, so if you're
feeling risky, do so. Terra should be casting a ST Fire on the same Ipooh and
Edgar using his Auto Crossbow (~115-120 damage with Hyper Wrist and Gigas

Ipooh's have 360 HP. Vargas' Gale Cut does around 50 HP to everyone, so try to
keep your HP above 50 with Terra's Cure. Once the Ipooh's are gone, go all-out
on Vargas. Don't worry about stealing from him (Potion, Mythril Claws).

Heal with Potions and Cure when necessary. Have Edgar switch to Bioblaster,
since it seems to do slightly more damage than the Auto Crossbow (140+). Edgar
is your main attack here, so if he dies, your final hope is to have Locke use
a Phoenix Down follwed up by an ST Cure from Terra. If you can't pull this off,

As long as you keep your HP above 50, you should be fine. Aren't you glad you
stole all those Potions now?

Once you've dealt 720 damage to Vargas (~5-6 turns), you can relax, since this
is when Sabin comes in.

Do a Raging Fist (left, right, left) Blitz and end this fight.

Give Sabin the Mythril Claws, a Buckler, and a Bandana if you have one. Sabin
joins at level 6, which means he already knows Aura Cannon. This is good.

Anyway, leave Mt. Kolts and be sure to grab the Tent on your way out.

Head north to the Returner's Hideout (steal a few Potions on your way).

5.6 Returner Hideout                                                     [5.06]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)
Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)
Sabin: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

When you wake up, grab the Phoenix Down from the chest and talk to Locke. Next,
go to the storage room (upper-left room) and grab the Air Knife, Phoenix Down,
Knight's Code, Antidote (bucket), Ether (pot), and White Cape (hidden passage
in north-east corner).

In the room where you find Edgar you'll also find a Hi-Potion in a chest. Talk
to Edgar, then head to the main room and talk to Sabin. Then grab the Green
Cherry out of the pot directly north of Sabin.

Go and talk to the Returner at the entrance of the Hideout and say no to Banon
three times. Watch the scene, receive the Genji Glove, and once you regain
control of your party, head to the Inn and rest.

I highly suggest you level up Banon a little bit. He's at level 2 right now
and will die VERY easily on the way to Ultros, while probably dying in the fight
against Ultros, which spells out Game Over for you.

The easiest way (thx to genkaku666 for telling me about this trick) to level
Banon and not the others is to kill off all the monsters except one. Weaken that
last monster if you wish. Then have Banon use Pray to use up his turn, and as
soon as he steps forward to execute Pray, run. If done right, everyone but Banon
will run after being healed, leaving Banon by himself to finish off that last
monster and take all the EXP.

If you don't like that trick or don't want to use it for whatever reason, you
can always just kill off your other 3 party members and have Banon do all the

Either way, the nice thing about leveling Banon is that you can fill up your
wallet a little bit.

If you do decide to level Banon up, be sure to save every now and then, because
you never know when the enemy might get real lucky.

NOTE: The following numbers only work when Banon is in the Front Row.

Starting at level 12, you can consistently take out Mus in one hit.
Starting at level 13, you can consistently take out Unseelies in one hit.

I leveled Banon up to 10, in case you're wondering.

NOTE: blusiryn informs me that level 5 is sufficient if you want to keep the
Ultros fight (more) challenging.

Whenever you're ready to continue, head to the shop and buy a lot of Potions
(you should have plenty of money now). Then head out to Lethe River.

5.7 Lethe River                                                          [5.07]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)
Sabin: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

Ride along the river and once you reach the first cave, heal (if you really
need it).

Hop onto the raft again and you'll come to the infamous "Lethe Leveling Trick".
I'll explain briefly: When you come to a cross where you select Left or Up,
choose Up and you'll loop back around to this same spot. Keep going Up and level
up as long as you want.

If you're satisfied with Banon's level already, simply head Left. Otherwise,
stick around to boost Banon a little more.

The easiest way (thx to genkaku666 for telling me about this trick) to level
Banon and not the others is to kill off all the monsters except one. Weaken that
last monster if you wish. Then have Banon use Pray to use up his turn, and as
soon as he steps forward to execute Pray, run. If done right, everyone but Banon
will run after being healed, leaving Banon by himself to finish off that last
monster and take all the EXP.

Once you get to the second cave, heal and save, then proceed on the raft to
face off against Ultros.

IMPORTANT (Thx blusiryn): Some LLG players save here and head off to fight
Ultros, only to realize that their Banon needs to gain a few more levels
because he keeps dying. You do NOT have to reset if this happens.

You'll go through one or two battles before Ultros. Have Banon gain the EXP from
the first fight (use genkaku's leveling "trick" I mentioned earlier) and let
yourself die in the second battle. You'll be back at the Save Point, but Banon
won't have lost his EXP. Repeat this until you've leveled Banon enough to beat


HP: 3000

This is considered one of the hardest fights in a LLG. Depending on how much
you leveled up Banon, this can be very true. I had a few troubles with Banon
at level 10, though I've easily won this fight with Banon at level 15. If
you're at level 5, this fight becomes quite a challenge.

First off, let me first say what you should be attacking with:
Banon: Pray
Sabin: Aura Cannon (down, down, left)
Terra: Attack
Edgar: Auto Crossbow

In your first turn, you want to have Terra Defend. After ~10 seconds, Ultros
will attack her with a Tentacle attack, which will do around ~110 damage if you
didn't defend. If you defend, it will do around ~55 damage, leaving Terra with
less than 10 HP, which is fine since Banon will heal her.

10 seconds after that, he'll attack Sabin with Tentacle (225 damage). To time
this right, have Sabin Defend on his 2nd turn, then wait until Ultros attacks
him (if you don't wait and it comes back around to Sabin's turn, chances are
he won't be able to Defend in time before Ultros attacks).

Once these two attacks are done, you're safe for a while. Someone will probably
die on the next turn (MT Tentacle followed by an attack on a random player).
Just revive whoever he killed and heal them with Pray.

Two turns after that (which is Ultros' 3rd turn, and every 3rd turn after that),
Ultros will target Banon with a Tentacle attack. If Banon has more than 235 HP,
you have nothing to worry about (Tentacle will do ~225, and I've seen it do
230). If Banon doesn't have that much HP, you'll have to Defend and hope for
the best.

NOTE: If you defend, Banon will only take ~120 damage. You can have him defend
and have someone else boost his HP above that if you need it with a

If you leveled Banon up earlier, this battle gets a lot easier. Make sure Sabin
stays alive, as he's your main attacker, dealing ~265 damage every turn. If he
dies, use a Phoenix Down and have Pray heal him.

It will probably be a long battle, but once you get the rhythm down, you'll do

I'll be doing the Scenarios in the following order:
Terra/Banon/Edgar -> Locke -> Sabin

5.8 Terra/Banon/Edgar Scenario                                           [5.08]

Terra: Level 3, 96 EXP (112 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

Finish off the Lethe River and head to Narshe once you're on the Overworld.

NOTE: You can heal at the bucket in the Beginner's Classroom if you want.

In Narshe, go left and use the secret entrance. Once at the security checkpoint,
follow the path the light takes. You may want to mess up at least once so you
can encounter Darkside, who's rage is Blizzara.

NOTE: For those wanting to get a complete Rage list, mess up until you encounter
the Darkside, Eukaryote, Specter formation. These are not in the Bestiary, so
no need to worry about finding them unless you want a complete Rage list.

Enter the next door you come across, which is the same room where Locke &
the Moogles protected Terra from the Guard Leader and his soldiers. Keep
following the path and I suggest NOT opening the chest. The Rune Blade inside
it right now uses MP to deal critical hits, and you don't really have all that
much MP to give away. It becomes a Ribbon in WoR, which is much better.

Once you exit the caves, un-equip everything (don't forget the Relics) from
Terra and Edgar. Enter Arvis' house through the back door.

5.9 Locke Scenario                                                       [5.09]

Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)

Equip Locke with a Main Gauche, Mythril Shield, Bandana, Kenpo Gi. For
Relics I would give him White Cape (stat boosts) and Hermes Sandals (if you had
Sabin wear either of these Relics, you won't have them right now. If that's the
case, just pick whatever you'd like).

Head up the stairs to the Item Shop. Fight the Merchant and steal his clothes
(along with a Plumed Hat [common] or Main Gauche [rare]). Dressed as a merchant,
head to the house south of the Item Shop and go downstairs. Talk to the kid and
he'll let you through.

If you know the shortcut behind the house to cross the river, use that.
Otherwise, head up onto the wall and go all the way west then south and fight
the Green Soldier. Steal his clothes as well. Talk to the soldier east of the
Chocobo Stable and relieve him of his duty.

Enter the Pub, go upstairs, down the other stairs, fight the Merchant, steal his
clothes, and take the Cider. Make your way back to the old man's house through
the back door, give the man the Cider upstairs, head back downstairs and tell
the kid the password is Courage.

Use the secret entrance to come out at the rich man's house. Enter the left room
and use the stairs behind the bookshelf in the north-west corner again.

Peek in the room where Celes is and free her after watching the scenes. Don't
forget to take the Old Clock Key from the sleeping soldier.

Celes: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)

Equip Celes with a Great Sword, Heavy Shield, Bandana, and Leather Armor. Don't
forget to move her into the Back Row.

Enter the far right door and wind up the clock in the north-east corner. Now
enter the secret passage.

Getting the items can be confusing, so follow these directions:
- All the way right, all the way down. Collect Iron Armor. Hold on to this.
- Follow the path to get a Heavy Shield and a Great Sword.
- From these two items, go right and up, then stand in the top-left corner.
  Take 13 steps down, 3 left, and then all the way down and use the stairs. Grab
  the X-Potion. Also grab the Ribbon hidden directly under the X-Potion. And
  finally, grab the Hi-Ether south of the stairs.
- Head back out into the path you can see. The lower left corner of this room
  has an Earring.

Now exit this place through the stairs east of you (I bet you're tired of
always having to heal Celes, huh?).

Exit South Figaro and head to South Figaro Cave. Heal at Sabin's house if you
want/need to.

Grab all the chests in the cave this time. X-Potion to the west, Ether to the
east, and the Thunder Rod is up the stairs in the north-west corner.

Heal at the Recovery Spring, and remove all Relics from both characters. Then
head south to fight Tunnel Armor.

Tunnel Armor

HP: 1300

Here's an easy (but long) fight. Runic with Celes every turn. Steal with Locke
if you want (Air Knife [Common], Bioblaster [Rare]) then just Attack every
turn. Have Locke use a Potion whenever either character's HP gets below 40
(or 50, to be safe). Rinse and repeat and Tunnel Armor will die.

NOTE: Do NOT throw your Thunder Rod for an instant kill. You'll need it later.

5.10 Sabin Scenario                                                      [5.10]

Sabin: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

Head to the house east of you. Catch the Merchant before he runs off (if he
does, simply leave the screen and re-enter) and buy 99 Shuriken (2970 Gil). You
may also want to buy an Invisibility Scroll or two.

Speaking of which, talk to Shadow here and he'll join your party.

Shadow: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)

Give Shadow a Buckler and Plumed Hat.

NOTE: Put Shadow in the Back Row (and Sabin if you forgot to do it last time).

Once you're ready, head on out. In the first battle, have Shadow throw an
Invisibility Scroll on himself. This makes him immune to any damage (for now).
This simply avoids Shadow taking damage while trying to escape.

Anyway, head on over to the Imperial Camp.

Enter: Cyan

Cyan: Level 7, 1056 EXP (496 EXP until next level)

Give Cyan a Heavy Shield, Plumed Hat (you should have one/two from stealing from
the merchants in Locke's Scenario), and an Iron Armor.

Have Cyan skip all the soldiers and head straight down to fight the Captain.
Use Sky (his 2nd Bushido) and the battle is over.

NOTE: Even though Cyan and Sabin have never met, the Black Belt (or Phoenix
Down) the Captain just dropped will be added to your inventory...

Head to the tent on the right. Kick the chest and run from the Doberman. Open
the chest for a Star Pendant. Now head south.

After the scenes, attack Kefka once to have him run away. Before talking to
Kefka again, head to the tent west of Kefka. Make sure Sabin is wearing a Ribbon
and open the left box to fight Satellite. This fight depends a bit on luck,
but all you can do is pound Satellite with Shuriken and Aura Cannons as fast as
you can. He'll probably summon some Imperial Soldiers to help him, but they each
die to one of your character's attacks (and don't give EXP, in case you're

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to blusiryn for mentioning this): If you don't have the
Ribbon because you did the scenarios in the wrong order or you forgot to
un-equip it from Locke/Celes, you can still win this fight. Don't use any
Blitzes with Sabin, since you don't want to have a Berserk'd Sabin running
around. Have him heal Shadow instead (whenever he needs it). Shadow should just
keep throwing Shuriken at Satellite (and the Imperial Soldiers) and Satellite
will eventually fall.

After that fight, open the right chest for a Mythril Glove. Exit the tent and
go behind it and jump off the ledge. Open the chest in the next tent for a
Barrier Ring.

Go back and talk to Kefka twice. Attack him once (again) and he'll flee. Next
time you talk to him you'll have to fight Templar x2 and Imperial Soldier x2.
Throw Shuriken and use Aura Cannon to win (what else were you going to do?).

Lead Cyan to the Throne room. After you regain control, head outside the throne
room and enter the room in the south-east corner. Check the pot in the
north-east corner for a Remedy. Now enter the room east of the Throne room.

Now you'll have to help out Cyan fight off some soldiers. Use the same attacks
as before.

You'll then find yourself in Magitek Armor. Work your way towards the exit and
fight the few fights (use this chance to get some free healing from Healing

NOTE: Make sure to encounter Stray Cat on your way to Phantom Forest.

Now head down to Phantom Forest. Enter the next screen and use the much needed
Recovery Spring. Next screen, take the top right path. Move on to the Phantom
Train now.

Head right to the next cart. Pick up the ghost and enter the conductor's room.
Examine the top left floor tile for a hidden Tent. Save if you need to and
head back to the first cart.

Talk to the second ghost from the right to buy some Potions (I don't know about
you, but I was running a little low on those). Keep on heading left. On one of
the carts you will enter, a ghost blocks the entrance. Talk to him and run.

After you jump across the carts, head inside and detach the carts where the
ghosts are. Inside, hit the switch again to move on.

NOTE: This is the cart where you can find Oversoul. Make sure you see it at
least once.

Enter the next cart to have a meal, which will restore your HP/MP. Head back
outside using the right exit and walk around the train. Re-enter on the left and
grab the Earring.

In the next cart, enter the second room and search the upper-left tile for a
hidden Tent. In the next cart, skip the first room again and enter the second

Open the left chest and have your Ghost possess it to win. You'll get a Hyper
Wrist for all your hard work. The other three chests contain a Phoenix Down,
Sniper Eye, and another Phoenix Down. You can save in the next cart.

In the next (and last) cart, flip the first and third switch. Then go outside
to the smokestack and examine it to engage in a boss fight.

Phantom Train

HP: 1900

There's really only one way to win this battle (unless you're extremely lucky):
Use a Phoenix Down on the train.

If you really want to attempt beating it the normal way: Aura Cannon does ~200
damage, so that should be your main attack. Shadow's Shuriken are in the ~55
range, and Cyan's Fang is in the ~180 range.

Best case scenario, you'd need about 5 turns to beat Phantom Train. Of course
you can't forget about Acid Rain (100 damage to EACH character) and his other

Just use a Phoenix Down. ;)

Make your way to Baren Falls. Before entering, un-equip Shadow of everything
(don't forget the Relics). Jump into the Falls.

Opinicus Fish only have 10 HP each, so finish them off for the next minute.
After one minute, Rhizopas will show up. The best you can do is pray that he
doesn't use El Nino, because that spells death for you. However, it doesn't take
much to finish off Rhizopas. Two Aura Cannon and a Sky will do, or Sky, Fang,
Aura Cannon will also work.

Cross the Veldt and enter Mobliz. You can heal for free in the bed at the Relic
Shop (north end of town).

Head to the Item Shop and buy one Dried Meat. Stock up on Potions and whatever
else you want. Buy a Kotetsu for Cyan at the Weapon Shop. Buy a Magus Hat for
later on.

*OPTIONAL, but recommended*
If you have 2500 Gil (if you don't, go earn it on the Veldt), head to the
north-west house and talk to the injured soldier. You'll need to run back and
forth between three places: Soldier's House -> Post Office -> Any shop ->
Soldier's House. Talking to any shop owner will make the next letter arrive.
Do this five times and the soldier will give you a Tintinnabulum.

Now head to the Post Office and check the clock for an Elixir.

5.11 Veldt 1                                                             [5.11]

Head back onto the Veldt and fight some monsters until Gau appears. Feed him the
Dried Meat item and he'll join you.

Gau: Level 7, 1056 EXP (496 EXP until next level)

Now on to getting some Rages. Getting the rages with a star is a highly
recommended, as they will be very useful at some point in your game. Those with
dashes are just nice Rages to have:
- Cloud (Thundara)
- Bomb (Blaze) [Slightly stronger than Fira]
- Darkside (Blizzara)
* Guard Leader (Wind Slash)
* Oversoul (Will o' the Wisp)
- Stray Cat (Cat Scratch)
* Trillium (Bio) <- IMPORTANT
- Mu (Snare)

Don't forget that you can heal for free in the back of the Relic Shop, or you
could just pay 100 Gil to rest at the Inn. Since you have the Tintinnabulum
(right?), you can also equip it on those that need healing and they will be
completely healed in just a few steps.

NOTE: The Veldt is also a great place to earn money. Chances are you'll also
come across several Satellite. Do your best to beat these, because you get a
Green Beret for every Satellite you beat. Try out your Cloud rage on Satellite
and see what happens.

This is what your party should look like at this point:
- Sabin: Mythril Claws, Buckler, Green Beret, Kenpo Gi
- Cyan: Kotetsu, Heavy Shield, Green Beret, Iron Armor
- Gau: Buckler, Nothing, Green Beret, Ninja Gear

I'll let you decide which Relics to use, though I highly suggest giving Gau
double Earrings to further boost his attack power. Just in case you don't know,
Gau will probably be your key player for most of this LLG.

Anyway, once you're ready, head to the Crescent Mountain Cave. Walk to the end
and prepare to jump into Serpent Trench.

When you get a choice to go left or right, go right. When you get to the cave,
take the X-Potion out of the chest and continue. When you get to anther split,
go right again. At the second cave, step on the switch to let the water drain,
grab the Green Beret in the chest and continue.

It's impossible to miss Aspiran, which is good, since his rage will be VERY
useful later on in the game.

Once in Nikeah, check the clock in the Inn for an Elixir. Also head to the Item
Shop and buy about 30-40 Smoke Bombs (you should have plenty of money from the
Veldt to afford this). This will help you run away (just use a Smoke Bomb and
you're gone) throughout the game.

Talk to the man on the boat to finally end these scenarios.

5.12 Imperial Attack on Narshe                                           [5.12]

If you care about a complete Bestiary, keep reading. Otherwise, skip this next
section and start reading at NON-COMPLETE BESTIARY.


USEFUL HINT: Since there's really no room for error in completing this part of
the game while aiming for a perfect Bestiary, I've made a video of how it
should look like. If the text confuses you, check out the video and it should
make a lot more sense. The video can be found here:

There are two monsters here that only appear here. These monsters are Fidor and
Hunting Hound. You'll also want to fight Hell's Rider, even though it's not
missable (the next time you can encounter it is in the Soul Shrine at the end
of the game). Terra will even gain a level after the fight, but it won't affect
anything, so it's harmless. Anyway, preparation:

Your main team will be Terra, Celes, Cyan, and Sabin. Put one of the remaining
three people in one party, and the last two in the last party.

Make sure to equip your main party. In order to equip everyone, you'll have to
take the only controllable character and press A on the character you want to
equip so they can switch places. Equip that person, and repeat with the other
characters. Also, you'll want to save.

Don't worry about equipping the other two parties.

Skip down to "FOR BOTH:"


For this battle, you'll only need one team. You won't want to fight any of these
soldiers, because you'll gain EXP from them.

Your main party will be Gau, Edgar, Sabin, and Celes. The other two parties
don't matter.

In order to equip everyone, you'll have to take the only controllable character
and press A on the character you want to equip so they can switch places. Equip
that person, and repeat with the other characters.

Keep reading below.


Once you're ready, talk to Banon. Form your parties and keep reading below.

With your main party, go left first then head down as far as you can until you
see four green soldiers below you. There are three spaces in between the two
groups of soldiers (one group to the left, one to the right of the area I'm
talking about) that they don't walk on. You'll want to stand in the middle of
these spaces. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, then use this picture
to help you understand:
(Let me know if the link is broken, though it should work for a VERY long time)

This is where the path splits again (depending on if you're aiming for a
complete Bestiary or not).


USEFUL HINT: Don't forget to check out the video (link is above) if you're
confused about what to do.

Going by the picture, wait until the green soldiers to your left starts going
left. Don't go too early, or you'll engage in a battle with it. Now go two
spaces to the left, three spaces down, and one more to the left. Now just wait
until you are in a battle with one of the Brown soldiers.

You have a 25% chance of encountering the Fidor, Corporal formation. If you
don't get the formation with Fidor, you'll want to defeat the two Corporals
and then run away from the Heavy Armor (you couldn't run away earlier because
the Corporals don't allow it).

Now wait until the second Brown soldier comes up and turns left. Once it's safe,
go down and fight the Brown soldier that is just standing there. If you haven't
encountered Fidor yet, and this formation still doesn't include Fidor, you'll
need to reset. If you did already encounter Fidor and you encounter it again,
you may also want to reset because you don't want to gain any (more) EXP.

Either way, you'll gain 62 EXP / person from the battle with Fidor. That's

After this battle, switch parties once (you'll be in control of the party with
just one person) and head straight down to fight the Green soldier who's

You have a 25% chance of encountering the Hunting Hound, Corporal x2 formation.
If you got the Corporal x4 formation, fear not. Your party who just died will
respawn at the Save Point, and you can go and face that same Green soldier.
If it's STILL not the Hunting Hound formation, then you'll have to reset.

Don't worry about this battle, just let yourself be defeated. This won't count
as a Game Over. Instead, your party will re-appear at the Save Point and
everyone in the party will have only 1 HP. But the formation with Hunting
Hound will still appear on the Veldt.

Quickly switch parties twice to re-gain control of your main party. If you need
some healing, pause and heal yourself.

Now go fight the soldier running back and forth like a maniac.

This battle will be against Hell's Rider. It has 1300 HP and is weak to Fire
and Poison. Have Terra use Fire for ~150 damage, Sabin use Aura Cannon for ~235,
Cyan use Fang for ~165 and Celes can just heal or something. Everyone will gain
100 EXP, bumping Terra up to level 4. The reason this is a harmless level-up is
because Terra will leave your party soon (very soon actually) and rejoin you at
level 6.

Head down and press A in front of Kefka to fight him.

Read on at "Kefka"


Going by the picture, wait until the green soldier starts going left. If you
go to early, you'll engage in a battle with it. When you're ready, you'll want
to move to the south-west corner of this area. It's not too far from where
you're standing right now, so I'll use another picture to help explain:
(Let me know if the link doesn't work)

Once the single brown soldier has walked past you (wait until he's gone all the
way up and starts going left), go down and you can already see Kefka.

The last hurdle is the racing brown soldier. All you have to do is wait until
he runs right then dash down and reach Kefka and don't forget to press A,
otherwise you'll fight the racing brown soldier.

Continue reading below.


HP: 3000

Terra will probably be your main healer (with Potions/Hi-Potions). Sabin should
use Aura Cannon, Cyan his first Bushido, and Celes needs to Runic every turn,
allowing her to absorb most of Kefka's attacks. Every now and then, Kefka will
attack physically, but you shouldn't have to worry about that too much.

This fight is very easy. Celes should Runic every turn (cancelling out almost
ALL of Kefka's attacks). Gau should use the Stray Cat Rage (~500 damage), 
but using the Bomb or Oversoul Rage will work as well, since those attacks
don't get absorbed by Runic. Sabin should be doing Aura Cannon as always, and
Edgar can use his Auto Crossbow. Rinse and repeat and Kefka will be done in no

Now you must form a party of four to use for a while. I recommend Locke, Gau,
Sabin, and Edgar. Cyan & Celes don't really have much to offer, while the other
four characters do. Make sure to remove Celes' and Cyan's equipment before you
leave. Also make sure everyone is in the back row, where they should always be.

5.13 Narshe                                                              [5.13]

Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
Gau: Level 7, 1056 EXP (496 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)
Sabin: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

Head to the building south of Arvis' house. Open all six of the seven chests
for a Hyper Wrist, Thief's Bracer, Reflect Ring, Thief's Knife, Earring, and
5000 Gil. I suggest giving Locke the Thief's Bracer and Thief's Knife.

NOTE: While doing all the shopping in the paragraph below, make sure you have
at least 2000 Gil left. You'll need this in a few minutes.

Stock up on Potions and such before going anywhere. If you have an excess of
money, head to the Armor Shop and buy some Mythril Shields for those that don't
already have it. If you have 700 more Gil to spare, then Locke/Edgar could use
an Iron Armor.

One last thing: The clock in the Elder's House (most western house) has an

Head to Figaro Castle. Since you brought Edgar and Sabin, Sabin will leave you
for a minute to explore the castle. Go rest at the Inn. When you wake up, Sabin
will be back in your party.

Now put Edgar in the lead and go to the shop. Everything's now half-price
because the king of Figaro is in the lead. Buy the Drill for 1500 Gil and the
Flash for 500 Gil.

Once you're ready, go to the entrance of the castle and take the left stairs in
the first room. Talk to the guy here to be transported to Kohlingen.

Enter Kohlingen. Enter the north-west house and check the clock for an Elixir.
Next, go around behind the north-eastern house and enter through the back
door. To your left is a chest with a Green Beret. That's about it for this

NOTE: Shadow is in the Pub. You could recruit him now for 3000 Gil (if you only
have three characters in your party), but he will join at level 6. For those
wishing to play a Perfect Stats game, we'll be back later and have Shadow join
at level 5, level him up with an esper to give him a stat boost, then drop him
again. Just a heads up.

NOTE2: From here on out is when the Smoke Bombs will come in handy, since the
enemies are getting stronger (and you obviously aren't, at least not

Head up north and enter the house (where the Coliseum will later be) and check
the pot to the left for a Hero's Ring. Leave the house, and check the center of
the forest for a hidden Chocobo Stable. Pay 100 Gil to ride the Chocobo and take
it all the way down to Zozo (all the way south along the western border of the
continent, and once you see Jidoor take a left and ride back up until you reach
Zozo). This will be much cheaper than walking since you'll be using up a lot of
Potions just trying to walk to Zozo.

NOTE: If you want to make lots of money, stop by Jidoor and SPEND all your
money. Just trust me, or read below to see why.

5.14 Zozo                                                                [5.14]

Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
Gau: Level 7, 1056 EXP (496 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)
Sabin: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)
OR Sabin: Level 6, 734 EXP (222 EXP until next level) [100% Bestiary]

Question: Aren't you tired of not having money? Would you like to earn thousands
of Gil in just an hour? Then send 20 payments of $19.95 to my address. Call
within the next 10 minutes and I'll double that! Free!

Ok, maybe not all that. But seriously, if you're tired of not having money, we
can fix that now. First, it'd be best if you had spent all your money (like I
suggested). Now walk around outside (make sure you don't go inside anywhere)
to find Harvester. Harvester has some items you might like. He has a common 
Silver Spectacles and rare Dragoon Boots! Everytime you steal something from
him, he'll steal Gil from you. If you don't have any Gil (because you've spent
all your money), he won't take anything.

Anyway, steal as many items from Harvester as you can (before you need to go
heal somewhere) and head to Jidoor to heal. Don't sell your items yet (if you
sell them now, and head back to steal more, Harvester will just steal your

Head back and forth between Zozo and Jidoor as much as you need to (to heal).
Once you've had enough stealing for a while, sell all your goods.

Silver Spectacles sell for 250 Gil, but Dragoon Boots sell for 4500 Gil! If
you're using an emulator (and let's be honest, not many people would attempt a
LLG without using an Emulator, but if you are, you have my respect. NOTE: I'm
not saying it's impossible to play a LLG on a cart, but it takes a LOT more
patience, which is why you guys have my respect.), you can abuse save states to
get Dragoon Boots for every Harvester you see (save state right before you
select Steal, then steal, and reload if necessary). Not that I know what I'm
talking about... *whistles*

While you're in Jidoor, head to the big house at the north-end of the town.
Walk up the first stairs on the right and check the pot in the north-east corner
for an Ether.

Anyway, I stayed here until I got over 50,000 Gil, just to be safe.

Once you're done with all that, ride a Chocobo to Figaro Castle (or walk, it's
on you).

You can buy Hi-Potions for only 150 Gil. Phoenix Downs are 250 Gil. Tents are
only 600 Gil. Buy as much as you want (but don't spend it all, the point of
this exercise was for you to not have to worry about money for a while).

Now that you have a full wallet, you may want to buy 2 Ninja gear (Locke, Sabin)
and 1 Mythril Vest (Edgar). The last thing I suggest you buy is an Earring at
the Relic Shop (you should already have three, two on Gau and one in your
inventory). Either way, make sure you have a total of four Earrings before you

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have at least 18,000 Gil left. You'll need it later.

I'm sure you're anxious to get back to playing the actual game, so let's get to
that. Once in Zozo, head to the building labeled as Inn (from the start,
straight east and straight north). Approach the clock and set the time to
6:10:50 (if you want to know why, check my walkthrough). Go up the stairs and
get the Chainsaw Tool for Edgar.

Leave this tower, head to the north-west corner and enter the "Armor" shop.
Grab the Potion in the chest.

NOTE: When you encounter four Gobbledygooks, use Edgar's Noiseblaster to confuse
them. Every one of these creatures has a 50% chance of casting Vanish on YOUR
characters (casting Vanish on the same character twice will remove the
Invisible status). Try your best to get at least two (three would be best, four
would be awesome) characters Vanish'd. This way your characters will take less
damage while trying to run away. The only thing that can hurt you is a single
Veil Dancer formation (only appears inside), and one attack from him/her/it will
instantly kill one of your characters anyway. You'll definitely want to use a
Smoke Bomb to run from those battles.

Anyway, head back to the first building you could enter (the Pub). Go upstairs
and out the right exit. Go upstairs and enter the right door to find an Ether.

Head to the only tower that's left (south-west). Go up as far as you can and
enter the only door you'll see. Collect the Brigand's Glove. Head back down two
floors and enter the black area and jump to the other building to the left.

Re-enter the tower and you'll find three pots and a bucket in the north-west
corner of this room. Check the upper two pots for an Ether and a Hi-Potion.

Move right along... you'll have to jump back to the right tower at the top.
Keep going further up and once you're outside again, enter the next door to
find a chest containing Burning Fists. Definitely give this to Sabin. Also make
sure Sabin and Gau both are wearing double Earrings before you fight your next

Head up one more floor to fight Dadaluma.


HP: 3270

Dadaluma's weakness is Poison. I hope you got Gau's Trillium rage, because it
will be a life-saver in this battle. Bio will do over 700 damage, and Sabin's
Aura Cannon will do around 400 damage. Edgar's Drill will do ~300 damage. In
other words, it shouldn't take you more than 3 turns to beat this guy.

NOTE: Don't steal with Locke, unless you don't mind Dadaluma stealing your

The only problem you might have is if this battle lasts more than 30 seconds.
That's when Dadaluma calls in Iron Fist x2. I doubt it's possible to beat
Dadaluma before he calls for back-up. Once the Iron Fists arrive, stop using
Blitzes with Sabin (one Aura Cannon will kill an Iron Fist, which will then
give you EXP). Just attack normally. Your main attackers now will be Gau and

What about the Trillium rage? Well it just so happens that Iron Fist absorbs
Poison, so even if Gau goes MT with his Bio, they will only heal the Iron Fists
and still damage Dadaluma. Sweet.

I also hope you have some characters under the Invisible status, otherwise the
battle will be much harder. I had three Invisible characters and the battle was
a piece of cake. It only took me one additional turn to beat Dadaluma after his
backup arrived.

NOTE: Another time I didn't have anyone invisible, and got lucky because
Dadaluma killed off Sabin and Locke, the two people who don't matter in this

In case you're wondering: As soon as you beat Dadaluma, the fight is over and
you won't get any EXP for the Iron Fists.

Head upstairs and don't forget to grab the two chests to the left and right of
this room (Hermes Sandals, X-Potion). Head up to find Terra. Don't forget to
pick up the four magicite laying around. Un-equip Sabin (don't forget those two
Earrings!) and head down to talk to your other party members who mysteriously
showed up.

You'll have to make a party of four again, and this time Celes and Locke are
automatically included. Gau is pretty much required. I'd bring Edgar as the
other party member, since Sabin's usefulness is quite limited to his Aura
Cannon, whereas Edgar has Drill/Chainsaw.

5.15 Veldt 2                                                             [5.15]

Locke: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
Gau: Level 7, 1056 EXP (496 EXP until next level)
Edgar: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)
Celes: Level 5, 400 EXP (272 EXP until next level)
OR Celes: Level 5, 532 EXP (110 EXP until next level) [100% Bestiary]

NOTE: Don't forget to equip Celes.

As the title suggests, we'll be heading to the Veldt next.
You may be saying "But it's so far away!"
Let me put it this way: If you don't get certain rages now, you'll be VERY
sorry later on. Just do it. ;)

So how do you get there? Simple (not really), just follow this path:
Zozo -> Jidoor (pick up a Chocobo) -> Figaro Castle -> Dive underneath the
mountains and re-surface in Figaro Desert -> South Figaro Cave -> Heal at
Sabin's house if needed -> Mt. Kolts -> Returner Hideout -> Heal if you need
to -> Lethe River -> Where Imperial Camp used to be -> Phantom Forest (heal if
needed) -> Baren Falls -> Veldt

See, wasn't too hard? Heh. Long trip, but worth it.

First off, some Tips on the Veldt:
* Give Edgar two Earrings and have him use his Flash tool.
* Give Locke the Thief's Knife and Thief's Bracer relic (just to steal some
  random items).
* Have Gau attack with any of his three new rages, or Guard Leader if you don't
  have any of the new rages yet.
* If you encounter the single Veil Dancer formation, run.
* If you come across a Specter, try to steal their rare Ice Rod. It will save
  you some money later on.
* Save every few battles. You never know.

You should get the following Rages:
- Aspiran (Gigavolt) <- Very useful
- Anguiform (Aqua Breath)
- Hill Gigas (Magnitude 8)

Other useful Rages:
- Veil Dancer (Blizzara)
- Gobbledygook (Vanish)

That may not seem like much, but there's another reason we're here on the Veldt:
Time to learn some magic. Magic will be very important in completing this LLG,
so I suggest you spend quite some time learning it. The following spells are
especially useful:
- Thundara (Ramuh, x2)
- Cura (Kirin, x1)
- Libra (Kirin, x5)
- Sleep (Siren, x10)
- Silence (Siren, x8)
- Slow (Siren, x7)
- Confuse (Cait Sith, x7)
- Imp (Cait Sith, x5)
- Float (Cait Sith, x2)

I usually have several people learn these spells, just in case my main spell
caster is somehow disabled. It may take you a while to learn these spells, but
finding those three Rages will also take a while (unless you're lucky).

Have at LEAST Gau and Celes learn these spells.

*Goes to make a sandwich*


Done? Cool. You should also have tons of money (I had over 100,000 Gil at
this point).

If you're not playing a perfect stats game, skip the next section and start
reading at CONTINUE.

PERFECT STATS GAME: This is only for those wishing to do a perfect stats game.
It's possible to recruit Shadow at level 5 right now. Since he'll join at level
6 later anyway, you can give him a +1 stat boost through any esper.

NOTE: Make sure Gau doesn't have the Cait Sith esper.

To do this, you'll have to Leap Gau off the Veldt, then enter the Crescent
Mountain Cave without getting Gau back. Since Gau will be on the Veldt, his
level will not be included in the average level calculation, making your average
party level 5.8 (which rounds down to 5).

Anyway, go through Crescent Mountain Cave -> Serpent Trench -> Nikeah -> Take
the boat to South Figaro -> South Figaro Cave -> Figaro Castle -> Dive
underneath to Kohlingen -> Kohlingen.

Once in Kohlingen, enter the Inn/Pub and recruit Shadow for 3000 Gil. Now
you can give him the Ramuh (+1 Stamina) or Cait Sith (+1 Magic) esper. I
recommend Magic, since Stamina is pretty useless.

NOTE: Equip Shadow.

The easiest way to level up Shadow is to head to the desert where Figaro Castle
is. Remove all equipment from Celes/Edgar/Locke EXCEPT their weapon. Then get
into a battle. If it's against Fossil Dragon, run. Otherwise, attack your own
party (not Shadow, obviously) until all three are dead. Then walk around until
you find Fossil Dragon again. Quickly use a Phoenix Down on him and he'll die,
giving Shadow 380 EXP, which is enough to level him up.

While you're here, you can have Celes level up as well. Later on, she'll rejoin
you at level 6, so you can use that lost level to gain a stat point. After
Shadow has gained his level, simply revive Celes, heal her, take off Shadow's
equipment and esper, re-equip Celes (with the Cait Sith esper), and head into
a battle and have Shadow die. Now encounter Fossil Dragon again and throw a
Phoenix Down to have Celes level up.

Once you're done, you can heal everyone at Figaro Castle. Take the castle
underground. Head up to Narshe and Shadow will leave you.

Now you need to head BACK to the Veldt to pick up Gau. The route is the same
as before, but I'll repeat it anyways: Figaro Castle -> Underground to other
side -> South Figaro Cave -> Mt. Kolts -> Returner Hideout -> Lethe River ->
Past where Imperial Camp used to be -> Phantom Forest -> Baren Falls -> Veldt.

Now pick up Gau.

Read below at CONTINUE.


Heal at Mobliz if you need to then head to Crescent Mountain Cave (south Veldt).
Follow the Serpent Trench to Nikeah. Re-stock on Smoke Bombs while you're here.
Afterwards, talk to the guy on the ship again and you'll come out outside of
South Figaro. Roundtrip to the Veldt: Complete.

RANDOM INFO: Some people may have figured out that if you leave Gau on the
Veldt, Setzer will join you at level 5 instead of level 6. This is not false,
since Setzer will join you at level 5. However, once you go through the entire
Magitek Research Facility, beat the Cranes and return to Terra, the game will
freeze during their conversation(s). Unfortunately, there's no way for you to
pick up Gau after recruiting Setzer without the game freezing. Sorry. If you
want to know how, read on.

Your levels right now (if you don't level up Celes), are as follows:
Locke = 5
Celes = 5
Edgar = 6
Sabin = 6
Cyan = 7
Gau = 7

If you Leap Gau off the Veldt, your party average will be 5.8 ((5+5+6+6+7)/5).
In theory, if you could have Setzer in your party BEFORE going to the Magitek
Research Facility, he would join at level 5, allowing you to level him up once
with an esper to boost his stats. However, Setzer doesn't join you until after
the MRF, at which point someone else in the party will have gained at least 2
levels. Not to mention that everyone's level gets re-calculated after the MRF.

Again, I only mention this because I find it interesting that a player can come
THIS close to having someone join at a lower level, yet it's still not possible.

Head back to Figaro Desert through the South Figaro Cave. Take Figaro Castle to

5.16 Opera House                                                         [5.16]

Once in Kohlingen, make your way to Jidoor. Enter Owzer's Mansion (north house)
and speak to the man running around. Read the letter, leave, and head to the
Opera House (south of Jidoor). Talk to the Impresario again and get ready to
do the Opera scene.
- First line: O, my hero...
- Second line: I'm the darkness...
- Third line: Must my...
- Then talk to Draco (the soldier) four times
- Take the flowers and walk up to the balcony

After this go to the north-east room, hit the right switch, then head to the
north-west room and get ready to do the possibly hardest challenge in any LLG.

NOTE: If you're not going for a complete Bestiary, you won't have to worry about
encountering the rats. Just skip the parts that explain how to get the Bestiary

You now have to get by five rats walking around on the rafters. Here's the deal:
1. From now on until the end of the Magitek Research Facility, you can gain up
  to 3 levels while still keeping your average level at 6. We obviously don't
  want that, but it allows you to fight one of the rat formations if you want.

  - It will be a LOT easier if you catch the Goetia, Stunner x2 formation. The
    other formation (Goetia x2, Stunner x3) is much harder and you may not
    survive it. You'll need to defeat the Goetia (yellow rat) first. It has 499
    HP. Cast spells (Thundara, Fire, etc.) to take it down as fast as possible.
    Once Goetia is gone, cast any weak MT-spell on the rest of the monsters.
    They will flee, and you'll only receive 48 EXP or 96 EXP (depending on which
    formation you encountered).

2. You can encounter any rat formation and let yourself be killed. This won't
  count as a Game Over. You'll find yourself outside the Opera House, and you
  have three more tries to get it right (not that you need three tries). Once
  you regain control, leave out the south-east exit and look at the letter,
  which is from Ultros again. Then you can go back up to the rats (after
  flipping the switch to open the door, of course).

100% BESTIARY or
UNLOCK ALL FORMATIONS: If you're doing any of these three challenges along
with your LLG, then you HAVE to do the 2nd option. If you do the 1st option
and gain those 48 EXP / person, you'll have screwed yourself over for the
Mine Cart Ride. Yes, those measly 48 EXP will put Locke and Edgar over the
top. In case you're interested:
* Locke will have gained 8 EXP too many
* Gau will have gained 47 EXP only if you're doing the "Unlock All
  Formations" challenge

Either way, Locke will be over the top, so this means you can't gain any EXP
here. You'll have to use Option #2 (which still isn't bad, mind you).

USEFUL HINT: For those not playing emulators, you'll definitely want to do the
second option (unless you can get through the rats on your first try and don't
care about the Bestiary). You won't even have to watch the Opera scene again.
Just note that you do only have four tries total to make it past the rats (of
course you'll have saved outside the Opera House, right?).

VERY USEFUL HINT (thx to MarcusMajarra on the GFAQs board for this trick):
"I don't know if anyone's realized this, yet, but I stumbled upon a useful
trick to use in order to more easily avoid the rats in the Opera House. If you
open the menu while a rat is moving to a square adjacent to you, you're
effectively avoiding the battle for that movement. However, since it takes a
short moment for the menu to open up, the rat keeps moving even while opening
the menu. Thus, if you stand by one of the intersections and open the menu as a
rat comes next to you, it's possible to guide it along a sidewalk where it has
enough leeway to remain far from you, giving you enough room to maneuver."

In other words: If you look at either one of the diagrams below, you could
stand on spot X and when the rat is about to move next to you, open the menu
and the rat will keep moving without engaging you in a battle (this makes it
real easy to get past the second rat if you stand in spot X).

I tried this myself and managed to get by ALL the rats on the first(!) try...
withOUT using save states. This trick definitely makes the rats a lot easier.

If you're using an Emulator, here's a few hints for using save states:
- Have one save state in front of the door to the rafters (call this Save A)
- Head inside and do your best to get by the rats. If you find it impossible or
  you're just that unlucky, reload Save A, and enter and exit the room a few
  times. This will make the rats walk a different pattern. Repeat this until you
  can make it past all the rats.

NOTE: I made a video of one example to get by the rats. It may help you figure
out how the rats move and how you should try to get by them:

Anyway, here's some help on getting by the rats:


# B
C #
#XA    D = Door
# #    C = where you should be standing
# #    X = Don't stand here (rat will engage in battle if it walks by)
# #    AB = While the rat is walking from point A to point B, head across and
# #         go down to point H
# H
D #

NOTE: Don't forget to use the trick by MarcusMajerra above to get by the rats.
You can stand on the X and still get by the rat, which is a little easier.


- There are several ways to get past the second rat. I'll make another horrible
ASCII art:

# 2       H = Same H as in above diagram
# # ####  2 = Sometimes you can make it past this rat when he goes here, it's
H## #  #      risky though
# # #  #  X = If the rat goes here, don't try to get past it, you won't make it
 X###  Y  Y = This is the best place for the rat to be, though it rarely happens

NOTE: Using the trick by MarcusMajerra, you can once again stand on the X spot
and let the rat slip by you.

You're only options here is for the rat to go to Y, or 2 in the diagram. I've
personally never seen the rat go to Y, but if it does, then it's quite rare.
Your best bet is to run past the rat WHILE it is walking UP to "2".


Those are the two hardest rats to get by. You should be able to figure out the
rest, since you have a lot more room to work with. Good luck.

Other tips to save you time:
- If the rats just aren't working in your favor, reload Save A and enter/leave
  the rafter room one time (if it's still not working, enter/leave twice, etc.)
- Wait at least 30-45 seconds before resetting and trying again. Sometimes it
  takes the rats a while to move into the right place.

NOTE: Gau has two Earrings, right? Good.

Once you get past all the rats, you'll have to fight Ultros.


HP: 2550

This is where Gau's Aspiran (Gigavolt) comes in handy. It will do ~1400 damage!
Yes, that means two Gigavolts and this battle is over. Have Edgar use Drill and
Locke can pretty much do nothing except heal if you need to heal.

NOTE: Ultros can move to up to four different spots on the field. Ultros has
2550 HP on each spot, and they are independent of the other spots. I'm telling
you this because if Ultros does move to a different spot, you'll need two MORE
Gigavolts to defeat him. Basically, you need to have two Gigavolts connect on
the same spot to kill Ultros.

You finally get the airship. That means no more walking across the Overworld and
constantly running. Sweet. What's not so sweet is that you can't take off in the
airship and fly anywhere (yet). You CAN enter the airship and heal yourself for
free. Might as well stock up on Potions/Smoke Bombs while you're at it.

NOTE: Don't forget to equip Celes.

Anyway, you land next to Albrook. Enter it.

5.17 Southern Continent                                                  [5.17]

In the Relic Shop, buy 3 more Reflect Rings (now you should have 4 total). If
you don't have enough money, you can always sell off some of your old equipment
to get more. You'll need 18,000 Gil to buy 3 Reflect Rings. If you have 2200 Gil
to spare, you may want to buy a White Dress for Celes.

Now check the barrel east of the Inn for a Hi-Potion. The pot in the Weapon
Shop has an Ether for you. And finally, the clock in between the Pub and the
Relic Shop has an Elixir.

If you feel like getting every item, head to Maranda (West end of Southern
Continent). Check the bottom crate directly west of where you enter the town
for a Holy Water. Now head to the place where a soldier is chasing after a
girl. Check the bottom crate for a Remedy.

If you want to steal a bunch of easy-to-get Tents, head to the eastern end of
the Southern Continent. In the Imperial Observation Post, approach any soldier
and you'll fight Sergeant. Each Sergeant has a common Tent (and a rare Mythril
Vest) for you to steal. Stay here until you feel you have enough Tents.

Whenever you're ready, head to Vector (center of Southern Continent). If you
need to heal, there's a very skinny house west of the Inn. Talk to the Lady,
answer No, and run from the Guards. The lady will compeletely heal you now when
you talk to her.

Head to the guy hiding behind the crates (north-east of entrance) and he'll
help you get into the Magitek Research Facility.

5.18 Magitek Research Facility                                           [5.18]

100% BESTIARY: Sergeant, Belzecue and Flan are missable monsters, but I highly
doubt you'll be able to NOT encounter them unless you're using a No Encounter
code. Also, be sure to encounter Proto Armor. He's not exactly missable, but
chances are you won't encounter it in the other places he may appear in.

Head east and through the top tube to obtain a Flametongue. Equip it. Now.
Head back using the crane and go west on this platform and down the right tube.
Grab the Ether. Now down the left tube to advance. Grab the X-Potion. Take the
conveyor to the right and grab the Thunder Blade (equip it). South of you is a
Remedy. Get on the conveyor belt here.

The south-west corner of this room has a chest with Dragoon Boots. Go up the
stairs above it and through the door to find a Golden Shield (give it to Edgar
or Celes). Back in the big room, take the stairs at the north end to reach the
North-east corner. Enter the pipes through the wall where there are no crates.
Head east when you can to get the Icebrand and Zephyr Cloak. Back in the tube,
keep heading south and you'll end up at the same place as you were when you
first came to this room. Head south into the next room (use the left entrance).

Head all the way on the walkway until you reach the south-east corner of this
room, where you'll find a Tent in a chest. Go down the stairs and go all the
way left until you can't go anymore. Take two steps right and go down. You'll
enter a hard-to-see door. There's a hidden chest here with Golden Armor. I
recommend giving this to Edgar. Head all the way to the left and you might see
another hard-to-see door south of these stairs. Enter it and grab the Golden
Helm in the chest (don't equip this).

That's about it for this room. Step on the conveyor belt going to the right.
After Kefka leaves, take the same conveyor belt the two espers just took (with
a little help from Kefka). Save in the left room here before you approach the

Equip Reflect Rings on everyone (if one of your characters has Gigas Glove and
Hyper Wrist equipped, then replace Hyper Wrist, since Gigas Glove is better in
this case). If you don't have enough Reflect Rings, you may want to use the
alternate strategy below.

NOTE: An easy (and free) healing method: Go into the Save room where no monsters
appear. Equip the Tintinnabulum on those that need healing and walk around.
Do this with everyone and you'll be at full health.

Now approach the espers.

Ifrit & Shiva

HP: 3300 (Ifrit) & 3000 (Shiva)

NOTE: If Ifrit uses Blaze, reset. It kills your entire party. Just hope he
doesn't use it.

With Reflect Rings, this battle is not hard. You'll be trying to take out
Shiva (the blue esper) for your information. Have Gau use Oversoul rage (Will
o' the Wisp) and don't worry about it healing Ifrit, he doesn't matter.
Everyone else should either heal those that need healing or cast Fire on Shiva.
For those that don't know Fire, unless it's Edgar (who should then use Drill),
it's best they don't attack at all. Shiva will switch with Ifrit after 5
attacks, and it's best to have one of the spell casters use that turn because
they'll be doing more damage.

Gau's Will o' the Wisp does 1000+ damage and Fire does ~200 damage. Drill does
~300 damage. All of Shiva's attacks will end up healing her, but you'll be
doing more damage than she can heal so it's ok.

NOTE: To get Ifrit to disappear, you need to attack him 5 times. This does not
include spells that bounce back to him.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx blusiryn): If you don't have four Reflect Rings, you can
have Celes use Runic to absorb most of Ifrit/Shiva's attacks. You still have to
worry about their physical attack and Blaze/Snowstorm. Gau can still use the
Oversoul Rage, as it doesn't get absorbed by Runic.

After the battle, talk to both espers and collect their magicite. Continue
through the right door and all the way up these stairs. In the next room there
are three big tubes on top and two on the bottom. To the left of the second one
at the bottom is a small area with a hidden chest (the chest is down and to the
left, just do your best and you should find it). The chest has a Stoneblade.

Also be sure to encounter Destroyer here (it's not hard). It has a very useful
Rage (Reraise).

Now give Gau double Earrings again and head to the next battle against
Number 024.

Number 024

HP: 4777

Strategy #1:

First, have Locke and Celes be dedicated Sleep casters. This means casting
Sleep almost every turn. He wakes up a lot, but you'll want to keep him asleep.
This will disable Number 024 completely.

Have Gau use Aspiran (Gigavolt) for ~1000 damage and Edgar's Drill will do ~275.

Try to space it out so Sleep gets cast every other turn or every third turn (do
this by simply skipping Locke/Celes turn until it's time to cast Sleep again).
You'll probably need someone to heal Gau & Edgar since Number 024 will still

If Number 024 ends up using Barrier Change, you might as well reset. As long as
you keep him asleep, and depending on how many times Gau wants to cooperate (he
didn't like casting Gigavolt very much for me), this battle should end after
3-4 Gigavolts and several Drills.
Strategy #2 (Thx blusiryn):

NOTE: This only works if you the Gobbledygook Rage and the Imp spell.

Use the Gobbledygook Rage (Vanish) before you fight Number 024 until all (or
some) of your main damage dealers are Invisible. Now you simply have to cast
Imp on Number 024 and your Invisible characters will take no damage. Proceed
to defeat Number 024 with your favorite attacks.

After the battle, remove all of Celes' equipment (including Relics and espers).

Give Gau a Reflect Ring again, then enter the next room. After the scene, save
at the Save Point. Also give Edgar the Phantom esper.

Now you'll come to the Mine Cart ride. Unlike the SNES version, these battles
are completely random (at least no one has figured out how to influence these
battles yet). You'll also have to spread out the forced EXP gains between the
three characters to gain the least amount of levels possible.

As mentioned earlier, you can afford to gain up to 3 levels. Since this *is* a
Low Level Game, you'll only want to the minimum amount of levels, which is two.

NOTE: Locke (who is at level 5 right now) will later be re-averaged to level 6.
That just means you'll want to give one of the two levels to Locke (with esper
boosts, of course) so you don't waste the chance to boost your stats.

You have to fight a total of five battles against Red and/or Purple Magna
Roaders. After that, you have to fight Number 128, the boss if you will. You'll
have to decide how you want to split up the EXP (or you can just read this
interesting stuff and then follow what I did).

Every Magna Roader (Red) hands out 198 EXP, and the Magna Roader (Purple) gives
you 232 EXP. Next, I'll explain how these five battles will work:
#1 - 1 Purple
#2 - 1 Purple, 1 Red
#3 - 2 Purple
#4 - 4 Red

During the FIRST and THIRD fight, you have a 75% chance of seeing #1 and a 25%
chance of seeing #2

During the SECOND, FOURTH, and FIFTH fight, you have a 75% chance of seeing #3
and a 25% chance of seeing #4.

Once again, those wanting a complete Bestiary now will follow a different
set-up than those that don't care about the Bestiary (shame on you). Of course,
even if you don't care about the Bestiary, you can use either method.

Those wishing to do 100% Bestiary, a Perfect Stats Game OR a "Unlock all
Formations" challenge (or any combination of these) should follow the method
listed below.

Everyone else (i.e. those wanting to gain the minimum amount of EXP, though both
scenarios gain the same amount of levels - two) can skip down to "EVERYONE
ELSE". Of course, you are free to use either method.

NOTE: This will just describe which battles you'll want to fight and how to
split up the EXP. The tips on actually winning the battles are below these

100% BESTIARY (This part was basically contributed by genkaku666, thanks)

NOTE: Regardless of what you do, have Gau wear the Bismarck esper, which is the
only +2 stat esper you have.

You'll want to encounter both the Purple AND Red Magna Roader, while still only
gaining two levels. In this case, Gau will be gaining both levels. The
formations you'll want to encounter are as follows:

100% BESTIARY: You have a 25% of encountering a "1P 1R" formation in the first
and third battle. The other 75% go to the single Purple Magna Roader. You need
to see the rare encounter at least once to add the Red Magna Roader to the
Bestiary. For example, it will look like this:

1P 1R, 2P, 1P, 2P, 2P   OR
1P, 2P, 1P 1R, 2P, 2P

My recommendation:
1P    - All Three
2P    - Gau 
1P 1R - Gau
2P    - Gau
2P    - All Three

UNLOCK ALL FORMATION: In addition to encountering one "1P 1R" formation, you'll
have a 25% of encountering a "4R" on the second, fourth, or fifth battle. The
other 75% is the "2P" encounter. To visualize it, take either of the two above
examples and replace one of the "2P" with "4R". Just one example:

1P 1R, 4R, 1P, 2P, 2P

My recommendation:
1P    - All Three
4R    - Gau
1P 1R - Gau                 NOTE: Yeah, it's the same as the one above.
2P    - Gau                       So what? :p
2P    - All Three

Now that you know what you're looking for, how should you spread out the EXP?
It's actually pretty easy. All three people need to be alive for two fights
only: One "1 Purple" formation and one "2 Purple" formation.

Gau needs to finish all the other battles by himself (or at least he needs to be
the only one standing at the end). This works for all the scenarios included in
this section. With the "Unlock all Formations" sequence, Gau will only need 3(!)
EXP to gain another level, but that's close enough.

Good luck. :)


NOTE: Give Locke the Bismarck esper and Gau the Maduin/Cait Sith esper.

For those wishing to gain the minimum amount of EXP and having the lowest levels
possible, you'll want to encounter the following formations (which happens to
be the most common one):

1P, 2P, 1P, 2P, 2P

As for spreading out the EXP: Since I recommend finishing off the last battle
with all three people alive (so you don't have to revive/heal someone while
trying to fight Number 128), you'll want to have all three characters alive
during both "1 Purple" formations and the last formation ("2 Purple").

Then you'll want Gau and Locke to take one of the other "2 Purple" formations,
with Gau taking the last "2 Purple" formation all by himself.

If that's confusing, let me write it like this:
* 1P - All Three
* 2P - Gau, Locke
* 1P - All Three
* 2P - Gau
* 2P - All Three

This isn't as hard as it looks. Good luck. :)

TIP: It's probably a good idea to have your whole party alive at the end of the
fifth battle so that you don't have to revive anyone while you're facing Number

- Purple = 420 HP, weak to Fire, absorbs Ice
- Red    = 250 HP, weak to Ice

Gau can either use Oversoul or Guard Leader. I prefer Guard Leader because it
hits all the enemies instead of just one. Your choice.

Basically, just make sure everyone has a Reflect Ring and that Locke/Gau are
both holding espers. You did give Edgar the Phantom esper, right?

After those five battles, you'll fight Number 128.

Number 128

HP: 3276

First, summon Phantom. *Most* attacks here are physical attacks, and
summoning Phantom is just a safety net. The only thing that can remove your
Invisible status is Blizzard (Number 128, 33% every other turn) or Shamshir
(Left Blade, 33% on every other turn). As you can tell, it's worth it. Thx
to blusiryn for suggesting this quite effective summoning.

Gau will be your main damage dealer in this battle. The safest way to go in
this NOT to Rage (uncontrollabe Gau = not good, because you only want to
damage the main body, not the blades), but to use a ST Thundara spell on
Number 128 (450+). Have Edgar Drill (~285) and put Locke on healing/Ether
duty. Gau can only cast three Thundaras before he runs out of MP, which is
when you'll want to have Locke give Gau an Ether.

Should you take out the Left and Right blade, Number 128 starts getting mean by
using attacks such as Blaster (Instant Death), Gale Cut (remember Vargas?),
Shockwave (strong attack) and Atomic Rays. Atomic Rays is the one to watch out
for (well, not much you can do about it when you see it) since it will kill
your party if you're not at full health (even at full health, you may not

NOTE: If you want to steal a Kazekiri (good weapon for Cyan), give it your best
shot. It's a Rare steal on Number 128 and he has no Common steal, so you can try
over and over again if you don't get it. Good luck.

It will take many turns (at least 5) to take down Number 128, but you should be
avoiding most damage due to the Phantom summoning. The battle is manageable even
without Phantom, but he makes the battle easier.

NOTE: SAVE! Unless you want to risk doing the whole Mine Cart ride all over
again. The save point is north of you if you can't find it.

After this battle you'll come be outside the of Facility again. Head all the
way down and make sure you're fully healed when you head left, where you'll
meet up with Setzer. It's not over yet.


HP: 1800 (Left)
    2300 (Right)

NOTE: The right Crane has the Debilitator Tool for Edgar as a Rare steal.
Unfortunately, it also has a common steal. You should go ahead and try to steal
the Debilitator anyway, you may get lucky.

This battle is pretty easy. If you still have your Thunder Rod from the South
Figaro Cave, throw it at the right Crane (preferably with Gau) to take off
a good chunk of his HP. Finish it off with things like Drill.

The left crane doesn't like Water, so Gau's Anguiform Rage (Aqua Breath) will
do nicely here.

NOTE: If you don't have the Thunder Rod, just keep Gau alive long enough until
he pulls off 4 Aqua Breaths, and both cranes should be done.

Don't worry about Setzer, he'll die anyway since you never got a chance to
equip him.

Do note that if the left Crane pulls of his Electrification (happens when he
gets hit with Thunder spells three times), you will die and have to reset...

After a few scenes, you'll be in control of the Airship. Head over to Narshe and
after the scene, you'll be free to go to the Cave to the Sealed Gate, but we
have other things to do.

NOTE: Terra's level got bumped up to level 6. This is supposed to happen, so
don't feel like you did something wrong somewhere.

First, make a party with Terra in it. It doesn't really matter who else is in
the party, since there's no boss or anything for a while, so pick your
favorites. Make sure you have seen Litwor Chicken (Grass/Forest on Southern
Continent) and head to the Veldt.

Here you'll want to get the Litwor Chicken and Destroyer rage and teach some
spells. Pretty much everyone should know Rasp and Osmose (Shiva). The -ara
spells are also helpful. Just make sure you have someone that knows all the
spells you have available to you now. Keep in mind that your party will consist
of only Locke and Terra for a little while. You'll want to teach them some magic
to compensate for that. Also, if you're one of those people who consider using
and throwing Rods to be too cheap during your LLG, you'll definitely want to
make sure Locke and Terra both know Vanish.

NOTE: You'll want to teach the Confuse spell to all (or some) of those that can
afford to gain 237 EXP. You'll need that spell during the Imperial Banquet.

NOTE2: Make sure you have at least 30,000 Gil.

Once you're ready, head over to Jidoor. Here you'll want to buy the Golem and
Zona Seeker magicite at the Auction House (30,000 total). Teach Stop (Golem) to
a few people, as you'll use this spell a lot in the future.

Next head to the island east of the Veldt. You'll find Briareus here, who has
Gaia Gear as a rare steal. You can cast Vanish on your party to avoid taking
damage from these guys. Stay here until you steal four Gaia Gears.

NOTE: In the grassland on the Southern Continent you can find the Wyvern
monster. If you make your entire party invisible (by summoning Phantom), you
can safely steal from Wyvern (either of the two encounters) and try to steal
some more Dragoon Boots. I suggest doing this if you're low on money.

challenges apply to your game, you will probably have a level 5 Locke if you
followed my guide through the Mine Cart ride. Take the time now to equip the
Bismarck esper on Locke and level him up to 6. If you don't do it now, he'll
get bumped up to 6 automatically pretty soon, and you won't want to waste the
+2 stat points.

When you're ready, fly to Narshe. Upon entering, a guard will take you to
the mayor's house for a little meeting with Banon & Co. Afterwards, head to the
Imperial Observation Post (east side of Southern Continent). Head through here
to get to the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

5.19 Cave to the Sealed Gate                                             [5.19]

100% BESTIARY: Stay in the first room until you encounter Provoker, Antares, and
Lich. There's a formation in which all three appear, so you may not have to
stay long.

NOTE: Once you're past B1F, you can summon Phantom to make yourself invincible
to most of all of these monsters first few attacks. Their physical usually hits
for ~50 damage, so you'll want to avoid damage as much as you can.

Take the Assassin's Dagger in the first room, then the Kazekiri in the second
room. In the lava room make your way towards the lower left corner to get the
Heiji's Jitte relic. The upper right chest has a X-Potion. In the next room,
take the east path first to find a Hi-Ether. Then take the path south of the
door. Head east and south and up the hill. Hit the switch on the bridge then go
west and north to find a Genji Glove. Next, head back south and up the	
north-east stairs. Up ahead, do NOT flip the right switch. You'll have to fight
a Ninja, which you cannot run from. Hit the left switch instead, and enter the
door to find a Save Point and a Tent.

Moving along, hit the switch on the bridge and you'll come to the grand
staircase. Stand on the last stair tile and go one step south and one step west.
Press A to find an Invisibility Scroll. Six steps south from where you're
standing now is a Gold Needle. Four North and four East is a Water Scroll. Now
grab the chest you can see on the ledge for a Hi-Ether. Stand above the chest
and walk three steps north to find 293 Gil.

Now head through the hole in the wall and walk north to come out on the other
side. You'll find an Elixir in a chest here. Then head east, then south, then
west and step on the switch. Enter the door that just opened to find a
Magicite Shard, Hi-Ether, another Magicite Shard, and the Ultima Weapon. Take
the east bridge, hit the switch on the wall, hit the switch on the platform to
your right, ignore the chest to your left and grab the Magicite Shard out of the
chest north-east of you. Advance two more rooms to finally come to the Sealed

Attack Kefka once and the fight is over. After the scene, head south and use the
exit that definitely wasn't there before. Leave the cave and head back to the

5.20 Vector / Imperial Banquet                                           [5.20]

Now you'll need to form a party of four people that can each gain 237 EXP
withOUT leveling up. That will include Terra and Setzer, and if you've been
following this guide, Sabin and Cyan.

NOTE: Don't forget to equip everyone.

Stock up on Smoke Bombs and Potions before you leave. Also, one (or more) of
your characters should know the Confuse spell.

NOTE: You can ride a Chocobo for only 100 Gil in the forest near the airship.

Head on over to Vector and enter the city. Head straight north until a soldier
tells you the emperor is expecting you. You'll now have four minutes to talk to
24 soldiers; four of those soldiers will want to fight you.

NOTE: Mega Armor is best taken care of with the Death spell. Sergeant has 580
HP, which you should be able to take care of in one turn (or use a Death
spell, though it costs 35 MP to use). 

NOTE2: If you want the Ward Bangle (you do), then you'll have to use the Smoke
Bomb trick on the three Sergeants you face. This trick is simple: Cast Confuse
on your own party member, then have that person use a Smoke Bomb DURING the
Confuse animation. If done correctly, your confused party member will use the
Smoke Bomb on the enemy instead, causing the enemy to run away (which still
counts as you beating it).

As I did in my walkthrough, I will guide you towards the awesome map made by
nJOY_CJ for the SNES version of this game:

I will also give you these instructions to follow (copied from my walkthrough):
- Head straight south to the next screen
- Talk to the two Soldiers (2 soldiers)
- Go down the little stairs and talk to the two Magitek Soldiers (4 soldiers)
- South and outside, down the right stairs and talk to Magitek Soldier (5 sold.)
- Back up stairs, down the left side, talk to south-west soldier (6 soldiers)
- Talk to left Magitek Soldier for battle (7 soldiers) [Cast Death]
- Head back inside and go left/west and through the door
- Ignore the door you see (it has two treasure chests)
- Head up the stairs and enter THAT door. There are a total of 6 soldiers in
  this room, and one more in the back room on the toilet. The guy on the toilet
  (Poo on peace!) will fight you, as will one of the soldiers in the room. You
  should have talked to a total of 14 soldiers before leaving here.
  NOTE: Use the Confuse/Smoke Bomb trick on the soldiers.
- Head up the stairs and talk to a soldier (15 soldiers) before heading outside
- Talk to the soldier and Magitek Soldier to the left (17 soldiers)
- Go up the middle stairs and talk to two Magitek Soldiers (19 soldiers)
- Head inside and fight the soldier (20 soldiers)
- Head back down the middle stairs and talk to Magitek Soldier (21 soldiers)
- Head inside and down the stairs to the next room
- Go down one set of stairs and enter the door. Talk to the Mage in the red and
  the soldier walking around (23 soldiers). One to go.
- In the south-west corner of this room is another bathroom with the last
  soldier (24 soldiers).

VIDEO: If you find these instructions too confusing or you'd like to see how
it's done so you can understand it better, then you can check out this video
I made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aE8pmmQABDk

NOTE: You may be a little short on time using the Smoke Bomb trick. Good news is
that you can afford to lose 3 points, which means you really only have to talk
to 21 soldiers and you'll still get the Ward Bangle.

After you're done with this, simply wait for the time to run out. Now you'll
do the actual Banquet. Pick these answer for maximum results:
1. To our homelands.
2. Leave him in jail.
3. That was inexcusable.
4. Celes is one of us!
5. Why did you start the war?
6. I still have a few things to ask.
7. Why do you want peace now?
8. I still have a few things to ask.
9. Why did we have to talk to your men?
10. Okay, let's talk about the espers...
11. They have gone a bit too far...
12. Why did you start the war?
13. Take a Break
14. Defeat the Imperial Elite on the other side of the table within 2 minutes**
15. Continue the Banquet. Answer "That your way is truly over."
16. Yes

** Setzer can do the most damage with his Chocobo Stampede (three Chocobos).
Cyan can just use Fang, Sabin his Aura Cannon or any spell (-ara preferably).
You may want to Trance Terra and have her use Magic.

And that's it. Afterwards head south two screens and a soldier will approach you
and give you all the rewards. These are:
1. All Imperial troops will be withdrawn from South Figaro immediately.
2. Imperial forces will be withdrawn from the kingdom of Doma.
3. We will also unlock the armory at the Imperial observation post to the east.
4. Tintinnabulum
5. Ward Bangle

Also, all the EXP your characters gained (without leveling up) will be reset to
their default values. Terra and Locke both now need 384 EXP to level up.

Let's get the treasures here. From the entrance of the palace, go right, up the
stairs and enter the next two doors. There is a chest at the north-end of this
room containing a Gale Hairpin. In the south-west corner of this room is a
bathroom with a Holy Water in a chest. Back at the entrance, take the left path.
Enter the first door to collect an Alarm Earring and a X-Potion. Go up one set
of stairs and enter the room to find an Ether in a chest.

NOTE: Do yourself a favor and stay away from any desert on the Southern
Continent. This will help you out later on.

That's it for this place. Head to the Imperial Observation Post (east side of
Southern Continent). Enter the house right in front of you and head downstairs.
Grab ALL the treasures here, which include: X-Potion, Angel Wings, 8000 Gil,
Hi-Ether, Reflect Ring, 13000 Gil, Hermes Sandals, Elixir, 20000 Gil, Angel
Ring, Alarm Earring, Flametongue, Elixir. The Flametongue is in the stove, and
the elixir is in a hidden chest in the south-east corner of the room.

Head to Albrook. Enter the port and check the top crate for a Teleport Stone.
Board the ship and talk to General Leo. Rest at the inn, then go talk to General
Leo again. After the boat ride, head to Thamasa.

5.21 Thamasa                                                             [5.21]

In Thamasa, buy two Mystery Veils for Terra and equip one of them on Terra.
Also buy 3 Ice Rods.

Check the middle barrel to the right of the Item Shop for some Eye Drops. Head
east to the Relic Shop and check the barrel for a Gold Needle. Towards the
north-west corner of town you can search the middle barrel next to the Inn for
a Phoenix Down. North of that is the mayor's house. Searching the top barrel
grants you an Echo Screen. The barrel next to Strago's house has a Green Cherry
(you'll also see a kid casting Fire here).

Just for fun, go through the little passage west of Strago's house to see a
mother almost cast Cure on her child. Now enter Strago's house and talk to him.
Afterwards, de-equip Shadow of everything and go rest at the Inn.

Once you wake up, head to the burning house and talk to Strago. Once inside,
give Strago a Magus Hat and Gaia Gear. Advance through the house and run from
any Balloons you encounter (obviously). Their attacks can hurt so be careful.
Summoning Phantom isn't such a bad idea here.

Once you come to a split, do NOT approach the left door. You'll be surrounded
by 4 Balloons, meaning you'll have to kill two just to be able to run away.
Take the right door instead. In the next room, take the right door again to find
a Flame Rod. Now take the left door.

Take the right door here again for an Ice Rod. Now take the left door again.

Make sure Terra and Strago both have double Earrings equipped. Give Locke the
Hero's Ring and whatever other Relic you like. You'll want to equip the Siren,
Golem, and Carbuncle espers. Head straight up to fight Flame Eater.

Flame Eater

HP: 8400
MP: 480

First off, summon all three espers. Siren prevents the Balloons from exploding,
Carbuncle gives your party Reflect status, and Golem will help with the
physical attacks.

There's a few ways you can approach this fight. If Terra and Locke both know
Osmose and Rasp, you may want to use them to get rid of Flame Eater's 480 MP,
which will kill him.

If this is not the case, then throwing Ice Rods is your best bet. A Trance'd
Terra will do 4552(!) damage with a single Ice Rod (un-Trance'd does 2276).
Strago will be doing 2556 damage. With a Trance'd Terra, she can just use
two Ice Rods to end the battle, or have Strago use two and Terra use one. You
get the picture.

NOTE: In order to not gain any EXP in this fight, you can't let any Balloons
die. If you didn't know, you can make the Ice Rod target only one person by
selecting Ice Rod, pressing right (this will make the attack ST instead of MT)
and targetting Flame Eater.

If you want to Rasp/Osmose this fool, begin casting Rasp as soon as you summon
your espers. Locke will only drain 40-50 MP, but a Trance'd Terra will be around
the 130-140 area. You'll probably need three turns total to drain all 480 of
Flame Eater's MP.

If Flame Eater uses Fireball, you may as well reset. Just hope he doesn't use it
on his second/third turn.

Once you drain Flame Eater of all its' HP/MP it will die.

Once you wake up in Strago's house, head to the west side of the room, stand to
the left of the table, face left and press A for a Memento Ring.

You should have one Flame Rod, so go buy 3 more (4 if you want to be safe).

NOTE: Some players consider buying/throwing Rods too cheap. If so, don't worry,
you can get along just fine without buying Flame Rods.

Leave Thamasa and head to the Esper Caves west of Thamasa (go south and aroud
the mountains, of course).

5.22 Esper Caves                                                         [5.22]

NOTE: If you want, summon Phantom to make yourself invincible to all random
encounters in here.

Grab the Healing Rod to your left. Go north and take the east exit. Keep going
through the one-way path until you come to the room with the three golden
statues. Approach the statues and watch the conversation. Keep the same set-up
as you had for Flame Eater (Terra/Strago double Earring, Carbuncle and Golem

NOTE: If Rods are cheap for you, give Terra a Reflect Ring.


HP: 22000

The goal is here to do 11760 damage. After that, Relm will join the battle and
you will only have to Sketch Ultros successfully to end the battle.

Summon Carbuncle and Golem first. Trance Terra and have her throw Flame Rods for
4408 damage. Strago will do 2474 damage. Locke should be healing whoever needs

Two turns and four Flame Rods later, Relm will show up. Watch the humorous
conversation and have Relm Sketch until it connects. Don't bother with attacking
Ultros anymore, since the battle will be over once Relm Sketches successfully.
Focus on keeping Relm alive.

Should Ultros ever use his MT-Tentacle attack, you'll die and have to reset.

If you get unlucky and Relm fails 4-5 times (*grml*), Ultros will get up in your
face and execute a MT-Tentacle attack, which will kill your whole party. The
best you can do is hope Relm connects sooner rather than later.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to blusiryn): For those who consider using Rods to be
too cheap, this is for you. Locke and Terra know Vanish, right? Good. Vanish
Locke and Strago. Now have Terra (and Locke, for now) attack Ultros with
Fire/Lightning spells. Strago should focus on recovering lost MP with Ethers.
Once Ultros "alters his body composition", Locke should stop attacking and
help Strago heal and maintain Vanish status on Locke/Strago. Continue
attacking Ultros with the same spells with Terra. Ultros will start
countering with Firaga/Thundaga, which will bounce off Terra and right back
onto him.

Sooner or later, Ultros will run out of MP. When this happens, cast Vanish
on your entire party and continue beating down Ultros until Relm shows up.
Vanish her as well and then it's just a matter of Sketch connecting.

NOTE: To make yourself invincible again, you'll probably have to give Relm the
Phantom esper and have her summon it.

In the next room, enter the north hole and go up and outside to collect the
Chocobo Suit. Head back inside, go south and back outside through the west door
to find the Tabby Suit. Back inside, fall off the bridge to land on a familiar
section of the cave. Go back to where the holes in the floor were and fall down
the east hole. Go out the north-east exit to find a X-Potion.

Return to the room with the holes in the floor one last time. Fall down the
south hole and advance to find the Espers.

Back in Thamasa, everything will be fine until Kefka shows up. After some more
conversation, you'll be in control of General Leo. Talk to Kefka to battle him.
You'll need to use Shock 7-8 times to defeat Kefka. You can use Items if your
health gets low.

After many more scenes, it's time to wrap up some things before heading to the
Floating Continent.

First, head to Doma Castle. It's north-west of the Veldt. Enter the castle
itself, take the left door and go straight up. Open the chest for a
Hi-Ether and search the alarm clock for an Elixir. Head over to Cyan's
room (north-east of Throne Room) and open the chest here for an X-Potion.
Exit Cyan's room and get on the castle wall using the door directly south
of Cyan's room. Walk along the wall and enter the storeroom when you see it.
Open both chests here for a Phoenix Down and Prayer Beads. That's all for

Next, it's time to recruit Mog. You couldn't recruit him before, since Mog
would've messed up your average party level. Since you've already gotten all
the characters you can get, it's safe to get Mog now.

Head to Narshe and enter the treasure house (south of Arvis' house) again.
You'll find that Lone Wolf has taken the contents of the once-locked chest.
Follow him all the way to the Narshe Cliffs (where you fought Kefka) and
continue going north-west from there to find Lone Wolf again. He's kidnapped
Mog and is holding him hostage. Just wait about 5 seconds and Mog will free
himself. You'll then have to choose between Mog and the Gold Hairpin. Choose

Mog will join you at level 11 (5 above party average) and can gain 1144 EXP
before leveling up, which is nice since you'll be coming up on a few forced
EXP gains here pretty soon.

100% BESTIARY: Fly to Triangle Island (the island in the north-east corner of
the map). You'll eventually encounter Intangir. It's invisible at first, but
you won't want to attack it anyway. Use the Confuse/Smoke Bomb trick to make it
run away and you'll gain 10 AP! But it will also use Meteor on the person who
used the Smoke Bomb, which will kill that person. You can now also find
Intangir on the Veldt.

IMPORTANT: Even if you're not going for a 100% Bestiary, I still recommend
you encounter Intangir and get the Rage for it for Gau. This will save you
some headaches later on.

Speaking of Veldt, head over there to learn some magic. Right now is pretty
much the last chance for you to learn some magic for quite some time, so I
suggest you use this opportunity.

Definitely make sure you have Celes learn just about everything. Also, it'd be
best for everyone to learn Rasp/Osmose as well as the -ara spells. This is also
a great chance to earn lots of money... I actually stayed here until every
character (even Cyan and Setzer!) learned every spell, just to have an excuse
to earn lots of money (plus the perfectionist in me wouldn't let me leave until
everyone had learned every spell).

Before we make our ascent to the Floating Continent, let's fill up Mog's Dance
list, shall we?

NOTE: In order to not gain any EXP, you'll have to use the Confuse/Smoke Bomb
trick. If you need a reminder, cast Confuse on a person, and while the Confuse
animation is still playing, have that person use a Smoke Bomb. The Confused
person will use the Smoke Bomb on the enemies instead, making them run away.

- Wind Rhapsody: You've already gotten this by fighting on the Veldt.
- Forest Nocturne: Any forest
- Desert Lullaby: Any desert
- Love Serenade: Any battle in Zozo (outside)
- Earth Blues: Any slopes (outside of Mt. Kolts)
- Water Harmony*: Lethe River / Serpent Trench
- Twilight Requiem: Any caves (inside of Mt. Kolts)

* This one is the trickiest to get. Land your ship on the Veldt, go through the
Crescent Mountain Cave and hop on Serpent Trench. Confuse/Smoke Bomb trick any
encounter to learn the Dance. Once in Nikeah, rent a Chocobo for 80 Gil
(north-east corner of town) and ride it north and across the bridge to the
east. Squeeze in between the ocean and the mountain range until you cross
another bridge. You'll then find yourself at the beginning of Sabin's scenario

While still on the Chocobo, ride past where the Imperial Camp once was, through
the Phantom Forest and up to Baren Falls. Drop the Chocobo, jump down Baren
Falls and you should be on the Veldt, where your airship is.

5.23 Imperial Air Force                                                  [5.23]

If you've done everything like me, everyone is at level 6 except Cyan (7),
Strago (8), Gau (8), and Mog (11), giving you a party average of 6.91.

You'll need to make a party of three for the next few battles, which also
include six battles of forced EXP gain. I recommend bringing your three
highest-leveled characters: Mog, Strago, and Gau. It's highly recommended that
all three know Rasp/Osmose.

Give everyone their best equipment. Gau should have double Earrings, Mog should
not wear Dragoon Boots (Why? If Mog gets hit with Reverse Thruster, he has no
way of killing himself, and Gau will probably be in Rage mode. Strago will most
likely be dead). He definitely should wear Hermes Sandals, and your other
favorite relic. I'll let you decide on Strago's Relics, but he'll only
participate in two of the next six battles, so don't count on him doing any

As far as espers go, have Gau wear Zona Seeker and Mog can have Siren.

Stock up on Potions/Smoke Bombs (you can do that in the Item Shop in the
airship) and make sure you've saved somewhere.

NOTE: You may want to go to the Config menu and set the Battle Speed to 6. This
makes the following battles MUCH easier.

Once you're ready, head to the Floating Continent via the airship. Before you
get there, you'll have to fight several battles.

First up are 6 random battles, consisting of either Sky Armor x2, and Spitfire
or Sky Armor, and Spitfire. Obviously you'd rather have the easier formation
against two monsters instead of three.

You have to make a choice now. No one but Gau will level up here, but you'll
have to decide if you want Gau at level 12 or 13. Read below before you make
the seemingly obvious decision.

First off, the "Sky Armor, Spitfire" formation has a 25% chance of appearing.
The "Sky Armor x2, Spitfire" then has a 75% chance of showing up.

* SA = Sky Armor
* SF = Spitfire

* Three "SA, SF" formations:
  - Two of these must be split between all three characters.
  - One has to be won with only Gau and Mog alive.
* Three "SAx2, SF" formations:
 - All three must be won with only Gau alive.

NOTES: This is VERY hard to get. Unless you get extremely lucky, you'll be
resetting many times to get the right formations. Obviously, if you encounter
anything less than the above (i.e. 4x "SA, SF" battles), then that's great.
You can't afford to get anything more (if, for example, you fight 4x "SAx2, SF"
formations, you'll have to reset otherwise Gau will be bumped to level 13.
Good luck.

* All six can be "SAx2, SF" formations, so you can encounter anything:
  - One of these has to be won with all three alive.
  - One has to be won with only Gau and Mog alive.
  - Four battles must be won with only Gau alive.

NOTES: This is far easier to do. Anything you encounter will work, since you can
afford to have all six battles be the maximum amount of experience. Simply have
one battle with all three alive, one with just Gau and Mog alive, then the rest
with only Gau, and he'll level up to 13, but not higher. However, 12 is better
than 13, so if you're aiming for a strict(er) LLG, you may want to keep Gau at
level 12.

The first thing that needs to happen is Mog summoning Siren. This negates the
otherwise instant-killing Absolute Zero by Spitfire. Since Mog has Hermes
Sandals, he *should* get his first turn in before Spitfire. If not, hope he
doesn't use Absolute Zero.

Siren will also disable Sky Armor's Magitek Laser, leaving them no other attacks
besides Reverse Thruster (causes Silence) and Missile, which they only use when
they are alone anyway (something that is not likely to happen).

The only attack you have to worry about now is Spitfire's !Propeller, which he
has a 33% chance of using every turn. This will kill anyone except Mog when he's
at full health (but he'll be in critical health).

Anyway, have Gau use Guard Leader (Wind Slash). After Gau's first level-up, one
Wind Slash should be able to kill all Sky Armors, leaving only the Spitfires.
A second Wind Slash will always take care of it.

Don't have Strago do anything in the two battles he'll be in, unless you need
some healing.

So what to do with Mog? If he's supposed to stay alive in battle, you can either
have him use his Wind Rhapsody Dance or have him not attack at all and just heal
Gau if needed.

NOTE: Wind Rhapsody has a 6/16 chance of using Sunbath, which will restore all
your HP. It also has a 7/16 chance of using Wind Slash, meaning Gau would only
have to use one Wind Slash instead of two to win. My point is, having Mog Dance
is not a bad idea.

A few final things to mention about these battles:
* After the first battle, you can HEAL in between each battle. Make use of this.
* For every battle that Gau has to fight alone, make sure Mog is alive as well.
  You need him to summon Siren. Just be sure to kill him before the end of the
  battle. This also gives the enemies a second target to aim for, which is
  another reason why you should have Mog start every battle.
* Don't get frustrated if you're aiming for a level 12 Gau. You don't want to
  know how many times I had to reset... I feel your pain. If you had to reset
  less than 50 times, consider yourself lucky.
* Good luck!

NOTE: From here on out I'm going to assume you chose to keep Gau at level 12.

After those six battles, you'll have to fight Ultros (and Typhon). If Mog or
Strago know Blizzara, give them Earrings (Mog takes preference over Strago if
both know it, because Mog's Magic stat is higher). Strago can still wear the
Hero's Ring, though.

Also, give the Zona Seeker esper to Mog. Finally, if your Battle Speed is still
set on 3, you may want to bump it up to 5 or 6, with 6 being the slowest
setting. The actual IAF is pretty much impossible while the Battle Speed is on
3, because he'll attack too many times for you to keep up. Trust me. Unless
you feel like doing the last six batles all over again...? Didn't think so.

Ultros & Typhon

HP: 17000 (Ultros)
    10000 (Typhon)

With your powered-up Gau, this battle isn't too hard. Gau should be level 12
by now and have 120 MP. Attack Ultros with Fira twice by Gau and Ultros will
call in Typhon. The other two people can just focus on keeping Gau healthy.

Once Typhon comes in, you'll want to ignore Ultros and attack Typhon instead.
Typhon will die to three Blizzaras from Gau and a few other weaker attacks. I
had Mog and Strago cast Blizzara just because they happened to know it (your
HP & MP will be restored after this battle so go ahead and cast spells like

After you defeat Typhon, he'll Snort your party off the airship.

Imperial Air Force

Air Force: 8000 HP
Laser Gun: 3300 HP
Missile Bay: 3000 HP
Bit: 420 HP

NOTE: Air Force is the middle piece, with the big grin on his face.

IMPORTANT: You may want to read the alternate strategy before doing doing
anything. It might save you some brain cells.

First off, have Mog summon Zona Seeker. This will let you take a little less
damage from magic attacks.

The only part you need to destroy is the Air Force. This can easily be done by
aiming 4-5 Thundaras with Gau at Air Force. If anyone else knows Thundara, have
them cast it as well. Focus on keeping Gau alive, though.

While Gau and Mog can both survive a Magitek Laser (Gau can even survive two),
Strago won't be so lucky. Have him either use a Hi-Potion or cast Thundara
before he dies.

If Laser Gun uses Atomic Rays, everyone will probably die (Gau may be alive with
less than 40 HP). Same goes for Diffractive Laser, though you shouldn't even see
that attack. With a little luck, you can pull this battle off. 

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to blusiryn): If you want a 100% guarantee at winning
this battle, use this strategy. All you need to do is cast Silence on Gau
and then Rage Intangir. This makes Gau invincible in this battle, and thanks
to Silence status, he won't ever use Transfusion (which is Intangir's Rage).
So how do you win? As you know, Gau attacks physically 50% of the time. This
is how you'll win. It may take several hours for Gau to defeat Air Force and
all the other parts with just his weak physical attacks, but consider the
alternative: If you lose, you have to go through all six forced EXP battles

5.24 Floating Continent                                                  [5.24]

DO NOT PICK UP SHADOW. If you do, he'll join at level 7. We'll get him to join
at level 6 though.

Anyway, you'll probably need to revive/heal some people, so do that first. You
may also want to equip the Ward Bangle to encounter less enemies here. You can
also equip the Alarm Earring (prevent back/side attacks) and Gale Hairpin
(increases the frequency of preemptive strikes). You'll definitely want to use
a Smoke Bomb on everything you see here. Hermes Sandals will also help you
use your Smoke Bombs faster.

NOTE: You can't run from Ninja. The best you can hope for is that you simply
don't encounter it. If you do, you'll have to reload your last save.

Advance on and take the Murasame out of the first chest. If you keep heading
east from here, you'll find another chest with Gigantos inside of it.

Gigantos is an easy fight, but defeating it also means you gain 7550 EXP. You
can defeat it now if you'd like, but I suggest you skip it since you may want
to keep your levels as low as possible. You can find Gigantos in the Soul Shrine
at the end of the game, so don't worry about missing the Bestiary entry.

If you do want to fight Gigantos, kill off everyone except Gau and make sure to
cast Vanish on Gau. Then fight Gigantos. Since you're invisible, Gigantos can't
touch you. He has 6000 HP and is weak to Poison, so two of Trillium's Bio
attacks should take care of Gigantos. You'll probably be at level 16/17 after
the fight.

NOTE: I'm going to assume you didn't fight Gigantos and are still at level 12.

Continue along the one-way path until you have a choice of taking the left or
right warp tunnel. The right tunnel goes nowhere, so use the left one instead.
Continue on (stepping on two switches) then take the ladders all the way south.
Move along until you hit a switch that opens up a warp tunnel. Head east from
the switch to collect a Beret. If you head south of the Beret you'll find a warp
tunnel which will lead you to a Save Point. This small room is a great place to
heal up with your Tintinnabulum. Continue on and you'll be asked if you want to
return to the Airship.

If your three characters know Rasp/Osmose, you may want to go ahead and fight
Ultima Weapon.

Reflect Rings on everyone, Earrings everywhere else. Someone should have the
Zona Seeker and Golem esper. Now approach Ultima Weapon.

Ultima Weapon

HP: 24000
MP: 5000

Summon your espers first.

This battle is going to take a while. The only thing you'll be doing is casting
Rasp/Osmose and healing. If someone dies, revive them with a Phoenix Down (but
not with Gau, he's doing the most damage so he should be Rasping/Osmosing every
turn) and heal them completely, just in case Ultima decides to throw out a MT
Blaze spell.

Keep this up and Ultima Weapon will die when his MP reaches 0.

After the fight, head back to the airship (can you imagine running into Ninja
on your way to the airship? I can, because it happened to me =/) and leave the
Floating Continent. Head to the Veldt and have Gau Leap and then leave the
Veldt without picking Gau back up. This is necessary so that Gau's level
doesn't factor into other people's levels (like Shadow and those in the WoR).
Make sure to remove everything from Gau (equipment, relics, esper) before doing

NOTE: This is your absolute LAST chance to learn any magic. You'll probably also
want to go re-stock on things like Potions/Smoke Bombs.

100% BESTIARY: This is very important. After the next few scenes, you'll never
be able to go back to the WoB again. This means you Bestiary-conscious players
better be sure to have encountered all the monsters from this place. Instead of
listing every monster here, I'll simply link to my Bestiary FAQ:

The monsters you'll definitely want to get are listed in the second list of
Section 4. Read that part and it should become clear what it is.

Check your in-game Bestiary and find out which monsters you're still missing.
If you're absolutely positive you've encountered a monster, but don't have the
Bestiary entry, then you can still find that monster on the Veldt.

Make sure to not forget about the monsters on the Floating Continent. You've
probably seen most of them while going through it once, except for Ninja. This
is the only monster you probably won't get the Bestiary entry for until the
Soul Shrine at the end of the game. The only way to get the entry now would be
to defeat it on the Floating Continent, but they always come in pairs of two.
With each Ninja handing out 694, you simply can't afford to gain 1388 EXP
without leveling up several times.

If you're thinking about the Ninja that you could've fought in the Cave to the
Sealed Gate... same story. 694 EXP (or 173 between four people) MAY be
affordable, but then you still have to worry about beating it. And beating it
includes being faster than it (everyone knows Ninjas are fast, come on).

It's best to just wait until the Soul Shrine.

Lastly, Naude (#113) is the last WoB-Bestiary entry. You haven't encountered
any Naudes yet, but you will in a few minutes.

Whenever you're ready, pick a new party of three (make sure at least someone
knows the Imp spell and preferably know Rasp/Osmose) and head back to the
Floating Continent. Also, Celes should NOT be one of your three characters.

NOTE: Shadow won't be there anymore. Don't worry, he's not dead, he's just not
there for some reason.

NOTE2: Don't forget to equip the Ward Bangle, Gale Hairpin and Alarm Earring.

Make your way through the FC again and past the spot where Ultima Weapon was.
You'll meet up with Kefka and Gestahl. Celes will also join you.

After the long scene you have 6 minutes to make it to the end. Cast Imp on every
Naude you see and it will run.

100% BESTIARY: You'll want to kill at least one Naude. You won't gain any EXP,
but you will get the Bestiary entry. The easiest way to beat Naude as fast as
possible is cast Fira/Thundara or you could also Rasp 195 MP to kill it. After
you defeat one, cast Imp on every other one you see since your time is limited.

Once you go down a set of stairs and see a chest to your right, go down instead
of right. Go around the hole here and then  collect the Elixir. If you had gone
straight to the Elixir the floor in front of it would've fallen and you
wouldn't be able to get the Elixir.

Equip Reflect Rings on somebody and engage the sparkling thing. You'll fight
Nelapa now.

Nelapa has 2800 HP and 280 MP. You can either Rasp it's MP or kill it by
bouncing Ice/Lightning spells off your characters. You could also bounce a
Death spell off your own people and towards Nelapa. If you have Edgar, you can
use Chainsaw and hope for an Instant kill.

After you defeat Nelapa, head to the end and select Wait and wait for Shadow.

That's it for the WoB. Enjoy watching the Warring Triad destroy the world.

Terra - 6
Locke - 6
Cyan - 7
Shadow - 6
Edgar - 6
Sabin - 6
Celes - 6
Strago - 8
Relm - 6
Setzer - 6
Mog - 11
Gau - 12/13*

*People playing 100% Bestiary, Perfect Stats Game, or "Unlock all Formations"
will have a level 13 Gau.

Party Average (with Gau)       : 7.17/7.25
Party Average (without Gau)    : 6.72
Party Average (without Gau/Mog): 6.3

5.25 World of Ruin - Airship                                             [5.25]

Celes: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

                       -------- World of Ruin --------

Equip Celes with the best stuff you have, and give her an Alarm Earring and Gale
Hairpin (to make running away easier, since you're all by yourself).

Kill Cid or try to make him survive and take the raft to the other continent.
There's nothing in Albrook so simply head north to Tzen.

Go north and enter the Crumbling House. Head up to get the Healing Rod. Head
west and into the first door below you to collect the Holy Rod. Head back up
and to the north-west corner for an Ether. The south-west corner of this big
room has a Hyper Wrist. Enter the room above you, ignore the chest and go down
the stairs. The south-west corner of this room has a Blood Sword. Ignore the
chest in the north-west corner and instead grab the kid and the Magicite Shard
in the north-east corner. Head back outside.

Sabin will join you now at level 6.

Sabin: Level 6, 672 EXP (384 EXP until next level)

I'm now going to lead you over to Mobliz so you can defeat Humbaba and grab the
Fenrir magicite (which can teach you Banish). It's not necessary to do this now,
and some people may not wish to because you only have two characters, but that
will be your choice. Just don't forget to do this later (I'll try to remind you,
but I make no promises).

There's a small forest a little north-west of Tzen. Enter it to find a Chocobo
stable. Pay 100 Gil and ride the Chocobo all the way over to Mobliz. Equip
Celes and Sabin with Reflect Rings and Hermes Sandals. Enter Mobliz, find Terra
and talk to her, and prepare to fight Humbaba.

Of course Terra will lose the fight with Humbaba. After Terra loses, it's your
turn. You'll need to deal 7520 worth of damage to Humbaba before he flees.
Easiest way to do this is use Bio with Celes (who will then have to use Osmose
after every Bio) and Aura Cannon with Sabin. Humbaba's Thundara/ga will bounce
off you and heal him, 1000 Needles will obviously kill you, as will Solar Plexus
if it connects. Just keep reviving whoever dies and the battle will eventually

NOTE: Even if you don't have Bio, you can still win this battle, it'll just
take longer since Sabin's Aura Cannon will be your main damage dealer.

You'll now have the Fenrir esper. Before you leave, examine the top barrel next
to the western-most house for a Phoenix Down. You can still rest in the bed in
the back of the (ex-)Relic shop if you want.

Leave Mobliz and search the south-west corner of the forest south of you to find
another Chocobo stable. Ride it to Nikeah, which is on the other end of the
Serpent Trench. Talk to all four thieves in the Pub then find Gerad/Edgar and
talk to him until he boards his ship and you follow him.

Once in South Figaro, head to the Inn and talk to Gerad/Edgar again.

Head to the South Figaro Cave. Go through the cave to meet up with Gerad and his
thieves again. Hop across the turtle and enter South Figaro Castle. Head to the
basement of the castle and grab the Hi-Ether, X-Potion, Gravity Rod, and Crystal
Helm in the four chests. In the same room, take the north-west door and follow
it to a Royal Crown. Go back to the last room and take the center door.

Equip Reflect Rings and Hermes Sandals on Celes and Sabin and talk to Edgar.
This fight is pretty easy... Edgar will probably die, but until he does, have
him do some damage with Drill. Sabin can just use Aura Cannon and Celes can sit
back and chill or Attack. It's just a matter of time until the Tentacles kill
themselves with their Bio attacks. Heal if necessary, of course.

Edgar will also join you at level 6. Head north one room and check the armor
in the middle of the room for a Soul Sabre. Go up a few levels and tell the guy
you want to go to Kohlingen. Enter the Inn/Pub and talk to Setzer to have him
join you at level 6.

NOTE: Before going anywhere, make sure the last digit of your Gil does NOT end
in 1, 2, 3 or 6. If it does, buy something to change that. The reason for this
is because the next boss you'll face uses the Lv. ? Holy attack. If the last
digit of your Gil is a multiple of any party member's level, he/she'll get
hit. Since all your party members are level 6, it would mean instant Game Over
for you.

Head to Darill's Tomb, which is west of Kohlingen. Descend to B2F and take the
nort-east door. Examine the tomb stone, advance to the next room and press the
switch. Head back to the main room. The south-east room has a Genji Helm for
you. Enter the south-west room, grab the Crystal Mail in the chest and descend
the stairs.

Grab the Regal Gown in this chest. Stand below the chest, take one more step
down, then go all the way right to come to the hidden chest containing a Growth
Egg. Go up one room and hit the switch to open the door.

Go back to the main room and enter the door in the middle of the room. Ride the
turtle across and hit the switch to the right of you. Ride the turtle across
and enter the next room and save.

The chest above you allows you to fight Angler Whelk. Equip Catoblepas on
Celes and initiate the fight. Summon it and hope that it hits both the shell
and the head, killing both. If it doesn't connect to both enemies, I'd reset if
I were you. If you kill both, you'll get two Dragon Claws instead of just one.

Grab the Man-Eater in the north-east chest and enter the next room. Equip
Reflect Rings on everyone. Give someone who knows Rasp/Osmose a White Cape.


HP: 23450
MP: 1721

This battle is easy. Just sit there and wait for Dullahan to run out of MP. All
his attacks are reflectable, so you won't take any damage. On average, this will
take 80 turns, so you may want to help out a little with Rasp/Osmose. Do note
that Dullahan has a 33% counter-attacking physically everytime you do use Rasp
or Osmose, which will kill your character. That's not really a problem, however,
since you just need to have one person alive at the end to win.

Just leave the game alone for a while and go do something else. If you come back
and it keeps saying "Not enough MP." that means Dullahan still has MP, just not
enough to use a spell. Just use Rasp once to finish him off. Your guys are
probably Silence'd by now, except for the person wearing the White Cape. Have
that person cast Rasp.

Once the battle is over, you'll be in possession of an airship again! Sweet.

5.26 After getting Airship                                               [5.26]

First, head to Duncan. His house is north-east of Narshe (there will be five 
trees forming a cross, walk into the center of this cross). Sabin will now learn
Phantom Rush, which will pretty much be Sabin's only attack from here on out.

Now head back to Mobliz and enter the west-most house. Follow the dog to the
hidden basement. Give everyone Reflect Rings and whatever other Relic you like
and head upstairs to fight Humbaba again.

Have Setzer do some damage with Slots, Edgar can use Drill, Sabin should use
Phantom Rush (left, left, up, up, right, right, down, down, up) and Celes can
use Bio/Osmose.

You'll need to deal 10640 damage, after which Humbaba will use Humbaba Breath
on two random characters. If he blows Sabin away, the next battle will be a
little harder and longer (since Sabin deals the most damage with Phantom Rush).

Terra will join you in this next fight against Humbaba (last one, I promise).
Terra is in permanent Trance status during this battle, even though she'll
probably die since she doesn't have a Reflect Ring. Make use of her before she
dies and have her cast Bio (if she doesn't know Bio, any other -ara spell except
Thundara will do). Do the same with your other two characters as last battle.

NOTE: This time Humbaba is weak against Sleep. Cast it every now and then if you
feel like disabling Humbaba for a few turns.

This time you'll have to deal 26000 damage before Humbaba dies, so this will
probably be a long fight. It's not too hard to keep up, though.

Terra will join yout at level 6 after you beat Humbaba. The two characters that
Humbaba blew away are on the airship if you're wondering where they went.

To make the next few battles a little easier, we're going to go pick up Gau.
Head to the Veldt with a party of three and Gau will join you after a few

NOTE: Do me a favor and go in the menu and switch Gau with Terra. There's a
possibility that your game would glitch up in the next Cave if you hadn't done
this. E-mail me if you want more info about the glitch.

Now head to the Cave on the Veldt, which is conveniently located at the south
end of the Veldt.

5.27 Cave on the Veldt                                                   [5.27]

NOTE: There is a monster in this cave you cannot run from: Gorgimera. It's a
very rare encounter, but if you do encounter it you'll want to reload your last
save and fight a battle on the Veldt and try the cave again.

You can summon Phantom to avoid any damage here. Take the north path once you
enter the cave and grab the chest to the north for a Berserker Ring. Go through
the only door here and into the cave. You can't see your way here, but there's
a hidden passage (sort of hidden). Go all the way to the left, take two steps
to the right, then go down and left.

You'll fight Death Warden. The only way to win this fight right now is to throw
a Phoenix Down (if you had >128 Magic Evasion, you would be untouchable, but
none of your characters can accomplish that right now). You'll get the Tigerfang
for your troubles. Give this to Sabin.

Now go back into the cave. Go all the way right, then up, 3 steps right, then
all the way down to continue. Follow the path and hit the switch once you reach
it. Go south and grab the Ichigeki (IMPORTANT!) out of the chest. Go back north
through the door and through the cave to the right (it wasn't accessible before
you hit the switch).

Follow the path (save if you need to), make sure NONE of your people are wearing
Reflect Rings. If your characters aren't invisible yet (why?), then make them
all invisible before you head to the next room.

Behemoth King x2

HP: 19000 (Both)

Cast Imp, then Reflect ON BEHEMOTH KING, not yourself. You're now invincible.
Attack with mostly physical attacks or non-reflectable magic attacks
(like Phantom Rush). Gau can use the Stray Cat Rage. After you deal 19000
damage, the Undead Behemoth King appears.

To finish this battle easily, throw a Phoenix Down. This guy has a 33% chance of
using Death on his 2nd turn, which would be your only worry if you don't throw
a Phoenix Down. You can try your luck and hope he doesn't use Death too much
and deal 19000 damage to end the battle. It's up to you. This guy is weak to
Holy and Fire, in case you decide to finish him off without a Phoenix Down.

Back in Thamasa, talk to Shadow, then leave and re-enter the town 3-4 times.
Shadow is now waiting at the Coliseum for you, but we'll get to that later.

Head to Jidoor, enter Owzer's Mansion, and turn on the lights. If you want the
all-powerful Entice Rage, examine the north-east picture of the pink flower and
run from the Rafflesia (you can now pick up the rage on the Veldt).

Throw a Reflect Ring on Gau, give him the Zona Seeker esper and examine the
south-west picture. Kill off everyone but Gau and have Gau use Bio/Trillium
to finish off the Misty (they can't hurt you, don't worry). Gau will level up
once (either to 13/14, depending on if you were at level 12/13 before the

After the battle, make Gau invisible (either by summoning Phantom or casting
Vanish on yourself). This will make you untouchable against all random
encounters. In case you're wondering, Gau will be doing this entire dungeon by

Go down the stairs and go through the left door to find a Moogle Suit. In the
next room, go back behind the three doors to find a Lich Ring. Then enter the
left door. Ignore the four floating chests (don't step on their shadow), give
Gau double Earrings and the Zona Seeker esper and examine the middle picture in
this room. have Gau cast 3-4 Fira (the Doom counter shouldn't kill you unless
you waste time) and Still Life will be dead. If you kept Gau at level 12 in the
WoB, he will only level up once during this fight to 14. If you had Gau at level
13, he'll level twice up to 15 after this fight.

After the battle, enter the door then take the LEFT of the two doors. This will
throw you back towards the beginning of the dungeon. We need to get rid of Gau,
otherwise his level will be factored into Relm's level when we get her in a few

Go to the Veldt and Leap Gau off (after taking all his equipment/relics/esper

Unfortunately, you're not exactly ready to take on the boss of Owzer's Mansion
yet. If you had something to absorb Lightning/Ice you would be set, but... you
don't. Let's solve that problem now (and pick up another character in the

Head south of Jidoor to Maranda. Enter the north-east house, talk to the girl,
then read the letter. Agree to send the letter for Lola by attaching it to the
carrier pigeon outside of the house. Fly the airship north to Zozo and talk to
the bird after entering the town.

Go to the tower where you got the Chainsaw. Talk to the merchant walking around
outside and pay 1000 Gil to get the Rust-Rid. Enter the Pub south of you, go
up both stairs, take the right exit, up more stairs and use the Rust-Rid on the
left door. Enter Mt. Zozo

5.28 Mt. Zozo                                                            [5.28]

Summoning Phantom will make you invincible to everything here.

Grab the Ice Shield (which is one of the items we're here for) in the chest
north-west of the entrance, then the Red Cap west of the entrance. Head south
and make your way to the next chest (Thunder Shield; also what we need). The
next chest has an Aegis Shield. Go out the door here to collect the Gold
Hairpin. Re-enter the cave and take the exit north-east of it. Re-enter the
mountain on the other side of the bridge and save if needed. Do NOT step on that
switch, you're not ready for Storm Dragon yet. Simply exit the cave through the
south exit. Continue onward to find Cyan.

After all that, Cyan will join at level 7 (because he left at level 7). Next
stop is Figaro Castle (which is probably near Kohlingen). Put Edgar in the lead
and buy the Debilitator for 2500 Gil. Next stop is the Coliseum (north of

5.29 Coliseum                                                            [5.29]

Give someone a Reflect Ring and bet the Regal Gown. Death Machine has a 75% of
using Death, which will reflect back at him and kill him. You now have a
Minerva Bustier, a VERY useful piece of equipment.

Next bet the Ichigeki. Shadow will have 125 HP, so this battle is not too
difficult. His physicals do less than 10 damage. Just send someone in with some
decent equipment to take care of Shadow. I sent in Sabin with Tigerfang, Ice
Shield, Royal Crown, Gaia Gear and took less than 10 damage per turn and dealt
~60 damage for each physical hit. Just get Shadow back. He'll join at level 6.

Now it's time to fight Chadarnook. Definitely bring Terra and Sabin plus two
of your other favorite characters (I made the mistake of bringing Cyan, thinking
I'd give him a chance... he didn't stay alive for more than one turn during the
entire battle =/). Spread your three shields (Ice Shield, Thunder Shield, and
Aegis Shield) between your party (I would give Aegis Shield to Terra, along with
the Minerva Bustier). Minerva should go to Terra, like I just mentioned. Sabin
should have double Earring which allows him to do >1500 per Phantom Rush against
Chadarnook. I'll leave the other Relics up to you, though Earrings are always
nice on a Trance'd Terra *hint*

I'd also suggest equipping Zona Seeker and Golem to help out with your defense.

Head back to Jidoor and make your way through Owzer's Mansion again. Instead of
taking the left door at the end, take the right one instead. Talk to Owzer to
engage in the battle against Chadarnook.

Chadarnook (Demon)

HP: 30000

This is actually quite a difficult fight. You'll probably have to reset several
times, so be prepared.

The demon in Chadarnook will constantly (usually after 40 seconds) switch with
the esper in Chadarnook (Lakshmi). Once Lakshmi is out, do NOT attack. If you
get hit with Entice, pray it doesn't cause too much chaos. This is also your
time to heal whoever needs healing.

Once the demon comes back out, attack with Phantom Rush, Trance'd Terra's Fira,
and depending on who else you brought: Drill/Slots/Shuriken/whatever you want
with Celes/Cyan (probably healers).

You'll use a lot of Phoenix Downs and Hi-Potions. Since not everyone is safe
from the Thundara/ga, some people will fall quite often. You may just decide to
not revive them if they die too often.

Other than that, I can only wish you luck. Hopefully the battle will work in
your favor most of the time, and it won't be too difficult. After you've dealt
30000 damage, the battle will be over and you'll get the Lakshmi esper.

Relm will also have joined your party at level 6.

Now go make a party that includes Relm and head over to the Cultists' Tower (in
the center of Serpent Trench, or south of Nikeah). Simply enter the Tower and
Strago will eventually join your party (at level 8). If you do the math, your
party average should be 6.33 right now (7 people at level 6, 1 at level 7, and
one at level 8).

5.30 Phoenix Cave, Paladin's Shield, Storm Dragon                        [5.30]

Now it's time to go get Locke. Now you have to form two parties. I suggest
you make sure Terra and Sabin are in the same party (and put Strago in the other
party). The others don't really matter, I'll leave it up to you. Make sure Terra
and Sabin both know Rasp/Osmose.

As far as equipment goes, make sure Terra wears her Minerva Bustier and Sabin
wears the Ice Shield (so both can negate fire attacks). Double Earrings on both
will also help. Equip everyone else with your strongest equipment.

NOTE: There is another monster you can't run away from in here: Face. You only
find them upstairs, and they show up more often than you'd like. There's not
much you can do about them except reset. =/

Have Party #1 (doesn't matter which party this is) step on the switch in the
first room, while Party #2 goes north through the door then south of the spikes
to step on the other switch. Party #1 should go through the right door to the
next switch. Make Party #2 go north-east then south onto the next switch.

Party #1 should proceed to go through the "hidden" wall east of the stairs (the
above chest is empty). The chest in here has a Teleport Stone. Now go down the
stairs. Go across the bridges north-west of this new level (the chest is empty)
and step on the switch to raise some rocks out of the lava. Go back to the
stairs and follow the bridges south of the stairs. Go all the way to the end,
while passing another empty chest. At the dead-end, switch parties.

Party #2 can go to the stairs in the north-west end of the room. Take the east
bridges until you come to a switch (the chest behind the spikes is also empty).

Switch parties and go north through the newly opened passage. Go back down the
stairs to the west and step on the switch. Switch parties again and go north
and step onto the switch. Switch parties once more and move on down the next
stairs. Jump left across the rocks, then south, then east. Ignore the first
bridge and take the right bridge instead (the left one leads to another empty
chest). In the next room, flip the switch to lower the water (and lava).

Switch parties and head west (ignore the first switch) and advance down the next
ladder. Here you can find a Ribbon in the chest. Go back and stand on the switch
you passed earlier. Switch to the other party and go south and up the next
stairs you see (do NOT go south... yet) and step on the switch. Switch parties
and go back to the room where you found the Ribbon. Now take the stairs in the
north-west corner of the room and keep going until you meet up with your other

Now make sure your party with Terra/Sabin is equipped properly (Minerva Bustier,
Ice Shield, double Earrings for both, the other two don't matter). Have Terra
and Sabin wear the Phantom/Golem espers, then go down the right ladder and head
south to fight the Red Dragon.

Red Dragon

HP: 30000
MP: 1780

The only two people who will survive are Terra/Sabin. Since you only had two
pieces of equipment that can absorb/negate Fire, this was your only option.
Terra/Sabin will take no damage at all. Your goal here is to first Rasp/Osmose
the 1780 MP. This will prevent Red Dragon from using any magic spells (which are
all his moves). He may counter physically with every attack, so you'll still
have to revive people a lot (Red Dragon counters 33% of the time). Summon Golem
to help out with the physical attacks.

Red Dragon is also vulnerable to Poison status, so go ahead and poison him with
a Bio spell if you want.

You may want to go on the safe side and attack with one person at a time, just
in case Red Dragon decides to counter both Terra and Sabin's attacks, which will
mean Game Over for you.

Once the message "Not enough MP." starts appearing you're pretty much done. You
can revive your two fallen party members then have Terra/Sabin summon Phantom.
Now it's time to go on the offensive. If you haven't poisoned Red Dragon yet, do
so now by casting Bio. Then attack him with anything you want to. Red Dragon is
weak to Ice.

Once you beat Red Dragon, grab the Dragon Horn out of the chest at the top of
the stairs. Return to where your other party is and have both parties stand on
the two switches to the south. Then take either party south into the next room
where you'll find Locke. He will join you at level 6.

Next up is Narshe. Make a party with Locke and enter Narshe. Unlock the weapon
shop and head downstairs. Talk to the man and choose the sword over the esper.
You can also rest in his bed if you want to. Now enter the house above the
Relic Shop. Go downstairs and talk to the man who will give you the Cursed
Shield. You'll want to uncurse this shield right now as well.

The easiest way to do this is take a 4-man party capable of absorbing 256 EXP
to the Solitary Island and fighting 256 battles against Peeper, who only have
1 HP and inherent Sap, meaning they'll automatically die after one turn.
Of course you'll have to have someone wear the Cursed Shield, and you'll also
want to give that person a Ribbon.

NOTE: Stay out of the desert.

If you want to keep track of how many battles you've fought, bring at least one
person at level 6 (like you have a choice :p). Check how many EXP they need to
level up. Every battle gives you 1 EXP, so when they need 128 EXP to level up,
the Cursed Shield will turn into the Paladin's Shield.

You may as well have someone wear the Phoenix esper in order to get a head start
on learning Reraise/Curaga/Firaga (each battle here gives 1 AP, so you can have
two people learn these three spells while uncursing the shield). This will take
3+ hours, so go watch TV while doing this or something. Once you've fought
enough battles it will say "Dispelled curse on shield!" which means you now have
a Paladin's Shield.

Next you'll want to go teach Reraise spell to some more people. Once this is
done, it's time to take out another dragon: Storm Dragon.

Bring Terra, Sabin, and two other people. Give Terra the Minerva Bustier, Sabin
the Paladin's Shield, and the Thunder Shield to one of your other people.
Dedicate one person (preferably the person with the Thunder Shield) to being
a Reraise caster and give him the Gold Hairpin to reduce the MP cost of Reraise.
Give Terra/Sabin double Earrings. Summoning Golem will also help in this battle.
May as well equip Phantom as well.

Fly to Mt. Zozo and step on the switch at the end of the mountain to release
Storm Dragon.

Storm Dragon

HP: 42000
MP: 1250

You'll want to Rasp/Osmose all Storm Dragon's MP first while having your Reraise
caster cast Reraise on everyone except the person who doesn't have the shields
I mentioned earlier (he/she will die anyway).

The reason for needing Reraise is that Leaf Swirl will be an instant KO for your
party. Reraise is the only way to prevent this.

Summon Golem to help with the physical attacks. Your main attacker will be
Sabin again, with Phantom Rush. If he falls, he should be the first one you

This battle is one of the harder battles in a LLG, because there's 66% chance
every turn that Storm Dragon will kill somebody (or everyone, with Leaf Swirl)
every turn. Pray that he uses Wind Slash a lot, which won't damage anyone thanks
to your shields.

Just keep at it, that's all you can do. Once his health drops to 15360, he'll
stop using Leaf Swirl and instead attack with Aero and Cyclonic (which will fail
because he has no MP to use it). You can summon Phantom (or use Vanish) to make
yourself invincible at this point.

After beating Storm Dragon you get the Force Armor. Congratulations, you just
beat the hardest of the eight dragons. The remaining 6 dragons will be a LOT

5.31 Mog, Umaro, and Gogo                                                [5.31]

It's time to get the last three characters you can get. There's just one thing
we should do before recruiting more people. Head to the Coliseum with Shadow
and give him the Ichigeki (you decide the rest). Bet a Behemoth Suit and you'll
fight Outsider. The Ichigeki's instant death property should kick in fairly
quickly. You'll get a Snow Scarf for winning. Now take a party of three (as
usual, I suggest Terra/Sabin and someone else. I brought Relm) to Narshe.

NOTE: Make sure someone knows Silence.

Go left once you enter Narshe and use the secret passage from the beginning of
the game. Follow the path past the Narshe security checkpoint and use the door
in the middle of the room in the next room. You should be in the room where you
fought Guard Leader way back at the beginning.

Go all the way up and talk to Mog to recruit him. Check the wall behind him to
find the Molulu's Charm. Equip it on Mog now to eliminate all random encounters.
Finally. Mog will join you at level 11.

Head west and grab the Ribbon in the chest. Continue on to come out at Arvis'
house. Enter Narshe again and head north through the caves. Eventually you'll
come to the Narshe Cliffs where you fought off Kefka.

Equip the Phantom esper and go find the Ice Dragon here.

Ice Dragon

HP: 24400

Cast Silence and summon Phantom. Now just attack with Fire or whatever else you
want to defeat Ice Dragon. Easy enough. Poison him with Bio to make your life
a little easier.

Afterwards, keep moving on to fight Valigarmanda. Equip the Snow Muffler on
Mog, and have your other three characters wear Minerva Bustier, Paladin's
Shield and Ice Shield. Now everyone should be immune to Ice attacks.


HP: 30000

Attack with Fire. If anyone gets frozen, attack that person with a simple Fire
spell to thaw him/her up. If one of your spell casters loses their MP to Rasp,
you'll just have to use an Ether. This fight isn't too hard either. You'll get
the Valigarmanda esper for winning. This is good, because you can now learn

After the fight, hop into the hole above you. Got Molulu's Charm equipped? Good.

See the dark spots around the left door? Yeah, don't step on those. Enter the
left door. Before you open the chest, have someone equip Phantom and Siren.

Open the chest to fight three Tonberries. Summon Phantom then Siren. You're now
invincible, so attack Tonberries with Fire (their weakness) or anything else
you want. Have Mog try out his Snowman Rondo dance. If you're lucky you'll have
picked up at least one more Minerva Bustier.

Head back to the room with the three doors. Enter the middle door. Grab the
X-Ether in the chest north-west of you. Head south of the chest to fall through
a hole. Go up the stairs on the middle platform and cross the bridge. Grab the
Gauntlet in the chest. Continue across the bridges and into the next room.

Ignore the first switch but hit the second one.

Examine the skull thing in the room to get the Midgardsormr esper. You'll now
fight Umaro.


HP: 17200

If you have Berserk, cast it. Since you're probably still invisible from the
Tonberries fight, you're now invisible. If not, summon Phantom. Attack Yeti with
Fire and Poison spells for an easy victory.

NOTE: If you're going for a complete Bestiary, it may be advised NOT to poison
him. If Umaro jumps and dies in mid-air due to Poison, you won't get the
Bestiary entry, but he'll still join you.

After the battle, talk to Umaro and he'll join you at level 6. Exit the cave
by going up the stairs here.

That leaves only one character: Gogo

Make a party with Mog (or just use the party you were just using) and head to
Triangle Island (north-east on World Map). Walk around until you encounter
Zone Eater (take off Mog's Molulu's Charm) and have him Inahle your party.

Put Molulu's Charm back on Mog once you're in Zone Eater's Belly. Go south one
room and get knocked off the bridge by one of those green guys. Grab the
Hi-Ether and Red Jacket from these chests. Go back upstairs after stepping on
the switch. I recommend grabbing all the chests here. It's not too difficult,
just need to use proper timing.

The right of the first pair of chests has a Genji Armor. The left one has a
Magical Brush. The chest at the end has a Fake Mustache (definitely get this).

Move no to the room with the falling ceiling. This is not hard at all, just
avoid getting crushed by the ceiling (duh!). The first chest has a Zephyr Cloak,
followed by a Hero's Ring. Do NOT go and grab the last chest right away. Head
to the south-west corner first. When the ceiling goes back up, grab the chest
and run back to the corner again. The chest has a Pinwheel, by the way.

In the next room jump west, north, then south. Now jump east, back down and
west, west again, then north to grab another Thunder Shield. Go back south and
east, then north then around the bend and west into the next room, where you'll
find Gogo. Talk to him and he'll join you at level 8. Leave.

Now go to the Veldt with a party of 3 and pick up Gau for good. Congratulations,
you now have all characters. Your levels should be as follows:

Terra - 6
Locke - 6
Cyan - 7
Shadow - 6
Edgar - 6
Sabin - 6
Celes - 6
Strago - 8
Relm - 6
Setzer - 6
Mog - 11
Gau - 14/15
Gogo - 8
Umaro - 6

Average (without Gau): 6.77
Average (with Gau): 7.29/7.36

But we're not done! There's still lots more to do, including defeating Kefka.

5.32 Loose Ends                                                          [5.32]

- Go to Solitary Island and pick up Quetzalli on the beach
- Go to Tzen and head to the trees in the south-east corner (above the Relic
  Shop). Talk to the man and buy Seraph for only 10 Gil.

Moogle Raid:
Take Mog with Molulu's Charm over to Kefka's Tower. We're going to raid this
place as much as we can. Put Mog in Team 1. Go around the path and grab the
Hypno Crown and enter the door. The Fixed Dice awaits you in the next chest you
come across. Exit the tower and put Mog in Team 2.

In the first room is a Minerva Bustier. Take the upper door to find a Pinwheel,
then take the lower door. Do not fight Ultima Buster in the left room. In the
room with the pipes, take the left pipe. Open the chest for a Force Shield.
Go around the bend to grab the Force Armor. Enter the left door to find a

Leave the tower and put Mog in Team 3. Grab the Red Cap and enter the door
above the chest. You'll eventually come to two chests (Gauntlet and Nutkin
Suit). Go back and take the door south of you. Grab the Hero's Ring and exit
the tower.

Now you have some more awesome equipment. Take Terra/Celes/Gau/Mog (or put
Sabin in there somewhere, you can never go wrong with Sabin) to Figaro Castle
and dive underground. Your submerged travel will be stopped by something.

NOTE: You can have Terra and Celes be immune to any and all magic attacks by
giving them equipment that raises their Magic Evasion to 128. Example: Terra
can use Ragnarok/Aegis Shield/Mystery Veil/Force Armor and a White Cape to
achieve 127% (close enough). Celes can use Enhancer (buy at Nikeah)/Force
Shield/Mystery Veil/Force Armor and a White Cape to achieve 129%. Then you can
also put Gau at 255 Defense to avoid any and all physical attacks (Thunder
Shield/Genji Helm/Snow Scarf and Mythril Glove).

Anyway, once you're stopped, exit the castle through the prison cells. In the
Cave to the Ancient Castle, you can pick up a Wing Edge, and a Hi-Ether. Go
through the right door and open the chest to fight Master Tonberry.

Master Tonberry

HP: 22000
MP: 1200

Cast Sleep on him to disable him (and keep casting it since he'll wake up
every now and then). You can then Rasp/Osmose his MP then summon Phantom to be
invincible, or just attack him with strong attacks while he's asleep.

I simply suggest casting Sleep on him, then Bio to poison him, then Rasping his
MP. He'll have lost lots of HP by the time you get his MP to 0 because of
of Poison status.

You'll get a Gladius for winning.

You'll also find a Death Tarot in this room. Leave this room through the
north-west corner. You'll find a Magicite Shard and X-Potion in this room.
After this you'll come to the Ancient Castle itself.

Enter the room east of the entrance to find a Punisher. The room west of the
entrance has another monster.

Samurai Soul

HP: 37620

The only way you're going to win this battle is by casting Confuse on Samurai
Soul. He now has a 75% chance of killing himself with Assassin Blade.

You'll get the Master's Scroll for winning. This relic lets you attack 4 times
in a row.

Once in the castle, enter the north-east room (the left of the two entrances)
to find Blizzard Orb and another Gold Hairpin. Examine Odin's statue in the
throne room to get the Odin esper. Stand beneath the queen's throne (which is
the right one), take 5 steps down and press A.

Now enter the east room. Check the bucket for an X-Ether and descend the stairs.
Equip Golem on someone.Head up to fight Blue Dragon.

NOTE: If you have Gau and he's wearing the Paladin's Shield, give it to your
fourth person (as in, not Terra and Celes).

Blue Dragon

HP: 26900

Terra and Celes will evade all magic attacks, and the person with Paladin's
Shield also takes no damage from magic attacks. As for your fourth person...
oh well (unless it's Gau). You still have to worry about the occasional
physical attack. Summon Golem to help with that.

Blue Dragon is weak to Thunder, so you know what to do. Gau should rage Aspiran,
making him cast Gigavolt AND absorbing Water (this dragon's main element)
attacks. Gau will be doing 3500+ damage so he's your main attacker. If you want,
you could just sit there and wait for Gau to pull off 7-8 Gigavolts, but that's
no fun. :)

You'll get the Zantetsuken for winning. 4 Dragons remaining.

Go north and approach the statue to change Odin into Raiden. If you don't want
to do this, you can always skip it and come back later and switch them. Once you
get Raiden, you can't switch it back to Odin.

Exit the Ancient Castle and have Figaro Castle head towards its' destination.
You'll have to take Figaro Castle back again to get to your airship.

Now head to the Coliseum again. Now we can finally bet the Ragnarok to get the
even better Lightbringer. Send in Terra/Celes with Zantetsuken, Minerva Bustier
and Reflect Ring. Hopefully Zantetsuken's instant kill will kick in early,
granting you a victory and Lightbringer. If he uses Blaster or his physical
attack, you'll have to reset.

Make your party Terra, Sabin, Gau, and Cyan. Give Terra and Sabin the best
equipment they can have, and have Gau get max Defense (Paladin's Shield, Red
Cap, Snow Scarf). Give Terra and Sabin Reflect Ring and Ribbon, and Gau a
Reflect Ring and Knight's Code.

IMPORTANT: Make sure someone (except Cyan) knows Banish. This is critical.

NOTE: Put Terra in the 4th slot.

Head to Doma Castle (east of Nikeah) and enter the castle. Take the left room,
then the right of the two doors. Go rest and you'll be in Cyan's Dreamscape.

Move along and take the left door. Pick up your first party member. Take the
only door, then the upper door, then the right door. Pick up other party member
and leave through the only door. Take the door to your left.

Before you head into the next door, stay here and bring Terra and Sabin into
critical health (remove all your equipment for these two and attack yourself
until you're in critical health). Because Gau has max defense and the Knight's
Code (which makes him take physical damage for all people in critical hit),
physical attacks are no longer effective against anyone. Reflect Rings will take
care of magical attacks in the next battle.

Curlax, Laragorn, Moebius

HP: 15000 (Curlax, top)
    10000 (Laragorn, left)
    12500 (Moebius, right)

The way you're set up, no one can really damage you. Except if Laragorn (left)
gets Reflect status which is when he'll bounce spells off himself which you
can't Reflect back.

IMPORTANT: If you see Laragorn get Reflect status, cast Silence on him.

Your first goal is to take out Curlax up top. He will revive the other two if
kill them first, so Curlax has to go first. There are two ways you can do this:
1) Rasp/Osmose his 2000 MP, which will kill him
2) Attack with Ice attacks until he's dead

I suggest using the first method, as the second one takes MUCH longer (took me
a total of 30 minutes to beat the three with method #2, and only 7 minutes with
method #1).

You shouldn't be taking any damage anywhere, so you can safely Rasp/Osmose away.
After Curlax is gone, cast Dispel on Laragorn (just to remove any status he
may have) and then cast Death on him until he dies. Two down, one to go.

NOTE: Once Curlax is gone, have Gau use something like Oversoul, which is pretty

You can cast Stop on Moebius if you want, or just go out and attack him until he

After you've defeated these three, I suggest bringing your health back up to
comfortable levels.

You'll be on the Phantom Train. In the second cart, flip the switch twice and
grab the Genji Glove in the chest. Then grab the Lump of Metal in the
south-west corner of the train cart. Put the Lump of Metal in the open chest
in front of the chest you want to get. Grab that Flame Shield in the chest.

In the next cart, grab the X-Potion in the slightly hidden chest (it's directly
west of the entrance) and the Ice Shield in the other chest you can access.

Now onto the puzzle. Switch #1 is the far right, #2 being the middle, and #3
being the far left. Flip the switches in this order: #1, #3, #1, #2, #1, #3

Now you can walk underneath the furniture and move on. Next are the six chests.
On the top row, close the right one. On the bottom row, close the left and
middle on. It should look like this:
O O C   C = Closed
C C O   O = Open

Now hit the switch to advance. Keep advancing until you get to the front of the
train. Enter the cart and leave and you'll find yourself in a Cave.

NOTE: Do NOT leave here without seeing Io at least once. His rage is very
important later on.

With the Magitek Armor, walk all the way around until you've made a full circle.
Now walk the circle backwards. Walk across the bridge to come to the next
area: Doma Castle. Make sure to save here.

Head to the throne room to face off against Wrexsoul.

Wrexsoul, Soul Saver x2

HP: 23066 (Wrexsoul)
    3066 (Soul Saver x2)

Once Wrexsoul has possessed one of your characters, cast Banish. If it doesn't
kill both Soul Savers, wait till the dead one re-appears and cast it again.
Once both of them get hit, the battle will end.

Afterwards, head to the throne room again to pick up the Alexander magicite.

Now make a team with Mog in it (the other three people should know Rasp/Osmose)
I used Terra, Sabin, Mog, Gau. Mog needs to have Molulu's Charm and give
everyone their best equipment. Give everyone a Reflect Ring and that's all you

NOTE: Someone knows Berserk, Silence and most importantly, Reraise, right? Good.

Now head to Cultists' Tower (in the middle of the Serpent Trench, where you
found Strago). Head up the tower.

Enter the room in the first area for a Safety Bit. Stand in front of the chest,
take one step back, one to the right, and one up, then press A. This will open
a door on the floor below you. Enter that room to find Edgar's last tool: Air

Enter the room in the second to find a Genji Shield. The third area houses
the Holy Dragon. Go ahead and engage him if you have someone that knows Silence.

Holy Dragon

HP: 18500

Cast Silence. Now just do 18500+ damage and you're done.

You'll get a Holy Lance for your troubles. Open the chest here for a Kagenui.
In the next area, enter the room to find another Force Armor.

When you get to the top, enter the room and grab the Soul of Thamasa.
Once you leave, you'll have to fight Magic Master.

Magic Master

HP: 50000
MP: 50000

Cast Reraise once on anyone and then just wait. All of Magic Master's spells
will bounce back to him, and he'll kill himself. When he dies, he casts Ultima,
which is why you needed someone on Reraise.

After the battle, leave the tower.

Now it's time to head to the Veldt to learn some nice rages. This time you'll
want to learn the following rages:
- Io (Flare Star)
- Rafflesia (Entice)
- Punisher (Thundaga) [If you didn't meet this guy, go to Mt. Zozo and find it]
- Behemoth King (Firaga) [Must leap the undead one]
- Holy Dragon (Holy)

And that should do it for now. You've probably picked up more than enough
Behemoth Suits by now, so head to the Coliseum and bet one of them to get
another Snow Scarf (Shadow with Ichigeki).

Once you have that, take a party of Edgar, Gau, Gogo, and Mog to the desert
south of Maranda. Give Gau and Mog max Defense (Paladin's Shield/Red Cap/Snow
Scarf and Genji Shield/Red Cap/Snow Scarf, respectively). Boost Gau's magic as
much as you can, and do the same for Gogo (for me it ended up being Mythril Rod/
Aegis Shield/Magus Hat/Silk Robe). If Edgar doesn't have his Debilitator tool
yet, go to Figaro Castle and buy it now.

Now you have to fight ten Cactuar in the desert. Use Edgar's Drill to take care
of Cactuar. Run from the Slagworms. Once you've fought 10 Cactuar, save your
game. There is a square in the south-west part of the desert that you have to
step on to fight Gigantuar.

Give Edgar/Mog Dragoon Boots, and have someone wear a Gale Hairpin.

When you're ready, step on that square.


HP: 30000

This battle is going to require a LOT of resets and will be very short. The
first thing you need to happen is getting a Preemptive strike (the Gale Hairpin
helps with that). Next you need to (quickly!) use Edgar's Debilitator tool and
hope it makes Gigantuar's weakness fire. If not, reset. Once his weakness is
fire, have Gau use the Io Rage, and have Gogo use Mimic. Gau has a 50% of using
Flare Star, and if he doesn't, you need to reset.

Once Gau uses Flare Star, it will do 9999 damage, which Gogo will Mimic. Now you
can only hope Gigantuar will counter with Knockdown (which won't hurt Gau, but
will kill Gogo - which is fine). Once Gau's ATB bar is about half full, have
Edgar use Drill and have Mog jump. Now you must pray that Gau uses Flare Star
again. If he does, Gigantuar will die (9999 x3 = 29997 + Drill damage = 30000+).
Gigantuar then uses 1000 Needles TEN times in a row, but because Mog is in the
air, he won't take any damage. This means you'll win the battle, and get the
Cactuar magicite.

So all in all, this is not too difficult, it just requires luck and a lot of

Next up is another (new) esper: Leviathan.

Bring a party of Gau, Mog, and Strago to Nikeah. Give Gau Paladin's Shield/
Red Cap/Snow Scarf for max Defense and double Earrings for increased damage.
Talk to the man in the harbor and tell him to take you to South Figaro.

NOTE: If you don't have the Paladin's Shield for some reason, you can still use
Genji Shield/Genji Helm (or Red Cap with Mythril Glove/Gauntlet)/Snow Scarf to
get max Defense.

On the way, you'll be attacked by Leviathan.


HP: 32000

This fight is easy.

If you have the Paladin's Shield, just rage Io and wait. If you don't have the
Paladin's Shield, you'll have to keep resetting your game until you can select
your Rage before Leviathan does his first Tsunami (rage Aspiran). Aspiran rage
will have you absorb water and still does decent damage.

Either way, Gau will be untouchable and eventually win the battle. Mog and
Strago are only here to learn Water Rondo and Tsunami.

After the fight, you'll get the Leviathan magicite.

Now there's two more espers we can get. First, let's go shopping. Go to Albrook
and buy 4 more Earrings. Then go to Thamasa and buy about 5 Holy Rods. Make a
party of Terra/Gau/Relm/Sabin and equip everyone with Earrings and their
strongest equipment.

Now hop aboard the airship (you should be facing straight north), tap right once
to move slightly to the right, then just hold A and wait. Eventually you'll run
into Deathgaze.


HP: 55555

Deathgaze has a 66% chance of running away on his third turn. When he does, his
HP will not refill (meaning any damage you do now will remain) and you'll have
to fly around and find him again.

Anyway, Deathgaze is weak to Fire and Holy. Gau should rage Io for 9999 damage
for every Flare Star. Sabin is best off using Phantom Rush (like always). Trance
Terra and have her and Relm throw Holy Rods.

If Deathgaze manages to escape, just heal up and hunt him down again. It
shouldn't have to find him more than 2-3 times before he dies.

Once you win, you get the Bahamut magicite.

Next off is Gilgamesh. First, we need to get some money and lots of it. 500,000
Gil to be exact. To make this a little easier, head to the South-Western
continent and walk around in the forest until you encounter the Greater Mantis
x2 formation. Summon Phantom and have Locke steal an Impartisan (or two).

Once this is done, head to the Coliseum and bet the Impartisan (use anybody
with Reflect Ring) and wait for Weredragon to cast Death (50%) and kill himself
with it. You'll get the Cat-Ear Hood, which when worn by Relm will double the
amount of Gil you win from each battle.

The easiest way to make 500,000 Gil is to fight and defeat 25 Cactuar. You get
20,000 Gil from each battle thanks to the Cat-Ear Hood. Since Cactuars give 10
AP, you may want to teach some spells to your characters (but after we defeat
Gilgamesh, I'm going to send you to the Veldt to learn tons of spells anyway,
so you can just get a head start right now).

Once you have over 500,000 Gil, head to Jidoor. Talk to the man standing
south-east of the entrance to the Auction House. Now go inside and keep trying
until Excalipoor is up for bid (as long as you talked to the guy outside it
shouldn't take you more than 3-4 tries).

Once you have the Excalipoor, head to the Coliseum. Make a party of Gau, Terra,
Sabin, and Gogo. Give Terra the Genji Glove and Gigas Glove relics, with
Lightbringer, Zantetsuken, Red Cap, and Genji Armor. The other three should wear
their best equipment. Have Terra or Sabin wear the Phantom esper.

Save outside of course, and bet the Excalipoor. You'll fight Onion Dasher with
Terra. Hope Onion Dasher doesn't use Traveler and that the Zantetsuken will
kill the Onion Dasher sooner rather than later. You could lose and still fight
Gilgamesh, but that's bad (because Terra will be dead in the battle against
Gilgamesh, and you won't get a Merit Award). Keep resetting until Terra wins.

After you get your Merit Award, you'll have to fight Gilgamesh.


HP: 38000

The game plan here is pretty simple. Have Gau rage Io and let Gogo Mimic Gau.
If Gau successfully pulls off a Flare Star, have Terra summon Phantom to make
your party invisible. Gogo may die because Gilgamesh counters his Flare Star,
but that's alright.

Two Flare Stars and one Phantom summon later you're invincible. You'll see
Gilgamesh cast Protect, Shell, and Haste on himself. This means he'll only be
using physical attacks now, which obviously won't hurt you.

NOTE: Gau won't be invisible because Io is immune to Invisible status. Of course
he should have 255 Defense so it's all the same anyway.

Now reduce his HP to 0 with Phantom Rush, Flare Star, and whatever you want
Terra to use.

Once you defeat Gilgamesh, you'll get a Genji Helm (or a Genji Armor, but
hopefully you'll get the Helm) and the Gilgamesh magicite.

Now you've gotten every esper you can so far. Head to the Veldt to learn some
magic (or you could stay in the Cactuar desert, though they are kind of rare,
but they do give 10 AP. You'll have to decide which one is easier for you).

Some useful spells to learn: Curaga, Reraise, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga,
Holy, Banish, and pretty much all Grey/Support magic. Of course there's Ultima
for those who don't want much of a challenge (Paladin's Shield teaches Ultima at
a x1 rate).

You may be wondering who should learn these spells? The perfectionist in me
is screaming "all of them!" but I it's not really necessary and not many people
want to teach 12 characters (Gogo and Umaro can't learn spells) every one of
those spells. I would definitely have Terra, Celes, Gau, Relm, and Sabin. These
are pretty much your main attackers, so they should have as many spells
available as possible.

You have one more dragon to defeat before entering Kefka's Tower. Earth Dragon
is at the Opera House.

Bring someone with the Sleep spell and your three other favorite characters.
I brought Terra, Sabin, Gau, and Gogo. Equip them however you like, you should
get the hang of it by now (double Earrings, etc.).

Fly to the Opera House. Find the Impresario and talk to him. Go through the
north-east door and hit the third switch from the left (or second from the
right). You'll find yourself on the stage with Earth Dragon.

Earth Dragon

HP: 28500

Cast Sleep on him and start decreasing his HP. Flare Star (Io rage) does 4240
damage if you want to try that. Phantom Rush runs around ~1800.

His weakness is Wind/Water, so Guard Leader is a good choice (for roughly 1800

As long as you make sure he's always on Sleep status, you shouldn't have any
trouble. You may want to cast Sleep with two people (every 3rd or 4th attack
is a safe bet) just to be safe.


Celestriads are quite useful in a LLG. They reduce all magic costs to 1 MP,
which means even your low-MP characters can cast -aga spells for a while before
they run out of MP.

Obtaining Celestriads is a little harder. The only monster that has Celestriads
for steal is Galypdes, which you can find in the Phoenix Cave. Take a party of
Locke, Gogo, and two other people to the Phoenix Cave. Make sure at least one of
these two other party members knows Silence (or Berserk) and is wearing the
Phantom esper.

Galypdes are pretty rare, and they only appear on the top floor (the floor
without the lava). Other monsters you'll meet include Face, Zeveak, Necromancer,
Clymenus, and Chaos Dragon. Follow these simple instructions and you'll be
fine and take no damage:
Face: If you're invisible, you're fine
Zeveak: Cast Berserk and be invisible
Galypdes: Cast Berserk/Silence and be invisible
Necromancer: If you're invisible, you're fine
Clymenus: Cast Berserk ASAP and you're fine
Chaos Dragon: Silence/Berserk and you're fine (unless he somehow reaches his 6th
              turn, in which case you need to be invisible to take no damage)

So basically, turn yourself invisible, cast Berserk on Zeveak/Clymenus and
Berserk or Silence on Galypdes/Chaos Dragon.

I suggest you aim for a total of four Celestriads. Setup Gogo so he has the
Steal command and have Locke and Gogo steal until successful. Good luck.


This is only for those completionists that want to get the Siegfried Bestiary

If you don't have a Megalixir already, go to the Solitary Island, cast Stop on
the Land Ray you'll find there, and steal a Megalixir.

NOTE: Thanks to Dragon Fogel for the following strategy.

Now sell all your Tools except Noiseblaster. Give Gogo three Tools commands and
send him into the Coliseum, wagering the Megalixir. You'll fight Siegfried, who
is usually extremely powerful and very hard to defeat. Since Noiseblaster is the
only Tool you have, Gogo will confuse him most of the time.

NOTE: Equip Gogo with Hermes Sandals to make this a little easier.

While Siegfried is confused, he'll either use Attack 50% of the time (which will
remove his Confuse status), or he'll use Hyperdrive or Metal Cutter. You'll need
to hope that he doesn't use Attack too much, because then Siegfried might kill
you with any of his attacks.

I suggest that you hold L+R to run away while Siegfried is confused, so you
don't accidently attack him yourself and remove his Confuse status.

You may have to try several times, but eventually Siegfried will kill himself.

As for getting your Tools back, you can go to Figaro Castle and buy the Auto
Crossbow, Drill, Bioblaster, Flash, and Debilitator. Unfortunately you can't
buy the Air Anchor or Chainsaw again, but there are monsters in Kefka's Tower
that you can steal them from, if you really want them that badly.

We've almost covered everything. Next up is Strago and Hidon.


Take a party with Strago and Relm in it to Thamasa. After the scenes, make a
party of your favorite spell caster, Sabin, Gau, and Strago 
head to Ebot's Rock (directly north of Thamasa). Make sure someone knows
Reraise (important!).

NOTE: To avoid any damage, summon Phantom.

Talk to the chest who wants some Coral, then walk around until you've gathered
22 Corals (not less, more is fine). Feed the corals to the chest and he'll let
you pass. Behind the chest is... Hidon.

Before you fight him though, get everyone except Gau into critical health. Give
Gau the Knight's Code and Ribbon. Everyone else should have Reflect Ring +

Once you've done that, attack Hidon.

Hidon, Erebus x4

HP: 25000 (Hidon)
    3500 (Erebus x4)

First off, use a Phoenix Down on the top Erebus, killing it instantly. Next,
have your Reraise person cast Reraise on at least two people (preferably Gau
and someone else). Now it's time to attack. Have Gau Rage Hill Gigas (Magnitude
8), Sabin use Phantom Rush (of course), Strago and your last character should
NOT attack the far left Erebus. Instead, focus their magic spells (-aga
spells) on the other two Erebus.

Once all Erebus except the far left are done, attack the last Erebus with
physical attacks (Sabin should still Phantom Rush) and wait for you + Gau to
kill it. Once the last Erebus is gone, wait for Hidon to use Grand Delta, which
will kill everyone. The two people you cast Reraise on will be reraised (makes
sense, right? :p). Have one of those people throw a Phoenix Down at Hidon and
the battle will end.

**The following part is optional**

Getting all of Mog's Dances

In order to learn a dance, you simply have to fight (and win) a battle on a
certain type of background. You may wonder how you're going to win battles
without gaining EXP... simple. Use the Smoke Bomb trick (cast Confuse on one of
your own people, then have that person use a Smoke Bomb BEFORE the Confuse
animation is over and he'll use the Smoke Bomb on the enemy, causing the enemy
to run without you gaining any EXP).

Here's how to get all dances:

Wind Rhapsody - Fight on any wasteland
Forest Nocturne - Fight in any forest
Desert Lullaby - Fight in any desert
Love Serenade - Any battle in Zozo
Earth Blues - Slopes of Mt. Zozo
Water Harmony - Any fight in water (NOTE: There's only one fight in water in
                WoR: Leviathan. If you didn't bring Mog to Leviathan then you
                can't get this dance anymore)
Twilight Requiem - Fight in any cave (i.e. Mt. Zozo [inside])
Snowman Rondo - Any fight in snow (i.e. Ice Dragon/Valigarmanda)

HINT: Easiest way to get these dances is like this: Fly to Maranda and fight
in the desert. Fly to Jidoor and fight in the forest north of Jidoor. Head
to Zozo and fight one battle on the wasteland on the way. Fight a battle in
Zozo, then another inside Mt. Zozo, then another on the slopes of Mt. Zozo.

Considering you were pretty much forced to bring Mog to Ice Dragon/Valigarmanda,
you should already have that. And I hope you brought Mog to Leviathan.

And that's all for dances.

The only other thing to do now is fill up Strago's Lores.

**The following part is optional**

Getting Strago's Lores

In order to not gain EXP, you'll have to use the Confuse/Smoke Bomb trick again.
In order for Strago to learn a Lore he simply has to witness the attack. He
can even die after he's seen the attack and still learn it.

Instead of listing all the Lores here and how to get them, I'm going to simply
refer you to my walkthrough, which has detailed listings of how to get all Lores
if you're really interested:
Walkthrough: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/930370/48166
CTRL+F: [4.105]

If you're not a completionist, I just recommend you get the following Lores:
- 1000 Needles (learn from Cactuar)
- Traveler (Control/Rage Fafnir [Grass in Southern Continent])

Now we're ready to conquer Kefka's Tower. Go stock up on anything you feel you
need (Phoenix Downs + Hi-Potions especially).

5.33 Kefka's Tower                                                       [5.33]

We'll be making several runs through the tower.

First off, put Terra/Celes/Gau/Mog in the second party. Give Gau 255 Defense,
bring the two girls into critical health so no physical attacks can touch you,
and give the two girls Minerva Bustiers and Gau the Paladin's Shield. I went
ahead and gave Terra 127% Magic Evasion, just because she's cool like that, but
it's not necessary.

As for Relics, all three should have Celestriads, the girls also get an Earring,
while Gau obviously gets the Knight's Code.

It doesn't really matter what you do with Mog, since he's only coming so you
don't have to deal with random encounters.

Advance through the tower until you get to a room with toilets. Put the girls
in critical health and enter the left toilet to fight Ultima Buster.

Ultima Buster

HP: 55000

After Ultima Buster's little speech, you can begin to attack. Mog will probably
die, oh well. Attack with Fire/Ice/Lightning spells only (he absorbs every other
element). He won't be able to damage you at this stage.

Once his HP reaches 32640 (after 22360 damage), he'll change his attacks. You'll
want to cast Reraise on Gau (don't bother with the girls). Ultima Buster will
now start using spells like Quake, Tsunami, and Meteor. Unfortunately, the
girls' armor only halves damage from these spells, so they'll probably die. Good
news is that Gau is still standing and he'll have to finish the battle by
himself. Just keep at it with whatever spells you've decided to use. In case
you're wondering, Io Rage (Flare Star) will do 5360 damage, so you may want to
Rage Gau instead. Just keep in mind that you can't control Gau anymore once you
have him use Rage.

After you beat Ultima Buster, there will be a save point where he used to be.
Revive your fallen members (don't heal the girls, let them stay in critical
health) and keep advancing through the tower.

Eventually you'll come to Gold Dragon, one of the two final dragons. Equip
Phantom on someone and engage in battle.

Gold Dragon

HP: 32400

This battle is easy. Cast Berserk then summon Phantom and you're invincible.
Proceed to bring his HP to 0. His weakness is Water, so if you have Flood
available, use it. You can also poison him to quicken the process.

Switch parties and exit the tower. Take the same party (Terra/Celes/Gau/Mog) and
put them in the third party. Fill up the other two parties with the rest of your
people and give one party the Ward Bangle, to reduce random encounters.

NOTE: Remember that you can always remove the equipment of one party, switch to
the next party and give that party some good equipment. This is useful for
things like Lightbringer/Celestriad/Ward Bangle, etc.

Now take your party through the Tower. Once you get to a Save Point, you'll
face Inferno, Ketu, and Rahu shortly after that.

Inferno, Ketu, Rahu

HP: 30800 (Inferno)
    8000 (Rahu)
    11000 (Ketu)

You won't even worry about the blades (Rahu & Ketu). Due to your equipment, you
won't take any damage. Focus your Thundaga (or Punisher Rage if Gau doesn't
have Thundaga) or Thundara (if you don't have Thundaga) on Inferno. Rinse and
repeat and Inferno is done.

NOTE: Beware of Landworm, a monster you can't escape from. He is found in the
room after Inferno. After you defeat Inferno, save at the save point, and if you
encounter Landworm, simply reset. If you have Mog with Molulu's Charm, you have
nothing to worry about.

Move along, grab the Megalixir in the next chest you see, then head around and
past the chest with a sparkle in it and up the conveyor belt. You'll find the
Rainbow Brush in a chest.

Head back around to the sparkling chest and activate it. This will extend some
stairs to your left (will be used for another party). Enter the door here and
get ready to fight Skull Dragon.

Before you do, replace both Earrings and Gau's Celestriad with Ribbons.

NOTE: Don't forget to keep both girls in critical health.

Skull Dragon

HP: 32800

His weakness is Fire and Holy. If you don't have Firaga or Holy, just use Fira.
Otherwise use Firaga (it does more damage than Holy). Gau should rage Oversoul.

The only thing Skull Dragon may do to you is use Doom on you. If Gau gets
Doom'd, you have nothing to worry about (Oversoul is Undead, so Gau won't die
when the timer hits 0). If the girls get Doom'd, just revive them whenever you
find time.

After you defeat Skull Dragon, you'll get the Muscle Belt. The game will also
let you know you've defeated all eight dragons and that the Eightfold Seal is
broken. You'll also receive the Crusader magicite, along with a little
inscription on a tablet: "The seal is broken and I am free... You who defeated
the legendary eight... I shall await you at the Dragon's Horn..."

Go through the next few rooms until you come to a dead-end. Step on the green
switch. Remove all your best equipment, switch to Party #2 (equip them) and
take the party all the way through the tower. Shortly after the "tube room"
you'll find yourself outside again. Take the left of the two doors and hit the
switch to move a platform for Party #1 later. Keep going past the place where
you fought Gold Dragon and you'll come to the same place Party #3 is at, but on
the other side. Step on the switch as well (this will open the door) and then
remove all your best equipment, switch to Party #3, step off the switch also,
and switch to Party #1 (equip them).

Take Party #1 all the way to the end (picking up the Pinwheel in the chest on
the way). Enter the door the other two parties opened for you. You'll come to
a room with three switches. Go out the south-west entrance, push the weight
off the ledge and onto the switch below, head back inside to step on the switch
and switch to Party #2.

NOTE: I'm not going to tell you to de-equip/re-equip your equipment anymore. You
get the point.

Party #2 can now go up the ladder south of you and into the big door. Take the
south-east exit and push the weight onto the switch, then head back inside onto
this switch and switch to Party #3.

Go in the big door and step on the third and final switch. This will open up
some stairs ahead of you and also a path behind you. Go south and outside first
to step on the switch (this opens some doors for the other two parties). Head
back up and make sure the girls are in critical health. The relics should be the
same as before (Celestriads for all three, Earrings for the girls, Knight's Code
for Gau).

Head up to fight Guardian.


HP: 60000

Things to worry about:
- Ultros Battle Program:
    * Tentacle will kill the girls (Gau will be fine). Simply revive the girls
      with Phoenix Downs
    * Entwine will cast Slow on your party. Cast Hastega afterwards if you want
- Dadaluma Battle Program:
    * Guardian will either throw a Mythril Knife or Ashura. Either way, revive
      the target since you'll die (even Gau)
- Air Force Battle Program:
    * Heal after Launcher if you see it
- Ultima Battle Program
    * Runic every turn, revive those killed by Meteor

As long as you follow above tips, you'll do fine. I don't suggest having Gau
Rage anything, since if both girls die, you can't revive them. Attack with
Lightning/Water spells for maximum damage.

With a constant onslaught of Thundaga, you can beat Guardian before he goes into
Dadaluma's Battle Program.

Anyway, after you defeat Guardian, continue onwards to face Demon, one of the
three Warring Triads.


HP: 58000

Until you do 25360 damage, you'll have to worry about Metal Cutter killing you.
Cast Reraise on someone (Gau or Terra) to ensure you don't lose.

Keep in mind that Demon absorbs Fire and Wind attacks, but is weak to Poison.

Or you could simply cast Stop and then wail on him. Keep casting Stop every
turn or so until you know you've done over 25360 damage. If you're not sure,
don't cast Stop for a turn or so and wait for Demon to attack. If he attacks
physically, with Metal Cutter, or with Stop, then you haven't done enough
damage yet. Once you do reach the 25360 damage mark, he'll start casting spells

Now nothing can hurt you except Meteor. Worst case scenario, Meteor will knock
out Celes and Gau (Terra will evade it). Simply revive both of them. Continue
to assault Demon and you'll win eventually.

NOTE: One thing to watch out for is low MP on Terra/Celes. I had Terra run out
of MP, and couldn't cast Osmose since it costs 1 MP. If you see yourself getting
below 10 MP, you may want to cast Osmose to refill your MP real quick.

You'll receive the Radiant Lance for beating Demon.

Congratulations, the first of three Warring Triads is done. Now leave the
dungeon with a Teleport spel or Teleport Stone.

Make the same parties as before, but make Terra's party Party #1. Head pack
through Kefka's Tower and do the same thing as before (don't forget to examine
the chest where the sparkle once was, otherwise Party #1 can't reach the end).
Take the middle party up through the big door once you reach it, and take the
souht-west exit again. The next party will take the south-east exit, while the
last party can just go through the big door to step on the switch. Then have the
third party go south onto the switch to activate the doors.

Switch back to Party #1 (Terra's party). Go south then enter the west door.
Use the same set-up as always (make sure girls are in critical health) and
head north to fight Fiend.


HP: 63000

This battle isn't hard, either. First off, if someone gets frozen, cast a Fire
spell on them to revive them. Fiend is weak to the Holy element, so if you have
the Holy spell, use that. Otherwise just stick to -aga spells, but not Ice
(Fiend absorbs Ice).

Fiend will attack with Ice spells and nothing else.

Once you do 30360 damage, Fiend will give himself Image, Reflect, and Haste
status. You'll have to cast Dispel before you continue your assault to get rid
of that Reflect status. He'll now either attack physically or use Targeting,
which targets a random character for Fiendish Rage on his next turn... except
that Gau steps in and takes the hit (0 damage), so it's no big deal.

Fiend will also use Reverse Polarity every now and then, which simply shifts
your party to the front/back row, depending on where they are. If they're in
the back row, they'll get moved to the front row. What does this mean? Not much,
except that Gau will now take 1 damage instead of 0.

You'll receive the Mutsunokami for beating Fiend.

You know what happens now, right? Yup, leave the tower again.

Before you enter Kefka's Tower for the last time, you should stock up on some
items you'll be needing during the final battles. Fly to Figaro Castle and put
Edgar in the lead to receive a discount. Buy about 50 Eye Drops, 50 Echo
Screens, 50 Remedy, and stock up on Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs. Lastly, buy
a few dozen Tents. Now fly to Jidoor or Thamasa to buy 50 Holy Waters.

Before going into Kefka's Tower again, head to Thamasa/Jidoor and buy a bunch
of Holy Waters.

Now head back to Kefka's Tower. Put Terra's party as Party #2, and choose your
other two parties. Go through the tower again, doing everything just like

This time put Terra's party in Party #2. Go through the tower again, doing
everything just like before. Switch to Terra's party, replace Terra's Earring
with a Safety Bit, and continue onward to eventually find Goddess.


HP: 44000

The first thing you should do is everyone Reraise status. Goddess will cast
Cloudy Heaven at some point during the battle. This gives everyone (except
Terra, who is protected by her Safety Bit) Doom status. Once the timer reaches
0, Celes and Gau will go to Zombie status instead of dying. As soon as this
happens, have Terra use a Holy Water on Gau first, then on Celes.

Your other worry is Entice, which Goddess may use. If this happens, there's not
much you can do except kill off that character and revive him/her.

That's all you need to worry about. As for your offense, don't attack with
Lightning or Holy attacks, but everything else is fair game. You know the drill.

Once you defeat Goddess, you'll get the Excalibur.

5.34 Final Boss                                                          [5.34]

Once Goddess if finished, it's time to get ready to face Kefka. In Terra's
party, switch Gau's Celestriad for a Safety Bit (take it off Terra). Switch
Terra/Celes Earring for a Ribbon. Now go on to fight Kefka!

NOTE: You made sure the girls are in critical health, right?

Put Terra, Celes, and Gau in the top three slots, the rest doesn't matter.

Short Arm, Long Arm, Visage (1st Tier)

HP: 27000 (Short Arm)
    33000 (Long Arm)
    30000 (Visage)

Short Arm = Right
Long Arm = Left
Visage = Top

This is the first of four tiers you'll have to fight. Good luck.

Let's get the important stuff out of the way first: Cast Float and Reraise on
everyone. If you have Hastega, cast that for good measure.

Now you can just cast Death on the Long Arm and it will die. Now cast Slow on
the Short Arm. Next you'll want to take out Visage first, as his attacks are
more annoying than the harmless attacks Short Arm does. Visage is weak to Fire,
so Firaga or Flare Star (Io rage) are good choices.

Once Visage is dead, it's time to focus your attacks on Short Arm. He's weak to
Water, so use whichever attacks you think are good.

Tiger, Machine, Magic, Power

HP: 30000 (Tiger)
    24000 (Machine)
    41000 (Magic)
    28000 (Power)

Tiger = Tiger face
Machine = In the middle, wearing red
Magic = Far Left
Power = Far Right

Make sure everyone (still) has Reraise.

Cast Death on Machine and Silence on Magic. This disables two of the four
monsters. Poison the Tiger and focus your offense on Power. Power is weak to
Poison, so Bio is your best choice here. Gau should rage Trillium.

After you finish off Power, concentrate on Magic. It's weak to Earth, but it's
also Floating, so you can't really use Quake or anything like that to hit it.
Just use your usual spells and you'll be fine.

Once you see Magic start trying to cast Dispel, you know you're almost done.

By the time you've finished off Power and Magic, Tiger should be either dead or
really close to it. Finish it off with Ice spells.

Lady, Rest

HP: 9999 (Lady)
    40000 (Rest)

Lady = Top
Rest = Bottom

Get ready for a long battle. Lady casts White Wind a lot, and it heals both
enemies for 9999 HP. The problem is that you can't kill her in time because
she'll always heal herself completely every few turns. This means you'll have
to Rasp away all of Lady's MP, and she has 10000 MP. Have fun.

In the meantime, Rest will cast things like Tornado (don't worry about this
attack), Meltdown (you'll absorb/negate this), and Doom. Doom is pretty much
the only thing you have to worry about, and as long as you re-apply Reraise
status once your Doom'd person dies/is reraised, you'll have no problem.

Gau's Rasp will drain 120-130 MP, Celes/Terra will drain about 50 MP. This means
it will take you roughly 133 turns to rasp all 10000 MP. Since all these final
monsters are immune to Libra, you can't check on how you're doing. Eventually
you'll see the wonderful "Not enough MP." text, which means you're finally done.

Once Lady has no MP, she can't cast White Wind anymore. Unfortunately, she
absorbs every element, so your only spells that would work are Quake and
Ultima. If you have neither of those spells, you'll have to attack physically.
At this point, you'll want to have Gau rage Io or Aspiran or any other strong

After Lady is done, focus your attacks on Rest. Rest has no weakness, so go all
out on it. Once Rest's HP drops to 10240, he'll use Meteor every single turn.
Once this happens you better deal 10240 damage real fast, otherwise you won't
survive for long, and you'll have to do this battle all over again.
Alternatively, you could also Rasp Rest's MP away. How many MP does Rest have?
10000. :)

NOTE: It's possible for Gau to die because of Repose at the end of this battle.
Unfortunately, you won't be able to Revive him because he'll be replaced
automatically. =/


HP: 62000

Now you finally get to battle Kefka. It's pay-back time for destroying the
world and causing mass chaos and mass murdering.

At the beginning of the battle make sure everyone has Reraise status. The only
thing that will bother you in the first stage is Trine, which sets Darkness and
Silence. Gau doesn't have any protection for Silence, so he can't cast any
magic, making him pretty useless (except for the fact he is the reason you
don't take any physical damage). If Kefka uses Trine, quickly use the Esuna
spell or an Echo Screen on Gau.

Don't worry about healing Heartless Angel, you won't die. Kefka has a 33%
chance of countering any attack with Hyperdrive, which will kill the target.
Re-apply Reraise status ASAP.

As for your offense, Gau's best bet is Flare Star (Io rage), which will do
5680 damage everytime it connects. The two ladies can attack with -aga spells
or your other favorite spells.

Once Kefka's HP reaches 32640 (after 29360 damage) is when it gets harder.

Everytime it says "The end draws near..." you know Kefka is about to use
Forsaken, which will kill your party. Your goal is to have Reraise on all three
people before the next Forsaken (he uses Forsaken every four turns).

The somewhat annoying part is the fact that after Forsaken, Kefka has a 66%
chance of using either Trine or Vengeance. You already know what Trine does,
but Vengeance removes all the good statuses you have, including Reraise. I
would tell you to wait a whole turn before re-applying Reraise status, just in
case Kefka uses Vengeance, but you'll see later why this is not a good idea.
Cast Reraise as soon as you can after Forsaken, and if Kefka uses Vengeance,
you'll have to cast Reraise... again.

NOTE: Due to a glitch (or sloppy programming), you have to FIRST remove the
Silence status from Gau before you have him rage Io. If you rage first and then
try to remove the Silence status, it won't work and Gau won't be able to cast
Flare Star.

From here on out you'll be in a continuous cycle of Reraising everyone, casting
1-2 spells (maybe a Flare Star) and being hit with Forsaken again. Repeat.

It's going to take a while to bring Kefka's HP to 0 since you only have one or
two chances to hurt him for every 4 turns.

NOTE: This would actually be a good time to use the Quick spell. This allows you
to give Reraise to two people instead of just one, giving you another chance to
attack Kefka. Also, when you run out of MP, it's a good idea to use Quick for
Osmose + Attack, so you don't have to waste a turn on regaining your MP.

NOTE: Once Kefka is down to his last 10240 HP, he has a 33% chance of countering
any attack with Ultima. If this happens, quickly cast Reraise on at least one
person (preferably Gau), since he'll use Forsaken not long after that.

Once Kefka's HP reaches 7680, Kefka will use Forsaken, followed by Meteor on the
next turn. This is why shouldn't have waited a whole turn before casting Reraise
after Forsaken earlier on. Unless you're keeping track with a calculator, you
have no way of knowing when Kefka reaches 7680 HP. If you would wait a whole
turn, Meteor would kill your party, giving you a Game Over.

Anyways, you should be able to give at least one person Reraise status 
(preferably not Gau) after this Forsaken. After the Meteor attack, you'll have
two turns before the next Forsaken.

I simply suggest having that one character take care of the rest of Kefka's HP.
Trying to keep two people alive in this stage is tedious and you won't be able
to attack very much.

After a couple more attacks, you've beaten Kefka. Congratulations!

Final Levels:
Terra - 6
Locke - 6
Cyan - 7
Shadow - 6
Edgar - 6
Sabin - 6
Celes - 6
Strago - 8
Relm - 6
Setzer - 6
Mog - 11
Gau - 18
Gogo - 8
Umaro - 6

Average (without Gau): 6.77
Average (with Gau): 7.57

5.35 Dragon's Den                                                        [5.35]

NOTE: As you may be able to tell, this section is still under construction. The
walkthrough of the Den itself is complete.

What to do with random encounters.
Chimera - Cast Berserk [1st Turn Attack(66%)/Snowstorm]
Yojimbo - Cast Stop/Slow [1st Turn Attack(66%)/Nothing]
Dark Force - Cast Slow [1st Turn Doom/Roulette/Aqua Breath]
Vector Lythos - Cast Imp [1st Turn Attack(100%)]
Primeval Dragon - Cast Slee/Stop/Imp/Petrify [1st Turn Attack(66)/!Heave]
Great Malboro - Cast Sleep/Stop/Imp [1st Turn Attack(66%)/Nothing]
Outsider - Cast Stop [1st Turn Throw: Kunai/Ashura]
Great Behemoth - Can't Run Away, reset game
Vector Chimera - [1st Turn Attack(66)/Nothing]
Ahriman - Sleep/Stop/Silence/Berserk [1st Turn Attack(33)/Doom(66)]

Zurvan - Cast Sleep/Silence [1stTurn won't kill, worst case is Gravity: 1/2 HP]
Vilia - Entice/Thundaga
Great Dragon - Cast Sleep [1st Turn: Atomic Ray/Blaze [Fire]/Attack]
Abaddon - Cast Berserk [1st Turn will never kill you, Slow/Silence/Sleep]
Dragon Aevis - Cast Sleep/Stop/Silence/Berserk [1st Turn Attack/Wind Slash/Not.]
Dinozombie - Cast Sleep/Stop [1st Turn is Attack(66%)]
Death Rider - Cast Sleep/Silence/Berserk [1st Turn !Pox/Death/Blaster]
Shield Dragon - Cast Sleep/Stop/Silence[1stTurn SoulExtraction(Zombie)/Attack66]
Maximera - Attack/Blaze[Fire]
Hexadragon - Cast Confusion [1st Turn Firaga/Attack/Flare Star]
Magic Dragon - Cast Imp/Silence [1st Turn Aero/!Wonder Wing/Nothing]
Armodullahan - Lv. 5 Death(66%)/Attack [inherent haste]
Crystal Dragon - Attack(66%)/!Needle Breath

Party 1:
Terra - Lightbringer/Force Shield/Mystery Veil/Minerva Bustier. Celestriad,
Gau - Paladin's Shield/Red Cap/Snow Scarf. Knight's Code, Ribbon(?)
Locke - Magus Rod/Force Shield/Priest's Miter/Force Armor. Merit Award,
        Master's Scroll(?)
** Switch Magus Rod with Save the Queen once you beat the Blue Dragon

Party 2:
Mog - Holy Lance/Paladin's Shield/Red Cap/Snow Scarf. Knight's Code,
      Molulu's Charm
Celes - Lightbringer/Force Shield/Mystery Veil/Minerva Bustier. Celestriad,
Gogo - Magus Rod/Force Shield/Priest's Miter/Magus Robe. Zephyr Cloak x2
Sabin - Magus Rod/Aegis Shield/Priest's Miter/Force Armor. Merit Award,
        White Cape
** Switch Magus Rod with Save the Queen once you beat the Blue Dragon

Party 3:
Relm - Magus Rod/Force Shield/Cat-Ear Hood/Magus Robe. Zephyr Cloak x2
Strago - Magus Rod/Force Shield/Magus Hat/Magus Robe. Celestriad, White Cape
Shadow - Enhancer/Aegis Shield/Priest's Miter/Force Armor. Merit Award, Earring
** Switch Enhancer with Save the Queen once you beat the Blue Dragon
Edgar - Lightbringer, Paladin's Shield, Green Beret, Genji Armor. Knight's Code,
        Prayer Beads

Where to buy items you'll need:
Prayer Beads - Nikeah
Magus Robe - Maranda
Angel Wings - Jidoor

Things to help with random encoutners:
Alarm Earring, Ward Bangle, Gale Hairpin

The hardest part is making it to the first save point. Until then, you'll have
to reset every time you encounter Great Behemoth, because you can't run from
this monster. Yeah, it sux, but once you reach the first Save Point you'll have
a way of avoiding Great Behemoth. And no one said a Low Level Dragon's Den run
would be easy, did they? ;)

Take Mog's party (Party #2) through the right door. You'll want to fight at
least one battle (after removing everyone's equipment except Mog's) to kill off
Celes/Gogo/Sabin (you can aim any -ra/ga spell at your entire party). Then run
away, and revive your fallen members with Phoenix Downs. This puts them all in
Critical health, which means Mog can now protect them with his Knight's Code.

Anyway, once Celes/Gogo/Sabin are in Critical health, go and stand in front of
the Ice Dragon. Before fighting the dragon, you'd better change your equipment
a little to make this fight a little easier:
- Mog: Replace Holy Lance with Gladius, Red Cap with Green Beret, and Molulu's
       Charm with Prayer Beads. This set-up gives Mog 100 Evasion.
- Celes: Nothing.
- Gogo: Replace Force Shield with Flame Shield. Give Gogo the Rage command.
- Sabin: Replace Aegis Shield with Flame Shield.

Now you can fight Ice Dragon.

Ice Dragon

HP: 32000
Weakness: Fire
Absorbs: Ice
Status Vulnerabilities: None

Ice Dragon will make three copies of himself, meaning you have to fight four
Ice Dragons.

Gogo should rage Io (Flare Star). Sabin will only use one attack throughout
the dungeon: Phantom Rush. Mog can't really do much, so just have him attack or

That leaves Celes. To be on the safe side, you may not want to attack at all
with her. Why? Because Ice Dragon's special attack is !Freeze, which sets Stop.
It's also a physical attack, so Ribbons won't help. The only way to avoid it
is with Evasion, which is why we boosted Mog's Evasion as much as we could.
If Mog gets Stop'd, use Celes to immediately cast Esuna on Mog to remove the
Stop status. While Mog is Stop'd, he won't protect your other party members
from physical attacks, so that's why I designated one person to un-Stop Mog.

If you want to take your chances (100 Evasion is pretty high), you can simply
attack Ice Dragon with Firaga or whatever else you want.

Either hope that Mog never gets Stop'd or free him when he does, and you'll have
no problems with this battle.

Also, if anyone gets Frozen because of the Northern Cross attack, simply attack
them with any Fire spell (you won't do any damage) to un-freeze them.

After beating Ice Dragon, you'll receive Final Trump, Setzer's weapon.

Put Molulu's Charm back on Mog and up and through the door. Head down the right
side to find a chest containing a Hi-Ether.

Now take Relm's party into the right entrance then through the north passage
directly east of the entrance. Step on the switch at the end.

If you want a Rename Card, take Terra's party inside the left entrance and then
into the middle of the three doors. Step on the switch north of you. Now bring
Mog's party back to the beginning and into the same door Terra's party went
through. Hop over the rocks for a Rename Card.

Take Mog's party back to where you fought the Ice Dragon. Go up and through
the door where the Hi-Ether was but go left instead and stand on the switch.

Have Relm's party leave the dungeon and re-enter through the left entrance.
Here, go through the right door. Step on the switch in here.	

Use Terra's party to go all the way back to the beginning of Dragon's Den. Enter
the left entrance. Take the left door again and continue onwards until you come
to some rocks (jump over them) and to a door. Enter the door and head to the
north-east corner of this room, where you'll find a door with a Save Point
inside it. Save!

Now that you've made it to the first Save Point, you don't have to keep
re-starting the entire dungeon once you find a Great Behemoth.

NOTE: When a party stands on a Save Point, you can switch to a different party
and still be able to save, as long as you don't move (if you do, just switch to
the party on the Save Point and switch back). This allows you to save pretty
much anywhere in the dungeon.

Back to the party at the Save Point. Leave the room and enter the room to the
west of the Save Point room. In here you'll find an Elixir. Switch your
equipment back to the default set-up and give everyone the Angel Wings relic.

Now go back to the door you used to enter this room, but enter the door above it
instead. Go up to find the Earth Dragon.

NOTE: Everyone's (except Gau) is in critical health, right?

Earth Dragon

HP: 58000
Weakness: Wind, Water
Absorbs: Earth
Status Vulnerabilities: None

As long as you equipped Angel Wings on everyone, you're invincible in this

Just to make this a little easier, have Gogo use the Debilitator. You'll either
want to hit the Earth or Fire weakness. If you make Earth Dragon weak to Earth,
his own Quake attack will hurt him (for 8000+ damage!). If you make him weak to
Fire, Gogo's Flare Star will deal 9999 damage (and Firaga will do some nice
damage as well).

Or if you don't fee lucky enough with the Debilitator, you can always cast Float
on Earth Dragon so his own Quake won't heal him anymore (Thx to Djibriel for
pointing this out).

Either way, just kill it. You'll get the Godhand for winning, which is Sabin's
"ultimate" weapon. Only problem is that we have Sabin wearing a Magus Rod thanks
to the Merit Award. Oh well.

After that battle, head back through the door south. Hop across the stones,
give Sabin and Gogo Thunder Shields, and fight Storm Dragon (you can take off
the Angel Wings and give them their default equipment back).

Storm Dragon

HP: 62000
Weakness: Lightning
Absorbs: Wind
Status Vulnerabilities: None

The first thing you'll want to do is cast Reraise on everyone. As long as you
have the Celestriad on Celes, she can do this with only 4 MP. Feel free to use
Quick to only lose two turns casting Reraise.

Gogo should Rage Io (this is pretty much the best rage from here on out because
it's damage is based on the enemy's level, not yours, and most enemies in here
very high levels). Sabin... you know what to do. Celes will probably be on
permanent Reraise-duty.

Every third turn, Storm Dragon has a 33% chance of using Leaf Swirl, which will
kill your entire party. There's no way to block it, which is why you're forced
to use Reraise to survive this battle. I suggest casting Reraise on your
characters in this order: Mog, Celes, Gogo, Sabin.

NOTE: If you realize you can't keep up with casting 4 Reraise before the next
Leaf Swirl, feel free to leave Sabin behind. You can finish this battle with
only Mog/Celes/Gogo.

If you actually get a chance to attack with Celes, you should cast Thundaga or
any other thunder-based spell.

Once you see the message "Storm Dragon cloaks itself in wind!" then you know
that you've brought his HP down to 25600. It's no longer necessary to cast
Reraise since Storm Dragon will no longer use Leaf Swirl. This also means that
you can't die anymore, so just finish off Storm Dragon to be awarded with
Longinus, Edgar's ultimate weapon.

Now head back to the beginning of Dragon's Den and enter the right entrance.
There will be a set of stairs shortly before you reach the spot where you fought
the Ice Dragon. Ascend these stairs. Go north and use the turtle to cross the
water. Up ahead is a switch you should press to release the Red Dragon. Go up
either stairs and you'll see the Blue Dragon ahead of you.

Before you fight the Dragon, make the following changes to your equipment:
- Give Mog the Gladius/Paladin's Shield/Green Beret/Snow Scarf/Prayer Beads/
    Knight's Code setup for 100 Evasion again.

Blue Dragon

HP: 57000
Weakness: Lightning
Absorbs: Water
Status Vulnerabilities: Poison, Slow

Since I had you set-up Mog to have 100 Evasion, you may already guess that Blue
Dragon has a physical special attack that sets a status ailment (in this case,
Stop) just like Ice Dragon.

Celes/Sabin/Gogo should have 129%/124%/126% Magic Evasion, respectively, so
chances are they will simply dodge all of Blue Dragon's magic attacks. Sabin and
Gogo are the only ones that MAY get hit with a magic attack, so if you want to
be on the safe side, give them Reraise or simply revive them IF they die (which
is unlikely).

As for your attacks, Gogo does best with the Io Rage. Sabin already knows what
to do. Like in the battle with Ice Dragon, I had Celes cure Mog of Stop status
if he should ever receive it. If you want to take your chances, attack with
Thunder-based spells.

Also, to make this battle a little shorter (and easier), you can cast Poison
and Slow on the Blue Dragon.

This battle is not that hard. You'll get Celes's ultimate weapon, Save the
Queen, for winning this battle. This weapon is not half-bad, but it's still
worse than the Lightbringer.

Head all the way back to the entrance of this Den and take the left entrance
followed by the left door (aren't you glad Molulu's Charm prevents all random
encounters? I am). The door to the west is now accessible, so enter it to find
a Remedy (north) and a X-Potion (east). Now take Mog back to the Save Point
(if you forgot how to get there, jump across the stones where you fought Storm
Dragon and go through the door, then head east and enter the north-east door

Here comes the fun part. With Mog standing on the Save Point, switch to Relm's
party (she should be standing west of Terra, right?) and head south. You may
want to save every few steps, just in case you come across a Great Behemoth. If
you do, just reset and try again. Eventually you'll come across different
monsters (usually after the first reset, but sometimes it takes more than one
reset to change up the monsters). Use this trick to allow your other parties
to traverse Dragon's Den safely.

Anyway, take Relm's party back to the entrance of Dragon's Den and through the
right entrance. Head up to where Ice Dragon was and switch to Terra's Party.
Head through the door north-east of you and you'll be next to Relm's party.

Switch to Mog's party and go outside of the room and step on the switch, which
allows all three parties to reunite. *hugs all around*

If you're unhappy with your party arrangements, you can bring them all to the
Save Point room up above and step on the red sparkle to change them around.
You can also switch to party members that you didn't even bring into the

How about we give Mog's party a break? Put Mog on the Save Point and switch to
Terra's party (don't forget to equip them). Don't forget to save every now and
then to make life easier for you.

NOTE: In Locke's (and Sabin's, for that matter) default equipment, change the
Magus Rod for Save the Queen. This allows Locke/Sabin to finally achieve perfect
Magic Evasion.

Leave the Save Point room and enter the door south-east of you. Go down the
left stairs and up the stairs a little further west. Before fighting the Red
Dragon, change Gau's second Relic to Prayer Beads, boosting his Evasion up to
91. Lastly, give Locke an Ice Shield and attack Red Dragon.

Red Dragon

HP: 59000
Weakness: Ice, Water
Absorbs: Fire
Status Vulnerabilities: Nothing

Lucky for you, you don't have to worry about doing any damage in this battle.
After a certain amount of time has passed, Red Dragon will automatically die and
cast Ultima and Flare.

So your game plan is to have everyone on Reraise, and if Gau gets killed by the
!Red Fang attack, re-cast Reraise on him.

Obviously, if you ever get hit with Flare (it happens rarely), re-cast Reraise
on that person.

Don't ever attack, and wait for Red Dragon to cast Ultima (which will kill
everyone, after which they will all be Reraised) and Flare (which will kill only
one person, leaving you with two people to win the battle).

You'll get the Apocalypse, Terra's ultimate weapon.

After the fight, head north-east (through the wall) of Red Dragon to find a
Megalixir. Now go south of where Red Dragon was and check the walls for a chest
(it's in the lowest-right corner of this little passage) for a Magicite Shard.

Now go east and south when you see the switch to find a chest with a Teleport
Stone. Step on the switch.

Switch to Relm's party (with Mog still on the Save Point) and bring Relm to
Terra's party (through south-east door, then head to the south-east part of this
room). Have Relm step on the switch above Terra.

Switch back to Terra's party and have her advance through the east path and
through the door. Take the first path east and jump across the bridges, ignoring
the door you see and going west instead. This is the hard part of the room, so
you'll want to save after every successful jump.

You may remember these green guys from Gogo's cave. If you touch them, you're
knocked to the floor below. Now here's the catch: In the floor below you,
there's many forced battles that you can NOT run away from, so you need to avoid
touching the green guys at all costs. Lucky for you, Mog is still on the Save
Point, so you can easily navigate through this room safely.

From the first green guy, jump straight south and follow this path to find a
Celestriad. Nice. Go back and return to your starting point. Stand on the far
left end of the bridge, wait until the green guy walks all the way to the right
(or at least far enough for you to land on the bridge and walk the other way)
and jump across and jump onto the next bridge as well. If you fail at this,
simply reset and try again. The green guys change directions pretty fast so
you really never know when he's going to turn around.

On the second green guy's bridge, you'll want to jump on the right side (the
left bridge leads nowhere). Jump across the next couple of bridges until you
come to another green guy (I'll simply refer to them as GG from now on - clever,
I know).

This next part is hard. You see the other GG north-east of the first GG on your
screen? Yeah, he's there for show. His bridge(s) lead nowhere.

The hard part is making the first GG walk ALL the way to the left and then
jumping on his bridge, walking west and quickly jumping on the little bridge
again. This may take a while, but eventually he will co-operate. Continue on
and open the chest for an Elixir.

No more GGs for now. Ignore the west path (you can't go there anyway) and
continue across the platforms, grabbing the X-Ether on the way. Continue onward
to find the Skull Dragon.

Before attacking, give everyone a Ribbon. Also give Locke an Ice Shield.

Skull Dragon

HP: 61000
MP: 14000
Weakness: Fire, Holy
Absorbs: Poison
Status Vulnerabilities: None

This is going to be a very long fight. Skull Dragon won't die unless his MP
reaches 0. Have Gau Rage Io (just so he is immune to Zombie status) and decide
which of the two options you want to do:
1) You can sit there and Rasp/Osmose with Locke/Terra until he runs out of MP.
2) You can walk away and wait until Skull Dragon uses up all his MP.

Option 2 will take much longer, but you can do something else in the meantime.

Either way, after a few hours Skull Dragon will reach 0 MP and die

You'll receive Gogo's Scorpion Tail for winning.

Now take the newly-created stairs all the way south and you'll eventually end
up at the door you used to enter this Grand Cavern. From that door, go north
and enter the door to the west (the north door here has a Save Point).

In the Inner Eye Labyrinth head east and around the block. Go south as soon as
you can across a bridge. In the south-east corner is a hidden chest containing
a X-Potion. Head back north across the bridge and past the 4-ton weight.

Up ahead you'll come across the door, but ignore it for now. North-east of the
door you'll see two small pools of lava with a path in between them. Go on that
path, and press A while facing the wall. Now enter the door you just skipped.

In the Holy Palace, take the left path to find a Magus Robe. The middle path
has nothing, but the right path has Holy Dragon.

As long as you have the default equipment for Terra/Gau/Locke you're already
prepared. Just to let you know, Gau will be doing this battle by himself.

Holy Dragon

HP: 55000
Weakness: None
Absorbs: Holy
Status Vulnerabilities: None

Holy Dragon attacks with Holy-based attacks (duh). Your only problem is that
his Saintly Beam (which he uses quite frequently) is unblockable, which means
the only way to avoid that attack is to absorb the Holy element, which brings us
to our next problem: There's only one item in the entire game that absorbs
the Holy element. That item is the Paladin's Shield. This is why Gau will have
to solo this battle, since there's no way for anyone else to survive.

Anyway, this all comes down to Gau using his Rage and then waiting for it to
kill Holy Dragon (he won't be able to damage you). Any offensive Rage that isn't
Holy-elemental will eventually grant you victory, but the Io Rage does this
faster than any other rage.

I suggest you cast Reflect on Holy Dragon first, so he can't heal himself with
Curaga (it will bounce on you instead). Reflect will wear off, but it should
give you a head start.

After Reflect wears off it's a matter of luck. Everytime you attack Holy Dragon,
it has a 66% chance of casting Curaga on itself, healing himself for 6000+
damage. You have a 50% chance of casting Flare Star to deal 7760 damage. Now
if you attack physically and Holy Dragon uses Curaga, you've lost some ground.
Just hope you pull off more Flare Stars than Holy Dragon does Curaga.

The odds are against you, but it's the best option you've got.

Well, you do have one other option: Rasp/Osmose 22000 MP and then attack since
he won't be able to cast Curaga anymore.

Either way, even if you use the Io Rage method, you'll eventually win since
Holy Dragon will eventually run out of MP. Holy/Curaga both cost 40 MP and
Saintly Beam costs 20 MP.

You'll get Cyan's ultimate weapon, Zanmato, when you win. Back in the Inner
Eye Labyrinth, head to the door you used to enter this room. Instead of going
into the door, head west and step on the switch. Now its Relm's turn.

With Relm, enter the door above you. Move forward until you see Terra and jump
across the rock that is only there because Terra is on the switch. Thanks. Head
west then south to find a chest with another Force Armor. Sweet.

Switch to Terra's party and use the Teleport spell. You can now go re-stock on
items and do whatever else you'd like to.

Now we could Teleport out of this dungeon and start over, but then we'd lose
our Mog-on-the-Save-Point advantage. With Terra still on the switch, take Relm
back to the previous room and onto her own switch again. Bring Terra back to
the previous room, go all the way south on the stairs, and have her step on the
switch in the next room. Now Relm can leave her enclosed space. Get Relm to
stand on the switch in front of the Save Point room where Mog is. Take Terra
across the bridge Relm formed and have her go up the stairs south-east of where
the Ice Dragon was.

NOTE: You may be getting tired of Terra's party and wondering when Relm gets to
do some action, but Gau is VERY useful in the next few battles and makes
everything a LOT easier.

Ride the turtle across the water, then take the passage south-east of you and
head north at the end. You'll come across four tombstones, which you MUST read.
After the fourth stone, you'll find Gold Dragon.

Along with the default set-up for everyone, give everyone a Ribbon.

Gold Dragon

HP: 60000
Weakness: Water
Absorbs: Lightning
Status Vulnerabilities: None

Gold Dragon is in permanent Runic status. This makes most of your attacks deal
no damage. I will go ahead and tell you that Locke won't survive this battle.
You could've given him a Thunder Shield, but then he'll absorb Thunder attacks,
which puts him outside of Critical health so Gau can no longer protect him. Gold
Dragon will kill him with a single physical attack at this point.

Or if you didn't give Locke a Thunder Shield, he would evade Wave Cannon, but
die to Plasma, since it's unblockable. Either way, Locke dies.

The only offensive spells Terra will be able to use are Flood, Ultima, Quake,
and Meteor. Don't use Quake, as that will kill Terra. Any other spell is fair
game, although I find Ultima too easy to use, but that doesn't mean you can't
use it. Flood hits the Dragon's weakness by the way, so that's a nice choice.

Guess what Gau should do? You guesed it, rage Io.

Gold Dragon won't be able to touch you after Locke dies, so just go ahead and
finish off this Brachiosaur-wannabe.

This dragon gives you the Zwill Crossblade, which is a useless weapon for Locke.

You know how many dragons you've defeat? 8. That's all of them! Congratulations.
Now there's only Kaiser Dragon, but let's gather some more treasures first.

Head all the way south and west to find yourself at the pond of water again.
Talk to the turtle once so it will move back to the middle. Now go east, north,
and west to find yourself on the right side of the water. Ignore the turtle
and head north instead. Take the right of the three paths here.

Examine the tomb stone here and carve THEK, INGO, FDRA, GONS into it. In other
words: The King of Dragons. This will open a door to your right. Enter it to
find yourself in a confusing place they call the Cloister of the Dragon Temple.

Go down the first stairs you see and then down the right stairs to find an
Elixir. Go back up the stairs to your left and go down the left stairs again.
Grab the Phoenix Down and follow the one way path until you reach a door. Enter

This place is called the Treasure Room... I wonder if there's any treasures in

Enter the teleporting light thing which is south-east of where you entered.
You'll find four chests. Open the two on the left for a Ribbon (top) and
Bone Wrist (bottom). This is the first "ultimate" equipment you might actually
use, but that's not saying much, considering the Bone Wrist is for Umaro and
Umaro could only equip Relics to begin with. Still, Bone Wrist is a very nice

Now we've got a problem. The top-right chest has a monster named Plague, and it
drops the Angel Brush for Relm (pretty useless). The problem is that Plague
gives 5000 EXP. If you don't want to gain those EXP, skip the next fight. You
can come back at anytime and fight Plague if you really want the Angel Brush.
However, I'm a completionist, so I'm going to go ahead and fight Plague and
dump all the EXP on Gau (whose not really at a low-level anymore anyways).

Anyway, if you want to fight Plague, give Gau a Ribbon and the Zona Seeker or
Valigarmanda esper and initiate the battle.


HP: 22000
Weakness: None
Absorbs: None
Status Vulnerabilities: Poison, Silence, Berserk, Sleep, Slow, Stop

You can go ahead and forget about giving any of those statuses to Plague - his
Magic Evasion is very high, and most of your attacks will miss anyway.

Plague will cast Doom on all your characters at the beginning of the battle.
Give Gau Reraise status and let the other two die. Have Gau Rage Io or any other
unblockable offensive rage and Plague will die, giving Gau 5000 EXP and the
Angel Brush for Relm.

My Gau went from Level 18 to Level 20 after this battle (along with +4 Magic
thanks to the esper).

The bottom right chest has Neslug (Head & Shell), but luckily they don't give
any EXP. Now read the note below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This fight is going to be VERY long, if not seemingly
impossible. The only way you could win this fight is to wait 1377 turns until
the shell runs out of MP. The reason is that you have to deal more than 9999
damage in a matter of 5-6 attacks, and the only way to do that is with the Io
rage, which is unreliable. If you feel like probably waiting for 1377 turns,
go ahead and start the battle. Otherwise skip this for some other time. The
Gungnir (the item you get for winning) isn't that special anyway.

If you want to go ahead and fight Neslug, revive Celes/Locke if you fought
Plague, give everyone a Ribbon and initiate the battle.

Neslug (Shell), Neslug (Head)

HP: 50000
Weakness: None
Absorbs: None
Status Vulnerabilities: None

NOTE: DO NOT ATTACK THE SHELL. It will kill you with Megaton Smash.

Like Ymir (first boss in the game, remember?), Neslug's head pops in and out of
its shell a lot of times. Like I said above, should you attack the shell with
Attack or Magic, it will kill you with Megaton Smash.

Also, the shell will cast White Wind and heal both the head and the shell by
9999 HP every time the head is out of its shell. This means you have to deal
over 9999 damage everytime the head comes out, or you won't win (unless you
wait for the shell to cast White Wind 1377 times (that's when it runs out of
MP). Yeah, didn't think so.

The only way you'll probably be able to do more than 9999 damage is to use the
Io rage, which by itself will still only deal 7760 damage. So you'll still need
to come up with 2239 damage besides Gau's Flare Star, which needs to connect
every single turn for you to make any progress at all.

So I'm coming back later. :p

Good luck. ;)

Head to the south-west corner of the room for a Stardust Rod for Strago. Now
step into the teleporter east of the four chests. Step into the next teleporter
as well. Ignore the next teleporter and enter the door which is south-west of
the teleporter you ignored. It's hard to see, but you can stand under that
teleporter, take 8 steps to the left and go down. Go down some stairs and
collect another Ribbon. Then go up two sets of stairs and stand on the
darker-colored square on the floor, which will open a door that you can't

Switch to Mog's party (finally). Go south across the bridge Relm is still
holding, up the stairs south-east of where Ice Dragon once was, walk east,
north, then west to avoid riding the turtle and enter the door in the north-east
corner of this room. Go down the first stairs you see, then the right stairs.
Down the next set and into the door Terra has opened for you. Step into the
teleporter to come to the last room in this confusing place. You'll come across
three chests: the left one has a Genji Glove, the middle a Crystal Orb, and the
right one has five Flan Princess.

You'll have to make another decision: One Flan Princess gives 5000 EXP, and
there are five of them. So if you want the Oborozuki for Shadow (recommended),
you'll have to find someplace to put 25000 EXP. I decided to give all the EXP to
Mog, since he has the highest level in this party.

If you don't want to fight Flan Princess, skip this next battle.

If you do want to fight, give everyone the default set-up and slap a Ribbon
on Mog. Also, make sure everyone has full health. Give Gogo the Rage and Magic
command. Lastly, give Mog any esper that gives +2 Strength (like Raiden or

Flan Princess x5

HP: 12345
Weakness: Fire
Elemental Immunity: Poison, Wind, Holy, Earth, Water
Absorbs: None
Status Vulnerabilities: Death, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep, Slow

The danger of this battle is that every Flan Princess has a 33% chance of
countering with Entice, and you don't want that. To prevent this, you can cast
Berserk on every single one of them. Once this is done, wait for the Flan
Princesses to kill off your other three people. Before that happens, you can
have someone cast Banish to get rid of a couple Flan Princess (the chances of
you killing all of them with a single Banish are slim to none).

Once Mog is by himself, finish off the remaining Flan Princess(es). The Twilight
Requiem Dance works quite nicely.

After the fight, you'll get the Oborozuki and Mog will gain 10 levels (if he
was at level 11 before, that is) and +20 Strength.

Have someone use the Teleport spell (or a Teleport Stone) to leave the Dragon's
Den. Now go stock up on any items you may need and heal up if necessary.

Re-enter Dragon's Den when you're ready.

Take Mog's party through the right entrance, and enter the stairs south-east of
where Ice Dragon used to be. Don't ride the turtle, but go east, north, then
west instead. Take the middle path here and have Mog step on the Save Point.

Now switch to Terra's party. Follow the same route and have Terra stand above
Mog and the Save Point. Take Mog through the right passage now and step on the
darkened-tile you see. This opens up a door for Terra, which she should enter.
You'll find a switch, but don't step on it, just wait for now.

Take Mog to the east side of the turtle and ride it to the west. Enter the door
and go south and hop across all the chests. Once you can, go all the way north
and into the north door to step on a Save Point.

Take Relm's party through the right entrance. Go to the room where the turtle is
and follow Mog's path. When you get to the place where Mog is, take the left
door instead of joining Mog in the Save Point room. Go east and around the stone
and push the weight onto the switch.

Have Mog's party enter the same door Relm did. Go west instead of east, and jump
across on the stone Relm created by throwing the weight on the switch. Have Mog
step on the switch.

Relm's party should go south and across the bridge, then west and across another
bridge. Jump across on the stone Mog created by standing on the switch. From
here, make your way to the north-west corner of the room (you'll pass a Save
Point) to come to a similar switch that Terra is facing.

With Mog's party, hop back across and leave this room through the same door you
used to enter it. Go south down the stairs, then east, jumping across the chests
one last time, and north. Pass the door you originally used to enter this room
and go north up the long stairs. From here, follow the path to the west until
you reach a door. Enter it to come to the third and final switch.

If you want to save (why wouldn't you?), you can take Relm back outside and use
her Save Point.

Now here's how it works: You choose the party that you want to fight Kaiser
Dragon with, then you have the other two parties step on the switches, and the
third switch will teleport you to Kaiser's Lair where Kaiser Dragon waits for

Unfortunately, Relm's party has pretty much no chance of beating Kaiser Dragon.
Good news is that the other two parties can both do it. I'll let you choose
which party to use (and I'll have strategies for both parties).

Mog's party = Easy
Terra's party = Hard

Once you've decided which party to use, set-up your party as follows:
have the other two parties step on the

Terra - Lightbringer/Force Shield/Mystery Veil/Minerva Bustier/Celestriad/Ribbon
Gau - Nothing/Paladin's Shield/Red Cap/Snow Scarf/Knight's Code/Ribbon
Locke - Save the Queen/Force Shield/Priest's Miter/Force Armor/Merit Award/Ribb.

Mog - Radiant Lance/Paladin's Shield/Red Cap/Snow Scarf/Knight's Code/Ribbon
Celes - Lightbringer/Force Shield/Mystery Veil/Minerva Bustier/Celestriad/Ribbon
Gogo - Magus Rod/Force Shield/Priest's Miter/Magus Robe/Zephyr Cloak/Ribbon
Sabin - Save the Queen/Aegis Shield/Priest's Miter/Force Armor/Merit Award/Ribb.
NOTE: Give Gogo the Tools and Rage command

Once you're ready, have the other two parties step on their switches and have
Terra/Mog's party step on their switch to enter Kaiser's Lair.

If you brought Mog's party, just keep reading. If you brought Terra's party,
read the first part below then skip the [Mog] section and go to the [Terra]
section instead.

Kaiser Dragon

HP: 65500
Weakness: Varies
Elemental Immunity: Anything it's not weak to
Absorbs: None
Status Vulnerabilities: None

First off, good luck and have fun fighting Kaiser Dragon.

The first thing you'll need to do is wait for Kaiser Dragon to use Barrier
Change five times. Kaiser's HP loops around 5 times, or you could say he has
5 lives. Everytime he uses Barrier Change, he goes onto the next life, and any
damage you do will be erased. So we'll just wait for Kaiser Dragon to reach his
last life on his own.

While you're waiting, cast Reraise on everyone with Terra/Celes. If anyone dies,
re-cast Reraise of course. You should also cast an MT Float on your party

His attacks during this waiting period depend on what element he's weak to. Here
are some attacks that you'll have to watch out for:
Weakness is Fire: Flare (2nd Turn)
Weakness to Ice: Avalanche (2nd Turn)
Weakness to Water: El Nino (1st Turn)
Weakness is Poison: Doom (1st Turn)
Weakness is Holy: Kaiser will give himself Protect, Shell, and Haste. Cast
                  Dispel if this happens.

That's about it. Once Kaiser Dragon reaches his last life, cast Libra to see
what his weakness is. Every other element except the element he's weak to will
do 0 damage.

[Mog] - Strategy

Since you gave Gogo the Tools command, you have a big advantage here: You can
decide what Kaiser Dragon's weakness is with Debilitator.

The easiest thing to do would be to Delibitate Kaiser until he's weak to Fire.
After this, Gogo should Rage Io's Flare Stare for 9999 damage. 6 Flare Stars
and a few Phantom Rushs later and Kaiser Dragon will fall.

Sabin should use Phantom Rush as always, and I had Mog do nothing since he can't
do any significant amount of damage and you need him to stay alive so he can
protect everyone else from physical assaults. Celes will probably stay busy with
making sure everyone has Reraise status, or she can attack with Firaga as well.

Have Celes keep up with Reraise on everyone. Pulling this off is harder than it
sounds since Kaiser will regularly kill some of your characters (with
Hyperdrive, Revenge Blast, and Quake if you're not foating).

Also be sure to watch your MP. Use Quick + Osmose + whatever if necessary.

When Kaiser Dragon uses Ultima, you know you've killed him. Hope you have
Reraise on at least one person when it happens, otherwise you'll have to do it
all over again. ;)
[Terra] - Strategy

NOTE: Yeah, Locke is pretty useless in this fight. Try to keep him alive so
he can at least help with some damage.

Here's what you should attack with, depending on Kaiser Dragon's weakness:
Fire: Oversoul rage, Firaga
Ice: Blizzaga
Lightning: Aspiran, Thundaga 
Poison: Trillium, Bio
Wind: Guard Leader (or Sprinter/Marchosias if you have it)
Holy: Holy Dragon, Holy
Earth: Litwor Chicken, Quake
Water: Anguiform, Flood

Terra's main job will be to keep Reraise on everyone, especially since Kaiser
may counter with Revenge Blast, which will kill your party after he's taken
some damage.

Be sure to re-cast an MT Float every now and then since you don't want to get
hit by Quake, which will kill Terra and Locke. Other attacks to watch out for:
- Hyperdrive: Will kill one person
- Revenge Blast: Will kill one person
- Quake: Will kill Terra and Locke

If any person dies without having Reraise status (it happens), make sure to
revive them with a Phoenix Down or the Raise spell (NOT the Arise spell).

Also be sure to watch your MP. Use Quick + Osmose + whatever if necessary.

When Kaiser Dragon uses Ultima, you know you've killed him. Hope you have
Reraise on at least one person when it happens, otherwise you'll have to do it
all over again. ;)

Phew, Congratulations. Now head straight up to pick up the final magiciite:
Diabolos. This esper gives you HP + 100% at level up. This means if you would
normally gain 100 HP at a level up, you'll now get 200 HP. Sweetness.

Kappa will also appear and tell you that you're ready to face your final
challenge. This challenge is known as the Soul Shrine, where you'll fight a
total of 128 battles with a few breaks in between them.

Final levels after Dragon's Den (if you've been following this guide):
* Terra - 6
* Locke - 6
* Cyan - 7
* Shadow - 6
* Edgar - 6
* Sabin - 6
* Celes - 6
* Strago - 8
* Relm - 6
* Setzer - 6
* Mog - 21 (+10, because of Flan Princess)
* Gau - 20 (+2, because of Plague)
* Gogo - 8
* Umaro - 6

Average (without Mog/Gau): 6.42
Average (with Mog/Gau): 8.43

6) Frequently Asked Questions                                            [faqs]

Feel free to ask some questions

7) Copyright                                                             [copy]

This document is Copyright 2008 Lufia_Maxim and is the intellectual property
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8) Conclusion                                                            [conc]

That's all for now. Rest assured, though, that this is not the final version.

If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints, feel free to e-mail me at:

songoku1 at gmail [dot] com

Special thanks to:

blusiryn - For some valuable tips regarding a LLG and answering questions that
           I had. For consistently reading over my work and notifying me of any
           and all typos. You rock. Also provided many tips and strategies
           that make this guide better. 

CJayC - For creating GameFAQs. Sorry to see you go after all these years, but
        we all have to move on eventually. Hope you're happy with whatever
        you're doing now.

Evan Streb - For pointing out that you can recruit Shadow at level 5 (even
             though he provided pain and heartache to other people with this
             info :p). I also checked out his excellent webpages to guide me
             when I was extremely confused.

genkaku666 - For all your help on answering questions about a LLG. Especially
             the "Set Battle Speed to 6" tip, very useful. And for putting up
             with my procrastination and forgetfulness about many things (you
             know what I mean ;)). For clarifying the Mine Cart sequence to me
             (even though he gave me mixed up information about it :p). Also
             proof-reading v0.2 and pointed out random things that I had
             forgotten to take out.

FallenStar2565 - For keeping me motivated to finish this. For being the first
                 person to use this guide and giving me feedback on it. And for
                 starting the "Low Level Run" thread on the FFVIA GameFAQs
                 message board which is the reason I started this guide in the
                 first place. Also for being a good pal, of course. ;) Also for
                 correcting a few things here and there.

All the users on the FFVIA message board that have contributed to this guide in
any way. I (and everyone who uses this guide) appreciates it.

If I've forgotten anybody else (I'm sure I have), let me know and I'll fix the

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