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Low Level Natural Magic Challenge Guide by sabinscabin

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 05/17/07

Final Fantasy 6 Advance 
Low Level Natural Magic Game FAQ 
by sabinscabin 
v. 1.05, 5/17/07 

Version History

1.05, 5/17/07 - Fixed line wrap inconsistency, revised final battle
strategies, other minor corrections and changes

1.01, 5/12/07 - Fixed a few stupid mistakes

1.00, 5/11/07 - All regular game bosses done


Q: What are the conditions of a Low Level Natural Magic Game?

A: Go through the game at the lowest possible levels, without ever equipping
any espers or gaining AP toward any spells. In other words, if the battle 
gives you AP, you can't have anyone wear these spell-teaching equipment and
survive at the end of the battle:

Reed Cloak
Tortoise Shield
Flame Shield
Ice Shield
Thunder Shield
Force Shield
Paladin Shield
Cursed Ring

Note that since Gogo can't learn spells, he can wear any of these equipment

The goal of the game is basically to beat Kefka, save the game, and be able to
go into the Magic menus for all your characters and see complete emptiness,
except for Terra and Celes, who will have their initial crappy Cure, Fire,
Blizzard, etc. spells.

Q: Why do it?

A: A Low Level Game is fun, since unlike a regular playthrough, it actually
requires some skill to beat. However, by the end of the game, you know that
you'll just be abusing Quick, Meteor, the -aga spells, Celestriads, etc. A
Low Level Natural Magic game ensures that the characters' unique abilities;
like Blitz, Rage, Mimic, Lore, etc. shine through. Now this would of course
mean that some characters will be more useful than others:

Useful in battle:

Not too useful in battle:


- Run from all battles unless noted. Of course, the Veldt only gives AP, so
that doesn't count.

- There are only three parts in this game where you are FORCED to gain
experience. They are:

1. Mine Cart Ride in Magitek Research Facility
2. Imperial Air Force before Floating Continent
3. Paintings in Owzer's House before getting Relm

- Everyone should always be in the back row unless noted.

- I'm assuming you're getting all chests in dungeons, unless it's a monster-
in-a-box that gives experience.

- Don't sell anything, ever. The only thing you should even think about
selling is the Dragonboots you farm from Wyverns in the WOB, since that's the
best way to make money in the WOB. Almost every item, including that Mythril 
Glove you found in the Imperial Camp, will have a use during some part of this


- In the first battle with the guards, have Terra cast fire on herself until 
she dies. 

- Don't collect any of the chests in the caves, because they'll have better 
items later. 

- When you have Locke and the Moogles, don't use Locke's team at all. If you 
want, you can have Mog's team fight one of the wolf men to learn Twilight 
Requiem. Don't worry about Mog's experience, because it won't count at all 
unless he levels up, which will take a ton of fighting here. Make sure to take 
off Mog's good equipment before you talk to the Guard Leader. 

Figaro Castle 

- Buy a Noiseblaster and a Bioblaster. Edgar comes with a free Autocrossbow, 
so don't buy that. 

- Use Noiseblaster on the Magitek Armors for an easy win. 

South Figaro Cave 

- Go through the cave without collecting any of the chests. 

South Figaro 

- Buy 20 potions so you can heal later on. Buy some armor if you want, but 
don't get any weapons, since you won't be using them at all. Also, get a Star 
Pendant if you don't want to be screwed later on. 

Mt. Kolts 

- If you get poisoned, equip and unequip the Star Pendant I told you to buy. 

- When you reach Vargas, have Edgar Autocrossbow, Terra concentrate her fire 
spell on a single Ipooh, and Locke use a Potions. Vargas has a nasty attack 
called Gale Cut that does 45 damage to everyone. When the Ipoohs die, have 
Edgar use Bioblaster. It won't poison Vargas, but it does more damage than 
Autocrossbow. When Terra runs out of MP, have her join Locke and use potions. 
When Sabin comes, use Raging Fist. 

Returner Hideout 

- Say no to Banon three times to get the GENJI GLOVE (trust me, it'll be a lot 
more useful). 

- Before you go on the Lethe River, buy 20-30 potions, make sure everyone’s in 
the back row. 


Lethe River 

- At the second save point, use potions until everyone’s at full HP, save, 
cross your fingers, pray to your deity of choice, and hop on the raft. The 
next battle is probably one of the hardest in this LLG. I would put the Genji 
Gloves and White Cape on Terra since she has the lowest HP here. Note that she 
can still wear a shield, the gloves are simply for the +5 defense. Also, I 
would put the Hermes Sandals on Sabin, since his Aura Cannon is priceless in 
this next battle. - Ultros’ Tentacle attack can hit either a single character 
for more than 100 damage or all four for about 60 each. At full HP, Edgar and 
Sabin can survive single-target tentacles. Terra can survive a single tentacle 
with about 10 HP to spare if she defends. Banon can survive a full-party 
tentacle if he defends. At the beginning of the battle, Ultros’ is almost 
guaranteed to single tentacle Terra when he calls her a “tasty little morsel”. 
So make sure she has defended, AND has more than 50 HP when she does this. 

Sabin will Aura Cannon 260 HP each turn, so he should always attack. If he 
dies, you’ll probably want to reset. Edgar and Terra will both do about 125 
damage with Autocrossbow and Fire, so they should be the ones using potions. 
Have Banon defend every turn unless Ultros has just finished his turn and the 
entire party is at like 15 HP, at which time you would want to risk Banon’s 
life and sneak in a Pray. 

Edgar, Terra, and Banon's Scenario 

- In the maze, mess up the security system once so you can encounter a 
Darkside. You need it for fighting Ifrit later on. 

- Ignore the Moogles’ cave and all of the chests again. De-equip everyone, and 
then enter the house. 

Locke's Scenario 

- Just do this part regularly and get all the treasure. 

South Figaro Cave 

- Go through the dungeon, ignoring the chests. Contrary to popular opinion, 
you don't need the THUNDER ROD for the Cranes later on at all. 

- Have Locke attack or use potions. If you're intrepid, have Celes use 
blizzard or use a potion. Otherwise, let her Runic so that Tunnel Armor's 
spells don't kill you in one hit. Keep HP above 55 and you should be fine; in 
the back row Tunnel Armor's physical and drill do about 22 and 50 damage, 
respectively. Very occasionally, he will act twice successively. Last, we have 
Sabin's scenario. 


- Buy 20-30 shurikens, stock up on potions, and get Shadow. 

Doma Castle 

- Put Cyan in the back row and use the second Bushido, Sky, to kill the 
captain in one hit. If he doesn't drop the Black Belt, reset, since it's a 
pretty good item to have (although I don't remember ever using it in this 

Imperial Camp 

- Before fighting the Satellite, equip your Ribbon on Sabin who now can't be 
berserked. Don't even bother to heal, just Aura Cannon and Shuriken it to 
death ASAP. If you take too long and it summons soldiers (which give EXP) or 
kills either character, reset and try again. You'll be rewarded with the 
excellent GREEN BERET. 

Phantom Train 

- In the last car with the aisle seats, make sure to encounter an Oversoul for 
it's great rage. Also, make sure to encounter a bomb outside, but not in the 6 
bombs formation, because it will make it much easier to obtain the Io rage 
later on. 

- Have your ghost pal possess the apparition for a one hit KO. It doesn't give 
any experience. 

- Phoenix Down kills the Phantom Train in one hit. 

Baren Falls 

- Before entering, de-equip Shadow, since he'll leave here. The Opinicus Fish 
have only 10 HP, so just Attack them. After several waves, the Rhizopas 
appears. Pray that it doesn't use El Nino, which will kill your party. have 
Sabin Aura Cannon and Cyan use Sky. Two Aura Cannons and a Sky will kill him. 
Afterwards, go west to Mobliz. 


- Get the following rages: Oversoul, Bomb, Darkside. I personally think Cloud, 
Templar, and Stray Cat are wildly overrated, especially in a LLG. 

Serpeant Trench 

- The Anguiform and Aspiran here have the two best rages in the WOR, which is 
why you'll be coming back to the Veldt soon. 

Narshe Battle 

- Have your four best characters in one group, since that's the only one you 
will be using. 

- With your 4-man party, quickly go south all the way until you see a single 
green soldier and another group of 4 green soldiers straddling a horizontal 
bar of ground about 3 tiles wide. Hide in the middle of this bar until the 
single green soldier on the left passes. Next, go down and hide in the 
horizontal path in the south-west corner and wait for the brown soldiers to 
pass. Finally, skip the Hell's Rider walking back and forth and talk to Kefka. 
It's kind of confusing, but it's very, VERY easy to skip all fights on the way 
to Kefka. See another FAQ if my directions suck. 

- I had Gau, Edgar, Sabin, and Cyan here and didn't need to heal a single time 
on Kefka. 

Current levels and experience points to next level: 
Celes       5       272 
Cyan        7       496
Edgar       6       384 
Gau         7       496 
Locke       5       272 
Sabin       6       384
Average     6.00 

Figaro Castle 

- In Narshe, keep the party of Gau, Edgar, Sabin, and Cyan for the next part. 
Stock up on Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs in Figaro Castle with Edgar at the 
head of your party. Also get the Drill and Flash tools. 

- IMPORTANT: Now, take your party and go to the Veldt, via South Figaro Cave, 
Mt. Kolts, Lethe River, Phantom Forest, and Baren Falls. You're here to get 
the Aspiran, Anguiform, Darkside, and Oversoul (if you didn't get it last 
time) rages. 


- Get the HERO'S RING in the Dragon's Neck Cabin's left pot, and go out into 
the small northern forest and try to find the hidden Chocobo Forest tile. Use 
it to travel the long road south to Zozo. 


- The Dadaluma fight is tough; not because Dadaluma himself is tough, but 
because he summons two Iron Fists a couple minutes into the battle. When he 
does this, you have to kill Dadaluma without killing either of the Iron Fists, 
in order not to gain experience. Have your Hero Ring and 3 Earrings 
distributed between Gau and Sabin, and use Aspiran and Aura Cannon, which do 
750 and 400 damage, respectively. Don't bother healing, just hope that you get 
a couple of Gigavolts in a row. Just Drill and Dispatch with Edgar and Cyan. 
Hopefully, by the time the two Iron Fists come, Gau has already gotten off a 
couple of Gigavolts, and you can finish him off with a drill. 

- When you get Locke and Celes, pick Gau and Edgar for your other two members. 

Opera House 

- With save states, it's not that hard to avoid every single rat. Without save 
states...lets just say that the first two rats are the hardest to get past. 

- Ultros is much easier than last time. With two Earrings, Gau does 1500 
damage with Aspiran's Giga Volt. Edgar should Drill, and Locke should just 
wait there and use potions, since his physical attack is so weak it's just a 
waste of a turn. I've won the battle with anywhere from 2 to 4 Gigavolts. I 
think his HP resets when he splashes into the theater, although I'm not sure. 


- Buy three Reflect Rings here. If you're short on cash, steal Dragon Boots 
from Wyverns. Keep 3 for yourself, since these are very valuable in this 
challenge. You'll get a fourth in a chest in the upcoming Magitek Factory. 

- Make sure not to encounter the formation of two Dons or any of the 
formations in the desert, in order to ensure getting the Io rage later on. 


- The thin house near the weapon shop has a free "inn". Just run from the 
guards that appear the first time. 

Magitek Factory 

- Have an Earring on Gau and Reflect Rings on everyone. Ifrit isn't too hard. 
Drill with Edgar and Darkside with Gau. If Gau dies or Shiva comes, reset. You 
can't do anything about his Blaze, which will kill the party. 3 Blizzaras and 
a few Drills will kill Ifrit. 

- An alternate strategy is to to try to somehow survive until Shiva comes, 
since she doesn't have any dangerous attacks like Blaze. You can focus on 
taking her out with Oversoul's rage, which will do even more damage against 
her than Blizzara against Ifrit. She even has 300 less HP than Ifrit. 

Magitek Research Facility 

- Make sure to encounter a Destroyer here, as it rages Reraise. Also, make 
sure to get the STONEBLADE to the left of the second to last tube. 

- Number 024 is also not that difficult. Put 2 Earrings on Gau and have him 
rage Aspiran. Gigavolt does about 1200 damage to it. Have Edgar Drill, and 
Locke and Celes' useless butts should keep Gau and Edgar alive. If you get off 
three or four Gigavolts and a few Drills before Number 024's Barrier Change, 
you'll win the battle. 

- Now, I believe that the mechanism for determining Mag Roaders is different 
from the SNES, because I was able to save at the save point and get different 
configurations on different loads, without changing the arrangement of my 
party. But your purpose here is to get as little experience as possible. You 
need the lowest experience combination, which is the following: 1 purple, 2 
purple, 1 purple, 2 purple, 2 purple. Note that Locke can afford to level up 
to 6, since he'll get bumped up to 6 anyway after the banquet. I arranged it 
so that Locke gained two levels here, up to level 7, and no one else gained 
any levels: 

Battle 1, 1 purple, Edgar Locke alive, 116 exp each 
Battle 2, 2 purple, Gau Locke alive, 232 exp each 
Battle 3, 1 purple, Edgar Gau Locke alive, 77 exp each 
Battle 4, 2 purple, Locke alive, 464 exp 
Battle 5, 2 purple, Edgar Gau Locke alive, 154 exp each 

This arrangement is harder than it looks, and pretty much requires save 

- Number 128 is kind of tough, but you can still use the same tactics, that 
is, Edgar drilling, Gau Gigavolting, and Locke using potions. Watch out for 
his Atomic Rays attack when both arms are gone, which will kill your party. 
Otherwise, if you keep your HP above 75 or so, he can't kill you in one hit. 

- Don't take off your Reflect Rings. The win condition here is actually pretty 
simple. Get Gau to survive long enough to pull off four Aqua Breaths (hits for 
about 1200), and you win the battle. So have everyone else try to keep Gau 
alive, since no one except Gau can do any real damage to these cranes. 

Miscellaneous Airship Errands 

- First, you should go to the Thamasa continent, equip a Thief's Bracer on 
Locke, and steal a set of Gaia Gears from the Briareus. 

- Also, you should get the Litwor Chicken rage right now. 

- Stock up on Hi-potions and Phoenix Downs at half price with Edgar at the 
head of the party in Figaro Castle. Regular Potions can be bought at the 
Returner's Hideout. 


- Get the GOLD HAIRPIN instead Mog, by picking Lone Wolf instead of him during 
the cliffhanger. Don't worry, you'll get Mog in the WOR. 

Cave to the Sealed Gate 

- Run around in the first room until you meet a fight with a Lich, an Antares, 
and a Provoker. 

- Kefka is easy, just hit him once with a regular attack and you win. I'm not 
sure if that always ends the battle, but it seems so for me at least. 

- After the scene, you wake up near Maranda. Pick your party of four to so you 
can get the most experience possible without leveling up. Gau, Locke, and 
Edgar already fought the Magna Roaders earlier, so they're out. I had Setzer, 
Cyan, Sabin, and Terra all fresh and ready to gain experience, so that was my 
party here. There's a chocobo forest at the southern end of forest near you. 
Take one to Vector. 

- If you made a party with experience to level up at 384 or 496 (level 6 and 
7 respectively), you can fight the three Sergeants and one Mega Armor without 
gaining a single level. You can basically go crazy on experience here, as long 
as you don't gain any levels, since all 7 of your characters' experience to 
next level values will be reset after the banquet. So, talk to all 24 soldiers 
and fight the 4 belligerent ones among them. 

- Now, after fighting those three Sergeants and a Mega Armor, you can't afford 
to fight the Imperial Elite without gaining a level. I had you fight the 
Sergeants instead since every battle in this entire banquet sequence gives the 
same 5 "banquet points" per fight, while the Imperial Elite cost the most, at 
600 exp. 

- You'll get all the banquet rewards except the Ward Bangle. Also, everyone's 
experience to next level values will be reset. 

Current levels and experience points to next level: 
Celes       6       384 
Cyan        7       496
Edgar       6       384 
Gau         7       496 
Locke       7       496 
Sabin       6       384
Setzer      6       384 
Shadow      6       384
Terra       6       384
Average     6.33, game rounds down to 6


- Don't bother equipping Shadow, you won't be fighting a single battle with 

- Buy three or four Ice Rods. (I personally don't understand the LLG rule of 
not breaking Rods we buy, since it's not like it's a game breaking feature or 
anything. There are much more powerful spells than breaking Rods in the WOR 
part of this challenge). 

Burning Home 

- You can run from Balloon fights. 

- Put Reflect Rings on everyone, give Strago and Terra each an Earring, and 
give Locke the Genji Gloves and two Icebrands and put him in the front row. 

- In battle, just have Strago and Terra focus the Ice Rods on the Flame Eater, 
and Locke attack the FlameEater. Strago can use Aqua Breath once without 
killing any Bomblets. Make sure the Bomblets don't die or you'll get 

Esper Caves 

- Ultros is pretty darn hard this time. Give Strago the Healing Rod and give 
Locke the Flame Tongue, but keep him in the back row. If you want to make the 
battle easier, you could just use Flame Rods with Terra and Strago. After you 
do some damage, he'll glow red. That's your cue to bombard him with Terra's 
fire spells, causing him to bounce Firaga spells back at himself. If he uses 
an Aqua Breath, you're pretty much dead. That's also true, to a lesser extent, 
for a full party Tentacle, but you can defend to survive that, although it's 
really hard to tell when it's coming. On turns that he uses ink, battle, or 
hailstone, consider yourself lucky. 

- Before you go to the Floating Continent, use Noiseblaster on an Unseelie on 
the Veldt to learn the Traveler Lore. 

Imperial Air Force 

- There are 6 battles here, each having either 2 or 3 enemies. Needless to 
say, you want the 2 enemy configuration, a Spitfire and a Sky Armor, as many 
times as possible. You can split a 2-enemy battle with Gau and Cyan alive, and 
a 3-enemy battle with Gau and Strago, without having either Cyan or Strago 
gain a single level. The regular LLG practice is to dump the rest of the 
experience on Gau, since you can leap him off on the Veldt without gaining a 
level. I had two 2-enemy battles and 4 3-enemy battles, with Cyan gaining a 
level to 8, and Gau gaining 5 levels to 12. Try to get this configuration, 
because there's a part in the WOR that will require some serious number 
crunching with experience points to next levels. 

Note that you can use healing items via the menu beween battles. Also, hold L 
and R to try to run if Gau's already in a rage and you need Cyan and/or Strago 
to get killed. Reflect Rings are useless here. Oh yeah, battle tactics should 
be as follows: Gau should rage Aspiran (Gigavolt kills these guys in one hit), 
Cyan and Strago should use potions if you want them to be dead at the end of 
the battle and jump using Dragonboots if you want them to be alive. 

Ultros and Typhon 

- Give Strago a Gaia Gear and Cyan Angel Wings. Gau should use Quake, which
will do tons of damage. Watch out for Typhon's Fireball attack. Thanks to
Zelgaddis for this strategy.

Imperial Air Force 

- This is a pretty difficult battle, but only at the beginning when the two 
guns are alive. Just pull off three Quakes and IAF's two guns will die, and 
he'll launch a bit. One more Quake will kill that, and you will have plenty of 
time where IAF does not do anything, and Gau more than likely will pull off 
the 4 or 5 more Quakes needed to kill the main body. 

Floating Continent 

- Don't get Shadow, since now that Gau's at level 12, Shadow will join at 
level 7 instead of 6, where you want him to be for the rest of the game. 
Unlike every other area in this game, you can load state and encounter 
different random battles, although the step intervals that they occur at will 
be the same. 

- Don't fight Gigantos; he gives thousands of EXP. 

- Unlike in other LLG FAQs, we'll only be going through the floating continent 
twice here, and the first time we'll be fighting Ultima Weapon. Equip Reflect 
Rings on everyone, Dragonboots on Strago and Cyan, and take on Ultima Weapon. 
Yes, fight him with three party members. 

- Have Gau rage Aspiran and Strago and Cyan sit around and wait to use a 
potion, because at this point doing anything else would just be pointless. You 
can put a Gold Hairpin on Strago and use Traveler with him; it'll probably do 
around 1000 damage with the steps you've been taking. Cyan's dispatch does do 
about 180 damage if you're feeling a little inteprepid, but Gau is by far the 
main damage dealer at 1200 damage per Gigavolt. Ultima's physical kills Strago 
or Cyan in one hit. Full party Blaze kills everyone. Flare reflects back in 
his face and does about 350 damage. The best (and pretty cheap) way to beat 
this guy is just to save state after every one of his moves. If Strago or Cyan 
get killed, just revive one with the other, but don't bother to heal them, 
since there isn't a single attack here that will actually leave him alive. Do 
however keep Gau at full HP since he can survive a physical from Ultima Weapon 
at full HP. 

Eventually, the Gigavolts, Travelers, and his own reflected Flares will add 
up, and Ultima Weapon will progress into the second stage by using Mind Blast 
on the whole party. This attack never affects Gau (at least in Aspiran rage 
state) for some reason, but will give Cyan and Strago each a random status 
effect, ranging from imp to zombie to petrify. Pray that at least one of them 
can use an Item, and heal these statuses as quickly as possible, because 
Ultima is now charging his Flare Star attack. You can also try to jump over 
the Mind Blast. 

When it says "focusing power...", you want to get Strago and Cyan to jump 
ASAP, since Gau is a dead man. Hopefully, Strago and Cyan will land after 
Flare Star finishes and can Phoenix Down and high potion him. Now that Ultima 
Weapon is "focusing energy", Gigavolts do about 750 damage to him. This Flare 
Star phase is pretty short, as the last phase is just him using Graviga most 
of the time, mixed in with a few Blazes. Note that Tornado and Gravia WILL 
kill anyone at 1 HP. When I finally beat this guy, Strago had 21 HP and a 
countdown timer over his head stuck on 21, and was also petrified. Cyan was 
silenced and literally at 1 HP. Gau was still raging Aspiran and at 1 HP. 

- NOW you can go back to your airship. Phew! 


- Leap Gau off on the Veldt (and don't get him back). 

- Before you leave, go to Figaro Castle and stock up on tons and tons of 
Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs. 

- Pick your three to go back to the Floating Continent. Don't include Celes in
that three, since she'll join you later as a fourth person. I highly recommend 
you use Strago, Edgar, and Sabin here, since they are the biggest damage 

Current levels and experience points to next level: 
Celes       6       384 
Cyan        8       less than 632
Edgar       6       384 
Gau         12      less than 1352 
Locke       7       496 
Relm        6       384
Sabin       6       384
Setzer      6       384 
Shadow      6       384 <--- you won't get him, but these are his numbers FYI
Strago      8       less than 632
Terra       6       384
Average     6.56, game rounds down to 6 (Average doesn't include Shadow, since
he never actually joins your party. Average also doesn't include Gau, since
you should leap him off onto the Veldt before going into the World of Ruin. 

- I can't recall the exact figures for Gau, Strago, and Cyan, since they had 
to gain some experience in the Imperial Air Force section. 

Floating Continent, again 

- When you arrive, you'll notice Shadow isn't laying there anymore. Don't 
worry, he's not dead. 

- After the scene with Kefka, the Naude sequence is pretty hard, especially 
without the Ward Bangle. Have Celes attack with dual Flametongues from the 
front row, Edgar Drill, Sabin Aura Cannon, and Strago use Traveler. 

- Nerapa is vulnerable to instant death attacks like Chainsaw and Stoneblade. 
Or you can just Traveler him twice, since he has even less HP than the Naudes. 

- Now go to the end and wait for Shadow. 

Solitary Island 

- Celes should be level 6 here. Feed/Kill Cid, and ride the canoe to the 

- There's nothing in Albrook, so just go north to Tzen. 


- Run from everything and get all the treasures in the crumbling house. 

- A common LLG mistake is to go to Mobliz here with only Celes and Sabin and 
try to grind out Humbaba with Aura Cannon. This is not necessary! You can do 
it later! 


- You know what to do. 

South Figaro 

- Talk to Edgar in the Inn and head to the caves. On the World Map, make sure 
NOT to encounter the formation of 3 Cancers, to make getting the Io rage later 

South Figaro Caves 

- You can finally get the chests here, which contain an X-POTION, HI-ETHER, 
and a HERO'S RING if you hadn't gotten them earlier. Follow the bandits to the 
Figaro Castle Prison 

Figaro Castle 

- The Tentacles are an easy fight. Give Celes and Sabin both Hermes Sandals, 
that way, the Tentacles can't stun and consequently can't grab you. Also, give 
them Reflect Rings, they tend to cast Bio. First thing, have Edgar use his Bio 
Blaster, which will poison all but one Tentacle. Now just wait for the poison 
to kill 3 of them. Don't bother reviving Edgar if he's dead. You know what to 
do now with the last one. 

Darill's Tomb 

- Kill the Angler Whelk in the left chest with either the Break Blade, Soul 
Sabre, or Chainsaw (it's vulnerable to both instant death and break) and get 

- Now, for Dullahan: Here, my entire party was at level 6, so make sure the 
last digit of your gil is not 6, or else you'll get killed at the start of the 
battle by L. ? Holy. Put Reflect Rings on everyone, since he likes to use 
Blizzaga and Blizzara. He also counterattacks occasionally with a powerful 
physical. Luckily, he's vulnerable to Darkness, so have Edgar use Flash once 
on him. What you also want to do is use Edgar's Debilitator to put Ice 
weakness on him, and then let him kill himself with his own Blizzara spells. 
You can also have Celes with Genji Gloves and dual Icebrands in the front row 
(since even in the back row she'll be killed in one hit anyway). You'll get 
killed a lot in this battle, so just keep using Phoenix Downs. Load state if 
he uses Absolute Zero, or to a lesser extent, Northern Cross. He'll also use 
Cura on himself, which cures about 400 HP. Basically, you just have to whittle 
away at his 23K+ HP. 


- Here, talk to Lola in the eastern house and give her letter to the dove 

- Go get Sabin's Phantom Rush. It's in the cross made up of five trees, at the 
top of the map and horizontally in the center. 


- Humbaba: Give everyone reflect rings. First, have Edgar inflict Darkness on 
Humbaba with Flash, and also use Debilitator and give him Lightning weakness. 
Sabin should Phantom Rush for about 1200 damage. Edgar should use drill and 
Setzer use his slots. This is not a hard fight at all, since he really can't 
kill your party, period, if you keep everyone revived. 

- Now leave Mobliz, come back, and visit the Maranda soldier's house. Follow 
the dog into the hidden basement, and fight Humbaba again. If he blows away 
Sabin, load state. This time, Terra will join you...and die prompty. Don't 
bother reviving her, since she doesn't have a Reflect Ring on. Instead, just 
have Sabin keep on Phantom Rushing and the other guy just heal. There's 
nothing really dangerous here that Humbaba can do. 

- Go to Jidoor and buy a few Teleport Stones. Now enter the Cave on the Veldt 
with Edgar, Sabin, Setzer, and Celes. 

Cave on the Veldt 

- There's a rare encounter here with a Gorgimera that you can't run from. If 
you run into one, load state and use a Teleport Stone, so you don't have to 
collect all the chests again. 

- Ignore the Death Warden monster-in-a-box. 

- Make sure to get the ICHIGEKI. 

- For the Behemoth King, set up quad Reflect Rings, since there's a chance 
this guy'll use Blizzaga and Holy. Have Edgar debilitate him to be weak to 
ice, or he'll do some serious healing with his Blizzagas. He can also use 
Meteo, which misses quite often, but does about 1100 damage to those that it 
hits. He also uses a move called Devil Claw that is supposed to cause "Reflect 
Status Vanishes", but since your Reflect Ring is permanent, Devil Claw doesn't 
do anything to your reflect status. When the undead version comes, kill it 
with Holy Water or Phoenix Down. 

- I avoided using Gau in this battle because I thought Shadow would join 
immediately after the battle and bump his level up to 7, but I forgot that he 
actually joins after you fight him in the Coliseum, so I guess you could fight 
the Behemoth King with Gau and then leap him before taking on Shadow at the 
Coliseum, and Shadow would still join at level 6. Can someone confirm this? 


- If you leave and come back to Thamasa, you'll notice Shadow's gone. Go to 
the Coliseum and bet the Ichigeki to get him. 

- While you're here bet the two Behemoth Suits you just won from the Behemoth 
Kings. To fight the Outsider, give Terra the Genji Gloves, Stoneblade, Soul 
Sabre (from the statue beyond the Tentacle room in Figaro Castle), and Hermes 
Sandals for an easy win and two Snow Scarves. These, in addition to some 
additional equipment that I'll let you determine, will allow Gau and Mog to 
have 255 defense. This means that if Gau and Mog are in the back row, physical 
attacks, including Tonberries' Knife and Tyrannosaur's Bite, which would 
normally do something like 2500 damage, will always do 0 damage to them. 

- Next on the list is Locke. 

Phoenix Cave 

- This is a pretty complicated dungeon, so I'm not gonna bother taking you 
step by step through it. Just know that in the dry cave area, there are 
monsters called Faces that you can't run from. However, in the lava area, 
there are no Faces. That means if you have at least one of your parties in a 
lava area, you're home free. In other words, if the party in the dry cave area 
is about to encounter a face in the next several steps, just switch to the 
lava party and trigger the battle, and then switch back to the dry party. 

- Of course, don't fight the Red Dragon yet. 

- After getting Locke, you can now get the Cursed Shield and Ragnarok sword 
(remember, you can't use espers) from the various houses in Narshe. 

- To get the Lightbringer, bet the Ragnarok at the Coliseum and kill the 
Daedalus, who's both undead and vulnerable to instant death, with the 
Zantetsuken that you get from beating the Blue Dragon in the Ancient Castle. 

- Now, the next lowest level person is Relm, at level 6. The problem is, there 
are two mandatory battles standing in her way; Still Life and a group of two 
Mistys. So what you want to do is to get Gogo, Mog, Umaro, and then Cyan. It 
may sound illogical, but trust me, you want to spread out the experience from 
these two battles as thinly as possible, even if it means bumping your party 
level average up to 7 and causing Relm to join at level 7. 

Current levels and experience points to next level: 
Celes       6       384
Edgar       6       384 
Gau         12      1352 
Locke       7       496
Sabin       6       384
Setzer      6       384 
Shadow      6       384
Terra       6       384
Average     6.14, game rounds down to 6, doesn't include Gau, since he should
be on the Veldt now.

Zone Eater's Belly 

- Try to make it to the save point without encountering a Covert, which you 
can't run from. 

- Save at the save point, and go back into the room with the raincoat guys 
walking back and forth. Try to encounter the 2x Baalzephon and 2x Shambling 
Corpse formation, which supposedly occurs 1/8 of the time. Reset if you see a 

- Get Gogo (level 8). 


- Get Mog (level 11) and Molulu's Charm from the wall behind him. 

- Go to the Veldt, get Gau. Also get the Baalzephon, Shambling Corpse, 
Malboro, and Behemoth King rages (Blizzaga, Thundaga, Bad Breath and Firaga, 
respectively). To get the Behemoth King rage, you have to have Gau in your 
party and encounter a Behemoth King, kill the living version, and leap the 
undead version. You won't ever use the Malboro rage in a battle; you'll only 
use it to teach Strago the Bad Breath Lore, which will come in handy in the 
final battles in Kefka's Tower. 

- Ice Dragon should be easy. Give Mog and Gau their Snow Scarves. Have Gau and 
Gogo rage Behemoth King. 

- I'm 99% sure you can give Gau his 255 defense setup, have him rage Behemoth 
King, and get a guaranteed victory on Valigarmanda. 

- Fight the Tonberries monster-in-a-box. Give Gau his 255 defense setup and 
Knight's Code, and have everyone else enter in critical status, and you can't 
lose the battle. Remember to win at least one Minerva Bustier from this 

- Leap Gau off the Veldt. 

- Go back to Umaro's lair and fight Umaro. I had Mog, Strago, Sabin and Gogo 
here. Strago used Traveler, Gogo mimicked him, and Sabin used Bum Rush. He 
doesn't have any attacks that are really dangerous. Surprisingly, Umaro joins 
at level 6. 


- With Mog and the Molulu's Charm, get Cyan. Of course, skip the Storm Dragon. 

Current levels and experience points to next level: 
Celes       6       384
Cyan        8       632
Edgar       6       384 
Gau         12      1352
Gogo        8       632 
Locke       7       496
Mog         11      1144 
Sabin       6       384
Setzer      6       384 
Shadow      6       384
Terra       6       384
Umaro       6       384
Average     6.90, game rounds down to 6, doesn't include Gau, since he should
be on the Veldt now.


- Get Gau back from the Veldt. Now for some experience number crunching.

- The first battle with the two Misties give a total of 2302 experience 
points. Have Gau, Mog, and Terra survive this battle and absorb the experience
(the battle should be easy enough to require no strategy). Here's what the
experience looks like before the battle:

Gau         12      1352 
Mog         11      1144 
Terra       6       384

With three people surviving 2302 experience battle, each of them will get 767
points. Here's what it'll look like after the Misty battle.

Gau         12      585
Mog         11      377 
Terra       7       113

- Now for the Still Life battle. Use Gau, Gogo, Cyan, and Celes. Here's what
their levels look like before the battle:

Gau         12      585
Celes       6       384
Cyan        8       632
Gogo        8       632 

Have all four of them survive. The battle gives 2331 total experience points,
which translates to 582 points for each character. Here's what your experience
will look like after the Still Life battle: 

Gau         12      3
Celes       7       298
Cyan        8       50
Gogo        8       50 

- Congratulations, you have just gained 4633 experience points, having only
levelled up two of your lowest level characters once each. Also, you have just
gained your last experience point in this entire challenge. 

- Now, go back to the Veldt and leap Gau. Actually, I believe you don't even
have to do it, because you already have so many characters that Gau's high
level won't affect negatively affect your party average. But since Gau is
useless against Chadarnook, I did it just to be safe. 

Current levels and experience points to next level: 
Celes       7       298
Cyan        8       50
Edgar       6       384 
Gau         12      3
Gogo        8       50 
Locke       7       496
Mog         11      377
Sabin       6       384
Setzer      6       384 
Shadow      6       384
Terra       7       113
Umaro       6       384
Average     7.09, game rounds down to 7, if Gau's on the Veldt
Average     7.50, game rounds down to 7, if you didn't leap Gau (can someone
confirm this?)

Owzer's House

- Chadarnook is a really difficult fight. I had Mog, Sabin, Gogo, and Edgar, 
although I suppose you could have someone with high magic like Terra or Celes 
spam Thunder Rods on him after you Debilitate him to Thunder with Gogo's 
tools. Have Reflect Rings on everybody to reflect this guy's Thundaga and 
Thundara spells. 

Have Edgar debilitate him first thing to Thunder weakness. Give Gogo the Ice 
Shield and Mog the Snow Scarf, and you'll have two characters that can survive 
Flash Rain, his most dangerous attack. You can also give Sabin and Edgar/Terra 
Flame Shields, which will negate the attack, but you would have to kill them 
before the end of the battle in order not to gain AP toward Blizzara or Fira. 
To do damage, just have Gogo and Sabin Phantom Rush the demon portion, and
heal up with potions when the Goddess portion comes. 

- Sadly, Relm joins at level 7, because that's your party average. 
Fanatic's Tower

- Get Strago (still level 8). If you actually want to beat the bosses in this
tower, read on. Otherwise just give Mog his Charm and get all the chests here.

- Bring Gogo, Mog, and a dead Umaro. Equip ONLY the following, and nothing 

Gogo: Reflect Ring, <Item command> 
Mog: Molulu's Charm
Umaro: Beserker Ring, Sniper Eye

Set battle speed and message speed both to 1, the fastest, and take on the
Holy Dragon.

- Holy Dragon just keeps on using Holy, which will kill Mog and reflect off of
Gogo. Don't revive Mog or Umaro. Wait until it says "Not enough MP" when he 
tries to use Holy (this part will take a good two hours), and then revive 
Umaro, who will promptly pummel the dragon to death.

- Go outside and kill off Umaro again. Take on the Magimaster. Have Gogo use 
an X-Potion on Magimaster and just keep on Mimicking himself while Magimaster 
uses all his MP, which will take easily twice as long as it took for the Holy 
Dragon. The X-Potion is to prevent the Magimaster from killing himself with 
his own spells and then using Ultima on you. After he runs out of MP, revive 
Umaro and watch him do his thing. Magimaster has a pretty high evade, which is 
why Umaro should have the Sniper Eye. 

- I took these two strategies straight from Zelgaddis' Low Level Natural Magic
FAQ, so full credit goes to him and whoever he got the ideas from.

- Congratulations, you have just spent 6 hours on two battles, for the Soul of
Thamasa, a relic that you'll probably never use in this challenge!

Phoenix Cave

- You're here to steal a Celestriad or two from the Galypdes. Have Mog in one 
party and 4 members, including Gogo, in another party. Gogo is at a higher 
level than Locke, so it's slightly easier for him to steal. Give him the 
Thief's Bracer.

- Have Gogo's party step on the first switch, and take Mog all the way to the
save point. Now switch to Gogo's party, and save the game. Yes, press start,
select the "Save" option, and select "Yes". Try it, it works!

- In this first room, the Galypdes and 2x Chaos Dragon formation is a rare 
formation. But now that you have a saved game inside the dungeon, just reset
if you don't meet the Galypdes and Chaos Dragons. Celestriad is also a pretty
rare steal, so you'll want to save state when you actually meet the Galypdes,
before actually attempting to steal. Get at least one for Strago, and another
one for Gogo if you want, although it's REALLY not necessary since Gogo can
just Mimic Strago.    

Ancient Castle

- Bring Strago, Mog, Gau, and Gogo.

- Master Tonberry only has like 22,000 HP. Mog and Gau should have 255 defense
and Knight's Codes. Strago should use Traveler and Gogo should Mimic him. 
Don't rage, as Master Tonberry counters with Traveler. 

- Samurai Soul can be confused with Noiseblaster and will probably kill 
himself when so.

- 255 defense + Aspiran rage = Guaranteed Victory against Blue Dragon. With
the Zantetsuken, you can now kill the Daedalus that guards the Lightbringer
in the Coliseum.

Opera House

- Gau with 255 defense and raging Aspiran also owns the Earth Dragon.


- Same exact strategy works even better for Leviathan. Just make sure to start
raging before he does his first Tsunami. Bring Mog and Strago along to learn
Water Rondo and Tsunami, respectively (they'll learn it even when dead). 

Cyan's Dream

- In addition to Cyan, bring Strago, Gogo, and Mog. For the Three Stooges,
Reflect Rings should take care of all their attacks. First, have Strago and 
Gogo Traveler the top one to death first, since he can revive the other two.
After he's dead, use an instant death attack like Air Anchor to take care of
the bottom left one. Finally, go crazy on the remaining Stooge with Traveler.

- In the section in the cave where you're riding Magitek Armor, make SURE to
encounter an Io. I cannot stress this enough. This is the most important part
of this entire challenge. If you miss this part, you might as well start over

- Wrexsoul is kind of tricky. You'll want to take off all armor and equip
powerful weapons so you can kill your own party members to make Wrexsoul
appear. When he does, just go crazy on him with Traveler, like always. Reflect
Rings should take care of most of his attacks. 


- You're here to get the Io rage. If you followed my instructions not to
encounter the following enemy formations outside of the Veldt:

1. Six Bombs on the Phantom Train
2. Any formation with Bug or Fossil Dragon on the Southern Continent in WOB
3. Two Dons on the Southern Continent
4. Three Cancers near South Figaro in the WOR

...then you will be guaranteed to meet an Io in one pass of the Veldt. Getting
this rage is probably the turning point in this challenge, as it allows you to
completely humiliate most of the remaining bosses.


- Equipment really doesn't matter in this battle. I would bring Mog, Edgar, 
Gogo, and Gau. Mog and Edgar should have Dragonboots. Mog and Gau should have 
their 255 defense and Knight's Code setups so that if Gigantuar tries Knockdown 
on them he'll waste a turn. On the first turn, have Edgar debilitate him to 
Fire. Have Gau rage Io and Gogo follow suit. Mog and Edgar should stand around 
waiting to use Phoenix Downs. He has 30,000 HP, so that's four Flare Stars at 
9999 a pop. Before the fourth Flare Star, you'll want Mog or Edgar in the air 
to survive the ten 1000 Needles he does upon dying. If both Edgar and Mog are 
alive after the third Flare Star, just have Mog jump and Edgar Drill Gigantuar 
once, and you'll win. This battle isn't hard at all; it's just a matter of 
saving and loading states at the right time. If you're playing on a Gameboy,
this will be a hard battle like the first one with Ultros. You just gotta get
lucky and hope you pull off a lot of Flare Stars and not get hit with a lot of
1000 Needles.

Doom Gaze

- Gogo and Gau should rage Io for 9999 damage per Flare Star. The other two 
should focus on keeping these two alive. You can wear elemental shields here 
on anybody because Doom Gaze doesn't give AP. Wear Reflect Rings for his 
Blizzaga and Death attacks, and Thunder Shields and Minervas for his Aero 


- Before the battle itself, have Edgar kill the Onion Dasher by equipping a
Genji Glove, Zantetsuken, and Soul Sabre. Gilgamesh himself is pretty easy, as
long as he doesn't use Aero, which he often uses on the very first turn and
causes a quick game-over. Use the same setup as for Gigantuar. Gilgamesh is
much, MUCH easier, since he doesn't do 2-3 1000 Needles in a row. Debilitating
him to fire is not really necessary here, since it only makes him die after
four Flare Stars instead of five. 

Storm Dragon

- Have Mog and Gau with 255 defense and Knight's Codes. Gogo should have the 
Thunder Shield. Gogo and Edgar should both be in critical condition, this way 
Storm Dragon will waste a turn if he does his physical attack, no matter whom 
he targets. On the first turn have Edgar debilitate Storm Dragon to fire 
weakness, and Gogo and Gau should rage Io. Five 9999 Flare Stars kills this 
guy. Mog and Edgar should focus on jumping over Storm Dragon's Rage and Aero 
attacks and reviving Gogo and Gau when they land. 

Red Dragon

- Reflect Rings, Mog with 255 defense and Knight's Code, debilitator to fire
weakness, and Flare Stars should easily do the trick here. Just watch out for
Level 4 Flare though. 


Give Mog and Relm Dragonboots, and all four should have Reflect Rings. Have 
Gau and Gogo use Io and take out three of the Erebuses, and have Strago use 
Traveler twice to kill the leftmost one who absorbs fire. Try to have Mog and 
Relm jump right before the last one dies. Hidon will immediately use Grand 
Train. When Relm and Mog come down, have one of them use a Holy Water to kill 

Kefka's Tower First Run

- A Ward Bangle will make this part a little easier. To get one, bet the Lich
Ring you found in Owzer's House, and kill the Death Machine at the Coliseum
with dual Instant Death weapons like Wing Edge or Soul Sabre.

- Before you enter Kefka's Tower, make sure you have a rage that inflicts Stop
status, like Acrophies' Numb Claw attack.

- We're here to beat Inferno, Skull Dragon, Guardian and Demon.

Group 1: Any four other people
Group 2: Mog
Group 3: Gau, Gogo, Celes, and Strago

- Take your third party all the way to Inferno. Give Gau his 255 defense setup 
and Knight's Code. It would be preferable to have everyone but Gau enter at 
critical status, so Sobat, Rapier, and his Physicals don't do any damage to 
you. Have either Celes or Gogo have Runic on at all times (but not both, since 
both of them will Runic the same spell). Runic will take care of all of 
Inferno's nasty magic, like Gigavolt, Thundara, and Atomic Rays. Don't kill 
either arm, and the only attack you should fear is his full party Metal 
Cutter, which often misses but will kill anyone it hits, and bring Gau to 
within 15 HP of death. Bring plenty of Gold Needles. Strago should use 
Traveler on Inferno with a Celestriad on, and Gogo should mimic him if Celes 
has him covered. Thanks goes to orewa on the FF6 Advance Gamefaqs Message 
Boards for telling me that most of Inferno's attacks are Runicable. The reason 
you shouldn't use Flare Star in this battle is that it only does about 1700 to 
each of the three parts. You don't want to kill either of his arms, since he 
uses Meteor if that happens. 

- Take the same party to Skull Dragon and equip a Ribbon on everybody. I had 
three here and had Gogo go Ribbonless, since his Io rage already comes with a 
bunch of status immunities. Skull Dragon is already weak to Fire, so a single 
Flare Star from Gogo's Io rage does 9920 damage. Give Gogo the Ice Shield so 
he can negate Will o the Wisp. Other than that, nothing Skull Dragon does can 
really harm you here. 

- After Group 1 enters the main door of the place that looks like the imperial 
palace and has three switches, go LEFT instead of right. 

- Guardian is too easy. In the original battle program, Guardian will use 
Runicable attacks like Atomic Rays and Magitek Laser, so have Celes keep up 
her Runic. Just have Gogo debilitate him to Fire and then both ragers should 
use Flare Star for 9999 per hit. Gau should, of course, have his 255 defense 
and Knight's Code. By the time Guardian switches to Ultros' program and does a 
full-party Tentacle and kills everyone but Gau, you should already have pulled 
off four or five Flare Stars. In this battle program, Gau can't die, so you've 
already won. 

- Demon is perhaps the most difficult of the Warring Triads. However, you can
kill him easily by having both Gogo and Gau do a rage that puts him in Stop
status, since he's vulnerable to it. I had Acrophies here, and a steady stream
of Numb Claws kept him stopped while Strago used Traveler on him.

Kefka's Tower Second Run

- Now teleport out of Kefka's Tower and bring Mog, Celes, Gau, and Gogo to the
second group and fight Ultima Buster. You could either have four Reflect Rings
to reflect his level 3 elementals, which he uses quite often, or you can have
Celes runic them. However, you can't do much about his Southern Cross except
wear a Minerva Bustier on Celes to negate it and a Fire Shield on Gogo to
Absorb it. This guy can use Meteor, so you want to take him down as quickly as
possible. First, have Gogo debilitate him to Fire weakness, and then just have
Gogo and Gau spam Flare Stars, which do 9999 each. Six will make short work of

- Take the same party further into group 2's portion of the tower and fight
Gold Dragon. This guy's the easiest boss in the tower. Since you have a 255 
defense guy like Mog with a Knight's Code and Runic constantly on, he can't
hurt you at all. Just go wild on Flare Stars, which do about 4500 damage each.

Kefka's Tower Third Run

- Before the run, buy a couple of Flame Rods. You won't be using them for
offense, but they are the only way to cure Frozen characters. In this run, 
your goal is to defeat Fiend. Arrange the parties like so:

Group 1: Gau, Gogo, Celes, and Strago
Group 2: Any four other people
Group 3: Mog

- First take Mog all the way to the save point before Inferno, and save there.
You're now basically free to roam the tower and save whenever you want. This
way, you don't have to worry about the Giant Behemoth and Land Worm, which are
two monsters you can't run from. Again, when you enter the imperial palace
with three switches with your first party, go LEFT instead of right.

- For Fiend, give Gogo an Ice Shield, Gau his 255 defense and Knight's Code 
setup. Celes should have her Minerva Bustier to negate his Ice attacks. At 
first, just have Gogo debilitate Fiend to Fire and Celes Runic all the time, or 
else Northern Cross will Freeze you (Ribbon can't prevent it). Hermes Sandals 
on her helps. Strago's only here to learn Force Field; don't bother reviving 
him if he's dead after he sees Force Field. The only person Fiend can possibly
kill in this first part is Strago, with Absolute Zero. Everyone else either
negates it or absorbs it. 

The second stage of the battle comes after Fiend uses Force Field, he will only 
use Fiendish Rage, a physical that does 0 damage to Gau and thousands to 
everyone else. Gau's Knight's Code will also protect others against this! It's 
basically impossible to lose the battle now, so just have Gogo join Gau in his 
Io Rage. If you're REALLY unlucky, Fiend will use Force Field and negate fire, 
in which case Flare Star won't do any more damage, but that's unlikely to 
happen with Gogo and Gau doing 9999 to 19,998 damage a turn. If it DOES 
happen, you can just Phoenix Down Strago and have him finish off the battle 
with Traveler or something. 

Kefka's Tower Fourth Run

- This time, we're here to beat Goddess. 

Group 1: Any four other people
Group 2: Gau, Gogo, Celes, and Strago
Group 3: Mog

- Again, go LEFT with Group 1 in the Imperial Palace place with 3 switches.

- Goddess is also surprisingly easy. First, debilitate her to Fire and then 
just spam Flare Stars. Have Reflect Rings and Ribbons on everyone, an Ice 
Shield on Gogo, and a Minerva Bustier on Celes, and you've taken care of all 
her attacks. Strago, of course, is screwed for Flash Rain. I don't even know 
why I brought Celes and Strago; Gogo and Gau killed Goddess in like four 
rounds raging Io. This is a side attack, so arrange it so that Gogo and Gau 
are on different sides. That way, if either of them get Enticed by Goddess, 
their confused Flare Stars won't kill both of them at the same time. Also, she 
somehow turned both Gogo and Gau into Zombies, even though they had Ribbons 
equipped. If that happens, just have Celes or Strago give them a Holy Water or 

Final Bosses

For a video of me beating the three tiers and Kefka, go to 

Here's my setup:


Flame Shield
Genji Helm
Snow Scarf
Knight's Code
Mythril Glove (necessary for 255 defense with Flame Shield equipped)

Immune to: Ice, Fire, most statuses (when raging Io)


Aegis Shield
Genji Helm
Minerva Bustier
Dragon Boots

Immune to: Ice, Fire, Thunder, Wind, most statuses 


Ice Shield
Red Cap
Gaia Gear
Hermes Sandals
Dragoon Boots

Immune to: Ice, Fire, Earth, most statuses (when raging Io) 


Magus Rod
Thunder Shield
Red Cap
Behemoth Suit
Dragoon Boots

Immune to: Ice, Fire

The reason that Strago, Celes, and Gogo shouldn't wear Flame shields is that
some of the final bosses use non-Runicable fire spells like Meltdown and Flare
Star. You don't want anything healing Strago, Celes, or Gogo out of critical
status, in which case Gau won't be able to protect them from physicals

- If anyone is dead when you move to the next tier, they'll be replaced with
the crappy character you put in the 5th position, so don't let that happen.

- The first tier is the big guy with two arms. Start the battle off by having 
Gogo use Air Anchor on the arm on the left side of the screen. Then, rage Io 
and sit back, because you practically can't lose. 

- The second tier has four targets. The second from the left should be killed 
first with Air Anchor. When you start the battle, there's a good chance that 
it will use Diffractive Laser, which will miss Celes (Minerva), heal Strago 
(Thunder Shield), and kill Gau and Gogo. The first one is the only one you 
need to worry about though, since Diffractive Laser can be Runiced. The 
left-most one is vulnerable to Mute, but Bad Breath always seems to miss on it 
(anyone know any way to inflict mute on it?). Anyways, just have Celes with 
Runic on constantly and you won't be frozen by Northern Cross or hit by 
Thundaga. In other words, nothing can really hurt you. If a Northern Cross 
somehow makes it pass Celes' Runic, use a Flame Rod on your entire party. Just 
have Gau and Gogo Flare Star the other three parts to death, and Strago use 
Traveler on Magic, the left-most (and most annoying) part. When the part that 
looks like Edgar dies, it will counter with its Ten-Hit Combo, which will all 
be taken by Gau's perfect defense. 

- The third tier has two targets; the lady having only 9999 HP. I used 
Traveler/mimic on the Lady twice and she died. I then Flare Stared the other 
part to death. You can't do much about his occasional Meteo except have Celes 
and Strago jump over it. When Sleep dies, it will use Repose, an Instant Death
attack which Gau will take due to his Knight's Code and hopefully block (at
least he did for me the three times I beaten this part.

- Final Kefka is a Joke. First, debilitate him to fire (this step is 
necessary). He's got about 62K HP, so that's six Flare Stars and a Traveler. 
When he has around 18K HP left, he'll start to counter with Ultima, which you 
can Runic. Also, when he starts shaking, it means in about 7-8 seconds, he'll 
use Forsaken, which will kill anybody that hasn't jumped in the air. This is 
why it was necessary to debilitate him to fire, because you want to pull off 
the remaining two Flare Stars ASAP. If you have Runic on constantly, nothing
Kefka does will hurt you except Meteor (sucks, but he rarely uses it) or
Forsaken. If he does use Forsaken, make sure to revive Gau first so you remain
protected against Kefka's Havoc Wing and physicals.

Final levels and experience points to next level: 
Celes       7       298
Cyan        8       50
Edgar       6       384 
Gau         12      3
Gogo        8       50 
Locke       7       496
Mog         11      377 
Relm        7       496
Sabin       6       384
Setzer      6       384 
Shadow      6       384
Strago      8       632
Terra       7       113
Umaro       6       384
Average     7.5, including Gau


Characters and stuff in this game are not mine, they're owned by Square Enix.
Thanks to Zelgaddis for inspiring me to write this FAQ and for many of his
LLNMG strategies for the original SNES version. Also, Lufia Maxim for his
bestiary, which I consulted many times. Finally, SharkESP and rpageuk for
writing the first LLG FAQs.  

Copyright 2007 Sabinscabin
Don't put this FAQ on your website, or use it anywhere else, in any other way,
unless you contact me at sabinscabin@yahoo.com.

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