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FAQ/Walkthrough by Lufia_Maxim

Version: 0.6 | Updated: 02/10/08

                   *                                       *
                   *      - Final Fantasy 6 Advance -      *
                   *            - Walkthrough -            *
                   *             v0.6 02/10/08             *
                   *                                       *
                   *        Written by: Lufia_Maxim        *
                   *                                       *


1) Introduction                                                          [intr]

Welcome to my Final Fantasy 6 Advance Walkthrough.

Yes, this is another guide for FFVIA. Why did I make it? Well, several reasons:
1) None of the other FAQs are really that great (Note: I'm not bashing the
   other guides. They may be good, but they don't go into enough detail)
2) I was making MANY other guides for this very game, and I figured: Why not
   just make a walkthrough and combine everything into one file?
3) Many people wanted a walkthrough that helps them get a 100% game. I will try
   my best to make that guide.
4) Simply because I love this game and wanted to make a guide for it.

Eventually, my hope is that this will be THE most complete guide out there for
FFVIA. If you feel you have anything to contribute, I'd be glad to take a look
at it. Just send it to songoku1 [at] gmail [dot] com


2) Version History                                                       [vers]

v0.6 (02/10/08): (1048 KB)
- IMPORTANT NOTE: Within the next few updates here, I'm going to re-vamp my
  entire WoR section. I don't like the way it is right now, and I know I can do
  a better job than what you see now. Before I do this, I'll finish off
  everything including Kefka's Tower, so you faithful followers of this guide
  can finish off your game without being totally confused.
- Added all Appendices (sort of)
- Finished walkthrough up to and including Kefka's Tower
- Don't expect an update for quite some time, but I'll try to make the next
  update a big one.

v0.5 (11/25/07): (843 KB)
- Added sections 4.102 - 4.112

v0.46 (11/17/07): (713 KB)
- I'm doing more frequent updates right now because I've gotten several e-mails
  from people asking me when I'm going to finish my guide. Updating bit by bit
  will hopefully give these same people something to do while I continue working
  on getting this done
- Added Ancient Castle

v0.45 (11/14/07): (682 KB)
- Fixed a typical east/west mistake (since no one has caught the mistake, I
  won't mention where it was <_<)
- blusiryn has struck again, finding many grammatical errors. Thx once more.
- Added up to and including Umaro's Cave to the walkthrough

v0.4 (9/12/07): (652 KB)
- Added Cyan's Dream to the walkthrough

v.035 (8/11/07): (624 KB)
- Just been working on the walkthrough a little
- Rather small update in the walkthrough section, but I just thought I'd let
  you guys know that I am still working on this. Progress is slow, but there is
  some progress
- Walkthrough goes up to getting 10 out of 14 characters in WoR

v0.3 (5/11/07): (595 KB)
- Fixed TONS of spelling/grammar mistakes. Thx again to blusiryn for that
- Walkthrough is now up to and including getting Shadow
- Worked (and finished) on some of the Appendices. You'll see those in future

v0.2 (5/1/07): (514 KB)
- Added a bunch of character-specific dialogue (Thx to TheMorn for this)
- Removed the Battle Commands section since it had many errors and was
  incomplete anyway. Wait a few updates for it to re-appear.
- Walkthrough covered up to Darill's Tomb

v0.1 (4/28/07): (439 KB)
- Started this walkthrough on 2/14/07 and finally released v0.1 on 4/28/07
- World of Balance done
- Some parts of Battle Commands section done
- Obviously there will be many more updates to make this guide as complete as

3) Table of Contents                                                     [tofc]

NOTE: Table of Contents is still subject to change

1) Introduction ........................................................ [intr]
2) Version History ..................................................... [vers]
3) Table of Contents ................................................... [tofc]
4) Walkthrough ......................................................... [walk]
 - 4.1   Narshe Mines ................................................. [4.001]
 - 4.2   Narshe: Arvis' House ......................................... [4.002]
 - 4.3   Narshe: Mines (Escaping from Narshe Guards) .................. [4.003]
 - 4.4   Narshe: Adventuring School ................................... [4.004]
 - 4.5   Overworld: Narshe to Figaro Castle ........................... [4.005]
 - 4.6   Figaro Castle ................................................ [4.006]
 - 4.7   South Figaro Cave ............................................ [4.007]
 - 4.8   Overworld: Around South Figaro ............................... [4.008]
 - 4.9   South Figaro ................................................. [4.009]
 - 4.10  Overworld: Sabin's Hut & Mt. Kolts ........................... [4.010]
 - 4.11  Mt. Kolts .................................................... [4.011]
 - 4.12  Overworld: Mt. Kolts to Returner Hideout ..................... [4.012]
 - 4.13  Returner Hideout ............................................. [4.013]
 - 4.14  Lethe River .................................................. [4.014]
 - 4.15  Scenario Selection ........................................... [4.015]
 - 4.16  Terra/Edgar/Banon: Lethe River and traveling to Narshe ....... [4.016]
 - 4.17  Terra/Edgar/Banon: Narshe Mines .............................. [4.017]
 - 4.18  Sabin: Shadow and traveling to the Imperial Camp ............. [4.018]
 - 4.19  Sabin: Imperial Camp and Doma Castle ......................... [4.019]
 - 4.20  Sabin: Overworld: Traveling to Phantom Forest ................ [4.020]
 - 4.21  Sabin: Phantom Forest ........................................ [4.021]
 - 4.22  Sabin: Phantom Train ......................................... [4.022]
 - 4.23  Sabin: Overworld: Baren Falls ................................ [4.023]
 - 4.24  Sabin: Veldt Part 1 .......................................... [4.024]
 - 4.25  Sabin: Mobliz ................................................ [4.025]
 - 4.26  Sabin: Gau and his Rages ..................................... [4.026]
 - 4.27  Sabin: Crescent Mountain Cave ................................ [4.027]
 - 4.28  Sabin: Serpent Trench ........................................ [4.028]
 - 4.29  Sabin: Nikeah ................................................ [4.029]
 - 4.30  Locke: South Figaro .......................................... [4.030]
 - 4.31  Locke: South Figaro Cave (Revisited) ......................... [4.031]
 - 4.32  Imperial Raid on Narshe ...................................... [4.032]
 - 4.33  Narshe and traveling to Kohlingen ............................ [4.033]
 - 4.34  Overworld (Around Kohlingen) ................................. [4.034]
 - 4.35  Kohlingen .................................................... [4.035]
 - 4.36  Jidoor ....................................................... [4.036]
 - 4.37  Zozo ......................................................... [4.037]
 - 4.38  Magic AP & Trip to Veldt ..................................... [4.038]
 - 4.39  Jidoor Revisited ............................................. [4.039]
 - 4.40  The Opera House .............................................. [4.040]
 - 4.41  Blackjack .................................................... [4.041]
 - 4.42  Southern Continent ........................................... [4.042]
 - 4.43  Albrook ...................................................... [4.043]
 - 4.44  Maranda ...................................................... [4.044]
 - 4.45  Tzen ......................................................... [4.045]
 - 4.46  Imperial Observation Post .................................... [4.046]
 - 4.47  Vector ....................................................... [4.047]
 - 4.48  Magitek Research Facility .................................... [4.048]
 - 4.49  Zozo & Terra's History ....................................... [4.049]
 - 4.50  Airship Fun .................................................. [4.050]
 - 4.51  Narshe revisited ............................................. [4.051]
 - 4.52  Mog can Dance! ............................................... [4.052]
 - 4.53  Cave to the Sealed Gate ...................................... [4.053]
 - 4.54  Vector Revisited & Imperial Banquet .......................... [4.054]
 - 4.55  Getting to Albrook ........................................... [4.055]
 - 4.56  Traveling to Thamasa ......................................... [4.056]
 - 4.57  Area around Thamasa .......................................... [4.057]
 - 4.58  Thamasa ...................................................... [4.058]
 - 4.59  Burning Home ................................................. [4.059]
 - 4.60  Esper Caves .................................................. [4.060]
 - 4.61  Thamasa & General Leo ........................................ [4.061]
 - 4.62  Preparing for the Floating Continent ......................... [4.062]
 - 4.63  Imperial Air Force ........................................... [4.063]
 - 4.64  Floating Continent ........................................... [4.064]

 - 4.65  The World of Ruin ............................................ [4.065]
 - 4.66  Solitary Island .............................................. [4.066]
 - 4.67  Overworld: Southern Continent ................................ [4.067]
 - 4.68  Albrook [WoR] ................................................ [4.068]
 - 4.69  Tzen & Crumbling House ....................................... [4.069]
 - 4.70  Serpent Trench ............................................... [4.070]
 - 4.71  Mobliz [WoR] ................................................. [4.071]
 - 4.72  Nikeah [WoR] ................................................. [4.072]
 - 4.73  South Figaro [WoR] ........................................... [4.073]
 - 4.74  Overworld: Figaro Continent .................................. [4.074]
 - 4.75  South Figaro Cave [WoR] ...................................... [4.075]
 - 4.76  Figaro Castle [WoR] .......................................... [4.076]
 - 4.77  Overworld: North-Western Continent ........................... [4.077]
 - 4.78  Kohlingen [WoR] .............................................. [4.078]
 - 4.79  Coliseum ..................................................... [4.079]
 - 4.80  Darill's Tomb ................................................ [4.080]
 - 4.81  Maranda [WoR] ................................................ [4.081]

 - 4.82  Intermission & Reference Point ............................... [4.082]

 - 4.83  Overworld: South-Western Continent ........................... [4.083]
 - 4.84  Opera House & Earth Dragon ................................... [4.084]
 - 4.85  Jidoor & Auction House ....................................... [4.085]
 - 4.86  Zozo [WoR] ................................................... [4.086]
 - 4.87  Mt. Zozo ..................................................... [4.087]
 - 4.88  Veldt [WoR] .................................................. [4.088]
 - 4.89  Cave on the Veldt ............................................ [4.089]
 - 4.90  Thamasa [WoR] ................................................ [4.090]
 - 4.91  Coliseum & Shadow ............................................ [4.091]
 - 4.92  Owzer's Mansion .............................................. [4.092]
 - 4.93  Mobliz Revisited ............................................. [4.093]
 - 4.94  Recruiting Strago ............................................ [4.094]
 - 4.95  Sabin's Blitzes .............................................. [4.095]
 - 4.96  Cyan's Dream ................................................. [4.096]
 - 4.97  Overworld: Northern Continent ................................ [4.097]
 - 4.98  Narshe [WoR] ................................................. [4.098]
 - 4.99  Yeti's Cave .................................................. [4.099]
 - 4.100 Cave to the Ancient Castle ................................... [4.100]
 - 4.101 Ancient Castle ............................................... [4.101]
 - 4.102 Esper - Quetzalli ............................................ [4.102]
 - 4.103 Overworld: North-Eastern Continent / Dinosaur Forest ......... [4.103]
 - 4.104 Overworld: Around Thamasa .................................... [4.104]
 - 4.105 Lore Hunting ................................................. [4.105]
 - 4.106 Ebot's Rock .................................................. [4.106]
 - 4.107 Phoenix Cave ................................................. [4.107]
 - 4.108 Stealing all around the world ................................ [4.108]
 - 4.109 Triangle Island & Zone Eater's Belly ......................... [4.109]
 - 4.110 Cultists' Tower .............................................. [4.110]
 - 4.111 Excalipoor & Gilgamesh ....................................... [4.111]
 - 4.112 Coliseum Revisited & Siegfried ............................... [4.112]
 - 4.113 Gigantuar .................................................... [4.113]
 - 4.114 Leviathan .................................................... [4.114]
 - 4.115 Gau's Father ................................................. [4.115]
 - 4.116 Narshe & Ragnarok / Cursed Shield ............................ [4.116]
 - 4.117 Kefka's Tower ................................................ [4.117]

5) Frequently Asked Questions .......................................... [faqs]

Appendix A - Battle Commands ........................................... [appa]
Appendix B - Items ..................................................... [appb]
Appendix C - Equipment ................................................. [appc]
Appendix D - Relics .................................................... [appd]
Appendix E - Espers .................................................... [appe]
Appendix F - Magic ..................................................... [appf]
Appendix G - Coliseum .................................................. [appg]
Appendix H - Rages ..................................................... [apph]
Appendix I - Lores ..................................................... [appi]

6) Copyright ........................................................... [copy]
7) Conclusion .......................................................... [conc]


4) Walkthrough                                                           [walk]

                        The ancient War of the Magi...
                     When its flames at last receded, only
                     the charred husk of a world remained.
                      Even the power of magic was lost...
                     In the thousand years that followed,
                      iron, gunpowder, and steam engines
                   took the place of magic, and life slowly
                        returned to the barren land...
                      Yet there now stands one who would
                       reawaken the magic of ages past,
                      and use its dread powers as a means
                     by which to conquer all the world...
                            ... Could anyone truly
                               be foolish enough
                            to repeat that mistake?

You now see three people in some sort of machines (let's call them Magitek 
Armor, just for fun) walk on the cliff.

Wedge: There's the city...
Biggs: Hard to believe an esper's been found frozen there a thousand years 
       after the War of the Magi...
       Bah! Probably just another wild goose chase...
Wedge: I don't know... They wouldn't have let us use her unless they were
       confident that the information was good.
Biggs: Ah, yes...our witch. I hear she fried fifty of our Magitek armored
       soldiers in three minutes... Kinda makes your skin crawl, doesn't it?
Wedge: Relax. With that thing on her head, she's a mindless puppet. The
       girl won't even breathe unless we tell her to.
       We'll approach from the east. Move out!

You then approach Narshe. The goal here? To find this frozen "Esper", whatever
that may be.

People in your party include a mysterious Magitek Elite, named "??????". The
other two characters are Wedge and Biggs, which are Imperial Soldiers.

Note: I'll refer to ?????? as Terra from here on out, as that is her default

First things first: Move all 3 characters to the Back Row. In usual
circumstances, putting people in the back row cuts their damage dealt in
half. But since you are riding Magitek Armors, which use elemental beams,
there is no penalty. The only "penalty" is that you take less damage...
horrible, I know.

There's not much for you to do, so just advance. You'll then be attacked by 2
Guards. Any offensive attack kills the enemy, so you really can't go wrong here.

There's an optional battle to the right, which is just a Silver Lobo

Keep advancing northward, and fight the 2 Silver Lobo, followed by 2 Guards.

To the north is a forced Pincer attack with a Silver Lobo and 2 Guards.

Move on to the next screen to the north, only to fight 2 Guards and 
2 Megalodoth.

Keep going north to find the Narshe mines, where (according to the source of the
Empire) the frozen esper is. Enter.

4.1 Narshe Mines                                                        [4.001]

New Monsters:
#4 - Wererat
#5 - Spritzer
#6 - Bandit
#276 - Ymir (Shell)
#277 - Ymir (Head)

Monster Formations:

1st Cave:
- Wererat x3 (0 AP)
- Wererat, Bandit (0 AP)
- Ymir (Head), Ymir (Shell) [Boss] (0 AP)

2nd Cave:
- Bandit, Spritzer (0 AP)
- Spritzer x2 (1 AP)
- Wererat x2 (0 AP)

Items Found: None

Welcome to your first cave. As you can see above, I will let you know if you can
encounter any new enemies in each area. I will also list the enemy formations
you might encounter. The (X AP) is useless to you now (and will be for quite
some time), so just ignore that for now.

You'll come across a Save Point. If you step on it, let the game explain to you
what it does.

Just like before, the enemies all die to a single offensive attack, so you
should have no troubles here.

All the enemies in here can drop Potions, which you can use to heal yourself
obviously. If you're leveling up, make sure to keep some around.

One thing I should note about healing: Since you are in the Magitek Armors for
now (you'll lose that in a few minutes), you can simply use Healing Force to
heal each other. Save your Potions for when you really need them.

Approach the closed gate, and Biggs open it for you. As soon as you try to enter
the next cave: Boss Battle

BOSS: Ymir

Ymir (Shell) (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 4
- HP: 50000
- MP: 120
- Drops: Ether (Always)

Ymir (Head) (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 6
- HP: 1600
- MP: 1000
- Drops: Hi-Potion (Always)

As you can see, there are two parts to Ymir. Biggs tells you a little bit about
this creature. Apparently, Ymir absorbs lightning. They also tell you to not
attack the shell under any circumstances, but you still could if you wanted too.

This battle is not hard, as is the case with most 1st bosses of any game.

To win the battle, all you really have to do is defeat the Head, which only has
1600 HP. Some people want to take out the Shell to get that Ether, but that can
take a very long time, so it's really up to you.

Everytime you see the message "Ymir: Grawwwk...", stop attacking the head. The
head will then disappear into its shell, not to come out until you see the
Grawwwk message again.

If you attack the shell, Ymir counters with Megavolt. If you get hit by this,
make sure you heal the injured characters.

NOTE: If you're one of those that want to take out the shell, know that since
the Shell only has 120 MP, he'll only be able to fire off 6 Megavolts total.
After that, he'll run out of MP, which means no more Megavolt against you. As
long as you keep healing when necessary, you should easily be able to take out
the Shell. If you want the Hi-Potion AND the Ether, you'll have to take out both
the shell and the head in the same turn, so make sure you have a calculator
nearby when doing this.

Summary: Attack head only with any beams for Biggs/Wedge, but use Magitek
Missile with Terra.


Once Ymir is defeated, enter the next cave and you'll find the frozen esper!

The Esper will somehow react to Terra. Somehow Biggs and Wedge are blown off the
screen, never to be seen again.

4.2 Narshe: Arvis' House                                                [4.002]

Items Found:
- Elixir (Clock)

NOTE: 2 Sleeping Bags were added to your inventory.

You find yourself in a random bed. Wake up and talk to the old guy (Arvis).

Arvis has taken the liberty of removing the slave crown from your head, which
was used by the Empire to control you. Terra cannot remember anything because of
it. Arvis reassures you that your memory will return... eventually.

You get to name Terra now. Name her whatever you want, but her name is Terra, so
that's what I called her.

All of a sudden guards show up at Arvis' door, demanding he hand over the girl,
since she's a soldier of the Empire. Arvis tells you there's no time to explain
and shows you out the back door.

Don't forget to grab the Elixir on your way out.

4.3 Narshe: Mines (Escaping from Narshe Guards)                         [4.003]

New Monsters: 
#278 - Guard Leader

Monster Formations:

- Bandit, Spritzer (0 AP)
- Spritzer x2 (1 AP)
- Wererat x2 (0 AP)

Protecting Terra from Soldiers:
- Megalodoth, Silver Lobo (1 AP)
- Silver Lobo x2, Guard Leader (0 AP)

Items Found:
- Phoenix Down -> Guard Bracelet (WoR)
- Sleeping Bag -> Elixir (WoR)

As you cross the bridge, Narshe guards will spot you below and run off. Enter
the mines.

If you want to do some leveling (I would suggest it, unless you're doing a LLG
[Low-Level-Game]), move Terra back to the front row. If you leave her in the
back she'll only deal 50% damage, but also take less damage. Moving to the front
does allow her to kill Spritzer and Bandit with one attack, though.

If you need to heal, either use a Potion you should be collecting if you're
fighting a lot, or use the spell Cure.

When you're facing more than one monster at a time, you could also use MT Fire
spell (MT means Multi-Target; Select Fire, then use the R button to make it
target all the enemies) to take care of them. Don't forget that your MP is
limited at this point of the game. If you do run out of MP, you *could* use your
Elixir, but it'd be better to save it for more desperate times.

After the Save Point, you'll come across a chest on a raised platform to the
right. Right now it contains a Phoenix Down, which is a nice item to have.
However, if you leave it now, it will change into a Pod Bracelet later (WoR).
You'll encounter several of these chests towards the beginning of the game.
Luckily for you, I'm here to tell you what they contain now, and what they'll
change to later. I suggest leaving the Phoenix Down and getting the Pod Bracelet

To the left is another chest. This one contains a Sleeping Bag now, and turns
into an Elixir later (WoR). By the time you reach WoR you'll be able to have
tons of Elixirs, so go ahead and grab the Sleeping Bag, as its more useful to
you now than an Elixir will be to you later.

NOTE: When you're ready to move on, de-equip the Mythril Knife and Buckler.

When you continue along the path the Narshe Guards will catch up to you and
push you into a corner. Lucky for you, the floor underneath you breaks and you
fall through it. Unlucky for you, you pass out afterwards, but not before
having some flashbacks.

1st Flashback:
You'll be in Kefka's Throne Room. You see him put the Slave Crown on Terra's

2nd Flashback:
Terra in a Magitek Armor facing 3 Imperial Soldiers. She uses Fire Beam and
instantly kills one of them. Kefka, who is happy with this performance, tells
her to burn them all to crisp, then laughs evily.

3rd Flashback:
Emperor Gestahl talking to a crowd (crowd meaning 14 Soldiers), informing them
that magic is on their side again [Terra]. Behind Emperor Gestahl are (from
left to right) Kefka, General Leo, and General Celes.

After this, the scene shifts back to Arvis' house. You now get to name Locke.
Guess what I named him?

Locke is a thief. I don't care if he prefers the term Treasure Hunter, he's a
thief. Locke has one of the most useful skills in the game - Steal. This allows
him to steal items/weapons/things from enemies.

You can read about it by searching for: [stel]

Arvis informs Locke that he met "the girl" *gasp*. He also mentions that Narshe
is not willing to join an underground resistance group like the Returners.
Locke's task is now to get "the girl" out of Narshe and to Figaro.

FYI: Arvis and Locke are both Returners.

The scene then changes back to where Terra lays unconscious. How did Locke know
where she was so quickly (After all, he gets there before the Narshe Guards get
there, and they only had to go one floor down)?

Speaking of the devil, the Narshe Guards appear at the other end of the cave.
Actually, it's just one (with 5 of his friends). You may be wondering how Locke
is going to handle all 6 enemies... but then two white creatures appear from
behind you. These are Moogles, and they're your friends. They will help you
fight the guards in order to protect Terra.

Taken from in-game:
You'll fight using 3 different groups. Press Select to switch between them.
Defeat the leader of the guards before hism en reach Terra, or the battle's

Now you'll have 3 groups. Here's each group:

NOTE: The level +X means the party's average level plus or minus that amount.
The game includes Locke when calculating the levels for the Moogles, so the
calculation is as follows. ((Terra's level + Locke's level) / 2) = average.
Locke's level is always 2 higher than Terra's, so you could really reduce it to:
Average level = Terra's level + 1

Each character's equipment is listed below their name

1st Group:
- Locke (Level: +2)
  - Right Hand: Dagger
  - Head:       Leather Cap
  - Body:       Leather Armor
- Moglin (Level: +2)
  - Right Hand: Mythril Spear
  - Left Hand:  Buckler
- Mogret (Level: +0) 
  - Left Hand:  Morning Star
  - Right Hand: Buckler
- Moggie (Level: +0)
  - Left Hand:  Mythril Claws
  - Right Hand: Buckler

2nd Group:
- Mog (Level: +5)
  - Left Hand:  Mythril Spear
  - Right Hand: Mythril Shield
- Molulu (Level: -3)
  - Left Hand:  Chain Flail
  - Right Hand: Buckler
- Moghan (Level: +0)
  - Left Hand:  Mythril Sword
  - Right Hand: Buckler
- Moguel (Level: +2)
  - Left Hand:  Moonring Blade
  - Right Hand: Buckler

3rd Group:
- Mogsy (Level: +2)
 - Left Hand:  Chocobo Brush
 - Right Hand: Buckler
- Mogwin (Level: +0)
 - Left Hand:  Mythril Spear
 - Right Hand: Buckler
- Mugmug (Level: +0)
 - Left Hand:  Mythril Sword
 - Right Hand: Buckler
- Cosmog (Level: +2)
 - Left Hand:  Boomerang
 - Right Hand: Buckler

So what does all this tell you? Not much. I just felt like listing the
equipment, leave me alone.

Anyway, you should've unequipped the Mythril Knife and Buckler. Equip both these
on Locke to boost his stats a little bit.

I suggest you plan ahead and use Locke's group for the "Boss" battle. This
simply means you should use the other two groups to get rid of the 5 other

If any of the soldiers reach Terra, Locke says "No...! I failed her..." and you
get a Game Over. Don't let this happen.

The 5 soldiers are all: Silver Lobo, Megalodoth
The last one being: Silver Lobo x2, Guard Leader

After you win one battle with Mog, he will learn his first dance: Twilight
Requiem. Just like Locke has Steal, Mog has Dances. Each of Mog's dances has a
random effect of doing one of four different things. Twilight Requiem's attacks
are as follows:

7/16 - Cave In (Reduces enemy's HP to 25% of current HP)
6/16 - Snare (Kills one enemy)
2/16 - Will o' the Wisp (Fire-Elemental attack)
1/16 - Poisonous Frog (Poison-Elemental attack, Poisons enemy if still alive)

All very useful attacks, so go crazy with Mog's Dance. Mog can also learn many
other Dances throughout the game.

NOTE: Before you fight Guard Leader, remove Mog's Mythril Spear and Mythril
      Shield. Give the Mythril Shield to Locke.

BOSS: Guard Leader

Guard Leader (0 EXP, 350 Gil)
- Level: 8
- HP: 420
- MP: 150
- Drops: Hi-Potion (Always)
- Steals: Mythril Knife (Common)

Why did I tell you fight this guy with Locke? Because Locke can Steal. You'll
want to steal the Mythril Knife here.

Make sure you only kill one Silver Lobo, not both. If you kill both, Guard
Leader will use Charge, which will do around 110 damage. As long as he's not
alone on the field, he won't use.

Summary: Kill Silver Lobo, leave other one alive. Steal Mythril Knife, kill
Guard Leader, kill other Silver Lobo.


After the battle, Locke will thank the Moogles (who disappeared immediately)
and then takes Terra and walks through the caves to a secret exit, which he
triggers by a switch. REMEMBER THIS EXIT. You'll be back later and need to make
use of this exit, so remember where it is (I will still tell you where it is,
so you don't really have to remember where it is if you plan on using this guide
all the way through the game).

Terra just happens to wake up after Locke hits the switch to open the exit.
Locke promises to protect Terra until her memory returns.

Turns out this secret exit to the caves was to the west of the entrance of
Narshe. Cool.

Before you leave, talk to the guy standing outside the house you see. This is
"a school for the beginning adventurer", so why don't we take a look inside.

4.4 Narshe: Adventuring School                                          [4.004]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations:
- Silver Lobo

Items Found:
- Potion (Advanced Battle Tactics [West Room])
- Sleeping Bag (Battle Tactics [Middle Room])
- Ether (Field Science [East Room])

This house will just teach you a little bit about the game.

The Advanced Battle Tactics (West Room) teaches you about:

1. Image status
2. The three basic elements
3. Reflect Spell
4. Specialized Battle Commands (Runic, Trance, Dance, Rage)
5. Reraise & Regen
6. Undead Creatures
7. Status Effects (Invisibility, Imp, Zombie, Sleep, Confusion)
8. Short note about Bushido Techniques
9. Desperation Attacks (Briefly mentions them)

Also grab the Potion in the chest.

The Battle Tactics (Middle Room) teaches you about many things about the battle
menu. Grab the Sleeping Bag in the chest here.

The Field Science (East Room) has an Ether in the pot, and a battle with a
single Silver Lobo in the chest. This room teaches you about anything else the
other two rooms didn't teach you.

You might also want to "talk" to the bucket in the main room. This bucket will
somehow recover your HP and MP. How? Don't care, just be happy it does.

When you're ready to move on, leave this building and exit Narshe.

4.5 Overworld: Narshe to Figaro Castle                                  [4.005]

New Monsters:
#7  - Leaf Bunny
#8  - Darkwind
#9  - Sand Ray
#10 - Alacran

Monster Formations:

- Leaf Bunny (0 AP)
- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind (0 AP)

- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind  (0 AP)
- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind x2 (0 AP)

- Sand Ray x2 (1 AP)
- Alacran x3 (1 AP)
- Sand Ray, Alacran x2 (1 AP)
- Sand Ray, Alacran x3 (1 AP)

Before you go anywhere, equip the Mythril Knife you stole from Guard Leader on
Terra, as well as a Buckler (the one that Locke had, before you gave him the
Mythril Shield).

Now, you can go out into the grass and fight two new weak enemies. You can steal
Potions from Leaf Bunny and Darkwind if you need them.

NOTE: Don't forget, if you need some healing (and you're willing to go back
Narshe), you can go back in the Adventuring School and get healed by that

The same enemies appear in the Forest and Grass, but if you want to do some
leveling, you better go to the forest as you will encounter more (very easy)
enemies here.

The desert has slightly harder battles. I highly recommend stealing some
Antidotes from the Sand Ray (the Alacran just have Potions).

Fun Fact: There's a hidden Chocobo Stable in the forest south-west of Figaro
Castle. For just 100 gil, you can ride a Chocobo across the Overworld. This may
not be useful now, but later on you might find a few uses for it. While riding
on a Chocobo, you don't fight any random battles. To get off the Chocobo, simply
press B, but once you get off, it will return to the stable.

When you're done leveling up, or riding Chocobos around, or doing whatever you
were doing, enter Figaro Castle.

4.6 Figaro Castle                                                       [4.006]

Monsters: None

Items Found:
- Potion (East Shop [Left Chest])
- Antidote (East Shop [Right Chest])
- Gold Needle (West Shop)
- Phoenix Down (Room above Throne Room)

  ____________________________       ____________________________
 /          Item Shop         \     /         Weapon Shop        \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| Potion (50 Gil)             |    | Auto Crossbow (250 Gil)     |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            |    | Noiseblaster (500 Gil)      |
| Antidote (50 Gil)           |    | Bioblaster (750 Gil)        |
| Gold Needle (200 Gil)       |    |_____________________________|
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

Welcome to Figaro Castle. Head straight up to end up in the Throne Room, where
the king (Edgar) is just sitting there, doing nothing like a true RPG King.

King Edgar (from now on referred to as simply Edgar) has tried to be a player
his entire life. If he has ever succeeded, I cannot say, but he does try to hit
on Terra. Besides that, Edgar mentions that the Empire and Figaro are allies...
is that really a good thing? We'll see.

After Edgar's failed attempts at flattering you, he leaves, leaving you to
explore the castle. Go around and grab all the chests (one in the Item Shop, two
in the Weapon Shop, and one above the Throne Room [walk out of the Throne Room
and take either the left/right door to find the chest]).

Now head over to the shops. You can buy whatever you want (provided you have
money of course) in the Item Shop, but I recommend buying a Tent or two (only
if you can afford it). Over in the Weapon Shop, you should probably buy a
Noiseblaster and a Bioblaster. Don't buy an Auto Crossbow. Why? Well, you
somehow already got one by talking to Edgar. What is it with random things
showing up in your Inventory? Oh well, let's not complain.

Now you can go explore anything else you want. To advance with the story-line,
take the left path of the castle (out in the courtyard), go down the stairs,
head outside, and re-enter the castle to the left.

This room seems to be Edgar's bedroom - how nice. Talk to the High Priestess
here. She'll tell you that Edgar has a twin brother, and then go into a
flashback. Edgar's twin brother comes in and asks Edgar what's wrong with dad,
the king. Edgar calls him blind for not seeing how thin the king's face has
become, then walks off crying. You now get to assign a name to the twin brother.

His name is Sabin, so let's call him that. Apparently Sabin left the castle when
he was younger... we'll find out more about this later I'm sure.

After you've talked to the High Priestess, Edgar will be sitting in his chair
in the Throme Room again. Doing nothing, still. When you talk to him, Edgar
attempts to make small talk with Terra, but is rudely interrupted by a
messenger, announcing that someone from the Empire is here to talk to Edgar.

Probably Kefka, Edgar says. Kefka is one of the Empire's top generals, and
you'll be seeing him many times during the game. In fact, you see him now,
complaining about sand in his boots. Once Kefka is in the courtyard, you get to
control Edgar.

Edgar's level is determined by average party level +2. In other words:
Edgar's level = ((Terra's level + Locke's level) / 2) +2

He comes equipped with the following:
- Right Hand: Mythril Sword
- Left Hand:  Buckler
- Head: Leather Cap
- Body: Leather Armor

First things first: Switch out the Mythril Sword with the Mythril Spear (which
you should've taken from Mog in the Narshe Mines). Edgar's special skill is
called Tools.

You can read about it by searching for: [tool]

There's not many places you can go now: Either up, or down. Locke blocks the
way up, so go down.

For some reason you can't talk to Kefka directly. You have to talk to BOTH of
the soldiers next to Kefka before Kefka talks.

Kefka says he's looking for "A girl of no importance". He seems to know she's
here at Figaro Castle, and wants Edgar to hand her over, since they have an
alliance and all. Yeah, right. Edgar just tells Kefka that there are more
females at Figaro Castle than there are grains of sand. Kefka leaves, but not
before saying "I hope nothing happens to your castle". In other words, something
bad is going to happen to the castle.

NOTE: If you want, you can take Edgar outside of the castle and level him up or
try out some of his Tools.

When you're ready to continue, talk to Locke up top. Terra shows up, and Edgar
tells Locke to take her to her room. You are now in control of Terra again, and
Locke tells you to follow him.

Before you do anything though: Terra should be equipped with a Mythril Knife
now. But you have a Mythril Sword (You got it from Edgar - remember?), so swap
those two items, as the Sword is stronger than the Knife.

Now go follow Locke. If you don't know where he went, go down and remember how
you went into the left wing earlier to find the High Priestess? Yeah, you'll be
doing the same thing, but on the right side. Head through the right door, into
the library and down the stairs, and then head outside. Enter the right wing of
the castle.

NOTE: If you have any other preparation you want to do, make sure you do it
before you talk to Locke.

Talk to Locke. He informs that on the surface, Figaro is the Empire's ally. But
in reality, Edgar is collaborating with the underground resistance group called
the Returners (This is the same group that Arvis in Narshe was talking about).

Terra is confused, as she thinks she's an Imperial soldier still. Locke tries to
comfort her by saying it's not her fault, since the Empire was controlling her.

Locke then leaves and everyone goes to bed. Next thing you know, Edgar wakes up
and runs into the courtyard. The castle is on fire! Apparently Kefka set the
castle on fire. So much for that alliance.

Head up and talk to the soldier. In record time, the soldier has run and gotten
three Chocobos from who-knows-where, and sent them to Edgar. Edgar jumps off the
castle wall onto a Chocobo (wouldn't that hurt?), and rides the Chocobos
around the back side of the castle. On the other side, the speedy soldier from
earlier has told Locke and Terra to wait on the bridge. Those two then jump off
the bridge (Ouch dammit!) and onto the Chocobo. Talk about an escape. But wait,
it gets better.

You ride around to the front of the castle, and Locke hits a switch, which then
enables "Figaro Dive Mode". The entire castle then proceeds to sink into the
sand. Talk about a badass castle.

Kefka is not too happy with the recent events, and sends two Magitek soldiers
after you.

BOSS: Magitek Armor x2

New Monsters: 
#279 - Magitek Armor

Magitek Armor (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 8
- HP: 210
- MP: 250
- Drops: Hi-Potion
- Steals: Hi-Potion (1/8), Potion (7/8)

You get to fight two of these.

Edgar should be using Noiseblaser most of the time to confuse the Magiteks.
When they're confused and they use Magitek Laser, they attack themselves for
massive damage (80-100).

Have Locke try to steal that Hi-Potion, but get whatever you can.

If you use a physical attack on the Magiteks, they will no longer be confused,
so just have Terra use an MT Fire spell.

You can also get a rather funny scene after Terra uses a magic attack.

*Edgar jumps to the center of the screen, all wide-eyed.*
Locke: What's the matter, Edgar? What made you jump like that all of a sudden?
Edgar: D-d-did y-y-you just see what I saw? You did, right? Right!?
Locke: Yeah, this kid's really something, huh?
Edgar: Really... something!? That was magic! MA-GIC!!!
Locke: M-M-M-M-Magic!? She used magic!?
Edgar, Locke: *whisper, whisper* *whisper, whisper*
Edgar: Terra... Your name was Terra, right? What... what exactly was that just
Terra: I'm sorry, I...
Locke: No, we should be apologizing. I didn't mean to make such a big deal out
       of it...
Edgar: Nor did I, it just... surprised me. I mean, I've never actually seen
       magic before! Where did you...?
Terra: ...
Locke: It doesn't matter, does it, Edgar? Terra can use magic, we can't. That's
       all there is to it! The fact is... her magic could really help us right
Terra: Thank you, Locke! Thank you, Edgar!

After this, the fight continues as normal. Keep confusing/attacking with Edgar,
Stealing with Locke, and using magic with Terra.

The fight should be over in no time. If you're lucky, you'll win up to two

After the fight, you ride by Kefka again, who utters the line:
"Son of a sandworm!"
This line was changed from the SNES line (Son of a submariner), and this seems
to bother a lot of people. All I can say is: Oh well.

Running along, Edgar informs Terra they want her to meet someone. That someone
happens to be Banon, the leader of the Returners! Terra is still confused about
what she should do, but decides to go along with Edgar and Locke.

You are then told that you should make your way to the Cave to South Figaro.
This cave is to the south-east of the desert, so either make your way over then
with the Chocobo, or dismount and walk there.

4.7 South Figaro Cave                                                   [4.007]

New Monsters:
#11 - Foper
#12 - Hornet
#13 - Urok

Monster Formations:

1st Cave:
- Hornet x2, Foper x3 (1 AP)
- Hornet, Urok x2 (1 AP)

Everywhere else:
- Urok x3 (1 AP)
- Foper x2, Urok
- Hornet x2 (1 AP)

Items Found:
- Ether -> Thunder Rod (Up the West stairs in 2nd room)
- Ether -> Ether (East end of Main Cave)
- Phoenix Down -> X-Potion (West end of Main Cave)

Steals: Fopers and Hornets give out Potions. You should have plenty of these by
now. Urok also give out Potions, but they have a new Rare Steal - Remedy. If
you're lucky you might get one or two of these.

If you head straight up when you first enter the cave, you'll find a Recovery
Spring. Sweet. If you want to level up, this is the room to do it.

How to handle the monsters in here: Have Edgar use Auto Crossbow, it pretty much
owns anything in here. Doesn't really matter what you have Locke and Terra do.

I recommend you don't grab ANY of the chests. They all turn into better items
later on in the game (fairly soon actually), so just leave them closed for now.

Not much to say here. The enemies are all fairly easy (especially with Auto
Crossbow), and there's nothing else to this cave. Just walk through, ignoring
all the chests.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're aiming for a 100% Bestiary, make SURE you encounter
all three monsters available here. In a little while, the monsters in this cave
WILL change and if you missed any of these three, you'll have missed them
forever. You've been warned.

4.8 Overworld: Around South Figaro                                      [4.008]

New Monsters:
#14 - Belmodar
#15 - Unseelie
#16 - Mu

Monster Formations:

- Belmodar (3 AP)
- Mu x2, Unseelie (1 AP)
- Unseelie x2 (1 AP)

- Mu x4 (0 AP)
- Belmodar, Mu x2 (1 AP)
- Belmodar, Unseelie, Mu x2 (1 AP)

Steals: Belmodar's Rare Steal is Mythril Claws. Definitely get one of these for
later. Unseelie's Rare Steal is the Buckler. Don't bother stealing those. If
you really want one, you can buy one in a few minutes. Mu's Common Steal is
Antidote, which can't hurt, so try to grab a couple of those.

Edgar's Auto Crossbow is still useful. Belmodar is a little tougher, but will
still only take 2-3 hits to take down.

Once you've gotten one set of Mythril Claws and stolen however many Antidotes
you'd like to have, enter South Figaro.

4.9 South Figaro                                                        [4.009]

Inn Cost: 80 Gil

Monsters: None

Items Found:
- Potion          -> Holy Water (West of Chocobo Stable [Top Barrel])
- Green Cherry    -> Tent (East of Chocobo Stable [Middle Crate])
- Gold Needle     -> Elixir (Southwest corner of town [Crate])
- Antidote        -> Tent (North of Docks entrance [Top Barrel])
- Eye Drops       -> Remedy (North of Docks Entrance [Top Crate])
- Potion          -> X-Potion (Between Armory Entrances)
- Teleport Stone  -> Phoenix Down (On top of town wall, South-West end [Barrel])
- Phoenix Down (By back entrance of Rich Man's house*)

* Enter big house in northwest part of town. Exit out the right door, and search
  the bottom barrel

- Potion (Basement in Old Man's house [Bucket])
- Elixir (Basement behind Rich Man's House [Clock]*)
- Hyper Wrist    (Hidden tunnel below Rich Man's house **)
- Hermes Sandals (Hidden tunnel below Rich Man's house **)
- 500 Gil  (Clock room below Rich Man's house***)
- 1000 Gil (Clock room below Rich Man's house***)
- 1500 Gil (Clock room below Rich Man's house***)
- Empty    (Clock room below Rich Man's house***)

* Enter northwest house. Exit out the right door, and walk around the house to
  enter a secret room. Search the clock.
** Enter northwest house. Go upstairs. Enter left room. Go down secret stairs
   behind bookcase. Go down again. Go right until you hit a wall, then straight
   down and right to go down secret staircase. Get the chests from the prison
*** Follow above instructions up until you go downstairs twice. Enter the east
    room and open Left Chest (500 Gil), the chest to the right of it (1000 Gil),
    and the two chests on the east side of the room (Left one is 1500 Gil, Right
    chest is Empty)

  ____________________________       ____________________________
 /          Item Shop         \     /         Weapon Shop        \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
| Potion (50 Gil)             |    | Dagger (150 Gil)            |
| Antidote (50 Gil)           |    | Mythril Knife (300 Gil)     |
| Gold Needle (200 Gil)       |    | Mythril Sword (450 Gil)     |
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          |    | Great Sword (800 Gil)       |
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       |    | Noiseblaster (500 Gil)      |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |    | Bioblaster (750 Gil)        |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |    |_____________________________|
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /         Armor Shop         \
| Buckler (200 Gil)           |
| Heavy Shield (400 Gil)      |
| Hairband (150 Gil)          |
| Plumed Hat (250 Gil)        |
| Cotton Robe (200 Gil)       |
| Kenpo Gi (250 Gil)          |

Welcome to South Figaro. First, let's hit the shops.

Item Shop: Buy a couple Gold Needles, you might need some soon. 2-3 should do.

Weapon Shop: Buy a Mythril Sword for Locke. And a Great Sword for Terra.

Armor Shop: Buy two Heavy Shields (Terra, Edgar). Three Plumed Hat (All three).
            Buy a Cotton Robe (Terra). Lastly, one Kenpo Gi (Locke).

Your equipment should be as follows now:

Terra: Great Sword / Heavy Shield / Plumed Hat / Cotton Robe
Locke: Mythril Sword / Mythril Shield / Plumed Hat / Kenpo Gi
Edgar: Mythril Spear / Heavy Shield / Plumed Hat / Leather Armor

If this isn't your equipment, you haven't been following this guide. Shame on

Then go into the Relic Shop (Same door as the Inn). You will get a little
tutorial on Relics:

Relics can grant you a variety of abilities. For example...
1. Sprint Shoes double your walking speed.
2. A gauntlet lets you hold a weapon with both hands to increase damage.
3. The Knight's Code makes you shield others in combat.
4. Dragon boots allow you to perform jump attacks.
A person can equip up to two relics at the same time.

 /         Relic Shop         \
| Sprint Shoes (1500 Gil)     |
| Silver Spectacles (500 Gil) |
| Star Pendant (500 Gil)      |
| Jeweled Ring (1000 Gil)     |
| Knight's Code (1000 Gil)    |

Get three Star Pendants (One for each). I'd get at least one Sprint Shoes to be
able to walk twice as fast (Note that in the Config menu you can set Auto-Dash
on, which is like a permanent Sprint Shoes equipped, but Sprint Shoes will still
speed you up even with Auto-Dash on). Also, get a Jeweled Ring or two.

Now that the shops are out of the way, it's time to get some items. As you can
see above, the items outside all change except for the last Phoenix Down. Out
of the other ones that are outside, I would only grab the Green Cherry. Leave
all the other ones and get them after they change (they change once you get to
WoR; don't worry about it for now).

Then there's the items that are indoors, which don't change, so you might as
well go get them now. From where you got the Phoenix Down, walk around behind
the Rich Man's house, and enter the secret room. Search the clock for an Elixir.

Go back inside, and head upstairs in the Rich Man's house. Take the left door
(take note of the Rich Man writing a letter...). There's a hidden staircase
behind the bookcase on the west wall here. Descend both sets of stairs. From
here, go all the way right, then all the way down. It will seem like you have
disappeared into the wall. Just go right and you'll descend *another* secret
staircase. Here you can get the Hyper Wrist and Hermes Sandals, two rather nice
relics. Equip them both on two characters, doesn't really matter who.

Go back up the secret staircase and enter the east room. This is where you'll
find the chests containing 500 Gil, 1000 Gil, 1500 Gil, and nothing (Empty).
Also, remember this room for later.

Let's get out of this Rich Man's house now, you've robbed him of enough things
for now. Head over to the Old Man's house (which is in the south-east corner
of town). Go downstairs and examine the bucket for a Potion.

There, wasn't that fun?

Head over to the Pub now. You'll see a guy dressed in black standing at the
bar (he has a dog as well). Talk to this guy to get a rather amusing line from
"Right, ignore us and maybe we'll just disappear..."

At least I thought it was funny. Leave me alone. Anyway, you'll get to name
this guy, whose name happens to be Shadow (Trivia: Shadow's dog's name is
Interceptor). Shadow is an assassin, who would even "kill his own best friend
for the right price". Damn. That's all there is to him for now, but since we
just got to name him, you know he'll show up again later (RPG logic).

That's about it for South Figaro this time around. Make sure you're rested up
(Inn costs 80 Gil), and head out when you're ready.

4.10 Overworld: Sabin's Hut & Mt. Kolts                                 [4.010]

Items Found:
- Potion

After leaving South Figaro, go straight north and enter the little Hut you see.

When you walk into the hut, Edgar starts noticing things.

Edgar: Hmm...? What's that smell...?

Examine the flowers by the entrance:
Edgar: These flowers... He always liked these...

Examine the cabinet to the left of the two beds:
Edgar: These dishes... They're just like the ones he always used!

Examine the stove:
Edgar: This tea... It was his favorite.

Examine the bucket next to the stove:
Obtained Potion! (Gotcha.)

You can take a nap in the beds if you want. When you try to leave, Edgar finally
reveals what the hell he's talking about:
Edgar: Could Sabin be living here...?

It seems his long-lost twin brother might be living here. After you exit, a
random old guy has appeared in front of the well. Talking to him reveals that
Sabin indeed did live there. Unfortunately, Master Duncan, Sabin's mentor, has
been killed. Sabin went up to the mountains because of this (Seems logical,
right? Your mentor is killed, let's go to the mountains).

Also, Duncan's son, Vargas, is also missing. Hmm.. weird coincidence?

Anyway, leave the area after this. Make your way towards Mt. Kolts, which is
north-east of South Figaro.

4.11 Mt. Kolts                                                          [4.011]

New Monsters:
#17 - Zaghrem
#18 - Trillium
#19 - Gorgias
#20 - Cirpius
#280 - Vargas
#281 - Ipooh

Monster Formations:

- Zaghrem x2 (1 AP)
- Gorgias x2 (1 AP)

- Cirpius x3 (1 AP)
- Gorgias, Cirpius x3 (1 AP)

Area where you fight Vargas (After the Save Point):
- Trillium x2 (1 AP)
- Trillium, Gorgias, Cirpius x2 (1 AP)
- Vargas, Ipooh x2 [Boss] (0 AP)

Slopes after Vargas (Go through cave and exit):
- Zaghrem, Trillium, Spritzer x2 (1 AP)
- Gorgias x2 (1 AP)

Items Found:
- Main Gauche (Hidden passage South-East of main cave)
- Gigas Glove (Hidden passage North-East of main cave)
- Tent (First Cave after bridge)
- Tent (Cave after you fight Vargas)

Steals: Zaghrem's Rare Steal is Bandana. You might want to get 3 (Locke, Terra,
and a new character shortly), but that might take a while since it *is* a
Rare Steal. I'd still get 3 if I were you. Trillium has Remedy for a Rare Steal
again. Gorgias' Rare Steal is Hi-Potion, which is nice. Cirpius' Rare Steal is
... Potion? Yeah. But Common Steal is Antidote.

Like I said above, if you want and have the time for it, you can get 3 Bandanas.
They are slightly better Headgear to have. It's up to you, really.

How to handle the monsters: Zaghrem is no nothing big here. Gorgias, however,
is a different story. Every time you use a physical attack on them, they have a
1/3 chance of countering with Gore, a pretty strong physical attack. Use Auto
Crossbow and MT Fire against them. Cirpius are nothing dangerous, either. They
can be taken care of with Auto Crossbow. If they somehow last three turns, they
*may* use Beak, which will instantly petrify a character (This is why I told you
to get a couple Gold Needles, in case this happens, which it shouldn't).

Lastly, Trillium. These guys aren't too difficult. The only bad thing about
them is their Poison Touch attack, which they don't even use that much. This
attack will automatically poison you... except not. All of your characters
should have Star Pendant equipped, which prevents poison.

Pass through the first room to be on the slopes (in case you didn't know).
Re-enter the cave and notice a square-ish block in front of you. Go down and
around it to bypass it and exit the cave to get the chest outside: Main Gauche.
Equip this on Locke.

Go back in the cave, and notice the first bridge ahead. Don't cross it, but go
to the right of it. There's a hidden passage here you can't see. Follow it to
get the Gigas Glove. This is a better Relic than Hyper Wrist. It boosts phyiscal
damage by 25%, which is why you should equip it on Edgar to boost the already
strong Auto Crossbow. Backtrack to the bridge, and cross it to find yourself
outside... but wait, did you just see a shadow or something? Nah.

Continue along the slopes and enter the first cave you see. Cross this cave and
go outside to find a Tent. Get back on the slopes and enter the next cave you
see. Just cross the bridges to go back outside. Just continue on, until you get
to the next cave, which has a Save Point. This means we're close to the end.

Exit the cave, and you'll be on a long slopes area. Simply travel towards the
bottom, where the scene will shift to the right real quick, and you'll see
someone jumping down the slopes. Continue along and prepare for a boss fight.

This guy (same guy you thought you saw earlier) is Vargas, Master Duncan's son.
He thinks you have something to do with Sabin, who he doesn't seem to like very
much. All of a sudden, he attacks you. How rude.

BOSS: Vargas

Vargas (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 12
- HP: 11600
- MP: 220
- Drops: None
- Steals: Mythril Claws (1/8), Potion (7/8)

Ipooh x2 (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 11
- HP: 360
- MP: 60
- Drops: None
- Steals: Hi-Potion (Always)

You shouldn't have to steal the Mythril Claws from Vargas, since you already
stole some from Belmodar earlier, right? Good. Definitely steal both Hi-Potions
from the Ipooh's (what a weird name).

To get to Vargas, you gotta go through both Ipoohs. After you steal the
Hi-Potion from one of them, finish them off with an ST Fire spell and some
physical attacks, they're not too difficult and only have 360 HP. Their attacks
include Claw, a simple physical attack.

Vargas will use Gale Cut every now and then, which does about 50 HP damage to
all three characters. After about a minute, Vargas will taunt you by saying:
"Come one! What's the matter?" Ignore this fool if he says that.

Once the Ipooh's are gone, you're free to damage Vargas. Don't be intimidated by
his high HP, you don't have to get his HP to 0. Once you do a total of 720
damage to Vargas, he will say:
"Enough of this! I'll send you all to the great beyond!"

It seems this is the cue for a new character to appear:
"That's enough, Vargas!"
Vargas: Ah, if it isn't Sabin!
Sabin: Why, Vargas? Why did you kill Master Duncan? How could you kill your own
Vargas: The fool snubbed me, his only son! He chose you as his successor!
Sabin: That's not true! Our master-
Vargas: It's true and you know it! It's written in that ugly sneer across your
Sabin: He wanted you to be his successor, not me! He knew you had the most
Vargas: I'm sick of listening to your lies! I've got far more than just
        potential! Why don't you see for yourself?

Then Vargas uses Blizzard Fist, which blows everyone off the screen - except

After a few more lines from Vargas and Sabin, you have to fight Vargas with
Sabin (he's by himself).

You will also see a counter above Sabin's head. The counter starts at 60 and
counts down to 0. If the counter reaches 0, Sabin automatically dies, which
results in a Game Over. Needless to say, don't let this happen.

Just have Sabin attack Vargas a couple times. Once Sabin has done 512 damage to
Vargas, Vargas says it's time to end this. Sabin says in order to win, he must
use a blitz technique.

many people have a very hard time performing a blitz technique for the first
time. In case you skip over this screen (which I'm convinced a lot of people
do), I give you the following two links:

Screenshot of the instructions the game gives you:

Link to Yoshi6400's Blitz Guide (very useful):

In case that doesn't do it for you, this is how you do a Blitz:
1. Move the cursor onto Blitz.
2. Push A.
3. Push Left. Let go of Left Button.
4. Push Right. Let go of Right Button.
5. Push Left. Let go of Left Button.
6. Push A.

Ta-da! I don't know why people have so much trouble with it, but I have now
given you three different ways of explaining how to do it. If you still can't
figure it out, I can't help you.

Anyway, doing this Blitz will have Sabin use "Raging Fist" against Vargas.
Vargas can't believe you already learned "that" technique. For some reason, this
Raging Fist defeats Vargas (who still had over 10000 HP left, but oh well).


After the fight, Edgar and Sabin reunite. Terra (somehow) had mistaken Sabin
for a bear, which boosts Sabin's confidence. Edgar briefly tells Sabin what you
guys are up to, which causes Sabin to want to join you.

Sabin's level is determined the same way as Edgar's and Locke's were:
Average Party Level + 2

Sabin's equipment is as follows:
- Right Hand: Metal Knuckles
- Left Hand:  Nothing
- Head:       Leather Cap
- Body:       Kenpo Gi

Last, but not least, Sabin's battle command is Blitz (duh).

You can read about it by searching for: [bltz]

Now to change Sabin's equipment. Give him the Mythril Claws in his Right Hand,
and a Buckler in the Left Hand. Should you have gotten several Bandanas earlier,
and you still have one, give it to Sabin now. His Kenpo Gi will have to do, as
you don't have anything better than that right now. You might as well give him
the Hyper Wrist Relic as well.

Going through the cave Vargas was guarding, you'll find the last item of
Mt. Kolts: a Tent. Exit the cave, and you'll be on the last slopes area of this
mountain, which is also where you can find Spritzer again, which seems kind of

Exit Mt. Kolts for good.

4.12 Overworld: Mt. Kolts to Returner Hideout                           [4.012]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations:

- Belmodar (3 AP)
- Mu x2, Unseelie (1 AP)
- Unseelie x2 (1 AP)

You've seen these enemies before. These are the same enemies that appear in the
grass around South Figaro (Where you stole the Mythril Claws).

Before going on to the Returners' Hideout, there's a little scene you can get,
now that you have Sabin in your party. If you really want to see it, head back
to South Figaro (all the way back through Mt. Kolts again) and talk to Duncan's
Wife. Duncan's House is the house in the south-east corner of town. If you don't
feel like walking all the way back to South Figaro, I will show you the scene

Duncan's Wife: Sabin, where are Vargas and Duncan...?
Sabin: Vargas... turned on our master... Vargas, he...
Duncan's Wife: Oh, Vargas... Why would he do such a thing? But my husband was
               able to pass his techniques along to you, Sabin... I'm sure he'd
               have no regrets.
Sabin: For the past ten years you've treated me like a son. I'll never forget
       all the things you've done for me!

And that was it. Go back through Mt. Kolts and enter the Returners' Hideout.

4.13 Returner Hideout                                                   [4.013]

Inn Cost: Free

Monsters: None

Items Found:
- Phoenix Down (In the room you first wake up in)
- Green Cherry (Next to statue in main room [Pot])
- Hi-Potion (Banon's room)
- Phoenix Down (Storeroom [Bottom-Left Chest])
- Air Knife (Storeroom [Bottom-Right Chest])
- Knight's Code (Storeroom [Top Left-Left Chest])
- Antidote (North wall of Storeroom [Bucket])
- Ether (North wall of Storeroom [Pot])
- White Cape (Hidden passage in east wall of Storeroom)

 /          Item Shop         \
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          |
| Potion (50 Gil)             | Nothing really all that useful here. You can
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         | buy Potions for the first time, but you should
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | have plenty if you've been Stealing a lot.
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |
| Sprint Shoes (1500 Gil)     |

Upon entering (always wanted to use the word "upon") the Returners' Hideout,
a fellow Returner will lead you to Banon. Enter the door. Carrier pigeons have
kept this guy up to date (yeah...), which is just a plot device used so you
don't have to explain everything. Banon has also heard that Terra killed 50
Imperial Soldiers in three minutes (I'd like to see how a pigeon told him that).
But nonetheless, he tells Terra that her power is not a curse, but rather a
gift. Weird fella.

You then wake up and find yourself in a room with Locke and a chest. Talk to
Locke and open the chest. You'll have to talk to each Locke, Edgar and Sabin
before moving on in your quest for... we don't know yet. Anyway, the chest
contains Phoenix Down, nice. Exit the room and enter the room north-west of your

This is the storeroom, which has a total of 6 items for you to get. Grab all the
chests for an Air Knife, Phoenix Down, and a Knight's Code. The bucket and pot
by the north wall contain Antidote (Bucket) and Ether (Pot). Now head over to
the right and you should find a secret passage in the wall, heading east. At the
end lies a chest with the White Cape.

Leave the storeroom and head over to the main room (with the big table). The
pot in the top-right corner has a Green Cherry. The room above the main room
(the same room where you talked to Banon) has a Hi-Potion. Also talk to Edgar
while you're here. Leave the room and talk to Sabin in the main room.

NOTE: Below the main room is the Inn, where you can rest for free.

One last thing to do: If you examine the top-right corner of the table, you'll
find a scrap of paper lying there. You can either "Toss it in the trash." or
"Leave it." If you toss it, nothing else happens. Lame. Choose to Leave it.

After you've talked to all three of your companions, talk to the Returner in
front of the entrance. He'll move aside and let you go outside, where you can
find Banon.

Talking to Banon is interesting, as you can produce several different results.
If you talk to him, he will ask you if you've made your decision on helping the

You will basically have to decide between the Gauntlet and the Genji Glove.
Get the Genji Glove, it's much better.

Saying Yes -> Banon gives you the Gauntlet. Then he will have a meeting (See
 Scenario: Meeting below).
Saying No once/twice -> You will head back inside. You can get the Genji Glove
 from the Returner in the Storeroom if you want it. If you go outside and say
 Yes, you'll get the Gauntlet (but only if you didn't get the Genji Glove). Then
 Banon will have a meeting (See Scenario: Meeting below).
Saying No three times -> Terra heads back inside, saying "How could anyone put 
 their hope in me?" Read on at "CONTINUE HERE:"

Scenario: Meeting
Banon will then have a meeting with everyone. If you left the scrap of paper:
Banon: Who threw this here? Don't you people know what a wastebasket looks like?
He then proceeds to throw it away himself. If you threw the paper away, he won't
say this. The meeting reveals that the Empire has had scholars going around,
researching Espers. Esper and Magitek seem to be linked in only one way: The War
of the Magi. *gasp* Banon is guessing that they are on the verge of a 2nd War
of Magi. 

A theory claims that humans were infused with energy taken from espers. Edgar
suggests that they need Magitek weapons of their own to fight the Empire. Banon
has a much better idea: Talk to an esper. And since Banon is the leader of these
guys, his idea is automatically much better.


Suddenly a wounded Returner stumbles in. He informs everyone that the Empire
has taken South Figaro and is headed their way. Locke goes off to slow down the
Empire in South Figaro. Everyone else will escape down Lethe River and then make
their way to Narshe.

If you said No three times, a Returner will give you the Genji Glove at this

You will now be in a little hallway. To know exactly where you are, I suggest
you head up. Notice how you're now in Banon's room? Yeah, there's a secret door
in south end of the room. Remember this door. Anyway, head back through that

You've obviously noticed that Locke left to slow down the Empire at South
Figaro. Replacing Locke is Banon. This is the only time in the game you'll

Banon's level = Average Party Level - 3

His equipment is as follows:
- Right Hand: Punisher
- Left Hand:  Nothing
- Head:       Magus Hat
- Body:       Silk Robe

You can't get this equipment, simply because the game won't let you. Oh well.

Banon's special "skill" is Pray. Pray casts Cura (a MT healing spell) on the
entire party. At least he's good for something.

One last thing to do before you advance:
Head back to Terra's Room (The room right next to the Storeroom). In bed is the
wounded soldier you just saw. Step on the square South-West of the chest to
witness a small cutscene:

Soldier: The Empire! The Empire's invading!
You: !
*You walk to the door and shake your head.. can't be*
You: What the...? Sleeptalking?

Now just make sure you're rested up (the Inn is free), and go through the door
in Banon's room. Go south through this room to come to the raging Lethe River.

NOTE: Locke's equipment is in your inventory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make SURE you have the following monsters in your Bestiary:
#11 - Foper
#12 - Hornet
#13 - Urok
They are found in the South Figaro cave. If you missed these, and you care about
having a complete Bestiary, hike back to South Figaro cave to get them. After
you jump into the river, you will never see these monsters again. You have been

4.14 Lethe River                                                        [4.014]

New Monsters:
#21 - Lesser Lopros
#22 - Nautiloid
#23 - Exocite
#282 - Ultros

Monster Formations:

- Nautiloid, Exocite (1 AP)
- Lesser Lopros, Exocite x2 (1 AP)
- Lesser Lopros x2 (1 AP)
- Nautiloid, Exocite, Lesser Lopros (1 AP)
- Ultros [Boss] (0 AP)

Items Found: None

Steals: What? You don't have Locke, silly.

Things to do before jumping in the River: Make sure Edgar has Gigas Glove. You
can give him whatever you want for the 2nd slot (I chose Hermes Sandals). Sabin
should have Hyper Wrist and Knight's Code (make SURE to do this. Sabin will
protect Banon in case Banon gets close to dying). You can give Terra the White
Cape and anything else you want (I chose Silver Spectacles).

Now hop into the River on a piece of wood.. uh, I mean the raft!

If Banon dies in this place, it's Game Over for you. This is why you equipped
the Knight's Code on Sabin (right?).

How to handle the monsters you meet here:

- Nautiloid are nothing to worry about. Their special attack is Ink, which just
sets Darkness status on you. Darkness makes your physical attack miss 50% of the

- Exocite is weak as well. It doesn't do anything special attack-wise.

- Lesser Lopros are your main worry here. They can use Fireball (MT-Fire spell)
which will do about 160 damage to each character! They have another attack
called Wing, which gives the target the Seizure status. Any character with
Seizure status will take damage every few seconds. You should keep these guys
confused with Noiseblaster.

Alternate strategy to finish these guys off quickly: Sabin. Depending on your
level, either use Aura Cannon or Rising Phoenix. Sabin learns Aura Cannon at
level 6, which is why you should already have it. He learns Rising Phoenix at
level 15. 

1. Aura Cannon is a ST-Holy attack. The command for it is: Down, Down, Left.

2. Rising Phoenix targets every monster, and is quite powerful. The command
to use it is: Left, Left, Down, Down, Right. Rising Phoenix will kill off most
monsters in one hit here. Easy.

If you ever get low on health, have Banon use his Pray command. Pray casts Cura
on the entire party. Not too bad for the old guy.

After you hop on, you will fight a battle or two, then be forced to choose a
direction (Left/Straight/Right). The shortest way is Left, the longest is
Straight. I'd choose Straight if I were you. The battles aren't hard, and you
might as well get the experience (unless you're doing a LLG of course).

After a few more battles, you'll come to a cave with a Save Point. You can cure
your guys with Darkness status here with a Remedy if you want. Since Remedys
are still quite rare, I wouldn't suggest this and just wait till you get to an
Inn. It shouldn't hinder you all that much anyway.

After you hop back on, you'll come to another choice of either Up or Left.

NOTE: This is where the old "Lete Leveling Trick" from the SNES days comes in.
If you choose Up here, you'll loop back around to this same spot. You can keep
going up, and loop back around forever. People in the SNES days have leveled up
multiple times using this trick. So if you want, you can do this as well. Keep
healing with Banon and you should have no problem whatsoever pulling off this

Obviously, if going Up loops you back around to the same spot, go Left to
continue. You'll come to another cave, with another Save Point. Get on the raft
one last time and prepare for a boss fight in a minute.

You'll fight one or two more battles, before being stopped by an octopus.

Enter: Ultros

BOSS: Ultros

Ultros (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 13
- HP: 3000
- MP: 640
- Drops: None
- Steals: None

You'll meet the octopus Ultros for the first time here. During the entire game,
you fight him a total of four times.

Ultros likes to talk. When the battle first starts, he says:
"Gwee-hee-hee... You're up the creek without a paddle! And I'm not gonna let you
through! ...Does that make me a bad octopus?"

After this he'll attack a random character with a physical attack.

After 10 seconds, he'll say: "Oh, that one's a tasty morsel! I'd love to get my
tentacles around her... *sluuuuuurp*!" Then he'll attack Terra with Tentacle,
which will do over 200 damage!

After more time has passed, he'll say: "Muscle heads? Hate 'em!" Guess who he's
going to attack now? Sabin.

As you can see, his Tentacle attack is something to watch out for. Make sure
you keep healing with Banon, or you will have characters die here. Don't forget:
If Banon dies, it's Game Over.

He can also use the Ink attack you saw earlier, which casts Darkness status on
the target.

If you attack him with a Fire Spell or Rising Phoenix, he'll say "Yeeeouch!
Seafood soup is NOT on the menu!" and attack the person who attacked him in the
first place (Terra for Fire, Sabin for Rising Phoenix) with Ink.

Strategy to defeat him is simple: Edgar should use Auto Crossbow, Sabin should
use Aura Cannon or Rising Phoenix if you have it. Terra should throw out Fire
spells, and Banon should just use Pray every turn.

If you do the above you should have NO problems with this guy. Since you're
being healed every turn by Banon you shouldn't have to worry about anyone dying.

After he dies he says: "*sploosh*! *blub blub*..." Yeah.


Afterwards Edgar thinks Ultros is simply hiding under water. Something is stuck
to Terra's leg, which grosses her out. Edgar, being the gentleman that he is,
helps her out. Sabin is still not happy with Ultros and jumps into the water to
go find it! Banon, who has only known Sabin for a few minutes, assures Edgar,
who happens to be Sabin's twin brother and has known him his whole life, that he
will be fine. Go figure.

Back on the river, the group on the raft sees Sabin floating down the river.
Unfortunately, Sabin was floating to the right, and the raft goes to the left,
splitting them up.

4.15 Scenario Selection                                                 [4.015]

Now you'll come to the Scenario Selection screen. You will have to choose
- Locke: His mission was to slow down the Empire in South Figaro
- Terra/Edgar/Banon: Simply head back to Narshe (shortest and easiest one)
- Sabin: Head back to Narshe (longest one)

I suggest doing them in the following order: 
Terra/Edgar/Banon -> Sabin -> Locke

Why? Let's see.

Terra/Edgar/Banon is the shortest out of the three, obviously the easiest, and
you have the ability to de-equip your characters at the end.

Some people might argue that Sabin's should be done last because you could
obtain more Rages that way. I say that's dumb. The rages you might get from
Locke's scenario are not that good, so I won't advise you to get them. You have
already met all the best Rages you can get for now. Can also de-equip at the

Locke's is last. Mainly it's because you don't meet any good Rages here, but
also because you can't de-equip at the end of his scenario.

The walkthrough will cover the scenarios in this order mentioned above:
Terra/Edgar/Banon -> Sabin -> Locke

4.16 Terra/Edgar/Banon: Lethe River and traveling to Narshe             [4.016]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations:
- Same as in Lethe River, just go look there.

"Fleeing the Empire's troops, Banon, Edgar, and Terra ride the rapids toward
Narshe. But the going won't be easy..."

The battles might last a little longer, now that you don't have Aura Cannon or
Rising Phoenix to help you out, but you still shouldn't have a problem. You
only have to wait about 2-4 more battles. Just use Auto Crossbow and Fire spells
from Terra to win.

Afterwards, you'll find yourself on the Overworld again. I'll list the monster
formations just so you don't have to scroll all the way up to find them again:

- Leaf Bunny (0 AP)
- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind (0 AP)

- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind  (0 AP)
- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind x2 (0 AP)

- Sand Ray x2 (1 AP)
- Alacran x3 (1 AP)
- Sand Ray, Alacran x2 (1 AP)
- Sand Ray, Alacran x3 (1 AP)

These guys die to pretty much anything. Auto Crossbow, MT Fire, you name it.
Well, that's about all you can name, but that's all you really need.

Just head to the left a little bit then go up and into Narshe.

4.17 Terra/Edgar/Banon: Narshe Mines                                    [4.017]

New Monsters:
#30 - Valeor
#31 - Wild Rat
Darkside, Specter, Eukaryote - Do not have Bestiary entries

Monster Formations:

1st Cave:
- Wererat x3 (0 AP)
- Wererat, Bandit (0 AP)

After the 1st cave, cross the Snow Path and enter the next:
- Wild Rat x3, Valeor x2 (1 AP)
- Valeor, Wild Rat (1 AP)
- Valeor x3 (1 AP)

Security Checkpoint (Take the wrong path and fail to hit the Yellow Star):
- Darkside x2 (1 AP)
- Darkside, Specter, Eukaryote x3 (1 AP)

After Security Checkpoint:
- Bandit, Spritzer (0 AP)
- Spritzer x2 (1 AP)
- Wererat x2 (0 AP)

Items Found:
- Rune Edge -> Ribbon (West end of Moogle Cave)

Steals: Do you have Locke? Then it doesn't matter. You'll want to come back
later, though. Specter has an Ice Rod which you might want.

You're back in Narshe, where it all started. If you try to walk in the front
door (gate, whatever), three Narshe guards will harass you and not let you in.
You'll get your payback later, don't worry.

So what do we do? Remember that secret entrance I told you to remember way back?
The one I told you you didn't really have to remember because I would remind you
where it was? Well, I lied. I'm not gonna tell you where it is.

Just kidding. Go to the left of the entrance and press A on the rock wall to
open it up. But you remembered that without my help, right?

Enter here and walk through the first cave. Easy monsters, no problem. Exit
this cave and you'll be on some snowy slopes. Head left and up the stairs to
re-enter the next cave. This is where you'll find the new enemies (Valeor and
Wild Rat).

How to handle the monsters: There's nothing difficult about Valeor and Wild Rat.
Just kill them.

After you walk through this first cave, you'll come to the Security Checkpoint.
Upon (there's that word again) entering, Edgar will inform you that this place
was used to test new Narshe Guards. So to be a Narshe Guard, you had to follow
a light through a tiny room? No wonder they're idiots that won't let you

I would make a visual representation of it, but it would look horrible. I can
give you the steps to take though:

Up x2, Left, Up, Left x4, Up x3, Right x3, Up x3, Right x3, Down x3, Right,
Down x3, Right x3, Up x7, Left x4, Up x3, Left, Up

But don't get through this thing yet. There's some important stuff we need to
find here. You can fight three monsters here that DO NOT appear in the Bestiary.
Why is that important? Because they DO have Rages, and one Rage is rather good.

How do we get these monsters? Well, take a wrong turn in this room. When you do,
you will find 9 stars surrounding you. One of them is yellow. In order to
continue in this "maze", the game tells you to hit the Yellow Star. If you don't
hit the Yellow Star, you have to fight a battle.

This battle is what we want. So just take a wrong turn, mess up on purpose and
you'll fight either Darkside x2 or a Darkside, Specter, and Eukaryote x3.

Darkside is the one we're interested in, but go ahead and encounter the 2nd
formation while you're at it. Defeating these guys is easy. Auto Crossbow /
MT Fire Spell should do the job.

After the fight, you'll be back at the beginning of the room. Once you've
encountered at least Darkside, walk through here and continue on.

If you go through the door in the middle of the next room, you'll end up in a
familiar area. This is the same area where you protected Terra from the Guard
Leader at the beginning of the game. Walk through here and go through the north
door to find the area where the Moogles live.

Mog is the just standing there at the north wall. All he says is "Kupo" ...
I wish he would learn how to talk! *hint hint*

Anyway, head west, walk through the wall and go south. You'll find a chest which
contains the Rune Blade. I recommend leaving it and coming back later to find
a much more useful Ribbon.

Go through the door you see here to continue. You should notice this area from
the beginning as well. The left chest is probably already open, as it contained
the Sleeping Bag back then. The other chest still contains a Phoenix Down, but
we're waiting for that to change to a Pod Bracelet, so leave it alone again.

Continue south and to get out of the Mines. Cross the bridge and enter Arvis'
house through the back door.

NOTE: Before heading into the south room of the house, make sure you de-equip
everyone. That way you can use any of the equipment in the other scenarios.
Don't forget to strip Terra and Edgar of their Relics as well.

Arvis is happy to see Banon, King Edgar, and even Terra again. Banon asks Arvis
how things are going in Narshe, and Arvis informs him that Narshe is still not
ready to side with the Returners yet. But maybe with the leader of the Returners
here and even the King of Figaro...

Banon tells Arvis the plan (have Terra talk to an Esper). If they approach the
townspeople the right way, they might let Terra see the frozen Esper.

4.18 Sabin: Shadow and traveling to the Imperial Camp                   [4.018]

New Monsters:
#32 - Stray Cat
#33 - Aepyornis
#34 - Nettlehopper
#35 - Chippirabbit

- Chippirabbit x3 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis, Chippirabbit x2 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis (1 AP)

- Nettlehopper x2, Stray Cat x2 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis x2, Stray Cat (1 AP)
- Chippirabbit x5 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis, Stray Cat, Nettlehopper x2 (1 AP)

 /           Item Shop          \
| Potion (50 Gil)               |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)        |
| Tent (1200 Gil)               |
| Plumed Hat (250 Gil)          |
| Shuriken (30 Gil)             |
| Invisibility Scroll (200 Gil) |
| Shadow Scroll (400 Gil)       |
| Sprint Shoes (1500 Gil)       |

"What dire fate has befallen Sabin, who leapt from the raft after the fight
with Ultros...?"

Sabin was last seen floating down the river... let's see what has happened to
him since then.

First things first: Give him the Mythril Shield. I like to give him White Cape
and Hermes Sandals, but you could also give him the Hyper Wrist over Hermes
Sandals, or even the Genji Glove. Also note that the Aepyornis you meet here
can poison you, so you might decide to even have a Star Pendant as the 2nd

Then head over to the house, in case you didn't do that yet. You'll immediately
see a green merchant guy riding a Chocobo. Count to 3 and he'll be gone again!
Damn. If you want to buy stuff from him (which you do), leave the house to be
back on the Overworld and re-enter. Quickly talk to him to buy stuff from him.

What to Buy: Definitely buy 99 Shuriken.. what? Yeah. You'll see why in a
minute, I promise. 99 Shuriken only costs you 2970 Gil, so it's not that bad.
Then buy 5 Invisibility Scrolls (buy 10 if you have extra money). Lastly, buy
5 Shadow Scrolls (again, buy 10 if you have extra money).

Now let's find out why we bought all that stuff no one we know can use. To the
left you'll see Shadow, the guy we met in the Pub at South Figaro! Talk to him
and he will join you (If you said No, shut off the game).

Shadow's level = Average Party Level + 1
(Average Party Level includes all the other characters, even though you can't
use them right now)

His equipment is as follows:
- Right Hand: Kunai
- Left Hand:  Nothing
- Head:       Nothing
- Body:       Ninja Gear

This guy's a ninja? Sweet. Ninjas are always cool.

Second things second (Already used first things first in this section):
Give Shadow the Buckler you took from Sabin. Also give him a Plumed Hat (if you
don't have any for some reason, the traveling merchant you just met has some).
Relics should include Gigas Glove and Hyper Wrist.

Shadow's special skill is Throw. Throw allows Shadow to (believe it or not)
throw things. That's why we bought the Shuriken, as they will do some nice

You can read the Throw command by searching for: [thrw]

If you go into the house, you'll meet a crazy old guy. Examine the stove to hear
the man talk about his dislike for kids. Talking to him just confirms that he's
crazy... first he thinks you're the clock repairman. Talk to him again to now
be a lawnmower repairman. Then you're supposed to fix the stove. Then you fix
the bed. Then it loops back around to being a clockmaker. Whatever, just leave.
I hope we never meet this guy again...

Leave the house to tackle the Overworld. During your first battle, have Shadow
throw an Invisibility Scroll. This will give shadow Invisible status, which
makes him immune to any physical attack. Invisible status makes you immunte to
physical attacks, and guess what? The enemies you meet here all have physical
attacks, making Shadow immune to all of them. Sweet.

Sabin is not so lucky, unfortunately. Have him attack with Aura Cannon or Rising
Phoenix if you have it.

On the Overworld map, head east until you see a forest to the south, then keep
heading south. Your destination is the Imperial Camp, which is located right
next to that small desert patch you'll see.

4.19 Sabin: Imperial Camp and Doma Castle                               [4.019]

New Monsters:
#36 - Captain
#37 - Imperial Soldier
#38 - Templar
#39 - Satellite
Officer, Soldier - Do not have Bestiary entries

Doma Castle:
- Imperial Soldier x2 (0 AP)
- Captain [Boss] (0 AP)

Imperial Camp:
- Doberman x3 - Kick the chest (Not listed in Bestiary) (0 AP)
- Doberman x2 - Kick the chest (Not listed in Bestiary) (0 AP)
- Imperial Soldier x2, Magitek Armor (1 AP)
- Satellite - Monster-in-a-Box (0 AP)
- Templar x2, Imperial Soldier x2 (0 AP)

Cyan fighting (with Sabin's help):
- Soldier x3 (1 AP)
- Soldier x4 (0 AP)
- Officer, Soldier x2 (0 AP)

After you hop in Magitek Armor:
- Magitek Armor (1 AP)
- Imperial Soldier x2, Magitek Armor (1 AP)
- Magitek Armor x2 (2 AP)

Items Found:
- Star Pendant (North-Eastern Tent)
- Mythril Glove (South-Western Tent [Right Chest])
- Green Beret* (South-Western Tent [Left Chest])
- Barrier Ring (Behind South-Western Tent)
- Remedy (Doma Castle; East end of south hallway [Pot])

* Fight Satellite to get Green Beret

Welcome to the Imperial Camp. Take one step forward to trigger a cutscene.

You'll find Soldier A and Soldier B (I'm not making this up, these are their
actual names) talking about something. Apparently, whatever their talking about
will not make Kefka happy. So we can assume Kefka is here. The soldiers claim
Kefka is plotting to get General Leo out of the camp, so he can take over as
general. Then Kefka walks out of a tent and threatens the guards real quick,
before walking off again. The soldiers do mention that General Leo has all the
good qualities and Kefka has everything else (aka the bad qualities). Maybe this
General Leo isn't so bad after all..?

A Captain shows up to tell Soldier A & B to get ready for the attack on Doma

The scene then shifts over to Doma Castle. You will see the soldiers begin their
attack on Doma Castle, which includes running into the castle wall, bouncing off
of it, and falling down. One should note that they are persistent - they get
right back up and run into the stone wall again, and again, and again...

Somehow this running into stone wall thing seems to be working, as we see a Doma
Sentry informing another that they cannot keep them all out. The Sentry
immediately loses all hope... but not before a mysterious "Wait!" echoes through
the hall. Another character, whom you get to name now, appears out of another
room. Let's call him Cyan. Cyan's believes that if they kill their commander,
the other soldiers should withdraw. Cyan volunteers to meet the commander in
battle. What a guy!

You now get to control Cyan, the Samurai.
Cyan's level = Average Party Level + 2

His equipment is as follows:
- Right Hand: Ashura
- Left Hand:  Buckler
- Head:       Leather Cap
- Body:       Leather Armor

Cyan's special skill is called Bushido. 
You can learn about it by searching for: [bshd]

Equipping Cyan: If you have a Heavy Shield, give it to Cyan. A Plumed Hat would
also go nice on his Head. You don't really have anymore useful Relics to give
to Cyan at the current time. You could give him a Genji Glove, but that would
take away his shield, so I don't recommend it.

Cyan will have the following Bushido Techniques available:
#1 - Fang: ST physical attack
#2 - Sky: Allows Cyan to counterattack next time he's attacked
#3 - Tiger: Halves target's HP and sets Seizure status
#4 - Flurry: Attacks with four physical attacks in a row

If Cyan is below level 15, he won't have #4 - Flurry.

You can fight the eight soldiers outside (note that they don't give any EXP
though). Each one is a battle with two Imperial Soldiers. The only useful
Bushido technique you have right now would be:
#1 - Fang, and
#4 - Flurry

Since waiting for Flurry to charge up takes a while, I recommend sticking with
Fang for now. It's strong enough to kill any enemy with one hit for now.

If you don't want to fight these Imperial Soldiers (and since they don't give
EXP, it's understandable), just go ahead and confront the Captain.

Defeating the Captain is simple. One or two Fangs should take care of it.

After the Captain dies, everyone else retreats. The scene then switches back to
Sabin and Shadow in the Imperial Camp.

Talk to the soldier walking around to the left to trigger a battle against
two Imperial Soldiers, and a Magitek Armor. Attack with the same as usual:
Throw Shurikens with Shadow, and Aura Cannon/Rising Phoenix with Sabin.

NOTE: If at any time Shadow loses his invisible status, make sure to throw
another Invisibility Scroll as soon as possible.

Now head over to the Tent to the right. Inside the tent is a chest, but it won't
open when you examine it. You now have three options.

- Kick it. This will allow you to fight two/three Doberman. THIS IS THE ONLY
PLACE IN THE ENTIRE GAME TO FIND DOBERMAN. Doberman does not have a Bestiary
entry, but it does have a Rage. If you want to get as many rages as possible,
make sure you encounter Doberman here.

- Hit it. The soldiers will hear you yell "Ow!" after punching the chest. You
fool them by pretending to be a cat... I'm not making this up.

- Leave it. You leave it, but why would you?

Obviously you'll want to Kick it and get the item - a Star Pendant! You should
already have several of these, but it can't hurt to have one more, can it?

Now head across the bridge to the south. You'll witness a cutscenen now. You
watch how General Leo tells a soldier to value his life more. See, he's not that
bad of a guy after all.

Then another soldier appears and informs Leo of a message from Emperor Gestahl,
brought by a carrier pigeon. The emperor is summoning Leo. Leo prepares to
leave, which then means Kefka is in charge.

Wait a minute, isn't this what the soldiers we first saw when we got here were
talking about? Kefka planning to get General Leo out of the camp, so he can take
over? Weird coincidence. I'm sure it's nothing.

You're in control again. Advance a few more steps, only to witness another
cutscene. Kefka shows up, and Leo tells Kefka not to do anything dirty. Leo then

It seems Kefka has readied some poison, and he plans to dump all of it into the
river! That poison will kill anyone who comes into contact with it at Doma
Castle. Kefka then tries to leave, but you decide to step in. Then Kefka fights

This is not as hard as you might think, I promise. All you have to do is attack
Kefka once. Kefka attempts to escape, but Sabin says "Wait!". Kefka replies with
a rather funny line:
Kefka: "Wait," he says... Do I look like a waiter?
Then Kefka runs. Where does he run too? 6 whole steps away, wow!

In order to advance in the story, you would have to confront Kefka again. But
there is more of the camp to explore.

To the left of Kefka there is a tent. Behind this tent is another tent (To get
to this tent, walk behind the first tent and you'll jump off the ledge). Grab
the Barrier Ring out of this tent. Hop back up the ledge (same way you jumped
off) and enter this tent now. The right chest contains Mythril Glove. The left
chest has a monster to fight!

You'll be fighting Satellite. There is only one other place to find a Satellite,
and you won't get that until after you beat the game (for those who want to
know: Soul Shrine). Make sure you encounter it here.

Just so you know: Satellite has 1800 HP.
Chances are, Satellite will use a magic-based attack that will hit Shadow. This
will unfortunately remove Shadow's Invisible status. Also, anytime Sabin uses
a Blitz attack on him, Satellite will counter with Mega Berserk. This makes
Sabin go Berserk (literally). A character with Berserk status cannot be
controlled, and will usually use Fight attacks. Berserk status does give a
character a 50% damage bonus, so that's not too bad.

Just throw a couple Shuriken, have Sabin use Aura Cannon/Rising Phoenix.
Satellite should die after only a few turns. Your reward will be a Green Beret.

Replace Sabin's Bandana (or whatever else he was wearing on his Head) with the
Green Beret. Also swap out Sabin's first relic with Mythril Glove.

That's about it for the camp. Go back and talk to Kefka. He'll run away again,
so follow him and talk to him again. Kefka is out of breath after walking those
15 steps or whatever it is. You'll battle him again. Since Shadow is probably
not Invisible right now, throw an Invisibility Scroll on him and attack Kefka
with Sabin to end the battle as fast as it started.

After the battle, talk to him one last time. He will now send someone else after
you. This battle includes two Templar and 2 Imperial Soldiers. Fight them the
same way you've been fighting everything else in here (Blitz + Shuriken).

Now you will witness a pretty horrible cutscene. Kefka pours the poison into the
river! Back at Doma Castle, everyone falls over dead. Everyone except Cyan of
course, because Cyan doesn't need water like the rest (and therefore did not
come in contact with the potion).

Cyan quickly recognizes the cause of all the deaths: Poison. He fears the worst,
and has to warn the king! Go through the door straight ahead, down the stairs,
and into the throne room next to you. The king is not dead yet, but he dies in a
minute anyway. That sux. Cyan and the only surviving Doma Sentry decide to split
up and look for survivors.

Get out of the throne room, and enter the south-east door of this room. Examine
the pot in the top right corner for a Remedy. Go left and enter the door next to
the Sentry... only to find that none have survived.

Exit out of this room and head into the north-east room, which is Cyan's room.
Cyan enters, only to find his wife and child have both passed away. Needless to
say, Cyan is furious with the Empire for doing this to him.

We now see Cyan entering the Imperial Camp, ready to take on anyone who dares
attack him. Sabin also shows up with the intention of helping Cyan.

If you talk to Cyan by standing to the right of him (therefore standing in
between him and the two soldiers), Cyan will say:
Cyan: Grrr! Art thou an enemy as well!?
Sabin: Ouch! Probably shouldn't hav
e gotten in the middle of that...

Talk to Cyan from any other direction to help him out fighting the two soldiers.
The first two fights will only have Soldiers to fight, but the last one will
also throw in an Officer.

You can't control Cyan here, so just repeat the same old thing you've done with
the other two.

After three fights, Sabin directs you to some Magitek Armors. Sweet. You will
get your first glimpse of how Cyan fears anything that has to do with
technology. You now get to control all three characters for the first time.

Just like in the very beginning of the game, any attack will kill any enemy, so
just enjoy using Magiteks once more. Make sure to heal with Healing Force every
now and then. Head back to the beginning of the Imperial Camp, and you will
automatically dismount the Magiteks. Leave the camp.

NOTE: You will NEVER be able to return here, so I hope you followed this guide
and got everything you could.

4.20 Sabin: Overworld: Traveling to Phantom Forest                      [4.020]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations:

- Nettlehopper x3 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis, Stray Cat, Nettlehopper x2 (1 AP)
- Stray Cat x3 (1 AP)

- Nettlehopper x2, Stray Cat x2 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis x2, Stray Cat (1 AP)
- Chippirabbit x5 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis, Stray Cat, Nettlehopper x2 (1 AP)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Save here. Save after every fight. Shadow has a 1/16
chance of leaving your party for quite some time after every battle. There will
be a time in the not so distant future where he won't run away, but until then,
he has a small chance of leaving after every single battle. Make sure you Save
after every single battle. In that case, if he runs away, you can simply reload
and continue on, hoping he won't run away this time (and chances are slim that
he'll run away two times in a row).

You *could* prevent Shadow from running by either killing him, or even running
from every battle, but why waste the EXP and Gil you can gain? Saving works just
as well, so I'd stick with that if I were you.

First things first: Make sure everyone has good equipment. Also make sure
everyone has two Relics. There's not much to watch out for here, so just equip
whatever you feel like.

You could go visit Doma Castle to the south-west, but it's blocked by three
Imperial Soldiers, who tell you this area is off-limits. Maybe we'll get access
to this castle. Don't you love my sneaky hints?

Go across the bridge to the east of Doma Castle. You'll see a little passage in
between mountains. Walk here to enter Phantom Forest.

4.21 Sabin: Phantom Forest                                              [4.021]

New Monsters: 
#40 - Ghost
#41 - Poplium

Monster Formations:

1st and 2nd Area:
- Ghost (3 AP)
- Ghost, Poplium x2 (1 AP)

3rd and 4th Area:
- Ghost x3 (1 AP)
- Ghost x2, Poplium x3 (1 AP)
- Ghost (3 AP)

Items Found: None

Welcome to Phantom Forest.

NOTE: Shadow can still run, so keep saving.

How to handle these monsters: Just pretty much keep doing what you've been
doing. Fang (#1) with Cyan, throw Shurikens with Shadow, and Aura Cannon/Rising
Phoenix with Sabin.

You start off in Area #1. Head to the right and go up to get to Area #2. You'll
automatically walk up to a Recovery Spring, like the one you found in the South
Figaro Cave. Nice. Head to the right and go down to get to Area #3. You'll have
a choice between going up and down. Going down takes you back to Area #1, which
is just a waste of time, so let's go up to Area #4. At the end of Area #4 you
can see a train in the background. This is our destination, so head up to get
out of the Forest and enter the Phantom Train.

4.22 Sabin: Phantom Train                                              [4.022]

New Monsters:
#42 - Cloud
#43 - Angel Whisper
#44 - Oversoul
#45 - Bomb
#46 - Living Dead
#47 - Apparition
#48 - Siegfried
#284 - Phantom Train

Monster Formations:

Outside the Train Carts:
- Bomb (1 AP)
- Angel Whisper x2, Cloud (1 AP)
- Angel Whisper x4 (1 AP)
- Bomb x3 (1 AP)

Inside the Train Carts:
- Angel Whisper, Cloud x3 (1 AP)
- Angel Whisper (1 AP)
- Living Dead x3 (1 AP)
- Ghost x3 - Talk to Ghost (Some don't attack) (1 AP)
- Ghost    - Talk to Ghost (Some don't attack) (3 AP)

After you detach part of the train:
- Oversoul x2 (1 AP)
- Angel Whisper, Cloud x3 (1 AP)
- Oversoul, Living Dead x2 (1 AP)

Carts with Compartments/Suites:
- Angel Whisper (1 AP)
- Bomb x2, Cloud x2 (1 AP)
- Angel Whisper, Living Dead, Cloud x2 (1 AP)
- Siegfried (0 AP)
- Apparition (Monster-in-a-Box) (0 AP)

- Phantom Train [Boss] (2 AP)

Items Found:
- Tent (North-West corner in Conductor's Room [Hidden chest])
- Earring (West End of the dining car)
- Tent (2nd Suite, examine North-West corner [Hidden chest])
- Phoenix Down (4th suite, Far Right)
- Sniper Eye (4th suite, Mid-Right)
- Phoenix Down (4th suite, Mid-Left)
- Hyper Wrist* (4th suite, Far Left)

* Fight Apparition (Monster-in-a-box) to get Hyper Wrist

Move onto the platform to find out this is one of Doma's trains, all of which
Cyan thought had been derailed some time ago. Let's investigate. Walk a little
further onto the platform and you will automatically approach the door. Sabin
rushes inside while Cyan flips out... saying something about it being the
Phantom Train. I'm sure that's not important.

You'll find yourself inside. Try leaving through the same door you came in.
NOW Cyan explains what this train does: it carries souls of the departed to
their final destination (on a side note: If you haven't seen the Final
Destination movies, you should watch them. Very cool movies). Basically, this
just means the train is a one-way trip to the afterlife, as Sabin points out for
you. The party decides to make its way to the engine to see if they can't stop
this train.

How to handle the monsters here: 

- Cloud is no problem at all. It casts Drain every once in a while, but for some
reason it does no damage at all. Their physical attack is called Unseen Strike,
which is nothing to worry about.

- Angel Whisper can be a problem. They use an attack called Gravity, which cuts
the HP of the target in half! Other than that it just uses a physical attack.

- Ghost. You fought these in the Forest, you know what to do.

- Oversoul are a little more dangerous. They will use Dread Gaze, which will
Petrify the target. The only way to cure Petrify Status right now is through a
Remedy or Gold Needle. When Oversouls are alone on the field, they will cast
Insanitouch, which will confuse the target. All around nasty creatures. Take
care of them as fast as possible with the usual methods.

- Bomb are little round fireballs. Their special attack is Blaze, a strong Fire
attack. Handle the same way as Ghosts. Note that Bombs absorb Fire-elemental
attacks, so don't use Rising Phoenix on them unless you want to heal them.

NOTE: Some of these monsters are one-time only. Make sure you encounter each
monster here before finishing off the Phantom Train.

Anyways, let's tackle this train (not literally. Well, later, maybe). First off
head to the right. You'll find yourself outside. Make sure you fight at least
one Bomb out here for the Bestiary. Head right into the next cart.

Talk to this Ghost here. He will join your party! His level seems to be the
Average Party Level + 0/1/2 (I'm not exactly sure). Nonetheless, his level will
be similar to yours.

His only equipment is a single Relic: the Lich Ring. This Relic turns the wearer
into an undead creature. Not really sure why an undead Ghost would need this
Relic, but that's just how it is.

His battle command is Possess.
You can read more about it by searching for: [poss]

NOTE: Once the Possess command is successful, the Ghost will no longer be in
your party. Choose well when you use it. You also cannot use it against the boss
of this train, simply because the Ghost automatically leaves you before you get
to the boss.

Enter the little cabin in this cart. Examine the floor in the north-west corner
to find a hidden Tent. Examine the switch in the north-east corner of the room
to get another scene about Cyan's fear of machines.

The man in this room is the Conductor. You can talk to him and ask him the
following questions.
- Tell us about the train. "The Phantom Train ferries the soul of the departed
   to the other side. Once the souls arrive, they are granted their eternal
- How do we stop this thing? "You want to stop the train? Search every corner of
   the engineer's compartment... I'm sure there's a way.
- Nothing, sorry to bother you

So if we can reach the engineer's room, we might be able to find a way to stop
the train. Sounds like a plan to me.

After you're done, head back to the cart to the left (The cart you started out

One of the ghosts in here actually has items for sale!

 /          Item Shop         \
| Potion (50 Gil)             |
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         | Stock up on Shuriken again if you want.
| Antidote (50 Gil)           | Buy anything else you think you might, like
| Green Cherry (150 Gil)      | Hi-Potions and Phoenix Down.
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Shuriken (30 Gil)           |

Talking to any of the other ghosts triggers a battle between one/three Ghosts.

Continue left and into the next cart. There's another ghost that's selling items
in this cart. Same items, too. Another boring cart. Move on to the next one
(the door is on the front of the cart, not on the side).

As soon as you enter this cart, you'll notice another ghost block the door.
Looking around, there doesn't seem to be anything interesting in this cart.
Only way out is the way you came in. Talk to the ghost by the entrance and
you'll have to fight him. After the fight a cutscene will play.

You're standing outside the cart, and suddenly several ghosts come and surround
you, all chanting ". . . N o . . . e s c a p e . . ." Yeah, kinda scary.

Lucky for you, there's a ladder here which you then climb. Once on the roof,
head to the left to continue this cutscene. Apparently, this is *the* time to
put Sabin's training to the test.

Watch as Sabin's runs, jumps, and clears the entire gap between the trains. But
that's not all! He keeps running, jumps the next gap, and... falls. Oh well,
it was good while it lasted. So now you've escaped these ghosts, sweet.

Head to the left into the cart. You'll hear "N o . . . e s c a p e . . ." again.
Then all the ghosts show up again! Head inside the cart to the left and hit the
switch on the north wall. This will conveniently detach the trains you just left
behind, leaving all the ghosts as well. Phew.

Head back inside, and hit the *same* switch. Somehow, this switch's function has
changed into opening the barrier in front of you. Don't ask questions.

NOTE: This is the ONLY cart in which you'll find the Oversoul monsters. Make
sure to encounter one before moving on.

Once you've added Oversoul to your Bestiary, move on to the next cart to the
left. This is the dining room cart. It's time to take a break and eat. Have a
seat at the center table.

You will then witness a small cutscene. I will not describe what goes on, so
just enjoy it yourself. After the meal, your HP and MP are restored, and all
Status effects are removed. Not bad for a ghostly meal. Once you're done, head
back out the right side.

Walk around the train and re-enter on the left side. Open the chest for the
Earring Relic. Continue your quest left.

This cart has a couple cabins in it. Let's go in the first one. If you approach
this chest from the bottom, you will hear someone say "Hold it right there!"

Enter: Siegfried. He claims to be the greatest swordsman in all the world.
Siegfried and Sabin exchange a couple lines, then it's time to battle.

This battle is a joke. He will do less than 10 damage to each of your characters
and he only has 100 HP! What a joke. If you can't beat this guy, please quit. 

After the battle he takes whatever was in the chest and runs off.
FYI: What was in the chest? Absolutely nothing.

In the next suite, search the north-west corner for a hidden Tent. In the SNES
days there used to be a Fairy Ring in the space next to the Tent, but since you
could never face that square it was impossible to get. It is unknown if that
item is still there in this version, but it's likely. We may never know.

On we go to to the left. We're almost there, I promise. The first cabin in here
contains nothing, so let's go in the second one instead. This one obviously is
not empty. The far right chest contains a Phoenix Down. The next one contains
a Sniper Eye, then a Phoenix Down next to that.

The last one contains a Monster-in-a-box: Apparition.

Apparition is an undead monster with 1500 HP. His attacks include Blizzard (a
weak Ice attack), Lightning (an even weaker attack), and Leech, which will
drain your HP a little bit. All in all, nothing to be worried about.

There are several ways to defeat Apparition:

Cheap Strategy #1: Use a Phoenix Down on him. Since he's an undead monster, and
Phoenix Down revives dead people, it will actually instantly kill Apparition.

Cheap Strategy #2: If you still have your Ghost, you may want to use his Possess
skill to instantly kill Apparition. Ghost is going to leave you in a minute
anyway, so you might as well get rid of him.

However, if you don't want to use any of these cheap strategies (I don't), you
can always beat him the old fashioned way, which is: Basically the same strategy
as with everything else. Fang with Cyan, Aura Cannon/Rising Phoenix, and 
Shuriken-throwing with Shadow.

You get a Hyper Wrist after you defeat Apparition.

Exit out to the left and take a few steps. If you still have Ghost in your
party, he will leave you now. It's been fun *waves*. The next cart has a Save
Point. You know what this means, right? Boss fight. Finally. Make sure you're
not missing any Bestiary entries before moving on ahead.

Give Sabin the Earrings, and give Cyan the White Cape.

Enter the next and last cart:
"This is the engineer's compartment. We've gotta find a way to stop this thing,
fast!" Now either examine the north-east or south-east part of this train:
"To stop the train, shut the first and thrid pressure valves, then throw the
switch located by the smokestack."

Now do just that. Hit the first and third switch, head outside, and (ready for
Boss Battle), hit the switch by the smokestack.

All of a sudden, the train talks to you:
Phantom Train: So! You're the ones who have been slowing me down!

BOSS: Phantom Train

Phantom Train (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 14
- HP: 1900
- MP: 350
- Drops: Tent (Always)

Phantom Train's attacks include Acid Rain (MT-magical attack), Diabolic
Whistle, an attack that only Phantom Train can use. When you attack the train,
he has a 1/3 chance of countering with Wheel.

Phantom Train is similar to Apparition, in the sense that this train is also
Undead. Meaning, there is another cheap strategy to use:

Use a Phoenix Down on the train to instantly kill it. But that's cheap, so don't
do that.

Instead, use Aura Cannon (it does more damage than Rising Phoenix). Throw
Shurikens like always, and use Fang as always with Cyan. Same old strategy, I
know. But it works (for now at least).

After you defeat the train, you get a Tent.


The Phantom Train decides to let you go (good choice, train). He drops you off
at another platform. All of a sudden you see a line of people board the
train. Now that we know what this train is, we can assume these are souls,
getting ready to head to the afterlife for their eternal rest.

But who is among these souls? Cyan's wife and son! Then the train leaves, and
Cyan runs along next to the train, trying to say good-bye to his family.

Touching scene. At least he got to see them one last time... after this, just
stand on the platform and mourn/wait. After a few seconds, you'll be off to
continue your quest.

4.23 Sabin: Baren Falls                                                 [4.023]

New Monsters:
#49 - Opinicus Fish
#285 - Rhizopas

Monster Formations:

- Opinicus Fish x5 (1 AP)
- Rhizopas [Boss] (1 AP)

Items Found: None

NOTE: These monsters are found in Baren Falls, not on the Overworld while going
to Baren Falls. I didn't want to make a whole separate section for traveling
there as you've seen the monsters before (See section 4.20), and it's only a
very short hike to Baren Falls.

NOTE2: De-equip Shadow before you enter Baren Falls.

Go down and around the mountains to end up at Baren Falls. Once you get there,
simply head through the cave. If you still have Shadow in your party, he will
leave you now, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Once Shadow is gone, the only way to continue is to jump off the cliff. Do so.

When falling you will have to fight monsters as well. The only monster you will
see for the first 60 seconds is Opinicus Fish. These appear in formations of
two, then after you defeat those two, three will appear. After you defeat those
three, it will switch back to two and repeat.

This goes on for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds, Rhizopas (the Boss) appears.

NOTE: If you wanted to, you could just sit there, wait 60 seconds, kill off the
two Opinicus Fish and face Rhizopas. But that's cheap, and we're not cheap.

How to handle these monsters: Opinicus Fish are a joke. They only have 10 HP
and only seem to attack you physically. Just keep killing them to eventually
fight Rhizopas.

BOSS: Rhizopas

Rhizopas (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 13
- HP: 775
- MP: 39
- Drops: Remedy (Always)

Rhizopas' attacks include Blizzard (weak Ice attack), Megavolt (weak MT
lightning attack), Bite, and the most dangerous: El Niño. El Niño will do
anywhere from 220-250 damage on EACH character. Make sure to heal after he uses

This guy isn't that tough though. With the only danger being El Niño, make sure
to use Aura Cannon (and NOT Rising Phoenix) and Fang to finish him off.

If you get hit by El Niño, make sure to heal with Hi-Potion, unless you're sure
you will kill him soon after the attack.

Killing him gives you a Remedy.


4.24 Sabin: Veldt Part 1                                                [4.024]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: Any formations you've encountered in the past. I'll explain

Items Found: None

You will find yourself floating down a river and reaching land. All of a sudden,
a young boy appears and checks you out. You also get to name him here. Shall we
call him Gau?

After you wake up and talk to him, Gau runs away. Strange kid. Leave this area.

Welcome to the Veldt. This is one of the strangest areas in the game. As you
walk through it, you will encounter any enemy you've ever encountered so far.
The purpose of this area is to gain Rages for Gau (more on that later).

Also, you might see Gau after any battle. He will say that he's hungry, but for
now there's nothing you can do about that. The only way to make him go away is
to hurt him, horrible as that may sound.

Your next destination is the town of Mobliz, which is in the east corner of the

4.25 Sabin: Mobliz                                                      [4.025]

Inn Cost: 100 Gil

Monsters Found: None

Items Found:
- Elixir (Clock in Carrier Pigeon's House)

 /         Item Shop          \
| Dried Meat (150 Gil)        | You MUST buy at least one Dried Meat. Just do
| Potion (50 Gil)             | it.
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          | Obviously stock up on anything else you might
| Green Cherry (150 Gil)      | need (Hi-Potions, Phoenix Down, Sleeping Bag,
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | or even Tent)
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /         Weapon Shop        \
| Mythril Knife (300 Gil)     | I suggest buying two Kotetsu for Cyan. You won't
| Mythril Sword (450 Gil)     | regret it.
| Mythril Claws (800 Gil)     |
| Kotetsu (800 Gil)           |

 /         Armor Shop        \
| Buckler (200 Gil)          | Buy a couple Heavy Shields, Plumed Hats, Magus
| Heavy Shield (400 Gil)     | Hats, and Iron Armors.
| Plumed Hat (250 Gil)       |
| Magus Hat (600 Gil)        |
| Bandana (800 Gil)          |
| Iron Helm (1000 Gil)       |
| Kenpo Gi (250 Gil)         |
| Iron Armor (700 Gil)       |

 /         Relic Shop        \
| Sprint Shoes (1500 Gil)    | If you have over 12,500 Gil, buy one or two
| White Cape (5000 Gil)      | White Cape. Regardless, make sure you have 2,500
|____________________________| Gil after you're done shopping.

Give Cyan the Genji Glove Relic, which will let him equip the two Kotetsu. Equip
everything else with Optimize.

After all this shopping, head into the carrier pigeon's (from now on referred to
as the mailman) house. Search the clock for an elixir. If you talk to the
mailman himself, he will simply tell you that he can send letters for you.

A note about healing: Instead of paying 100 Gil at the Inn, you can rest for
free in the bed in the back of the Relic Shop (north end of town).

Now head into the north-west house of the town. Talk to the Injured Lad to learn
that he's a soldier from Maranda, but was forced to join the Imperial Army when
their town was overrun by the Empire. He didn't want to attack Doma, so he tried
to run away, but the Empire came after him, and he barely survived. He can't
move at all and won't ever see his sweet-heart Lola again.

But there is a letter on the desk from her. He asks you to read it to him. Walk
over to the desk and grab the letter. After you read it to him, the soldier says
"I'd like to write her back, but I don't even have the strength to pick up a

Guess who's going to write the letter? Head over to the mailman's house and talk
to him. You'll need 500 Gil to send a letter, but go ahead and send it anyway.
Now you must wait for Lola to reply, and there are several things you can do to
make her reply:

- Talk to any salesman at any of the 4 Shops (Item, Weapon, Armor, Relic)
- Sleep at the Inn
- Talk to the guy on the east-side of the mailman's house and have him show you
  the Serpent Trench

Do any of these things and check back in the Injured Lad's house to find a new
letter. Read it to him, then head over to the mailman to send a new letter.
In total, you will send 5 letters: A letter, a record, a Potion, another letter,
and finally, a book.

After you send the book, there won't be another letter. Talk to the soldier
anyway. He will give you a Tintinnabulum as a reward for sending all those
letters to Lola. He has no strength to lift a pen, but he can give you this
Tintinnabulum? I see.

This relic will heal you with every step you take. The amount you are healed is
calculated as follows: Stamina / 4
Note: The formula uses base Stamina

It's a pretty useless Relic, so don't use it unless you're looking for a filler

When you're ready, head back out to the Veldt (you did get at least one Dried
Meat, right?).

4.26 Sabin: Gau and his Rages                                           [4.026]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: Any formation you've encountered in the entire game so far

You need to find Gau now. Remember how he was hungry? We now have a Dried Meat
we'd like to give him, just because we're nice like that. He should show up
after 1-3 battles.

Simply use the Dried Meat on him. Since you fed him, he will decide to join you.
This will also trigger a very long cutscene, which I'm not gonna bother to type
out for you. I will tell you this though: Gau says something about SHINY SHINY,
which catches the interest of Sabin and Cyan. They decide to follow Gau to see
this shiny item.

After everyone walks off the screen, a Kappa will appear and explain how to
build up Gau's Rage skills.
1. Choose "Leap," a command that appears only when you are on the Veldt.
2. Keep fighting on the Veldt, and eventually Gau will reappear.
3. When he reappears, he will have learned the attacks of the monsters you were
   fighting when he leapt, as well as those you were fighting when he returned!
4. Choose "Rage" to have Gau use any of the attacks he has learned.

Let's take a look at Gau first. Gau's level = Average Party Level + 2

His equipment is as follows... wait, he has nothing equipped! Let's change that.
Simply equip him with Optimize (which will most likely result in Gau receiving
a Buckler, Bandana, and Kenpo Gi).

Now on to Gau's special skill: Rage.
You can learn about it by searching for: [rage]

Basically, to summarize: Gau can learn attacks (Rages) from other monsters. To
do this, use the Leap command (only on Veldt). When Gau leaps, he will learn the
Rage of every monster on-screen when he left. After a random amount of battles,
Gau will come back, and also learn every Rage of every monster on-screen.

Once you use a Rage in battle, Gau will continue to use that same Rage until
the battle is over, or until Gau dies.

Gau starts off with a few Rages already:
- Zaghrem (Stone)
- Angel Whisper (Gravity)
- Wererat (Poison)
- Belmodar (Megavolt)
- Silver Lobo (Chomp)
- Hornet (Iron Stinger)
- Cartagra (Poison Barb)
- Exocite (Pincer)
- Magitek Armor (Magitek Laser)

Check out the Rage Section to get more info on what each Rage does.

Before you move on, I highly suggest you get the following Rages:
- Guard Leader (Wind Slash)
- Alacran (Numb)
- Mu (Snare)
- Trillium (Bio)
- Darkside (Blizzara)
- Stray Cat (Cat Scratch)
- Cloud (Thundara)
- Bomb (Blaze)
- Oversoul (Will o' the Wisp)
- Cirpius (Hastega)
- Templar (Fira)
- Satellite (Sonic Boom)

Chances are it will take you a while to get all these Rages. But it is worth it.
Gau can be one of the best characters to use in the game when given the right

Note: Satellite drops a Green Beret after every time you fight him. Equip these
on each of your three characters.

Once you're ready to move on, head to Mobliz to heal, then head back out to the
Veldt and go south. There is a cave here in the mountains you can enter.

4.27 Sabin: Crescent Mountain Cave                                      [4.027]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: None

As you can see above, not much going on in this cave. It might be a nice break
from constant (and probably frustrating) battles on the Veldt. Your mission here
is to find this shiny item Gau was talking about when he first joined your

If you step on certain squares, you will get a small cutscene. The first one is
three steps up from the entrance:

Sabin: Cyan! That "shiny, shiny" thing of Gau's is in here.
Cyan: And where exactly might it be found, Sir Gau?
Gau: Gau... forget!
Sabin: Shall we look around?
Cyan: It seems we have no choice!

4 steps north and 1 step east is the next cutscene:

Sabin: Doesn't seem to be over here...

Yeah, that was long. Head over to the left where that 2x2 block is:

Sabin: A potion...
Cyan: C-could this be Sir Gau's treasure!?

Head north and onto the ledge on the north wall. Head to the left to get the
next scene:

Sabin: What is it, Gau...? Did you see something?
Gau: WAOU!!!
Sabin: Gah! My money pouch! There was five hundred gil in there!
       Gau, you little...!
Cyan: Oh, dear... Sir Sabin, please let it go... For all of our sakes.
Sabin: Grrrrr!

Note: 500 Gil have now been removed from your wallet.

Head right across the bridge and then go south. You'll come across... Gau's
shiny item:

Cyan: Is this it? The shiny treasure?
Gau: Treasure, treasure!
Cyan: 'Tis nothing but a dirty glass bowl...
Sabin: Kind of looks like it would fit over your head...
       Hmm...! I wonder if we could use this?
       It might let us breathe underwater.
       All right, let's go!

*You automatically head outside*

Cyan: These rapids look quite... rapid.
Sabin: No kidding. But it's the only way to make it in time to meet up with the
       All right, let's go!

4.28 Sabin: Serpent Trench                                              [4.028]

New Monsters:
#50 - Anguiform
#51 - Aspiran
#52 - Actinian

Monster Formations:
- Actinian x3 (1 AP)
- Anguiform (1 AP)
- Anguiform, Actinian, Aspiran (1 AP)
- Actinian, x3, Aspiran x2 (1 AP)
- Anguiform x2 (1 AP)

Items Found:
- X-Potion (Take first right)
- Green Beret (Take second right)

Welcome to Serpent Trench. This is similar to the Lethe River. You fight random
monsters, you have to choose which way to go, but you can also find two items
here, which you couldn't in the Lethe River.

How to handle the monsters:

- Anguiform use a physical attack called Garotte, which will do close to 200
damage to one character, so watch out for that. When they are alone, they will
use Aqua Breath, a strong MT attack. You can best take them out with Cloud,
as Anguiforms are weak to Lightning.

- Aspiran can be a problem if you're not appeared. Whenever you attack with
anything other than "Attack" (meaning you attack with Blitz/Rage/Bushido), it
has a 33% of countering with Gigavolt. Make sure you only Attack these guys.
They do have a weakness to Fire, so if you think you can kill them in one hit
(they have 220 HP), abuse that.

- Actinian are easy. They use Clamp (which Gau can also learn through the
Actinian Rage), a weak physical attack. Take them out with Fang,
Aura Cannon/Rising Phoenix, and Templar/Bomb/Oversoul. Yeah, these guys have a
Fire weakness.

Now on to the Serpent Trench itself. If you take the first right, you will come
to a cave that has an X-Potion. You can also heal yourself in this cave, if you
need too.

If you take the second right, you will come to another cave. Walk through the
first cave and step on the switch in the south corner of this cave. The switch
will drain the water in the pool next to you. Step on the black hole in this
pool. Go up onto the platform to get another Green Beret. Equip this if you
didn't give each of your 3 characters one. Leave the cave and finish off the
Serpent Trench.

4.29 Sabin: Nikeah                                                      [4.029]

Inn Cost: 150 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
- Elixir (Clock in the Inn)

 /         Item Shop          \
| Potion (50 Gil)             | By this time, I had over 75 Potions and
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         | Hi-Potions (mainly due to the Veldt). You
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       | shouldn't need any of those.
| Smoke Bomb (300 Gil)        |
| Green Cherry (150 Gil)      | Buy about 20 Smoke Bombs. You might not use them
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | now, but later you'll find them much more
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      | useful.
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |
|_____________________________| Buy any Phoenix Down you think you might need.

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Mythril Claws (800 Gil)     |
| Kotetsu (800 Gil)           | Buy nothing here.
| Mythril Spear (800 Gil)     |

 /         Armor Shop         \
| Heavy Shield (400 Gil)      | 
| Plumed Hat (250 Gil)        | With the exception of Silk Robe, you've seen all
| Magus Hat (600 Gil)         | these items at Mobliz.
| Bandana (800 Gil)           |
| Iron Helm (1000 Gil)        | Buy 2 Silk Robe (for Terra and someone else).
| Kenpo Gi (250 Gil)          |
| Silk Robe (600 Gil)         |
| Iron Armor (700 Gil)        |

 /         Relic Shop         \
| Silver Spectacles (500 Gil) | Fairy Ring is the same as a Star Pendant (Poison
| Star Pendant (500 Gil)      | Protection), but also has Darkness Protection.
| White Cape (5000 Gil)       | Get one if you want.
| Fairy Ring (1500 Gil)       |

If you haven't noticed, the shops are all outside. The Relic Shop is even run by
a kid!

There's a hidden Elixir in the north-east corner of the Inn (in the clock).

There's really only one more thing to do here, and it's by no means necessary.

Head to the Pub and talk to the Dancer standing at the bar:

Dancer: Hey, you handsome young thing... Why don't you come have a drink with
        me? Tee-hee!
Cyan: H-how dare you!? Licentious howler! Off... off with thee!
Dancer: Oh, don't be a stick in the mud! Let's just have some fun!
        Hey, do you like these? I call this one Humpty, and this one Dumpty!
Cyan: H-Humpty!? D-Dumpty!?
Sabin: Cyan, you're too easy!
Cyan: Th-thou art unaffected by these... charms!?
Sabin: One of the benefits of all my years of ascetic training!
Dancer: Oh, don't leave me standing here all alone!
Cyan: Enough of that! A proper woman should have modesty, and... and decency!
      And... ...*rant*...*rant*...*rant*...
Sabin: Oh, Cyan...!

Take note of the Humpty and Dumpty line... I wonder, what could she be referring
to? Hehe.

Now head to the port. Take off everyone's equipment and Relics. Yes, the
scenario is *finally* over. Talk to the man, who will take you to South Figaro.

4.30 Locke: South Figaro                                                [4.030]

New Monsters:
#24 - Heavy Armor
#25 - Commander
#26 - Vector Hound
Cadet - Not in Bestiary

Monster Formations:

Around the City:
- Heavy Armor (Difficult to defeat; Not Recommended) (1 AP)
- Merchant (Not in Bestiary) (0 AP)
- Birthday Suit (Not in Bestiary; You don't fight him) (0 AP)
- Cadet (Not in Bestiary) (0 AP)

Secret passage (After winding the clock):
- Commander x3 (2 AP)
- Vector Hound x2 (0 AP)
- Vector Hound x2, Commander (0 AP)

Items Found:
- X-Potion (Hidden sub-basement, North-East [Chest])
- Ribbon (Hidden sub-basement, South of X-Potion [Hidden Chest])
- Hi-Ether (Hidden sub-basement, South)
- Iron Armor (Escape tunnel, West)
- Earring (Escape tunnel, South-West)
- Great Sword (Escape tunnel, North-East)
- Heavy Shield (Escape tunnel, North-East)

"Locke has worked hard to stymie the efforts of the Imperial troops in South
Figaro. But now he desperately needs to escape..."

And now for the last scenario! This one isn't as long as Sabin's, I promise.

First things first: Locke has nothing equipped as of now. For Relics, give him
the Genji Glove and Gigas Glove. For equipment, give him the Air Knife, Main
Gauche, Green Beret, and Iron Armor.

NOTE: If anyone has ever wondered how the Kutan Glitch (SNES version) [Credits
to Novalia_Spirit for discovering this bug] works, it can be done here. It
should probably be called Moghan now, though. It involves skipping the entire
section here about getting out of South Figaro. You can do it by going to the
right where the soldier is pacing back and forth. Wait till he walks all the
way up and stands still. Stand about two spaces away from him. Now, as soon as
he walks back towards you, press Start + Up at the same time. If done
correctly, you should still see him walk towards you. Keep holding Up and exit
out of the menu with B. If you did all of this right, you'll end up walking
right THROUGH this guy! You could now leave South Figaro if you wanted too.
This causes all sorts of glitches, however, you completely skip over one of the
major characters. Just don't do it.

Locke has somehow stopped the Imperial Army from reaching the Returner Hideout,
and now needs to escape South Figaro. You start out in front of Duncan's House.

To the left you'll find a Magitek Soldier. If you talk to this guy, you will
trigger a battle with a single Heavy Armor. His normal attack will do over 100
damage, and his special attack (Metal Knuckles) will do 1.5 times more damage
than his normal attack. Just to note: Heavy Armor has 495 HP, so unless you're
at a fairly high level (I *barely* beat him at level 15), I wouldn't recommend
fighting him.

Obviously, that's not your only way of advancing. Instead, head to the item
shop (go up the stairs here). Talk to the merchant standing there. He will
accuse you of being "that infamous thief", and we already know Locke prefers
the term Treasure Hunter. Normally, Locke would just correct him and move on,
but since we have to move on in the game somehow, Locke fights him.

Merchant is not listed in the Bestiary. He only has 119 HP. But don't defeat
him (if you do, simply head outside the shop and re-enter to restart the
battle). Instead, use Steal on him. Once you're successful, you'll not only
steal his item (Common: Plumed Hat, Rare: Main Gauche), you will also take his
clothes! Locke dressed as a merchant, nice.

Now go into the house south of the item shop and head downstairs. Talk to the
kid blocking your path and he will let you pass (if you weren't wearing merchant
clothes the kid would say that he only lets merchants through). Head outside
through the back door.

To get further out of town, it'd be nice to have Soldier's clothes. Head to the
north-east part of the town to get on the Town Wall. Walk towards the crates
where you could've gotten the Teleport Stone earlier (it's on the west side of
the city, on the wall). There you will find a green soldier, talk to him.

Cadet is also not in the Bestiary. He has 102 HP, and his Steals are:
Rare: Hi-Potion
Common: Potion

Yeah, I liked the merchant better. Anyway, steal this guy's clothes as well.

Now you're dressed as that green soldier. Head over to the soldier standing
right below the rich man's house (there's also a Magitek Soldier nearby). Talk
to that soldier, and he'll think you're here to end his shift, and walk away.
Whatever works, right?

Head inside the Pub. Go down the right stairs, and talk to this merchant to
fight him. Steal his clothes AGAIN to become a merchant. You will automatically
grab the Cider. This is what we went through all the trouble to get.

Head back through the back door of the house with the kid by the stairs. Head
upstairs, and instead of leaving out the front door, go to the west side of the
house and talk to the old man. Now that you've got some cider, he'll talk to
you. He'll talk about a secret passage that runs from his house to the rich
man's house. He tells you to go downstairs and tell the kid the password, which
is... he can't remember!

Go downstairs and talk to the kid, who will give you one of three choices.

NOTE: If you pick the wrong password, you'll have to do all this ALL OVER. Just
kidding, though it may look like it. All you have to do is steal the first
merchant's clothes and go back to the kid to guess another password.

I'll just go ahead and save you some time and tell you the password is: Courage.
The kid will then show you the secret passage, which was in front of you the
whole time. Argh!

Whatever, let's just be glad we found it. Enter it to find yourself in the
hidden basement of the rich man's house. Exit this basement, walk around the
house, and re-enter. The soldiers in the house say something about an inside
informant. Hmm... who could it be?

Go upstairs, enter the left room, and talk to the Rich Man:
"Oh, what have I done? I betrayed my town to the Empire! All I could think of
was the money..."

Bastard. We saw him writing the letter to the Empire, remember? You don't? Oh
well. You'll just have to trust me that we could have seen him then.

Walk behind the bookshelf on the west wall to go down to the hidden basement.
Go to the right and you'll be given an option to take off your disguise, or
leave it on. It doesn't really matter which one you choose.

Once you pass the first room on the right, a cutscene will occur. The scene will
shift to inside the room. Here we see a soldier and a chick, who appears to be a
traitor. We get to name her now. Celes seems like a good name.

Apparently Celes has betrayed the Empire.

NOTE: In the SNES version, the soldier beat Celes. That was taken out and
replaced with "Shaddup!" so little american kiddies won't get bad ideas.

One of the soldiers leaves, and tells the other one to watch her, who replies
by saying he can stay awake for days. If you've been playing RPGs for years, you
know he actually means the exact opposite. I bet he's asleep by the time we get
in that room.

Outside of the room, we see the other soldier leaving. Locke has somehow jumped
up to the beams by the ceiling. After the soldier leaves, Locke jumps down. Head
inside the room. Traitors of the Empire are our friends.

See the sleeping soldier? Told you. "Talk" to Celes to get an option to either
"Remove her bindings." or "Just keep looking." Both are pretty kinky, but let's
remove her bindings.

Celes used to be a general in the Empire. Locke promises he will protect Celes
from the Empire, and wants to take her with him. Celes says the sleeping soldier
might have something to help you get out of this place. That just means you
better get whatever the soldier has, or you won't go anywhere.

Get the clock key from the soldier.

By the way, Celes is now in your party. Her starting level is the same as your
Average Party Level (+0)

Her equipment isn't looking to good right now. She only comes with a Hairband.
Equip her with: Great Sword, Mythril Shield, Green Beret, Silk Robe.
Give her the White Cape and another filler relic (I gave her another White

Her special skill is Runic. Read about it here: [runc]

Now let's get out of this place, once and for all. Once in the hallway, go in
the far east door. You've been here before, collecting treasures. Head to the
clock in the north-east corner of the room to find it not ticking. Wind it with
the clock key you got from the soldier, and a secret entrance will open! Sweet.

You'll find monsters in this room! I'll repost the formations since I first
listed them waaay up there:

Secret passage (After winding the clock):
- Commander x3 (2 AP)
- Vector Hound x2 (0 AP)
- Vector Hound x2, Commander (0 AP)

Steals: Yes, it's back. Now that you have Locke, you can still again, finally.
Sadly, both monsters only have Potions.

How to handle these guys: These guys aren't that tough. Vector Hound's special
attack is Bite, which will do 150% damage. Commander's special attack is
Desperate Strike, which will even do 200% damage! Take care of these guys
as fast as possible. Anytime a Vector Hound is all by himself, chances are that
it will Flee.

This area can be a little confusing. It is filled with invisible walking spaces.
To get to most chests, you'll have to walk through walls to get to them. I'll
try my best to describe where each item is:

- Iron Armor: Simply go right and down to grab it. Easy.
- Great Sword/Heavy Shield: Simply follow the path to the two items.
- Hidden Basement (Stairs): From the two above items, go up, and stand in the
  top left corner here. Take 13 steps down. Left x3, then straight down to get
  to the stairs.

In the basement, go straight down to get the Hi-Ether. Go up and around to open
the chest for a X-Potion. Stand under this chest, walk straight down, and press
A to find a hidden chest with a Ribbon! This Relic is one of the most useful
ones, as it protects you from all status ailments (effects). Go back upstairs,
go straight up, 3 steps right, and down to see yourself once more.

Go to the south-west corner of the room to grab the last item: Earring.

Head to the east side to go up the stairs.

NOTE: If you're wondering how you get to the south-east stairs: You can't. At
least not here. These stairs are actually the same stairs that you find in
Duncan's House. If you go down the stairs through Duncan's House, you will see
a Save Point here.

Anyway, ascend the stairs and approach the door to get a small cutscene.

Celes: Why are you hepling me?
Locke: You remind me a lot of someone...
       What's the matter, anyway? I'm hepling you because I want to!

Yeah, anyways. Head outside.

Great. You're back at the same place you started, except you're a bit further
north. You started out on the south-side of Duncan's house, and you end up on
the north side.

Anyway, the goal was to escape South Figaro, and guess what? A couple steps to
the right is your escape.

NOTE: You can talk to the wandering soldier, and he will say the same thing as
always. Isn't it a bit weird that he can't figure out that you're on the other
side of him? Or that you have a famous general of his own army with you?

4.31 Locke: South Figaro Cave (Revisited)                               [4.031]

NOTE: If you want to see the enemies you will encounter on the way to South
Figaro Cave, see Section [4.08]

NOTE2: I warned you twice. Here it is: If you didn't get Foper, Hornet, or Urok
in your Bestiary, you have now officially missed them. The monsters in this cave
have now changed, and you will never see the above three monsters again.

New Monsters:
#27 - Cartagra
#28 - Acrophies
#29 - Gold Bear
#283 - Tunnel Armor

Monster Formations:
- Gold Bear, Acrophies (1 AP)
- Acrophies x2 (1 AP)
- Cartagra, Acrophies x2 (0 AP)
- Cartagra x3 (0 AP)

Items Found:
- X-Potion (West End of Main Cave)
- Ether -> Hi-Ether (East End of Main Cave)
- Thunder Rod -> Hero's Ring (Up the West stairs in 2nd to last room)

- Cartagra has Antidote (Common) and Potion (Rare)
- Acrophies has Eye Drops (Common), and Antidote (Rare)
- Gold Bear has Potion (Common), and Hi-Potion (Rare)
Nothing too special here.

Welcome back to the South Figaro Cave. As mentioned above, the monsters have

How to handle these monsters:

- Cartagra. Their special attack is Poison Barb, which can poison you. Luckily,
Celes knows Poisona, so you don't have to waste an Antidote.

- Acrophies is just annoying. Their special attack, Numbclaw, can cause you to
Stop, which is just annoying. A simply Blizzard can do nice things here.

- Gold Bear can do 250% damage with Gouge, it's special attack. Take care of
these guys as fast as possible. Blizzard also works nicely here.

On to the cave itself. You know where to go. Once you get to the big room, go
west and collect the X-Potion. That item won't change anymore, so it's safe to
get it now. The chest on the east side is still an Ether, but it will change
into something better later.

Now the last chest is something to think about. If you leave it now, it changes
into Hero's Ring later (a very good relic to have). However, if you grab the
Thunder Rod now, you can use it to instantly kill the boss coming up. It's
really up to you, but I recommend leaving it for the Hero's Ring. The boss isn't
that hard to beat, so there's no need to waste the Thunder Rod on it.

Once you get to the room with the Recovery Spring, Locke will say something
about some noise. Weird. Make sure you heal at the Recovery Spring before
attempting to leave. Note I said attempting. Boss Battle!

BOSS: Tunnel Armor

Tunnel Armor (0 EXP, 250 Gil)
- Level: 16
- HP: 1300
- MP: 900
- Drops: Elixir (Always)
- Steals: Bioblaster (Rare), Air Knife (Common)

As soon as you start the battle, Celes will tell you a little about Tunnel
Armor. It seems to have quite powerful magic attacks. Lucky for you, Celes has
her Runic ability, which can absorb all magic.

The battle is pretty easy. Always use Runic with Celes, and I suggest you try
to steal that Bioblaster from Tunnel Armor, but it is quite rare to get it, and
you might get beat up too badly to successfully steal it.

If you still have Locke equipped with the Genji Glove, you obviously know he'll
attack twice, which should speed up the battle a little.

Tunnel Armor's special attack is Drill, which will attack you for 200% damage.
If your HP ever gets dangerously low, have Celes cast Cure on both of you.

This battle really isn't that difficult. Once you kill off Tunnel Armor, you'll
always receive an Elixir as a reward.


After the battle with Tunnel Armor, the scenario ends with Locke and Celes
automatically leaving the cave.

"The three groups have arrived in Narshe, and now a decisive battle is about to

Elder: I understand what you're saying. But... you're asking us to spill our
       blood for you.
Arvis: That's not what we asked!
Elder: What you ask is the same.
Banon: Ha! You're absolutely rigth.
Arvis: Banon!
Banon: We're asking you to spill your blood.
       Emperor Gestahl is racing to acquire ever greater Magitek power. That's
       the reason he wants the esper that was discovered here. If we allow the
       Empire to continue amassing weapons of Magitek destruction... history's
       greatest mistake will be repeated.
Elder: The War of the Magi...
Soldiers: "The legendary conflict that laid waste to the world..."
          "You're saying it could happen again?"
Elder: I had thought humans to be wiser creatures...

Sabin: Edgar!
Edgar: Sabin! You're all right! Who have you brought along?
Cyan: I am Cyan, a warrior of the kingdom of Doma.
Gau: Uwao... Gau!
Sabin: The Empire killed everyone in Doma, down to the last child...
Cyan: Kefka... poisoned them...
Elder: Barbaric!
Banon: Elder!
Elder: But... that was because Doma was collaborating with the Returners. As
       long as we remain neutral, we have nothing to fear from the Empire.

Locke: Think again!
Terra: Locke!
Locke: The Empire's poised to attack Narshe as we speak!
Edgar: What!?
Banon: Locke, where did you manage to get your hands on information like that?
Locke: Celes here was one of the Empire's gener--
Cyan: So it is her! I thought she looked familiar. Sir Gau, step aside!
      The infamous General Celes... The woman single-handedly responsible for
      the decimation of Maranda... Stand and meet thy judgment, Imperial b--
Locke: Wait! Celes has promised to join the Returners! She's fighting on our
       side now!
Cyan: Be that as it may...!
Locke: I promised I'd protect her, and I won't give up a woman I've sworn to
Edgar: Locke... You still haven't gotten over that, have you...?
Terra: I was also an Imperial soldier.
Cyan: WHAT!?
Edgar: The Empire is evil, but that doesn't mean that all of its citizens are.
Sabin: I'm going to have to defer to my brother on this one...

Messenger: The Empire is here! We're under attack!!!

Kefka: I don't care what you have to do, just get me that esper!
Soldier: Kefka, sir... What about the civilians?
Kefka: What about them? Kill them all!
Soldier: But, sir, Narshe is a neutral city...!
Kefka: Idiot! Read my lips -- mercy is for wimps! There's a reason "oppose"
       rhymes with "dispose" ... If they get in your way, kill them! March!

Elder: It seems the choice has been made for us. Let us make ready for war!
Banon: They're here for the esper...
Elder: We moved it up into the cliffs above the valley.
Edgar: Then that's where we'll make our stand!

*While everyone is heading towards Narshe Cliffs*
Edgar: Locke has a complicated past... Don't go falling for him now, thinking he
       was protecting you out of love back there.
Celes: Thanks for your concern, but I'm a soldier, not some love-starved twit.

4.32 Imperial Raid on Narshe                                            [4.032]

New Monsters:
#53 - Fidor
#54 - Corporal
#55 - Hunting Hound
#286 - Hell's Rider
#287 - Kefka

Monster Formations:
Green Soldier:
- Corporal x4 (0 AP)
- Hunting Hound, Corporal x2 (1 AP)

Brown Soldier:
- Heavy Armor, Corporal x2 (2 AP)
- Fidor, Corporal (1 AP)

Fast Brown Soldier:
- Hell's Rider (2 AP)

- Kefka (0 AP)

Items Found: None

- Fidor has Phoenix Downs (Common), which are very nice. Hi-Potion (Rare) never
  hurt as well
- Corporal has Potion (Common), and Mythril Sword (Rare)
- Hunting Hound has Hi-Potion (Always), so be sure to steal that. One can never
  have enough Hi-Potions (unless you have 99 of course)
- Heavy Armor has Potion (Common), and Iron Helm (Rare)
- Hell's Rider has Mythril Vest (Common), and Elixir (1/8). Both are nice, so
  make sure to steal either one
- Kefka has Hi-Ether (Common), and Elixir (1/8). Like Hell's Rider, both are
  nice, so be sure to grab either one

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fidor and Hunting Hound can *ONLY* be found in this area of the
game. Be sure to encounter both, before beating Kefka. I highly suggest you save
at the Save Point above you before the fight, and if you don't get both
formations before you reach Kefka, reset. You have been warned.

How to handle the monsters: Fidor is weak to Fire, so abuse that if you can.
Corporal are weak to Poison, so release Edgar's Bioblaster on him for an easy
kill. Hunting Hound is weak to Fire like Fidor. Hell's Rider is weak to Fire
AND Poison.

After that rather long cutscene, you will now have to defend Narshe (well,
you're really defending the Frozen Esper, which has been moved to the Narshe
Cliffs) from Kefka and his buddies.

First you'll have a chance to equip each character. If you've been following
this walkthrough and getting everything I've suggested, just go through each
character and choose Optimize. Make sure to equip Relics on every character
as well.

Once you're ready, talk to Banon. You'll get another explanation from a Mog,
which is pretty much the same as the explanation you got while protecting Terra
from Guard Leader at the beginning of the game. You will split your party up
into 3 parties, and defend Banon from Kefka's soldiers. If Banon dies, it's
Game Over. Now onto the three parties.

The key here is to not put all your best character's into one party, since you
have two other parties that would not like to die. I suggest something like

1st Party: Terra, Gau
2nd Party: Locke, Sabin, Cyan
3rd Party: Edgar, Celes

Gau will be awesome here with all his Rages (if you bothered to get them, I hope
you did).

Locke is for stealing mostly, and Sabin (for Blitz) and Cyan should be able to
handle the enemies while Locke steals.

Edgar is strong because many of the monsters are weak to Poison (Bioblaster).
Celes... well she had to go somewhere.

After you're done selecting parties, press Start to begin.

You will see your three party leaders lined up and ready to go. Then you'll see
a total of 6 Green Soldiers and 6 Brown Soldiers, along with Kefka appear.

As mentioned earlier, if anyone reaches Banon, it's Game Over. If you want to
be on the safe side, you can leave all three parties at the top, and position
them so that it's impossible for the enemy to reach the side Banon is all (just
by blocking all the paths with each party). However, it's not hard to simply
venture out and meet everyone head-on either. Do whichever you prefer.

If you missed the important note above, here it is again: Fidor (Brown Soldier,
75% of encountering) and Hunting Hound (Green Soldier, 25% of encountering) are
ONLY found here, so make sure to fight them or you'll miss them forever.

Gau's Rages should be mainly Lesser Lopros (Fireball), as most enemies here are
weak to Fire. Sabin's Rising Phoenix (Left, Left, Down, Down, Right) is also
Fire-elemental, so abuse that as well.

As soon as you're done, approach the racing brown soldier, preferably with
Locke as you'll want to steal a Mythril Vest from him. Make sure to heal
before the battle.

BOSS: Hell's Rider

Hell's Rider (400 EXP, 1290 Gil)
- Level: 14
- HP: 1300
- MP: 170
- Steal: Mythril Vest (7/8), Elixir (1/8)
- Drops: Remedy (Always)

Hell's Rider has a very strong Silver Lance attack, which deals 300% damage.
It also sometimes uses Reverse Polarity, an unblockable magic attack. Lastly,
Hell's Rider has an attack called Venomist, a weak attack in itself, and also
not so accurate. But when it hits, it can Poison you.

Don't forget: He's weak to Fire AND Poison, so Lesser Lopros Rage, Rising
Phoenix, Fire spell, anything works well against him.

Definitely try to get a Mythril Vest. It's better than most items you have now.

Hell's Rider is not all too difficult, it just may take a while to take him


BOSS: Kefka

Kefka (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 18
- HP: 3000
- MP: 3000
- Steal: Hi-Ether (7/8), Elixir (1/8)
- Drops: Peace Ring (Always)

For this battle I suggest you use your Terra & Gau party.

Have Gau use the Alacran Rage, which casts Numb (which in turn casts Stop on
Kefka) on Kefka. That should make it quite a bit easier to take him down.

Have Terra use Fire spell. You should also hope that Gau attacks physically,
since there's no need to re-apply Stop.

As long as Kefka stays Stop'd, you shouldn't have much to worry about.

If you used any other parties, follow the following pattern:

Locke should steal either item, they're both pretty nice.
Sabin can continue using Rising Phoenix or Aura Cannon
Cyan can stick with Fang (Bushido #1)

Edgar should be using Auto Crossbow
Celes should constantly use Runic in order to absorb Kefka's magic attacks. If
you don't cast Stop on Kefka with Gau, his magic will give you quite a bit of

You'll get the Peace Ring if you win.


After the battle, Kefka warps away.

The Esper is chilling (bad pun, I know) at the top of the Cliffs, so everyone
goes to see it... or something.

While they are discussing if it's possible for the Esper to be alive, Terra
somehow reacts to it, and blasts everyone away, almost sending them to their
doom off the cliff.

Then you see Terra seemingly talking to the Esper (who's name is Valigarmanda
if you caught the name in the bottom left). After failed attempts at warning
Terra to get away from the Esper, the two begin to glow. 

Terra then transforms into some pink form with lots of hair! Cool. What's not
so cool is that Terra then takes off, and flies around the World Map for quite
a bit.

4.33 Narshe and traveling to Kohlingen                                  [4.033]

Inn Cost: 200 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
- Hyper Wrist (Treasure house, north [left])
- Thief's Bracer (Treasure house, north [middle])
- Reflect Ring (Treasure house, north [right])
- Thief's Knife (Treasure house, south [left])
- Earring (Treasure house, south [right])
- 5000 Gil (Treasure house, south [bottom])
- Elixir (Clock in Elder's House)

Next thing you know, you wake up in the same bed Terra woke up in the beginning
of the game (in Arvis' house). You are informed that Terra turned into...
something... and took off. Apparently she looked like an Esper (how anyone
could know just what an Esper looks like after only seeing one (frozen in ice,
no less) is beyond me, but work with me here).

Witnesses said Terra went streaking (bad choice of word here...) westward
across the sky, beyond Figaro.

Locke says they've got to hurry and find Terra, since he promised to protect
her. The rest of the group says the Empire will be back, and someone has to
look after Banon. They decide to split up. Edgar says Figaro Castle can
transport one party to the western continent, while another party stays in
Narshe to protect from further Empire attacks.

Now you'll have to choose up to 4 characters between 6 characters.

NOTE: If you only choose 3 characters, you can recruit Shadow for 3000 Gil (he
claims that's enough to feed his dog, Interceptor; he must have expensive
taste). However, remember a long time ago in Sabin's Scenario, when I warned
you about a 1/16 of Shadow leaving after every battle? Yeah, Shadow has the
same chance of leaving here as well. I suggest you go ahead and choose 4
characters, as it's really not worth the risk of walking around with one less
character after Shadow leaves, which he probably will eventually.

Even if Shadow doesn't leave on the Overworld, he will leave as soon as you get
to the Opera House (which isn't very far from when you recruit him at all). 
This will also leave you with only two characters (Celes will be busy) to take
out a couple enemies AND fight a boss battle. In other words: It's not worth
it, don't recruit him.

So yeah, choose 4 character unless you have some fetish for Shadow. But who to

I recommend the following:
- Sabin (Aura Cannon + Rising Phoenix = Awesome)
- Edgar (is just awesome)
- Gau (Rage = Awesome)
- Locke (Steal = Useful^2)

If you're not using Gau and his Rages (shame on you), you can replace him with
Celes (for healing, mostly). Your only other choice would be Cyan, and he's
most definitely your worst character at the moment.

After you've chosen your party, it's time to finally explore the city of

Note: If you never grabbed the Elixir in the clock in Arvis' house, you can do
so now.

 /         Item Shop          \
| Potion (50 Gil)             |
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         | You should still have tons of Potions. If not,
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | fill up here.
| Gold Needle (200 Gil)       |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | Phoenix Downs are also nice to have, though I
| Smoke Bomb (300 Gil)        | had over 20 at this point from stealing from
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      | Fidor.
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /        Armor Shop          \
| Mythril Shield (1200 Gil)   |
| Magus Hat (600 Gil)         | Mythril Shields are for everyone. Buy 4.
| Bandana (800 Gil)           |
| Iron Helm (1000 Gil)        | That is all.
| Silk Robe (600 Gil)         |
| Iron Armor (700 Gil)        |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| The only things of interest are the Chain Flail
| Great Sword (800 Gil)       | and Morning Blade. Chain Flail is for Terra and
| Mythril Claws (800 Gil)     | Celes. Terra is gone, so Celes. However, Celes
| Kotetsu (800 Gil)           | cannot use Runic if she equips this (you must
| Mythril Spear (800 Gil)     | have a Sword equipped to Runic), but if you
| Air Knife (950 Gil)         | think it's worth it, buy one. If you don't even
| Chain Flail (2000 Gil)      | have Celes, obviously don't buy one.
| Moonring Blade (2500 Gil)   | The Moonring Blade is a nice weapon for Locke,
|_____________________________| but you'll find an even better weapon soon.

 /        Relic Shop          \
| Sprint Shoes (1500 Gil)     |
| Jeweled Ring (1000 Gil)     | Don't bother coming here.
| Fairy Ring (1500 Gil)       |
| Barrier Ring (500 Gil)      |
| Mythril Glove (700 Gil)     |
| Knight's Code (1000 Gil)    |

Just for fun, go through each character and "Optimize" to get something better
you may have missed.

Now on to get the items. Head over to the Elder's House (located west of Relic
Shop). Grab the Elixir in the clock. Now let's go find this Treasure House.
Go to the east part of town and up those three ladders. You'll end up in front
of Arvis' House (just for reference). Head south to find the Treasure House.

Inside are a total of 7 chests. One of them is locked. Maybe we'll find out
later what's up with that? (If you haven't caught on yet, I'm basically
predicting the future when I ask questions like that) Grab all the other six
unlocked chests for: Hyper Wrist, Thief's Bracer, Reflect Ring, Thief's Knife,
Earring, and 5000 Gil! Nice.

Equip Thief's Knife on Locke (this is why you didn't buy the Moonring Blade).
Also *definitely* equip the Thief's Bracer. This DOUBLES your stealing rate.

NOTE: This doesn't actually refer to common/rare steals. The game uses a
separate formula to even determine if you have a chance of stealing. The Thief's
Bracer doubles this rate. If it turns out you are able to steal, THEN the
common and rare steal rates (7/8 or 1/8, respectively) come into play.

Now we have to make our way to the western continent. How do we get there?

Edgar said something about using Figaro Castle... let's head there for now.

*waits a minute*

Welcome back to Figaro Castle! If you've been following this guide, you should
have both Sabin and Edgar in your party. This will cause a couple scenes here,
which will provide some more back-story on the two brothers.

Sabin: Ah, this is just like old times! I'm gonna wander around for a bit!

Now go rest at the Inn (for free).

*Sabin walks towards throne*
Sabin: Hmm... Castle hasn't changed much... And yet it's different... Mom and
       Dad are gone... Nothing can ever really be the same... Not after what
*Two soldiers murmuring together*
      ...worst he's been...
...so...if he should...

*Flashback begins*
Sabin: No...! Y-you're wrong! ...It's not true!
Soldier to Priestess: Priestess... The king, he's...
*Edgar chasing after Sabin*
Edgar: Sabin... Sabin...!
*Sabin standing in courtyard*
...Dad...couldn't have...
*Edgar shows up*
Sabin: Edgar... ...*sob*...*sniffle*...
Edgar: So...Dad...didn't make it...
High Priestess: Edgar! There you are! Your father just said he would entrust
                Figaro to the two of you. Those were his...final words.
Sabin: You all make me sick! Everyone's saying that the Empire had Dad
       poisoned... and the only thing any of you can think about is who'll be
       the next king! No one's even sad!
       None of you probably cared when Mom died after we were born, either...
High Priestess: That's not --
Sabin: You're just as bad as the rest of them!
Edgar: Sabin...
Sabin: Empire of murderers...! They won't get away with this!
Edgar: Priestess... Leave us.
*Edgar and Sabin on the top of the tower*
Sabin: Let's leave this place! Let's forget this crazy kingdom, and live our
       lives how we want to! You said you didn't want to be a king, right?
Edgar: A life of freedom, huh...? ...What do you think would happen to Figaro
       if both of us left? There'd be no one to take the throne. Dad was
       counting on us to take care of the kingdom...
       Sabin... Let's settle this with the toss of a coin. Dad gave me this
       one. If it's heads, you win. Tails, I win. The winner chooses whichever
       path he wants...no regrets, no hard feelings. Okay?
       Here we go...!
*Edgar tosses up coin...*
*Flashback ends*

*Back in the throne room*
Edgar: And... you chose your freedom. It's already been ten years... that
       little shrimp has grown into a whopping lobster!
Sabin: And you're a king crab!
Edgar: Sabin... Do you think Dad would be proud of me?
Sabin: Don't you ever doubt that! I'm sure he's beaming with pride, wherever he
Edgar: Ten years...
Sabin: Where has the time gone...?
Edgar: Here's to a couple of confused grownups! Drink!
       Here's to Dad!
Sabin: To Mom! And... to Figaro!

Well, there you have it. Now we know a little more about the two brothers, and
the infamous coin toss that the chancellor kept mentioning.

Anyway, on to the Shops.

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether  (1500 Gil)           | The Item Shop has been upgraded. Potions are now
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | Hi-Potions, Phoenix Downs are new, Holy Water
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        | is new, as are Eye Drops.
| Antidote (50 Gil)           |
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          | Buy whatever you feel necessary.
| Gold Needle (200 Gil)       |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /         Weapon Shop        \
| Auto Crossbow (250 Gil)     | Two new Tools for Edgar: Flash (MT magical
| Noiseblaster (500 Gil)      | attack) and Drill (physical attack).
| Bioblaster (750 Gil)        |
| Flash (1000 Gil)            | Buy both.
| Drill (3000 Gil)            |

After you've bought the two new Tools, there's only one thing left to do.
Edgar said Figaro Castle would help you get to the West Continent. The secret
to Figaro Castle is that it can sink into the sand and travel underground (it's
a video game, just accept it)!

From the entrance of the castle, go through the first door and you will find a
set of stairs to the left and right. Go down the left stairs and talk to the
man here. Tell him you want to go to Kohlingen, and he'll flip a switch, then
witness the impossible. The castle simply sinks into the sand, moves under
some mountains that were blocking your access to the western continent, and
re-surface in another desert area. We call this video game logic.

Head outside.

4.34 Overworld (Around Kohlingen)                                       [4.034]

New Monster:
#56 - Fossil Dragon
#57 - Vulture
#58 - Iron Fist
#59 - Bloodfang
#60 - Rock Wasp
#61 - Paraladia

Monster Formations:
- Vulture x2 (1 AP)
- Bloodfang x2 (1 AP)
- Bloodfang x2, Vulture (1 AP)

- Iron Fist x2, Rock Wasp x2 (2 AP)
- Paraladia x2, Rock Wasp x3 (1 AP)
- Paraladia, Vulture, Iron Fist (1 AP)

- Sand Ray, Alacran x2 (1 AP)
- Fossil Dragon (2 AP)
- Sand Ray x2 (1 AP)

- Fossil Dragon has Holy Water (Common), and Remedy (Rare)
- Vulture has Hi-Potion (Common), and Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Iron Fist has Potion (Common), and Twist Headband (Rare)
- Bloodfang has Potion (Always)
- Rock Wasp has Gold Needle (Common) and Potion (Rare)
- Paraladia has Hi-Potion (Common) and Remedy (Rare)

How to handle these monsters:
- Fossil Dragon. Watch out for this guy. They are weak to Fire, Ice, Holy, and
Water. Gau can use any Fire or Water rage (Templar, Lesser Lopros, etc.) and
Sabin's Aura Cannon will work as well. Edgar can use Drill, and Locke should
just Steal, hoping for a Remedy.
OR, since it's an Undead Monster, you can use a Phoenix Down to kill it. With
the money you win from the battle, you can buy three Phoenix Downs, so you still
come out ahead.

- Vulture and Bloodfang die to the usual: Your favorite offensive Rage, Aura
Cannon or Rising Phoenix, Drill, and keep stealing with Locke. These are the
basic attacks you should be using and I won't bother listing them very much
in the future, just stick to these unless otherwise noted. 

- Iron Fist, Rock Wasp and Paraladia are both weak to Fire. Otherwise, just the
usual will do.

After you've collected all six new Bestiary entries, and you've had your share
of battles, enter Kohlingen to the north (or if you've wandered off somewhere,
it's north-west of Figaro Castle).

4.35 Kohlingen                                                          [4.035]

Inn Cost: 200 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
- Green Beret (Back door of Old Man's House)
- Elixir (Clock in Rachel's House)

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        | Stock up on everything.
| Antidote (50 Gil)           |
| Green Cherry (150 Gil)      |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /        Armor Shop          \
| Mythril Shield (1200 Gil)   |
| Magus Hat (600 Gil)         |
| Bandana (800 Gil)           | Nothing to see, folks, move along.
| Twist Headband (1600 Gil)   |
| Iron Helm (1000 Gil)        |
| Silk Robe (600 Gil)         |
| Iron Armor (700 Gil)        |

 /          Weapon Shop         \
| Air Knife (950 Gil)           | If you have 4 party members, move along.
| Chain Flail (2000 Gil)        |
| Moonring Blade (2500 Gil)     | If you have 3 party members, I assume you did
| Shuriken (30 Gil)             | that on purpose and are hiring Shadow. Stock
| Flame Scroll (500 Gil)        | up on his Shuriken, and buy a couple Scrolls.
| Water Scroll (500 Gil)        | They are expensive and are one-time uses, so
| Lightning Scroll (500 Gil)    | just get a few.
| Invisibility Scroll (500 Gil) |

No Relic Shop.

Anyway, let's get items first (both of them).

Cross the bridge to get behind the north-east house of the town. There's a back
door you can enter. Search the chest for another Green Beret (equip this if any
of your characters don't have one).

The other item is in the house in the north-west part of town. As soon as you
enter, a cutscene revealing Locke's story triggers:

Locke: I... I couldn't protect her...
*Flashback begins*
*Girl and Locke are walking into a cave*
Rachel: Locke! What are we off to find today?
Locke: It's almost your... There's supposed to be an amazing treasure hidden
       somewhere in this mountain. We're gonna find it!
*Tremors begin*
Rachel: Locke! Look out!
*Rachel pushes Locke off the bridge, then the bridge collapses, with Rachel
still on it*
Locke: RACHEL!!!
*Locke standing beside Rachel's bed*
Locke: Rachel! Are you awake?
Rachel: ... ...? I... I can't remember anything...
*Locke being pushed out of Rachel's house*
Rachel's Father: Get out of my house! It's your fault Rachel lost her memory!
Locke: Wait! Just let me talk to her...!
Rachel: Please, just go away! I don't know who you are, but my parents get upset
        whenever you come here!
*Stranger talking to Locke*
Stranger: Rachel would be better off without you hanging around, Locke. She's
          going to have to make a new start of it. With you here, she can't
          even do that...
*Flashback end*
Locke: A year went by... When I finally returned, I found out that Rachel had
       been killed in an Imperial attack. Her memory had returned just before
       she died. The last thing she said was... my name. I never should have
       left her side. I... I failed her...

This is called character development. Also, this little cutscene about his lost
love Rachel explains why he keeps promising to protect random girls (Terra,

Search the clock to steal Locke's dead ex-girlfriend's Elixir. This game stops
at nothing, let me tell ya.

Anyway, head back to the north-east house (through the front this time).
Descend to the basement.

Man: Oh, Locke! It's been a while! Ages even! Oh, that? Worry not, worry not!
     Your treasure's quite safe! Hee-hee-hee...

Observe the dead body laying in the middle of the room:
Man: It's a good thing I'd just happened to have finished this herbal
     concoction back then! Now she'll never age a day! Hee-hee-hee... Had to
     use my herbs, I did! Couldn't very well refuse with you begging me like

*Flashback begins*
Locke: Rachel... You're sure the stuff will work?
Man: Of course, of course! The love of your life will sleep here just like this
     forever... ...and ever...and ever! Hee-hee-hee...
Locke: If there were a way to...call her spirit back...
Man: A way to call her back, eh? ...You mean like that legendary treasure?
     Hee-hee-hee... Oh yes, I suppose if you had that...you might be able to
     bring her around! Gwee-hee-hee-hee!
*Flashback ends*

Locke: I... failed her...

NOTE: If you have Celes with you, she will come back downstairs after everyone
goes upstairs, walk over to Rachel's bed, bow her head and say "Locke...".

So, let's summarize: When Rachel died, Locke begged this old guy to keep her
dead body in his basement, somehow preserving her with herbs so she never ages.
And now Locke has been looking for this legendary treasure to bring her soul
back. I'm sure we'll never hear anything about it again!

If you're wondering about the destroyed house: It was destroyed by a "glowing
monster". Well, that just so happens to fit the description of Terra's new

Lastly, if you head to the Inn, you'll find Shadow sitting there. If you have
less than 4 party members, you can recruit him for 3000 Gil. He will have a
chance of leaving after every battle (1/16), but the only way you could have
less than 3 party members is if you did it on purpose, or... I'm not even sure.
Since you chose only 3 members on purpose, you already knew about recruiting
Shadow, making this paragraph worthless.

If you talk to the guy walking around outside the Inn, he'll tell you that the
glowing creature we call Terra took off southwards, toward Jidoor.

Let's pay a visit to Jidoor!

I won't bother making a whole separate section for traveling to Jidoor. The
monsters in the previous section 4.34 that have the monsters that are around
Kohlingen are actually all the same up until Jidoor, so refer to that section
for the info.

Items found:
- Hero's Ring (South-West Pot in Dragon's Neck Cabin)

Before heading to Jidoor, you can make an optional trip to the north. You will
come across a small house, with a man wanting to build a Coliseum. If you check
out the south-west pot in the house, you can get a Hero's Ring, a relic that
boosts both physical and magical attack. Not bad. This is an optional trip by
the way, we just came up here to get the location for the future Coliseum and
the Hero's Ring.

Jidoor is straight south of Kohlingen. You'll run into a mountain pass, so hug
the coastline and keep going south. After a while you'll reach Jidoor.

4.36 Jidoor                                                             [4.036]

Inn Cost: 250 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
- Ether (Pot in North-East Corner of Owzer's House)

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether  (1500 Gil)           |
| Antidote (50 Gil)           | Stock up on everything.
| Gold Needle (200 Gil)       |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /          Armor Shop         \
| Mythril Shield (1200 Gil)    |
| Twist Headband (1600 Gil)    | Buy a Mythril Shield for everyone in your
| Mythril Vest (1200 Gil)      | party. Do the same for Mythril Vest.
| Ninja Gear (1100 Gil)        |
| White Dress (2200 Gil)       | Also buy two White Dresses for the future.

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Kiku-ichimonji (1200 Gil)   | If you have Cyan (why??), buy a Kiku-ichimonji.
| Kaiser Knuckles (1000 Gil)  | Pick up a Kaiser Knuckles for Sabin.
| Kodachi (1200 Gil)          |
| Moonring Blade (2500 Gil)   | If you still have Shadow (consider yourself
| Flame Scroll (500 Gil)      | lucky), buy a Kodachi for him and get a couple
| Water Scroll (500 Gil)      | more scrolls.
| Lightning Scroll (500 Gil)  |
| Shadow Scroll (500 Gil)     |

 /         Relic Shop         \
| Peace Ring (3000 Gil)       | Earrings! But they cost 5000 Gil. Nonetheless,
| Barrier Ring (500 Gil)      | bring your total Earring count up to 4 if you
| Mythril Glove (700 Gil)     | can afford it.
| Earring (5000 Gil)          |
| Knight's Code (1000 Gil)    |
| Sniper Eye (3000 Gil)       |

So this is Jidoor. This is a town full of rich people. All rich people, and no
poor people? Well, if you talk to the Residents, they will talk about the
residents of Zozo. One could say that all the poor people from Jidoor all moved
to Zozo. Also, the people in Zozo don't have an ounce of decency in them, so
don't trust anything they say! The last thing you can learn here is that Terra
(the girl bathed in light) flew towards the northern mountains... guess where
our next location is going to be?

Head to the house in the north end of the town. This huge mansion belongs to
Owzer. Go up the stairs to the right and check the north-east corner (a pot) to
get an Ether.

To the left is a room full of paintings. Two paintings you should remember:
- The top right one with the pink flowers. This is an easily missed enemy
encounter later in the game (though you can still encounter them at the very
end of the game).
- The painting of Ultros. Just remember this painting will play a small role
later in the game

There is an auction house here which you'll get quite a few things from later.
For now, "today's auction is over".

Leave town and head north-east then north to eventually reach Zozo.

The enemies are almost *exactly* the same as from Kohlingen to Jidoor. The
only difference are in the Grassland monsters, but I'll list them here real
quick anyway.

- Vulture, Iron Fist (1 AP)
- Rock Wasp x4 (2 AP)
- Iron Fist x2, Rock Wasp x2 (2 AP)

- Iron Fist x2, Rock Wasp x2 (2 AP)
- Paraladia x2, Rock Wasp x3 (1 AP)
- Paraladia, Vulture, Iron Fist (1 AP)

If you need strategies for these guys, refer to 3.34

4.37 Zozo                                                               [4.037]

New Monsters:
#62 - Harvester
#63 - Hill Gigas
#64 - Gobbledygook
#65 - Veil Dancer
#288 - Dadaluma

Monster Formations:
- Harvester, Gobbledygook x2 (2 AP)
- Gobbledygook x4 (2 AP)
- Hill Gigas (1 AP)
- Hill Gigas, Harvester (2 AP)

- Harvester (3 AP)
- Veil Dancer, Harvester x2 (2 AP)
- Veil Dancer (1 AP)
- Veil Dancer, Gobbledygook x3 (2 AP)

- Dadaluma [Boss] (0 AP)

Items Found:
- Chainsaw (Beyond the clock puzzle [6:10:50])
- Ether (Storeroom above the Pub)
- Potion ("Armor Shop" in North-West of town)
- Brigand's Glove (Lower storeroom in big tower)
- Ether (Western tower, North-West corner [Left Chest])
- Hi-Potion (Western tower, North-West corner [Right Chest])
- Burning Fist (Upper storeroom in big tower)
- Hermes Sandals (Top of big tower [Left])
- X-Potion (Top of big tower [Right])

- Harvester has Silver Spectacles (Common), and Dragoon Boots (Rare). Make sure
  you get at least one of the Dragoon Boots, they will make a later character
- Hill Gigas has Gigas Glove (Rare)
- Gobbledygook has Eye Drops (Common), and Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Veil Dancer has Hi-Potion (Common), and Thief's Knife (Rare). If you have
  Locke using the Genji Glove, grab a 2nd one so he can equip both.

How to handle these guys:
- Harvesters are annoying. Every third turn, they will Throw (same as Shadow's
Throw command) a Mythril Knife, which will do a fairly large amount of damage.
If you make your characters invisible (see Gobbledygook below), Harvester can't
damage you. Don't forget to try to steal a Dragoon Boots (see Note).

- Hill Gigas are huge physical monsters. They have 1200 HP and just attack
physically. Again, if your characters are invisible (see Gobbledygook below),
he can't touch you. To get rid of him fast, use the Mu Rage (Snare; instant

- Gobbledygook are very simple to beat. However, there is a way you can use
them to help you out here. Use Edgar's Noiseblaster to confuse them. Each
Gobbledygook now has a 1/3 chance of using Vanish. If used on one of your
characters, it gives him Invisible status, which if you remember from Shadow in
Sabin's Scenario, makes that character immune to all physical attacks. This
will help tremendously since Harvester's throwing won't hurt you! Note that
if Vanish is cast on an invisible character, it will remove the status. If
you're extremely lucky you can get all 4 characters invisible, but try to get
at least 2 invisible.

- Veil Dancer are the most dangerous here. Especially if you meet the formation
that has them by themselves. If alone, they will use either Blizzara, Thundara,
or Fira, all of which are MT and will deal over 200 damage to EVERY character.
They are weak to Poison, so use Bioblaster.

NOTE: Dragoon Boots. A very useful relic, but even better when paired with
Dragon Horn (gotten later in the game). Dragoon Boots changes the Fight command
to the Jump command. Jump obviously makes the character jump (and disappear off
screen). While in the air, you avoid most attacks. Once you land, you attack
with the same Fight command, but you never miss. The Dragon Horn gives you a
3/4 of landing twice (therefore attacking twice), a 3/16 (18.75%) of attacking
three times, and a 1/16 (6.25%) of attacking 4 times! You can easily see why
this is a nice setup.

This is the only city in the game where you find random battles. This can
probably be explained by the chaos and the crazy people living here, but that's
not our concern. We're still trying to find Terra.

Let's collect some items first. Enter the first building (the Pub). Go up the
two stairs and go through the right door (left door takes you to a balcony,
and nothing else). Go up the stairs and check the left door: it's rusted shut.
Maybe we'll figure out how to "unrust" it someday (We will). Enter the right
door and grab an Ether. Leave the Pub.

Head towards the north-west part of town. If you check out the Inn, you'll find
nothing but a clock where you have to set a time. In a few minutes, we'll
solve that puzzle and get a very awesome Tool for Edgar.

Continue past the Inn and go west (you walk behind the tall building). Enter
the Armor Shop (the right building) to find a chest with a Potion.

Now let's solve that clock puzzle to get that Tool! Remember that someone in
Jidoor told you Zozo residents lie? Basically, you have to talk to everyone,
and since everyone is lying, whatever they say is wrong. Eventually, every
option except one will be given, which makes that the correct one.

The first clue: In the Weapon Shop next to the Armor Shop. The guy behind the
counter says "That clock doesn't have a minute hand. Of course, it never points
to the right time, anyway!" *That* clock is the clock in the north wall. Examine
it to see the clock's hand pointing at 2. Since the guy said there is no minute
hand, we have to assume it actually IS referring to the minutes. The 2 on the
clock is referring to 10 minutes past the hour. The man behind the counter says
it never points to the right time... so we know that 00:10 minutes IS actually
the right time.

Now we just have to find the hours and the seconds.

Man behind counter in Pub: "The second hand on my watch is pointin' at 30."
So we know it's not :30.

Now head into the tower in the south-west corner. Head outside up the stairs,
up these stairs and back inside. There are a total of 7 guys walking here, and
they go on forever. Five of them give clues:

1. It's 2:00
2. It's already 12:00
3. Oh, it's 10:00! I'd better be getting home.
4. Don't listen to the others! Trust me, it's 8:00!
5. Time, you say? It's 4:00.

Since the only one not listed it's 6:00, we can assume that is the hour. So far
we have: 6:10:XX

Go up the stairs to the north to be outside again. Head up the first set of
stairs and look down to see the hook. This is how the game allows you to leave
the tower. I guess they thought you couldn't leave through the hallway because
of all 7 guys walking... but if you stand in front of the door, the press Up
to enter the door, and while the screen is black, start pressing Right, you
can go down the stairs and walk through the guys walking up the stairs. Then
simply stand in front of the stairs and wait for all 7 guys to line up in front
of you. When this is done, walk around them and run through the hallway (all
7 will be walking up the stairs) without disturbance. But yeah, we'll just use
the crane.

Anyway, go up two more flights of stairs after the crane and enter the door to
the right. Collect the Brigand's Glove. This is a nice Relic that changes the
Steal command into Mug. Mug is a command that combines Fight + Steal, so you do
damage while attempting to steal. Pretty sweet. Equip it if you want to use

Go back out and go left to find... a wall? What?

Go back down two flights of stairs and notice the black spot to the left. Go
in there and press Left to find yourself jumping between the balconies!

Re-enter the tower. Go up and to the left to find three pots and one bucket.
The top two pots hold Ether (left) and a Hi-Potion (right). Continue down, and
talk to the guy behind the counter: "My watch's second hand is pointing at the
4." This means the seconds are NOT :20 (4 on a clock is 20). Go outside,
upstairs, and the guy will tell you the seconds are divisible by 20. You know
what this means: the seconds are NOT divisible by 20. So we're left with :10,
and :50. Unfortunately, these are all the clues you get, but we've narrowed it
down to two possibilities: 6:10:10 or 6:10:50. Since we are halfway done with
this tower, we might as well finish it and get the Tool later (you'll be using
Bioblaster for the boss here anyway).

Jump back to the right tower, and go up the stairs. Go outside, climb two
sets of stairs, and enter the room to collect the Burning Fist. This is a better
weapon for Sabin which boosts his Attack by a lot.

Climb up more stairs and prepare for a boss battle.

BOSS: Dadaluma

Dadaluma (0 EXP, 1210 Gil)
- Level: 22
- HP: 3270
- MP: 1005
- Steal: Jeweled Ring (Common), Thief's Bracer (Rare)
- Drops: Twist Headband (Common), Thief's Knife (Rare)

Dadaluma is a strange boss. It may be some buff martial arts fighter or
something. Whatever, that doesn't concern us.

If you have characters with Clear status still, good for you. They'll be
relatively safe from this battle.

First off, to make this battle much easier, have Gau use Alacran or Acrophies.
This will set Stop status on Dadaluma, preventing him from doing much of
anything. Now you can just attack him with Bioblaster (he's weak to Poison),
Aura Cannon/Rising Phoenix, and steal from him. Chances are you'll kill him
fairly quickly.

That's the easy way to the battle. If you don't have Alacran, you'll have to
fight the battle normally, which still isn't hard. He casts Shockwave, which
does over 100 damage to a ST. After you get his HP to a certain point
(somewhere below 50%), he'll use Potion and Hi-Potion on himself, and cast Safe
and Protect on himself as well. If you attack him physically a few times, he'll
start throwing weapons at you (Dagger and Mythril Knife again).

If the battle is taking too long, he'll summon two Iron Fists to join him.
Simply dispose of them ASAP if they show up (chances are good you'll kill
Dadaluma before he summons these guys). Dadaluma can summon them again if the
battle lasts even longer still, but that really shouldn't happen.

Trillium Rage is Bio (Poison-Elemental) which will deal MASSIVE (I'm talking
1500+) damage to Dadaluma. Two of those and some other attack will take care of
him easily.

If you don't have Trillium either (aren't you regretting not using Gau?), use
Cat Scratch. If you don't have that either, you probably don't even have Gau
in your party.

Anyway, like mentioned earlier, stick with Bioblaster for Edgar. Sabin can use
his favorite Blitz. Locke should be stealing.

All in all, not to hard of a boss. Rather pathetic, if you ask me.


After he's done, head up the last flight of stairs and enter the door. Check
the left and right side of the rooms for Hermes Sandals (left) and X-Potion

Head up to find... Terra!

The dialogue that follows depends on who is in your party, but I shall

Ramuh appears as an old man. He is actually an Esper, taking the form of a
human in order to live amongst the humans without revealing himself. He informs
you that when Terra transformed and took off in Narshe, she was using a power
she didn't know she had, and it overwhelmed her and she went crazy. Now her
body isn't listening to what she says. Ramuh then tells you that humans and
espers are incompatible, but it wasn't always so. Humans and Espers used to
live together in harmony... until the War of the Magi, the ancient battle
between espers and humans who had been infused with magical powers extracted
from other espers (Celes, anyone?).

After the war, the espers lived in their own world, minding their own business.
Then, 20 years ago, humans stumbled upon the entrance to the hidden world.
And thus began the hunt for Gestahl (the Emperor) to track down the espers.
As soon as the espers got word of Gestahl's plan, they created a massive gate
to keep humans out.

Ramuh then says the espers that were caught are now in the Empire's Magitek
Research Facility, being drained of their powers. Ramuh escaped the Facility,
and is now chilling with you guys.

You then find out that it was Ramuh who called Terra to Zozo, and she responded
to the call. Guess that makes Terra an Esper... well, she's different from
normal espers Ramuh says. She's in pain now because she doesn't understand what
she is, but maybe she'll be able to control that someday.

Ramuh says his buddies in the Magitek Research Facility may be able to help
her. Then he begins his suicidal thoughts and says you can't force a power from
an Esper; that only weakens them. Only when they become magicite their powers
can be transferred in full. Ramuh is going to turn himself into a magicite so
he can lend you his strength. Aww, how nice.

What is a Magicite though? Magicite is an esper's power in its purest form.
When an esper dies, magicite is all that is left behind...

Shortly before Ramuh commits suicide, he shows you his three friends he took
out of the Research Facility. This leaves you to collect a total of 4 Espers.
Not bad for a start.

Once you can control your characters again, collect all 4 (from left to right):
Kirin, Siren, Cait Sith, and Ramuh.

Go down now to find the two party members you didn't pick way back when. Talk
to either one of them to continue.

Everyone now descends the tower stairs (I guess the monsters don't want to
attack all of a sudden?).

Once at the bottom, the party decides to split up again (for the same reason as
last time; one party for defending Narshe and the other to sneak into the
Magitek Research Facility and free the Espers). The only difference this time
is that out of the 4 party members you can choose, Locke and Celes are forced
into your party, so you only get to choose two more.

Your choices are Cyan, Edgar, Sabin, and Gau. Cyan is out, he's just not that

If you've been using Gau (as you should), he's an obvious choice. Which leaves
you with Edgar or Sabin. I recommend choosing Edgar over Sabin. Edgar has
powerful Tools (Noiseblaster to confuse, Bioblaster for those Humanoids, Drill
for nice damage) and Sabin just doesn't match up to that with Aura Cannon or
Rising Phoenix (the next Blitz you learn is at Lvl 23, and it is a horrible
Blitz; a healing spell which heals everyone but Sabin by the amount of
(Sabin's HP / (# of targets - 1)).

Of course, if you haven't been using Gau because you've been lazy, you'll
obviously be bringing the Figaro brothers.

Locke notes that if you need to change party members, you can head to Narshe.
After the 2nd party leaves, your party hints that there might be a way to get
to the Southern Continent (where Vector [the Imperial Capital] and therefore,
the Magitek Research Facility are) if you check around Jidoor.

NOTE: You'll notice a ghost walking around. Talk to him to get an explanation
on Espers, since no one told you anything about it. But since I want this to be
a complete walkthrough, I'll copy the ghost's explanation and add my own:

= How to use an Esper =
To use an esper, you must first equip its magicite. Select "Abilities" from
the main menu, then select "Espers." To summon the esper in battle, select
"Magic," press Up, then select the esper with the A Button. You can only call
upon a particular esper once per battle.

= Learning Magic =
A character learns spells over time when an esper is equipped. The set of
spells each esper teaches is different. The higher a spell's acquisition rate,
the faster it will be memorized. Some espers also permanently increase an
attribute of the character equipping them when the character gains a level.

I'll add my own explanations for the Espers in the next section. There is one
last thing to do: The clock puzzle. Head to the Clock Tower.

We've narrowed it down to 6:10:10 or 6:10:50. I wonder which one it is?

Let's try 6:10:50. Oh wow, it worked. (Btw, I could've just told you the answer
way back when, but then people would ask questions "How did you know that?" so
I showed you how you're supposed to know). Entering the correct time will raise
the wall to the right. Go up the stairs to get: Chainsaw.

Chainsaw is a strong tool, and even better: it has a 25% of instantly killing
the target. Sweetness.

Now, time to do some optional (but recommended) things.

4.38 Magic AP & Trip to Veldt                                           [4.038]

Before we head on in the story, I strongly suggest making a trip to the Veldt.

Make your way towards the South Figaro Cave, which was south of Narshe(South to
Jidoor, North-East to Kohlingen, enter Figaro Castle, take underground across
mountains, re-surface, exit castle, and head south to South Figaro Cave).

While you walk all that way, I'll explain AP a bit.

Let's take a look at the enemy formations for inside Zozo buildings:

- Harvester (3 AP)
- Veil Dancer, Harvester x2 (2 AP)
- Veil Dancer (1 AP)
- Veil Dancer, Gobbledygook x3 (2 AP)

So you've probably noticed the AP thing after every single formation up till
now. Well, now it's all going to make sense. AP stands for... I really have no
idea, but that's ok.

NOTE: I've been informed it may stand for Acquisition Points.

AP gained is based on formations, NOT enemies (every formation is different).
From now on out, you'll gain AP for every formation that gives 1 or more AP.

Note: You only get AP when you have at least one Esper equipped. Actually, you
      also get AP when Terra is in your party, as she needs AP so she can
      use Trance (the more AP she gets, the longer she stays Trance'd). [Thx to
      blusiryn for pointing this out]
Note2: To unequip an Esper, equip a blank spot (go to a blank spot and press
       A) You wouldn't believe how often this gets asked

So first we need to equip an Esper. Go into the main menu -> Abilities ->
Espers to see your current list of espers. Press A on an Esper to see a list of
spells that specific esper teaches. The first column lists the spell name. The
2nd column has the Acquisition Rate. 3rd column is your progress on learning
that spell.

The Acquisition Rate is what we're interested in. When you gain AP after each
battle, your Progress % is increased by: AP gained x Acquisition Rate
In other words, let's say you equip Ramuh, who teaches Thunder at x10 Rate and
Thundara at a x2 Rate. You fight a battle consisting of a single Harvester (I'm
using the above copied enemy list). That particular formation gives 3 AP.

After the battle, if you looked at the Esper screen for Ramuh, you would see
that Thunder's progress is now 30% (3 AP x 10 Acquisition Rate) and Thundara is
6% (3 AP x 2 Acquisition Rate).

The same works for every character and every esper. Once progress reaches 100%,
you will see a line saying "Celes learned Thunder!" (obviously Celes and Thunder
are replaced by the name and the spell learned).

That's about all for AP. There is one more thing regarding Espers, though.

As you should know by now, your character's stats stay the same. They only
increase because you are wearing equipment that temporarily increases a stat.
The base stats always remain the same, though.

There are certain Espers that can increase these stats. Let's take a look at
Ramuh again. Under the list of spells he teaches, it says:
"At level up: Stamina + 1"
This means that when a character levels up while Ramuh is equipped on him/her,
that character's base Stamina stat will go up by 1.

Now take a look at Siren. Siren's level up bonus is "HP + 10%". Each character
naturally increases its HP (and MP) at a level up. While Siren is equipped,
that character will gain a 10% bonus. This does NOT refer to HP Total for the
bonus, just on the level up. Let's say a character gains 100 HP at level up.
With Siren, they would gain 110 HP instead of 100 (100 + 10% = 110).

This allows players to plan ahead and max out a character's stat using the
Espers and all sorts of goodies. The average player will not do this and just
enjoy the added bonuses these espers give.

Anyway, enough babbling. You should be near South Figaro Cave now. If you
hadn't guessed, we're making our way toward the Veldt to learn some very
awesome rages for Gau.

Enter South Figaro Cave (heal at Recovery Spring), go through it, bypass
South Figaro, and enter Mt. Kolts. Go through the whole mountain, exit, head
north and enter the Returner Hideout (don't forget Trillium can Poison).

Go to Banon's room (if you forgot, the north-east room of the place) and walk
into the South wall to find that hidden door. Walk through here to get to the
Lethe River, remember this? Hop aboard the raft that is conveniently placed.

Don't worry, no Ultros battle at the end this time. Make sure to thank Lesser
Lopros for providing his Rage which you've used so many times.

Go south when you're dropped off and head across the bridge where the Imperial
Camp used to be. Go a little south then back across another bridge to the west.
If you're wondering: Doma Castle is blocked off by Imperial Soldiers.

Enter Phantom Forest and cross through it (no Phantom Train anymore). Don't
forget to heal at the Recovery Spring. Once through the Forest, go around and
enter Baren Falls (no battles this time).

Welcome to the Veldt. Finally.

Here's the list we really want to get:
- Anguiform (Aqua Breath)
- Aspiran (Gigavolt)
- Gobbledygook (Vanish)
- Hill Gigas (Magnitude 8)
- Veil Dancer (Blizzara)

The most interesting ones are Anguiform and Aspiran. This will make the Magitek
Research Facility SO much easier if you get those. Vanish is nice as you know,
since you abused the Gobbledygook's ability to cast it by confusing them and
having them cast it on you.

The nice thing about the Veldt is that you also gain AP for these fights, but
no EXP. This may not seem so nice to some people, but people playing a LLG
find it great.

Once you get all the above rages, it's time to move on. Go to the south end of
the Veldt and enter Crescent Mountain Cave (there are no enemies in here). Go
through the cave and exit to jump into Serpent Trench. You will end up on the
docks of Nikeah. Talk to the guy on the boat to get taken to South Figaro.

Just think. The boat goes SO close to the Southern Continent. Why couldn't it
just keep going south instead of turning west to get to South Figaro? Ah well,
video game logic.

Speaking of which, here's some more for you. Since South Figaro is still
occupied by the Empire, you are forced to cram yourself into a chest and be
carried to safety in South Figaro. How does a 4 person party fit into one chest?
Again, video game logic.

Anyway, you're back outside South Figaro. Now we need to get back to Jidoor.
So head back through South Figaro Cave (if you want to switch your party for
whatever reason, you can head to Arvis' house in Narshe and talk to any of the
members walking around to rearrange your party), take Figaro Castle
underground, and head south to reach Jidoor.

4.39 Jidoor Revisited                                                   [4.039]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: Any ones you might've missed last time

Welcome back to Jidoor after that long re-route to the Veldt and back. It'll be
worth it later, trust me.

So what to do here? Nothing seems new, and the Auction House is still closed.
Maybe there's something in Owzer's Mansion...

Talk to the man running back and forth at a high rate of speed. This is the
Impresario of the Opera House. He mistakes Celes for Maria, the opera singer.
Apparently, Celes is a spitting image of Maria. The Impresario mumbles
something about being in trouble and runs off.

As you leave, you'll find a letter on the floor. Pick it up and you'll be told
the guy who just ran off is the director of the troupe that performs at the
opera house. The Impresario has been uptight since that letter arrived. You
then proceed to read the letter:

Dearest Maria,
I've decided to take you as my wife, so
I'll be coming to kidnap you.
           The Wandering Gambler

Short, and straight to the point. I love it.
Locke questions the man on who the Wandering Gambler is. Then the scene shifts
to some airship type thing with a man standing on the front of is. This is
probably the Wandering Gambler. You now get a naming screen for him. His name
is Setzer. You should notice that everytime you gave a character a name, they
later joined your party. Is it possible this Setzer guy will join you?

Setzer owns the worlds only airship. The group decides to set up a meeting with
Setzer to see if he could fly them to the southern continent. Time to head to
the Opera House! It's located straight south of Jidoor.

Note: The monsters on the way to the Opera House are the same as listed at the
bottom of section 4.36

4.40 The Opera House                                                    [4.040]

New Monster:
#66 - Stunner
#67 - Goetia
#289 - Ultros

Monster Formations:
- Goetia, Stunner x2 (3 AP)
- Stunner x3, Goetia x2 (3 AP)
- Ultros (0 AP)

Items Found: None

- Stunner just has a Common Hi-Potion
- Goetia has Hi-Potion (Common), and Antidote (Rare)

How to handle these monsters:
- Stunners are weak to Fire, so use Lesser Lopros, Templar, Spritzer, or any
other Fire-elemental. Those who went to the Veldt earlier and used their time
wisely by teaching their characters the spells of all espers can cast Fire
(taught by Siren if you're wondering) as well. The only problem with Stunners
is that they tend to call more Goetias when they are by themselves, so get rid
of them as fast as possible.

- Goetia is weak to Ice. Veil Dancer wins this one, or cast Blizzard with

Welcome to the Opera House. In case you're wondering, you won't find these
monsters until a little bit later. First, we have another important thing to
do, which many consider to be one of the best parts in this game. I, however,
don't see what makes this scene so great, but that may just be me.

Once you enter, talk to the Impresario. He says Setzer will probably appear
at the climax of the first act, because he loves to make an entrance. Locke
informs him the group will nab him after he appears. The Impresario is torn
between wanting to make the performance a success and not wanting to lose

Locke comes up with a brilliant plan: Have Celes be Maria (since she just
happens to look almost exactly like Maria), and let her be abducted. The rest
of the group will follow him onto the airship. The Impresario loves this!
But Celes doesn't, and runs off... straight into the dressing room. Nice. She
practices her singing and... it doesn't go well.

You also see Ultros real quick. He then throws a letter over to where everyone
is standing, apparently trying to do it like Setzer. Unfortunately for him,
no one sees the letter and just walks off. Ultros = pwned!

Let's go watch some Opera. No, really, let's. I won't bother typing up the
story of the Opera or anything, simply because I don't want to. So there.

After Draco sings for a little bit, you get control over Locke. You can talk to
your characters, who will each say something different:
Cyan: Where art thou going? Thou should relax and enjoy the show!
Edgar: Go on! Give her some encouragement!
Gau: Uwao! Pretty song, pretty song!
Sabin: Huh? Why's everyone singing?
*If you brought Shadow, he leaves you here. Talk to the Impresario: Your friend
left. Said he'd fall asleep if he had to sit here for more than five minutes...

Leave through the right door, go down the stairs, and go up the east stairs
again. You'll be in front of the dressing room. Enter.

Talk to Locke. I will type up THIS dialogue:
*Locke turns deep red [Like when he's Berserk'd]
Locke: Have you... always been that pretty?
Celes: Locke... Why did you stand up for me when you did?
Locke: ...Because I'm tired of standing by and doing nothing while I lose girls
       I like
Celes: Am I just a replacement... for her?
Locke: ... That ribbon looks nice on you.
Celes: I have to go on stage soon. This next scene's an important one. Maria
       starts to worry that something's happened to Draco, and pours her
       feelings into song.
Locke: Shouldn't you check the score one last time?

To answer Locke's question: Yes, you should. Well, you don't have to, since
I will do the work for you once more.

Scene 1

O my hero, my beloved,
Shall we still be made to part,
Though promises of perennial love
Yet sing here in my heart?
I'm the darkness, you're the starlight
Shining brightly from afar.
Through hours of despair,
I offer this prayer
To you, my evening star.
Must my final vows exchanged
Be with him and not with you?
Were you only here to quiet my fear...
O speak! Guide me anew.

... This is where you pick up the
flowers. Climb the stairs and toss
the flowers from the highest balcony.
(Be sure to finish by the end of
the interlude! There isn't much
time before the start of Scene 2.)
- Impresario

Scene 2

Now head up through the right door and enter the stage. If you weren't reading
this file, you'd have to write down the script somewhere to know which phrase
is the correct to enter, but obviously, you ARE reading this file. Plus points
for you.

You don't have much time to enter the phrases, so be quick. The phrases are
(in this order):

1. Right: O, my hero...
   Wrong: Alas, Draco... = Alas, Draco! You have left me... START OVER

2. Right: I'm the darkness...
   Wrong: I wish I... = I wish I... uh? START OVER

3. Right: Must my...
   Wrong: Prince Ralse... = Princes Ralse will be my groom. I know... START OVER

Then Celes walks up the stairs, and Draco appears. Walk over to him, and talk
to him three separate times. Talk to him a fourth time, and he turns into
flowers. Quickly grab the flowers with A, walk up the stairs ahead of you and
walk onto the balcony. Done.

NOTE: If you mess up on any of these (Give the wrong line, or you take too long
with the whole walking thing), you fail and find yourself outside the Opera
House on the Overworld. Re-enter to get another chance. If you mess up three
more times after that (why??), it's Game Over. Yeah.

Watch the rest of the scene. Then it fades back to Locke (who thinks Celes did
wonderful... aww). Attempt to leave the changing room, but don't leave yet
because there's a letter on the floor. Read it.
"I owe you guys one, so I'm gonna jam up
 your opera!

So THAT'S what Ultros wanted. Locke says he better tell the Impresario. Head
back into the seating area and tell the Impresario. When you talk to him, all
he says is "What!?" (one could argue Locke never said anything, but we can't
assume that). The scene then shifts back to the Opera at hand.

Then the scene shifts to Ultros on the rafters above where Celes is standing.
He's standing next to a 4 Ton weight! But it's heavier than Ultros thought (how
heavy did he think 4 Ton would be?), so it's going to take him EXACTLY 5
minutes to push it off the edge.

This means you'll have 5 minutes to stop him. The Impresario tells you to talk
to the stagehand in the room in the north-east corner.

So head up to the north-east corner and enter that room. The stagehand will
tell you to lower the far-right switch.

If you lower any other switches:
- Far left = Nothing
- Second from left = Lights get turned off and you see the eyes of all the
  people watching the Opera)
- Third from left = Fall through trap door and end up on the stage. You quickly
  jump through the crowd and end up in the Foyer of the Opera House. Head up
  the stairs to the right to be back at a familiar place
- Far right = Seemingly nothing, but another door has been opened.

Leave this room, and head back toward the Impresario. Now head to the north-west
corner of the room. Enter this room and go up the stairs to enter this door.
If you had come here before hitting the switch, this door would be locked.

You'll find yourself on top of the rafters. This is also where you'll fight
Goetia and Stunners, so refer to the top of this section for a refresher on how
to deal with them.

NOTE: Time is still running during these battles, so be quick.

Make your way along the rafters (it's not hard to find your way). There are
about five or six battles before reaching Ultros. Once you do reach Ultros talk
to him, and he'll push you and himself off the rafters, and you'll land on the

You then proceed to fight Ultros on stage.

BOSS: Ultros

Ultros (0 EXP, 2 Gil)
- Level: 19
- HP: 2550
- MP: 500
- Steal: White Cape (Common)
- Drops: None

Now it's time to fight Ultros again.

His attacks this time are Ink (may cause Darkness) and Tentacle (about 500
damage), like last time. Unlike last time, you CAN attack him with Fire without
having him counter it. Some of his other attacks are Fire, Lv. 3 Confuse (which
confuses every character who's level is divisible by 3), Imp Song (causes Imp),
Megavolt, and Drain.

One thing to note about Ultros: Every once in a while, Ultros will change his
position on the field. His position also depends on which attacks he will use:
Top = Fire
Middle = Ink or Tentacle
Lower Left = Lv. 3 Confuse
Lower Right = Megavolt or Drain

He uses Imp Song at every position in the battle.

This may all look like a tough battle, but it's really not:

One strategy involves casting Stop (Alacran) on him, then attacking him until
he dies, which shouldn't take that long at all. Use Drill with Edgar, have
Locke steal that White Cape if you want, and have Gau use your favorite Rage.

The easiest strategy by FAR is this: Have Gau use Aspiran Rage. That's it.
Chances are VERY good it will kill him in one hit. Once he uses Gigavolt (50%),
Ultros dies. Easy.

If you don't have either of that, make sure you have Ramuh equipped on somebody.
Summon him for around 1500 damage. After that, use Drill/Chainsaw with Edgar,
simply attack with Locke and use your favorite Rage with Gau, or your favorite
Blitz with Sabin.

Not so hard, was it? You get nothing for winning (he has no Drops). Well, you
DO get 2 Gil! Nice.


After this, someone screams Halt! Then Setzer comes out of nowhere, spins Celes
around in an impressive move which gets rid of her Opera clothes, and then
lifts her out of the Opera. Of course, he thinks he just kidnapped Maria.

4.41 Blackjack                                                          [4.041]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: None

On the Blackjack, Setzer drops Celes off in a room, says he'll "deal" with her
later (interpret that as you wish), and leave. Then your other three party
members pop up.

Locke compliments Celes *AGAIN* (you'd think Locke has feelings for Celes or
something, sheesh).

Setzer shows back up. He promptly puts 2 and 2 together, and figures out Celes
isn't Maria. Celes asks Setzer for his help, but he refuses. He starts to walk
away, but the group quickly decides to throw compliments his way, after which
he decides to talk to the group. This is what each character says:

Celes: We heard that your ship is the finest vessel in the world.
Locke: And that you were the world's greatest gambler...
Cyan: I am a warrior of Doma. Please, I humbly beg for thy aid!
Edgar: I'm the king of Figaro. If you help us, you'll be well rewarded...
*Gau doesn't have a line*
*NOTE: Sabin will only speak if Edgar isn't here. If you bring Edgar & Sabin,
       Edgar will say his line but Sabin won't say anything (it would be kind
       of redundant, don't you think?)
Sabin: My brother's the king of Figaro. If you help us, I can ask him to reward

Now you get control of the party and can explore the ship if you want. This is
optional, but you may choose so just for interest.

On the very east side of the room you're in, there's a man who will unequip
some party members. You can choose to unequip members not in your party if you
want that.

NOTE: While we're talking about unequipping... don't forget to EQUIP Celes.
She unequipped everything for the Opera scene, but now it's time to get back
to business (fighting), so beef her up a bit (Optimize for equipment, and
probably two White Capes for Relics would be best).

If you go north one room, you'll be outside. Later on in the game you'll be
able to control the Blackjack from this very same wheel. Cool.

Go back inside and head south two rooms. If you were on the ground, you could
go outside by going through the south door in this room. Since you're in the
air, this wouldn't be a good idea.

The guy on the left will heal you. The guy on the right is actually an Item

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether  (1500 Gil)           | This is the first area where Remedies are
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        | purchasable. I had 150,000+ Gil at this point,
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | so if you're the same way, go crazy on the
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           | Remedies.
| Smoke Bomb (300 Gil)        |
| Teleport Stone (700 Gil)    | Teleport Stones are also a first here, so buy
| Tent (1200 Gil)             | a couple of those.

Pretty cool little shop they have set up here. Anyway, head back to Setzer and
talk to him.

He says business has been slow due to the Empire. Celes tells him he's not the
only one that's been suffering. The next lines depend on who is in your party
Celes: The Empire has been toppling towns and villages left and right...
Locke: They're abusing their Magitek power and trying to take over the world.

Cyan: I lost my friends, my family...
Edgar: My kingdom was allied with the Empire... until recently.
*Gau doesn't have a line*
Sabin: Maybe you want to be a slave to the Empire, but I sure don't.

Celes tries to convince him
to help by saying how everyone has been suffering, in towns and villages and
all that.

Setzer pulls a RANDOMNESS CARD (I just made that up, it means he says something
completely random. If this phrase becomes popular someday, know that you saw it
here first) and says Celes might even be cuter than Maria. He then proposes
a deal: If Celes agrees to become his wife, he'll help the group. If not, then
he won't help. Of course, Locke has something to say about that, but Celes
quickly agrees... with a condition.

NOTE: If Edgar is present, Celes goes over to talk to him real quick. We can
      assume she gets the coin from him (read NOTE below to find out more).

She wants to flip a coin. If it's heads, Setzer has to help them. If it's
tails, she'll marry him. Setzer agrees, since he IS a gambler. If Cyan is
Cyan: There is no telling what manner of dishonorable things he might do to

She flips the coin, and... Heads! Setzer examines the coin and likes the idea
of a double-headed coin. But a deal is a deal, and Setzer agrees to hold up his
end of the deal.

NOTE: This coin is the very same coin that was used by Edgar & Sabin to
determine who gets to choose between Freedom and Kingdom. If Sabin AND Edgar
are present, Sabin will say "That coin...!? Edgar! Don't tell me...!" after
Setzer says the coin is double-headed (since this means Edgar tricked Sabin
10 years ago into winning, since he knew Sabin wanted freedom. *sigh*
Brotherly love, I tell you).

He agrees to help them. You have now found your way to the Southern Continent,
and anywhere else for that matter.

The group decides to land far away from the Capital as to not alert them of
their arrival, and Setzer agrees to stay on board once they do land.

4.42 Southern Continent                                                 [4.042]

New Monsters:
#68 - Litwor Chicken
#69 - Joker
#70 - Don
#71 - Wyvern
#72 - Grasswyrm
#74 - Bug

Monster Formations:

Grass (South Part of the Continent [Albrook, Maranda]):
- Don, Joker (1 AP)
- Joker x3 (1 AP)
- Don, Wyvern x2 (2 AP)
- Litwor Chicken x5 (2 AP)

Grass (Around Vector, and Tzen):
- Grasswyrm x3 (2 AP)
- Don x2 (1 AP)
- Don, Wyvern x2 (2 AP)

- Don, Wyvern, Litwor Chicken x2 (3 AP)
- Litwor Chicken x5 (2 AP)

- Bug x6 (1 AP)
- Bug x3 (1 AP)
- Fossil Dragon, Bug x3 (2 AP)
- Fossil Dragon x2 (3 AP)

Items Found: None

- Litwor Chicken: Potion (Common), Sleeping Bag (Rare)
- Joker: Potion (Common), Green Beret (Rare)
- Don: Potion (Common), Tiger Mask (Rare)
- Wyvern: Potion (Common), Dragoon Boots (Rare)
- Grasswyrm: Antidote (Always)
- Bug: Gold Needle (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)

How to handle these monsters:
- Litwor Chicken are weak to Ice, which is where Veil Dancer's Blizzara comes
in handy. Blizzard from Celes also works, obviously. Their only real danger is
when you get one by itself, it has a chance to use Quake, which will cause
300-350 damage to every character who isn't floating, and chances are none of
your characters are floating. A MT Ice spell should easily take care of all two
or five you may encounter.

- Jokers are weak to Lightning and Poison. That means Bioblaster for Edgar and
Trilium (Bio) and Aspiran (Gigavolt) for Gau. Game Over.

- Don is just... there. It doesn't do much, except Tackle for only 150% damage
and the usual physical attack. It has no weaknesses, but it's no threat to
anything but characters with low HP, but that's true for every enemy in video
game history.

It DOES have a nice Rare Steal: Tiger Mask. This is a headgear for Gau and
Sabin, but it's up to you if you want to replace it with Green Beret (they are
both wearing Green Berets - right?) for slightly higher stats and lower Evasion,
or if you want to stick with the 12.5% HP boost of the Green Beret. I,
personally, like the Green Beret better. Your call, though.

- Wyvern are red Lesser Lopros. These guys can be dangerous if you let them
be, or if you're unlucky. Once they are alone, they have a small chance of
using Cyclonic, an MT attack which can reduce ALL your characters to 1/16 of
your current HP. That means you'll be closer to 0 than you'd like to be. If
one of them does it, it will probably hit only 1-2 characters, but that's 1-2
too many. If there is more than one, you have nothing to worry about (except
the Sap status their special attack Wing Sap causes) and you can attempt to
steal the rare Dragoon Boots if you don't already have a few.

NOTE: Once you get back to the Veldt, you can learn their Rage, which is also
Cyclonic and use it yourself. Look forward to it.

- Grasswyrm are red Nettlehoppers. They are weak to Fire. They're also weak to
Wind (Aqua Breath [Anguiform] is also Wind elemental, so that's a good choice;
or if you have Guard Leader, and you should if you've been following the guide,
that's an even better choice.

- Bugs are just bugs, nothing big. They are weak to Ice (Veil Dancer, Blizzard)
and Water (Anguiform). Who am I kidding, a simple Auto Crossbow will even take
care of these guys.

- Fossil Dragon isn't new, you've seen this guy in the desert around Kohlingen
before. Check Section 4.34 for strategy on him.

Welcome to the Southern Continent. These are all the monsters you will find on
this piece of ground. Note that there are two separate versions for Grass

Anyway, there are five places of interest:
- Maranda (West)
- Tzen (North)
- Imperial Observation Post (East)
- Albrook (South)
- Vector (Center)

Obviously, we want to go to Vector to move on with the story. All the other
places are totally optional, but we'll visit them anyway. If you want to skip
those sections, head straight to section 4.47.

Keep referring to this section (4.42) if you have questions about the monsters
fought on the Overworld, I won't bother listing them again.

I will cover the areas in this order:
Albrook      [4.043]
Maranda      [4.044]
Tzen         [4.045]
Imperial Observation Post [4.046]
Vector       [4.047]

4.43 Albrook                                                            [4.043]

Inn Cost: 300 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
- Ether (Pot in Weapon Shop)
- empty (Chest in Armor Shop)
- empty (Chest in Armor Shop)
- Hi-Potion (Barrel outside the Inn)
- Elixir (Clock in Pub / Relic Shop)

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         | Pretty much the same shop as on the Blackjack.
| Ether  (1500 Gil)           | If you didn't visit that shop: Buy Remedies,
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          | lots of them. Buy a couple Teleport Stones as
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           | well.
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |
| Teleport Stone (700 Gil)    |

 /          Armor Shop         \
| Twist Headband (1600 Gil)    | Priest's Miter is the same as Green Beret,
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)    | except it raises MP instead of HP (by 12.5%).
| Mythril Vest (1200 Gil)      | Buy a couple of these and equip it if you'd
| Ninja Gear (1100 Gil)        | like.
| White Dress (2200 Gil)       |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Kiku-ichimonji (1200 Gil)   | Buy two Bastard Swords for Edgar and Celes.
| Venom Claws (2500 Gil)      | If you have Sabin, buy Venom Claws for him.
| Bastard Sword (3000 Gil)    |
| Sakura (3200 Gil)           | The rest is for Shadow, which you don't have
| Shuriken (30 Gil)           | right now, so it's useless (for now).
| Flame Scroll (500 Gil)      |
| Water Scroll (500 Gil)      |
| Lightning Scroll (500 Gil)  |

 /         Relic Shop         \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| The main thing here is Reflect Rings, which cast
| Silver Spectacles (500 Gil) | Reflect on the wearer. Buy 4 of these (if you
| Peace Ring (3000 Gil)       | can't afford them, go get some money until you
| Earring (5000 Gil)          | can). Amulets are nice, but chances are your
| Sniper Eye (3000 Gil)       | money supply isn't unlimited, and we can just
| Reflect Ring (6000 Gil)     | buy them later anyway.
| Amulet (5000 Gil)           | Bring your Earring count up to 4 if you hadn't
|_____________________________| already done so in Jidoor.

Welcome to Albrook. They have nice shops here, so go shopping before anything

Time to get some items. Check the pot in the Weapon Shop for an Ether. The two
chests in Armor Shop are empty now, and always will be. Search the barrel
outside the Inn to get a Hi-Potion. Lastly, enter the Relic Shop and make your
way toward the Pub. On the way, you'll see a clock, which has an Elixir for you.

If you're one of those people that talks to everybody (good for you), then you
would've noticed the guy in the weapon shop. He talks about an ancient weapon
and an ancient monster, both sharing the same name. We'll come across this
again MUCH later in the game.

Last thing to note about this town: If you try to head to the ports, a Magitek
soldier will kick you out (literally). Oh well, we'll come back later.

Time to head to Maranda (in the west).

4.44 Maranda                                                            [4.044]

Inn Cost: 200 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
- Holy Water (West of entrance [Bottom Crate])
- Remedy (South of eastern exit [Bottom Crate])

 /          Armor Shop         \
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)    | By this time you should have a ton of Green
| Green Beret (3000 Gil)       | Beret if you fought lots of Satellite on the
| Mythril Helm (2000 Gil)      | Veldt (I did, and had 19 total). Get some if
| Mythril Vest (1200 Gil)      | you never bothered going to the Veldt.
| Mythril Mail (3500 Gil)      |
|______________________________| Mythril Helm and Mythril Mail are both new
                                 items, but the Helms aren't as great as Green
Beret (it raises Defense by 1, but lowers Evasion by 10, so stick with Green
Beret for all 4 characters. Buy 3 Mythril (Locke, Edgar, Celes). Gau and
Sabin (your only other two options you should have) can't equip them, so stick
with Mythril Vest for them.

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Mythril Spear (800 Gil)     | Tridents are useful later on in the game, so
| Trident (1700 Gil)          | don't waste your precious Gil on this weapon
| Venom Claws (2500 Gil)      | just yet.
| Bastard Sword (3000 Gil)    |
| Boomerang (4500 Gil)        | Buy a Boomerang for Locke.

No Item OR Relic Shop in this small town. Oh well.

Maranda. We know a little bit about this place already:
- Remember the injured soldier in Mobliz, who we sent letters for and eventually
got a Tintinnabulum as a reward? Yeah, he's from here. The girl you sent the
letters to (his girlfriend) lives here, too.
- Celes was the General in charge in taking over Maranda when she was still
working for the Empire.

Before going anywhere, see the two crates to the left? Yeah, the bottom one has
a Holy Water for you. The other item can be found by the two crates next to the
soldier chasing Aisha (the girl). The bottom crate has the Remedy.

Aside from shopping, the only other point of interest in this town is the
wounded soldier's girlfriend. Her house is to the right of the dog-fight, with
the mail-bird on top). If you sent all the items and got the Tintinnabulum,
she'll say "He sent me the book he'd been reading! I've been reading a little
bit every night before bed. I'll treasure it forever!"

Remember this girl, as she will play a vital role in gaining a character MUCH
later in the game.

That's it for Maranda. Off to Tzen we go (north).

4.45 Tzen                                                               [4.045]

Inn Cost: 350 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: None at all

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether  (1500 Gil)           |
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          | Stock up.
| Green Cherry (150 Gil)      |
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |
| Teleport Stone (700 Gil)    |

 /          Armor Shop         \
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)    |
| Mythril Helm (2000 Gil)      | Nothing special here. Move along.
| Mythril Vest (1200 Gil)      |
| Ninja Gear (1100 Gil)        |
| White Dress (2200 Gil)       |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Air Knife (950 Gil)         | Nothing special here, either, since you got
| Moonring Blade (2500 Gil)   | the Boomerang for Locke in Maranda, right?
| Bastard Sword (3000 Gil)    |
| Boomerang (4500 Gil)        |

 /         Relic Shop         \
| Earring (5000 Gil)          | Still hold off on the Amulets, save your money.
| Hermes Sandals (7000 Gil)   | You already have two Hermes Sandals, and plenty
| Black Belt (5000 Gil)       | of Earring. If you still don't have 4 Earrings,
| Amulet (5000 Gil)           | buy them here.
|_____________________________| If you already have a Black Belt and are
                                wondering where it came from, the Captains you
fought in Doma Castle in Sabin's Scenario have Black Belt as their common drop.
If you don't have one, but want one (there ARE better Relics to equip than
this), get one here.

Not much to do here. Small things of interest include the man standing west of
the Relic Shop: "My grandfather once told me there's a huge gate deep inside
the cave on the eastern edge of the continent." Hmm, maybe we'll find out what
that's about later (I could tell you now, but why ruin it?).

Next to this man is the lady standing in front of her house: "Where's that boy
of mine? I told him not to play outside! It's dangerous with all these soldiers
around..." Later on in the game you will find out why this is an ironic

Another random guy tells you a secret about an enemy called the Guardian,
which can't move, but is ridiculously powerful. We don't really want to, but we
could meet it rather soon.

Now head to our last location before entering Vector: the Imperial Observation
Post to the east. Hopefully you didn't forget what the old guy next to the
Relic shop said, about there being a gate in the cave on the EASTERN edge of
the continent? That may be what the Imperial Observation Post is guarding...

NOTE: There is a hidden Chocobo stable in the forest east of Tzen. You can pay
100 gil and ride the Chocobo to the Base if you're tired of the enemies here.

4.46 Imperial Observation Post                                          [4.046]

New Monsters:
#76 - Sergeant
#78 - Proto Armor
#93 - Mega Armor

Monster Formations:
Walking Soldier:
- Sergeant x4 (1 AP)

Magitek Soldier:
- Mega Armor, Proto Armor (0 AP)

Items Found: None yet (you'll find a ton later)

- Sergeant: Tent (Common), Mythril Vest (Rare)
- Proto Armor: Hi-Potion (Common), Mythril Mail (Rare)
- Mega Armor: Hi-Potion (Common)

How to handle these monsters:
- Sergeant is weak to Lightning and Water, so Gau can stick with Aspiran or
Anguiform. Anybody who's learned Ramuh's Thunder or Thundara will do as well,
although Thunder probably won't kill them in one hit. If you want Tents, make
sure to steal it before he kills you. Other than that, their defense is sky-high
so stick with non-physical attacks.

- Proto Armor is only weak to Lightning, so Aspiran and Thunder/Thundara will
do nicely. His special attack is Program 35, which will do 150% damage. It also
attacks with Magitek Laser fairly often, but it only does anywhere from
130-150 damage. As the Sergeant, his defense is high, so stick with magic.

- Mega Armor is weak to Lightning and Water, so Aspiran/Anguiform and Thundara
will work. His special attack is Mega Punch, which does 150% damage. That's
already about all this guy does. Unlike the previous two monsters, this Mega
Armor's defense are not that high (at least not as high as Sergeant/Proto Armor)
so you could attack with physical attacks if you wanted to.

NOTE: Sergeant eventually becomes one of those enemies that are permanently
missable, so make sure you encounter one here so you don't accidently miss him

You don't really have to come here, but for completion purposes, we will

The Magitek Soldier is a little to the north. Simply dodge the one soldier that
could block your way to encounter it.

After each fight, you'll be thrown out of the Observation Post and back onto
the Overworld, but just re-enter to fight some more.

NOTE: If you find yourself using a lot of Tents (I personally never seem to use
them, at least not yet), you may want to stay a while and steal Tents off the
Sergeants (they're common steals).

After you've had your fair share of getting thrown out, head over to our final
destination (I already advertised the movies, but go watch them if you STILL
haven't seen them): Vector, which is located in the center of the continent.

4.47 Vector                                                             [4.047]

Inn Cost: 1000 Gil (it's free, but the Inn-guy steals 1000 Gil from you)

New Monsters:
#75 - Onion Knight
#77 - Belzecue

Monster Formations:
Walking Soldier, Soldiers guarding Magitek Research Facility:
- Belzecue x2, Sergeant (2 AP)
- Belzecue x2, Sergeant x2 (2 AP)

Magitek Soldier:
- Proto Armor, Onion Knight x2 (2 AP)
- Proto Armor x2 (4 AP)

Tell the Lady in very skinny house "No":
- Guard x2 (0 AP)

Items Found: None

- Onion Knight: Potion (Common)
- Belzecue: Potion (Common), Phoenix Down (Rare)

How to handle these monsters:
- Onion Knight are weak to Lightning and Water (a lot of things in the next
area are weak to Water, and even more are weak to Lightning, which is why you
should have gotten Aspiran Rage). Have Gau take care of this, or Thundara.
The only "problem" you should have with these guys is that every other turn
they have a 2/3 chance of using Program 55, which will Imp one character. Also,
refrain from using the Fight command, as they'll have a 1/3 chance of using
Self-Destruct, which will kill the Onion Knight, but also damage you with the
amount of HP the Onion Knight had when he used the attack.

- Belzecue are simple creatuers. They don't do anything besides attack, and if
they are alone on the field, they have a 66% chance of using Program 65, which
will Confuse on character. These guys are also weak to Lightning and Water.

 /          Armor Shop         \
| Twist Headband (1600 Gil)    |
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)    | Nothing new here, so move along.
| Mythril Vest (1200 Gil)      |
| Ninja Gear (1100 Gil)        |
| White Dress (2200 Gil)       |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Kiku-ichimonji(1200 Gil)    | Nothing new here, so move along.
| Venom Claws (2500 Gil)      |
| Bastard Sword (3000 Gil)    |
| Sakura (3200 Gil)           |

Welcome to the Capital of the Empire. The enemies can be found to the north, up
those large stairs. You have to dodge the walking soldiers to get to the
Magitek Soldier.

Note: Like in the Imperial Observation Post, after every battle you start back
at the entrance to Vector.

If you dodge ALL the enemies, and continue up the next set of steps, you'll
come to the entrance of the Imperial Palace. As you approach it, a soldier
comes running and you hide. If you try to leave now, a Mage will see and send
Guardian after you! This is the enemy the guy in Tzen tried to warn you about!
He can't move, but has extreme power.

You can't fight this guy. ALL your attacks will do 0 damage or miss, and he
will counter most physical attacks with it's own physical attack, which will
kill each of your characters in one hit.

This Guardian is the game's way of telling you: Don't go here
But I will tell you: Don't go here yet, we'll be back later

So unless you really want to see this Guardian, don't even bother going up
there to meet him.

Anyway, moving along. The Inn is free at first, but at night the owner (who
knows if that's the owner, but you know who I mean) will steal 1000 Gil from 
you at night.

Not cool, right? But there's another place you can heal. Walk over to the
skinny house in between the Weapon Shop and the Inn. You'll find one person in
here asking if you're loyal to the Empire. Saying Yes does nothing ("Fine"),
but if you say No, you'll be attacked by... 2 Narshe guards! OMG! Cough on these
guys to kill them, and the lady will say "Hmm... You just might be able to do

Note: So if you can kill two Narshe guards, you might be able to take down the
entire Empire? I see.

Talk to her again, and she will heal you for free! Sweet.

Enough with the fun, on to business. Head over to the east side to find two
soldiers and a mage guarding the entrance to the Magitek Research Facility. I
guess this won't be as easy as simply walking into the Facility.

Instead, talk to the guy hiding behind the crates: "Shh! I'm a Returner. I've
heard all about you. I'll distract the soldiers. Use this box to climb up onto
those steal beams and sneak into the research facility. Are you ready?" Yes or

So this guy's going to help you out. Cool. Once you're ready, say Yes and
witness this old fool doing some crazy dance type thing to distract the
soldiers. Whatever works. Climb up on the box and you'll automatically get on
the metal beams and jump back down.

NOTE: If you find that you still do want to leave, approach the three soldiers
and you will fight a battle, after which you'll be at the entrance to Vector

Walk up and enter the Magitek Research Facility.

4.48 Magitek Research Facility                                          [4.048]

NOTE: Since this place is so large (look at the New Monsters list below), I
will split the monster information into different sections (regarding Steals,
and how to handle the monsters).

New Monsters:
#79 - Trapper
#80 - Flan
#81 - General
#82 - Destroyer
#83 - Lenergia
#84 - Magna Roader (Purple)
#85 - Magna Roader (Red)
#86 - Chaser
#290 - Ifrit
#291 - Shiva
#292 - Number 024
#293 - Number 128
#294 - Right Blade
#295 - Left Blade
#296 - Crane
#297 - Crane

Monster Formations: Listed in each separate section

Like I mentioned above, I will be splitting this place up into several sections,
as listing the information for every new monster would be a very long list.

1st & 2nd Room

Monster Formations: 

First Room:
- Belzecue x2, Sergeant x2 (2 AP)
- Belzecue x2, Sergeant (2 AP)
- Proto Armor, Onion Knight x2 (2 AP)

Second Room (After Remedy Chest):
- Proto Armor x2 (4 AP)
- Onion Knight x5 (3 AP)
- Belzecue x2, Sergeant (2 AP)

Items Found:
- Flametongue (West of Entrance)
- Ether (South of entrance; use Right Tube)
- X-Potion (West of first conveyor belt)
- Thunder Blade (East of first conveyor belt)
- Remedy (South of Thunder Blade)
- Dragoon Boots (South-West corner of 2nd Room)
- Golden Shield (Catwalk north of Dragoon Boots)
- Tent (South-East corner of 2nd Room)
- Golden Armor (Hidden in South Wall, near Tent)
- Golden Helm (Hidden in South Wall, west of Golden Armor)
- Zephyr Cloak (Pipes by crates in North-East of 2nd Room)
- Icebrand (Pipes by crates in North-East of 2nd Room)

- Onion Knight: Potion (Common)
- Sergeant: Tent (Common), Mythril Vest (Rare)
- Belzecue: Potion (Common), Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Proto Armor: Hi-Potion (Common), Mythril Mail (Rare)

How to handle these guys (summary):
- Onion Knight: Weak to Lightning/Water
- Sergeant: Weak to Lightning/Water
- Belzecue: Weak to Lightning/Water
- Proto Armor: Weak to Lightning

NOTE: This is your last chance to get a Belzecue entry. I would find it very
hard to believe that you would NOT encounter it, but once you get through the
first two rooms, you won't ever find Belzecues again.

NOTE: First things you should do. Equip any Priest's Miter you might have. They
boost Magic Defense and Magic Evasion, which will be useful here. Equip two
Earrings on Gau (if you haven't been doing that already). Summoning Ramuh is
going to become quite useful in this place, so slap him on Gau for maximum
results. Most enemies have high defenses, so try to stay away from physical
attacks. Siren (esper) is also useful to Silence all enemies, meaning they
won't be able to use magic.

Anyway, that covers the monsters. Descend down the first two stairs to find
yourself next to some pipes. Enter the top pipe to come to a chest with a
Flametongue, a fire-elemental sword that randomly casts Fire on the target.
Give it to Edgar.

Use the crane above you to get back to the right platform. To the right you
will see two pipes. Enter the right one to get to a chest with an Ether. Go
back through the right pipe, then use the left pipe to continue on.

You'll come out next to a chest with an X-Potion. Use the conveyor belt to the
right to get to a chest with a Thunder Blade, the Thunder counterpart of
Flametongue. Give this to Celes.

Go south to find yet ANOTHER chest, this one containing a Remedy. Get on the
conveyor belt to the west of the Remedy.

NOTE: This is the area I considered the 2nd Room, just so you're wondering why
the enemy formations changed.

You'll be in a fairly large room, but don't worry. As long as you follow this
guide, you shouldn't get lost.

First, head to the southwest corner of the room to collect a pair of Dragoon
Boots (which you should have enough of anyway). Go up the stairs above you and
head all the way north to the wall and enter through the door. You'll be back
in the first room, but there's a treasure chest here with a Golden Shield.
Give this to Edgar or Celes, it's up to you. I gave it to Edgar, as he had less
Defense & Magic Defense than Celes.

Head back south to the chest with the Dragoon Boots. There are two doors to the
south (and a little to the east of the Dragoon Boots chest). Take the left door
and follow the path all the way until you find a chest above a set of stairs.
The chest has a Tent.

Go down the stairs and check the south wall (a few steps to the west of the
stairs) and you should see a door. In this room is a chest that is hidden from
your view. If you can't find it, follow these steps, starting point being the
bottom of the stairs: 5 West, 6 South, 3 West. Press A for the Golden Armor.

Go back out of this little room and keep heading west, until you come to another
set of stairs. There's another door to the south you might not see. Follow
these steps, starting point is bottom of stairs again: 2 West, 6 South,
2 West. Press A for a Golden Helm.

If you feel like giving up on the MP, Magic Defense, and Magic Evasion bonus
that the Priest's Miter gave you (or if you never had one to begin with), give
the Golden Helm to Edgar or Celes. Give Golden Armor to either of the same two
people. Again, Celes now had the lower defenses for me, so I gave it to her.
And if you're wondering, I didn't equip the Golden Helm, since I had 4 Priest's
Miter and had given everybody one.

Head up the stairs and go through the door to find yourself in the big room
again. Now make your way to the north-east corner of the room. You'll see a
bunch of crates against the wall. One space on the wall does not have a crate,
but instead has a Pipe reaching to it. Enter the pipe and go south and east
when you can to come to another room with two treasures. The right chest has a
Zephyr Cloak, the left one has an Icebrand.

Icebrand is the third counterpart to Flametongue and Thunder Blade, but unless
you have Terra and Celes with you, you've run out of people to equip it. It
leave Flametongue and Thunder Blade equipped, since there is no enemy in this
Facility that is weak to Ice, but several enemies that are weak to Fire and

Zephyr Cloak boosts Evasion and Magic Evasion, so find someone to wear that.
I didn't give it to anyone.

Leave this room and keep heading south in the pipes to drop off and pop up at
the starting point of the 2nd Room again.

We've found all the items, and by now you're probably tired of this room, so
let's move on in our quest to find Ramuh's friends. I have a feeling we're
close (in other words, we're close).

From where you dropped off, get on the conveyor belt you see that is heading
east. Go two steps south to trigger a little scene:

Kefka shows up and calls himself a god. He wants to collect MORE espers, and
extract all their magic. After that, he'll revive the Warring Triad (Whatever
that is). He then walks down to a blue creature with green hair, and calls it
useless because Kefka has all its powers. He then tosses said creature, plus
another one hiding in the shadows onto a conveyor belt. After that, he
mysteriously disappears.

Go down and use the same conveyor belt the creatures were pushed down.


Basement (Area where you meet two Espers):
- Flan x4 (1 AP)
- Flan, then Flan x2, then Flan x3 (1 AP)
- Shiva
- Ifrit

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the only place in the game where you can find Flan.
There's really no way to miss it (but I've heard of people using a
"No Random Encounters" and missing it), if you don't encounter one in this
small room, you'll miss it forever.

- Flan: Potion (Common), Magicite Shard (Rare)

How to handle Flans: First off, Flans are immunte to any Poison, Wind, Holy,
Earth, or Water. But that's ok, they're weak to Fire. Also, they have horrible
defenses, so unlike most monsters in this place, you can use physicals on these
guys. Their attacks simply include Sticky Goo (causes Slow) or their special
attack: Sapping Ooze (causes Sap).

You may want to try to steal a couple Magicite Shard off them. If you use a
Magicite Shard in battle, it will summon a random esper (even espers you don't
even have yet!). It's up to you.

The left door here has a Save Point, I suggest you use it. The right door is
currently being blocked by the blue creature with the green hair. However,
talking to him/her/it doesn't result in any response.

Before doing anything else, equip a Reflect Ring on every character. Then, talk
to the other creature. Oh yeah, in case you still haven't guessed, these two
creatures are both espers.

BOSS: Ifrit & Shiva

Ifrit (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 21
- HP: 3300
- MP: 600
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Ifrit is the Fire Esper. His attacks include Blaze, Fire, Fira, and Firaga.
All of these (except Blaze) will bounce right back to him due to your Reflect
Rings, but it does end up healing him, though not by too much. It's better than
you taking the damage, anyway.

After three Magic attacks by you, he will cast Firaga on a random character,
but since you have the Reflect Ring, it ends up healing him.

Ifrit is weak to Ice, so use Veil Dancer (Blizzara) or cast Blizzard with
Celes. One thing to note if you're going to use Gau's Rages: As you'll read
here in a minute, Ifrit and Shiva switch out during the battle if you let them.
So if you use Veil Dancer to cast Blizzara, but Ifrit switches with Shiva (who
absorbs Ice spells), it will end up healing Shiva. But I would still go ahead
and use Veil Dancer, since you only need to defeat one of the two Espers to
finish the battle, so you can heal Shiva all you want as long as you go back
and lay the smackdown on Ifrit with it.

Shiva (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 21
HP: 3000
MP: 500
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Shiva is the Ice esper. She is similar to Ifrit in many ways, as you will see
here in a second. Her attacks include Reflect, Snowstorm, Blizzard, and

Shiva is weak to Fire, and the strongest spell you have at the moment is Fire
(since Gau is probably out their trying to cast Blizzara). If you use three
Magic attacks on her, she will cast Reflect on a random character... if it
weren't for the fact that all four of your characters are under permanent
Reflect status because of the Reflect Ring. Anyway, this means that all Ice
spells end up healing her.

But we're not too worried about that. Just so you know: Shiva won't damage you,
EVER. All her attacks are Ice based, which will bounce right off you. She
*does* have a special attack (Hit; 150% damage), but she never uses it.

Now on to the strategy for these two: We're obviously going to kill Ifrit, and
not Shiva, since Shiva won't ever hurt you. As I mentioned earlier, Ifrit and
Shiva will switch out during the battle, and here's when:
There is a counter that the game keeps track of. As soon as the counter reaches
5, the Espers will switch out. The only two ways of increasing the counter
are a) damaging the Esper, or b) Using the Magic attack on them

What does this mean?
a) You should kill Ifrit within 5 attacks
b) When Shiva shows up, quickly use 5 magic attacks on her in order to get
Ifrit back

In short, your battle should go like this:
Gau should use Veil Dancer, Celes uses Blizzard, everyone else simply attacks
or does nothing. You could just have Gau and Celes attack for maximum damage
if you want. Chances are you won't ever see Shiva in action, but if you do,
just wait until you force Ifrit to show up again.

After you defeat either Esper:
Shiva: Who are you...?
Ifrit: I sense a kindred spirit...
Ifrit: You have Ramuh's power...? Wait... We're......espers.


After this, go talk to Shiva: "When they finish draining us of our powers, they
dump us down here to die. We haven't much time left..."

That was just for a little back-story. Go talk to Ifrit. He tells you that
there are many more Espers here. Ifrit and Ramuh were siblings, and if Ramuh
was willing to give you his strength, then Ifrit and Shiva will do the same.

Both espers then transform themselves into magicite.

NOTE: It is possible to miss the Ifrit magicite if you don't pick it up here.
If you were about to leave without picking it up, e-mail me. I'd like to know
who you are and ask you how you could possibly miss that.

Leave through the right door. Also, I suggest equipping Ifrit to learn Fira and
Drain and Shiva to learn Blizzard/Blizzara/Rasp/Osmose.

NOTE: Osmose might be one of your most used spells later. It practically
solves all your MP problems, since it absorbs MP from an enemy and adds it to
your MP. This means no more Ethers and practically unlimited MP.

Stair Room

Stair Room (Room after the Espers):
- General x2 (2 AP)
- Trapper x3 (2 AP)
- General, Onion Knight x2 (2 AP)

Items Found: None

- Onion Knight: Potion (Common)
- Trapper: Auto Crossbow (Rare)
- General: Potion (Common), Mythril Shield (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Onion Knight: Weak to Lightning/Water

- Trapper is also weak to Lightning/Water. Their danger lies in the fact that
they can cast three very annoying and dangerous spells:
- Lv. 5 Death, which kills any character whose level is divisible by 5
- Lv. 4 Flare, which casts Flare on any character whose level is divisible by 4
  NOTE: Flare will do more than 700 damage to every character, which will
        mean Death in most cases.
- Lv. 3 Confuse, which Confuses any character whose level is divisible by 3
If your levels are any of the following: 12, 15, 18, 20 ... you may want to be
careful here. Take care of them with Anguiform or Thundara.

- General, like most Humanoids, are weak to Poison, so brush off the dust on
the Bioblaster and use it. Their special attack is Bio Attack, which causes Sap.
Every other turn they have a 1/3 chance of healing themselves with Cura.
Nonetheless, these guys should be NO problem whatsoever.

Just walk up all the stairs and enter the next room.

NOTE: Everything up until now has actually been the Magitek Factory, but I
choose to call the whole area Magitek Reserach Facility.

Magitek Research Facility

Magitek Research Facility (After Stair Room):
- Lenergia x2, Destroyer (2 AP)
- Destroyer x2 (2 AP)
- Lenergia (1 AP)

- Destroyer: Flash (Rare)
- Lenergia: Green Cherry (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)

Items Found:
- Stoneblade

How to handle these guys:
- Destroyers actually absorb Lightning, so refrain from using Aspiran or
Thundara. They don't really have a specific weakness either, but we don't need
a weakness to kill someone. They have a 33% of using Reraise every 3rd turn -
or they would if they had enough MP. Reraise costs 50 MP, and Destroyers only
have 35 to begin with. Their special attack is Poison Strike, which as you may
guess, causes Poison. You can use the good ol' Anguiform Rage to take them
down. Chainsaw/Drill also work nicely.

- Lenergia are nothing too worry about either. They also have no weakness, but
don't absorb anything either. Their special attack is Silence Strike, guess
which status it inflicts? These attack names aren't hard to figure out.
One thing to watch out for is when Lenergia is alone on the battlefield. If
alone, they will use Shamshir every single turn! If you don't know (and unless
you are an expert at this game [in which case, why are you in need of a guide?]
I don't expect you to know), Shamshir halves the targets HP. If Gau has 1000 HP
and gets hit by Shamshir, he now has 500 HP. Nothing too dangerous, but it can
be annoying.

Anyway, all these tubes you see here used to house Espers. We must be getting
close. Walk through this room and stand directly under the far-left tube and
walk down. There's a secret passage in the area, that has a chest on the west
side of the wall containing a Stoneblade. Stoneblade has better attack than
Flametongue/Thunder Blade/Icebrand, but it lowers Magic a little bit.
I equipped it on Edgar, since Stoneblade also has a chance to cast Break
on the target, which causes Petrify.

In the next room, you'll find another creature blocking off your way. Could
this be a boss battle?

BOSS: Number 024

Number 024 (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 24
- HP: 4777
- MP: 777
- Steal: Rune Blade (Common), Blood Sword (Rare)
- Drops: Icebrand (Common), Flametongue (Rare)

NOTE: Try to steal that Blood Sword. It's a nice sword that absorbs HP from
its victims. The Rune Blade, however, is also useful, since it deals criticals
by taking MP from the user.

Number 024 is an interesting boss. For the first 30 seconds he just attacks
physically, or has a 33% of using his special attack Overflow, which causes

After those 30 seconds are up, he'll use Barrier Change. This is where it gets
interesting. Barrier Change changes the targets (in this case, Number 024)
weakness to any of the following 8: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Holy,
Earth, or Water. Depending on what his weakness is, he'll use the following

Weakness           33%            33%            33%

Fire:           Blizzard       Blizzard       Blizzara
Ice:            Fire           Fira           Fireball
Lightning:      Aqua Breath    Acid Rain      Acid Rain
Poison:         Cure           Cure           Cura
Wind:           Magnitude 8    Magnitude 8    Cave In
Holy:           Attack         Attack         Reverse Polarity
Earth:          Sonic Boom     Gale Cut       Gale Cut
Water:          Thunder        Thunder        Thundara

To find out what his weakness is at the moment, cast Libra.

If you hit his weakness, he'll use Barrier Change again. Also, he'll use Barrier
Change every 30 seconds of the battle. If you hit his weakness 3 times, he'll
have a "System Error!" and use any of the three following attacks over the next
3 turns: Sunbath (Healing spell), Arctic Hare (Healing spell), or Libra.
After those three turns, he'll go back to Barrier Changing.

Anyways, that's everything he will do. Look confusing? It doesn't have to be.
You have the first 30 seconds of the battle to swing this battle into your
favor. The easiest thing to do would be to cast Sleep on him. While he's asleep
he won't do much of anything. This gives you advantage.

To make this work the best, cast Sleep while he's casting Barrier Change
himself. Now check what his weakness is with Libra, and attack him with that
element for massive damage, and he can't do anything about it!

Here's what you should use in case you're not sure:

Fire: You should know by now what to use
Ice: Veil Dancer/Blizzard/Blizzara
Lightning: Aspiran/Thunder/Thundara
Poison: Trillium/Bioblaster
Wind: Anguiform/Guard Leader
Holy: You really don't have anything for Holy
Earth: Hill Gigas
Water: Anguiform

NOTE: Tapir sometimes shows up to wake Number 024 up. If he does so, just cast
Sleep as soon as possible again, and repeat the assault.

Also, you *could* just defeat him in those first 30 seconds, it's not that hard.
Hill Gigas (Magnitude 8) should be doing 1900-2000 damage to him, and just cast
your strongest Magic attacks with everyone else, and he'll go down real quick.

See? This battle isn't as hard as it looks.


Equip the Rune Blade/Blood Sword on someone.

NOTE: In the SNES version, one could do certain things to affect which enemies
one fought in a Mine Cart ride that is coming up. I've run various tests in
this version, and it seems that is no longer possible. My opinion as of right
now is that it's totally random. If this makes no sense, just read on.

IMPORTANT: De-equip Celes, or she'll take all her equipment with her in a
second. We don't want that.

Enter the room Number 024 was guarding.

Wow. We see a total of six! espers floating around in their tubes. Well, we
came here to free them, so let's do that. Conveniently, there's a switch at the
top of the room. If you hit that switch , the Espers inform you that they want
to help you, but don't have long to live. All six then proceed to turn
themselves into magicite.

Then someone named Cid shows up. He then stares at the magicite and walks around
to look at each one of them. Obviously, the only conclusion is that when espers
die, they can leave behind the essence of their powers (duh!). The power of
these magicite is hundreds of times greater than the power they extract from

Then all the magicite come to you, and you get all six of them. Huzzah!

General Celes seems to know Cid, and Cid asks her if Locke & Co. are her
underlings. Celes tries to tell Cid how it is, but he interrupts, asking if
it's true that Celes was a spy amongst the rebels? Locke can't believe this, and
needs to hear it from Celes.

Anyway, Kefka shows up and informs Celes they needn't keep up the charade any
longer. Locke asks Celes AGAIN if she tricked them, and she replies with "Of
course not! Please, trust me!" ... Not a very convincing argument if you ask

For some odd reason unknown to mankind, that is ALL Celes says to defend these
accusations. Maybe she really is a spy...?

Kefka calls in Magitek soldiers to kill Locke and everyone else, but Celes
plans to protect Locke for once and maybe he'll believe her then. Yeah, we'll
see about that, Celes. Anyway, she transports Kefka and the Magitek Soldiers
out of there.

Suddenly the energy flow of the capsules was reversed by the blast, which I
guess throws the entire Factory into self-destruct mode? Video game logic,
don't try to understand.

Surprisingly, Cid helps you escape. Go to the right and stand on that narrow
elevator with Cid.

On the way down the elevator, Cid seems to have seen the error in his ways.
Side note: Cid has been draining life energy from espers basically for the last
15-20 years. And all of a sudden he thinks its wrong? Whatever, video game

Cid says he's going to try to talk to the Emperor and make him realize how
foolish this whole war is! Sounds good.

You'll be dropped off in a room with a Save Point. Make sure you have Reflect
Rings equipped on everyone and talk to Cid.

NOTE: Before jumping into the mine cart, you may want to assign some new Espers
to learn some new spells. Here's a list of your new Espers and what they teach:
- Unicorn (Cura, Esuna, Dispel, Protect, Shell)
- Maduin (Fira, Blizzara, Thundara)
- Catoblepas (Bio, Break, Death)
- Phantom (Berserk, Vanish, Gravity)
- Carbuncle (Reflect, Haste, Shell, Protect, Teleport)
- Bismarck (Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Raise)

Mine Cart Ride

Mine Cart Ride:
- Magna Roader (Red), Magna Roader (Purple) (2 AP)
- Magna Roader (Purple) x2 (2 AP)
- Magna Roader (Purple) (1 AP)
- Magna Roader (Red) x4 (2 AP)
- Number 128, Left Blade, Right Blade (5 AP) [Boss]

- Magna Roader (Purple): Lightning Scroll (Common), Shuriken (Rare)
- Magna Roader (Red): Lightning Scroll (Common), Shuriken (Rare)

How to handle these Magna Roaders:

- Magna Roader (Purple) will attack with a normal physical attack or their
special attack Wheel (150%) damage on one turn, and attack with either
Fire (33%) or Fira (66%) on the next, then just repeat between those two.
All Fire spells will bounce back to the Roader, who happens to be weak to Fire.
Just use any Fire spell or simply attack physically to get rid of these guys.

- Magna Roader (Red) are similar. Except for casting Fire spells, they will
cast Blizzard (33%) or Blizzara (66%) every other turn. They are also weak
to Ice, so Veil Dancer/Blizzard/Blizzara works nicely. Of course, physical
attacks work too.

You don't control much of anything in this next stretch. Kefka is coming, so
Cid sends you off on this mine cart to escape. You will fight a total of 5
battles, before fighting another boss.

BOSS: Number 128, Right Blade, Left Blade

Number 128 (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 23
- HP: 3276
- MP: 810
- Steal: Kazekiri (Rare)
- Drops: Tent (Always)

Number 128 is not really that dangerous - if he's got his blades with him.
He only attacks physically or uses his slightly annoying special attack Blood
Feast (steals HP from you and heals himself with it).

If he's by himself, he'll cast Haste on himself and use either Gale Cut,
Atomic Ray, or a physical attack. If this happens, cast Slow on him to cancel
it out (Slow is taught by Siren).

Right Blade (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 21
- HP: 400
- MP: 150
- Steal: Ether (Rare)
- Drops: None

The first of the two blades. If you kill off the Right Blade, it will reappear
in 15 seconds, good as new. It's special attack is Rapier (150% damage), but
other than that it just dishes out physical damage.

Left Blade (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 22
- HP: 700
- MP: 470
- Steal: Ether (Rare)
- Drops: None

Left Blade also reappears, but not until 30 seconds have passed. In addition
to its special attack Slash (200% damage), it also has a 1/3 chance of using
Shamshir (halves targets HP!) every other turn.

So what should your strategy be? You may wish to get rid of the Blades, and
many of Number 128's spells will bounce back due to your Reflect Rings.

However, it's not necessary to get rid of those blades, just to have them come
back. If it weren't for one thing: Number 128's rare Kazekiri Blade. You will
Definitely want to steal this, no matter how long it takes. There are only two
of them in the entire game, and it will always be a great weapon to have.

NOTE: I just lied to you. Thanks to the Soul Shrine, there's an infinite amount
of Kazekiris, but you won't get them until the very end of the game, so I still
suggest getting this one here.

This takes care of what Locke does: Steal.
But which Rage should Gau be using? All three enemies absorb Ice, so Veil
Dancer is out of the question. We could throw a powerful Rage at him, but we
don't want to kill him without getting that Kazekiri. You can really choose
whichever Rage you want, but I didn't even use a single Rage until I had the
Kazekiri. That way, you don't have to worry about killing him before you get the
Kazekiri, which CAN take forever if you're unlucky. He can just sit around and
heal whenever necessary, while hoping Locke hurries up.

Edgar can just be using Auto Crossbow.

Once you do get the Kazekiri, it's time to let loose. Throw out a Hill Gigas,
Aspiran, or any other powerful Rage. Have Locke simply attack, and attack
Number 128 directly with Drill or Chainsaw.

If you do all that, it shouldn't take more than 2 Turns, 3 at most.


After that you'll run into a Magitek Soldier standing on the tracks outside of
the entrance to the Magitek Research Facility.

Escaping from Magitek Research Facility

While escaping from Magitek Reserach Facility:
- Sergeant x4 (1 AP)
- Chaser, then Trapper x3 (2 AP)
- Chaser, Onion Knight x3 (3 AP)
- Onion Knight x4 (2 AP)

- Onion Knight: Potion (Common)
- Sergeant: Tent (Common), Mythril Vest (Rare)
- Trapper: Auto Crossbow (Rare)
- Chaser: Bioblaster (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Onion Knight: Weak to Lightning/Water
- Sergeant: Weak to Lightning/Water
- Trapper: Weak to Lightning/Water
- Chaser are the new guys on the block, and they can be dangerous. Their special
attack is Program 17, which will cause Shell status (less damage from magic
attacks). It's other attacks include Plasma (a strong ST lightning attack),
Dischord (cuts target's level in half) and Magitek Laser, which you've seen many
times before. But of course, Chaser is also weak to Lightning and Water.

In short: Use Lightning attacks to take down every enemy here.

This little stretch is the only place you'll find Chaser until the very end of
the game, so if you don't want to have that blank spot in the Bestiary until
the very end, make sure to find it here.

One little note: If you kill off the three enemies Chaser has with him (either
Trapper or Onion Knight, he'll summon them right back).

If you head south and a couple steps west, Setzer shows up, saying he was
worried because you were taking too long. Pfft.

They all leave to head to the Blackjack then.

Kefka is not too happy about this recent turn of events, so he pulls out two
more enemies that you get to fight!

BOSS: Crane, Crane

Crane (Left) (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 23
- HP: 1800
- MP: 447
- Steal: Noiseblaster (Rare)
- Drops: None

Crane (Right) (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 24
- HP: 2300
- MP: 447
- Steal: Hi-Potion (Common), Debilitator (Rare)
- Drops: None

The left crane is lightning-based, and therefore absorbs all Lightning attacks.
He's weak to water. His attacks include Thunder, Thundara, and its special
attack Wrecking Ball (150% damage).

After you have damaged it three times in any way, it will cast Fira on the
right crane, which will begin its "Thermal Reaction" attack.

Likewise, if the right crane attacks the left crane with Thundara, it will
begin its "Electrification Level" attack.

The right crane, on the other hand, is fire-based. It's attacks are Fire, Fira,
and its special attack Wrecking Ball, but this one does 200% damage instead of
150%. After you have damaged it three times, it will cast Thundara on the left

For both cranes, after either Fira (for right), or Thundara (for left) have
been cast, they will begin their Thermal Reaction / Electrification Level.
They will then display three levels of charging up. After Level: 3 has been
reached, they will release either:
- Left Crane: Gigavolt on the entire party
- Right Crane: Firaga on the entire party

If you take down one of the two cranes, the remaining one will use Magitek
Barrier, which casts Protect and Reflect on the crane.

Lastly, after one minute, the message "The crane shakes the deck" message will
appear, followed by a Magnitude 8 attack. Hopefully by then, the battle will
be over.

Now onto the strategy itself: Setzer is in your team, but you had no chance
to equip him, so he's rather weak. You'll notice he has a Slot command, which
I will explain after the battle. For now, just do your best with it (and if
you can't figure out how to use it after using it once, you have problems).

Both Cranes are weak to Water, which is why the Anguiform Rage is GODLY in this
battle. Chances are it will do over 2500+ damage, killing either crane in one
hit. This is the easy way to end the battle (two Aqua Breath's later and the
battle is won).

If you don't have Anguiform, I suggest you focus on the Left Crane first, since
it is weaker. Attack it with Chainsaw (does slightly more damage than Drill)
and use your strongest non-lightning spells against it. If you're lucky, you can
take the left crane within three hits as to not start the right crane's Firaga
attack sequence.

After the left is gone, you can attempt to steal the right crane's rare steal:
Debilitator, another Tool for Edgar. If not, that's fine too, we'll get it
later anyway.

This crane is weak to Lightning AND Water, but there's just one problem: it now
has Reflect status due to Magitek Barrier. Just stick with the Chainsaw, and it
should take the right crane within 2-3 turns.


After the battle, Blackjack takes off toward Zozo.

4.49 Zozo & Terra's History                                             [4.049]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: Check Section 4.37

Items Found: No new ones, same old ones

You're automatically back at the bed where Terra is. One of the magicites 
appears and Terra calls it Father. She suddenly remembers some things...

Terra was born in the esper world.

*Flashback begings*

You are now in control of an esper. Specifically, Maduin, who is also Terra's
father. You are about to witness the history of Terra and the esper world.

If you want, you can go around and explore the Esper World a bit. When you're
ready, head to the north to find a woman laying there. You then get a choice
of leaving her there or taking her with you. Obviously, leaving her there would
do nothing, so take her with you.

Next scene we find the woman laying in a bed, with an esper saying she's still
quite weak. Walk up to the bed to talk to the woman. She wakes up and asks
Maduin what that pendant around his neck is. So, logically, he gives it to her.
Video game logic.

Turns out the woman's name is Madeline, and she was sick of living in the human
world, because it's nothing but a vortex of greed and hate. She then wandered
into a storm, and BAM she's in the Esper World.

Maduin tells her what everyone's always said: Espers and Humans can't coexist.
Madeline asks Maduin if he wants her to go, and he says no, but that he's just
not sure what to do. And all of a sudden they both agree that Madeline will
return to her world tomorrow. I thought they were just talking about staying?
Things move quick in this world...
Madeline: You wan't me to stay?
Maduin: Sure
Madeline: Ok, I'll leave tomorrow
Maduin: Sounds good

Anyway, you wake up the next day in your own bed (You = Maduin). You can
go chat with the other espers if you want, or simply head north again where
you originally found Madeline. Talk to the youth to get by him, and head north
into the cave where the Gate is. Talk to Madeline.

Maduin offers her to stay if she wants too. Madeline counters with saying they
can't coexist, but Maduin wants to try it anyway.

Then both do this little weird dance thing, and a child is born! Random? Yeah.
Madeline chose the name Terra for this child.

Two years later...
Humans! You see Imperial soldiers entering the esper world and taking espers
with them! Some manage to retreat, luckily. Then Emperor Gestahl appears,
saying he has finally found it. He then offers riches to anyone who can grab an
esper and return to the human world.

You now find yourself next to Madeline in front of the bed where Terra is
laying. Go talk to the Elder (The guy with the blue wings at the table) and
he informs you that something must be done. That something meaning the magic
barrier. *gasp*

The Elder will create a tempest to sweep all the invaders out of their realm,
then seal the gate. The only catch is, only one bloodline of espers can seal
the gate, and the Elder is the last of them. And since he's quite old, he
won't survive. Oh well.

Madeline has to make a choice real quick about whether to remain in the esper
world forever, or go back into the human world. She chooses the esper world.

The elder leaves, and if you try to do the same, the other espers will accuse
Madeline of leading Gestahl to their world. Obviously, Madeline is just up the
stairs to the right, and can hear everything. She gets mad and storms out.

Guess where you gotta go now? That's right, follow Madeline. Leave the cave,
make your way west to familiar territory, and head north once more.

The Elder has already begun activating the seal, and it's too late for Madeline!
But Maduin doesn't care, so head north to where the gate is. Inside, you see
Gestahl and his soldiers being pushed out. Go across the bridge and talk to

Maduin tries to pull Madeline back, but she still ends up getting sucked into
the gate, along with Terra.

Gestahl then wakes up to find Madeline and Terra. He figures out that Terra
is a half human and half esper. He then strikes down Madeline after she tries
to get Terra back. Evil bastard!

*Flashback over*

You're back in Zozo, and Terra has returned to her normal self. The esper
magicite Maduin reacts once more to Terra, and Terra realizes why she has all
these powers (because she's half esper). Terra says she should be alright now,
as long as she only uses her powers in short bursts.

And thus, the Trance battle command was born. More on that later.

The group deduces that the espers they just nabbed from the Magitek Research
Facility were those same espers Gestahl kidnapped from the esper world. And
that also means that Celes' power came at the expense of one of those espers.

Terra asks how things in Narshe are (she's basically saying: Let's go to
Narshe). Setzer announces that the airship is ready to go.

Now you'll learn how to control the Blackjack. Sweet.
"Press the A Button to lift off or move forward. Press the B Button to land.
Press left or right to turn. Press up or down to adjust altitude.
Press Start to go amidships. There, you can change party memebers and purchase

"Press Select to view the world map. Hold the L Button and left or the R Button
and right to make sharp, high-speed turns.
Hold down both the L and R Buttons and use the Control Pad to move without
turning. This is especially helpful when trying to land."

Now, at last, you have control over the Blackjack, and go anywhere in the
world you want! This opens up many things, all of which I will guide you

But first, I want to talk about a few things:

Setzer is now in your party. His level is simply the average party level.
He comes equipped as follows:
- Right Hand: Cards
- Left Hand:  Mythril Shield
- Head:       Nothing
- Body:       Mythril Vest

His slot ability can be pretty cool, but it's based a lot on luck.
You can read about it here: [slot]

Also, Terra has a new ability. It's called Trance and it allows her to
turn into an Esper for a certain amount of time.
You can read about Trance here: [trnc]

4.50 Airship Fun                                                        [4.050]

New Monsters:
#73 - Grenade
#94 - Briareus
#95 - Devourer
#96 - Chimera
#97 - Intangir

In this section we will go to many areas with the Airship that we couldn't go
before. Let's go!

First off, let me explain what all you can do with the airship. Obviously, you
can fly around. But when you press Start while in the air, you can enter the
ship. Inside, you can talk to anyone of your friends to change your party (you
will come to the screen where you can select which 4 party members you want to

You can do this ANYTIME you have the ship at hand. Also, you can heal on board.

Anyway, let's go on to the first thing on the list: Getting Espers.

I hope you still remember where all the towns are! Don't worry, I'll point you
in the general direction.

First off, let's go to Jidoor. It's on the west continent, south of Zozo.

The Auction house is finally open! Head inside. Talk to the man at the entrance
to join in the bidding.

As of right now, there is a total of 5 items, two of which we want.

Angel Wings - 10,000 Gil
Zona Seeker magicite - 10,000 Gil
Golem Magicite - 20,000 Gil
Angel Ring - 20,000 Gil
Talkobo - Can't Buy

Angel Wings is a relic that casts Float on the wearer.
Angel Ring is also a relic, but it casts Regen on the wearer.

NOTE: You will a free copy of Angel Wings and Angel Ring later, so save your
money here.

Obviously, the two items we want are the Zona Seeker and Golem magicite. I hope
you have 30,000 Gil (I can't see why you wouldn't), so that shouldn't be a
problem. If you have tons of money left, might as well get the other two relics
as well.

NOTE: When the Talkobo is up for bid, some child will scream that he wants it.
His father says no at first, but the child keeps begging. And like most kids
in today's society (unfortunately), he will get what he wants. No matter if you
bid or not, the kid's father will offer 500,000 Gil for that Talkobo.

Just some quick stats on the espers:
Golem = Teaches Protect, Stop, and Cura (all at x5). At level up, he raises
Stamina by 2. His attack Earthen Wall protects the party by withstanding the
same amount of damage as the caster's HP (if person who summons Golem has 1000
HP, Golem will withstand 1000 damage)

Zona Seeker = Teaches Rasp (x20), Osmose (x15), and Shell (x5). At level up,
Magic is increased by 2. It's attack (Magic Shield) simply casts Shell status
on the entire party.

Osmose is what you'll want to learn, as it will be a permanent MP source for

With two more espers in our collection, head to Tzen (north city on Southern
Continent). Head up to the Relic Shop, but go behind it. You should see a guy
walking in between the trees. This guy found a glowing stone in the Magitek
Research Facility and will sell it to you for just 3000 Gil.

If you want, you could wait till later in the game and buy this same stone for
just 10 Gil! However, by then it won't be as useful anymore, and 3000 Gil isn't
that much money anyway, so go ahead and buy it.

The stone is, obviously, an esper. Seraph is now in your party. This brings
your total esper count to 15 (Gotta catch' em all!). Seraph teaches Raise (x5),
Cura (x8), Cure (x20), Regen (x10), and Esuna (x4). It's attack (Angel Feathers)
restores HP to all allies.

That's all the espers we can get for now. If you take a look at your Bestiary,
you should have all monsters from 1 to 86... except #73! Now that we have the
airship, we can get #73 - Grenade. To find Grenade, fly to the small island
that lies to the west of the Veldt.

- Nettlehopper x3 (1 AP)
- Aepyornis, Stray Cat, Nettlehopper x2 (1 AP)
- Stray Cat x3 (1 AP)

- Bomb x6 (2 AP)
- Bomb (1 AP)
- Grenade (2 AP)

- Bomb: Potion (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Grenade: Flame Scroll (Rare)

How to handle these monsters:
- Bombs are from the Phantom Train. They only have 160 HP and they only attack
33% of the time with Blaze. They also have a 33% chance of countering any
attack with Self-Destruct. They're weak to Ice and Water if you're wondering.

- Grenade are also weak to Ice and Water (Veil Dancer, any Blizzard spells).
Their special attack is Mesmerize, which causes Berserk. However, they only have
a 33% of using it every 3rd turn. They have a 33% of using Blaze every turn,
and a 33% of using Fireball every 2nd and 3rd turn, so beware of that. It's
best to simply cast a Blizzard spell (or use Veil Dancer), to take care of them

You might be here a while, since there is only a 1/16 chance of Grenade showing
up. Every other battle will be fought against Bombs. Don't leave until you
encounter Grenade, though. If you don't care about fulfilling your Bestiary
(shame on you), then don't bother coming here.

Also, we're right next to the Veldt, so why not stop by there to do some
Rage-hunting? Actually, don't. We'll get there in a few minutes though.

First let's check out the east side of the Veldt. There's an island that you
weren't able to access before now:

- Devourer, Briareus (1 AP)
- Briareus x2 (2 AP)
- Briareus (2 AP)

- Chimera (2 AP)
- Devourer x3 (1 AP)
- Chimera, Devourer x2 (1 AP)

- Briareus: Gaia Gear (Rare)
- Devourer: Hi-Potion (Common), Remedy (Rare)
- Chimera: Hyper Wrist (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Briareus are nothing to worry about. Their special attack, which they cast
33% of the time, is Claw (150% damage). They do get annoying if they are alone
on the battlefield, because they have a 33% of casting Snort, which removes the
target from battle. Very annoying.

- Devourer's Special Attack is Shell Slam (150% damage). Every other turn,
they have a 33% of using Tentacle (the same attack Ultros uses), which will
damage every character anywhere from 200-300. The nice thing is that if they
don't use Tentacle, they won't attack at all.

- Chimera has a few dangerous attacks. Its special attack is the least
dangerous (Romp; 200% damage). It can also cast Snowstorm, Fireball, Cyclonic,
and Aqua Breath. Cyclonic, if you remember, will lower every one of your guys'
HP to 6.25% of its current HP. Use your strongest (I shouldn't have to tell you
what YOUR strongest attacks are) to take him down. He has 2237 HP by the way.

There are two reasons we are here:
- Bestiary entries
- Gaia Gear

Gaia Gear is Briareus' rare steal. In the next cave or whatever you'd like to
call it you will meet Outcast, who casts Lifeshaver, a powerful Earth-elemental
attack. It takes the damage from you to heal the caster, in this case, Outcast.
If you have Gaia Gear equipped, it won't do a thing to you.

Oh, and in a few minutes we'll be getting the Quake rage, which hits ALL
characters on the field, including you. Except you'll have Gaia Gear equipped,
which means using Quake will actually heal you, while causing massive damage to
the enemies.

Two very good reaosns to steal 4 Gaia Gears. Yes, 4. I know it will probably
take a while, but it'll be worth it later on. Once you've got 4 Gaia Gear,
it's time for our next stop.

If you look on the map (press Select if you don't have a map) you should see
a triangular shaped island in the north-east corner of the map. This island
is called Triangle Island, because it is triangular.

Triangle Island

- Leaf Bunny (0 AP)
- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind (0 AP)
- Intangir (10 AP)

- Leaf Bunny x2, Darkwind x2 (0 AP)

- Leaf Bunny: Potion (Always)
- Darkwind: Potion (Always)
- Intangir: Magicite Shard (Rare)

How to handle Intangir:
When you first get into battle with Intangir, you won't see him, because he has
inherent Invisible status. To make them visible, hit them with a magic attack.
However, Intangir absorbs all elements, so most spells you send his way will
actually heal him.

Everytime you attack Intangir, he counters with Meteor, which will damage every
character around 1000 damage, which means death in most cases.

So if he kills you when you attack, how do you beat him? Cast Stop.

You can either manually cast Stop on him (taught by Golem at x5 rate) or use
Gau (Alacran) like you've done in the past. I recommend simply casting Stop
manually, for many reasons. First of all, if you use Gau's Alacran Rage, you
have to make Intangir visible FIRST (Why? Because Alacran is a physical attack,
and physical attacks miss against Invisible targets). Casting Stop manually,
however, will work when he's invisible. Also, this allows Gau to use another
Rage (Stray Cat for example) to deal some damage to Intangir.

Anyway, once he's stopped, attack him with everything you've got. He has 32,000
HP, so keep at it. When he's released from Stop, cast it again. It might just
be best to cast it every turn, since you'll never know for sure when he'll
counter with Meteor, except of course watching him use Meteor against you,
which you won't want to see.

NOTE: Intangir casts Meteor when he dies, regardless of Stop or not. If your
party cannot survive this, read below and get the Destroyer (Reraise). Then have
Gau use Destroyer during battle, and it will cast Reraise on some party
members. This way, even if Meteor kills your characters at the end, some memeber
will get re-raised and you will win.

Edgar's Chainsaw works nicely. Gau's best Rage is Stray Cat (Cat Scratch).
Designate someone else to cast Stop every turn, and simply use Attack with
your last character (if your last character is Sabin, use his Meteor Strike
blitz: R, L, Down, Up; if your last character is Cyan, use Fang).

NOTE: Even if there was a way to defeat him without using Stop, he runs away
if his HP gets below 1280. You see why it's necessary to cast Stop?

Once that is done, it's time to head to the Veldt. The rages we are interested
in are as follows (in order of importance):
- Litwor Chicken (Quake)
- Destroyer (Reraise)
- Wyvern/Briareus (Cyclonic) [One or the other works]
- Bug (Stop)
- Chimera (Aqua Breath) 
- Intangir (Transfusion)
- General (Cura)
- Rock Wasp (Sleepsting; Causes Sleep)

*waits for you to get all the Rages*

Alright, now that we've done all that, what do you say we return to the actual
game and story?

Fly to Narshe.

4.51 Narshe revisited                                                   [4.051]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: None

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | Stock up.
| Green Cherry (150 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |
| Flame Scroll (500 Gil)      |
| Water Scroll (500 Gil)      |
| Lightning Scroll (500 Gil)  |

 /        Armor Shop          \
| Golden Shield (2500 Gil)    | Buy 1 Golden Shield (you should have 1 already)
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)   | and give both to Terra and Edgar.
| Green Beret (3000 Gil)      | Buy 1 Tiara for Terra.
| Mythril Helm (2000 Gil)     |
| Tiara (3000 Gil)            | You should have Gaia Gear, so you won't be
| Golden Helm (4000 Gil)      | needing Power Sashes.
| Mythril Mail (3500 Gil)     |
| Power Sash (5000 Gil)       |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Poison Rod (1500 Gil)       | Buy a Hawkeye for Locke.
| Trident (1700 Gil)          |
| Boomerang (4500 Gil)        | Also purchase a Trident for later.
| Morning Star (5000 Gil)     |
| Hawkeye (6000 Gil)          |
| Sakura (3200 Gil)           |

 /        Relic Shop          \
| Earring (5000 Gil)          |
| Sniper Eye (3000 Gil)       | We've seen all this before.
| Hermes Sandals (7000 Gil)   |
| Reflect Ring (6000 Gil)     |
| Black Belt (5000 Gil)       |

As soon as you enter the city, a Narshe guard will say they've been waiting
on you. You'll be taken to the Elder's house.

The people of Narshe have finally decided to fight the Empire! Sweetness.
Figaro and Narshe are teaming up against the Empire, but it's still not enough.

They have to open the Selead Gate, the gate to the esper world! Madness. Arvis
says they will never beat the Empire without the help of the espers. The Sealed
Gate lies to the Empire's east (if you're paying attention, you'll already know
where to go next, then).

Banon says the trust between humans and espers must be reestablished. And
there's only one person who could do that... Terra. She says to herself that if
humans and espers were truly incompatible, then she would never have been born.
Knowing this, the choice is very simple: She'll do it.

And with that, you are sent on your way. But wait, why don't we go recruit one
of the possible strongest characters in the game? No? Never mind then.

Just kidding. Head back to the Treasure House (South of Arvis' House). You
remember there was one treasure chest that was locked? Well, the thief Lone
Wolf has just stolen it, but you caught him in the act. Time to follow him to
get it back.

He went off towards the north, so follow him there. You'll have to go through
the Narshe Mines (take the first right you see). It's a one-way path through.
You'll come outside again, cross the bridge, enter the cave, exit the cave,
and head north to come to a familiar place. This is where you fought Kefka
during the Imperial Raid while protecting the esper.

Anyway, keep heading north, cross the bridge to finally find Lone Wolf! If you
try to approach him, he will say "That's far enough! Come one step closer and
the moogle gets it!"

What to do now? Just wait. If you try to approach Lone Wolf again, he'll say
the same thing. Just stand still for 5 seconds, and the moogle will begin to
free itself. He then struggles to free himself from Lone Wolf, and eventually
both get thrown to the left (moogle) and right (Lone Wolf).

You now have a choice. Lone Wolf informs you that the item he has is a Gold
Hairpin. But if you get the Gold Hairpin, the moogle (who is Mog) falls off the
cliff and you won't get Mog till MUCH later in the game.

Gold Hairpin is a Relic that cuts the magic cost for all spells in half. While
this may sound intriguing (sp?), I highly recommend getting Mog. Later on in
the game, you can get a better relic that cuts all magic cost to 1 MP (granted;
that is much later in the game) and you really don't need a relic to cut
magic cost since you have Osmose (steals MP from enemy and gives it to you) 
at your disposal.

Anyway, I'm going to assume you choose Mog. As soon as you do so, Lone Wolf
falls off the cliff, along with the Gold Hairpin. You will now get to name
the moogle, whose name is Mog.

Mog: An old dude named Ramuh taught me your language, kupo! He kept showing up
     in my dreams and telling me to help you, kupo! So... I'm gonna help you,

Huh? What? Yeah, Mog can talk, apparently thanks to Ramuh. At least we won't
have to listen to his kupo mumble-jumble.

Anyway, Mog will wait back at the airship for you. Let's also head back to the

NOTE: The frozen esper is still chilling there, in the same spot. *sigh*

4.52 Mog can Dance!                                                     [4.052]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: Varies, depending on area

Items Found: None

Congratulations! You have recruited Mog into your party, and you will be glad
you did.

Once back on the airship, it's time to change the party and prepare for the
upcoming cave.

One obvious choice (well, maybe not so obvious to you now) is Mog. He joined
your team with +5 levels than everyone else, making him the strongest character
right now.

Your other three characters can be either:
- Terra (Recommended)
- Locke (Recommended)
- Cyan (No)
- Edgar (May be good, but cannot equip Gaia Gear, so he should sit out)
- Sabin (Also good choice, and can also equip Gaia Gear)
- Setzer (Not my favorite, but if you like him, go for it)
- Gau (Definitely a winner)

My party consisted of: Terra, Locke, Gau, and Mog.

Just for curiosity, my equipment:

- Hawkeye, Mythril Shield, Green Beret, Gaia Gear
  Reflect Ring, Thief's Bracer

- Icebrand, Golden Shield, Tiara, Gaia Gear
  Reflect Ring, White Cape

- Trident, Golden Shield, Golden Helm, Gaia Gear
  Dragoon Boots, Reflect Ring

- Nothing, Mythril Shield, Green Beret, Gaia Gear
  Reflect Ring, Earring

Now, let me explain Mog a little bit.

His battle command is Dance.

To learn more about Dance, search for: [dnce]

He can learn Dances by participating in battles that have different
backgrounds. If you've been following this guide word for word (good for you!),
then he should have learned Twilight Requiem way back at the beginning of the
game when you were protecting Terra from Guard Leader. He learned this because
you were fighting in a battle with the cave background.

We can have Mog learn several more dances now, thanks to the airship.

1. Fight a battle on the Overworld to have Mog learn Wind Rhapsody.
2. Fight a battle in a Forest to learn Forest Nocturne
3. Fight a battle in the desert to learn Desert Lullaby
4. Fly to Zozo and fight a battle there to learn Love Serenade
5. Fly to Mt. Kolts and fight a battle on the slopes to learn Earth Blues
6. If you never learned Twilight Requiem, fight a battle in the caves of Mt.
7. The last Dance we can obtain for now is Water Harmony, which is a little
   trickier than the rest:
   a. Land in front of Baren Falls (little to the north of the Veldt)
   b. Jump down Baren Falls (no Opinicus Fish)
   c. Go to south-east of Veldt where Crescent Mountain Cave is
   d. Jump into Serpent Trench, fight battle and learn dance
   e. Land at Nikeah. Head to north-east corner of town and rent a Chocobo
   f. Ride Chocobo back to Baren Falls (head east, then south). You will follow
      the same path Sabin took in his scenario (over bridge where Imperial
      Camp used to be; past Doma Castle; through Phantom Forest)

You have now learned every dance Mog can learn but one. Again, take a look at
[dnce] to see what each dance can do.

Now head to the Imperial Observation Post (east end of Southern continent).

NOTE: Terra is a mandatory character here. If you enter the Observation Post
without her, your lead character will say "The espers wouldn't give us the time
of day without Terra... We'd better bring her along."

Anyway, head up the stairs to the north, go east, and go down those stairs to
enter the Cave to the Sealed Gate.

4.53 Cave to the Sealed Gate                                            [4.053]

New Monsters:
#87 - Outcast
#88 - Provoker
#89 - Zombie Dragon
#90 - Antares
#91 - Lich
#112 - Ninja

Monster Formations:

First Cave:
- Lich x3 (1 AP)
- Lich, Provoker, Antares (1 AP)
- Provoker x2 (1 AP)

- Provoker x2 (1 AP)
- Outcast x3 (2 AP)
- Provoker x2, Lich x2 (1 AP)

- Zombie Dragon, Outcast x2 (2 AP)
- Antares x3 (1 AP)
- Zombie Dragon (2 AP)

- Outcast x3 (2 AP)
- Zombie Dragon, Outcast x2 (2 AP)
- Zombie Dragon x2 (1 AP)
- Ninja (0 AP)

Items Found:
- Assassin's Dagger (Chest in First Cave)
- Kazekiri (Chest in Second Cave)
- X-Potion (North-East, Moving Bridge Cave)
- Heiji's Jitte (South-West, Moving Bridge Cave)
- Hi-Ether (South-West corner of Lava Cave)
- Genji Glove (Lava Island [Fall off the Bridge])
- Tent (Save Point Room)
- Invisibility Scroll (1 South, 1 West from grand stairs, in floor)
- Gold Needle (6 South from Invisibility Scroll, in floor)
- Water Scroll (4 North, 4 East from Gold Needle, in floor)
- Hi-Ether (South of Grand Stairway)
- 293 Gil (3 North from Hi-Ether, in floor)
- Elixir (North-East of grand stairway)
- Magicite Shard (Treasure Room, West Chest)
- Hi-Ether (Treasure Room, North-West Chest)
- Magicite Shard (Treasure Room, North Chest)
- Ultima Weapon (Treasure Room, North-East Chest)
- Magicite Shard (North-East Corner of Lava Cave)

- Outcast: Amulet (Rare)
- Provoker: Holy Water (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Zombie Dragon: Phoenix Down (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Antares: Antidote (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Lich: Green Cherry (Common), Poison Rod (Rare)
- Ninja: Angel Wings (Rare)

How to handle these guys:

NOTE: The following monsters are all of the Undead type: Outcast, Provoker,
Zombie Dragon, and Lich. This means you can kill them with a Phoenix Down if
you wish. In other words, any enemy but Antares and Ninja can be killed with a
Phoenix Down.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Antares and Lich are permanently missable Bestiary entries. I
doubt you'll have trouble finding these guys, just make sure you do see at
least one of each for the Bestiary entries. This is your last warning regarding

- Outcast is your main problem, or would have been if you didn't have the Gaia
Gear. Every other turn they have a 33% of using Lifeshaver, a powerful Earth
elemental attack that heals the user by the same amount of damage they dealt to
the target. Since you have Gaia Gear, you don't have to worry about it. They
are weak to Water, so use Anguiform or Water Harmony Dance with Mog to take it

- Provoker have a 1/3 chance of countering any attack with Imp Song. Their
special attack is Sapping Touch (causes Sap). Luckily, they are weak to Ice,
and you should know what to do for Ice attacks by now.

- Zombie Dragon just attack physically. Every 4th turn, they have a 33% of
using their special attack Bone, which inflicts Zombie. You should have killed
them long before Turn 4 though. These guys are weak to Fire, so get rid of them

- Antares are no threat at all. Their special attack Dreamstinger can put you
to sleep. They have a 33% of casting Magnitude 8 after you kill them... if only
they had enough MP. They are weak to Ice if you're wondering.

- Lich love Fire. Their entire battle script consists of Fire, Fira, Firaga
and their special attack Insanitouch (causes Confusion). If you have Reflect
Rings (as you should), they won't hit you at all, but each Fire spell you bounce
back will heal them. They will start casting Firaga when they are alone, but
that shouldn't bother you. Kill them quickly with any physical attack. They are
weak to Holy, so if you brought Sabin, unleash Aura Cannon on each one for an

- Ninjas can be VERY hard to kill right now, but not if you get rid of them
quickly. Ninjas can use Flame/Water/Lightning Scrolls, which will cause MT
damage in the range of 200-300! It's special attack is Stealth, which casts
Invisible on himself, but chances are you won't ever see it. I can pretty much
guarantee the Ninja getting in at LEAST 1 of his scrolls before you kill it, so
be prepared to take some damage. He is weak to Lightning, so Aspiran/Thundara
should kill him in 1-2 hits (Aspiran in 1, Thundara in 2). Also, you could use
Mu's Snare Rage to instantly kill him (though that is a 50% chance).

Head to the chest to pick up the Assassin's Dagger. This dagger is for Locke or
Shadow. If you already have Hawkeye on Locke, I suggest leaving Hawkeye, but
obviously it's up to you. Head through the door to the next room.

This is known as B1F, where you find Provoker, Outcast, and more Liches. Try to
steal some Amulets from Outcasts. It is their rare steal, so it may take a
while, but if you followed my advice and got Gaia Gear on everyone, you need
only worry about their physical attacks. Amulet is a relic that prevents Poison,
Darkness and Zombie. If you don't want to steal any, that's up to you.

Remember how I told you to steal a Kazekiri from Number 128, and I said there's
only two of them in the game (excluding the Soul Shrine)? The chest in the
south-west corner holds the 2nd one.

Exit through the south-west door to come to B2F. As soon as you enter the room,
nothing exciting happens. Take one step on the wooden bridge and watch the
bridges change position about every 2 seconds. Here I will list simple steps to
how to get both treasure chests and exit without getting lost:

From first bridge, run two spaces east, then 2 south to get a safe spot. When
you can, run on the stone platform. Run 2 south, 1 West, wait. Run 2 West, wait.
Quickly grab the Heiji's Jitte and move back one east (I'll explain what this
is in a minute). Run two east, wait. Back on the stone platform, wait.

From stone platform (take the north way), go 1 North, 1 East, 1 North, wait. Go
two east on the stone platform, and grab the X-Potion in the chest. Taking the
left of the two bridges going south, go 3 South, wait. 1 South, 1 West, wait.
Now RUN 1 South, 4 East, 1 South, wait. Stand on the last stone platform and
exit the room through the south door.

NOTE: Heiji's Jitte turns Setzers Slot command into Gil Toss. Everytime you use
this command, you actually use Gold (Amount of gold = Level * 30).
Search for [gilt] to learn more about it.

You'll now be in B3F, where you will only encounter Outcasts and Zombie Dragons.
Remember: Anguiform or Water Harmony for Outcasts
          Fire spells for Zombie Dragon
       OR Phoenix Downs for both

Anyway, head east first and around to get the Hi-Ether. Go back to the entrance,
take the stairs down and follow this path. You'll come across an incomplete
bridge to a chest. Ignore it. Following the path, up a diagonal path, and stand
on the bridge in front of a switch. Hit the switch and go west and follow the
path to the chest we just passed: Genji Glove. Nice.

NOTE: If you don't hit the switch, the little bridge allowing you to reach the
Genji Glove won't appear, in case you're wondering what the "distant sound" is.

Continue on and up north are two switches. Hit the left one to open a cave with
a Save Point and a chest with a Tent.

Hit the right one to prepare for battle with a Ninja. Kill him with Aspiran or
Mu. Read above for more info. Anyway, once you defeat him, he will say "And I
was just about to claim all the treasure buried in the ground beneath the big
stairway for my own..."

So there's treasures buried beneath some big stairway? Wonder where that is.
Probably nowhere near here.

Hit the switch on the bridge to reveal... a big stairway? Oh snap, that was
fast. Yes, this is indeed the stairway the Ninja is talking about. Lots of
treasures await us here.

Stand on the bottom stair (make sure you're on the stairs itself or the
directions will be off), and take 1 step South, and 1 West, hit A. You find an
Invisibility Scroll.

Go 6 South from here to find a Gold Needle.
Go 4 North and 4 East to find a Water Scroll.

Go open the chest on the ledge for another Hi-Ether. Stand above the chest, and
go 3 North to find 293 Gil! Wow!

That's all the hidden treasures for here. Go into the cave to the right and
navigate north. If you can't figure it out:
Starting point is in front of cave (with party still visible).
2 East, 6 North, 1 East, 3 North, 1 West, 2 North, 1 East, 2 North, 1 East.
You're out!

Collect the treasure for an Elixir. You'll come across two switches, both of
which are pointless. The left one opens up a staircase to your left, which
leads... nowhere. That bridge you see to your right, that is now broken? It was
intact until you hit the switch to reveal the stairs. I guess the game is
trying to make you figure out how to get that chest? Don't worry, I got your
back. Though you won't like the end results.

The right switch simply disconnects the bridge right above you (again, I guess
the game is telling you: Find another way). You *could* go around the switch 
and open the chest early, but that would kill the suspsense.

Anyway, you don't have to press either one of them if you don't want too. Go
south then west to find a rather important looking switch. Press it, and a door
will open up.

In order, from left to right, the chests contain: Magicite Shard, Hi-Ether,
Magicite Shard, Ultima Weapon!

Remember the guy in Albrook, talking about a sword and a monster with the same
name? Well, this is the sword, called Ultima Weapon. If weapon + monster = same
name, guess what the monster is called?

Anyway, while you may think this weapon is ultimate right now, it's not. Wait
to equip it later. Just do it.

NOTE: Did you equip it? If you did, (shame on you) you will notice fairly
quickly that it only does about 500 damage... when you're at full HP! It will
do less damage the less HP you have, so that's why you shouldn't equip it now.

Head outside this little room, east and then across that bridge. Hit the switch
to raise the platform to your right up to your level. Cross that bridge, and hit
the switch again to raise the platform to your left to your level.

You can now access the chest, which contains... another switch? Don't flick it.

Did you flick it? The switch does nothing by the way, I was just seeing if
you're following this guide word for word or not.

NOTE: It DOES actually do something, but you won't notice unless you're
cheating, or VERY very unlucky. The bridge you cross before getting the
Magicite Shard will be disconnected if you flick this switch. However, the
bridge gets reset when you fight a battle. Therefore, if you're using a "No
Random Encounter" code, you will probably see this.

Anyawy, continue on (getting the Magicite Shard in the chest to the north).

Go through the door to the South-West... you're almost there. Go through here
to finally find the Sealed Gate.

I'll summarize the scene you witness here:
Terra approaches the Gate, and suddenly Kefka and two soldiers show up behind
you. You get to fight Kefka now. Before the battle, Kefka reveals that you've
been playing into their hands all along (by giving you Terra, and them following

To win the battle, attack him once (he has 1 HP) to finish the battle. Or if
he casts Fira on his first turn, you'll reflect it back at him, also ending the

Terra transforms into an esper and calls the espers, which actually does open
the door. Kefka suddenly has a bad feeling about this, and everyone gets knocked
to the ground by some force.

That force being espers flying out of the Esper World!

After all the espers fly out, rocks fly towards the gate to block off the
entrance in the shape of a skull. How inviting!

Everyone asks where the esper went, but Terra suggests they go back to the
airship... NOW! This is easier said than done, as this was a fairly large
cav... hold on. Go south down the stairs to find a door that definitely wasn't
there before. Go through it to conveniently come to the very beginning of the
cave. Of course this is only revealed AFTER you went through the whole cave
(kinda like in math class when the teacher taught you how to do something the
hard way, only to tell you the easy way the next day; I always hated that <_<).

Go back through the Imperial Observation Post to be met by one of the guys
you didn't take with you on this trip. This same person tells you the espers
took off toward Vector. Cool.

You'll automatically fly to Vector. Terra suddenly feels the espers coming
closer... then they fly by dangerously close!

Terra somehow has turned into an all-knowing person and informs us the espers
were angry. Whoever is controlling the ship loses control of it and you make a
crash-landing near Maranda.

NOTE: You can go into the Blackjack and heal with the left guy if you want (the
right guy has the same Item Shop as listed in Section 4.41)

4.54 Vector Revisited & Imperial Banquet                                [4.054]

New Monsters: Imperial Elite

Monster Formations:

While trying to talk to 24 Soldiers:
- Mega Armor (2 AP)
- Sergeant (0 AP)

- Imperial Elite x3 (1 AP)

Items Found:
- Alarm Earring (South-West Storeroom [Left Chest])
- X-Potion (South-West Storeroom [Right Chest])
- Ether (West Barracks)
- Gale Hairpin (East Bedroom)
- Holy Water (East Bathroom)

We actually find ourselves outside of Maranda, but there's nothing new there.
Our next destination is Vector. You could either hike all the way over there
(it's not really all that long, but can be annoying), or you could go the easy
way and hop on a Chocobo and ride to Vector within seconds. The hidden Chocobo
stable is east of Maranda in the forest (right next to the Blackjack). The ride
does cost 100 Gil, but that shouldn't be a problem.

Once you get to Vector, enter.

Wow. Yeah, so it seems the Espers tore this place up quite nicely. All the
buildings are on fire. You even find tons of Returners walking around! Madness!

If you try to head into the Magitek Research Facility, you will find that...
nothing happens. You can walk towards the top of the screen as much as you want,
you won't enter anything. Oh well.

NOTE: The lady in the skinny house that healed you after you fought the Narshe
guards last time is still there! You can heal if you want, but someone should
notify her that her house is on fire or something... whatever.

NOTE2: Weapon and Armor Shop are still up and running. These guys don't close
down for anything.

Anyways, to move on, head straight up. Go up the big stairs and you can walk
freely this time (last time you were here any contact with soldiers was a
battle). In addition, if you made it past these guys without fighting a battle,
you may remember the battle with Guardian, which you couldn't win? And I told
you we'd come back later? Well, now is later, and we're back.

Banon is also here and can't believe the espers did this. Arvis just tells you
that it was like this when they got there ("I didn't do it!" anyone?).

Continue on and past where Guardian stopped you last time. Go up some stairs to
have a Messenger tell you the emperor is waiting on you. Word. Follow the
messenger to get access to the Imperial Castle.

Just head straight up as any other way is blocked by Imperial Guards for now.

Go up and talk to Emperor Gestahl. He's lost his will to fight ever since the
Espers came through and destroyed the whole city. Cid shows up and informs you
that the Emperor has had a change of heart. Can we believe him?

Apparently the Espers stopped by and wished to see their friends. However, their
friends weren't there anymore (since you have them!) and they went crazy and
destroyed the city. The soldiers in the background give up fighting as well.

Gestahl confesses he had no idea of the power the espers had. He's afraid they
will destroy the entire world if left unchecked, so "someone" needs to find a
way to calm their rage. After some words of wisdom by Cid (Men should never
lust after power they lack the means to control...), the Emperor leaves, but
not before inviting you to dinner tonight. Sounds cool.

This is where the Imperial Banquet sequence starts. Cid tells you there are
some soldiers who prefer to keep fighting and asks you to go around and talk to
them before dinner.

You now have 4 minutes to talk to as many soldiers as you can.

There are a total of 24 soldiers you can talk to. I'm going to do my best to
guide you through one of many paths that will work. I will also provide a link
to a wonderful map made by nJOY_CJ for the SNES version of this game so many
years ago: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/snes/file/554041/44805

Check out that map for the general locations of all the soldiers. Also try to
follow along with my directions so you know where you are on the map.

Ignore all the treasure chests for now, we'll be able to get those later.

One last thing before we start: Now and later is known as the Imperial Banquet.
What you do now will earn you points, and after the Banquet you will get certain
prizes depending on how many points you got. This guide will tell you how to
get the maximum amount of points, obviously.

For reference: 1 Point = Talking to a soldier
               5 Point = Winning a battle against a soldier

And you only have four minutes to talk to all 24 soldiers.

Quick reminder: Any battle you fight will be against Mega Armor or Sergeant.
Mega Armor is weak to Lightning and Water and has 1000 HP.
Sergeant is weak to Lightning and Water and has 580 HP.

IMPORTANT: Theoretically it IS possible, so here goes: This is your last chance
to ever see Sergeant in the entire game. Though chances are REALLY good you've
seen him by now, make sure you have in fact seen it for the Bestiary entry.

Anyway, let's do this:
- Head straight south to the next screen
- Talk to two Soldiers (2 soldiers)
- Go down little stairs and talk to the two Magitek Soldiers (4 soldiers)
- South and outside, down right stairs and talk to Magitek Soldier (5 soldiers)
- Back up stairs, down left side, talk to south-west soldier (6 soldiers)
- Talk to left Magitek Soldier for battle (7 soldiers)
- Head back inside and go left/west and through the door
- Ignore the door you see (it has two treasure chests)
- Head up the stairs and enter THAT door. There are a total of 6 soldiers in
  this room, and one more in the back room on the toilet. The guy on the toilet
  (Poo on peace!) will fight you, as will one of the soldiers in the room. You
  should have talked to a total of 14 soldiers before leaving here.
- Head up the stairs and talk to a soldier (15 soldiers) before heading outside
- Talk to the soldier and Magitek Soldier to the left (17 soldiers)
- Go up the middle stairs and talk to two Magitek Soldiers (19 soldiers)
- Head inside and fight the soldier (20 soldiers)
- Head back down the middle stairs and talk to Magitek Soldier (21 soldiers)
- Head inside and down the stairs to the next room
- Go down one set of stairs and enter the door. Talk to the Mage in the red and
  the soldier walking around (23 soldiers). One to go.
- In the south-west corner of this room is another bathroom with the last
  soldier (24 soldiers).

All of this can be accomplished in about 3 minutes, leaving you with a minute
to spare. It depends on how fast you move and how long the battles take. Point
being, you should easily be able to talk to all 24 soldiers within 4 minutes.

After you're done, just wait for the Timer to run out.

NOTE: So yeah, that first part wasn't really a Banquet, but I'm just going to
refer to both parts as the Banquet as the points carry over.

When the Timer runs out, the REAL Banquet starts. Here, the Emperor will ask you
a serious of questions which you'll have to answer. Each separate answer has a
separate point value. Of course I'll tell you which answer is the best to

Anyway, you all have a seat, with Cid placing himself next to you.

If it's not obvious enough, pick the answer with the highest point value.

Gestahl: Let us make a toast! To what shall we raise our glasses?

2 Points = To the Empire.
1 Point  = To the Returners.
5 Points = To our homelands.

Gestahl: As you may know, I've imprisoned Kefka for his crime of using poison
         against Doma. What do you think should be done with him?

5 Points = Leave him in jail.
1 Point  = Pardon him.
3 Points = Execute him.

Gestahl: I am truly sorry about what occured in Doma. No one ever dreamed Kefka
         would use poison.

1 Point  = What's done is done...
5 Points = That was inexcusable.
3 Points = Apologize again!

Gestahl: By the way... With regard to General Celes...

1 Point  = Was she an Imperial spy?
5 Points = Celes is one of us!
3 Points = We trust her whether she spied or not

Gestahl: Was there anything else you wanted to ask?

NOTE: Remember which question you ask him now! Just choose the first question
      to make it easier on yourself.

2 Points = Why did you start the war?
2 Points = Why do you want peace now?
2 Points = Why did we have to talk to your men?

Gestahl: With your permission, I'd like to move on to discussing the espers...

NOTE: Choose "I still have a few things to ask" to return to the above question.
      Ask him a question you haven't asked him, then return again to ask him the
      last question. If you ask him the same question twice, you'll lose points.

0 Points = I still have a few things to ask.
0 Points = Okay

0 Points = Okay, let's talk about the espers...

Gestahl: The Empire has been decimated by the espers that emerged from the
         Sealed Gate. They're just too powerful... If we don't do something,
         they'll tear the entire world apart!

5 Points = They have gone a bit too far...
2 Points = You're the one who brought them here in the first place!

Gestahl: By the way... what was that first question you asked me a minute ago?

NOTE: See? You get 5 Points for choosing correctly.

Why did you start the war?
Why do you want peace now?
Why did we have to talk to your men?

Cid: Why don't we take a short break?


Now go around to Gestahl's side of the table and talk to any of the soldiers
there. You will have 2 minutes to fight 3 Imperial Elites. This is the ONLY
place in the entire game you will find these guys, so make sure you do this.

They are weak to Poison and sport 700 HP with average defenses. They are immune
to every status, so take care of them however you see fit. Two minutes is
plenty of time to defeat these three guys.

You also get 5 Points for beating these guys in time.

Sit back down to resume the conversation with Gestahl.

Gestahl: Is there anything you wish to hear me say?

3 Points = That you really want peace
5 Points = That your war is truly over
1 Point  = That you're sorry

Gestahl: Would you please go on board?

3 Points = Yes
0 Points = No

Then General Leo shows up and informs you he will be waiting for you in

So to summarize: The Empire is sorry now that the Espers have destroyed their
town, and Gestahl wants to "borrow" Terra's power to calm the espers down.
Gestahl has a ship in Albrook waiting for you, and General Leo will accompany
you as well.

Locke and Terra are automatically chosen to go along on this mission. The rest
stay behind in case something fishy goes down. After all, it is kind of weird
that the Empire did a complete 180 and is now sorry for everything and asking
for your help, is it not?

Try to leave the castle now and you'll be stopped by another messenger, who
will award you with a variety of things, depending on how many points you got.

Let's review first:
24 soldiers x 1 Point (for talking to them) = 24
4 soldiers x 5 Points (for beating them)    = 20
If you answered all questions correctly     = 49

For a grand total of 93 (24 + 20 + 49) Points! If you did everything this guide
told you to do you'll have 93 points, don't worry. Here's how the rewards break

90 - 93 Points: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
77 - 89 Points: 1, 2, 3, 4
67 - 76 Points: 1, 2, 3
50 - 66 Points: 1, 2
Anything else:  1

What do these numbers mean? Look below:

1 = All Imperial troops will be withdrawn from South Figaro immediately.
2 = In addition, Imperial forces will be withdrawn from the kingdom of Doma.
3 = We will also unlock the armory at the Imperial observation post to the east.
    You are welcome to any of the weapons and armor within.
4 = And this is a personal gift from the emperor... Obtained Tintinnabulum!
5 = Finally, I was told to give you this because of your impeccable behavior at
    dinner. Obtained Ward Bangle!

If you got all 93 Points (or even just 90), you basically just got this:
No more troops in South Figaro
No more troops in Doma Castle
Armory at Imperial Observation Post is open (tons of treasures inside for you)
A Tintinnabulum from the emperor, and a Ward Bangle from the messenger

You already know what a Tintinnabulum does (restores HP with each step).
Ward Bangle is another relic that lowers the rate of random encounters when
worn (25% less random encounters).

Your current party is Locke and Terra. Somehow, you also got the equipment of
everyone that was just standing around. I equipped my two guys as follows
(whether you do the same is up to you):

- Right Hand: Stoneblade
- Left Hand:  Golden Shield
- Head:       Tiara
- Body:       Golden Armor
- Relics: Reflect Ring, White Cape

- Right Hand: Ultima Weapon
- Left Hand:  Mythril Shield
- Head:       Green Beret
- Body:       Gaia Gear
- Relics: Reflect Ring, Thief's Bracer

Anyway, now it's time to pick up the treasures of this place. From the main
entrance, go left and into the door above you (the one I told you to ignore
earlier). Left chest has Alarm Earring, right chest has X-Potion.

By the way, Alarm Earring is a relic that prevents back and side attacks. Not
very useful, since there are a) Always better Relics to use than that, b) Back
and side attacks aren't that common anyway

Head outside and go up the stairs to the room with all the soldiers walking
around. The chest has an Ether for you.

Go back to the main entrance and head right this time. If you go in the door
above you, you will come to the jail cells where Kefka is locked up:

Kefka: Gah! How dare they put me in a place like this! ...Hmph!
       I just can't believe it!
       What a bore.

Yeah, so let him rot in jail. Leave the jail cells, go up the stairs and enter
the room where you found your last couple soldiers. To the north of this room
is the Gale Hairpin, and the Holy Water is in the bathroom in the South-West
corner of the room.

That's all the treasures for this place. Leave Vector now.

4.55 Getting to Albrook                                                 [4.055]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: See Monsters in Section 4.42

Items Found:
- X-Potion (North-Western Chest)
- Angel Wings (North Wall [Next to X-Potion])
- 8,000 Gil (Mid-West Wall)
- Hi-Ether (North-West of Center, or east of 8000 Gil Chest)
- Reflect Ring (West of the Buckets, or east of Hi-Ether Chest)
- 13,000 Gil (Easternmost Chest, or east of Reflect Ring Chest)
- Hermes Sandals (Center of room)
- Elixir (South-West of Hermes Sandals)
- 20,000 Gil (South-East of Hermes Sandals, or east of Elixir Chest)
- Angel Ring (South-West Corner)
- Alarm Earring (South Wall, east of Angel Ring Chest)
- Flametongue (Stove)
- Elixir (South-East corner of room [Hidden Chest])

To continue on with the story we could just head to Albrook. But there's a few
other things you can do.

First, head over to the Imperial Observation Post (east-end of continent).
Enter the lone house that exists here and head downstairs. This is the
Armory that has been unlocked for you. Sweet.

NOTE: If you remember back at the Auction House, I told you you'd be getting a
free copy of Angel Wings/Angel Ring. Here ya go.

Anyways, grab all the treasures and leave. Wasn't that fun?

The only thing left to do (which you don't even have to do) is hike all the way
back to Maranda where the Blackjack is. You can witness an amusing cutscene
involving Cid and Setzer as the latter tries to repair the ship. Of course,
since this is an all-inclusive guide, I will have done all this for you. Here's
the scene:

*Setzer tries to fix Blackjack, Cid walks around*
Cid: This is a nice ship you've got here!
Setzer: The shock from our crash really banged up the engine. It's gonna take
        a while to fix...
Cid: Let me help you! I know my way around an engine!
Setzer: I think I'll pass.
Cid: You know, we could really speed this baby up if we axed the casino and
     streamlined her a bit...
Setzer: ...That's not open to discussion. Now, will you please get out of here?
Cid: Oh well... Would've been at least twice as fast, too... Maybe three
Terra: You really love this ship, don't you?
Setzer: It may be hard to believe, considering how I live now, but I used to
        be a driven man.
Terra: ...Really?
Setzer: I wanted to make this the fastest ship in the world, and fly it across
        the open sky... That was always my dream.
Terra: Is that any different from what you're doing now?
Setzer: Back then, there was a person who kept me working towards my dream...
        The pilot of the Falcon, the fastest airship ever made.
        At times we were friendly rivals, and at times we were simply friends.
        We'd always talk about our dreams...
        Like which of us would be the first to sail beyond the sky to the stars.
        But then she vanished along with the Falcon, and that was the end of
        youthful dreams.
        ... Darill...

NOTE: If you did decide to come all this way view the above scene, make use of
      the healing guy.

That was just a little cutscene that is often missed because why would anyone
head to the Blackjack after the Banquet? Ah well, know that you haven't missed

Head to Albrook (south of Vector).

4.56 Traveling to Thamasa                                               [4.056]

New Monsters: None

Enemy Formations: None

Items Found:
- Teleport Stone (Bottom Crate by Docks Entrance)

Everything seems the same... at least until you head to the port entrance,
which is no longer being guarded by a Magitek soldier.

Check the bottom crate as soon as you enter the port area for a Teleport Stone.

Get on the boat and talk to General Leo. Another Imperial general and a man
Leo hired will be joining your small party of 2. Quick, who is he talking about?

General Celes and Shadow. If you got that right, have a cookie.

Locke tries to talk to Celes, but she runs off. Whatever. Talk to Shadow for a
funny line: "I'm working for the Empire. But don't worry... they didn't hire me
to kill you"

What a badass. Talk to Leo again to find out how to move on in the story. He
tells you to get some rest, so head to the Inn and rest (for free).

During the night a little cutscene will play. Locke gets out of bed and heads
outside, where Celes just HAPPENS to be at that particular time at night.
Video-game logic I tell you.

I might as well type out the scene for you guys:

Locke: Celes...
       Please... Why won't you talk to me?
       I know, I doubted you...if only for a moment. But... We can still be
       friends, right...?
*Celes begins to walk away*
*Celes leaves*

That was deep.

Anyway, rise and shine. If you're ready to go, talk to General Leo on the ship.

*sails for a while*

After a bit, Leo tells you you'll be arriving in the morning, and that you
should rest until then. So much resting going on these days. Locke and Terra
head off to go rest (yeah, that's worded a little perverse, but oh well) ...
and BAM! It's nighttime.

You have control of Terra, and the two soldiers on the side warn you about how
dangerous the engine room is. So talk to Leo. They have a nice little chat
about a few things (Terra's Emotions, the Empire, Kefka, Leo, Love) and Leo
leaves, only to be replaced b Shadow, who was eavesdropping (sp?) on your
conversation like a good Ninja should be doing. Terra begins to ask Shadow some
questions, but he stays out of it. He does inform her that "there are people in
this world who have chosen to kill their own emotions".

Since we can assume someone like Shadow wouldn't say that unless it applied
directly to him, we can begin to wonder about his past. We'll learn more about
it later.

Next person who appears (busy night) is Locke, who is sea-sick and throws up
a few times.

*sail some more*

You'll get control of Terra once more. Talk to Leo to get your mission briefing,
which is basically: Find the Espers. Then talk to Locke to be on your way! Oh,
and Shadow is going with you too, while Celes goes off with Leo.

NOTE: If you plan on fighting monsters on the Overworld (see next section), make
sure you equip Shadow. He won't be doing much attacking/defending without any
equipment. If you're not planning on fighting anything the Overworld, don't
bother equipping Shadow. Or you could 

4.57 Area around Thamasa                                                [4.057]

New Monsters: None (if you've been following this guide)

Monster Formations:

- Devourer, Briareus (1 AP)
- Briareus x2 (2 AP)
- Briareus (2 AP)

- Chimera (2 AP)
- Devourer x3 (1 AP)
- Chimera, Devourer x2 (1 AP)

- Briareus: Gaia Gear (Rare)
- Devourer: Hi-Potion (Common), Remedy (Rare)
- Chimera: Hyper Wrist (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Briareus are nothing to worry about. Their special attack, which they cast
33% of the time, is Claw (150% damage). They do get annoying if they are alone
on the battlefield, because they have a 33% of casting Snort, which removes the
target from battle. Very annoying.

- Devourer's Special Attack is Shell Slam (150% damage). Every other turn,
they have a 33% of using Tentacle (the same attack Ultros uses), which will
damage every character anywhere from 200-300. The nice thing is that if they
don't use Tentacle, they won't attack at all.

- Chimera has a few dangerous attacks. Its special attack is the least
dangerous (Romp; 200% damage). It can also cast Snowstorm, Fireball, Cyclonic,
and Aqua Breath. Cyclonic, if you remember, will lower every one of your guys'
HP to 6.25% of its current HP. Use your strongest (I shouldn't have to tell you
what YOUR strongest attacks are) to take him down. He has 2237 HP by the way.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You've been here and fought these guys already if you've been
following this guide. The above is an exact copy/paste from Section 4.50,
which is when you first came here to steal Gaia Gear, remember?

Fight these guys as long as you want, but make your way to Thamasa, which is
located on the north-east corner of this island.

4.58 Thamasa                                                            [4.058]

Inn Cost: 1500 Gil (Later it will be 1 Gil)

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
- Eye Drops (Next to the Item Shop [Middle Barrel])
- Gold Needle (Next to the Relic Shop [Barrel])
- Green Cherry (Next to Strago's House [Barrel])
- Echo Screen (Next to Mayor's House [Top Barrel])
- Phoenix Down (Next to the Inn [Top Barrel])
- Memento Ring (Strago's House, West of upstairs table [Hidden Chest])

 /         Item Shop          \
| Potion (50 Gil)             | Potions? lol
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           | Stock up.
| Teleport Stone (700 Gil)    |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /          Armor Shop         \
| Golden Shield (2500 Gil)     | If you never did steal any Gaia Gear, you can
| Tiger Mask (2500 Gil)        | buy some here for 6000 each.
| Tiara (3000 Gil)             |
| Golden Helm (4000 Gil)       | Buy 2 Mystery Veils.
| Mystery Veil (5500 Gil)      |
| Power Sash (5000 Gil)        | Buy a Power Sash if you plan on using Sabin
| Gaia Gear (6000 Gil)         | soon.
| Golden Armor (10000 Gil)     |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Mythril Rod (500 Gil)       | This is your place to buy Rods for now. Buy 1
| Flame Rod (3000 Gil)        | Ice Rod.
| Ice Rod (3000 Gil)          |
| Thunder Rod (3000 Gil)      | Purchase a Heavy Lance (or 2 if you can afford
| Morning Star (5000 Gil)     | it) and maybe some Darts if you like Setzer.
| Hawkeye (6000 Gil)          |
| Heavy Lance (10000 Gil)     |
| Darts (10000 Gil)           |

 /         Relic Shop         \
| Earring (5000 Gil)          | You should have a couple Dragoon Boots by now.
| Sniper Eye (3000 Gil)       | If not, buy one or two now.
| Hermes Sandals (7000 Gil)   |
| Reflect Ring (6000 Gil)     | You already have plenty of Reflect Rings.
| Black Belt (5000 Gil)       | You should be good on Earrings as well.
| Dragoon Boots (9000 Gil)    | So really, there's nothing to buy here, and I'm
| Sprint Shoes (1500 Gil)     | just filling up this space right now.

Welcome to Thamasa. As of now, the Inn is VERY expensive, so don't use it just

The only guy that in the entire Town Square tells you to check with the old man
who lives on the edge of town.

But first, let's get some treasures and see what's up in this town.

Check the middle barrel next to the item shop for some Eye Drops. Head over to
the Relic Shop and search the barrel for a Gold Needle. The top barrel next to
the Inn has a Phoenix Down. Above the Inn is the mayor's house. Check the top
right barrel for an Echo Screen. The last item for now is found next to Strago's
house (Who is that? You'll see in a minute).

Squeeze between the two houses in the north-east corner of town and you will
actually see a child perform a Fire spell! Oh snap! Kids doing magic around
here, how weird. Maybe we'll find out later what's going on. Check the barrel
for a Green Cherry.

Other weird things: Head to the left of the house you just got the Green Cherry
from (Strago's house) to watch a woman ALMOST perform Cure on her daughter, who
has an owie.

Seems that people are doing magic around here. Hmm... Anyway, let's enter that
house we've been dancing around. Talk to the old guy to meet him. You get to
name him now, so he'll be joining your party sometime during the game. His name
is Strago, by the way.

You ask Strago about Espers, and Strago gets all weird saying he knows nothing
about them. This goes along with the people outside performing magic...
something is going on here.

Then some girl (Strago's granddaughter) comes downstairs. We get to name her,
too! Her name is Relm. Relm asks Strago if "they" (meaning you) can use magic
too, and Strago hushes her real quick.

Relm then walks over to Interceptor and Shadow warns her that he bites. For
some reason, he won't bite her. Lots of weird stuff going on. She disappears to
her room and Interceptor follows her.

Strago continues to pull the "I don't know anything" route. Convinced that
something IS indeed going on, the group leaves Strago's house.

So what else is there to do? Well, you could walk around trying to figure it out
by yourself... or I could just tell you.

NOTE: De-equip Shadow of everything (don't forget his Esper if you equipped him
with one) NOW before doing anything. Yeah, you know what this means: He's
leaving again.

Head over to the expensive Inn. All of a sudden the Inn is only 1 Gil and the
Inn-keeper doesn't bug you about being foreign. Take a nap.

In the middle of the night Strago will come running in and knock you out of
your deep sleep. Apparently Relm is in trouble. He screams something about a
fire, then just begs you to help him again. Locke calls for Shadow to wake up,
but he won't wake up. After you leave, he suddenly jumps out of bed and wonders
where Interceptor disappeared too.

You find yourself in control of Locke and Terra outside the Inn. It's night
outside... oh, and that big mansion on the east-side of town is on fire!

Talk to Strago. He tells you Relm is actually inside the house, nice. The
flames start to get worse when Strago begins muttering some spell! The mayor
comes and reminds Strago that magic is forbidden, but Strago doesn't care
because Relm is in there.

That's when the entire village starts casting "Flames BEGONE" (whatever that
is)! So that's what was going on... everyone in this village can do magic. Cool.

Anyway, those weak spells everyone is casting aren't working, and the fire is
just getting worse. The mayor reveals the cause for the fire being a bunch of
Flame Rods that were stored in the house. Nice one!

So Strago decides to head inside, and of course you won't let him go inside
by himself.

4.59 Burning Home                                                       [4.059]

New Monsters: 
#98 - Balloon
#298 - Flame Eater

New Lores: Self-Destruct
             - Balloon (33% on 3rd Turn, 33% Counter when attacked by Fire)

Monster Formations:
- Balloon x3 (1 AP)
- Balloon x4 (1 AP)
- Balloon x6 (2 AP)
- Flame Eater [Boss] (4 AP)

Items Found:
- Flame Rod (Second door to the Right)
- Ice Rod (Third door to the Right)

- Balloon: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Flame Eater: Flametongue (Common)

How to handle Balloon:

- Balloon is, as you may have guessed, weak to Water and Ice, plus he absorbs
Fire. Every turn he has a 1/3 chance of doing nothing, so that's nice. Every
3rd turn he has a 1/3 chance of Self-Destructing (and a 2/3 of doing nothing).
If you attack him with a Fire-elemental attack, he will either Self-Destruct,
use his Special Attack (Flare Up; 150% damage), or do nothing at all.
Strago's Aqua Breath Lore (will explain Lores later) will do nicely against
anybody here. Other than that, you have Ice spells at your disposal to take
care of these Balloons.

First off, Strago is now in your party. He joins your party 2 levels higher than
your average party level, which is nice. He comes equipped with the following:
- Right Hand: Mythril Rod
- Left Hand:  Mythril Shield
- Head:       Plumed Hat
- Body:       Cotton Robe

Give him that Ice Rod you bought earlier. Also give him a Green Beret and Gaia

Strago's battle command is called Lore. You can learn more about Lore by
searching for: [lore]

In short: Strago can learn certain Lores, or simply attacks from enemies. How
does Strago learn these Lores? He sees them in battle. Yes, Strago simply has
to be there when a spell is used, and he will learn it. Certain monsters allow
you to learn certain Lores, and you can see where you can learn what when you
read at [lore].

Strago comes with the following Lores already: Aqua Breath, Revenge Blast, and

NOTE: I will list which Lores can be learnt at the top of every section where
I list the monsters, etc. As you can see above, Strago can learn Self-Destruct
here as soon as a Balloon uses it.

Aqua Breath is the same as the Anguiform Rage. Obviously this is a water based
attack, and seeing as every monster in this dungeon is weak to water, Strago
can easily blast through here.

It's not necessary for you to learn Self-Destruct, as you will probably never
use it (it kills the user), so it's up to you whether you want to learn it or
not. Some people (like me) are completionists, so you'll probably learn it then.

LAST NOTE: If you want to make this dungeon even easier, equip the Phantom
esper on someone and summon it during any battle. Ghostly Veil will turn all
allies invisible, making you immune to any attacks until you reach the boss.

Anyway, on to the dungeon itself. The walls are lined with fire, and the
floating fire balls are the enemies. You could blow through every battle here
with Aqua Breath, but you can't forget that the spells Strago use do cost MP,
and Aqua Breath costs 22 MP everytime you use it. Not saying you still can't
run through here spamming Aqua Breath, just make sure you keep Strago's MP up.

Continue on a room or two until you come to a left and a right door. If you
choose the left door, you will have to fight 4 Balloons. Do so if you want too,
but go through the right door to advance.

In this room, take the right door to find a chest with a Flame Rod. Move on
through the left door.

Go through this right door to find another chest; this time with an Ice Rod.
Continue through the left door. Go up through the next door and prepare for
a very simple boss battle. Try to equip Reflect Rings on everybody, as this
boss (believe it or not) uses mainly Fire spells.

BOSS: Flame Eater

Flame Eater (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 26
- HP: 8400
- MP: 480
- Steal: Flametongue (Common)
- Drops: None

Here's basically what Flame Eater will do: He'll start out using Bomblet, which
summons 4 Balloons to his side. If you kill off those Balloons, he will use
Bomblet again, but it's a little more complicated how many aids come to his
side (and who) after the first Bomblet, so just know that he can summon more
help if he needs to.

After you damage him 6 times, he will cast Protect and Reflect on himself. If
this happens, most of your spells will bounce back towards YOU, so beware of
that (things like Aqua Breath will still work; Blizzara, however, WILL bounce
back to you, so stop using that after he casts Reflect on himself).

He has three different turns he will do:
1st Turn: 66% Fire, 33% Nothing
2nd Turn: 33% Fire, 66% Fireball
3rd Turn: 33% Fire, 33% Fireball, 33% Nothing

NOTE: Reflect Rings do NOT protect you from Fireball, so you WILL take damage
from that attack. Also note that any Cure/Cura spells will not work since they
will be reflected towards the enemy (likewise, if you cast Blizzara on yourself,
that will also get reflected towards the enemy).

So what is your strategy? For one, Strago should have an Ice Rod equipped, so
he already does decent damage to anyone. Strago obviously has Aqua Breath
which will make this battle a lot easier.

What about the backup Flame Eater keeps summoning? They shouldn't be bothering
you too much. Try to steal that Flametongue from Flame Eater if you want (it
shouldn't take more than a few tries anyway).

If you need it, cast Blizzard/Blizzara with Locke/Terra and attack physically or
with Aqua Breath with Strago and you should in no time at all. Don't forget that
once he casts Reflect on himself, stop using Blizzard/ara on him, as it will
simply bounce back to you. Aqua Breath still works great, though.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to Fayt_Esteed for bringing this to my attention):
Flame Eater will die if his MP reaches 0. You can drain his MP by casting Rasp
or Osmose. Since Flame Eater only has 480 MP and you should be Rasping at
LEAST 100 MP per use, it should only take you at most 5 Rasp spells to kill
it (I say Rasp spell instead of turns because it's possible that Locke and
Terra both know Rasp, in which case it would only be around 3 turns).


After the battle, Strago will bounce around the room wondering where Relm is.
The screen will shift up and you'll see Interceptor helping Relm out. It seems
they are too late, and everyone gets knocked out (by Fire or too much smoke?
Who knows) except Interceptor. Then Shadow appears and gets everyone out of
there by using a Smoke Bomb.

Back at Strago's house...

Relm wakes up and Strago makes sure she's ok. Strago also says their secret
about the magic is out... Locke asks how the whole village can use magic, and
Strago FINALLY spills the beans... to put it in his own words:

"Thamasa is the village of the magi. A long, long time ago, humans used magicite
to acquire magical powers. Those who gained the ability to use magic were the
people known as the magi. After the War of the Magi, the espers fled to a new
world beyond the Sealed Gate. They wished to live in peace, without fear of
their powers being used by others.

That left only humans in this world, and the ordinary ones feared the magi's
power. The horror of the war was still fresh in their minds. It soon turned
into an inquisition. Magi were hunted down and executed. Oh, there were trials,
of course... but they were merely for show. The few who managed to escape took
up shelter here. They were our ancestors.

Our powers have weakened as our magi blood has thinned, but they remain... in
some form or another."

Touching story. Terra asks Strago if he'd be willing to help them find the
espers. He agrees to help only because you saved Relm. Gee, thanks. Relm says
she wants to go, but Strago doesn't allow it. I'M SURE SHE'LL OBEY.

Strago seems to think that if the espers came that way, they may be hiding in
the mountains to the west. And what could his statement be but 100% accurate?
Those mountains are apparently a sacred place to the espers (Notice how Shadow
leaves after Strago says this).

The party agrees to check out these mountains and see if the espers really are
there. Before you go, stand to the left of the table on the west wall, face
left, and press A for a Memento Ring (a relic for Shadow [and someone else who
will join you soon enough] that prevents Petrification, Zombie and Instant

As you head outside, Shadow says he only saved you because he wanted his dog
back. Shadow then leaves with Interceptor, but not before Interceptor takes one
last look at Relm. He seems to like her for some reason.

Before you head off to the mountains, you may wish to rest at the Inn for the
comfortable price of 1 Gil.

When you're ready, leave and head west of Thamasa to find a cave that was
previously closed.

4.60 Esper Caves                                                        [4.060]

New Monsters:
#99 - Bonnacon
#100 - Land Grillon
#101 - Adamankary
#102 - Mandrake
#103 - Venobennu
#299 - Ultros

New Lores: White Wind
             - Venobennu (Uses it every 3rd Turn)

Monster Formations:
- Bonnacon x5 (1 AP)
- Adamankary x2 (3 AP)
- Adamankary, Bonnacon x2 (2 AP)

- Venobennu x2 (1 AP)
- Mandrake x3 (2 AP)
- Mandrake, Land Grillon x2 (1 AP)

- Ultros [Boss] (0 AP)

Items Found:
- Healing Rod (West of Main Entrance)
- Chocobo Suit (Go North from North Trapdoor)
- Tabby Suit (Go West from North Trapdoor)
- X-Potion (Go through Eastern Trapdoor)

- Bonnacon: Hi-Potion (Common)
- Land Grillon: Echo Screen (Common)
- Adamankary: Golden Shield (Rare)
- Mandrake: Hi-Potion (Always)
- Venobennu: Antidote (Common)

How to handle these monsters:

- Bonnacon are really simple creatures. Every turn they have a 33% of doing
nothing at all, otherwise they will attack physically, or with their special
attack (Digestive Fluid; inflicts Sap). Really nothing to worry about. They are
weak to Fire, so take care of them appropriately.

- Land Grillon are similar to Bonnacon: pathetic. They have a chance to use
their special attack (Wing Snap; inflicts Berserk) every other turn. Other than
that, they attack physically. They are weak to Fire and Wind (fun fact: Aqua
Breath is also Wind-elemental).

- Adamankary are actually not that pathetic. The biggest thing to note is their
almost-maxed out defense (225). Obviously, don't use physical attacks. Another
great reason not to use physical attacks is the fact they counter every physical
with a 33% of using Snort, which removes the target from battle. You can't do
anything about Snort, so don't even go there. Unfortunately for you, they have
no weakness, which simply means you stick with strong(er) magic attacks. They
do have a rare Golden Shield for steal if you're up for the challenge. Lastly,
Adamankary's special attack is Claw (150% damage), but it only uses it every
other turn (and even then, only 33% of it being used).

- Mandrake are rather annoying. They have a 33% of countering any attack with
Leech, a spell similar to Drain, but stronger. It will absorb your HP. It's
special attack, which it has a 1/3 chance of using every 3rd turn, is
Stonetouch, which inflicts Petrify. They are weak to Fire (and they absorb

- Venobennu is your basic creature. It attacks physically for two turns, then
uses White Wind, which you will learn if Strago is present (and he will be).
If you are facing a single Venobennu, they will try to Poison you with their
Featherdust special attack (33% as always). Like Adamankary, these guys don't
have a weakness, but their physical defense is simply average, unlike the
Adamankary's. Take care of them however you wish.

Before you go anywhere, I recommend a few Relic switches. Reflect Rings are no
longer necessary, since these monsters are mostly physical attackers. Give
Strago double-Earring setup to boost his magic.	You only have one Ribbon right
now, and I gave mine to Terra (along with the White Cape). I had Locke wear a
Genji Glove and Thief's Bracer.

Let's conquer this cave. To your immediate left is a chest with a Healing Rod.
KEEP THIS! You'll find a very nice use for it later. If you want, you can go
out the door near this chest, but it will only take you to a door that is
north of the same chest (it just loops around).

To continue, go through the east door. Cross the Slopes and re-enter the Caves.

NOTE: If you look closely, you will see something red appear and disappear
quickly. If you look close enough, you can tell who or what this is. For those
who can't tell/don't know... wait and see.

Go through these caves to come to a room with three golden statues with a light
shining on them. Approach the statues to see Strago flip out again, calling
the statues The Warring Triad or something like that. Warring Triad? If you've
been paying VERY close attention, you'll have seen it mentioned before (quick,
CTRL+F Warring Triad to find out before I tell you) ....

Kefka mentioned this in the Magitek Research Facility, shortly before he
discarded Shiva and Ifrit where you found and collected them. Strago will
explain what these Warring Triad dudes are:
They're the legendary gods who created the power we know as magic. The gods of
magic you could say. These three gods are the creators of magic, which also
makes them the creator of espers. It's said that the espers once enshrined
images of the gods in a holy place.

Terra concludes that the espers must have been drawn to this place because of
the magic surrounding these Warring Triad statues. Locke asks what happened to
these three gods, and Strago says they turned themselves into stone.

Terra wonders if the espers are just up ahead since the statues are right here!
I'm sure she's wrong.

Just for fun, here are the inscriptions on each of the statues:

Left Statue:
The dawn of magic...
Three gods descended from the heavens.
Fearing one another's power, the gods began to wage war.
Those mortals caught amongst their fighting became espers, and were forced
to fight endlessly as slaves to the gods.
Right Statue:
Realizing their power begot naught but strife, the gods at last agreed to seal
away their strength. With the last of their fading magic, the gods returned the
espers' free will, then turned themselves to stone.
The last words they left to the espers were these:
"Never must we be woken."
Middle Statue:
In reverence towards the gods were these statues made, and in prayer that
their power would ne'er again be stirred.
Let them serve as a warning to future generations of the three gods who once
descended from the heavens...

A familiar friend is about to stop by. But first, let's prepare to make this as
easy as possible. Got a Flame Rod? [Yes.] Give it to Strago. Give Terra/Locke
either Flametongue or Thunder Blade. Also, if your Locke is sporting a Genji
Glove, give Locke the Hawkeye as well. You all set?

If you don't have the Stop spell, equip Reflect Rings.

NOW try to leave.

BOSS: Ultros

Ultros (0 EXP, 3 Gil)
- Level: 25
- HP: 22000
- MP: 750
- Steal: White Cape (Common)
- Drops: None

If you're looking at the data side of this battle (as I am), it gets rather
complicated. I'll try to make it as easy to understand as possible:

First things first, the battle opens with this message, sponsored by Ultros
himself: Thought you wouldn't see me again? I've got more lives than I do arms!

Every now and then, you will see Ultros move a little closer towards you. When
he does this, he will either attack with Ink, Tentacle, or a physical attack.
The next turn he will either attack physically (66%) or with Stone (Which is
also a Lore Strago already has), which will confuse you. The next turn after
that he will move closer again.

Once he has moved towards you a grand total of 8 times, he will either use
Magnitude 8 (66%) or Aqua Breath (33%). Once this happens, Ultros disappears
and reappears on the left side of the screen, and will start his 8-sliding
game all over again.

Also, if you hit him with 5 spells, a message will display "Ultros alters his
body composition! Use elemental attacks at your own risk!" This is not good.
It means that any Fire-spell you send towards him will be countered with Firaga.
Same goes for Thunder spells (Thundaga) and Ice spells (Blizzaga).

And one last thing: Every minute of the battle, Ultros will use Hailstone, an
attack that will remove 75% of the target's HP (if you had 1000 HP, you would
now have 250 HP).

Once Ultros' HP gets below 15360, he will cast Protect and Haste on himself.
If you want, you can counter it with your own Slow spell.

So this all sounds really hard, right? It's not really. He does have a lot of
HP, but you only need to lower it 10240, after which a cutscene will happen.

Your strategy should be mostly using physical attacks. One nice little trick
you may want to abuse is having one person cast Stop every round. Luckily for
you, Ultros is vulnerable to Stop. Technically, you could go all out with
your magic attacks, but I still advise against it (you never know what could

So if you want, cast Stop every turn and just belittle him with your physical
attacks (it works just as well without Stop). The reason I suggested you equip
Hawkeye is because Ultros has inherent Float status (Hawkeye can do x3 damage
to floating enemies). The Flametongue/ThunderBlade were to cover Ultros'
weaknesses for some extra damage.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to blusiryn for bringing this to my attention): If you
don't have access to Stop (because you haven't had anyone learn it yet), you
can also equip Reflect Rings on everybody and bounce most of his spells back to
Ultros. This is especially useful since you can attack Ultros with magic as much
as you want, and his counter-attacks will simply bounce back to hurt Ultros, and
not you.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to FallenStar for telling me about this): Ultros only
has 750 MP. If you a couple of Rasp or Osmose users in your party, you may want
to bring Ultros' MP to 0. This prevents him from using attacks such as Stone,
Magnitude 8, Aqua Breath, Hailstone, or any -aga spells. In other words, Ultros'
only attacks at this point are the physical attack, !Ink, and Tentacle.

Anyway, whichever strategy you use (Stop works wonders, just saying), bring
Ultros HP down to below 10240. Once you have done so, you'll see Relm drop in!
Remember that red "something" you've been seeing? Yeah, that was Relm.

Watch the scene (I won't bother to type it all out) and find out how Relm wants
to become a better painter and sparks up a conversation with Ultros!

Relm asks "Ulty" if she could draw his picture, and wants to jump off that
cliff when he says no! Kids these days, I tell ya. Obviously, this is just a
plan to get Relm to paint Ultros' picture (you'll see why).

Terra bashes Ultros for teasing that little girl... Ultros does indeed feel
bad and actually lets Relm paint Uncle Ulty's picture.

Now from this point on, Relm will be in your party. Her battle command is
Sketch, but more on that later.

NOTE: If you wanted to end this battle in a way the game didn't intend you to,
continue casting Stop and just attacking Ultros until he dies. Granted, the
dialogue afterwards won't make very much sense... but your choice!

To end this battle quickly, use Sketch with Relm on Ultros. If Ultros happened
to be Stopped when you Sketched, wait for him to be free again, and use Sketch
again. It may even miss, but the needed scene will be triggered.

Sketching Ultros will make Relm use Tentacle on Ultros, which immediately ends
the battle.


After the battle, Relm begs to join your party. Since you JUST SO HAPPEN to
have an empty slot in your party, she might as well join you.

Relm joins at your average party level, and comes equipped with the following:
- Right Hand: Chocobo Brush
- Left Hand:  Mythril Shield
- Head:       Plumed Hat
- Body:       Silk Robe

I suggest giving her your strongest Rod (Ice Rod for me), Mystery Veil instead
of that Plumed Hat, and some Gaia Gear. She comes equipped with another
Memento Ring, so just slap something else on her (like White Cape) for now.

Relm's battle command is Sketch, which you can read about by searching for:

In summary: Using Sketch will let you use a specific move that you normally
couldn't use. Most monsters have two attacks you could use (with 75% and 25% of
usage), but some only have one attack, in which case Sketch will always do that
attack (in case you're curious: the Ultros you just fought had a 100% of you
using Tentacle when Sketch'd, and the game makes it so that Ultros automatically
dies when he's hit with Tentacle, which is how that battle ended).

Anyway, continue on to the next room through the north-west door. This room
will have a Save Point, plus three tiles that you can actually fall through.

First, fall through the north trapdoor. Go out the door above you to find a
chest with a Chocobo Suit! If you want, you can equip this on either Relm or
Strago (it actually does boost the stats a bit).

Go back inside, and go out the west door to find a Tabby Suit. You can equip
it on whoever doesn't have the Chocobo Suit.

Head back inside and you can jump off the partial bridge to the south to land
on a familiar path. Go out the south-east door and go back to the room with the
save point.

Go fall through the east trapdoor to come to a chest with an X-Potion. Go back
inside and fall off a partial bridge to the south just like you did a minute

Finally, fall through the south-west trapdoor and make your way across the
bridges and through the north door. Re-enter the caves to come to a very
important room.

This room is where all the Espers have been chilling. You'll meet one right off
the bat when you enter. Tons more espers show up after a minute. Terra had no
idea there were this many espers, and Locke tells Strago to take Relm and leave.
He agrees, and they both leave... if they weren't backed in by more espers
that came from behind.

Suddenly, someone named "Yura" yells to wait. Strago begins to sense something
more incredible than magic inside Terra. Terra and Yura stand across from each
other and have some kind of connection...

Somehow Yura sensed that Terra was an esper and everyone turns friendly ASAP.
It just so happened that the espers were on their way to help their friends,
when you (and Terra) showed up and Terra opened the door for the espers. As
soon as the espers came into our world, they lost control of their powers (just
like Terra did a while ago). Yura apologizes for all of them taking out an
entire city along with some innocent people.

Locke lets Yura know the Empire wants to make peace, and invites them to come
with them. So it's agreed that the espers come back to talk to General Leo.

4.61 Thamasa & General Leo                                              [4.061]

Back in Thamasa, Locke sort of introduces the espers to General Leo.

The espers and Leo begin to exchange names and apologies, and Locke believes
true peace is finally upon them (fool).

All of a sudden Kefka shows up. How did he get out of jail so quickly? He
wastes no time summoning three Magitek Soldiers, who knock everyone to the
ground (except General Leo, who seems to be immune to the same attacks that
took out your entire party [This is called plot device]).

General Leo asks Kefka what's going on, and Kefka says he's acting on the
Emperor's orders to turn all these espers into magicite. Craziness!

To make matters worse, Kefka is not lying. He proceeds to turn the three espers
on-screen into magicite, then orders the Magitek Soldiers to burn everything.
Leo tells him to stop, but finally gets knocked onto the ground by a Magitek

You are now in control of General Leo. Enjoy these few minutes, because there
seem to be many people who really like General Leo (there are tons of rumors
involving General Leo becoming a permanent playable character, all of which
are false, I promise you).

Let's look at his equipment first:
- Right Hand: Crystal Sword
- Left Hand:  Aegis Shield
- Head:       Golden Helm
- Body:       Golden Armor
- Relics:     Gigas Glove, Master's Scroll

His equipment is awesome. Master's Scroll is a sweet relic you will be able to
get later in the game. It allows you to attack 4(!) times with the Attack
command instead of the usual one attack.

His level is also very good. He joins you 5 levels higher than your average
party level.

If you try to leave town in any way right now, you'll fight the invincible
Guardian again. Simply run away from it, as you can't do anything. Again, this
is the game telling you: You are not leaving town.

Guess there's only one thing left to do: Talk to Kefka.

Leo announces that he will no langer watch as Kefka does his evil, and the two
begin to battle.

The battle itself is really stupid. Just keep attacking (anything works) and
Kefka will eventually be "beaten". However, he's not really beaten. He pulls
some stunt where he pretends to be Emperor Gestahl. Kefka appears and laughs
at Leo for thinking he actually beat Kefka.

Kefka then proceeds to kill General Leo! (Yes, he does actually kill him)

After witnessing this, the remaining espers in the Esper World go nuts, and
break through the Sealed Gate! They all fly towards Thamasa to teach Kefka a
lesson, but Kefka is too powerful for them. He somehow neutralizes their powers,
then goes on to turn every single esper into a magicite. He also comments now
that the only thing left to do is get "that final treasure beyond the Sealed
Gate" (he's talking about the Warring Triad if you don't get it).

The next scene involves Terra, Locke, Strago, Celes, and Relm burying General
Leo. Interceptor also shows up, and he appears to be injured. I guess we're
supposed to assume the Empire betrayed Shadow as well. Bastards. Locke now says
he's worried about the others back at Vector, so they go to check it out.

Actually, the rest of the gang just comes to you. Setzer informs you that it's
been a trap the whole time - the emperor was lying to you. Somehow they all
managed to escape because of Edgar (Some lady who was bringing him tea tipped
him off).

During the course of this conversation, Strago and Relm are also added to your
party for good. One very weird and possibly scary line occurs here:

Relm: What's wrong, lover-boy?
Edgar: ... How old are you?
Relm: Ten... Why?
      Weirdo. I'm going on ahead, okay?
Edgar: Not even a lady yet... Here's hoping you're still around in eight years,

Yeah, so Edgar is into 10-year-olds as well. Scary stuff.

You'll now find yourself on the Overworld outside Thamasa, with the Blackjack
next to you. Board it now.

Setzer informs you that the Imperials were heading towards the Sealed Gate.
Something about having found some statues. Strago immediately recognizes that
they've found the Warring Triad statues. The scene switches to Gestahl and
Kefka standing by the Sealed Gate for a second.

Back at the Blackjack, Terra senses something's wrong. Next thing you know,
an entire piece of land has broken off and started to lift into the air!
Gestahl and Kefka are on this landmass, admiring the Warring Triad statues.
You can see how the three statues are facing each other. This is to keep each
of their powers in check. If they were ever to be moved, the resulting power
would destroy the earth.

Now you'll be back in control of your character. You will notice a third option
when trying to take control of the airship:
- Head to the Floating Continent.

The Floating Continent is that landmass that just lifted itself into the air.
Before we go there, though, we need to do a couple other things, as we won't be
able to return to most of the areas ever again.

NOTE: In case you're interested as to what land the Floating Continent consists
of, then take a look at your Map when on the Overworld and notice how anything
east of the Imperial Observation Post is no longer on the map.

Just so you know, you can go to the Floating Continent anytime by going to the
airship and selecting "Head to the Floating Continent".

4.62 Preparing for the Floating Continent                               [4.062]

First things first: Head back inside Thamasa and find some old guy wearing red.
Talk to him with Strago in your party to get this conversation:

Gungho: I am Gungho, Thamasa's most renowned monster hunter. I come back here
        for the first time in ages, and the place looks like it's been through
        a war! What in the world happened?
Strago: G-Gungho!?
Gungho: Oh, Strago! Have you come back to hunt Hidon?
        You haven't changed a bit, have you?
        Back when you were young, you tried so hard to hunt down Hidon... but
        then you gave up and quit before you found him.
Strago: I didn't quit! It's just... I sort of... I mean... The thing lives in
        Ebot's Rock, and after the place sunk, well...
Gungho: Always have to make excuses, don't you?
        You're pathetic!

That's about it for Thamasa.

Now it's time to get more Lores and more Rages. How fun!

These are the Lores you'll want to get (and how to get them):
- Dischord. Encouter either Satellite (guaranteed to use) or Chaser (33% on
  his 2nd Turn and every 4th Turn after that) to learn it.

- Doom. Find Zombie Dragon on the Veldt and Leap him to learn the Rage, then use
  the Rage in battle.

- Lv.3 Confuse. Learn from Trapper. Either learn his Rage then use the Rage in
  battle, Sketch them to learn it (75%), or wait for it to use it (33% every
  3rd Turn) in battle.

- Lv.4 Flare. Wait for Trapper to use in battle (33% on 2nd Turn and every 3rd
  Turn after that)

- Lv.5 Death. Trappers again. Sketch them for it (25%) or have them use it in
  battle (33% on 1st Turn and every 3rd Turn after that)

- Roulette. Bring Relm and find Onion Knight on the Veldt. Sketch it for a 75%
  of having it use Roulette (which obviously means Strago learns it).

- Transfusion. You can simply rage Intangir to learn this lore.

- Traveler. Make sure someone has the Confuse spell, which is taught by Cait
  Sith at x7, or bring Edgar with a Noiseblaster. Head over to South Figaro and
  walk around outside until you find an Unseelie. Confuse him and he will use
  Traveler, which Strago will learn after the battle.

And these are the Rages you'll want to pick up:
- Zombie Dragon (Doom)
- Outcast (Lifeshaver)

NOTE: These rages aren't all that important, so if you get tired of trying to
find these guys (bad luck happens), simply move on. These aren't crucial rages
or anything.

One more thing to do real quick: Head to Doma Castle (slightly north and west
of Veldt). Since the Imperial Banquet, the soldiers have been removed from
this castle. You can now enter to get some treasures. Enter Cyan's room (where
he found his wife and kid dead) to get an X-Potion. Check the Alarm Clock in
the Barracks for an Elixir. The chest next to the clock has a Hi-Ether. Hop
on the castle walls and walk around to find a little storage room with two
chests: Prayer Beads (right) and Phoenix Down (left). Prayer Beads is a relic
that boosts Evasion by 20. Not all that useful.

Believe it or not, that's all there is to do for now. Here is a quick checklist
so you're sure you're ready to move on (I'll say it again: You'll never be able
to return to this world after you've finished the Floating Continent):

[ ] Mog has 7 out of 8 Dances learned (missing Snowman Rondo)
[ ] Strago has the following Lores: Doom, Roulette, Aqua Breath, Revenge Blast,
    White Wind, Lv.5 Death, Lv.4 Flare, Lv.3 Confuse, Traveler, Dischord,
    Stone, Self-Destruct, Transfusion
[ ] Bestiary should include 1-103 (You might have #112 - Ninja if you fought
    him in the Cave to Sealed Gate) and 276-299
[ ] Make sure you have the following Espers: Golem, Zona Seeker, Seraph
    - Golem and Zona Seeker are both found at the Auction House in Jidoor
    - Seraph can be found in Tzen (Man in the back of the woods sells it)
[ ] Make sure you have a full set of Gaia Gear, Earrings, Green Beret, etc.

You're going to have to form a party of 3 when you go to the Floating Continent,
so let's think about who we'll use:

- Terra. Good magic user and can also be very powerful when Trance'd
- Locke. A usual must-have for stealing (and you'll want to steal on the FC)
- Cyan. Sux.
- Edgar. Not as useful as he used to be, huh? Good choice if only he could
  equip Gaia Gear.
- Sabin. Not all that useful except for his Blitzes. There are better options.
- Celes. Yeah, there's one thing about Celes: If you don't bring her, she will
  be forced into your party later on anyway. So if we don't bring her now,
  she'll join you later, and you actually get a 4 person party. So she's out.
- Strago. Can be quite useful with all his Lores.
- Relm. Yeah, not a big fan of Relm and Sketch isn't all that great.
- Setzer. Still don't like him, your choice.
- Mog. Can be very useful with all his Dances.
- Gau. Usefulness depends on his Rages. If you've followed this guide and got
  all the Rages I suggested you get, he'll be good.

I, personally, am bringing this party:
- Terra: F/I/T*, Golden Shield, Mystery Veil, Gaia Gear, Ribbon & White Cape
- Locke: Hawkeye, Hawkeye, Green Beret, Gaia Gear, Genji Glove & Thief's Bracer
- Gau: Mythril Shield, Nothing, Green Beret, Gaia Gear

* F/I/T = Flametongue/Icebrand/Thunder Blade

Last possible preparation: Make sure your three characters you bring know a lot
of spells (specifically the -ara spells, some White Magic (curing spells), and
some Grey Magic (Slow, Protect, Stop, etc.)

Might I also suggest that you head over to Kohlingen and pick up about 10-15 
Flame Scrolls, and 10-15 Lightning Scrolls. They'll come in handy later on.

Once you think you're ready, Rest up (you can rest for free on the airship) and
head onto the Blackjack and select "Head to the Floating Continent".

4.63 Imperial Air Force                                                 [4.063]

New Monsters:
#104 - Sky Armor
#105 - Spitfire
#300 - Typhon
#301 - Ultros
#302 - Air Force    ----|
#303 - Laser Gun        |___ You get these 4
#304 - Missile Bay      |    in the same battle
#305 - Bit          ----|

New Lores: None

Monster Formations:
- Sky Armor x2, Spitfire (2 AP)
- Sky Armor, Spitfire (2 AP)
- Typhon, Ultros (0 AP)

- Air Force, Laser Gun, Missile Bay, Bit [Boss] (3 AP)

Items Found: None

- Sky Armor: Ether (Common)
- Spitfire: Ether (Common), Elixir (Rare)
- Typhon: Dagger (Common)
- Ultros: White Cape (Common)
- Air Force: Elixir (Common)
- Laser Gun: X-Ether (Common)
- Missile Bay: Debilitator (Rare)
- Bit: Amulet (Rare)

How to handle Sky Armor & Spitfire:

- Sky Armor will use Magitek Laser most of the time. He might Silence you with
his special attack Reverse Thruster (33% every other turn). When Sky Armor is
by itself, it has a 33% each of using Reverse Thruster/Magitek Laser/Missile.
These guys are weak to Lightning and Wind, so take them out accordingly. For
Wind-based attacks, your options are: Mog's Wind Rhapsody, Gau's Guard Leader,
Cyan's Kazekiri, Gau/Strago's Aqua Breath, Sabin's Razor Gale (only if Sabin is
Level 30 or higher).

- Spitfire are a little more dangerous. Every turn they will either use
Absolute Zero (a strong MT-ice attack), it's special attack (Propeller; 150%
damage) or nothing at all. When they are by themselves, they have a 33% of
using Diffractive Laser (a decent MT-lightning attack). Spitfires are also weak
to Lightning and Wind, so just take them out the same way you took out the Sky

So you are on your way up to the Floating Continent, when you get interrupted
by some guys known as the Imperial Air Force.

You have to fight a total of four battles. After each battle, however, you can
pause and heal and do any last-minute preparations if you want.

After four battles:
"There's something strange up ahead! It's coming this way!"

You then fight two more IAF (Imperial Air Force) battles. After a total of six
battles, head to the right of the ship to find Ultros sitting there.

BOSS: Ultros & Typhon

Ultros (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 26
- HP: 17000
- MP: 8000
- Steal: White Cape (Common)
- Drops: None

Typhon (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 26
- HP: 10000
- MP: 40000
- Steal: Dagger (Common)
- Drops: None

This battle starts off with Ultros saying "No, really! This is our last battle!

This battle is MUCH easier compared to the other Ultros battles. Also, this IS
indeed your last battle with Ultros, so enjoy it.

Ultros is real simple this time. He only attacks with a physical attack,
Tentacle (like always), and his new special move (Octopus Ink; inflicts
Darkness). That's pretty much ALL he does.

When his HP gets below 12800 (which means you only have to do 4200 damage), he
will call forth Typhon, his buddy: "Looks like I lose again! But today I brought
along a buddy of mine! Mr. Typhon! Come on down!!!"

Typhon is nothing dangerous at all. The only thing he attacks with is Fireball
and a physical attack.

So your strategy should be REAL easy: Attack Ultros with Bio 2-3 times to
trigger Typhon's appearance. Once Typhon appears, you have two choices:

1) You can defeat Ultros, then go after Typhon
2) Or you could just defeat Typhon, and ignore Ultros to end the battle

Either way, the battle ends when Typhon is defeated. Do whichever you wish.
Ultros is weak against Poison and Fire, so just keep attacking with Bio or
Fire spells if you wish.

Typhon, on the other hand, absorbs Fire, but is weak to Ice and Water. This
calls for Aqua Breath (Anguiform/Lore) or Blizzara. Just finish him off.

After you defeat Typhon, he will use Snort on your entire party.


You just got blown off your airship because of Typhon's Snort... what's next?

How about another (hard) Boss Battle?

BOSS: Air Force & Co.

Air Force (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 25
- HP: 8000
- MP: 750
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: Princess Ring (Always)

Laser Gun (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 24
- HP: 3300
- MP: 335
- Steal: X-Ether (Common)
- Drops: None

Missile Bay (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 25
- HP: 3000
- MP: 7000
- Steal: Debilitator (Rare)
- Drops: None

Bit (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 25
- HP: 420
- MP: 285
- Steal: Amulet (Rare)
- Drops: None

Just for reference: Air Force, Laser Gun (right), and Missile Bay (below), and
Bit is a little dot floating apart from the whole structure (you can't miss it
is what I'm trying to say).

Now, on to what these guys do:
1. Air Force itself only attacks with Magitek Laser and Diffractive Laser.
2. Laser Gun attacks with the same above two attacks, but can also use Atomic
   Ray (a MT-fire spell)
3. Missile Bay will attack with either Launcher or Missile throughout the whole
4. Bit won't attack. Ever. It's sole purpose is to absorb all magic attacks you
   throw at it. So when Bit is around, do not use magic, but rather attack it
   physically to kill it.

Bit will be released once you kill Laser Gun. Once Bit is out, Air Force will
start counting down from 6, by saying "Count: 6!" then "Count: 5!" etc. Once he
counts down to 0, he will use Wave Cannon, a strong MT-lightning attack which
will do over 500 damage to every character. If you heal completely before this
happens, you should be alright.

So what should your strategy be in this fight where you are always fighting
at least 3 monsters at a time? Well, lucky for you, all 4 parts of this boss
are weak to the same elements: Lightning and Water.

What does that mean for you? Anything out of the following list should work just
fine: Thundara, Anguiform (or Chimera), Aspiran, Chaser, Cloud, Ghost, Aqua
Breath, etc.

As you can see, you have a lot of options (yeah, a lot of those are Rages, but
that's why Gau is awesome).

Anyone whose name isn't Air Force is vulnerable to Stop in this battle, so feel
free to abuse that. Your first target should be Missile Bay (below Air Force).
I suggest casting Stop on Laser Gun (and even Missile Bay if you want) and
concentrate your attacks on Missile Bay. After a few attacks that it's weak to,
it should go down.

After Missile Bay is gone, focus on Laser Gun. Again, this should only take a
few attacks. After that, Bit will appear. Bit only has 420 HP, though, so it's
really a joke.

Honestly, the easiest way to win would be to use Anguiform/Chimera Rage. Bit
cannot absorb Aqua Breath, so even if he does show up, he'll die after one hit
by this attack. Plus, if Gau is lucky enough to use it about every turn, you
will be dealing a lot of damage, even to the parts you're not attacking!

Once Missile Bay, Laser Gun, and Bit are gone, simply attack Air Force for a bit
to take him out. Like mentioned above, after Gau was nailing those Aqua Breath
on everyone, it only took me one attack to finish off Air Force.

You'll get a Princess Ring for winning. It's a useless Relic you'll never use.


After this battle, you will be dropped off on the Floating Continent.

4.64 Floating Continent                                                 [4.064]

New Monsters:
#106 - Brainpan
#107 - Misfit
#108 - Apocrypha
#109 - Dragon
#110 - Platinum Dragon
#111 - Behemoth
#112 - Ninja (shouldn't be new to you, but this is where the game put it)
#113 - Naude
#306 - Gigantos
#307 - Ultima Weapon
#308 - Nelapa

New Lores: 1000 Needles
            - Brainpan (33% of using it if by itself)

Monster Formations:
- Brainpan x2, Misfit, Apocrypha (5 AP)
- Brainpan x3 (4 AP)
- Platinum Dragon x3 (3 AP)
- Behemoth, Misfit x2 (4 AP)
- Apocrypha (2 AP)
- Dragon (5 AP)
- Behemoth x2 (6 AP)
- Behemoth (3 AP)
- Ninja x2 (5 AP)
- Apocrypha, Misfit x2 (4 AP)
- Apocrypha x3 (4 AP)
- Ninja x2, Platinum Dragon (6 AP)

- Gigantos (1 AP)

- Ultima Weapon [Boss] (10 AP)

While Escaping Floating Continent:
- Naude (3 AP)

- Nelapa [Boss] (3 AP)

Items Found:
- Murasame (West of First Warp Tunnel [Orb])
- Sasuke (Fight Gigantos and Win to get)
- Beret (North-East of Save Point Cave)
- Elixir (Escape Route [Approach from SOUTH-EAST])

- Brainpan: Earring (Rare)
- Misfit: Alarm Earring (Rare)
- Apocrypha: Angel Ring (Rare)
- Dragon: Hi-Potion (Common), Genji Glove (Rare)
- Platinum Dragon: Dragoon Boots (Rare)
- Behemoth: Hermes Sandals (Rare)
- Ninja: Angel Wings (Rare)

How to handle all of these guys:
- Brainpan are annoying. When not alone, they have a 33% of using their special
attack Smirk, which will Stop the target. When they are alone, they have a 33%
of using 1000 Needles, a Lore for Strago if you brought him. Note that I'm
going to assume that you did NOT bring Strago here to learn this lore. They are
weak to Fire, Lightning, and Holy. Since you have Shadow, you can make use of
his Scrolls and throw them for some nice damage.

- Misfit are not as annoying as Brainpan if you brought Gaia Gear. They use
Lifeshaver fairly often, which will do nothing since your characters should all
have Gaia Gear by now. They are weak to Fire and Holy.

- Apocrypha are not that tough if you're careful. If there is more than one
present, they will ONLY attack physically (which you can dodge if you summon
Phantom). Once by themselves, they will counter anything with any of the Lv.
Lores (Lv.5 Death, Lv.4 Flare, Lv.3 Confuse), which still isn't that bad, but
can be annoying. These guys are weak to Lightning, Holy, and Water.

- Dragons are fairly dangerous. They attack with Revenge Blast, Tail (500%
damage), Snowstorm, and Freezing Dust (33% of using each attack; but only one
of these attacks can be used per turn). It also has a 33% of countering any
attack with Snort, removing the target from battle. These guys are vulnerable
to Stop, so make SURE to abuse that. The one nice thing about Dragons is their
rare steal (Genji Glove). Genji Gloves are limited in this game, so try to steal
as many from Dragons as you can (while keeping them stopped of course). Dragons
are weak to Lightning.

- Platinum Dragon use their special attack (Wing; 200% damage) 33% of every
turn. Otherwise, they just attack physically (Phantom, anyone?). When they are
by themselves, they have a 33% of using Cyclonic, so be careful about that one.
If you want, they are vulnerable to pretty much any status, so you could either
Snare (Mu rage) them each, or cast Stop on all of them, or even confuse them.
Your choice.

- Behemoth are also dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. They simply
attack physically and with their special attack (Beatdown; 300% damage). If
they are by themselves, they will counter anything with a 66% of using Beatdown.
Lastly, if you summon anything (like an esper or something), they have a 66%
of countering with Meteor. Now how to beat him? Well, they are weak to Ice. They
are also weak to Instant Death attacks (i.e. Mu Rage), which would be the
easiest way to take them out.

If you can manage to go into a battle with Invisible status on everyone,
Behemoth will not be able to damage you. At all. Unless you summon something,
but why would you do that?

- Ninja are old news to you. Well, you fought at least one in the Cave to the
Sealed Gate. You may remember they throw lots of Scrolls at you, just like
you'll be doing with Shadow in this dungeon. Ninjas are weak to Lightning
and Holy.

Welcome to the Floating Continent. We are here to stop Emperor Gestahl and Kefka
from essentially destroying the world. As you can see in the monster listings
above, there are LOTS of monsters here and a LOT of them are dangerous. And
we will probably meet some other dangerous things here (in other words: we will)

When you first get here you'll be dropped off by a save point. You'll also see
someone laying there on the floor... Shadow?! If you talk to him, he'll say
that the Empire double-crossed him... then someone (there's no name attached
to the dialogue) will tell him to join you guys, and he does (not before asking
about Interceptor, who is chilling in Thamasa by the way).

So this is why you only got a 3-man party when coming here (because Shadow was
going to join you).

NOTE: Shadow needs to be equipped. Assassin's Dagger/Mythril Shield/Green Beret/
Gaia Gear is what I gave him. He will get a better weapon in a minute, so don't
worry too much about that.

This place can get kind of confusing because the path is not always clear. There
are many parts where you have to walk against the wall to actually make it move
and thus providing a path for you. I'll do my best to guide you through with
the least amount of confusion. Know that you can get a *tiny* bit lost, and at
the end of the dungeon there is a chest you can miss if you take the wrong
way, but more on that later.

Head right and up the stairs to see the first wall move for you. Continue on
down and you'll see another wall move for you; follow it. Go north here to see
a blue orb-like thing. These are the treasure chests for the Floating Continent.
This one contains a Murasame, a sword for Cyan.

You could move on by going to the little platform to the right of the chest
(stairs will appear) ... but there's another thing we could do (and get another
item). If you go past that little platform, another set of stairs will appear,
which lead to another chest. Before you open this chest, make sure all your
characters are invisible (summon Phantom in a battle before opening the chest).

Now, open the chest.

BOSS: Gigantos

Gigantos (7550 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 25
- HP: 6000
- MP: 1120
- Steal: X-Potion (Common), Elixir (Rare)
- Drops: Sasuke (Always)

Gigantos is a giant dude (palette swap from a Hill Gigas from Zozo) who attacks
physically. Hard. VERY hard. He'll start the battle with three of his special
attacks: Throat Job, for 500% damage. I'm talking 600+ damage per hit. And he
uses it thrice. The next turn, he'll use a simple Attack command, then go back
to using three Throat Jobs (then back to Attack, etc.)

His battle script is simple: Use three special attacks (Throat Job; 500% damage
[doing 600+ damage PER HIT]) on one turn, then use a simple physical attack on
the next. Repeat. He will counter anything you throw at him with two physical
attacks and another Throat Job.

That's all there is to him. If you've been paying attention (or just following
this guide), you know how to get around this guy: All his attacks are physical.
If you made everyone invisible (Phantom summon), you are untouchable for this
fight. He won't be able to hurt you. At all.

Wow, so easy. If you don't want to be that cheap (or can't), you could always
instant death him. Lv.5 Death from Strago works if you have it, or simply use
Gau, or you could even use Death spell if you have it. Anything works.

If you don't want to use either of those, you can spam poison attacks (Bio spell
or Trillium rage) to defeat him. I'm not sure how you're going to survive those
hard-core Throat Jobs he's going to stuff down your throat, but if you don't
want to use the previous two strategies, I'm sure you can figure something out.

Since you can be untouchable in this battle, you might as well try to steal that
rare Elixir. If not, you'll get an X-Potion, which is still nice.

You get a Sasuke for beating Gigantos. Equip this on Shadow.


Head up on the platform to the left of you now. This is what I will call a warp
tunnel (it really just swallows you underground and spits you out somewhere
else, but work with me here). Enter the warp tunnel. Go south, down the small
stairs, and you'll come to a seemingly dead-end. There's a switch to the north
that will expand the land, allowing you to cross.

There's nothing up north, so continue down south where you'll come to another
set of stairs. You can't go anywhere down there for now, but we will in a
minute. Head east and enter the warp tunnel (if you look closely, you can see
the Blackjack for a second floating beneath you).

You'll be spit out by two more warp tunnels. The right one takes you...
nowhere. Take the left one instead (obviously). Step on the switch to the
south, and it will lower some land for you. Go up north, up the stairs and step
on that switch to lower the land beneath you. Cross it and you'll end up in a
familiar area. Go down two sets of stairs.

You'll now be at the landmass you just lowered a second ago. Continue along
the one-way path until you come to a switch (if you see a orb-chest, you've gone
too far. Back up about 3 seconds).

Hit the switch to open up a warp tunnel near you. Before going in it, head east
to the orb-chest thing. Open it to find a Beret (a helmet for Relm to increase
the success rate of Sketch). If you find Sketch useful and have Relm in your
party, equip it.

Head south to come to a warp tunnel which actually leads you to a save point.
Save if you wish, then enter the yellow beam to be transported above ground
again. Now go up and enter the warp tunnel you activated with the switch (if
you went to the Save Point room you'll have to use the switch again).

Continue on to be presented with an option to leave the Floating Continent and

I mean, if there is *ANYTHING* you'd like to do, do so now. The world will
change forever (towns, shops, monsters, etc.) in a few minutes, and now will be
your last chance to get anything from this world. You have been warned.

NOTE: If you first say no, you can always walk over that same square to be
presented with the option to leave, so it's not a one-time choice or anything.

Head to the left and go up to open the wall. Walk up to find a monster blocking
your path. Boss time.

Before you head in, make sure everyone is wearing Reflect Rings. Also make sure
your party has Gaia Gear (if not, Float those that can't wear it). I suggest
bringing the Zona Seeker into this battle as it will be very helpful.

BOSS: Ultima Weapon

Ultima Weapon (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 37
- HP: 24000
- MP: 5000
- Steal: Elixir (Common), Ribbon (Rare)
- Drops: Elixir (Always)

Ultima Weapon has pretty much three separate parts of the battle to him (well, I
separated them into three parts to make it easier). I will explain each one:

1st Part:
This is the part you fight first. He will start off with the message:
"My name is Ultima... I am power both ancient and unrivaled... I do not bleed,
for I am but strength given form... Feeble creatures of flesh... Your time is
nigh!" After this, he will switch off between the following two turns:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Flare (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Flare (33%) or Blaze (33%)

Repeat until HP <= 12800

2nd Part:
This is when Ultima Weapon's HP is between 6145 and 12800
1st Turn: Bio (33%) or Quake (33%) or Meteor (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Special Attack [Full Power; 200% damage] (66%)
3rd Turn: MT Fira
4th Turn: Mind Blast
5th Turn: Message says: Focusing energy.
          Gains Shell, Protect, and Haste status. This makes him faster, while
          making him take less physical AND magical damage. He also flashes.
6th Turn: Flashes again
7th Turn: Flashes for a long time, then uses Flare Star

Repeat until HP is <= 6144

3rd Part:
This part happens when Ultima Weapon's HP is 6144 or lower
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Graviga (66%)
2nd Turn: Rasp (33%) or Tornado (33%) or Blaze (33%)
Counterattack: Flare (33%)

Repeat until Ultima Weapon = Dead

So this is Ultima Weapon. First, remember the guy in Albrook who talked about
an ancient weapon and an ancient monster that share the same name? Well, you
found the weapon "Ultima Weapon" in the Cave to the Sealed Gate, and now you
are facing off against the creature with the same name! Craziness.

Anyway, on to fight this guy. As you can see, his 1st Part is the easiest to
deal with. With Reflect Rings, you won't be damaged by Flare (but Blaze will
hurt every character about 250+ damage). Now is also the best time to use one
of the more cheap methods to beat this guy:

MP KILL METHOD: Ultima Weapon dies when his MP reaches 0. The problem is he has
5000 MP, and you need to get rid of that somehow. You can use Rasp and Osmose
spell to suck up Ultima's MP. This is best done in the 1st part of the battle
as he is the least dangerous then. Absorbing 5000 MP will probably take you
a while, but it's playing the safe side. Obviously, heal when necessary.

If you're not going to use this method, make sure to summon Zona Seeker ASAP
to increase the party's magic defense. Also, cast Slow on Ultima Weapon.

Attack him by casting -ara spells on him. It seems Blizzara does a tiny bit
more damage, so use that if you wish. I definitely recommend throwing Scrolls
with Shadow (they all seem to do the same damage on average) as that will do
more damage than anything else he can do (even more than Fuma Shurikens if you
got one from a Ninja).

Keep doing this for a while until the 2nd part of the battle triggers. This is
good since you've taken out about half of Ultima Weapon's HP. Pray that he uses
Quake as his first turn since this will heal all those with Gaia Gear. Free
healing. Watch out for Meteor (600+ to each character) or his special attack
Full Power (1000+ damage to one character). Make sure you keep everyone's HP
up (don't heal with Cura if you have Reflect Rings; you'll heal Ultima instead).
His MT Fira will bounce back so don't worry about that.

His Mind Blast attack will affect four random targets with one status ailment
chosen randomly out of the following list: Berserk, Confuse, Darkness, Doom,
Imp, Petrify, Poison, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Zombie. After this happens, cast
Dispel on anyone who got hit to cure them of the most important statuses.

Ultima Weapon will cast Haste on himself after this, so Slow him again. You now
have a free turn to get in as much damage as possible, as long as you have
enough HP to survive Flare Star. But how would you know this?

Flare Star's damage is as follows: (random target's level * 80) / 4
So if your party is around level 25, you can expect:
25 * 80 = 2000 / 4 = 500 damage to each character. Obviously, you'll need to
heal again after Flare Star. Hope that he uses Quake after this to get a quick
heal for Gaia Gear wearers.

Once you get his HP below 6144, you'll be in the final stretch of the battle.
Tornado will lower the target's HP to 1/16 of it's current total, so beware of
it. Graviga will lower the target's HP to 1/4 of it's current total. If you
have Celes in your party (why??), have her Runic every turn to absorb both of
those spells, leaving you to worry about Blaze and Rasp, which aren't as

For those who don't have Celes (you shouldn't), simply attack the same way you
did in Part 1 (-ara spells and scrolls) to end this battle for good. Don't worry
about the Counterattack as your Reflect Ring will leave you unharmed.

Usually, if you summon Zona Seeker and cast Slow on your first few turns,
chances are you won't ever see Ultima Weapon use Mind Blast OR Flare Star (I
had to stop attacking to see these attacks).

If you think you can afford to do it, try to steal that Ribbon from Ultima. It's
a rare steal, but you might get lucky, right?

You'll get an Elixir for winning.


After the battle, Shadow immediately leaves your party, saying how he can't
fight at your side after he sold himself to the Empire.

Head up to finally meet Gestahl and Kefka.

You will find Gestahl and Kefka standing in front of the legendary Warring
Triad statues. Insane. Gestahl will say one line ("Well look who's here")
before Celes shows up! This is why you didn't pick Celes as one of your three
before you came here, since Celes now automatically joins your party, otherwise
you'd be stuck with a 3-man instead 4-man-woman party.

Anyway, Gestahl says you're just in time to die. Gestahl then seems to absorb
power from the Warring Triad. Celes pleads with Gestahl to stop, but he decides
otherwise and casts her aside, while casting some spell on your 3 other party
members (paralyzing spell or something that disables them).

Gestahl then proceeds to offer Celes a deal: "Why don't I give you and Kefka
the task of creating progeny to populate my new Magitek empire?" Wow, I bet
Kefka wouldn't mind...

To show her loyalty, Kefka wants Celes to kill the others, then offers her a
sword. She takes the sword, then approaches your 3 party members. As she raises
her sword to strike your party down.... she turns around and runs up to Kefka
and stabs him instead! Owned.

After this, Kefka is pissed (understandably I guess). He talks to the Warring
Triad and commands them to show him their power! He then begins to stand in the
middle of the statues. The statues aren't doing much to please Kefka, so he
demands one last time to show him their power.

Gestahl steps in and warns Kefka that if he revives them, they might destroy
the same world they want to rule together!

Then Kefka tells Gestahls to shut up. Word.

The scene shifts to a battle-like screen with Gestahl and Kefka on opposing
sides. Gestahl asks if Kefka's mad, but Kefka counters that this is the perfect
opportunity to show your party the power of the Warring Triad! Gestahl seems
to have enough and is "just going to use this power you [Kefka] has unleashed
to put you [Kefka] to sleep" .... it would have more effect if Kefka weren't
laughing so hard.

Gestahl wants to know what's wrong, but Kefka doesn't answer. So Gestahl tries
to cast Firaga on Kefka, with no result. Then he tries Flare. Nothing. Meltdown
also results in nothing.

Gestahl obviously would like to know how Kefka is dodging these powerful spells,
and he finally reveals it to him: By standing in the center of the Warring
Triad. They absorb ALL magic, leaving Kefka unharmed.

Then Kefka turns out and presents the Warring Triad with their first victim:
Emperor Gestahl!

This time the Triad listens, but they miss. Kefka admires their power just as
they unleash another bolt, which misses again. They miss two more times (while
getting closer), and finally one hits Gestahl dead-on. Kefka then proceeds
to laugh and even kicks Gestahl's body off the Floating Continent!

You can't deny it, Kefka is a badass.

Anyway, Kefka is still chilling in the center of the Warring Triad. Celes tries
to stop him, but he almost pushes her off the Floating Continent.

What does Kefka do then? He moves one of the Warring Triad statues! If you've
been following the dialogue closely, you should have heard/seen Strago say
that if the balance of the Warring Triad is disturbed the world will go crazy!
Kefka moves the other two statues to completely mess up their balance.

Next we see Shadow coming out of no where to save Celes from falling off the
Floating Continent. Shadow then moves the statues so that Kefka is trapped, and
the spell your 3 other party members had will be lifted and they'll be able to
move again. Shadow tells you to forget about him and go!

You then see a spark fly somewhere else (we'll find this later; it's another
new enemy).

You now have 6 minutes to reach the end of the Floating Continent (where you
will have to fight a boss, so spare some time for that). First things first:
Equip Celes. Time is still running in the pause menu so act fast. Simply
Optimize her equipment and throw some quick relics on her.

This is the part where you will only fight Naude in random encounters, so I'll
tell you here how to take Naude out:
Well, there's many ways to take Naude out. The possible easiest one being:
Cast Imp. Naude will use its next turn to cast Imp on itself (to get rid of the
status) and then Flee immediately afterwards.

NOTE: If Naude flees, you will NOT get the Bestiary entry. Make SURE to beat her
at least once just to get the bestiary entry.

You have to remember that the point of Naude is to waste time, so you may want
to just Imp it constantly to quickly end the battle. It's also weak to Fire,
Lightning, AND Holy, so there's a variety of attacks you can use to take it
down. If you have Strago, Lv.4 Flare works nicely.

Also, you could Rasp her MP away (it only has 195 MP). This should take only
one or two Rasps, so that's another easy way to defeat it.

In case you're wondering, here's what Naude will do in a battle:
1st Turn: Attack (33%), Freezing Dust (33%), Hit [200% damage] (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%), Blizzara (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (33%), Blizzara (33%), Snowstorm (33%)
If you attack with Magic command: 33% of countering with Silence

Anyway, defeat Naude's quickly to move on. As you walk on, you'll see a chunk
of the Floating Continent break off. Damn.

After you go down your first set of stairs, you should see a blue-orb chest to
your right. DO NOT APPROACH IT DIRECTLY! If you do, the piece of land in front
of it will break off and you won't be able to get the chest.

Instead, continue south and go around the whole and then approach the chest.
Open it for an Elixir.

Now examine the spark to fight this dungeon's final boss, which is actually
very easy.

BOSS: Nelapa

Nelapa (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 26
- HP: 2800
- MP: 280
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Nelapa starts off by saying "Mwa-ha-ha...You think I'm going to let you escape?"
and then casting Doom on all four characters.

Here's what Nelapa does:
1st Turn: Attack (66%), Fira (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%), Fireball (33%), Firaga (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (66%), Fira (33%)
If you attack with the Attack command, it will have a 33% of countering with
its own Attack. If you Attack 6 times, it will use Roulette.

That's all there is to it. I actually couldn't get it to show me Roulette,
since I always off'd it before the 6 Attack commands were executed. You should
have the same "problem".

You could also attack with Ice, Lightning, or Holy... except that Nelapa has
inherent Reflect status, so be careful what you attack with. I suggest just
attacking with the Attack command and it should die before you see Roulette
being used.

An alternative strategy *could* be to drain its MP, which is only 280. However,
Rasp gets reflected back to you, but you can use Osmose to slowly drain its MP.
However, I still suggest just using Attack until it dies. It's just faster.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to blusiryn for bringing this to my attention): Nelapa
is vulnerable to Instant Death. This means you can use weapons like Chainsaw
or Assassin's Dagger, or if you're wearing Reflect Rings you can bounce Death
spells off your characters (if you don't bounce them off your own characters,
the Death spell will simply bounce back to you since Nelapa has Reflect).


After you beat Nelapa, you'll be at the end of the Floating Continent.

If you approach the edge, you will get the option to Jump or Wait.


If you jump, you kill Shadow. Simple as that. If you don't care about Shadow,
go ahead and jump.

If you do care about Shadow (and you should), just choose Wait. If you approach
the edge again you will get the option "Gotta wait for Shadow..."

Contrary to popular belief, you don't HAVE to select this option to actually
get Shadow to appear. After some annoying testing, I've figured out what you
can and can't do while waiting for Shadow. All you have to fulfill is:
1. You have to have approached the edge at least once and selected Wait
2. If you're in the Pause Menu when the timer hits 0:04, you can still save
   Shadow as long as you exit the menu before the timer hits 0:00
3. After you Wait, you can walk around all you want. Where you stand when the
   timer hits 4 seconds (0:04) is the important part. Basically, you can wander
   around in your little square, as long as you don't go past the point where
   Terra stands in this picture: 
   If you go any further to the left than where Terra stands, you will not get
   Shadow. As you can see in that picture, you can stand away from the edge and
   still have Shadow appear (see him flying in from the left? lol).

NOTE: If you stand past the square from the picture when the timer hits 4
seconds, Shadow's dead. You have to be in the "Safe Zone" by the time the timer
hits 4 seconds

Anyway, the above was just for people who claim this or the other about Shadow,
so I was forced to do some testing to show everyone where you can and can't go.
Just approach the ledge, select Wait, and just wait for the timer to come down
to 4 seconds.

Shadow will jump in from the left and say "I'd never be able to rest in peace
if I died without collecting my pay..." and then you all jump off the Floating
Continent and onto the Blackjack.

You land on the Blackjack and ask if there's no way to stop the Warring Triad's
magic... but there isn't. They unleash their magic which splits aparts lands
and totally reshapes the continents of the world.

Unfortunately, the Blackjack also splits apart (would be kinda weird if it
survived all this, wouldn't it?) and everyone falls off the ship.

You get a cool little view of the Earth blowing up everywhere before splitting
in some places.

4.65 The World of Ruin                                                  [4.065]

                                  On that day
                        the world was changed forever...

Kefka has disturbed the balance of the Warring Triad, and they unleashed their
power which ultimately re-formed the entire Earth and all its landmasses and

The Blackjack has also been destroyed by their magic and everyone you know fell
off... will you ever see them again?

NOTE: The old world is called World of Balance, and this new world is called
World of Ruin (WoR for short)

You see an ocean passing under you... eventually you see a small island in the
middle of the ocean.

4.66 Solitary Island                                                    [4.066]

New Monsters:
#116 - Peeper
#119 - Landray
#121 - Black Dragon

Monster Formations:

- Peeper x2 (1 AP)
- Peeper x3 (1 AP)

- Land Ray, Peeper x2 (1 AP)
- Black Dragon (3 AP)

Items Found: None

- Peeper: Elixir (Rare)
- Land Ray: Megalixir (Rare)
- Black Dragon: Holy Water (Common)
NOTE: You don't have Locke right now so you can't steal anyway. I listed them
here anyway because you can return with Locke later.

How to handle these guys:
- Peeper are... stupid? They have inherent Sap status, and they only have 1 HP
to start off with, so they will die a few seconds into battle. If they do
attack, it's either physically (33%), with Tail [150% damage] (33%), or with
White Wind (33%) ... if they only had enough MP to use it. Silly creatures.
They do have a rare Elixir for when you return with Locke.

- Land Ray are just like Peeper. 1 HP + inherent Sap status = death within
seconds. The only attack they use is their special attack Poison Tail which
poisons you.

- Black Dragon are the only possible threat here. Celes is by herself, which is
the only reason this might be difficult. It's only two types of attacks are:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Sandstorm (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Sandstorm (33%) or Bone Powder [inflicts Zombie] (33%)
However, Black Dragons are undead, so use a Phoenix Down for a quick kill if
you wish. If you don't like that one, they are weak to Fire and Holy, while also
being vulnerable to things like Confuse, Death, Slow, Stop, etc.

Here we are, one year after the earth was changed forever by Kefka. We find
ourselves on a small island (Solitary Island) with a simple beach and a lone

Inside the hut, Celes is just getting out of bed. It seems Cid found Celes
when the Blackjack was destroyed and decided to take care of her. Celes has
been sleeping a whole year. Celes asks Cid where everyone else is, but he
doesn't know.

All the plants and everything have been slowly dying. Even all the people have
begun flinging themselves off cliffs in desperation. Celes is worried that
everyone else may be dead, and Cid comforts her, after which Celes calls him
grandfather, which makes him proud. Aww.

But granddaddy is dying. He hasn't eaten since he fell ill three days ago.
Celes offers to get him some food, and Cid tells her fish is the only food

Now a little mini-game begins. Basically, you have to feed Cid fish in order to
keep him alive. The longer you wait, the worse he gets. Also, the faster the
fish, the more it heals him.

The only catch is, it's pretty much impossible to win this without save-stating
an emulator or being EXTREMELY lucky. You'd have to feed Cid about 6-10 fast
fish in a short amount of time (amount of fish depends how long it takes you)
to heal him for good.

You get the fish by leaving the house and going south one screen. It's possible
to not see any fish at all, or just slow-moving ones. If you want to try to
save him, go back and talk to Cid, and the fish will be reset.

I'm going to save you lots of time and tell you NOT to save Cid. The game plot
makes more sense if you DON'T save Cid. This mini-game is probably just a little
fun thing the developers threw in.

NOTE: Before you do any of this, step out onto the Overworld map (go right one
screen from the hut). While you're out here, Cid's health won't decrease and
you can get the three bestiary entries now rather than later. IMPORTANT: Equip
Celes, but make SURE to give her either a Ribbon or an Amulet, as both these
Relics protect against Poison and Zombie. Land Ray's will poison you and if you
get Zombie'd by a Black Dragon, it's an automatic Game Over.

Anyway, since I bet you are interested what happens when you DO save Cid, I will
provide the dialogue that occurs after you save Cid. But first, here's what
happens when you do NOT save Cid:

If you don't save Cid

Celes: Granddad... You have to eat, or...
       Wh-what's the matter? Granddad...
*Celes falls to her knees*
Celes: No! ...No!!! You promised you'd stay here with me!
       Granddad, answer me! Tell me you're just joking!
*Celes walks to the cliffs*
Walk up and examine the dead bird
*Celes remembers Cid's words...*
*Cid: The other people who were here with us all gave up hope...
      One after the next, they flung themselves from the northern cliffs
      in despair...*
*Celes backs up to the cliff*
Celes: Everyone's gone... Even Locke... There's nothing left for me in this
*Celes jumps off the cliff*
*Celes is laying on the beach of the same island and is awoken by a bird*
Celes: Uhhh... Were you watching over me? Why would you want to help someone
       like me? I've already given up hope...
       This bandana... It couldn't be...!
       Hey, little bird... Where'd you come from?
       Is the person who wrapped your wound still alive? Please, tell me...!
*Bird flies off*
Celes: He's alive... Locke's alive!
Walk into the house to find a letter that mysteriously appeared
Letter: You must leave this island. Somewhere out there, your friends are
        waiting for you. Go down the stairs by the stove.
        The road to your freedom awaits...

               Love, Granddad
Go down the stairs and examine the raft to automatically drag it upstairs and
to the beach.
Celes: I'll make you proud of me, Granddad...
*Celes gets on raft and takes off*

If you do save Cid

Cid: I'm all better now! Thank you, Celes!
Celes: What is it?
Cid: Celes... I finally finished the little project I've been working on at
     Go on downstairs and take a look!
*Celes walks downstairs and finds raft*
Celes: Granddad...
Cid: Celes... You have to leave this place.
     I'm sure your friends are still alive somewhere, waiting for you!
Celes: ... I know they are. I'll go. But I'll be back! And I'll bring them all
       back to see you!
Cid: You bring that Locke fellow, too, now, you hear?
*Celes takes raft to the beach, waves good-bye to Cid, pulls the raft into the
water, and takes off...*

As you can see, letting Cid die adds more character development to Celes.
Besides, like I said earlier, it's nearly impossible to save Cid without using
save-states on an emulator since chances are VERY slim of you finding so many
fast fish. Some people do get lucky and get it on their first try, but know
that is not a normality. Anyway, it's up to you to do.

Now you may be thinking: Does keeping Cid alive change any gameplay?
Answer: No! If you keep him alive, he'll say "I'm all better now! Thank you,
        Celes!" even if you come back later in the game. Worthless.

After you've done all this, the raft takes you out to a new place!

4.67 Overworld: Southern Continent                                      [4.067]

New Monsters:
#114 - Fafnir
#115 - Killer Mantis
#117 - Murussu
#118 - Gigantoad
#120 - Luna Wolf
#122 - Rukh

Monster Formations:

- Fafnir x2 (1 AP)
- Killer Mantis, Fafnir (1 AP)

Wasteland (East):
- Luna Wolf x2 (1 AP)
- Murussu, Gigantoad x2 (1 AP)

Wasteland (West):
- Luna Wolf, Rukh (1 AP)
- Rukh, Murussu, Gigantoad (1 AP)

- Fafnir x4 (1 AP)
- Killer Mantis x2, Fafnir (2 AP)

- Land Ray, Peeper x2 (1 AP)
- Black Dragon (3 AP)

- Fafnir: Antidote (Common)
- Killer Mantis: Venom Claws (Rare)
- Murussu: Hi-Potion (Common)
- Gigantoad: None
- Luna Wolf: Hi-Potion (Always)
- Rukh: None

How to handle these monsters:
- Fafnir are weird because they have 66% of fleeing when they are NOT by
themselves. They have no other attacks, unless they are by themselves, in which
case they will Attack 33% of the time and use their special attack Tongue Lash
(inflicts Sap) the other 66%. They have a 33% of countering any physical attack
with Tongue Lash. They are weak to Ice if you need to know.

- Killer Mantis attack 66% of the time. That's it. Well, they counter any Attack
with their special attack Kama (150% damage) 33% of the time. These guys are
worthless like Fafnir. Killer Mantis are weak to Fire.

- Murussu attack physically 66% of the time and can use their special attack
Carapace (150% damage) 33%. If they are by themselves, they have a 33% of
countering anything with Snort, so beware of this annoyance. They are weak to

- Gigantoad has a variety of attacks. Every turn they have a 66% of attacking
physically. On their first turn (and every 4th turn after that), they have a
33% of using Croak [200% damage]. On their third (and every 4th) turn, they have
a 33% of using Sticky Goo [inflicts Slow]. They also have Rippler in their
attack script, but they don't have enough MP to use it, so it's useless.
They are weak to Ice.

- Luna Wolf attack one turn, then Attack (66%) or use Face Chomp [inflicts
Darkness] (33%) the next turn, then just repeat. That's all there is to them.
They have no weakness, so just Stop them and get rid of them (by the way, Stop
works on all the enemies here).

- Rukh attack physically for two turns, then they have a 33% of using Beak
(which inflicts Petrify) or attacking physically again. They can counter any
Magic attack with Shamshir (33%) [halves target's HP!]. Obviously, you'll want
to refrain from using Magic against Rukh. It is weak to Ice, just like Fafnir
and Gigantoad

The very first thing you should do is apply Invisible status to Celes. You can
do this with Phantom esper if you don't know how. Second thing you should do is
make sure Celes has either a Ribbon (preferred) or a Jeweled Ring on. This is
to protect from the Petrify status you might receive from Rukh on it's 3rd turn.

NOTE: If for some reason you don't have a Ribbon OR a Jeweled Ring, you can go
to Albrook (See Section 4.68) and buy a Jeweled Ring for 1000 Gil.

As you can read above, most all attacks by these monsters are physical attacks,
which is where being invisible comes in handy. Don't forget: Celes is by herself
so she has to take care of these guys by herself and will be the sole target of
the monsters. I gave her a Genji Glove along with her Ribbon so she could attack
twice and take monsters out quicker. It's up to you if you want to do the same.
One last helpful hint if you equip a Genji Glove: Stick an Icebrand and
Flametongue on her, as this will do extra damage on enemies weak to Ice and

Sticky Goo and Shamshir can remove your invisible status, so be sure to re-apply
the status if this happens. All in all, if you're smart about this, you
shouldn't take any damage from anyone here.

Anyway, after you've had all your fun here, enter Albrook. It's on the southern
tip of the continent.

4.68 Albrook [WoR]                                                      [4.068]

Inn Cost: 300 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: No new ones. If you missed any earlier, you can get them here.
             See Section 4.43

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | Stock up.
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      | You may want to get a Sleeping Bag or two since
| Smoke Bomb (300 Gil)        | you're on your own for now.
| Teleport Stone (700 Gil)    |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Flametongue (7000 Gil)      | This is going to be your supply to deal crazy
| Icebrand (7000 Gil)         | damage later (if you throw them). They're a
| Thunder Blade (7000 Gil)    | little expensive now, so leave for now.

NOTE: If you've been wondering who "that guy in Albrook" is that I keep
referring to, he's still walking around in the Weapon Shop, and he's still
talking about the two Ultima Weapon there are.

 /         Armor Shop         \
| Golden Shield (2500 Gil)    |
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)   | You shouldn't need anything here.
| Green Beret (3000 Gil)      |
| Golden Helm (4000 Gil)      |
| Golden Armor (10000 Gil)    |

 /        Relic Shop          \
| Sprint Shoes (1500 Gil)     |
| Gigas Glove (5000 Gil)      | The only thing you *might* need is a Jeweled
| Earring (5000 Gil)          | Ring.
| Barrier Ring (500 Gil)      |
| Mythril Glove (700 Gil)     |
| Knight's Code (1000 Gil)    |
| Reflect Ring (6000 Gil)     |
| Jeweled Ring (1000 Gil)     |

So this is your first visit to a town since the destruction of the earth. It
doesn't look too good. One man walking around tells you about some ancient
monsters that were released when the world was ripped apart: Humbaba, Deathgaze,
and 8 legendary dragons. I'm sure we'll never meet any of those.

You can see two Zozo-look-alike residents warming themselves by a fire. One of
them tells you that your town will be destroyed by the Light of Judgment if
you oppose Kefka. Looks like Kefka's still around then...

Another old man sitting in between some trees says: "The sparkle in your eye
reminds me of the young martial artist who visited here not long ago." In other
words: this man is trying to tell you one of your friends was here. A young
martial artist? Sounds like Sabin to me.

That's aboout it for Albrook. Yeah, pretty exciting nowadays.

Where to next? If you remember, there were a total of 5 locations in the WoB
(World of Balance) days:
Albrook = Just visited there, so we know it's still there
Maranda = Is now on the west continent, so can't get there now
Vector = Vector has been replaced by a big tower you may have seen when walking
         around outside of Albrook. This is Kefka's Tower, and it's actually the
         final tower, so we won't go there for a while
Imperial Observation Post = What? You don't remember? It got lifted into the
                            air as part of the Floating Continent, silly.
Tzen = Tzen is the only place besides Albrook still around. Let's head there.

Tzen is north of Albrook. You'll pass Kefka's Tower on the way there, if you
haven't seen it yet (it's only accessible by air, so don't worry about
accidently going in it).

NOTE: To make this upcoming house a little easier, make yourself invisible
before entering Tzen.

4.69 Tzen & Crumbling House                                             [4.069]

Inn Cost: Free (just find the damn child <_<)

New Monsters:
#123 - Zokka
#124 - Nightwalker
#125 - Scorpion

IMPORTANT NOTE: These three monsters are permanent missables. Make SURE you
encounter all three before leaving the house (there have been reports of people
never seeing the Scorpion while here, and they have missed them forever).

Monster Formations:
- Zokka x2, Nightwalker (2 AP)
- Scorpion x3 (2 AP)
- Nightwalker x4 (3 AP) [Monster-in-a-Box]

Items Found:
- Healing Rod (North-East Corner, 1st Floor)
- Ether (North-West Corner, 1st Floor)
- Fight Nightwalker x4 (By Stairs, 1st Floor)
- Holy Rod (Center, 1st Floor)
- Hyper Wrist (South-West Corner, 1st Floor)
- Magicite Shard (North-East Corner, Basement)
- Fight Nightwalker x4 (North-West Corner, Basement)
- Bloodsword (South, Basement)

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         | Stock up.
| Ether (1500 Gil)            |
| Green Cherry (150 Gil)      | Super Balls are very expensive items that you
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      | can throw and deal some random damage. Don't
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       | get any now as you'll want to save your money,
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        | plus their damage is too random to use
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      | effectively.
| Super Ball (10000 Gil)      |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Kaiser Knuckles (1000 Gil)  | Shop until you have two Venom Claws and two
| Venom Claws (2500 Gil)      | Burning Fists (you should already have one of
| Flametongue (7000 Gil)      | the latter).
| Icebrand (7000 Gil)         |
| Thunder Blade (7000 Gil)    |
| Burning Fist (10000 Gil)    |

 /         Armor Shop         \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| If you somehow missed the Beret on the Floating
| Golden Shield (2500 Gil)    | Continent, grab one here.
| Beret (3500 Gil)            |
| Tiger Mask (2500 Gil)       | Snatch a Tiger Mask if you don't already have
| Golden Helm (4000 Gil)      | one. Same goes for Power Sash.
| Power Sash (5000 Gil)       |
| Golden Armor (10000 Gil)    |

 /        Relic Shop          \
| Dragoon Boots (9000 Gil)    | Thief's Bracer are for sale for the first time
| Thief's Bracer (3000 Gil)   | ever, but you shouldn't need another one.
| Black Belt (5000 Gil)       |
| Alarm Earring (7000 Gil)    | Nothing else of interest here, though.
| Sniper Eye (3000 Gil)       |
| Peace Ring (3000 Gil)       |
| Jeweled Ring (1000 Gil)     |
| Amulet (5000 Gil)           |

Welcome to Tzen. The person to your immediate left tells you that the Serpent
Trench is no longer filled with water, but it's above the surface now. There's
also some new organization called Cult of Kefka who seem to have built a tower
on the Serpent Trench. That's cool, we'll worry about that later.

As soon as you head up the steps, something crazy happens. Walk around and try
to talk to the rushing villagers to find out that they refused to bow down to
Kefka, so he just unleashed his Light of Judgment on them (just like the
Zozo-wannabe in Albrook told you).

Another man tells you that house is about to collapse, but that there are
monsters in the house who will petrify anyone who tries to go in to help.

NOTE: As soon as you step on the square in front of the door to the Crumbling
House, you will have to go in and rescue the child (you'll only have 6 minutes).
If you wish to shop, do so before stepping in front of the house.

Before beginning this sequence though, I suggest the following equipment for

Right/Left Hand: Flametongue and Stoneblade/Icebrand/Thunder Blade
Head: Mystery Veil
Body: Golden Armor/Gaia Gear
- Golden Armor has more Defense, while Gaia Gear has higher Magic Defense.
Ribbons: Genji Glove and Ribbon
Esper: Phantom (important unless you know Vanish)

When you're ready, step on the square in front of the door to the Crumbling
House. After the two greet each other, Celes offers to help, but Sabin warns
that the house will collapse if he moves, and tells you to hurry up and save
the kid inside!

You now have 6 minutes to go inside, save the kid and get back outside.

NOTE: If you run out of time, Sabin will say the following while he dies:

Sabin: I can't... hold out...
       ...any longer...
Brother...the rest is up to you!

I'm going to post the monster formations again, just so you don't have to scroll
up and see them again:

Monster Formations:
- Zokka x2, Nightwalker (2 AP)
- Scorpion x3 (2 AP)
- Nightwalker x4 (3 AP) [Monster-in-a-Box]

Steals: (It is possible to have Locke at this point if you did certain events in
         different order)
- Zokka: Hi-Potion (Common)
- Nightwalker: X-Potion (Rare)
- Scorpion: Potion (Always)

How to handle these guys:
- Zokka will attack physically for two turns. On his third turn, he has a 33%
of using Net (causes Stop), otherwise still attacking physically. If Zokka is
by itself, it has a 33% of countering anything with Rock (inflicts Petrify).
Since you have a Ribbon, you should be safe from these statuses and hopefully
you are invisible, so you won't take damage from Zokka. Zokka is weak to Water,
but you have nothing for that unless you're using Bismarck. Simply get rid of
it ASAP.

- Nightwalker have a 33% of using Drain on their first turn (if not Drain, they
will attack physically). Same deal for their 2nd turn except they can use
Sapping Touch (inflicts Sap) instead of Drain. They have a 33% of countering any
Attack with Drain. They are weak to Fire and only have 265 HP each, so a simple
MT Fire (not Fira, Fire) spell will take care of them (useful for the
Monster-in-a-Box encounter).

- Scorpion starts out with Lethal Sting (inflicts Doom) and a physical attack.
It will attack physically for the next 7 turns, then start over with Lethal
Sting. I hope to God you won't let it get that far. If you're invisible, they
won't touch you. They have 290 HP each, so a Genji-Glove'd Celes should take
one out each turn, which still makes this battle slightly longer than you'd
like (don't forget, you have to hurry). You might think of using a MT spell,
but their magic defense is sky-high, so just stick to physical attacks.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Don't forget, these three guys are permanent missables.
I find it highly unlikely that you won't encounter both types of formations,
but apparently it's possible.

Ok, you need to hurry. If you want to try your luck, you could try wearing the
Ward Bangle to reduce enemy encounters, but that means you have to get rid of
the Ribbon (I wouldn't advise it) or the Genji Glove. Your choice.

Anyway, head straight up from the beginning to get the Healing Rod. Next head
all the way west to get the Ether. Walk back to the room you just passed (the
room to the east of the skinny hallway) and enter it from the top and grab the
chest for a Holy Rod. Proceed south out of the room, and head to the south-west
corner to grab a Hyper Wrist. Enter the room above you.

Only open this chest if you have a lot of time. It's a battle with 4
Nightwalkers (a single MT Fire spell kills them all). You can skip it if you're
pressed for time.

Either way, head downstairs. Go to the south-east room first to grab the Blood
Sword from the chest. Head up to the north-west of the room (avoid this chest
if you don't want to fight Nightwalker x4 again!). Grab the kid (He'll say "I'm
scarred!") and go east to grab the Magicite Shard out of the chest.

And that's it. Head back up the stairs in the south-east corner of the basement
and leave the house (go north, east, then south) through the front door.

Sabin steps out from under the house and it collapses as promised. Celes is
glad that Sabin is alive (Sabin: Of course I am!). This sparks some new hope
in Celes that the others may be alive as well. After they find everyone, the
gang still has to defeat Kefka (can't forget about him now).

As of now, Sabin is now in your party again. Sweet.

NOTE: Check your Bestiary. Got all 3 entries? No? Well, you'll have that blank
forever then. I warned you.

First things first: We have to equip Sabin.
- Left/Right: Burning Fist x2
- Head: Tiger Mask
- Body: Power Sash/Gaia Gear
Relics: Genji Glove, Ribbon

Now where should we go... if you talk to the guy walking around east of the
mother and her son, he'll inform you that a terrifying monster named Humbaba
took up residence around Mobliz. Talking to other people reveals that Kefka has
already used his Light of Judgment on Mobliz... I guess we shouldn't be
expecting much when we get there.

But where is Mobliz?

It's at the end of the (now above surface) Serpent Trench. On the map, the
Serpent Trench is the entire, horseshoe-like landmass just east of the
southern continent (where you are right now).

Also, just by looking at the map you may not see a way to get there. But there
is actually a small bridge that connects these two continents. Head
north-east from Kefka's Tower (which is in between Albrook and Tzen) and you'll
find the bridge.

Cross the bridge and you'll be on the Serpent Trench.

NOTE: If you need help with the monsters you encounter until you cross the
bridge, refer to section 4.67

QUICK RECAP: You got Sabin back. It's possible you haven't used Sabin in a VERY
long time, so you may not remember his Blitzes. Here's a quick re-cap for you:
1. Raging Fist - Left, Right, Left
   - ST physical attack; Strength 110
2. Aura Cannon - Down, Down, Left
   - ST-holy attack; Strength 68
3. Meteor Strike - R, L, Down, Up
   - ST physical attack; Strength 180
4. Rising Phoenix - Left, Left, Down, Down, Right
   - MT-fire attack; Strength 42
5. Chakra (LEARNED AT LEVEL 23) - R, L, R, L, Up, Down
   - MT-healing, removes Darkness, Poison, Silence, Sap
6. Razor Gale (LEARNED AT LEVEL 30) - Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left
   - MT-wind attack, Strength 78

You may have learned Chakra (don't ever use it though, it sucks), and I doubt
you have learned Razor Gale, but I put it up in there in case some people like
to power-level.

4.70 Serpent Trench                                                     [4.070]

New Monsters:
#126 - Delta Beetle
#127 - Vampire Thorn
#128 - Lizard
#129 - Devoahan

Monster Formations:

- Vampire Thorn x2, Lizard (2 AP)
- Vampire Thorn x2 (2 AP)
- Devoahan (1 AP)

Wasteland (North):
- Devoahan, Lizard (1 AP)
- Vampire Thorn x2, Delta Beetle (1 AP)
- Delta Beetle x4 (1 AP)

Wasteland (South):
- Devoahan, Delta Beetle x2 (1 AP)
- Delta Beetle x4 (1 AP)

- Black Dragon (3 AP)

- Delta Beetle: Potion (Common)
- Vampire Thorn: Echo Screen (Rare)
- Lizard: Blood Sword (Rare)
- Devoahan: Ether (Common), Diamond Vest (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Delta Beetle will either attack physically (66%) or use Slam [150% damage]
(33%) on his first turn. For its second turn, it attacks physically (66%) again
or uses Megavolt (33%). It's weak to Fire, so Rising Phoenix works well.

- Vampire Thorn are a little different. They can use Life Drain (inflicts
Zombie) on their 2nd Turn (33%), and can use Bio (66%) on their 3rd Turn. Any
other time is just attacking physically. The problem with Vampire Thorn is that
it has 254 Defense AND 254 Magic Defense. However, they only have 12 HP. Also,
they are Undead so a simple MT Cure spell will get rid of them. They are also
weak to Fire if you prefer that (i.e. Rising Phoenix)

NOTE: FallenStar2565 suggests that you can also equip the Ultima Weapon, which
is Defense ignoring, and kill Vampire Thorns that way. Thx.

- Lizard have a 33% of starting the battle with Imp Gaze (inflicts Imp),
otherwise they'll just attack physically. They will attack physically for two
more turns, before looping back around to the beginning. They are weak to Ice
and sport 1280 HP each, so a Blizzara should do it.

- Devoahan attacks physically for four turns. On the 5th turn he uses his 
special attack Rage (150% damage) followed by two more physical attacks. Then
he starts over. He has a 33% of countering any magic attack with Sunbath, so
keep magic away from this guy. He is weak to Fire, and Water, so act

- Black Dragon. Phoenix Down = Win. Check 4.66 if you really need help.

Once again, make your party invisible when traversing Serpent Trench. Megavolt
by Delta Beetle and Life Drain/Bio from Vampire Thorn can remove the status,
but it should help against the other ones. I hope you've learned Vanish by
now, as summoning Phantom all the time can get expensive.

Anyway, make your way all the way to the end of the Serpent Trench (the east
end, that is).

4.71 Mobliz [WoR]                                                       [4.071]

New Monsters: Humbaba (but you won't get the Bestiary entry)

Monster Formations:
- Humbaba (0 AP)

Items Found:
- Phoenix Down (Next to the Soldier's House [Top Barrel])

Enter the village and advance a few steps. Two dogs will come out, followed by
a kid who will run away as soon as he sees you. Weird.

We already know this place has been hit by the Light of Judgment (and actually,
I didn't tell you about it, but another person in Tzen mentions that all the
parents died saving their children). So we should know there will be no adults
here, just kids. How are they surviving? Who knows.

Before going anywhere, go grab the Phoenix Down from the top barrel then head
up to the broken down Relic Shop. There's a bed in the back you can use to heal.

NOTE: Before going anywhere else, switch out Sabin's Burning Fists for a pair
of Venom Claws. The next boss is weak to Poison.

Head into the house to the east of the soldier's house (the same house the kid
came out of). Enter the door here to find... a room full of children!

Try to enter and one of the kids will tell you you'll have to fight to get in.
Silly child, so innocent... obviously doesn't know who you are. Before you get
ready to bash this kid's face in, Terra shows up!

Terra is obviously glad to see you again. Someone (again, no name attached to
this dialogue) asks Terra to come with them and save the world from Kefka once
and for all. Terra thinks about it then takes off to the back room...

Follow her and talk to her. She says she can't fight anymore... she tells you
what you already knew: Kefka used his Light of Judgment on the town, and all
the parents died saving their children. The kids all clung to Terra as soon as
she arrived. The kids need Terra.

Some kid (Duane) comes in and says you can't take Terra from them. Katarin
comes in after him, and Duane runs out. Katarin tries to explain to you that
Terra is the person holding this village together, and if she left, the village
would fall apart.

Terra can't explain it either, but as soon as she saw that the kids needed her
she had no more desire to fight, but rather to take care of these children.
She actually feels like she's on the verge of understanding something
important, and the harder she tries to find the answer, the less she wants to

You'll now be in control again. Before you leave this room, make sure you're
ready for a boss fight. By that, I mean fully equipped with Venom Claws and all
that. Leave as soon as you're ready.

Some kid yells that Humbaba is coming! If you remember (or if you don't), some
guy in Albrook (it seems like all the all-knowing people are in Albrook) told
you about a couple of ancient creatures that got released when the earth split
apart... Humbaba was one of them.

Terra goes outside to protect the village from Humbaba.

This IS a boss battle, but it's a mostly scripted battle, so I won't bother
making it all "boss-like". You'll fight this guy sooner or later, don't worry.

Anyway, when you control Terra, you can do whatever you want. Everything will
do 0 damage (Thunder will heal him, and you'll gain HP from Drain) and you'll
lose within 2-3 turns.

You rush over to help Terra, but Humbaba comes again!

BOSS: Humbaba

Humbaba (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 31
- HP: 28000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Solar Plexus (33%)
2nd Turn: Thundara (66%) or Thundaga (33%)
3rd Turn: Thundara (33%) or 1000 Needles (33%) or Solar Plexus (33%)

This is all Humbaba will do. Once you get his HP down to 20480 (which is only
5520 damage), he will flee.

So how to do 5520 damage? Sabin. He has dual Venom Claws, which Humbaba is weak
to, so he will do tons of damage (2000+ damage per turn). Simply have Celes
Runic those Thunder spells so you don't take as much damage. It shouldn't take
you more than 3 turns to defeat Humbaba... or make him flee.

Not very hard, was it?


After the fight, Terra will be in bed and say "I guess I really don't have the
strength to fight anymore..." seeing as she just got her ass handed to her by
some ancient monster.

Terra says she's going to stay in Mobliz with the children since they need her.
But maybe "after a little time has passed" (what do you think that means) she
might understand what's going on and may be willing to fight.

As you begin to leave, some kid will give you something that fell off the chain
around his neck. It's actually the Fenrir magicite! It teaches Teleport (x10),
Banish (x5), and Stop (x3). The new spell here is Banish, but the nicest thing
about Fenrir (for now) is it's level up bonus: MP + 30%

Make use of this if you wish.

Now on to your next destination. We are at one end of the Serpent Trench... why
not head to the other end?

There just happens to be another town at the other end: Nikeah.

NOTE: If you want (you probably do), there is a hidden Chocobo stable in the
forest south of Mobliz (it's on the west-side of the forest). So you can pay
100 Gil to ride that Chocobo the entire way if you don't want to fight a ton of
annoying random encounters.

On your way, you'll see some tower surrounded by some mountains. This is the
tower the Cult of Kefka built. If you don't remember, some guy in Tzen
(surprisingly not from Albrook) told you about this tower. Obviously, it's only
accessible by airship.

Nikeah is to the north of this.

4.72 Nikeah [WoR]                                                       [4.072]

Inn Cost: 150 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: None

As soon as you enter, a former Returner recognizes and talks to you. He informs
you that four espers escaped the Magitek Research Facility before you ever got
there. He doesn't know if they're still alive, however.

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | Stock up.
| Gold Needle (200 Gil)       |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Rune Blade (7500 Gil)       | Ready? Buy 3 Enhancers. Yeah, 30000 Gil.
| Flametongue (7000 Gil)      | Equip two on Celes right now. Know that
| Icebrand (7000 Gil)         | Enhancers rock, so it's worth it.
| Thunder Blade (7000 Gil)    | We'll come to an area with plenty of Gil for us
| Enhancer (10000 Gil)        | soon enough.

 /         Armor Shop         \
| Diamond Shield (3500 Gil)   | Buy a lone Diamond Vest and equip it on
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)   | someone.
| Green Beret (3000 Gil)      |
| Diamond Helm (8000 Gil)     |
| Gaia Gear (6000 Gil)        |
| Power Sash (5000 Gil)       |
| Diamond Vest (12000 Gil)    |

 /        Relic Shop          \
| White Cape (5000 Gil)       | There's nothing to buy here, but I'd like to
| Angel Ring (8000 Gil)       | point out: The Auction House was selling Angel
| Zephyr Cloak (7000 Gil)     | Rings for 20000 Gil, and you can buy them here
| Gale Hairpin (8000 Gil)     | for just 8000 Gil.
| Hyper Wrist (8000 Gil)      |
| Prayer Beads (4000 Gil)     | Just a little fun fact. They're still useless.
| Amulet (5000 Gil)           |
| Princess Ring (3000 Gil)    |

Welcome back to Nikeah. This place actually looks pretty decent just a year
after the world was destroyed.

After doing your shopping, talk to some of the people around. Figaro Castle has
had an accident and is stuck at the bottom of the desert. There's a group of
thieves in the Pub that escaped from the Figaro Castle cells.

Enter the Pub. You immediately see the four thieves that apparently escaped.
Talk to each of them to learn what happened.

"By some freak chance, the dungeon ended up right next to a sandworm nest when
the castle stopped. A crack opened up in the wall, so we crawled through and
followed the worm tunnels back to the surface!"

"We lost our old boss that day... he's feeding the sandworms now. We met Gerad
here in town. He's our new boss!"

"The boss wants to sneak into Figaro Castle to take back our booty. They've got
it all in a storeroom there."

"We're gonna go into the castle through a secret cave that nobody else knows

In summary: Figaro Castle had an accident and stopped in the desert. The dungeon
where the thieves were being held happened to be right next to a sandworm nest,
who proceeded to open the wall far enough for the thieves to crawl out to the
surface. Their boss died, now they met some new guy Gerad who wants to sneak
back into the Castle to get their treasures.

After you talk to everyone, someone should say "All right, let's go!" and one
of the guys will leave. Leave the pub and make room for the other three to
follow. They're going to the ship (you can go there if you want, they just tell
you to Scram) to wait for Gerad, their new boss.

You can just go up to find a new person standing around that wasn't there
before. Talk to him to find out it's Gerad! Something's fishy though... Celes
asks him if he isn't Edgar? Gerad then walks down towards the docks a bit.
Follow him and talk to him again.

Celes asks again if he is Edgar, but he denies it again. He walks some more, so
go talk to him once more. Celes is starting to get annoyed and asks if he lost
his memory or something, since this Gerad guy looks exactly like Edgar.

NOTE: If you're wondering what's up with Gerad... it's just Edgar's name
re-arranged ;) But does that mean it's him?

And to make it even more obvious: Gerad flirts with Celes before he leaves.
This guy has GOT to be Edgar. Follow him to the ships.

You see Gerad talking to his thieves for a second while Celes sneaks onto the

Once you hit land, everyone will leave. You should do the same. You are now in
South Figaro.

4.73 South Figaro [WoR]                                                 [4.073]

Inn Cost: 80 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found:
These items can only be found if you left the items in South Figaro way back
- Holy Water (West of Chocobo Stable [Barrel])
- Tent (East of Chocobo Stable [Crate])
- Elixir (South-West corner of town [Crate])
- Tent (Just north of Docks entrance [Barrel])
- Remedy (Just north of Docks entrance [Top Crate])
- X-Potion (Between Armory entrance [Barrel])
- Phoenix Down (On top of Town Wall, South-West end [Bottom-Right Barrel])

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | Stock up.
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          |
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
| Trident (1700 Gil)          | Don't buy anything for now (so expensive)
| Heavy Lance (10000 Gil)     |
| Enhancer (10000 Gil)        |
| Golden Spear (12000 Gil)    |

 /         Armor Shop         \
| Diamond Shield (3500 Gil)   | Buy 2 Diamond Armor. Yeah, that's 30000 more
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)   | Gil, and you're probably running low by now,
| Green Beret (3000 Gil)      | but just hold out for a little while longer.
| Diamond Helm (8000 Gil)     |
| Gaia Gear (6000 Gil)        |
| Diamond Vest (12000 Gil)    |
| Diamond Armor (15000 Gil)   |

 /        Relic Shop          \
| Silver Spectacles (500 Gil) | If you don't have 2 or more Hermes Sandals, buy
| Star Pendant (500 Gil)      | some until you have 2 (you should've found 3 in
| Fairy Ring (1500 Gil)       | various chests by now).
| Amulet (5000 Gil)           |
| Hermes Sandals (7000 Gil)   | Also, add up your Ribbons and Amulets. Is it
| Reflect Ring (6000 Gil)     | more than 4? Then good. If not, buy some Amulets
| Angel Ring (8000 Gil)       | so you have a total of 4 (we're trying to
| Princess Ring (3000 Gil)    | protect against Zombie status here).

After you've done some shopping, go around and pick up any treasures (if any)
that you never picked up way back when. There are some in the crates and barrels
above the docks entrance, around the Chocobo stable, in the south-west corner
of town, and on the town wall. The reason I don't specifically tell you where
to get them is because there is no telling which treasures are even there. They
only appear if you did NOT get them in the WoB.

Just for a little fun: On the east side of town in the trees you'll find a
couple doing... well, I think you know. Here's what they say:
"Lives may be lost, but new lives can be born as well! I'm just doing my part!"
So yeah, what's this game rated? I don't even know to be honest.

Also, you can still go behind Duncan's house to find that crazy basement with
all the hidden walls. You can even fight Vector Hound and Commander there! One
note though: If you didn't get the hidden Ribbon in the chest in the
sub-basement, do so now. Check section 4.30 on its location.

Head around the front to talk to Duncan's wife... Duncan is still alive!? He's
off training to the north of Narshe. Craziness. Does anyone else think that
maybe Sabin should've been happy that his old master is not actually dead? But
no, he doesn't say anything. (I know, he doesn't have a line because he's not
a necessary character, don't e-mail me telling this, I'm being sarcastic)

To move on to the story, head into the Inn and enter the right room to find
Gerad. Celes asks him one more time if he's Edgar or not, but one of the
thieves comes in before he can answer.

The thieves' and Gerad left, so let's leave as well. Where to? South Figaro
Cave. Haven't been there in a while, after all.

By the way, Mt. Kolts is no more.

4.74 Overworld: Figaro Continent                                        [4.074]

New Monsters:
#130 - Sandhorse
#131 - Cancer
#132 - Oceanus
#133 - Desert Hare

Monster Formations:

- Desert Hare x3 (2 AP)

- Oceanus (1 AP)
- Oceanus, Desert Hare x3 (1 AP)

- Cancer x2, Desert Hare x2 (1 AP)

- Cancer x3 (1 AP)
- Sandhorse x2 (1 AP)
- Sandhorse, Cancer x2 (1 AP)

- Sandhorse: Hi-Potion (Common)
- Cancer: Potion (Common)
- Oceanus: Gaia Gear (Common)
- Desert Hare: Remedy (Common)

How to handle these guys:
- Sandhorse have a 66% of using Sandstorm every turn. Every other turn, they
also have a 33% of using Clamp (500% damage). If they are by themselves, they
have a 66% of attacking physically and a 33% of using Clamp again. As you can
see, these guys are the most dangerous for this area. They are weak to Ice and
Water, so that would be one way to take care of them. They also die when their
MP reaches 0, and they only have 100 MP, so a single Rasp should kill one

- Cancer attack physically for one turn, then have a 33% of using Pincer [150%
damage] or a 66% of attacking physically again. When by itself, it will attack
twice in a row, both times with a 66% of doing Pincer and a 33% of doing
nothing. They are weak to Ice, Lightning, and Water, so finish them off

- Oceanus have two different turns they can use. One is simply a 33% of using
Magnitude 8, the other is a 66% of using Magnitude 8 and a 33% of using
Corkscrew (150% damage). If you cast Float on all your characters, Magnitude 8
won't hit them, making this battle easier already. They are weak to Lightning.

- Desert Hare are kinda cool. They can attack either physically (66%) or with
Carrot [150% damage] (33%), their special attack. Their second turn is just a
physical attack, then it loops. The cool thing about them is they will counter
any attack with the Attack command with the following: Cure (33%), Cura (33%),
or Esuna (33%). Yeah, so they will actually heal you after you attack them.
They are weak to water if you want to know, but they only have 75 HP so anything
will kill them.

Make sure to cast Float on your team before fighting these guys (mainly because
of Oceanus' Magnitude 8).

As soon as you're ready, head into the South Figaro Cave, which is located
south-west of South Figaro itself.

4.75 South Figaro Cave [WoR]                                            [4.075]

New Monsters:
#134 - Humpty
#135 - Cruller
#137 - Neck Hunter
#138 - Dante

Monster Formations:

From entrance up to Recovery Spring Room:
- Neck Hunter, Cruller, Humpty x2 (2 AP)
- Dante (2 AP)

Recovery Spring Room:
- Humpty x4 (1 AP)
- Neck Hunter x2 (1 AP)
- Dante (2 AP)

Room after Turtle-jumping:
- Neck Hunter x2 (1 AP)
- Humpty x3 (1 AP)
- Cruller, Humpty x2 (1 AP)

Items Found:
These chests, like in South Figaro, are only available if you left them alone
in the WoB
- Hi-Ether (East end of Main Cave)
- Hero's Ring (Up North-West stairs)

- Humpty: Green Cherry (Common)
- Cruller: Potion (Common)
- Neck Hunter: Black Cowl (Rare)
- Dante: Diamond Helm (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Humpty only has two turns: First, he'll have a 66% of attacking physically.
The next turn he'll have the same, with the addition of a 33% of using Hug,
which inflicts Confusion. Humpty are just fat creatures that are weak to Fire
and Holy, AND they're Undead. This leaves you tons of ways to get rid of them
(Aura Cannon is Holy-elemental in case you forgot).

- Cruller has three separate turns at its disposal:
1st Turn: Fira (33%) or Attack (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Sticky Goo (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (66%) or Brainstorm [inflicts Confusion] (33%)
Looks like everyone wants to confuse you here. But you have Ribbons, right?
Anyway, Cruller is weak to Fire and Holy so get rid of it before it tries to
use Brainstorm.

- Neck Hunter has a 33% of starting the battle with Mad Sickle (inflicts
Confusion; see? I wasn't kidding) or a physical attack (33%). It will just
attack physically for the next three turns, before looping back around. This
guy is actually weak to Poison, like most Humanoids.

- Dante will start off with a physical attack (66%) or with Crystal Lance [300%
damage] (33%). The next attack it will simply attack physically, then start
it all over. It has a 33% of countering any magic attack with Lv.3 Confuse.
If none of your character's level is divisible by 3, you have nothing to worry
about. He is a Humanoid, which means he's weak to Poison. The weird thing is,
he's also Undead, so a Phoenix Down will take him down as well.

You know all about this cave by now. You may also remember all those chests
I told you to skip (well, there were only 2) because they changed into better
items later (like they did in South Figaro itself) ? Now it's time to get
those as well.

First you'll meet up with an old friend: Siegfried from the Phantom Train! He
tells you to wait there while he goes ahead and clears out all the monsters.
Yeah, right. Simply follow him.

Go to the east end of the cave to grab the Hi-Ether. If you never got the
X-Potion on the west end of the cave, do so now. Continue on and go up the
north-west stairs to collect a Hero's Ring (unless you grabbed the Thunder Rod
to defeat Tunnel Armor during Locke's Scenario).

Go into the next room once you got all that to find the band of thieves' and
Gerad having a problem: the path out is stuck. But one of the Henchmen used
to have a pet turtle, so he lures the turtle over to the right a little bit,
allowing them to jump across the turtle and into... whatever is on the other
side. You can also see Siegfried following them.

Follow them to come into another room that you never knew existed. Follow
the path (you'll pass 4 chests that Siegfried also got before you) into the
next room.

Go to the top of the room to find Siegfried take off with another chest item
you will never have. He then runs off (for good this time). Go to the west
side of the room and go down through a hidden door.

You're now in Figaro Castle.

4.76 Figaro Castle [WoR]                                                [4.076]

New Monsters:
#136 - Dropper
#310 - Tentacle
#311 - Tentacle
#312 - Tentacle
#313 - Tentacle

Monster Formations:

Figaro Castle, B2F:
- Humpty x4 (1 AP)
- Neck Hunter x2 (1 AP)
- Dante (2 AP)

Engine Room:
- Humpty x4 (1 AP)
- Dropper x3 (1 AP)
- Dante (2 AP)

Items Found:
- Gravity Rod (South-East Room [Left Chest])
- Crystal Helm (South-East Room [Right Chest])
- Hi-Ether (South-West Room [Left Chest])
- X-Potion (South-West Room [Right Chest])
- Royal Crown (Up Western Stairs)
- Soul Sabre (Center of the Treasury [Statue])

- Dropper: Ether (Common)
- For everyone else, check section 4.75 (the one above this one)

How to handle these guys:
- Dropper only do one thing: use Crazed Signal (inflicts Confusion) 66% of the
time. They also counter any Attack with their own Attack. That's all for these
guys. Like most machines, they are weak to Lightning and Water. You can also
drain all their MP (only 80) to kill them if you'd rather do that (they do have
1000 HP).

- For everyone else, check section 4.75 (the one above this one)

So now you're in Figaro Castle. Head a few steps down to see Gerad being
awfully friendly to a soldier. This guy has GOT to be Edgar... but why the
whole Gerad thing then? And why sneak into your own castle? So many questions,
so little answers.

Go talk to the soldier if you want: He's having trouble breathing, since the
castle has been stuck under the sand for who knows how long. Go up the stairs
and go down the western stairs right next to that to find the guy who always
transported you between Kohlingen and Figaro Desert (he can't breathe either).

Go down the next stairs to get to B2F. This is where you'll start seeing
monsters. Go down the north-east stairs and head south a room. This is where
you'll find most of the treasures (from left to right): Hi-Ether, X-Potion,
Gravity Rod, and Crystal Helm. You can't equip the Gravity Rod, and both your
characters have better Helms than Crystal Helm (Mystery Veil and Tiger Mask).

Go through the north-west door, up the stairs, and through the north-west door
again. Open the chest for a Royal Crown, an even better Helm than Tiger Mask
for Sabin, so equip it on him. Go back downstairs to the room with the four
treasure chests and take the center door this time.

Go through this next door to come to the Engine Room of Figaro Castle.

If you talk to Gerad you will have to fight a boss battle next, so let's get
ready first:
- Equip Hermes Sandals and Reflect Rings on Celes and Sabin

That's all you really need to prepare. Make sure everything else is equipped,
and talk to Gerad to begin. He will tell the thieves' to go onto the treasury
to grab the treasures, then ask Celes to give him a hand with these Tentacles.

So it was Edgar the whole time!

BOSS: Tentacle x4

NOTE: I'm going to add each Tentacles weakness/absorbs right here, so it's
easier to differentiate them since they are all very similar.

Tentacle (0 EXP, 0 Gil) [Bottom-Right]
- Level: 31
- HP: 7000
- MP: 800
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weaknesses: Ice, Water
- Absorbs: Fire

Tentacle (0 EXP, 0 Gil) [Top-Right]
- Level: 33
- HP: 5000
- MP: 600
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weaknesses: None
- Absorbs: Lightning, Water

Tentacle (0 EXP, 0 Gil) [Bottom-Left]
- Level: 32
- HP: 6000
- MP: 700
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weaknesses: Fire
- Absorbs: Ice, Water

Tentacle (0 EXP, 0 Gil) [Top-Left]
- Level: 34
- HP: 4000
- MP: 500
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weaknesses: None
- Absorbs: Earth, Water

NOTE: Edgar will join you, but you had no chance to properly prepare him, so
just do your best with him. If he goes down, it's no big deal since I highly
doubt Celes or Sabin are going to have any trouble with all 4 Tentacles by

This battle may look confusing, but it's not. Especially not since you prepared
with Hermes Sandals and Reflect Rings. I shall explain what each Tentacle WOULD
have done had you not equipped those:
Whenever a character is inflicted with Slow status, a Tentacle will Grab it.
When a character is grabbed, the Tentacle slowly drains their HP. Also, that
character can't attack until it is released, which takes about 30 seconds.

Each Tentacle's special attack is Stun (inflicts Slow). They also have another
attack called Entwine which also causes Slow. You should be able to see that
they will try to Slow you with Stun then automatically Grab you and drain your
HP for 30 seconds before releasing you again.

But this won't work on Celes and Sabin, since they have Hermes Sandals, which
gives them permanent Haste status. This means that ALL of their attempts to
Slow you with Stun and Entwine will fail.

Each Tentacle also attacks with Poison and Bio, BOTH of which will bounce off
your Reflect Rings. This means that the ONLY way for Celes and Sabin to get
hurt at all is off their physical attacks, which they don't even use that much.
If you hurt the Lower Left and Lower Right Tentacle in any way, they both have
a 33% of answering with a physical attack (the other two answer with a 33% of
Stun, which will fail).

This means you don't have much to worry about at all. Well, if you worry about
Edgar you might, since you had no chance to prepare him. But like I said above,
do your best with him, it'll be fine if he falls (he lied to you for so long
anyway, bastard).

So how do you take these guys down? Well, one at a time, obviously.
Edgar should be on permanent Drill duty (focus on the same Tentacle obviously
until it dies). Like I said, if Edgar dies, oh well. Also, if any of your
character's get poisoned, don't bother curing them since the battle will not
last very long and you'll just waste a turn curing them of poison.

If Sabin is level 30, use the Razor Gale (Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down,
Left) Blitz. Otherwise, stick with Meteor Strike (R, L, Down, Up) or just
Aura Cannon (Down, Down, Left).

Celes should focus on the Bottom Right one herself with a well-targeted ST
Blizzara (or if the Bottom Left is already dead, you can make it MT). Likewise,
she could ST Fira the Bottom Left one, or make it MT if the Bottom Right is
dead. Blizzara and Fira will work well on the other two as well.

In the end, a lot goes on in this battle since you're fighting 4 Tentacles. Just
stick with this simple plan:
Edgar = Drill the same Tentacle as Celes
Sabin = Razor Gale if possible, otherwise Meteor Strike or Aura Cannon
        Rising Phoenix works if Bottom Right is dead
Celes = ST Blizzara for Bottom Right, unless Bottom Left is dead, then MT
        ST Fira for Bottom Left, unless Bottom Right is dead, then MT
        Blizzara and Fira for the other two will do well


After the fight, Celes finally confronts Edgar about him acting like he didn't
know her. Edgar explains that he heard Figaro was in some kind of trouble. He
wanted to help, but he couldn't help since the castle was stuck beneath sand.
He heard of the rumor that some thieves had escaped from the dungeon, so he
disguised himself as Gerad to be their boss. Edgar then used the thieves to
show him how to get into the castle.

Then the thieves come back from the treasury and wonder where their boss is.
They just shrug him off, thinking he died and leave. Edgar lets them leave
and doesn't even care about the treasures they took. He's more worried about

Edgar then joins your party. Check out his equipment and make changes if you
wish (the game automatically Optimized his equipment for you before the battle;
see why we bought 3 Enhancers? Two for Celes and one for Edgar) and give him
some Relics and an Esper.

Enter the treasury to find all chests empty. Check the statue in the middle for
a Soul Sabre. Equip it if you want, but Enhancers are better.

From the Engine Room, go down two rooms and go through the north-east door and
up two sets of stairs to find the guy in charge of driving South Figaro inform
you that the engine is working again.

Let me summarize what basically happened:
Edgar heard his castle was in trouble, but couldn't help since it was stuck
underground. He hears about these thieves escaping from his own castle and
decides to use them to get him back in. He disguises himself as Gerad (he
can't tell them who he is, since he's the one who locked them up) and pretends
to be their boss and allows them to show him how to get in the castle. Once in,
Edgar lets the thieves have the treasures in the treasury while he (with your
help) takes care of the problem: the Tentacles. Now it's fixed, and the engine
works again.

Why did I summarize that? You'd be surprised how many people won't make the
connection that the tentacles were the reason Figaro Castle was stuck.

Anyway, the old man takes you up above the surface in Figaro Desert.

Before we go anywhere, let's check out the castle a bit. First go for some free
healing at the Inn.

 /       Item Shop (West)     \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | Stock up.
| Antidote (50 Gil)           |
| Eye Drops (50 Gil)          | You can get a 50% discount if Edgar is your
| Echo Screen (120 Gil)       | lead person.
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /      Item Shop (East)      \
| Auto Crossbow (250 Gil)     | If you didn't steal a Debilitator from a Crane
| Noiseblaster (500 Gil)      | or from Missile Bay, you can buy one here.
| Bioblaster (750 Gil)        |
| Flash (1000 Gil)            | Make sure to put Edgar in the lead to only pay
| Debilitator (5000 Gil)      | 2500 Gil for it.
| Drill (3000 Gil)            |

Note on the Debilitator: This tool gives the target a random elemental weakness.
It may not sound useful, but it has certain situations where it comes in pretty

Before you go, take note of one last thing: One of the ladies in the Inn where
you sleep says: "Several residents of our castle left to join the Cult of
Kefka. Maybe they'd return if a loved one went and pleaded with them..."

This may not seem important now, but this game is known for throwing out random
things at seemingly random times, and making them important later. In other
words: What this lady says will help you do something further on down the road.
You don't really need to know this, since I'm going to tell you how to do
whatever it is, but I'm just mentioning it for the people who ask "How are you
supposed to know how to do that without a guide?"

But now what? We could go to Narshe... or not. Narshe is now located on a
separate continent.

That means we've covered this continent. Let's go to the next one: Off to
Kohlingen! Talk to the old guy to get there.

4.77 Overworld: North-Western Continent                                 [4.077]

New Monsters:
#139 - Bogy
#140 - Marchosias
#141 - Deepeye
#142 - Mousse

Monster Formations:

- Marchosias (2 AP)
- Mousse (1 AP)

- Marchosias, Deepeye x2 (1 AP)
- Deepeye x6 (3 AP)
- Mousse x3 (1 AP)

- Bogy x2 (1 AP)
- Deepeye, Mousse x2, Deepeye (1 AP)

- Sandhorse x2 (1 AP)
- Cancer x3 (1 AP)
- Sandhorse, Cancer x2 (1 AP)

- Sandhorse: Hi-Potion (Common) 
- Cancer: Potion (Common)
- Bogy: Hi-Potion (Common)
- Marchosias: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Deepeye: Eye Drops (Common)
- Mousse: Magicite Shard (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Sandhorse & Cancer: Check Section 4.74 for these two

- Bogy attacks only 66% of the time on its first turn with a physical attack.
The next turn it attacks with Growl [200% damage] 33% of the time, the other 66%
going to the same physical attack. That's all they do. They don't have any
weakness, but are vulnerable to everything but Petrify, so a simple Death spell
will take care of it if you'd rather go that route. 

- Marchosias has four different turns, and each turn it has a 66% of attacking
physically. It can also use Aero (33% on 2nd Turn), White Wind (33% on 3rd
Turn), and Talon [150% damage] (33% on 4th Turn). After that it just loops
those four turns. It's weak to Wind, and at the moment, the only wind-elemental
attack you can do is a Razor Gale Blitz (which Sabin learns at level 30, so if
you're below that, you can't use it). It has 1418 HP, so if you can't use Razor
Gale, simply use Drill/Chainsaw and it should go down in one hit.

- Deepeye is even easier than the others. On one turn it will attack you
physically (66%) or try to put you to sleep with Dreamland (33%). The next
turn it will have a 33% of fleeing. That's all it does, so it tries to flee
every other turn, or you could say you get a free turn to attack every other
turn. They are weak to Fire.

- Mousse do separate things depending on if they are alone or not.
  - If not alone: It will attack physically (33%), use Transfusion (33%), or 
    use Gunk [inflicts Slow] (33%). It will have a 33% of countering any Magic
    attack with Transfusion.
  - If alone: It will attack physically (66%) or with Gunk (33%). It will
    counter any Magic attack with a physical attack 33% of the time.
They are also immune to all elements except Fire, Ice, or Lightning. Either
take them down an MT -ara spell, or you could drain their 100 MP with Rasp to
kill them as well.

So that covers this new continent. To the far north is the Coliseum, a new
place of interest which we will cover later.

There are two other places to go: Darill's Tomb and Kohlingen.
Kohlingen is to the north-west of where Figaro Castle dropped you off (or
north-east of the big forest). That's where we're going first (Darill's Tomb
doesn't have anything for you right now).

4.78 Kohlingen [WoR]                                                    [4.078]

Inn Cost: 200 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items Found: None

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | Stock up.
| Antidote (50 Gil)           |
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /        Weapon Shop         \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| Can you guess who we're going to find next?
| Darts (10000 Gil)           |
| Dice (5000 Gil)             | Get a Golden Spear for Edgar and slap some
| Viper Darts (13000 Gil)     | Dragoon Boots on him.
| Enhancer (10000 Gil)        | Buy one Dice as well.
| Golden Spear (12000 Gil)    | If you can afford it, buy 2 Viper Darts.

ABOUT DICE: Dice are kinda cool because they are a little different than what
you're used to. When you use Dice, damage is calculated as follows:
Damage = 1st Dice * 2nd Dice * 2 * Your Level
That's unblockable damage as well, and the target's defense is completely
ignored when you use Dice. Unfortunately, some numbers appear more often than
others. 1-4 have a 18.75% (3/16) of appearing and 5-6 only have a 12.5% (1/8)
chance of appearing.
 /         Armor Shop         \
| Diamond Shield (3500 Gil)   | Buy a Diamond Shield and a Diamond Armor.
| Priest's Miter (3000 Gil)   |
| Green Beret (3000 Gil)      |
| Diamond Helm (8000 Gil)     |
| Diamond Vest (12000 Gil)    |
| Diamond Armor (15000 Gil)   |

Welcome back to Kohlingen. Talk to the Narshe guard walking around to find out
that Narshe has been over-run with monsters... that sucks.

The lady standing next to the Inn/Pub will give you a quick flashback of what
Kohlingen was like before Kefka destroyed the world.
Keep talking to more people to find out other things:
- "A charming man with a mustache came through town recently. He kept saying
  "thou" to everyone! I think he said he was headed for Maranda..." This young
  lady is referring to Cyan if you can't guess it.
- "There's a real tough fellow fightin' in the coliseum. Seems he's tryin' to
   get a weapon called an "Itchy Gecky." This will come in handy later, I'm
   just letting you know so you know "Oh, so that's why this happens" later on
   in the game.

You might've guessed who we're about to meet based on the weapons in the Weapon
Shop: Setzer. Head into the Inn/Pub to find Setzer sitting there.

Celes tells Setzer to come with them, but he says he doesn't have the drive to
do that kind of stuff anymore. Basically, he's depressed about the world being
like it is and that his airship was destroyed. Eventually Celes gets through to
Setzer and he talks about paying a visit to Darill's tomb. The game will then
show you where Darill's Tomb is (it's like, right there; not hard to miss).

Setzer is now in your party. Equip him with that Diamond Shield and Diamond
Armor you just bought, along with a Green Beret and the Dice (or Cards if you
don't feel like gambling with Dice).

Last thing we should check up on: Remember that house where that crazy old guy
is keeping Rachel (Locke's girlfriend) restored so she doesn't rot? It's the
north-east house of the town. Go downstairs and the guy will tell you that
Locke is probably searching for that fabled treasure... "in other words, you
find where that treasure's hidden, and that's where you'll find Locke!"
He's actually speaking the truth, but we won't get to that for a while yet.

Now it's time to check out that Coliseum up north. If you need help with the
monsters on the way there, check section 4.77 (the one before this one)

4.79 Coliseum                                                           [4.079]

Inn Cost: 400 Gil

Welcome to the Coliseum. I didn't do the usual "New Monsters" section because
you can meet as many new monsters as you want (to an extent), even though it
may not be a good idea since you'll probably lose. Anyway, more on that later.'

This place is called the Dragon's Neck Coliseum. If you may remember, this
place used to be a simple house where we found a Hero's Ring back in the day.
The owner of the house wished to build a Coliseum some day, and obviously he
was successful.

You can find Ultros as the receptionist! That's right, you won't fight him
anymore because he'll be busy working here at the Coliseum. You'll find out
that "Mr. Typhon" is also here by talking to Ultros (more on that later as

Head up the stairs and you'll see an Imperial soldier walking around! Talk to
him and he'll say something about "Talk to the emperor twice." (This will play
a role later, I'm just pointing it out now so you know where it comes from

There's an Inn through the north-east door, but it's kind of expensive and you
shouldn't really need to heal. If you walk around in the Inn you can also find
the guy who built the Coliseum. If you talk to him he'll only explain why
Ultros is here: he couldn't pay off a debt, so the owner put him to work as the

Back to the main room, go through the north-west room to meet someone you think
you know: Siegfried. He says that an imposter has been masquerading as him
recently... let me explain: The Siegfried we've been seeing is just an imposter
to this guy, the real Siegfried. The imposter is trying to be as great as this
Siegfried, but he'll never be as good as him. Later on you'll get to fight
Siegfried and you'll see how strong he is (and make no mistake, he is strong!)

Anyway, enough of that. You're probably wondering: What exactly is the

The Coliseum is simple: 
1. You bet any item out of your inventory
2. You fight an enemy (which one depends on the item)
3. If you win, you get another item (or sometimes you get the same item back)
   If you lose, you lose the item you bet
   If it's a draw (the battle ends without either of you dying [with Sneeze
    for example]), you don't win anything but you lose your item either.

What's the catch? For one, you have no control over the battle. It's all
controlled by the computer. This means that whoever you send into battle can
use any attack (or Magic/Rage/Lore/etc.) at random. Think: Confused character,
except you always attack the enemy and never yourself.

As you can imagine, this makes for some unpredictable battles. The challenge
for you is to give a character the right equipment in order to increase its
chance of success. Obviously, you need to know who you'll fight in order to do
that. It'd also be nice to know what item you should bet to get some nice items
back. Normally, you'd have to just bet random items and see what happens. Lucky
for you, I've done all the work for you.

Check Appendix G to see this list. Search for [appg] to get there now.

Obviously, you don't have access to all those battles, and most of those
monsters are to strong too fight (for now). Here are some items of interest
(sorted by easiest to hardest):

Bet: Elixir
Fight: Cactuar
Win: Rename Card

Elixir may be precious, but Rename Cards can only be found here.

NOTE: Actually, there is ONE (only one) that can be found in a chest in the
last dungeon of the game. Minor technicality, but I claimed it could only be
found in the Coliseum, which isn't totally true.

What is it? It's a card that lets you rename your characters (why anyone would
want to do this is beyond me, but that's not my concern). If you'd rather save
your Elixir because you don't need to rename anyone, skip this battle.

How to win? Easy. Give Setzer Dice. Cactuar have 255 Defense AND 255 Magic
Defense, but they only have 3 HP. The thing about Dice is that they ignore
defense, meaning a guaranteed one-hit kill as long as he attacks physically.
(For curiosity: The minimum amount of damage Dice can do is 2 * Your level,
which is obviously going to amount to more than 3)

NOTE: Cactuar usually starts the battle with 1000 Needles (which does 1000
damage), but I'm guessing Setzer has more than 1000 HP so it shouldn't be a
Bet: Phoenix Down
Fight: Cactuar
Win: Magicite Shard

You can buy Phoenix Downs everywhere, so you lose nothing in this battle. You
do gain Magicite Shards though. I've never found Magicite Shards useful myself,
but other people might, so I include this battle here.

Setzer + Dice = win
Bet: Tintinnabulum
Fight: Dark Force
Win: Growth Egg

Tintinnabulum is pretty useless and you've probably never used it, so you
shouldn't miss it. Growth Egg is a MUCH better item: It doubles the amount of
EXP the wearer receives.

How to fight Dark Force, an enemy you weren't supposed to meet until the final
tower of the game? It is vulnerable to instant Death. I had you buy two Viper
Darts earlier for this purpose (if you could only afford one, it'll work as
well but it might take longer). Viper Darts have a 25% of instantly killing
an enemy. Make sure you save before the battle (on the Overworld) and then go
into battle and keep fighting until Setzer randomly kills Dark Force.

Enjoy your Growth Egg.
Bet: Ward Bangle
Fight: Yojimbo
Win: Dragon Horn

Ward Bangle is the relic you got after the Imperial Banquet that lowers random
encounters. That may sound good, but Dragon Horn sounds WAY better. This is a
relic that helps characters who Jump (Dragoon Boots or an esper you'll get in
the future). When the wearer jumps, there's a 75% chance he'll come down and
attack the target twice, a 18.75% he'll come down three times, and even a 6.25%
he'll come down 4(!) times!

Getting it is the hard part (for now). Yojimbo, like Dark Force, isn't supposed
to be encountered until the final tower. It has 7050 HP and is NOT vulnerable
to instant death. It is weak to Poison, so that calls for a double Venom Claw
Sabin to step up, along with some Prayer Beads (+20 Evasion).

Now on to the battle. Sabin should be doing 1400-1500 x2 damage each turn,
meaning it will take another 3 turns minimum to win. Yojimbo attacks with Wind
Slash quite often, which will do around 500 damage. It also uses Doom (sets
a counter to 20 after which you die), but don't worry about it since the battle
will be over before the counter reaches 0. As a matter of fact, you should hope
he uses Doom as it gives you a free turn.

The attack you need to watch out for is Eye for an Eye, which instantly kills
you. This is where the Prayer Beads come in handy. With the boosted Evasion you
have a better chance of evading the attack (makes sense, right?). All you can
do is hope that Sabin attacks quite often and that Eye for an Eye misses.

NOTE: Yojimbo ALWAYS casts Eye for an Eye when he dies, so you'll have to
survive at least one for sure. It can also cast it randomly during battle.

If you use Prayer Beads, it shouldn't take you that long really. I tried a good
50-60 times without Prayer Beads and always died to Eye for an Eye. Once I
equipped Prayer Beads I got my Dragon Horn on the 3rd try.
Bet: Murasame
Fight: Glasya Labolas
Win: Masamune

Murasame is a sword for Cyan, but Masamune is a stronger sword for Cyan. The
only catch is fighting Glasya Labolas. If Sabin has less than 1400 and/or is
not above level 30, I don't even recommend attempting this. My Sabin was Level
29 at this point and I ended up winning after about 50 tries (and I don't even
like Cyan).

If you do want to attempt this, use the following setup: Venom Claws x2, Royal
Crown, Diamond Vest, with Genji Glove and Sniper Eye. Sniper Eye is important
since it makes all physical attacks hit and Glasya Labolas's Evasion is quite
high. Save as always, then enter the battle.

Problems you'll be facing: Glasya Labolas' Uppercut does anywhere from 1200 to
1500 damage, so you'll only survive 1 of those. Pray that he doesn't use this
(and if he does, only once). Another problem is obviously that Sabin needs to
attack physically every turn and not use any Spells/Blitzes.

Glasya Labolas has has 4771 HP, and each hit with Venom Claws will do close to
1000 damage (this is around level 30). Since you have two Venom Claws, you'll
do roughly 2000 damage per turn, meaning you'll need three turns to kill him.

See how this is tough? In those three turns you'll want:
1. Sabin to attack physically every turn (hopefully at least one Poison thrown
2. Glasya Labolas can only use Uppercut once in three turns

Again, if you're around level 30, I don't recommend this, especially since I
won't advice you to use Cyan that much (simply because I don't like him, you
can obviously still use him if you want).

That's about all that's worthwhile right now. Later on this place will be like
a gold mine to you.

Don't forget to re-equip your character's if you changed anything around.

NOTE: You'll probably want to try out your Dragon Horn (if you got one), but
it won't be handy in the dungeon since you need two take up both Relic spots
(Dragoon Boots + Dragon Horn) to make that system work, and you'll be using at
least one spot in the next dungeon to protect against other bad things.

Now it's time to get ourselves a second airship so we can travel wherever we
want too!

Head to Darill's Tomb. Where is it? The game showed you before you came here,
but if you forgot: It's west of Kohlingen (north-west of the big forest that
lies to the west of Kohlingen. It's a tiny place on the overworld so you might
miss it)

Again, if you need help with the monsters on the way, check section 4.77

Before you enter the tomb, make sure your entire party is covered in Ribbons
or Amulets, since you probably don't have 4 Ribbons. This tomb is filled with
monsters who want to turn you into a Zombie (seems fitting, since it's a tomb
and all). Ribbons and Amulet protect against both.

NOTE: If Setzer has Viper Darts, you may want to switch that out for something
else. As you know, Viper Darts have a 25% of instantly killing an enemy. Well,
if you instantly kill an Undead enemy (as most are in this tomb), they die and
come back revived.

4.80 Darill's Tomb                                                      [4.080]

New Monsters:
#143 - Borghese
#144 - Malboro
#145 - Cloudwraith
#146 - Exoray
#147 - Skeletal Horror
#314 - Angler Whelk (Shell)
#315 - Angler Whelk (Head)
#316 - Dullahan

Monster Formations:

- Skeletal Horror (1 AP)
- Borghese x2 (1 AP)
- Borghese, Cloudwraith x2 (2 AP)

- Malboro, Exoray (3 AP)
- Cloudwraith (1 AP)
- Exoray x3 (2 AP)

- Cloudwraith, Exoray x2 (2 AP)
- Malboro (1 AP)

Items Found:
- Genji Helm (Through South-East Doorway)
- Crystal Mail (Through South-West Doorway)
- Regal Gown (Bottom of Stairs)
- Growth Egg (Hidden Path East of Regal Gown)
- Man-Eater (North-East of Save Point)
- Dragon Claws (Fight Angler Whelk [Monster-in-a-Box]
                North-West of Save Point)

- Borghese: Amulet (Rare)
- Malboro: X-Potion (Rare)
- Cloudwraith: Hi-Potion (Common), Diamond Vest (Rare)
- Exoray: None
- Skeletal Horror: Remedy (Rare)

How to handle these monsters:
- Borghese won't attack normally. Every turn it may use Zombie Touch up to
3 times (inflicts Zombie), but that doesn't affect you at all. If damaged in
any way, it may counter physically (33%). It also has a 33% of countering magic
attacks with Bio. These guys are weak to Fire and Holy, like most anyone in
here. A Phoenix Down will also kill it.

- Malboro is the only monster that may cause some problems. It can attack with
Bad Breath (33%) on its first turn, which is an attack that sets Darkness,
Poison, Imp, Silence, Confuse, AND Sleep. Yeah, not good. They can also attack
you with Drool [inflicts Sap] (33%) on their second turn. Any other time they
will just attack physically. These guys are only weak to Fire and are NOT
undead. Be careful about using Water or Poison attacks, since Malboro absorbs
both these elements.

- Cloudwraith will attack you (66%) physically or drain your HP with
Mysterious Dance (33%) on its first turn. The only other turn it has involves
attacking physically once more (66%) or using Soul Extraction [inflicts Zombie]
(33%). These guy go down just like everyone else: Weak to Fire, Holy, also
Undead, or if you feel like Rasping 360 MP that works as well.

- Exoray are as harmless as everyone else. They will either attack (66%)
physically or fail to poison you with Venomist (33%) [Ribbon and Amulets both
protect against poison]. After that it will do the same thing as before, except
it will try to Zombie you with Deadly Pollen instead of poison you. Like
everyone else, they are weak to Fire and Holy and are Undead.

- Skeletal Horror can attack you (33%) or try to Zombify you with Moldy Bone
(33%) on its first turn. Next turn it will attack (66%) or try to make you a
Zombie again with Crypt Dust. Same thing for the next turn, after which it
loops back around. There are many ways to take this guy down:
1. He's weak to Fire and Holy
2. He's undead, so a Phoenix Down kills him
3. You can Rasp his 143 MP away 

Approach the tomb and hear Setzer talk about Darill a little bit. He opens the
grave and warns you that anything could be in there.

NOTE: I shouldn't have to say it, but just in case you forgot: Celes can just
spam Fira spells all over the place, Sabin should be sporting double Burning
Fists or using Phoenix Rising, Edgar can take out single targets with Drill or
Chainsaw, and Setzer can just do his thing (you choose what it is). The point
of this paragraph is that EVERY monster in here is weak to Fire, so abuse that
and you should have no troubles here at all.

B1F is only one room long. Borghese and Skeletal Horror can only be found here,
so don't advance without seeing each one at least once. Head south a room
to come to B2F, and what a room it is.

There is a door in each corner of the room plus a door in the center of the
room. Head through the south-east door first to find a Genji Helm. Give this
to Setzer (or whoever else has a below average helm at the time).

Let's continue on through the north-east door. Examine the tombstone to lower
the wall right behind it just enough to allow you to enter the next room.
Go straight up in the next room and hit the switch, which will raise some water
in the room. This also raises the water in the center room back in the big
room, but we'll worry about that later.

Now head to the south-west room. Grab the Crystal Mail (replace anyone's
Diamond Armor with this [Sabin can't wear it]) and go down the stairs. Open
this chest for a Regal Gown (Relm only). There's also a hidden passage here:
Find it in the south-east corner of the room and make your way through the wall
towards another chest, which houses a Growth Egg! That makes two if you got
one at the Coliseum (by betting the Tintinnabulum).

Walk through the door above the Regal Gown chest. Walk up and hit the switch
to open a door on a ledge high above you. Make your way back to the main room.

Now enter the center door and use the turtle to go into the next room. You'll
see another turtle, but head south first and through the door. There are four
tomb stones in here. Examine them all:
Top Left =     ERAU
Top Right =    QSSI
Bottom Left =  DLRO
Bottom Right = WEHT

What does this mean? I'll explain in a minute. Head back to the big room and
go through the north-west door. Examine the tombstone to find out that you need
to inscribe something into it. It then gives you a choice of what to inscribe

But what to inscribe? Well, take a look at the letters you found on the four
tombstones earlier (I put them underneath each over for a reason). Read it
from bottom to top... see it? No?

Read it BACKWARDS from bottom to top. If you still can't get it, it reads:
WEHT = The W
DLRO = orld
QSSI = is sq      "The World is Square"
ERAU = uare

Enter this into the tombstone in the above listed order... you'll see a message:
"I have hidden the Growth Egg in the side room on the third basement level..."

But you know what? We already got the Growth Egg. I didn't want you to have to
come all the way back here, so I just had you get it earlier.

NOTE: Technically you didn't even have to do the whole "inscribe the tomb"
thing, but it's a pretty cool riddle and I didn't want you to miss out on it.
Plus, this was another one of these things where I show you how you're supposed
to know about that secret room with the Growth Egg.

Go back through the center door and use the turtle to come to the next room.
If you haven't already done so, hit the last switch next to the door to raise
the water up to your level. Ride the turtle across the water and go through
the door you opened earlier.

You'll come to a room with a Save Point and two chests. Open the right chest
for the Man-Eater, a weapon that deals double damage to Humanoid monsters.
Check the Bestiary to find out which those are. I suggest giving this to Setzer
as he's probably struggling along with Darts (since you didn't leave the Viper
Darts on him - right?) and everyone else already has decent weapons.

Head over to the Save Point and save. The left chest contains a
Monster-in-a-Box, which is actually a boss.

Before you open the chest, cast Float on your whole party (You can do this out
of battle). I highly suggest you equip Catoblepas on someone.

NOTE: Save before you start the battle. Just do it.

Then proceed to open the chest to face what might be the shortest boss battle
you'll ever face.

BOSS: Angler Whelk (Head & Shell)

Angler Whelk (Shell) (0 EXP, 1000 Gil)
- Level: 19
- HP: 9230
- MP: 1600
- Steal: None
- Drops: Dragon Claws (Always)

The Shell will attack you physically (66%) on one turn, and use Megavolt (33%)
or 1000 Needles (33%) the next turn.

If the Head is tucked into the shell it will use Magnitude 8 (66%), which is
why you Float'd your party before the battle.

It has a 33% of countering anything with Gigavolt.

Angler Whelk (Head) (0 EXP, 1000 Gil)
- Level: 31
- HP: 9845
- MP: 1600
- Steal: None
- Drops: Dragon Claws (Always)

The Head will attack you physically (66%) or with Megavolt (33%) one turn, and
attack physically (33%), with El Niño (33%), or with Petriblast [inflicts
Petrify] (33%).

After you damage the head twice, it will retract into its shell for 20 seconds,
after which it will appear again and do the same stuff over again.

So that's what they do. Unlike Ymir (remember? The first boss battle you ever
fought), Angler Whelk's shell attacks instead of just countering like Ymir's
shell. But that doesn't bother us.

See those Dragon Claws both of them always drop? We're interested in those. The
only problem is that the only way to get BOTH of them is to kill the head AND
the shell on the very same turn. Ok, so you could just go on about the battle,
keep track of how much damage is done, and try your best to kill them both at
the same time.

But why go through all that trouble? For some reason, this boss (and both
parts, too) are vulnerable to Instant Death. So if there was a way we could
throw a MT instant death spell or something of the sort at both parts, and they
both hit, we could get both Dragon Claws. This leaves us with two options:
Banish or Catoblepas. Banish is only taught by Fenrir, so if you haven't learnt
that yet, simply summon Catoblepas (you did equip it on someone, right?).

There is a chance that Catoblepas (who uses Demon Eye) will miss either the
head or the shell, which is why I told you to save before the battle. It hits
more often than it misses, so it should take you no more than three tries,
but chances are good you'll get it on the first or second try.

Congratulations, you finished off this boss AND got two Dragon Claws.

HOWEVER, if you feel this is cheap (it's not really, we just want two Dragon
Claws instead of one), I will tell you how to fight it the normal way:

All you need to keep in mind is that you only have to defeat one part to win
the whole battle. Which you go for is totally up to you.

Both parts are weak to Fire, so Sabin with dual Burning Fists will do tons of
damage. Have everyone else simply cast Fira spells, or if they don't have it,
just attack physically or heal or something.

As you can see, this battle is very easy. You shouldn't have to worry about
any of the Angler Whelk's attack since the battle will be over before you know
it with all the fire attacks available to you.

To take the least amount of damage, I suggest doing the following:
1. Attack the head twice (be it with Dual Burning Fists or Fira) and wait for
   it to retreat into its shell
2. It will be gone for 20 seconds, and the shell's only attack will be
   Magnitude 8, which will miss since your party is all floating. Don't do
   anything at all during this time (except heal if you want).
3. When the head comes out, attack it twice more.
4. Wait 20 more seconds.
5. Repeat until head is dead.
6. Collect Dragon Claws and 1000 Gil.

I still suggest using Banish/Catoblepas in order to receive 2 Dragon Claws
instead of just one (this enemy is the only place to get them from until you
visit the Soul Shrine, which is at the very end of the game).


Head through the top door to finally find Darill's Tomb. However, there's yet
another boss battle up ahead, so don't go examining the tomb just yet. Let's
prepare first:
1. The next boss uses an attack called Lv. ? Holy, which damages anyone whose
level is divisible by the last digit of your Gil amount. You'll want to make
sure that this is not the case for anyone, as the attack is quite strong. In
other words, let's say the last digit of your Gil total is 2. This isn't good,
since there's a good chance someone on your party has is at an even level. Now
if the last digit of your Gil total was something like 7, 8, or 9, that would
be much better. Fight battles until you get the right digit at the end.
2. Make sure no one has Reflect Rings (don't see why anyone would have any, but
you never know).

That's all the preparation you need.

BOSS: Dullahan

Dullahan (0 EXP, 1000 Gil)
- Level: 37
- HP: 23450
- MP: 1721
- Steal: X-Potion (Common), Genji Glove (Rare)
- Drops: None

Dullahan starts off the battle with Lv. ? Holy, which should miss everyone if
you took the necessary precaution I told you to take (the whole Gil thing).

Also, if anyone has Reflect status (like from Reflect Rings), it will instantly
use Reflect ??? which gives everyone with Reflect the following statuses:
Darkness, Silence, Slow. See why I told you to check for Reflect Rings on

After all this, it has four different turns:
1st Turn: Blizzaga (33%) or Blizzara (33%)
2nd Turn: Blizzaga (33%) or Holy (33%)
3rd Turn: Holy (33%) or Blizzara (33%)
4th Turn: Blizzara (33%) or Holy (33%)

If his HP is 10240 or less, it will use Cura on himself. However, it will only
do this once. Well, not really. If Dullahan goes through the above four moves,
he gains the ability to: a) Use Reflect ??? again and b) Use Cura if his HP
10240 or less.

By the way, Dullahan can counter any attack with its own physical attack, but
only 33% of the time.

Lastly, if you damage Dullahan a total of 8 times, he uses a separate four
1st Turn: Northern Cross (33%) or Morning Star [200% damage] (33%)
2nd Turn: Blizzara (33%) or Morning Star [200% damage] (33%)
3rd Turn: Lv. ? Holy (33%) or Absolute Zero (33%)
4th Turn: Blizzara (33%) or Absolute Zero (33%)
After these four turns, the counter will reset to 0. If you damage him 8 more
times, he'll come back to these turns.

Northern Cross is a MT attack that freezes a random amount of people. If this
happens, thaw them up with a simple Fire spell.

So that's all Dullahan does. As always, if you know what to do, it's not really
that hard. Dullahan is weak to Fire, so Sabin will shine in this battle. His
double Burning Fists will do massive damage as always.

Celes can Runic every single spell except Absolute Zero, so have her use Runic
every single turn to minimize your damage. Matter of fact, if you don't have
her use Runic every turn, it could get quite deadly (I'm thinking of Blizzaga,
which is roughly TWICE as strong as Blizzara). Also, if done right, you will
absorb the Cura Dullahan casts on himself, robbing him of the ability to heal

Edgar can stick with Chainsaw, as it does more damage than Drill at this point.

Setzer... well, if you had him learn Fira (through Ifrit or Maduin), I would
say have him use that, but we can't forget that Celes is on Runic duty. Runic
also absorbs your own spells, so casting Fira will do nothing (except help
Celes of course). Have him be the healer for this battle.

If you keep this up, the battle will be over before you know it.

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (Thx to Fayt_Esteed for bringing this to my attention):
Dullahan will die if his MP reaches 0. However, Dullahan has 1721 MP, and
you'll probably be draining 100-200 MP per Rasp use, so this strategy is best
used if at least three characters know Rasp. Consider this: If only two
characters know Rasp and drain 150 MP on average, it will take you 6 whole
turns to kill Dullahan. That's a lot of turns to be going without Runic (since
Runic will absorb Rasp as well). Even if three characters know Rasp, it will
take you at least 4 turns to kill Dullahan.

Ultimately, like always, it's up to you. If you believe you can survive 4/6
turns of Dullahans attacks, go for it, as this method is probably still the
fastest way to kill Dullahan.


Enter the door behind the tomb. You'll be on some long stairway, and Setzer
says that being there brings back memories. You'll see a flashback of Setzer
and Darill:

Darill: This next test flight could be dangerous...
Setzer: What are you trying to prove by pushing your ship to its limits? It's

Walk down the stairs a bit and talk to Setzer. He tells you to watch your step
then walks on. Follow him down the stairs to get the next flashback:

Darill: If the worst should happen, take care of the Falcon for me!
*Setzer laughing*
Setzer: You can't be serious! When I take the Falcon from you, it'll be because
        I left you a mile behind in a race! Until then, I'm not letting you out
        of my sight!
Darill: Ha! Good luck with that!

Walk down and talk to Setzer again. You'll now get to witness a race between
Setzer and Darill. After a while, Darill will say: "All right, it's time to get
serious. I'm gonna break the records! I'll fly past the clouds and see the
stars closer than anyone ever has before!" Setzer yells at her to be back by
sunset and meet her by "their" hill, where he'll be waiting for her to return.

The next scene is Setzer waiting on the hill. 
"It was a year later when I found the wreck of the Falcon in a distant

Flashbacks are over. Setzer and the group are suddenly on board of an airship!

Setzer: I restored the ship, and then put it to rest down here.
Edgar: So, this is the Falcon?
Setzer: ...I can't very well be the world's fastest pilot if I can't even fly.
        I need your help... Falcon!

Setzer then fires up Falcon and you see Falcon emerge from under the water!
Hey, who said it had to make sense?

Edgar: With this, I think we just might have a chance...
Celes: Now we'll be able to get to the top of Kefka's tower!
Edgar: If we land up there, we should be able to get inside to launch our
Setzer: And we'll be able to look for the rest of our friends...
Edgar: Right. First things first. I'm finally starting to feel like we have
       some hope!

*Random bird flies by*
Celes: That bird... Could it be...?
*Watch bird fly*
       Setzer! Follow that pigeon!
Setzer: ... Why?
Celes: I'm not sure... But...something inside tells me it'll lead us to our

And with that, you are now in control of your second airship! Setzer has kindly
followed that bird for you, and parked the ship outside of Maranda.

Before we go anywhere else, let's check out what this bird is all about.

Enter Maranda.

4.81 Maranda [WoR]                                                      [4.081]

Inn Cost: 200 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items: None

 /         Weapon Shop          \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| Falchion are nice, so buy one for Edgar.
| Gravity Rod (13000 Gil)       | If Celes doesn't have double-Enhancer, get
| Swordbreaker (16000 Gil)      | one for her, too. No one can use Swordbreaker
| Falchion (17000 Gil)          | as of right now, so ignore it.
| Flame Scroll (500 Gil)        |
| Water Scroll (500 Gil)        | Gravity Rod is still un-equippable, and you
| Lightning Scroll (500 Gil)    | don't need any scrolls right now.
| Invisibility Scroll (200 Gil) |
| Shadow Scroll (400 Gil)       |

 /         Armor Shop         \
| Crystal Shield (7000 Gil)   | Buy Crystal Shields for everyone who can wear
| Crystal Helm (10000 Gil)    | it. (Celes, Edgar, Setzer). Get just one Black
| Oath Veil (9000 Gil)        | Garb for now, we'll get more later.
| Black Garb (13000 Gil)      | 
| Magus Robe (13000 Gil)      | Lastly, buy three Crystal Mail for everyone but
| Crystal Mail (17000 Gil)    | Sabin.

Just for curiosity, this is how my party is equipped right now:
- Celes
  Enhancer x2, Mystery Veil, Crystal Mail
  Ribbon, Genji Glove

- Sabin
  Dragon Claws, x2, Royal Crown, Black Garb
  Genji Glove, Gigas Glove

- Edgar
  Golden Spear, Golden Shield, Crystal Helm, Crystal Mail
  Dragoon Boots, Dragon Horn

- Setzer
  Man-Eater, Diamond Shield, Genji Helm, Crystal Mail
  Heiji's Jitte, Ribbon

There are only a few things of interest in this place. There's a guy towards
the front of the town that talks about he was hunting Cactuar in the desert
when a giant Cactuar suddenly attacked him. We'll get to that later.

Some old guy tells you about a swordsmen that came through Maranda. He seemed
confused and in doubt, but if he could rid himself of those things, his
technique might reach a whole new level. This is talking about Cyan and his
Bushido techniques.

The (ex-)thief in the Inn says his old accomplice used to mumble "To the right
of the treasure chest..." in his sleep. I'll let you know when this little
bit of information comes in handy.

There is a person next to the Armor shop who will show you where Narshe, the
Veldt, or Doma Castle is on the map. Check out the location for each, as you
might get confused on their new locations later.

Someone else in the town square (I'll just call it that) informs you there is
only one honest guy in Zozo, and it's the guy who says "This place is
dangerous". We'll keep that in mind for the future.

The girl running in circles says that Lola (injured soldier in Mobliz,
girlfriend in Maranda, remember?) has been receiving a lot of letters, which
may be from her boyfriend in Mobliz. We know that can't be because Mobliz was
completely destroyed except for some kids and Terra.

Enter the house above this running girl. This is Lola's house and it's filled
with silk flowers. Talk to Lola to find out her boyfriend in Mobliz (or not)
has been sending her these flowers, all of which are handmade! She's also just
received a letter, which she allows you to read.
"My beloved Lola
 Art thou well? We have rebuilt as much
 of the village as we could hope to...
 I believe I should be able to return to
 thy side before too long..."

Your lead character points out the handwriting looks like Cyan's. Also, who else
but Cyan would use "thou" and "thy" like that? But where is he sending the
letters from?

The girl immediately asks you to attach her reply letter to the pigeon outside.
Go outside and attach the letter to the pigeon standing around. If you're
watching closely, you'll see the pigeon travel a short distance to a town just
north of Maranda. The town is surrounded by mountains on most sides. If you
still can't figure out what town this is, it's Zozo. Yeah, that means Maranda
has shifted quite a bit (if you remember where it used to be).

However, before we head to Zozo (and fight one of the harder enemies), there
are plenty of other things we could do. First, let's check out the new monsters
we can find here.

NOTE: Most Overworld encounters can now be avoided simply by using Falcon to
get everywhere. However, for a complete Bestiary, it may be wise to meet each
monster at least once.

4.82 Intermission & Reference Point                                     [4.082]

What? An Intermission? What's that about?

Well, let me explain. Most of the things in the World of Ruin are completely
optional. Of course, why should we skip so many parts of the game? I don't know,
but some people might want to.

Also, you can find all your old party members again. This can be done in any
order you prefer. In this small section, I will list some basic requirments
to get each character (along with the section number so you can instantly jump
there using CTRL+F)

NOTE: If you want to get everyone, just continue using this guide as you would
normally if you don't mind using the same order I do. Take note that if you
skip ahead on some sections you might not have the same equipment as you would
have if you followed this guide in order. In the walkthrough, I'm going to
assume you simply followed the guide in order.

CYAN   - Section 4.86 (CTRL+F: [4.086])
- Earliest you can get: Right away

GAU    - Section 4.88 (CTRL+F: [4.088])
- Earliest you can get: Right away

SHADOW - If you didn't kill him: Section 4.89 (CTRL+F: [4.089]), then 4.91
         If you did kill him: Nowhere, you killed him, silly
- Earliest you can get: Right away

RELM   - Section 4.92 (CTRL+F: [4.092])
- Earliest you can get: Anytime after you do 4.89 (Cave on the Veldt)
                        NOTE: If Shadow is alive (meaning he's in the Cave on
                        the Veldt), you can go through Owzer's Mansion and see
                        Relm, but you won't be able to talk to Owzer, which is
                        what is needed to start the boss battle and get Relm
                        (Thx to blusiryn)

TERRA  - Section 4.93 (CTRL+F: [4.093])
- Earliest you can get: Right away

STRAGO - Section 4.94 (CTRL+F: [4.094])
- Earliest you can get: Anytime after you obtain Relm

MOG - Section 4.98 (CTRL+F: [4.098])
- Earliest you can get: Right Away

UMARO - Section 4.99 (CTRL+F: [4.099])
- Earliest you can get: Anytime after you obtain Mog

LOCKE - Section 4.107 (CTRL+F: [4.107])
- Earliest you can get: Right Away
  NOTE: This is a 2-party dungeon, so having 8 characters is recommended

GOGO - Section 4.109 (CTRL+F: [4.109])
- Earliest you can get: Right Away

- Getting the most powerful Blitz for Sabin - Section 4.95 (CTRL+F: [4.095])
- Have Cyan learn all Bushido techniques - Section 4.96 (CTRL+F: [4096])
- Obtaining Master's Scroll and Quick spell - Section 4.101 (CTRL+F: [4.101])
- Getting all available Lores - Section 4.105 (CTRL+F: [4.105])
- Obtaining Soul of Thamasa (Dualcast) - Section 4.110 (CTRL+F: [4.110])
- Learning Valor spell - Section 4.111 (CTRL+F: [4.111])
- Paladin's Shield and Lightbringer - Section 4.116 (CTRL+F: [4.116])
  *** Only possible once you get Locke ***

4.83 Overworld: South-Western Continent                                 [4.083]

New Monsters:
#174 - Leap Frog
#175 - Slagworm
#176 - Cactuar
#177 - Crawler
#178 - Sprinter
#179 - Basilisk
#180 - Lycaon
#181 - Greater Mantis

Monster Formations:

- Crawler x3 (1 AP)
- Basilisk x2, Leap Frog (1 AP)

- Leap Frog x4 (1 AP)
- Greater Mantis x2 (2 AP)

- Crawler x3 (1 AP)
- Greater Mantis, Sprinter, Lycaon x2 (3 AP)

Desert (North):
- Crawler x3 (1 AP)
- Basilisk x2, Leap Frog (1 AP)

Desert (South):
- Slagworm (5 AP)
- Cactuar (10 AP)

- Leap Frog: Hi-Potion (Common), Pinwheel (Rare)
- Slagworm: Remedy (Rare)
- Cactuar: Gold Needle (Rare)
- Crawler: Remedy (Rare)
- Sprinter: None
- Basilisk: Tortoise Shield (Rare)
- Lycaon: X-Potion (Rare)
- Greater Mantis: Impartisan (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Leap Frog can inflict some nice damage if you let them. On their first turn
they will either attack physically (66%) or use Tongue to inflict Sap on you.
Next turn they will Jump (same thing as when you Jump) and attack a random
character. Their third turn consists of attacking physically (66%) or using
Rippler. See the note on Rippler below! After it's third turn, it loops back
around to the first turn. Their Jump attack can do some damage, so you may want
to make sure they never use it, which is only possible if you kill them before
their 2nd turn.

This is usually only possible if you use strong MT attacks with everybody. They
are weak to Ice, so this means MT Blizzara whereever possible, Gil Toss if you
have lots of money, and Rising Phoenix/Razor Gale with Sabin. Even if you don't
wish to take them out before their second turn, use these same attacks to defeat

NOTE: Rippler is a bugged attack. It's supposed to trade most statuses with the
target, but from what I understand, it also trades things like Trance, Dance,
Rage. The most important side-effect you need to keep in mind only applies to
when Shadow is in your party. As you know, Interceptor (Shadow's dog) sometimes
comes out and attacks the enemy for you. However, if Shadow is Rippler'd,
Interceptor actually gets traded to the enemy (the game sees Interceptor as a
status)! If you end the battle without getting Interceptor back (another Rippler
will trade him back to Shadow), you will lose Interceptor forever! This won't
apply to your average gamer (simply because the chances of Rippler being used on
Shadow while he's in your party aren't overwhelmingly great), but be careful not
to end the battle if Shadow gets Rippler'd, but wait for Shadow to be Rippler'd
AGAIN to get Interceptor back.

- Slagworms are dangerous, and you may want to think twice about going into the
desert at this point. Read on and decide if you want to visit the deserts or
not. Slagworm has sky-high attack and isn't afraid to use it quite often, doing
up to 500-1000+ damage to a single character. Their special attack, which they
only use on their 2nd Turn [33%] (and every 3rd Turn after that), is Crush (500%
damage). They have a 33% of Snorting you away every 3rd Turn. Other than that,
they attack physically, and counter any attack with up to 2 Sandstorm attacks,
which is Wind-elemental. Later on, you will have several items to help you with
Wind-based attacks, but you don't as of right now.

Slagworms also have 12018 HP and 10500 MP (not that MP matters, but I thought
I'd mention it anyway). So how do you take this guy down? There's several things
you can do:
He's vulnerable to anything that isn't called Imp, Petrify, or Sleep. This
includes Slow, Stop, Confuse, and yes, even Instant Death. This means you can
use Death spell or weapons like Soul Sabre or Viper Darts to instantly kill it.
Alternatively, you can use Stop/Confuse to disable it for a while and cast lots
of Ice- or Water-elemental spells to target its weakness.

Using Instant-kill methods is much faster than using Stop or anything else. If
you're afraid of taking too much damage, simply cast Vanish on your party to
make everyone one invisible. The only way Slagworm can damage you know is with
Sandstorm, which he only uses to counter attacks. Using the Death spell does not
trigger any counter attacks, so you'll be relatively safe from Slagworm.

- Cactuar are a challenge if you're not prepared. They only have one attack:
1000 Needles. This attack does 1000 damage. Always. No matter what. For the
first six turns it will switch off between saying "Bundling up something..."
and using 1000 Needles. On its 7th turn it will display "Workload increases
tenfold!" followed by 10 x 1000 Needles on its next turn! Don't let it get this
far, as you WILL die to this attack unless you're seriously overleveled.

They have the highest stats out of any monster in the game in the following
areas: Defense & Magic Defense (255), Evasion & Magic Evasion (250). They also
have the 2nd highest Magic stat (50), but that doesn't matter.

The catch? They have 3 HP. You can forget about attacking physically or with
magic since it has insane Evasion. So how do you beat it? Most any defense
ignoring attack will do. This includes: 
- Sabin's Raging Fist (Left-Right-Left), Meteor Strike (R-L-Down-Up)
- Edgar's Tools (Auto Crossbow, Drill, Chainsaw)
- Setzer's Dice or Gil Toss

This gives you quite a list of attacks that will instantly kill Cactuars. Enjoy.

- Crawler only have one attack if there's more than one of them: Attack
physically 66% of the time, and try to Poison with Feeler for the other 33%.
Once they are alone, they use Dischord (33%), Leech (33%), or Feeler (33%).
They are weak to Ice, so a few MT Blizzara should take care of them. By doing
this, you shouldn't ever have to see Dischord or Leech.

- Sprinter simply attacks on its first turn, followed by a 33% of using Osmose
Beak (steals MP) and a 66% of attacking physically. It's third and last turn
includes attacking physically (66%) or using White Wind (33%). That's all there
is to them. They are weak to Lightning and vulnerable to Instant Death (and with
no Magic Evasion, the Death spell usually connects).

An important thing to note about Sprinters is their Rare Drop: Reed Cloak. This
is one of the rare items that absorbs Water and is one of the few pieces of
equipment belonging to an "Imp Set". More on that later.

- Basilisk have a 66% of attacking physically every turn, with a 33% of using
Stone Gaze (inflicts Petrify) on their 2nd Turn (and every 3rd Turn after that).
They are vulnerable to everything except Petrify, so take advantage of that.
They are weak to Ice and have 5000 HP, so you may want to Stop/Death them.

These guys have another piece of the Imp Set: Tortoise Shield. You probably
won't need this now, but keep this in mind for later.

- Lycaon attack physically 66% of the time and occasionally (33%) use Scratch
[150% damage] every other turn. They only have 250 HP, with a higher Magic
Defense than Defense, so attack them physically to take them out. They're weak
to Water if you're interested.

- Greater Mantis attack physically (66%) every turn. That's all you need to
know. They do have a special attack (Mind Reaper; steals MP) but it will always
do 0 damage since they don't have any magic attacks. The thing you DO need to
know is they have the highest Attack stat out of any monsters: 180 (the 2nd
highest is Omega Weapon with 111). At this point in the game, any attack from
Greater Mantis *probably* spells death for your characters.

The only sane way around this is to Vanish all your characters. This leaves you
untouchable in this battle. They are weak to Fire, which gives you a nice list
of attacks to take them out.

MAIN FEATURE: The desert south of Maranda is the main feature of this continent.
You face off against either Slagworm or Cactuar, both of which give out 10000
Gil each! They also hand out 5 AP (Slagworm) or 10 AP (Cactuar), making this
small desert the ultimate place to learn magic and gather money (you'll need a
LOT of money later, so you'll probably be back here).

Anyway, our goal right now is to head to Jidoor. The Opera House lies on the
way, though, so let's head in there and see what's new.

4.84 Opera House & Earth Dragon                                         [4.084]

New Monsters:
#342 - Earth Dragon

Monster Formations:
- Earth Dragon

- Earth Dragon: X-Potion (Rare)

Welcome back to the Opera House. Talk to the greeter (or whatever his
professional job title is) and he'll tell you to go talk to the Impresario.
Head to the seated area and talk to the Impresario to find out that a dragon
has made himself comfortable on the middle of the stage! Guess who gets to
remove the dragon from the stage? You!

Head up to the north-eastern room and you'll find four familiar switches.
To fight the Earth Dragon, you have to hit the third switch from the left.
However, we need to prepare first:
1) Equip Gaia Gear on everyone that can. If you've been following this guide,
that means Edgar is in your party, who can't equip Gaia Gear. Give him the Angel
Wings Relic instead (gives wearer Float status).
2) Have someone wear the Golem esper, as it will help by absorbing some damage

When you're ready, hit the third Switch from the left.

BOSS: Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 53
- HP: 28500
- MP: 16500
- Steal: X-Potion (Rare)
- Drops: Magus Rod (Always)

Earth Dragon has four different turns it uses:
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Quake (66%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Magnitude 8 (33%) or Landslide (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (33%) or Magnitude 8 (33%) or Quake (33%)
4th Turn: Attack (66%) or Landslide (33%)

Everything besides his physical attack is Earth-elemental, which means those
with Gaia Gear get healed by it, and those Floating with Angel Wings simply
dodge it.

This means the only thing you have to watch out for are its physical attacks,
which can be quite strong. Earth Dragon has a 33% chance of countering any
attack with Honed Tusk (500% damage).

Lastly, every 20 seconds Earth Dragon will use the attack 50 Gs if any of your
characters have Float status. This attack is only used by Earth Dragon and will
remove Float status... if it's not permanent. Angel Wings makes the status
permanent (well, as long as you wear the relic) so when you think about it,50 Gs
does absolutely nothing.

How to defeat Earth Dragon? First, summon the Golem esper in order to reduce
some damage you take. The Earth Dragon is weak to Wind and Water, so act
accordingly. One interesting strategy to try: If you find that you don't have
enough Wind- or Water-elemental attacks, you can use Edgar's Debilitator to
change the Earth Dragon's weakness. With any luck you'll make Earth Dragon weak
to something like Fire/Lightning/Ice.

The only thing you really have to worry about are the physical attacks. We can't
Vanish anyone since any magic attack simply removes the status. After the Golem
esper has done its job, you'll be taking full damage. The only thing you can do
at this point is revive your KO'd characters and hope for any magic attack from
the Earth Dragon to heal you. This actually works rather well, since most of his
attacks are magic attacks.

That's pretty much all there is to this battle. Keep attacking his weakness,
revive KO'd characters and wait for any magic attack from Earth Dragon to heal

Alternate Tactic (thx to blusiryn for this one): Earth Dragon is also vulnerable
to Sleep, so just put him to sleep and wail on him with any attacks. If he
wakes up, just hit him with another Sleep spell.

You get the Magus Rod for beating the Earth Dragon.


NOTE: After you beat Earth Dragon, you will see a message at the bottom of the
screen in white lettering, which says: 7 Dragons remaining. Remember the guy in
Albrook that mentioned some of the monsters that had been released after Kefka
destroyed the world? He mentioned Deathgaze, Humbaba, and... 8 Legendary
Dragons. You just defeated the first of these 8!

After you clear the stage for the Impresario all he does is say "Looks like you
saved the day for us once again!" You're welcome. He could've given us a little
prize or something, but noooo... that's fine.

Now that we're done with the Opera House, let's continue on to Jidoor.

NOTE: Don't forget to re-equip your body armor and Relics.

4.85 Jidoor & Auction House                                             [4.085]

Inn Cost: 250 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items: None

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | Stock up.
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           |
| Teleport Stone (700 Gil)    |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /         Weapon Shop        \
| Man-Eater (11000 Gil)       |
| Partisan (13000 Gil)        | Buy a Partisan for Dragoon Edgar. 
| Crystal Sword (15000 Gil)   |
| Sniper (15000 Gil)          |

 /         Armor Shop         \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| Get a Circlet for the person who's not wearing
| Circlet (7000 Gil)          | Mystery Veil/Royal Crown/Genji Helm (Edgar for
| Black Cowl (7500 Gil)       | me).
| Crystal Helm (10000 Gil)    | If you never got a Black Garb in Maranda, get
| Black Garb (13000 Gil)      | one now.

 /        Relic Shop          \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| The only new Relic here is Protect Ring, which
| Princess Ring (3000 Gil)    | casts Protect (1/3 less damage from physical
| Protect Ring (5000 Gil)     | attacks) on the wearer.
| Gigas Glove (5000 Gil)      |
| Angel Wings (6300 Gil)      | Buy one or two if you feel like.

Things of interest this time around: A man by the gate/archway has seen a lot
of carrier pigeons flying towards Maranda. We can't forget our quest on finding
out who's been sending Lola those letters.

Another guy saw a painting Emperor Gestahl the other day... this ties into what
the last Imperial Soldier in the Coliseum was saying: "Talk to the emperor
twice." (See Section 4.79 if you don't know what I'm talking about) The guy
also says the painting is in Owzer's House. Cool.

The girl near the Auction House tells you Owzer's diary was just laying there,
so she read it. Believe it or not, we'll need this piece of info later (though
we could've easily gotten by without it).

That's about all. Let's head to the Auction House, which has been updated.

New things you can buy:
Hero's Ring - 50,000 Gil
Zephyr Cloak - 10,000 Gil (NOTE: You can buy this for only 7000 Gil in Nikeah)
1/1200 scale airship - Can't Buy
Robotic Imp - Can't Buy
Excalipoor - 500,000 Gil*

* Excalipoor is used to get a certain esper. After you buy it, you have to bet
it in the Coliseum to face off against Gilgamesh. If you defeat him, you get
the Gilgamesh magicite. We'll do this later, so don't bother saving money and
buying this now.

Anyway, there's nothing here really that you might need. You can buy the Hero's
Ring if you want, but that's up to you. If you have extra money, I say go for

If you wanted to, you could go get another one of your old friends back right
now: Relm. However, this would only apply if you saved Shadow from the Floating
Continent (meaning you waited for the clock to reach 0:05 and he showed up).

I will lead you through this dungeon at a later point. You'll understand why

For now, let's continue our quest on finding Cyan.

4.86 Zozo [WoR]                                                         [4.086]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: Same as in WoB. Check Section 4.37

Items: None

Steals: Check Section 4.37

How to handle these guys: Hopefully none of these guys will cause you any
trouble, but if you do need help, check section (Guess which one) .... 4.37.

As soon as you enter, you'll see the carrier pigeon we've been following.
"Talk" to it and it will fly a little ways and then north off the screen. We're
interested in that door it flew over. If you head up there now (the west door
on the top floor outside), you'll find that it's rusted shut.

If you remember (or if you don't, whatever), there was a guy in Maranda who told
you there was a single honest guy in Zozo. You could walk all around town to
find the one honest guy, or you could just go talk to the guy walking around in
front of the Clock Tower Puzzle (where we got the Chainsaw, which you can still
get if you never got it in WoB for some reason; the time is 6:10:50).

This merchant will tell you about a path leading to Mt. Zozo. He also tells you
those "the monsters up there are quick!" This just means that they all have
abnormally high Evasion. He then suggests you use a "sniper whatchamacallits",
after which he will sell you some Rust-Rid for 1000 Gil. The sniper thing he's
talking about is the Sniper Eye Relic, which ensures that physical attacks
never miss.

We could use Sniper Eye, but we're not going to worry about it. We'll do
something MUCH better than that, believe me.

Anyway, head into the Pub, upstairs, out the right door, up the stairs again,
and use the Rust-Rid on the left door.

NOTE: Before you head in, get into a random encounter and cast Vanish on all
four of your characters. Trust me.

4.87 Mt. Zozo                                                           [4.087]

New Monsters:
#148 - Mugbear
#149 - Devil Fist
#150 - Luridan
#151 - Punisher
#152 - Glasya Labolas
#341 - Storm Dragon

Monster Formations:
- Mugbear, Punisher (4 AP)
- Mugbear (2 AP)
- Glasya Labolas (2 AP)

Slope with Bridge:
- Punisher, Devil Fist, Punisher (1 AP)
- Luridan x6 (2 AP)
- Glasya Labolas (2 AP)

Any Slope (Besides the one with the Bridge mentioned above):
- Luridan x6 (1 AP)
- Luridan x3 (1 AP)
- Glasya Labolas, Mugbear, Devil Fist (4 AP)

- Red Cap (West of Entrance)
- Ice Shield (North-West of Entrance)
- Thunder Shield (In Spotlight)
- Aegis Shield (On far side of Broken Bridge)
- Gold Hairpin (Take North-West exit from Cave)
- "Books" (Cyan's locked chest, first time)
- empty (Cyan's locked chest, second time)

- Mugbear: Thief's Bracer (Rare)
- Devil Fist: Brigand's Glove (Rare)
- Luridan: Hi-Potion (Common)
- Punisher: Rising Sun (Common), Bone Club (Rare)
- Glasya Labolas: Hi-Potion (Common), Muscle Belt (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Mugbear is unlike any monster you've seen so far. It will use Steal (!) on the
first turn. It then flees on the second, taking all Gil he stole from you with
him. If you want to get your money back, you'll have to kill him before he
flees. He also has a 33% chance of countering any attack with Steal as well.

Killing it is not hard. It has high Evasion (like most monsters in here), so
stick with Magic attacks. He's weak to Fire and only has 2409 HP, so it's an
easy kill for you.

- Devil Fist is quite simple. It attacks one turn, then either attacks
physically (66%) or uses Switchblade [150% damage] (33%) on the next turn. It
then repeats those two turns. It also has a 33% chance of countering any attack
with Switchblade as well.

Devil Fist isn't weak to anything, but it does absorb Poison. It only has 1759
HP, and since Devil Fist never appears by itself, you can probably concentrate
some MT spells on other monsters and Devil Fist will simply die in the

- Luridan are kinda weird. They come in packs of three or six, so they can get
slightly annoying. On their first turn, they all attack physically. Every turn
after that, they have a 66% of doing the same. The other 33% of the next four
turns can be as follows: Ram [200% damage] (2nd Turn), Forest Healing (3rd
Turn), Meercat (4th Turn), Ram (5th Turn). After 5 Turns, it starts out with
a physical attack again.

Forest Healing lifts a bunch of statuses on the enemies side, and Meercat causes
Haste to all the enemies. So none of these spells affect you at all. That works.
They're all weak to Fire and Wind. You can even use Instant Death on Luridans
if you want to. It shouldn't take more than two MT Fira spells to get rid of six
of them.

- Punisher always has a 33% of doing nothing. Any other time he will simply
attack physically. On its third turn, it uses three attacks in a row: the first
attack is Clobber (200% damage), and the other two are physical attacks (66%
still). Any time you try to Steal from it, it has a 66% of countering with its
own steal.

Punisher is weak to Poison and things like Instant Death. Still nothing too

- Glasya Labolas actually uses two attacks every turn. Each of those attacks has
a 33% of doing nothing. On his first and second turn he has a 33% of using
Uppercut [500% damage] for one of those attacks, and on his third turn he has a
33% of doing Uppercut for both attacks. Any other time he'll simply attack

Glasya Labolas is weak to Poison, but don't use MT Poison if Devil Fist is on
the screen, as he'll absorb it and actually heal himself.

If you've been paying close attention to the above monster strategies, you
might've noticed something... you did? Good, then do it.

So you didn't notice anything? Ok, think about what we did before we came here.
I had you cast Vanish on all your characters. Does it make sense now? Every
single one of these monsters attacks you physically. Not a single one has a
magic attack that could disrupt your Invisible status. You know what that means?

Once you have Vanish status, you are immune to EVERY SINGLE MONSTER in here.
Now that's crazy. As mentioned before, most of these monsters have high Evasion,
so always stick with Magic attacks or defense-piercing attacks (for a short list
of what that includes, check out the monster strategy for Cactuar).

Anyway, let's explore the dungeon. It feels good to know that you don't have
to worry about any enemies, right? Don't worry, you'll still have to worry
about one (just one), but I'll let you know when that time comes.

Going straight up leads nowhere, so let's head west from the entrance. Grab
the two chests for an Ice Shield and Red Cap (Red Cap is straight west from
entrance, Ice Shield is north-west of Red Cap). Red Cap is an awesome headgear
that gives a 25% bonus to maximum HP.

Continue along south. You'll be led around some bridges and through a spotlight
where you'll start heading west. The second spotlight has a Thunder Shield for
you! Thunder Shield is like the Ice Shield, with a crucial difference: the
Thunder Shield doesn't increase any damage you take (Ice Shield doubles the
damage you take from Wind-Attacks). I highly suggest you equip the Thunder
Shield, as it will be very important in an upcoming battle. Don't equip the Ice
Shield, since it will destroy you in the same upcoming battle.

Continue along the bridges to find yourself on the west side of the first room
of the cave. Cross a long (kinda) bridge to find the Aegis Shield. This shield
provides awesome protection against Magic, and also a pretty decent boost in
Defense and Evasion as well. If anyone is wearing the Diamond Shield, give them
the Aegis Shield instead.

Go out the first of two exits you see (the one further west). Open the chest for
a Gold Hairpin. Remember way back in WoB when you were chasing Lone Wolf up to
the Narshe Cliffs? Remember how you had to make a choice between Mog (left) and
Lone Wolf and whatever item he had (right) ? If you hadn't chosen Mog, you
would've gotten a Gold Hairpin, the same item you just found. It's a relic that
halves MP cost for all magic. If you've been having trouble keeping your MP up,
this may be a useful relic for you.

Head back inside and take the other exit. This is the area I marked as "Slope
with Bridge" in the Monster Formations section if you were wondering.

Cross the bridge and re-enter the cave. Head to the west side of the cave to
find a Save Point. I suggest you save.

Walk up and east to find a tile you can step on. HOLD ON. If you step on this
tile, you'll release another one of the 8 Legendary Dragons: Storm Dragon.
He'll fly around the room for a bit, and if you just stood still, he'll fly into
you, triggering a battle.

Let's prepare first. If you somehow equipped that Ice Shield earlier, remove it.
This dragon's element is Wind, and Ice Shield will double any damage you take
from wind-based attacks. Do make sure you have a Thunder Shield equipped on
somebody. Useful espers include Golem, Fenrir, Zona Seeker, and Ramuh (in order
of usefulness).

When you're ready, step on the tile and prepare for a difficult fight!

BOSS: Storm Dragon

Storm Dragon (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 74
- HP: 42000
- MP: 1250
- Steal: None
- Drops: Force Armor (Always)

Storm Dragon is one of the harder Elemental/Legendary Dragons. Let's start out
by looking at what exactly he'll do in battle:
At the start of the battle, Storm Dragon only has two different turns he uses:
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Wind Slash (33%) or Leaf Swirl (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Wind Slash (33%)

Once his HP is 15360 or less, he'll change the attacks he uses:
1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Aero (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Wing Sabre [300% damage] (33%) or Cyclonic (33%)

No matter what his HP is, he'll have a 33% chance of countering any attack with
a physical attack.

The first thing you'll want to do is summon the Espers you brought. Golem or
Fenrir will help protect against the physical attacks, Zona Seeker will help
protect against Wind Slash and Leaf Swirl (your main worry at first), and
Ramuh's Judgment Bolt targets Storm Dragon's weakness: Lightning.

After you've summoned your protective espers, start draining his 1250 MP with
Rasp. Make sure you keep track of when you're done, since the game doesn't tell
you that there is nothing to drain. If you lose track, you can check his MP with
a simple Libra. I suggest keeping track though, since you'll be needing every
attack you can get, and you don't want to waste one of those attacks on a Libra.

Once his MP is gone, you'll be in for a battle. Your priority right now is to
bring Storm Dragon's HP down to 15360, which means you'll have to do 26640
damage first. Again, he's weak to Lightning, so Thundara should be your main
spell at the moment. Thundara should be doing 1500+ damage per hit, so removing
26640 HP from Storm Dragon shouldn't take as long as you might think. Always
make sure your characters' HP stays above 500-600. Revive any KO'd characters
immediately with a Phoenix Down.

That's all I can tell you about the first part of the battle. The person with
the Thunder Shield is not taking any damage from Wind Slash, which is good.
Keep attacking and healing when necessary and his HP should drop down to
15360 in no time.

Now comes the easy part. Since he has no MP, he won't be able to use Aero or
Cyclonic. As soon as you realize that you're in the second part of the battle,
cast Vanish immediately on any and all characters. After this, you are immune
to any of his attacks. HP doesn't matter at this point, and you can stop
reviving KO'd characters if you wish. Simply do whatever it takes to bring his
HP to 0 to win this difficult battle. Congratulations.

You get Force Armor for defeating Storm Dragon.


6 Dragons remaining.

Two down, six to go. First, let's discuss this awesome piece of armor we just
received. It provides decent Defense and excellent Magic Defense, boosts Magic
Evasion as well, and halves any damage taken from the following elements: Water,
Earth, Wind, Lightning, Ice, and Fire. Equip it on whoever you like for now.

After the battle, save, and head south to find some more slopes. Re-enter to
the right to find... a room full of silk flowers! The same flowers Lola has all
over her house. This must be where Cyan is. There's a letter on the table:

Dear Lola,
I am writing to beg for your forgiveness.
I am guilty of perpetuating a terrible lie.
I have only now realized the error of my
ways, and taken up this quill in hopes of
correcting a great wrong.
Your boyfriend, who you believe to be
in Mobliz, passed away some time ago. I
have been writing to you in his stead.
We humans have a tendency to become
trapped in the past and refuse to move
on. I implore you not to let this happen.
Now is a time for you to look forward,
and rediscover love and all of the other
joys of life...

Looks like Cyan has finally realized he can't pretend to Lola's boyfriend
anymore and is ready to tell her the truth in a letter. Nice.

To actually find Cyan, head outside through the right door. He'll be attaching
a letter to another carrier pigeon, which flies off (towards Maranda, we can
assume). Cyan will then recite a poem:
                             Memories of the world
                           before the fall remain...
                   But the light of dawn doth never change,
                         nor e'er the hearts of men...

How cute. You call out to Cyan, who is surprised to see that you're alive. Good
to see you, too, Cyan. Cyan immediately decides to join you, then wonders how
you got there... the only way you could've found him is through his letters,
which he realizes. Cyan panics and heads inside to try to hide all the silk
flowers and the letter you read earlier. You catch him trying to hide the
flowers and Cyan becomes embarrassed.

Cyan then tells you the story of how he came to writing Lola letters: He had
wondered what happened to Lola and paid a visit to Maranda. He found out that
Lola was still sending a letter every day, but was receiving no replies [since
her boyfriend had died when Mobliz was destroyed by Kefka's Light of Judgment].
Cyan couldn't stand the sight of this, and decided to write to her and pretend
to be her boyfriend. He discovered that he was no different from Lola in the
sense that he couldn't let go and refused to move on. However, Cyan has changed
now and is ready to face the future.

Cyan then says he encountered "Sir Gau" in Maranda! Gau was planning to get
stronger, and where does Gau train? On the Veldt. Guess where our next stop is?

But first, head back outside through the right door. See that shining thing in
the top left corner? That's the key to Cyan's treasure chest. Head back inside
and unlock the chest. Inside you will find several books:
1. Machinery for Dunces
2. A Pictorial Guide to Machines
3. Everything About Machines
4. Machines for the Mechanically Disinclined
5. Bushido in the Bedroom

Based on books 1-4, we can assume Cyan is trying to get over his fear of
machines. And about Book #5 .... I'll leave that up to your imagination. ;)

NOTE: Since you probably don't have room in your party, Cyan will be waiting
for you at the Falcon.

NOTE2: You can use the Teleport spell to transport yourself outside of Zozo.
Or you could hike all the way back if you really want to.

Now that we've found 4 other friends (meaning there's 5 people to choose from),
we can hop on the Falcon, press Start to actually access the ship's interior and
talk to any party member walking around to change our party.

If you can't find Cyan, go down the stairs on the west side of the main room to
get to the engine room. Cyan is here. Talk to him to change your party around
if you wish.

Where do we go next? We're going to get Gau! Off to the Veldt!

But where is it? It's not in the exact same location, but it's still close. It's
north of the Serpent Trench, or you could simply call it the North-East
continent. If you're still confused: See the triangle in the top right corner
of the map? That's Triangle Island (do NOT go here yet, seriously). Land on the
landmass that lies south-west of Triangle Island.

Anyways, you should know when you're on the Veldt by the random encounters and
even by the music.

4.88 Veldt [WoR]                                                        [4.088]

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: Most formations you've already encountered

Items: None

Welcome to the Veldt! First things first, though: Get on the Falcon and change
your party so you only have 3 characters. This is necessary to get Gau.

Fight a few battles and Gau will return, just like he did in the WoB.
Gau: Uwaoo~! Uwao, aooh! I'm Gau! Gau your friend! Frieeend!!! I join you again!

And just like that, you have Gau back. Awesome. Let's equip Gau first: Just hit
Optimize (which for me meant Ice Shield, Circlet, and Black Garb). As for
Relics, I gave Gau double Hero's Ring to boost his physical and magical attacks.

Now that we have Gau back, let's get some rages. Here's the ones I recommend:
- Behemoth (Meteor)
- Ninja (Water Scroll)
- Fafnir (Traveler)
- Killer Mantis (Metal Cutter)
- Marchosias (Aero)
- Mousse (Transfusion)
- Borghese (Holy)
- Devil Fist (Will o' the Wisp)
- Luridan (Rock Slide)
- Punisher (Thundaga)
- Glasya Labolas (Revenge Blast)
- Cactuar (1000 Needles)
- Greater Mantis (Wind Slash)
- Gigantos (Magnitude 8)

NOTE: These are the most useful rages out of all the monsters you've encountered
so far if you've been following this guide.

Yeah, that's a lot of rages. If you don't feel like getting all of those, you
can just get these, as they will be the most useful: Killer Mantis, Marchosias,
Borghese, Punisher, Cactuar, Greater Mantis.

I'll wait while you get those Rages...

*2 hours later*

Done? Good. Now we have Gau back, and we've trained him to have some very nice
attacks. We'll actually come back here to learn some more useful Rages in a not
too distant future, so if you're frustrated with getting any of these Rages now,
try to get them when you come back later.

Where to next? Well, there's a brand new cave on the Veldt. It's called "Cave
on the Veldt". Clever, no?

4.89 Cave on the Veldt                                                  [4.089]

New Monsters:
#153 - Gorgimera
#154 - Twinscythe
#155 - Death Warden

Monster Formations:
- Twinscythe (2 AP)
- Twinscythe x2 (3 AP)
- Gorgimera (7 AP)
- Death Warden (Monster-in-a-Box) (0 AP)

- Gorgimera: Golden Spear (Rare)
- Twinscythe: Poison Rod (Rare)
- Death Warden: Potion (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)

- Berserker Ring (North-West of campfire)
- Tigerfang* (Through hidden passage in North-West)
- Ichigeki (South of switched passage)

* Fight Death Warden (Monster-in-a-Box) to get Tigerfang

How to handle these guys:
- Gorgimera has a 66% chance of attacking physically for the first three turns.
On its fourth turn, it uses Rampage (200% damage), followed by three attacks:
1st Attack: Snowstorm (33%) or Fireball (33%) or Gigavolt (33%)
2nd Attack: Magnitude 8 (33%) or Aqua Breath (33%) or Gigavolt (33%)
3rd Attack: Magnitude 8 (33%) or Snowstorm (33%) or Fireball (33%)

Lastly, it has a 33% chance of countering any attack with a physical attack.

Yes, he'll attack four times in one turn. Gorgimera has no weakness and you
can't "Instant Death" it. However, you CAN cast Stop (among other things), so
make sure you Stop it before it reaches its fourth turn. Gorgimera has 7191 HP,
so use some strong attacks to take it down.

Out of all of Gau's new Rages, Luridan (Rock Slide) seems to do the most damage,
but I do suggest you try out some of the other new Rages. For your other
characters, just use your strongest attacks (I hate saying that, but it's true
in this case).

- Twinscythe are easier to deal with than Gorgimera. Every turn, they have a
66% of using a physical attack. Apart from that, they counter everything with
a 33% of using Drainsickle (steals HP). That's all.

They absorb Ice attacks, but are weak to Fire and Wind. A single Aero by Gau
(Sprinter/Marchosias) takes them down in one hit (in most cases). They only
have 2500 HP, so they shouldn't take long to take down.

- Death Warden only has one turn: Death (33%) or Doom (33%). He counters
anything with a 33% chance of using Death again. After an entire minute of the
battle, he'll use Atomic Ray (a strong MT-Fire attack) EIGHT times in a row.
It shouldn't take you more than 60 seconds to get rid of it.

So if it can cast Death/Doom every turn, how are you supposed to beat it?
There's two (very easy) ways:
1. He's vulnerable to Instant Death. Abuse it.
2. He's undead, so a simple Phoenix Down kills it instantly.

Both are cheap, but Death Warden is also cheap, so it seems fair. If you don't
feel like doing either of these, know that he's weak to Fire/Holy and has
8000 HP. A single Borghese (Holy) from Gau will probably take away half of
Death Warden's HP. Follow that up with Rising Phoenix/Fira castings and you'll
defeat him easily. However, chances are good that at least one of your
characters will fall to Death (I had two die when I defeated him the "regular"

First things first: Either summon Phantom in a battle, or cast Vanish on all
your characters. The only way you could lose your Invisible status is if you let
Gorgimera live until its fourth turn. Even though it has over 7000 HP, you
should be able to take it down in the first three turns. As long as Gorgimera
doesn't reach its fourth turn, you should be untouchable.

Welcome to the new cave that didn't exist before Kefka destroyed the world!
As soon as you enter and take a few steps up, you'll find... Interceptor! We
can guess that he wants you to follow him, so let's do that.

There's a dead-end to the right, so head straight up. You'll come to a room
with four people standing around a fire. But first, let's grab the Berserker
Ring from the chest to the north-west of the fire. This is a relic for one
character only, and it allows him to do a different attack than he usually
does. Confusing? Don't worry, I'll fill you in later when we recruit that
character for our team.

Talk to each of the people. Here's what they say (from left to right):
1. When the three of us go hunting on the Veldt, we always run across a boy
   dressed in hides.
2. For some reason, that boy never shows up when all four of us are out there
3. There's huge dinosaurs in the forest north of the Veldt. They're incredibly
   strong. There's no way a human could defeat one. But it sure would be
   something to brag about if you did!
4. They always leave me here so they can try to befriend that kid...

Basically, #1, #2, and #4 are talking about Gau and how you get him in your
party. Thanks to yours truly, you already have Gau in your party.

#3 is talking about the strongest random encounter in the game (Brachiosaur).
He says no human could ever defeat it, but I'm sure we can figure out how to
defeat it when we get there.

Anyway, head through the door to the north. Go up the stairs, down the stairs
and start heading through the door/cave at the top. This is another one of those
annoying passages where you can't see where you're going.

You're supposed to go south, but there's a "hidden" passage to the left which
we definitely want to visit. If you can't figure out how to get there, follow
these instructions: From the beginning of this passage, go all the way left.
Take two steps BACK, then go down and left to find a chest.

If you open this chest, you'll have to fight Death Warden. Read above on how to
defeat him (basically, use Death/Phoenix Down to kill it, or cast Holy/Fire
spells to take down his 8000 HP).

NOTE: Death Warden was supposed to appear on the Veldt after this fight. Due to
a programming error (involving the wrong formation used; e-mail me if you care
more), Death Warden DOES NOT appear on the Veldt. However, once you reach the
Soul Shrine and fight Death Warden again [in Battle #15], he WILL appear on the
Veldt. This is because the programmers fixed the location error and use the
correct formation when you fight Death Warden in the Soul Shrine.

You'll get the Tigerfang for killing Death Warden. Equip this on Sabin to boost
his stats. Nice. Head back into the tunnel (all the way right, two steps up,
three steps right, then down) and exit it through the middle door.

Follow the one-way path south for several rooms until you come to a room that
has a switch on the wall. Go through the door and don't hit the switch just
yet - head south first to open the chest to find an Ichigeki! This is a key
item needed to get Shadow back into your party.

Go back up the stairs and hit the switch, which opens a passage on the other
side of the wall. Head back through the door and go east through the new
passage. You'll go through another door and down some stairs. Continue on...
wait, do you see that? Yes, but what you see can vary:

1) If you saved Shadow from the Floating Continent (meaning you waited until
   0:05 on the clock and Shadow showed up), you'll see Interceptor hovering
   over Shadow.

2) If you didn't wait for Shadow (meaning you chose the "Jump!" option instead
   of "Wait!"), that means you killed Shadow, and you'll see Interceptor leaning
   over Relm. Yes, this means you've killed Shadow for good, and you won't ever
   get him back in this game.

If you've been following this guide, you should've saved Shadow. For the rest of
the guide I'm going to assume you saved Shadow on the Floating Continent and
that you see Shadow right now.

Anyway, continue on north through a door to come to a room with another door
and a Save Point. I suggest you do save, as you're about to fight a boss.

As soon as you step through this door, you'll have to fight a boss, so let's
prepare before advancing. In order to be invincible in this battle, you need
to make sure that the Imp AND Reflect spell is available to you. Imp is
taught by Cait Sith (x5) and Reflect is taught by Carbuncle (x5). I hope you
have both, as these are vital spells to winning this battle the easiest way
possible. If you have both these spells available, the last thing you need to
do is Vanish all your character (and they already should be).

If you don't have access to both these spells, this battle is going to be a
little harder. Equip Reflect Rings on everyone.	Also, I hope you have the Stop
spell at your disposal. If you don't have that either, please tell me Gau has
any of the following Rages: Mugbear, Zokka, Alacran, Acrophies, Murussu, or

NOTE: If you don't have ANY of the above mentioned, e-mail me so I can find out
wtf you were doing the entire game.

It'd also be a good idea to equip Golem or Fenrir and Zona Seeker on somebody.

BOSS: Behemoth King x2

Behemoth King [Blue; Living] (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 43
- HP: 19000
- MP: 1600
- Steal: Murasame (Rare)
- Drops: Behemoth Suit (Always)

This is the first of two monsters you'll have to fight (the second is the same
monster, but its' Undead version). The living Behemoth King starts out with two
different attacks:
1st Turn: Holy (33%) or Blizzara (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Blizzaga (33%)

All these spells are reflectable. However, if you reflect the Holy spell back at
Behemoth King (or if you cast it on him), he will counter with Meteor. Due to a
glitch/bug (Credits to Djibriel for informing me of this), the next
counter-attack will ALSO be Meteor.

Usually the living Behemoth King counters any attack with a 33% chance of using
a physical attack. However, if you just used/reflected Holy on him, he will
first counter with Meteor, and due to a glitch, he'll override the 33% chance
of using a physical attack and counter with Meteor for the next turn only.

Once Behemoth King's HP gets to 10240 (or less), he'll change his attacks:
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Blizzaga (66%)
2nd Turn: Meteor (33%) or Holy (33%)
3rd Turn: Blizzara (33%) or Meteor (33%)

If any of your characters have Reflect status, Behemoth King will eventually
target every character with Reflect status and cast his special attack Devil
Claw (unblockable; normal damage; removes Reflect status). However, if your
characters are wearing Reflect Rings, it will say "Reflect effect vanishes" but
it won't actually be removed since the Ring makes the status permanent.

Lastly, if you cast Imp on Behemoth King (which will work), he obviously turns
into an Imp, but he also changes his attacks (again). He will physically attack
a random character for three turns. After that, if Behemoth King DOES NOT have
Reflect status, it will cast Imp on himself (which will remove the Imp status).
If he does have Reflect status, he'll simply continue attacking a random
character twice for three turns, then check again for Reflect status (repeat).

Once you kill the living Behemoth King, another monster will appear from behind!

This monster is:

Behemoth King [Undead] (0 EXP, 0 Gil)
- Level: 49
- HP: 19000
- MP: 9999
- Steal: None
- Drops: Behemoth Suit (Always)

This is the same monster, but the Undead version of it. This guy is a little
simpler than the last:
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Sleeping Gas [inflicts Sleep] (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Death (33%)
3rd Turn: Meteor (33%) or Sleeping Gas (33%)

It counters any attack with a 33% chance of using a physical attack.
If Undead Behemoth King successfully puts one of your characters to Sleep with
Sleeping Gas, he will target that same person on his next turn and attack that
same character FOUR times in a row with physical attacks. He'll actually attack
ANY character that is asleep with four physical attacks in a row.

Lots of text, but not so difficult. If you have access to Reflect and Imp, and
have all your characters Invisible, this is what you do: Cast Imp and Reflect
on Behemoth King. That's it.

NOTE: Make sure you cast Imp FIRST, and then Reflect. If you give him Reflect
first, he'll actually bounce the Imp spell back to you, which is not what we

How is that it, you say? As mentioned above, when Imp'd, Behemoth King only
uses two physical attacks in a row for three turns on a random character. Since
all your characters are Invisible, he'll miss every time. Since you cast
Reflect on Behemoth King, he will NOT use Imp on himself, therefore staying an
Imp and just attacking with physical attacks for the rest of his life.

If you hadn't cast Reflect on him, he would simply cast Imp on himself and be
back to his old bad self.

Once you have Imp'd and cast Reflect on Behemoth King, it's only a matter of
using PHYSICAL attacks (remember, he has Reflect now, which will bounce most
magical attacks back to YOU) to take him down. Since you are invincible, you
can take as long as you want in taking down his 19000 HP. You should know by
now what attacks are physical, so I hope you don't accidently use a magic-based

Go to "PART 2" after you defeat this guy.

Yeah, this battle's going to be a little harder. Summon Golem/Fenrir to take
care of some of the physical damage you'll take. Next, you should cast Imp
and Stop (or whichever of those you have, hopefully both). Now attack him with
everything you got (magic works this time) and continually cast Stop every turn.
He's weak to Fire and Poison, so act accordingly for maximum damage. The only
thing you need to watch out for is the fact that he absorbs Ice-elemental
attacks, so stay away from those.

If everything goes right, you shouldn't take too much damage, and Golem should
be absorbing most of the damage anyway.

Once you kill the living Behemoth King, the Undead version appears from behind.


This guy is actually a little harder in a head-on battle. The nice thing about
the Undead version: It's vulnerable to Instant Death. Also, since he's actually
Undead, a simple Phoenix Down will instantly kill Undead Behemoth King as well.

If you don't want to use these "cheap" strategies, read on:
This guy is weak to Fire and Holy. Borghese Rage (Holy) will do close to 4000
damage, so that takes care of Gau. Celes can just heal/revive if necessary, or
cast Fira. Sabin can use Rising Phoenix or Razor Gale, though Rising Phoenix is
Fire-elemental. Setzer can also heal/revive if necessary or simply throw out
Gil Toss for some nice damage (if you have lots of money) or any other spells
you may find useful.

If one of your character falls asleep due to Sleeping Gas, wake them up by
either attacking them (not smart), casting Esuna on them, or using a Remedy.
Make sure you wake the affected characters up ASAP as Undead Behemoth King will
throw four physical attacks towards the sleeping character.

Using all these strategies, you should have several methods available to kill
the Behemoth King. Phew.

How to make this battle as quick as possible? Vanish all your characters, start
the battle with Imp/Reflect (in that order) and wail on the Behemoth King until
you deal a total of 19000 damage (try out Killer Mantis Rage and be amazed),
after which the Undead Behemoth King appears from behind. Either use the Death
spell or a Phoenix Down to win the battle.

You get Behemoth Suit x2 for defeating both Behemoth Kings.


The wounds of Shadow/Relm will be too deep, so [someone] suggests to fly back
to Thamasa. Back? We haven't been to Thamasa. Oh well.

4.90 Thamasa [WoR]                                                      [4.090]

NOTE: The info/shops that I usually add at the beginning of each section for a
town is located further down, as these events are more important than shop
info and such.

In Thamasa, Shadow/Relm will be having a nightmare...

*Flashback Begins*
*Clyde is leaving Strago's house in Thamasa, but Interceptor follows him*
Clyde: You came to try and stop me...
       I'm sorry, but I can't turn back, boy...
       Stay here with my daughter...
       You both deserve to live in peace...
*Clyde runs off, Interceptor can't decide if he should follow or not, but he
 does in the end*
*Flashback Over*
*Flashback Begins*
*Looks like Strago is trying to comfort Relm*
Relm: Daddy...?
      Where'd Daddy go?
      He's coming back... isn't he?
*Relm kneels on the floor, probably crying; Interceptor leaves*
*Flashback Over*

NOTE: If you don't understand what just happened, that's fine. Just keep this
dream in mind (or not, since you can just come back to this section and read it

NOTE2: However, now that I've added both dreams for Shadow/Relm, it should be
pretty obvious what's going on. If you still can't figure it out, I'll mention
it sometime later (or you can try CTRL+F'ing it if you're dying to know).

All you can do now is wait and let Shadow/Relm rest.

Talk to Shadow to get:
Shadow: It's only a scratch. I've had worse. And I've got this guy watching
        over me.
("This guy" being Interceptor, of course)

Talk to Relm to get:
Relm: It still hurts a little... But I'm okay. Interceptor's here with me.

Once you leave town, Shadow/Relm will have left town as well. If you talk to the
guy walking around town (he used to talk about Deathgaze flying around), he'll
About Shadow: If you're looking for that man who was dressed all in black, he
              already left. He said he was going to the coliseum.
About Relm: One day not long ago, a man came here saying he worked for an
            aristocrat in Jidoor, and left with that little girl!

NOTE: If you saved Relm and the guy is still talking about Deathgaze, do the
following: See the stone pathway leading out of town? Exit the town on this path
and re-enter the town. Do this 2-3 times, and then go talk to the guy again,
and he should say the above quote. Why is it like this? I'm not sure, but it
involves you having to step on certain tiles a certain amount of time before
Relm's quote will trigger. One of these tiles is on that stone pathway, which
is why I had you enter/re-enter 2-3 times to make sure you step on that square
2-3 times. I don't really know, so just go along with it.

Our next destination is the Coliseum, regardless of who you saved. However, if
you saved Shadow from the Cave on the Veldt, we'll also add Shadow to our party.
If you saved Relm instead of Shadow, it'd still be wise to head to the Coliseum,
as we'll also get some nice(r) items while we're there.

First, let's explore the town a bit.

Thamasa Info:

Inn Cost: 1 Gil

New Monsters: None

Monster Formations: None

Items: If you didn't get any items before, the same items as listed in section

 /         Item Shop          \
| Hi-Potion (300 Gil)         |
| Ether (1500 Gil)            | Stock up.
| Phoenix Down (500 Gil)      |
| Holy Water (300 Gil)        |
| Remedy (1000 Gil)           |
| Smoke Bomb (300 Gil)        |
| Sleeping Bag (500 Gil)      |
| Tent (1200 Gil)             |

 /         Weapon Shop        \
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| Buy a few Holy Rods. Not only are they nice Rods
| Da Vinci Brush (7000 Gil)   | for Strago/Relm, but they will be very useful
| Gravity Rod (13000 Gil)     | against Deathgaze when you meet him.
| Holy Rod (12000 Gil)        |
| Viper Darts (13000 Gil)     | Stock up on 99 Shuriken (they're cheap), and if
| Golden Spear (12000 Gil)    | you believe you can afford to spend another 50k
| Man-Eater (11000 Gil)       | Gil, buy 99 Fuma Shuriken. Fuma Shuriken are
| Shuriken (30 Gil)           | roughly 1.5 as strong as Shuriken, so they're
| Fuma Shuriken (500 Gil)     | definitely worth it if you have the money.

 /         Armor Shop         \
| Mystery Veil (5500 Gil)     | Luminous Robe is new, but Magus Robe (from
| Circlet (7000 Gil)          | Maranda) is better, and only costs 2000 Gil
| Black Cowl (7500 Gil)       | more. We'll get some Magus Robe soon.
| Luminous Robe (11000 Gil)   |
| Diamond Vest (12000 Gil)    |

 /        Relic Shop          \
| Barrier Ring (500 Gil)      | Nothing new here, just lots of Rings for sale.
| Fairy Ring (1500 Gil)       | Get whatever you want.
| Reflect Ring (6000 Gil)     |
| Jeweled Ring (1000 Gil)     |
| Princess Ring (3000 Gil)    |
| Protect Ring (5000 Gil)     |
| Peace Ring (3000 Gil)       |
| Angel Ring (8000 Gil)       |

Things of interest here: The lady near the Inn talks about Ebot's Rock being
above water for the first time in fifty years! It's north of Thamasa. We could
go there now to check it out, but we wouldn't get very far (we need Strago to
fully enter Ebot's Rock), so just ignore it for now.

The guy standing in front of the Inn says he woke up in Doma Castle after Kefka
destroyed the world. Monsters attacked him when he tried to sleep... this is
something we'll actually encounter soon enough (it involves Cyan).

The mayor just says it feels a lot longer than one year since Kefka destroyed
the world. That's nice, thanks for sharing.

Speaking of Kefka... Leo's grave is still on the east side of town. Pay it a
visit if you want, though there's nothing of interest there.

That's about all there is for now.

4.91 Coliseum & Shadow                                                  [4.091]

Inn Cost: 400 Gil

New Monsters: Quite a few, depending on what you bet

Monster Formations: None

Items: None

Welcome back to the Coliseum. Our main reason for being here is to obtain
Shadow. If you saved Shadow from the Cave on the Veldt, head straight up and
bet the Ichigeki. You won't need any preparation, as this is an extremely easy
fight. Shadow is naked (meaning he has nothing equipped), so his attacks will
do around 50 (*gasp*) damage.

NOTE: Apparently, you can even lose this fight or Teleport out and still get
Shadow back.

So no matter what happens, after the battle, you'll get the Ichigeki back (if
you won), and Shadow will join your party:
You: What are you doing here?
Shadow: The only thing I know how to do... I'm fighting.
You: Why don't you come with us?
Shadow: Perhaps I should...
        All right! It's time to put my skills to the ultimate test!

And with that, Shadow is in your party.

NOTE: If you killed Shadow on the Floating Continent, betting the Ichigeki will
put you up against Typhon, who will simply Snort you away.

Next thing we'll want to do is see what items we can bet to get some better

Bet: Regal Gown
Fight: Death Machine
Win: Minerva Bustier

Minerva Bustier is the best piece of armor that Terra or Celes could ever have.
It negates ALL Wind, Lightning, Ice, and Fire attacks, and halves all damage
from Water, Earth, Holy, and Poison attacks. It also has some very nice stat
boosts (+1 Strength, +2 Speed, +1 Stamina, +4 Magic, +88 Defense, +70 Magic
Defense, +10 Magic Evasion). As you can see, you'll definitely want one of these
on Terra AND Celes. For now, you only have Celes, so just having one will do.

The fight against Death Machine is also extremely easy. Equip any character with
a Reflect Ring and send him/her into battle. Death Machine will use the Death
spell most of the time, which just gets reflected back to him. Since Death
Machine is vulnerable to Instant Death, this obviously kills it. Battle over.
Told you it was easy.

The next thing we will do is go through a chain of items to eventually get to
an excellent armor for Edgar/Sabin. This is the chain:
Fuma Shuriken -> Pinwheel -> Rising Sun -> Bone Club -> Red Jacket

Bet: Fuma Shuriken
Fight: Chaos Dragon
Win: Pinwheel

Pinwheel does roughly 1.4x more damage than Fuma Shuriken, which does 1.5x more
damage than Shuriken. This means a Pinwheel does 2.2x more damage than Shuriken,
so it's definitely worth getting some here. Pinwheels are only found in three
chests in the entire game, and there are only three monsters that have it as a
rare steal, making the Coliseum one of the easiest way to get Pinwheel.

Chaos Dragon has a few attacks you need to worry about. The first one being
Incinerate, which kills you instantly. Nothing you can do about it, just pray
Chaos Dragon doesn't use it. Next worry is Disaster, which messes you up by
giving you Darkness, Imp, Doom, Silence, Confuse, and Float status. If Disaster
hits (it misses a lot), the battle is pretty much over as well. Lastly, Chaos
Dragon uses Meteor every now and then. At this point in the game, you should be
able to survive one (two if you're lucky). All you can do is hope he doesn't use
it more than once.

Now how to defeat Chaos Dragon? Chaos Dragon has 9013 HP, but horrible Defense
(it's actually the 3rd lowest Defense in the game, aside from Grenade and
Gigantos). Any strong physical attacker will do. I've had Celes with double
Falchion kill it, Sabin with Tigerfang/Dragon Claws also worked nicely, Dragoon
Edgar with Partisan can work, Cyan with Masamune/Kazekiri can work, Shadow with
Ichigeki/Swordbreaker worked pretty well (to my surprise).

To summarize: Anyone whose name isn't Gau/Setzer + Genji Glove + Luck = works
Bet: Pinwheel
Fight: Aspidochelon
Win: Rising Sun

We're just working our way towards that Red Jacket.

This battle is so easy it's ridiculous. Aspidochelon only have 3210 HP and are
weak to Fire AND Holy. Sabin with double Dragon Claws/Burning Fist will win
7 out of 10 battles here on the first turn.

If Landslide bothers you, throw a Gaia Gear on Sabin. If Avalanche bothers you,
throw on an Ice Shield as well. So basically:
Dragon Claws/Burning Fist + Ice Shield + Gaia Gear = guaranteed win
Bet: Rising Sun
Fight: Weredragon
Win: Bone Club

Getting closer to that Red Jacket.

Weredragon is similar to Death Machine. It casts Death every now and then and is
vulnerable to Instant Death. Equip a Reflect Ring and wait for it to use Death
to win this battle.

Weredragon also only has 3000 HP and is weak to Fire and Holy, so Sabin with
Double Dragon Claws/Burning Fists will easily win this as well. This is too
Bet: Bone Club
Fight: Test Rider
Win: Red Jacket

Finally there! Win this fight to finally get the Red Jacket.

Test Rider is just as easy as the other guys. With a weakness to Poison and only
3100 HP, Double Venom Claws on Sabin pretty much take care of this guy.

Other ways to beat Test Rider: Dragoon Edgar (if he comes down twice [which he
has a 75% chance of doing], it's pretty much over), Celes with Minerva Bustier
absorbs Flash Rain, though this battle might take a while (but my Celes still
didn't have any trouble with Test Rider). I'm sure there are a few other ways
to win (such as equipping Ice Shield on anyone to absorb Flash Rain), but I'm
not going to list them all. Just try things out and see what works.

And now you have a Red Jacket! By the way, besides all the stat boosts (which
are: +5 Strength, +2 Speed, +4 Stamina, +1 Magic, +78 Defense, +55 Magic
Defense), Red Jacket also negates Fire attacks. Not bad.

NOTE: If you plan on using Edgar AND Sabin, you might want to do this whole
sequence again. Here's a summary of how to beat each monster real quick:
Chaos Dragon (Bet Fuma Shuriken): Anyone (except Gau/Setzer) with Genji Glove
can take care of him
Aspidochelon (Bet Pinwheel): Sabin with Dragon Claws/Burning Fist, Ice Shield,
Gaia Gear is a guaranteed win (99% of the time)
Weredragon (Bet Rising Sun): Reflect Ring.
Test Rider (Bet Bone Club): Sabin with double Venom Claws will win this battle
most times

And that's how to get a second Red Jacket the easy way.

NOTE: While you're at it, I recommend getting a Rising Sun. To get it, simply
bet Fuma Shuriken, then the Pinwheel.

You may not remember, but last visit to the Coliseum I told you how to upgrade
Cyan's Murasame to a Masamune, but it was difficult to do at that time since
you had to fight Glasya Labolas. If you never won the fight against Glasya
Labolas, do this real quick

Bet: Murasame
Fight: Glasya Labolas
Win: Masamune

Your setup should be: Sabin with double Venom Claws, some decent headgear and
body armor, and Sniper Eye (this is important).

You'll still only be able to survive one Uppercut from Glasya Labolas, but he
should be missing more often now than he would have last time. All you need is
for Sabin to get in two physical attacks and that should end this battle.

Now let's upgrade the Masamune to an even better weapon for Cyan, the Murakumo.

Bet: Masamune
Fight: Gorgimera
Win: Murakumo

We're just going to exchange the Masamune for an even better Murakumo. Murakumo
is only 1.23x stronger than Masamune, but it's better than nothing, right?

To make this battle as easy as possible, use Celes with a Minerva Bustier. Throw
on a Genji Glove and give her two strong weapons (two Falchion for me).

During the battle, Gorgimera will attack with Aero, Avalanche, and Flare Star.
All of these are negated by Celes' Minerva Bustier. The only thing you have to
worry about is physical attacks by Gorgimera, but since it tends to use magic
attacks more than physical attacks, you have a good chance of easily winning
this battle.

Just hope that Gorgimera sticks to magical attacks and wait for Celes to take
down all 7191 HP.

Just so you know, the Ice Shield and Flame Shield are very similar. They absorb
their own element and negate the other. The only difference is that Flame Shield
doubles Water damage, while Ice Shield doubles Wind damage.

The nice thing about these shields is that you can get one or the other at any
given time. Betting the Ice Shield gives you the Flame Shield, and vice versa.
The battles for both are incredibly easy, so it's no hassle at all to get the
other shield should you want it. I have listed both battles below.

Bet: Ice Shield
Fight: InnoSent
Win: Flame Shield

Since Ice Shield and Flame Shield are very similar, you can simply bet the
one shield to win back the other. For example, if you want the Ice Shield back
after this fight, simply bet the Flame Shield to win the Ice Shield. I'm just
having you do this since I find the Flame Shield better than the Ice Shield.
Also, since you can get the Ice Shield back anytime and this battle is so easy,
I listed it here.

InnoSent is pretty simple to beat. It does have 6600 HP and is weak to Lightning
and Water, but that's not our concern. InnoSent is also vulnerable to Instant
Death attacks, and we're going to abuse that.

NOTE: It's main attack is Lv. ? Holy, so make sure your level isn't divisible
by the last digit of your Gil total right now.

Easiest way to do this is stick a Genji Glove on Shadow and give him the
Ichigeki and Assassin's Dagger. Both of these weapons have a 25% of killing the
target, so this battle should be over in 1-3 turns.
Bet: Flame Shield
Fight: Metal Hitman
Win: Ice Shield

This is just the battle to exchange Ice Shield for the Flame Shield.

Metal Hitman is weak. With just 2000 HP and very weak Defense (5th lowest
defense in the game), pretty much anyone with a Genji Glove should be able to
win this battle in 1-2 turns.

Are you tired of this place yet? I'm actually going to send you on ANOTHER
chain, though it's mostly optional. This time we'll end up with the Holy Lance,
one of the best lances in the game for your Dragoon Edgar/Mog.

NOTE: If you don't ever use Cyan (like me), you can basically skip this entire
chain. You'll see in a minute.

The chain is this:
Sasuke -> Murasame -> Masamune -> Murakumo -> Holy Lance

As you can see, we just went through Step 2, 3, and 4 and already have a
Murakumo. Here's the interesting part: If you bet the Holy Lance, you'll win
the Murakumo back.

This means you can just bet the Murakumo you have to get the Holy Lance. Like I
said earlier, if you don't use Cyan that much, this won't be a problem for you.
Personally, I'm going to go through the whole chain, since I'd like to have a
Murakumo AND a Holy Lance.

NOTE: You may actually want to just bet the Murakumo for the Holy Lance. The
battle you fight when betting Sasuke can only be won by a lot of luck at this
point (read below for more).

NOTE: You should still have a Sasuke. This was the weapon we got by beating
Gigantos on the Floating Continent.

Here's a quick run-down on how to win the battles up to the Murakumo:
Face (Bet Sasuke): Face can be a challenge, mainly because it uses 1000 Needles
(deals 1000 damage) a lot. It also counters any attack with 1000 Needles as
well. Really, the only way to win this battle is to hope that whoever you use
for the battle (I could only get it with Sabin and Setzer, though I may have
just been unlucky with everyone else) casts the Stop spell on Face. He's
vulnerable to Stop (among other things) which is pretty much the only way to
win this battle. Once he's stopped, pray that your character (preferably with
Genji Glove, like always) uses a few physical attacks and gets rid of all 4550
HP that Face has. Good luck.

Glasya Labols (Bet Murasume): Double Venom Claws + Sniper Eye + Luck = win
Gorgimera (Bet Masamune): Celes + Minerva Bustier + Genji Glove = eventually win

This will give you a second Murakumo. Below is the next battle for the Holy

Bet: Murakumo
Fight: Galypdes
Win: Holy Lance

This battle is for one of the best lances you can get in the game.

Unfortunately, this battle is luck-based as well. Galypdes has 6013 HP and is
weak to Ice (not that it matters at this point).

Galypdes will attack physically, use Flap, and cast Shamshir or Cyclonic.
Basically, you want this battle to start and end without Galypdes ever using the
first two attacks. Shamshir and Cyclonic won't actually kill you (Shamshir
halves your HP; Cyclonic reduces your HP to 1/16 of its current total). As long
as Galypdes keeps using Shamshir/Cyclonic, you just need to deliver quick and
powerful jabs to take down its HP fairly quickly.

You can also try using Dragoon Edgar and hope that he's in the air every time
Galypdes uses Attack or Flap. Again, don't worry about Shamshir and Cyclonic as
they won't ever kill you.

With a little luck, you'll win that Holy Lance. It's worth it, though.

There are just two more thing I will have you do. One of them will grant you
a very nice Relic, the other will reward you with one of the best Armor in
the game (for certain people, of course).

First of all, you need a Rename Card. If you don't have one, bet an Elixir and
send either Setzer with Dice (guaranteed one-turn win) or someone else with
Sniper Eye to face Cactuar. You'll win a Rename Card from that battle.

Bet: Rename Card
Fight: Fiend Dragon
Win: Miracle Shoes

Miracle Shoes are nice. They cast Haste, Protect, Shell, and Regen on the
wearer. Protect and Shell automatically reduce damage from MOST attacks by 1/3.
It also makes the wearer immune to Slow and Seizure, which is nice.

This battle is going to be tough. The best character to use would be Dragoon
Edgar (with Dragon Horn, obviously). The most important part is equipping a
Flame Shield (Trade in your Ice Shield for one, see above for strategy). Also,
if you have the Holy Lance, it will make this battle much easier.

Fiend Dragon uses the following attacks: Attack (physical attack), Northern
Cross (no damage since Flame Shield negates Ice; however, it MAY FREEZE YOU),
Southern Cross (Fire-elemental, heals you since Flame Shield absorbs Fire; only
way to unfreeze you if you get frozen), Heartless Angel (Reduces your HP to 1).

The only attacks you have to worry about are Heartless Angel and the physical
attack. The only thing that will really kill you is a physical attack after
Heartless Angel (reduce to 1 HP then attack = kill). Northern Cross will only
freeze you occasionally, and Southern Cross heals you completely.

All you can do is pray Edgar Jumps and comes down several times (he has a small
chance of landing up to FOUR times). Fiend Dragon has 18008 HP, no weakness,
and is immune to most statuses you might want to abuse.

Good luck. It shouldn't be as hard as it may sound, though.

NOTE: You can bet as many Elixir as you want to get a ton of Rename Card, and
then bet those to get a ton of Miracle Shoes. I don't find the battle all that
hard as long as you have the Holy Lance (which has a 25% of casting Holy).

The last thing I recommend you do is get a Snow Scarf. This is a very nice
piece of armor for Gau and Mog (it also absorbs Ice). You can get one by
betting a Behemoth Suit (and you should have two of them).

Bet: Behemoth Suit
Fight: Outsider
Win: Snow Scarf

Like I said above, Snow Scarf is a nice armor for Mog and Gau. It also
absorbs Ice and halves all Fire damage.

Outsider is not so tough, simply because it's weak to Instant Death attacks.
It uses attacks such as Flare, Banish (will kill you), Dispatch (also kills
you). You will survive a Flare, so there's no worry there. Also, when you
damage Outsider, it will throw Shuriken, Fuma Shuriken, or Pinwheel your way.

The easiest way to defeat this guy is with Setzer/Shadow. Setzer should be
using Viper Darts x2 and Shadow will do fine with Ichigeki/Assassin's Dagger.
All these weapons have a chance of instantly killing an enemy. You should win
this battle in 2-3 tries.

Also, if you'd rather not use Setzer/Shadow to kill Outsider, you can also
use a Dragon Horn/Dragoon Edgar. Give him the Holy Lance (Outsider is weak to
Holy) and wait for him to jump in battle. Outsider has 8050 HP, but Edgar will
be doing massive damage. Chances are you'll land at least twice with Dragon
Horn, which should be enough to finish of Outsider.

Phew, wasn't that fun? Let's get out of this place.

Our next destination is Jidoor, specifically Owzer's Mansion.

4.92 Owzer's Mansion                                                    [4.092]

New Monsters:
#156 - Misty
#157 - Rafflesia
#158 - Still Life
#159 - Coeurl Cat
#160 - Crusher
#161 - Blade Dancer
#162 - Caladrius
#319 - Chadarnook

Monster Formations:
- Rafflesia x3 (1 AP) [Flower Painting in Front Room only]
- Misty x2 (2 AP) [Bottom Left Painting in Front Room only]
- Caladrius x2 (1 AP)
- Blade Dancer x2, Crusher x2 (2 AP)
- Caladrius x2, Coeurl Cat, Crusher x2 (1 AP)
- Blade Dancer, Coeurl Cat x4 (3 AP) [Falling Chests and Painting only]
- Still Life (2 AP) [Painting above Falling Chests only]
- Chadarnook (6 AP)

- Misty: Moogle Suit (Rare)
- Rafflesia: Nutkin Suit (Rare)
- Still Life: Fake Mustache (Rare)
- Coeurl Cat: Tabby Suit (Rare)
- Crusher: Super Ball (Common)
- Blade Dancer: Moogle Suit (Rare)
- Caladrius: Chocobo Suit (Rare)
- Chadarnook: None

- Moogle Suit (Chest through first left door)
- Lich Ring (North of the 3 moving doors)
- 293 Gil (Floating Chest [Far Left])
- Potion (Floating Chest [2nd from Left])
- Ether (Floating Chest [2nd from Right])
- Gold Needle (Floating Chest [Far Right])

How to handle these guys:
- Misty are nothing to worry about. They will have a 33% of using Silence or
their special attack Eyeshadow (inflicts Darkness) on you on their first turn.
Their second and only other turn has a 33% of doing either Blizzara or
Thundara. When they are attacked, they have a 33% of casting Cura on the
attacker, which is of course YOU! That's cool.

They are weak to Poison.

- Rafflesia have a 66% of attacking physically and a 33% of using Entice on you
on their first turn. The 2nd turn is the same, except it uses Poison Seed
(inflicts Poison) instead of Entice.

A quick word on Entice: This is one of the cheapest attacks in the game. It
sets Confusion-like status on you, except you're not confused. You do get the
same effects of being confused (attacking yourself), though. You also can't
protect against this attack (unless it misses), and this status will remain as
long as the monster who used it on you dies.

Good News: Gau can learn this Rage later on, and you can use Entice for your
own advantage. This attack will also work on any bosses (granting you pretty
much instant victory since the monster will attack itself until it dies). Do
note that many find this attack cheap, but you can use it however you want to.

Rafflesia, like most monsters in this "house", is weak to Fire, so take care of
it accordingly.

- Still Life attacks physically 66% of the time (every turn). On the first
turn, it has a 33% of using Poison Kiss (inflicts Poison). On its only other
turn, it has a 33% of using Lullaby (inflicts MT-Sleep). Lastly, it counters
every attack with Doom, so be quick about defeating Still Life.

Just attack Still Life with your strongest Fire attack to get rid of it easily.

- Coeurl Cat attack physically 66% of every turn. Every other turn, they have
a 33% of using Pounce (150% damage). If they are alone on the field, they have
a 33% of using Fireball.

These cats are weak to Fire AND Water.

- Crusher, like both monsters above, attacks physically 66% of the time. Every
second turn it has a 33% of using Direct Hit (500% damage), so beware of this
attack. When it's by itself (and only then), it has a 33% of countering any
attack with Lifeshaver.

Crusher is also weak to Fire.

- Blade Dancer has a weird attack sequence. It has four different turns, and
instead of actually attacking, it just throws certain weapons. Here's it's
1st Turn: Dagger or Mythril Knife
2nd Turn: Mythril Knife or Main Gauche
3rd Turn: Air Knife or Thief's Knife
4th Turn: Thief's Knife or Assassin's Dagger

The first two turns may be easier to survive, but the 3rd and 4th turn will
hurt a lot.

It also counters 33% of the time with Blood Dance (steals HP).

Blade Dancers are weak to Poison (not Fire).

- Caladrius are nothing to worry about. They attack physically 66% of every
turn, and only use Beak (inflicts Petrify) 33% of every other turn.

They are weak to Fire as well.

Strategy for this area: Once you get past the first room (where the Rafflesia
and Misty are), you might as well give all your characters the Invisible
status. This means they can only be hurt by Fireball (Coeurl Cat) or Lifeshaver
(Crusher). The nice thing is, both of these attacks are only used when the
monster is by itself. As long as you don't fight any single Coeurl Cat or
Crusher, you'll be invincible.

So you just entered Owzer's Mansion and everything is dark. If you go up the
stairs going to the left, a force pushes you back and says "Stay...away..."

A diary (Owzer's diary, to be more specific) has also just appeared on the
table below the stairs. Here's what the diary says:

- 1st Page: Just spent an absolute fortune on a new painting. It's quite a
large one, so I won't be able to put it on the first floor with the others.
I'll have to think about where to display it later.

- 2nd Page: An artist came from Zozo today. Showed me his "work." What a waste
of time.

- 3rd Page: Lamp on the stairwell was broken, so I bought a new one at the
item shop. 'Twas a tad pricey, but now everything's all bright and cheery with
just a flip of the switch.

- 4th Page: I invited an artist here from Kohlingen. Skills weren't quite up to
par... I guess it's asking too much to expect a painter to have more talent
than a wet sponge.

- 5th Page: I've been feeling strange lately. Ever since I had that picture
painted... I've been hearing things, too -- strange sounds. They seem to be 
coming from the cellar.

What does all of this tell us? Well, the 3rd page is the important one. We need
to turn on the light, so go hit the switch located right next to the stairs.

This will turn on the lights, allowing you to climb the stairs. Three paintings
of interest here:

- The top right painting of the pink flowers. Examine the painting to fight
the three Rafflesia monsters (Fire takes them down quickly). 

- The painting of Emperor Gestahl. A random soldier in the Coliseum (see
Section 4.79 for details) told you once to "Talk to the emperor twice". This is
what that soldier was referring to. Examine the painting twice to get the
Emperor's Letter! This is what the letter says:
"The legendary treasure sleeps
 where the mountains form a star..."

*whisper* Wasn't Locke looking for a legendary treasure to awaken his dead
friend Rachel once? *whisper*

We'll figure this one out later.

- The last important picture (and the only way to advance) is the bottom-left
painting. After examining it, you'll fight Misty x2. They are weak to Poison
attacks, just so you know.

After you defeat the two Misty, a door opens up behind them.

NOTE: Now would be a great time to either cast Vanish on everyone, or summon
the Phantom esper. Invisible status will make you (almost) invincible.

Go through the door and down the stairs. This room will have two paintings.
If you pass right underneath the left painting, you'll get sucked into it (and
a battle against a Blade Dancer, and Coeurl Cat x4). After you defeat these
guys once, the painting remains normal forever.

Continue on the left side of the room and enter the leftmost door. The
chest contains a Moogle Suit, which is a decent armor for Strago and Relm. The
weirdest thing about this (and only this) suit is that it turns the wearer into
a Moogle! Crazy.

Go back and head through the right door. You'll see three doors where the doors
keep rotating. Head behind these doors to find a hidden chest with a Lich
Ring (makes the wearer undead).

Going through the middle or right door will throw you out by the painting that
sucked you in. Instead, go through the left door. First thing you see is a door
that is above you, meaning you can't enter it (just so you know: If you take a
wrong door later on in the dungeon, you'll be thrown out of this door).

Take the only other door to advance. You'll come to a room with four floating
chests. To get the items inside the chests, you have to stand on the square
directly below them (you can tell because of the shadow from the chests).
However, before you get the items in the chests, you have to fight the
Blade Dancer and Coeurl Cat x4 formation again.

From left to right, the chests contain: 293 Gil, Potion, Ether, and a
Gold Needle.

Since there's nowhere else to go in this room, start checking out random
paintings. Or just check the middle one to fight the monster Still Life. It's
weak to Fire, and since it counters any attack with Doom, you should be quick
about killing Still Life.

After Still Life is defeated, a door appears where its painting was. You come
to a narrow hallway with two doors and a Save Point. The left door takes you to
the door I mentioned earlier (the one that was above the floor). Guess which
way to go now?

Continue through the right door, go through the next small room and you'll
finally find Owzer in a big room. You will also see Relm painting some picture.
Talking to her does nothing, and talking to Owzer will trigger a boss battle,
so let's prepare first.

Equip all of the following: Minerva Bustier, Thunder Shields, Force Armor,
and any other Thunder-absorbing equipment you can find. If you can, try to find
some equipment that also protects you against Water and Ice.

Whenever you're ready, talk to Owzer. He informs you that a monster possessed
his prized goddess painting. Then it seems that the painting attacked Relm for
a second. After a little more chit-chat you'll hear/read Chadarnook speak for
himself (something about how this painting is the best he's ever possessed)!

Time for battle.

BOSS: Chadarnook

Chadarnook (Esper)
- Level: 37
- HP: 56000
- MP: 9400
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Try not to attack this part of the boss. For one, this is a painting of an
esper, and why would you want to attack a picture of an esper?

Also, Chadarnook-Esper has a 33% of countering any attack with Poltergeist,
which will drain your character's HP by a larger amount than you're used to.
It's basically like the spell Drain, except more damage is done. Not cool.

Other attacks by this form include: Entice (which gets cured everytime the two
Chadarnooks switch out), Last Kiss (inflicts Doom), and a regular physical

Basically, just try your best not to attack this part of the boss.

NOTE: If you somehow manage to drain all of Chadarnook-Esper's HP, she will not
die but just replenish her health. In other words, don't waste your time trying
to kill her.

Chadarnook (Demon)
- Level: 41
- HP: 30000
- MP: 7600
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

This is the actual boss you want to fight. This Demon has two different attack
patterns. As long as this Demon's HP is above 15360, he'll stick to using
physical attack/Thundara/Thundaga every turn.

As soon as his HP drops below 15360, he starts using mostly Flash Rain and
Thundaga (with a few physical attacks thrown in). The Demon has a 33% of
countering with Thundara every time it is injured.

One last thing I need to mention: The Demon and the Esper switch off in this
battle fairly often. Everytime the Demon is hit 4 or more times, he'll switch
it to the Esper. The game also has an invisible timer during this battle.
Whenever this timer hits 40 seconds, the monsters switch out.

Yes, this could mean that if you deliver a 4th hit to the Demon while the timer
is at 36 seconds or so, the Esper form will only appear for a few seconds
before switching BACK to the demon. Likewise, if the timer hits 40 seconds
while you are attacking the Demon, all the unfinished attacks will target the
Esper, which she won't be happy about.

So what is your strategy for this battle? Fire and Holy attacks. The Demon form
is weak to both these elements, which you need to abuse.

QUICK NOTE: When you first start the battle, the esper form will appear. This
first time around, it won't attack at all. Once the Esper re-appears the second
time, she'll start attacking.

A Dragoon (Edgar/Mog) equipped with a Holy Lance will do tons of damage.
Sabin should use Phantom Rush or Rising Phoenix.
Shadow can throw Fire Scrolls.
Setzer should stick with Fixed Dice (or Firaga/Holy if he has it).
Anyone else should use Fira/Firaga and/or Holy if available.

That's pretty much all there is to this battle. Just beware of the Esper's
attacks and just pound on the Demon (never more than 5 attacks at a time) until
it's dead.

If done right, you shouldn't have to see the Demon appeare more than twice.

You get nothing for beating Chadarnook. Awesome.


Afterwards, the painting is no longer possessed, and Owzer is relieved. Owzer
explains that he had been looking at a lovely stone at the auction house when
he had a sudden desire for a painting of Lakshmi (the esper's name). He tried
several artists, with no satisfying results. That's when he found Relm and
brought her to his house so she could paint Lakshmi for him, which is when
Chadarnook showed up (probably led by the stone/magicite).

You then ask where the stone is, and Owzer tells you it's in that bookcase to
the right.

NOTE: If you try to leave now, Relm stops you and asks "Aren't you going to
take the stone?".

Go examine the bookcase to obtain the Lakshmi magicite. Relm says good-bye to
Owzer and you find yourself outside of Owzer's Mansion. If you're wondering,
Relm is waiting for you at the airship.

The only new spell Lakshmi teaches us is Curaga (at x1).

If you're following this guide from top to bottom, head over to Mobliz.
Otherwise, you're probably recruiting members in your own order. If that's the
case, head to section 4.82 to find out where to go next.

4.93 Mobliz Revisited                                                   [4.093]

Inn Cost: Free (Bed in back of Relic Shop)

New Monsters: Humbaba (You'll get the Bestiary entry this time)

Monster Formations:
- Humbaba (0 AP)

- Hi-Ether (Pot in basement of soldier's house)

Welcome back to Mobliz. We're here to see how Terra is doing. Last time we were
here, she was talking about not fighting anymore because she had to take care
of the kids... bla bla bla.

The dogs that barked at you last time are still there, but "talking" to them
does... nothing. Good doggie.

If you need some healing, head to the Relic Shop and sleep in the bed in the
back (don't ask how 4 people just crammed into that bed, they just did).

Anyway, if you head back to where we found Terra last time, she's nowhere to
be found. After talking to some of the kids around, you learn that Katarin
(and her boyfriend, Duane) are going to have a baby! WTF? Apparently teenage
pregnancies are perfectly fine in this game... that's cool.

NOTE: If you're a teen and reading this, don't get yourself or someone else
pregnant. Too much work.

(I now feel like my life is more complete and that I've done my part in
preventing teen pregnancies)

Alright, moving right along... wait, we never found out where Terra and the two
wanna-be lovers are...

Just go ahead and enter the western-most house (the one that used to belong to
the wounded soldier with the letters, remember?). You'll see one of the dogs
follow you in and run behind a bookcase and disappear. That's odd, must be a
secret passage or something.

Talk to the guy (Duane) to learn that he doesn't know what to do now that his
girlfriend is pregnant (see? too much work and loads of worries). Go behind
the bookcase where the dog disappeared to find a hidden downstairs.

NOTE: Before you leave, don't forget to pick up the Hi-Ether in the pot at the
north end of the room.

You find Terra and Katarin standing in the middle of the room. Terra is glad
to see you're back and informs you that Katarin is having a baby (I think we
get the picture now). Katarin, unlike Duane, is happy to have a child at a very
young age! She says Duane turned cold when she told him, which just happens to
be when Duane comes downstairs (love those coincidences). He apologizes to
Katarin and asks her to come back home with her (I wish real life were really
that simple... "Oh, I didn't mean to cheat on you, I'm sorry"... "No problem").

Seeing as we love coincidences, this just happens to be when an old friend
shows up again: Humbaba. This time you get to finish him for good, so let's

Equip Reflect Rings on everyone who's not wearing Minerva Bustier or Thunder
Shields (obviously, equip those two things first if not already done so). If
Sabin is with you, give him double Venom Claws since Humbaba is weak to Poison.
Make sure at least half your party knows the Bio spell (tought by Catoblepas
at a x8 rate).

Whenever you're ready, head outside. Oh yeah, this is another two-part battle,
just so you know ahead of time.

BOSS: Humbaba

- Level: 31
- HP: 26000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

1st Turn: Attack (66%) or Solar Plexus (33%)
2nd Turn: Thundara (66%) or Thundaga (33%)
3rd Turn: Thundara (33%) or 1000 Needles (33%) or Solar Plexus (33%)

Humbaba attacks the same as last time, so there you have it.

Only difference is that when his HP reaches 15360 (after 10640 damage), he'll
use Humbaba Breath on two random characters. This attack is like Snort and
blows the target away from battle (in this case, the two random targets will
leave the battle and can be found on the Falcon after the battle).

Doing 10640 damage shouldn't take you more than 2-3 turns if you're prepared.
Sabin will be doing massive damage with his double Venom Claws, and everyone
else will also do massive damage with Bio. For those that don't have Bio,
simply use their strongest attacks as long as it's not Lightning-elemental
(Humbaba absorbs Lightning-elemental attacks). Healing really shouldn't be

After the damage is done, just hope for the best when Humbaba blows away two
of your characters with Humbaba Breath (preferably let the Bio-casters and
Sabin stay, but it's not really up to you).

Once your party is reduced to 2, the battle is over. Except it's not. Terra
comes out (you're telling me she was watching the other battle? Thx Terra) and
decides to help out. Oh, let's not forget that she turns into an Esper before
the battle. The good news is that Terra is in a permanent Trance-status in this
battle, and this battle only. This means she'll be dealing double damage and
take half damage from magical attacks. Badass.

- Level: 31
- HP: 26000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Same attacks as before ... with one little difference. He has a 33% of
countering any attack with Thundara. Still no threat to you who should be
deflecting/absorbing Thunder-based spells anyway.

Anyway, this is it. The last battle with Humbaba. He magically replenished his
HP/MP so we need to deal the full 26000 HP damage. No problem.

NOTE: Terra is now in your party. Her equipment is automatically Optimized for
you (but no Relics for her in this battle).

Hopefully Terra has the Bio spell, which does insane amounts of damage with
Trance status in effect. Otherwise, just repeat what you did last battle with
your other two remaining characters.

The only damage you might be taking is from Solar Plexus (a physical attack
that does 300% damage) or any damage Terra might take (unless she was
automatically equipped with a Minerva Bustier or Thunder Shield).


After the fight, all the kids come outside and gather around for story-time...
Wait, no.

The kids gather around you to thank you or whatever kids would do in that
situation (I, personally, have never had a stranger save my life by defeating
an ancient monster, so I can't speak for these kids). Terra shows up (still as
an Esper) and the kids become afraid of her, calling her monster.

However, one of the kids recognizes Terra for who she really is and approaches
her, calling her Mama. Apparently, the other kids see it as well (now).

The next words out of Terra's mouth are "I'll fight". Excellent, that's what we
wanted to hear. Anyway, Terra has a revelation where she realizes that she has
figured out what love means and feels like! Good for her. She wants to go
fight and protect the ones she loves (the kids) and to make the world a better
place for them to stay. How sweet.

She says good-bye to the kids and promises she'll be back as soon as possible.
The screen fades out... and back in. You are now in control again, finally.

NOTE: If you want, you can check up on Katarin and Duane. They are at the same
place where you originally found Terra (in the house to the right of the one
you just entered earlier). They don't really have anything interesting to say,

NOTE2: If you've been following this guide from top to bottom, you now have
9 different characters to choose from: Terra, Cyan, Shadow, Edgar, Sabin,
Celes, Relm, Setzer, Gau

The next destination is a place called Cultists' Tower, and it's located in the
middle of the Serpent Trench. Easiest way to get there is to fly straight west
from Mobliz and go towards the white dot on the map (press Select if you don't
see the World Map in the bottom right corner). The Tower is surrounded by
mountains, so it's easy to spot.

4.94 Recruiting Strago                                                  [4.094]


Strago is the easiest person to recruit. All you have to do is make sure Relm
is in your party and enter the Cultists' Tower.

Quick background on the tower (though we won't be ascending the tower just yet):
This tower is home to the Cult of Kefka. It's a place for people to wander
around after completely devoting themselves to Kefka. The group that's walking
around (I hope you've seen Strago walking with them by now) does not respond to
you at all and apparently they just walk around and pray to Kefka all day.
Sounds like fun... not.

Anyway, have Relm in your party and enter the tower. Relm will yell at Strago
to snap out of it, which he does. Strago is delighted to see that Relm is
still alive... yadda yadda, good ol' re-union type conversation.

Fact is, Strago is now in your party. Huzzah!

NOTE: Don't climb the tower yet. We'll get to that later.

4.95 Sabin's Blitzes                                                    [4.095]

As you surely remember from our visit to South Figaro, Master Duncan (the guy
who taught Sabin all his blitzes) is actually alive and well (Check Section
4.73 if you don't remember; his wife tells you he is alive).

Where is he, though? His wife told us he is training to the north of Narshe.
If you don't know where Narshe is, it's located on the continent that lies
directly north of the Serpent Trench. Or you could say the northern-most
continent in the middle of the map.

Anyway, Narshe is the white dot on that landmass. Fly north-east a little until
you find five trees that form a + sign. Master Duncan's house is the tree in
the middle.

Obviously, you need Sabin in your party. Simply approach the door to see Master
Duncan come out of nowhere.

Sabin is surprised to see Master Duncan is still alive, while the Duncan is
simply being cocky ("Did you think a little thing like the end of the world was
gonna do me in?") about the whole situation.

Duncan also decides to teach Sabin his ultimate technique! They do some weird
dance-like fighting moves on top of the house and voila... Sabin knows Phantom

Phantom Rush is the strongest and best Blitz Sabin will ever learn. Simply to
compare: Power-wise, Phantom Rush is 3x as strong as Rising Phoenix and 1.6x
as strong as Razor Gale. The command to use Phantom Rush is as follows:
Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left
It's actually more complicated than that, but this is the easiest way to do it

4.96 Cyan's Dream                                                       [4.096]

NOTE: Since this place has quite a few new monsters (16 to be exact, just as
many as in the Magitek Research Facility way back when), I will split up this
whole section into several smaller sections for better overview. No need to
thank me, I try to help.

New Monsters:
#205 - Samurai
#206 - Al Jabr
#207 - Suriander
#208 - Weredragon
#209 - Schmidt
#210 - Pluto Armor
#211 - Alluring Rider
#212 - Pandora
#213 - Parasite
#214 - Coco
#215 - Io
#323 - Curlax
#324 - Laragorn
#325 - Moebius
#326 - Wrexsoul
#327 - Soul Saver

Monster Formations: Listed in each separate section

NOTE: If you're wondering how you're ever supposed to know about this place,
there is a guy in Nikeah that says the following: "After the cataclysm, I awoke
to find myself all alone in Doma Castle. When I tried to sleep there, monsters
came for me in my dreams... Oh, it still frightens me just to think of it!"

Oh, and there's a guy in Thamasa that also... says the exact same thing? Weird.

Alright, see all those monsters above? We're about to add them to your Bestiary.
Oh, and we'll also make Cyan stronger (why? I don't know, but we want to finish
everything in the game, which unfortunately means we need to complete Cyan's
training as well). I will say this once, and probably never again: MAKE SURE

That was painful to write. If you don't bring Cyan (I understand), nothing will
happen, so just go ahead, close your eyes and put him in your party.

Now head to Doma Castle. Where is that? If you look on the map, it's on the
little landmass/island located between the Veldt and the north-end of the
Serpent Trench. There's only one piece of small land that sticks out, so you
shouldn't need a better description. If you do, go to Nikeah, fly east for a
second, and land. Voila.

NOTE: For those who take everything literally, you may need to fly east for
more than a second.

Whom to bring? Well, I wanted to play with some of the characters we just got
back, since we haven't had much chance to use them in a while. I brought: Terra
for good magic, Sabin to see how Phantom Rush is, Shadow (simply because he's
awesome and because I don't like Strago all that much), and unfortunately, Cyan.

It's up to you, obviously. That's just who I brought.

Anyway, you're standing outside of Doma Castle, so go ahead and go inside.

NOTE: If you brought/are planning on bringing Shadow, make sure to have some
Shuriken/Fuma Shuriken saved up. Flame/Water Scrolls also can't hurt. Also,
make sure that SOMEONE knows Banish (tought by Fenrir at x5 Rate) at the very
least. This will prevent you from getting screwed over, as I have seen some
people (somehow) get stuck in this part of the game. I'll explain later.

Once inside the castle, take the immediate left/right door then go to the left
side of this room and enter the door on the right. Say Yes when asked to rest.

After a good night sleep (yes, you still get healed), everyone but Cyan wakes
up. Then three little children come in and introduce themselves as Laragorn,
Curlax, and Moebius. They are the Dream Stooges and "This man's soul is ours".
Then all three jump into Cyan's mind, as do you.

NOTE: To make this easiest for you, put your strongest character in the 4th
slot, as that's who you'll be starting out with. If Cyan was your 4th character,
you'll start out with whoever was in the 3rd slot.

First Area

Monster Formations:
- Coco, Alluring Rider (1 AP)
- Alluring Rider, Pandora x3 (2 AP)
- Weredragon, Parasite x3 (3 AP)
- Weredragon (2 AP)
- Curlax, Laragorn, Moebius (6 AP)

Steals: None

Items: None

How to fight these monsters:
- Weredragon only has one turn, which consists of Venom Claw (33%) and Venomist
(33%). Basically, it tries to poison you and that's it. As long as you have
Ribbons on your characters, you can laugh at this dinosaur. With a weakness to
Fire and Holy, you should take care of Weredragon's 3000 HP in no time.

- Alluring Rider, on the other hand, has 3 times as many turns as Weredragon!
1st Turn: Attack (33%), Roulette (33%), Sap Seed [inflicts Sap] (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%), Lv. ? Holy (33%), Lullaby (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (66%), Doom (33%)
Altogether, nothing to worry about. With only 1200 HP (but no weaknesses),
Alluring Rider isn't a real threat to anyone.

- Pandora also have three separate turns they use:
1st Turn: Revenge Blast (33%), Diabolic Whistle (33%)
2nd Turn: Revenge Blast (33%), Absolute Zero (33%)
3rd Turn: Diabolic Whistle (33%), Absolute Zero (33%)
It also has a 33% chance of countering any attack with Hypno Gas (inflicts
Sleep). Revenge Blast's damage is calculated by: 1522 - Pandora's current HP.
1522 is Pandora's max HP, if you're wondering. As you can see, not too much of
a threat.

Diablic Whistle picks one of the following statuses, then sets it on all of
your characters: Darkness, Poison, Imp, Doom, Berserk, Confuse, Sap, Slow. A
Ribbon prevents all of these. Absolute Zero is a weak Ice-Elemental attack that
will hit all of your characters.

Pandora is weak to Fire and Holy, so any Pandoras you meet (and you will meet
them three at a time) should be gone fairly quickly.

- Parasite attacks physically 66% of every turn. Every 3rd turn, it also has a
33% of using Mind Stop (inflicts Stop). Parasite has a 66% chance of countering
every physical attack with Gigavolt. It is weak to Fire and only has 1000 HP,
so get rid of it before you finish this sentence.

- Coco casts Imp on a random player at the start of every battle. Again,
Ribbons are a must in this area if you hadn't noticed yet. Its only attack is
a 33% shot at Drain and a 33% shot at Overture. Overture is annoying because it
makes the target take physical blows for her. This can be avoided by simply not
using physical attacks against Coco. With 3062 HP and a weakness to Poison,
Coco is just simply annoying. If you want, Coco is vulnerable to Stop.

You start out near a Save Point. This is what seems to screw some people over,
because they don't have what it takes to beat this part of the game and you
can't leave this place unless you beat the boss of Cyan's Dream. As long as you
have Banish, you won't get stuck.

Anyway, you start out alone, like mentioned above. Walk to the left to find
three doors. This whole area tries to be a maze, but yours truly has figured it
all out and will lay it out for you.

NOTE: For a summarized version of this "maze", look below. It'll say "SUMMARY:"
Clever, no?

Left Door = Takes you to the character in 1st slot
Middle Door = Takes you somewhere you can't go yet (You need to find the other
              two party members first)
Right Door = Eventually takes you to character in 2nd slot

Take the Left Door first to find whoever was in your 1st slot. One of the
Dream Stooges will be next to that character and say "You followed us all the
way into this guy's dream!? I'd better not fight you until I've got my brothers
with me... Ciao for now!" Then he disappears. Talk to the character to have
him/her regain your party.

Take the only door available in the room. The bottom door in this room will
lead to another door, which leads back to this exact spot. Instead, take the
top door.

This is where the first Right Door would've taken you. The left door here leads
nowhere, so take the right one. You'll find another Dream Stooge standing next
to your 2nd slot character. He, too, will flee at the sight of you.

Now that your party is back together (except for Cyan), let's head out of this
place. Take the only door out.

SUMMARY: If the above was too confusing for you, follow these directions from
the start:
1. Left Door
2. Get Party Member #1, take only door available
3. Top Door
4. Right Door
5. Get Party Member #2, take only door available

That's it. Btw, the middle from the start would've taken you to this exact spot.
Take the door to the left.

NOTE: You may want to give everyone some Reflect Rings before the battle.

As soon as you take the door below, you'll have to fight the Three Dream

BOSS: Curlax, Laragorn, Moebius

Curlax (Top)
- Level: 47
- HP: 15000
- MP: 2000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Curlax does many different things. Let's start out with his default attacks:
1st Turn: Slow (33%) or White Wind (33%)
2nd Turn: Silence (33%) or Slow (33%)
3rd Turn: Stop (33%) or Silence (33%)

If you hit Curlax with 4 or more Magic attacks, he'll cast Reflect on himself.
After this, he'll drop his default attacks and simply bounce Firaga (66%) or
Fira (33%) off himself and onto you.

If either Laragorn or Moebius are dead, he'll cast Arise on them to bring them

Lastly, Curlax can counter any attack with Fira (33%).

Laragorn (Left)
- Level: 47
- HP: 10000
- MP: 2000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Laragorn normally only attacks with a physical attack. Once one of the Stooges
is gone, he'll switch up his attacks and start using Blizzara/aga spells on

He was supposed to cast Reflect on himself after being hit with 4 or more Magic
attacks (like Curlax), but that doesn't happen because the variable that is set
to keep track of this isn't used in Laragorn's battle script (a mistake? who
knows). All this means is that you don't have to worry about Laragorn bouncing
Blizzara/aga spells off himself and onto you.

Also, Laragorn may run away from this battle. If you kill one of the three
Stooges and then damage Laragorn 4 or more times, he'll run away. He'll come
back after about 30 seconds, though. If you kill off the last Stooge while he's
gone, the battle will end. When he returns, his HP will recover, but his MP
will not.

Lastly, Laragorn can counter any attack with Blizzara (33%).

Moebius (Right)
- Level: 47
- HP: 12500
- MP: 2000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

As long as all three Stooges are alive, Moebius will switch its turns between
Protect or Haste and Shell or Cura (all 33%).

Once one of the Stooges is down, he'll switch to Thundara/aga spells.

Like Curlax, after it's been hit with four or more magic attacks, it casts
Reflect on himself and starts bouncing Thundara/aga off of himself and onto you.

He can counter anything with Thundara (33%).

As long as all Three Stooges are alive, they fire off a Delta Attack every 30
seconds, which simply petrifies one of your characters.

Alright, so that's what they do. How do you win this battle? There are several
1) Your first priority should be to take out Curlax (top). He will revive his
brothers if you take them down first, and we don't want that. Easiest way to
take care of Curlax is to cast Sleep, followed up by a bunch of Ice-elemental
spells until he's gone.

NOTE: While Curlax does die when his MP reaches 0, you probably won't be able
to Rasp his 2000 MP within four spells (after that, he has Reflect, which
makes Rasp simply bounce off), so that probably won't work.

2) Once Curlax is gone, you can do a variety of things to Laragorn and Moebius.
Laragorn, for example, is vulnerable to Instant Death, along with things like
Silence, Confuse, and Slow. Instant Death is obviously the easiest for him.
If for some reason, 

3) For Moebius, you can cast Berserk and Stop. Since by this time, Moebius
should be by himself, stick with Stop and keep in mind that he absorbs
Lightning-based attacks to finish off this battle.

NOTE: Moebius, also, would die when his MP reaches 0. However, just like Curlax,
he'll probably cast Reflect on himself before you can deplete his MP.

In shorter words, this is what you do: Cast Sleep on Curlax, cast Silence on
Laragorn, cast Stop on Moebius. Finish off Curlax with Ice-based spells, kill
Laragorn with Death, Stop Moebius if he's moving and finish him off with
whatever you like (Phantom Rush is fun).

You get nothing for winning this fight. Awesome.


Enter the door the Dream Stooges came out of to go to the next area. We're one
step closer to hopefully getting out of Cyan's mind.

Phantom Train

Monster Formations:
- Al Jabr x2 (1 AP)
- Samurai, Al Jabr x2 (2 AP)
- Coco, Samurai, Suriander (2 AP)
- Suriander, Pandora, Parasite x2 (1 AP)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Al Jabr is a permanently missable monster. If you do not
encounter it here in Cyan's Dream, you will have permanently missed it. However,
it's virtually impossible to NOT encounter Al Jabr, so you'll be fine. Just
noting that this is the only place in the game to find Al Jabr.

Steals: None

- Genji Glove (Second Train Car, between boxes)
- Flame Shield (2nd Car, behind moving chest)
- X-Potion (3rd Car, South-East, by furniture)
- Ice Shield (3rd Car, west end)

How to fight these monsters:
- Samurai are weak to Poison and have 3000 HP, but their defenses are quite bad,
so they tend to die quickly. With a 66% chance of attacking physically every
turn, and a 33% chance of using Slay (inflicts Death), you won't want it to
stick around too long anyway.

- Al Jabr have two separate turns at first:
1st Turn: Attack (33%), Spinning Umbrella [inflicts Sleep] (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%), Flash Rain (66%)
When they are alone, their only attack is either Attack (33%) or Thundaga (66%)
Fortunately for you, they are weak to Ice, Holy, and Water, which gives you a
wide range of attacks you can use to nail these guys (who btw have 2722 HP

- Suriander has a 66% chance of attacking physically every turn. On its 1st
Turn (and every 3rd Turn after that) it also has a 33% chance of using Yawn
(inflicts Sleep). It also counters anything with Snort (33%). That's annoying.
To prevent all the Snorting that might be going on (Note for the kids: Snorting
anything at all is bad for you) you can cast Sleep on it, or simply kill
Suriander ASAP with Holy-elemental attacks (its weakness).

- Pandora is weak to Fire and Holy. For more info, read the above section.

- Parasite is weak to Fire and Holy with only 1000 HP. For more info, read the
above section.

- Coco is vulnerable to Stop and weak to Poison. For more info, read the above

We are now on the Phantom Train. It's been a while, huh? Anyway, enter the 
train cart on your left and simply walk through it. As you approach the next
cart, you'll see Cyan being chased by a ghost. Kinda funny. Enter the next
optional cart. It is optional since you could climb the ladder outside to bypass
the cart, but why would we do that?

This cart has a few items along with a few simple puzzles. The first thing you
see is a chest with a crate on each side of it, and a black hole right in front
of it, preventing you from getting whatever is inside it. Conveniently enough,
there just happens to be a switch nearby. If you flip the switch, the left crate
moves down one space... for about 5-6 seconds, then it moves back. Not cool.
So how do you get this chest? Just flip the switch twice. The right crate will
move down, granting you access to a Genji Glove! Nice.

Continue onwards and you'll find another chest... but it's being blocked by an
empty chest that won't let you pass. To solve this simple puzzle open the chest
on the left side of the cart to obtain a "Lump of Metal". Put this lump in that
annoying moving chest so it stops moving. Grab the chest for a Flame Shield.

Before you leave here, there's one last thing you should do. Surely you've
noticed the 6 empty chests laying around? Flip the switch on the wall above
these chests and three chests will close. Time for a little visual:

O O C        O = Open
C C O        C = Closed

Remember this. Or simply refer back to this point when you come across 6 empty
chests again.

Also, the book on the table tells you to remember the positions of the chest,
as "Such knowledge could be one's salvation". Serious stuff.

Moving right along to the next cart. This cart has a puzzle which involves
flipping three switches in a certain order to advance.

Before you do anything, there are two chests we can grab: The X-Potion is
slightly hidden from view. Easiest way I can find to describe it's location is
to look south-east of the 2nd table. Or if you still can't find it, stand in
the square so you are exactly two squares west of the entrance to this cart.
Face up from this square and examine the chest to open it.

Anyway, the other chest (Ice Shield) is to the left of the X-Potion. You can
walk under the two crates to access the chest even though it may not look like

Now onto the puzzle. What you're basically trying to do is flip the couch to
the left of the Ice Shield chest so you can advance. This is done by hitting
the middle of the three accessible switches. Now you just need to play around
with the 1st and 3rd switch so you can access the 2nd switch and still be able
to leave. If you need some assistance, do the following to continue:

Switch #1 is on the very right, follwed by #2 in the middle and #3 to the left
of that one.

Flip the switches in this order: #1, #3, #1, #2, #1, #3

Moving right along you'll find those 6 empty chests again. All you need to do
is close the chests that are supposed to be closed and flip the switch. Scroll
up if you don't remember which ones should be closed. If done correctly,
flipping the switch will remove the random huge barrier to your left. Exit
the cart.

The next cart has nothing but a Save Point. Enter the last cart to find three
switches. Flip them and... nothing. Yeah, these switches do nothing. So where
do you go? Let's just head back outside and... woah.


Monster Formations:
- Pluto Armor x2 (3 AP)
- Pluto Armor, Schmidt (2 AP)
- Io (4 AP)

Steals: None

- Io: Potion (Common)

How to handle these guys:
- Schmidt either attacks with Magitek Laser or Reverse Polarity. When by itself,
it uses either Anchor (inflicts Sap), Magitek Laser, or Missile. Schmidt is weak
to Lightning, Wind, and Water. It is also to vulnerable to things like Instant
Death, Stop, etc.

- Pluto Armor's only attack when not by itself consists of Magitek Laser, a
regular physical attack, and Ram (200% damage). It counters physical attacks
with Launcher (33%) and Metal Cutter (33%). When by itself, it uses Launcher,
Metal Cutter, or Magitek Laser. Pluto Armor is weak to Lightning and Water and
has the same status vulnerabilities as Schmidt.

- Io will only attack with Crush (300% damage) for the first three turns. And
each of those turns he only has a 33% of using Crush, otherwise he'll do
nothing. On the 4th turn, it will use Wave Cannon (66%) or Diffractive Laser
(33%). Weaknesses include Lightning, Holy, and Water. It's vulnerable to Instant

The first thing you should notice is that you are in Magitek Armor. Awesome.

Anyway, Cyan appears real quick and is then chased away by three Imperial

Since your party is walking around in Magitek armors, you also get to use the
Magitek attacks. Anyone but Terra will only have Fire/Thunder/Ice Beam and
Healing Force. Terra will have the same four, plus Bio Blast, Confuser,
Banisher, and Magitek Missile.

What you should be doing here: All three monsters here are weak to Thunder Beam,
so use those to finish off enemies and use Healing Force to heal whoever needs
it. Terra (if she's in your party) can take out anybody with Banisher, and
Schmidt and Pluto Armor are vulnerable to Confuser (if you need some time to
heal, you can confuse them and use a few turns to heal yourself). Also, if
you want to attack with Terra, stick with Magitek Missile as it does slightly
more damage than Thunder Beam.

NOTE: Io has an awesome rage called Flare Star. It's damage is 80 * level of
target, meaning it's a perfect rage for those high-level bosses you are bound
to meet soon.

Anyway, continue on the one-way path.... keep going... keep going... something
look familiar? That's because you're walking in one big circle. You could keep
on going forever if you wanted to.

But that's not fun. How to break this endless cycle? Turn around. That's right,
just turn around and walk the other way. Eventually you'll come across a new
area where you also spot Cyan crossing a bridge. Follow him across the bridge
and the bridge will collapse.

Doma Castle

Monster Formations:
- Al Jabr x2 (1 AP)
- Samurai, Al Jabr x2 (2 AP)
- Coco, Samurai, Suriander (2 AP)
- Suriander, Pandora, Parasite x2 (1 AP)
- Wrexsoul, Soul Saver x2 (7 AP)

Steals: None

Items: None

How to handle these guys: With the exception of Wrexsoul and Soul Saver, every
monster is the same as in the Phantom Train. If you need any help with these
monsters, scroll up to the Phantom Train section. Wrexsoul and Soul Saver will
be covered in the Boss section later on.

As soon as you fall through the bridge, you'll be back in Doma Castle. You'll
also witness a small cutscene involving the souls of Cyan's wife (Elayne) and
son (Owain).

Elayne: Please... Save my husband... Save Cyan...
You: Where are we!? What is this place?
Elayne: You're inside... Cyan's mind. My husband, Cyan, continues to torment
        himself... Over what happened to Doma... what happened to the world...
        and... what happened to us... And because of the depth of his despair,
        a monster known as Wrexsoul has latched on to him. Wrexsoul is a monster
        formed of the countless souls lost in the course of that ancient
Owain: ... They're hurting my dad! Help him!
Elayne: Please... help Cyan...
Owain: You have to help Dad!

After this, they both disappear.

If you didn't notice, this room is the same room where you began the journey
into Cyan's mind. Also, we now have an idea of how to get out of this place: We
must defeat Wrexsoul and free Cyan's mind from his troubles.

One interesting thing here is that you can learn a little more about Cyan's
past by walking around. Head outside the castle and go left and then up to
find Cyan training his son to fight.

Cyan: Thou hast grown quite strong! With a little more practice, thou wilt be
      Doma's finest swordsman!
Owain: Yippee! Dad told me I'm strong! I'm gonna go tell Mom!

Now go back to the castle entrance and take the right path. Make your way to the
north-east corner of Doma Castle to find Cyan training his son in the art of

Owain: Dad... fishing is boring!
Cyan: This is but another part of thy training. Patience is something we all
      must learn.
Owain: ... I love fishing!

Head back into Doma Castle and enter the room to the right of the throne room,
which is the same room where Cyan found his dead wife and son.

Elayne: My dear... Do you love me?
Cyan: What art thou asking me!? A warrior does not speak of such things!
      I... love thee. I love thee more than anything...
Owain (who was in bed but now jumped out): Yay! I heard that! "I love thee,
                                         I love thee!" Dad loves Mom!
Elayne: Owain!
Owain: I heard what Dad said to Mom!

One last thing you could do: If you never went to Doma Castle after the Imperial
Banquet and got the items, you can get them now. Check Section 4.62 on what
items there are and where they are.

Now there's just one last thing to do: Fight Wrexsoul.

Before we go fight him, equip any and all of these (in order of importance):
Minerva Bustier, Thunder Shields, Ice/Fire Shields.

Enter the throne room and go up to find Wrexsoul with an unconscious Cyan laying
next to him.

BOSS: Wrexsoul, Soul Saver x2

- Level: 53
- HP: 23066
- MP: 5066
- Steal: Memento Ring (Rare)
- Drops: Guard Bracelet (Always)

At the start of the battle, Wrexsoul will use Fury. This allows Wrexsoul to
possess a random party member. He won't reappear until the character is dead.
Once Wrexsoul reappears, he will bounce Thundaga spells off of Soul Saver, but
only if they have Reflect status. If not, he'll just sit there and do nothing.
Of course, he'll also use Fury again to possess another one of your party
members after a few turns.

He also has a 33% of countering a normal physical attack with it's own physical

Soul Saver
- Level: 41
- HP: 3066
- MP: 566
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

If Wrexsoul is around, Soul Saver will cast Reflect on itself (which then allows
Wrexsoul to bounce Thundaga spells off of Soul Saver and towards you). They will
also cast Cure on Wrexsoul, which heals him, but not by much.

When Wrexsoul is not around they will cast Blizzaga or Firaga spells.

Soul Savers cannot be defeated, simply because they come back as soon as you
kill them. If their MP reaches 16 or less, they will cast Magic Drain, which
steals your MP.

Lastly, every time Soul Saver is damaged, it has a 66% chance of countering
with a physical attack.

So what do we do here? First we need to make Wrexsoul appear, as defeating the
Soul Savers accomplishes nothing.

NOTE: If you want to use a cheap tactic, use Banish on the two Soul Savers when
Wrexsoul is gone. If both Soul Savers are hit, the battle will end. The only
downside to this is that you won't get the Guard Bracelet that Wrexsoul drops,
since you never really defeated him.

Since you never know which character he possessed, you'll just have to start
killing off (and reviving) random characters. Once he's back outside, it's time
to unleash your attacks on him.

Wrexsoul absorbs Fire and Holy, but is weak to Ice. If you have Shadow, you can
throw Icebrands/Ice Rods for some massive damage. Blizzara/Blizzaga spells from
anyone else will do some nice damage as well. For anyone else, stick with
unblockable attacks and keep in mind that Wrexsoul has one of the highest Magic
Defense ratings in the game (220).

Don't even worry about the Soul Savers during this battle, they are just a waste
of time. Focus everyone on Wrexsoul.

As long as you hit Wrexsoul with some massive damage from ice-based attacks,
23066 HP should be gone in no time at all.

If you defeated Wrexsoul, you'll get a Guard Bracelet for your troubles.


After the battle, Cyan thanks you. He thought he heard his wife and son calling
out to him which gave him strength (let's ignore the fact that Cyan had nothing
to do with YOU defeating Wrexsoul).

Suddenly Elayne and Owain show up... they both express their thanks but Cyan
still blames himself for what happened. Then both of them leave with a few
departing words.

The scene changes to the room where this whole thing started again. Cyan has
accepted that his family lives on in his heart, and that he can't dwell on the
past. A message displays saying:
"Cyan purged his mind of confusion and doubt!
 Cyan's swordmanship attained its peak level!"

What does this mean? Just that Cyan now has access to all 8 Bushido attacks, no
matter what his level is. The only semi-useful Bushido skills you probably just
learned are #6 - Eclipse (MT magical attack, sets Stop) and #7 - Tempest
(attacks with four physical attacks in a row).

#7 - Tempest is probably the best Bushido Cyan has, but the only (major)
downside is that you'll have to wait around 15 seconds until you can actually
use it.

Now that we've been in and out of Cyan's mind, there is but one thing left to
do at Doma Castle. Head to the throne room where Wrexsoul was and you'll find
a magicite! It's the Alexander magicite, which is the only place to learn the
Holy spell (definitely worthwhile).

That's it for Doma Castle.

If you've been following this guide, you have every character except 4. Let's
go get two of them right now.

We're headed to the place where it all began: Narshe. To find it, fly to the
northern-most continent which just happens to be in the center of the map as
well. Narshe's entrance looks the same, so look for the white indentation in
the mountains.

You can fight these monsters all over this continent if you wish:

4.97 Overworld: Northern Continent                                      [4.097]

New Monsters: None. The monsters here are also the same as on the South-Western

Monster Formations:

- Greater Mantis x2 (2 AP)
- Basilisk x2, Leap Frog (1 AP)
- Leap Frog x4 (1 AP)
- Greater Mantis, Sprinter, Lycaon x2 (3 AP)

- Crawler x4 (2 AP)
- Crawler x3 (1 AP)
- Crawler (1 AP)

- Leap Frog: Hi-Potion (Common), Pinwheel (Rare)
- Crawler: Remedy (Rare)
- Sprinter: None
- Basilisk: Tortoise Shield (Rare)
- Lycaon: X-Potion (Rare)
- Greater Mantis: Impartisan (Rare)

How to handle these guys:

NOTE: For more detail on these monsters, refer to Section 4.83.

- Leap Frog (3511 HP) are weak to Ice. Will jump on 2nd turn, so try to take
them out before they get a 2nd turn. They may use Rippler (33%) on their 3rd
turn, so just beware of that (I'm talking about the bugged effects of Rippler;
See the NOTE in section 4.83 if you don't know what I'm talking about).

- Crawler is also weak to Ice. Vulnerable to everything except Poison.

- Sprinter is weak to Lightning and vulnerable to Instant Death.

- Basilisk is weak to Ice and vulnerable to everything except Petrify.

- Lycaon (250 HP) is weak to Water. All damage can be avoided by being

- Greater Mantis is the monster with the highest attack power, remember?
Invisible is the easiest way to not take damage against these guys. Their
weakness is Fire, but they're also vulnerable to Stop, Slow, and Confusion,
among other things.

Head to Narshe when you're ready. If you forgot where that is, it's the white
dot in the middle of the map at the top (look at the top of the map, then the
middle of the map).

4.98 Narshe [WoR]                                                       [4.098]

New Monsters:
#182 - Test Rider
#183 - Wizard
#184 - Lukhavi
#185 - Magna Roader (Yellow)
#186 - Magna Roader (Brown)
#187 - Psychos
#188 - Garm
#320 - Valigarmanda
#340 - Ice Dragon

Monster Formations:
- Test Rider (1 AP)
- Lukhavi x2 (1 AP)
- Lukhavi, Garm x2 (1 AP)
- Garm x3 (1 AP)

Mines (north) and 1st Cave of Mines (West):
- Magna Roader (Yellow) x2, Magna Roader (Brown) (1 AP)
- Magna Roader (Yellow), Magna Roader (Brown) x2 (1 AP)

Mines (West) [except 1st Cave]:
- Garm x2, Psychos x2 (1 AP)
- Wizard x3 (3 AP)
- Wizard x2, Psychos x3 (2 AP)
- Psychos x6 (2 AP)

Narshe Cliffs:
- Ice Dragon (10 AP)
- Valigarmanda (7 AP)

- Test Rider: Partisan (Rare)
- Wizard: Thunder Rod (Common), Ice Rod (Rare)
- Lukhavi: Potion (Common), Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Magna Roader (Yellow): Lightning Scroll (Common), Shuriken (Rare)
- Magna Roader (Brown): Lightning Scroll (Common), Shuriken (Rare)
- Psychos: Potion (Always)
- Garm: Potion (Always)

How to handle these monsters:
- Test Rider will either attack physically (66%) or with Golden Lance [300%
damage] (33%). That's about it. If anyone tries to Steal or Mug from him, he'll
always counter with Golden Lance. It has a 33% chance of countering anything
else with a regular physical attack.

They are weak to Poison (like most Humanoids) and vulnerable to things like
Slow, Sleep, and Stop.

- Wizard have a ton of spells they can use. Over it's three different turns,
it can use any of these spells: Silence, Osmose, Rasp, Stop, Confuse, Sleep.
It counters all Magic attacks with Fallen Footsteps [inflicts Zombie].

They are weak to Lightning and Poison. They have rather low Defense, so you
might want to stick with physical attacks on these guys.

- Lukhavi have a 66% chance of attacking physically every turn. Every other
turn, they also have a 33% chance of using Claw Swipe [150% damage].

Lukhavi is weak to Fire, and vulnerable to everything except Death and Doom.

- Magna Roader (Yellow) will stick to physical attacks on its first turn. On
its second turn it will either use Blizzard (33%) or Blizzara (66%). That's it.

The Yellow Magna Roaders have no elemental weakness, but are vulnerable to
everything not called Poison, Imp, Petrify, or Silence. You can also suck all
100 MP out of this guy to kill it.

- Magna Roader (Brown) does pretty much the same as its Yellow friend, except
that this Brown guy likes to play with Fire (and Fira) instead of Ice. It may
also use Fireball from time to time if it's alone.

Brown boy also has no elemental weaknesses, and is protected only against these
statuses: Darkness, Poison, Imp, Silence.

Also, Mr. Brown will die once you make his MP count reach 0. It only has 70 MP,

- Psychos will attack physically every turn (66%). Every other turn, it may
(33%) use Mindshock (steals MP). These Psychos each have 900 HP, absorb Fire,
and are weak to Ice.

- Garm does the exact same thing as Psychos, except it uses Bodyslam [150%
damage] every other turn instead of Mindshock. Take out their 1510 HP any way
you want to, it doesn't really matter how you do it.

So that's that. Now who do you bring along? You'll be facing a lot of ice-based
things here, so try to bring people that can equip things to negate the Ice.
These items include: Minerva Bustier, Ice Shield, Flame Shield, Thunder Shield,
Snow Scarf, and whatever else you can find that might help. Also, make sure you
bring people that can deal some Fire damage.

NOTE: It may be beneficial to bring Strago. Why? His Lv.4 Flare will connect
with every random encounter here, probably killing all of them in one hit.

Welcome back to Narshe. There is absolutely nothing going on here... you'll
see Lone Wolf complain about the same thing. He does mention that a Moogle is
around... hmm. Lone Wolf also mentions that only a thief could open the locks on
all the doors here.

Anyway, you can try to enter any building, but most will be locked, and the
ones that are open have nothing in them.

Let's see if we can explore anything else here. If you remember (or not, it's
cool) right, there are two separate cave systems here. One is to the north, the
other to the west. Let's check out the west caves first.

If you really can't remember where this cave is, it's the one with the secret
entrance. Stand at the very south edge of the town (as far south as you can go
without leaving the town) and walk left and hit A on the wall at the end to
open the secret passage.

Just wander along through the caves and you'll even see the Security Checkpoint
from WAAAY back when. It doesn't work anymore, so just pass through it.

In the room after the Security Checkpoint, take the middle door of this room to
find yourself in another familiar area. This is where Locke and Mog protected
Terra from those mean Narshe guards. Cool stuff.

Cross through here and head north to find... Mog? HE TALKS?!?

Mog: Kupoppo!!! I thought you'd all died, kupo! I'm so glad you're alive, kupo!
     I'll help you fight, kupo!
     I bet the yeti'll come along, too! He'll be a big help, kupo! He can be a
     little... wild... though, kupo. He should be here in the mines somewhere!
     He'll help us if I order him to! Let's look for him... kupo!

NOTE: This is what Mog says if you recruited him in the WoB. I believe his
lines change a little if you never got him in the WoB, but I can't confirm that
as of right now. On my next playthrough I won't get Mog in the WoB to see if
any of his lines change.

If you have 3 or less members in your party, Mog will automatically join you.
If you have a full party already, he'll meet you on the airship.

IMPORTANT: Before you go, examine the wall Mog was facing. You will find the
Molulu's Charm. Molulu is Mog's girlfriend or something like that... I try not
to get too involved with moogle relationships.

Fun Fact: You've actually seen Molulu before. Remember how there were a ton of
moogles that helped out in the previously mentioned fight from the beginning
of the game (Locke & Moogles vs. Narshe Guards)? Molulu was actually the 2nd
moogle in Mog's group. Cool stuff.

Anyway, what does Molulu's Charm do? It's a relic that prevents ALL random
encounters. That's right, if you put this on Mog (the only person who can wear
it) you will never fight a random battle. Awesome.

Head west in this room to find a chest I've told you to ignore multiple times
before. Go ahead and open it now for a Ribbon. Continue on until you find
the other chest I always told you to ignore. Collect the Guard Bracelet from it.

Keep heading out of the cave, cross the long bridge and walk through the back
door of Arvis' house to be back in Narshe.

Now, before we get the Yeti Mog was talking about, we actually have to go and
put Mog in our party (otherwise the Yeti won't join you).

Once Mog is in your party, enter Narshe once more and head towards the caves to
the north. If you want, you can equip Molulu's Charm and enjoy the freedom of
walking without constant pausing to fight.

Walk through all these caves (you know the way) until you reach the Narshe
Cliffs. This is where you defended Banon from Kefka when he came to attack

Kefka is no longer here, but there is another enemy: the Ice Dragon! This is
another one of the Legendary 8 Dragons. Ready?

What kind of preparation should you need? Not much, really. As long as someone
has the Berserk spell (if you don't have this spell by now, I wonder what
you've been doing with your espers the whole time), you're fine. Also make sure
you equip Phantom (ironically, Phantom teaches Berserk) on someone.

Ready, set... go!

BOSS: Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon
- Level: 74
- HP: 24400
- MP: 9000
- Steal: None
- Drops: Force Shield (Always)

Ice Dragon is pretty simple. His attacks include the usual physical attack,
Northern Cross, and Absolute Zero. When he dies, he might (33%) cast Avalanche.
Lastly, Ice Dragon has a 33% chance of countering anything with a physical

That's really all he does.

To make this fight real easy, cast Berserk on Ice Dragon and summon Phantom.
Done. Berserk only allows Ice Dragon to use physical attacks. Summoning Phantom
takes care of that, meaning you won't take damage. Ever.

As you might be able to guess, the ICE dragon is weak to FIRE. Pure genius.
Throw as much Fire at him as you can, and you'll win in no time.

IF YOU DON'T WISH TO USE THIS "CHEAP" TACTIC: Make sure everyone has at least
some way to either halve, negate, or absorb any and all Ice attacks. If
you've been following this guide, you have all of these available to use:
Minerva Bustier, Thunder Shield (halves Ice damage), Flame Shield, Ice Shield,
Snow Scarf.

For those who haven't been following their guide and may have done things in a
different order, you can also use these: Paladin's Shield, Force Shield and
Force Armor and Cat-Ear Hood and Dueling Mask (all these halve damage)

Either way, plenty of equipment to have everyone wear something to reduce or
prevent Ice damage. Once this is done, the only thing you have to worry about
is the physical attacks.

Though that's really nothing to worry about, since you should be throwing so
much Fire at Ice Dragon that he should be melted away within a few turns.
Obviously, if this is not the case, keep an eye on your HP and heal when

Ice Dragon is definitely one of the easiest dragons you'll face.

You get a Force Shield for your troubles. Also, 5 dragons remaining for those
following this guide.


You might want to use that Save Point you see. Keep going, cross the bridge and
head up to fight the same Esper you've seen since you selected "New Game".

Everyone should still be equipped with their Ice-protecting equipment, and no
further preparation is needed, really. It's an easy fight.

BOSS: Valigarmanda

- Level: 62
- HP: 30000
- MP: 50000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Valigarmanda has three separate turns:
1st Turn: Rasp (66%) or Blizzaga (33%)
2nd Turn: Blizzaga (66%) or Rasp (33%)
3rd Turn: Rasp (33%) or Freezing Dust (33%) or Blizzaga (33%)

If you attack it with a Fire-based attack, it has a 33% of using Rasp on the

Lastly, if you use any of the following skills, Valigarmanda has a 33% chance
of countering with Freezing Dust: Bushido, Tools, Blitz, Lore, Sketch, and Rage.

That's all there is to it.

Your goal here is to attack with Fire. That's really your only option, since
Valigarmanda is immune to 6 out of 8 elements, and absorbs another (Ice). Fire
is its only weakness.

This battle goes pretty much like the last one. The only difference is that
Valigarmanda likes to take your MP with Rasp, so just keep an eye out on your
MP levels and keep torching Valigarmanda. Since Fire is such a common element,
you have so many different attacks you can use that this fight is, once again,
very easy to win.


After the fight... 'it' speaks!

Esper: So, humans broke my seal of ice... Humans who possess magicite... Just
       who are you...? I suppose that's of little consequence. But what of this
       devastation that fills the air? Could the War of the Magi have lasted a
       thousand years? That foolish, unending war... Hmm...? You would seek to
       put an end to it...? Then I shall put my trust in you...

After this touching speech, Valigarmanda turns himself into a magicite, which
you automatically obtain. This is awesome news. Why? Because you now have your
first access to the -aga spells! It's the next step up from the -ara spells.
Valigarmanda teaches Firaga, Blizzaga, AND Thundaga at a x1 Rate.

Valigarmanda's summon (Tri-Disaster) is an attack that hits the enemy with fire,
ice, and lightning spells all at once. Not bad.

Also, after you've collected another magicite, a part of the cliff you're
standing on breaks off. If you head north, it will ask you if you want to
"Hop into it!"

4.99 Yeti's Cave                                                        [4.099]

New Monsters:
#189 - Tonberry
#190 - Onion Dasher
#191 - Anemone
#192 - Illuyankas
#193 - Knotty
#194 - Tzakmaqiel

Monster Formations:
Everywhere but Umaro's Room:
- Knotty x4 (1 AP)
- Tzakmaqiel, Knotty x3 (1 AP)
- Tzakmaqiel, Illuyankas (1 AP)
- Tonberry (7 AP)

- Tonberries x3 (5 AP)

Umaro's Room & Cave with Tonberries:
- Anemone x4 (2 AP)
- Illuyankas, Onion Dasher x2 (1 AP)
- Anemone x2, Onion Dasher (1 AP)
- Illuyankas x3 (1 AP) 

- Yeti (0 AP)

- Tonberries: Minerva Bustier (Rare)
- You can't steal anything from any other monster in this area

- Minerva Bustier (Through Western Doorway; Fight Tonberries [Rare Steal/Drop])
- X-Ether (North-West of Middle Doorway)
- Gauntlet (South-West Chest in Bridges room)

How to handle these guys:
- Tonberry need a special mention. Many people get this monster confused with
the TonberrIES. These are different (and easier) monsters which can be found in
a chest later on in this cave.

Anyways, Tonberry only has one attack which it uses every time: Traveler.
Traveler's damage is always equal to the number of steps you've taken over the
entire game divided by 32. At the point of writing this, I've taken 94348 steps,
so Traveler will do close to 3000 (2948) damage. Hopefully you haven't spent
too much time walking around, so it won't do as much damage to you.

Also, if you damage Tonberry in any way, it will unleash its special attack
Knife (800% damage!) followed by another Traveler. You have a few options for
dealing with these guys.

One method you're unlikely to use is inflict Petrify on Tonberry, which is
actually harder than it sounds. Most Petrify-inducing attacks will miss targets
that resist Instant Death attacks (which includes Tonberry). Your only way to
actually petrify this guy is with the Dread Gaze Rage, and even that has low
Hit Rate. However, if you can pull it off, then you can just wail on Tonberry
with Fire/Lightning-based attacks.

The easier way to defeat Tonberry is to cast Imp on it (or use Bad Breath,
which will inflict Tonberry with Darkness, Poison, AND Imp). Tonberry will start
doing critical hits due to the Imp status, which is why you need to Vanish your
entire party to avoid damage. Once that is done, you're set to destroy this
little guy (again, use Fire/Lightning-based attacks for best results).

With 8000 HP, you need to try a little harder than usual to take Tonberry down.

- Onion Dasher is a lot easier than Tonberry. When by itself, it casts Imp Song
every single turn. Otherwise it will attack physically (66%), followed with a
33% chance of casting Dash (grants "Haste" status) on himself. Being weak to
Lightning/Water and vulnerable to things like Instant Death, Silence, and even
Stop makes Onion Dasher easy to take down.

- Anemone are weak to Lightning, but they also absorb Lightning. What? So which
one is it, you ask? Unfortunately, it absorbs Lightning, as is evident when it
throws a Megavolt at itself when you attack it with anything. If Anemone is not
alone, it uses !Imp Touch (33%), otherwise it uses Gigavolt (33%).

It's other weakness is Fire, which you can abuse. Like Onion Dasher, it's
vulnerable to Death, Silence, and Stop. You can also Petrify this fish if you
want to and then kindly remove 2000 HP from him.

- Illuyankas only attack physically (66%) or with !Friendmaker [inflicts Imp].
Fire will hurt Illuyankas more than any other element, and things like Imp,
Silence, Berserk, Sleep, and Stop will also work. Nothing too difficult (and
only 2000 HP).

- Knotty might remind you of those suicidal Peepers on the Solitary Island.
Well, these guys aren't as depressed or stupid as the Peepers. Their attacks
include the basic physical attack, !Tail (inflicts Imp, which seems to be a
common theme in this cave), and Stone. Stone will confuse you, and if any of
your characters are level 33, Stone will do 7.5x more damage! Seeing as there's
a good chance your characters are around this level, beware of Knotty's Stone
attack (which may [33%] be used every other turn).

However, they're not really as scary as I just made them sound. They only have
1000 HP, are vulnerable to EVERYTHING except Imp, and are weak to Fire. I won't
even begin to list all the different options you have of killing this tiny
creature, so just choose your favorite method and be done with it.

- Tzakmaqiel, like everyone minus Tonberry, has an attack that inflicts the
Imp status; !Peck will only be seen every other turn, and even then it only has
a 33% chance of being used. Vulnerable to everything but Imp, Petrify, and
Silence, you can toss this guy around (almost) any way you want to. You could
also attack with Ice-based attacks to score some massive damage, even though it
only has 2000 HP.

- Tonberries... I'll let you know when you encounter it.

- Yeti... Same as above

First things first, here's how you should be attacking: Tonberry, Anemone,
Illuyankas, and Knotty are all weak to Fire. Tonberry and Onion Dasher are also
weak to Lightning, and Tzakmaqiel is weak to Ice. Oh, and Onion Dasher also has
a weakness for Water.

Next, pass around some Ribbons (White Cape if you run out of Ribbons) to protect
against the Imp status (Ribbon also protects you from Confuse [Stone from

Invisible status on everyone may help, but you need to watch out for a few
things, namely: Tonberry (Imp it ASAP to remove this threat), Onion Dasher and
Anemone should NOT be left alone (or else their attacks will remove Invisible
status), and that's about it.

Now that all the preparation is out of the way, let's get on to the cave itself.
From the room you've fallen into there are three separate doors. Which should we
go through first? Let's try the left one. BUT NOT YET.

Why? This cave is slightly annoying because it has several spots where you fall
through the floor if you step on certain tiles. If you try to head towards the
left door, you may notice two darker tiles. Guess what these are?


If you fell through the ground, you need to go through the door in the middle
of this room (at the top of the stairs). If you go right on the other side of
the door, you'll come to another hole in the ground, and just end up in the
same place that you just were. Instead, head left. See that chest? You can grab
it for an X-Ether if you want to. See that other chest below it? If you head
straight towards it, you'll fall through the floor. Go down the stairs located
south-east of the X-Ether chest and through that door to come to the first room

Anyway, avoid the two darkened tiles and go through the door. Before opening
this next chest (which contains a monster-in-a-box [it actually contains three
monsters in one box]), make SURE all your characters are Invisible. If not, you
WILL get raped in the next battle.

Everyone's invisible? Good. Got some people that know the Imp spell? Good. If
not, you have Siren, right? Good. If not, someone knows the Silence spell,
right? If not, then damn, I give up.

Now open the chest. Enter: Tonberries.

Tonberries are the first (and last) monsters you fight that are level 99. Pretty
exciting, huh? Yeah, didn't think so, either.

Anyway, here's what they'll do in battle: Every turn they will attack physically
and take one step closer towards your party. After they take 8 steps total,
they will unleash !Knife (800% damage), then return back to the left side of the
battlefield and begin their stepping again.

If you attack them with the Magic command, they will respond with Holy (100%).

And that's all these guys do. They have insane Evasion (6th highest in the
game), so attacking them physically won't do much. I feel I should mention that
each one of these suckers has 14001 HP, because I know you're wondering that
yourself (don't lie, I can read your mind).

Aren't you glad you followed my advice of making your entire party invisible?
You're welcome.

Anyway, there's a few ways to deal with these guys. Easiest way is to Imp all
three of them, effectively stopping them from causing any damage to you. They
will try to cast Holy if you attack them with the Magic command, but nothing
will happen.

If you don't have Imp at your disposal (how?!?), then summon Siren or Silence
all three of them yourself. This stops them casting Holy, obviously.

As long as everyone remains Invisible, you are now invincible in this battle.
Time for the assault.

Tonberries are weak to Fire and absorb Water (not that anyone cares, just
thought I'd mention it). All you have to do now is do a total of 14001 x 3
damage on these guys to finish them off. Easy stuff.

If you have Locke with you (how dare you not follow this walkthrough front to
back!), you can try to steal a Minerva Bustier (Rare steal). However, this is
pretty pointless as there are only two people that can equip a Minerva Bustier
(Terra and Celes), and you should already have won one from the Coliseum a long
time ago.

For those that have remained faithful to this guide (I'm proud of you guys!),
each Tonberries has a 1/8 chance of dropping a Minerva Bustier after the
battle. You have a 33% chance of getting at least one Minerva dropped, so
unless you're really unlucky, you might get one for free anyway.

If you're curious, you have a 21/512 (or 4.1%) of getting two Minervas. Finally,
you only have a 1/512 (or .2%) of getting all three Minervas. Thx to Dragon
Fogel for explaining this (I suck at probabilities).

Wasn't that fun?

Moving right along... if you try to head to the chest north of you (if you
didn't already grab it when you fell through the floor), you'll fall through the
floor, so don't do it!

Did you fall through the floor? If so, read up above where it says "IF YOU FELL
THROUGH A HOLE". If not, return to the first room and enter the middle door.
You can now head straight to the chest containing an X-Ether.

The right door back in the first room leads nowhere, so don't worry about it.

Now where? Head to the bottom floor, or just fall through any hole. Instead of
taking the door in the middle of the room, make your way up to the bridges and
navigate towards the north-east corner of the room (grabbing the Gauntlet in the
chest on the way).

See the door with the torches? Go through it.

See that first switch? Don't hit it. If you do, just enter the door to be at the
same spot. Cross the bridge and go... nowhere? Oh well, let's hit the switch.

NOTE: If you go through this room and up the stairs, you'll fall out of the
dungeon and have to backtrack quite a ways and go through the whole cave again.
Needless to say, don't rush ahead.

This room is actually Umaro's Room (where you meet different formations than
before). Where is Umaro? Nowhere to be seen, it seems.

NOTE: To make this next battle easy as pie, make sure you have access to the
Berserk spell and attach Phantom to someone.

Let's examine the skull structure in the middle of the room. There seems to be
a magicite stuck in its' eye socket! Craziness. Grab it, of course. You just
obtained the Midgardsormr (say that five times real fast) magicite!

All of a sudden a Yeti (Umaro) comes in and attacks you!

BOSS: Yeti

- Level: 33
- HP: 17200
- MP: 6990
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Here's how Yeti functions:
If you use a Green Cherry on Yeti, or he uses a Green Cherry on himself (which
he will once his HP hits 10240 or less), Yeti will get a power-up and gain
Protect, Shell, Haste, and Regen status.

Yeti's regular attacks include the basic physical attack and !Tackle (300%
damage). If only two characters are alive, it'll throw Snowstorm into the mix.
After 40 seconds (and two characters being alive), Yeti will use either
Snowball, Avalanche, or Hailstone. Snowball lowers the target's HP to 1/2 of
current total, Avalanche is a basic Ice-elemental attack, and Hailstone lowers
the target's HP to 1/4 of current total.

If you attack Yeti with a Fire-elemental spell, it'll counter with !Tackle (33%)
or Snowstorm (33%). Use the Magic command on Yeti three times and it will
Jump like your Dragoons do. Anything else gets countered with !Tackle (33%).

And that's it. Yeah, it seems like a lot, but it's easier than it looks.

Like most enemies in this cave, Yeti is weak to Fire (and Poison).

As I mentioned earlier, to win this battle safely, cast Berserk and summon
Phantom. You are now invincible.

If you don't wish to abuse that method, stick with your strongest Fire/Poison
attacks. There's really nothing special about this battle, so just heal yourself
when you need to and continue your assault. 17200 HP will drop in no time since
there are so many Fire-based attacks available.

You get nothing for winning, except a new character (see below).

After the battle, Umaro will go cry in a corner. Whimp. Go ahead and talk to
him anyway.

Since you have Mog in your party (RIGHT?), he will instantly let Umaro know
that Umaro will join them, and that Mog is his boss now! So demanding... Umaro
simply nods and agrees. That was easy. You now get to name him. It's been a
while since we've seen this screen (and we'll see it once more after this time,
and then never again.. *tear*), but just name him (Umaro) whatever you want.
Umaro then goes to wait on the ship for you.

If Mog is not in your party, Umaro will just sit there. You'll have to go back
to the ship, get Mog, go allllll the way back to where Umaro's room is and then
talk to him to get him to join the party.

To leave the cave, go up the stairs above you. You'll fall out of the cliffs
onto some snowy ground. Enter the door to your right and follow the path until
you come out in Narshe.

Now a little bit on Umaro. His level is the same as your party's level average.
He comes equipped with a Bone Club and a Snow Scarf. The thing about Umaro is,
you can never change his equipment, so he's stuck with the Bone Club and Snow
Scarf. What you CAN change is the Relics he wears, but I'll get to that later.

In battle, Umaro is uncontrollable (like Gau after you use a Rage, except that
Umaro is uncontrollable 100% of the time). When you go into battle, you never
even select a command for Umaro, he just attacks on his own.

Umaro will choose between two attacks randomly: Normal physical attack (62.35%)
and a Tackle attack (37.65%) [unblockable].

There are two Relics that are for Umaro only: Berserker Ring and Blizzard Orb.
If equipped with a Berserker Ring, Umaro also has a chance of throwing one of
your party members at the enemy. The chances of Umaro doing these attacks is:
Physical attack (37.25%)
Tackle attack (25.1%)
Throw attack (37.65%)

If equipped with the Blizzard Orb, Umaro may also use the attack Snowstorm,
a MT unblockable, Ice-elemental attack. Umaro has the same chance of doing
these three attacks as listed above.

Lastly, if you equip both the Berserker Ring and Blizzard Orb on Umaro, his
attacks are spread out as follows:
Physical attack (24.7%)
Tackle attack (25.1%)
Throw attack (25.1%)
Snowstorm (25.1%)

If you've been following this guide, you'll only have the Berserker Ring to
give to Umaro. We'll find his Blizzard Orb soon, so don't worry.

One last thing to mention about Umaro: He can't use any magic, and can't
equip espers either.

Now you're probably wondering: Should you use Umaro? I wouldn't use him just
yet. There is a place where he will come in handy, but not now. As always, it's
up to you.

Where to next? There's not too many more places to go, but don't worry, we're
far from being done. Since you just acquired Umaro, let's go find his Blizzard
Orb so you can utilize his Snowstorm attack should you choose to use Umaro.

Also, while you find the Blizzard Orb, you'll find other (very) useful items.

One last mention before you head out. Hopefully you didn't forget that you've
also acquired a new esper?!?

Midgardsormr teaches three spells: Quake (x3), Graviga (x1), and Tornado (x1).
It's level-up bonus is HP + 30%, and the summoning attack is Abyssal Maw (MT,
Earth-elemental attacks that misses floating targets).

Quake is another MT Earth-elemental attack (which is stronger than Abyssal Maw)
which, like all earth-based attacks, misses floating targets. Graviga and
Tornado both deal with lowering the target's HP to a certain percentage of their
current HP. Graviga reduces the target's HP to 1/4 of it's current total, and
Tornado reduces the target's HP to 1/16 of it's current total. Both of these
attacks will miss targets immune to Instant Death. Another thing to note is that
Quake and Tornado target not only the enemies but also your party! Make sure you
only use Quake if you have earth-protection (or are Floating).

Read to move on? Good. Head to Figaro Castle. If you've been following this
guide, Figaro Castle will be near Kohlingen. If it's not there, check Figaro
Desert (where it originally was).

4.100 Cave to the Ancient Castle                                        [4.100]

I've decided to change up the order I usually do things a little bit, just to
give you a little more heads up about what you'll be facing.

Most of the monsters in the next area or two have extremely high Magic Defense
AND inherent Reflect status. It may just be easier to stick with
defense-ignoring physical attacks (or otherwise strong physical attacks).
Unless you know exactly which magical attacks ignore defense, in which case you
shouldn't need a guide. <_<

Anyway, who should you bring? I suggest bringing Sabin (with dual Dragon Claws,
which are Holy-elemental), a Holy Lance Dragoon (Mog/Edgar), and the other two
party members are really up to you. Setzer is not a bad choice, neither is
Shadow. You could also try out Umaro to see how that works out. I went with
Setzer and Umaro (I was going to go with Shadow, but I wanted to give Umaro a
chance, too).

Lastly, if you're curious as to how you're supposed to know about this place,
there's a thief in Cultists' Tower (remember, where you found Strago?) who
will tell you where you can find some hidden treasure for the small price of
100,000 Gil! If you pay, he says this: "There's an ancient castle buried beneath
the desert of Figaro... and no doubt loaded with treasure! By the way, I heard
the old man who lives in the weapon shop in Narshe was looking for ya..."

Is that worth the 100,000 Gil? Not really, especially not since yours truly is
here to tell you about things like this. Btw, we'll deal with the man in the
weapon shop in Narshe later (we can't get in the shop at this point).

Anyway, you've got your party (fully equipped, right?) and you're at Figaro
Castle. Talk to the man who runs the underground castle system and tell him you
want to go to Kohlingen/Figaro Desert (depending on where the castle is).

In the middle of your journey, the castle will stop... head upstairs and go down
the other stairs (one way, both doors above and below are locked) and you'll be
back in the jail cell area. Remember this place? You went through here while
chasing Gerad/Edgar. Head through the open door through the right-most cell.

New Monsters:
#218 - Figaro Lizard
#219 - Devil
#220 - Enuo
#328 - Master Tonberry

Monster Formations:
Everywhere except the Save Point room:
- Enuo, Devil, Figaro Lizard (5 AP)
- Enuo, Enuo (3 AP)
- Devil, Figaro Lizard x2 (4 AP)

- Master Tonberry (0 AP)

- Figaro Lizard: Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Devil: Mythril Glove (Rare)
- Enuo: X-Potion (Rare)
- Master Tonberry: Elixir (Common), Megalixir (Rare)

- Wing Edge (South-West corner of first cave; Above left-most exit)
- Hi-Ether (South-East corner of first cave; between middle and right-most exit)
- Death Tarot (Middle of second cave)
- X-Potion (Left chest in third cave)
- Magicite Shard (Right chest in third cave)

How to handle these guys:
- Figaro Lizard will try to poison you with !Venom, Leech you, or throw Dischord
your way, but only if by itself. Otherwise, it will simply attack physically or
(still) try to poison you with !Venom.

Like pretty much every monster in this area, it has inherent Reflect status,
so most of your magical attacks will simply bounce back towards you. It has a
weakness to Ice and is vulnerable to almost every status (except Poison and
Sleep). It has extremely high Magical Defense (4th highest in the game, tied
with three other monsters, all from this same area, so high Magic Defense is a
common theme here). In other words, physical attacks are your best bet here.

If you brought Strago, you can use Lv. 5 Death to finish off Figaro Lizard

- Devil will attack physically or with !Swipe (400% damage) when not alone.
Otherwise it will throw out attacks like Lv. 5 Death, Lv. 4 Flare, Lv. 3
Confuse, and Blaze. Try to keep your parties' level at prime numbers if you can.

Like many other enemies here, Devil is weak to Holy. Its only status immunities
are Imp, Doom, Silence, Berserk, and Sleep, so everything else is fair game
(yes, that includes instant death attacks). Devil also has 250 Magic Defense
(which is the same as Figaro Lizard), so try to stick to physical attacks.
Lastly, Devil also has inherent Reflect status.

- Enuo will attack physically or with !Slime (inflicts Slow) when he's not
lonely. If he is lonely, he'll use Tsunami, Aqua Breath, or !Slime again. Once
more sporting inherent Reflect, 250 Magic Defense, and a weakness to Holy,
these monsters are all beginning to look the same. This guy is vulnerable to
things like Petrify, Death, Silence, and Sap. Take care of Enuo in the same
manner as the other monsters here.

Welcome to the Cave to the Ancient Castle. As the name suggests, this cave will
lead us to the Ancient Castle.

At the bottom of this room are three exits. Before we enter any of them, there
are two chests to collect:
1. Above the left exit is a Wing Edge (a weapon for Locke which has a 25%
   chance of instantly killing the enemy (if not immune to Instant Death, of
2. Between the middle and right exit is a chest with a Hi-Ether

It doesn't really matter which exit you take, but let's take the left-most one.
Follow the path and grab the Death Tarot in the chest on the way. If you
brought Setzer, slap it on him. Follow the path and take a right past the
stairs (left will get us closer to the Ancient Castle, but we're not done here,
yet). Follow the path (go through the wall if you can't figure it out) and
you'll come across another chest.

Open the chest to find a Monster-in-a-Box.

Master Tonberry can be quite difficult if you don't know what you're doing.
First off, here's what he will do:

Every turn in the first 15 seconds consists of a regular physical attack.
Nothing too hard. After 15 seconds (and every 15 seconds after that), Master
Tonberry will use Barrier Change and move one step closer to you.

After 7 steps have been taken, he'll use !Knife (800% damage) on a random
character and retreat.

His attacks after those first 15 seconds depend on what his weakness is after
every Barrier Change:
If weak to Ice:       Firaga (66%)   or Nothing (33%)
If weak to Fire:      Blizzaga (66%) or Nothing (33%)
If weak to Wind:      Thundaga (66%) or Nothing (33%)
If weak to Holy:      Bio (66%)      or Nothing (33%)
If weak to Lightning: Tornado (66%)  or Nothing (33%)
If weak to Poison:    Holy (66%)     or Nothing (33%)
If weak to Water:     Quake (66%)    or Nothing (33%)
If weak to Earth:     Tsunami (66%)  or Nothing (33%)

Lastly, anything you throw at Master Tonberry will be countered with Traveler.

So what are your options? The safest way to handle this guy is casting Sleep
(and Slow, if you want) on him. While asleep, wail on him with magical attacks
(not physical attacks, which WILL wake him up) until he dies.

NOTE: If you brought Umaro (like I did), you might just want to kill him just
for this battle. His uncontrollable attacks WILL wake him up (since they are
physical), which kinda ruins the plan here.

If you have a lot of Rasp-users in your party, you may also decide to simply
Rasp away all of Master Tonberry's 1200 MP, which leaves him with nothing to
attack with. To maximize this strategy, cast Sleep on him, otherwise you'll have
to deal with all the annoying Travelers (which was 3000+ damage for me). Once
his MP is drained, you can do whatever you want. If he gets close to you, you
may want to Vanish your entire time in order to avoid his crucial Knife attack.
By the way, any enemy needs 1 MP to use Traveler. Just some random info for you.

Anyway, there's two strategies for you to use. Of course, you could just wail
on him without casting any status ailments and hope for the best (I actually
managed to pull this off while waiting for him to take 7 steps... he never made

You get a Gladius for defeating Master Tonberry.

Equip the Gladius on someone if you'd like (do it!).

Everything is done here, so make your way to the west end of the cave and go
through the exit (just head through the wall).

Two more chests in this room, along with a long ladder heading down. The left
chest contains an X-Potion, the right one a Magicite Shard.

Head down the stairs into a room with a Save Point (and another long stairway).
Oh, and you won't find any random encounters in this room.

Head up the left stairs to finally reach the Ancient Castle.

4.101 Ancient Castle                                                    [4.101]

New Monsters:
#216 - Armored Weapon
#217 - Lunatys
#338 - Blue Dragon

Monster Formations:
- Devil x2 (3 AP)
- Devil, Figaro Lizard x2 (4 AP)
- Coco, Samurai, Suriander (2 AP)

- Armored Weapon (6 AP)
- Lunatys (3 AP)
- Lunatys x4 (8 AP)
- Lunatys x2, Figaro Lizard x2 (6 AP)

- Blue Dragon (10 AP)

- Samurai: None
- Suriander: None
- Coco: None
- Armored Weapon: Debilitator (Rare)
- Lunatys: Antidote (Rare)
- Figaro Lizard: Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Devil: Mythril Glove (Rare)

- Master's Scroll (West of main castle entrance; Beat Samurai Soul to get)
- Punisher (East of main castle entrance)
- Blizzard Orb (North-East corner in Throne Room; Left Chest)
- Gold Hairpin (North-East corner in Throne Room; Right Chest)
- X-Ether (Bucket in Queen's Room [East of Throne Room])

How to handle these guys:
- Samurai are not new monsters (you saw them in Cyan's dream). They are weak to
Poison and have 3000 HP. For more info, see Section 4.96 (CTRL+F: [4.096]).

- Suriander is annoying because of Snort (cast Sleep to prevent this), which it
may use (33%) every time you attack it. It's weak to Holy and has 2912 HP. See
Section 4.96 (CTRL+F: [4.096]) for more info.

- Coco is weak to Poison and vulnerable to Slow/Stop (and nothing else). If it
uses Overture, avoid physical attacks. For more info, see Section 4.96.

- Armored Weapon will attack with Diffractive Laser, Launcher, or Missile when
alone. If not alone, he'll attack physically or with !Metal Arm (200%) damage.
But here's the catch: Armored Weapon is ALWAYS alone, so it only uses the first
three attacks I mentioned (silly programmers).

Diffractive Laser is Lightning-elemental and can be absorbed by Runic. Launcher
is your biggest threat here; it will attack random targets 8 times in a row and
half the target's HP each time that target is hit (damage won't be shown until
after the attack). Missile reduces the target's HP by 25%.

Lucky for you, Armored Weapon is vulnerable to Instant Death (also Doom, Slow,
and Stop). Normally I wouldn't suggest this, but since fighting it "normally"
will just cost you a lot of HP, but you might just want to instantly kill this
machine. Keep in mind it has Reflect status, so your options are limited to:
Banish, Oblivion (Cyan's 8th Bushido, have fun waiting), Antlion (part of Mog's
Desert Lullaby, very unreliable of course), Mu's Rage (Snare), Chainsaw, 7-7-7
on Setzer's Slot (Joker's Death), Doom spell, bouncing any death spell off your
own character with Reflect status, and any other items that may randomly kill
enemies (Soul Sabre, Death Tarot, Assassin's Dagger, Ichigeki, Viper Darts, and
that's about it.

So there's my random info dump for the day. Don't tell me you couldn't kill
Armored Weapon <_<

Of course, you could just power-hit the guy with things like Phantom Rush. He
does have 9200, but is also weak to Lightning and Water. Don't forget about his
Reflect status if you choose this route.

- Lunatys is a floating box (with Reflect status, of course). When not alone,
it will use the usual physical and !Electrode (300% damage). When alone, it
pulls out the powerful Meteor spell, along with Freezing Dust (being frozen is
always annoying). If you want to be on the safe side, cast Silence on it which
stops it from using these attacks. Lunatys is vulnerable to everything except
Poison and Imp.

With 4020 HP and pretty low Defense, you could easily take it out with strong
physical attacks. Obviously, Instant Death attacks (for a list, see above ^_^)
will work as well.

Also, if you brought Strago, Lv. 5 Death also makes an easy victory.

- Figaro Lizard is the same as before. Stick with physical attacks or Strago's
Lv. 5 Death. See Section 4.100 (CTRL+F: [4.100]) for more info

- Devil, surprisingly, hasn't changed either. His weakness is Holy and most
status ailments (including Death and Stop). As always, don't forget the inherent
Reflect status.

Phew, now that that's done with...

Welcome to the Ancient Castle. Continue on for a few steps until the party
stops and someone in your party will explain what this place is all about. I
will summarize for you:

This castle is the site of a 1000-year old battle... a flashback of sort takes
place and soldiers are crying out that espers are attacking! Time to unleash
their own esper. Their only esper left is Odin, who has not completely recovered
from his injuries. Odin is left to take care of the rest of the battle, while
everyone leaves (I'm guessing). Odin easily kills some soldiers with
Zantetsuken, only to be faced against some ghost-like enemy (another esper? who
knows...). He tries Zantetsuken again, but it's hard to slice through a ghost,
you know? This is when the ghost turns Odin into stone (that's pretty hardcore),
ending the battle.

Back to the real world. Proceed to walk through the ruins of this castle, but
don't enter the castle just yet. Go through the somewhat concealed door east of
the castle entrance to find a chest containing Punisher, a Rod for Strago/Relm.
If you brought either, equip it now.

Now head through the door to the west of the castle entrance.  If you brought
Seter, I suggest equipping the Man-Eater on him. Also, if Sabin/Strago/Relm are
in your party, equipping (dual) Venom Claws/Poison Rods may be a good idea.
Inside, you'll find another chest, containing a Monster-in-a-Box!

Samurai Soul is one of the tougher enemies you've faced. An interesting thing
to note is that you can actually run away from this guy! Trust me, though, you
do NOT want to do this. The reward for beating Samurai Soul is too great.

Samurai Soul has many attacks, so I'll just copy/paste them from his battle
1st Turn: Water Scroll (33%) or Attack (33%) or Gale Cut (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or Lightning Scroll (33%) or Shockwave (33%)
3rd Turn: Lightning Scroll (33%) or Flame Scroll (33%) or Water Scroll (33%)
4th Turn: Attack (33%) or 1000 Needles (33%) or Flame Scroll (33%)

If you attack with the "Attack" command, he will respond with his own physical
attack (33%). After 6 "Attack"s, he will target a random player and use his
special attack, !Assassin Blade (causes Death). Also, if you attack with the
"Magic" command or any Lores, it will respond with a physical attack (33%) as
well. After 3 attacks by Magic/Lore, he will throw an Ashura or Kunai your
way, followed up by a MT Gil Toss the next turn. Samurai Soul's Gil Toss does
a total of 3660 damage split between everyone who's alive (If 3 are alive,
each character receives 1220 damage, if 4 are alive, 915 damage).

Lastly, Samurai Soul powers himself up after 40 seconds, gaining Image, Reflect,
and Haste status.

So how do you beat this guy? First, I will mention the more popular (and much
easier) way to beat him:
1. Cast Confuse on Samurai Soul
That's it. After you confuse him, he will have a 50% of using !Assassin Blade
on himself, which will kill it instantly. That was easy.

If you're beyond those "cheap" tactics, prepare for a difficult battle. As you
may guess, "Attack", "Magic", and "Lore" are off limits here (if you brought
Umaro, he might have to die since he'll be attacking physically most of the
time, which Samurai Soul is allergic to).

Attack with Blitz (Phantom Rush), Bushido (#7 Tempest, have fun waiting ~15
seconds), Tools (Drill), Jump is fine, and Throw (anything will work). If you're
wondering, Sketch gives you a 25% of Samurai Soul using Assassin Blade. Control
won't work at all.

Some may be wondering: Why did I suggest equipping Setzer with Man-Eater if the
Attack command is off-limits? Well, using the Attack command is actually not
totally off-limits, as long as you only use it less than 6 times (or if you
feel like dealing with Assassin Blade killing your characters every 6 Attacks,
you can use it all the time). Man-Eater does double damage to Humanoid-type
enemies, and guess what type Samurai Soul is?

Anyone who is not attacking will most likely need to be a healer in this battle.
Samurai Soul has 37620 HP and a weakness to Poison (which is why I suggested
equipping Venom Claws/Poison Rods).

Your prize for defeating Samurai Soul is the Master's Scroll (and 30,000 Gil)!

Before we do anything, a quick word about Master's Scroll. The most obvious
positive effect is that it makes the wearer attack 4(!) times instead of just
one when using the Attack command. However, every physical hit is only half as
strong as usual (multiply that by 4 and you still come out ahead). Also, all
physical attacks become unblockable.

Master's Scroll also disables critical hits from certain weapons that use MP
to deal critical hits (Rune Blade, Organyx, Punisher). Lastly, it disables
almost all random spell castings from weapons (i.e. Flametongue [Fire],
Kagenui [Stop], and Holy Lance [Holy]).

Notice how I said all physical hits are cut in half? This means if Sabin is
equipped with the Master's Scroll and uses Raging Fist, the damage done is also

Some situations where the Master's Scroll comes in handy: 
- Setzer's Dice (and later Fixed Dice) damage is not cut in half, effectively
  making the attack 4x stronger
- Weapons that instantly kill an enemy (Soul Sabre, Death Tarot, Viper Darts,
  Assassin's Dagger, Ichigeki) have a higher chance of doing so (25% * 4)
- Thief's Knife has 4 * 25% chance of stealing from an enemy (note that even
  if you steal several items from several different monsters, you only get to
  keep the last item that was stolen)
- Weapons like Hawkeye/Sniper have four chances of doing increased damage

Anyway, enough about the Master's Scroll. I'm sure you'll love to equip it on
somebody, so go ahead.

NOTE: Yes, if you pair Master's Scroll up with Genji Glove, you can unleash 8
attacks per turn. The only downside is that you can't equip any other Relics
(and you can't equip any Shields. Even though that's nothing new with Genji
Glove, even though it IS possible to still equip a shield, but that would stop
you from attacking 8 times, which is the only point to pairing Master's Scroll
with Genji Glove). Long run-on sentences FTW!

Enough talking, time to move on. I'm sure you're dying to know what is actually
inside this Ancient Castle, so head inside.

The first room contains nothing, so move along. This is the throne room. Head
straight up to find the stone statue of Odin still standing there, even after
1000 years! Examine it and it will crumble, leaving you with the Odin magicite.

In reality, Odin is nothing special. He teaches Meteor (x1) and a meager Speed
increase (+1) at level up. His summoning attack is Zantetsuken (no way!) which
is an MT attack that causes instant death (to those not immune to it, of
course). Later on, you'll find an esper that teaches Meteor at x10 rate, another
esper that grants +2 speed, and yet another esper with pretty much the same
summoning attack, but with a better Hit Rate.

In other words, Odin will be outclassed in all areas, making him semi-useless.
I will let you know that you won't be getting the esper that teaches Meteor at
a x10 rate anytime soon.

In the north-east corner of the room are two doorways, except the right one is
not a doorway at all (in other words, go through the left one). You'll come
across two chests: the left one contains the Blizzard Orb, the right one a
Gold Hairpin!

For those paying attention, Blizzard Orb is the other relic Umaro can equip.
Equipping it allows him to add Snowstorm to his pool of attacks.

With that, there's only place left to go, and it's sort of hidden. On the east
wall (underneath the two doorways where you just came from) is another room.
It's not really *that* hidden, but it's easily missed.

Enter the room and check the bucket for an X-Ether.

See the sparkly thing? Examine it to find out it's the queen's diary:
"...I have fallen in love with Odin. It is a forbidden love, I know... But the
 flames of passion obey not rule or reason... Every time I think of that noble
man, my heart flutters, and fans the flames yet more! And who could rightly
fault it? When the fighting ends, I shall tell him... I must..."

Apparently, the queen and the esper had a little thing for each other. That's

Now, if you head back to the throne room, stand under the right throne, take
5 steps down and press A, the ground will shake. Go back to the queen's room
to find a set of stairs that definitely wasn't there before!

Wait, what? How did I know that? Fear not, I will enlighten even you. Anytime
after you read the queen's diary, one of the people walking around in the
library of Figaro Castle will say this (before you checked the diary, he said
something else):
"To think that a thousand-year-old city would be lying buried
 beneath the sands of this very desert! I found a short passage about the city
 in an ancient text, but I haven't been able to make much sense of it.
 'When the queen stands and takes five steps...'"

Yes, it's one of those seemingly random things that you would never find unless
you talked to EVERYBODY.

Anyway, head down the stairs and stop. Up above is another one of the legendary
dragons, and I'm sure you'd like to prepare before facing it head-on first.

This dragon is water-based, but also uses partial Wind-, Ice-, and
Poison-elemental attacks. I'm simply going to list the best equipment to equip.
The list is sorted in order of usefulness, so equip as much as you can:
Tortoise Shield, Saucer, Paladin's Shield, Minerva Bustier, Force Shield/Armor,
Thunder Shield. If you've been following this guide, you have all those items
except Tortoise Shield, Saucer, and Paladin's Shield, which should be enough to
get through this battle.

If you have room, equip some relics that protect against Sap (Ribbon, Angel
Ring, and Miracle Shoes are your only options for that).

Lastly, to save yourself some trouble, stay away from the Haste status for this
battle (I'll explain later).

Whenever you're ready, approach the Blue Dragon.

BOSS: Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon
- Level: 65
- HP: 26900
- MP: 3800
- Steal: None
- Drops: Zantetsuken (Always)

Here's Blue Dragon's game plan: At the start of the battle (and every 40 
seconds after that), Blue Dragon will use Tsunami.

He only has one attack (at first): Attack (33%) or Acid Rain (66%)

Once his HP reaches 16384, he'll drop Acid Rain and instead start using Aqua
Breath and Flash Rain (on two separate turns).

Blue Dragon can also use Rippler, though it's slightly confusing as to when he
uses it. I'll try my best to explain. Blue Dragon will use Rippler if:
1. Any character has Haste status (see why I told you to avoid it?)
2. Blue Dragon does not have Haste OR Protect status
3. It's been more than two turns since he last used Rippler

If all the above are true, then Blue Dragon will cast Slow on himself and then
use Rippler on the character with Haste. If you remember, Rippler swaps the
status effects (plus many other things due to the infamous bug). Basically, Blue
Dragon goes through all this effort just so he gains Haste status and you gain
Slow status.

Lastly, he'll have a 1/3 chance of countering anything with a physical attack.

Now what is your game plan? Hopefully you've equipped everything that will help
reduce/negate any damage you'll take. Unlike most boss-like enemies, Blue says
no to status ailments (follow his example and say "No!" to drugs)... unless
it's Darkness, Poison, or Slow <_< (Poison/Slow him if you want, for added

This means your plan is simple: Blue Dragon is weak to Lightning, so Thundaga
will deal massive damage (though Phantom Rush does more, just saying). If you
brought Shadow, throw things like Lightning Scroll, Thunder Rod, and especially
Thunder Blade. If you brought Gau along, then Aspiran is the perfect Rage for
this battle. It lets Gau absorb Water while sending Gigavolt towards the Blue

Other than that, dish out your strongest attacks and heal when necessary. I hate
giving advice like that, but that's all I can tell you in this case.

Unless you'd like to go for this alternate strategy, which I only recommend to
those who'd rather be safe than sorry (just read on).

ALTERNATE STRATEGY (time-consuming, but effective):
Blue Dragon has 3800 MP. This strategy involves using the Rasp spell to suck all
the MP out of Blue Dragon. It obviously works best if all 4 characters know
Rasp. Having the Curaga spell at hand also can't hurt, as you WILL need to heal
several times before you're done Rasping.

This is where Poisoning Blue Dragon may be more useful, as the battle will be
quite long. So why not have Blue Dragon take some damage while you work on his
MP? Don't forget you can check how much MP he has with Libra. Technically, you
only need to get his MP below 20, but that's just a technicality.

Once you start seeing the wonderful "Not enough MP." message, Vanish all your
characters. NOW you can start attacking whichever way you want without having
to worry about taking any damage. Once again, Blue Dragon has 26900 HP, so
have fun!

You get the Zantetsuken for beating Blue Dragon!

If you've been following this guide, you now have 4 dragons remaining!

There is one final thing you CAN do here: If you don't want to hold on to Odin,
you can change him into another esper now. Ahead of you is a stone statue of
the queen!

If you examine the statue, a tear will fall from the statue onto the Odin
magicite. The game explains it as "Odin's magicite surges with newfound
power..." and then changes into the esper Raiden!

99% of the time you will want to change Odin into Raiden. The only reason you
wouldn't want to is because you probably won't have access to the Meteor spell
for quite some time. However, most people can live without it, since you have
plenty of other (powerful) options to use besides Meteor.

NOTE: Obviously, you can only have one or the other. There's no way (except
cheating) to have both Odin and Raiden. As I explained earlier, Odin does
nothing that other espers can't do better. Of course, you can come back
anytime and change Odin into Raiden if you want to hold on to Odin for now.

Raiden is one of only two ways to learn the extremely broken Quick spell (x1).
At level up, Raiden grants Strength + 2, which Bismarck can already do, but is
still nice. His summoning attack is Shin-Zantetsuken, which is the same as
Odin's summoning attack, but with a higher Hit Rate.

Now a little bit on the Quick spell and why it's considered a broken spell:
Using Quick, you can attack twice in a row without interruption from anything.
I shouldn't even have to explain why this is powerful. Imagine your last battle
with Blue Dragon just now. If you brought Sabin, you were hopefully using
Phantom Rush, which did anywhere from 5000-6000 damage. Imagine doing it twice
in a row now (10,000 - 12,000 damage)!

Now picture the Quick spell on someone with Genji Glove + Master's Scroll
equipped. Yes, that means 16 attacks in a row!

Whether you use this broken spell is entirely up to you.

Anyway, we're done here. Head alllll the way back, through the Cave to the
Ancient Castle and back through Figaro Castle. Speak to the man running the
underground castle system and tell him to restart the engines. To get back to
your airship, you'll have to travel underground once more.

NOTE: In case you're wondering, simply travel underground with the castle to
get to the Ancient Castle again.

4.102 Esper - Quetzalli                                                 [4.102]

NOTE: This can be done anytime after you get the airship.

Remember the Solitary Island? It's the small island where Celes first awoke
after Kefka destroyed the world. If you saved Cid from his sickness way back
when, he'll still be alive. If you talk to him, he'll still say "I'm all better
now! Thank you, Celes!", which is stupid since it's been a VERY long time since
Celes helped him get better. Oh well.

If Cid died (which is what he was supposed to do in the first place), you'll
still find his note on the floor.

Anyway, if you don't remember where Solitary Island is: Look towards the
south-west corner of the map. There's a small island. There's only one, so you
can't really miss it (though it is sort of small).

The real reason we're here is not to find out what happened to Cid. Head towards
the beach (go one screen south from the house). See it?

There's a magicite on the beach! Pick it up to add Quetzalli to your esper-pool.
Quetzalli teaches several spells (but only two new ones): Haste (x20),
Slow (x20), Hastega (x2), Slowga (x2), Float (x5).

Hastega is simply a MT Haste on your party, Slowga is a MT Slow on the enemy.
Quetzalli's summoning attack is Sonic Dive, which is basically the same as if
every party member used Jump at the same time.

4.102 Deathgaze / Esper - Bahamut                                       [4.102]

New Monsters:
#331 - Deathgaze

Monster Formations:
- Deathgaze (0 AP)

NOTE: I know I should've mentioned Deathgaze MUCH earlier, and the reason I
didn't was because I thought I had (I even had [incorrectly] given him a space
in the Table of Contents). I realized the other day that I hadn't even covered
Deathgaze yet, so that's why it's here. I'll probably re-arrange the ToC in
the future and put this section in a more appropriate place (probably one of the
first sections after you get the Falcon, since that's the first time you can
find Deathgaze).

You probably don't remember, but you've seen Deathgaze mentioned before. A man
in Albrook told you that new monsters were released when the world ripped
apart, including Humbaba, the 8 Legendary Dragons, and, you guessed it,

Where to find Deathgaze? In the sky. Here's the deal:
Everytime you board the Falcon and take it up to the sky, Deathgaze chooses
two (only two) random tiles out of the entire world map (which has 4096 tiles).s
If you pass over either of these tiles, you'll battle Deathgaze.

Notice how I said "everytime you take the Falcon to the sky". This means that
if you land the Falcon and immediately go back up, Deathgaze will have chosen
two new tiles already. As long as you stay in the air and don't land the Falcon,
he'll remain on the same tiles.

Before you set out on finding him, you should make sure you're ready to fight
it. Deathgaze is weak to Fire and Holy, so Firaga/Holy spells are welcome.
A long time ago, I told you to buy several Holy Rods. Check your inventory, and
if you don't have 4-5 Holy Rods, go to Thamasa now and buy a few. Breaking Holy
Rods on Deathgaze will do MASSIVE damage, and you'll want to be doing the most
amount of damage in the least amount of time (you'll see why later).

Also, Deathgaze opens the battle with Lv. 5 Death, so make sure you don't have
any characters whose level is a multiple of 5. Deathgaze uses the Death spell,
Blizzaga, and Aero. If you can, equip some Death-protection and Ice- and Wind-
absorbing equipment.

Who should you bring? 
* Trance'd Terra casting Firaga does insane damage
* Edgar/Mog for Holy Lance Dragoon (Deathgaze is weak to Holy) for more insane
* Sabin's Phantom Rush always works
* If you skipped ahead on Gau's rages and have the Io rage (Flare Star), it will
  do 5440 damage... before including Deathgaze's weakness to Fire! In short,
  Flare Star will do 9999 damage. Of course, the Rafflesia rage is an instant
* If you can get the last digit of your Gil to end in 2 or 4, you can unleash
  Strago's Lv. ? Holy Lore on Deathgaze
* Relm will do well with Firaga/Holy
* Shadow should be throwing Holy Rods or Flametongue/Flame Scroll

That should be plenty of options. Now that you're ready, it's time to find

So what's the easiest way to find him?
1) You could just fly around aimlessly and hope for the best.
2) When you first take off, you'll be facing directly north. Tap left/right
   once, just enough so you won't be flying in a straight line. Now just fly
   straight. Eventually, you'll cover every single tile on the map.

The 2nd method may take a while, but it's guaranteed to work eventually, unlike
the 1st method which may never let you fight Deathgaze.

BOSS: Deathgaze

NOTE: As you can read below, Deathgaze has a chance of fleeing. The special
thing about Deathgaze is that his HP does NOT refill after he flees. Next time
you find him (yes, by flying over the entire world map again) his HP will be
at the same point as it was when he last fled. That is why I earlier said
you'll be wanting to do the most amount of damage in the least amount of time,
since your goal is to take Deathgaze out the first time you see him.

- Level: 68
- HP: 55555
- MP: 38000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None

Deathgaze starts the battle with Lv. 5 Death.

Deathgaze will use either Attack, Death, or Blizzaga on his first turn. The 2nd
turn consists of Death or Aero (66%). The 3rd turn is when he has a 66% chance
of Fleeing.

If Deathgaze is damaged in any way, he'll respond with a physical attack (33%).

So as you can see, Deathgaze has a pretty good chance of fleeing on his 3rd
turn. Chances are you'll have to fight him at least twice (I probably would've
made it on my first encounter, but I didn't follow my own advice and Sabin died
to Lv. 5 Death; I needed to do 11671 more damage to finish him off, which Sabin
could've done in two turns... oh well).

I already told you how you should be attacking, so I'll just summarize real
quick: Break Holy Rods, Firaga, Holy, Phantom Rush, Holy Lance Dragoon, Io Rage,
and Lv. ? Holy.

Finished him? Good.

You get the Bahamut esper magicite for defeating Deathgaze.

Bahamut teaches only one spell: Flare (x2). Flare is a powerful, unblockable,
defense-ignoring attack. You'll probably learn to like this spell a lot.

His level up bonus is HP + 50%, which is the best HP boost you've seen so far.

His summoning attack is Mega Flare, which is also a powerful, unblockable,
defense-ignoring attack.

All in all, it was worth it, unless it took you several hours to find and beat
Deathgaze (even then, it's still worth it).

Before we do anything else, I think it's time we clear off all the Overworld
encounters so we can add them to the Bestiary. Head to the North-Eastern
continent first.

4.103 Overworld: North-Eastern Continent / Dinosaur Forest              [4.103]

New Monsters:
#171 - Brachiosaur
#172 - Tyrannosaur
#173 - Tumbleweed

Monster Formations:
- Tumbleweed x4 (2 AP)
- Sprinter x2, Lycaon x2 (2 AP)
- Greater Mantis, Sprinter, Lycaon x2 (3 AP)

- Tyrannosaur (3 AP)
- Tyrannosaur x2 (5 AP)
- Brachiosaur (10 AP)

- Crawler x4 (2 AP)
- Crawler x3 (1 AP)
- Crawler (1 AP)

- Brachiosaur: Ribbon (Rare)
- Tyrannosaur: Reed Cloak (Rare)
- Tumbleweed: Saucer (Rare)
- Crawler: Remedy (Rare)
- Sprinter: None
- Lycaon: X-Potion (Rare)
- Greater Mantis: Impartisan (Rare)

How to handle these monsters:
- Brachiosaur is the toughest random encounter in the game. No doubt about it.
Equipped with 46050 HP, 51420 MP, Level 77, dishing out attacks such as
Disaster (ST/MT, causes Darkness, Imp, Doom, Silence, Confuse, and Float),
Meteor (powerful MT defense ignoring non-elemental attack), Snort (plain
annoying), !Spin (600% damage) and the strongest spell in the game: Ultima.

There are a few cheap ways to beat Brachiosaur of course (pretty much every
enemy has a cheap way of being beaten, if you haven't noticed), though they may
not be available to you as of right now. I will list them anyway:
1. Use Relm to Control Brachiosaur. Don't do anything with Relm anymore, and
   attack with magic attacks only (physical attacks will set Brachiosaur free of
   Relm's Control).
2. Gau's Rafflesia (Entice) Rage works (as always).
3. Psycho Cyan Glitch (Kill Cyan, Revive Him, have him use Sky (#2), Imp him)

Or you can just kill him with brute force:
NOTE: Meteor does ~3000 damage to each character, Ultima does even more. You
may wish to return later so you can survive at least one of those attacks.

Brachiosaur's weakness is Ice, which will be important in taking it down. Your
goal is once again to do as much damage as possible in the least amount of time.
Blizzaga is pretty much required. Sabin should stick with Phantom Rush, as
always. Trance'd Terra with double Earrings will pretty much hit 9999 every
time. Disaster and Ultima can be Runic'd, so when you expect those attacks to
be coming, have Celes use Runic constantly.

Strago can use Grand Delta, Mighty Guard (to help your party's defenses), 
Traveler (depending on how many steps you've taken), and White Wind to heal the
party if necessary. Setzer should be using Fixed Dice (if available). Gau
should Rage Baalzephon (Blizzaga) if he has it, with your next best bet being
Io (Flare Star). Umaro with Blizzard Ring can cast Snowstorm.

Everyone else would do best with Blizzaga. Good luck taking down the toughest
random encounter in the game!

NOTE: As I was writing this, I actually got lucky and defeated Brachiosaur with
my Lvl 34 party (Trance'd Terra - Blizzaga, Shadow throwing Fuma Shuriken, Mog
casting Blizzaga, and Sabin doing Phantom Rush). I should note that I did get
lucky and only saw Brachiosaur use Disaster, but never Meteor and Ultima (each
of which he has a 33% chance of using). If you wish to try the same, you may
get lucky as well.

- Tyrannosaur is the other monster you'll find in the Forest. They only have
three different attacks they use: physical attack, Meteor, and !Bite (700%

Lucky for you, they are vulnerable to Sleep and Slow. Put them to sleep, then
pound on them with Ice-based attacks. They also only have 12770 HP, which seems
like nothing compared to Brachiosaur.

Also, you can Rasp away the 420 MP Tyrannosaur has and make your party
invisible, if you prefer this way. Next to Brachiosaur, Tyrannosaur is a piece
of cake.

NOTE: If you happen to face the Tyrannosaur x2 formation, take note that the
Tyrannosaur's physical attacks from behind you will do extra damage and become
unblockable. You may just want to go with the Sleep method to save yourself some

- Tumbleweed will use his physical attack or !Blinder (causes Darkness). When
alone, it has a 33% chance of using Lifeshaver.

There's a lot of ways to take out Tumbleweed. Instant Death, Doom, Stop,
Petrify, Lv. 5 Death lore, and Fire-based attacks will take these guys out

- Crawler are weak to Ice and any status effect except Poison.

- Sprinter are weak to Lightning and Death/Doom/Silence/Berserk/Confusion/Sleep.

- Lycaon has 250 HP (lol) but strong magic defense, so use pretty much any
physical attack. You can even Sleep/Stop it if you want, though I hope that's
not necessary.

- Greater Mantis, which you may or may not remember, are the monsters with the
extremely high attack. To prevent getting raped by their physical attacks, I
suggest casting Stop on them. They have 4500 HP and are weak to Fire.

While you are here, you may have noticed a house by the river. Yes, this is the
same house that Sabin went to in his scenario way back then. I'm just going to
advise you to stay away from this house, as it contains a funny scene which you
want to take full advantage of. Don't worry, I'll let you know when the time is

Next destination: Thamasa (which is in the south-east corner of the map)

4.104 Overworld: Around Thamasa                                         [4.104]

New Monsters:
#196 - Vasegiatta
#197 - Gloomwind
#198 - Purusa

Monster Formations:
Grassland & Forest:
- Vasegiatta (1 AP)
- Vasegiatta, Purusa (1 AP)

- Purusa, Gloomwind (2 AP)
- Gloomwind x3 (3 AP)

- Vasegiatta: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Gloomwind: Hi-Potion (Rare)
- Purusa: Moonring Blade (Rare)

How to handle these guys:
- Vasegiatta may attack physically every turn, and on it's 2nd turn (and every
3rd turn after that) it may also use !Talon Grab (200% damage) or Aero. If it's
attacked by the Magic command, it may counter with a physical attack or

Vasegiatta has no weakness, but is weak to a variety of status ailments,
including Silence, Berserk, Confusion, and Stop. With only 3615 HP, it shouldn't
take long to take this bird out of the sky.

- Gloomwind attacks physically or with Net (only every other turn; 33%). If
Gloomwind is by itself and is attacked by anything, it may use !Rock (inflicts
Petrify; 33% also).

Gloomwind's weakness is Ice, along with a vulnerability to Death and Stop.

- Purusa will either attack physically or use !Bear Hug (300% damage). Every
status effect besides Petrify and Confusion will work on Purusa. Nothing too

And that about covers all the overworld encounters. Whenever you're ready,
change your party to include Relm AND Strago, and enter Thamasa.

As you walk into Thamasa, Relm is excited to be home again. She's just going to
head to the house. While Strago thinks he's getting old (I think he may be onto
something there), Relm hurries back, saying Gungho is hurt (he's Strago's old
friend; they used to hunt for a monster named Hidon back in the day). Anyway,
Strago & Relm rush to Gungho's bed.

NOTE: It's been a while since I've typed up a dialogue, so instead of explaining
what happens, I'll just add the dialogue (as fellow FAQ writer Action says in
his excellent guide, "I'm a FAQ writer and I can do that" :P).

Strago: Gungho, hang in there!
        Who did this to you?
Gungho: It was Hidon, that legendary beast you and I used to hunt... Almost had
        him, too...
Strago: Hidon!?
Gungho: Oooh... *cough*, *wheeze*...
Strago: G-Gungho!?
Gungho: Strago... Please...avenge me...
        Oooh... *cough*, *wheeze*...
*Strago backs away from the bed*
Relm: Grandpa! What are you standing around for!?
Strago: You're right... I grew old and stopped even thinking about pursuing the
        dreams of my youth...
        Gungho, I'm going after him!
*Strago rushes downstairs*
Relm: Grandpa! Grandpa, wait! You're not thinking of going all alone, are you?
Strago: ...I need to face the thing I ran from all those years ago. I need to
        get the best of it. It's a matter of pride, dear.
Relm: It's a matter of you being a stubborn old man! You're my grandpa! I can't
      just sit and watch while you make things harder for yourself than they
      have to be!
Strago: I'm sorry, Relm... It means a lot to me that you care so much.
        ... But Hidon's a tough beast to track. Its name comes from the old word
        for "hidden," after all! No one'll ever find him if I don't go.
        To Ebot's Rock!
*Strago leaves*
Relm: Phew...

So now you know what we're doing here: Going to fight the legendary beast,

However, before we do that (don't worry, Hidon can wait), how about we fill up
Strago's Lore list?

4.105 Lore Hunting                                                      [4.105]

NOTE: If you've been following the guide, you should be missing a total of 11
Lores (Aero, Bad Breath, Force Field, Grand Delta, Lv. ? Holy, Mighty Guard,
Quasar, Reflect ???, Rippler, Transfusion, and Tsunami). But since I'm such a
nice guy (and since, believe it or not, not everyone has followed this guide
from front to back), I'm going to list the easiest way to get every single
available Lore. For those that HAVE followed this guide front to back, you'll
just need to get the Lores that have a star next to it.

NOTE: Relm should still be in your party. If not, you may want to add her back

Friendly Reminder:
* Strago can NOT have any of the following statuses: Darkness, Confusion,
  Frozen, Petrify, Sleep, or Stop while the Lore is being used, otherwise
  Strago won't learn it.
* As long as Strago saw the Lore being used, it doesn't matter what happens to
  him afterwards (well, the battle does have to end). Strago can even be dead
  at the end of the battle, what matters is that he saw the Lore being used.

1000 Needles - Fly to the Desert south of Maranda (south-west continent) and
               encounter a Cactuar (if you encounter a Slagworm, simply cast
               a Death spell to get rid of it). Cactuar will use 1000 Needles
               on his 2nd Turn.

*Aero - Fly to the North-Western continent and walk around in the Grasslands.
        If you don't find a Marchosias, you'll fight a Mousse. Should you
        encounter Mousse, scroll down to Transfusion so you can learn that lore
        from Mousse. Once you've done that, a simple Rasp will get rid of
        Mouse. If you do find Marchosias, have Relm Sketch it for a 75% chance
        of Aero being used.
        NOTE: Even if you encountered a Marchosias right away, keep looking in
              the same area until you find Mousse. Why not kill two birds with
              one stone and learn both lores while you're here?

Aqua Breath - Strago already knows this, silly.

*Bad Breath - Only monster you can learn this from right now is Malboro, who
              resides in Darill's Tomb. You should still be on the North-Western
              continent, so head to the mid-west area of that continent where
              Kohlingen is. Darill's Tomb is west of Kohlingen.
              Malboro only appears on B2F or B3F, and are fairly common. Once
              you find it, either Sketch it (75%) or Confuse it (50%) to learn
              the lore. If you got the Malboro, Exoray formation, know that
              Exoray is Undead AND weak to Fire and Holy.

Dischord - Fly to the North-Eastern Continent. Walk around in the Wasteland and
           you'll encounter 4, 3, or a single Crawler. Crawler has a 33% chance
           of using Dischord when by itself, so if you encounter more than one,
           finish off any extra Crawler with a Death spell each. Just wait for
           it to use Dischord, and make sure to heal all your poisoned
           characters after the battle.

Doom - If you don't already know this, I hope you know the Zombie Dragon Rage.
       If you do, simply use the Rage in-battle and Strago will learn it. Should
       you not have the Rage, your best bet is to wait until later (probably
       after/during Kefka's Tower; Ahriman uses it in battle or you can Sketch
       Ahriman for a 75% of scoring Doom. Also, you can control Yojimbo to use

*Force Field - You have no way of learning this now. Only one enemy in the
               entire game uses this attack, and it's one of the final bosses
               of the game. Patience, my young Padawan.

*Grand Delta - Patience, my young Padawan (it's like dejavu all over again;
               e-mail me the reference to receive an e-cookie by yours truly!).
               You'll get this lore from Hidon, which you know we'll be doing
               after we collect as many lores as possible.

*Lv. ? Holy - Your only chances of learning this lore so far were Alluring
              Rider in Cyan's Dream or Dullahan from Darill's Tomb if you
              brought Strago (which, btw, is impossible since you don't have
              Strago at that point. Your next chance is to bring Strago with
              you to the Phoenix Cave and Sketch the Red Dragon for a 25% shot
              at him using this lore. After that, you have plenty of options in
              Kefka's Tower, so hold off on this lore for now [unfortunately].

Lv. 3 Confuse - NOTE: If you still need the Lv. 4 Flare and/or the Lv. 5 Death
                      lore, skip this part and read on at Lv. 4 Flare (the Devil
                      monster has all three of these lores, so you might as well
                      pick them all up at once).
                Head to the South Figaro Cave, located on the continent west of
                the north end of the Serpent Trench (or slightly south-east of
                the North-Western continent; confusing? Sorry =/). You'll find
                Dante in here. Sketch it for a 75% chance of seeing this lore.

Lv. 4 Flare - You can either wait until you get to the Phoenix Cave and wait
              40 seconds for the Red Dragon to use this lore, or head to the
              Cave to the Ancient Castle (take Figaro Castle underground). Find
              Devil, who will have a 33% chance of using this lore if he's by
              himself on the battlefield. If you find yourself facing Enuo
              and/or Figaro Lizard, cast Banish to get rid of them (Death won't
              work due to inherent Reflect status).
              NOTE: Before you leave, scroll down to Tsunami and get that lore
                    while you're here.

Lv. 5 Death - Same as above (Lv. 4 Flare).

*Mighty Guard - Head to the Solitary Island (the only small island in the
                south-west area of the map). Walk around the desert. You're
                looking for Land Ray, but if you find a Black Dragon, throw a
                Phoenix Down or the Raise spell at it (it's Undead). Once you
                find Land Ray, Sketch it for a 75% chance of seeing Mighty
                Guard. If it dies too quickly (likely), cast Stop on it and
                keep trying until you see Mighty Guard.
                NOTE: If you need the White Wind lore, scroll down now to get
                      it in this same place.

*Quasar - You have no way of learning this lore just yet. You'll have to wait
          until (probably) Kefka's Tower. If you take Strago to the fight with
          Gilgamesh, he may (33%) use Quasar on his 4th turn. It's probably
          easier to wait until Kefka's Tower, but it's up to you.

*Reflect ??? - The only way you could've learned this lore so far is if you
               brought Strago to Dullahan (which is impossible, by the way).
               It'd be easiest to wait until you fight Daedalus in Kefka's Tower
               (he'll use it if anyone has Reflect status when the battle
               starts). Of course, you could try your luck with Dark Force, who
               will have a 33% chance of using this lore on his 7th turn. Yeah,
               Daedalus is easier.

Revenge Blast - Strago already knows this, silly.

*Rippler - NOTE: Do NOT bring Shadow to learn this lore, unless you want to risk
                 losing Interceptor.
           Head to the south-western continent (or stay there if you just got
           the Revenge Blast lore). Head to the forest and you'll probably
           encounter the Leap Frog x4 formation (if not, quickly Stop both
           Greater Mantis before they rape you with their physical attack and
           finish them off with Fire-based attacks). Anyway, Leap Frog will use
           Rippler on its 3rd Turn (33%). If you're not Vanish'd yet, do so
           within the next two turns, as Leap Frog will Jump on its 2nd turn.
           After you've seen Rippler, you can have Strago try out his possibly
           new Lv. 4 Flare, followed up by some other MT attack to finish off
           all 4 Leap Frogs.

Roulette - NOTE: If you need the Self-Destruct lore, read below first, as you
                 can learn also learn Self-Destruct from Onion Knight
           If you don't already have this, your only way of learning it right
           now is to use the Onion Knight Rage, or if you don't have that (you
           probably don't), to find it on the Veldt and Sketch it for a 75% of
           learning this lore. If you don't feel like doing that, wait until
           you encounter Ahriman, who has Roulette written all over him (he
           uses it in-battle, or you can also Rage, Sketch, Control, Confuse,
           or Entice it to learn the lore).

Self-Destruct - If you're trying to find Onion Knight on the Veldt (to get the
                Roulette lore), you may want to unequip everything on one
                character. Why? Onion Knight has a 33% chance of using
                this lore if you attack it with the Attack command, and this
                little guy only has 250 HP, which means you don't want to kill
                it. Obviously, you'll want to learn Roulette first (through
                Sketch) since Onion Knight will... Self-Destruct after he uses
                it (how do they come up with these lore names? So clever).

                If the above doesn't apply to you, you have a few other ways of
                learning this lore. If you have the Bandit or Balloon Rage, you
                can simply use that. Other than that, you can Sketch Bomb (25%)
                or Balloon (75%) on the Veldt to learn Self-Destruct.

                If the Veldt is too much work for you, you can simply wait until
                you meet Wartpuck in Zone Eater's Belly (we'll get there soon,
                so this may be your best option). You'll need the Rafflesia Rage
                to Entice him, though. Should you not have that Rage either,
                your only other options are to wait till you have access to the
                Control command (Zone Eater's Belly; or if you stole the
                Fake Mustache from Still Life in Owzer's Mansion) and Control
                Wartpuck, or simply wait until you meet Junk (Kefka's Tower
                again), who uses this lore when he's by himself (100%). Phew,
                don't you wish you had just followed this guide and gotten the
                lore a LOT earlier?

Stone - Strago already knows this, silly.

*Transfusion - If you got sent here from learning the Aero spell, bravo. If not,
               you need to fly to the North-Western continent and walk around
               in the Grasslands until you find Mousse. Attack it with a weak
               Magic spell (it only has 900 HP) and hope for the 33% chance of
               Transfusion to kick in (or Mousse also has a 33% chance of using
               this attack every turn, but only when he's not alone). I guess
               I should mention you could just Sketch it for a 75% chance of
               learning the lore :P Once you have the lore, Rasp it to kill it.
               If you went the Sketch route, you'll have to revive Relm after
               the battle.

Traveler - Lots of options for this if you don't already have this lore. By far
           the easiest way to learn it is to head to the Southern Continent
           and walk around in the grass. Every battle features Fafnir. Sketch
           it and learn the lore 75% of the time.

*Tsunami - Probably would've been a lot easier to bring Strago to the Ancient
           Castle in the first place, but oh well. If you got sent here from
           learning the Lv. 4 Flare lore, you're lucky. If not, head to the
           Cave to the Ancient Castle (take Figaro Castle underground). Walk
           around until you find Enuo, then Sketch it for a 75% of seeing

White Wind - NOTE: If you're not there yet, head to the Solitary Island.
             You know how you just had to Stop Land Ray in order to Sketch it
             so you could learn Mighty Guard? Well, you're going to do the same
             to the Peeper you'll find on the Wasteland (always). Stop them,
             then Sketch them to learn White Wind 75% of the time.

There, wasn't that fun? Those people keeping up with this guide only have 5
empty lore spaces now: Force Field, Grand Delta, Lv. ? Holy, Quasar, and
Reflect ???

Let's head back to Thamasa to handle some business with Hidon, whose probably
tired of waiting by now.

4.106 Ebot's Rock                                                       [4.106]

Who should you bring? Strago is required, while Relm is not. In reality, any of
your favorite characters will do. As you may have noticed, you're starting to
become more powerful than almost everything (save Brachiosaur). If you're
wondering about me, I'm bringing some characters I haven't used in a while:
Shadow, Edgar, and Gau.

New Monsters:
#231 - Warlock
#232 - Mahadeva
#233 - Sorath
#234 - Medusa Chicken
#235 - Creature
#236 - Moonform
#237 - Aspidochelon
#332 - Hidon
#333 - Erebus
#334 - Erebus
#335 - Erebus
#336 - Erebus

Monster Formations:

Entrance Room, Room with Hungry Chest & Hidon, Save Point Room
- Moonform, Medusa Chicken x3 (1 AP)
- Sorath, Warlock, Creature (1 AP)
- Sorath x2 (1 AP)
- Warlock, Medusa Chicken x2, Creature x2 (2 AP)

Rooms with Coral Chests:
- Aspidochelon x2 (2 AP)
- Mahadeva (1 AP)
- Aspidochelon, Moonform, Creature (1 AP)
- Moonform x3 (2 AP)

- Hidon, Erebus x4 (6 AP)

- Warlock: Teleport Stone (Rare)
- Mahadeva: Teleport Stone (Rare)
- Sorath: Teleport Stone (Rare)
- Medusa Chicken: Teleport Stone (Rare)
- Creature: Teleport Stone (Rare)
- Moonform: Teleport Stone (Rare)
- Aspidochelon: Teleport Stone (Rare)

NOTE:          ^ o_O?

- Every chest here contains Coral

How to handle this bunch:
- Warlock's only attack move is the Holy spell. Other than that, it will
probably use !Magic Drain (steals MP) a few times. Only problem with Warlock is
its high Defense & very high Magic Defense. Any defense ignoring attacks will
do great here.

In the meantime, you can cast Sleep and/or Stop to stop taking damage, while you
abuse it's Lightning and Poison weakness to reduce it's (only) 1300 HP to 0.

- Mahadeva will attack physically, use !Rib (200% damage) or Crypt Dust (turns
a dead enemy into a zombie). As long as no one is dead, Crypt Dust won't do
anything. Mahadeva has a weakness to Fire and Holy elements, and is also
vulnerable to Death, Doom, Confusion (it might use Death or Banish while
confused), and Stop.

- Sorath only uses !Choke (150% damage) and the usual physical attack. He's
weak to the Holy element, while also vulnerable to Confusion, Sleep, and Stop.

- Medusa Chicken attacks physically or with !Lick (causes Petrify). When alone,
they stop using !Lick and instead use Quake. These chickens are just as hard
(and by hard, I mean easy) to take down as everyone else here. They are weak to
Ice, and even vulnerable to Death, Doom, and Stop.

- Creature attacks with the usual boring physical attack, with a little bit of
!Stench (causes Confusion) thrown in. These creatures (get it?) are weak to
Lightning and vulnerable to everything but Imp and Sleep. Too easy.

- Moonform had the potential to be a slightly larger threat than every other
monster here, but turns out it's not a threat at all. It attacks with the
usual physical attack, or !Mouth Clamp (causes Sap). Any Magic spell has a 1/3
chance of being countered Acid Rain, and anything else has a 1/3 chance of
being countered with Flash Rain.

So, you could either reduce the 2444 HP to 0 by using Fire/Holy-based attacks,
or you could cast Death/Doom.

Or you could cast Rasp once and be done with it. 82 MP is all Moonform has to
offer, and he dies when his MP reaches 0, so it's easy as pie.

- Aspidochelon will attack physically for four turns in a row. On its' 5th turn,
it uses !Rage (150% damage) followed by two more physical attacks. If
Aspidochelon is attacked by the Magic command, he may respond with Wind Slash.

His weaknesses are the Fire and Holy elements. Status vulnerabilities include
Death, Doom, Confusion, and Stop.

Oh, and he's Undead. Phoenix Down = dead.

Let me summarize: Cast Float on your party, then make your party invisible,
always Rasp Moonform, and finish off the undead Aspidochelon with your favorite
method. The only thing you have to worry about now is Warlock casting Holy,
but you can cast Sleep/Stop to avoid it. Other than that, you're now invincible.

As soon as you enter Ebot's Rock, you'll notice that your vision slightly
limited. Is that a problem? Not really. Head straight up (into a teleport stone,
not to be confused with the item) and you'll find a chest above you. Approach
it, and the chest will start talking (does anything surprise you anymore?).

The chest is hungry... hungry x 9 to be exact. He wants some coral before he'll
let you pass. So now you have to go find some coral. What the chest doesn't tell
you is that he wants more than one coral. He wants 22 to be exact, and all at
once. Should you feed the chest 21 coral, then come back and feed it some more,
it won't work. 22 or more corals, or nothing at all.

No problem. Go south and step on the teleport stone. From now on there's no
telling where you'll be. There are several separate rooms you could end up at,
and each one contains a chest with 1, 2, 3, or 5 pieces of coral. All you need
to do is teleport to one room, open the chest, and step on any teleport stone
(there are two in each room).

Sometimes the teleport stones will transport you back to the room with the
coral-greedy chest. If you don't have enough corals, just head back to the
teleport stone. Also, one of the rooms has a Save Point, should you need one.

Once you have 22 or more, keep teleporting around until you get back to the
room with the chest. Feed it to the chest, who will munch for a minute, then
burp, then let you pass.

Up ahead is Hidon. That wasn't too difficult, was it? Before you fight Hidon,
equip some espers like Bahamut, Midgardsormr, Valigarmanda, Raiden, Lakshmi (to
heal HP), or Alexander (in that order). Yes, that's 5, but I'm just giving you
some options. ;)

Lastly, you may want to throw on something to protect you against Poison.

Whenever you're ready, approach Hidon (Strago: That's Hidon!) and start the

BOSS: Hidon, Erebus x4

- Level: 43
- HP: 25000
- MP: 12500
- Steal: Teleport Stone (Common), Thornlet (Rare)
- Drops: Teleport Stone (Always)
- Weakness: Fire, Holy, Earth
- Absorbs: Poison

If any character is dead and does not have Zombie status, Hidon will target
that character and use Crypt Dust, which simply turns that character into a
Zombie. This causes that character to attack anyone on the field (even your own
party) and just act like it had Berserk status. If all four characters have
Zombie status, it's Game Over. Just don't let anyone die, and if they do, revive
them ASAP.

Hidon's only attack turn is Attack (66%) or Bio (33%). Anytime you attack it,
he may counter with Poison (33%).

If all four Erebus are dead, Hidon will revive them after 80 seconds. Also,
when Hidon is by itself, it will use the Grand Delta lore, which Strago will
definitely want to learn (and will learn).

Lastly, since he's by himself and doesn't have four Erebus to protect him, he
changes his attacks:
1st Turn: Venomist (33%) or Attack (33%) or Leech (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (66%) or Leech (33%)
3rd Turn: Venomist (33%) or Attack (33%) or Leech (33%)

Erebus (Left)
- Level: 43
- HP: 3500
- MP: 1000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Holy, Water
- NOTE: Also has inherent Reflect status

This particular Erebus will only attack physically or with !Confuse Claw (which,
believe it or not, causes Confusion).

As you can see it absorbs every element except Earth and has inherent Reflect
status. This is the most difficult Erebus to take down. That doesn't necessarily
make it hard to take down, but it IS the most difficult out of the four.

Erebus (2nd from Left)
- Level: 43
- HP: 3500
- MP: 1000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Earth
- Absorbs: Poison

This Erebus attacks physically or with !Poison Claw (I'll let you figure out
which status this attack sets). This guy is one of the three Erebus that are
vulnerable to Instant Death, and also to Petrify and Stop.

Erebus (2nd from Top)
- Level: 43
- HP: 3500
- MP: 1000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Holy, Earth, Water
- Absorbs: None

This seems too easy. Weakness to all 8 elements? That's fine, we'll take it.
This Erebus is also the 2nd Erebus vulnerable to Instant Death, along with
Poison, Doom, Confusion, Sleep, and Stop.

He'll also attack physically, or with !Mega Claw (400% damage).

Erebus (Top)
- Level: 43
- HP: 3500
- MP: 1000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Fire, Holy
- Absorbs: Poison

This last Erebus' only attacks are the regular physical attack and !Zombie
Claw (causes Zombie).

If you've been keeping up, you've already figured out that this guy is also
vulnerable to Instant Death (and also Doom, Confusion, and Stop).

I feel I should also let you know that this is the only Undead Erebus.


Phew, look like a lot? Yeah, looks like it. As always, it looks a lot harder
than it actually is.

First off, the easiest way to win this battle: Hidon is actually Undead, so
throw him a Phoenix Down to win the battle. Too easy.

Even I think that's too easy, so here's how to beat Hidon and his Erebus:
I would tell you to go ahead and assault Hidon right away, if it weren't for the
fact that you'll want Strago to learn the Grand Delta lore. Hidon only uses it
when all four Erebus are dead, so we'll have to finish them off first.

The easiest way to do this is with the espers you have equipped: Summon Bahamut
first, then Midgardsormr, then Valigarmanda. That should finish off all three
except the Left one, who absorbs all elements except Earth and has inherent
Reflect. He just got healed by Valigarmanda, but only has 3500 HP, so use any
strong physical attacks to take it out.

Other ways to take them out individually (if you don't want to use Espers):
Left - Strong physical attacks, has Reflect
2nd from Left - Death, Stop/anything but Earth
2nd from Top - Death, any elemental attack (he's weak to all of them)
Top - Death, Phoenix Down, Fire/Holy + Stop

Anyway, all four Erebus should be dead now. Watch Grand Delta (ooooh, aaah) and
get ready to assault Hidon. You have 80 seconds before the Erebus show up again,
which is plenty of time.

Hidon is weak to Fire-, Holy-, AND Earth-based attacks. If you want, you can
use a Phoenix Down NOW to kill it since you've seen Grand Delta. You should
know by now which attacks work best, so I won't bother repeating them (again).
I will mention some Rages, though, in best-to-worst order:
- Borghese (Holy), Hill Gigas/Antares/Oceanus (Magnitude 8),
  Behemoth King (Firaga), Io (Flare Star, 6880 damage), Behemoth (Meteor),
  Templar/Lich/Clymenus (Fira)

Also, Devil Fist works great because Gau absorbs all Poison attacks while
casting Will o' the Wisp 50% of the time.

25000 HP is not that much for a boss, so it should not take long at all.

You get a (gasp!) Teleport Stone for beating Hidon.

Strago: I did it! I... really beat Hidon!
        I'll have to tell Gungho he's been avenged!
*Back in Thamasa, Strago's House where Gungho is resting*
Strago: Gungho...!
Gungho: What's all the fuss? Can't an injured man get some rest!?
Strago: Gungho, listen to me! I defeated Hidon!
Gungho: You...WHAT!? Y-you beat Hidon? You're lying!
*Relm shows up*
Relm: Nope, he's not! He really did it!
NOTE: If you never brought Relm to Ebot's Rock, how would she know this?
Strago: Ho-ho-ho... Well, a little monster like Hidon could hardly expect to
        stand up to the likes of me!
Gungho: I can't believe it... But it looks like I have to concede defeat! You
        showed me up, old man!
Strago: Ho-ho-ho!
        ...By the way, how are your wounds healing, Gungho?
Gungho: Hmm? Oh, my wounds! Yes, they're fine...

That evening...
*Strago and Gungho sitting at a table*
Strago: So there I was, creeping through those caves that seemed to go on
        forever... I finally reach the deepest, darkest cavern, and there he is,
        right in front of me! I stared the ugly brute straight in the eye,
        raised my staff, and let him have it! Bam! Thwack! Pow! Right in the
        kisser! Oh, I wish you could've been there to see me... Oh... and
*Screen fades out*
*Gungho goes outside to talk to Relm*
Relm: Where's Grandpa?
Gungho: Hmm? Oh, I think he finally tired himself out from all that jabbering
        and nodded off.
        But... do you think it's okay to leave it like this, with him thinking I
        was really hurt?
Relm: Don't worry about it! If we hadn't tricked him, he'd have spent the rest
      of his life doing nothing but talk. And even if you were faking, that
      monster wasn't!
Gungho: I don't know how a man like him ever managed to raise a granddaughter
        as wonderful as you...
Relm: Yeah? Well, I don't know how anyone could be as terrible an actor as you!
      Strago is probably the only man alive who would fall for a performance
      like that!
*Relm runs off*
Gungho: What did you say!?
*Screen fades out*

Now that you have the Grand Delta lore, here's what it does: At the cost of 64
MP, you will cast a powerful MT-unblockable, defense ignoring, non-elemental
attack which will probably do more damage than any Lore you've seen so far.

NOTE: You can actually fight Hidon again if you want to. Gungho is walking
around Thamasa now, and if you talk to him he may report that Hidon has been
seen at Ebot's Rock again. Just keep talking to him over and over again until
he says this. Once he does, you can go to Ebot's Rock again and fight Hidon

4.107 Phoenix Cave                                                      [4.107]

Some of you may be wondering what happened to your top-notch thief, Locke.
Well, it's about time we found out. But where to look? Don't worry, I got you
covered. You probably don't remember, but you talked to an Imperial Soldier at
the Coliseum a very long time ago who told you to "Talk to the Emperor twice".
Once you came to Owzer's Mansion, you saw a portrait of the emperor. After
talking to it twice, you received the Emperor's Letter (check your Rare Items
[Menu -> Items -> Rare] to see it).

The letter said: "The legendary treasure sleeps where the mountain forms a

Seeing as I mentioned Locke and then this letter, you can probably assume Locke
is at this mountain that forms a star. But where is this mountain? You could
fly around the Overworld trying to find it, or you could just fly to the
Middle-Southern continent and head to the northern end of this continent.

You may not be able to see it very well from the sky, but that mountain range
at the northern tip of the continent forms a star. If you land in the single
empty (aka "mountain-less spot") in the middle, you will enter the Phoenix
Cave. Don't enter the Cave just yet, though.

Before you go into Phoenix Cave, you may want to decide on your party. As long
as you have some Ice/Holy spells, you cover all the weaknesses in this cave.
It wouldn't hurt to bring along some people with defense-ignoring attacks.

Oh, I should also mention that this cave is a little different than others.
It's a 2-party cave, so you'll be controlling two separate parties. Both parties
will need to work together to make it through the cave.

NOTE: If you find you don't have enough (good) equipment to go around for 8
characters, you can always share the equipment between the two parties. This is
easily done by taking the equipment from one character, switching parties and
equipping it on the other. Yeah, it's a lot of work, but it is an option should
you need/want to do it.

Author's Note: If you're interested, here's my parties:
1. Terra, Strago, Edgar, and Sabin
2. Celes, Shadow, Mog, and Gau

Once you're done equipping everyone (you didn't forget Relics, did you?), head
to the center of the star-shaped mountains and press B. You'll be asked to
choose your two parties. Once you do, they'll both jump off the ship.

Here we go!

NOTE: If you ever want to leave, you can face the crane-thingy to the left and
press A, and it will lift you out. You'll be back on the ship. Your party will
consist of Setzer and nobody else.

New Monsters:
#163 - Ouroboros
#164 - Face
#165 - Zeveak
#166 - Seaflower
#167 - Galypdes
#168 - Necromancer
#169 - Clymenus
#170 - Chaos Dragon
#337 - Red Dragon

Monster Formations:
Upstairs (Non-Lava floors):
- Face, Zeveak, Necromancer x2 (5 AP)
- Clymenus x2, Necromancer (4 AP)
- Face x2 (2 AP)
- Galypdes, Chaos Dragon x2 (5 AP)

Downstairs (Lava floors):
- Clymenus x3 (3 AP)
- Chaos Dragon, Ouroboros, Seaflower x2 (6 AP)
- Ouroboros, Seaflower (2 AP)
- Seaflower x5 (3 AP)

- Red Dragon (10 AP)

- Ouroboros: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Face: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Zeveak: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Seaflower: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Galypdes: Phoenix Down (Common), Celestriad (Rare)
- Necromancer: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Clymenus: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Chaos Dragon: Phoenix Down (Rare)
- Red Dragon: None

- Wing Edge (North-West of Main Entrance)
- Empty (East side of Upper Level)
- Teleport Stone (South-East corner of Upper Level)
- Empty (South-West of first stepping stones)
- Empty (South-East of first stepping stones)
- Empty (Lower Level, behind spikes)
- Empty (In 2nd stepping stones area)
- Dragon Horn (Past Red Dragon)
- Ribbon (Downstairs, after draining lava)

How to handle these guys:
- Ouroboros only have 50 HP, but of course they have insane Defense AND Magic
Defense (3rd highest in the game for both stats). This is where the defense
ignoring attacks come in handy. Should you for some reason not have any
defense-ignoring attacks at hand, you could always cast Death (or Banish if
you want to get rid of the Seaflower(s) that always accompany Ouroboros.
However, if you're also facing Chaos Dragon, it won't work on it, but Banish
will still get rid of Ouroboros and the two Seaflower). Also, Lv. 4 Flare will
work nicely here.

Their attacks, by the way, include the usual physical attack, along with Bio
and !Negatouch (inflicts Zombie).

- Face will attack physically or with !Smirk (causes Stop) every turn. Anything
has a small chance of being countered with 1000 Needles. When Face is alone,
it will switch out !Smirk for 1000 Needles.

These guys are vulnerable to Confusion or Stop. You may wish to simply Confuse
any Face you meet and either have them help you defeat any other enemies or just
wait until they kill each other (when confused, they use their physical, !Smirk,
or 1000 Needles). Once you Stop them, attack them with Ice attacks, and refrain
from using Fire attacks.

Lastly, I feel I should let you know that if you Rasp away his 1700 MP, he will
also die.

- Zeveak may attack physically or with !Whirling Umbrella (causes Confusion) on
their first turn. Their 2nd turn may feature Flash Rain. Once Zeveak is alone,
it has a good chance of using El Niño.

Zeveak, like Face AND Necromancer (which you'll all see in the same battle),
are vulnerable to Confusion. Edgar's Noiseblaster will be perfect in this
battle. You could also cast Banish which will get rid of Zeveak and the
Necromancers (but not Face), or put Zeveak to Sleep. Its weakness is Ice.
Alternatively, you may want to Rasp 500 MP to kill it.

- Seaflower will always attack in numbers (2 or 5 of them, depending on which
formation you encounter). By far the easiest way of getting rid of these guys
is using Banish, since they are vulnerable to Instant Death. If that's not an
option, Petrify or Stop will work nicely, followed up by Ice- or Lightning-based
attacks. They absorb Fire and Water attacks, so stay away from them. They have
4200 HP each.

Should you actually need more than one turn to defeat Seaflower, know that it
may use !Tentacle (causes Poison) on its 2nd turn, otherwise they have a good
chance of attacking physically every turn.

- Galypdes is famous for it's rare Steal, Celestriad (a Relic which reduces
all Magic and Lore attacks to a cost of only 1 MP). If it weren't for the
Osmose spell, Celestriad would be a great Relic. More and more people are
starting to realize it's highly over-rated (because of Osmose), so I won't ever
tell you to get more Celestriad than you find in chests and such. If you want
more, Galypdes will be your best bet (though there is a better place to steal
them from Galypdes, which I may mention later).

Anyway, it may attack physically every turn. Galypdes may also use !Flap (500%
damage; ouch) on its 2nd turn or Cyclonic on its 3rd turn. Anytime you attack
Galypdes, it has a 33% chance of countering with Shamshir.

These attacks are annoying, so you have a choice of casting Silence, Berserk,
Confusion, or Stop on it. Its' weakness is Ice and you have to do 6013 HP worth
of damage, so I suggest you get to it. ;)

- Necromancer may attack with !Zombie Stick (inflicts Zombie) on its first turn,
otherwise it has a chance of attacking physically. Attack them with anything
EXCEPT the "Attack" command and you'll get a Gravity (33%) or Graviga (66%)
shoved down your throat. Lastly, when Necromancer is lonely, he gets mad and
starts using Death (33%), Banish (33%), or Flare (33%). Ouch.

You can Confuse these guys, Stop them, and/or cast Fire- or Holy-based spells
to get rid of them ASAP. Rasping 900 MP is also an option, but that might take
longer than you'd like. Lv. 4 Flare will work on Necromancers as well.

- Clymenus normally only cast Fira 33% of the time. If any of your characters
have Reflect status, they will cast either Cura, Reflect, or Haste on you (which
will simply bounce back tot hem). That's not too much of a problem, unless they
cast Reflect. This will give THEM Reflect status, which causes more troubles.

If any Clymenus has Reflect status, it will cast either Fire, Fira, or Firaga
on themselves, which will bounce back to you!

If none of your characters have Reflect status, you don't have much to worry
about. Clymenus has a weakness to Holy and 3815 HP, so take care of it

If you do have Reflect status on someone, you need to a) hope they don't cast
Reflect anytime soon and b) get rid of them ASAP. Casting Berserk may help. If
you do manage to Berserk all the Clymenus on the field, you shouldn't have much
else to worry about. If they do manage to pull off a Reflect, get rid of the
affected Clymenus ASAP.

- Chaos Dragon are a little odd. Out of their 10 Turns, 8 of them are spent
doing nothing. The other two turns feature attacks only 33% of the time.
Disaster on its' 2nd Turn, and !Incinerate (causes Death) on its' 6th Turn.
Casting Silence gets rid of the Disaster-threat, and hopefully you won't stick
around until the 6th Turn to see if he'll use !Incinerate or not.

Aside from Silence, Chaos Dragon is vulnerable to Berserk and Stop. Like most
monsters here, it sports a weakness to Ice, with an above average 9013 HP. It
does have pathetic defense (3rd lowest in the game), so physical attacks work
quite well.

Alright, so that covers all the monsters. Now onto the dungeon itself. I'm going
to refer to your two parties as "1st Party" and "2nd Party" (I came up with
these names after only five minutes!). It doesn't really matter which Party
becomes #1 or #2, as they both end up in the same place. Also, you'll get to
choose which party you want to fight the Red Dragon with, so no worries there.
Anyway, let's clear this dungeon:

NOTE: In case you didn't read the text on the screen, you press Select to switch
between the two parties.

NOTE about spikes in this dungeon: You'll find many spikes in this dungeon. You
CAN step over these spikes, but they will remove 400 HP from everyone in the
party. Should any character not have 400 HP, it will simply reduce it to 1 HP.
Spikes will never kill you.

1st Party:
Enter the cave and step on the switch. A door opens to the left.

2nd Party:
Enter the cave and go through the left door. Go up the stairs and take a right
to go down south to find another switch directly above the 1st Party. Step on it
to open the door to the right.

NOTE: If you go left instead of right, you may see a chest. If you try to grab
it, you'll fall through a hole into the ground, and onto some spikes. Don't
worry, we'll get the chest later.

1st Party:
Go through the right door and a little north to step on the switch, which will
lower the spikes to your left.

2nd Party:
Head north and across the spikes the 1st Party just lowered for you. Go east
and then south to step on a switch, which will lower some more spikes.

1st Party:
Go across the spikes and notice the stairs below you. If you go to the
north-east corner, you can find a chest that is Empty! Also, there's sort of a
hidden passage directly east of the stairs. Open the chest for a Teleport Stone.
Go down the stairs. You'll come to the lower floor of the dungeon (where
different monsters appear). Go north-west of the stairs to cross some bridges
(this chest is also Empty!) Hit the switch north-east of that empty chest to
raise some stepping stones out of the lava. Cool.

Go back to the stairs and follow the bridges (another Empty! chest) all the way
to the end. Dead end, must be time to switch parties.

2nd Party:
Head up from the switch you're on, all the way west and down the stairs. Go
south (see the lone tile of spikes? Those are the spikes you would've fallen on
had you tried to open the chest earlier) and up the stairs. Hit the switch and
cross the newly formed bridge to grab the chest, which contains a Wing Edge.

Go back down the stairs, back north to the other stairs and head east across
the bridges. Jump across the lava using the stepping stones and... do it again.

North of you is a chest behind some spikes. Now you could waste 400 HP on
everyone in your party to find out what's in the chest, or you could just read
this guide to know it's another Empty! chest. Continue east to find yourself
pretty close to Party #1. Hit the switch, and the big stone moves over.

1st Party:
Head north through the newly opened path. Just like in the beginning of this
dungeon, go down the stairs to the left of you and step on the switch, which
moves the big stone back into its original place.

2nd Party:
Head north and step on the switch surrounded by water. This lowers the spikes
for the other party.

1st Party:
Go north and across the spikes that were just lowered. Go west and down the
stairs to come to another lava room. Jump left across the stones, then south,
and east. If you take the left bridge, you'll find another chest that is Empty!
That was the last empty chest, I swear. Go back across and take the right
bridge and go up the stairs. Hit the switch, which somehow makes the water go
to the lower level and cool off the lava. Sweet.

2nd Party:
Head west and ignore the switch for now. Go down the ladder and follow the
cooled off path to the west. Go down the stairs and make your way towards the
chest in the middle of the now-cooled floor. Open it for a Ribbon. Go back
up the stairs where you came from (if you're wondering, the stairs in the
north-west corner go nowhere... yet). Head back across the once-hot floor and
step on the switch you passed earlier (this re-arranges some stones on the
floor which will allow the 1st Party to pass).

1st Party:
Go south through the newly-opened path and GO UP THE STAIRS IMMEDIATELY. Below
you is the Red Dragon, which you don't want to fight just yet. Stand on the
switch north-west of the stairs (which raises two stepping stones).

2nd Party:
Go back through the path on the floor and up the stairs to the west. NOW go
through the north-west stairs. Head south and jump across the stepping stones
to meet up with the 1st Party. Yay.

Now you can decide which party you want to fight the Red Dragon with.

Ok, ready? ... What? You want me to help you decide? Alright, just this once :P

As you may guess from the name RED Dragon, this one specializes in Fire. Throw
on any Fire-absorbing equipment you have, and make sure NO ONE has Reflect
status. If you're going for an easy victory, then I hope you have at least two
characters that know Rasp.

Just for reference, Fire absorbing/negating equipment includes: Flame Shield,
Ice Shield, Paladin's Shield, Red Jacket, Minerva Bustier, Blizzard Orb &
Berserker Ring (both Umaro only).
The follow also take half damage from Fire attacks: Thunder Shield, Force
Shield, Cat-Ear Hood, Force Armor, Snow Scarf.

That should be enough to cover anyone you have in your party.

Once you're ready, head down the stairs and go south to meet the Red Dragon!

BOSS: Red Dragon

Red Dragon
- Level: 67
- HP: 30000
- MP: 1780
- Steal: None
- Drops: Murakumo (Always)
- Weakness: Ice, Water
- Absorbs: Fire

If any character has Reflect status, Red Dragon will target that character
and use !Eraser (unblockable attack which removes Reflect and does damage). Of
course, if you're wearing Reflect Rings (why?!?), the Reflect status will NOT
be removed (Relics > attacks).

Red Dragon's only turn at first consists of Fira (66%) or Fireball (33%). If
you attack it with anything, it may counter with a physical attack.

Once his HP drops to 10240 or below (that means after 19760 damage), it's new
attack becomes Flare (66%) or Firaga (33%).

NOTE: Flare is non-elemental, so you won't absorb this attack.

If 40 seconds have passed, Red Dragon will either use Southern Cross, Flare
Star, or Lv. 4 Flare (which is non-elemental, btw).

And that's about all he does. Not too bad.

Any advanced thinkers may have already noticed the easiest tactic to defeat
Red Dragon. All of Red Dragon's attacks require MP, of which Red Dragon only
has 1780. How fast can you Rasp 1780 MP? :)

Once you get his MP to 0, Red Dragon can't do anything except counter
physically. If you want to be completely invincible, you can always Vanish
your party. Now, just take your time defeating the Red Dragon, possibly abusing
his Ice/Water weakness to make time go by a little faster.

For the few numbers out there that don't want to use Rasp for some reason,
you'll still be fine since you'll absorb pretty much everything except Flare
and Lv. 4 Flare (but only if any of your characters' level is divisible by 4).
Heal up when necessary and stay on the offensive.

Red Dragon is not all that difficult. You get a Murakumo for beating it.

For those following this guide, you have 3 Dragons remaining.

Go up the stairs and open the chest to get another Dragon Horn. Nice.

Head back to where your other party is and put both parties on the two switches
below you. This lowers the big stone in front of you. Proceed onwards and down
the stairs.

Advance a little further to find none other than.... Locke himself!

Since I just typed up a dialogue earlier, I won't do it again here. I'll just
summarize what happens:

Locke came here to find the legendary treasure that can undo death itself.
Turns out this treasure is a magicite, more specifically the Phoenix esper. The
magicite is filled with cracks now, so Locke isn't sure if it will still work.

NOTE: For those who don't remember, Locke's trying to revive his old girlfriend
Rachel. She lost her memory one day when Locke & Rachel were in some cave, and
left the village after that (she didn't remember who he was). When Locke
returned many years later, she was dead. Rumor has it she regained her memory
shortly before she died and uttered his name one last time.

So everyone heads off to Kohlingen, which is where that old guy has been keeping
Rachel's body in good condition, waiting for Locke to return with the legendary
treasure. Well, now's the time.

Locke rushes to Rachel, places the magicite on her and... nothing happens.
However, after a few seconds (delayed reaction), the magicite begins to glow.
It rises above them, and you see a quick image of Phoenix across the screen.
The magicite then shatters into a couple pieces!

This is when Rachel wakes up! I feel like I should type up this dialogue, since
many consider this to be one of the saddest scenes in the game:

*Notice the image of the Phoenix across the screen*
Rachel: Locke...
Locke: Rachel!
Rachel: Locke... Oh, how I've wanted to see you... to talk to you...!
Locke: Rachel...
Rachel: The Phoenix used the last of its power to give me some time... But I
        must leave again soon... Before my time is gone... There's something I
        must tell you... Something I never had the chance to say...
Locke: ...
Rachel: Locke...... You made me so happy... In my last moments, my memory
        returned... I drifted off thinking of you, and I was truly, truly
        happy... So let me now say the words I never had the chance to say...
        Locke... Thank you.
*Rachel closes her eyes and the Phoenix image disappears*
Locke: Rachel!
Rachel: I have to go now... But thank you so much for all the happiness you've
       given me... Please, let go of the chains that bind your heart... I
       release you... Give your love to the one who now dwells in your heart...
       Love her... as you loved me...
       Phoenix... Be reborn! And give your power to Locke!
*Rachel rises up*
Locke: Rachel!
*Rachel turns into three sparks, and does some cool animation-type stuff and the
picture of the Phoenix appears again*

Locke then goes back upstairs and Celes is there, worrying about Locke. He
informs her that he's fine now because Rachel put his heart at ease. From here
on out, everything'll be okay.

As they walk outside together, Locke suddenly stops and heads back inside. He
comes back out with some items: X-Potion, Phoenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame
Shield, and Valiant Knife!

Locke informs you that these were the treasures he took from the Phoenix Cave.
This explains all the empty chests we saw.

A quick note about the (awesome) Valiant Knife: Everytime you hit with this
knife, it does the usual damage PLUS it adds "Max HP - Current HP" to the
damage! So if Locke has 2000 HP total, and he's at 1000 HP, you automatically
do 1000 extra damage on top of the regular damage from Valiant Knife. This makes
this weapon so great for Locke. Also, it's defense-ignoring as well. You'll
definitely want to equip this on Locke for pretty much the rest of the game.

Also, you've acquired a new esper: Phoenix. It teaches Raise (x10), Arise (x2),
Reraise (x1), Curaga (x2), and Firaga (x3). Arise revives a KO'd party member
to full HP. Reraise automatically revives the target the next time he/she is
KO'd. Definitely work on teaching Reraise to several people, as it will be very
useful later on.

So now Locke is back in your party! You know what that means, right? You can
finally STEAL again!

4.108 Stealing all around the world                                     [4.108]

This is the first time since the Floating Continent where you've been able to
steal something (you could've had Shadow equip a Thief's Knife and tried to
steal that way, but it's rather unreliable). That means we've got some catching
up to do.

I'm going to list all the useful/helpful steals in the WoR. I tried to put them
in the most convenient order for you (based on your location at Kohlingen).
Of course, you don't have to do ANY of this if you don't want to, though I do
recommend you get at least some of these items.

NOTE: You may want to equip the Thief's Bracer to double your chances of

Figaro Continent (Overworld):
- Oceanus: Gaia Gear (Common)

NOTE: If you already have 4 Gaia Gear, you can skip this part.

Oceanus is found in the Forest. If you get the "Oceanus, Desert Hare x3"
formation, get rid of the Desert Hare by attacking them once (they only have 75
HP). To make stealing easier, you can cast Stop on Oceanus.

Mt. Zozo (Caves & Any Slopes):
- Glasya Labolas: Hi-Potion (Common), Muscle Belt (Rare)

NOTE: This isn't really necessary, but the Muscle Belt relic is kinda nice. It
boosts HP by 50%, so it's up to you if you want to go through the effort of
stealing one or more of them.

Glasya Labolas won't be able to touch you if your party is invisible. You can
also cast Stop to make stealing easier. When looking for Glasya Labolas, I
suggest you stick to the Caves so you can encounter Glasya Labolas by itself.
One or two Bio spells will defeat it once you're done.

Owzer's Mansion:
- Coeurl Cat: Tabby Suit (Rare)
- Crusher: Super Ball (Common)
- Blade Dancer: Moogle Suit (Rare)
- Caladrius: Chocobo Suit (Rare)

NOTE: I recommend you don't skip this part. If you don't remember, Owzer's
Mansion is in Jidoor, which is south of Zozo.

All these monsters are all found in random encounters. All these monsters can
be stopped.

If you're wondering why you want these suits, they can be bet at the Coliseum
to eventually be turned into Genji Armor. Moogle Suit gives you the shortest
chain, so you may want to focus on getting several of those. You'll want to have
at least 4 Genji Armor, so plan accordingly.

Moving right along...

Solitarly Island:
- Peeper: Elixir (Rare)
- Land Ray: Megalixir (Rare)

NOTE: This is obviously not necessary, but it can be nice to stock up on some
Elixir/Megalixirs. This is also the only place you'll be able to get your hands
on some Megalixir until the final boss (technically you could use the Ragnarok
esper to metamorphose some enemies into Megalixirs, but the chances of that
being successful are VERY small).

Since Peeper/Land Ray only have 1 HP and inherent Seizure, they will die within
one or two turns. You'll need to cast Stop on them before you can try to Steal.

South-Western Continent / Norther-Middle Continent (Overworld):
- Leap Frog: Hi-Potion (Common), Pinwheel (Rare)
- Basilisk: Tortoise Shield (Rare)
- Lycaon: X-Potion (Rare)
- Greater Mantis: Impartisan (Rare)

NOTE: Your primary reason for being here is to steal Imp equipment (Tortoise
Shield & Impartisan). I simply listed Leap Frog so you might steal Pinwheel and
Lycaon for their rare X-Potion steal.

Once again, all 4 of these monsters are vulnerable to Stop, giving you plenty
of time to successfully steal their items. You'll want to steal at least 4
Tortoise Shield & Impartisan (though you may want to steal more Impartisan as
they make great throwing weapons for Shadow). If you want, you can also get more
Tortoise Shields to bet them in the Coliseum for Saucers (thx blusiryn).

- Wizard: Thunder Rod (Common), Ice Rod (Rare)

NOTE: The only I suggest you get these rods is to throw them with Shadow.

Wizards are found in the West Mines. If you happen to meet some Psychos with
your Wizard(s), then cast Ice spells to get rid of them (they have 900 HP). You
can cast Stop on Wizard to make stealing easier.

North-Eastern Continent:
- Brachiosaur: Ribbon (Rare)
- Tyrannosaur: Reed Cloak (Rare)
- Tumbleweed: Saucer (Rare)
- Lycaon: X-Potion (Rare)
- Greater Mantis: Impartisan (Rare)

NOTE: This is where you'll find the other half of the Imp equipment (Saucer and
Reed Cloak). While Brachiosaur's Ribbon may look nice, don't forget that
Brachiosaur is the toughest random encounter in the game. If you feel you're
strong enough, then go ahead, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Tyrannosaur are found in the Forest. You can put them to Sleep while you steal
their Reed Cloak. Walk around in the Grass to hopefully encounter the
Tumbleweed x4 formation. Vanish your entire party and they won't hurt you
unless they are alone.

Ebot's Rock:
- Hidon: Teleport Stone (Common), Thornlet (Rare)

NOTE: Thornlet isn't found in any chests, so this is probably the fastest way
to get them. You can bet them for a Mirage Vest (nice armor) in the Coliseum,
or you can continue the chain to eventually get a Red Jacket (if you already
have two, then you don't need any more).

This is the easiest way to get Thornlet (besides using Metamorphose which can
take forever since the chance of success is very low). Go to Thamasa and talk
to Gungho

- Galypdes: Phoenix Down (Common), Celestriad (Rare)
- Still Life: Fake Mustache (Rare)
- Tonberries: Minerva Bustier (Rare)

NOTE: Unless you feel like you have too much time on your hands, I wouldn't
even recommend doing this. Finding these monsters on the Veldt can take
forever, and these items are nothing you really NEED. You'll find another
Fake Mustache in a chest later (this relic changes Relm's Sketch into the
Control command), so that can wait. You don't really need more than two Minerva
Bustier, and Celestriad is over-rated (plus the Coliseum features an easier way
to get these).

If you do want to go through the Veldt to find these items, read on. Galypdes
and Chaos Dragon (they appear together) can both be Stopped. Still Life can also
be Stopped. Check Section 4.99 (CTRL+F: [4.099]) on how to beat Tonberries.

And that should do it! Wasn't that fun? I thought it was.

Anyway, so you've gotten all your party members back, plus one new one (Umaro).
Is that it? Nope, there's one more new character you can get, and he/she is
possibly the most interesting character of all.

Head to Triangle Island, which is in the north-east corner of the map. Believe
it or not, it's an island shaped like a triangle!

4.109 Triangle Island & Zone Eater's Belly                              [4.109]

Last time you were here, you met the beast Intangir. This time around this
island only has one monster on it: Zone Eater.

Before you do anything, you should decide whom to bring. You'll definitely want
to bring several Rasp-users. You'll also see a lot of the following statuses:
Zombie, Sleep, Imp, Confusion, Berserk, Death. Ribbons will help against all
those except Zombie and Death, so it's up to you if you want to waste another
Relic slot to protect against those. If you want to hit the monsters' weaknesses
here, be sure to have Fire-, Holy-, and Poison-based spells available.

Other than that, bring whoever you feel like bringing. Notice how I've been
saying that the last few times? That's because everyone should be powerful
enough to handle pretty much anything, so it doesn't really matter who you
bring anymore.

Useless info: I brought Terra, Sabin, Shadow, and Relm.

Walk around until you encounter Zone Eater. I won't tell you how to beat it,
since we don't want to beat it (at least not yet). Every turn it has a 66%
chance of using Inhale. Like the name suggets, Zone Eater will actually inhale
one of your party members! Just wait around until all four party members are
Inhaled and you will actually be in a cave/dungeon! This is the cave inside
Zone Eater's Belly.

New Monsters:
#195 - Zone Eater
#199 - Covert
#200 - Kamui
#201 - Wartpuck
#202 - Shambling Corpse
#203 - Amduscias
#204 - Baalzephon

Monster Formations:
Everywhere except Gogo's Room:
- Wartpuck, Kamui (1 AP)
- Shambling Corpse x2 (1 AP)
- Amduscias, Covert x2 (3 AP)
- Baalzephon x2, Shambling Corpse x2 (2 AP)

Gogo's Room:
- Covert, Kamui (2 AP)
- Kamui x2 (1 AP)
- Amduscias, Baalzephon (2 AP)
- Wartpuck x2 (2 AP)

- Zone Eater: Teleport Stone (Rare)
- Covert: Shuriken (Common), Pinwheel (Rare)
- Kamui: Ashura (Common), Murasame (Rare)
- Wartpuck: Chain Flail (Common), Dried Meat (Rare)
- Shambling Corpse: Mythril Sword (Common), Soul Sabre (Rare)
- Amduscias: Dagger (Common), Swordbreaker (Rare)
- Baalzephon: Kunai (Common), Sasuke (Rare)

- Hi-Ether (Fall off the bridges [Left Chest])
- Red Jacket (Fall off the bridges [Right Chest])
- Genji Armor (Right chest on the first bridge)
- Magical Brush (Left chest on the first bridge)
- Fake Mustache (Chest at end of bridges)
- Zephyr Cloak (First chest under falling roof)
- Hero's Ring (Second chest under falling roof)
- Pinwheel (Third chest under falling roof)
- Thunder Shield (Jumping platforms before Gogo)

How to handle these monsters:
- Covert are pretty dangerous. On its first turn it will either attack
physically (66%) or with Wind Slash (33%). The second turn features either a
Flame, Water, or Lightning Scroll. If Shadow attacks it with the Throw command,
Covert will throw his own Shuriken or Fuma Shuriken at you. Any attacks by the
"Attack" command will give Covert a 33% chance of using !Disappear (causes
Invisible) on himself.

Luckily, you can cast Berserk (recommended), or Sleep/Stop on them. After that,
you can use Holy-elemental attacks to target its weakness.

- Kamui will constantly try to give you the Zombie status with !Zombie Touch.
When attacked by a Magic spell, it counters with Bio 33% of the time. Anything
by the "Attack" command is countered with a physical attack (33%).

Kamui is similar to Covert in that you can Berserk it to eliminate any threat
or just cast Stop. They are weak to Lightning and Poison attacks.

- Wartpuck will attack physically (66%) or try to put you to sleep with !Yawn
(inflicts Sleep) [33%]. When you attack it, it has a 33% chance of using Snort.
You can put Wartpuck to Sleep or just attack with any strong Fire spell to get
rid of it (he has 3559 HP).

Oh, and should you have Relm in your party with a Fake Mustache, you could
Control Wartpuck and have it use Self-Destruct to blow himself up. Sweet.

- Shambling Corpse will try to Imp you with !Figaro Malt 33% of the time.
Counterattacks include a physical attack (Attack command), Thundaga, Break, or
Flare (Magic attack), or a 100% chance of Lifeshaver (anything else). You could
Silence or Stop it, but there's easier ways to defeat this Corpse:
a) It's Undead, so a Phoenix Down will take care of it.
b) It has 185 HP and it dies when he runs out of MP, so simply cast a single

Also, you can do 3850 worth of damage with Fire/Holy spells.

- Amduscias will attack physically (66%) or try to Confuse you with Booty Shake.
If Shadow throws anything at this guy, he'll throw an Enhancer or Crystal Sword
back. Ouch. Your options for defeating it include any Instant Death attacks,
casting Stop and using Poison attacks to deal at least 4452 damage, or Rasping
270 MP.

- Baalzephon will attempt to Berserk you with !Frenzy (33%). Stay away from the
"Attack" command unless you want to see Baalzephon attack you with its own
Attack (100%). In addition to being vulnerable to Instant Death, any strong Fire
attack (doing at least 3609 damage) will work. You could also Rasp 300 MP to
kill it.

So in short: Berserk Covert/Kamui and use Holy attacks on Covert and Lightning
attacks on Kamui, put Wartpuck to Sleep and use Fire, Rasp Shambling Corpse
(or Phoenix Down), don't throw anything at Amduscias and use either Instant
Death or Rasp on Amduscias/Baalzephon.

NOTE: !Figaro Malt by Shambling Corpse tends to remove the Invisible status,
so make sure to re-apply the status.

As long as you stick to the above paragraph, a Vanish'd party will be

Anyway, let's go through this (rather short) cave. From your starting point,
there's a beam of light north of you. This is how you get out of this cave.
Obviously, we're not ready to do that just yet, so head south. Don't bother
with the stairs south of you just yet. West is the way to go.

You'll come across several bridges. See those green dudes walking around on
the bridges? Should you come into contact with them, they'll knock you off the
bridge! This isn't bad, but just annoying since you'll have to start over if
they do.

Anyway, you'll want to get knocked off at least once so you can collect some
treasures below. The left chest has a Hi-Ether and the right one contains a
Red Jacket. Step on the switch to lower the block and go up the stairs.

Getting past these green meanies isn't too hard, you just have to be patient
and jump at the right time. Make your way across the bridges and I do recommend
you collect the chests. The right of the first two chests contains a Genji
Armor (equip this on somebody), the left one has a Magical Brush for Relm.

The last chest can be difficult to get, but it's worth it so keep at it. The
chest has a Fake Mustache, a Relic for Relm which turns Sketch into Control.

We now interrupt this walkthrough for a special message from the author
regarding the Control command!

Control can be a useful attack in certain situations. If you do Control an
enemy, you'll have up to four attacks you can select for the monster to use.
After it attacks, you lose Control of the monster. Also, while you Control a
monster, it won't ever attack unless you select an attack for it. This means
you can just keep skipping Relm's turn and as long as you don't attack the
monster with any physical attack (i.o.w. only magical attacks) the monster won't
ever move. Well, almost never. The monster can still use any counterattacks it
has. Lastly, if Relm is inflicted with any of the following statuses, Control
of the monster is lost: Berserk, Confusion, Frozen, KO (duh), Petrify, Sleep,
Stop, and Zombie (basically any status that makes Relm unable to act at all or
unable to act on her own).

If you have Relm with you and you'd like to try out this new command, wait until
you encounter a Wartpuck and Control it. Select Self-Destruct and watch it
explode. Cool, huh? :)

Useful info: You probably won't know which attacks are available once you
Control a monster. But fear not, I won't leave you hanging. My Bestiary FAQ
(available here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gbadvance/file/930370/46956)
lists the attacks each monster can use when you Control it. Search for the
monster in question with CTRL+F then look under "Control:".

Commercial break over.

Enter the next room to find a Save Point (and to not find any monsters). I
suggest you save. If not, you may regret it. Also, equip some Sprint Shoes
now.  There's no monsters in the next room so don't worry about losing a
needed Relic for now.

Move on to the next room. Yes, that's the ceiling crashing down every few
seconds. You'll have to get across to the other side of the room by running
to the "safe squares" while the ceiling is up. Equipping the Sprint Shoes
doubles your walking speed. Also, you can't pause in this room. At all. One
wrong or misjudgment will have the ceiling crushing you, giving you an instant
Game Over (which is why you saved in the last room, right?). Once the ceiling
goes back up and your party recovers from the shock, you have exactly 5 seconds
before the ceiling comes down again.

Anyway, let's do it. Don't bother going to that first "safe square" you see,
just head straight to the first chest and open it for a Zephyr Cloak. This Cloak
boosts Evasion and Magic Evasion by 10 points each. Not bad. Now head to the
next chest you see (which has a Hero's Ring).

Now you'll have to be accurate on where you go. There's two safe squares you
must reach. If you want to count steps, you need to go 6 steps west and 2-3
steps south (2 or 3 will work).

On your next run, do NOT go to the chest, there's no safe square under it like
with the other chests. Instead, run to the chest and go south as far as you can.
This is the exit, by the way, but you still want to grab that chest. Next time
the ceiling goes up, run up to the chest, grab the Pinwheel and run back.

That wasn't so hard, was it? Exchange the Sprint Shoes with whatever you had
before since you'll be facing monsters as of the next room again. Enter the
next room and then the next room as well.

This room also has some bridges, but no one will knock you off these ones.
Maneuver around the one-way bridges and once you're above the switch, jump down
instead of left (where the door is). Hit the switch to open up some more
bridges. Jump to the right and then take the lower bridges all the way to a
chest containing a Thunder Shield. Sweet. Go back and take the middle bridge in
the room like before and go left towards the door this time.

This is Gogo's room, which features a different set of enemies. Guess who that
guy up ahead is? Couldn't be Gogo... nah...

Go talk to the guy and you'll get to name him. Looks like this guy is Gogo, so
I'll name him that (but you can name him whatever you want).

Gogo will let you know that he's a master of mimicry. He's been lonely in that
room for a few years, so he's eager to do something besides stand around. He'll
ask you what you're doing here and someone will tell him. He finds out that
"you seek to save the world", which seems to sound like a fun time to Gogo,
because he decides to join you!

Gogo's level will be 2 higher than your Character's Average level. Gogo is
perhaps the most flexible character out of all of them. Why? Because you can
actually select which battle command Gogo has, and you can change them any
time you want! You do this by going to the Menu -> Status -> Gogo and pressing
Select at this screen.

On the right you see the box of Commands he is currently assigned to. Mimic is
the only command you can't change (I'll explain what it does in a minute), but
the other three commands are customizable. Select A on any of these lines to
be able to choose one of the commands out of the list on the left.

Note that Gogo can only use commands which you have in your party. For example,
if you hadn't found Locke yet, Gogo wouldn't be able to use the Steal command.
If you've been following this guide the whole time, Gogo should have every
single command available.

A pretty nice setup for Gogo is (IMO): Mimic, Blitz, Magic, and Throw. Blitz
for Phantom Rush, Magic for any and all spells (obviously), and Throw for some
damage that can be targeted (since Phantom Rush chooses a random target). But
really, you can set up Gogo however you like.

I should also mention that like Umaro, Gogo can NOT equip any espers.

If that's not awesome, then I don't know what is.

Anyway, use a Teleport spell to get of Zone Eater's Belly. If you don't have
the spell, use the Teleport Stone item. If you don't want to use that, you can
always walk out. Be careful when going through the room with the falling
ceiling, and just get knocked off the bridges to make it easier.

There is one last thing to do before leaving this island: If you check your
Bestiary, you're probably missing Monster #195. This monster is Zone Eater.
Since you never defeated it before, you never got the entry. Let's defeat it
now, shall we?

Zone Eater has 7700 HP and is weak to the Holy element. If you attack it with
"Attack" command, he'll have a 33% chance of countering with Freezing Dust, and
any Magic spell has a 33% chance of being countered with Inhale.

Since Zone Eater has a good chance of Inhaling your characters every turn,
you'll want to take it out ASAP. Defeat it once to get the Bestiary entry and
leave the island.

There is one last place to visit that we haven't explored yet: Cultists' Tower.
This is where we picked up Strago, remember?

4.110 Cultists' Tower                                                   [4.110]

Before you head here, I highly suggest you do some Magic training if you
haven't been doing that throughout the game. Cultists' Tower throws a little
twist into the game in that you can ONLY use the Magic spell. No Blitz, no
Tools, no Lore, no Sketch/Control, etc. Just magic (and Item, but who's
counting? :p). So it seems obvious that you'll want to have a lot of magic
available to make it easier.

The best place to learn Magic is the desert south of Maranda (southern end of
South-Western continent; the desert on the north end of the continent has
different monsters, so make sure you're at the one south of Maranda).

The only monsters you'll encounter here are Slagworm or Cactuar. Slagworm gives
5 AP, while Cactuar gives 10 AP.

NOTE: Do yourself a favor and stay out of the south-west area of the desert.
Just walk back and forth on the north end of the desert. Reason for this being
that you may encounter a giant Cactuar with the name of Gigantuar, which is
actually an esper. You don't want to face this guy without preparation. He only
appears after beating 10 Cactuar and then stepping on a certain tile in the
south-west area of the desert, so just stay away from there for now.

To make these battles as fast as possible, simply cast any Instant Death spell
on Slagworm and use pretty much any defense-ignoring attack on Cactuar (he has
3 HP and has is ranked first out of every monster in Defense, Magic Defense,
Evasion, AND Magic Evasion).

Now that you know the best way to learn spells, which spells should you actually
learn? A completionist (like myself) will learn every spell, but most people
don't want to bother to do all that. Make sure to have AT LEAST the following
spells: Cura/Curaga (preferably Curaga), Reraise, Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga,
Break, Death/Banish, Flare, Silence, Stop, and Berserk. It would be best if
all 4 characters know this (whoever you decide on bringing), but definitely not
necessary. I'd suggest having 2-3 people know most of these spells, as long as
*someone* can cast every one of these spells.

As for who to bring: Your strongest Magic users. Relm is definitely one of the
four, but I'll leave the other three choices up to you. Umaro seems to be a
popular choice for a lot of people, since the Magic-restriction does not apply
to him. He'll still use his random attacks, which all deal some nice damage, so
you may want to consider him, especially this is the only place in the game
where Umaro may come in handy. My party consisted of Terra, Sabin, Shadow, and
Relm in case you're wondering.

I'll wait while you get those spells together...

*whistles* ... *go grabs a couple sandwiches* ... *eats all the sandwiches*

... *goes to sleep* ... *wakes up*

Done? Good.

Final preparation: Reflect Ring is a MUST. Equip one on each character right
now. Don't bother equipping anything like Genji Glove or Master's Scroll, they
are useless in this tower. Instead, any Magic/Magic Defense/Magic Evasion
boosting things will be great. Lastly, just for fun, cast Float on your entire
party (this can be done out of battle through the Magic menu).

Head to the Cultists' Tower, which is located in the middle of Serpent Trench.

New Monsters:
#221 - Magic Urn
#222 - Level 10 Magic
#223 - Level 20 Magic
#224 - Level 30 Magic
#225 - Level 40 Magic
#226 - Level 50 Magic
#227 - Level 60 Magic
#228 - Level 70 Magic
#229 - Level 80 Magic
#230 - Level 90 Magic
#330 - Magic Master
#344 - Holy Dragon

Monster Formations:
1st Area:
- Level 10 Magic, Level 20 Magic (5 AP)
- Level 30 Magic x3 (7 AP)
- Level 40 Magic, Level 20 Magic x2 (7 AP)
- Magic Urn x2 (5 AP)

2nd Area:
- Level 30 Magic, Level 20 Magic, Level 10 Magic (6 AP)
- Level 40 Magic, Level 50 Magic, Level 60 Magic (6 AP)
- Level 50 Magic (5 AP)
- Magic Urn x2 (5 AP)

3rd Area:
- Level 60 Magic, Level 30 Magic, Level 10 Magic x2 (8 AP)
- Level 70 Magic x2, Level 50 Magic (5 AP)
- Level 70 Magic, Level 50 Magic, Level 40 Magic (9 AP)
- Magic Urn x2 (5 AP)

4th Area & Top:
- Level 80 Magic x2 (5 AP)
- Level 90 Magic, Level 60 Magic (6 AP)
- Level 90 Magic, Level 80 Magic (10 AP)
- Magic Urn x2 (5 AP)

- Level 90 Magic (7 AP)
- Level 50 Magic (5 AP)
- Magic Urn x2 (5 AP)

Air Anchor Room:
- Magic Urn x2 (5 AP)

After getting Soul of Thamasa:
- Magic Master (10 AP)

Steals: The only way you could possibly steal is if you get Berserked or Berserk
        someone who has a Thief's Knife equipped.
- Magic Urn: Potion (Common), Elixir (Rare)
- Level 10 Magic: Ether (Rare)
- Level 20 Magic: Ether (Rare)
- Level 30 Magic: Ether (Rare)
- Level 40 Magic: Ether (Rare)
- Level 50 Magic: Hi-Ether (Rare)
- Level 60 Magic: Hi-Ether (Rare)
- Level 70 Magic: Hi-Ether (Rare)
- Level 80 Magic: Hi-Ether (Rare)
- Level 90 Magic: Hi-Ether (Rare)
- Magic Master: Elixir (Common), Crystal Orb (Rare)
- Holy Dragon: X-Potion (Common), Holy Lance (Rare)

- Safety Bit (Storeroom on 7th Floor; 1st Area)
- Air Anchor (Hiddon Room on 6th Floor; 1st Area)
- Genji Shield (Storeroom on 16th Floor; 2nd Area)
- Kagenui (Storeroom on 25th Floor; 3rd Area)
- Force Armor (Storeroom on 34th Floor; 4th Area)
- Soul of Thamasa (Top floor; Beat Magic Master to get)

How to handle these guys:

NOTE: I'm going to describe what each Level X Magic monster looks like, since
you really have no way of knowing which one is which.

- Magic Urn is a weird monster. Unlike every other monster in the game, this
little pothead (pun intended; don't do drugs!) is here to help you. How so?
Here's how: If any of your characters are KO, they will revive him with Raise
or Arise. If anybody is Petrified, they will use a Gold Needle on you. Other
than that, Magic Urn has three separate turns, and they each involve using an
item on a random player:
1st Turn: Remedy or Ether
2nd Turn: Hi-Potion or Elixir
3rd Turn: Ether or Hi-Ether

If you attack them in any way, they have a 33% chance of fleeing. Also, after
EVERY action they take, they also have a 33% chance of fleeing. I suggest that
when you encounter these monsters, sit there and hope they stick around as long
as possible. There's no need to attack these poor guys.

- Level 10 Magic is a palette swap of Ghost/Lich/Necromancer and is purple.
It attacks with Fire/Blizzard/Thunder. If you attack it in any way, it will
counter with Slow, Stop, or Haste. It is weak to Fire/Holy and can be Silenced
leaving it with nothing to attack with. It can also be defeated by a Raise/Arise
spell or a Phoenix Down. If you wanted to you could also Rasp 300 MP to defeat

- Level 20 Magic is a palette swap of Cloud/Wizard and is yellow-ish in color.
It has inherent Reflect, so be mindful of that. It tends to cast
Gravity/Graviga every turn and Break on one turn and Banish on the other. None
of these are reflectable except Break, so you should get rid of this little guy
ASAP. The easiest way to defeat this monster is to cast Banish. You could also
bounce a Death/Break spell off your own characters. Technically Rasping 500 MP
is another option, but it would take longer to do that than the other options,
so it's not very convenient.

- Level 30 Magic is green and looks like a Veil/Blade Dancer. It attacks with
Fira/Blizzara/Thundara and counters with Imp/Osmose/Reflect. Casting Berserk
stops all these spells. Their weakness is Poison and they absorb Holy-elemental
attacks. This monster also dies to Break/Death/Banish.

- Level 40 Magic looks like a green Joker/Zeveak/Al Jabr. It attacks with 
Drain/Break/Vanish and counters with Silence and Sleep. Their weakness is
Lightning and casting Silence stops all their attacks.

- Level 50 Magic is a yellow Oversoul/Cloudwraith with pink fire(?) coming out
its mouth. It attacks with Poison/Bio/Death on the first turn, while casting
Esuna/Dispel on the monsters on his second turn. Counters include Berserk, Slow,
and Hastega. You can Mute/Stop and attack with Fire/Holy, or simply throw a
Phoenix Down at him (or cast Death/Banish).

- Level 60 Magic is a blue Baalzephon/Nelapa. Its attacks include Quake,
Tornado, and Holy while its counters include Osmose/Slowga/Regen. This guy is
vulnerable to Silence/Sleep and weak to Fire.

- Level 70 Magic is a black/red Dark Force/Wrexsoul. It has inherent Reflect and
attacks with Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga. It counters with Sleep/Rasp/Shell. You
can defeat this guy by casting Banish or bouncing Death/Break spells off your
own party. You could also bounce Silence/Stop off yourself and defeat it by
bouncing Ice/Water spells (stay away from Fire spells) off yourself.

- Level 80 Magic is a red/orange Misty/Coco. These are possibly the smartest
monsters in this tower. I will split this paragraph into two, because they do
different things based on which formation you encounter.
* Level 80 Magic x2 formation: They will "attack" with Cura/Esuna/Haste. Esuna
is not reflectable, so it actually helps you out. Cura/Haste is reflectable.
They will counter with Curaga/Cure (both reflectable) or Reraise (not
reflectable, helpful for you).
* Level 90 Magic, Level 80 Magic formation: Tough luck. They will bounce
Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga off of Level 90 Magic and towards you. Their counter
includes bouncing Stop/Holy towards you, or they'll cast Dispel (which is not
reflectable) on Level 90 Magic.

Either way, a simple Break/Death/Banish will take care of them easily. If that
doesn't suit you, cast Sleep and attack with Poison.

- Level 90 Magic is a yellow/green-ish Naude/Clymenus. It has inherent Reflect
and attacks with Meteor/Meltdown/Flare for three turns. On its 4th turn, it
casts Dispel followed by three chances of Flare being cast (66% each). It
counters with Stop/Thundaga/Reraise.

You can defeat this monster by bouncing Berserk/Stop spell off your own
characters and attacking with any element EXCEPT Holy/Earth/Water/Wind.

Ok, does that look confusing to you? Fear not, here's a quick "How to beat Level
X Magic" guide:
* 10: Raise/Arise/Phoenix Down, or Silence + Fire/Holy, or Rasp 300 MP
* 20: Banish, or bounce Break/Death off yourself
* 30: Break/Death/Banish, or Berserk + Poison (don't attack with Holy)
* 40: Silence + Lightning (don't attack with Poison)
* 50: Raise/Arise/Phoenix Down, or Mute/Stop + Fire/Holy (no Poison)
* 60: Silence/Sleep + Fire (don't attack with Ice)
* 70: Banish, or bounce Break/Death off yourself, or bounce Silence/Stop off
      yourself + Ice/Water (don't attack with Fire)
* 80: Banish/Break/Death, or Sleep + Poison
* 90: bounce Berserk/Stop off yourself + bounce Fire/Lightning/Ice/Poison off

NOTE: Flare will work on all enemies that don't have Reflect status (so if it
says "bounce X off yourself" then it will NOT work on those enemies).

Side Note: One thing you should know is how much HP each of these monsters have.
Instead of me listing the HP values, I'll just tell you the easy way to figure
it out: Multiply their Level number by 10 and that's how much HP they have.
For example, Level 10 Magic has 1000 HP, Level 50 Magic has 5000 HP, and Level
90 Magic has 9000 HP. Simple.

As you can see, there are simple tricks to beat every monster in this tower.
I've also included a "normal way" of beating each monster if you don't feel
like using shortcuts (though it will save you a lot of time and stress, believe

Also, it can't hurt to equip the Phantom esper on somebody. If you ever find
yourself facing only Berserked monsters, a simple summon will make you
invincible for that battle. Matter of fact, you might want to summon Phantom
during the boss of this tower, so go ahead and equip it on someone anyway.

Anyway, on to the tower itself. Be sure to refer to the above cheat-sheet when
dealing with the monsters. Start heading on up the stairs (yes, the entire
tower looks the same). You'll find a door on the 7th floor. Enter it and open
the chest to find a Safety Bit. This is the same as the Memento Ring that was
exclusive to Shadow and Relm. Now everyone can enjoy these benefits (which are
protection against Petrification, Zombie, and Instant Death).

Before leaving this room, stand to the right of the chest and face the wall.
Press A. You'll notice a slight rumble. Wonder what that was? Head back outside.

Those paying close attention will already have noticed what that rumble was.
For the rest, there's a door one floor below you that wasn't there before! Head
inside and open the chest for the Air Anchor, Edgar's last Tool. Use this tool
on an enemy that is vulnerable to Instant Death and it will die the next turn.
Personally, I'd rather use Death/Banish and hope to kill it that same turn, but
some may prefer Air Anchor (also, it's unblockable). It goes without saying that
it will always miss to targets invulnerable to Instant Death.

Also, you may wish to hang around in this room. It's only encounter is the
Magic Urn x2 formation, so let them heal you up if you feel like it. This is
also a decent magic-learning spot since each fight gives you 5 AP and you'll
never take any damage from these fellas. Whenever you're ready, head up to the
second area.

Quick Cheat Sheet for this area (so you don't have to scroll up every time):
* 10: Raise/Arise/Phoenix Down, or Silence + Fire/Holy, or Rasp 300 MP
* 20: Banish, or bounce Break/Death off yourself
* 30: Break/Death/Banish, or Berserk + Poison (don't attack with Holy)
* 40: Silence + Lightning (don't attack with Poison)
* 50: Raise/Arise/Phoenix Down, or Mute/Stop + Fire/Holy (no Poison)
* 60: Silence/Sleep + Fire (don't attack with Ice)

Continue climbing up.. up.. up... see the door (which is the 16th floor)? DON'T

Just kidding, go ahead. ;)

Open the chest to find a Genji Shield! Equip this awesome piece of shield on
someone (preferably the one who has the weakest shield equipped at the moment).

And that's all for this second area. Head up to the third area.

Quick Cheat Sheet for the third area:
* Come on, for 10-60 you can scroll up just a little bit, can't you?
* 70: Banish, or bounce Break/Death off yourself, or bounce Silence/Stop off
      yourself + Ice/Water (don't attack with Fire)

Tired of climbing stairs yet? I know I am. Climb up to the 25th floor, and don't
enter th-... ah, what the hell, go ahead and enter. Enter: Holy Dragon.

BOSS: Holy Dragon

Holy Dragon
- Level: 71
- HP: 18500
- MP: 12000
- Steal: X-Potion (Common), Holy Lance (Rare)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: Holy

Welcome to the easiest Legendary Dragon fight in the game. I didn't even have
you prepare! That's because there was no need to, that's how easy this fight is.

Here's what Holy Dragon does: Every turn it has a chance of attacking with Holy
up to three times (or it may not attack at all). When attacked by a Magic spell
(durr), it may target all characters and use Dispel.

Also.... well, no, that's about all he does.

So you obviously know Holy will bounce off of you (and just heal him), and the
only thing Dispel will do is remove the Float status from your characters.

You could just launch an all-out offensive on the dragon and keep pounding him
until you've done enough damage for the dragon to give up (which took only 5
consecutive Flare attacks in my case). But why don't you cast Silence on the
dragon so he won't heal himself with those Holy attacks?

And just like many other monsters in this tower, you've just taken away any
means of attacking for the dragon. Ah well, that's life.

The dragon should be dead before you read this. If not, then why are you still
reading? I'm just trying to waste time so you can defeat the dragon already.

Once you defeat the dragon, you'll get a Holy Lance (which will be given to you
after the battle is over; why? Because this dragon actually appears on the
Veldt, and the game designers didn't want you to end up with an unlimited supply
of Holy Lances by beating the dragon over and over again on the Veldt).

For those following this guide, there are 2 Dragons remaining. They are both in
the final tower of the game, so don't worry about them for now.

Open the chest to find a Kagenui. If you brought Shadow, he'd like to have it.

If any of your characters lost the Float status due to Dispel, make sure to
re-apply the status (outside of battle). You still have a chance of seeing
Quake (used by Level 60 Magic).

Head up to the 4th area.

Cheat Sheet for fourth area:
* 60: Silence/Sleep + Fire (don't attack with Ice)
* 80: Banish/Break/Death, or Sleep + Poison
* 90: bounce Berserk/Stop off yourself + bounce Fire/Lightning/Ice/Poison off

NOTE: You'll only see the above three monsters from here on out.

Keep on climbing... (multiple choice question):
A) Up
B) Down

If you picked up A, you are correct. Can you tell I'm bored of climbing up these

Once you reach the 34th floor (that would be the floor with the door), enter and
grab yourself a Force Armor out of the chest. Equip this on someone as well
unless everyone already has an awesome armor equipped.

Head up to the next area.

Wow, this tower does end somewhere! Welcome to the top of the Cultists' Tower.
This area has the same monsters as the last area, in case you're wondering.

Before you go anywhere, though:

- Got the Phantom esper equipped on someone? Cool.
- Does anyone know Reraise? No biggie. However, I hope you have nothing
  important planned for the next 2-3 hours or so, because that's how long it's
  going to take you to defeat this boss.

Anyway, enter the little room and open the chest to find... the Soul of Thamasa!
This awesome relic (which is also Kefka's prized treasure), should you choose
to wear it, changes the magic command into Dualcast. Guess what it allows you
to do? Dual cast magic spells! In other words, you can cast two spells at once.
The only downside is that the person who wears this relic can't summon any

If you want to use this (why not?), equip it on someone (I'd go for the
strongest magic user, but that's just me).

Head outside and try to go back down the stairs.

All of a sudden, members of Kefka's Cult (hence the name, Cultists' Tower) start
coming up the stairs. 17 of them, to be exact. Following them is what looks like
a ghost, but it's actually your next boss battle, and Kefka's Master of Magic!

BOSS: Magic Master

Magic Master
- Level: 68
- HP: 50000
- MP: 50000
- Steal: Elixir (Common), Crystal Orb (Rare)
- Drops: Megalixir (Always)
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: None

Here's what Magic Master will do:
If any monster has reflect status, Magic Master will... why do I even bother,
do you see any other monsters? No. Pointless AI script right there.

Magic Master does have a 6-turn battle script, which I'll just copy for you:
1st Turn: Fira (33%) or Blizzara (33%) or Thundara (33%)
2nd Turn: Firaga (33%) or Blizzaga (33%) or Thundaga (33%)
3rd Turn: Firaga (33%) or Blizzaga (33%) or Thundaga (33%)
          Firaga (33%) or Blizzaga (33%) or Thundaga (33%)
4th Turn: Firaga (33%) or Blizzaga (33%) or Thundaga (33%)
          Firaga (33%) or Blizzaga (33%) or Thundaga (33%)
5th Turn: Firaga (33%) or Blizzaga (33%) or Thundaga (33%)
6th Turn: Death (33%) or Silence (33%) or Bio (33%)
          Death (33%) or Silence (33%) or Bio (33%)

See why they call him Magic Master?

Also, if he's attacked by anything, he'll use Barrier Change (which will change
his weakness to a random element, as you probably already know).

Lastly, he'll use Ultima when he dies. Ultima is THE most broken spell in the
game. You'll be able to learn this spell yourself a little later, but as of now
you should worry about it being used against you.

This is where the Reraise spell comes in handy. Ultima will most likely kill
your party, but every member who has had Reraise cast on them will be...
Reraise'd, granting you victory against this magic master.

Anyway, we first have to defeat this guy before we can celebrate our victory.
One way to defeat this guy is to do... nothing at all. Just sit there and let
EVERY single spell bounce off you, and back onto Magic Master. Once he's done
50,000 HP worth of damage to himself, he'll die and use Ultima. Should you
choose this method, make sure to cast Reraise on at least one party member
anytime during the battle. The main benefit of this method (IMO) is that you
can go make a sandwich or even a full meal and return to eat your meal while
Magic Master continues to assault himself.

Or if that takes to long for you, you could cast Berserk on him. That stops any
and all magic attacks. Cast Reraise on somebody, then summon the Phantom esper
to make yourself invincible to this fool. Now unleash your strongest magic
attacks on this so-called "No-more-Magic" Master. Eventually he'll die, cast
Ultima, possibly kill your party, and one of your party members will magically
be raised from the dead, thus winning you the battle. Sweet.

NOTE: If you ever run low on MP, use the Osmose spell. Magic Master has plenty
MP you can borrow.

Ready for a long battle? As you read above, the final Ultima is your main
problem. Since you decided not to learn the Reraise spell, you'll need to find
another way to survive Ultima, or somehow stop Magic Master from casting Ultima.
Well, the Ultima spell costs 80 MP to use. Unfortunately, Magic Master has
50,000 MP.

You see where this is going? You'll need to Rasp away all 50,000 MP (or at least
49,920 MP)! But first, cast Berserk on Magic Master and summon the Phantom esper
to make yourself invincible. Now pull out the Rasp spell and start Rasping. Keep
using Rasp until Magic Master runs out of MP, at which point he'll actually die
since he has the "Die if MP == 0" property.

Once Magic Master is dead, you'll get a Megalixir for your troubles.

Alright, so you're at the top of this very tall tower, and chances are you only
have one person alive (unless you used the Rasping method, in which case you're
fine). Before you move AT ALL, revive everyone and bring their health back up.
You have to climb down this tower again, and that's kinda hard to do with only
one character.

NOTE: I suggest you use up your Hi-Potions to bring everyone's health back up.
No sense in wasting MP using Curaga.

If you brought Mog, you can just equip Molulu's Charm and avoid all random

Have you reached the bottom? Congratulations! You've successfully climbed
the Cultists' Tower, stolen Kefka's treasure and defeated his strongest Magic

If you've been following this guide the whole time, then we've now visited every
possible place to fight monsters/bosses besides the final tower (and the bonus
dungeons after that).

Checking your Bestiary, you should have every entry from 1-237 (with a few
random ones after that which you met in the Coliseum), 276-344 (except #339 and
#343, which are the last two dragons we haven't meet yet). The top right corner
holds the number 80%, showing that we've met 4/5 of every monster in the game
already. Not bad.

The next few sections are just some small things we should finish up before
heading to the final tower - Kefka's Tower.

4.111 Excalipoor & Gilgamesh                                            [4.111]

New Monsters:
#347 - Gilgamesh

First off, you need 500,000 Gil. You'll be betting for an item called
Excalipoor at the Auction House, which costs that much. You should already have
quite a bit of money from your magic training in the desert south of Maranda,
which is also the best place to earn lots of money, so you could head there to
gather together 500,000 Gil.

NOTE: To make the process faster, you could equip the Cat-Ear Hood on Relm.
If you've been following this guide, you don't even have this item yet. Head to
the Coliseum, give someone a Reflect Ring and two weapons, and bet the
Impartisan. You'll fight Weredragon, who will either die to his own Death
spell, or because you did 3000 damage or more. Winning this fight gives you the
Cat-Ear Hood.

Cat-Ear Hood doubles the amount of Gil you get from each battle. Any battle in
the desert south of Maranda will now give you 20,000 Gil. Even if you had 0 Gil,
you would only need 25 battles to get 500,000 Gil.

Once you have enough Gil, head to Jidoor (which is the first town north of
Maranda on the same continent).

Head over to the Auction House without going in yet. See the guy standing
south-east of the door to the Auction House. Talk to this guy and he'll say
"I heard they're going to put a rare sword up for auction. I can't decide if I
should bid or not."

Yes, he's talking about Excalipoor. Head inside the Auction House and start
bidding. If you don't get it within the first few tries, just... keep trying.
Do NOT go to the GameFAQs boards and say "Help how do I get X item at the
Auction House?". Unfortunately, there's not much you can do besides keep trying.

Once Excalipoor is up for bid, you'll have three chances to bid. Regardless of
whether you bid the first two times or not, the third bid will always be
500,000 Gil, which you should take.

Congratulations, you've just bought the most expensive item you'll every buy
in this game!

Now head to the Coliseum. Just a quick heads up: Bidding the Excalipoor will
allow you to fight Gilgamesh, another esper. Once you defeat it, you'll receive
the Gilgamesh magicite. The battle with Gilgamesh is just like a normal battle
out on the Overworld (not like the Coliseum battles where you have no control
over what you do).

NOTE: If you want to steal from Gilgamesh (Genji Glove [Common], and Genji
Shield [Rare]), I hope you're AT LEAST level 47. If not, you'll never steal.
Gilgamesh is a Level 97 beast, so anything below Level 47 will fail 100% of the
time. Also, the chances of you snatching that Genji Shield are VERY slim, but
that doesn't mean you still can't try, right?

Before you do anything, you should prepare first: You definitely will need
something to absorb/negate Wind-attacks (Minerva Bustier, Thunder Shield,
Paladin's Shield, or [Half Damage:] Force Shield, Cat-Ear Hood, Force Armor).
This cancels out two of Gilgamesh's many attacks. Unfortunately, besides the
Stone and Dischord (can be avoided by wearing Instant Death protection) attack,
the other three attacks (1000 Needles, Revenge Blast, Quasar) are all
unblockable and they all ignore defense.

As for Relics, Guard Bracelet (gives you Protect & Shell) will help reduce some
damage. Stone will Confuse you and Dischord can be avoided by equipping
Memento Ring/Safety Bit.

You may want to equip Zona Seeker, Golem, and Phantom. A nice 4th choice is
Bahamut, but I'll leave that one up to you.

NOTE: All this makes it seem like this guy is really hard to beat. In reality,
the battle will basically be over after you deal 12400 damage. Think about how
many turns you'll need to deal that much damage... probably just one turn with
everyone using their strongest spells. After dealing 12400 damage, Gilgamesh
will attack with physical attacks ONLY. Yes, the Phantom esper will make you
invincible at this point.

Bet the Excalipoor at the Coliseum. Before you fight Gilgamesh, you'll have to
fight Onion Dasher. This creature has 2000 HP and is vulnerable to pretty much
every negative status ailment (not that you can control it). The annoying thing
about Onion Dasher is it's 50% chance of using Traveler. The only thing I can
suggest is hope that Onion Dasher doesn't use Traveler and that whoever you use
will kill it in one shot (Gogo + Aura Cannon in my case).

You'll win a Merit Award for beating Onion Dasher.

NOTE: If you lose, you'll still be able to fight Gilgamesh. You'll just have to
spend a turn reviving that KO'd character.

After the battle with Onion Dasher, someone will suddenly thing he's mister
big-shot: "Hey, that's quite a rare sword you've got there... I think... I'll
take that sword for my own!"

Enter: Gilgamesh

BOSS: Gilgamesh

- Level: 97
- HP: 38000
- MP: 3200
- Steal: Genji Glove (Common), Genji Shield (Rare)
- Drops: Geji Helm (Common), Genji Armor (Rare)
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: None

Here's how this guy will attack:
1st Turn: Attack (33%) or Aero (33%) or Dischord (33%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or 1000 Needles (33%) or Attack (33%)
3rd Turn: Attack (33%) or Stone (33%) or Aqua Breath (33%)
4th Turn: Attack (33%) or Revenge Blast (33%) or Quasar (33%)

Once his HP reaches 25600 (after 12400 damage), he'll cast Protect, Shell, and
Haste on himself. He'll also use completely different attacks than before:
1st Turn: Jump (100%)
2nd Turn: !Blade Dance (100%)
          Attack (100%)
          Attack (100%)
          Attack (100%)
3rd Turn: Throw: Lightbringer or Ragnarok
4th Turn: Throw: Zantetsuken or Mutsunokami

Lastly, Gilgamesh counters anything with his own physical attack 66% of the

So this is Gilgamesh. The first thing you should do is summon Phantom. Yes,
Invisible status doesn't matter when hit by a magic spell, but we're trying to
avoid his CRUCIAL physical attacks at this point.

If you want, summon Zona Seeker/Golem to boost your defenses. Now unleash your
strongest attacks. Phantom Rush, Pinwheel, Trance'd -aga spells, Drill, etc. You
get the idea. You only need to deal 12400 damage, which should only take you one
turn (two at most). Once you see Gilgamesh casting Protect, Shell, and Haste on
himself, you're good. Re-Vanish any characters that lost the status, and you're
now invincible.

If you don't want to Vanish your party, I hope you have high Evasion. You'll
need to heal every turn (you might even need two healers) just to stay alive.
You can cast Dispel to negate all the statuses he gave himself and attack
whenever you can.

Gilgamesh isn't weak to anything, so just attack him with any attacks.

Once you defeat Gilgamesh, he will say: "Hmm... It appears I misjudged your

You'll either get a Genji Helm (7/8) or a Genji Armor (1/8). Genji Helm is
harder to get than a Genji Armor, so it's nice of the programmers to put it as
a Common drop.

After the screen fades out, Gilgamesh says "I shall lend you my strength." and
you'll obtain his magicite.

Gilgamesh teaches Quick (x1) or Valor (x5). At level up, he gives your Strength
stat 2 extra points. The game shows his summon to be "???", but that doesn't
tell you much, does it? Gilgamesh's summon can be 1 of 4 different attacks, and
they are chosen at random each time. Three of those attacks are MT unblockable,
defense ignoring attacks, while the fourth one simply does 1 damage.

Valor is an awesome spell. Once you cast it on someone, that character's next
physical hit will do 3x more damage.

That's one esper down, two to go! But since we're already at the Coliseum, why
not have some fun with it?

4.112 Coliseum Revisited & Siegfried                                    [4.112]

It's been a while since we've been here (since we got Shadow, or not if you
killed him).

Before we start upgrading any items, there's one thing we need to take care of
first. If you head to the north-west room, you'll find Siegfried complaining
about someone masquerading him. You may not know this, but that same Siegfried
has a Bestiary entry, and we're going to fight him right now to get that

Unlike the Gilgamesh fight, this fight is like every other Coliseum-fight,
meaning you won't be able to control your one character who will face Siegfried.

First off, Siegfried has a 50% of attacking physically, a 25% chance of using
Metal Cutter (very strong magical attack), and a 25% of using Hyperdrive (also
a very strong magic attack).

Just to give you some sense of what you'll be facing: Hyperdrive does over 7000
damage, while Metal Cutter does ~1000 damage.

Siegfried is vulnerable to everything that's doesn't involve (Instant) Death.
Since you only have your equipment to rely on, the only status you'll be able
to inflict is Stop. Shadow's Kagenui will Stop an enemy 25% of the time.

Sadly, this is your best bet against Siegfried.

NOTE: Dragon Fogel showed me another, much easier way to beat Siegfried. Sell
all your Tools except Noiseblaster, give Gogo three Tools commands and send him
off against Siegfried. Gogo will use Noiseblaster most of the time, which will
confuse Siegfried, making him use Hyperdrive and Metal Cutter against himself.
With a little luck, Siegfried will kill himself after a few attacks. Thanks
again, Dragon Fogel. In order to get your Tools back, you can buy all of them
at Figaro Castle, except for the Air Anchor and Chainsaw, which you can steal
from enemies in Kefka's Tower.

Equipping Dragoon Boots/Dragon Horn will help a LOT. Up to four chances of
coming down on Siegfried also means four chances of Stopping Siegfried. Your
other equipment should include Magic Defense/Evasion increasing items, but try
not to have any other stats reduced. Here's the Shadow I used:
- Kagenui
- Force Shield
- Circlet (Priest's Miter is an option since it gives 2 extra Magic Defense and
           10(!) extra Magic Evasion, but I decided against it since it lowered
           Shadow's Strength/Magic as well)
- Genji Armor

Also, Siegfried is weak to every element, so any strong Magic attack that gets
cast will do significant amount of damage.

Lastly, Siegfried has 32760 HP, so you will need quite a bit of luck to win this
battle. A single Hyperdrive will mean Death for anyone (and if you can survive
a single Hyperdrive, then you're significantly over-leveled).

Once you're ready, bet a Megalixir to start the fight with Siegfried.
Interceptor will also be a BIG help in this fight, absorbing damage for you and
dealing decent damage to Siegfried every now and then.

NOTE: See what he's holding in his left hand? That would be a gun. o_O

In a perfect world, the fight will go like this: Jump, come down 4 times,
successfully stop Siegfried. Cast a couple spells while he's Stopped. Maybe
cast a healing spell when his HP gets low. Repeat.

It will probably take you MANY tries to finally beat Siegfried, but just keep
trying and hope for the best. It took me around ~50 tries to have an awesome
battle (Shadow stopped Siegfried everytime he Jump'd, he actually cast Curaga
on himself when his HP dropped to 800, and Interceptor appeared a lot, the only
time Hyperdrive was used was when Shadow was in the air, etc.) and claim

Once you do win, you'll get a Tintinnabulum for your troubles.

Anyway, NOW we can start upgrading some items.

Bet: Thornlet
Fight: Aspidochelon
Win: Mirage Vest

Too easy. Aspidochelon has 3210 HP, is weak to Fire/Holy. Sabin with double
Burning Fist/Dragon Claws works best. Throw on an Ice Shield and Gaia Gear 
if you're worried about Aspidochelon's Avalanche/Landslide.

But really, pretty much anyone who can deal 3210 HP will work. Aspidochelon's
attacks will do less than 500 damage, which is a joke at this point. Genji
Glove makes the process go faster.

If you have more than one Thornlet, you can obviously get as many Mirage Vests
as you want.

If you don't have two Red Jackets yet (armor for Edgar & Sabin), then read on.

Bet: Mirage Vest
Fight: Vector Chimera
Win: Red Jacket

Vector Chimera will use a physical attack, Gigavolt, Aqua Breath, and Blaze.
Anyone with a Minerva Bustier only takes damage from physical attacks. Vector
Chimera has 7500 HP. As always, Genji Glove makes things go faster.

Alternatively, you could use pretty much anyone you'd like. Thunder Shield and
anything that absorbs Fire will cancel out every attack except the physical one.
At that point, just equip two weapons on the character and wait for the battle
to end.

Thunder Shields have been pretty helpful so far, wouldn't you agree? You
probably only have two so far. It would be nice to have four, though. Lucky for
you, you can get unlimited by just spending a little bit of money. Go to
Albrook, Tzen, or Nikeah and buy a Thunder Blade for 7000 Gil (or more than one,
of course).

Bet: Thunder Blade
Fight: Muud Suud
Win: Organyx

You may be wondering - where's the Thunder Shield? Well, Muud Suud has it as a
rare Steal.

The best way to steal the Thunder Shield and not lose (we could lose, but why
not get an Organyx just for the fun of it?) is to send in Shadow with a
Thief's Knife/Ice Shield/Green Beret/Genji Armor/Memento Ring/Thief's Bracer
set-up. Snowstorm will heal Shadow, he'll evade Bodyslam/Attack more often than
not, and Blaster won't touch him because of Memento Ring.

Depending on Shadow's level, this may take a while. It's definetely worth it,
though, so I highly recommend you stick around until you've got at least 4
Thunder Shields.

Thx to redrick2 for bringing this to my attention.

If you never got the Cat-Ear Hood, do so now.

Bet: Impartisan
Fight: Weredragon
Win: Cat-Ear Hood

Weredragon will use a physical attack, Venom Claw (causes Poison), or the
Death spell (50%).

Anyone with a Reflect Ring will do just fine. Weredragon only has 3000 HP.

If you're running low on Pinwheels and feel like getting more, then this next
battle has your name on it.

Bet: Fuma Shuriken
Fight: Chaos Dragon
Win: Pinwheel

Chaos Dragon uses his physical attack, Incinerate (Instant Death), Disaster,
and Meteor. Disaster (sets a whole bunch of statuses on you) can be avoided with
a Ribbon. Incinerate misses a lot anyway, and you should be able to survive a
couple Meteors.

Pretty much anyone with a Ribbon (and Genji Glove) will do fine. Chaos Dragon
has 9013 HP.

Next off, we're going to put those weird Suits we got from Owzer's Mansion to
use. The chain is as follows:
Tabby Suit -> Chocobo Suit -> Moogle Suit -> Nutkin Suit -> Genji Armor

With this chain you can get an unlimited amount of Genji Armors. Get as many as
you like.

Bet: Tabby Suit
Fight: Vector Lythos
Win: Chocobo Suit

Vector Lythos uses his physical attack, along with Bite, and White Wind (50%).
I shouldn't even have to tell you that this is nothing to worry about. To make
this battle even easier, Vector Lythos only has 2800 HP.

Just send anybody in there with anything and get your Chocobo Suit.
Bet: Chocobo Suit
Fight: Ahriman
Win: Moogle Suit

Ahriman uses a physical, Death, Banish, and Roulette. What does that mean?
Equip a Safety Bit/Memento Ring on someone to eliminate 75% of Ahriman's
attacks. Ahriman has 10000 HP, so you'll need to work at it for a while.
Bet: Moogle Suit
Fight: Cherry
Win: Nutkin Suit

Cherry uses a physical attack, Flare, Holy, and Blizzaga. All three of these
attacks are reflectable, so a Reflect Ring seems like an obvious choice. Cherry
will also counter anything with a 33% chance of using Cura followed by a 33% of
using Meteor. Cherry is also weak to Poison, so dual Venom Claws on Sabin may
be a good choice. Her Meteor counter will do ~1000 damage, so Locke with
Valiant Knife and Master's Scroll is perfect for this situation.
Bet: Nutkin Suit
Fight: Aspidochelon
Win: Genji Armor

I covered Aspidochelon earlier. Gaia Gear + Ice Shield will absorb his attacks,
and anybody can deal 3210 damage to win this battle.

And there you have it. Altogether not too difficult.

This next battle may be almost impossible right now (unless you're
over-leveled). You fight a Tonberry, who counters everything with a Traveler
attack. If you can't survive a single Traveler attack right now, I suggest you
come back later, since there's no way you can win.

Bet: Healing Rod
Fight: Tonberry
Win: Magus Rod

NOTE: If you can't survive a single Traveler attack, don't even bother. Come
back later.

Let's talk about the Healing Rod. With this "weapon", you "attack" your own
characters, which then restores HP. Seems useless, considering all the other
options you have of restoring HP. Not to mention Strago/Relm/Gogo can no longer
attack an enemy, making you effectively lose one character.

Betting it at the Coliseum gives you a Magus Rod, a MUCH better weapon. Magus
Rod is probably the best weapon for Strago/Relm, and you only have one (which
you got from Earth Dragon in the Opera House, a long time ago). This is the
ONLY way in the entire game to get more Magus Rods and you happen to have two
Healing Rods.

Tonberry uses a physical attack, Knife, and Break (50%). You can wear a
Jeweled Ring, Safety Bit, or Memento Ring to protect against Break. A high
Evasion stat or a 255 Defense stat will dodge Knife.

There are two ways to win this battle:
1) If you have enough HP to survive a Traveler attack, you'll need to deal
   8000 damage with one attack. This is best done by sending in Locke with the
   Valiant Knife and Master's Scroll. Let the Tonberry attack you a few times to
   get your HP down (run away to prevent Locke from attacking), then turn around
   and attack Tonberry with over 2000 damage per hit. Hope that you evade the
   Knife attack and you know you'll survive the Traveler attack
2) If you can't survive Traveler, and you really want ot beat Tonberry now,
   you'll have to run away and wait until Tonberry casts Break 620 times,
   because that's when it runs out of MP. It needs 1 MP to cast Traveler, and
   since it doesn't have that, it won't work. Have fun waiting several hours.

Last but not least, the easiest way to get your hands on the Celestriad relic,
which changes all magic costs to 1 MP.

Bet: Murakumo           or       Holy Lance
Fight: Galypdes         or       Death Machine
Win: Holy Lance         or       Murakumo

Galypdes has the Celestriad as a rare steal. If you bet the Murakumo, you get to
fight Galypdes. You'll get the Holy Lance for winning, and you can turn around
and bet the Holy Lance again to get the Murakumo back, which then allows you to
fight Galypdes again for another shot at a Celestriad.

Gogo is the best person for this job. Give Gogo three Steal commands, throw a
Safety Bit and Brigand's Glove on him (equip him, of course), and send him into
the Coliseum.

In order to beat Death Machine, just swap out on of Gogo's relics with a Reflect
Ring (or you can have someone else play this role, it doesn't matter).

The Brigand's Glove is sort of necessary to ensure that Gogo WILL damage
Galypdes. You don't want to have Gogo in the Coliseum after stealing a
Celestriad and only attacking 25% of the time.

Anyway, your plan is to have Gogo face off against Galypdes. Unfortunately,
Galypdes does have a common steal (Phoenix Down). If you end up stealing a
Phoenix Down, just reset. Repeat this process until you steal a Celestriad, then
wait for Gogo to kill Galypdes (who only has 6013 HP to begin with). After that,
bet the Holy Lance you just won and send someone with a Reflect Ring to fight
Death Machine. It will kill itself with his own Death spell, giving you back the
Murakumo. Now you can beat the Murakumo again (with Gogo) and try for another

Repeat this process to get as many Celestriads as you'd like. 

4.113 Gigantuar                                                         [4.113]

Next up is one of the new espers: Gigantuar.

The hard part about Gigantuar is that he attacks with 1000 Needles every turn,
and multiple times (twice on the first and second turn, then four times on his
third turn, repeat). Pretty much the only way you will survive this is by having
the Reraise spell.

The easiest way to beat Gigantuar seems to be using Edgar, Gogo, Gau, and Mog.
Have someone wear the Gale Hairpin relic and hope you get a pre-emptive strike.
During your free turn, have Gogo debilitate Gigantuar to Fire (you only get one
chance, so you'd have to reset if you don't get it right away), then have Gau
use Flare Star (Io rage), with Gogo Mimic'ing the same attack. During the next
turn you'd have Mog Jump, Edgar use Drill, and Gau use Flare Star again. If
everything goes right, Gigantuar will die with Mog in the air, meaning you'll
win since you still have one character alive.

NOTE: You need the Io Rage and Debilitator for the above strategy to work.

You can use that strategy if you want, but I won't, since I don't have the Io
rage at all and I don't feel like resetting until everything works out

You'll definitely need someone that knows Reraise (Terra, for me). You'll also
want to bring Locke, Edgar, and Mog.

Your Reraise-caster should have the Soul of Thamasa and if you want, the
Celestriad relic, though it's not necessary. Edgar and Mog will be jumping with
a Dragon Horn and Holy Lance throughout the battle. Locke will use the powerful
Valiant Knife + Master's Scroll combo.

Also, if you have a character with 2667 HP or more, you can equip that person
with the Muscle Belt relic to have more than 4000 HP and have her/him fight
Gigantuar by him/herself. Read below to find out how.

Whenever you're ready, head to the desert south of Maranda. Now check your
Bestiary to see if you've beaten at least 10 Cactuars (Cactuar is #176). If you
have, then you can fight Gigantuar. If you haven't, walk around here until you
you've beaten 10 Cactuars.

Once you fulfill the requirement, there's a certain spot in the desert you can
step on to fight Gigantuar. Take a look at this picture (and let me know if the
link doesn't work):

If you stand on that square, Gigantuar's square is the one right below you.
I shouldn't have to tell you to save, right?

BOSS: Gigantuar

- Level: 91
- HP: 30000
- MP: 4500
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Water
- Absorbs: None
- Elemental Immunity: Fire

Gigantuar only has three turns. The first two turns consist of him using 1000
Needles twice. On the third turn, he'll use the same attack four times.

When he dies, he'll even use 1000 Needles 10(!) times.

Lastly, Gigantuar has a 66% chance of countering any attack with !Knockdown
(500% damage).

If you're using the first strategy I mentioned above (with Edgar, Gau, Gogo, and
Mog), then you already know what to do, as I explained it earlier. Good luck.

If you brought a single person with over 4000 HP (or 2667 HP + Muscle Belt),
then your strategy is simple: Don't attack, just heal yourself completely every
turn. After Gigantuar uses 1000 Needles 90 times (in other words, after 12
turns), he will run out of MP and only be able to counter with !Knockdown.
Vanish yourself and you can now defeat Gigantuar without taking any damage.

If you didn't use the above two strategies, then you probably brought the Terra,
Locke, Edgar, and Mog party. Your strategy will simply be to have Terra cast
Reraise as much as she can, but focusing on herself and Locke first. Locke will
be your main attacker with his Valiant Knife + Master's Scroll combo (my Locke
had ~2000 HP, and after he was Reraised, he was doing 3000 x4 damage every time
he attacked). Have Edgar and Mog jump most of the time. Why only most of the
time? You'll want to have either of them get hit with 1000 Needles every now and
then, especially on Gigantuar's third turn, because he attacks for a total of
4000 damage.

In order to survive the final assault, you'll have to either keep track of how
much damage you do, or just have Edgar/Mog Jump every now and then and hope they
are in the air when Gigantuar dies.

It will probably take you several tries to get the hang of Gigantuar, but if you
keep trying, you'll probably win eventually.

After you beat Gigantuar, you'll receive the Cactuar esper.

4.114 Leviathan                                                         [4.114]

Leviathan is another one of the new espers for this game. This esper is also
a lot easier than Gigantuar, don't worry. ;)

I hope you took the time earlier to steal some Imp equipment. The items you'll
want are either Tortoise Shield or Saucer. Check section 4.108 as to where you
can find these items.

Make a party of any four people who can equip these items. Equip them whichever
way you'd like and fly to Nikeah.

NOTE: If Mog hasn't learned the Water Harmony dance, you'll want to bring him
for this battle. This is your last chance EVER to learn that Dance.

NOTE: You may also want to bring Strago so he can learn the Tsunami lore.

Head to the harbor and talk to the man on the boat. Tell him you're ready to hop
aboard. On the way, you'll be attacked by Leviathan.

BOSS: Leviathan

- Level: 91
- HP: 32000
- MP: 7000
- Steal: None
- Drops: None
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: Water

Leviathan starts the battle with Tsunami. Every 20 seconds after that, he'll
throw out two more Tsunamis.

On Leviathan's first turn, he'll attack physically or with Aqua Breath. On the
next turn he'll hit you with two physical attacks. The third (and last) turn
consists of either a physical attack or El Nino.

Lastly, if you attack him with the Magic or Lore command, he'll always counter
with El Nino. Anything else has a 33% chance of being countered with !Entangle
(causes Slow).

As you can see, most of Leviathan's attacks are water-based, all of which you
absorb, thanks to your equipment. The physicals shouldn't be too much of a
problem, and if they are, you'll just have to assign one healer to your party.

As for the offense, you'd think Leviathan was weak to Thunder (being a water
monster and all), right? Wrong. For some weird reason, Leviathan has no weakness
at all. That just means you're free to attack with any attack you wish, except
a water-elemental attack.

Gau can do some nice damage with Aspiran. Strago is best off using Grand Delta,
while Sabin does Phantom Rush. As long as it's not the Water Scroll, Shdaow can
throw anything. Hopefully I don't have to tell you what to attack with (or what
NOT to attack with) for everyone else.

As long as you have the water absorbing equipment, you shouldn't have any
troubles fighting this battle.

If you don't have the water absorbing equipment... well, this battle will
obviously be MUCH harder. I still suggest bringing Gau so he can Rage Aspiran,
which allows Gau to absorb water. You can then to choose to attack with your
other characters or focus on keeping Gau alive until he defeats Leviathan. Good

You'll receive the Leviathan magicite after the battle.

You'll probably want to take the ferry back to Nikeah again, since that is where
your airship is.

4.115 Gau's Father                                                      [4.115]

This part isn't necessary, but it just adds a little to Gau's character

You've actually met Gau's father before, you just didn't know. Scroll to the
middle of section 4.18 and read about the "crazy old man".

To find the old man's house, head to the white dot on the map west of where
Narshe is (or North from Doma Castle). Bring a party with Sabin and Gau in it
and talk to the old man inside.

Aged Man: Oh, hello again! It's been a while. Let me tell you, those repairs of
          yours were top notch!
Sabin: I told you, I'm not--
Aged Man: Now, hurry up and fix that chair over there! You're gonna need to
          stand on it so you can fix the roof!
*Party walks outside*
Sabin: You don't suppose... Gau, couldn't that man be your father?
Gau: Uwaoh...
Sabin: Come on, Gau... don't you think?
Gau: Fa-ther...?
Sabin: Yeah. That's gotta be your dad!
Gau: ...? ...Gau...dad!? Uwaooo Gau!
Sabin: All right! Let's go tell him! He needs to know you're his son! Wait a
       minute... This is a once-in-a-lifetime event! We should at least dress
       you up a bit! Let's go to Jidoor and get you spiffed up!

*At Jidoor*
Sabin: No, Gau! How many times do I have to tell you not to eat with your
Gau: Uwao...
Sabin: Don't say "uwao" when you mean "sorry"!
Gau: Yaoh!
Sabin: ...

*At Item Shop in Jidoor*
Terra: How do you like these? Wouldn't they look good on him? Oh, but I liked
       those other ones so much, too...!
Somebody: ...*mumble***everything you liked...boy wouldn't even be able to
Terra: What was that!?
Terra: N-nothing! Didn't say a thing! ...Whew. That was close...

Celes: What to do, what to do... Oh, this is nice! ...But I need something that
       would look good on Gau, don't I? Hmm...
Someone: Oh, pick something, already...!
Celes: What did you say!?
Someone: ...N-nothing!

Cyan: Now this is a fine and jaunty little hat!
Someone: Maybe if he were clown...
Cyan: What was that? If he wore a crown? Ha! We don't want his father thinking
      he's some kind of prince, now, do we?
Someone: ...

Sabin: I know just the thing!
Someone: That's a  kenpo gi...
Sabin: It's perfect! Functional, yet sporty!
Someone: That's, uh...not exactly what I had in mind...

Setzer: *sigh*... Not an ounce of fashion sense among the lot of you... Excuse
        me, sir. Could you order another set of clothes like the ones I'm
Someone: Setzer, no! We're trying to make him look better, not worse!

Edgar: I've got it! A tuxedo, a silk hat...and a rose between his teeth!
Locke: Talk about overdoing it! Sheesh... I guess we'll have to go with a 
bandana on his head after all.
*Gau looks like Locke*
Edgar: A bandana? I thought we were trying to make him look presentable! Guess 
       we all know better than to expect any sort of class out of Locke,
Locke: What was that!? Why don't you try saying that again?

*Back at Gau's Father's House*
Sabin: Listen, Gau. You're gonna go in there now and show your father what a
       fine young man you've become!
Gau: Yaoooh...

*Party goes inside house*
Aged Man: Oh! You finally come to do those repairs?
Someone: "No, actually I was wondering if you knew anything about Emperor
          Gestahl's map..."
Aged Man: The emperor's map...? Seems like that's all anyone wants to talk about
          these days!
Someone: "Pardon?"
Aged Man: Little while back, another repairman wearing a bandana came here
          asking the same thing... So I told him!
Someone: "Then...where is it!?"
Aged Man: It's where the mountains form a shape like a star... Sheesh! Why
          didn't you just ask me from the beginning? No need to be so shy!

Sabin: Now, sir...
Aged Man: Oh, right! I need you to get to those repairs, right away!
Sabin: Sir... You had a son...right? You did, didn't you?
Aged Man: ...A son?
Sabin: Yes. You see, sir...he's alive. ...Gau, speak up!
Gau: Fa-ther...
Aged Man: Huh? What? What's all this business about a son? I don't have a son!
          But now that you mention it, I once had a terrible dream... A dream in
          which some kind of demon child was born. I grabbed the thing and
          rushed off to the Veldt with it... Thing was crying like crazy by the
          time I got there...
Sabin: But, sir...!
Aged Man: I left the child there... And then I turned around and ran, trying not
          to look back...
Sabin: I'm trying to tell you...
Aged Man: Then all of a sudden the crying stopped. I turned around... and there
          was some frightful monster! Never seen anything like it... Hideous!
          Still gives me the shakes when I think about it...
Sabin: I give up... This guy's hopeless...
Aged Man: But you, young man... Your parents must be proud to have such a fine
          son! I still dream about being chased by that demon child...
          Terrifying, those dreams...
Sabin: Why you old...! Running your mouth, not even so much as thinking about
       Gau's feelings! You want me to beat some sense back into you?!
Gau: Uwaooo...ooo...

*Gau leaves, Sabin follows*
Sabin: I...I'm sorry...
Gau: Fa-ther...alive... Gau...ha-ppy...

So that's that. You don't get anything out of this, except knowing that Gau's
father has tried to completely forget about him... what a bastard.

Oh well, Gau seems to be taking it pretty well, so let's move on.

4.116 Narshe & Ragnarok / Cursed Shield                                 [4.116]

NOTE: You should bring Locke with you.

Monsters: If you need some help on the monsters, I've already covered them in
Section 4.98.

First off, let me apologize: This is the last thing you'll be doing before
heading off to Kefka's Tower, and that's not good. You'll probably want that
Paladin's Shield, which requires you to fight 256 battles. I should have brought
you here earlier, but as it says at the top of the guide, I'm going to re-vamp
the WoR part of my guide. Bear with me until I've done that.

With Locke in your party, head to the Weapon Shop. Locke will unlock the door,
allowing you to enter. Head to the back room (door is in south-east corner)
to find a random guy here.

After talking to him, you'll have the choice of taking the Ragnarok sword or
Ragnarok esper. Which one should you take?
Sword - The sword is a pretty nice item, giving you +30 Evasion/Magic Evasion,
+7 in Strength/Stamina/Magic, +3 for Speed, and it has an Attack power of 255,
which is the maximum. Even better, if you bet this sword at the Coliseum, you
can win the best sword in the game: Lightbringer. It provides +50 to both
Evasion stats and +7 to Strength/Speed/Stamina/Magic. It doesn't get much better
than that.

Esper - If you're a completionist, take the esper. Anyway, summoning Ragnarok
in battle allows you to turn an enemy into an item through Metamorphose. Of
course, this doesn't always work, which is why each monster has a different
chance of Ragnarok succeeding. If you do succeed, you can get one of up to four
items. To see which items each monster has, I direct you to my Bestiary FAQ.
Each monster has a "Metamorphose:" entry, which has the items that monster may
turn into and the chance of it succeeding.

NOTE: For this guide, I'm going to assume you took the sword. A lot of people
don't like the esper because it has very limited uses, while Lightbringer is
something few people can pass up.

Before you leave, you can rest in the bed if you'd like.

Unlock and enter the door above the Relic Shop (straight north from Weapon
Shop). Head down the stairs and talk to the guy in the bed. He'll give you the
Cursed Shield.... gee, thanks you sick old man.

As the man said, if you can remove the curse from this shield, it will be the
best shield in the game: Paladin's Shield. This shield absorbs half of all
elements while negating the other half. It provides +59 to both Defense and
Magic Defense and +40 to both Evasion and Magic Evasion. Yes, that means that
any elemental magic attack will do no damage to the person wearing the shield.

The only catch is... uncursing it. You have to fight 256 battles with it. First,
some rules:
1) The shield should not be worn by Gogo. Ever. He can't uncurse it at all.
2) In order for the battle to count, you must end the battle and receive AP (if
   there are any to give, of course).
3) It doesn't matter who wears it (excluding Gogo) or how long they wear it. If
   you want, you can pass the shield around after every battle and it will still
   turn into the Paladin's Shield after 256 battles.
4) The Cursed Shield, as the name suggests, is cursed. The person wearing the
   shield is inflicted with Berserk, Confusion, Doom, Sap and Silence. To
   counter-act all these effects, you can equip a Ribbon. This still leaves you
   with Doom status, but that's ok since the battles won't be long enough for
   the counter to reach 0. Oh, and did I mention that it makes you weak against
   all elements except Holy and Wind?

The easiest place to do all 256 battles is going to the Solitary Island (the
Island where your WoR adventure began). As long as you stay out of the desert,
you'll always fight Land Rays and Peepers. Both monsters die on their 2nd Turn
(due to inherent Sap, and only having 1 HP).

The other nice thing about these two monsters is their (rare) Steals. Peeper
holds Elixirs, while Land Ray holds Megalixirs. As you know (because I just told
you), they die on their 2nd Turn. To give you more chances to steal, you can
cast Stop on both monsters. This will also stop the "Sap counter". You now have
a few more chances to steal those wonderful Elixirs/Megalixir.

Anyway, I highly recommend uncursing the shield, since it becomes very useful
from here on out.

For those people who picked the sword over the Esper, you'll want to go to the
Coliseum and turn it into a Lightbringer.

Bet: Ragnarok
Fight: Daedalus
Win: Lightbringer

You have a lot of options for this fight. Daedalus uses Attack, Flare, Blaster,
and Flare Star. Flare is reflectable, Flare Star is fire-elemental, Blaster can
be avoided with a Safety Bit, and Attack... well, you'll just have to deal with
that one.

The easiest way to beat Daedalus is to use someone who can equip the Zantetsuken
(Terra, Cyan, Edgar, Celes) with a Reflect Ring, Safety Bit and something that
absorbs/negates Fire. The Zantetsuken will eventually kill Daedalus with it's
ID side effect.

Other options include Burning Fist x2 with Sabin or Dragoon/Dragon Horn/Holy
Lance with Edgar/Mog. Daedalus is weak to Fire and Holy, so any attacks that are
Fire/Holy elemental will do nice damage.

Daedalus has 12280 HP and only 100 MP, meaning he'll only be able to cast a few

4.117 Kefka's Tower                                                     [4.117]

NOTE: For those who don't know where Kefka's Tower is or how to enter it: It's
in the middle of the Southern Continent, and you enter the Tower by landing on
it with your airship (which is when you get to choose your three parties).

Welcome to Kefka's Tower. You know why you're here: to defeat Kefka once and for

Random Fun Fact: If you've gotten every Bestiary entry so far, your Bestiary
should be at 82% or 83% (it's possible that you already have the entries for
some of the monsters in this place by fighting them in the Coliseum).

All you have to decide is whom to bring. You must form three parties, so you can
take up to 12 people with you into the tower. I'll tell you what each party will
be facing so you have an idea what to look out for:

* Team 1 won't fight any bosses at first
* Team 2 will fight Ultima Buster and Gold Dragon
* Team 3 will fight Inferno, Rahu, and Ketu (all one fight) and Skull Dragon

After you get to a certain point in the tower, your parties will get re-arranged
a bit. By following this guide, Team 1 will become the Left party, Team 2 will
be the Right party, and Team 3 will be the Middle party.

* Left party fights Fiend (Put Strago in this party to learn Force Field)
* Middle party fights Guardian and Demon
* Right party fights Goddess

Try to split up your 3 parties as evenly as possible. It's possible to beat this
Tower with any party, so just relax and pick your three favorite parties. No
pressure, it's not like you're trying to save the world or anything.... wait.

As far as equipment goes, I'll let you decide this for the most part. Celes
and Terra should stick with Minerva Bustiers and Lightbringers (put them in
two different parties). Locke and Setzer are your Master's Scroll candidates, so
put them in seperate parties as well. Mog and Gau will need proper equipment to
reach max Defense (255). Mog and Edgar will probably be best off being Dragoon
Holy Lance jumpers (with the Dragon Horn, preferrably). If you went through the
effort to steal Celestriads, you may as well equip them now. Mog should
obviously have the Molulu's Charm relic, and you may want to make use of the
Ward Bangle as well (on a different team, of course).

Miracle Shoes, Earring, Hero's Ring, Muscle Belt, Prayer Beads are all great
filler Relics if you still have room.

Once you've chosen your three parties, it's time to invade Kefka's hideout!

NOTE: Since this place is so large (look at the New Monsters list below), I
will split the monster information into different sections (regarding Steals,
and how to handle the monsters).

Random Fun Fact: There's 44 new monsters in this place.

New Monsters:
#239 - Yojimbo               #261 - Metal Hitman
#240 - Dark Force            #262 - Prometheus
#241 - Muud Suud             #339 - Gold Dragon
#242 - Fiend Dragon          #343 - Skull Dragon
#243 - Mover                 #348 - Inferno
#244 - Cherry                #349 - Rahu
#245 - Vector Lythos         #350 - Ketu
#246 - Primeval Dragon       #351 - Ultima Buster
#247 - Landworm              #352 - Guardian
#248 - Gamma                 #353 - Fiend
#249 - Great Malboro         #354 - Goddess
#250 - Outsider              #355 - Demon
#251 - Demon Knight          #356 - Short Arm
#252 - Duel Armor            #357 - Long Arm
#253 - Great Behemoth        #358 - Visage
#254 - Vector Chimera        #359 - Tiger
#255 - Fortis                #360 - Machine
#256 - Junk                  #361 - Magic
#257 - InnoSent              #362 - Power
#258 - Daedalus              #363 - Lady
#259 - Ahriman               #364 - Rest
#260 - Death Machine         #365 - Kefka

Monster Formations: Listed in each separate section

Like I mentioned above, I will be splitting this place up into several sections,
as listing the information for every new monster would be a very long list.

NOTE: I can't find a way to differentiate between the outside and inside rooms.
They all look the same. So for now, I'll just say whether it's outside or
inside. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know.

Outside, Party #1

Monster Formations:
- Primeval Dragon, Great Malboro (3 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos (5 AP)
- Vector Lythos x4 (2 AP)

- Vector Lythos: Fuma Shuriken (Rare)
- Primeval Dragon: Dried Meat (Rare)
- Great Malboro: Teleport Stone (Common)
- Great Behemoth: Tigerfang (Rare)

- Hypno Crown (North-East of entry point)
- Fixed Dice (First metallic area)
- Pinwheel (Third time outside, North-East)

How to handle these guys:
- Vector Lythos only attack physically and with Fireball every other turn (and
only 33% of the time). They are vulnerable to Imp and Silence, which works
nicely when paired up with the Phantom esper.

They also only have 2800 HP and Ice/Water weaknesses, so a single Ice-elemental
spell will probably take care of them.

- Primeval Dragon can get pretty nasty. They have attacks such as !Heave (500%
damage), Lifeshaver (sometimes two in a row) and Atomic Rays. Atomic Rays is
a Fire-elemental attack, while Lifeshaver is Earth-elemental and drains your HP.

With 10050 HP and a weakness to Ice, you already know how to take care of this
dragon. Casting Imp, Silence, Sleep and Stop will also help you out.

- Great Malboro absorbs every element but Fire (which is its weakness). When
Great Malboro is alone on the field, it will use Bad Breath every turn. That's
not fun. Otherwise it will attack physically, or if you assault it with the
Magic command, it may (33%) counter with !Infernal Kiss, which kills you.

Great Malboro also happens to be vulnerable to every status except Darkness and
Silence. Cast Imp, Berserk, Sleep and Stop if you want to kill it with your own
attacks; or you can just cast Death/Banish or any other ID attack to get rid of

- Great Behemoth is annoying because he has a 33% chance of casting Meteor
every other turn. You can easily get around this by casting Berserk, Sleep, or
Stop. You may also want to Poison him to help with some damage.

This beast has no weakness and 11000 HP, so the only way to take it down is with
raw power. Also, if it dies, it may (33%) use !Haymaker (400% Damage), so watch
out for that.

SHORT VERSION: Imp/Silence the Vector Lythos and kill with Ice. Stop Primeval
Dragon and kill with Ice. Death/Banish the Great Malboros and Stop the Great
Behemoth and pound away on their HP.

Head down and around the bend. You'll see the door to your left (it has two
yellow arrows pointing to the inside), but there's a chest with the Hypno Crown
north-east of the door. This Crown raises the success rate of Relm's Control,
so keep this in mind should you ever decide to use Control. Enter the door now.

Inside, Party #1

Monster Formations:
- Great Behemoth, Vector Lythos x2 (6 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos (5 AP)

- Vector Lythos: Fuma Shuriken (Rare)
- Great Malboro: Teleport Stone (Common)
- Great Behemoth: Tigerfang (Rare)

Items: None here

How to handle these guys: Same as before minus the Primeval Dragon.

Just head through here. I know, I didn't have to make a seperate section for
this one room, but I want to show when the formations will change, etc.
Enter the next door.

First Metallic Area, Party #1

Monster Formations:
- Dark Force x2 (3 AP)
- Outsider, Cherry x2 (5 AP)

- Dark Force: Crystal Sword (Rare)
- Cherry: Silver Spectacles (Rare)
- Outsider: Stoneblade (Rare)

- Fixed Dice (The only chest here)

How to handle this area:
- Dark Force is famous for being Strago's best teacher. Dark Force can teach
Strago every single Lore except Force Field, Grand Delta, Mighty Guard, and
Transfusion. All three parties can encounter Dark Force, so if you want to take
the time, you can have Strago update his Lores here.

Needless to say, you'll want to take out Dark Force ASAP. How does a Death or
Banish spell sound? Pretty good, if I don't say so myself. Just for info, Dark
Force has 8940 HP, is weak to Holy, and can also die if you decide to Rasp 700

- Cherry is weird. If any monster has Reflect status, she'll bounce Curaga off
of THEM and onto you. Thanks. Most turns (3 out of 5) she'll use an offensive
spell first followed by a defensive spell all in the same turn. If attacked,
it may cast Cura on her own friends and may cast Meteor on you.

After you've read all about that, cast Berserk to make my above paragraph void.
You could also Confuse or Stop here (both good options). She has 8150 HP and
a weakness to Poison. Oh, and smoking kills. Kids, don't smoke.

- Outsider is kind of a problem. You'll only see (two) Outsider paired up with
Cherry. They tend to throw a variety of weapons (including Kazekiri, Ichigeki,
and Kiku-ichimonji [I only included that last one because it has a sweet name]).
This is easily dodged by Stop'ing them, Death/Banish'ing them, or making
yourself invisible. Since you'll ALWAYS see Outsider and Cherry together, it's
probably just easiest to summon Phantom after you've Berserk'd Cherry.

As for this place itself, grab the Fixed Dice in the only chest you come across.
Leave this place to come outside again.

Outside, Party #1

You're back outside again. I've already covered this section, so scroll up if
you need some help.

Enter the next door.

Magitek Factory-looking Area, Party #1

NOTE: I'm getting creative with these names. If you have any better suggestions,
feel free to drop me a line.

Monster Formations:
- Junk x3 (3 AP)
- Duel Armor, Fortis (4 AP)
- Metal Hitman x3 (2 AP)

- Duel Armor: Chainsaw (Rare)
- Fortis: Drill (Rare)
- Junk: Noiseblaster (Rare)
- Metal Hitman: Auto Crossbow (Rare)

Items: None

How to handle this junk (get it?):
- Duel Armor uses one of three attacks every turn: Lv. 5 Death, Lv. 4 Flare and
!Megashock (300% damage). He has a 33% of countering with Metal Cutter, which
hurts. It has 7200 HP, a weakness to Lightning and Water, and vulnerabilities
to Death, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep and Stop.

ANYTIME you see Duel Armor (throughout this entire tower), you can cas Banish
to get rid of it and any companions it brought along (either Fortis or Death

- Fortis is pretty much the same as Duel Armor, except his attacks: Snowball,
Fireball or Missile. If attacked by anything Lightning-elemental, it will
always respond with !Double Arm (200% damage) and Attack. Fortis has 9800 HP,
same weaknesses as Duel Armor and is vulnerable to the same things.

- Junk is a little piece of junk. With only 2000 HP and the same Lightning/Water
weakness as the other guys here (along with the same status vulnerabilities) it
won't put up much of a fight. I will tell you that it has a chance of using
Self-Destruct (and if it's alone, it WILL use Self-Destruct) along with making
himself invisible on his 2nd Turn.

- Metal Hitman is even weaker than Junk. Same 2000 HP, same weaknesses, same
status vulnerabilities, but his attacks are weaker: !Destroy (200% damage),
Dischord or Attack. *yawn*

SHORT VERSION: Cast Banish on everything you see here.

Nothing to do here yet. Take off all the important things (Master's Scroll,
Lightbringer, Ward Bangle, espers, etc.) and switch to Party #2

Outside, Party #2

NOTE: Don't forget to equip everyone (along with Phantom esper).

Monster Formations:
- Primeval Dragon, Great Malboro (3 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos (5 AP)
- Vector Lythos x4 (2 AP)

- Vector Lythos: Fuma Shuriken (Rare)
- Primeval Dragon: Dried Meat (Rare)
- Great Malboro: Teleport Stone (Common)
- Great Behemoth: Tigerfang (Rare)

Items: None

Quick recap on how to fight here: Imp/Silence the Vector Lythos and kill with
Ice. Stop Primeval Dragon and kill with Ice. Death/Banish the Great Malboros
and Stop the Great Behemoth and pound away on their HP.

Simply proceed to the next door. 

Inside, Party #2

Monster Formations:
- Primeval Dragon x2 (4 AP)
- Great Malboro x3 (4 AP)

- Primeval Dragon: Dried Meat (Rare)
- Great Malboro: Teleport Stone (Rare)

- Minerva Bustier (North-West corner of this cave)
- Pinwheel (Through top door in South-West corner)

How to fight:
- Banish the Great Malboros
- Stop (if you want) the Primeval Dragons and kill with Ice.

Head to the north-west corner to pick up another Minerva Bustier (not like you
need it). Head to the south-west corner and enter the top door to grab a
Pinwheel. Back in the previous room, take the bottom door to end up in jail.

Prison Cells, Party #2

Monster Formations:
- Yojimbo x2, Dark Force (4 AP)
- Demon Knight, Yojimbo (3 AP)

- Ultima Buster (8 AP)

- Yojimbo: Masamune (Rare)
- Dark Force: Crystal Sword (Rare)
- Demon Knight: Pinwheel (Rare)

Items: None

New enemies:
- Yojimbo are semi-famous because of their Rage: Shock. Those obsessed with
wanting to have General Leo in their party can only get as close as using
Yojimbo's Shock. Oh well.

Yojimbo will usually attack twice (physically) every turn. It may throw in a
Wind Slash on his 4th Turn. The problem with Yojimbo is what happens when he
dies: !Eye for an Eye is a physical attack that kills the target instantly.
The only way to avoid this is being invisible (Phantom, anyone?) or evading it
(which may or may not work since it depends on your Evasion stat).

The only partners Yojimbo will ever have are Dark Force (cast Death/Banish) or
Demon Knight (Silence). After you've disabled Yojimbo's friends, summon Phantom
to make this easy on yourself.

- Dark Force will go down to any ID attack or a few Holy attacks.

- Demon Knight is nothing much to worry about. When alone, it will attack with
up to three Shockwaves per turn. Any other time it will attack physically or
with Crypt Dust (which only works on dead characters anyway). It also has a
33% chance of countering with !Cursed Gaze (inflicts Sap).

In the far-left cell you'll find Ultima Buster. As for preparation: You'll want
to protect yourself from Fire/Ice/Thunder spells. It'd also be best to have
some power hitters, since you'll want to be able to deal at least 2000-3000
damage with every attack (you'll see why). Also, cast Float on your party.

BOSS: Ultima Buster

Ultima Buster
- Level: 67
- HP: 55000
- MP: 19000
- Steal: Blood Sword (Common), Crystal Orb (Rare)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: Poison, Wind, Holy, Earth, Water

Ultima Buster will attack with a variety of attacks at first, including: Firaga,
Blizzaga, Thundaga, Southern Cross and Northern Cross every 4th turn. If
attacked, he'll respond with his own Attack (33%).

Once his HP drops to 32640 (after 22360 damage), he'll switch up his attacks.
He'll use Firaga, Tsunami, Quake, Meteor and Flare Star.

Lastly, after you attack him 12 times, you'll see the message "A strange light
surrounds Ultima" and Ultima Buster will flash. After two more turns of
flashing, he'll use Ultima. You don't want to be aruond to see this, unless you
have Celes in your party (have her use Runic every turn when he starts

If you deal 2000-3000 damage or more every turn, you'll defeat him before he
gets to use his Ultima. Unless you cast Reraise on your entire party or
everyone has more than 2500 HP, you'll probably die.

You can only attack with Fire/Ice/Lightning spells unless you have Edgar (in
which case, have him use his Debilitator until you get a weakness you like).

NOTE: You can cast Slow to help you out if you'd like.

If you get hit with Northern Cross, cast Fire on your entire party to thaw up
anyone who was unlucky enough to freeze up. Quake should miss your party
because you're Floating (right?).

Should Strago be in your party, have him use Mighty Guard to give you some
protection, then start attacking with Grand Delta or any other strong Lore.
Sabin should be Phantom Rush'ing (of course), Mog/Edgar should be Jumping (as
long as Edgar is not on Debilitator duty), Shadow can throw whatever he'd like,
Setzer will hopefully have the Master's Scroll and be doing lots of damage with
his Fixed Dice, and Gau use any strong offensive Rage (FYI: Io Rage will do
5360 damage; 9999 if weakness is Fire).

As long as you protected yourself against the three basic elements and have
reasonable damage output potential, you shouldn't have many problems here.

A Save Point will appear where Ultima Buster once was.

Head south to the next room.

Imperial-like Room with Stairs, Party #2

NOTE: This is the only place to find Mover and Muud Suud.

Monster Formations:
- Muud Suud (3 AP)
- Mover x3 (3 AP)

- Muud Suud: Thunder Shield (Rare) <-- Nice!
- Mover: Super Ball (Common)

Items: None

How to handle these monsters:
- Muud Suud is your #1 source for more Thunder Shields. Whether its now or
later, you'll want to steal some at some point during the game.

Muud Suud has 25000 HP and horrible Defense. He attacks with a variety of
attacks (Gigavolt, Snowstorm, Freezing Dust, Snowstorm, Northern Cross) which
you shouldn't have to worry about after you Berserk him. He's weak to Holy
and vulnerable to Confusion and Sap, along with Berserk of course.

- Mover only have 120 HP. But they also have 225 Evasion, 254 Magic Defense and
one of the highest Speed stats in the game. Combine this with the fact that they
come in groups of 3, and you'll think you're in trouble.

Wrong. While they do attack a LOT because of their Speed, they are also
vulnerable to Death/Banish and Stop. Any unblockable attack will ignore that
Evasion stat and any defense-ignoring magic attack will connect and kill. The
easiest way (besides Banish) to take care of these dots is to have your person
with Master's Scroll attack. Instant win.

Just walk on through here and take the door at the top of both stairs.

Magitek Factory-looking Area (with Pipes), Party #2

Monster Formations:
- Junk x3 (3 AP)
- Duel Armor, Fortis (4 AP)
- Metal Hitman x3 (2 AP)

I already covered these guys earlier, but you can just cast Banish on everything
to win.

Walk through the left pipe and go left once you reach the top.

Outside, Party #2

Monster Formations:
- Primeval Dragon, Great Malboro (3 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos (5 AP)
- Vector Lythos x4 (2 AP)

- Force Shield (South-West of where you entered)
- Ribbon (In plain sight)
- Force Armor (South-West corner of this place)

How to win: Imp/Silence the Vector Lythos and kill with Ice. Stop Primeval
Dragon and kill with Ice. Death/Banish the Great Malboros and Stop the Great
Behemoth and pound away on their HP.

Outside once more. South-West of you is a chest with a Force Shield! Nice. Take
the right conveyor belt and enter the left door you see. You'll be in the room
where Party #1 is standing (Cast Banish on everything in here). Step on the
switch to give Party #1 a way to move on.

Head back outside and around the bend to the south-west corner. West of the
conveyor belt is a chest with a Force Armor! Nice.

Enter the door on the east side of this area (directly across from the door
you used earlier).

2nd time Inside/Before Gold Dragon's Room, Party #2

Monster Formations:
- Primeval Dragon x2 (4 AP)
- Vector Chimera x2 (3 AP)

- Primeval Dragon: Dried Meat (Rare)
- Vector Chimera: Swordbreaker (Rare)

Items: None.

What to do:
- Primeval Dragon is nothing new. Stop and Ice.

- Vector Chimera will attack you with either Gigavolt, Snowstorm, Blaze or
Aqua Breath. They usually (66%) counter your Attacks with !Counterattack (200%
damage) [Clever name, Square].

Vector Chimera has no weaknesses and isn't vulnerable to anything important.
You'll just have to use raw power to deal at 7500 damage.

Walk on through. Try not to trip on your way.

Gold Dragon's Room, Party #2

Monster Formations:
- Ahriman x3 (5 AP)
- Daedalus, Ahriman (3 AP)

- Gold Dragon (10 AP)

- Daedalus: None
- Ahriman: Earring (Rare)

Items: None

What to do:
- Daedalus will attack with Lv. 5 Death, Bio, Gravity, Venomist and Attack. If
you use your own Attack on him, he may (33%) counter with Dancing Flame.

Unless your levels are multiples of 5, you shouldn't have to worry about much.
Of course, you could just cast Rasp all 100 MP to disable Daedalus completely.
Or just use Death/Banish. Or use Fire/Holy attacks to deal 12280 damage. Or
use a Raise/Phoenix Down since it's Undead. Choices, choices.

- Ahriman will try to kill you. This is true for every monster you've ever
faced, but Ahriman doesn't play around with silly attacks and moves in for the
direct kill with attacks such as Doom, Dread Gaze or Roulette if you attack with
Magic. It also (and more often than not) just uses Attack.

It has no weaknesses but is vulnerable to Silence, Berserk, Sleep and Stop, all
of which will disable it. Nice try, though, Ahriman. It has 10000 HP just
waiting on you to remove it.

NOTE: For some reason Ahriman can still use Roulette after you Silence it. Just
beware of this.

Head on straight up to find one of the last two dragons! Have someone wearing
Phantom, try not to have anyone with a Reflect Ring intiate the battle.

NOTE: If you don't like cheap tactics, equip Thunder absorbing/negating

BOSS: Gold Dragon

Gold Dragon
- Level: 62
- HP: 32400
- MP: 4000
- Steal: None
- Drops: Crystal Orb (Always)
- Weakness: Water
- Absorbs: Lightning

If any character is alive and has Reflect status, Gold Dragon will cast Reflect
on himself. Without Reflect status, he will attack with Gigavolt, Thunder and
Thundara. With Reflect status he will atlernate between an Attack and a
Thunder/Thundara bounced off of himself and onto you.

Should you attack it with four of your own Attacks, Gold Dragon will begin
storing energy. Two turns later he'll unleash a MT Thundaga.

When he's not storing energy, he will respond to any Magic attack with either
Thunder (33%) or Thundara (33%).

Cheap Tactic: Cast Berserk on Gold Dragon then summon Phantom to make yourself

Of course, for those who don't like those cheap methods, you can just assault it
with your strongest non-Lightning-elemental attacks. All of his attacks involve
the Thunder-element, so if you've protected yourself against that you have
nothing to worry about.

If you have Flood, cast that for some nice damage. Strago/Gau can use
Aqua Breath/Anguiform. Shadow can throw Water Scrolls (Gau can too, actually, by
using the Ninja rage) and you know what to do with everyone else.

You'll get a Crystal Orb for winning, which raises your max MP by 50%.

Head through the north-east exit.

Room after Gold Dragon, Party #2

Monster Formations:
- Dark Force x2 (3 AP)
- Outsider x2, Cherry (5 AP)
- Demon Knight, Yojimbo (3 AP)
- Yojimbo x2, Dark Force (4 AP)

- Yojimbo: Masamune (Rare)
- Dark Force: Crystal Sword (Rare)
- Cherry: Silver Spectacles (Rare)
- Outsider: Stoneblade (Rare)
- Demon Knight: Pinwheel (Rare)

Items: None

How to win:
Berserk the Cherry and summon Phantom to defeat the Outsider x2, Cherry
formation. Dark Force/Outsider fall to ID attack and summoning Phantom after
Dark Forces are gone can help against Yojimbo. Berserk/Sleep/Stop the Demon
Knights and finish with strong attacks.

Simply head through this room.

In the next room, head north and step on the green switch.

Switch to Party #3!

Outside, Party #3

NOTE: Don't forget to equip everyone (along with Phantom esper).

Monster Formations:
- Primeval Dragon, Great Malboro (3 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos (5 AP)
- Vector Lythos x4 (2 AP)

- Vector Lythos: Fuma Shuriken (Rare)
- Primeval Dragon: Dried Meat (Rare)
- Great Malboro: Teleport Stone (Common)
- Great Behemoth: Tigerfang (Rare)

- Red Cap (South-West of starting point)

Quick recap on how to fight here: Imp/Silence the Vector Lythos and kill with
Ice. Stop Primeval Dragon and kill with Ice. Death/Banish the Great Malboros
and Stop the Great Behemoth and pound away on their HP.

South-West of your starting point is a chest with a Red Cap. Enter the top door.

- Primeval Dragon x2 (4 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Vector Lythos x2 (6 AP)
- Great Malboro x3 (4 AP)

How to fight:
- Banish the Great Malboros.
- Stop (if you want) the Primeval Dragons and kill with Ice.
- Sleep/Stop the Great Behemoth and Imp/Silence the Vector Lythos and kill with

Just head north through here.

Catwalk Area, Party #3

Monster Formations:
- Prometheus (3 AP)
- Gamma (5 AP)
- InnoSent x3 (3 AP)

- Gamma: Air Anchor (Rare)
- InnoSent: Bioblaster (Rare)
- Prometheus: Debilitator (Rare)

- Nutkin Suit (West chest)
- Gauntlet (East chest)

What to do:
- Gamma can be pretty tough. It starts off with !Gamma Rays which will set Doom
on the target. After that it can use any of the following attacks: Wave Cannon,
Gravity Bomb, Launcher or Atomic Rays. Once killed, it uses Atomic Rays.

Like most machine-type monsters, Gamma has a weakness to Lightning and Water.
He also has 27000 HP and a vulnerability to Stop, which is your key to victory.

- InnoSent are annyoing. They confuse you with !Brainblast on their first turn,
and will try to freeze you with Freezing Dust or damage you with Plasma most
other turns. Every 5th turn may (33%) feature Lv. ? Holy.

Luckily, you can cast Death/Banish to finish all three of them off. Silence,
Berserk or Confusion is also quite effective. They only have 6600 HP.

- Prometheus may (33%) counter any Attack with Southern Cross or any Magic
attack with Northern Cross (also 33%). Other than that, he just attacks with
either !Drill or Metal Cutter every turn, which can still be painful.

Prometheus isn't vulnerable to anything except Slow, so you'll have to rely on
Lightning/Water attacks to take out all 14500 HP.

In here, grab the two chests at the north-end of the room and head back two

Back outside, head to the south-end of this area and enter the door.

Inside, Party #3

Monster Formations:
- Primeval Dragon x2 (4 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Vector Lythos x2 (6 AP)
- Great Malboro x3 (4 AP)

How to fight:
- Banish the Great Malboros.
- Stop (if you want) the Primeval Dragons and kill with Ice.
- Sleep/Stop the Great Behemoth and Imp/Silence the Vector Lythos and kill with

Move along to the next room.

Magitek Factory, Party #3

Monster Formations:
- Duel Armor x2, Death Machine (4 AP)
- Fortis x2 (3 AP)

- Inferno, Rahu, Ketu (8 AP)

- Duel Armor: Chainsaw (Rare)
- Fortis: Drill (Rare)
- Death Machine: Flash (Rare)

- Hero's Ring (directly above entrance)
- Aegis Shield (hidden in south wall)

What to do:
- Duel Armor was already covered earlier. Cast Death/Banish.

- Fortis will fao to Death/Banish.

- Death Machine is the only new creature here. It starts the battle with Lv. 5
Death, followed by two turns of trying to Stop you with !Mind Stop and another
turn of trying to kill you with the Death spell (33%). If you attack it with
anything BUT the Attack command, it has a possibility of unleashing up to four
Blaster attacks (33% each). Ouch.


Grab the Hero's Ring above you and follow these instructions to find a hidden
chest containing Aegis Shield something:
- At the bottom of the stairs, take 4 steps Left
- 4 Down
- 2 Right
- 10 Down (or all the way down and 1 Up)
- 4 Left (or all the way left)
- 10 Down (or all the way down)
- 4 Right and up to find the Aegis Shield!
- All the way down, all the way left
- 10 Up
- All the way right, all the way up, left, and up

Yeah, kinda weird.

Advance to the next room by taking the top conveyor belt.

You'll find a Save Point in this room. If you advance through the room now
you'll run into Inferno and his two blades (Rahu and Ketu). Let's prepare first:
Protect yourself against Fire/Thunder spells. That's about all you need.

BOSS: Inferno, Rahu, Ketu

- Level: 67
- HP: 30800
- MP: 9700
- Steal: Ice Shield (Rare)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Lightning
- Absorbs: Fire

Inferno will always attack with either Thundara, Atomic Rays, Shockwave or
Gigavolt. If attacked by anything, he may (33%) respond with !Sobat (300%

If all three buddies are alive after 30 seconds, they'll attack with Delta
Attack, which will Petrify one person.

If only one of the two blades is alive, Inferno will only attack with Thundaga
or Meteor.

Lastly, when Inferno is by himself, he'll give himself Protect and Reflect with
Magitek Barrier.

- Level: 69
- HP: 8000
- MP: 770
- Steal: Flame Shield (Rare)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Ice
- Absorbs: Lightning

Rahu simply attacks with Attack (66%) and !Rapier [150% damage] (33%). If
killed, it will come back after 20 seconds.

- Level: 67
- HP: 11000
- MP: 2600
- Steal: Flame Shield (Rare)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Fire
- Absorbs: Ice

Ketu only attacks with Attack (66%) or Metal Cutter (33%). If killed, it will
come back after 40 seconds.

As you can probably guess, you only have to take out Inferno to win this battle.
If you've protected yourself against Fire and Thunder attacks, Inferno can only
damage you with Meteor (only when one blade is dead), Shockwave (rare attack)
and !Sobat (counterattack).

Don't worry about the two blades too much. You could kill them with any ID
attack, but that will just cause more trouble than its worth. I do suggest you
cast Slow (or Slowga) on both blades just to slow them down a little bit.

If you have Celes in your party, you can have her Runic all of Inferno's spells
except Shockwave.

As for attacking Inferno... you'll want to use ST attacks that you can control.
Your obvious best bet is Thundaga (or Thundara if you don't have that).
Unfortunately, most of your other best attacks (Grand Delta, throwing scrolls,
Blitz, etc.) are uncontrollable so you may not want to use them here. Dedicate
those who don't have the right spells to healing.

This fight is not all that hard and you shouldn't have many problems.

Head through sout-west exit to come to the next room.

Landworm's Room, Party #3

Monster Formation:
- Landworm

- Landworm: X-Potion (Rare)

Items: None

How to fight Landworm:
- Landworm uses either Magnitude 8 or Hailstone every turn, with a small chance
of using !Constrict (200% damage) every 3rd turn. It has a weakness to Ice
attacks and is vulnerable to everything except Imp, meaning: Petrify, Death,
Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep, Stop, whatever you want, you can do it to

Just head through this place and laugh at Landworm once or twice before you

Outside, Party #3

- Megalixir (South-East of entrance)
- Rainbow Brush (Between two conveyor belts)

Quick recap on how to fight here: Imp/Silence the Vector Lythos and kill with
Ice. Stop Primeval Dragon and kill with Ice. Death/Banish the Great Malboros
and Stop the Great Behemoth and pound away on their HP.

South-East of you is a chest containing Megalixir. Make your way to the
south-west corner of this area and check out the chest past the door and
conveyor belt.


Right now is a nice red sparkle over it. Next time you come through this tower
it won't have that sparkle and just look like a normal chest.

Anyway, examine the chest to witness a set of stairs appearing on the other side
of the "wall" (for Party #1 later). Go up the conveyor belt, grab the Rainbow
Brush and up the next conveyor belt.

Now go back around and enter the door. This room has only Landworms again *yawn*

Enter the next room.

Skull Dragon's Room & Next Room, Party #3

NOTE: This room and the next room have the same monsters.

Monster Formations:
- Demon Knight, Yojimbo (3 AP)
- Yojimbo x2, Dark Force (4 AP)
- Dark Force x2 (3 AP)
- Outsider x2, Cherry (5 AP)

What to do:
Berserk the Cherry and summon Phantom to defeat the Outsider x2, Cherry
formation. Dark Force/Outsider fall to ID attack and summoning Phantom after
Dark Forces are gone can help against Yojimbo. Berserk/Sleep/Stop the Demon
Knights and finish with strong attacks.

Up above is the last of the 8 Legendary Dragons. Throw on some Ribbons, maybe
some Safety Bits or Memento Rings and something to protect against Fire if you

BOSS: Skull Dragon

Skull Dragon
- Level: 62
- HP: 32800
- MP: 1999
- Steal: None
- Drops: Muscle Belt (Always)
- Weakness: Fire, Holy
- Absorbs: Poison

Skull Dragon uses his first three turns by attacking with either Attack, Doom,
Apparition or Will o' the Wisp. On its fourth turn, Skull Dragon will choose
a random target and cast Disaster on that person.

And finally, he has a 33% chance of countering anything with his own Attack.

There are no statuses you can abuse to make this fight any easier, but that's
fine. As you can see, its weak to Holy so Firaga/Holy are nice choices.

Ribbons will protect you from Apparition and Disaster, while your Fire
protection helps against Will o' the Wisp. This leaves Doom, which your
Safety Bits/Memento Rings may or may not take care of (depends if you equipped
any, obviously).

You could also Rasp 1999 MP to kill Skull Dragon if you'd rather do that.

Either way, this dragon is nothing to worry about.

You'll get the Muscle Belt for winning, which boosts your max HP by 50%.

If you've been following this walkthrough, that was the last dragon. A message
will appear:
"All 8 dragons have been defeated... The Eightfold Seal is broken! Obtained
Crusader magicite!"

There is a small stone tablet on the ground. On its face is a short
"The seal is broken and I am free... You who defeated the legendary eight... I
shall await you at the Dragon's Horn..."

You have now unlocked the Dragon's Den. You could leave this tower and go there
right now, but why leave when you've come this far?

Head through the next two rooms and step on the second green switch to the
north, which will open the door in the middle. Step back off the switch and
switch to Party #1.

With Party #1, head south into the next room.

Magitek Research Tube Room, Party #1

Monster Formations:
- InnoSent, Fortis (3 AP)
- Prometheus (3 AP)
- Death Machine, Metal Hitman x4 (3 AP)

- InnoSent: Bioblaster (Rare)
- Death Machine: Flash (Rare)
- Metal Hitman: Auto Crossbow (Rare)
- Prometheus: Debilitator (Rare)

Items: None

How to win:
Cast Banish on the Metal Hitman, Death Machine, InnoSent and Fortis monsters.
Prometheus isn't vulnerable to ID attacks, but you can still bombard it with
Lightning/Water spells to kill it after 14500 damage has been dealt.

Make your way to the other end of this room. Make sure you have some protection
to Fire before entering the next room.

After Magitek Research Tube Room, Party #1

Monster Formations:
- Fiend Dragon (5 AP)
- Fiend Dragon x2 (6 AP)

- Fiend Dragon: Guard Bracelet (Rare)

Items: None

How to beat Fiend Dragon:
Fiend Dragon will spend the first 5 turns by either casting Southern Cross
or Attack. He may also use Flare Star on the 5th turn. The 6th turn is spent
by using !Dissolve (sets Invisible) on itself.

The dangerous part is his counter-attack: He has a 33% chance of countering
anything with Heartless Angel, an attack that sets everyone's HP to 1.

There are no statuses you can abuse and no weaknesses you can target. If you
have Edgar/Gogo, you can give Fiend Dragon a weakness with Debilitator. Have
someone on perma-healing duty so you don't get caught off-guard after a
Heartless Angel.

Raw power is the only way to defeat this beast, unless you have the Ragnarok
esper, which has a 32/256 (or 1/8) chance of killing Fiend Dragon. If Relm is
in your party, you can also Sketch it for Northern Cross/Heartless Angel or
even better, Control it.

These guys are pretty tough, and it's even worse when you meet two of them. Good

Head out the other door when you've had enough of Fiend Dragon.

You'll be outside again. I've listed the monsters/strategies for these guys
several times, so if you still need help with them, scroll up.

After going up the first set of stairs (or stopped conveyor belt? whatever),
grab the Pinwheel in the chest to your left. Then head to the north door and
enter it to meet up with your other two parties.

Take your active party (Party #1) up through the now-opened door and into the
next room.

Room with three switches, Party #1

Monster Formations:
- InnoSent x3 (3 AP)
- Gamma (5 AP)
- Prometheus (3 AP)

What to do:
- InnoSent can be finished off with Death/Banish
- Gamma is vulnerable to Stop and weak to Lightning/Water. You know what to do.
- Prometheus will fall to Lightning/Water attacks.

Head up to find yourself at the second of three switches. This is where your
party is going to have to split up.

I'll just list both of your possible options at this point:
Party #1 = Left   - Right
Party #2 = Right  - Middle
Party #3 = Middle - Left

Explanation: It's all based on what Party #1 does. If it goes left, then Party
#2 will be Right and Party #3 will be Middle.

At the beginning of this section I told you which parties would fight which
monsters, and I'm guessing you built your parties accordingly. In that case,
you'll need to take Party #1 to the left and out of the south-west door.

Regardless of which way you go with Party #1, exit through the south-east/west
door and push the weight off the ledge. You may have to switch to the party
below to move them out of the way.

After the weight is pushed off, go back north and step on the green switch.

If you went Left, switch to Party #2
If you went Right, switch to Party #3

You now have access to get up on the center path and into the door. Do so and
exit out whichever door you didn't use before. Push the weight off the ledge,
and head north onto the green switch.

Bring your last party to the center path and head straight up to step on the
third and final switch.

IMPORTANT: Before going anywhere, take your middle party SOUTH and outside.
You'll find a switch here that will open two doors for your other two parties.
Not hitting this switch is a common problem for most un-suspecting players and
prevents them from advancing through the Tower.

After you've pressed the switch, go back in the previous room and prepare before
entering the next room: Protect yourself against Fire and Lightning. Fenrir
and/or Phantom may be useful as well.

Enter the next room, which also features more enemies.

Guardian's Room, Middle Party

Monster Formations:
- Cherry, Ahriman x2 (4 AP)
- Daedalus x2 (3 AP)

- Cherry: Silver Spectacles (Rare)
- Ahriman: Earring (Rare)

How to fight:
- Cherry can be Berserk'd (just like Ahriman). Its weakness is Poison and it has
  8150 HP.
- Ahriman is susceptible to Silence, Berserk, Sleep and Stop. It has 1000 HP and
  no weakness.

Take one step north to fight Guardian.

BOSS: Guardian

- Level: 67
- HP: 60000
- MP: 5200
- Steal: Force Armor (Common), Ribbon (Rare)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Lightning, Water
- Absorbs: None

Guardian has quite the AI script. He has a default phase where he attacks with
Attack, Magitek Laser, Missile and Atomic Rays for two turns. After that, he'll
use one of four different Battle Programs. The first one is....

In this stage, Guardian uses Attack, Tentacle, Entwine, !Ink and Stone. The 4th
turn is also a MT Entwine (causes Slow) which you can counter with a Hastega.
The other three turns feature the attacks I just named. After the 4th turn,
it goes back to its Default Battle Program (which is the same as always).

After two more turns in the default phase, Guardian will active...
The first two turns are spent with Attack/Shockwave. On the 3rd turn, he will
either Throw a Mythril Knife or Ashura, use 3 Items (Potion or Hi-Potion) and
cast Magitek Barrier to give him Protect and Reflect. This is where the Fenrir
or Phantom esper comes in, since whatever he throws will do some serious damage.
It just targets one character, though, so it may not be worth the effort of
summoning an esper. You may want to Dispel the Protect/Reflect status.

After the default phase, Guardian will then activate...
All of the first three turns involve Magitek Laser, with the first two also
having Diffractive Laser and the third having Launcher. If you protected
yourself against Lightning, the only thing that will hurt you here is Launcher,
which has the potential to be devastating. Make sure to heal after it.

Once the 4th turn in this phase rolls around, Guardian will use Wave Cannon
after a quick countdown. Then it's back to the default phase for two turns.

Once that has passed, Guardian will use the...
The first three turns in this phase include spells like Flare and Meteor, which
means trouble. The 4th turn consists of a Flare Star (Fire attack).

After the Ultima Battle Program, Guardian will go back to his default phase once
more, then start back over in the Ultros Battle Program.

Alright, lots of text, not much threat. Cast Slow on Guardian first to, well,
slow him down.

If you have Locke/Gogo with you, you can steal that Force Armor or Ribbon if
you're (un)lucky, depending on how much you like these items.

Guardian is weak to Lightning/Water which should open up a lot of options for
you: Anguiform/Ninja Rage, Water/Lightning Scrolls, Thundaga/Thundara, Flood,
etc.. Edgar and/or Gogo (as always) can Debilitate a new weakness if you feel
like it.

Honestly, you shouldn't really even have to see the Air Force Battle Program
unless you're under-leveled (and even then, you shouldn't have to see the Air
Force attacks). You have many options to use for hitting Guardian's weakness.

For a little comparison: My team was around lvl 35 (which is a little high) and
consisted of Setzer, Gau, Gogo and Relm. I never even saw Guardian use his
Ultros Battle Program and I still got my Force Armor.

My point is: This fight is not hard.

After you defeat Guardian, a Save Point will appear where Guardian once stood.

In the next room you'll find the following formations:
- Primeval Dragon, Great Malboro (3 AP)
- Great Behemoth, Great Malboro, Vector Lythos (5 AP)
- Vector Lythos x4 (2 AP)

- Demon (10 AP)

Head on through here to find yourself outside again (which has the same
formations as listed above).

There's a hidden chest with a Ribbon hidden south of the door you just came
out of. It's not hard to find.

If you head on up the stairs you'll have to fight the first of the three
Warring Triads: Demon!

Obviously, you'll want to prepare first: Equip Flame/Thunder shields all around
(with Flame Shields being the first choice) and try not to have anyone with
Reflect status.

BOSS: Demon

- Level: 67
- HP: 58000
- MP: 18900
- Steal: Red Jacket (Rare)
- Drops: Radiant Lance (Always)
- Weakness: Poison
- Absorbs: Fire, Wind

Before you 25360 damage, Demon will attack with Attack, Metal Cutter or Stop
(1st turn) or !Tyrfing [200% Damage] (2nd Turn).

After his HP reaches 32640, Demon will start using Flare Star, Southern Cross,
Meteor or Aero. The first two are Fire-attacks, while Meteor is non-elemental
and Aero is Wind-elemental.

If any of your people have Stop status, Demon will target that person and use
Blaster to try to kill him. Should any of your characters be Stop'd, un-Stop
them ASAP.

After every 8th attack on him, he will use Wave Cannon. It also has a 33% chance
of countering anything with a Firaga spell.

I hope you protected yourself against Fire, because that's mostly what you'll
see here.

You can cast Slow and STOP on Demon if you'd like. Yes, Stop works. That may be
a little too easy for one of the most powerful magical creatures, but oh well.

Poison is a tough weakness to work with, so you may want to Debilitate it to
something else if you can. If that's not an option it'll be better to stick with
-aga spells as Bio is just too weak.

Cast Stop every other turn or so if you're into that sort of thing. Metal Cutter
hurts everytime he uses it, so try to have one person be a healer. Once you get
that far, Meteor will also be painful, as will Aero if you're not protected
against it.

That's about all I can tell you for this guy. This is definetely the easiest of
the there Warring Triads.

You'll get the Radiant Lance after this easy fight.

Demon is defeated and you'll be knocked back a little. Anyway, head north and
into the last door this group will enter. Don't jump down the hole just yet.

Switch to your Left party.

Go south and out the door, enter the other door, and back north through the
next few rooms. I've listed the monsters for Guardian's Room above if you need
some help.

Fiend's Room, Left Party

Monster Formations:
- InnoSent (3 AP)
- Gamma (5 AP)
- Prometheus (3 AP)

- Fiend (10 AP)

How to Fight: Scroll up, I've listed it several times already.

Right above you is the second of three Warring Triads: Fiend. Equip Ice Shields
first then Flame Shields. Golem/Fenrir may be helpful.

BOSS: Fiend

- Level: 73
- HP: 63000
- MP: 4800
- Steal: Safety Bit (Rare)
- Drops: Mutsunokami (Always)
- Weakness: Holy
- Absorbs: Ice, Poison

Fiend likes Ice. Lots of it. His attacks include Blizzaga, Northern Cross and
Absolute Zero. Once you've dealt 30360 damage, Fiend will gain Image, Reflect
and Haste status. It'll also drop all his Ice spells and use Attack or 
Targeting (which essentially does nothing). If anyone was targetted by
Targeting, Fiend will use !Fiendish Rage (400% damage) on that person, which
will be painful.

As far as counter-attacks go, Fiend has a 66% chance of countering anything
with his own Attack. Unfortunately for you, Fiend's Attack stat is pretty high,
meaning his physicals will hurt (not to mention !Fiendish Rage).

Every eight times Fiend is attacked it will use Reverse Polarity.

Lastly, Fiend will use Force Field every 20 seconds once his HP drops below
32640. This is the only place for Strago to learn this Lore. Force Field
randomly picks one of the eight elements and basically cancels it out (i.o.w.
any attack with that element will do 0 damage).

So what to do? If you're protected against Ice attacks, you won't take much
damage here. If Northern Cross freezes you, cast Fire to thaw up any affected
party members.

If you can, have Strago use Lv. ? Holy for some serious damage. Any Holy Lance
Dragoons will shine in this battle as well. If you happen to have a few Holy
Rods laying around, throw those. Everyone else can just keep doing what they've
been doing through the entire dungeon.

You may want to summon Fenrir/Golem to protect against his physical attacks, as
they can get pretty vicious.

Once Fiend gains his Image, Reflect and Haste status you'll want to cast Dispel
to remove all of those statuses immediately. Follow-up with Slow to laugh at
Fiend even more.

As always, if you have the option, you can Debilitate to an easier element
to target (like Fire).

Altogether a pretty easy fight... these Warring Triad dudes aren't all that
strong, are they? Let's see if the third one is stronger.

You'll get the Mutsunokami for Cyan once you win.

After the battle, save if you'd like, then head north into the tube and step
on the green switch.

Switch to the Right Party.

Head down, out the door, through the right door and up.

Again, I listed the monsters in Guardian's Room up above. In the next room
you'll find the following formations:
- Demon Knight, Yojimbo (3 AP)
- Yojimbo x2, Dark Force (4 AP)
- Dark Force x2 (3 AP)
- Outsider x2, Cherry (5 AP)

- Goddess (10 AP)

Above you is the last of the Warring Triads. The first two weren't that much of
a challenge, so let's see if the third one is any better.

Goddess specializes on Lightning spells so protect yourself from that. Equip
any and all Memento Rings/Safety Bits you may have. Make sure no one is wearing
anything that protects against Zombie but not Death (like Amulet).

BOSS: Goddess

- Level: 68
- HP: 44000
- MP: 19000
- Steal: Minerva Bustier (Rare)
- Drops: Excalibur (Always)
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: Lightning, Holy

Goddess attacks mostly with Thundara/Thundaga. She also uses a physical Attack,
Lullaby (grants Sleep status) and even the dreaded Entice attack.

Once her HP drops to 32640 (after only 11360 damage), she drops Lullaby, Entice
and Thundara while gaining Flash Rain and Quasar (but still uses Thundaga most
of the time).

Everytime you use Attack on Goddess, she has a 33% chance of countering with
Overture. This annoying attack makes the affected person take all physical
damage for Goddess (which means you attack your own character when using a
physical attack). Goddess may (33%) counter everything else with Thundara.

Lastly, after you attack her eight times, she uses Cloudy Heaven. This attack
gives everyone (on both sides) the Doom status with a little twist. When the
counter reaches 0, the character turns into a Zombie instead of being KO. The
only way to avoid this attack is protecting yourself against ID attacks (which
makes the attack miss). If you are protected against Zombie, but not Death, the
attack will still work and you won't ever be able to remove the Zombie status
from that person (due to how the game works, if you're affected with Zombie and
protected from it, you can't ever remove it).

First off, you don't want to attack with any Lightning or Holy spells (she
absorbs those). I would also suggest NOT to attack with any physical attacks,
or if you do, don't do it too often. If she uses Overture on anyone, make SURE
to refrain from any physical attacks unless you feel like killing your own
party members.

Lullaby is nothing serious to worry about since it only hits one side. You can
heal the status with the other side of characters. If you get hit by Entice (it
misses quite often), you'll probably just want to kill off the affected person
and revive them.

Once Goddess uses Cloudy Heaven (and unless you're doing tons of damage with
each attack, you WILL see it), those that are protected against ID attacks will
be safe. The same cannot be said for the others. Once their counter reaches 0,
they will turn into Zombies. As long as they are not wearing any
Zombie-protective gear, you can heal them with a Holy Water. Do note that
every time you they die during this battle only, they will be turned into
Zombies again instead of being KO.

After you've dealt 11360 damage, you'll be safe from most attacks as long as
you've protected yourself from the Lightning element. The only attack that can
hurt you is Quasar (which is a weaker version of Strago's Grand Delta). It hits
both sides for pretty decent, so you may want to apply Reraise to a few people
if you can.

Keep attacking Goddess with your spells or other magic attacks and she will
eventually fall. She doesn't have as much HP as the other two Warring Triads,
so it shouldn't take as long to take her down.

You'll get the Excalibur for defeating Goddess.

If this was the third Warring Triad you destroyed, someone will say:
"We destroyed the Warring Triad... But the power of magic isn't fading like it
 should be... Could Kefka have extracted the very source of magic from them?"

Bring your party up and onto the switch. The only thing that's left is to bring
the middle party onto the last switch. Before doing so, you'll want to equip
the right stuff and decide who to use for the final four consecutive battles.

First off, the rules of this battle. You'll have to make a list of all the
characters you brought. The first battle starts off with the first four on the
list. If anyone dies, they will be replaced by the next character on the list
at the start of the NEXT battle. If you want to keep the defeated character in
your party, you better be sure to revive that person before the end of the
battle (and have him/her finish the battle with >0 HP).

Who should you bring?
- Terra will probably be very useful. With a nearly perfect Magic Evasion setup,
her magic power and her Trance ability, you'll want to include her in your
party. Not to mention she has a Minerva Bustier to negate three of the most
common elements. Of course, if you never bothered to teach her any good spells,
she's out.

- Locke. You can steal a Ragnarok and Ultima Weapon in the third tier, so if
you're interested in that, bring him along. With a Valiant Knife + Master's
Scroll setup, he's a decent choice. If you want, you can put him in the 5th or
6th slot, as long as you make sure he shows up in the third tier.

- Cyan... Yeah.

- Shadow can be useful if you have enough things to throw at the enemies.

- Edgar's Air Anchor can take care of two enemies without having to worry about
them anymore (of course, any ID attack will do the same, but Air Anchor is a
guaranteed kill on the turn after). His Debilitator Tool has great potential in
these fights, especially against Final Kefka. Jump is really only useful with
the Dragon Horn, which means you automatically give up both Relic slots for
Edgar. You may want to plan to have him in the final battle.

- Sabin's problem is that his strongest attack (Phantom Rush) is uncontrollable.
This is not much of an issue, but you'll probably want something you can control
in these battles, since certain monsters need to go down first. Also, Sabin
doesn't have much to offer besides Phantom Rush.

- Celes is a good choice. Runic will come in handy, especially against Final
Kefka (absorbing -aga spells all around and most importantly, Ultima). If she
has a good magic skillset, you may want to bring her. Besides, her Minerva
Bustier never hurt anybody.

- Strago's Grand Delta, Mighty Guard and White Wind can be quite helpful, but
that's about all he's got going for him, unless he knows lots of nice magic.

- Relm's Sketch/Control are useless. The only reason you would want to bring her
is if she's knows lots of Magic. Her unusually high Magic stat won't hurt

- Setzer's only got one good thing going for him: Fixed Dice + Master's Scroll.
If you're already using the Master's Scroll on Locke, leave him out. If not,
by all means, bring Setzer.

- Mog's most important quality is that he can reach 255 Defense rather easily.
Kefka has a very nasty physical attack which Mog can simply tank because he's
awesome like that. But like Edgar, Jump is only useful by giving up both Relic
slots. Regardless of that, if he's learned some nice magic, he's a decent choice
against Kefka.

- Gau can also reach 255 Defense, which is nice. Like Sabin, Gau's Rages are
not controllable. Even though I'm a big fan of Gau, I would leave him behind if
he doesn't have any decent magic to back him up.

- Gogo may be useful. His versatility speaks for him, but his stats don't back
him up on it. He can be your alternate Stealer if you don't want to bring Locke
(and therefore give the Master's Scroll to Setzer), use the Debilitator Tool
without having Edgar, or even play the role of Strago's Lores.

- Umaro. You weren't honestly thinking of bringing Umaro to these fights, were

Once you've made your decision, equip everyone with their necessary equipment.

RELICS: The team fighting Final Kefka should all be wearing Ribbons. White Capes
are the next best thing after Ribbons. Miracle Shoes make great filler Relics if
you have a few open slots.

ESPERS: Golem and Fenrir are your best defensive espers, while Bahamut should be
your offensive esper.

NOTE ABOUT ESPERS: Each character can only summon their esper once in all of the
next four fights. Golem/Fenrir's effects do NOT carry over to the next tier, so
save it for when you really need it. Also, those that have the Soul of Thamasa
relic can NOT summon espers.

Once you're ready, have all three parties step on the three switches to be
beamed up to where Kefka is.

I'm not going up all the following dialogue, since it is the final battle and
all. Enjoy, and find out how evil Kefka really is.

After all the conversation, you get to decide the "battle participation order".

If you're interested, this was my line-up:
1. Terra
2. Locke
3. Relm
4. Celes
5. Gogo
6. Mog
7.-12. Whoever

1st Tier: Short Arm, Long Arm, Visage

Long Arm = Bottom-Left
Short Arm = Bottom-Right
Visage = Top

Short Arm
- Level: 73
- HP: 27000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Water
- Absorbs: None

Every turn, Short Arm has a 66% chance of using Attack. He'll counter everything
with the same thing (66%, Attack). Once his HP drops to 10112 (after 16888
damage), Short Arm will also have a 33% chance of using !Razor Gale (150%

He's vulnerable to Silence and Berserk, both of which are useless since he only
uses physical attacks to begin with. Short Arm is also vulnerable to Slow, which
can be beneficial.

Long Arm
- Level: 73
- HP: 33000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Wind
- Absorbs: None

Long Arm's 1st Turn (and every 3rd turn after that) will always feature his
Attack. The next two turns consist of either Attack or Shockwave.

If his HP drops down to 10240 (after 22760 damage), he'll stop using Shockwave
and use up to two Attacks every turn.

Lastly, if Long Arm is by himself, he will use up to three Shockwaves each turn.

Thankfully, Long Arm is vulnerable to Petrify, Death, and Berserk.

- Level: 74
- HP: 30000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Immunity: Earth
- Weakness: Fire
- Absorbs: None

Visage won't attack most turns. Every turn he only has a 33% of attacking with
Reverse Polarity (switches Rows of your characters) or !Sapping Strike
(inflicts Sap). On his 5th Turn (and every 6th turn after that), he will use
Protect (66%) or Haste (33%) on one of the arms (not himself).

After 19760 damage, Visage will attack with !Sapping Strike (66%) or Dread Gaze
[inflicts Petrify] (33%) for three turns. The 4th Turn features either Dread
Gaze, Magnitude 8 or Reverse Polarity.

Lastly, if Visage is the last monster killed, he'll use Quake.

Welcome to the first tier of the final battle. As you would suspect, this is
probably the easiest tier.

The first thing you should do is cast any ID attack (or use Air Anchor) on the
Long Arm and cast Slow on the Short Arm.

If you want to go on the Defense, cast Hastega, Mighty Guard (if you have it),
Reraise, Protect, Shell, etc. will all be great.

Once that is done, focus all your strongest Fire attacks on Visage. Once Visage
is gone, you can Vanish your party to be invincible if you're having troubles
for some reason.

Throw any water attacks you have available (Water Scrolls, Aqua Breath, Ninja
Rage, etc.) at Short Arm. Any non-elemental spell (Flare, Ultima) will do some
nice damage as well.

Not too tough, right?

2nd Tier: Tiger, Machine, Magic, Power

Tiger = Tiger face (Bottom-Right)
Machine = In the middle, wearing red
Magic = Far Left
Power = Top-Right

- Level: 70
- HP: 30000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Ice
- Absorbs: Earth

Tiger only attacks every other turn, which is good for you. One of those turns
includes Southern Cross, Flare Star and Northern Cross. The other attacking turn
is just a 33% chance of using Attack.

Once his HP drops down to 11520 (after 18480 damage), Tiger will use the same
three strong attacks as above, sometimes (33%) followed by a !Zombie Fang
(inflicts Zombie) every turn.

Tiger is vulnerable to Poison.

- Level: 73
- HP: 24000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Lightning
- Absorbs: None

Machine attacks with various spells, including Diffractive Laser, Gravity Bomb,
Magitek Laser, Missile, Atomic Rays and Delta Attack.

Once its HP sinks to 11520 (after 12480 damage), it will also use Absolute Zero
and drop Atomic Rays.

Fortunately, Machine is weak to Slow, Stop and... Death.

- Level: 73
- HP: 24000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Lightning
- Absorbs: None

Magic, as the name suggests, uses Magic. Lots of it. Let me quickly list out
every spell it can cast:
Thundaga, Silence, Holy, Flare, Rasp, Firaga, Blizzara, Reflect, Stop, Reraise,
Sleep, Slowga, Hastega, Haste, Imp, Confuse, Poison, Drain, Bio, Dispel and

That's a ton of spells and you probably have no idea to get around all of that.
Don't worry, it's vulnerable to Silence, which completely disables anything it
ever thought of doing (until it dies). Lame, I know.

- Level: 73
- HP: 28000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Elixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: Poison
- Absorbs: None

Power uses Attack every turn. That's it. o_O

Well, when it is killed, it uses his !10-Hit Combo (150% damage), followed by
9 Attacks. I guess you're supposed to think it really is a 10-hit combo?

So you have to fight four enemies at once. Seems only fair, since most of the
game the monsters have been facing four enemies of their own (i.e. you).

Lucky for you, the game designers didn't feel like making this battle too hard.
Use any ID attack (or Air Anchor, of course) on Machine (in the middle, wearing
red) and cast Silence on Magic (far left). Cast Slow or Stop on Power (cast
Stop every turn or so to keep Power Stop'd).

Now you can do all your defensive stuff if you want (Hastega, Reraise, Mighty
Guard, etc.).

That only leaves you with Tiger. He's vulnerable to Ice, which is a pretty
common element. You should know by now what your best options are with the
characters you have. If anyone becomes a Zombie, heal them immediately with a
Holy Water.

Once Tiger is down, it's time to take down Power (Magic is harmless, so don't
worry about it right now). He's weak to Poison, but any -aga spell will do more
damage than Bio would do. After you kill it, wait for his 10 physicals to be
over. As you will see, they are not as strong as you may expect from one of the
final bosses.... pretty pathetic.

Now you just have Magic left, who won't attack you until you kill it. Why? Once
Magic dies, the Silence status is removed and it's final counter is still
carried out. This means you'll have a 33% chance of being hit with Graviga, and
a 66% chance of seeing up to two Dispel spells on random characters. No big
deal, really.

NOTE: The next tier is the one where you can steal Ragnarok/Ultima Weapon. If
you put your thief (Locke/Gogo) in the 5th slot and you haven't had anybody die
yet (or get replaced), make sure to kill someone off before the end of this
battle. This will make your thief replace the fallen character. If you put the
Thief in the 6th slot, you'll want to kill off two characters (unless you've
already had soemone replaced). You get the idea.

3rd Tier: Lady, Rest

- Level: 58
- HP: 9999
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Ragnarok (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Poison, Wind, Holy, Earth, Water

Lady may use White Wind every turn (healing Lady and Rest for 9999 HP). Almost
every other turn, Lady may also use !Repose (inflicts Sleep).

If Rest dies while Lady is still alive, she will Arise Rest.

- Level: 71
- HP: 40000
- MP: 10000
- Steal: Ultima Weapon (Common)
- Drops: None
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: None

Rest can get pretty annoying. On the first turn, Rest will use Tornado,
Meltdown or Nothing. The 2nd turn features Attack (66%) or Doom (33%).

Once its HP drops to 10240 (after 29760 damage), it will use Meteor every
turn! At this point, it also has a 33% chance of countering anything with
Meteor or Trine (also 33%). Trine is an unblockable attack that causes Darkness
and Silence.

When you kill it, it will use at least one !Repose (inflicts Death) with a 33%
chance of using a second !Repose.

Since Lady will revive Rest everytime you kill it with Lady still being alive,
you'll have to take out Lady first. It has 9999 HP and absorbs every element,
so non-elemental attacks are your only option (along with physicals, of course).

NOTE: Before killing Lady, make sure to steal that Ragnarok from her. While
you're at it, steal that Ultima Weapon from Rest as well.

Once you've taken care of Lady, focus your strongest attacks on Rest. Tornado
is a nasty attack that lowers your HP to 1/16 of it's current total if you're
not protected against ID attacks. Make sure to be ready to recover from this.
Doom is also something to watch out for. Unless you have someone next in line
waiting to take someone's place for the fight with Kefka, make sure to revive
the fallen members.

This battle is where you'll want to summon either Golem or Fenrir. When you
defeat Rest, those espers can help you avoid the !Repose attacks you'll face.

Once you get Rest down to 10240 HP, it starts getting dangerous. There is no
way for you to avoid Meteor, so you'll have to act quick at this point. Have
someone (or two people) ready to revive/heal while the others attack for maximum
damage. If you summoned Golem/Fenrir, the !Repose at the end of the battle
shouldn't damage you in any way.

4th Tier: Kefka

- Level: 71
- HP: 62000
- MP: 38000
- Steal: Megalixir (Common)
- Drops: None
- Immunity: Poison
- Weakness: None
- Absorbs: None

Welcome to the final battle against Kefka. It's time to put an end to all this

After Kefka's little speech, he'll immediately use Heartless Angel, reducing
everyone's HP to 1. Damn. After that, he'll use a variety of attacks, so I'll
just copy this from my Bestiary FAQ:

1st Turn: Target: All Characters
          Heartless Angel (100%)
2nd Turn: Attack (33%) or !Havoc Wing (33%) or Nothing (33%)
3rd Turn: Firaga (33%) or Trine (33%) or !Havoc Wing (33%)
4th Turn: Attack (33%) or !Havoc Wing (33%) or Nothing (33%)
5th Turn: Blizzaga (33%) or Trine (33%) or !Havoc Wing (33%)
6th Turn: Attack (33%) or !Havoc Wing (33%) or Nothing (33%)
7th Turn: Thundaga (33%) or !Havoc Wing (33%) or Nothing (33%)

Yes, that means once he's done with those seven turns, he'll use Heartless Angel
once more.

Once his HP drops to 32640 (after 29360 damage), Kefka will summon some sort of
head (who knows?) and tell you that "The end draws near..." while making the
screen shake.

The next turn features Forsaken. Forsaken, in terms of attack power, is the
strongest magic spell (the only attack with more attack power than Forsaken is
the Chainsaw Tool). It's also unblockable, so you'll have no choice but to eat
it. After Forsaken, he will use !Havoc Wing (400% damage), Trine, or Vengenace.
Vengeance is an attack you haven't seen yet and you're going to wish you still
had never seen it. It removes every positive status you have set on yourself,
including Float, Shell, Protect, and even Reraise.

The following turns features much of the same thing. Afterwards, Kefka will
start with summoning that weird head and telling the End still draws near.

Once Kefka's HP reaches 7680, Kefka will still use his Forsaken attack, followed
by a Meteor spell this time. After the Meteor, it will tell you how the end is
drawing near (again) and repeat from there.

That leaves us only with Kefka's counter-attacks. When his HP is below 30080,
it will counter with either Attack or Hyperdrive (both 33%). Hyperdrive is
another strong unblockable magic attack that will probably kill whoever it

Once Kefka's HP comes down to 10240, he will even counter with Ultima (33%)!

So this is the final Kefka. The attack that will bother you the most is !Havoc
Wing, as it will do a lot of damage. Summon whichever espers you haven't
summoned yet since this is the last battle.

If you a way of using Debilitator, you have just made the fight a lot easier.
Give Kefka a weakness you like, then attack with all you've got. You'll probably
need to assign two people to play the role of healer/reviver. Throw up any other
defenses you have (Mighty Guard, Hastega, etc.).

Have a Trance'd Terra attack with whichever spells work best. Locke is best
being a healer or attacking four times with Valiant Knife. If you brought Cyan
(you fool), I hope he's got the Quick spell available (use Quick, then charge
up to Bushido #7). Shadow can throw scrolls or any weapons (a Shadow Scroll
every now and then won't hurt). Edgar should be Debilitating until you get a
nice weakness, then Jump'ing. Sabin will probably be another healer if you
brought him, otherwise stick with Phantom Rush.

Celes can Runic both of Kefka's mean counterattacks (Hyperdrive, Ultima), but
there's a pretty good chance it will conflict with your own spells. Put her
on healing duty or attack with Magic. Strago should have used Mighty Guard by
now and should be sticking with Grand Delta for the rest of the battle. Relm's
only use is and was Magic. Setzer, like Relm, only has one use: Fixed Dice x4.
Mog, like Edgar, will stick to Jump'ing in this battle.

Gau's 255 Defense is a bonus. If you want to put him on the defense, have him
rage Magic Urn (absorbs all 8 elements, casting MT Curaga 50% of the time). If
you Debilitated Kefka to Fire, Io Rage (Flare Star) will deal 9999 damage. If
those two situations don't apply to you, use your favorite offensive Rage.

Gogo's actions depend on how you set him up. You probably gave him Lore, so
throw out a Mighty Guard followed by nothing but Grand Deltas. You can try to
Steal that Megalixir Kefka use if you want (might as well use it in this battle
after a Heartless Angel or something like that). As always, Gogo can simply
Mimic someone else to deal some nice damage (hopefully).

And Umaro... well, if he's really party of this battle, then you did something
wrong. Anyway, you can't control what he does anyway, so just ignore him.

Forsaken is really not as strong as I made it sound earlier. !Havoc Wing and
the Hyperdrive counter will give you the most problems, as will the Ultima
counter once you get that far.

One final note: To get around Kefka's counters, only attack Kefka while he's
charging for Forsaken and the turn after he uses Forsaken. He won't counter
anything during that time period. Anytime you find yourself outside the "safe
zone", focus on keeping your people at decent health and under Reraise status
if you have it available.

Turns out Kefka is a pretty bad excuse for a final boss, but that may also have
to do with how easy the game is in general (with the right equipment).

Anyway, once you beat Kefka, enjoy the ending. I'm not going to type up the
ending, so enjoy!

NOTE: If you want to see the ending written out, I suggest you read Part 2 of
Djibriel's FFVIA walkthrough, which can also be found on the same page that you
found this guide. Check Section 4.73.1.

Congratulations, you just defeated the clown responsible for destroying the
world! Don't think you're done yet - you still have the Dragon's Den and Soul
Shrine to beat. Good luck.

As I've said in the Version History, I plan to re-do most of my WoR section.
If you don't like the way it is set up now, know that I don't either.

FINAL NOTE: As of now, I don't know when I'll get around to covering the
Dragon's Den or Soul Shrine. I don't have as much time now as I used to. So for
now, I will guide you towards the best guides that cover these two dungeons.


ReyJavakVI's Dragon's Den Walkthrough:

Section 4.74.1 - 4.75.6 (and 4.77.1) of Djibriel's FFVIA walkthrough:


Section 4.76.1 of Djibriel's FFVIA walkthrough:

There are other guides that cover these two dungeons, but the ones I just listed
are the best ones by far.

5) Frequently Asked Questions                                            [faqs]

Question: How many Rages are there in the WoB?

Answer: 114. Bestiary entries 1-113 all have Rages, EXCEPT:
#36 - Captain
#47 - Apparition
#48 - Siegfried
#49 - Opinicus Fish
#78 - Proto Armor (Though it does appear on the Veldt, but has no Rage)
#93 - Mega Armor
#113 - Naude

The following unlisted monsters also have Rages:
Doberman, Darkside, Specter, Eukaryote

Plus the following Bosses also have Rages:
Guard Leader, Magitek Armor, Hell's Rider, Gigantos

All this adds up to a grand total of 114 Rages available in WoB alone.
Question: What is the best Rage?

Answer: There is no one best Rage, but here are some of the better ones:

For WoB:
- Guard Leader (Wind Slash)
- Stray Cat (Cat Scratch)
- Aspiran (Gigavolt)
- Trillium (Bio)
- Templar (Fira)
- Litwor Chicken (Quake)
- Mu (Snare)
- Chimera (Aqua Breath)
- Fafnir (Traveler)
- Hill Gigas/Gigantos (Magnitude 8)
- Veil Dancer (Blizzara)
- Destroyer (Reraise)
- Cirpius (Hastega)
- Misfit (Lifeshaver)
- Bug (Stop)

For WoR:
- Rafflesia (Entice)
- Yojimbo (Shock)
- Magic Urn (Curaga)
- Punisher (Thundaga)
- Baalzephon (Blizzaga)
- Behemoth King (Firaga)
- Fafnir (Traveler)
- Killer Mantis (Metal Cutter)
- Holy Dragon (Holy)
- Luridan (Rock Slide)
- Lunatys/Tyrannosaur (Meteor)
- Io (Flare Star)
Question: Do Growth Eggs stack?

Answer: No. Equipping two Growth Eggs on one person will still only give that
person double EXP, not 3x or 4x.
Question: Where are the 8 Legendary Dragons located?

First off, all of them are (obviously) located in WoR. Here's where they are:
* Red Dragon - Phoenix Cave (Flame Labyrinth)
* Blue Dragon - Ancient Castle (Queen's Basement after revealing stairs)
* Gold Dragon - Kefka's Tower (2nd Party)
* Ice Dragon - Narshe Cliffs
* Storm Dragon - Mt. Zozo (Step on tile to open chest, releasing Storm Dragon)
* Earth Dragon - Opera House
* Skull Dragon - Kefka's Tower (3rd Party; After extending stairs for 1st Party)
Question: What attacks are affected by row?

Answer: Generally, most "regular" physical attacks are affected by Row. Simply
check the list below to see what is and what isn't affected by Row:

Affected by Row:
- Attack command
- Gau physical attacks and physical Rages
- Umaro's physical attack

Not affected by Row:
- Magic command
- Blitz
- Lore
- Tools
- Bushido
- Throw
- Dance
- Umaro's Tackle, Throw, or Snowstorm attack
Question: Where's the best place to earn AP/EXP/Gil?


- AP:
  * Single Ghost formations in the Phantom Forest give 3 AP / battle.
  * Using the Confuse/Smoke Bomb trick, you can get 10 AP for each Intangir you
    fight on Triangle Island.
  * The forest near Vector gives out 2-3 AP / battle

- EXP: I haven't researched this myself. If anyone knows, feel free to e-mail

- Gil: I haven't researched this myself. If anyone knows, feel free to e-mail

>>>> WORLD OF RUIN <<<<
- AP: The desert south of Maranda hands out 10 AP for every fight.

- EXP:
  * The desert south of Maranda has Slagworms, which give 7524 EXP each. You
    can kill them with any ID attack.

  * The Dinosaur Forest has Tyrannosaur and Brachiosaur. The former gives
    8800 EXP each, the latter gives 14396 EXP each.

- Gil: The desert south of Maranda is a great place for Gil. Every fight
       (Slagworm/Cactuar) gives you 10,000 Gil, which can be doubled by having
       Relm with a Cat-Ear Hood participate in the battles.

Question: Ragnarok - Sword or Esper? Which should I pick?

Answer: If you're a completionist, the answer is easy: Esper.

Sword - The sword is a pretty nice item, giving you +30 Evasion/Magic Evasion,
+7 in Strength/Stamina/Magic, +3 for Speed, and it has an Attack power of 255,
which is the maximum. Even better, if you bet this sword at the Coliseum, you
can win the best sword in the game: Lightbringer. It provides +50 to both
Evasion stats and +7 to Strength/Speed/Stamina/Magic. It doesn't get much better
than that.

Esper - Summoning Ragnarok in battle allows you to turn an enemy into an item
through Metamorphose. Of course, this doesn't always work, which is why each
monster has a different chance of Ragnarok succeeding. If you do succeed, you
can get one of up to four items. To see which items each monster has, I direct
you to my Bestiary FAQ. Each monster has a "Metamorphose:" entry, which has the
items that monster may turn into and the chance of it succeeding.

APPENDIX A - Battle Commands                                             [appa]

In this section, I'm going to (try to) explain the purpose of each battle
command you'll come across throughout the game.

Table of Contents:
  * 1 - Attack           [attk]
  * 2 - Trance           [trnc]
  * 3 - Revert           [rvrt]
  * 4 - Steal            [stel]
  * 5 - Mug              [mugg]
  * 6 - Bushido          [bshd]
  * 7 - Throw            [thrw]
  * 8 - Tools            [tool]
  * 9 - Blitz            [bltz]
  * 10 - Runic           [runc]
  * 11 - Lore            [lore]
  * 12 - Sketch          [sktc]
  * 13 - Control         [ctrl]
  * 14 - Slot            [slot]
  * 15 - Leap            [leap]
  * 16 - Rage            [rage]
  * 17 - Mimic           [mimc]
  * 18 - Dance           [dnce]
  * 19 - Magic           [magc]
  * 20 - Dualcast        [dual]
  * 21 - Magitek         [mgtk]
  * 22 - Pray            [pray]
  * 23 - Shock           [shck]
  * 24 - Possess         [poss]
  * 25 - Gil Toss        [gilt]
  * 26 - Jump            [jump]

1 - Attack                                                               [attk]

Who Can Use: Everybody

Your basic physical attack. It does have one other specialty, though:

When a character's HP < (Max HP / 8) there is a 1/16 (6.25%) chance they will
do a Desperation Attack. This is an extremely powerful attack, done out of
Desperation (as the name says). Each character has its own Desperation Attack,
except for Gau and Umaro, who do not have one.

A Desperation Attack can't be done if a character has any of the following
statuses: Confuse, Image, Invisible, Zombie

Also, no Desperation Attack can be done in the first 25 seconds of a battle.

A list of each Desperation Attack (sorted alphabetically):

NOTE: All Desperation Attacks except Strago and Relms are ST magical
non-elemental attacks. Strago and Relm's cause Death status, but miss targets
immune to Instant Death.

Celes  - Spinning Edge    (Power: 143)
Cyan   - Tsubame Gaeshi   (Power: 140)
Edgar  - Royal Shock      (Power: 143)
Gau    - N/A
Gogo   - Punishing Meteor (Power: 146)
Locke  - Mirage Dive      (Power: 139)
Mog    - Moogle Rush      (Power: 150)
Relm   - Star Prism       (Power: 0)
Sabin  - Tiger Break      (Power: 140)
Setzer - Red Card         (Power: 147)
Shadow - Shadow Fang      (causes Sap; Power: 140)
Strago - Sabre Soul       (Power: 0)
Terra  - Riot Blade       (Power: 142)
Umaro  - N/A

2 - Trance                                                               [trnc]

Who Can Use: Terra

Terra can obtain this after you get her back after her flashback in Zozo.

This battle command turns Terra into an Esper for a certain amount of time.
While an Esper, Terra will do double damage (physical and magical), and also
receive 50% less damage from magical attacks.

NOTE: Everything in this section below this point was originally found in
Terii senshi's Algorithm FAQ (found under the FFIII SNES version on GameFAQs).
I included the same info (but worded differently) for convenience. Credit
goes to Terii senshi.

Unfortunately, Terra can't stay an Esper forever. After she turns into an
Esper, you will see her ATB gauge turn into a green bar, which will slowly
decrease. Once this bar empties all the way, she turns back into Terra.

So what determines how long she can be an Esper?

The game keep tracks of how many AP (You start gaining AP after *most* battles
after you get your first Esper) Terra gains with an invisible counter. After
every battle, this "Trance Counter" is increased by twice the amount of AP you
gained (If a battle gave you 2 AP, the counter is increased by 4). The highest
the counter can go is 255. If the counter is less than 16 (Meaning 15 or less),
Terra cannot use Trance at all.

There is a formula to determine how long you stay Trance'd, but that's getting
more into the game mechanics than this section should be. Check out
Terii senshi's Algorithm FAQ on gamefaqs.com (look under the FFIII SNES version
of the game) if you really care.

Basically: The more AP you get since your last Trance, the longer you stay
Tranced. If the battle ends or you use Revert, the time is not lost but will
carry over into the next battle.

a) First a counter (called "Duration Counter from here on out) is set to 6553
b) Everytime the internal battle timer is increased (which is very often, many
   times a second at least), the Duration Counter is decreased by a specific
   value, which is determined with this formula:
      ((65535 / Trance Counter) / 16) + 1
           NOTE: Trance Counter is the same counter mentioned above which
                 is increased by gaining AP.
c) Once this Duration Counter reaches 0, Terra reverts back to normal.

If the battle ends while you are still Trance'd, the Trance Counter is
re-calculated. The formula for this can be found in the Revert section (which
is right below these words, how convenient is that?).

3 - Revert                                                               [rvrt]

Who Can Use: Terra

This only appears when Terra uses Trance to become an esper. This makes her
revert back into her human self. Any Trance time Terra had left is 

NOTE: Again, these formulas are found in Terii senshi's Algorithm FAQ. I have
listed them here for convenience purposes.

      Trance Counter * Duration Counter / 65535

4 - Steal                                                                [stel]

Who Can Use: Locke, Gogo

Steal obviously allows you to steal from enemies. Most enemies have items that
can be stolen from, and some even have two (a Rare Steal and a Common Steal).

NOTE: Formulas are from Terri senshii's Algorithm FAQ.

Before I go into detail about that, let's first see if we even have a chance
of stealing at all:

1. Stealrate = Your Level + 50 - Monster's Level

2. Now, if your Stealrate < 0, you automatically fail. If your
   Stealrate >= 128, you automatically steal.

3. If you have the Thief's Bracer Relic equipped, multiply the Stealrate by 2.

4. The game then picks a random number between 0 and 99.
   a. If Stealrate < Random Number, you fail
   b. If Stealrate >=  Random Number, you succeed

So to sum it all up: The higher your level, and the lower the enemy's level,
the better chance of a successful steal. Luck still plays a factor, though.

Once you get past all that, you look at the monster's items.
1. You now have a 1/8 or 12.5% chance of stealing the Rare Steal item
2. On the contrary, you have 7/8 or 87.5% chance of stealing the Common Steal

Note: If the monster doesn't have *any* items you steal, you obviously fail.

5 - Mug                                                                  [mugg]

Who Can Use: Locke, Gogo

Mug does the exact same thing as Steal, but it also damages. Basically,
Mug = Steal + Fight

6 - Bushido                                                              [bshd]

Who Can Use: Cyan, Gogo

Bushido is a bit of a different skill. There are a total of 8 different
Bushido techniques. Here is a list of their names, what they do, and at what
level Cyan learns them:

Level 1 -  Fang 
- Effect: ST physical attack
- Strength: 120

Level 6 -  Sky
- Effect: Allows Cyan to counterattack next time he's attacked
- Strength: 56

Level 12 - Tiger
- Effect: Halves target's HP and sets Sap status
- Strength: 8

Level 15 - Flurry
- Effect: Attacks with four physical attacks in a row
- Strength: 72

Level 24 - Dragon
- Effect: Drains HP and MP from enemy; ST
- Strength: 49

Level 34 - Eclipse
- Effect: MT magical attack, also sets Stop status
- Strength: 97

Level 44 - Tempest
- Effect: Attacks with four physical attacks in a row
- Strength: 70

Level 70 - Oblivion
- Effect: Instantly kills all enemies
- Strength: 0

QUESTION: What's the difference between Flurry and Tempest? Tempest ignores
things like Protect status, while Flurry doesn't.

When selecting Bushido in battle, you have to wait for a bar to charge up.
Here is an estimation of how long it takes to get to each attack.
1 - Fang:     0-2   seconds
2 - Sky:      2-4   seconds
3 - Tiger:    4-7   seconds
4 - Flurry:   7-9   seconds
5 - Dragon:   9-12  seconds
6 - Eclipse:  12-14 seconds
7 - Tempest:  14-16 seconds
8 - Oblivion: 16-18 seconds

NOTE: All Bushido Techniques can also be gotten in Cyan's Dream, which is only
available in World of Ruin. After finishing Cyan's Dream, Cyan will
automatically learn all 8 Techniques.

7 - Throw                                                                [thrw]

Who Can Use: Shadow, Gogo

This battle command does exactly what it says - Shadow can throw weapons
(usually Shuriken) at monsters.

There are three Shuriken Shadow can use:

Shuriken (Attack Power: 86)
Fuma Shuriken (Attack Power: 132)
Pinwheel (Attack Power: 190)

There are also 5 Scrolls Shadow can use:

Flame Scroll -        MT Fire-Elemental attack         Attack Power: 100
Water Scroll -        MT Water-Elemental attack        Attack Power: 100
Lightning Scroll -    MT Lightning-Elemental attack    Attack Power: 100
Invisibility Scroll - Gives target "Invisible" status
Shadow Scroll -       Gives target "Image" status

Shadow can also throw weapons. When thrown, the weapon will deal twice as much
damage as it would when used normally.

8 - Tools                                                                [tool]

Who Can Use: Edgar, Gogo

Tools is one of the more useful battle commands in the game. Towards the
beginning of the game, when Edgar first joins your party, it seems grossly
overpowered, killing most enemies in one hit.

There are 8 different Tools Edgar can use. To be able to use them, he first
has to find/buy/somehow get them in his inventory. Once there, you can use
each Tool an infinite amount of times. They will never break or lose their
effects, but they will also not stack up if you have more than one of a tool.

Here is a list of each tool and their effects:

Auto Crossbow - MT physical attack
Noiseblaster  - gives all targets Confuse status; MT
Bioblaster    - MT Poison-Elemental attack, gives all targets Poison status
Flash         - MT magical attack
Chainsaw      - ST physical attack, 25% of instantly killing target
Debilitator   - Gives target a (random) elemental weakness; ST
Air Anchor    - Instantly kills target on his next turn; ST
Drill         - ST physical attack

9 - Blitz                                                                [bltz]

Who Can Use: Sabin, Gogo

Blitz is one of the most useful battle commands in the game. Like Tools, it
seems very overpowered when you first get Sabin.

In order to use a Blitz technique, you have to select Blitz, input a specific
command and hit A. Most people don't get this right, because they either hit A
A after selecting Blitz, or for some other random reasons. To use Blitz, it's
just this:

1. Move Cursor onto Blitz
2. Hit A
3. Input Blitz command
4. Hit A
5. Watch Sabin perform Blitz

Due to a bug/glitch, you don't have to input diagonals when the game tells you
to. For example, the game says the input command for Aura Cannon is:
Down, Left/Down, Left

Because of this programming error, you can either use:
a) Down, Left, Left
b) Down, Down, Left

In words: You can enter *either* of the directions for diagonals, and the Blitz
will still work. When I list the input commands for below, I will only list the
easier commands, meaning not the ones with diagonals.

As with most other Battle Commands, there are 8 different Blitz techniques.
Here is a list of their names, what they do, how to perform them, and when you
learn them:

NOTE: All Blitzes are unblockable. Blitzes are not affected by Front/Back Row.

Level 1 - Raging Fist
- Effect: ST physical attack; ingores defense
- Strength: 110
- Command: Left, Right, Left

Level 6 - Aura Cannon
- Effect: ST magical attack; Holy-elemental
- Strength: 68
- Command: Down, Down, Left

Level 10 - Meteor Strike
- Effect: ST physical attack; ignores defense
- Strength: 180
- Command: R, L, Down, Up

Level 15 - Rising Phoenix
- Effect: MT magical attack; Fire-elemental; No split damage
- Strength: 42
- Command: Left, Left, Down, Down, Right

Level 23 - Chakra
- Effect: Heals everyone but caster;
          Removes Darkness, Poison, Silence, Sap
          Ignores defense
- Strength/Amount healed: caster's current HP / (number of targets - 1)
Command: R, L, R, L, Up, Down

Level 30 - Razor Gale
- Effect: MT magical attack; Wind-elemental; No split damage
- Strength: 78
- Command: Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left

Level 42 - Soul Spiral
- Effect: Kills caster; Heals all allies and removes negative status affects
- Strength: 200
- Command: R, L, Up, Down, Right, Left

Level 70 OR Duncan's House - Phantom Rush
- Effect: ST magical attack
- Strength: 128
- Command: Left, Left, Up, Up, Right, Right, Down, Down, Left

10 - Runic                                                               [runc]

Who Can Use: Celes, Gogo

Runic essentially turns the user into a lightning-rod. The user will absorb
most spells and convert them to MP.

The only thing you need is to equip Celes with a weapon that enables Runic.
This includes all Swords (EXCEPT Ultima Weapon), all Spears, all Katana, the
Magus Rod, and all Legendary Weapons except the following: Angel Brush, Final
Trump, Godhand, Scorpion Tail, and the Stardust Rod.

If Celes is equipped with any other weapon besides the ones listed above, Runic
will be disabled and Celes won't be able to Runic anything.

Once Celes uses Runic, she will absorb the next magic attack and convert it to
MP, with a few exceptions:
1) If she has something like Flame/Ice/Thunder Shield equipped and absorbs a
   spell with the same element as her shield, she will actually lose MP,
   instead of gaining MP. The easiest way to explain why this happens is that
   Celes absorbs the spell twice (once with her Runic, and again with her
   Shield) which negates the effects and she loses MP.
2) Celes CANNOT absorb any of the following:
    Black Magic: Banish, Flood, Meltdown, Meteor, Quake, Tornado
    Gray/Support Magic: Imp, Teleport, Quick, Valor
3) Celes CAN absorb the following monster special attacks:
    50 Gs, Atomic Rays, Blaster, Dancing Flame, Diffractive Laser, Disaster,
    Gigavolt, Hyperdrive, Magitek Laser, Megavolt, Mega Berserk, Northern Cross,
    Saintly Beam, Shamshir

Anything that doesn't fall in the first two points will be absorbed. After
Celes absorbs anything, she will not absorb anything until you tell her to
Runic again (so if she gets hit with another spell, it will do regular damage).

If Celes doesn't absorb anything, she simply does nothing until her next turn
comes around. Actually, either way she won't do anything for her turn except
absorb anything if she can.

The downside to Runic is that Celes cannot attack after you select Runic. It
can be useful if used in the right situation, obviously.

11 - Lore                                                                [lore]

Who Can Use: Strago, Gogo

Strago can learn certain attacks usually only known by monsters. The game
simply calls these attacks Lores. How does Strago learn these Lores?

Simple. Strago must witness the attack. Also, at the time the attack happens,
Strago cannot have any of the following statuses:
Confusion, Darkness, Death (aka KO), Freeze, Petrify, Slee, Stop, or Zombie

NOTE: Notice how I say he simply has to witness the attack? Some of the Lores
can be done by *your* characters as well. For example, once Gau knows the
Cactuar Rage (1000 Needles), he can simply use it and Strago will learn it as
long as the conditions are still met.

As long as the above conditions are met, Strago will learn the Lore after the
attack is used, and obviously only if Strago is capable of learning the

So which attacks can he learn? Strago can learn a total of 24 Lores. Here is a
quick list:

Doom		Roulette	Tsunami
Aqua Breath	Aero		1000 Needles
Mighty Guard	Revenge Blast	White Wind
Lv. 5 Death	Lv. 4 Flare	Lv. 3 Confuse
Reflect ???	Lv. ? Holy	Traveler
Force Field	Dischord	Bad Breath
Transfusion	Rippler		Stone
Qausar		Grand Delta	Self-Destruct

To find out what each Lore does and how to learn all of them, see
Appendix I - Lores (CTRL+F: [appi])

12 - Sketch                                                              [sktc]

Who Can Use: Relm, Gogo

Sketch, once successful, allows Relm to draw (or Sketch) the monster and use
one of two pre-determined attacks (25% chance for one, 75% chance for the

The formula to determine if a Sketch is successful or not is as follows (once
again the formula is straight from Terii senshi's FAQ, so credits to him):
   Sketch Value = (Relm's level * 256) / Target's level

If Sketch Value is greater than a random number chosen between 0 and 255, then
the Sketch is successful.

For example:
Let's say Relm is level 20, and she's trying to Sketch Ultros in the Esper
Caves (who is level 25), which is where you first learn how to Sketch.
    Sketch Value = (20 * 256) / 25
                 = 5120 / 25
                 = 204.8
This means Relm has an 80.31% of successfully Sketching Ultros (and winning the
battle in our example, as we know). To get the success rate, simply divide your
Sketch Value by 255 and multiply by 100 to get the percent (204.8 / 255 * 100).

However, if Relm has the Beret (+3 Magic, +21 Defense, +21 Magic Defense)
equipped, her Sketch success rate increases, and the formula is changed as
    Sketch Value = (Relm's level * 256) / (Target's level * 170 / 256)

Applying this new formula to our same example....
    Sketch Value = (20 * 256) / (25 * 170 / 256)
                 = 5120 / 16.6
                 = 308.43
Obviously, the success rate is above 100% and Relm will always Sketch
successfully in this situation.

Once you Sketch successfully, you have a 25% chance of doing one attack and a
75% chance of doing another (some monsters, like the Ultros in our example,
only have one Sketch attack, in which case that attack will be used 100% of the

NOTE: There are 9 monsters that can NOT be Sketched. They are as follows:

356. Short Arm
357. Long Arm
358. Visage
359. Tiger
360. Machine
361. Magic
362. Power
363. Lady
364. Rest

To avoid listing every single monster here and their possible Sketch attacks,
I will simply direct you to my Bestiary FAQ, which has the Sketch attacks of
each monster (plus many more things, of course):
Simply CTRL+F the monster in question and scroll down to find the Sketch

13 - Control                                                             [ctrl]

Who Can Use: Relm, Gogo

Control is VERY similar to Sketch. It can only be used when Relm has the
Fake Mustache relic equipped, which simply changes the Sketch command to

Control allows Relm to... control a monster. Simple stuff. The formula to
determine the success rate for Control is the exact same as the one for Sketch,
so I'm not going to bother re-posting all of it (scroll up a little bit to see

Slight differences between Control and Sketch:
a) The item to increase the success rate of Control is the Hypno Crown, not the
b) Control will NOT work if the target has any of the following statuses:
   Confusion, Invisible, Sleep, Zombie
c) Once you Control a monster, you can actually choose between 1 (and up to 4)
   different attacks. Each monster has their own pre-determined attacks for
   this as well.

NOTE: There are 108 monsters that can NOT be Controlled. They are as follows:

36. Captain             310. Tentacle (Bottom-Right)     349. Rahu
39. Satellite           311. Tentacle (Top-Right)        350. Ketu
47. Apparition          312. Tentacle (Bottom-Left)      351. Ultima Buster
48. Siegfried           313. Tentacle (Top-Left)         352. Guardian
49. Opinicus Fish       314. Angler Whelk (Shell)        353. Fiend
93. Mega Armor          315. Angler Whelk (Head)         354. Goddess
113. Naude              316. Dullahan                    355. Demon
195. Zone Eater         317. Behemoth King               356. Short Arm
227. Level 60 Magic     318. Behemoth King (Undead)      357. Long Arm
276. Ymir (Shell)       319. Chadarnook                  358. Visage
277. Ymir (Head)        320. Valigarmanda                359. Tiger
279. Magitek Armor      322. Yeti                        360. Machine
280. Vargas             323. Curlax                      361. Magic
282. Ultros             324. Laragorn                    362. Power
283. Tunnel Armor       325. Moebius                     363. Lady
284. Phantom Train      326. Wrexsoul                    364. Rest
285. Rhizopas           327. Soul Saver                  365. Kefka
287. Kefka              328. Master Tonberry             366. Plague
289. Ultros             329. Samurai Soul                367. Flan Princess
290. Ifrit              330. Magic Master                368. Neslug (Shell)
291. Shiva              331. Deathgaze                   369. Neslug (Head)
292. Number 024         332. Hidon                       370. Earth Eater
293. Number 128         335. Erebus                      371. Gargantua
294. Right Blade        336. Erebus                      372. Malboro Menace
295. Left Blade         337. Red Dragon                  373. Abyss Worm
296. Crane              338. Blue Dragon                 374. Dark Behemoth
297. Crane              339. Gold Dragon                 375. Red Dragon
298. Flame Eater        340. Ice Dragon                  376. Blue Dragon
299. Ultros             341. Storm Dragon                377. Gold Dragon
300. Typhon             342. Earth Dragon                378. Ice Dragon
301. Ultros             343. Skull Dragon                379. Storm Dragon
302. Air Force          344. Holy Dragon                 380. Earth Dragon
305. Bit                345. Gigantuar                   381. Skull Dragon
307. Ultima Weapon      346. Leviathan                   382. Holy Dragon
308. Nelapa             347. Gilgamesh                   383. Kaiser Dragon
309. Humbaba            348. Inferno                     384. Omega Weapon

To find out which attacks are available to each monster once Control'd, I once
again direct you to my Bestiary FAQ:
Simply CTRL+F the monster in question and scroll down to find the Control

14 - Slot                                                                [slot]

Who Can Use: Setzer, Gogo

Setzers slot command may not be a lot of peoples favorite (like me), because
it's rather hard to get an attack going by getting 3 of the same symbol.

The following list has all the possible attacks Setzer can do.

NOTE: If it says "Diamond:" that means you have to get three Diamonds to get
Prismatic Flash.

Diamond: Prismatic Flash
- MT Unblockable
- Strength: 84

Chocobo: Chocobo Stampede
- MT Unblockable
- Strength: 36
- Ignores defense, no split damage
- Misses floating targets

Airship: Dive Bomb
- MT Unblockable
- Strength: 130

Dragon: Mega Flare
- MT Unblockable
- Strength: 92
- Ignores defense

BAR: Summons a random esper (Except Odin and Raiden)
- If Gogo uses Mimic, will summon same esper

7 7 BAR: Joker's Death
- MT Unblockable
- Kills entire party

7's: Joker's Death
- MT Unblockable
- Causes instant death

Any other combination: Mysidian Rabbit
- MT Healing; unblockable
- Cures Darkness, Poison, and Sleep

15 - Leap                                                                [leap]

Who Can Use: Gau

In order for Gau to learn a Rage, he has to Leap monsters. This command is only
available on the Veldt. After a few more battles, Gau will return to your

Gau will learn the Rages of the monsters in the battle where he used Leap, and
the monsters in the battle where he returned. Gau will NOT learn any of the
Rages of the monsters fought in between these two periods.

16 - Rage                                                                [rage]

Who Can Use: Gau, Gogo

Instead of trying to explain what a Rage can do, I will simply guide you to my
Rage FAQ:

If that's not detailed enough for you, I recommend you check out Djibriel's
Rage FAQ for the SNES version of this game:

17 - Mimic                                                               [mimc]

Who Can Use: Gogo

Gogo will use the same attack as the one used just before Gogo's Turn.

If the last attack involved Quick, Gogo will only Mimic the last attack used.
Same thing goes for Master's Scroll. If Gogo is wearing the Master's Scroll, he
will mimic the attack four times.

18 - Dance                                                               [dnce]

Who Can Use: Mog, Gogo

Wind Rhapsody:
7/16 - Wind Slash (Wind-Elemental attack)
6/16 - Sunbath (MT Healing; damages if target is undead)
2/16 - Plasma (ST Lightning-Elemental attack)
1/16 - Cockatrice (ST Physical attack)

Forest Nocturne:
7/16 - Leaf Swirl (MT non-elemental attack)
6/16 - Forest Healing (MT; Removes Confuse, Darkness, Poison, Petrify, Sap,
                       Silence, Sleep, Slow, and Stop)
2/16 - Will o' the Wisp (Fire-Elemental attack)
1/16 - Wombat (ST non-elemental attack; Misses Floating targets)

Desert Lullaby:
7/16 - Sandstorm (MT Wind-Elemental attack)
6/16 - Antlion (ST; causes instant Death)
2/16 - Wind Slash (Wind-Elemental attack)
1/16 - Meercat (MT; causes Haste on all allies)

Love Serenade:
7/16 - Will o' the Wisp (Fire-Elemental attack)
6/16 - Apparition (ST; causes confuse)
2/16 - Snare (Kills one enemy)
1/16 - Tapir (MT; Removes Berserk, Confuse, Darkness, Doom, Imp, Petrify,
              Poison, Sap, Silence, Sleep, Slow, Stop, Zombie;
              If target has Sleep status, restores HP and MP completely)

Earth Blues:
7/16 - Rock Slide (ST non-elemental attack)
6/16 - Sonic Boom (Reduces target HP to 37.5%; causes Sap)
2/16 - Sunbath (MT Healing; damages if target is undead)
1/16 - Boar Brigade (ST non-elemental attack; Misses Floating targets)

Water Harmony:
7/16 - El Nino (MT Water-Elemental attack)
6/16 - Plasma (ST Lightning-Elemental attack)
2/16 - Apparition (ST; causes confuse)
1/16 - Raccoon (MT Healing; damages if target is undead;
                Removes all Status Ailments)

Twilight Requiem:
7/16 - Cave In (Reduces enemy's HP to 25% of current HP; causes Sap)
6/16 - Snare (Kills one enemy)
2/16 - Will o' the Wisp (Fire-Elemental attack)
1/16 - Poisonous Frog (Poison-Elemental attack, causes Poison)

Snowman Rondo:
7/16 - Snowball (Reduces enemy's HP to 50% of current HP; causes Sap)
6/16 - Avalanche (MT Ice-Elemental attack)
2/16 - Snare (Kills one enemy)
1/16 - Arctic Hare (MT Healing; damages if target is undead)

19 - Magic                                                               [magc]

Who Can Use: Everyone except Umaro

Allows the user to use magic spells.

If you give Gogo the Magic command, he will know all the spells that the rest
of the party members knows. If no one else is in the party, Gogo won't know
any spells.

20 - Dualcast                                                            [dual]

Who Can Use: Everyone except Umaro

This battle command can only be gotten by equipping the Soul of Thamasa on a
character. It actually replaces the Magic command while the relic is equipped.

It is the exact same thing as the Magic command, except the user can cast TWO
spells in one turn, instead of the usual one.

21 - Magitek                                                             [mgtk]

Who Can Use: Anyone, really

There are a few times during the game when you get to use Magitek Armor. The
most obvious example is the very beginning of the game, when you control
Terra, Biggs, and Wedge.

There are a total of 8 Attacks a Magitek can use.

NOTE: All Magitek Attacks (except Confuser and Banisher) are unblockable

Fire Beam       - ST Fire-Elemental attack
                   Strength: 60
Thunder Beam    - ST Thunder-Elemental attack
                   Strength: 62
Ice Beam        - ST Ice-Elemental attack
                   Strength: 61
Bio Blast       - MT Poison-Elemental attack, gives target "Poison" status
                   Strength: 60
Healing Force   - ST Healing
                   Strength: 50
Confuser        - MT attack, gives target "Confuse" status
                   Strength: 0
Banisher        - ST attack, gives target "Death" status [kills target]
                   Strength: 0
Magitek Missile - ST attack
                   Strength: 58

However, there's only one person who can use all 8 Magitek Attacks: Terra
Anyone else can only use 4 of the 8 attacks: Fire Beam, Thunder Beam,
Ice Beam, and Healing Force.

Last note: Gogo can't and won't use Healing Force. He will choose randomly
between Fire Beam, Thunder Beam, and Ice Beam.

22 - Pray                                                                [pray]

Who Can Use: Banon

This battle command casts Cura (a MT Healing spell) on the entire party.

23 - Shock                                                               [shck]

Who Can Use: General Leo

You only control Leo for about 2-3 minutes in the whole game. His battle
command, Shock, is simply a MT, magical, non-elemental attack.

24 - Possess                                                             [poss]

Who Can Use: Ghost

This battle command can only be used on the Phantom Train, where you have a
choice of letting a Ghost accompany you for a bit.

The battle command itself will remove the caster AND the target from the
battle. There is a 3/8 or 37.5% chance of the caster taking EVERY enemy target
with him. After the battle, Ghost is removed from the party.

25 - Gil Toss                                                            [gilt]

Who Can Use: Setzer

Gil Toss only appears when you equip Setzer with the Heiji's Jitte Relic. Gil
Toss replaces Slot in the battle menu.

Gil Toss actually uses part of your money and basically throws it at the enemy
to hurt it.

Amount of Gold Used = Setzer's Level * 30
Damage = Gold Used * 2 / # of targets

If you don't have enough Gold to use it, then all your remaining Gold is used.

26 - Jump                                                                [jump]

Who Can Use: Anyone with Dragoon Boots

Using Jump makes the character jump in the air for one turn. When it comes down,
it will deal 1.5x damage. If the Jumper is equipped with a Spear, he/she will do
2x damage.

If the Jumper is also equipped with the Dragon Horn Relic, he/she has a chance
of landing anywhere from 2-4 times:
12/16 (or 75%) of landing 2 times
3/16 (or 18.75%) of landing 3 times
1/16 (or 6.25%) of landing 4 times

APPENDIX B - Items                                                       [appb]

Check Section 5.17 of my Item Guide, found here:

I will fix this section up some more in future versions. Bear with me until I
get that done.

APPENDIX C - Equipment                                                   [appc]

Check Sections 5.1 - 5.15 and 5.18 of my Item Guide, found here:

I will fix this section up some more in future versions. Bear with me until I
get that done.

APPENDIX D - Relics                                                      [appd]

Check Section 5.16 of my Item Guide, found here:

I will fix this section up some more in future versions. Bear with me until I
get that done.

APPENDIX E - Espers                                                      [appe]

This section has a list of all the espers and anything you would want to know
about them.

Before we get to the list, I'm going to provide some useful info people may want
to know:

Best spells to learn from Espers (and fastest way to learn them) [in ABC order]:
- Blizzaga: Valigarmanda (x1)
- Curaga: Phoenix (x2)
- Death: Catoblepas (x2)
- Firaga: Phoenix (x3)
- Graviga: Diabolos (x5)
- Gravija: Diabolos (x3)
- Hastega: Cactuar (x5)
- Meltdown: Crusader (x1)
- Meteor: Crusader (x10)
- Quick: Raiden/Gilgamesh (x1)
- Reraise: Phoenix (x1)
- Thundaga: Valigarmanda (x1)
- Vanish: Cactuar (x10)

Best stat boosts:
- HP: Diabolos (HP + 100%)
- MP: Crusader (MP + 50%)
- Magic: Zona Seeker/Valigarmanda (+2)
- Strength: Bismarck/Raiden/Gilgamesh (+2)
- Speed: Cactuar (+2)
- Stamina: Golem/Lakshmi/Leviathan (+2)

And now on to the espers themselves.

Table of Contents:
  * 1 - Ramuh
  * 2 - Kirin
  * 3 - Siren
  * 4 - Cait Sith
  * 5 - Ifrit
  * 6 - Shiva
  * 7 - Unicorn
  * 8 - Maduin
  * 9 - Catoblepas
  * 10 - Phantom
  * 11 - Carbuncle
  * 12 - Bismarck
  * 13 - Golem
  * 14 - Zona Seeker
  * 15 - Seraph
  * 16 - Quetzalli
  * 17 - Fenrir
  * 18 - Valigarmanda
  * 19 - Midgardsormr
  * 20 - Lakshmi
  * 21 - Alexander
  * 22 - Phoenix
  * 23 - Odin
  * 24 - Bahamut
  * 25 - Ragnarok
  * 26 - Crusader
  * 27 - Raiden
  * 28 - Leviathan
  * 29 - Cactuar
  * 30 - Diabolos
  * 31 - Gilgamesh

1. Ramuh
SNES Name: Ramuh

Where: Zozo [WoB/WoR]

Summon: Judgement Bolt (MT-Lightning; Attack: 50)
- Bathes all enemies in lightning.

MP Cost: 25

- Thunder  (x10)
- Thundara (x2)
- Poison   (x5)

At level up: Stamina + 1
2. Kirin
SNES Name: Kirin

Where: Zozo [WoB/WoR]

Summon: Holy Aura (Gives Party Regen status)
- Gradually restores the party's HP

MP Cost: 18

- Cure    (x5)
- Cura    (x1)
- Regen   (x3)
- Poisona (x4)
- Libra   (x5)
3. Siren
SNES Name: Siren

Where: Zozo [WoB/WoR]

Summon: Lunatic Voice (Gives all enemies Silence status)
- Silences all enemies

MP Cost: 16

- Sleep   (x1)
- Silence (x8)
- Slow    (x7)
- Fire    (x6)

At level up: HP + 10%
4. Cait Sith
SNES Name: Stray

Where: Zozo [WoB/WoR]

Summon: Cat Rain (Gives all enemies Confuse status)
- Confuses all enemies

MP Cost: 28

- Confuse (x7)
- Imp     (x5)
- Float   (x2)

At level up: Magic + 1
5. Ifrit
SNES Name: Ifrit

Where: Magitek Research Facility (After you beat Ifrit/Shiva)

Summon: Hellfire (MT-Fire; Attack: 51)
- Scorches all enemies in a fiery blaze

MP Cost: 26

- Fire  (x10)
- Fira  (x5)
- Drain (x1)

At level up: Strength + 1
6. Shiva
SNES Name: Shiva

Where: Magitek Research Facility (After you beat Ifrit/Shiva)

Summon: Diamond Dust (MT-Ice; Attack: 52)
- Envelops all enemies in an arctic chill

MP Cost: 27

- Blizzard (x10)
- Blizzara (x5)
- Rasp     (x4)
- Osmose   (x4)
- Cure     (x3)
7. Unicorn
SNES Name: Unicorn

Where: Magitek Research Facility (Automatically gotten)

Summon: Healing Horn (Casts Esuna on Party)
- Cures party of most status ailments

MP Cost: 30

- Cura    (x4)
- Esuna   (x3)
- Dispel  (x2)
- Protect (x1)
- Shell   (x1)
8. Maduin
SNES Name: Maduin

Where: Magitek Research Facility (Automatically gotten)

Summon: Chaos Wave (MT Non-Elemental; Attack: 55)
- Unleashes a tide of anger on enemies

MP Cost: 44

- Fira     (x3)
- Blizzara (x3)
- Thundara (x3)

At level up: Magic + 1
9. Catoblepas
SNES Name: Shoat

Where: Magitek Research Facility (Automatically gotten)

Summon: Demon Eye (Gives all enemies Petrify status)
- Petrifies all enemies

MP Cost: 45

- Bio   (x8)
- Break (x5)
- Death (x2)

At level up: HP + 10%
10. Phantom
SNES Name: Phantom

Where: Magitek Research Facility (Automatically gotten)

Summon: Ghostly Veil (Casts Invisible on Party)
- Turns all allies invisible

MP Cost: 38

- Berserk (x3)
- Vanish  (x3)
- Gravity (x5)

At level up: MP + 10%
11. Carbuncle
SNES Name: Carbunkl

Where: Magitek Research Facility (Automatically gotten)

Summon: Ruby Light (Casts Reflect on Party)
- Casts Reflect on all allies

MP Cost: 36

- Reflect  (x5)
- Haste    (x3)
- Shell    (x2)
- Protect  (x2)
- Teleport (x2)
12. Bismarck
SNES Name: Bismark

Where: Magitek Research Facility (Automatically gotten)

Summon: Breach Blast (MT-Water; Attack: 58)
- Slams all enemies with giant bubbles

MP Cost: 50

- Fire     (x20)
- Blizzard (x20)
- Thunder  (x20)

At level up: Strength + 2
13. Golem
SNES Name: Golem

Where: Auction House in Jidoor (After Magitek Research Facility) [WoB/WoR]
       Costs 20,000 Gil

Summon: Earthen Wall (Takes damage from physical attacks for Party;
                      Amount of damage it takes = caster's HP)
- Protects party from physical attacks

MP Cost: 33

- Protect (x5)
- Stop    (x5)
- Cura    (x5)

At level up: Stamina + 2
14. Zona Seeker
SNES Name: ZoneSeek

Where: Auction House in Jidoor (After Magitek Research Facility) [WoB/WoR]
       Costs 10,000 Gil

Summon: Magic Shield (Casts Shell on Party)
- Increases the party's magic defense

MP Cost: 30

- Rasp   (x20)
- Osmose (x15)
- Shell  (x5)

At level up: Magic + 2
15. Seraph
SNES Name: Sraphim

Where: Tzen, after Magitek Research Facility. Hidden in forest NE of Relic Shop
       Costs 3,000 Gil in WoB
       Costs 10 Gil in WoR

Summon: Angel Feathers (Restores HP to Party; Attack: 18)
- Restores HP to all allies

MP Cost: 40

- Raise (x5)
- Cura  (x8)
- Cure  (x20)
- Regen (x10)
- Esuna (x4)
16. Quetzalli
SNES Name: Palidor

Where: Beach on Solitary Island after getting Falcon [WoR]

Summon: Sonic Dive (Makes Party Jump)
- Lifts the party up for an aerial attack

MP Cost: 61

- Haste   (x20)
- Slow    (x20)
- Hastega (x2)
- Slowga  (x2)
- Float   (x5)
17. Fenrir
SNES Name: Fenrir

Where: Mobliz, after beating Humbaba for the first time [WoR]

Summon: Howling Moon (Casts Image on Party)
- Creates illusionary images of the party

MP Cost: 70

- Teleport (x10)
- Banish   (x5)
- Stop     (x3)

At level up: MP + 30%
18. Valigarmanda
SNES Name: Tritoch

Where: Narshe Cliffs [WoR]

Summon: Tri-Disaster (MT-Fire/Ice/Lightning; Attack: 110)
- Hits enemies with fire, ice and lightning

MP Cost: 68

- Firaga   (x1)
- Blizzaga (x1)
- Thundaga (x1)

At level up: Magic + 2
19. Midgardsormr
SNES Name: Terrato

Where: Defeat Umaro in Yeti's Cave [WoR]
       * Have to examine skull, then fight Umaro

Summon: Abyssal Maw (MT-Earth; Misses Floating targets; Attack: 93)
- Crushes enemies with seismic waves

MP Cost: 40

- Quake   (x3)
- Graviga (x1)
- Tornado (x1)

At level up: HP + 30%
20. Lakshmi
SNES Name: Starlet

Where: Jidoor, after defeating Chadarnook in Owzer's Mansion [WoR]
       * Found in bookcase North-East of Owzer

Summon: Alluring Embrace (Restores HP to Party; Attack: 34)
- Restores HP to all allies

MP Cost: 74

- Cure   (x25)
- Cura   (x16)
- Curaga (x1)
- Regen  (x20)
- Esuna  (x20)

At level up: Stamina + 2
21. Alexander
SNES Name: Alexandr

Where: Throne Room in Doma Castle, after defeating Wrexsoul [WoR]

Summon: Divine Judgement (MT-Holy; Attack: 114)
- Sears enemies with a beam of holy light

MP Cost: 90

- Holy    (x2)
- Shell   (x10)
- Protect (x10)
- Dispel  (x10)
- Esuna   (x15)
22. Phoenix
SNES Name: Phoenix

Where: Phoenix Cave, after recruiting Locke back into your party [WoR]

Summon: Flames of Rebirth (Revives all KO'd allies and restores 25% of their HP)
- Revives all KO'd allies

MP Cost: 110

- Raise   (x10)
- Arise   (x2)
- Reraise (x1)
- Curaga  (x2)
- Firaga  (x3)
23. Odin
SNES Name: Odin

Where: Examine statue in Throne Room of Ancient Castle [WoR]

Summon: Zantetsuken (MT; Causes Instant Death; Hit Rate: 110)
- Cleaves all enemies in two

MP Cost: 70

- Meteor (x1)

At level up: Speed + 1
24. Bahamut
SNES Name: Bahamut

Where: Defeat Deathgaze [WoR]

Summon: Mega Flare (MT Non-Elemental; Attack: 92)
- Hits all enemies with a nuclear blast

MP Cost: 86

- Flare (x2)

At level up: HP + 50%
25. Ragnarok
SNES Name: Ragnarok

Where: Narshe, choose Esper over Sword [WoR]

Summon: Metamorphose (Turns enemy into one of up to four items)
- Turns one enemy into an item

MP Cost: 6

- Ultima (x1)
26. Crusader
SNES Name: Crusader

Where: Defeat all 8 Legendary Dragons [WoR]

Summon: Cleansing (MT Non-Elemental; Hits allies AND enemies; Attack: 190)
- Greatly damages all enemies and allies

MP Cost: 96

- Meltdown (x1)
- Meteor   (x10)

At level up: MP + 50%
27. Raiden
SNES Name: Raiden

Where: Examine statue in Queen's Basement in Ancient Castle [WoR]
       * Lose Odin, gain Raiden

Summon: Shin-Zantetsuken (MT; Causes Instant Death; Hit Rate: 140)
- Cleaves all enemies in two

MP Cost: 80

- Quick (x1)

At level up: Strength + 2
28. Leviathan
SNES Name: N/A

Where: Defeat Leviathan (take ferry from Nikeah/South Figaro) [WoR]

Summon: Tidal Wave (MP-Water; Attack: 130)
- Deluges enemies with a giant wave

MP Cost: 70

- Flood (x2)

At level up: Stamina + 2
29. Cactuar
SNES Name: N/A

Where: Defeat Gigantuar in desert south of Maranda [WoR]
       * Must defeat 10 Cactuars first

Summon: 1000 Needles (MT Non-Elemental; Does 1000 damage)
        10,000 Needles? (MT Non-Elemental; Does 9999 damage)
- Damages all enemies. Or, sometimes...

NOTE: The "Or, sometimes..." refers to the 10,000 Needles? attack it sometimes

MP Cost: 50

- Teleport (x20)
- Vanish   (x10)
- Hastega  (x5)

At level up: Speed + 2
30. Diabolos
SNES Name: N/A

Where: Behind Kaiser Dragon in Dragon's Den [WoR]

Summon: Dark Messenger (MT Non-Elemental; Reduces enemy HP to 1/16; Causes Sap)
- Critically wounds all enemies

MP Cost: 90

- Graviga (x5)
- Gravija (x3)

At level up: HP + 100%
31. Gilgamesh
SNES Name: N/A

Where: Bet Excalipoor at Coliseum, defeat Gilgamesh [WoR]

Summon: Enkidu (MT Non-Elemental; Attack: 200)
        Excalibur (MT Non-Elemental; Attack: 120)
        Excalipoor (MT Non-Elemental; Does 1 damage)
        Masamune (MT Non-Elemental; Attack: 99)
- Summons a legendary swordsman

MP Cost: 99

- Quick (x1)
- Valor (x5)

At level up: Strength + 2

APPENDIX F - Magic                                                       [appf]

Table of Contents:

  a. White Magic
    * 1 - Cure
    * 2 - Cura
    * 3 - Curaga
    * 4 - Raise
    * 5 - Arise
    * 6 - Poisona
    * 7 - Esuna
    * 8 - Regen
    * 9 - Reraise

  b. Black Magic
    * 1 - Fire             * 14 - Death
    * 2 - Blizzard         * 15 - Holy
    * 3 - Thunder          * 16 - Flare
    * 4 - Poison           * 17 - Gravity
    * 5 - Drain            * 18 - Graviga
    * 6 - Fira             * 19 - Banish
    * 7 - Blizzara         * 20 - Meteor
    * 8 - Thundara         * 21 - Ultima
    * 9 - Bio              * 22 - Quake
    * 10 - Firaga          * 23 - Tornado
    * 11 - Blizzaga        * 24 - Meltdown
    * 12 - Thundaga        * 25 - Flood
    * 13 - Break           * 26 - Gravija

  c. Gray/Support Magic
    * 1 - Libra            * 12 - Imp
    * 2 - Slow             * 13 - Reflect
    * 3 - Rasp             * 14 - Shell
    * 4 - Silence          * 15 - Vanish
    * 5 - Protect          * 16 - Hastega
    * 6 - Sleep            * 17 - Slowga
    * 7 - Confuse          * 18 - Osmose
    * 8 - Haste            * 19 - Teleport
    * 9 - Stop             * 20 - Quick
    * 10 - Berserk         * 21 - Dispel
    * 11 - Float           * 22 - Valor

a. White Magic

1. Cure (Restores HP)
SNES Name: Cure

Effects: Restores HP
Strength: 10
MP: 5

Notes: Reflectable, can be used outside of battle, Runic

How to Learn: Kirin (x5), Shiva (x3), Seraph (x20), Lakshmi (x25)
              Terra learns this spell naturally at Level 1
              Celes learns this spell naturally at Level 4

2. Cura (Restores HP)
SNES Name: Cure 2

Effects: Restores HP
Strength: 28
MP: 25

Notes: Reflectable, can be used outside of battle, Runic

How to Learn: Kirin (x1), Unicorn (x4), Golem (x5), Seraph (x8), Lakshmi (x16)
              Terra learns this spell naturally at Level 33

3. Curaga
SNES Name: Cure 3

Effects: Restores HP
Strength: 66
MP: 40

Notes: Reflectable, can be used outside of battle, Runic

How to Learn: Lakshmi (x1), Phoenix (x2)

4. Raise (Revives a KO'd target)
SNES Name: Life

Effects: Revives KO'd target, restores 1/8 of total HP
MP: 30

Notes: Can be used outside of battle, Runic

How to Learn: Seraph (x5), Phoenix (x10)
              Terra learns this spell naturally at Level 18

5. Arise (Revives and fully restores the HP of a KO'd target)
SNES Name: Life 2

Effects: Revives KO'd target, restores HP completely
MP: 60

Notes: Can be used outside of battle, Runic

How to Learn: Phoenix (x2)
              Terra learns this spell naturally at Level 49

6. Poisona (Removes poison status from the target)
SNES Name: Antdot

Effects: Removes Poison and Sap status from target
MP: 3

Notes: Can be used outside of battle, Runic

How to Learn: Kirin (x4)
              Terra learns this spell naturally at Level 6
              Celes learns this spell naturally at Level 8

7. Esuna (Removes most status ailments from the target)
SNES Name: Remedy

Effects: Removes Darkness, Poison, Petrify, Silence, Confuse, Sap, Sleep, Slow
         and Stop status
MP: 15

Notes: Can be used outside of battle, Runic

How to Learn: Unicorn (x3), Seraph (x4), Lakshmi (x20), Alexander (x15)

8. Regen (Gradually restores the target's HP)
SNES Name: Regen

Effects: Causes Regen status
MP: 10

Notes: Reflectable, Runic

How to Learn: Kirin (x3), Seraph (x10), Lakshmi (x20)

9. Reraise (Automatically revives the target the next time he or she is KO'd)
SNES Name: Life 3

Effects: If target is KO'd, Raise is automatically cast on it to revive it
MP: 50

Notes: Runic

How to Learn: Phoenix (x1)


b. Black Magic