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Dragon's Den FAQ by LightnessZero

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 03/01/07

               Final Fantasy VI Advance Dragon's Den
              Made By: LightnessZero (Lucas Almeida)
                          version 0.5


This FAQ is a small walkthrough for those who wish to venture into the depths
of the Dragon's Den, Final Fantasy VI Advance newest extra dungeon. This FAQ
can and shall be found only at Gamefaqs.com. If you find it anywhere else,
please mail me. The FAQ is still incomplete (some chests to take note), so i
will be expecting help from anybody. And of course your name will be cited. I
am mainly know as LightnessZero, and you can find me at the Gamefaqs Boards.
Anything, from doubts to critics, e-mail me.



02.27.2007: Added a strategy against Omega Weapon.

02.26.2007: Added a trick sent by Peter Mottola.

02.25.2007: Corrected some errors. Added thanks to Locke Cole and BAGTbird.

02.12.2007: Finished the FAQ. Sent it to GameFaqs.com for the first time.



The Dragons's Den is how is know the extra dungeon that was added in the remake
made for Final Fantasy VI. Its a totally new dungeon, that follows the same
party system used at Kefka's Tower and Phoenix Cave. There, you will battle a
stronger version from all the dragons, as well as battle the Kaiser Dragon,
that is considered the new strongest enemy in Final Fantasy VI.
Before venturing in there, i suggest you to make some preparations:

·	All the characters must have lvl 50 or more.
·	All the characters must have more than 4000 Hp (the above already covers that)
·	You must have at least 4 Miracle Shoes. These can be acquired at the Coliseum
doing the following: Bet a Elixir and win a Rename Card. Bet the Rename Card to
get the Miracle Shoes.
·	All the characters must have Curaga and Arise. Thats very important.
·	At least 2 character in each group must have a wide range of spells, like
Ultima, Flare and Quick (thats not obligatory, but helps a lot).
·	You must bring at least 4 Angel Wings. Important.
·	You must have at least 4 Ribbons. If you dont have 4, bring at least 2.
·	Golden Hairpin is a very useful relic here. As well as Celestriades. You will
find one Celestriade at the dungeon, tough.
·	You must have armors that can half elemental damage. Bring Force Armor and
Force shield. Aegis Shield is very good too. Minerva Bustier is another great
armor for Terra and Celes.
·	At least one character in each group must be able to cast Reraise. Thats
important too.
·	Bring powerful weapons such as Excalibur and Lightbringer (Goddess drops
Excalibur and to get Lightbringer, bet Ragnarok in the coliseum and win). You
can steal Ragnarok from one part of that bizzarre tower that Kefka makes in the
last battle.
·	The dungeon is big. Avoid stopping in the middle and playing later, so that
you dont get lost. Get in there only if you have some free time.

To access de Dragon's Den, you must first defeat all 8 dragons. Then, check a
island north of the coliseum with only a tree and land there.



I will call the three parties as Party A, Party B, Party C. Check below mines.

Party A: Terra, Locke, Cyan, Mog
Party B: Edgar, Setzer, Shadow, Umaro
Party C: Sabin, Celes, Gogo, Strago

Gogo is a trump card. Use him wisely.

First, go trought the right entrace. Theres really only one way to go, so you
cannot get lost. Be carefull with the enemies. Vilia has lots of attacks that
Goddess uses and Dark Force loves to use many instant death spells. After some
walking, you will met Ice Dragon

<<<===Ice Dragon===>>>
Hp: 32 000 (Each)
Weakness: Fire
Absorbs: Ice
Drops: Final Trump

This one is tough. And to make the things worse, theres four of them!
My strategy was to make Terra use Ultima as Locke attacked togheter with Cyan,
and Mog used Curaga every turn. Be carefull, because he can counter your
attacks, and because Ultima hits all the enemies, you might end receiving four
He can freeze your party too. If he does so, use the fire spell to heal that
fast. He has another spell that can stop your character. Use dispel to heal
that. And aways put healing in the first place.
If you have the Lightbringer (Bet the sword Ragnarok at the Coliseum) equip it
in Terra and with an Ice Shield, or a shield with a high evade rate. As the
Lightbringer has 50 evade rate, you might be able to block his counterattacks.
For the best, its good to have your characters equipped with items that absorb
Ice damage. I suggest Force Armor (Halves it) and Ice shield.

After defeating the dragon, the ice barrier will vanish. Go ahead and you will
be in a place full of lava. Go down and you will find a chest. Go to the left
and you will find a switch. Step into it and switch to the Party B.
With the Party B, go through the left entrace. Inside, take the right door. Go
all the way, until you see a switch. Step on it and switch to the Party C.
With the Party C, go in the left entrace. Inside, take the left door. Follow
the only way, until you see some stepstones. Jump on them, and jump on the ones
that takes you to the small "island" with a dragon in the middle. There, you
will fight Storm Dragon.

<<<===Storm Dragon===>>>
Hp: 62 000
Weakness: Lighting
Absorbs: Wind
Drops: Longinus

Altough he has more Hp, he is a lot more easy than his brother.
Sabin used Phantom Rush and Celes used Ultima, as Gogo mimicked her. Strago
used Curaga, but it wasnt really necessary to do it every turn. He can counter
your attacks too, so be carefull.
He isnt really that much hard, but after getting weak, he can increase his
speed and evasion, making he attack rather often. Try to kill him before things
get outta hand =P.

After defeating him, go back and go through the way near you. In there, go all
the way ahead and climb the stairs. You will fight another dragon.

<<<===Earth Dragon===>>>
Hp: 58 000
Weakness: Wind, Water
Absorbs: Earth
Drops: Godhand

He isnt very hard, but you will need to be prepared. Equip the relic Angel
Wings on your characters. That will make you immune to his main attacks. Float
wont do any good, as he will use 50 S and bring all your characters to the
ground, following by Magnitude 8 and Quake. This last one can deal quite a
ammount of damage (might kill all your party if you are not ready) and will
heal the dragon too. Altought angel wings pack quite a punch, dont be fooled.
His physical attacks can deal rather a lot of damage. To make the things worse,
when he gets weak he will get "enraged" and will attack your characters more
often and more times.
To defeat him, i used the same strategy with the Storm dragon.

After defeating him, go back to the place where you defeated Storm Dragon and
step on the switch there. Then, switch to the Party B.
With the Party B, jump on the stepstones right in front of them and grab the
chest. Move to the right and climb up the stairs. There, if you go a bit to the
right and go to the way up, you will find a save point and another point that
can be used to switch characters when all the 3 parties are toghether. Down of
that room theres a switch that makes a bridge. After that, switch to the Party
With the Party C, move to the place where the Party B is, and cross the bridge.
Move way down, until you see some stairs that can be climbed up. Climb up these
stairs and you will be in a diferent place. Move up and call the turtle, so
that it might take you to the other side. There, go up and press the switch on
the wall. A dragon will be released, but theres to rush to defeat him yet.
Instead, climb one of the stairs near you, and fight the dragon up there.

<<<===Blue Dragon===>>
Hp: 57 000
Weakness: Lighting
Absorbs: Water
Drops: Save the Queen

Another easy one. This one can weak himself and switch the status with a
character from your group. Just be careful with one thing: If a character has a
good status (Regen, Safe etc), it will pass to the dragon! And if the character
hit is equiped with a Miracle Shoes, for example, he will not lose the status,
but instead, the dragon will have now Shell, Protect, Regen and Haste on him!
Overall, the battle is easy. Use thundaga and you might deal 9999 damage if you
are strong enough. If not, Ultima is always a good option. Just keep an eye in
the MP.

Now switch to the Party A (long time eh?). Take it to where the Party B is.
Now, switch to the Party C and take it to where Party A and C are. Now, all the
parties are togheter and you can switch them.
With the Party C, move to the right of the switch that makes the bridge appear,
climb down the stairs and enter the door. There, go a bit to the left and climb
down the small set of stairs, go to the left and climb up the stairs to met
another dragon.

<<<===Red Dragon===>>>
Hp: 59 000
Weakness: Ice, Water
Absorbs: Fire
Drops: Apocalypse

This one is hard. Its a tricky battle. A battle made to test your resistance.
First of all, you wont be able to deal any kind of damage to him. Not normal
attacks, nor magic, nor skills. At the start of battle, he will use his own
lifeforce to strenght himself. Then, he will use lots of strong attacks on you:
Firaga deals fire damage. Same with Flare Star, Blaze and Meltdown. Red Fang
kills instantanly one ally. He can use Flare too, which deals around 4000
damage. And, at least, he can use Ultima, probably annihilating your whole
The trick to win this battle is to stand alive. Always heal, no matter how
little the damage may be, as he can attack you multiple times. Cast Reraise on
every ally and if he dies, use it again. Dont even bother attacking him.
His number of attacks are set, so, if you survive long enough, he will cast
Ultima and then Flare right after.
If you survive these, you will win the battle, because the dragon will die

After defeating him, climb the stairs all the way down and move to the left,
until you see a switch. Then, switch to the Party A.
Make the Party A go all the way to where the Party C is, and make it go into
the way that opened and step on the switch. Then switch to the Party B and make
it go all the way where the Party C is. When you reach there, make the Party B
go trough the way that the Party A opened. Now, make Party C go trought that
way too. BE SURE that Party C did it, otherwise you will be in trouble later
In there, move all the way up, climbing the sets of stairs and you will find
two passages. The one to the north leads to a save point. After saving (i
really recommend), enter the passage to the west. In there, move to the right,
up and left until you see a 4T weight. Push it, and head back the door from
where you came from. From there, head left until you see a switch. Step on it
and switch to the Party A.
With the Party A, go up and follow the way until you reach the stepstone that
Party B made. Jump on it and switch back to Party B. With Party B, move a bit
to the right and up and jump on the stepstone that the weight made appear and
then step on the switch. Doing such, back to Party A.
With Party A, jump on the stepstones that Party B made.
Now with Party A, follow the single way, and move to the room with the save
point. From there, go all way down and follow the path to the right. Jump on
the chests untill you reach the green guys.
If you have Gogo, you know what these guys do, so try not to fall. If you fall,
you will be in a area with some blue flames. If you get near them, you will
fight a mini-boss battle. Each flame has a different monster: Earth Eater,
Gargantua, Malboro Menace, Abyss Worm, Dark Behemoth. Carefull with Malboro
Menace, as it can divide himself, and with Dark Behemoth, that casts Ultima
when he dies.
Anyway, if you escape the green guys (ah... theres a Celestriad in the way. Be
sure to grab that) you will eventually reach...

<<<===Skull Dragon===>>>
Mp: 14 000
Weakness: Fire, Holy
Absorbs: Poison
Drops: Scorpion Tail

This battle is VERY... boring. Really! First of all, make sure all your
characters have the acessory Ribbon equipped. This guy can inflict some nasty
status such as imp, confuse and zombie. And make sure too that none of them are
in a lvl multiple of 5, as this dragon, as soon as the battle begin, uses Doom
lvl 5. Outta that, most of his attacks are pretty weak.
Now... you must be wondering why in his status, i put his Mp instead of his
Yes! To kill this guy you have to deplet his Mp! Make sure that your characters
have Osmose and Rasp (When i battled him, only Locke and Terra had and wow...
took a lot of time). It may take some time, but dont give up.

Now, to make the things easier to explain, take all parties to the second save
point room (If you did everything right until now, you should be able to do
Now take the Party A out of the room and enter the path to the left. There, go
a bit to the right, up, left and follow all the way untill you reach a place
with two pools of lava. Get betewen them and check the place. You will hear a
sound. Now go a bit to the left and go up in the path, then enter the door.
There, go to the right and then up and you will face...

<<<===Holy Dragon===>>>
Hp: 55 000
Weakness: None
Absorbs: Holy
Drops: Zanmato

This guys is a pain. He counters almost every attack using curaga on himself
healing around 6500 HP. That means you will have to use attacks that deal more
than that ammount. That leaves few choices, except Ultima, Sabin's Blitz and
maybe attacks with the combo Gengi Glove/Master's Scroll. Well... but dont
fear! I created my own strategy against this fellow. First you will need a
character with Quick and Ultima. Then equip on him Celestriade or Golden
Hairpin (if you have none, isnt a problem, but you will need quite a ammount of
X-Eters or Elixirs). Well, make the character use Quick and then Ultima twice.
The dragon will counter the second Ultima, but not the first one! Keep doing
that and he will eventually die.
Ah... and be carefull with his attacks too... He can use Heartless Angel
(everyone Hp goes to 1. Heal immediatly!), Holy and Saint Beam. This last one
doesnt deal much damage, but if you are hit by Hearless Angel and then by it...
well, you are a goner.

Now go all the way back to where you fought the Skull Dragon. Near the stairway
that appeared when you defeated theres a door. Enter it and call the turtle (if
the turtle isnt there, use teleport. You will get out of the dungeon, but dont
worry). If you didnt use teleport, after climbing on the turtle, move all the
way to the right and enter the door up. You will pass through 4 tombstones
(make sure you read all them). After it, you will face the last dragon before
Kaiser. If you used teleport, you will have all your characters at the start of
the dungeon (what is somewhat even better). Then, take the Party A to the right
entrace. In there go all the way to the right and then up and enter the
stairway. You will be in the place with the turtle. Call it and after crossing
to the other side move to the right and then down and then go right trough the
stairway. Then just go up trough the door. Passing trough the tombstones (read
them) and then fight:

<<<===Gold Dragon===>>>
Hp: 60 000
Weakness: Water
Absorbs: Lighting
Drops: Zwill Crossblade

How well do you think you can do without your magic? Now is the time to proof
it! In this battle, you wont be able to use most of your spells. No Ultima, no
Curaga, no Arise!
First of all, this guy absorbs all the magic cast in the battle (He doesnt use
magic either, but his normal attacks packs quite a punch!). He works like Celes
Rune Sword. To make the things worst, he counters your attacks with an attack
that deals around 2000 damage. And he can attack multiple times sometimes too!
Then, what to do? First, make sure that you equip some useful espers on you.
Equip Golem, Phoenix, Fenrir and Seraph or Lakshmi. Equip Ribbons on everyone
and Gengi Gloves (only on the maximum two characters. The other two must equip
Miracle Shoes). Make sure your characters have highly defensive equipaments.
After getting into battle, use Golem. Then make a character use Valor
(Gilgamesh teaches). Then attack with all the other characters (in my case,
Terra, Locke and Cyan). When Golem wears off, use Fenrir (Phantom is a nice
option too) and repeat the process. His Hp is high, but you are probably
dealing 9999 damage with Valor, so you will be fine.

Congratulations! All the dragons were defeated and you removed all the
barriers! Now only HE remains...

Now, go all the way to the left, climb up the stairs and examine the slate.
Reorder the words to make the sentence "THE KING OF DRAGONS", and the door will
open. This part is not really obligatory, but in there you can find great
weapons and equipaments. Be careful, because three chests have monsters inside:
Flan Princess (Equip Ribbons on all your characters. Ultima on them!), Plague
(Cast Reraise as soon as the battle begins), and Neslug (Very annoying. Attack
the head only with Firaga). To fully explore this area, you will need another

Well, way to go. Take all your characters to the second save point again
(c'mon, you can do it... we are almost there). The Party A will be the one
fighting the Kaiser Dragon, so make sure that all your best characters are in
this party. From there, take Party A to the left room of the save point's room.
In there, go all the way to the left and then up and then jump on the stepstone
that the weight made appear. After that, step on the switch. Now take Party B
to the same room that is Party A. From the entrace, go to the right, up, left
and down, crossing the wooden bridge. Then go left and then up, crossing the
second wooden bridge. Jump the stepstone that Party A made and then go down the
small sets of stairs. Then go to the left and you will find a passage. Enter
and there will be a savepoint. Go to the left of the savepoint and enter the
door you will find there. Then, go up and step on the switch. Now, you wont
move this party anymore.
Now, take the Parties C and A to the turtle room. Now, from the switch that
released the Red Dragon, move the Party A to the right then all the way up. In
this place, theres a slate. But, you must search for a part of the groud that
is a bit odd. Step on it and make the Party C go trough the way that opened. Go
ahead and step on the switch. A red flash must've appeared in the middle switch.
Now, with the Party A, go back all the way to the room with the green guys and
climb the stairs that appeared when you defeated the Skull Dragon. Now, follow
all the way to the left, and enter the first door that you see. In there step
on the red light and you will be prompted. Before anwering, know that after
answering yes, you wont be able to change parties anymor. Answer yes, and you
will be in the room with the Kaiser Dragon. Talk with him and you will face the
strongest from all the dragons.

<<<===Kaiser Dragon===>>>
Hp: Around 200 000
Weakness: Variable
Absorbs: Variable
Drops: Nothing (Esper after the battle)

There we are, the final confront. First of all lets check the equipaments.
Relics: Everybody must be equipped with Miracle Shoes. On the second slot,
equip Celestriades or Gold Hairpins on the mages and Ribbons on the warriors.
Equipaments: Equip all the Force Shields and Aegis Shields you have. As for the
armor, equip anything that reduces elemental damage. If you are using Terra and
Celes, equip on them the Minerva Bustier. For the others, Force Armor packs
quite a punch. As for weapon, equip the ones that boosts all the status and
have a high attack at the same time.
Well, about the Dragon: He can use Barrier Change *coughmaguscough* to change
his attacks and elemental defense. Pay attention to his attacks to know which
element he is. He has most attacks from the others dragons. He can use
Mindblast (random status effect) too so be careful. When he dies, he uses
Ultima, so make sure you have one character with Reraise.
How to defeat him: Well, the old butter-bread strategy still works well here.
Your mages casts Ultima and heal your party, and your warriors attack and use
their abilities and heal too when necessary. He isnt that much hard, really.
How i defeated him, you ask? Well... i had Terra and Locke equipped with
Celestriade (Terra) and Golden Hairpin (Locke). Both them had Ultima and Quick,
and both them were dealing 9999 damage per Ultima, so it was around 40 000
damage per turn. My others two characters, Cyan and Mog, didnt even attack. Mog
healed and Cyan too when necessary. In the end, he fell.

A Hint from Locke Cole:

With a character that can use the Ultima Weapon have them have 9999 health and
have two Ultima Weapons (which you can steal from the boss right before you
actually fight Kefka) Genji Glove+ Master's Scroll and they should do about
9999 with each hit which 9999x8= 79992.

After you beat Kaiser Dragon, grab the magicite and enter the portal.
You can now try the Soul Shrine. Check below for a bit of more info.
If you come back later to the Dragon's Den again and pass all the way again to
where the Kaiser Dragon was, you can fight...

<<<===Omega Weapon===>>>
Hp: 190 000 (the bestiary says 65 000, but you know its not true)
Weakness: None
Absorbs: None
Drops: Murakumo (not always)

There he is... the one that is in every FF since the 5.
Well, first of all, let me say that he is somewhat stronger than Kaiser Dragon,
easily because he likes to attack rather more often.
First of all, the equipaments: Almost everything that you used in the Kaiser
Dragon's fight will be useful here. Force Shield and Aegis Shield is unveliable
useful here (i blocked almost every attack with them). Outta that, Force Armor
and Minerva Bustier too works well.
At the beggining of the battle, have 2 characters use Quick and then Reraise on
everyone. That, because Omega has an attack that can annihilate you whole party
easily. Pay attention to him: When he flashes, its because he is up to no good.
He will unleash a powerful attack, so keep an eye open. It seem that these
attacks are counter-attacks, because even if you use Quick (that stops the time
for everyone else) he can still do such.
What you must do? Simple. Anything that deals up to 9999 damage. If you beat
the Kaiser Dragon, you can defeat him without much trouble (or maybe some).
Quick+Soul of Thamasa+Ultima = almost 40 000 damage. Locke Cole hint can help
His defense is quite high (222), as well as his attack (111), so take care. You
will eventualy win, good luck!


<<<===Get the Diablos Magicite without beating Kaiset Dragon===>>>

The credit goes all to Peter Mottola. I still havent tested, so i dont know if
it really works.

"At the end of Dragon's Den stand in front of the Kaiser Dragon but do
not begin the battle.  Enter the menu and equip sprint shoes, making
sure that Auto-Dash is On.  Now quit out of the menu while holding Up
and you will dash right through the Kaiser Dragon!  You will receive
the Diablos Magicite and the save point will activate the Soul Shrine
Tutorial and take you back to the airship.
(This does not always work 100% of the time, if it doesn't just enter
the menu and try again).
Again, note that this DOES NOT UNLOCK THE SOUL SHRINE.

You can actually walk through him, grab Diablos and then fight him.
After the battle the magicite will appear on the screen but you can
walk over it you can't pick it up.  Interesting little glitch."


<<<===Dragon's Den Enemies===>>>

Here i will list the enemies i found in the Dragon's Den. There might be more,
tough. The enemies wont be in the sequence they are found, so be aware.

Crystal Dragon
lvl: 89
Hp: 32 000
No weakness
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Imp, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep, Slow,
Steal: Elixir
Drops: X-ether
Additional info: none

Magic Dragon
lvl: 72
Hp: 18 000
Weak against: Ice, Water
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Darkness, Death, Poison, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep, Slow, Stop.
Steal: X-ether
Drops: none
Additional info: none

Dino Zombie
lvl: 60
Hp: 25 000
Weak against: Fire, Ice, Holy, Water
Absorbs: Poison
Immune against: Imp
Steal: Hi-ether/Holy water
Drops: none
Additional info: Cure spells damage him. Use Phoenix Down for instant death.

lvl: 71
Hp: 25 000
Weak Against: Fire, Holy
Absorbs: Poison
Immune against: Poison, Imp, Petrify, Death, Silence, Confusion, Sleep, Slow,
Steal: Hi-ether
Drops: Lich Ring
Additional info: Cure spells damage him. Use Phoenix Down for instant death.

Great Dragon
lvl: 77
Hp: 28 000
Weak against: Lighting
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Imp, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confusion.
Steal: Elixir/Phoenix Down
Drops: Dragon Horn
Additional info: none

lvl: 81
Hp: 23 000
Weak against: Poison
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Darkness, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk,
Confusion, Sleep, Stop.
Steal: X-ether
Drops: none
Additional info: Humanoid type.

lvl: 72
Hp: 24 000
Weak against: Lighting, Holy, Water
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Poison, Imp, Petrify, Death, Berserk, Confusion, Stop.
Steal: X-potion
Drops: none
Additional info: Use Osmose on him. If you deplet his Mp (300), he will die.

Great Behemoth
lvl: 58
Hp: 11 000
No weakness
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Darkness, Imp, Petrify, Death, Silence, Confusion.
Steal: Tigerfang
Drops: none
Additional info: You cannot run away from it. Even using Teleport.

lvl: 58
Hp: 8050
Weak against: Holy
Absorbs: Poison
Immune against: Darkness, Poison, Imp, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep.
Steal: Stoneblade
Drops: none
Additional info: Humanoid type.

Great Malboro
lvl: 56
Hp: 7000
Weak against: Fire
Absorbs: Ice, Lighting, Poison, Wind, Holy, Earth, Water.
Immune against: Darkness, Silence.
Steal: Teleport Stone
Drops: none
Additional info: none.

lvl: 59
Hp: 12 000
Weak against: Ice
Absorbs: Earth
Immune against: Imp
Steal: X-potion
Drops: none
Additional info: You cannot run away from it. Even using Teleport.

Primeval Dragon
lvl: 50
Hp: 10 050
Weak against: Ice
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Death, Berserk, Confusion
Steal: Dried Meat
Drops: none
Additional info: none

Dark Force
lvl: 55
Hp: 8940
Weak against: Holy
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Imp, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sleep, Stop.
Steal: Crystal Sword
Drops: None
Additional info: Humanoid type.

lvl: 77
Hp: 46 050
Weak against: Ice
Doesnt absorbs anything
Immune against: Darkness, Imp, Petrify, Death, Silence, Berserk, Confusion,
Sleep, Stop.
Steal: Ribbon
Drops: Celestriad
Additional info: Quite strong enemy. Be prepared.

More to come


<<<===Soul Shrine===>>>

If you go to Mobliz (the town where you got Terra) and land on one of the small
islands there you will find the Soul Shrine. There, you will face more (more
really) than 100 battles against lots of monsters in the game, that includes
all the dragons in the Dragon's Den (Kaiser Dragon too). If you defeat all the
monsters, you will get the Master's Crown, a proof that you beat the Soul



Thanks to Squaresoft for the original Final Fantasy VI and to SquareEnix for
this great remake.
Thanks to Gamefaqs, for accepting my FAQ.
Thanks to me, for having enough patience to make it.
Thanks to Locke Cole for the Atma Weapon trick.
Thanks to BAGTbird for correcting me about Strago's Magic Hammer.
Thanks to Peter Mottola for the Kaiser Dragon glitch.
Thanks to everyone that will help me in the future to make this FAQ even better.
And Thank You for using my first faq. I hope it was good...


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