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AHOY! Bay Bubbles is a fast paced Arcade/Action games. You have 60 seconds to obtain as much points as you can by bursting bubbles! There are also bombs and other deadly things jumping on the screen that you have to avoid, or lose points, combo and time by touching them! Aside from the normal bubbles, there are also power ups such as Extra Time, Screen swiper, Barrel Bubble, Mega Bubble and Extra Points.

The game contains PHP/MYSQL online highscores. Can you manage to be the best bubble burster and conquer the #1 place in the online highscores?! Go try and see!

This game is made with Game Maker: Studio.

- Global online highscores
- Very catchy music and colorful graphics
- Put up your own game nickname
- Slick and good support via facebook and e-mail!
- Highscore table at www.panicartstudios.com

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