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IcePang is a tile-matching puzzle game to get the highest score possible in one minute.Compete with others for a high score on leaderboards.? 1 min game-play!? Clear many levels for one minute more faster than others.? Pang! Pang! Break Ices!? Make lines of three by swapping ices with adjacent ices.? Compete with other players!? Record more higher ranking on Game Center.? Leaderboard: Today, This Week and All Time? Supporting In-Game Store? Using the rechargeable battery, you can play the game.? If you need more batteries, you can buy batteries at store or wait that is being recharged.? Items purchased is not refundable, so please careful. ? Let's play the IcePang using items more fun.? Supporting The Universal App? We supports an universal app. ? Try to enjoy the IcePang using various devices.

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