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Mouse Escape game is to test your sharp reflexes and thinking capabilities.
You have to save your mouse by avoiding collision with the balls which moving around. You can move the mouse either by tilting the phone or by touch and drag. The number of balls and speed of the balls movement will be increasing level by level. Each level lasts 15 seconds. You will have one life in each level. You can use Pause/Resume toggle button to have break if you want.

You have an option to play the game with or without background music. Your local high score and ten global high scores can be viewed by touching scores button in home screen.Your objective is to score more by clearing as many levels as possible. Score will be accumulating level by level. You can increase your score by playing as many levels as possible and saving the life chances in each level. If you score more, you can see your name listed in global leaders. It helps increase your competetive spirit.
Enjoy the game!

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