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***********************************************1.Over 2 million downloads worldwide!2.4.7/5 Ratings!3.Highly praised by players and professionals for its impeccable graphics design, weaponry and enchantment system!4.Eleven precision-designed stages of gameplay in total!5.Newly debugged iOS version!6.Highly recommended by all game review sites abroad the world.An epic battle between good and evil came to an end, but the fallen evil managed to make their escape in the very last minute. The evil have since built a mysterious castle using the darkest powers from the shadows of the moon to absorb all the negative energy from the galaxy to regain power. A hundred years have gone by since the battle, and humans have gradually lost their good nature, as if they have forgotten the fact that evil feed their energy from the suffering and anger that results from greed and lust. With the gathering of the evil power, a new demon that cannot be named has been awakened, and with the corrupted hearts of the humans, he is turning them one by one into his slaves!Now humans are once again controlled by evil, as if karma has led them into degeneration. Will it be too late for the heroes to salvage the humans? There is certainly no Noah’s Ark or sympathy from the gods to help the humans, and it is only through humans’ repentance will the heroes have sufficient power to open the gates to the mysterious castle and fight against the demon from the shadows of the moon.But, can a demon like this be truly defeated once and for all? Only you have the answer!The all new debugged traditional English version now hits the market! Available to download for free, it let’s the player experience the best of the best of action games!*******************Game Features*******************√ Weaponry system – different coloured weapons allow you to attack in different ways.√Combo system – successful combo attacks lead to greater damages.√Weapon-specific skills – skill is assigned randomly to each weapon, giving you greater options.√Activating enchantments – numerous combination of enchantments, with different sequence leading to different results.√Challenge mode – challenge your way to a number of stages for more rewards.**********************************************Fellow Avengers,What are you still waiting for? Pick up your weapon and start fighting! Start your adventure now! Have faith in yourself, as you have the power to control destiny!**********************************************Official Website: www.cwagame.com FOR MORE INFORMATION & USER FEEDBACK REPLY ON : facebook.com/cwagame twitter.com/cwagame weibo.com/cwagame

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