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Mission Guide by serlkamb

Version: 1.0.1 | Updated: 08/14/14

Arcane Empires
Missions Guide
Version 1.0.1
By Kambel Serle
****************************************************************For: GameFaqs
--------------| Table of Contents |-----------------------------------------.
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 Updates                           cbtn01                                   |
 About the Guide                   cbtn02                                   |
 About the Game                    cbtn03                                   |
 Missions                          cbtn04                                   |
 Contact Information               cbtn05                                   |
 Credits                           cbtn06                                   |
 Approved Sites                    cbtn07                                   |
 Copyright Disclosure              cbtn08                                   |
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Updates [cbtn01]                                                             
vERSION 1.0.1 - Fixed minor spelling errors. (3:12 PM 14/08/2014)            
Version 1.0.0 - Default. No updates in this release. (1:57 PM 12/08/2014)    
About the Guide [cbtn02]                                                     
I have created this guide to help you start off the game in the quickest     
manor. By completing Missions, you not only progress further in the game, but
you can earn rewards, such as Silver and Resources. This guide is one of many
that I have created for Arcane Empires game. I hope you will have more fun   
with this guide then I had just making it. This Guide, just like many others,
are all created from scratch. I hope you enjoy what I have in store for you, 
and I wish you the best of luck.                                             
About the Game [CBTN03]                                                      
Arcane Empires is a strategic game. To play Arcane Empires requires you to   
build buildings, conquer Imperial Forts, Cities, and Islands, grow powerfull 
and so much more. This is a must have game. It is also highly addictive.     
Missions [CBTN04]                                                            
Before we begin the Missions, we must first ask ourselves "What are          
Missions?" and "Why do I need to complete the Missions?". Well, a Mission is 
a challenge offered to you within the game. Complete these Challenges to     
proceed further within the game, and complete them to earn some great        
rewards. The following is a list of Missions, their descriptions, and the    
rewards you will gain from completing the task.                              
When you first start the game, you will need to complete some quests. To view
the Missions that you have yet to complete or have already completed, simply 
tap on the 'Missions' tab at the bottom of the screen. During most of your   
game-play time, you will be completing missions. By completing certain tasks,
you can receive many great and useful rewards. So always check your Missions 
screen often. The following is a list of all the tasks you must complete     
during the beginning of your adventures.                                     
                              Grow your Economy                              
   1] Increase Base Crystal Production / 1,000 per hour in one city          
      We need Crystal for building and training. Build or upgrade Crystal Mi-
      nes to give us more! Go to the Citadel and tap Overview - Production - 
      Crystal to view production data.                                       
      Rewards: Crystal 1000; 1-Crystal Magic                                 
   2] Build More Farms / Have 3 Farms                                        
      No one can fight - or work - on an empty stomach! Go to the Field view 
      and build more Farms until you have a total of 3.                      
      Rewards: Food 600; Wood 2000; Crystal 1500; Iron 1000                  
   3] Increase BAse Food Production / 1,000 Food per hour in one city        
      We need Food to sustain our Population and our troops, as well as for  
      building and training. Build or upgrade Farms to give us more!         
      Rewards: Food 1000; 1-Field Magic                                      
   4] Adjust Tax Rate / Change Tax Rate to 20%                               
      Your Tax Rate determines how much Silver you earn each hour. Raising   
      your Tax RAte increases your Silver production, but decreases your Pop-
      ulation. Go to your Citadel and change your Tax Rate to 20%.           
      Rewards: Silver 1000                                                   
   5] Increase Base Iron Production / 1,000 Iron per hour in one city        
      We need Iron for building and training. Build or upgrade Ironworks to  
      give us more!                                                          
      Rewards: Iron 1000; 1-Forge Magic                                      
   6] Increase Base Wood Production / 1,000 Wood per hour in one city        
      We need Wood for building and training. Build or upgrade Sawmills to   
      give us more!                                                          
      Rewards: Wood 1000; 1-Wood Magic                                       
                            Advance your Research                            
   1] Upgrade Laboratory / Level 2                                           
      The Laboratory has helped us figure out one thing - and that's how much
      we still have to learn! It needs an upgrade for bigger and better      
      Rewards: Food 300; Wood 5000; Crystal 3000; Iron 400                   
   2] Research Smelting                                                      
      We need all the Iron we can get! Research Smelting so we can produce   
      more of it!                                                            
      Rewards: Silver 4000                                                   
   3] Research Logging                                                       
      We need more Wood! Yes, I said it. Now stop grinning and get the Labo- 
      ratory started on Logging research!                                    
      Rewards: Silver 2000                                                   
   4] Research Second Sight                                                  
      Our spies report that Dessen is using magic to help his scouts gather  
      more information. I say that sounds useful!                            
      Rewards: Silver 7000                                                   
   5] Research Crystalworking                                                
      We're going to need a lot of Crystal to power our magical buildings and
      units. Let's research Crystalworking techniques to improve production! 
      Rewards: Silver 3000                                                   
                              Advance your City                              
   1] Upgrade Citadel / Level 2                                              
      We need to grow quickly if we want to have a chance of standing up to  
      the Empire. Upgrading the Citadel will give us more Fields, let us con-
      trol more Islands, and let us upgrade our buildings to higher levels.  
      Rewards: Food 2500; Wood 12000; Crystal 5500; Iron 2500; 1-15 Minute   
      Time Warp                                                              
   2] Build Embassy                                                          
      We won't last long without allies! An Embassy will let us join or      
      create an Alliance, and to give reinforcing troops a place to stay.    
      Rewards: Food 500; Wood 2000; Crystal 1200; Iron 5000                  
   3] Choose a Name / Change your Name                                       
      Your citizens need a name to call you by. Go to the Home screen and tap
      on the Player Info button at top left.                                 
      Rewards: Silver 1000; Food 1000; Wood 1000; Crystal 1000; Iron 1000    
   4] Build Officers' Quarters                                               
      We need Captains to lead our troops! Go to the City View and build an  
      Officers' Quarters.                                                    
      Reward: Food 800; Wood 2000; Crystal 1000; Iron 500                    
                               Grow your Army                                
   1] Build Foundry                                                          
      Dessen's Foundries enable him to train some very powerful troops. Other
      rebels are building Foundries of their own. We can't afford to be      
      Reward: Food 500; Wood 1500; Crystal 2000; Iron 1500                   
   2] Construct Ramparts / Build Ramparts                                    
      Our city's naked! Right now, Dessen - or anyone else - could just walk 
      in and help themselves to anything they want! It's time to build some  
      Reward: Food 3000; Wood 2000; Crystal 10000; Iron 2000                 
   3] Build Rally Point                                                      
      We need to put our armiy in the field where it can do us some good! A  
      small Rally Point will work for now, but eventually we'll need to send 
      out bigger forces to multiple targets, and that'll take some upgrades! 
      Rewards: food 500; wood 1000; crystal 2000; iron 500                   
   4] Build Aerie                                                            
      Right now, we have no answer to Imperial air units - or to anyone      
      else's. We need to rule the skies as well as the land!                 
      Rewards: Food 1500; Wood 5000; Crystal 5000; Iron 5000                 
   5] Build Warehouse                                                        
      Empire and independant, a lot of people have eyes on our resources. We 
      need to protect them from looters!                                     
      Rewards: Food 500; Wood 2000; Crystal 1500; Iron 500                   
   6] Build Training Grounds                                                 
      We won't last long without troops, commander! we need Training Grounds!
      Rewards: Food 1000; Wood 1200; Crystal 1500; Iron 1000                 
   7] Build Menagerie                                                        
      Mythical units are one of the keys to victory. We need a Menagerie in  
      order to build them.                                                   
      Rewards: Food 1500; Wood 2000; Crystal 1000; Iron 1000                 
   8] Build Watch Tower                                                      
      Scouts report enemy troop movements nearby, commander. Build a Watch   
      Tower so we may have some warning of future attacks.                   
      Rewards: Food 300; Wood 2000; Crystal 6000; Iron 600                   
   to be continued...                                                        
Contact Information [CBTN05]                                                 
If you wish to help provide me with information not already found in this    
guide, or simply wish to post my guide somewhere not mentioned in the        
Approved Sites listing, have any questions or comments regarding this guide, 
feel free to email me at admin@miyustory.com . Please add                    
"Arcane Empires - Missions" in the subject line so I know it's not trash or  
spam. Thank you.                                                             
Credits [CBTN06]                                                             
There are currently no users from SuperCheats, GameFAQs or Neo Seeker who    
have helped me create this Walkthrough.                                      
Credit to Arcane Empires for most of the information found within this docu- 
Approved Sites [CBTN07]                                                      
The following is a list of approved sites that have gained my full trust and 
permission to host this document online.                                     
   - GameFAQs                                                                
   - Games Radar                                                             
   - Miyustory.com                                                           
   - Neo Seeker                                                              
   - Super Cheats                                                            
Copyright Disclosure [CBTN08]                                                
  Arcane Empires is © 2013 Kabam, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This guide was   
  approved for creation and use by Kabam, inc. and cannot be used without    
  written permission. This Guide is © 2014 Serlkamb, Kambel Serle and is in- 
  tended for private use only. Violations of these terms is considered pla-  
  giarism and IS PUNISHIBLE BY LAW.                                          
Even More fun with Arcane Empires [CBTN09]                                   
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