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Welcome to a fanciful world of kingdoms where you and your friends rule!

Farm. Build. Rule.

- Over 20 varieties of delicious crops to plant, grow and harvest
- Over 50 unique structures to build and customize your kingdom
- Dozen of unique Villager professions to keep your citizen population active
- Mystical power of Mojo speeds up your harvesting and building projects
- Vibrant 3D art, charming characters and a persistent, connected world
- Integration with Plus+, the social play network, with awards, friend search and more
- Ongoing game updates with customizations, features, themes and more

You. Your friends. Your community.

Direct your citizens to farm the land and harvest crops for sale. Extract natural land resources and develop your estate's infrastructure. Expand housing, and collect taxes from your citizens.

Reap the rewards of your farming, development and trade to transform a humble castle into a sprawling kingdom. You're the grand architect. You decide the lay of the land - where to plot farm patches, mount castle towers, build houses and stables, open town shops and more.

Will you be the mightiest ruler in your community of kingdoms? Invite friends through Plus+ to grow your realms together. Visit their kingdoms to watch them grow be inspired or claim your bragging rights. ;)

Expand the grandeur of your kingdom now more farmland, infrastructure and gold for all to see!

We Rule is an evolving world, and you and your friends have the tools to shape its future. Visit your living kingdom every day to explore new content, and send us feedback to inspire its ongoing development.

This is our journey, and it begins now! Get involved: http://next.ngmoco.com

Build your kingdom in the world of We Rule today!

We Rule is powered by Plus+, the premier social play network for players on the go.

We Rule was created by ngmoco:) and Newtoy exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Want more?
Website: http://next.ngmoco.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/werulegame

Designed for the iPhone and iPod touch

*Network connection required.

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