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Help the knights of Odin win the decisive battle of Ragnarok!Train yourself in the ranks of Dual Wielder, Dark Knight, orDragon Lancer and others with this game's job change system.Take part in our new real time battles. Join your friends and forge anew legend together!Travel across the mythical world of Norse legend as you train anAvatar to become the greatest Warrior in Odin’s entire heavenly force!Collect gear and equipment, team up with your friends, and battle yourway to the top, as you prepare for Ragnarok, when all darkness mustfall!Warriors of Odin is a card battle RPG from gloops International Inc.Check out more games by gloops at:http://www.gloops.com/en/socialgames/** Key Features**+Raise your Warrior Avatar and learn Super Rare skilled Jobs!+20 kinds of Job classes, each with multiple unique Avatar Art!+Over 1,000 types of Gear to choose and equip!+Easy-to-use, yet diverse Skill Tree with exciting swordplay, sorcery, and more!+Build up the strongest Guild! Win the Odin Battle Trials to preparefor Ragnarok!+Traverse the world of ancient Norse mythology!+Free Gear giveaways daily!+An original fantasy music soundtrack!+So much more!** Tips from Other Users **1. Build up your Guild as quickly as possible. Either join one orrecruit members to your guild. It's key for winning the OdinBattles....2. Fuse your Gear early and often to become more powerful.3. Communicate with your team members through the in-game forums on aregular basis to ensure good strategic maneuvering during Warriors ofOdin.

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