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????? “One of Mobage's Best Games”????? “You should download this if you like Bejeweled”????? “It's an interesting twist on Bejeweled and I like it.”Viral Collapse is a very different kind of match-three game with a fast and dynamic gameplay!Blocks are formed by matching patterns among 6 different colored viruses. To combine the viruses, you just need to match the required pattern. If you're fast, combine as many colored viruses as you can and aim for a high score. However, you can also calculate your actions and try to achieve a high score with some epic combos. Choose how you want to play!We have awesome power-ups to boost your gameplay experience, various achievements, and last but not least there are hidden tips and secrets that can lead you to the top of the leaderboards. We can't give away all these hints just now, the fun is in playing the game and finding them yourself!We sincerely hope that you like our game. You can be sure that we will give our best to make Viral Collapse a truly awesome experience!=FEATURES=? A NEW WAY TO PLAY a Match 3 Game? 5 Useful POWER-UPS (and many more to come)? Create COMBOS to score big points (pay attention to the audio cues)? Global and Friends LEADERBOARDS? A good set of ACHIEVEMENTS with many more to achieve? AMAZING GRAPHICSIf you have some suggestions or feedback, feel free to get in touch with us:viral.support@oktagongames.comHere's our Website:http://www.oktagongames.comIf you liked us, we already like you ;)http://www.facebook.com/oktagongamesHAVE FUN!!Oktagon Games Team

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