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Space can be a dangerous place. Are you ready to traverse the Fatal Frontier?Fatal Frontier takes place on a war-torn alien planet. Your task? Only to survive. But you’ll need to gather resources, and make any friends you can. This space-western RPG from Dakota Interactive is easy to learn and play, and will provide hours of entertainment for FREE.As a ship-wrecked mercenary, stranded in the middle of no-where, you’ll have to use alien technologies to fuse the power of your prisoners to make yourself stronger. Gain powerful allies such as Bandits, Mercenaries, Aliens, Cultists, Mutants, Military Organizations, even the local alien wildlife.FEATURES? Battle and capture hundreds of enemies!? Synergize your squad with countless ability combinations.? Explore dangerous areas, from deserted wastelands to fields of acid.? Discover Alien technology, and use it to your advantage.? Win lethal rewards in regular special events!Leave your mark on the Fatal Frontier!Check out our pages for more info:http://www.facebook.com/FatalFrontierhttp://twitter.com/FatalFrontier

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