How do you update the egg list?

  1. On dragonvale the game often advertises new dragons before start up. However, when I enter the game these dragons don't appear in the list of eggs you can buy. Also I haven't been able to breed them. For example the bouquet dragon is being advertised and yet it doesn't show up. And when I use the combo of flower and seaweed like I've seen on other sites it doesn't work. Any ideas.

    User Info: jnstraw

    jnstraw - 8 years ago


  1. Usually you have to make sure your game and system are up to date. If it persists, clear your device cache and try again.

    As for breeding, usually you have to try multiple times, and not every dragon is available in the market. Especially seasonal/Event dragons. Some dragons are exclusively bred, and some are bred at certain times (ie: harvest moon, blue moon, sun, moon, etc.) Some have to have certain conditions to be bred (certain elements, locked combos, a certain dragon as a parent) and dragons like Kairos, Gaia, Tiamat, Bahamut, and the newest one are not breedable or "purchaseable" Galaxy dragons can only be bred in the co-operation cave, and most of your rift grates have to be bread in the rift. Which means you need at least 2 rift dragons (one I believe you get for free) (your first galaxy dragon is free)

    Twins can also happen in the co-operation cave.

    You can spend gems to speed up breeding, but otherwise there is really no way to know what dragon you will get unless you have a dragon ale breed app that gives you combos a d times to look for for your breeding caves.

    User Info: Espressomouse

    Espressomouse - 1 year ago 0   0

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