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Create and grow the zoo of your dreams in Zoo Story™, the best new zoo game available! Discover countless wild animals from the jungle, the ocean and beyond. Breed cute infant creatures and care for them within your unique zoo layout. Build theme park attractions, complete special quests and experience much more!- Choose and take care of exotic animals including snow leopards, tigers, koalas, zebras, crocodiles, ostriches and pandas in your zoo.- Discover secret magical animals such as unicorns to add to your zoo!- Breed and raise baby animals so cute they’ll make your heart melt.- Design the layout and decorations for your own zoo.- Choose exciting theme park attractions and tasty amenities for visitors.- Plant and harvest crops which you can use to feed your animals. Well-fed animals are happy, meaning you earn more money from excited visitors.- Neighbors can visit your zoo and tour your attractions to give you some cool free bonuses!- Complete special quest objectives to receive useful rewards and grow your zoo faster.- Invite your Facebook friends to be your neighbors.- FREE updates with new animals, attractions, quests and items every week!- It's FREE!Zoo Story is an online game only. iPod touch users must be connected to WiFi in order to play.

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