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OvenBreak 2 is fresh out of the oven! Ruuuun!JUMPIN' JELLY BEANS! ------------------You have spoken in the most resounding way! Number 1 in 20 countries and 12 million users-strong,The adventures of GingerBrave know no end. Jump over hurdles, slide under obstacles,Use your candy cane to hook over large gaps,Escape from the witch's oven at all costs!GREAT REVIEWS! ------------------"The game is a hit with the kids (from experience!) and adults (from experience!)" - @enuhski (Twitter) "We have here, one of these games that are so simple in its idea, yet unable to put down. Its colourful, scrumptious and an absolute joy to play. I recommend it for all." - Appmodo "The best free iPhone games on the App Store" - Pocket Gamer's Trawler Report "It is rare to find a platform game at such a price which gives you so much fun." - iphonetech78.wordpress.comSTORY------------------Imagine yourself a gingerbread manShackled to an oven and about to be eaten.So armed with none but a cane and brown tan.You run, jump, and slide to not be beaten!You ride out into space, free of the witch's grasp.FREEDOM! you yell, as you bask in grand victory.But your brethren's cry from afar makes you gaspSo back to the witch's house, to continue the story!HOW FAR WILL YOU RUN FOR FREEDOM?JOIN THE FIGHT! FREE THE GINGERBREADS!News and Support: www.facebook.com/OvenBreak

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