• Automatic escape from battle

    When you are in a battle that you are about to lose back to the home screen on your android device and kill the game via task manager then tap Final Fantasy IV again and tap continue on the main menu. You should be at the same place as you were when you got in the battle with all the items and health you had before the battle

    Contributed By: nahoma.

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  • Google Play Achievements

    This title has a total of 58 Google Play Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    A Bloodstained RoadYou raised Cecil (Dark Knight) to level 15.
    AficionadoYou completed 60% of the Bestiary.
    Alone AgainYou were shipwrecked by Leviathan.
    Apprentice SummonerYou acquired one summon.
    Assault!You traveled to Damcyan Castle.
    Augment MasterYou obtained all augments.
    Augment NoviceYou obtained one augment.
    Augment PractitionerYou obtained 20 augments.
    Big Bang!You defeated Mom Bomb.
    Bitter BattleYou finished the game on Hard difficulty.
    BraveryYou defeated the Sahagin that attacked at Kaipo.
    Bronze HunterYou defeated 100 enemies.
    Catching OnYou completed 30% of the Bestiary.
    Customer AppreciationYou played a new game.
    Deep into DarknessYou raised Cecil (Dark Knight) to level 25.
    Defeated BarbaricciaYou defeated Barbariccia.
    Defeated CagnazzoYou defeated Cagnazzo.
    Defeated CalcabrinaYou defeated Calcabrina.
    Defeated CPUYou defeated the CPU.
    Defeated Demon WallYou defeated Demon Wall.
    Defeated Dr. LugaeYou defeated Dr. Lugae.
    Defeated Elemental ArchfiendsYou defeated the elemental archfiends.
    Defeated GeryonYou defeated Geryon.
    Defeated Proto-BabilYou defeated Proto-Babil.
    Defeated RubicanteYou defeated Rubicante.
    Defeated ScarmiglioneYou defeated Scarmiglione.
    Delta Attack DefianceYou defeated the Magus Sisters.
    Developers' PalYou talked to everybody in the Developers' Office.
    Earth's Savior Times TwoYou finished the game twice.
    Expert SummonerYou acquired all hidden summons.
    Fat PurseYou earned 50,000 gil.
    FINAL FANTASY IV MasterYou earned all achievements.
    Form RebornYou obtained Excalibur.
    Gold HunterYou defeated 1,000 enemies.
    Heaps of CorpsesYou raised Cecil (Dark Knight) to level 20.
    Know-It-AllYou completed the entire Bestiary.
    Master SummonerYou acquired all summons.
    Mission Accomplished?You traveled to Mist.
    Moves toward the LightYou raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 10.
    Paladin of Light IncarnateYou raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 70.
    Platinum HunterYou defeated 2,000 enemies.
    Pockets FullYou earned 10,000 gil.
    Promised Ship of LightYou went to the moon on The Lunar Whale.
    Rabbit ChaserYou played through all Namingway events.
    Saved by MusicYou defeated Dark Elf.
    SeekerYou completed 10% of the Bestiary.
    Silver HunterYou defeated 500 enemies.
    The Gatherer of LightYou raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 30.
    The IlluminatorYou raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 50.
    The Onion SwordsmanYou obtained all the Onion items.
    The Perpetual WayfarerYou traveled across the entire map.
    Time for a VaultYou earned 500,000 gil.
    To Mother EarthYou finished the game.
    To the End of MiseryYou obtained Adamant Armor.
    Training Complete!You talked to everybody in the Training Classroom.
    UnsealedYou obtained Ragnarok, Holy Lance, Murasame, and Ribbon.
    Walks with the LightYou raised Cecil (Paladin) to level 20.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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Enemy/Boss Tips

  • Preventing Barbariccia's Wind Barrier

    In order to prevent Barbariccia's Wind Barrier all you need to do is to use Kain's jump command to break and destroy her wind barrier.

    Contributed By: dragonhuman1990.

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  • Preventing Cagnazzo's Tsunami

    In order to prevent Cagnazzo from using his tsunami all you need to do is use a electric type spell to stop him from using tsunami.

    Contributed By: dragonhuman1990.

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  • Preventing Rubicante's Inferno

    The Elemental Archfiend of Fire, Rubicante, has a powerful attack called ×Inferno, which will damage the party as well as heal himself. He only uses this attack when his cloak is open. While his cloak is open, use Steal with Edge. This will force Rubicante to close his cloak again instantly and prevent him from using his most potent attack.

    Contributed By: nahoma.

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