How to transfer save files between android devices?

  1. Today I'm using Sony Xperia S and tomorrow I might be using another android device and wish to know how to make the transfer of Chaos Rings save files?

    Make notice that I'm logged in with my google account on the smartphone and found a feature that is supposed to backup user-data to server. Is this what will eventually help me out when moving between devices or must I manually locate my save files for transfer?

    User Info: driss_himdi

    driss_himdi - 8 years ago


  1. Ever way to do this requires a rooted Android. Unfortunately, unlocking the bootloader to be able to root the Android will wipe all user data on many devices. If you have already rooted your device, the easiest way to transfer your game data to another device is with these two apps: Titanium Backup and Box. Create a backup of your game data with TB, then long press on CR in TB. Export (easy restore) your game data. Use a file browser to locate the export file you made. Long press, and select Send. Select Box and allow file to upload to your Box account. On the second device, install TB and Box. Download file on second device. Open file browser on second device, and press on the file you just downloaded. Select TB to open the file. Import game data into TB. Done!

    Another way to do it (still requires root) is to copy the folder for Chaos Rings in the /data/data/ folder from one device to the other. If you have root and adb, you can pull the folder from one device and push it to the other (and then fix the permissions and ownership of the files/folders that were pushed) before launching the game.

    I recommend using TB.

    User Info: dataoncd

    dataoncd - 8 years ago 1   0
  2. Have you tried commecting your phone to a computer....pull the files from your phone and then connecting the other device to the same computer and copy them to the same folder in which you pulled the original files from?

    User Info: bladesedge007

    bladesedge007 - 7 years ago 1   0
  3. I encountered the same problem recently, after putting in a decent number of hours on Chaos Rings on my Galaxy S3 and then buying a Nexus 7. I was dismayed to find there was no easy way to transfer saves and don't want to root my brand new tablet!

    Fortunately, after a lot of searching, I came across a solution that worked first time. There are a number of apps that promise to backup and restore data for android apps on the Play store: most of these require rooting your device, but I've had success with one that doesn't. I used "Helium - App Sync and backup" (previously called Carbon) to backup my data for Chaos Rings from my phone to cloud storage (Dropbox) and then restored it to my tablet. I was sceptical that it would work, but it did! It did require me to connect both up to my PC for first time install with USB debugging enabled. The limitation of this method is the app costs ~3 and you need to transfer manually each time.

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  4. you can try to make use of some third party apps. I have tried and successfully transfer data to my iPhone. But i'm not sure it will work on your phone model.

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  5. You can try Phone Transfer. With this tool, you can easily transfer save files between Android phones. Get Phone Transfer at

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  6. Any Android device running Android 4.1 or later with an NFC chip inside it can transfer files between Android devices via NFC using Android Beam. Just open the photo or other file, press the phones back to back, and youll be prompted to wirelessly beam the file to the other phone.This works great for quickly sending photos, but it cant send every type of file. Its also very limited. iPhones dont have integrated NFC hardware, so they cant participate. Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices do have NFC hardware, but Android Beam cant send files with them its Android or nothing.

    User Info: NydiaLawson

    NydiaLawson - 5 years ago 0   0

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