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Gaillardia 2 is a tale that takes places 100 years after its prequel Gaillardia.
It has become clear that the three heroes in Gailardia have disappeared after the battle. (But if you haven't played Gailardia then you will still be able to understand the tale).

- This time with true RPG taste, 4 people are on a journey who can each assume jobs.
- Adoption of a unique method for assuming high ranking jobs.
- Capability of changing jobs.

* System improvements

- Using magic can now be utilized when attacking all enemies in battles. (Only magic)
- Places traveled on the map can now displays names of castles and cities.
- Purchase items in quantities are now possible.
- Establishment of Item Encyclopedia. A new reason to achieve item completion rate.
- Increased scenery backgrounds in battles.
- Other area improvements such as finely tuned Menu appearances.

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