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5 out of 5 - iPhoneGlance.com ("This is the first game to ever get our 5 out of 5Gs rating")

4.4 out of 5 - AsSeenOnPhone.com

4 out of 5 - HotMacApps.com

4 out of 5 - AppDictions.com

iPhoneGlance: "Street Fighter meets Tekken, Yes, its that good."

Gadgets Digg: "The release of this award-winning game has marked the start of the introduction of more exciting 3D games. With its thrilling fighting action, amazing 3D graphics, plus its real-time effects, Im pretty sure that this Further Beyond Fighting game will surely ease your boring day."

AppDictions: "A fierce 3D fighting game, Further Beyond Fighting will get your blood pumping!" - "Great graphics, great characters, and great fighting venues make this game a favorite!"

DailyAppShow: "Lots of different gameplay options. Further Beyond Fighting has got some good music and some good fighting ahead of you!"

'Most Entertaining App - Holiday Season 2010' Finalist Award! (iPhone)


Further Beyond Fighting now hits your iPad - And its greater than ever before.

Its tougher, its faster - And if youre begging for mercy youre wasting your time. Great graphics, great characters and great fighting venues (AppDictions). Having all this right at your fingertips, its only you and your opponent. Face to face!

New HD Features:
Improved interface, that makes perfect use of the iPads screen
16 merciless fighters (8 characters + 8 zombies)
Higher polygon models
Real-Time Injuries - As characters sustain hits, they appear exhausted and suffer real injuries. ALL RENDERED IN REAL-TIME!
Undead Warriors: Play all characters as zombies
1 exclusive fighting venue (ONLY PLAYABLE ON iPAD)

Features Further Beyond Fighting:
3D game-play
5 stunning venues
Detailed graphics
4 game modes: Arcade, VS, Survival, Training
3 different difficulty levels
Individual moves for each character
Up to 8-hit combos - freely combine punches, kicks, special kicks, defense moves, dodging and smashing
Unlock new characters and features while fighting through Arcade and Survival
Online High-Scores in Survival Mode

Survive this and youll survive everything!

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