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???Gratis heute Mit AppDesTages ??? Lade AppDesTages und entdecke jeden Tag eine App gratis!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Oggi gratis grazie ad AppDelGiorno HD ??? Scaricate AppDelGiorno HD e scoprirete ogni giorno un'applicazione gratuita!??? Oggi gratis grazie ad AppDelGiorno ??? Scaricate AppDelGiorno e scoprirete ogni giorno un'applicazione gratuita!??? Hoy gratis con AppDelDia ???¡Descarga AppDelDia y descubre cada día una aplicación gratuita! ??? Hoje grátis com AppDoDia ???Baixe o AppDoDia e descubra a cada dia um aplicativo gratuito! ????? Game of the Month - Touch Arcade????? Top 10 Action/Adventure Game in US and Japan????? Apple Year in Review5 Stars! "Meteor Blitz is one of the highest quality space shooters we've seen for the iPhone...this one comes highly recommended"- Arnold Kim, Touch Arcade5 / 5! "It has the perfect balance of control scheme, graphics and rich gameplay that make this game worth every penny asked."- Erik Fikkert, AppVeeMust Have! "Meteor Blitz is the complete package in every way. If you want a game with gorgeous visuals, skill-based shooting, perfect controls, online connectivity, and replay value, look no further."- Shawn Leonard, Slide To PlayMust Have! "Meteor Blitz is the most extensive survival shooter that I have ever played on the iPhone...I cannot emphasize enough how good of a game this is."- Daniel, No DPadApp of the Week! - "Meteor Blitz is the best top-down space shooter for the iPhone...Meteor Blitz stands at the head of the class as the best by far of its genre."- Will Raskin, 148Apps"5 stars (one of the top shooters and recommended for anyone who's even remotely interested; definitely a worthy addition and has enough differences to set it apart from others)"- Big Albie"Our top pick of the week by far...It’s one of the best games we’ve played on the platform in a while. iLounge Rating: A-"- Jeremy Horwitz, iLounge_________________________________________KILLER FEATURES- AUTOPAUSE - Your game pauses the instant you take your thumbs off the controls. After you see it in action, you'll wonder why every game doesn't do it!- AUTOSAVE/INSTANT RESUME - Your game saves automatically whenever you press the iPod/iPhone Home button to quit the game. The next time you play, your game resumes ALMOST INSTANTLY!- LIVE IN-GAME GLOBAL RANKING - Your global leaderboard ranking appears in the upper-left corner and updates in REAL TIME as your score improves. Now you can see how you measure up without waiting for the game to end!_________________________________________TWITTER"Full stop, Meteor Blitz is the best shooter on the iPhone to date.""Meteor Blitz- This has it all. Very fun and I am already addicted from the start. Give it a try!""sooo addicted to the iphone game: Meteor Blitz - it's just wonderful!"_________________________________________Having trouble? Questions? Email us at info@alleylabs.com and we'll respond ASAP!_________________________________________FEATURES- Amazing graphics- Lighting fast gameplay- Super responsive controls- No load times!- 3 powerful upgradable weapons- Gravity gun- 6 stunning worlds- Arcade and survival modes- Autosave and instant resume- Global online leaderboards- Realtime in-game global ranking- Original techno soundtrack -or- listen to your own music

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