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Play 32 solitaire card games.Free,no ads!More features than any other game!Games added on request!All screen sizes, rotate screen, undo, hint, auto-move, game stats, help..**NOTE**Problems? Suggestions? Please email! We cant help via MarketRecent changes:v1.2.2* Redeal fixed in Montanav1.2.1* Can move app to SDCard* Canfield: unable to move card to foundations* Faster animation on hi-resscreens* Vegas options:Deal 1 card or 3,Change no of redeals* Canfield Options:Deal 1 card or 3* Autoplay:Cards not sticky when autoplay off* Canfield:long stack would try to add the bottom card to itself* Autoplay:stop moving cards from reserve to table* Pyramid:card not being matched to card under it* Card move sounds would stop completely on pauseContent rating: Everyone

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