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From the maker of Mahjong Fairyland and Big2 Fairyland, is proud to bring you World's First World Series of Mahjong!

1.Standard Mahjong Rule
Enjoy this game with the standard Mahjong rule! Learn, play and win!

2.Killer Opponents
Win! Win! Win! Win them all! But dont imagine its easy. Your opponents are much better than you could imagine.

3.Standard rule with twists in the game:
2 different game modes are available- Standard Mode and Score Mode. In the Score Mode, you have to not just win, but win as much as you can!

4.Chinese Calligraphy Art Style
Enjoy the game with artistic Chinese Calligraphy art style!

5.Big Mahjong Tile with Best Visual Angle
The tile is so big that clicking on a wrong tile is impossible! The visual angle gives you the realistic feeling of playing Mahjong!


?!?!?!???????????????????????????????????AI????????????????????? ???????????? ?????????"???????"!!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????!



Support Language:
1. English
2. Traditional Chinese
3. Simplified Chinese

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