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Led the team of your adventure, to mysterious sea, looking for lost treasure.

If you like swapping and matching jewels then you will love magic gem.

5 game modes, Not only the classic mode, there are more new mode.
? Classic
- Matching as soon as possible to eliminate jewels, get more time to challenge a higher level.

? Time Attack
- 2 minutes time limit, matching to eliminate more of the jewels, the challenges higher scores.

? Cloning Attack
- New game mode to clone 50 different jewels patterns.

? Task Mode
- Collect the specified number of jewels. Accomplish more tasks.

? Challenges
- Collection of pirate coins, looking for lost treasure. More use of special jewels, speed up the collection rate.

Magic Gem also used OpenFenit, Easily share your high scores with the world and compare with your friends.

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