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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by threetimes

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Guide and Walkthrough by threetimes

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 10/23/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: May 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

Quests List

These are all the quests in the game and they are listed here in the same order as in the game.

  • Class Quests. Each character can undertake a class quest to acquire the ability to upgrade their skills even more. These quests will show a yellow sun icon. They are not included in the Trophy for completing all side quests
  • Bounty Quests. There are four of these and they are set by Toren in the Ranger's office in Aloria. They have their own trophy but they also contribute towards the Side-quests trophy.
  • Story Quests. These are marked with a bright green exclamation point on the quest menu screen so it's obvious which ones they are and they sometimes evolve into a new quest. The main story quest: The Artifacts, takes many twists and turns, and progress will be updated on the quest menu, showing what you're supposed to do next.
  • Side-quests. These are the extra quests that earn coins, experience points, and items as rewards. If you plan to get the Platinum trophy you must complete all of them, but they are worth doing anyway, as they are often fun, with some interesting boss fights and intriguing side stories, a bit like a Dragon Quest game. Bounty Quests are included in the Side-quest trophy.
  • Missing Quests. Some quests won't be seen on the final list because they updated to something else. For example, the first part of Seri's class quest (What's This??) only appears if you visit the Atana cave without her
  • Links will take you to where the Quest is completed, not where it first appears, which might be different.

Quest Name

2nd Stone CurseClass QuestSoutheast SpringsPart 2 of Adrian's class quest.
A Lost LandClass QuestThe Lost Lands (Access through Cave of Life)Doren's class quest.
Adrian's ParentsClass QuestSoutheast SpringsPart 3 of Adrian's class quest
Big SaladFarmer JeanAloria FarmsteadCollect vegetables.
Bounty IToranAloria Ranger's GuildBunny Girl Bandit.
Bounty IIToranAloria Ranger's GuildArmire and his gang.
Bounty IIIToranAloria Ranger's GuildVampire Stalker.
Bounty IVToranAloria Ranger's GuildStar Witch.
Crystal BallClass QuestCave outside Castle Atana: UP the bridge!2nd part of Seri's Class Quest.
Down the WellStrange ManDian's GullyTreasure in a well.
Elven BowTarimNorth StarwayFind the bow.
Elven GardenOld ManTemple of OrlianFind the garden.
Fetch QuestFairyHoly LandFollow the fairy's orders.
Flour GirlShellyAloriaBuy a bag of flour at the Bazaar.

Ghost Bustin'

NunTemple Orlian BasementDefeat ghosts.
Hill Dwarf???? (As it appears in the game.)Eastern Aloria: Access with Fairy CircleStart of Lita's class quest.
Make a PotionAdrianSecret CavesFirst quest using Crafting.
Note for RickerMiss ElleWestern AloriaDeliver a letter to Elle.
Old Statue??? (An unnamed woman)Cave of Life: head left from the entrance.Find the statue and check it out.
Percy, IdiotErica, Lita's motherLita's HouseFind her cat.
ProphecyN/AThe DeepEscape the Deep. Story quest.
Save the KingMarandaCastle AtanaStop Maranda. Story quest.
Snowbear!JaniceAloriaBuy a bear for a child.
Starcat Tails!HunterHunting RangeGather 10 tails by defeating monsters.
Stone BeastClass Quest (Hannah's shop)Southeast SpringsStart of Adrian's quest.
Strange Contact??? (As it appears in the game.)Adrian's Home, AloriaMeet Adrian's contact.
SummoningGerikCave of LifeFind an Artifact of Power.
The ArtifactsAsariVarious: Find the 6 Elven artifacts of power.The main story quest.
The CureHannah the AlchemistCastle AtanaGet Hannah to brew a potion for the King.
The DeepN/AN/AEscape. Story quest.
The NecklaceLoniSeramai PlainsLift the curse on the necklace.
The Stone CurseDorenDoren's Home, Stone QuarrySleep at the Stone Quarry.
The TowerMister CarverApple OrchardsFind the crystal in the tower.
Upgrades!CaraSoutheast AloriaCara insists that equipment is upgraded.
What's This??Class QuestCave outside Castle Atana: UP the bridge!1st part of Seri's class quest.
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