How can i transfer my data from an android device to another device (in this case an iPhone)?

  1. Hi

    I'm from Mexico and my english is not very well as yours but, i wanna ask if there is a way to transfer my save data from my old device (android) to an iPhone.

    I actually sync my nintendo account from the android device, but i don't know if I can continue my adventure in the iPhone?

    Thank you in advance

    User Info: xborregox

    xborregox - 5 months ago


  1. Grab the phone that currently has all your game data and link it to a Nintendo account. Then grab the device that you are currently trying to access the game on. It will ask you to link or create an account. Just link to the Nintendo account that your phone with all the data has is currently linked to.

    If you made a new game already on your new phone you may need to delete it in order to get the prompt to show up asking you to link to an account.

    User Info: Draycos

    Draycos - 1 month ago 0   0
  2. I had to make an inquiry in-game to find out. I've got a response gems can't be transferred, but if progress can be or not, it wasn't specified.

    I'll ask again and answer there if I get a question.

    User Info: Axews

    Axews - 5 months ago 0   1
  3. Yes, they confirmed progress can be transferred. Only gems would be deleted, so It'll be best to use all of them until you transfer ^^

    User Info: Axews

    Axews - 5 months ago
  4. Thanks but, how can i transfer my data? I was looking for it but i didnt find nothing. I actually have that new cellphone and i wanna continue my progress on it :(

    User Info: xborregox

    xborregox - 4 months ago

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