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by Jadebell

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Poogie Location Guide by Jadebell

Updated: 10/04/17

Poogie Locations

Trese Desert

008 Fort ~ Trese Desert

Dropped item: Ancient Beans x 3

020 Cracklin’ ~ Trese Desert

Requires Ivy Climb or Fly
Dropped item: Tropical Berry x 2

072 Meatbert ~ Trese Desert

Requires Fly
Dropped item: Lifepowder x 3

004 Rowan ~ Trese Desert

Requires Fly
Dropped item: Moxie Gem x 2

027 Banderas ~ Trese Desert

Dropped item: Anti-para Potion x 3

044 Gomez ~ Trese Desert

Requires Jump or Fly
Dropped item: Zest Pill x 3

062 Moore ~ Trese Salt Caves

Requires Rock Breaker
Dropped item: Rock Salt Tuna x 3
Note: The entrance to the Salt Caves is shown here:

084 Francis ~ Trese Salt Caves

Dropped item: Paw Pass Ticket x 1

089 Eclair ~ Quicksand Caverns

Requires Fly
Dropped item: Pitfall Trap x 2
Note: To reach this Poogie in the Quicksand Caverns you need to fall down the quicksand whirlpool located on a raised platform, shown in the image here: