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by Jadebell

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Poogie Location Guide by Jadebell

Updated: 10/04/17

Poogie Locations

Throughout your travels you’ll come across several lost Poogies. There are one hundred Poogies to find in total. Obtain all one hundred and you’ll receive a special prize. This guide will show you where to find all one hundred. Some Poogies will require a specific rider ability to access them. Others will require that the story is progressed by a certain point. For this reason the Poogies here are shown in rough chronological order, by area, so if you're playing through for the first time you can check your current area to make sure you haven't missed any (and take notes if you need to come back later with a specific rider ability you don't currently possess).

There is a list of monsters and their specific rider abilities after the main Poogie guide, to aid with finding a specific rider ability. I have also added a list of monsters by type, and a section on a possible team to use for hunting Poogies throughout the main game.

If you are looking for a specific number Poogie, the Poogies are numbered 001, 002, 003 etc. all the way to 100. So if you are looking for Poogie #45, use the gameFAQs search function at the top of this page and type in "045".

Glossary of terms:

Dropped item - After you talk to the lost Poogie it’ll leave behind an item on the ground.
Requires Jump, Ivy Climb etc. - This refers to the rider action needed to reach the Poogie.
Note - This will be a further explanation on how to get the Poogie when the image by itself is insufficient.