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by Jadebell

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Poogie Location Guide by Jadebell

Updated: 10/04/17

Poogie Locations

Dovan Mines

012 Moo ~ Dovan Mines

Requires Rock Breaker
Dropped item: Antidote x 3
Note: This area can be accessed by breaking the rocks in the second room of the Mine Path (the second room as you enter during the story), shown here:

If you have already cleared the mining/volcano area and are heading backwards, the nearest Catavan Stand is the Mine Path Elevator. From the Catavan Stand, you need to turn around and head up the elevator to the Mine Path. When you arrive on the next floor, you may notice that the upper room which holds the elevator looks almost identical to the Poogie room, but it is not the same room. From here, go northwest into a room that meanders north. Continue north past the Konchus, follow the path to the next room, then go past the Ioprey to yet another room. This room should have pathways going in multiple directions, as shown above. You want the pathway heading northeast, with breakable rocks. Break the rocks and continue past them into the next room. This room has the Poogie.

019 Homer ~ Dovan Mines

Dropped item: Queenly Paella x 1
Note: This is the same room as the Mine Path Elevator Catavan Stand.

009 Cutlet ~ Dovan Mines

Dropped item: Cool Mist x 3
Note: The nearest Catavan Stand is the Mine Path Elevator. From the Mine Path Catavan Stand, head east into the next room, then go past the Iodrome and head south into the next room to reach the Switchyard and this Poogie.

013 Hamish ~ Dovan Mines

Dropped item: Paw Pass Ticket x 1
Note: If you are playing through the story, this is the area with the cutscene showing Manelger's assistant. If you've already cleared the area and are going backwards, the nearest Catavan Stand is the Dovan Volcano Entrance Catavan Stand. From the Volcano Entrance Catavan Stand, head down in the elevator, then take the line 2 tunnel minecart. Take the northeast exit and you'll be in the room with the Poogie.