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by Jadebell

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Poogie Location Guide by Jadebell

Updated: 10/04/17

Building A Team For Exploring The Main Game

Based on the lists in the previous two sections, I could have this as my main game team, taking into account both rider abilities and types:

Velocidrome - Jump, Speed

Blue Yian Kut-Ku - Rock Breaker, Tech

Zamtrios - Swim, Tech

(Nerscylla - Ivy Climb, Tech) -> Tigrex - Ivy Climb, Power

Barroth - Ground Dive, Speed

Rathalos - Fly, Power

Where do we find them? Well, you start with a Velocidrome. Blue Yian Kut-Ku is found in Pondry Hills, Zamtrios in Darj Snowfield, and Barroth in Monsonne Plains. So they're all early game monsters. Nerscylla can be found in Perennial Pass and is a stand in until we can get Tigrex, but by the time you get Rathalos Tigrex is unlocked as well.

This would be balanced for each type of move, and also have nearly every rider ability needed to find every Poogie. All that is needed is one swap for Lava Dive in the volcano area, and a swap for Mega Breaker in Mt. Celion. For post game, you could replace some of these monsties with more powerful ones. But for the main game, this would be sufficient. Of course, this is just one possibility, and you certainly don't *have* to have a team with all those abilities; the only abilities required to beat the story are Jump and Rock Breaker (and Fly). But I found having a team able to explore everywhere to find chests and Poogies during the main game left me free to get on with building powerful monsters during the post game.